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St Gregory’s Catholic College Prospectus 2013-2014

In Christ we Flourish


St Gregory’s is simply the best school in every possible way. My children have contents 4 Welcome gone from 5 The St Gregory’s Offer, strength to Our Mission Primary to St Gregory’s, strength due 6 From Location and Facilities 7 Our Performance to excellent 8 Our Christian Foundation 10 Teaching and Learning, teaching Academic Development and pastoral and Curriculum Outline, Assessment for Learning care. They 14 The New Sixth are confident, 16 Specialisms 17 International Links 18 Extra Curricular capable 20 Caring for the Individual 24 Parent Partnership and well 26 The Governing Body rounded 26 Admissions Policy 27 Term Dates ye ar 11 par e nt



St Gregory’s is a high performing, oversubscribed, 11-18 co-educational school with 811 students on roll, which was once again rated Outstanding by Ofsted in July 2013 but within a much tougher inspection framework. The most recent Diocesan inspection also rated us as Outstanding. When the College became a National Support School and I became a National Leader of Education it became clear that a natural extension of our Christian Mission was to support other schools.

the St Gregory’s offer

We’ve put together a summary of the main attractions of St Gregory’s to show what a child starting in September 2014 can look forward to:

Anne Barrett Head of School

In September 2011, I became Executive Headteacher of the Federation of St Gregory’s Catholic College and St Mark’s Church of England School, allowing both schools to share expertise and work together to create learning environments that are innovative, inclusive and enriching whilst allowing each school to retain its individuality and distinctiveness. This year, we opened a new joint sixth form centre for both schools that is devoted to academic excellence, continuing the strong traditions of pastoral care that is such a feature of St Gregory’s and St Mark’s. As an established, outstanding Catholic school we see our partnership with St Mark’s (which shares a similar vision for education) as an opportunity to share a unique relationship which is mutually beneficial. As I divide my time between the two schools you will be pleased to know that there continues to be a strong leadership presence. Mrs Barrett is our Head of School and she is in charge of the day to day running of St Gregory’s, supported by Mrs Tidball and Mr Mc Dermott as Deputy Heads of School. After eleven years in headship, I have come to the view that there is a relatively short list of things which any successful school needs to keep getting right: quality of teaching leading to excellent results for students, very high expectations of behaviour to create a calm and happy school, a very good pastoral system to care for students and their needs, and a range of enrichment activities to engage and motivate students and contribute to their wider education. We will continue to focus relentlessly on these things to ensure that St Gregory’s remains the outstanding school that it is. St Gregory’s is a relatively small school with explicitly Christian values and a strong ‘family’ atmosphere. We have a well deserved reputation for academic excellence, outstanding pastoral care and an excellent enrichment programme. We want all students to flourish and develop as rounded individuals who will bear witness to the Gospel in the wider community.

Raymond Friel Executive Head teacher 4

This year’s Open Evening for parents considering a place for September 2014 will take place on Thursday 26th September 2013 from 6.30-9.00pm and our Open Morning on Thursday 3rd October 2013 from 9.15am12.15pm. Our Sixth Form Open Evening will take place on Thursday 17th October 2013 from 6.30-9.00pm. You are very welcome to come along and see St Gregory’s for yourself. I look forward to welcoming you personally. Raymond Friel Executive Headteacher

• An outstanding Catholic education within a strong ‘family’ environment • Outstanding pastoral care for our students in an explicitly Christian environment • Exceptionally high standards of behaviour which ensure that our students feel safe in school • Outstanding GCSE results with students making progress which is significantly higher than national and local averages • Excellent enrichment programme • Strong international links which provide an ‘outward looking’ ethos, enabling students to see themselves as world citizens • A place in our new sixth form in partnership with St Mark’s School

our mission

We believe that every child is made in the image of God and should be valued as a unique and gifted creation with a divine origin and an eternal destiny. As a Catholic school, our aim is to promote the dignity and well being of every child and ensure that they flourish in the course of their journey with us in a safe, happy and enriching environment. We aim to provide our students with the personalised ‘deep learning’ which will help them to gain the skills, knowledge, and understanding of self, others and the world which they will need for a fulfilled and happy adult life. Above all, our aim is to instill in our children Christian values and a love of God and his Son Jesus Christ so that they will become principled citizens and witnesses to the Gospel, who will contribute to the common good of society.

