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MAY-June 2013

Live music experiences at the heart of the city

April at St George’s

Hello and welcome... Welcome to our new season where from morning to night the music seems never to stop, the hall resonating to the ever changing tempi and moods of some of the world’s finest musicians. Indian summer mornings are evoked by the call of entrancing ragas from virtuosic sitar player Anupama Bhagwat while the end of day is marked by the plaintive cadences of a solo Bach suite in a special late evening performance by cellist Richard Tunnicliffe. Outside, the gardens provide a constant and peaceful haven, a place for audiences to wander, relax with a cooling drink and reflect on the extraordinary music-making to come. And what music-making! Stellar debuts from Philip Glass and Vladimir Ashkenazy, the next chapter of our Beethoven Cycle with the Elias String Quartet and a tender, affecting production of Verdi’s La Traviata with the everinventive Opera Project. The English Concert unfurls a cascade of sumptuous Baroque harmonies under the thrilling direction of Fabio Biondi while the siren like strains of solo saxophone unfold from one of the country’s rising classical music stars, Amy Dickson. Our successful String Theory series continues to explore new territory: folk-rebel Chris Wood

introduces a new band and a new album, while intimate double-bills by country stars The Kennedys with the Carrivick Sisters and the flamenco-jazz of Oriole coupled with Basquiat Strings are followed by the cult US duo of guitarist Ryan Francesconi and violinist Mirabai Peart. The hilarious Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain return for two performances, an ideal prelude for our premiere of Tubular Bells ‘For Two’, the Edinburgh Fringe hit featuring Mike Oldfield’s masterpiece.

Friday 5 April 2pm/3.45pm Storytelling Shakespeare The Tempest

Bristol Festival of Ideas gears up for its customary challenging discussions and creative debate around a sequence of guest lectures in May, including Michael Palin, Darcey Bussell, Sandi Toksvig and Michael Sandel and another high profile debut beckons, this time in the shape of the Globe Theatre on Tour with its production of Shakespeare’s heart-rending King Lear. So whether it’s Beethoven or Shakespeare, Britten’s ‘Little Sweep’ opera for the children or a rousing Last Night of the Proms Celebration with Bristol Concert Orchestra with family and friends, St George’s is the place to be this summer - hope to see you here. Suzanne Rolt Director

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Saturday 6 April 7.30pm Enigma Orchestra

Friday 19 April 7.30pm Filmic The Smith Quartet plays Philip Glass String Quartets

Sunday 7 April 11.30am Coffee Classics Sitkovetsky Piano Trio

Sunday 21 April 11.30am Coffee Classics Sitkovetsky Piano Trio

Wednesday 10 April 7.30pm An Evening with Roger Cook and Madeline Bell

Monday 22 April 7.30pm The King’s Singers

Thursday 11 April 1pm Lunchtime Classics Liv-Marie Kodurand (violin) / Jan Rautio (piano)

Tuesday 23 April 7.30pm European Union Chamber Orchestra / Julian Lloyd Webber (cello)

Saturday 13 April 7.30pm Bristol Classical Players

Thursday 25 April 8pm Quercus: June Tabor, Iain Ballamy & Huw Warren

Monday 15 April 7.30pm Beth Orton

Friday 26 April 7.30pm Angela Hewitt (piano)

Tuesday 16 April 7.30pm Susheela Raman

Saturday 27 April 7.30pm Clare Teal Purveyors of Sunshine

Thursday 18 April 1pm Lunchtime Classics Gordon FergusThompson (piano)

Sunday 28 April 3pm Violin & Voices Julia Hwang (violin) & Bristol Male Voice Choir

Every adult ticket price includes a suggested voluntary donation of £1 to help secure the future of St George’s Bristol

For full details of our April concerts pick up a copy of our Jan-Apr 2013 brochure or visit Book now 01

Bristol Festival of Ideas at St George’s Experience cutting-edge analysis, challenging discussion and creative debate as the city’s illuminating festival returns to St George’s. With exciting talks by some of the country’s most original, distinguished and best thinkers, there’s sure to be something to inspire the mind, stimulate the passions and spark the imagination. £8 (£6.50) voluntary donation not included Promoted by Bristol Festival of Ideas in collaboration with St George’s Bristol

BRISTOL FESTIVAL OF IDEAS in association with

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Tuesday 7 May 6.15-7.45pm

Thursday 16 May 6.15-7.15pm

Friday 17 May 6.15-7.15pm

Tuesday 21 May 6.10-7.10pm

Tuesday 28 May 6.15-7.15pm

Michael J Sandel What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of the Markets

Lord Sainsbury Observer Lecture 2013: Progressive Capitalism?

