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ow can we overthrow hate and heal hurt in today’s divided world? This will happen when we learn to love as God has first loved us… without limits or exceptions. Jackie Bussie is a friend of mine who has written a book entitled “Love Without Limits.” This book offers practical solutions for people who long to love across differences that divide us. We answer God’s call by practicing love so radical that it excludes no one. As we prepare to experience the conclusion of another church year, a three year “Raising the Roof” capital campaign, and a thirty year partnership in ministry, I am most thankful for the promise of God’s love without limits. There are so many beautiful examples and powerful illustrations of deep, abiding, selfgiving love we have witnessed in this community of faith. After 30 years of being loved and cared for in such an extravagant way at Saint John’s, I could write a book! As I reflect on our time together, I recall the first time seeing our treasured sanctuary decorated and prepared by so many faithful members as we entered the season of Advent in 1988. The call committee had assured me the celebration of Christmas at Saint John’s was an amazing worship experience filled with light and life. No truer words have been spoken! Something new was born in me and my family that season as we were embraced and included and loved by our new Saint John’s family. By December of 1988, the Misenheimers knew we belonged right here in Knoxville and we had arrived just in time to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Saint John’s ministry!


The New Year in 1989 began a “Second Century of Service” and our first of many capital campaigns. How appropriate for us to conclude this church year with another successful three year campaign we named “Raising the Roof!”. Christ the King Sunday, November 25 will formally complete our campaign which has dramatically improved this property, expanded our programs, and provided for future ministry. God’s people have been encouraged and committed to perpetuate this ministry which has truly been so much more than we could have asked for or imagined. Thirty years ago, I accepted the call to serve Saint John’s as pastor. This was a call of the Holy Spirit to love God, to love one another and to love our neighbors. We have attempted to be faithful in this call and we are thankful for so many treasured, eternal relationships of faith, hope and love. The First Sunday in Advent, December 2, will be my last Sunday and will conclude my call to Saint John’s. However, our call together as the people of God continues as “nothing can separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ!” Thanks be to God for this amazing experience of belonging to the Body of Christ, the Saint John’s family, and for the never ending promise and proclamation of God’s love… a love without limits! “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.”



fter thirty (30!) years, Pastor Steve will be retiring at the end of December. His last Sunday at St. John’s is December 2. Between now and then, we have A LOT of celebrating to enjoy. Please put these dates on your calendar: Friday, November 30 at 2:00 PM … we will host a drop-in reception in the Welcome Center for local ministry partners and friends from near and far to congratulate Pastor Steve. Saturday, December 1 at 6:30 PM … we will gather at Kitchen 919 at 5448 Homberg Drive for a retirement dinner. Tickets will be $50.00 per person; interested participants can purchase tickets by calling the church office at 523.3330, beginning Monday, October 15. Sunday, December 2 … we will celebrate Pastor Steve’s ministry and wish the entire Miseneheimer family well with Festival Worship at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM; Bishop Julian Gordy will preach and preside. Between services, we will gather in the Sparks Fellowship Hall for a joyous First Sunday Brunch and additional programming. Please direct questions to Church Council President John Rice at rice.john.t@gmail.com, Church Council Vice President Lauren Kimzey at lauren.kimzey@gmail.com, or Pastor Amy at amy@sjlcknox.org.




ello all! As part of my time in the YAGM program, it is my job to write periodic newsletters to keep people up to date on my experiences! Here is my first one. Matthew 14:31 “Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. ‘You of little faith, why did you doubt?’” When I was a child, I was taught “how to pray” just like every other Cradle Lutheran. As I’ve gotten older, nowadays that time of pray has often turned into more of a “meditation.” The story about Jesus and Peter walking on the water is one that I often mediate on. I’ve always been able to identify with Peter - at one moment hitting the nail on the head like nobody else can, and the next moment smashing your thumb with the same hammer instead. Doing the YAGM program has been one of the biggest expressions of my faith and trust in God. He has put this path right before my feet, and for once, I have been able to open my eyes, get out of my own way, and follow it. As hard as it is adjusting to a place that’s 10,000 miles away from your home, it hasn’t made me doubt (yet) the fact that God means for me to be here. I want to share one of the “faith” moments that I’ve had since I’ve been here in Adelaide, Australia for our in-country orientation. At the beginning of our week, we went to the grocery story to get food for dinners throughout the week. We were broken up into groups of 3, and the told that we had $35 (Australian) to buy food for 11 adults, per meal. My first reaction was frustration. How were we meant to buy enough food to feed 11 grown people on $35?! Growing up in the American South,


