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St John the Evangelist Church North Holmwood Vicar (day off – Monday) Revd Stuart Tanswell ......... ......... 01306 882135 Assistant Priest Revd Leah Kearns ............. ....................................................................... 01306 886858 Pastoral Assistant Margaret Teale .................. ....................................................................... 01306 252004 Churchwardens: Jane Schofield ................... .................. 01306 885244 Jim Edwards ....................... 01306 879902 Reader Gordon Bates .................... ....................................................................... 01306 884154 PCC Secretary PCC Treasurer Lynn Jennings..................... ....................................................................... 01306 882614 Baptisms Jill Spence .......................... ....................................................................... 01306 876901 Junior Choir Sandy Newton ................... ....................................................................... 01306 889384 Flowers Hazel Gibson ..................... ....................................................................... 01306 886538 Gift Aid and Electoral Roll Jane Collard ..................... .......................... 01306 876652 Intercessions Gordon Bates .................... ....................................................................... 01306 884154 Prayer Chain Sandy Newton ................... ....................................................................... 01306 889384 Homegroup Co-ordinator Penny Newstead ............... ....................................................................... 01306 885876 Junior Church and C4yourself Jane Schofield ................... ................... 07771591457 Organist John Philpott ...................... 01306 880126 Magazine Kirsten Wightwick .............. ... 01306 743483 Parish Room Iris Edser ............................... ....................................................................... 01306 740757 Readings Gordon Bates .................... ....................................................................... 01306 884154 Sacristans Steve & Hilary Harris .......... ....................................................................... 01306 710162 Servers Steve Harris ......................... ....................................................................... 01306 710162 Sandy Newton ................... ....................................................................... 01306 889384 Mothers’ Union Gill Collins............................ ....................................................................... 01306 885270


St John the Evangelist Church, North Holmwood Sunday services: 8 am Holy Communion 10am First Sunday each month: Family Service 10am Other Sundays: Parish Eucharist Friday 8.30am Eucharist, and vicar available in church until 10.30am The Church is normally open daily for private prayer from 9am. Please see the Church notice board for details of other services.

St John’s Church contact details: Parish Office 01306-868441 Pastoral Line 01306-868941 Church Text Message 0770-673-2222

COMMUNION AT HOME If you are housebound and unable to get to church at St John’s, we can arrange for communion to be brought to you at home, by a member of our authorised team of communion assistants. Please contact Stuart 01306 882135.

North Holmwood Community Surrey Hills Dance Centre ..... 01306 883808 Goodwyns Social Club ......... 01306 500614 Karate ...................................... 07970 408260 Circuit training ........................ 01306 711920 Tumble Tots ............................. 07739 517627 Village Hall (Chairman) ......... 01306 883808 Village Hall (Bookings) ........... 07712 224681 Village Hall (Caretaker) ........ 01306 740757 Parish Room (Bookings) ......... 01306 740757 North Holmwood Sports Club 01306 889764 Dorking Golf Club .................. 01306 886917 Ballet classes ........................... 01737 247795 Norfolk Court .......................... 01306 876474 Stanecroft ............................... 01306 876567

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Editorial This month our big news is that we have received a grant of £50,000 towards the Community Building Appeal. Many thanks to Tony Lott and Debs Harrison who worked with Stuart and Jane to put this bid together. We now have enough funding in place to press ahead with the final stages of planning for the new building, with the hope that we will be able to build in the summer 2014. We look forward to having the new Community Building available and the exciting possibilities for its use. Jim Edwards

From Leah: I have reached the age where I wake up at 5.30am every morning and at 6am I am all set with my cup of coffee and digestive biscuit, in bed again, ready to listen to the BBC Breakfast News. That is when I get the important information of what is happening in the world. The news has not changed much recently. As a country I am told we are quite poor. Hospital care is not good and we oldies are quite a strain on resources. Children are not learning the three R’s to a high enough standard in our schools, and there is a war in Syria causing much suffering and distress. Yes, much of the news is discouraging. At around 7am I have had enough and I discipline myself to think of God and pray for the world. One morning recently I thought of the prophet Habakkuk, who lived near the end of the seventh century BC, at the time when the Babylonians were in power. (We have recently been studying this era in the parish bible study group). He was deeply distressed by the violence of cruel people and asked the Lord “Where are you, why are you silent?” The Lord’s answer was that He would take action in His own time, but in the meantime “be faithful to what you know of Me”. 5

I have on many occasions asked God, when things happen that hurt me, “Where are you Lord?” and I struggle through that time. I eventually get to the place as Habakkuk did when at the end of his short book (in the Old Testament section of the Bible) he could write (despite all the trouble he had experienced) “I will be happy in the God of my salvation, I will be happy in my God, because the Lord God is my Saviour. The Lord gives me strength.) There have been changes since Habakkuk’s time; the greatest is knowing that God became a human being in the person of Jesus, giving us fuller knowledge of God’s love for humanity. This became real again to me as I watched Songs of Praise on the evening that Bill Turnbull (he is one of the presenters on the BBC Breakfast News) presented the theme of the meaning of the Cross. He reminded me of the powerful symbol of the Cross which is at the heart of the Christian faith. Faith in the Cross of Christ lets us experience that basic need we all have, to know love, and feel loved even when hurt. Our Lord Jesus Christ is with us in suffering and shame; I reflect on Christ’s journey of pain and rejection. As I consider Christ’s Cross I see His forgiveness of those who hurt and disappointed Him and slowly I learn that when Jesus died on the Cross He opened wide his arms in love to embrace the whole universe. On 28th September 2001 David, my husband, died. A member of the fellowship at St John’s, who went on pilgrimage to Walsingham, brought me back a glass book-shaped picture. On one side was the Cross and on the other these words: ‘I asked Jesus, “How much do you LOVE me?” “This much,” he answered. Then He stretched out HIS arms and died.’ This message of love is shared in North Holmwood. We can all learn more. Why not join us at St John’s or at the Harvest Community Church to consider the wonderful works of CHRIST? Leah


Bible readings for Harvest and October 29th September Harvest Festival

18th Sunday after Trinity Family Service. Readings to be arranged

6th October Family Service

19th Sunday after Trinity Readings to be arranged

13th October 2 Kings 5:1-3,7-15c

20th Sunday after Trinity 2 Timothy 2:8-15 Luke 17:11-19

20th October Acts 16:6-12a

Luke the Evangelist 2 Timothy 4:5-17

Luke 10:1-9

27th October Last Sunday after Trinity Ecclesiasticus 35:12-17 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18 Luke 18:9-14


1st September

William Jasper David McGuiness


14th September Andrew Ede and Kirsty Goodbourn

Mid-week Eucharist at St John’s Friday Mornings 8.30am Usually followed by refreshments. After the service Stuart will remain in the church until 10.30am for anyone who wants an informal chat with the vicar.