Steve Jones The Serpent’s Promise: The Bible Retold as Science

Darcey Bussell A Life in Ballet

Daniel Dennett Intuition Pumps and Other Tools For Thinking

In recent decades, market values have impinged on almost every aspect of life – medicine, education, government, law, even family life. We have drifted from having a market economy to being a market society. Michael Sandel asks: Isn’t there something wrong with a world in which everything is for sale? And how do we protect the things that really matter?

Progressive Capitalists believe in the crucial role of institutions, the need for the state and the use of social justice (fairness) as an important measure of a country’s economic performance. Lord Sainsbury shows how a progressive political economy can be used by politicians and policymakers to produce a programme of economic change through reforming the UK s equity markets, corporate governance, innovation and education and training systems with the state having an enabling role rather than the command-andcontrol stance of traditional socialism or the minimalist role of neoliberalism.

In The Serpent’s Promise Steve Jones retells many of the Biblical tales in the light of modern science. Are we all descended from a real-life Adam and Eve? Are some – or all – of us marked with the molecular equivalent of original sin, and if so what can we do about it? Was the Bible’s great flood a memory of the end of the Ice Age? Will we get back to Methuselah given that life expectancy is now rising by six hours a day, every day? And what can science tell us of the mystical experiences reported by the faithful, or of the origin of faith itself?

Monday 13 May 6.15-7.15pm George Monbiot Rewilding In his latest book, Feral, George Monbiot, one of the world’s most celebrated radical thinkers, explores a new, positive environmentalism, which shows how damaged ecosystems on land and at sea can be restored, and how this restoration can revitalise and enrich our own lives. Challenging his own ecological boredom, he weaves together a beautiful and riveting tale of wild places, wildlife and wild people. The process of rewilding, he argues, offers the chance for ecological processes to resume and humans to draw closer to the natural world.

Thursday 16 May 7.45-8.45pm Michael Palin In Conversation Michael Palin established his reputation as a writer and performer with the acclaimed Monty Python’s Flying Circus. His films include A Private Function and an award-winning role in A Fish Called Wanda. As a celebrated globetrotter his television credits include the travel series Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole and, most recently, Brazil. He has also published two volumes of remarkable diaries which have been praised widely. He discusses these and his work with Christopher Stevens, biographer of Kenneth Williams (another indefatigable diarist).

Darcey Bussell, one of the greatest English ballerinas of all time, talks about her career from her early years through to her final performance of MacMillan’s Song of the Earth in 2007. She provides a fascinating insight into the ballet world, looking back on her now famous performances in ballets such as Swan Lake, Cinderella, Giselle, Manon, The Nutcracker and The Sleeping Beauty and also talks about her role as a judge in Strictly Come Dancing. There’ll be film and pictures of her work, from the new book Darcey Bussell.

Daniel Dennett, one of the world’s most original and provocative thinkers, takes us on a profound, illuminating and highly entertaining philosophical journey. He reveals a collection of his favourite thinking tools, or ‘intuition pumps’, that he and others have developed for addressing life’s most fundamental questions. He offers cognitive tools built for the most treacherous subject matter - evolution, meaning, consciousness and free will - and reveals easier ways to better understand the world around us and our place in it.

Friday 24 May 6.15-7.15pm Friday 17 May 7.45-8.45pm

Lee Smolin Time Reborn

Wed 28 August 2013 6.15-7.15pm

Sandi Toksvig Valentine Grey

Throughout history, the idea that time is an illusion and that the laws of physics are fixed or eternal has been a religious, philosophical and scientific commonplace. Lee Smolin, one of our foremost theoretical physicists, proposes a ‘revolutionary’ hypothesis about the true nature of time; that the laws of physics are not fixed, but that they evolve, in real time. This is a spectacular shift of viewpoint, which opens up the possibility of resolving some of the big open issues in physics today and places profound importance on human agency.

Margaret Atwood MaddAddam

Sandi Toksvig, one of the nation’s best-loved writers and performers, comes to the Festival of Ideas to talk about her latest novel. Valentine Grey is a huge and sweeping story about love, liberty, empire and freedom. In 1897 Valentine arrives in damp England from the sunny climes of India. The only bright spot is her exciting cousin, Reggie. When Valentine puts on Reggie’s uniform to take his place in the Boer War, it is glorious and liberating for both of them for a while, but it cannot last.

