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Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders

We can show you new paths of learning and new concepts of thought. You’ll discover hidden talents and interests that can grow into careers or lifelong pursuits. Along the way, you’ll gain a sense of confidence in your own ability to lead your life. Discover St. John’s – an independent, Catholic, co-educational, college preparatory school in the Lasallian tradition.

Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders


Opening Minds Unlocking Talents Building Leaders Welcome to St. John’s and thank you for your interest. This View Book will show you some of the highlights of our school, but for the real story I hope you will come to St. John’s to spend a day with our students and attend classes. You and your parents are also invited to attend our Open House to see for yourselves what St. John’s has to offer. It will give you a better chance to get to know us. More importantly, it will help us get to know you. We will show you how we help each student achieve his or her goals for college and for life. For more than 160 years, St. John’s College High School has been committed to academic excellence and spiritual growth, within a community of faith in our nation’s capital. I invite you to share the experience of thousands of our graduates who have grown in knowledge and confidence while here, and who have gone on to make a difference in the world. Jeffrey Mancabelli President


Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

We are Catholic. We are Lasallian. We are St. John’s. A College Preparatory High School for you.

We are St. John’s.

Co-Educational. Lasallian. College Preparatory.

57% 43%

male to female student ratio

Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders


“When I visited a couple of the all girls’ schools, I would sit with girls and the topic of the conversation would be boys. When I came to St. John’s, it was entirely different. I was sitting with boys and girls and we were talking about everything.” — Comment from a freshman student

Lasallian Education The shared Lasallian heritage is more than just an educational movement – it is a living reality that we experience daily in our work and in our lives. Inspired by the charism of John Baptist de La Salle, St. John’s provides countless educational opportunities inside and outside the classroom. Beyond the walls of St. John’s, Lasallian schools are in more than 80 countries throughout the world – educating over 1 million students.

College Preparatory St. John’s offers each student a pre-collegiate curriculum with instilled values of faith and Christian service. We offer more AP courses than most other schools, which means you can earn more college credits before you graduate. In addition, you will receive personalized support developing your plan for college starting your freshman year and continuing until graduation.

CO-EDUCATIONAL Research shows that co-education promotes the following among male and female students: • • • • • • • • •


High self-esteem Positive outlook on Math and Science Respect for the opposite sex A positive learning environment Broad participation in sports Better behavior Assertiveness in the classroom Easier transition into collegiate life Ambitious career goals

Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

If you are passionate about an area of study, chances are we have a program for that. If you are exploring your options, we will open your mind to a world of opportunities. The real world is made up of many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and so is St. John’s. We are co-educational, which means that different ideas can be shared from different viewpoints. This gives us an incredibly diverse student population.


We help you see your world.


Number of Christian Service hours required for graduation. See how other people live without the advantages you have and learn how you can help. St. John’s offers you multiple opportunities to apply your talents to serving others. In doing so, you learn more about yourself, too.

Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders


I am learning how to think critically. See differently. Speak confidently. DIVERSITY

“We’re a school where boys and girls learn together, in an atmosphere of more energy and a broader range of viewpoints in the classroom.” — Emma, 10th grade


Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

A f e w w o r d s t h at d e s c r i b e ou r t e a c h e r s

Energetic. Enthusiastic. You will always see St. John’s teachers outside of the classroom. They are involved in our service trips. They moderate clubs. They cheer at athletic events and they attend concerts and plays. They truly share your experiences. To better understand who we are today, history is viewed through different lenses and is heard through different voices. St. John’s teachers strive to uncover all the primary sources, such as teaching Latin or analyzing pottery shards, and open minds to understand what life was really like in the past.

Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders


The Global Classroom We have live, online conversations with students in Managua, Nicaragua. It gives our students a chance to work on their Spanish, while the students in Managua practice their English, which helps us build a better understanding between teens of the world. St. John’s Students Travel the World Our students are given the opportunity to explore the world, not only through interactive online experiences like The Global Classroom, but also through a wide range of service and academic trips abroad. St. John’s students have participated in study trips over spring break to destinations such as Rome, Paris and Barcelona. They also learn the value of service to others during our summer trips to Latin America as part of the Amigos of the Americas program. Technology at St. John’s St. John’s is committed to having the latest, coolest technology to allow students to access not only Internet, but also subscription database resources that contain in depth information. We are also constantly exploring and implementing new technology like eBooks and iPads. Computer Science courses at St. John’s include multiple programming languages, multi-media from website design, desktop publishing, 3D design, and even a course on how to design and build an infrastructure for video gaming platforms.