Regular events in St John’s Parish Room, North Holmwood: 3rd Thursday of each month 2.30pm – 4pm

TEAS FOR ALL All welcome – 01306 885787

Coffee @ St John’s 9am – 10.30am Each Thursday and Friday Drop in for coffee

JIGSAW A group for Mums/Dads/Carers and their pre-school children – from babies to 4 ½ yrs An opportunity for Mums/Dads/Carers to talk to another grown-up! Meet new friends and enjoy breakfast whilst the children play.* 10.00am – 11.30am: Wednesdays Contact: Jane Schofield 07771591457 *Please remember, the care and safety of the children you bring remain your responsibility at all times – Thank you

Holmwood Mothers’ Union Monday 7th October 12.30pm Lunch in the Parish Room, after which there has been a change of speaker. It will now be Jane Endean who will tell us about MU in Australia. Contact Gill Collins, 01306 885270, for further details. 8

JUNIOR CHURCH and C4YOURSELF The family service at St John’s is held on the first Sunday of each month. The children and young people play a major part in this service. 29th September Harvest Festival family service 6th October Family Service

We are currently seeking people to become part of the very valuable team doing Children’s work at St John’s. Whether you want to become very involved and even do some Diocesan training (supported and funded by the church) or can offer some time on a more casual basis, maybe just once a month, we need YOU. Please contact Jane on or 07771591457 if you are interested. Until a new team is found there will be no special children’s provision (apart from the family services) at St John’s, so keep a lookout in The Spire for updates. Hopefully by the next edition we will have some good news!

ST JOHN’S HOME GROUP Our Home Group meets twice monthly in members’ homes on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm. Set subjects are discussed in an informal setting with the aim of developing our understanding of Christianity and developing friendship networks for mutual support and encouragement. We are currently studying part of Acts. Please contact Penny 885876 if you would like more information.


BEGINNERS PLEASE The St John’s drama group ‘Beginners Please’ has restarted. The meetings are held in the Parish Room on the first Monday in the month from 7.30pm. We are a friendly group and would love to welcome new members. 7 October 6 January

4 November 3 February

2 December 3 March

7 April

For the rest of 2013 we will be looking at some more musicals. The plan is that we read through the librettos and listen to, and possibly sing along to, the songs. There will also be the opportunity for us to think about the format of ‘the musical’ in some depth, and to discuss why musicals are such a popular theatrical form. In the New Year we will study some plays. If you are interested in joining please email Jackie on

Brockham Choral Brockham Choral are performing Rossini’s ‘Petite Messe Solennelle’ in St Martin’s Church, Dorking on Saturday 23rd November at 7.30pm. The choir will be joined by professional soloists and accompanied by two pianos and organ, as originally arranged by the composer. On completion of this work, the composer offered up a prayer, “Dear God, is it indeed sacred music that I have just written, or merely dammed music? You know well, I was born for comic opera....” Napoleon lll was somewhat less reticent, characterising this piece as “neither small nor solemn nor liturgical”. Tickets £15 (£10 under 25 in full time education) from Maria Chadwick c/o Michael Frith, 40 South St, Dorking, 01306 882728, members or 10


(01306) 877841 Offering friendly, understandable service including: • Repairs, upgrades and health checks • File recovery - Get back lost photos or other files • Equipment setup and training • What to buy and where to buy it • Removing viruses and unwanted info • Internet Parental Controls • Much more - Just ask! Phone: 01306 877841 Mobile: 07771 798808 E-mail:


Treeline Services Limited

Contact Claire or Danny for a FREE initial consultation from a friendly, family firm on

01306 880082

C&D Wiltshire Chartered Certified Accountants • PERSONAL TAX • ACCOUNTANCY • • BUSINESS TAX • BOOKKEEPING • • VAT • PAYROLL • • CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY (CIS) • Claire Wiltshire FCCA Danny Wiltshire FMAAT

Tree Health Care Specialists Chadhurst Farm, Coldharbour Lane, Dorking, Surrey.RH4 3JH Tel: 01306 741800 Email: Fax: 01306 885150


FUNDS We have recently received the exciting news that we have been successful in obtaining a grant for £50,000, so the total available for the Community Building Appeal now stands at £287,786. Our rough estimate of the total cost is £300,000. This means that we are just over £12,000 short of the target figure. We are confident that we can obtain a loan, if necessary, to cover the difference, so we are pressing ahead with planning the work. The architect is currently producing working drawings. These have to be submitted to the council for building regulation approval and also to the diocese for approval from the church authorities. We will then be in a position to get firmer costs from builders, which we hope will be within the target figure. If all goes well we should be able to build in the Summer of 2014.


Community Building Appeal Funds raised: 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

Total £34,458 Total £4,376 Total £8,170 Total £5,952 Total £100,622 Total £13,611

2013 Teas by the fireside Curry Evening Buy a brick Beginners Please Quiz Garden Party In memory of Alan Wood Pampered chef Anonymous donation Others Interest Gift aid due Promised funds Grant

Total available Expenditure Architect Planning Surveys

£225 £700 £245 £65 £800 £1,206 £500 £197 £10,000 £769 £2,940 £2,500 £50,000 £50,000

£ 287,786 £4,953 £1,420 £1,092

Total expenditure

BRICKS Let’s get our Community Building Built You can help by buying ‘BRICKS’. They cost £5.00 each and your chosen name will be put on the ‘wall’ at the back of the church and then placed in the Commemorative Book which will be kept in the new hall. Buy one for yourself, your friends, family, neighbours or in memory of a loved one. They make great presents. Please fill in the form attached and pass it to Ann in the church or phone 01306 885787. 14

£ 7,465

TEAS on the LAWN have now finished for the year. The total takings were £919. These were divided between St John’s Church and a cause nominated by the team providing the teas each week: Brownies, Diabetes Research, World Vision, KOPOSO, the Community Building Appeal and Junior church all received donations. Many thanks to all those who helped and to all those who came to support, and particular thanks to the Loud & Proud Choir for their concert. Jim or Jane Edwards 01306 879902

Used Postage Stamps Anne Lucas collects used postage stamps for various charities. These can be given to Anne or left in the box at the back of St John’s Church. She is grateful to all those who contribute.

Flowers in Church If you would like to help to arrange flowers at St John’s, so that we can have a display (large or small) more often, please contact Hazel 01306 886538.