Margaret Atwood’s presentation of The Year of the Flood was one of the highlights of the 2009 Festival of Ideas – and one of the best book launches ever. Her new novel MaddAddam is the concluding part to the Oryx and Crake Trilogy telling the story of the remnants of humanity after the Waterless Flood pandemic. Told with her usual wit, dizzying imagination, and dark humour, Booker-prize-winning Margaret Atwood’s unpredictable, chilling, and hilarious MaddAddam takes us further into a challenging dystopian world and holds up a skewed mirror to our own possible future. She remains one of the world’s leading writers and thinkers.

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Beyond The Barline Bite-sized Classics Grab a bite... of music Hungry for new musical experiences? Why not escape the office, or the house, and make the most of your lunch break with a concert. Enjoy an hour(ish) of classical music courtesy of St George’s. Thursday 2 May 1pm Sarah Beth Briggs (piano) Thursday 9 May 1pm Rautio Piano Trio I Thursday 16 May 1pm Rautio Piano Trio II £8; Free for Under-25s, Students and Jobseekers All concerts start at 1pm and last approximately 55 minutes without interval. See pages 5, 7 and 10 for full programme details.

If you’ve more than an hour to spare then why not pop along to one of our pre-lunchtime concert talks with lively music educators Jonathan James and David Bednall. Their focus is the bi-centenary of Wagner, with the indomitable composer’s great body of work explored across five fascinating talks. Thursday 11 Apr 11am Wagner Explored Part I David Bednall Thursday 18 Apr 11am Wagner Explored Part II David Bednall Thursday 2 May 11am Wagner Explored Part III David Bednall Thursday 9 May 11am Wagner and the Orchestra Jonathan James Thursday 16 May 11am Wagner Explored Part IV David Bednall £8 All seats unreserved All talks start at 11am in the Crypt and last approximately 60 minutes without interval.


Thursday 2 May 8pm

Marius Neset saxophone Lunchtime Classics Classical

Thursday 2 May 1pm

Sarah Beth Briggs piano Mozart Rondo in D K485 Beethoven Piano Sonata in C minor Op 13 ‘Pathetique’ Britten Character Pieces Debussy La cathedrale engloutie (Preludes book 1) Chopin Ballade No 1 in G minor Op 23 Sarah Beth Briggs quickly made a name for herself as both a soloist and chamber musician after success in the 1984 BBC Young Musician of the Year competition. She has continued to be a presence in British classical music both as a performer and broadcaster, working with some of the top orchestras and ensembles in the country. Performing classics by Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy and Chopin, she also presents Britten’s three Character Pieces, a work she herself premiered.

04 Book now 0845 40 24 001

At just 25 years of age, Norwegian saxophonist Marius Neset is the most exciting thing to happen to jazz in an age, as his many Bristol fans already know. After the five-star acclaim for his debut, ‘Golden Xplosion’, Neset and his new quartet, with pianist Ivo Neame and drummer Anton Eger joined by bassist Petter Eldh, showcase the follow-up, ‘Birds’ (Edition Records). Astonishing technique, complex layered compositions – a unique musical personality. “Marius Neset is a marvel. He makes his instrument dance like a gazelle and soar like an eagle”. TELEGRAPH ***** 5 stars £16; £14; £10 Promoted by St George’s Bristol

Children’s & Family / Spoken Word

Friday 3 May 7pm

Michael Morpurgo The Mozart Question Paolo Levi is the greatest violinist in the world, but he refuses to play Mozart. Why? In this extraordinary story, accompanied by a violin soloist and string quartet, Michael Morpurgo tells the tale of young journalist Lesley who is sent to Venice to interview this world renowned musician on his 50th birthday. As Paolo opens up about his past what follows is a tale of survival and faith, the realities of war, and the truth of how a group of musicians survived as Jewish prisonersof-war using the only weapon they had – music. Recommended age 8+

£8; Free Under-25s, Students, Jobseekers

£8 Under-18s; £16 Adults; Family Ticket Available

Promoted by St George’s Bristol

Promoted by St George’s Bristol

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Saturday 4 May 7.30pm & Sunday 5 May 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Globe Theatre On Tour King Lear Joseph Marcell King Lear Rawiri Partene Gloucester Bill Buckhurst director St George’s is delighted to welcome the world-renowned Globe Theatre with its travelling production of Shakespeare’s legendary play, replete with Elizabethanstyle stage. Starring Joseph Marcell in the title role, and a small troupe of travelling players, new life is breathed into Shakespeare’s great tragedy. Tempestuous poetry shot through with touches of humour

Classical / Children’s & Family

and moments of heart-rending simplicity, King Lear is one of the deepest artistic explorations of the human condition.

Wednesday 8 May 7.30pm

Old King Lear, weary of royal duties, proposes to break up his kingdom and divide it among his three daughters. But this rash generosity is cruelly repaid and Lear discovers too late the false values by which he has lived – and, in turn, the suffering common to all humanity.