St Gregory’s Creed

• We are the family of St Gregory’s. • We believe that everyone is special in the eyes of God. • Everyone should be given a chance to flourish and grow into the people God wants them to be. • We believe that Jesus holds us together: He is the heart of our community. • We believe that God is always with us on our journey. • We believe that racism is wrong because we are all brothers and sisters in the sight of God. • We believe that all cultures should be valued and welcomed. • We believe that bullying has no place in our school and everyone has the right to be safe and happy. • We believe that by working together we can build a better future - a loving heart is all you need. • We are the family of St Gregory’s. Written by the students of St Gregory’s 5

St Gregory’s is located at the southern gateway to the World Heritage City of Bath with beautiful views towards the Severn Estuary and over Bath. Access to the school is easy as it is on main bus routes and next to the Bath Park and Ride terminus. Students benefit from an aesthetically pleasing environment and state of the art facilities. The ‘piazza’ is the hub of the College where students mingle at break and lunch times.

Our new students are joining an outstanding College which has explicitly Catholic Christian values. A good number of our students are not from a Catholic background but their parents want an education for them which is informed by the vision and values of the Church. While we make no distinction whatsover based on the religious background of our students when they join us, it is important that they understand from the beginning the importance of upholding and supporting our values of mutual respect and care for each other based on the values of the Gospel.

Our Open Events for 2014 entry Hopefully, many of you will already have had an opportunity to visit the College and experience for yourselves the famous ‘family’ atmosphere of St Gregory’s. If not, we are holding our Open Evening on Thursday 26 September 2013 from 6.30 – 9.00 pm and our Open Morning on Thursday 3 October 2013 from 9.15-12.15pm. You are also very welcome to visit us during a normal College day. Appointments should be made through the school office.


A4 A4






2012 50% 37% 64% 79% 92% 2011 56% 37% 68% 81% 100%


Students’ achievement is outstanding. All groups, including higher ability students, those who speak English as an additional language and those who have special needs, make rapid progress in relation to their starting point and abilities.




Additional 22% Science


Art & Design 39%


Biology 42%


Chemistry 27%


Dance 41%


D&T Food 4%

our performance

St Gregory’s


2013 41% 28% 65% 84% 99%


St Gregory’s

St Gregory’s GCSE results by subject



Location and Facilities

5+A*-C (EM)*

At St Gregory’s, we feel that it is important that the journey for every new student begins as early as possible, so that they have plenty of opportunities to get to know the College, our staff, the layout and facilities. This ensures that when their first day arrives, the adventure is less worrying and more about feeling at home with new friends. When the students arrive at St Gregory’s in September, they are not just joining the ‘family’ of St Gregory’s, they are joining their ‘year family’ and one of our six houses. They will be looked after by their tutor and head of year, who are the first port of call for parents.

Summary of GCSE results


A smooth transition

location and facilities 2011-2013 English Baccalaureate

from primary to St Gregory’s


Drama 31%


BTEC 43% Performing Arts


English 9% English 40% Literature French 2%

72% 93% 58%

Geography 30%


German 19%


ICT Digital Creator


History 36%






Mathematics 23%


Music 60%


Physical 12% Education


BTEC 67% Sports Studies


Physics 29%


Religious 40% Education


Science 10%


Spanish 32%


Statistics 25%


*A*-C including English and Mathematics



our christian foundation Collective Worship and Liturgy As a Catholic College, prayer and worship are central to our daily routines. Each morning registration begins with a prayer, led by the tutor or members of the group. The whole College gathers together in two assemblies every Monday morning for scripture readings, hymns, prayers, reflections. There is also an opportunity to gather together in year groups on Friday morning to focus on areas of particular relevance to the year. Students are fully involved in the preparation and presentation of worship and sometimes pupils lead the worship themselves. In addition to daily collective worship, there is weekly voluntary Mass in the chapel, Masses at the beginning and end of year and for holy days of obligation. The Religious Education department also organises reconciliation services during Advent and Lent and special liturgies throughout the year. Preparation for the sacraments is done through local parishes but the College is fully supportive and encourages pupils to take these significant steps in their spiritual development.