Loud & Proud Community Choir Dorking Loud & Proud Community Choir has been in existence since April 2009 and meets weekly on a Wednesday during term time from 7.30pm to 9pm at St John’s C of E Community Primary School, Goodwyns Road. We welcome all ages and abilities; there is no requirement to audition or read music, just the love of singing. We perform at several events throughout the year and are currently preparing for a CD recording and performances at Seeability in Leatherhead, Dorking Gala Night and Choiroke at Dorking Halls in March 2014. In the past we’ve sung at “Teas on the Lawn”, Neighbours Day, Jane Ross Blind Club and at our annual “Concert to the Community” at St John’s School. We are expertly led by Sean Peters, an experienced choral director, in all different musical styles and genres from musical theatre to rock, pop, choral and seasonal songs. We always welcome new members and have a particular focus on making participation fun and enjoyable for all. We are generously part sponsored by Comic Relief through The Community Foundation for Surrey. However to sustain the choir into the future we request a voluntary weekly donation of £2. More information can be found at or from Tracey Killick (Chair) on 01306 880661

Dads & kids Group! Every second Saturday of the month 10am-12 noon Lots of activities plus a free egg & bacon sarnie! Activities include: Wii Fit Games Arts and Craft Model Building Children under 8 please Dads, step dads, granddads and male carers welcome Call Sarah or Natalie for more info 01306 882 397 Supported by Dorking Nursery School Surestart Children’s Centre



Red Chilli Restaurant offers the authentic Flavours of India

Horsham Road (A24) Professional Home Hairdressing, Mid Holmwood, Dorking, RH5 4EH a friendly service with 10 years’ Tel: 01306 644816/644817 experience. Fax: 01306 644870

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Open 7 days a week (including Bank Holidays) Lunch 12 - 2.30 Evening (Sunday - Thursday) 5.30-11pm Evening (Friday & Saturday) 5.30-11.30pm

Call for an appointment on 07887811311

Booking is advised for lunchtimes and early evening.

For Ladies, Gents and Children. NVQ Qualifications and Diplomas in Colour.

DAVID TOBITT CARPETS FINE CARPETS SUPPLIED AND FITTED We are a local firm which operates in Dorking and the surrounding areas A comprehensive range of carpets available We can bring samples to your home Advice given on all types of carpet work We have over 30 years experience working in Dorking and the local area


TEL 01306 885032 · or

Carpet and Vinyl Fitter Supply and fit all types of Carpet and Vinyl

A reliable, professional and competitive service for

Commercial and Domestic Carpet and

Upholstery Cleaning (including stain removal and deodorizing)

Rug and Hard Floor cleaning Special Cleans Over 30 years experience

Contact J Stevens Telephone 01306 883215




External Pressure Washing to Patios and Paths For a free, no obligation, quotation

Call Mervyn Overton Tel: 01306 500387 Mobile: 07909608303

Beare Green Court, Beare Green, Surrey

Rosie Brown Hairdressing Our salon is relaxed and friendly and we are open Monday to Saturday

01306 500454 07786 850921

Telephone 01306 712855

Appear and Inspire Saturday 26th October 2013 7:30pm St Martin’s Church, Dorking Dorking Camerata, the well-known local Dorking chamber choir, are delighted to be singing under the baton of their new Musical Director, Amy Bebbington, in a celebration of music by Benjamin Britten, John Corigliano and Gerald Finzi. Part of the Arts Alive Festival, two significant works for choir and organ form the bookends of this concert. Both were commissioned by the Reverend Walter Hussey whose passion it was to forge connections between the Church and Art. Rejoice in the Lamb (Britten) and Lo, the full Final sacrifice (Finzi) were both commissioned for anniversaries of the consecration of St Matthew’s Church, Northampton. The fulcrum of the programme is John Corigliano’s setting of the magnificent poem Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas. The text illuminates memories from a child’s perspective: days of innocence, bliss and freedom – a timeless world without sense of loss or decay, celebrating the union between humans and nature - and journeys through to an adult world of experience, where these childhood days are gone: Time held me green and dying / Though I sang in my chains like the sea. Britten’s Hymn to St Cecilia and folksongs arranged by both Britten and Corigliano (the latter sets Three Irish folksongs for solo voice and flute) will also appear and, hopefully, inspire! Admission: £13 Young adults (16-30) £8 Under 16 free Box Office: 01306 881479 or on the door Information: Elizabeth Dobson


CROSSWORD Across 1 Tertullus, who presented the high priest’s case against Paul in his trial before Felix, was one (Acts 24:1) (6) 4 As balm (anag.) (6) 8 Having explored Canaan, he and Joshua urged the Israelites to take possession of it (Numbers 13:30) (5) 9 On becoming king of Judah, he had all six of his brothers killed (2 Chronicles 21:4) (7) 10 ‘Even the — has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself’ (Psalm 84:3) (7) 11 Banishment (Jeremiah 29:1) (5) 12 ‘And now I will show you the most — way’ (1 Corinthians 12:31) (9) 17 ‘Titus did not exploit you, did he? Did we not —— the same spirit and follow the same course?’ (2 Corinthians 12:18) (3,2) 19 Mice den (anag.) (7) 21 How Egypt is often described in the Old Testament: ‘the land of — ’ (Exodus 13:3) (7) 22 One of the first Levites to

resettle in Jerusalem after the exile in Babylon (1 Chronicles 9:15) (5) 23 ‘As a sheep before her shearers is —,so he did not open his mouth’ (Isaiah 53:7) (6) 24 Paul’s birthplace (Acts 22:3) (6) Down 1 Ravenous insect inflicted on Egypt in vast numbers as the eighth plague (Exodus 10:14) (6) 2 Well-being (Philippians 2:20) (7) 3 Small piece of live coal or wood in a dying fire (Psalm 102:3) (5) 5 Sportsman or woman (2 Timothy 2:5) (7) 20

The original name of Abraham’s wife (Genesis 17:15) (5) 7 ‘So in Christ we who are many form one body, and each — belongs to all the others’ (Romans 12:5) (6) 9 According to Peter, a wife’s beauty should not come from wearing this (1 Peter 3:3) (9) 13 ‘For God did not send his Son into the world to — the world’ (John 3:17) (7)

14 ‘The Lord of heaven and earth...does not live in — built by hands’ (Acts 17:24) (7) 15 ‘If your hand — you to sin,cut it off’ (Mark 9:43) (6) 16 Something like these fell from Saul’s eyes as soon as Ananias placed his hands on him (Acts 9:18) (6) 18 Track (Job41:30) (5) 20 Religious doctrine(5)


Reproduced by kind permission of BRF and John Capon, originally published in Three Down, Nine Across, by John Capon (£6.99 BRF). The Bible version used is NIV.

