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MIDNIGHT ADJUSTMENTS & MORNING MISERY It was almost a month ago that I typed the above headline about adjustments and misery after catching three-too-many typos in my last Fear & Publishing in the hopes of getting a jump-start on our always-looming deadline. Misery is hardly an accurate description of the mental anguish those type of mistakes bring a few days after print and delivery have passed, but it’s a feeble attempt to rhyme the pain in another tale of this column of fear that publishing sleeps with every month. The greatest fear for most indy publishers is making an absolute fool of yourself amongst friends and acquaintances while battling the demons of producing an independent publication. The demons are never seen, but your mistakes are always read and critiqued by not only friends and acquaintances, but by strangers and competitors and overeducated jackasses too. The demons of indy publishing I speak of aren’t Judeo-Christian ones with red faces, horns and pitch forks chasing you month after month, but little green faced ones with dollar bill signs branded across their foreheads instead of 666. While these bastards slowly bleed you of cash, it’s the precious time you loose every month to produce a quality publication that truly pains you. If every indy publisher had a budget to hire proof readers and editors, midnight adjustments and misery would be indy urban legends. The tales I speak of are not urban legends. The little greenfaced demons are real and will poke you to a slow miserable death - that is unless you have a high tolerance for pain, and an extremely high tolerance for embarrassment. For over ten years I have pledged, swore before the Gods of Heaven and Hell, that those many drunken, slothful errors would never grace this publication again. Yet, time and time again, month after month, I find my fist raised to the heavens in anger, outreached by only my curses. It’s the life of true indy publishing. You can either


learn to crave it like a greasy double bacon cheese burger from White Castle, or choke on the pain of being a fool to everyone who picks up your publication. Like stuffing your face with greasy burgers, indy publishing is a conscious choice. There’s never a gun to the head of any indy publisher, unless it’s the one you put in your mouth to end the misery. And as I type these words of personal disgust at 4:19 am the night before print once again, the demons of midnight adjustments and misery have crawled up beside me. I had the choice to stay home and work endlessly while off during the Labor day weekend, but instead I chose to catch a show at Lemmon’s and The Way Out Club. Then tonight, I had the choice to stay home and make up lost ground, but instead drove down to CBGB’s to catch Stinkbomb (interviewed in this issue). That’s the funny thing about demons, even the little green ones, they mask their intentions of demise in the whispers of sweet nothings. And like most indy publishers, I’m a fool for the sweetness of nothing... With demons chasing the indy publisher endlessly month to month, the human body and soul will crave escape from the chase, relaxation only

BEGGING FOR GETAWAYS & GETTING BEHIND accomplished by the random flee in the middle of the night. These are luxuries few indy publishers ever encounter without having a day job and a partner with a day job. And even then these days are few and far between. Sometimes these escapes need to be forced in, compromised into the monthly equation of misery to make them happen. But when the Desperate truly discover despair, the Desperate move quickly towards any means of escape, even if the end result is getting behind and sucking down a fifth of misery later. For me the escape last month was a friend of thirty-plus years getting married for the third time – the consequences of a late print and misery to come be damned to Hell! These getaways are rare, yet more pleasing than a funeral even if they require the same protocol – you know, suits, ties, procedures, formality and church. Perhaps church is the one place the demons have to wait outside for you – maybe there, and at the bottom of a bottle of good bourbon. I really can’t say now looking back at my old friend’s happiness last month as I saw both, but if the getaway and getting behind causes another midnight adjustment and a bit of misery, it was well worth the pain once again. As the publisher, my own worst boss, I can keep these demons at bay for a few more minutes by just sitting back and enjoying the photos of that weekend. Then the blackness of another month’s mistakes will catch me by the ass once again... safe and happy travels on your long journey with your new wife my old friend. And that my dear reader, is another tale of fear and publishing in Misery....

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Warrant Officer written by Saab Lofton “Nurture your mind with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes.” – Benjamin Disraeli, former British Prime Minister (1804 - 1881) “That’s what it takes to be a hero: A little gem of innocence inside you that makes you want to believe that there still exists a right and wrong; that decency will somehow triumph in the end.” – Lise Hand, from The Truth in Words: Inspiring Quotes for the Reflective Mind (2002)

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The reason most whites can’t currently be trusted to have a White History Month is because there’s no accounting for who would be celebrated. It’d be one thing if the only honored historical figures were left-wingers (i.e., those who defend the poor and/or oppressed), but short of Stalinistically censoring the right-wing, that can’t be guaranteed. Granted, that chocolate covered version of the Religious Right – Elijah Muhammad’s/ Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam – is sadly placed on a pedestal in the black community, but my first novel (A.D., III Publishing, 1995) exposes its decades-old connections with the white supremacist movement, so I’ve done my part (at great risk to myself, I might add) when it comes to skewering right-wingers (i.e., those who serve the rich and/or powerful) of BOTH colors – though one is clearly FAR more influential than the other... I bring this up because there is at least one white historical figure that deserves to be deified: Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Junior! During the Vietnam Invasion/Occupation, Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Junior flew over the infamous My Lai Massacre (March 16th, 1968) in an army helicopter and spotted eleven civilians, including a wounded boy, running from American soldiers. Thompson then landed and ordered his men to fire on any solider who kept him from rescuing those eleven civilians, which he DID, thank God. According to the BBC’s obituary of Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Junior, he was quoted as saying, “there was no way I could turn my back on them.” Now, that’s what I’m talking about! Leave no civilian behind! Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Junior is LONNNNG overdue to have a major motion picture based on his heroics. In fact, if I’m ever able to beat the odds and somehow AFFORD* to become a filmmaker, I’ll entitle the film WARRANT OFFICER... Imagine THAT in giant, metallic letters on a movie poster! At the premiere, I would arrange for there to be a FLEET of white teenyboppers outside the theater squealing in ecstasy, “Warrant Officer... Warrant Officer... Warrant Officer..!” If Pepsi can take a no-talent hack like Britney Spears and turn HER into a superstar, then I swear by all that is holy and sacred, I would MAKE Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Junior more popular than Uncle Sam, G.I. Joe and Captain America combined! Have budget, will travel* ... I envision the first thirty minutes being split between depicting the My Lai Massacre itself and a hard core, Zack Snyder-esque sequence where Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Junior would be seen “whuppin” that ass sideways, so to speak. Did I mention that Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Junior had to defy the direct orders of superior officers in order to save those Vietnamese villagers? Drama, baby, yeah! Then I’d have the final hour focus on the massacre’s aftermath: Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Junior testified against the villainous Lieutenant Calley – the platoon commander at My Lai – during the latter’s court martial. Unfortunately, though Calley was sentenced to life in prison (the ONLY conviction in this case, mind you), then-President Nixon commuted that sentence to a mere three years of house arrest! In fiction, villains escape captivity quite frequently, but damn! For me personally, the worst part was when, upon returning home, some inbred retards started harassing Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Junior. “I’d received death threats over the phone,” he told the CBS News program, 60 Minutes, in 2004 and even occasionally found dead, mutilated animals on his porch. Ain’t that a bitch? That’s exactly why there caN’T be a White History Month (at least, not yet) – all too many whites still don’t know their good guys from their bad guys..! Subsequent to being awarded medals such as the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart, Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Junior eventually died of cancer on January 6th, 2006 at the age of 62. I’m sure the pundits from FOX News would claim that I’m merely out to guilt trip our armed forces by glorifying Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Junior... Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day, because that’d be more accurate than not, BUT the question is WHY... Why do our armed forces need to be made to feel guilty? Aside from the fact that they ARE guilty of atrocities (raping prisoners in Abu Ghraib, dumping white phosphorus onto civilians in Fallujah, etc., etc., etc.), basing a major motion picture on Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Junior would provide a positive role model for soldiers everywhere and maybe... Just maybe... They’ll finally adhere to the following standard... “We don’t put civilians at risk or even potentially at risk to save ourselves. Sometimes, that means we lose the battle and sometimes our lives, but if you can’t make that choice, then you can’t wear that uniform.” – Captain Sisko, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine THAT, white America, is how you tell your good from bad. Standards.


Lost and Clueless by Henry Nicolle Our Liberty is lost and our People are clueless for a reason. Being the grumpy person that I am, I am not the best choice to interview People about things that they should know, but of which they have no clue. Even less qualified am I to inquire of the best informed and qualified People about things of which they assure me they know well and are highly qualified to speak, but who are, again, predictably clueless. George, the little Bush, had a great talent for facial expressions for the realization of cluelessness. So did that poor little college girl whose fame was blond answers for trick questions at a beauty contest. The moment of blank expression, the quick glances left and right, the wrinkled brow . . . the frown and then the amazing and incredible circular assembly of unrelated words and phrases. Such fun! The beauty contestant had my sympathy. She was the product of her ambitious culture and a broad knowledge base was not one of the prerequisites. Bush, on the other hand, had a duty and a responsibility to do better. Much better. Alas. Alas on both scores, because one was the political leader of the People and the other held the political authority and power of self-governing. If we are so pitiful at the common source of selfgovernment, why should there be any expectation of any greater proficiency by the most powerful of our servants? Back to commonality of ignorance and universal habits of driving blindfolded through minefields of politics, economics, general society, monetary practices, religion and all the other aspects of human community. Without a doubt, the united States we call America has the fattest, most pampered, least put-upon, most comfortable, safest and most mundane People of the entire world. We have Alexander Hamilton and his successors to thank for that. With vanishingly few exceptions, these same People believe that we have the society, economy, freedom, prosperity and security that was envisioned by Thomas Jefferson and others of his persuasion of the great enlightenment as applied in the new Americas. They are so wrong and so ignorant of why they believe as they do. There is nothing so wrong in living high and fat in a peaceful and undemanding society. I like the invisible services of a well-managed urban sprawl almost as much as I appreciate doing for myself with fifty miles of elbow-room. The problem that I perceive in great detail, which others who share my concern are unable to fathom on their own, is why our current intoxication is as filled with peril as would be the approach of any adversary better armed, better provisioned, better trained, better led and better motivated than any defense we could raise against them. Although the future is clouded by the mists and fog of uncertainty, one thing is certain. From