Chaplaincy Our College chaplaincy group meets regularly in the chapel and is supported by our chaplaincy assistant. The work of the chaplaincy group represents our Christian values in action and includes a wide range of activities such as meditation, morning prayer, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, fundraising for CAFOD, sandwich-making for the homeless and weekly creative workshops. The chapel is seen by all as a place of peace and calm. The work of the group is enhanced by our newly established sixth form chaplaincy team..

Students’ ‘‘spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is exceptional. It is a strong feature in many lessons and in all aspects of the curriculum.

OFSTED, July 2013


Students take ‘‘great pride in the school and

demonstrate that they have a very clear and moral sense of right and wrong.


OFSTED, July 2013

Retreats The retreat programme has been extended to provide opportunities for every year group. All pupils in Year 7 can look forward to a day’s retreat at Downside Abbey in the autumn term. Later in the year, Year 8 students have the chance to experience a residential retreat, as will smaller groups in Years 9, 10 and 11. These retreats are very popular with the students as they encounter God in new and different ways in settings which are conducive to reflection and prayer.

Religious Education At Key Stage Three, the curriculum is based largely on the Icons programme, with material drawn from The Way, The Truth and The Life. At Key Stage Four, most students will undertake the Edexcel GCSE course, which is ideally suited to a Catholic College. There is a clear focus on Catholic doctrine, philosophy and ethical issues. At the end of Year 11 most students are entered for the full GCSE or short course.


Above all, we want all of our students to develop a relationship with the Risen Lord. However, we are mindful that they are all at different stages of their life journey, and that for some, belief will be more important than others. Wherever they are, we aim to be ‘with’ them, to offer support and guidance and resources for spiritual growth.

Education for Personal Relationships Provision is made, particularly within the religious education and PSHE programme to ensure that all pupils deepen their awareness of the need for loving relationships, based firmly on the teaching of the Church. Students consider how best to form and live these relationships in daily life, and examine in the light of the Church’s teaching the moral issues involved in human relationships today. Further details can be found on our website. Note: Parents have a right in law to remove their child from all or part of the religious education programme or collective worship. While the governors respect this right, and will make individual arrangements if necessary, we would strongly discourage parents from considering this option since it runs counter to the mission of the College.


teaching and learning Academic Development and Curriculum Outline We will continue to provide all our students with a rich, broad and balanced curriculum within a caring Christian pastoral system Our commitment to the performing arts remains, with all studying music, dance and drama (at Key Stage 3). We consider these to be vital for developing confidence and enhancing self-esteem, as well as nurturing the aesthetic dimension. The vast majority of students continue to study at least one language until the end of year 11 and are also required to study either history or geography until then. This has been well established over the years and has resulted in a large proportion of our students achieving the English Baccalaureate compared with local and national averages. The English Baccalaureate recognises where students have secured a C grade or better across a core of academic subjects – English, maths history or geography, the sciences or a language. Above all, we are committed to developing a culture of ‘personalising learning’ based on excellent teaching and learning, top quality advice and guidance and individual mentoring for those who need additional support. Our students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is integral to the education we provide. Overall, our curriculum, weekly assemblies and PSHE programme, all have a strong focus on students’ personal development and well being.

Key Stage 3

All students follow courses in: • Core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and Religious Education • Information Technology • Art • Food Technology • Modern Foreign Language: French, Spanish, German. • Mandarin Chinese (optional)

Please contact school for policy and rationale regarding which languages are studied in each year group.

• Humanities: History and Geography, • Performing Arts: Music, Dance and Drama • Physical Education • Personal, Health and Social Education and careers education

The quality of ‘‘teaching is outstanding. Many lessons feature stimulating pace and high expectations. Questions are probing and tasks are creative, imaginative and challenging.


Ofsted, JULY 2013

Key Stage 4 Students study from a range of curriculum areas. The Key Stage 4 curriculum is reviewed annually. Overall, we have developed a ’tried and tested‘ provision which provides breadth and balance and enables the vast majority to achieve the English Baccalaureate (as described above). Parents and students are provided with up to date information and guidance when ready to choose options.

