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General Election 2018 Tuesday, Nov. 6

Polls open 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Precinct map and polling locations

City elections website: For city events, activities and news, visit


@stlouispark /

St. Louis Park Polling Locations

Shelard Parkway

Precinct 13 169


Make service requests or receive city information via the app

394 394

or visit


Precinct 14

46A 33rd St W

District Line

Finding your polling place, registering to vote and learning what races will be on your ballot are all important steps to take when preparing to vote. The City of St. Louis Park is here to help you get ready to vote. This guide covers some of the most common questions asked during election season:



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Precinct 1


Minnetonka Blvd

Precinct 11

Precinct 3

Precinct 4

Precinct 6


Precinct 5

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Precinct 8

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Precinct 7

3 100

Excelsior Way

Voting is your opportunity to be heard, hold elected officials accountable and have a say in important issues that affect your community. High voter turnout is expected on Election Day. Voters are encouraged to plan ahead to make their trip to the polls as efficient as possible.

Precinct 9 Texas Ave

Plan ahead – prepare to vote!

Precinct 10


Douglas Ave

Precinct 16


Louisiana Ave

Precinct 12


Campaign signs, Election Day travel tips

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Precinct 2

Absentee voting, direct balloting Voter registration, candidate information

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Your ballot, plan ahead

Edgemore Dr

1 2 3 4

Louisiana Ave

Flag Ave

Precinct 15

France Ave






Natchez Ave

44th St

WARD 1 Precinct 1 - Beth El Synagogue, 5225 Barry St W Precinct 2 - Peter Hobart Elementary School, 6500 26th St W Precinct 3 - St. Louis Park City Hall, 5005 Minnetonka Blvd Precinct 4 - Central Community Center, 6300 Walker St

WARD 2 Precinct 5 - Union Congregational Church, 3700 Alabama Ave S

• • • • • •

Am I eligible to vote? Am I registered to vote? How do I register to vote before Election Day? How do I register to vote on Election Day? Where do I vote? What is on my ballot?

Precinct 6 - St. Louis Park Rec Center, 3700 Monterey Dr Precinct 7 - Susan Lindgren Elementary School, 4801 41st St W Precinct 8 - Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 3801 Wooddale Ave S

WARD 3 Precinct 9 - Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 8115 State Highway 7 Precinct 10 - Lenox Community Center, 6715 Minnetonka Blvd

To find the answers to all these questions and more visit or call the elections hotline at 952.924.2503.

Precinct 11 - St. Louis Park Senior High School, 6425 33rd St W

Please note: The Secretary of State’s Office has many voting materials and forms available in twelve languages – English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Lao, Oromo, Khmer, Amharic and S’gaw Karen. Visit or call the elections hotline at 952.924.2503 for more information on how to access these materials.

Precinct 13 - Westwood Lutheran Church, 9001 Cedar Lake Rd

Precinct 12 - Aquila Elementary School, 8500 31st St W


Precinct 14 - Park Harbor Church, 1615 Texas Ave S Precinct 15 - Peace Presbyterian Church, 7624 Cedar Lake Rd Precinct 16 - St. Louis Park Middle School, 2025 Texas Ave S


General Election 2018 Tuesday, Nov. 6 Polls open 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Your ballot and what you need to know • In St. Louis Park the ballot for the 2018 General Election includes the offices of U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, Attorney General, State Representative, County Commissioner District 3, County Attorney, County Sheriff, and Judicial Offices for the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and the Fourth District Court. • NO city offices are on the ballot in 2018. The city holds municipal elections in odd years. The next municipal election will be held in 2019. • The ballot has two sides and contains both partisan and non-partisan races. All partisan races are denoted by the party affiliation listed underneath a candidate’s name. • View a sample ballot for your precinct online at, at City Hall or by calling the elections hotline at 952.924.2503. • Whether you vote at the polls on Election Day or by absentee ballot, the ballot that you are issued contains all the races you are eligible to vote for in this election cycle. • Follow instructions to mark your ballot and fill in the oval(s) next to your choice(s). • If you make a mistake on your ballot, you do have options to correct it: • If you make a mistake on your ballot on Election Day, take your ballot to an election judge at your polling location for further instructions. • If you are voting by absentee ballot from home and make a mistake, call the elections hotline at 952.924.2503 for help.

Can’t go to the polls on Election Day? Vote absentee. If you can’t get to the polls on Election Day you can still vote. Absentee voting means voting by mail or in person before Election Day instead of at a polling place. Absentee ballots are available 46 days before an election. Any eligible voter may choose to vote by absentee ballot for any reason. Here is what you need to know: • Absentee ballots for the General Election are available at City Hall Sept. 21 – Nov. 5. • City Hall is open for absentee voting Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. • You may request an absentee ballot online at or by calling 952.924.2503.


How do I vote if I am serving in the military or living abroad? Special forms and procedures make voting easier for Minnesotans who are serving in the military or are otherwise overseas. A spouse, parent, sibling or child age 18 and over can apply for an absentee ballot on your behalf. Visit or call 952.924.2503 to learn more.