the depths of the fog emanate the sounds of approaching conquest. The hoof-beats of giant warhorses, the jangle of heavy harness, the rumble of iron wheels, the clatter of armor and the rustle of flags and banners in the hands of our approaching rulers and owners. The whispered warnings wax and wane in the haze of misdirection and by the persuasive zephyrs of the moment. They grow louder, their urgency muted by complaisance, grows more strident. According to a just-published Kaiser Family Foundation poll, about half of our People like things the way they are between the People and their Government. About three-quarters of the People think that the Government is too involved in the lives of individuals. Close to 90 percent of the People want more power and more management in the hands of the Government, although this is not their open statement. This is insane. No one questions the poll results. No one looks at this insanity and asks “Why?� For a period of over half-a-century, our federal and state governments have been training, stockpiling and arming to defend themselves against our awakened disappointment and demands for reform. We are at the precipice today of that confrontation. We are walking into a future without a clue of what we will face and without a clue that we are clueless in an almost absolute sense. I have often wondered why governments eradicate large portions of their populations. Why do their People readily obey their governments and lend their own hands to the slaughter of their fellow compatriots as easily as they slaughter strangers in foreign lands? People are simply ignorant and pleased to be so, or they are ignorant and unable to comprehend their error. Ignorance is a social quality with many positive benefits, even when the ignorance and benefits produce mortal consequences. We are so clueless and we are so lost. Orwell, Wells and Huxley, may we have more, please? *



was 30-something stories in the air, on the roof of another nameless high-rise under construction in St. Petersburg, Florida, when my framing partner and I heard the news of a plane hitting the first World Trade Center in New York City. “We’re under attack!”, broke the silence of the morning calm from our foreman. He shouted something about planes being used as bombs by Islamic hijackers and that construction was being shut down for safety reasons. It was then that I noticed the sky was silent, uncomfortably silent. Instead of running home in fear we found ourselves amongst twentyor-so other coworkers, crammed inside our foreman’s office with a live feed, who also wanted to know the truth of this attack on American soil. It was there that we watched the first building come down. I was scared. I was lost. I was angry. I was part of the 99.9%. The next day I bought a copy of the Tampa Tribune which featured a photo of a survivor jumping from the roof of the World Trade Center, attempting to use a coat as a makeshift parachute to escape what appeared to be the heat of a fire raging below. With that image firmly in my mind I watched George W. Bush give his prime-time speech of revenge that night, followed by the endless footage of two hijacked planes crashing into the two World Trade Towers. On the third day I noticed the American Flag (unknown to most at the time, predominately made in China) gracing the front yards of every home and apartment, and waving from the back of every pick-up truck that sped down the highways. The overwhelming patriotism of my fellow Americans brought a tear to my eye, almost daily as I never escaped the attacks on television – at least the two planes hitting the towers. Months later it was this never-ending pain that inspired me to submit my first editorial in our Weekly rag, The Weekly Planet, in regards to a story of a local Islamic professor who the paper questioned being linked to terrorists, like Al Qaeda, since his two children attended Ivy League schools on a professor’s budget. I submitted an opinion that I would surrender all my freedoms against search and seizure to our government if it would guaranty the security of our state. A year and some months later I was publishing The Seattle Sinner in Seattle, Washington, where I was attending a protest of the Afghan invasion. It was there that a fellow protester handed me a copy of Alex Jones’ 9/11 The Road To Tyranny. That two disc documentary opened so many questions about the events of, and leading up to, 9/11 that I became a skeptic of the official story, a conspiracy nut if you will.

To call anyone who questions an “official story” a conspiracy nut really demonstrates the effectiveness of government propaganda on its people. Dismissing the fact that the two World Trade Towers were struck by planes, which caused them to later collapse, at freefall speed, with visual explosions every ten stories or so, we’re still left with unanswered questions about the free-fall collapse of WTC 7, the only steel building in world history to collapse from fire – minimal fire damage from the debris of the initial attacks. We’re also left with the question of what happened to the planes at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania – a WTF?! moment that should have been asked by every national media outlet in the world. But it wasn’t. Instead we got the official story followed by the repetitive images of the planes hitting the two towers and then the two towers collapsing. What if we, the American people, had saw the small hole in the Pentagon before it collapsed every 5 minutes, or the collapse of WTC 7, or the field in Pennsylvania lacking any plane wreckage, or the front lawn of the Pentagon? Maybe more of us would still be asking questions. This is where I asked Donald Stahl from 9-11 Questions St. Louis to become part of this story. Are you the founder of 911 Questions St. Louis? No. The founder was actually Mike Berger. He dropped out of the group, I think in 2007 or 2006... Something like that. And When he gave it up, I took over. So what is the 911 Question movement? Well, it is a collection of people who really have very little in common except the ability to call a Spade, a Spade. It’s people who, for whatever reason, when they see objects being propelled upward, like parts of a building being shot up and out, are convinced that’s the result of an explosion, no matter what the media and the government say to the contrary. That would be my definition of the Truth Movement. Why did you get involved? Well, the turning point for me was when I saw the documentary In Plain Site. I saw the footage in there of the pentagon (before the collapse). I had no idea that it originally looked like that after the event happened because you never saw that. Those original pictures and footage were never put out by the mass media. All you saw was after the pentagon collapsed. You never saw the hole that was there originally. It hit me like a ton of bricks. For one, there was

the fact that the hole was only about 20-something feet wide. And two, where was the airplane? There was that, and then there was the fact that I hadn’t been shown this before. Why did I have to go and watch somebody’s video online to learn this? Why wasn’t it being discussed? Why weren’t all these other photographs and video footage being shown on the mainstream media? There were lots and lots of cameras going that day, even though Rudy Giulliani ordered police to confiscate the cameras from people who were taking photos at the scene. Do you remember where you were on 9-11? I was substitute teaching in a St. Louis public school. The classes were stopped and all the teachers went into the hall and watched the TV. It was then we went back into the classrooms and told the kids what was going on. How did that make you feel? I was very angry. I did see the live footage of one of the towers crumbling and I couldn’t understand what that was. I had never seen anything like that before. But you think, well there must be some explanation. They’ll tell us what it was, eventually. The explanation never appeared. I wanted to give blood, but you couldn’t give blood. There were too many people in line ahead of you that had more blood than they knew what to do with. Did you question the official story immediately? Before I saw In Plain Sight there were a few little things, little small items in the newspapers, about the event that didn’t make any sense. There were bone fragments being found on the roofs of adjacent buildings. What is that? How do you get bone fragments on top of adjacent buildings? There was even a story that some of the people who had inhaled the dust, that when their lungs were tested, it was found that they had other people’s DNA in their lungs. People had been turned to dust and they had breathed them in, literally. What does that have to do with a building falling down? The more I looked into it, the more questions arose. So what do you think has made the 9-11 ‘conspiracy’ more engaging than say the JFK assassination? The difference between JFK’s assassination and 9-11 is we have pictures of what happened and no one disputes their authenticity. Lots of them were taken by Greg Semendinger (www., a New York City detective from his helicopter, and they showed things being flung up and out an hour after the plane hit. The way the media tries to present it, if they do show these pictures at all, they say this is 9-11. They don’t say this happened an hour after the plane hit. They try to give you the impression that the plane is immediately causing this. What would you say is the biggest obstacle for you in trying to get your message across? The hardest obstacle is a certain type of personality, called the Rightwing Authoritarian. Bob Altemeyer has

talked about this personality type in great length and has devoted his life to validating the concept that these are people who are going to go with the crowd, no matter what. Lots of them are prominent media spokespersons, and when they say that people who talk about 9-11 are crazy, their followers don’t go any farther. Now that’s one aspect of the obstacle. What accounts for people in other countries, other governments, all going along with this story is fear. Fear of what might happen if they are in responsible positions, and they see in this as I do, the possibility of this realization creating real political change, at least in the US... they don’t want anything that smells like radical change. What do you say to skeptics, who argue the official story as fact, like in a few documentaries that were presented by The History Channel? This is a standard operating strategy of debunkers, JFK debunkers too. You seize on things that are rather small that may have been ill-worded or maybe said in haste or something like that and once you have done refuting that one small claim you announce total victory. I myself don’t like to deal with minutia of 9-11. I would be satisfied if somebody told me how this 30’ steel beam got all by itself, way up in the sky, if there were no explosions. How did gravity do that? For me, why talk about anything else? I had a long discussion with someone who wanted me to stop doing what I’m doing, and he asked why do you keep coming back to this? And I said because you have no answer for it. So why shouldn’t I? When you answer it we’ll go on to something else. What did you think of the 9-11 Commission Report? It was a very political document. It was written by politicians. The fact that so many of the commissioners have since disowned that document, and said they were misled, shows that they’re afraid that the truth will come out, and they want to wash their hands and say I was innocent, I was misled. They weren’t misled. They made the minimum claims they could. They didn’t look at much of the evidence. People were coming to them with evidence and saying please listen to me. William Rodriguez ( did it, Barry Jennings ( would have done it, but he got videotaped a couple of times and that was sufficient. No one can find out what he died of. How he died, or any circumstances about his death. That’s been held in complete silence, a blackout. What’s the story behind Barry Jennings? It’s interesting that after his death Dylan Avery (www. hired a detective, a very expensive New York detective, to look into Barry Jennings’ death. He paid her her retainer one day and she met with him the following day and said ‘here is your money back, do not call me. I want nothing more to do with this subject.’ Now what explains that? And you have Jamie McIntyre ( on audio tape saying, ‘from my close-up inspection of the Pentagon it doesn’t look like a plane crashed here. There’s no indication that a plane crashed anywhere near here.’ I had an audio tape with that clip first, and that’s followed by Jamie McIntyre saying, ‘I never said anything like that. That’s a complete lie.’ With all the conflicting evidence and testimony