POLICE NEIGHBOURHOOD PANEL MEETINGS Panel meetings are an opportunity for the local community to identify the priorities they would like the local neighbourhood team to focus upon. They also allow the neighbourhood team to feedback progress reports to residents. NORTH HOLMWOOD NEIGHBOURHOOD PANEL MEETING 7.30pm Wednesday 27th November North Holmwood Parish Room at St John’s Church GOODWYNS NEIGHBOURHOOD PANEL MEETING 7.30pm Monday 21st October (not 28th as previously advertised) at the Harvest Church, Stubs Hill PC Jason Woods, PCSO Lisa Cobby, PCSO Rebecca Black


Guildford Cathedral The normal pattern of services is shown. Please check for details. Sundays 8.00am Holy Communion (BCP said) 9.45am The Cathedral Eucharist (Order 1 or BCP 1st Sunday of month) 11.30am Choral Mattins(except 2nd Sunday) 6.30pm Choral Evensong Weekdays 7.30am Mattins (said) 8.00am Holy Communion 5.30pm Evensong Saturdays 8.40am Mattins (said) 9.00am Holy Communion 5.00pm Evensong Details of special events can be found on the web-site

KnitOne PurlOne SaveOne Knitting Group First Tuesday of every month 2.00pm – 4.00pm in the Parish Room St John’s knitting group meets on the first Tuesday in every month in the Parish Room at 2pm. Everyone is welcome to pop in for a cup of tea. If you can’t knit we will show you …. we have everything required to start you off.

Our knitting is now being taken to Romanian Aid Foundation in Horley. Margaret 01306 252004 Margaret Teale


J & T Services Providing a reliable & friendly service for the professional cleaning of:• • • • •

Carpets & rugs Upholstery & curtains Leather Hard floors Builders/Spring cleans & more including hot pressure washing – suitable for patios, paths, decking, brickwork etc

For a free quotation call Tracey on 07770 436639

Daphne Smith BA Hyp Hypnotherapist & Holistic Therapist Tel:07979 571069 Email:

Hypnotherapy Reiki Indian Head Massage Hopi Ear Candling Thai Foot Massage Relaxation

Dorking Christian Centre Cards, Books & Gifts Now available Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm www.dorkingchristian …a tangible expression of God’s Kingdom

Have you ever thought about taking up a new activity? We would like to introduce you to outdoor bowls at

DORKING BOWLING CLUB Come and see our clubhouse, green, bar, kitchen and other facilities. We also have a thriving social side. Our Green is situated at the rear of Denbies View Veterinary Centre. If you are approaching us on the one way system instead of turning left to Westcott go straight across into Drill Hall Road. Our car park is directly behind the clubhouse. For further information contact:-

Terry Sutton Tel 01306 886420 Wilf Manuel Tel 01306 886329 Or

ECO LOGS cut, split & seasoned hardwood logs Delivered in bulk grab bags Oak boards, Chopping Blocks, Fencing & Building Timber 01306 712850 07767 478638 Laurence Crow

Woodland Management Consultant supporting the restoration of local woodland

A kitchen company that offers you a complete service at a great price. We offer a free design and quotation service. Why not revamp your existing kitchen with new doors and worktops at a fraction of the cost?

Visit our showroom at 116, South Street, Dorking.

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CALL DORI 07977 220465/01306 887282

After a long summer break the children returned to pre-school on 9th September. Our 13 new children are settling in well, as is our new teacher, and we hope they will all enjoy their time with us. Our fun run during the summer term raised £773.03, which helped to pay for our trip to Ladyland Farm and for new equipment including a painting easel. As always a big thank you to those who donated their Sainsbury’s and Tesco vouchers to us; new equipment makes a big difference to the activities the children can enjoy at pre-school. If you would like an information pack about the pre-school, or want to arrange a visit, please contact the Pre-School leader, Julia Woollard, on 07931 212006. Our hours are 9.15 - 12.15, Monday to Friday.

Goodwyns Community group are Going to Go for Music, Movement and Meal (Trial run) For all capabilities, including disabled or unsteady. Sit down to exercise, stand or do a bit more. Easy pace. Light lunch or soup - All free 11am to 1pm first Monday of the month at the Harvest Church Keep fit and meet people for a chat 25

St John’s October dates 7 11am Music and Movement, Mon

Soup and rolls: Harvest Church

12.30pm Mothers Union 7.30pm Beginners Please 8

2 10am Jigsaw

9 10am Jigsaw


10 9am Coffee @ St John’s 10am Chart Downs Coffee Morning

4 8.30am Eucharist – Vicar available until 10.30am 9am Coffee @ St John’s

11 8.30am Eucharist – Vicar available until 10.30am 9am Coffee @ St John’s



6 19th Sunday after Trinity 8am Holy Communion BCP 10am Family Service World Vision stall

13 20th Sunday after Trinity 8am Holy Communion BCP 10am Parish Eucharist







1 2pm Knit One, Purl One…


This is a provisional listing of What’s On. For extra information please check the posters on the notice boards at the back of the church and outside.







16 10am Jigsaw

23 10am Jigsaw

30 10am Jigsaw

17 9am Coffee @ St John’s 2.30-4.00 Teas for All

24 9am Coffee @ St John’s

31 9am Coffee @ St John’s

18 8.30am Eucharist – Vicar available until 10.30am 9am Coffee @ St John’s

25 8.30am Eucharist – Vicar available until 10.30am 9am Coffee @ St John’s



20 St Luke the Evangelist 8am HC BCP 10am Parish Eucharist

27 Last Sunday after Trinity 8am HC BCP 10am Parish Eucharist 11.45am Baptism 27

DORKING QUILTERS On Tuesday 8th October Dorking Quilters have a return visit from Surjeet Husain, and Indian woman who regularly demonstrates her embroidery at the V and A. She will talk on ‘Arts of Indian Textiles’. This should be a fascinating evening, as Surjeet is such an interesting speaker. Meetings are held at the Friends’ Meeting House, Butterhill, South Street, Dorking, starting with refreshments at 7.30pm and talk at 8pm. For any further information please contact Sheena on 01306 885597.