Southern Hospitality is a huge part of our culture. When you have guests over to your house and you’re providing a meal for them, you go to every extent to make sure they’re comfortable and taken care of, and most importantly, going home with full bellies by the end of the night. This, I thought, was going to be my first real “culture shock.” But, it turns out, I was wrong. Every team did our best to stretch out our “simple” budget at the grocery store, and every night we have been able to send people to bed with full bellies, and most nights have food left over. I LOVE irony, most of the time, so this situation was one that I could appreciate. My favorite bible story to meditate about is being able to trust Jesus when he tells you to do something. The story in Matthew right before Jesus and Peter walking on water is Jesus and the disciples feeding the 5000. Despite all of this, despite me taking the leap of faith through this program to “get out of the boat and walk on water” like Peter did, I still doubted that there would be enough to go around. Part of me feels foolish for not emotionally committing to the stories I love most, part of me feels ashamed, and part of me feels bamboozled. But lucky for me, Jesus was there to reach out his hand and catch me where I was. This is the example he provides all of us, and one that we are talking “heaps” (as the locals say) about here in Australia. The point of me telling this is not to say that I’ve learned my lesson, and won’t doubt Jesus again, because I haven’t learned my


lesson. No matter how much I meditate on Jesus feeding 5000 men with 2 fish and 5 loaves, besides the women and the children, and then him turning around and walking on water, I will always struggle with doubt from time to time because that is the nature of our humanity. The point is not that I’m working at becoming, bit by bit, little by little, a perfect Christian practicing good religion. The point of my experience is to remind me that God loves me. The point is that Jesus was immediately there to reach out his hand and grab me as I doubted and began to sink. The point is that I’ve been claimed in the waters of Holy Baptism and baptized by the Holy Spirit and that that is my identity. This is the point of my story. God certainly seems to have a sense of humor, even when He’s Down Under speaking in that funny accent. Hopefully this irony that I experienced can bring some of the same laughter to you that it has to me! Peace and Love,

The ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program invites ELCA young adults ages 21-29 into a transformative, yearlong journey in international service. As they offer themselves in service, ELCA young adults are shaped by the witness of our global neighbors. They share in the journeys of companion churches and organizations in one of nine countries around the world.




he St John’s Senior Adult Ministry meets the first Wednesday of each month (Sept. to May) at 11:30 am in the Spark’s Fellowship Hall. We get to know each other and to share fellowship, prayer, laughter, a delicious lunch, and a good program. If you would like to be on the e-mail invitation list, please contact Mary Cole at memecole@comcast.net. Here’s what’s coming up: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - Pastor Steve will share memories of his ministry as he prepares and we prepare for his retirement December 2, 2018. Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - Flag lady, Rochelle Clayton-Cordova, will show flags of the United States and tell the story that goes with each of them. This is in honor of Veterans Day November 11th. The Flag Lady works for Woodman Life — non-profit insurance. Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - Christmas Music in the Sanctuary with music from Rachelle Hawkey—soprano and Danny Brian—pianist. On August 23-24, St. John’s prepared dinner meals for homeless families staying at First Presbyterian Church. Thanks to Alice Garrison, Lindsay Doyle, Linda Welch, and Valerie Taylor and her friends, for planning, cooking & serving the evening meals for those families for that week. Family Promise helps the homeless find jobs and housing, plus provides classes to help them become self-sufficient. This process takes approximately one year. The families are housed for one week at different Knoxville churches, and other churches like St. John’s are support churches that provide meals for the families. The children are picked up at the church where they are housed and transported to the school they have been attending; this keeps them from switching schools every week. Our next meals will be provided October 25 and 26. If you would like to contribute in some way to this mission, please contact Alice Garrison (865-256-4440) or Phyllis Collins (320-493-1130.