Students study: • English Language and English Literature • Mathematics • Science • Religious Education • A modern foreign language (French, Spanish, German, Mandarin) • History or Geography • PE (non-exam) • PSHE (non-exam) Students are also offered the opportunity to widen their subjects to include two options from: • Triple Science • Art • Dance • Music • History • Geography • Additional language • PE • Drama • Catering and Hospitality • Textiles * • Computing * • Business * * These subjects are studied at St Mark’s School



Assessment for Learning The partnership between parent and school is fundamental in ensuring that children achieve to their full ability and we know that parents will want to play a fully supportive role in helping their child through their school life at St Gregory’s. The school provides an annual report in line with statutory requirements and an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss their child’s progress through Parents’ Evenings. These events are essential for maintaining a positive line of communication and for sharing any praise, concerns or issues that either party may have. Progress towards targets is measured three times a year in Progress Reports. Effort, behaviour and homework are also monitored very closely. Parents are strongly encouraged to engage in regular discussions with their child and look closely at school books to monitor progress.

Homework We believe that homework is an essential part of the learning process in secondary school. It provides students with the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom through individual tasks or an extended project over a period of time. Homework forms a regular part of the learning process and our expectations are that homework should be completed to a high standard and on time. As a guide each subject’s homework assignments in years 7, 8 and 9 should take no more than 20 to 30mins. However, some students choose to spend more time than this, which is to be applauded, so long as it leaves them time for family activities and hobbies

Students’ progress ‘‘inmonitored lessons is carefully and the

students are enabled to learn at their own pace through a range of different activities.

OFSTED, July 2013


Key factors in ‘‘the outstanding practice are the

high expectations and challenging targets set by teachers.


OFSTED, July 2013

Special Educational Needs The curriculum is designed to recognise and value the gifts and intelligences of all our pupils. We recognise that not all students will be able to access the National Curriculum in the same way or at the same pace as other students. Some students may need additional support. This will include special tuition in small groups, in-class support from teaching assistants and one-to-one provision as much as the College budget allows. All teaching staff are provided with data and information about pupils to allow them to differentiate their lessons as far as possible to meet the needs of their students.

Careers Education and Guidance Careers education is an integral part of the PSHE programme, becoming progressively more focused as the students move towards the end of Key Stage 5. The emphasis is on enabling your child to make realistic choices at each key stage. The careers programme is led by the tutors and covers key areas such as self-assessment, decision-making and the implications of subject choice. From Year 9 upwards, our careers guidance staff work closely with our external careers consultant and Connexions to ensure that the most appropriate advice is given to our pupils as they move closer to further education and a choice of career.



The Sixth ‘‘Forms of St Gregory’s and

St Mark’s have come together to create a unique provision for young people in the Bath area: a high quality Sixth Form built on Christian foundations. We want all our students to continue to develop the values, confidence, knowledge and skills they need for adult life, and to grow into caring, well-rounded citizens who will contribute to the common good of society.

the New Sixth The New Sixth is an exciting collaboration between St Gregory’s Catholic Sixth Form College and St Mark’s Church of England School, funded and supported by Bath and North East Somerset Council. With £2.8m capital funding we provide a learning environment of the highest quality, including a dedicated learning resource centre for sixth form study. All sixth form courses take place at St Gregory’s, making full use of existing facilities, with expert tuition from teachers of St Gregory’s and St Mark’s. The New Sixth opened its doors for the first cohort of students in September 2013. The New Sixth provides a unique post-16 experience in the state sector in Bath and North East Somerset: a high-quality sixth form education with outstanding pastoral support and a wide range of enrichment activities, inspired by our Christian values. For us, this means that each student is uniquely gifted and is supported in his or her sixth form programme in the best traditions of both schools. We build on the outstanding academic tradition of our schools to inspire our students towards the best possible outcomes, enabling them to continue their journey in the educational or employment setting of their choice. Just as important to us, however, are the values our students learn while they are with us and take into the wider world. We want to develop future leaders who will take their place in society as well-rounded, caring and principled citizens. You are very welcome to attend our Open Evening on Thursday 17 October 6:30pm - 9:00pm at St Gregory’s. This will provide you with an opportunity to discover what life as a New Sixth student will be like. We are committed to providing outstanding personalised support, both in and outside of the classroom. We will always provide a caring supportive environment and all individuals will be warmly welcomed into the student body. Admissions All students in their final year at St Gregory’s and St Mark’s have an automatic place in The New Sixth, provided they meet the entry requirements for a full-time programme of study. We also have places for external students who may wish to experience a new type of Sixth Form provision and who meet the requirements for a full-time course of study. Full information on admissions criteria and application details can be found at or




I am looking forward to studying in a modern environment like the Learning Resource Centre and the wide range of subjects on offer is impressive.