you’ve read and seen, what would you say happened on 9-11? In my opinion, what occurred was not done by 19 hijackers with box cutters. That’s fantasy. It’s impossible. What occurred with the planes, did they have actual passengers on them? If they did, were they remote controlled? Or were they empty planes? As far as The Pentagon, what happened to that plane? It vaporized? How does metal vaporize? And the same with Pennsylvania. Do you think our government was involved? Well, when you say our government, that covers a lot of people. Key people in the government, most definitely were involved. Let me take that question a little farther then. Do you recall Paul Wolfowitz’s famous quote prior to 9-11, ”Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”? Would you say that particular group of neocons gained from 9-11? Absolutely. Wasn’t it Netanyahu who that day or the day after 9-11 was asked what you think of it, and he said ‘it’s very good.’ He meant it’s very good for Israel. If we didn’t have the pictures that we do have it would be a lot easier to sell this story of steel and concrete buildings disappearing in ten seconds because of gravity. There’s one official version video that says the buildings were crushing themselves into dust, and that’s a literal quote – crushing themselves into dust. That idea of crushing yourself into dust makes as much sense as the idea of a dinner mint that chews itself up. What would you say is the strongest talking point of 9-11 being an inside job? I wouldn’t attempt to do it without photographs. I would show them the photographs and I would say that if we are told the buildings fell down all by themselves and there were no explosions, then how did they fall apart?


These buildings didn’t fall down, they fell to pieces in 10 seconds from gravity. Now why does the government tell us that gravity is responsible for these events? They don’t use the word gravity, because they’re afraid to. They say there were no explosions, we have no evidence for explosions. The evidence is all over the place – visual, audible, testimony. If the government is what it’s supposed to be, what the people take it to be, why are they telling us this lie? It has to be conscious, deliberate. So why are they lying to us about something so crucially important, something that has been the basis for all the world events that have happened since 9-11. All these changes, it’s been advertised as nothing can be the same now, this has changed everything. So the questions is, what was the nature of this attack? Was it an attack by 19 men or was it a very carefully

structured false flag event that was largely successful, because it changed foreign policy in ways that many influential people wanted it to change. On Alex Jones’ website Prison Planet there was recently an article about an ex-marine in North Caroline who was detained by local authorities and placed in a mental institution over posting comments about a 9-11 cover up on his Facebook page. Do you worry about that? Yes, they arrested him and put him in a mental institution. The judge threw it out, dismissed it. Three years ago a friend of mine and I, a marine who has completed his service, were holding a sign on a bridge downtown and we got arrested for doing that. What happened later to you and your friend? This past Monday I received my check from the city of St. Louis in settlement of the suit. The ACLU originally challenged the constitutionality of the ordinance, but the judge said the ordinance is fine, but he hinted that we were falsely arrested because there was no disturbance to traffic. So the ACLU appealed his decision and it was overturned by the next circuit court. So that ordinance was declared unconstitutional a few weeks ago and it’s gone. To wrap this up, how can someone connect with you and the group? Just google St. Louis 9-11 questions, and it will put you right here. *

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WTC 7 On Fire. Courtesy of the Prints and Photographs Division. Library of Congress.


he mystery has finally been solved! According to the National Institute Of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) long and boring report, World Trade Center Building 7 fell free-fall by fire, the first steel building ever in history to do so! Haven’t heard of Building 7, kiddies? Well, let the Old Rat drag you along a tale of intrigue and government cover-up. Before we get started I must add a disclaimer- I am a man of science and only those who have an open mind should read further. World Trade Center Building 7, located north of the 2 famous towers hit by 2 planes on Sept. 11, also collapsed that same day. Yes, there were 3 high-rises that fateful day which fell from fire, only the latter was never hit by a plane. Yes. That’s what I said, “NO Plane!” Building 7 was a 47 story trapezoid steel commercial building owned by the Seven World Trade Company and Silverstein Development Corporation. Among their most notable tenants were: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, U.S. Secret Service, New York City Office of Emergency Management, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Federal Home Loan Bank, First State Management Group Inc., Provident Financial Management, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Defense and our Central Intelligence Agency. They also shared the 25th floor with the IRS. The plot thickens as we delve into the “whys” and “wherefores” of the only building ever to collapse mysteriously from fire (absurd); a feat not even the Empire State Building accomplished years earlier when hit by a commercial airliner. According to Dr. Steven E. Jones, Physicist and Archaeometrist , “I call for a serious investigation of the Hypothesis that WTC 7 and the Twin Towers were brought down, not just by impact damage and fires, but through the use of pre-positioned cutter-charges. I consider the official FEMA, NIST, and 9-11 Commission reports that fires plus impact damage alone caused complete collapses of all three buildings. And I present evidence for the controlled-demolition hypothesis, which is suggested by the available data, and can be tested scientifically, and yet has not been analyzed in any of the reports funded by the US government.” Why would the U.S. government go to great links to exclude all but a select few “volunteers” of the NIST to unravel why these buildings fell? Are they not commissioned to protect society from future catastrophes? Should we be afraid every time we set foot in a sky-scraper or a plane? The NIST report, which just came out August 21,2008, makes no mention of the molten metal pools found burning days later as clean-up crews quickly carried the crime scene off to be melted down. Nor do they make even a peep about the video, or eyewitness testimony, exposing explosions rippling through building 7 before its 5:20 p.m. collapse. Their official statement was, “No recorded demolition explosions were obtained for review.” What a crock of bullshit! After a short search of my own, it did not take long to find said recordings as well as video. Any demolition expert worth his weight in salt has seen the so-called “crimp” as building 7 fell upon its own footprint, completely disputing the NIST report about falling debris and fire taking out a few outside columns. This would have caused the building to collapse on its side, not straight down. The free-fall effect is only accomplished by simultaneous center column “Squib controlled” demolition. The quick removal of the steel from the site, on GPS enabled trucks, wreaks of serious concern for like-minded folk who understand that no one fucks with a crime scene! In Dr. Jones report “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely collapse?” he surmises that the steel used in the WTC buildings could withstand over 2700 degrees before failure. The fires that occurred from debris from the other WTC buildings would never have reached more than 1250 degrees, not near enough to form molten pools of metal which burned days later. Only one reaction would have produced this catastrophic effect, and I quote Dr. Jones, “I maintain that these observations are consistent with the use of high-temperature cutter charges such as thermite, HMX or RDX or some combination thereof, routinely used to melt/cut/demolish steel.” In Conclusion, I would suggest a little searching for yourself on the web kiddies, don’t take the Rats word for it. I know there are some questioning why our government would go to so much length to lie to the American people? It’s very simple, I’m afraid -- Greedy old white men with power. The Military Industrial Complex has scarred our country for years. These self- righteous fools have decided to change our fears into patriotism, while making a little cash on the side. No different than the lease holder of WTC 7, Larry Silverstein, who made roughly 15 billion in terrorist insurance. Always remember what can happen will, and life is no more important to some men than a profit hidden behind a flag and a vote. Never forget Building 7!



Unfortunately, when I exhale I know that it’s illegal, like alcohol was during prohibition. Yet I inhale in protest to the laws our democratic government has bestowed upon us in regards to marijuana, against popular opinion by its constituents. Even the argument of whether it should be medicinal or recreational is silly when you consider the legality of alcohol and it’s known dangers to the human body and murderous effects on society. I’m not the only one in the state of Missouri protesting though. In Springfield a group of local legalization advocates just threw their 2nd Hempfest, celebrating all of the benefits of hemp and cannabis with three days of music, good vibes, food, drinks, education and celebration through Labor Day Weekend. And to put the ignorance of the ban on hemp alone in the “most free country in the world”

SINNER Presents

THE END OF THE WORLD.... PART II The Last Show You Will Ever See Alive!

LIVE MUSIC ART SHOW BURLESQUE FREAK SHOW in perspective, Wikipedia defines it as a term reserved mainly for low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) strains of the plant Cannabis sativa, which is most useful for its fiber, seeds and medicinal or psychoactive oils. Hemp is also one of the earliest domesticated plants known. And today hemp is used for industrial purposes, including paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, construction (as with Hemcrete and insulation), body products, health food and biofuel. Hemp is thus legally grown in many countries across the world including Spain, China, Japan, Korea, France, North Africa and Ireland; yet not legal to harvest or produce in the The USA by federal law. Hemp is also a friend of the environment, as it requires few pesticides and no herbicides, and has been called a carbon-negative raw material. So WTF America? Is it not time for another amendment to the constitution? Or is it not at least time for the federal government to acknowledge each state’s right to sovereignty, given by our ground breaking Constitution some 236 years ago? If any of this makes sense to you, as it should, be sure to follow for other ways to get involved with the legalization of Hemp and cannabis until next year’s Hempfest comes around!