ARM is gearing up for their Coats For The Cold ministry. They will be collecting coats from October 15 - November 10 and Distribution will be November 12 - December 8. You may drop off your coats at any KARM Thrift Store. Rita Schwartz will be gathering coats from the people of St. John's on Sunday mornings all of October and until November 10. As in years past, you may donate gently used coats of any size, children to plus sizes. You may also donate new coats if you wish . Hats, scarves, gloves, and socks can also be donated here. Socks are the most asked for item -- thick, white tube socks are the favorite . Rita, Toni Denton, and Darrell Murrell will distribute those items from the church as our neighbors visit for morning coffee when the weather turns cold.




elcome to a new year with Katie's Sisters! Many years ago our beloved Susie Hansen resurrected our St. John's Women's Group and cleverly named us for the wife of Martin Luther, Katherine Von Bora. We are led by Susan Dowling, Karen Bertollini, Marcia Power, Kate Tirro, Rhonda Clay, and Ruth Crowley with the guidance of our own Katie, Pastor Amy. The beauty of this group is that we include women from all seasons of life, and we learn from and love each other. We will have our kick-off event on October 5th with the annual Paint Nite. Please gather with us at 6:00 in Sparks Fellowship Hall, and we will aim for a 6:30 start for creating our autumn masterpiece! BYOB and appetizer or sweet to share. The cost is $30.00, and we need a firm reservation by September 28th. Please place your check in the offering clearly labeled Katie's Paint Nite. Please invite friends because this is definitely a fun gathering. You'll be surprised how varied our paintings will be, and don’t worry if you think you can't paint, you can ! Each year Katie's Sisters sends Care Packages to our college youth and seminarians throughout the seasons. Watch for an upcoming announcement about how th e congregation may contribute goodies! We will also have cards for each student in the Welcome Center. These expressions from home are so meaningful to each recipient, and you will want to participate. We know you will be holding all of these special folks in your prayers. And don't forget Kaye Bultemeier's monthly Women Inviting Narrative Exploration-WINE Night. Join in at 6 p.m. for lively discussion and a relaxing evening the second Tuesday of each month


e are going to make the monthly men's BEER group meeting scheduled. Please join us for conversation and camaraderie at Crafty Bastard (just up the street from church) every 2nd Wednesday of the month. This will be October 10th, and then November 14th. We gather around 6:00, and stay as late as schedule allows, so please do not worry if you cannot be there right at 6:00. Please let me know if you have any questions at 865 -607-9350, and email me if you are not getting emails about our events (calebwarren@comcast.net) Mark your calendar NOW! We will be going to Eagle Rock retreat center on February 22-23, 2019. Great food, amazing views, a campfire, and a great chance to have fun and get to know your brothers in Christ.





he simplest answer is, we do the things we do to remind us of things that are important. So what about all these colorful cloths on our altar and lectern and on our pastors? Why do they change when they do? In the next couple months, October and November, you may notice, we flip from color, week to week. One week it’s green, the next it’s red, then white, then back to green, then white again — what’s going on? Well, despite my being of Italian descent, I have to say first off, it’s not about the Italian flag. Most often, green is the color of our paraments (cloths on ritual furniture, such as the altar and lectern) and vestments (cloths on our ritual leaders, such as pastors, bishops, and deacons). Green represents growth. Sometimes growth is sudden, such as branches budding out and rapidly becoming leaves in spring or hearts opening in love for the first time. Mostly though, growth is gradual, such as leaves gradual deepening in color, gathering sunlight to strengthen tomato plants, or relationships developing over time. When I put on a green stole (the scarf-like cloth pastors wear around their shoulders, which signifies that the church has ordained us to preach and lead worship), I use it as an opportunity to remember to let things and people grow at God’s speed. One piece of wisdom I appreciate about this is, “You can’t make a bean plant grow faster by pulling it.” Green is about appreciating, caring for, and making room for each other’s growth. Most of the time (what’s called ordinary time in church language), we wear green, and that’s one reason why. Red is for flame, Spirit, and dynamic energy. It’s also for the blood of martyrs, and the two — fire and blood — are deeply related. Personally, I like my blood on the inside, flowing happily and energetically through my body, bringing health and healing everywhere it touches. It’s the life of a body, the movement that works with breath (another symbol of God’s Spirit) and digestion (part of how we take in communion) to move resources to where they are needed and clear out waste to be used elsewhere by plants and other organisms. All these things in — breath, blood, and food — carry heat, symbolized by flame. When I wear a red stole, I like to remember the energy of life and the gift of the Gospel, the good news of God’s love. I also remember my ordination, as red is the color we wear when we ordain pastors, which is the beginning of a new life for the leader and for the church. In October, we wear red on Reformation Sunday (this year, October 28), when we celebrate the birth of the Lutheran church. It’s also Misty’s and my anniversary, so that’s special as well!