PETER, Year 11 St Gregory’s Catholic College


Giving our children the opportunity to grow and develop in a spiritually enriching environment like St Gregory’s is clearly a recipe for success. Our young adults deserve the consistency afforded by a natural progression to senior students in a school they know and love. The benefit to the school, students and wider community, I believe, is immeasurable.


B Marden, parent



The College is strongly ‘‘committed to international partnerships and considers it

vital that students understand what it means to be a part of a global village and to further develop their respect for other cultures.


Ofsted, JULY 2013

have their voices heard. Equally we are engaged in projects from other countries and all of our KS3 students have been involved in a 3 year project to challenge perceptions about Africa – with topics ranging from climate and geography to civil war, rights of women to trade and tourism. This was delivered by members of the African Diaspora community and facilitated by Bristol based education charity, African Initiatives.

There is a ‘‘particularly strong offering of modern foreign languages; students have the opportunity to study at least two languages including Mandarin.



Performing Arts and Modern Foreign Languages Specialisms While we pride ourselves on our academic performance in many subjects, we are especially committed to developing expressive talents in our students in the areas of music, dance, drama and the visual arts. Our specialist strength in languages also allows us to offer a range of languages up to GCE Advanced Level, as well as evening language courses for parents (see the website for details). We have worked closely with our partner primary schools to develop languages, especially Spanish, and have strengthened our international links with visits and reciprocal arrangements with Spanish schools in Cordoba and the Canary Islands, as well as an extended visit from Chinese students from Suzhou district. Mandarin is offered on a voluntary basis across the key stages. Performing arts have long been a strength at St Gregory’s. Each year, we offer a full programme of arts activities, productions and workshops for students. We have staged a number of highly acclaimed productions such as Les Miserables, Oliver, Grease, High School Musical, Beauty and the Beast, Annie, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Wizard of Oz and We Will Rock You. Other highlights of recent years include our Wellcome Trust-sponsored productions relating to Stem Cell development, organ donation and sleep deprivation.


International Links St Gregory’s is an outward looking International School giving students a host of opportunities to become involved in Global Education projects.

Students have highly ‘‘developed social skills and are able to work successfully on their own.



In recent years we have provided opportunities to visit galleries, participate in dance competitions, choirs and music ensembles. Students also take part in the annual Midsomer Arts Festival and have benefited from a poet in residence. Our Spring and Summer concerts are regular features of school life. The College year ends with Enrichment Week which provides many opportunities for students to take part in workshops and performances with workshop leaders drawn from local and national arts companies. We offer a range of arts provision for the local community, including Three Ways special school, and have close links with Bath Festivals Trust, and Creative Factory. Over a quarter of our students take peripatetic music tuition. Specialist training in strings, brass, vocal, percussion and woodwind ensemble skills feature strongly in the College. Several large ensembles and small chamber groups provide performance opportunities. Many students are members of county and national musical groups.

We have well established ongoing Comenius partnerships across Europe and Asia with students visiting France, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Hungary and Turkey through British Council sponsored projects, and to our partner school in Suzhou, China. Additionally a group recently travelled to Namibia on a development project. The Connecting Classrooms award from the British Council has enabled us to develop highly successful links with a school in Kolkata through a project exploring inequality in India and the UK.

We have been similarly involved with Bethlehem Link learning about issues surrounding Israel and the Palestinian territories. Each spring we welcome a group of twenty Year 7 Chinese students to the College for two terms. They come to improve their English skills and join in a full St Gregory’s programme of study and activities. They bring a host of experiences to share with our students in lessons and performances and run a regular China club with activities such as Mandarin lessons, calligraphy, Kung Fu and Chinese kites. The Chinese students are hosted by St Gregory’s families. In 2011, our programmes were recognised by the Full International Schools Award.