Passionate. Involved. What’s in our library… other than books? More than a collection of books and laptop computers (actually, a large collection of both), the St. John’s library is a place where you can learn the skills you’ll need in college. You will develop research skills to find what you need in databases and the ability to evaluate your findings. As you discover more about your areas of interest, the library staff will help you find the most information on what you’re excited about.


of students chose the Firecracker Chicken Wrap as their favorite meal. CASSIDY COMMONS (coming August 2012) The Cassidy Commons food court is not just a lunch spot, but a place for you to relax, come together with classmates, and share your ideas and plans. Our newly renovated cafeteria serves both breakfast and lunch (6 am to 4 pm) and features spacious tables and lounge areas. Have some extra time before class begins? You can check out the latest St. John’s gear in the school store, get a breath of fresh air on the patio, or catch up on news and sports on several high-definition monitors.


Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316





Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders

When you have unlocked a talent in an area of study, you may want to enroll in an Honors or AP course at St. John’s. In fact, about 75% of our students take some advanced level courses during their four years. So if, for example, you discover you have a passion for art, or science or English, you will be able to take courses that strengthen your abilities and expand your horizons. Just a few of the 17 AP courses offered at St. John’s: 3-Dimensional Design, Calculus AB & BC, Environmental Science, English, Government and Politics, Physics B & C, Spanish, Computer Science Java.


St. John’s offers you many different paths in your course of study, including a broad selection of Honors and Advanced Placement courses. We help you challenge yourself to achieve your goals for high school, for college, and for life.



De La Salle Scholars Program The Scholars Program at St. John’s provides a four-year experience that takes the traditional Honors track in most high schools to a new level, through critical thinking, discovery and discourse. It provides students that achieve at the highest level an opportunity to mature intellectually. They learn philosophy and focus on understanding the human condition, living a just life of faith and service. They emerge from the program as young men and women who are faithful, engaged and committed to progress throughout the world. De La Salle Scholars are selected on the basis of their performance during their 7th and 8th grade years, recommendations, high school placement test scores, and their application, which includes an essay.

The Socratic Seminar for Scholars The Socratic Seminar for Scholars takes place in your junior year. The Greek philosopher Socrates guided his students by constant questioning, forcing them to think and develop opinions for themselves. Scholars are immersed in this method allowing them to come to their own conclusions about education, reality, materialism, justice, morality and other values. Students learn to think on their feet with confidence, question without prejudice or bias, and scrutinize their opinions in order to gain a stronger grasp on their own independence as thinking persons.


Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

Scholars are able to take part in a wide range of field experiences. Some of the places that Scholars have explored include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Newseum The Corcoran Museum of Art Marian Koshland Science Museum Smithsonian Museums National Gallery Dulles Air and Space Museum Forensic Labs in the Natural History Museum United States Supreme Court National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Franciscan Monastery Folger Literary Matinee Holocaust Museum The National Cathedral Phillips Collection

Voyage to Ancient Civilizations Every two years, Scholars have the opportunity to travel to Greece during Spring Break. The trip takes students to the sites of the center of the ancient world, where culture, early democracy and civilization flourished. The group visits Athens and the Acropolis, Delphi, Mycenae, Olympia, and the Greek Islands as well as other amazing destinations.

St. John’s scholars visiting Athens, Greece on Spring Break.

Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders


Each Scholar is mentored by the Director of the Scholars Program, who is also their college counselor during their junior and senior years.

During the senior year, Scholars complete an independent study project, their ultimate opportunity for experiential learning. Some examples of past projects include: • • • • • • • • • •

Creation of a human-powered generator Measuring the Carbon Footprint of the produce purchased in Montgomery County ACL/MCL injuries in women’s soccer causes, prevention, and rehabilitation The history of pattern in math and music The question of creating a sustainable food source for a small island, Nauru, in Oceania Transposition and performance of music pieces for St. John’s “Grace Notes” choir A low-cost, “FDA approved” healthy cookbook and a study of current nutritional needs An “Amigos” experience: connecting American and Panamanian culture Documentary film on the indigenous culture of Maryland expressed through food Creation of a high school history course entitled, “Women in World History”


Named for visionary Lasallian educator, St. Benilde Pierre Romancon, our Benilde program offers a college preparatory program for highly motivated students with mild learning disabilities. Students attend regular classes, not remedial or special education classes, nor are classes changed or modified for the students. Within the Benilde program, each student receives one daily period of resource instruction in order to develop skills such as time management, note taking, and use of study guides, which help ensure success in a college preparatory curriculum. Benilde graduates have gone on to study at competitive four-year universities and colleges including Bucknell, Hofstra, Penn State, Catholic University, University of Maryland and Villanova. Benilde students are part of and participate in every aspect of the St. John’s experience. A Benilde student can receive support throughout their four years at St. John’s, although students tend to remain in the program for approximately two years.


Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

Opportunities Because of our size, St. John’s offers more opportunities to get involved, both in class and after school. By the time they graduate, nearly every student has participated in at least one sport and been active in at least one club. But, don’t think you have to pick something right away. You’ll have plenty of time your freshman year to meet new friends and check out your options, before deciding whether you want to unlock your talents in Debate, or Photography.

Discover hidden talents and interests.




Opening Minds • Unlocking

Want to Play? We have 8 bands that perform and compete throughout the year. Bring your instrument and develop your talent in: Beginning Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, String Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Regimental Band (Marching Band), Pep Band or Start your own band

Talents • Building Leaders


St. John’s set the stage. I filled the room.



Students here don’t accept being put into categories. An athlete can also be a musician or an actor. A student in your computer class might be the leader of JROTC. The girl in AP Biology can also be an artist. St. John’s students have more opportunities to discover new talents and pursue them.

Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

Energy. Enthusiasm. Involvement.

That’s what our teachers bring to school everyday, which makes class exciting and engaging. You’ll want to be part of the discussion and will discover subjects you thought were boring, really have life and interest. You might find you’re really good in a subject you never thought you liked.

Opening Minds • Unlocking

Talents • Building Leaders


The jrotc program For decades, many of our students have unlocked their talent for leadership by joining the JROTC program. JROTC is an elective class designed to make young people better citizens. JROTC students learn about everything from public speaking to financial planning to team building.


Leadership is a talent.

of St. John’s students participate in the JROTC program

Established by the U.S. Congress in 1915, St. John’s is one of the original JROTC programs, and is the oldest leadership program in the country. Although most JROTC students do not continue in any sort of military program after high school, those who are interested have great success in being admitted to West Point, the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy, or in earning ROTC college scholarships.

Unlock your talent for critical thinking. Just because something is written in a magazine or posted on the Internet, doesn’t make it true. Especially in classes like history and social studies, you will learn to dig deeper. We will show you how to look critically at an information source – to decide whether it’s a valid reference source. Through our information technology curriculum, students are exposed to library research skills in multiple classes throughout each year.


Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

2:40 LIFE


Clubs and activities meet before, during and after school, which means there is plenty of time to get involved even if you are active in sports. In addition, school closes at 2:00 pm on Wednesday’s so you get a chance to meet with teachers, coaches and moderators.

The Kimsey Science and Technology Center We have state-of-the-art, college-style wet and dry labs for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, where our students are constantly involved in discovering that science can be exciting and creative. For example, each year we take part in an ecology restoration project to hatch American Shad (that’s a fish) in our biology lab, and then release them into the Potomac River.

Opening Minds • Unlocking

Talents • Building Leaders


Ambassadors Club, Art Club, Bible Club, Chess Club, Equestrian Club, Forensics Club (Debate Team), French Club, Guitar Club, Helping Others Out Today (HOOT, a service club), International Club, “It’s Academic” Club, Jazz Ensemble, Justice and Peace Club, Lasallian Youth Volunteers, Legacy Club, Literary Magazine, Making Kids Smile, Model OAS, Multicultural Student Alliance, Newspaper – “The Sabre”, Outdoor Club, Photography Club, SJC TV, Ski Club, Spanish Club, Student Government, Tae Kwan Do Club, Theater, Ultimate Frisbee, Video Club (Film Society), Yearbook


It’s easy to find friends who are interested in the same things you are. St. John’s may be a school of 1,000, but once you’re here it feels like a school of 400. You’ll discover it’s just the right size for you.

Theater, no experience necessary. More than half of the actors in our plays come to St. John’s without any prior experience in theatre. They get talked into performing on stage by a friend, or are encouraged by a teacher, and discover they have a talent for it. Then, they discover they love it.

Typical Freshman Schedule Period

Day A

Day B

Day C

Day D

Day E

Day F

8:10 – 8:51 English English English English English English 8:56 – 9:16




9:21 – 10:02



World Cultures World Cultures Foreign Lang. Foreign Lang.