LUTHERAN LIFE White is for the pure radiance of the light of Christ, which shines on us all and brings out the many beautiful colors of everything it touches. We wear white whenever we focus on something illuminating about who Jesus is. In November, we wear white twice — on All Saints Sunday (November 4), when we remember church members who have died in the past year and our ongoing connection to them as part of the mystical, earthly and heavenly body of Christ; and on Christ the King Sunday (November 25), when we focus on Jesus as a servant leader, who did not come to be served but to serve, and what that means for us as his followers. When I put on a white stole, I think about that. I also think about Fr. Zack Nyein, one of my first student leaders at Tyson House, who gave me a white stole he bought in Jerusalem, as a gift on my ordination. Green, making room for each other to grow; red, the life-giving energy of the Gospel; and white, the radiant love of God in Christ: these are important things to remember and to live.


he Bake Sale held on Sunday September 16 th was a huge success! We had the long conference table in the Welcome Center completely full of delicious home baked goodies. Thank you to everyone who baked delicious items and to all who came and bought. We raised $550 which goes to help take care of special needs at Christenberry Elementary School. Two years ago, a group from St. John’s went up to Christenberry on a Sunday afternoon to participate in the national effort by the Evangelical Lutheran Church to made a difference in our neighborhood. You may recall this by the catchy name God’s Work Our Hands. One of the projects we helped with was to help reconstruct the raised vegetable beds in the front of the school. One of the kindergarten teachers takes special pride in teaching the students about planting and caring for the vegetables. A couple of weeks ago, the students (now 1st graders) came back to help harvest some of the vegetables and then create a delicious stew. I think this picture says it all! Interested in Kids Hope USA and our work at Christenberry School? Please contact Thea Peterson at thea@sjlcknkox.org or 591-4803




ere’s a look at Faith Formation for October and November at St. John’s. We’ll be Looking Back, Living in the Present, and Looking toward the Future

Children For our young folks, we have an age-appropriate learning opportunity (Pre-School through Fifth Grade) that begins in the Kindergarten Room (next to the staircase, across from the Sparks Fellowship Hall) with music and a devotion thought that helps everyone focus on the day's scripture lesson. Pre-Schoolers, Kindergartners, and First Graders then stay in the Kindergarten Room; older elementary students head upstairs to the Bridges room (at the top of the stairs, next to the Choir Room). The lessons between now and the end of November include the following: Peter’s Faith … Mark 8:27-38 Who Is the Greatest? … Mark 9:30-37 Share God’s Love … Mark 9:38-50 Adam and Eve … Genesis 2:4-25 A Rich Man’s Question … Mark 10:17-31 James and John … Mark 10:35-45

Bartimaeus Sees … Mark10:46-52 A Message from God … Deuteronomy 6:1-9 The Widow’s Offering … Mark 12:38-44 Be Ready … Mark 13:1-8 Christ the King … John 18:33-37

Teenagers Following a month of sharing ideas about What Is the Church with the adults, the teenagers will gather in the Sharpe Youth Room with Sam and Chelsea Pressley and Elizabeth Gibson for Bible study according to the following schedule: October 7 October 14 October 21 October 28 November