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MAD ART GALLERY 2727 S. 12th Street, St. Louis, MO * The GOP Platform on Crime and Drugs by Phillip Smith With Republican delegates now heading home after their national convention in Tampa, this is as good a time as any to examine their official position on crime and drugs. The 2012 GOP Platform lays it out, and reformers may find a few things to be pleasantly surprised about, at least if elected Republicans actually adhere to their party’s official positions. But they won’t find too much to make them smile. In the platform section titled “Justice for All: Safe Neighborhoods and Prison Reform,” after the boilerplate language about how “strong families and caring communities supported by excellent law enforcement” are the most effective forces in reducing crime, the Republicans get to it: “Our national experience over the last several decades has shown that citizen vigilance, tough but fair prosecutors, meaningful sentences, protection of victims’ rights, and limits on judicial discretion can preserve public safety by keeping criminals off the streets,” the platform reads. “Liberals do not understand this simple axiom: Criminals behind bars cannot harm the general public. To that end, we support mandatory prison sentencing for gang crimes, violent or sexual offenses against children, repeat drug dealers, rape, robbery and murder... We oppose parole for dangerous or repeat felons…” But even the GOP, and, more broadly, conservatives are coming to understand that being “tough on crime” is not enough, as evidenced by the formation of the conservative Smart on Crime Coalition, some of whose positions appear to have been incorporated into the platform: “While getting criminals off the street is essential, more attention must be paid to the process of restoring those individuals to the community. Prisons should do more than punish; they should attempt to rehabilitate and institute proven prisoner reentry systems to reduce recidivism and future victimization,” the platform states. It goes on to endorse state and local initiatives, such as “accountability courts,” or the drug court model, and calls for government to work with faith-based institutions to try to divert first-time, nonviolent offenders -- although it doesn’t say it wants to divert them from the criminal justice system, just from “criminal careers.” The platform does, however, call for supporting state and local initiatives “trying new approaches to curbing drug abuse and diverting first-time offenders to rehabilitation.” The platform of the party of small government and states’ rights also laments that federal law enforcement has “been strained by two unfortunate expansions: the over-criminalization of behavior and the over-federalization of offenses,” noting that the number of federal offenses has increased by almost 50% since the 1980s. “Federal criminal law should focus on acts by federal employees or acts committed on federal property -- and leave the rest to the states,” the platform says. Then Congress should withdraw from federal departments and agencies the power to criminalize behavior, a practice which, according to the Congressional Research Service, has created ‘tens of thousands’ of criminal offenses... In the same way, Congress should reconsider the extent to which it has federalized offenses traditionally handled on the state or local level.” There it is, the official platform of the Republican Party this year. One mention of drug dealers, one mention of drug users, no mentions of medical marijuana or marijuana legalization, but some hints that the GOP could live with some experimentation in the states and a smaller federal enforcement arm.

Medical Marijuana Update by Phillip Smith The battle of Los Angeles continues, Arizona prosecutors don’t like their medical marijuana law, and a bill is pre-filed in Kentucky. There’s also lots more going on. Let’s get to it: Arizona: Last Thursday, state and county prosecutors challenged the medical marijuana program in court. Attorney General Tom Horne and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery asked a court hearing a dispensary application case to rule that the voter-approved law is illegal because it conflicts with federal drug laws. The Republican prosecutors are specifically targeting the dispensary provisions of the law, but argued in court that all aspects of the state law violate federal drug laws. In the case at hand, a would-be Maricopa County dispensary is suing the county because officials wouldn’t provide zoning clearances required under the law. The officials had been advised by Montgomery that county employees could face prosecution for aiding and abetting drug crimes. Arkansas: As predicted last week, Arkansas state officials announced that a medical marijuana initiative has qualified for the ballot. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act would allow patients suffering from specified diseases or medical conditions to use marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation. It envisions a system of state-licensed nonprofit dispensaries, and would allow patients or their caregivers to grow their own only if they are not within five miles of a dispensary. In that case, patients could grow up to six flowering plants. Patients could possess up to 2 ½ ounces of marijuana. California: Last Wednesday, Los Angeles asked the DEA to help it shut down dispensaries. The request came from Councilman Bernard Parks, who filed a successful motion with the council. Parks is a former LA police chief. The council recently voted to close down all dispensaries in the city, although that is likely not the end of the affair. Kentucky:On Monday, state Sen. Perry Clark (D-Louisville) pre-filed a medical marijuana bill for the 2013 session. He said he wanted to get a head start on building support in the legislature.

The Heavy Anchor has quickly become one of St. Louis’ most known venues for local music, featuring a variety of genres on any given weekend. In August it was the cryptic sounds of Violet White who brought us out, but it was the power-pop of Karate Bikini and the punkabilly scuffle of The Vondrukes that kept us in our seats for the rest of the night. Arriving fashionably late, we missed Violet Whit’s entire set except her last song. On that note, the one number we caught was gravely hypnotic to the soul, resonating macabre rhythms through her keyboard like a sorceress casting spells under a pale blue moon. I highly recommend catching her act somewhere in the future. Karate Bikini took the stage next. Most St. Louisans are already familiar with this band’s powerful line up. Featuring Tim McAvin (Vox, Bass), Gabe Doiron (Guitar), Danny Hommes (Drums, vox), John Horton (Guitar), Rich Ives (Keyboards, accordion, vox), and Michelle Rae (Sax, Vox), this band not only has power in numbers, but in sheer skill as well. Check out their new album, Sauce of the Apple Horse, for an explosion of pop tunes. The Vondrukes finished the night up by ripping through several twang-laced punkabilly tunes, but this band’s greatest resource is its diverse roots, which allows them to tear the stage up then sweep away the broken glass with a heart-wrenched county ballad. Perhaps the best description of their uniqueness is their own, a Barnyard Blitzkrieg... look for their first full-length album, Runaway, Goodbye Love online for the full effect of this local blitzkrieg!



On The Scene& Heard With Malice A Band You Should Know About`

Money For Guns Y

ou need some Money For Guns in your life. Their CD American Trash is well worth the investment. I've had it for several months now and I finally saw them for myself back in August @ Lemmons with Butcher Holler. Now I can't wait to see them again when they once again play with Butcher Holler @ Way Out Club on Sep 22. Two of my favorite bands playing the same bill is a rare treat!!! They bring a unique sound to the local scene, and their songs will draw you in and keep you captivated from the first note to the last. There aren't many other rock bands that can boast a mandolin, played soulfully by Todd Jones-Farrand, or harmonicas played by both Kyle Kelly and lead vocalist and pianist Will Saulsbery – both are multi-talented guitar players too. Even fewer bands have a banjo playing bass player, in the person of Joel Watson, and on drums and other percussion is Kevin Siebenaler, keeping them all on track. Will has a sexy catch in his voice that makes you feel the anguish and desperation in their songs about strippers and coke dealers and people barely scraping by for whom the American Dream is far beyond their nightmare reality. All in all, it's a haunting sound that stays with you long after the last note has faded away. I've come to think of "Fishnet Stockings and a Pile of Blow" as a stripper's lament. Will paints a vivid picture of this not-so-young-lady in a compromising pose wearing nothing but her fishnets and tellin' him all about her sad life, how she's got a couple kids with a couple different dads and how she's become what she swore she'd never be, trading her reputation for lipstick and makeup (yeah, probably not a wise trade). I won't say she's trash, but the American Dream is not within her reach. It was disappointing not to hear this one live, but I guess you can't lug a piano into Lemmon’s easily. The next song ‘American Trash’ has a great vibe and it's one I had been hoping to hear live. The part I remember, "She used to like to shake her ass / In the downtown clubs for the rich white class / She had the looks, but not enough to last / Just another plain white piece Of American trash / She’s skinny as the wind but it’s all ok / Cos she’s all strung out in the U.S.A" It's hard to list a favorite, the songs are all powerful. Some memorable lyrics from ‘Follow The Lights,’ "She said, I got a couple hundred dollars / Hidden in the back of my dresser / And the only thing between me and tomorrow / Is one last disaster / Cos the ones like you and me we never seem to matter / So let’s take back the night and they’ll see that we matter” ‘Midwest Harmonium’ is another lament, about someone who will never see The American Dream and nobody's coming home alive: Charlie’s sellin’ cocaine down on the corner He says, “I got what ya need and ya know ya really want it” Five more dollars and the first bump is free I give ya five more dollars you’d be taking every dime from me Rachel’s got the Midwest buried deep in her chest She said “I’m goin’ out east where the candy’s the best” But he’s got fifty dollars and a Colt .45 Yea he’s got fifty dollars and she ain’t comin’ home alive She said, “I can’t move to the sound or the shiver or the shake I can’t dance to the noise or the rhythm or the break Yer coming downtown raisin all that sound Ya give me five more dollars and I won’t leave you all alone” I give her five more dollars and she won’t leave me all alone Tommy’s just waitin’ for the pills to kick in He’s got a brain full of whiskey and a gut full of Jen He said “I got fifty dollars and a Colt .45 Oh yea I got fifty dollars and she ain’t coming home alive” Oh yea he’s got fifty dollars and she ain’t comin home alive" The world is not always a cheerful place, not everyone will be able to attain the little house with a white picket fence, but the message I take away from this bleak picture is that things may be tragic, but there's still hope. While I could quote the lyrics from their songs for the rest of this article, it doesn't do their SOUND justice. Go see them soon and often, Sep 7 they're opening for SOMA @ Gramophone in The Grove and as I mentioned they're playing Way Out with Butcher Holler on Sep 22! Come out to see this AMAZING band and grab their CD American Trash, it's almost an hour long and it will transport you to places you've never imagined. See you on the Scene somewhere soon, Malice

It was an early Friday evening when I found a post about PRONG playing that night at Fubar. It was a What-The -Hell? kind of moment. I didn’t even know those old cats were still alive, much less playing live gigs. Well, let me tell all you sinners out there that PRONG is alive and rockin’ like they did 20 years ago! While their set included many releases from their new album, Carved Into Stone, the trio rocked several classics like ‘Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck’ to a head-bangin’crowd. With original founder Tommy Victor now backed by Tony Campos on bass and Alexi Rodrigues on drums, this sonic triad has once again found the malevolence and mayhem within that made the band a legend years ago. And those elements and much more are found inside their new album. Although I lost my notes, which had the names of the two bands pictured above who opened for PRONG, I can only add that the STL hard rock scene is one to recognize. If you have any doubts, don’t wait for PRONG or some other big band to return – get out to Fubar or Just Bill’s for a show on any weekend and you’ll feel the Noise!