What happened to your holiday snapshots? This summer, how many photographs did you take while on holiday? What did you do with them all? It seems that with the arrival of smartphones and the Internet, some of us are in danger of ruining our own holidays by obsessive clicking. Instead of switching off, and simply enjoying our holiday surroundings, we spend hours taking photographs which we then upload on Facebook, and comment on.... and then we spend even more time reading what people have said about our holidays, and responding. Now one professor at Lancaster University has warned: “The technology is getting in the way not only of people experiencing where they are, but also the other people they are with. Capturing the moment in your head is more important than capturing it on your smartphone.” And, as more people admit to carefully staging photographs that make them look happy and relaxed, for uploading onto Facebook, “there is definitely a competitive element. It’s about telling other people where you are and using it to show off.”, who commissioned the study, found that it seemed “the more you are connected, the more you struggle to have proper personal time with people that matter”. Parish Pump 28

Sherlock & Sons Funeral Service Trellis House, South Street, Dorking Tel: 01306 882266 Monumental Masons Memorials supplied in British Stones and Granite Sherlock & Sons is an independent Family Business established in Dorking for over 100 years Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plans are available on request


Dorking Good Neighbours Transport to surgeries and local hospitals for those without access to other means of transport Telephone

07948 568906 If no reply leave your name and number At least 48 hours in advance unless urgent

Passengers make a modest donation to cover drivers’ expenses and administration Any interested volunteer drivers please contact: 01306 875392 or 01306 888256

WEA – Life is about Learning! Why not learn something new this autumn with the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA). We have some great new courses on offer including Tap for Fitness & Fun which takes place on Wednesday evenings at St Joseph’s RC Church Hall, Falklands Grove in Dorking at 7pm – 8pm (C3734856) and Ballet for Fitness & Fun at the same venue from 8pm – 9pm (C3734857). The classes are suitable for all abilities and are very relaxed and friendly. No tap shoes or tutus required – just comfy clothes and a sense of fun! Each course costs £50 and runs for 10 weeks. Also look out for our Christmas Craft Courses which are taking place at the Leatherhead Institute in November and December: Decorative Christmas Wrapping takes place on 30th November, from 10am – 1pm (£12.50); Christmas Wreaths is on 7th December at 10am – 12.30pm (£12.50) and Festive Table Decorations takes place on 14th December from 10am – 12pm (£10). There is also a small charge for materials. WEA East Surrey works in association with East Surrey College delivering a wide range of provision. Here are just some of the courses on offer, but for more information, please call 0800 328 1060 or visit or email • Book online at or call Freephone 0800 328 1060 or email for more information or to order a prospectus.


MUSIC IN DORKING - OCTOBER 2013 by Ian Codd 2nd 16th 30th at 8.30, Dorking Folk Club at Friends Life, £10, 01306 888530 3rd 10th 17th 24th 31st at 1.00, Lunchtime recitals at St Martin’s, free, 01306 742629 3rd 10th 17th 24th 31st at 8.30, Watermill Jazz at Friends Life, £16-23, 07415 815784 4th at 7.30, Vienna Festival Ballet at Dorking Halls, £19-22, 01306 881717 5th at 2.30, Vermeer’s Musical Pictures at Performing Arts Library, free, 01372 453638 5th at 7.30, Dorking Chamber Orchestra at St Martin’s, £12, 01306 730088 12th at 7.30, Alan Brown piano recital at Dorking Halls, £20, 01306 740619 19th at 1.00, Dorking Choral Society come-and-sing at United Reformed Church, £12.50 - followed at 6.30 by concert performance, £2.50, 01403 240093 26th at 7.30, Dorking Camerata at St Martin’s, £8-13, 01306 881479 26th at 7.30, Martineau Singers and Brass at United Reformed Church Hall, £12.50, 01306 711883 27th at 2.30, Mole Valley Silver Band & Regent Brass at Dorking Halls, £12, 01306 881717 30th at 3.00, Chamberhouse Winds at United Reformed Church, £10, 07958 369380

October sees the annual Mole Valley Arts Alive Festival with a large number and range of events, including many musical ones, in Dorking and elsewhere. Most of the above concerts form part of the festival. For full details of all events, please see the festival brochure. Alan Brown, a pianist who will be well known to many for his sterling work with the Leith Hill Musical Festival, opens the new season for the Dorking Concertgoers. His programme covers a range of mostly nineteenth-century romantic music, including pieces by Brahms, Ravel, Chopin and Gershwin. Dorking Choral Society offers the opportunity to ‘come and sing’ Elgar’s glorious The Music Makers, a wonderful piece which includes 32

quotations from many of his own works. All participants are invited, to share an afternoon of creative fun, with refreshments included, and finishing with a concert performance of the music. Or you can attend just the concert of course! Continuing the choral theme, Dorking Camerata presents ‘Appear and Inspire’, with music by Britten, Finzi and John Corigliano. The programme includes Britten’s unaccompanied masterpiece, the Hymn to St Cecilia. The Martineau Singers join with Martineau Brass for an evening of foot-tapping and lyrical jazz in a relaxed café setting in the URC Hall. And more brass music is provided by the combined forces of the Mole Valley Silver Band and Regent Brass, with popular items and a massed-bands finale. The Dorking Chamber Orchestra will be playing Beethoven’s fourth symphony and Mendelssohn’s piano concerto no.1, with soloist Grace Ko. There will also be operatic music by Verdi and Delibes. On 3rd October, the lunchtime concert at St Martin’s will be given by Martin Ellis, playing his 150th organ recital. His programme will include Liszt’s great Fantasia and Fugue on BACH. And on 10th October the concert will be given by pianist Steven Meakins, who as well as enjoying a flourishing career, is accompanist for the Dorking Choral Society. His programme will include music by Beethoven, Poulenc, Scriabin and Rachmaninov. Further concerts are given by organist Peter Wright (17th), pianist Christopher Guild (24th), and tenor Edmund Hastings (31st). Watermill Jazz has the usual varied line-up of performers: Gary Smulyan with the Nigel Price organ trio (3rd), The Impossible Gentlemen (10th), Ollie Howell quintet (17th), John Horler trio (24th), and Gareth Lockrayne’s Grooveyard (31st). In addition, there will be a concert on 5th October at the Menuhin School with Pete Long’s All-Star Goodmen Orchestra and Joan Viskant. Further events include an illustrated talk on Vermeer’s musical pictures, a Teddy Bears Picnic with Chamberhouse Winds (children and teddies free!), and a performance of Snow White by the Vienna Festival Ballet. Enjoy the Festival! 33