Mark Finch conductor Kirsten Jenson cello

Bristol Schools Philharmonia Berlioz Overture, Roman Carnival Fauré Suite, Pelléas et Mélisande Tony Hewitt-Jones Divertimento

for Orchestra Dvořák Cello Concerto in B minor

£25; £16; £8 (A limited number of £10 Student tickets available for Sunday matinee)


Monday 6 May 11am-11pm

Bristol Acoustic Music Festival 10 th Anniversary Re-scheduled and re-vamped the Bristol Acoustic Music Festival’s 10th anniversary (cancelled back in January due to snow and ice) is condensed into one long day. Jelli Records artists Bashema & Danielle Celeste are joined by, amongst others, The Weary Band, The Shrinks, Howlin Lord, The Bristol Shantymen. Check out for the full line-up and running times. / the

‘Incredibly impressive….admirably focused’ BATH CHRONICLE

£7 all day

£8; £5 Under 18s; Family Ticket available

Programmed by Jelli Records. Raising money for the Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal

06 Book now 0845 40 24 001

Another opportunity to enjoy and celebrate the emerging musical talent that abounds in Bristol’s flagship youth orchestra. There is a carnival mood to the first half, opening with Berlioz’s arresting overture on themes first heard in the opera house and closing with some orchestral fireworks by Tony Hewitt-Jones written for young players in Cheltenham exactly fifty years ago. Fauré’s beautiful and contemplative suite contains music that was played at the composer’s own funeral. In the second half, prize-winning Kirsten Jenson, one of the orchestra’s many outstanding alumnae, returns to Bristol to play Dvořák’s magnificent Cello Concerto.

Lunchtime Classics Classical

Thursday 9 May 1pm

Rautio Piano Trio Mozart Divertimento for Piano Trio in Bb KV 254 Mozart Trio in G KV 496 Mozart Trio in Bb KV 502 Three outstanding musicians from Britain, Israel and Russia and acclaimed for their artistry and versatility take on the complete Mozart Piano Trio cycle. Performing on period instruments over two must-see lunchtime engagements, this music is well worth leaving the office for. This first performance includes the composer’s Divertimento for Piano Trio in Bb, his debut work in this format composed at the age of twenty. While remaining close to existing models of piano trio music, Mozart of course still manages to spread his wings within its confines, making it his own. See also 16 May. £8; Free Under-25s, Students, Jobseekers Promoted by St George’s Bristol

Book now 07




Thursday 9 May 8pm

Fri 10 May 7.30pm

Sunday 12 May 4pm

Chris Wood

The English Concert

BBC Folk Singer of the Year Chris Wood is the UK scene’s most restlessly creative, bitingly intelligent composer/performer. Every new album brings a fresh approach. For his latest release, the musical menu changes to incorporate guitar, bass and the swelling chords of Booker T’s old Hammond organ to provide what Wood calls “a soulful soundtrack to the new depression”.

Fabio Biondi violin

Takács Quartet with Lawrence Power viola

‘The finest and most original singersongwriter to have emerged from the British folk scene since Richard Thompson.’ THE GUARDIAN £16; £14; £10 Promoted by St George’s Bristol

Brahms String Quintet No 1 in F Op 88 Brahms String Quintet No 2 in G Op 111

Haydn Divertimento in D Mozart Symphony No 21 in A K134 Pugnani Symphony in B Haydn Violin Concerto in G The music of Haydn and Mozart takes centre stage for this visit from Europe’s leading Baroque orchestra, under the direction of conductor Harry Bicket. For this glistening summer programme they are joined by one of baroque music’s most important and influential violinists, Fabio Biondi. His recordings of baroque repertoire have become essential listening; it will be a thrilling evening so do book early to secure your seat. ‘Biondi’s violin playing was both finely poised and electric...’ CHICAGO TRIBUNE

It’s a real delight to welcome back the Takács Quartet whose sell-out visit last year was one of the highlights of the season. Joined by Lawrence Power to perform Brahms’ two magnificent string quintets we know that lightning can strike twice, so be sure to join us for an audience with this most astonishingly assured of quartets, whose irresistible blend of virtuosic technique and engaging personality marks them out as one of the greatest ensembles of our time.

‘Arguably the greatest string quartet.’ THE SUNDAY TIMES

£20(£18); £17(£15); £13(£11); £11(£9) Promoted by St George’s Bristol


CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust

£25(£23); £21(£19); £17(£15); £13(£11)

Promoted by St George’s Bristol

08 Book now 0845 40 24 001

Every adult ticket price includes a suggested voluntary donation of £1 to help secure the future of St George’s Bristol

Book now 09

Filmic Classical


Mini-Beats Children’s & Family

Tuesday 14 May 7.30pm

Saturday 18 May 7.45pm

Sunday 19 May 10am/11.15am

Philip Glass Études and Other Works for Solo Piano

Brandon Hill Chamber Orchestra Youth & Vitality

Sing... Sing a Song!