Taking part in these projects helps students prepare themselves as global citizens, becoming more aware of social, economic and political issues that affect people across the world and wanting to make a difference by sharing what they know with their peers, and making their views known within the school and wider community. Projects have included ‘fair shares’ – disparity between the rich and poor, individuals, communities and countries. ‘Healthy lifestyles’, ‘Rights to education’, ‘Living on a dollar a day’. These are live issues which are debated in class and in the PSHE programme. Students who have a bigger picture of world affairs are better able to make a contribution and to


Students speak very highly of ‘‘the chances they are given to explore ideas and take part in

Extra Curricular Opportunities


activities beyond the classroom.


Physical Education and Games Sport is an important aspect of life at St Gregory’s with high level of participation in extra-curricular activities. St Gregory’s has a thriving team culture with teams in athletics, basketball, rugby (including girls’ rugby), soccer, cricket, cross-country, hockey, rounders, trampolining and netball. St Gregory’s offers a wide range of activities with the help of many staff who contribute their time and skills to the development of teams. We run a full and high quality fixture list throughout the year, competing across schools and county. We have a very successful house system where each year groups compete against each other in many sports, such as netball, football, rugby, basketball, dodgeball, tug-of-war, rounders and athletics. We also run one-off trips to major sporting events, such as a trip to see Australia v Pakistan at Lord’s and bi-annually run a very successful sports activity trip to Spain to participate in netball and football. The school currently has an indoor gymnasium and hall with separate male and female shower and changing facilities. Our outdoor sporting facilities include an all-weather Astro pitch, cricket practice areas, several hard court areas and provision for athletic track and field events.

Recent sporting achievements include: • Rugby: B&NES Y9 Runners Up • Tennis: Aegon Division One • Cross Country: Y10/11 B&NES champions • Athletics: Y10 Level 3 Game Super 6s • Football: B&NES Y9 Runners Up • Basketball: B&NES Under 16 Runners Up • Netball: B&NES Y10 Runners Up • Rounders: B&NES Y7 Runners Up • Individual Girls’ School Biathlon: Champion • 3 Star pupils for Leadership Academy • 33 Y9 pupils achieved JSLA Award


We offer a wide range of lunch time and after school activities designed to promote pupil well being and increase participation in the life of the community. Many staff give of their time to put on activities and clubs. In addition to our thriving team culture relating to sport (see PE section) there are numerous opportunities available to students including:

• Art Club • Astronomy Club • Basketball Club • Big Band • Bravo Brass • Ceilidh Band • Chaplaincy Group • Chess Club • Choir • Composing Coursework • Cricket for boys and girls • Dance Club • Debating Society • Drama Club • Duke of Edinburgh • Fencing Club • Flute Salad • Homework Club • ICT Club • Maths Challenge • Maths Masterclasses • Orchestra • Revision Classes Sporting, • Rock Bands artistic and • Rounders dramatic are • Saxophony outstanding and • Science Club all students take • Tag Rugby full advantage • Trampolining of the range of • Weight Training opportunities. • Zumba





caring for the individual Pastoral Care

Student Voice

Our pastoral care is a huge strength of the College. We are committed to the development of the whole person. The pastoral system, through the daily leadership of Heads of Years, supports this. Heads of Year, in collaboration with tutors, monitor the progress of each student in their year group and work closely with families to support students throughout their school life. In addition we have a long established house system which has a strong focus on sporting competitions, culminating in our annual sports day in July.

The main forum for the voice of the students is the College Senate. This meets regularly and consists of student senators and the Head of School, who attends all meetings. This group has played a key role in leading on a number of initiatives, linked with sustainability, reducing litter, healthy eating and the curriculum. Other groups include a sports council and chaplaincy council

We also have an experienced Student Support Service, made up of teaching and support staff. The team provides learning and behaviour support and a full programme of activities designed to support those students who experience difficulty in their learning or with their behaviour.

There is a‘‘cohesive pastoral

team who knows the students extremely well.


Mission Conferences are held each year at which students speak very impressively about what they see as our mission and beliefs and how we are living up to them.


Students’ behaviour is excellent both in and out of lessons. Students feel safe, attitudes to learning are positive and the quality of relationships is marked by respect and good humour.