10:07 – 10:48 Algebra Algebra Algebra Algebra Algebra Algebra 10:53 – 11:36 Elective(1) Elective(1) Elective(1) Elective(1) Elective(1) Elective(1) 11:39 – 12:20 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch 12:25 – 1:06 Biology Biology Biology Biology Biology Biology 1:11 – 1:52

World Cultures World Cultures Foreign Lang. Foreign Lang. Religion

1:57 – 2:38

Foreign Lang. Foreign Lang. Religion



World Cultures World Cultures

Orange type indicates time of class is consistent throughout schedule


Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

One distinct mark of a Lasallian education is that faith is at the heart of everything we do. At St. John’s we support this philosophy with more than a four-year program of religious study. To compliment what is learned in the classroom, St. John’s surrounds students with vibrant and active campus ministry programs including Christian service activities, liturgies, and retreat experiences every year. Seniors often remark that the four-day Kairos retreat is the capstone to their St. John’s education. The true “Lasallian stamp” is the continuing of a 300-year-old prayer tradition of remembering the presence of God in our lives. Before a game, before class and throughout the day students in Lasallian schools around the world echo the words of our founder “Live Jesus in our hearts…Forever.”

Become confident in how you lead your life through


Number of service hours performed by St. John’s students in a year.

The Memory Project Each year St. John’s senior art students work from photographs to create portraits of children who live in orphanages in other countries. The individual portraits are sent to each child who value it as a treasured possession. Often, we will get photographs back of the children holding their portraits.

Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building



As a Peer Minister, I led a freshman retreat.


Service is Leadership. Faith is not only learned at St. John’s, it’s lived. Our students live their faith through a wide range of community service and outreach programs. Service opportunities include: Martha’s Table, So Others Might Eat, Trips to Appalachia, Habitat for Humanity, Georgetown Pediatrics


Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

“I graduated from St. John’s extremely well prepared for college level research and writing. Although, many of my college classmates needed additonal help in how to research and write their findings, St. John’s prepared me to work at the college level.” — From a St. John’s Graduate



That is why we work across all departments to define what it means to write well in each discipline. Our writing curriculum is designed to help students achieve excellent writing skills, whether you’re writing a history paper or a short story for English.

We encourage you to speak your mind. Classes at St. John’s are often collaborative, breaking down into smaller groups for more intense discussions. Ideas are shared and students learn to express their opinions, and support their findings with evidence and facts.

Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building



Lasallian Peer Ministers Peer Ministry is a senior elective class that begins with a leadership seminar, which prepares students to plan and facilitate retreats. Each Peer Minister serves as a mentor to a small group of freshmen to acclimate them to student life at St. John’s. They also plan and manage the retreats for freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Students may apply to become Peer Ministers in the spring of their junior year. Retreats Freshmen and sophomores participate in a variety of one-day, off-campus retreats. Juniors go on an overnight retreat and seniors may attend Kairos, a four-day off-campus experience led by both faculty and students.

Gallery of Classes Heritage Hall may look like just another hallway between classrooms. But, along the walls are the photographs of all the graduating classes of St. John’s from this year and dating back to 1851. Your graduating class picture will someday be part of this tradition and hang in Heritage Hall. At St. John’s, you are not just going to school, you are continuing a legacy.


Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316


athletic programs at St. John’s give students

the opportunity to compete at a championship level, while teaching the importance of teamwork, leadership and having fun.

Campus Our 30-acre campus gives us plenty of space for athletic fields. We have artificial turf fields for our football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and rugby teams. Gymnasiums The Gallagher and Roth Gymnasiums include a full-size collegiate basketball court, an auxiliary gymnasium, wrestling rooms, classrooms where you can review game film, and a 2,000 square-foot weight room. We have two certified athletic trainers on campus and student volunteers from our Sports Medicine class to further support our teams. Our Teams Travel Many of our varsity teams travel during the year and over the summer. These opportunities are not only fun for our student athletes, but expose them to talented national and international competition. Travel, however, is not limited to athletes; our music students and JROTC cadets are also involved in local, regional, and national competition.

Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building





We are proud to be one of 65 high schools across the country to be chosen as a charter member of Under Armour’s Undeniable School Program. All St. John’s sports teams are equipped with Under Armour practice and game-day gear. We also have a wide range of Under Armour products available in our school store for all students. Under Armour is more than just gear to St. John’s athletes. For the students, it is the pride wearing gear created by a St. John’s alum, founder and CEO of Under Armour, Kevin Plank ’90.