12 *

UP ALL NIGHT.... Collection

St Louis, MO

“Cirque du Soleil on a whiskey bender”



Lola Van Ella

Sammich The Tramp

Sissy Maid - Serving drinks at the Van Ella Bordella Party

Ray Gunn - Jabberwocky

Ami Amore’ - performing with her snake Boo Boo

Whiskey War Mountain Rebellion UNMASKED

Electric Guitars, Howling at the moon, Thunderous beats, slappin bass, banjos, harmonicas, blood & sweat interviewed by Chuck Foster


alking in on a live set of Whiskey War Mountain Rebellion is like stumbling upon a thunderous battle along some nameless crossroads in the mountains of Kentucky or the plains of Georgia, where a handful of men fight for the freedom of their souls against the Devil himself. Armed with only whiskey and instruments, the odds are seldom in their favor, yet they always prevail in triumph through blood, sweat, passion and the sheer mastery of their music – a force even too powerful for the Devil. When asked about the origins of the band, frontman Zack Sloan says Whiskey War Mountain Rebellion began on March 3, 1791, when the U.S. Congress in Philadelphia passed a federal excise tax of seven cents per gallon on whiskey in an effort to pay off debts incurred by the Revolutionary War (although Sloan concedes the music didn’t start coming out until earlier this year). Climbing farther into this rabbit hole, Sloan adds the story of how Whiskey War Mountain Rebellion really came together is an odd one, “kind of like (‘and say this next part with me like you’re at a poetry slam’), a fire catching in a rain storm.” He claims the band actually met in Hell where the Devil, himself, had beckoned them. He tells me that “Lucifer was looking for some souls to steal and needed a band of musical demons” to help him. It was then that, without ever practicing together, Sloan says Whiskey War Mountain Rebellion faced off against the infamous Charlie Daniels, “and everyone knows how that turned out.” In the aftermath of that battle, Sloan justifies kicking their fiddle player out of the band, but says that move didn’t appease Ol’ Scratch’s appetite. He was pissed and sentenced the guys to being Hell’s house band at The Hellhound Saloon for an eternity. The Rebellion humbly suffered this punishment until one day years later when the group played a show so drunk off their asses, that they tore through a set too rowdy for even the likes of those in Hell! Sloan adds they topped the evening by “doing some blow and banging out Satan’s ol’ lady.” It was then the Rebellion was banished back to Earth by the Dark Lord, where they recently reformed and started writing some new tunes. That’s quite the tale. Honestly, it sounds like somebody is out of their mind. And maybe they are. Howev-

er, to witness the force of Whiskey War Mountain Rebellion’s shitkickin’, floor stompin’, bourbon shootin’ sound up close makes tales of beating Lucifer almost feasible. Their bluesy, folk rock sound often contains traces of Kentucky Bluegrass mixed with a sinner’s gospel, what the band describes as Vintage Whiskey Rock. The vocal range of Zoan, also known as “The Bearded One”, climbs from the seductively intoxicating to a hair-raising burn of the soul that crawls up your spine at his command, like the Dark Lord of music himself. Backed by David Maness, Andy Matejka, Nick Sacco, Jake Maness this five piece is about as round, or rowdy as it gets. Needing a group shot for this interview WWMR and I agreed to meet at The Crackfox on their new Stag Night, where Zach’s side project Carriage House was performing along side The Maness Brothers, WWMR’s guitarist David Maness and washboarder Jake Maness. When I described the band as “rowdy as it gets”, I had only witnessed their insanity from the stage floor when this started. There’s not a synonym in the English language that properly describes the madness of these guys offstage – it’s ballls-to-the-walls (literally, balls being ripped from pants) all fuckin’ night long! And that sentence deserves an Explanation Point and the Silver -Tongued profanity to even attempt to capture these guys in words...but I think requesting a group shot for our poster that included all those who attended the show in mass support says something about this band that photos can’t capture either. It is with great pleasure I introduce you to Whiskey War Mountain Rebellion: Zach, what’s the real story behind the name, WWMR? The name Whiskey War Mountain Rebellion hails from a fusion of origins. Originally, I had a brief, drunken solo project called Whiskey War, which was all about writing songs after drinking a fair amount of whiskey. It was apart of my feebleminded attempt at finding the best way to write songs based in as much truth as possible. Secondly, having a band comprised of guys who aren’t against having a drink or two, we were very anti-Hamilton and his grain tax back in 1791 (I guess we should get over it but we we’re still pretty but-hurt by the whole thing). And thirdly, “Whiskey,” “War,” “Mountain” and “Rebellion” are just about the manliest words we can think of – and Kentucky Knife Fight was already taken. How would you describe “WWMR” in one sentence? Listening to WWMR can increase your penis size by up to 3 inches. I’m gonna try it for three months... So, on Reverbnation you guys have four songs posted. Can you tell me a bit about the band’s diverse song writing, as in ‘Bodily Fucktions’ and ‘My Movin’ Muse’? The diverse song writing probably stems for our diverse musical backgrounds, but having two songwrit-

ers in the band certainly doesn’t hurt. Usually, either David or I will show up at a practice with a skeleton version of a song and from there the process is mostly collaborative. Speaking on behalf of those two songs in particular, I can say, having written their skeletons, that they came from two very different places, substances and women in my life. One written out of spite and regret, whereas the other came out of trying to avoid those things. The emotion behind each song would probably play the largest part in the diversity between them. If you’re pissed, yell. If you sad, cry. If you’re manic, laugh. As I know, you guys are relatively a new band. Do you have a CD available now or producing one? We have one release so far called “The Prohibition Sessions: Live From Whisky Mountain” that we recorded with our pals Brian Florian and Dave Kipp. We are also putting some finishing touches on a 5 song EP called “Bar Room Revival” that was recorded at Encapsulated Studios with the ever diligent and ravenous, Gabe Usery. What can readers expect from you guys before the end of 2012... touring, shows, CD releases, arrests for disorderly conduct? This year will hopefully see the release of “Bar Room Revival” as well as a few potential splits with some classy bands around town. We also plan to take a few weekend trips out across our beloved midwest -- Still not sure if we’ll have any arrests for disorderly conduct but I can see a couple of indecent exposure charges. We’ll just have to wait and see where that beautiful, brown bottle leads us. How important do you think local music is for a community as a source of creative independence? Local music is a big deal to us. We have gone as far as to start throwing our own festival so as to help promote local music (www. This past year the proceeds went to benefit KDHX. For fellas like us, without music we’d be all kinds of F-worded. That’s why all of us try to play out as much as possible, I think. If I’m not with WWMR then I’ll be singing and dancing in Carriage House ( CarriageHouseSTL) or fiddlin’ around by myself as mewXaq ( And for David it’s the same thing, as he jams with his bro in The Maness Brothers (www.facebook. com/TheManessBrothers). Having a thriving local music scene is detrimental to letting musicians grow as artists. You need to play in front of people, you need feedback, support, likeminded friends, etc. I, for one, am happy as hell to get to play in St. Louis. What about local bands, which do you each follow/catch live?

Oh boy, this list could be long as hell. But I’ll tell ya a few folks hat we do love playing with and that’s Mister Blackcat, Drown Fish, Great Isaac and Cody James to name a few. Big up’s to our hommies -- holla. Any last thoughts to share with our readers, or breaking WWMR news? If you ever find yourself out at a WWMR show, do not fear us, we just like to rock ‘n’ roll and jump around. Please feel free to join us. Let your head bang and hips sway and watch your eyes roll to the back of your goddamn head so you can look at your brain and say, “Dude, what the F-word are you thinking?” and it will response with, “I’m not, I’m just dancing, you A-wordhole.” How can readers find out more about WWMR, or purchase merch?* You can “Like” us on the ole Facebook thing (www. We also have a Reverbnation with all of our most recent recordings and some free downloads ( If you want more than that, your going to have to pester us for it. Last, when and where can St. Louisans catch you guys live again? WWMR and The Dock Ellis Band will be supporting the good ole boys from Old Capital Square Dance Club at Off Broadway to help promote their forthcoming album on Friday, September 7th, and then we’ll be a Lemmon’s on September 15th with Fred Friction, Cody James and few others.