College Trips

Behaviour for Excellence

St Gregory’s has an excellent record of trips at home and abroad. Thanks to the commitment of staff, we offer a wide range of College trips to Spain, France, Germany, and America, as well as trips in the United Kingdom to Kilve Court in Somerset, Morfa Bay and Rock’s East for camping and many Performing Arts trips to galleries and performances in London and other places. This is in addition to the wide range of exchange visits offered as part of our Comenius and Connecting Classrooms.

A very high standard of behaviour is expected of students at St Gregory’s. A calm and orderly atmosphere is important to ensure the dignity and safety of all members of the community. In the classroom, it is of the utmost importance that the right atmosphere for learning is maintained. Around the College, and on the way to and from College, students are expected to behave with dignity and respect for each other, their environment, and the local community. The College Behaviour Policy, Behaviour for Excellence (available on request or on the website) sets out a clear and fair system of sanctions to discourage unacceptable behaviour based on our Christian values. There is a very strong emphasis on praise, reward and celebration.

Duke of Edinburgh is a well-established option for Y10 students. This year 47 students successfully achieved the Bronze Award. The previous year 25 students took part in an adventure trek to Namibia. Many of these trips and activities will run this year. Parents should look out for details on the school website.



Attendance In law, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children attend school. A young person’s progress and development can be adversely affected by absence or frequent lateness. There has been a growing trend across the country in recent years for parents to take annual leave during term-time to take advantage of cheaper holiday rates. The College cannot support this practice. If there are exceptional circumstances, such as on compassionate grounds, then parents may write to the Deputy Head of School (Behaviour and Attendance) and ask him to authorise a student’s leave of absence. Please make sure that any holidays are arranged to coincide with the College holidays.

Rewards As well as the award of house points, good behaviour and good witness to Christian values, can also be rewarded with verbal praise, written praise in student planners, certificates at year assemblies, prizes at annual prizegiving, and letters home.

Equal opportunities We aim to develop and educate all students to their full potential regardless of their gender, race, culture, faith, physical or intellectual activities. As a Catholic school we firmly believe that every member of our school family should be valued equally. We recognise that any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying is harmful to the individual, our whole school family and education itself. Any mental, physical, verbal intimidation causing stress and anxiety is dealt with promptly and efficiently.

My child is ‘‘ constantly challenged and has

been given many opportunities within and beyond the curriculum.



Disability Access In consultation with students and parents who are disabled, we have drawn up a Disability Access Plan to establish practical steps towards ensuring greater access to the site and the materials provided by the College. The Plan is available on the College website.

Uniform Uniform should always be worn properly. A very high standard of uniform is a key part of our aim of sustaining excellence. The only jewellery permitted is a watch and a single stud earring in each ear. Make-up, extreme hairstyles, including dyed or shaved patches, and nose or other facial studs or piercings are not permitted.



parent partnership We look to parents as our partners in the education of their children. The more closely we can work together with them, the greater the benefit will be for the student. We ask parents for their support in helping to maintain the standards required as a College which is sustaining excellence. Parents are encouranegd to take a close interest in the work and behaviour of their children and to sign the pupil planners each week. The planner is one of the many ways the College and parents can communicate with one another. There is an informative weekly newsletter which goes home by student post and posted on our website each Friday. The Parents’ Forum meets once a term and is an excellent opportunity for parents to meet members of the College leadership and discuss and explore issues of mutual interest. In addition, the annual survey of parental views is an informative element of our self evaluation and is invaluable in our ongoing commitment to provide an outstanding education. An excellent way for parents to take part in the life of the College and contribute to the education of their children is to join the PTFA (Parents Teachers and Friends Association). The PTFA organises many fundraising events and contributes a great deal to the welfare of the pupils. For more details please contact the PTFA c/o College.

Family Support Officer In partnership with St John’s Catholic Primary School in Bath, we have set up an effective system for helping those families who need extra support with aspects of the educational system or help in dealing with difficult domestic circumstances. This support is provided through our jointly appointed Family Support Officer.

Complaints There may be occasions when parents are unhappy with some aspect of the College’s provision. In the first instance parents should try to resolve the issue informally with the appropriate member of staff. This will depend on the nature of the concern. If the concern is over a student and his or her welfare, then the tutor is the first contact and then the Head of Year. The majority of concerns are dealt with and resolved in this way. If there is still no resolution, however, parents may wish to pursue a more formal complaint. Full details of how to do this are available from the College website It is worth noting that formal complaints are very rare. We have very good relations with parents and sensible and thoughtful dialogue is usually the best way forward.