First Sunday Brunch A Big Idea … stay tuned for the what the BIG IDEA is! The Youth Council is still narrowing their list. Bible Study that breaks down the Big Idea, beginning first with Middle School and High School students gathered in large group and then breaking into separate groups Bible Study that wraps up the Big Idea, beginning first with Middle School and High School students gather in large group and then breaking into separate groups REPEAT the process with a new BIG IDEA

Adults Church Council President John Rice has requested Faith Formation time with St. John’s adults and teens, working with a small team of facilitators to continue our ongoing discussion about life and ministry at St. John’s. These gatherings in Sparks Fellowship Hall will prepare the church family for our next steps following Pastor Steve’s retirement in early December. Check out the series overview: October 7 October 14 October 21 October 28 November 4 November 11 November 18


First Sunday Brnuch How can you tell if a church is healthy? How should we think about church growth? What are the common issues churches confront? What is the challenge of developing a framework for talking about them? How can a church define its vision and live into an understanding of proclaiming the gospel? How can we be church for the sake of the world? First Sunday Brunch Continuing Conversations (Adults only )… what are our shared thoughts about church? Continuing Conversations (Adults only) … how is God calling you to the Church, the Body of Christ?



hat is Confirmation in an ELCA Lutheran church?

Confirmation, which is now commonly called Affirmation of Baptism, is the time when young—and not so young—people declare for themselves they will live out the promises made at the time of their baptism. The time spent in confirmation classes is intended to explore faith, both personal and corporate, so students can make an affirmation of baptism in the hope and trust God will continue to lead and guide them in all the aspects of their lives now. We have three Confirmation series at various stages at St. John’s. Check out this overview: High School Guys (with a Middle Schooler Thrown in for Good Measure) September 30 … Lutheran Worship and Theology October 28 … The Rite of Confirmation Young Adult Sept. … Lutheran History with a viewing of “Martin Luther: The Idea That Changed the World” October 30 … Lutheran Worship and Theology January 6 … The Rite of Confirmation Middle School and Early High School October 21 … What and Who Is the Holy Spirit? November 14 … Spiritual Gifts & the Baptismal Call to Ministry January 27 … The Church: The People of God, the Body of Christ September 15 … Lutheran Theology February 10 … Simil Iustus et Pecattor … Huh? September 29 … Big Questions March 10 … Forgiveness October 27 … The Rite of Confirmation April 14 … Resurrection and Eternal Life August 25 … Lutheran History with a viewing of “Luther” Please keep our teenagers and young adults in your prayers and then plan to celebrate with them on October 28, January 6, and October 27!


ere’s a look at our Youth Ministry fall events:

SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH October 2 … Central Filling Station at 900 N. Central Street November 4 … Barley’s at 200 E. Jackson Avenue December 2 … 3701 Seveirville Pike YOUTH MINISTRY EVENTS September 30 … Cooking, Serving, and Worshiping at Tyson House October 14 … Apple Cider Wagon (passing out clean socks) October 28 … Hiking at House Mountain November 11 … Coffee Wagon (passing out scarves) November 18 … Friendsgiving Dinner December 16 … Christmas Caroling at Guy B. Love December 21 … Dollywood Christmas YOUTH COUNCIL PLANNING November 9-10 … Youth Council Planning Retreat in Kodak





ere’s a sneak peek at Advent and Christmas at St. John’s. The theme is “LOOKS LIKE LOVE.”

Sunday, Dec. 2 Bishop Julian Gordy preaching Wednesday, Dec. 5 UT Grad Student Jordan Baker preaching at Holden Evening Prayer Sunday, Dec. 9 Pastor John Tirro preaching Wednesday, Dec. 12 Seminarian Adam Schultz preaching at Holden Evening Prayer Sunday, Dec. 16 Pastor Amy Figg preaching Wednesday, Dec. 19 Seminarian Robin Lovett preaching at Holden Evening Prayer Sunday, Dec. 23 Dick Krogmann preaching Monday, Dec. 24 Pastor Amy Figg preaching, Guest Musicians Shawn White and Hallerin Hill, Jr. Sunday, Dec. 30 Candidate for Ordained Ministry Will Wing preaching