THE DEATH OF SAINT LOUIS On September 14th, Antonio Andre is bringing Death of St. Louis Metal Fest to Pop’s in East St. Louis, an event that he says has been two years in the making. Having been a fan and supporter of the Metal scene for the last ten years with The Sinner I sat down with Antonio to ask him about the fest and his take on the St. Louis Metal scene itself. So, what is Death of St. Louis Metal Fest? The Death Of Saint Louis Death Metal Festival is an idea I’ve been working on for about 2 years. I’ve been in the Death Metal scene pretty much since its various beginning incarnations in the late 80’s with some minor Hip/Hop production and management experience in the early 2000s. I am the drummer and producer of St. Louis local band Drag The Dead and a founding member of the now defunct world renown, underground Death Metal band Timeghoul, a St. Louis, MO metro area band from Foristell, MO, that seemed to me back then, to be the most ominous, intricate, deeply atmospheric band in the area during 1990-1996. It seems, after all these years, my personal admiration of that band has held true in harmony with a huge portion of the worldwide underground Death Metal community as Timeghoul’s first official release (Dark Descent Records, February 2012) sold 1,000 copies in approximately 2 months. With this kind of history under my belt, my life as a producer and Death Metal musician has helped mold this idea into what this city has been longing for since the pre-Hipster age of Grunge committed suicide roughly 18 years ago. Who knew that 12 year old version of myself playing drums in a Gospel band with my family on the 80s Saturday morning television show Kids World would grow into me being an obscure, semiiconic Death Metal deity. What inspired you to conjure up such an event? After Roadrunner Records’ massive Death Metal house

cleaning in the late 90s, a resurgence of Death Metal related genres were on the ascent throughout the mid 2000s via smaller record labels such as Brutal Bands, Sevared Records, Unique Leader and Comatose Music. There was also a very recent Metal fest, (True Midwest Underground Metal Fest, August 2012), that featured 8 St. Louis metro Death Metal bands that also helped restart the local engine of Death Metal. Finally, it felt that the all but deceased Death Metal beast was emerging from the soil of ambiguity once again. In my mind, it was the time to give this city the defibrillative shock it craved. So, with the help of Beyond Gone Media, The Beard Productions and Pop’s nightclub, my company, New World Subculture Media would have all the connections, support and tools it needed to make this a living, breathing being and not just an apparition of my imagination. Metal peaked in the 80s and 90s, some say the scene in America is dead. What would you say to that? These days, the scene in America is more alive than it’s been in over 20 years. About 10 years ago, I would have thought to myself “Maybe, the scene really is dead. Am I just a rotting remnant of past carnage and chaos?” But, now the scene shows that it was just in a regrouping stage of musical life. The world is everchanging and so are musical styles as they have combined Rap and Metal in recent years for example (two so-called musical extremes). Just like people say, “When you leave your hometown to expand your life and/or career, it seems like we always tend to come back home.” I’ve never liked that saying but I feel that’s what us Metalheads have done. We’ve come back home. What’s your take on the local St. Louis Metal scene? St. Louis is most definitely and always has been a very

odd and eclectic place for music in general. To me, it always felt like we would cram all the country’s musical styles, along with minute European mannerisms, into our musician brains and vomit out strange concoctions of either lifeless green bile or extremely well executed smorgasbords of colorful morsels. One thing I feel that I must say about the St. Louis music scene is that over the years and even still today, most “general” Rock and Metal acts, almost systematically, sound identical. It is a very painful experience for me when I walk into a local venue and can pretty much predict the vocalist’s singing style and guitar riffs before they are even played as I watch the band take the stage. This has to stop! Young musicians need to realize creativity and uniqueness must be achieved for St. Louis to return to musical greatness. Never accept only what is given to you. Create your destiny musically and in life. What’s the line up for the show? Excuse my extreme enthusiasm but the lineup for this show is a really great one! These are some of the best Death Metal acts the metro area has to offer like Illinois bands The Vile Impurity (newly signed to Swimming With Sharks Records), Suffer The Wrath, who don hulking, armored, Demonic, horned head gear and spikes on stage, Animated Dead (very dark brooding Death Metal veterans), Eminent Slaughter and The Arcane Horror. St. Louis bands playing will be The Ninth Circle featuring St. Louis metro veterans Ray Tucker and Matt Luker, Acedia, Eternium and last, but not least by any means, my band Drag The Dead featuring lyrical content of Satanism, serial female murder, rape and torture as well as self mutilation and suicide just to name a few subjects covered.

You’re doing a lot of promo for this event on FB for free tickets and such. How can someone win some tickets, if they still can? Tickets can be won through our Facebook promotions/ contests that we will post periodically on our Facebook and event pages (, There will also be merchandise, swag and upcoming Pop’s ticket giveaways all night at the show. Where can readers find more about the Fest and/or follow it for updates and such? DEATHOFSTL.COM connects you to everything. Any last thoughts to shout out? My last thoughts about this fest, the St. Louis music/ Death Metal scene are not malicious due to past scene short comings and musical discriminations. My thoughts are grateful for my musical experiences and relationships past, present and future as well as hopeful for young Metal musicians being able to have the opportunities to express and cultivate their craft as Rock musicians have been allowed to do for years in open and respected forums of artistic expression.

Stinkbomb interview by Chuck Foster • photo by Annie Spencer


n September we ventured down the road in the middle of a deadline to one of our favorite South City rock destinations, CBGB’s on Grand, to catch local punk rockers Stinkbomb. The band itself has been around since late 2005 or so, yet like many punk bands before them they’ve been searching for the right chemistry to bring order to their anarchy. Founding band member Krikit says that search has been put to rest with the addition of Joe on lead vocals and lead guitar, and Aspen on drums. After sitting through a full set of total mayhem and obscenity, I can say Stinkbomb is an explosion of vulgarity and chaos. Featuring songs like ‘Fuck You!’, ‘I Got To Take A Shit!’, and ‘Jerk Off’!, this three piece punk fire storm brings a fist to the air with each spit of true punk down your throat. After the show I sat down with the trio to talk about the band and its new line up. Give me a brief history of the band, how it came to be the band it is today. Joe: Krikit should start that one off... Krikit: Uhhh....what year is it? (laughs) OK! Ummm... well, we started in late ‘05 or 2006ish. Me playin’ guitar and Charlie Garrison on vocals and that was basically the band for a couple months and we just wrote songs together, just like guitars and words. And then I ran into an old high-school buddy of mine that I used to skate with and is a phenomenal bass player who played in The Red Light Runners for a bit. And then I found Wayne, the worst drummer ever! He quit after our second show! And then it was just kind of a revolving door of assholes... Joe: Eighteen assholes... Krikit: Yeah, Eighteen assholes to play drums and bass while me n’ Chuck were basically “the band”...if that makes any sense. Joe: And then I came along Krikit: Yup. I snagged him from this rockabilly band called Atomic Betty Joe: We sucked. Krikit: Yes they did. Joe: But I jumped at the chance to play with the drummer you had at the time... Krikit: Alex fuckin’ Freeman, great drummer. Joe: Oh yeah, a great beer drinker as well. Master Pintsman, indeed... Krikit: And then Me n’ Charlie had a bit of a falling out, so long story short, owes me teeth and he’s not in the band anymore...seriously...I have two fake teeth. He elbowed me in the face while I was blackout drunk. I don’t even remember it (laughs). That morning sucked (laughs). Joe: So I took over lead vocals and we played a bunch of shows with that lineup of me on bass and vocals, Krikit on

guitar and Alex playing drums and doing backup vocals Krikit: And then he left Joe: Yeah to go play in some fuckin’ Maroon 5 bullshit! Krikit: Oh well... Joe: Whatever, now we’ve got this guy! Aspen: (nods) Joe: Tell the boys n’ girls about yourself. Aspen: Um...I used to be in Say Uncle with my brother Val. So I’ve been playing since I was like 10. I started out with Guitar and Bass. My mom bought the drums for my brother but we kinda just switched. Joe: Damn, I didn’t even know that. Krikit: Yeah, and that takes us pretty much to Aspen: Yeah...NEXT QUESTION! Funny name, how did you come up with it? Krikit: That’s me again! This band was originally named the Twerps and basically some people signed to something somewhere threatened to sue us if we didn’t change our name. They ended up breaking up anyway, (laugh) but we changed it to about a bazillion other retarded names. Joe: Dude, give ‘em some examples! Krikit: Oh boy...uh...Inspection of Fish, The Impatient Bastards, Bukake Samurai (that’s my favorite), and uhh... Thundercock: Thor’s Pendulate Meat-Hammer of Love! Aspen: (Hysterical laughter) Joe: Did you just make those up? Krikit: No dude! All based in fact! But yeah and then we just settled on Stinkbomb. Aspen: Word...NEXT! Which bands/musicians influenced your punk style? Krikit: Any band with balls. Not just balls though...big balls. Joe: The Ramones. Like...a bunch. For me at least. Aspen: Punk rrrroooock What’s your take on the STL punk scene? Joe: OH we were just talking about this today! Krikit: Kinda shitty...honestly. It’s nothing but hipsters, hardcore tough-guys. Our scene is pretty much like a frat-house, at least that’s my take on it. Joe: It’s real cliquey. These guys go to THIS bands shows while these guys go to THAT bands shows. No one intermingles. You’ll see the same guys at EVERY show! Where the fuck are the strangers!? Krikit: It’s sad. I think a lot of them miss the point of the whole thing. Do you guys have a CD/Demo ready for fans, or producing one? If so, when can it be expected?

Joe: Ahhh...the eternal question. We’ve been trying to get that shit done for a looooooooong time. Krikit: Six years. (laughs) Joe: Didn’t you make something with Charlie? Krikit: OH! Four Songs Four Quarters! That SUCKED! It is now “Out of Print.” Joe: We recorded some stuff with Alex in a closet for free with one take on every song. but it’s not a fair representation of us now since Aspen isn’t on it n’ stuff. Krikit: I don’t wanna sell anything without the current lineup. I think we sound better now anyway. We’re always writing new songs and Al Swacker, our manager and spiritual guru, is trying to get something set up for us to record. We just don’t really know when (laughs). Joe: We’re pretty stupid. Krikit: You mean drunk n’ high all the time? Aspen: Yup! Krikit: Seriously though, we have stuff on Facebook, and there’s bootleg videos up on Youtube. And we’re gonna have a DVD with live footage n’ stuff comin’ out. Joe: It’s still in production. Krikit: way. Don’t expect that out for a minute Aspen: You probably shouldn’t even be talking about that Krikit: I’m spilling secrets! Joe: Time to die. When’s your next Show/shows? Krikit: On September 14th at the Way Out with SVK. That’s gonna be cool. And then September 15th we’re playing at Johnny’s Sidebar in Collinsville and we’re working on putting something together in November with Human Aftertaste. Where can readers find out more about Stinkbomb? Joe: You can like us on Facebook and I’ll keep you update on upcoming shows and news and just random insults. Krikit: We should have T-shirts soon too. Finally. (laughs) Joe: Or you can just come over. The fridge is always stocked with beers. Any last words or thoughts to shout out? Joe: FUCK YOU!!! Krikit: OH we should say something about Kitty! Joe: OH yeah, Aspen’s Mom Kitty fuckin’ rules! Krikit: Queen of the drunk punks! Aspen: Yeah, she’s cool. Joe: Other than that. Eat your vegetables, try to get a walk in everyday. Aspen: END INTERVIEW!!!