A school where winning is a habit. FALL ATHLETICS • • • • • • • •

Football Boys Soccer Girls Soccer Girls Volleyball Field Hockey Cross Country Girls Tennis Crew


Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Ice Hockey Swim & Dive Wrestling

SPRING ATHLETICS • • • • • • • • •

Baseball Crew Golf Girls Lacrosse Boys Lacrosse Girls Fast-Pitch Softball Rugby Boys Tennis Track and Field


Festival Disney at Disney World DC Big Band Jam Regional Catholic Juried Festivals for Band, Orchestra and Chorus

• • •

• • • •


Over the past decade, St. John’s athletic, performance and academic teams have won numerous awards and championships. Just a few examples:

Raider Team Rifle Team Drill Team Color Guard

• • •

WCAC Baseball Championships WCAC Girls Basketball Championships WCAC Girls Tennis Championships WCAC Girls Soccer Championships WCAC and DC All-Star Wrestling Championships Best in Class – Wind Ensemble, Festival Disney First Place – String Ensemble, Festival of Music at the University of Toronto Debate Championships

“St. John’s gave me the education I needed to succeed at the college level. But more than that, they helped me gain a sense of confidence that has helped me lead my life. I believe going to St. John’s played an important role in my success in business and in life.” – Kevin Plank ’90


Under Armour Founder and CEO

Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

Opening Minds. Unlocking Talents. Building Leaders. We are able to introduce our students to new paths of learning, new concepts of thought and broader horizons of experience. Our students are enlightened every day by the cultural, religious and socio-economic differences that make up their world. In the classroom, we open their minds academically and help them become lifelong learners. As students explore, they discover their hidden talents and interests. We help provide the tools and guidance to unlock and build on each and every one. Our students develop their talents into careers and lifelong pursuits. We live and profess our Lasallian charisms. Our students learn from our example as well as from each other. In doing so, they become confident in their own abilities and personalities. They become comfortable in their spirituality and the calling to a lifetime of service. St. John’s students become, in a real sense, leaders. They are able to take charge of their futures and lead their lives with purpose and honor while serving others.

A lifetime of learning.

Achieve “The teachers are experienced, caring, and enthusiastic. I’ve come to know that they are prime examples of life long learners, many returning to school to get their PhDs. The comprehensive class structure has given my child discipline, motivation, and self-confidence. At St. John’s, tuition is very affordable compared to other schools that offer less. In St. John’s, I feel like I’ve found a hidden gem.” — Excerpt from a parent letter

Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders


I was accepted to my first choice university!



Academic Support and Counseling To ensure their success, freshman students meet with their Freshman Counselor throughout the year to understand the various support systems we offer, including: FAN – the Freshman Academic Network, The Homework Club, Peer Tutoring, Organizational Skills, Study Habits, Preparation for PSAT, SAT, ACT tests.

Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

100% COLLEGE PLACEMENT All of St. John’s graduates are accepted into a four-year college or university. For a family, the route to college can be confusing and full of unexpected obstacles and wrong turns. The counseling program at St. John’s is a comprehensive four-year program that helps students and families plan for academic success and college enrollment. While grade level counselors assist students with their academic plan, one of the four college counselors begins working with students during their junior year. College visits, applications, essays, transcripts, recommendations, scholarships and financial aid are all topics addressed through individual meetings, college night presentations and the Annual College Fair and Conference, open to all sophomore, junior and senior families. Beginning in junior year, families have access to Naviance, a web-based college resource with information on colleges, careers and scholarships. In addition to giving students information about schools, Naviance provides information on where St. John’s students have applied and been admitted in the past, allowing students to gauge the success rate of previous St. John’s seniors.

Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders


“As we embark on our new journey, we remember the Lasallian mission – enter to learn and leave to serve. This message, engrained in us at St. John’s, teaches us that the greatest benefit of our education will be found in our ability to serve the world in which we live.” – Yacob Yonas, Valedictorian

College – Princeton University

St. John’s opens the minds of our students, and in doing so, prepares them for success in college and for life. Where St. John’s graduates go to college and succeed! Boston College Boston University Brown University College of the Holy Cross Columbia University Cornell University Dartmouth College Duke University Georgetown University Harvard University Johns Hopkins University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Northwestern University Princeton University Stanford University The Military College of South Carolina (Citadel) The University of Edinburgh The University of Pennsylvania Tufts University U.S. Military Academy (West Point) U.S. Naval Academy University of Michigan University of California Berkeley University of California Los Angeles University of Maryland Honors College University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University of Notre Dame University of Southern California University of St. Andrews (Scotland) University of Virginia Vanderbilt University Villanova University Yale University

PowerSchool St. John’s uses PowerSchool, an Internet based grading and attendance system. On any day of the school year, parents can log on for real-time access to information on their child’s grades, attendance, homework assignments and more. PowerSchool is a direct link for parents to communicate with teachers.


Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

development Because of the breadth of academic and extra-curricular activities, and the charisms of the Lasallian tradition, St. John’s can respond better than any other school to our students’ academic, social and moral needs and guide them through a process of discovery on their journey into adulthood.

The St. John’s Network of Alumni


From day one, when a student joins the St. John’s community, they are not only joining the other members of their class but they become part of a loyal network of over 11,000 alumni. St. John’s alumni are loyal, successful and give back to current students and their alma mater. In fact, the generosity of our alumni has funded most of the $30 million in new buildings, turf fields, and renovations. This commitment to supporting St. John’s, stems from their experience of friendship and camaraderie during high school. Scholarships and Tuition Assistance St. John’s offers both academic and music scholarships to applicants, primarily on a merit or performance basis, who meet the criteria. We also provide tuition assistance based on need.

The fellowship among St. John’s alumni ensures that upon graduation, St. John’s students do not enter college and the work world alone, with the support of this alumni network.

Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders


St. John’s College High School is where students embark on a journey of faith and knowledge that leads them to embrace academic excellence, our Catholic, Lasallian values and a diversity of views and experiences. Faithful to the charism of St. John Baptist de La Salle, St. John’s College High School is an independent Catholic college preparatory school whose mission is to provide a human and Christian education to young men and women from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. St. John’s is a community of faith and zeal with dedicated Lasallian educators committed to the spiritual, academic, cultural, physical and moral development of every student. Rooted in Christian values, the Lasallian experience at St. John’s prepares young men and women for a life to leadership, achievement and service to the community.


Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

Under Construction Over the last ten years, St. John’s has undertaken more than $20 million of new construction and facilities renovation. The James V. Kimsey Science and Technology Center, Quinn Computer Center, Gallagher and Roth Gymnasiums, Donatelli Art Studios, Athletic Turf Fields, Multi-Media Classrooms and Campus-wide Wireless Internet Access are just a few examples of our continuous improvement. Campus construction projects that are already underway, or taking place in the near future include: • Cassidy Commons Dining Hall • Fernandez Stadium Expansion • Fitzpatrick Library Enhancements & Expansion


Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders




Transportation St. John’s offers bus transportation to and from Montgomery and Prince George’s counties for an additional fee. There is also a free shuttle to and from the Silver Spring and Friendship Heights Metro stations. St. John’s is easily accessible from Metro. Please contact the Office of Admissions for information.

• • • •

Capital Beltway I-495 / I-95

Chevy Chase Country Club

es W

Chevy Chase Circle

rn te

e Av



e Av


St. John’s College High School

Military Rd Rock Creek National Park

ve tA



nn Co

ve in A

s con



16th Street

Beltway to Exit 33 (Connecticut Avenue) South to Washington, three miles to circle Enter Chevy Chase Circle Continue on Connecticut Avenue, one-half mile Left on Military Road, one mile St. John’s is on left Entrances on 27th Street and Oregon Avenue

Capital Beltway I-495

Oregon Ave NW


Ne br as ka

St. John’s Directions Directions from Capital Beltway:



Accreditation and Affiliations: St. John’s College High School is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and is a member of the Christian Brothers Conference and the National Catholic Educational Association. Notice of Non-Discriminatory Policy as to Students: St. John’s College High School admits qualified students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all rights and privileges generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its education policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs and other school-administered programs.


Discover St. John’s 202 363 2316

St. John’s Campus Map














Main Building Administration De La Salle Chapel Frana Theater Kimsey Center Scaggs Center


Quinn Stadium Gibbs Baseball Field Smith Field at Fernandez Stadium Roth Gym Gallagher Gym Tennis Courts

Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders

M Hassett Track N Magnolia Press Box O Fitzpatrick Library P Mona Clubhouse Q Cassidy Commons R Equestrian Center S Rock Creek Park 33 202.363.2316 phone 202.363.2916 fax 2607 Military Road, NW, Chevy Chase, D.C. 20015

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