The world’s most celebrated contemporary composer performs a special Filmic programme of his ‘Etudes’ - including the newly written ‘Etude 17’ - together with ‘Metamorphoses 4, 3 & 2’ (used in the score to Errol Morris’s 1998 film, The Thin Blue Line) and Wichita Vortex Sutra (1990) featuring the voice of Allen Ginsberg, from the chamber opera Hydrogen Jukebox. SOLD OUT Promoted by St George’s Bristol by kind arrangement with Pomegranate Arts


Conta for ce Box Offi ns retur

10 Book now 0845 40 24 001

Jamie Phillips conductor Charlie Siem violin Prokofiev Violin Concerto No 2 in G minor Haydn Symphony No 59 in A ‘Fire’ Dvořák Symphony No 7 in D minor

Lunchtime Classics Classical

Thursday 16 May 1pm

Rautio Piano Trio Mozart Piano Trio in E KV 542 Mozart Piano Trio in C KV 548 Mozart Piano Trio in G KV 564 The award-winning piano trio completes its presentation of Mozart’s Piano Trio cycle with the composer’s final three works. Composed in 1788, Mozart rounded off his brief foray into Piano Trio music with these fine examples; at times remarkable, richly ornamented and deceptively simplistic, this is music well worth dining out on. See 9 May also.

This concert brings together for the first time two of the most exciting young talents in British classical music. At 21, Jamie Phillips is the youngest assistant conductor ever to be appointed by the Hallé. He makes his debut at the Salzburg Summer Festival this year. Charlie Siem, who recently recorded Bruch and Wieniawski concertos with the London Symphony Orchestra, is soloist in Prokofiev’s ravishing and eclectic 2nd Concerto. We also hear Haydn’s energetic Symphony No 59 ‘Fire’ and one of Dvořák’s most popular works - his 7th Symphony.

Laura Tanner presenter Which is the most exciting, ancient, and portable instrument of all... One that all of us can try out... Heard everywhere from Carnegie Hall to your nearest bath or shower? Why it’s your voice of course!


Join wonderful local singers and presenter Laura Tanner as they limber up their vocal chords (and yours) and explore the amazing abilities of the human voice. Featuring talented young vocalists from Bristol Schools Chamber Choir.

Sunday 19 May 7.30pm

10am Great for kids aged 3-5.

Jessica Hemley, Alexandra Denman, Timothy Allan singers

11.15am Great for kids aged 5-8. Running time: 45 minutes / no interval.

£6 Children and Adults; Family Ticket available. Voluntary donation not included.

£15(£13); £13(£11)

Promoted by St George’s Bristol

Westerly Showband S’Marvellous Gershwin Chris Harris conductor

Swingtet Jazz Band A dazzling selection from George Gershwin’s diverse catalogue of classics including the sweeping An American in Paris and his magnum opus Porgy and Bess, plus songs and music from his films and Broadway shows. £9; £7

£8; Free Under-25s, Students, Jobseekers Promoted by St George’s Bristol

Book now 11

string theory Americana / Bluegrass


Wednesday 29 May 7.30pm

Tuesday 21 May 8.30pm

The Kennedys / The Carrivick Sisters

Vladimir Ashkenazy & Southbank Sinfonia

A red-hot double-bill of country-rock and bluegrass from New York City’s Pete and Maura Kennedy, famed for their work producing and backing mega-star Nanci Griffith. Support comes from the sparkling fiddle, guitar, dobro and vocals of 23 year old twins The Carrivick Sisters, St George’s young associate artists. Book early as there are fewer than 200 seats available for this event.

Vladamir Ashkenazy conductor

‘Byrdsy jangle, boy-girl harmonies, irresistible.’ ROLLING STONE (ON THE KENNEDYS) / £16 Promoted by St George’s Bristol

string theory Jazz

Café Bohemia: Oriole/ Basquiat Strings Cafe-style jazz with a double-bill of two complementary yet contrasting bands, united by passionate strings and wonderdrummer Seb Rochford, who appears with both. Oriole is composer/guitarist Jonny Phillips’ flamenco-infused acoustic group. Mercury-nominated Basquiat are led by cellist Ben Davis, who also guests with Oriole. The cabaret-seating concert will be performed “unplugged”, without a PA system. MOJO (ON ORIOLE)

‘They rock.’ THE GUARDIAN (ON BASQUIAT) £16 Promoted by St George’s Bristol £28(£26); £25(£23); £20(£18); £14(£12) Promoted in association with St George’s Bristol

String Theory Acoustic

Thursday 30 May 8pm

Ryan Francesconi & Mirabai Peart

Thursday 23 May 8pm

‘Utterly persuasive and charming.’