ur Hanging of the Greens event is scheduled for Sunday, November 25th, beginning with lunch in Sparks Fellowship Hall at 12:15 PM , then A Litany of Seasonal Celebration at 12:45pm followed by decorating the church at 1PM. The Litany of Seasonal Celebration is a wonderful service of preparation for Christ's coming and thanksgiving for a new year living in the presence of God through our relationship with his son Jesus Christ. The service includes hanging greenery traditionally associated with everlasting life, loyalty, Jesus' death, and the resurrection! The goal is to saturate Christmas with Christ, so that no matter where we look or what we see, all of it directs our hearts and minds to Jesus.


he sixth annual St. John’s Lutheran Women’s Ministry/Katie’s Sisters event, “Advent By Candlelight” will be held on Tuesday, December 4, from 7pm to 9pm in the Sparks Fellowship Hall. We welcome all women to join us for a special evening designed to help prepare our hearts for the seasons of Advent and Christmas . The program’s theme this year is “The Thrill of Hope” and it promises to inspire us to share our hopes during this season of joy and light. Candlelight, laughter, and friends fill the room, as we enjoy an evening of fellowship, beautiful music, and delicious desserts Reservations are currently being taken for table hostesses as well as for individual seats. Please extend an invitation to your sisters in Christ and make plans to be a part of this special event. The deadline for signing up to host a table is Sunday, November 25, and the deadline for signing up for the program is Sunday, December 2. A limited number of tables is available, so please mark the calendar and reserve a spot early. Sign-up sheets are available in the Welcome Center, or you may contact Ruth Crowley at 405-3727 or RNVC@comcast.net for more information.






heologian Nadia Bolz-Weber writes about the “offensive” nature of the reformation:

“God slipped into the vulnerability of skin and entered our violent and disturbing world. (And) this changes everything. Jesus wasn’t a new Moses bringing a better law, or a new religion we’ll never live up to. Jesus isn’t just sitting in heaven waiting to see if we can pull off the impossible and then condemning us for our inevitable failure. Jesus subverts the entire paradigm because, if the Reformation brought us anything, it is that this isn’t about a spiritual ladder in which we learn how to move from vice to virtue….If anything we move from virtue to Christ. This means that Christ and not us is the source of our righteousness. The righteousness we do have is not our own, but that of a Merciful and gracious God who comes to us in vulnerability and suffering of all things. And the thing is….when our righteousness is not our own but is that of Christ, there is no extra credit to be obtained. There is no basis on which to compare ourselves to each other because what qualifies us to receive this grace is not our virtue, but our need. And we are all equal in our need. It’s all pretty offensive really. The fact that God loves me as I am right now and not just as I could be if I only got everything right seems foolish. My ego holds out for a me-based solution that I can either boast about or despair in. But the solution isn’t me-shaped. It’s cruciform.” On Sunday, October 28, we will celebrate Reformation Sunday with the realization that life is ALL about the reality that we are: Saved by grace … through faith … apart from works of the Law! Please join us as we support five members of the youth group—Logan Click, Ryan Click, Adam Krogmann, Carter Wells, and Nolan Wells—affirm their baptismal faith through Confirmation at the 11:00 AM service!

Mark your calendar and save the date. We will gather for a festive Christmas Concert led by our own Chris Clay. It’s Christmas at Emory Place, on Friday, December 14th beginning at 7:30pm in our sanctuary. Join Chris and some of his musical friends for an audible journey celebrating this festive season of wonder!

Listen to sermons you’ve missed ONLINE at www.sjlcknox.org


LUTHERAN LIFE Meet new members of our St. John’s Family.








You can find out anything you need to know about what’s happening at St. John’s Lutheran Church ONLINE. Access our website by logging on to www.sjlcknox.org Access our facebook page by searching “St. John’s Lutheran Church Knoxville” on the facebook app.




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Pentecost III Lutheran Life  

Newsletter of St. John's Lutheran Church in Knoxville, TN

Pentecost III Lutheran Life  

Newsletter of St. John's Lutheran Church in Knoxville, TN


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