Photo by Charity Tovrea

Molly Shrine’s a local gal who ventured into modeling through peer pressure, but also recognized the fact that modeling would be a great way to get her name out there as she pursued her performance art. For someone relatively new to the scene, Molly has graced the pages of several publications in her young career already. Her sinister beauty can radiate an angelic innocence at will, while concealing an arcane evilness for another shoot minutes away. Her talents though are not limited to inanimate poses. Molly is also an amazing fire performer, talented dancer and a hair-raising freak show performer with St. Louis’ T.A.S.C. There is so much more that could be written about Molly and her diverse talents, but those words would only limit the visual power that her images bring to this page. So I have decided to mince my words and let Molly tell you about her modeling and upcoming projects. Tell me a bit about your first professional shoot... My first shoot was with Gina Simon and it was for the very first Conspiracy. We did the shoot at her house and she is a fantastic photographer. After that happened I just kept going with it and working with more and more people. Let’s talk about your latest works... the images you submitted ranged from seductive to macabre. Can you tell me about those images? They are from various photographers. Charity Tovrea is one and she is an wonderful photographer. The ones with the blood were done by Sadie Blaze. The shoot was so much fun! He is extremely creative and everything he touches comes out incredible. Gina Simon did one of my live photos too. I love whenever she comes to a performance because I know I will have incredible images from the night.

Photo by Charity Tovrea

What about the cover image we chose? The shoot with Gina was I believe our second. It was a blast. I remember it was raining that night and we did part of the shoot outside and a froggy jumped right next to my head. :-) What’s it like for you recruiting photographers for such shoots? Do you have a screening process or take resumes? Usually it is with someone that I have seen their work and I really like it and I ask them or they have seen mine and asked to work with me. I always look at someone’s work before I schedule a shoot with them. I have had issues in the past so I am a lot more careful who I work with and unless I have worked with them several times I go over an agreement with them that benefits both sides. I like working with people that want to do more alternative themes. On that same note, how important is it for you to pick the right photographer? It is extremely important. There is a lot of time an energy that goes into a shoot and to get ready for one so I want to make sure that the end product with be something that I can use for submissions or applications for jobs. I also like to work with someone that likes working with a model on ideas and special projects. What about your make-up and attire for the shoots? Do you pick/bring your outfits and do your own make-up or is someone else brought in? Every now and then other people do my hair and make up but the majority of the time I do it myself. Unless I am modeling for a clothing company or something like that I pick out my outfits. One of my favorite things about a shoot is putting together my outfit. I like to mix things together and create the fantasy photos that I have in my head. One of my favorite make up artists that has worked with me on shoots is Karina Szczepaniak. She has the same style that I do so I always feel very comfortable having her make me beautiful for my shoots. What about any other shoots coming up? I have a few shoots in the works. A few for some magazine submissions and a few that will focus on my sideshow performances. I don’t want to say too much but I write down any ideas that I have and then I go from there. I like to have the entire photo thought out from my hair and make up to what the actual set looks like as well. What’s next for you in 2012? I will be performing a lot the last few months of the year. I’ll be working with some very talented models from around the area in some themed group projects. I have a 4 page spread in Sinical Magazine that will be coming out in October!!! Me and my suspension crew that I am in, T.A.S.C. have a charity event October 7 at STL Ink that benefits Autism. I will be appearing at Attitudes in Charlotte SumTimes halloween show on October 20th and Last Saturday Strip on November 17th. I have some incredible things planned for all of these events and you won’t want to miss any of them!! Any last thoughts or shouts to throw out? Well I wanted to thank you Chuck for having me do this interview as well as all the wonderful photographers I have worked with over the years. I have a lot of wonderful projects coming up and I hope everyone enjoys them.


Find new photos and event information as well as where you can buy magazines Molly Shrine is currently featured in at or

Photo by Sadie Blaze *

The Butcher’s Apprentice:

I like it Raw

El Paisano Mexican restaurant 3315 Watson Rd in St Louis by Emily Eufinger

Salsa … it’s a beautiful thing. Both a noun and a verb; a food and a dance; for boys and for girls! Simple, quick, and hot; but you can throw a lot of extra shit in there, overcomplicate things, and screw it all up very easily. When done correctly, the flavors of the food can form a dance—cilantro and onion mingling intimately on the tongue like dancer’s bodies joined in rhythm, heat from the peppers like a stiletto heel sporadically stomping the taste buds. The best part about El Paisano’s salsa is the texture of the finely processed tomatoes punctuated with little bits of onion and cilantro like high-octave trumpet notes. Good cheap Mexican restaurants in St. Louis are in no short supply, though the shoddy ones crop up just as often. El Paisano (meaning “fellow countryman/woman”) is a solid choice if you’re near The Hill and Dogtown neighborhoods and in the mood for something fiery. The basic margarita was decent—not the best I’ve ever had—but it was huge and gave a healthy dose of tequila, so by the end of the meal I was plenty red-faced and giggly. The lightning-fast service soon filled the table with colorful and aromatic plates. A dish called Yolandas ($9) presented three chicken enchiladas topped with Ranchera sauce, served with Mexican rice and guacamole salad. And everything—everything—smothered in that exquisite salsa. Tantalizingly fresh avocados comprised the guacamole, and delicious as it tasted directly from the kitchen, the leftovers proved just as good after marinating overnight in the fridge. The Anita’s Special ($10) might have been more appropriately titled The Everything Special. One chalupa, one taco, one chile relleno, one tamale, one enchilada, Mexican rice and refried beans amounted to two full plates of food. Like aliens rectally probing hillbillies, we poked and prodded the round, tortilla roll-like thing nestled by the taco until a thick goo of queso and beans burst forth. I’m not sure what this actually was, because it didn’t fit the description of anything that was supposed to come with the dish, but it was termed the “Mexican Gravy Pocket,” courtesy of Tyson Lauby. El Paisano has some impressive Happy Hour Specials as well: $2 margaritas, $2 beers, $5 sangria, $4 tequila shots, and $3 Long Island Ice Tea Sunday through Thursday 3-6pm. But the food is scrumptious and the booze is potent and plentiful any day at El Paisano. For more information visit


he mere thought of suicide in our modern society stirs emotions of sorrow and despair, a gloom of unimaginable force. For most of us the taking of one’s life by one’s own hands seems senseless, unexplainable even. Of course, the views on suicide throughout history have varied greatly with distant cultures. Christians consider the act a violation of God’s will, a violation of the sanctity of life. Before the rise of Christianity the Greeks and Romans deemed nothing of the act immoral, one’s free choice. During the samurai era in Japan, seppuku was widely respected as a means of redeeming one’s honor. And prior to 1829, many Hindus in India practiced Sati, a religious funeral belief which requires the recently widowed woman to immolate herself on her deceased husband’s funeral pyre. It’s our advanced brain which allows each of us to acknowledge our own mortality, at least its physical one. And in suicide humans make a conscious choice to end their lives, whether the root be mental disorders, stress, drug abuse, financial problems or failed relationships really not matter. But what about suicide in birds? The validity off that question takes us half way around the world to Jatinga, a village located in the north hills of Cachar of Assam in India, where its main tourist attraction is the phenomenon of birds “committing suicide”. The country’s official tourism website says, “At the end of the months of monsoon (August to November), the mysterious behavior of the birds takes place. During moonless and foggy dark nights between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., flying birds come crashing to the ground with no prior warning whatsoever. The local tribesmen first took this natural phenomenon to be spirits flying from the sky to terrorize them. This phenomenon is not confined to a single species, with Tiger Bittern, Black Bittern, Little Egret, Pond Heron, Indian Pitta and Kingfishers all being affected.” Ruling out possession by evil spirits, what could cause such an anomaly of nature in numerous species of birds? The zoological survey of India also wanted to explain this bizarre phenomenon. In a search for a valid explanation the group requested the expertise of renowned naturalist Dr. Sudhir Sengupta to help unravel this mystery. Dr.


Sengupta concluded that the atmospheric conditions make modifications of magnetic qualities of subterranean water in this sector. These changes disturb the physiological rhythm of the local birds and they start behaving abnormally towards the sources of light. Prior to Dr. Sengupta’s study, another renowned naturalist, the late E. P. Gee, brought this phenomenon to a global level in the1960s. Gee was accompanied by famed ornithologist Salim Ali who believed the cause of the mass suicide is likely to be disorientation at high altitudes accompanied by high speed winds due to the widespread fog characteristic at the time. There’s also another theory. “According to The Statesman, the birds are attracted to the villagers’ torches and then killed upon landing. These birds are likely disoriented by the presence of nearby lights, and villagers in the area take advantage of these birds to kill them for food.” So, maybe the “suicides” are actually a conspiracy to cover up the mass murder of local birds by hungry villagers. That would certainly explain the alleged suicides and reason to promote it as that for tourism, but don’t bury those dead birds quite yet. Over the past few years conservation groups and wildlife officials in India have taken steps to prevent this senseless killing of the birds by educating the illiterate villagers. Through this program the amount of birds killed today have decreased by about 40 percent – which means about 60% of the birds are still committing suicide. The zoological survey of India is still researching this unnatural phenomenon to unravel the real root of this mystery. Well, as a little “Bird’s Up Advice”, if you’re planning a trip to the village of Jatinga, India through November, be sure to bring an industrial umbrella... it’s guaranteed to be raining dead birds every night!