12 Book now 0845 40 24 001

Wagner Siegfried Idyll Strauss Metamorphosen Fauré Pavane Ravel Tombeau de Couperin

One of the world’s great artists, Vladimir Ashkenazy comes to St George’s this May. In a programme featuring some of his personal favourites, he is joined by the young stars of Southbank Sinfonia, the leading orchestral academy which brings together the very best young graduates from all over the world.

‘In such lively bands as Southbank Sinfonia, bright, open-minded young players are redefining everything about classical music concerts. Give this brilliant new breed of bands a try. You may be watching a revolution.’ THE TIMES

Best known as the musical director for megastar Joanna Newsom’s acclaimed triple album ‘Have One On Me’, virtuoso guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Francesconi (from Portland, Oregon) creates beautiful and beguiling acoustic landscapes that blend Balkan, Greek and Turkish folk-styles with bluegrass and baroque. Violinist Mirabai Peart - another member of Newsom’s band provides the perfect complement, grounding the airy inventions of Ryan’s finger-picking with earthy folk-fiddling and drones. Their album together, ‘Road to Palios’, is available on Bella Union. ‘assured chamber folk that would have sat comfortably on ECM.’ UNCUT £14; £11 Promoted by St George’s Bristol

Book now 13

Beethoven String Quartet Cycle Classical


HALF TERM Storytelling

Friday 31 May 7.30pm

Saturday 1 June 7.30pm

Tuesday 4 Jun 7.30pm

Elias String Quartet Beethoven String Quartet Cycle III

Bristol Classical Players

Wild Words Traditional Tales with a TWIST!

Beethoven String Quartet in G Op 18 No 2 Beethoven String Quartet in E flat Op 127 Beethoven String Quartet in F Op 59 No 1 ‘Rasumovsky’

Charlene Whitemore clarinet Tom Gauterin conductor

Michael Loader storyteller, James Watts reeds Tom Veck percussion and friends

The Elias String Quartet continue their landmark journey through Beethoven’s String Quartets with three more from the master’s catalogue, including the first of a trio of works commissioned by Vienna’s Russian ambassador Count Andreas Kirillovich Razumovsky. This is an engrossing cycle that breathes invigorating life into some of the great composer’s most life-affirming compositions. Join this thrilling young ensemble on their journey... / £20; £13 Promoted by St George’s Bristol


CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust

Vaughan Williams Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis Finzi Clarinet Concerto Butterworth The Banks of Green Willow Parry Symphony No 5 ‘The Year 1912’

‘They’ve a strong sense of architecture and pass melodies between them with earnest grace. … their sheer determination becomes an effective part of their performance.’ THE HERALD

The Bristol Classical Players’ Best of British season concludes with a concert that moves between the cool beauty of Vaughan Williams’ timeless Tallis Fantasia, via Finzi’s moving Clarinet Concerto to a great rarity: the 5th and final Symphony by Sir Hubert Parry. Best known for his setting of Jerusalem, this composer’s work has enjoyed greater exposure following the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, when it became known that the Prince of Wales was a fan. This gorgeous work, much admired by Elgar and others, promises to round off the season in style. £19(£15); £15(£11); £13(£9); £11(£8); £1(accompanied under 16s)

14 Book now 0845 40 24 001

‘Succulent seeds of story enthusiastically & entertainingly told.’ BATH FRINGE FESTIVAL

From the traditional to the spontaneous, two storytellers and two musicians serve up a five star, three-course meal of words and sounds, movement and grooves, rhythm and rhyme. There’ll be something you know, something you’ve heard, something unexpected, something absurd, something elusive, something surreal, something to cherish and something that’s real. Stories of crows and crones from the shadows and tales of new life and celebration that take you towards the light, word weavers and music makers Wild Words breathe new life into ancient tales and create a never told before story with suggestions from the audience. For 10 years + and adults £6 Under-18s; £8 Adults; Family Ticket available. Voluntary donation not included.