Friends of Holmwood Common and the National Trust October 2013

News from the Common Ranger’s Report Thankfully this year has been a lot better weather-wise which means we have been able to get on the Common to carry out basic maintenance which wasn’t possible in 2012. For example, spraying of large areas of bracken took place in July and many people will have seen Fred, the contractor, in his white overalls fighting his way into dense patches trying to reach as much of the weed as possible. The results will hopefully be very apparent next year if the spraying has been successful with large areas and many track sides under control. Back in late August I held a ‘Holmwood Wild Adventure’ day for youngsters. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the day making dens, painting signs and making masks. If you want to see what they did, follow the hard surface from Scamells car park until you reach the two ponds either side of the track. A few yards further on, on both sides, you will find the building site. If you want to have a go yourselves, I’ve left plenty of material lying around. The Holmwood volunteers enjoyed a day out at RHS Wisley at the beginning of September. This was a ‘thank you’ from the Trust to recognise all the hard work they put in during the year. A relaxed amble around this world famous garden was blessed with warm, sunny weather and a free lunch. If you would like to join the team then all you have to do is call me. We meet on the first Saturday of each month. Rob Adam, Ranger, Holmwood Common. Circular Trail - update By the time that you read this report, work on the circular trail will be well advanced. Construction started in early September with delivery of large quantities of road planings to a holding area at Mill Bottom, including the old surface materials from Mill Road. 34

Just before construction work started we led a second guided tour of the route of the Circular Trail. The group of fifteen locals (and almost as many dogs!) circumnavigated the Common to look at how the revised route, wherever possible, makes use of existing hard-surfaced tracks – a total distance of around 6 kilometres. As work continues in different areas of the Common may we remind you to be aware of the dangers from the construction vehicles. Please exercise close control over dogs, horses and small children when walking in the areas where work is being carried out. Perhaps, for the short term, it may be best to avoid these areas altogether? Photos of the construction work on the Circular Trail have been posted on the National Trust Surrey Hills Facebook page ... ... and if you have any questions regarding the circular trail or would like to get a map please contact Sam Bayley, Head Ranger for Leith Hill & Holmwood Common, on 07770 887678 or via email at Contact us ... If you have any questions about the National Trust’s work on Holmwood Common, please get in touch with Rob Adam, NT Ranger for Holmwood Common: phone 01306 712711; mobile 07901 511359; or email to . The Friends of Holmwood Common can be contacted via . Suspicious activity on the Common, such as suspected poaching, should be reported to the Surrey Police by dialling 101 without delay. Forthcoming Events Sunday 27th October – Fungus Foray on Holmwood Common 10:30am to 12:30pm A walk to discover the mysterious and fascinating world of fungi on Holmwood Common. Walk leader, Vivien Hodge, is well known to FOHC Members from the 2012 AGM. FOHC Members: no charge. Non-members: £5 per adult; £3 per child. 35

There are only 20 places on this walk so please book early. Enquiries by email to or call 01306 889485 to reserve your place. Joining instructions provided with confirmation. Architectural History of Leith Hill Place Various dates between 14th September & 3rd November 2013 Local historian, Pat Newberry, gives a fascinating and engaging insight into the origins of the house from the 1600s to the present day. Talk lasting approximately 45 minutes. More Information: via email to Wednesday 27th November – Friends’ Autumn Evening “The State of Nature on Holmwood Common” 7:30pm – South Holmwood Village Hall A panel of local wildlife experts have been invited to provide an overview of the flora and fauna of Holmwood Common and how they are being affected as the habitat and climate changes. You will be invited to join a discussion about the ways in which we could and should be caring for the diverse wildlife here on our local Common. FOHC Members: no charge. Non-members: £5 per adult; £3 per child. Other events are scheduled for various NT properties throughout the region. Visit for more information.

Join the Friends today ... Membership of the Friends of Holmwood Common is open to everyone. Joining now, at 2013 rates, will provide membership right through to 31st December 2014. Please send your annual subscription – just £5 per household (plus a donation, if you are feeling generous!) – to: Friends of Holmwood Common, c/o 10 The Orchard, North Holmwood, RH5 4JT. Cheques should be made payable to “Friends of Holmwood Common” and, if you have one, please include your email address. 36

C. J. UDEN & CO Drainage Consultants & Surveyors C.C.T.V. INSPECTIONS



18 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD Tel: 020 7380 6500

PRIVATE TREATMENT SYSTEMS Approved by Surrey Trading Standards and members of their “Buy with Confidence” scheme

For more information, please contact the above address or look for the leaflet on the church notice board.

01306 882495 C.J.Uden & Co., Drainage Consultants & Surveyors The Old Builders Yard, 52-53 Dene Street, Dorking, RH4 2DP

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From design, feasibility, Planning Permission and consents, Building Regulations, Cost Planning, Project and Building Management, co-ordination of specialist Design and subcontractors through to COMPLETION.

Complete lawn care service Border maintenance Hedge trimming Fruit trees pruned - Garden clearance Regular or one off jobs welcome

Please contact Graham Clark to arrange a free meeting to discuss your requirements. Telephone: 01306 882230, 07920 774480

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Friends of King George V Playing Field Parents and toddlers in the Park Every Friday12.30 to 2.30 Free! Everyone welcome At the pavilion on King George V Playing Field Squash and biscuits for toddlers - Tea and coffee for parents An opportunity for toddlers to play together and parents to chat. The Friends of King George V Playing Field accepts no responsibility for the care of children or for harm or injury whilst using any of the facilities provided. Find us on Facebook: search for ‘Friends of KGV Dorking’

Loud and Proud Community Choir


The choir launched in April 2009 and has been going from strength to strength. People of all ages are really enjoying singing all sorts of different songs! Come along any Wednesday during school term. We meet at St John’s School, Goodwyns Road from 7.30pm to 9pm during school term. It’s free, fun and friendly!


HOLMWOOD VILLAGE PRODUCE ASSOCIATION VPA Autumn Evening Tuesday 12th November, 7.30pm - South Holmwood Village Hall All welcome (non-members as well as VPA members) Paul W Patton will be the esteemed speaker at our Autumn Evening this year. He describes himself as a professional horticultural consultant, plant pathologist, writer and broadcaster, and the talk he will be giving will be ‘Gardening on the Wild Side – attracting and keeping beneficial wild life into a garden and the many benefits to the whole garden’. Now I don’t know about you, but much of the recent wildlife in our garden could definitely not be described as beneficial. After three long years, our teeny tiny cherry tree, with much effort and exertion, had finally managed to squeeze six cherries out from its skinny little branches. And then with one graceful leap a deer bounded over the hedge, daintily nibbled each cherry off the tree with its velvety little deer lips, and three years of toil was gone. The interesting bit is that we watched this high drama unfold from the window, but because deer are animals that make us all run round the house shouting ‘Look, look, there’s a deer in the garden!’ we didn’t like to shoo it away and instead bade farewell to our harvest. Perhaps this isn’t the type of wildlife Paul Dubya has in mind, but why not come along to the Autumn Evening and see and hear for yourself? I’m suspecting that slugs, snails and rabbits will also be off the list. I am, however, hoping that he may have some tips for attracting a tenant to our newly installed ceramic frog house, which at present remains unoccupied, in spite of luxurious mud flooring throughout, and a beautiful pond-side aspect. Perhaps it is due to a lack of available food. Do frogs eat cherries? The illustrated talk will begin at 7.30pm, with cups of tea, nibbles and drinks from the bar available throughout the evening. Bring your subs to get ahead for next year (membership runs January to January), and catch up on all the latest village news. Hope to see you there. Ros Treliving 40

Hart Scales and Hodges have been serving the Dorking community since 1782 and are proud to support our local parishes.