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By Single In The City


ontinuing on my journey of singlehood in our somewhat noble city, my adventures, mishaps, triumphs and life’s observations are chronicled here in the forthcoming column. This is a work of fact, fiction and frivolity…purely for entertainment purposes, not guidance. Last month, I said there’s nothing I hate more than sloppy kissers and micro penises, I have a third item to add to that list… ear rapists. Yes when someone sticks their tongue in your ear and swirls it around like they are licking an ice cream cone – yuck! Instant turn off, for good. This leads me to a few little tidbits of information I have included at the end of this column that folks may find useful, useless or just laugh and make fun of My “girl-girl” dating world is starting to manifest in that I went to a potluck and ended up kissing a girl who is a friend of a guy I have been on several dates with (coincidentally also the ear rapist – see below). The kiss was enjoyable, but gentle, almost too gentle, I felt like I was kissing a bubble that would burst if I kissed with any kind of intensity. That girl and I did end up kissing again on another occasion and have been texting back n forth, she is a bit more to the point and forward which I like a lot. What’s more is Grace (ref. Sol. Ref. Aug. 2012) apparently no longer has a girlfriend. Since then, we have briefly crossed paths at several social occasions and friended each other on facetwit. Now we are talking about getting coffee sometime. I am nervous and feel like a stumbling idiot around women, mostly because of my lack of experience. Men are familiar to me, but women are a whole different ball of wax. So we shall see…. On the other hand, my “guy-girl” dating is much like the animal kingdom. Several dates with the same people over the last couple months, carrying on my vow to not get involved I realize I am clearly dating all Alpha-males, get them all in one place together with me there also and well, you have yourself a pissing contest. Putting their arms around your waist, trying to cop a feel of intimate areas such as the side of your ribcage closest to your boob and lingering too long, it makes me uncomfortable and turns me off. Being a single woman “who knows what she wants” and wants to be “owned by no one” this does not work for me, so I tend to ignore them all. I like a man who is confident enough with himself that he doesn’t need to put his scent on me to mark his territory. But at the same time, I like the attention and am completely fascinated by male behavior, even by the most intelligent and highly evolved male. As promised here are the useless/useful/ridiculous tidbits of information. Single in the City’s Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Making out and Kissing

Do: • Kiss and make out with no abandon, life’s too short to not just go for it. • Be playful and fun. • Do touch and caress and tease a bit, build up and lead into it. • Consider the whole evening’s events foreplay. • Be open to suggestion. • Listen to your partner, make out buddy, etc. • Have firm, but pliable lips and tongue – being versatile makes a word of difference. I have kissed so many people who it’s a struggle because they would not budge from the way they kiss, be flexible in your skills and do note that everyone you kiss is different just like everyone you sleep with. Don’t: • Be afraid to make the first move. • Stick your tongue, finger or any other appendages or foreign objects (wet or dry) in my ear. Ever. End of story (ref. above). • Clench your jaw. Or tighten your lips or play keep away with your tongue. • Don’t forget to tilt your head so we don’t bump noses. (Shouldn’t this just be a given?) • Don’t make your mouth lifeless either, too light and I won’t know you’re there. • Rape, scrape or grind my teeth. True story – never slide your tongue in between my lip and teeth or tongue the area behind my teeth – those are intimate areas and it’s like licking, biting or sucking my armpit (which is also an immediate turn off). • Grope my boobs or crotch before you kiss me. • Put your hand down my pants, unless you know what you’re doing, my pink areas are not a science lab filled with levers to pull, buttons to push or slots to shove things in, end of story, treat the pink parts with respect and tenderness and they will do the same for you in return! • Expect to get laid, just because you make out with someone or because you buy them dinner. And in the same token don’t expect to make out with someone you take out on a date either. • Forget that good personal hygiene is super important and makes all the difference in attracting a mate! No fromunder cheese, chronic halitosis (which could indicate a more serious health problem than just brushing your teeth, but I digress…), or intimate area stench (this includes but not limited to – armpits, genital area, feet). Having a pleasant but a non-overpowering personal scent is important as well. Not to mention man-scaping is essential. For hecklings, gripes or other mindless, witty banter please email


This, I Shamelessly Tell You Why is the beat up guys still don’t get that I’m not interested, and other ‘stuff’ in this, another ‘James Chronicle’ by James Stansberry


s I sit here, in my ‘Zombie Tools’ shirt (the one I got a couple of years ago at Crypticon, and still love to hang out at home in), watching the retro channel, and wondering why if words like ‘bitch’ and ‘ass’ can be, (and are), censored, why is it that the words ‘spade’ and ‘suede’ (never knew a ‘suede’ was another negative word for Black folks, until I watched an episode of ‘Police Story’), and other words putting Black folks down aren’t edited. One of those ‘hmmm, makes me wonder’, kind of quandaries. Anyway, as I sit here in my ‘zombie best’, the last strains of music are undoubtedly being played at Bumbershoot, miles away. I didn’t go this year, deciding that having my healthy supplements were more important than risking my life (hey, there’s been shootings at just about every outdoor event this year, and yes, watching Fox News for as long as I could stomach them – five minutes – I found out there was a shooting near Bumbershoot again this year), and anyway, I’m not a fan of huge crowds. I did make it to this year’s Bremerton Blackberry Festival, taking a new friend with me (it’s very nice to get another chance to have a Gay, male friend, after I lost just about every Gay, male friend I had when I first moved to Seattle, now 25 years ago, to AIDS), and we both had a great time. That is, putting aside the fact that this beat up, clueless dude, who looked like he should have had the words ‘potential mass shooting suspect’ tattooed on his forehead, kept bugging me. He didn’t seem to register that not only was I ‘dressed’, but I was also wearing a ‘package’ I’d spontaneously made from tp, having decided on the spur that I should fill out my jeans a bit more convincingly. Hey, it allowed me to feel comfortable using the men’s bathroom, at the bagel place on Capitol Hill, though I decided not to at the ferry terminal, deciding that safety outweighed making a statement.


Ah yes, the old problem I face on a daily basis. How to get morons like this one to savvy to the fact that I’m not the woman they should be hitting on. Also, as I was lusting after the female singer that was keeping all of the men (me and the biologicals), hooting and hollering like cowboys from olden days, his ‘attentions’ made me want to grab him by the collar and spit into his face a warning something to effect of: hey, stupid, take a good, hard look and realize that this man, boobs and all will kick your sorry ass if you don’t stop bothering me, ‘kay? Lucky for him, the singer was pretty hot (I do love the sassy redheads, with a little wiggle in their thighs and hair that makes me think of things I could do to them in bed – think hands grabbing hair, and you get my picture), and I didn’t want to disturb her outstanding performance. We (my new friend and I), left him dancing and glaring, and by the time I got home, I was feeling nostalgic and actually stopped off at my fave internet place and wrote an early Autumn poem, and went home looking forward to October’s Steamcon, where I might, might actually get a chance to kiss someone as gorgeous as that singer (and if you too, wanna be among this year’s Steampunks, at Steamcon – where this year’s theme is ‘gothic horror’ – just check out their website). Ah, the fantasies that inspires, and it makes me glad I have an open-minded and non-jealous sweetie, who might even join in the fun, should we meet such a lass. Bye bye Summer, and hello to what hopes to one heckuva Fall. This, I shamelessly tell you. Oh yes, and wherever you are Neil Armstrong, thanks for that exciting summer afternoon, so long ago, when I, and my family watched you walk on the moon. Keep it real in the cosmos dude! *

Think Outside The Cage with Kendra Holliday of The Beautiful Kind

Teeth During A Blowjob – Nay or Yay? Dear Kendra, My mouth isn’t all that big and my guy’s member, well, is. I tend to be over-careful when attending to him so that he only feels the “soft parts” of my mouth. But that’s just not possible at some angles. For example, when I’m lying down - because of his curvature he hits my top back molars and I can’t do anything about it. The first time I freaked out and stopped it and said “We can’t do it this way, I’m going to hurt you!” but I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that he rather likes it. I’ve tried asking him about it, but I haven’t gotten a direct answer yet. So my question is… do some guys like a little bit of “teeth action”? If I think he likes a little bit of pain should I try (gently) taking it a little bit further next time? Or is it too dangerous of a zone to “experiment”? I want the truth about tooth! ~Chewy Blewy Dear Chewy Blewy, One time I blew a guy and he asked me to “gnaw on it.” That surprised me, but I did. He’s the only guy I’ve met who was into teeth.

A little teeth is bound to happen. After all, he’s putting his penis in a hole that is FULL OF TEETH. Cover your teeth with your lips. Saliva is your friend. Do your best to relax and enjoy it. I got my partner’s input on this matter. He prefers oral sex over intercourse. Here is what he has to say: You should absolutely take cues from him on this matter. As far as teeth go, I don’t mind a little here and there. Sometimes I think I get more than I realize.  Kendra has asked a few times if I noticed her teeth afterward.  When I told her no she was surprised because she felt like she absolutely raked my shit a few times.  If there is ever too much I say something like “OPEN,” or depending on the mood one might hear “Open your fucking mouth BITCH!!”, but that’s just me. We roleplay like that sometimes. Side note:  If he is facebanging you, it is his responsibility to make it work the way he wants it!!! The other option for you is to pay a lot of attention to the head with your tongue, lips and mouth, while working the shaft, balls, taint and ass with your hands. Above all, if you are wondering whether or not your partner likes something or wants something different, you should ask them. If you feel you can’t ask him a question like that, then your teeth should be the least of your worries.

Photo: Connie LaFlam

Keep Sucking! Got a sex, relationship, BDSM or fetish related question? Ask your local sexpert, Kendra Holliday, Writer & Editor of The Beautiful Kind, and Co-Founder of Sex Positive St. Louis.


Stl Sinner Sept 2012  
Stl Sinner Sept 2012  

St Louis Sinner featuring the sinful looks of Molly Shrine