Every adult ticket price includes a suggested voluntary donation of £1 to help secure the future of St George’s Bristol

Book now 15

STRING THEORY Classical / Folk / Rock & Pop

Thursday 6 Jun 2pm / 8pm

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain After selling-out the Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall, what was left for the world renowned UOGB? That’s right: coming back to St George’s for two proper shows. The all-singing, all-strumming

ensemble of bonsai-guitarists return to the human-sized hall to run through an all-twanging repertoire that stretches from Tchaikovsky to Nirvana, with plenty of humorous detours along the way. ‘The Best of British.’ MICHAEL PALIN £25; £21; £17

‘Iconoclastic. Unabashed genre crashing antics. Nothing is spoof proof.’



Saturday 8 June 7.30pm

Promoted by St George’s Bristol

Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra Romain Lapeyre cello William Goodchild conductor Weber Der Freischütz Op 77 Dvořák Cello Concerto in B minor Brahms Symphony No 4 in E minor


Friday 7 June 9pm

Richard Tunnicliffe cello Late Night Bach J S Bach Cello Suite No 2 in D minor BWV 1008 Cello Suite No 3 in C BWV 1009 An enticing late night performance of Bach cello suites from one of the country’s most celebrated cellists, Richard Tunnicliffe... The 16 Book now 0845 40 24 001

second and third suites set the mood for an atmospheric experience in which the stillness of the night is underlined by soulful cello. ‘..intelligently informed yet emotionally engaged performances.’ THE SUNDAY TIMES £10 Running time: Approx 60 minutes / no interval Promoted by St George’s Bristol

An evening of stunning European classical music with Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra, beginning with Weber’s much-loved overture Der Freischütz. French soloist Romain Lapeyre, principal cello of the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO), performs Dvořák’s evocative Cello Concerto, much admired by Brahms. This delightful concert concludes with Brahms’s own Fourth Symphony, undoubtedly his crowning achievement. £14(£12); £10(£8); £8(£6) Book now 17

Children’s & Family

String Theory Classical

String Theory

Sunday 9 Jun 2pm

Sunday 9 Jun 6pm

Thursday 13 Jun 8pm

Stringfever for Juniors


Ahead of their early-evening concert, Stringfever present an afternoon that brings feverish fun to music!

You haven’t lived if you’ve missed out on the mesmerising spectacle of four world class musicians simultaneously playing Ravel’s ‘Bolero’ on a single bright red electric cello.

Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells For Two

Popular classics are given the Stringfever treatment, adding bags of humour to superb playing. The three brothers and cousin that make up this dazzling quartet create plenty of opportunities for audience participation. Pure enjoyment for children of all ages! Great for kids aged 6+ Running Time: 60 minutes / no interval £6 Under-18s; £8 Adults; Family Ticket Available Promoted by St George’s Bristol

In a truly jaw-dropping musical treat, the disarmingly charismatic Broadbent clan (three brothers and a cousin) bring a new dynamism to the classics and other popular music genres, including medleys such as film and the history of music... Expect exceptional musicianship, frenzied good humour and astonishingly breathless dexterity. Suitable for older children. £12; £6 Under-18s Promoted by St George’s Bristol

‘This is a musical tour-de-force.’ BATH CHRONICLE

A sell-out hit at the Edinburgh Fringe and festivals worldwide, Tubular Bells For Two is a miracle of musical and acrobatic derring-do as Australia’s Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts recreate the sound of prog rock’s 1973 masterpiece with just four hands, four feet, and a stage full of instruments. What began as an attempt to arrange TB by ear for acoustic guitars soon grew to unfeasible proportions as the two old school-friends starting adding more and more resources, fashioning their first set of tubular bells from fenceposts. The result - two blokes and too many instruments - is both knockout spectacle and lovingly-crafted homage, as Oldfield’s original is played in its entirety, Side One followed after the interval by Side Two. ‘This is a musical tour-de-force.’ SYDNEY MORNING HERALD £21; £18; £14 Promoted by St George’s Bristol

18 Book now 0845 40 24 001

Every adult ticket price includes a suggested voluntary donation of £1 to help secure the future of St George’s Bristol

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Classical / Opera

Friday 14 June 7.30pm

Opera Project La Traviata Jonathan Lyness conductor Richard Studer director/designer David Pountney translation In 1853 Verdi confirmed his place as the supreme Italian opera composer with La Traviata, a powerful story of love and honour. This new, intimately staged production goes to the heart of the story on which the opera is based, Dumas’ La dame aux Camelias, exposing the raw intensity of emotion and agonising dilemas facing the fragile courtesan, Violetta. This is opera laid bare, presented through its dramatic heart but never losing the impact and glorious colour of Verdi’s most famous work. £29; £25; £20; £16 Promoted by St George’s Bristol


Classical / Children’s & Family

Saturday 15 June 7.30pm

Monday 17 Jun 7pm

Bristol Concert Orchestra Last Night of the Proms

Benjamin Britten’s Little Sweep

Stefan Hofkes conductor Jo Edwards violin Amy Catt mezzo-soprano

Music Box Children’s Opera Group Mark Lawrence director

Union flags at the ready - this summer concert is a Last Night of The Proms affair! The soaring violin of Vaughan Williams’ ‘The Lark Ascending’ and ‘Légende’ by Delius (both with talented local young violinist Jo Edwards) - complemented by two short orchestral works by these two English masters - lead on to Ravel’s colourful and giddy ‘La Valse’ and the aching melancholy of Wagner’s ‘Tristan und Isolde’ before the irresistible Last Night finishers bring the evening to a rousing British conclusion.