Direct balloting – vote early at City Hall • All eligible voters can vote in person at City Hall beginning Oct. 30 and place their ballots directly into a ballot counter. • Votes will be counted immediately, but results will not be reported until the polls close on Election Day, Nov. 6. • If you choose to vote during direct balloting, you will be required to complete an application to receive your ballot. Staff will be available to assist you. • If you are not registered to vote, city staff will help you complete the registration process. Make sure you are prepared and bring your acceptable proof of residence for registration. • For the 2018 General Election, direct balloting will be available at City Hall Oct. 30 – Nov. 2, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. • The city clerk’s office will be also open extended hours for direct balloting on the following dates: • Nov. 3, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. • Nov. 5, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. • Note: High turnout is expected at City Hall during direct balloting. We will do our best to get voters through the line as quickly and efficiently as possible. Drive safely in the parking lot and thanks in advance for your patience and for voting in St. Louis Park!

What are the benefits of direct balloting? • Vote at a convenient time. • Have confidence that your ballot is immediately counted. • Verify that your absentee ballot was properly filled out and accepted by the ballot counter. • Avoid the hassle of placing absentee ballots into a series of envelopes. • Avoid traveling to the polling place on Election Day and waiting in longer lines to vote.

General Election 2018 Tuesday, Nov. 6

Polls open 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Who can vote in Minnesota?

Registering with special circumstances

To be eligible to vote, you must be: • At least 18 years old on Election Day • A U.S. citizen • A resident of Minnesota for 20 days • Finished with all parts of any felony sentence

If you or someone you know needs to register to vote but is currently experiencing a special circumstance (homelessness, foreclosure, temporarily living in a nursing home or hospital, or living abroad, etc.) please visit or call 952.924.2503 for more information on how to register to vote.

Am I registered to vote?

Visit or call 952.924.2503 for more information on how to register to vote.

You can check your registration status online at or by calling the elections hotline at 952.924.2503. Make sure you know your registration status before Election Day!

Registration tip

If I am not registered at my current address, how do I register? • The cutoff date for pre-registration is 20 days before any election. In 2018 the cutoff date is Oct. 16. To register before Election Day, you can complete a voter registration application online or pick one up at most government offices and public libraries. Visit to learn more. • If you missed the pre-registration deadline, you can register or update your registration when you vote. Whether you choose to vote by absentee ballot or at your polling place on Election Day, you will need proof of residence to register. • To register at your polling place on Election Day, bring one proof of residence accepted under state law. • For a list of acceptable proofs of residence, visit or call the elections hotline at 952.924.2503.

Don’t wait until Election Day – plan ahead and contact the city clerk’s office with questions!

Candidate information We understand that voters are interested in learning more about the candidates on the ballot. In an effort to remain neutral, the city does not advertise for or provide background information on candidates or political platforms. Candidates appearing on the ballot may have their own websites dedicated to their campaign. Voters can use the following resources to search for additional information on candidates: • Search candidate filings on the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website, • The Sun Sailor typically runs information on local candidates. The timing and contents of this article are not under the city’s control. For more information contact the Sun Sailor directly.

Where should I register to vote if I am a college student? College students should register to vote from the address they currently consider home. For many students, this is likely a school address or a parent’s house. If you still go back home to visit but no longer consider it your home, you should register to vote where you live at school.


General Election 2018 Tuesday, Nov. 6 Polls open 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Are campaign signs regulated? When election season begins, residents and visitors will start to see campaign signs popping up throughout the community. Political signs are regulated by MN Statute 211B.045 and City Code Section 36-362(h)(5).

Keep in mind: • Political signs of any size are permitted in any number from 46 days before an election. • Political signs must be removed within 10 days after the General Election has been held. • Political signs should not be placed on the public right of way or on any publicly owned property, including boulevard trees and utility poles. • Political signs must not obstruct the vision at an intersection or otherwise create a hazard to public safety.

Campaign sign help

On Nov. 6 the polls will be open for voting from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Because high voter turnout is expected, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind before you head to the polls on Election Day:

If you have questions regarding campaign signs in St. Louis Park, call 952.924.2592.

• Peak voting times are typically right away in the morning, 7 – 8 a.m., and immediately after work, 5 – 6 p.m. Try to visit the polls during non-peak voting hours whenever possible.

Campaign signs are NOT allowed on:

• Allow yourself more time for potential traffic delays on Election Day, especially during peak voting hours.

Publicly owned land

(Schools, public buildings, parks, etc.)

Traffic islands Street signs, signals, fire hydrants

Utility poles Campaign signs If you have questions regarding campaign signs in St. Louis Park, call 952 .924 .259 22.


Election Day travel tips

• Allow yourself more time for parking – follow posted signage, be patient and be safe! • Wait times at the polls will vary throughout the day. Election judges will move people in and out of the polling location as quickly as possible. However, given the high voter turnout that is expected, voters should expect to wait in line for a short time at their polling place. • Know your precinct number and polling location (see page 1 of this insert) before you leave to vote. Look for signs showing the precinct number as you near your voting location. When you are ready to enter your polling place, look for the traditional “Vote here” sandwich board signs. These will be located near the entrance you should use at your polling place.

Park Perspective - October 2018 elections insert  
Park Perspective - October 2018 elections insert