Our services include: • Buying and selling your home • Extending your lease • Commercial Property • Inheritance Tax Planning • Care Fees and Asset Protection Planning • Setting up a Trust • Wills and Probate • Lasting Powers of Attorney • Divorce, Separation and Children • Employment for employer and employee • Litigation and dispute resolution • Business advice

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Hair by Emma The Studio, Chart Downs. Dorking. Hair by Emma is a small home run freelance hairdressing business that is fully insured. I offer most ladies hairdressing services including children at very competitive rates. I am a member of FHBF (Freelance Hair & Beauty Federation). I attend training throughout the year as I feel this is important for keeping up to date with what’s new and going on in the world of hairdressing. For full details see my website or call for an appointment on 07919 488507.

AN ARMCHAIR DUFFER’S VIEW OF SPORT SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER Great Britain ended their rowing World Championship in Chingdu South Korea with a gold medal in the men’s eights. Helen Glover and her new partner Polly Swann also clinched a gold medal by winning the women’s coxless pairs, beating Romania into second place. The GB squad therefore finished the championships with two gold and four bronze medals, which should provide a sound platform for the next Olympic season. Wigan Warriors won the Rugby League Challenge Cup by beating Hull sixteen points to nil at Wembley, their second challenge cup win in three years. The woeful handling skills of Hull for large parts of the game contributed to Wigan’s win. This result completed an amazing double for the Lancashire town whose football club won the FA Cup last May. It was Huddersfield Giants who finished top of the Rugby League table lifting the League Leader’s Shield for the first time in 81 years. England’s low ranked tennis player Dan Evans surprised everybody by reaching the third round of the US Open. He then went down to world number nineteen Tommy Robredo, who beat Roger Federer in the next round. It was sad to see Federer’s shock 7-6, 6-3, 6-4 defeat; to see the powers of a great athlete waning makes one wonder why he did not retire gracefully when he was at the top of his game. Andy Murray lost to world number ten, Swiss Stan Wawrinka, in the quarter finals. He showed no fight in what became a one-sided match and his ranking will probably take something of a hit after such a bad performance. Rafael Nadal won the final beating Novak Djokovic 6-2, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1. It is hard to see who is going to stop him winning many more Grand Slams, providing he has no further trouble with his knees.


That great Welsh rugby player and pioneer commentator Cliff Morgan died after a long illness at the age of 83. He will largely be remembered for his brilliant commentary on Gareth Edwards’ try for the Barbarians against the All Blacks in 1973. His voice will be heard and that try shown as long as rugby is played. England’s women hockey players were utterly dejected as they lost to Germany in a penalty shootout in the Euro hockey final in Boom, Belgium. They had played so well to force a 4-4 goal draw in a thrilling match before the shootout. Though Moldova had not won a game in their World Cup qualifiers, a four goals to nil win by England was still a bright spot for the team after all the pessimistic talk and media coverage before the match. Unfortunately Welbeck, who had played so well, was booked and shown a yellow card and, therefore, could not play in the next vital qualifier against Ukraine on Tuesday 10th September. He joined Rooney, Andy Carroll, Jermaine Defoe and Daniel Sturridge who are on the injured list. Though it was painful to watch at times England managed a draw against Ukraine which appeared to be their target and kept them at the top of their group by one point. It was Frank Lampard’s 100th international appearance and he could have scored but his header went wide. England will need to win their next two home games in October, against Montenegro and Poland, in order to qualify. It was against the odds that Arsenal, who had spent no money at all during the transfer window, should beat Tottenham, who had spent £107.5 million on new players, by one goal to nil on Sunday 1st September. Arsenal players were used to playing with each other using Arsenal’s style of football. Tottenham, with its new players, could not possibly match that at this stage. On 5th September Arsenal managed to buy Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid for £42.5 million. That should make the fans happy.


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Saturday 26 October 2013 12:30-4:00p.m. This month with apple pressing by Dorking Community Orchard bring apples from your tree, take home some juice Garden and Farm Gate Produce - Cakes - Preserves Crafts - Plants - Trades - Health and Wellbeing Therapists - Business Consultants - Other Local Services

Further markets on 23 Nov and 21 Dec 2013 For more information: 01306 741545/07973 207087

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13TH OCTOBER EDWARD THE CONFESSOR (1003–66) If you approve of giving money to help cathedrals survive, then Edward the Confessor is the saint for you. This early King of England was the virtual founder of Westminster Abbey. And never mind entrance charges - at one point in his life, Edward was giving a full tenth of his income to Westminster Abbey. Edward was the son of King Ethelred the Unready and his second, Norman, wife Emma. After various ups and downs which included a brief exile in Normandy, Edward was made king of England in 1042. As King, Edward had a tricky time of it – trying to keep the peace for over twenty years while various Danish and Norman magnates struggled for power (which eventually led to the Norman Conquest). Scholars have argued over how much of a success he was as a king. As a Christian, there is no doubt: Edward’s holiness was evident to all. He made himself accessible to his people, he was generous to the poor, and chaste. He was also reputed to have seen visions and even achieved miraculous cures for people through prayer. Edward did much to help the Church in many ways. His lasting contribution was the original Westminster Abbey - a huge Romanesque church, 300 feet long, with a nave of twelve bays. Westminster Abbey became the place of coronation and burial of kings and queens of England. It was finished and consecrated just before his death. Edward was buried there, and his relics are undisturbed to this day. During the Middle Ages, Edward was a very popular saint: along with Edmund of East Anglia he was widely considered to be England’s patron saint for a time. Parish Pump


