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T he Phili p p i n e F o u n d a t i o n for Cultu ra l a n d Ed u c a t i o n a l Developm e n t , I n c. Vision To be a seedbed for positive social change through educational and cultural programs grounded on Christian and human values.

Mission To effectively contribute in providing the country with morally upright citizens who will work towards professional excellence, a growing concern for the social welfare and progress of the less privileged, having as a specific goal the development of the genuine cultural, moral and human values of the Filipino people.

Goals To maintain and operate centers for the cultural, educational and spiritual formation of students, professional men and women. To establish scholarship funds and special funds for deserving students in collaboration with other foundations. To establish linkages with local and foreign institutions and develop training programs and courses in professional and cultural development, home management and family education. To assist students in international congresses on university education and current global issues. To promote cooperation with other foundations to set up livelihood programs for small communities.


Makiling Conference Center

H i s to r y

Philippine Foundation for Cultural and Educational Development, Inc. (PFCED) was incorporated and registered with the SEC on June 25, 1965 as a non-stock, not-for-profit organization. The incorporators dreamt of the Foundation as a catalyst for values transformation and education. PFCED committed itself to the promotion of academic excellence, professional proficiency, as well as social responsibility among people from all walks of life.

Co n fe re n c e C e n t e r s The Foundation set up Conference Centers to serve as venues for the exchange of ideas, to provide an environment for the study of important social questions, and to imbue the consideration of such issues with a Christian outlook. This is achieved through a wide range of activities of an educational, cultural and spiritual nature all aimed at the total development of the person—humanly, professionally, and spiritually.

L a t a g C o n fe re n c e C e n t e r

H i l l to p C o n fe re n c e C e n t e r

Makiling C o n fe re n c e C e n t e r One of the best-known centers established by the PFCED is the Makiling Conference Center in Calamba, Laguna. Its amenities include conference rooms, chapels and a Marian shrine, living rooms and classrooms, dining facilities, residential areas, a home economics and livelihood development center and a study camp with athletic courts.

Ce n t e r s f o r P ro fe ss i o n a l s PFCED’s vision, mission and the goals it had set out to achieve found support from the business community, which believed that good values make good business sense, as well as from professionals in various fields. In addition, it gained support from international funding agencies.

Belair Center

Campanilla Center

B e l a i r C e n t e r f o r P ro fe ss i o n a l W omen Belair Center provides personal, professional and spiritual formation to women of all ages working in the Makati area. Here working mothers learn work-family life balance techniques, retired professionals share their expertise on various fields, and young professional women get involved in community outreach projects such as academic tutorials among public school pupils, values education classes among high-schoolers, and career track mentoring among university students.

A Focus on the Fa m i l y PFCED operates centers for women. Beyond promoting values among professional women who constitute a sizeable number in the business world, programs were also aimed at enhancing skills and a warm respect for activities centered around the home—a ‘bright and cheerful’ oasis for the family. These centers recognize the multiple roles of women and the wide tasks that they perform, particularly in the formation of their children.

On the Youth PFCED established centers for young persons aimed at helping them to grow in sound personal and social values through the development of leadership skills, a drive for academic excellence, instilling in them a love for freedom and responsibility in relation to their country, community, and family.

Tan g l a w U n i v e r s i t y C e n t e r PFCED established Tanglaw in Quezon City in 1980 to cater to students of the University of the PhilippinesDiliman, Miriam College, and Ateneo de Manila University. Students found Tanglaw a complete and accessible study, research and cultural center.

Personal Formation In all the Foundation’s Centers, key activities are geared towards personal formation: recollections, retreats, courses on Christian living, and spiritual counseling and one-on-one mentoring.

S a n g a n d a a n s a Ma k a ti C u l t u ra l C e n t e r Sangandaan Center was established in Legaspi Village in Makati City, the country’s prime business center. This center caters to professional men and provides non-formal education through seminars, lectures, and discussions on current issues affecting society and the economy. Its aim was to promote values in their work, their family and their communities.

Et h i c s i n t h e P ro fe ss i o n s Cultural Centers provide continuing formation for professionals, aiming to promote human and Christian values and social responsibility in the corporate and business sector.

Laua n U n i v e r s i t y C e n t e r Lauan University Center for Men, aside from supplementing the university education of students, organizes outreach activities which include Work Camps, visits to shanty towns and indigent hospital patients, and teaching of catechism. Also on the list are sports, excursions and cultural get-togethers.

Our Growth PFCED now manages eight cultural and professional centers, four student centers and four conference centers. In its over four decades of existence, it has also inspired many other initiatives with the same spirit of service and personal responsibility aimed at fostering the common good. The growth of the Foundation in terms of physical establishments and an ever-increasing clientele for its programs of formation proves that it has exerted and continues to exert a positive impact on individuals and society as a whole.

Tahilan Residence and Study Center

PFCED and O p u s D e i PFCED has entrusted the activities of Christian formation in its centers to Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church, whose mission is to spread the message of holiness in and through, professional, family, and social life for men and women in the middle of the world.

List of P ro j e c t s Conference Center for women Hilltop Conference Center, Quezon City Conference Centers for activities exclusive for men, and activities exclusive for women Laguna Hills Study Camp, Calamba, Laguna Latag Conference Center, Lipa City Makiling Conference Center, Calamba, Laguna Centers for Women Belair Center for professionals, Makati City Calayan Cultural Center, Mandaluyong City Campanilla Center, Quezon City Emerald Center, Manila Mayana Cultural Center for professionals, Quezon City Melantic Center, Makati City Tahilan Residence and Study Center, Manila Tanglaw University Center, Quezon City Centers for Men Banahaw Cultural Center for professionals, Quezon City Lauan University Center for students, Quezon City Sangandaan sa Makati Cultural Center for professionals, Makati City

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Contact Information For further information on our projects and to help achieve our goals, please contact: Mrs. Joycelyn Ta単ada Philippine Foundation for Cultural and Educational Development, Inc. U202 Alexander House 132 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City Tel. Nos. (632) 817-9957 / (632) 818-6004 Fax No. (632) 813-4894

Philippine Foundation for CED, Inc.  
Philippine Foundation for CED, Inc.  

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