The ‘‘ overwhelming majority of

parents who responded to Parent View said they were very pleased with the way the College is led and would recommend it to others.





the Governing Body The Governing Body consists of twenty members and the full Governing Body meets usually once in each of the six academic terms, with additional sub-committees meeting more regularly. The committee structure deals with specific issues relating to finance, Christian vision, curriculum, student achievement, student welfare, premises, and staffing. body of St Gregory’s, if a preference has been made for the college, before the college is named in the Statement.

The Governors of St Gregory’s Catholic College are a group of ‘‘twenty people from all walks of life, bringing experience and

commitment to the governance of our school. We work closely with staff, both teaching and administrative, as well as with parents to ensure the best outcomes for all students. We set the strategic direction of the school, monitor and evaluate its progress in achieving aims and objectives, and provide support and challenge to the school. Recognised as ‘OUTSTANDING’ by OfSTED and by the Diocese of Clifton Inspection Report, St Gregory’s develops students as individuals, enabling them to flourish academically, spiritually, emotionally, morally and socially. As governors, we take very seriously our responsibilities to support the development of our students in every respect while they are in our charge. As governors of a Catholic school, the Foundation Governors are particularly mindful of our responsibilities towards maintaining and developing the strong and purposeful Catholic ethos of St Gregory’s which permeates all aspects of school life.



Governance is outstanding. The governing ‘‘body has planned meticulously to ensure this Catholic College becomes a beacon of excellence in the community and has supported the Executive Headteacher and Head of School extremely well.



admissions policy 2014-15 A copy of our admissions policy for entry to Year 7 in September 2014 and for Casual Applications from September 2014 - July 2015 can be found as an insert at the back of this prospectus and on our website Please note, however, the policy for entry to Year 7 in September 2014 contains a significant change for children attending the primary partner schools of St Gregory’s. In the new policy, the first major category, as always, is baptised Catholic children in the catchment area. The second major category is now any child attending one of our primary partner schools (i.e. St John’s and St Mary’s, Bath; St Mary’s, Chippenham; St Patrick’s, Corsham; St Benedict’s, Midsomer Norton; Saints Joseph and Teresa, Wells; Our Lady of Lourdes, Kingswood and St Paul’s, Yate).


This change is in recognition of the ever-closer work of our family of schools. It will give more children the opportunity to continue to enjoy the ethos and standards they have experienced at primary school. With the opening of the sixth form at St Gregory’s, a Catholic education is now available to the children in our schools from Reception to Year 13. In recent years, the percentage of Catholic children coming into year 7 has been around 60-70%. With our new policy this means that up to 60 places are likely to be available in the new second major category: any child attending a partner primary school. We hope that more families with children attending our primary partner schools will now consider St. Gregory’s as a first preference and a natural progression..

term dates 2013-2014 Term 1 Start Monday 2 September 2013 Finish Friday 25 October 2013

Term 5 Start Tuesday 22 April 2014 Finish Friday 23 May 2014

Term2 Start Monday 4 November 2013 Finish Friday 20 December 2013

Term 6 Start Monday 2 June 2014 Finish Tuesday 22 July 2014

Term 3 Start Monday 6 January 2014 Finish Friday 14 February 2014

The above dates are based on 195 days.

Term 4 Start Monday 24 February 2014 Finish Friday 4 April 2014

Inset days Monday 2 September 2013 Tuesday 3 September 2013 Friday 4 October 2013 Monday 11 November 2013 Friday 4 April 2014

St Gregory’s Catholic College Combe Hay Lane, Odd Down, Bath, BA2 8PA Tel 01225 832873 Fax 01225 835848 e-mail Executive Headteacher Mr Raymond Friel MA, NPQH Head of School Mrs Anne Barrett BEd, MEd Chair of Governors Cdr P Gilbert MA, MSc, MBA Classification of School Catholic, Voluntary Aided Secondary 11-18 Co-educational Comprehensive Local Education Authority Bath & North East Somerset Diocese Clifton

St Gregory's Catholic College Prospectus 2013 2014  

St Gregory's Catholic College Prospectus 2013 2014

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