NORTH HOLMWOOD SPORTS CLUB INHOLMS LANE, NORTH HOLMWOOD What’s On.... 12 October – Music from “Catch 22” 8.30pm 26 October – Hallowe’en Party 8pm 9 November – Fireworks Night & Disco with Cool Effects Don’t forget the Friday Night Meat Raffle, which takes place at The Club every Friday night at 9.30pm. Also free range eggs are available at The Club from Friday evenings at £2.50 a dozen. North Holmwood Ladies Stoolball team won the final of the Surrey Ladies Stoolball Association Knock-out Cup, beating Holmbury Ladies in the final, played at Alfold Sports Ground on Sunday 1st September. It was a closely fought contest – Holmbury batted first scoring 133 runs in 12 overs and North Holmwood won the game in the 11th over, with a score of 137 – a brilliant team effort. At the League Presentation Evening on 7 September the Stoolball Ladies were awarded the Chris Barnett trophy which is awarded for sportsmanship, hospitality, appearance etc and for generally being ‘good eggs’. All the teams in the A league vote on this, and although the team have won it several times in the past, they were very pleased to bring it home again! If you are interested in joining the Stoolball team and playing next season please contact Shirley Overton at for more information. 2013 will be remembered for the success the Cricket Section has achieved in the league system as well as 6-a-side tournaments. With a newly formed 2nd eleven starting in the 4th division, the main hope for the year was for that team to challenge for promotion. As it happened, from the early part of the season, it became apparent that the team were one of the four strongest sides and hopes were high. Coming in to the last month NHCC were top jostling with Nutfield, Horsley & Send and South Park for promotion. It actually came down to the last game when a thumping victory over an inexperienced Ockley side meant 48

Nutfield had to beat Horsley & Send to win the league. Spies were sent over to watch the game after an early finish and the club waited on tenterhooks for the final overs to be played out. Thankfully the game finished in a draw and NHCC 2nd X1 are champions. Similarly the 1st X1 challenged from early in the season for top spot with good performances week in week out. Some sides become stronger in the 2nd half of the season due to university lads coming back to play and we were determined to get points on the board early in case this happened. At the half way point we were also top with a healthy lead but knowing stiffer challenges lay ahead. Main rivals Claygate, South Nutfield and East Horsley found it hard to gain on us as the fixtures pitted us all against each other in the run in. The pivotal match came at East Horsley when on a tricky pitch we managed 193 and hoped our strong bowling side could do the necessary and get them out. We bowled well and held catches at important times to win and have one hand on the trophy. Come the last match against Brockham we needed just three points to win the league and we managed it in style meaning double celebrations for the club that went long in to the night. The club also won two 6-a-side tournaments, at Nutfield in July and our own in August as well as being semi-finalists in the Aarvold Cup (which is still to be concluded at the time of going to press). 2013 will be remembered as a very enjoyable and successful season.... roll on April 2014 when it all starts again. You know where the club is, so if you interested in having a go, make yourself known next spring or contact Ian Elliott at for more information. Don’t forget that the Club is available for hire for private parties. Please phone 01306 889764 or collect a booking form from the bar. If you are not a member then we will ask you to join our Club to enjoy our facilities. This still works out more cost effective than local venues. To enquire about membership email us at or call in during opening hours and ask for a membership form. 49


St IGNATIUS feast day October 17th Born in Syria, Ignatius converted to Christianity at an early age and eventually became bishop of Antioch. A tradition arose that he was one of the children whom Jesus had taken in his arms and blessed. Ignatius called himself ‘God Bearer’. Ignatius is responsible for the first known use of the Greek word ‘katholikos’ meaning universal and whole to describe the church; he wrote: “Wherever the bishop appears, there let the people be; as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church”. In the year 107, the Roman Emperor Trajan visited Antioch and forced the Christians living there to choose between death and denying Christ. Ignatius would not deny his Lord and so was condemned to be put to death in Rome. Ignatius bravely met the lions in the Circus Maximus in Rome; dying and living as a witness to his belief.

Not just in the arena in Rome, there are quite a few lions mentioned in the Bible... 1 An angel shut the lions’ mouths so that they couldn’t eat him (Daniel, chapter 6) 2 Who will lead the lion, wolf, lamb, goat and calf? (Isaiah, chapter 11) 3 He killed the lions or bears that threatened his father’s flocks (1 Samuel, chapter 17) 4 Who is like a roaring lion looking for someone to eat? (1 Peter, chapter 5) 5 He killed a lion on a day when it had snowed (2 Samuel, chapter 23) 6 The first creature was like a lion, what were the 2nd, 3rd and 4th creatures like? (Revelation, chapter 4) What did the lioness say to her cubs when she taught them to hunt? ‘Don’t go over the road till you see the zebra crossing.’ On which day do lions eat people? Chewsday.

1.Daniel 2. A little child 3. David 4.

the devil 5. Benaiah, son of Jehoiada 6. A calf, a face like a man and a flying eagle.

Brockwood Medical Practice

1 Bentsbrook Close, North Holmwood, Dorking. Tel: 01306 885802

The Partners, Jonathan Richards, Justin Thompson, Lucy Rawson, Tamsin Sevenoaks, Robin Gupta; Drs Elizabeth Craggs, Natalie Moore, Allison Wong, Katie Carter, Jennifer Bruce, Sarah Wells; GP Registrars Drs Olujide Soremi, Luma Ali and all the staff are always pleased to welcome new and existing residents to our Practice. Following the merger of the 3 surgeries at North Holmwood, Brockham & Newdigate, we would like to thank all our patients for their understanding over this difficult transition. We now have a number of new GPs and can now offer appointments across all 3 sites.

We offer: Personal Medical Services, Dispensary services for all eligible patients, District Nursing, Health Visitors, General Nursing Clinics with our Practice Nurses, Minor Surgery Clinics, Midwife Clinics, Travel Vaccination Clinics, Baby Clinic, Asthma and COPD clinics, Counselling sessions, INR testing with our HCA, Smoking Cessation sessions, and much more. DEFIBRILATION MACHINE We have a new defibrillation machine based at the Practice. All staff have had training in basic life support. This machine can be used for the local community if needed. This was purchased with funding from the British Heart Foundation. It is a life saving machine that gives the heart an electric shock in some cases of cardiac arrest . REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS Please telephone the dispensary on 01306 878509 Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00 a.m. and 14.30 p.m. to order your repeat prescriptions. You can also order your repeat prescriptions on our website. Our Dispensers currently need 72 hours to dispense repeat medication instead of the normal 48 hour turnaround. Please ring reception 01306 885802 for any other queries.

OUT OF HOURS NEW SERVICE The new NHS out of hours service is now live. If you have an urgent medical problem which occurs when the Surgery is closed please call NHS111 by dialling 111 from your phone. NHS 111 is free to call from both landlines and mobiles.

The Spire October 2013  
The Spire October 2013