An opera for children. The story of Sam the sweep boy, rescued by the children of the manor from the filthy chimney and eventually from his cruel masters, is one that touches the hearts of young and old alike. With a cast of child and adult performers, audience songs and plenty of action, this is a perfect way to introduce a young audience to the world of opera, particularly in Britten’s centenary year.    £5 under-18s; £9 adults; Family Ticket available Promoted by St George’s Bristol

£14(£12); £12(£10); £9(£7); £7(£5); £1(Under-18s) 20 Book now 0845 40 24 001

Every adult ticket price includes a suggested voluntary donation of £1 to help secure the future of St George’s Bristol

Book now 21


Friday 21 June 7.30pm

Oxford Philomusica The Eight Seasons Vivaldi The Four Seasons Piazzolla The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires Soloists of Oxford Philomusica Oxford Philomusica’s dazzling principal string players feature in a fascinating double bill.

Vivaldi’s enchanting quartet of concertos are presented alongside the colourful evocations of Ástor Piazzolla, the Argentinian master of the ‘new tango’. The notion that at any given moment there exist opposite seasons in each hemisphere is the inspiration for this thrilling combination of works. £26(£24); £20(£19); £15(£13); £10(£8) Promoted in association with St George’s Bristol

Storytelling / Children’s & Family


Sunday 23 Jun 2pm

Sunday 30 Jun 7.30pm

Wild Words Myths & Monsters

Amy Dickson saxophone

What’s that lurking in the shadows and hiding in the dark? A slithering tail, a staring eye, a sparkling jewel?

Faure Pavane Bellini Casta Diva Tom Waits In the Neighbourhood Rota La Strada Piazzolla Milonga del Angel Debussy Dr gradus ad Parnassum Chopin Nocturne Op 9 No 2

Explore the outside steppes and plateaus of St Georges with Wild Words Storytellers and join in with the search for the ‘Lost Myth’… “It must be here somewhere…?*!” Leave no boulders unturned, scour the slopes, forage through the forests, pick through the pinecones, seek clues, solve the riddle and turn over… a new leaf! Discover who and what emerges from the nooks and crannies, niches and corners when the spell is broken and the stories are told. Then join in with the puppetmaking workshop and create a puppet of your own inspired by the adventure. The events move indoors if we have wet weather. Storyteller/ actor Michael Loader and musician Richard Hughes serenade and woo with a choice of instruments from accordion, ukelele, tenor and tuba. 2 hours in total / For brave and curious 6 years + £6 Children and Adults; Family Ticket Available

Huw Warren piano

One of the stars of Classic FM Live this year, the internationally acclaimed Australian saxophonist Amy Dickson comes to St George’s as part of an exciting UK tour. An exclusive recording artist for Sony Music, Amy has released two critically acclaimed recordings; her first, ‘Smile’, was released in 2008 and the second, ‘Glass, Nyman, Tavener’, was Gramophone magazine Editor’s Choice in March 2010. Her new recording ‘Dusk and Dawn’ will be released this year. We’re thrilled to be able to welcome Amy to St George’s for what is a perfect summer programme of popular classics and occasional song. £15; £12; £5 Under-18s; Family Ticket available Promoted by St George’s Bristol

Promoted by St George’s Bristol in collaboration with the Bristol Storytelling Festival and Somerset StoryFest.

22 Book now 0845 40 24 001

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Autumn at St George’s on sale now String Theory World Music

Autumn Preview Classical

Sunday 15 September 10am

Friday 27 September

Anupama Bhagwat sitar / Gurdain Rayatt tabla Morning Raga

Matthew Barley Around Britten

A special morning presentation of India’s new star of the sitar, Anupama Bhagwat (in her debut UK appearance), together with acclaimed tabla player Gurdain Rayatt. They perform a selection of beautiful ragas, the five-note melodic phrases which are the very heart of Indian classical music. £10

As part of ongoing celebrations for Britten 100, marking the centenary of the birth of composer Benjamin Britten, cellist Matthew Barley embarks on an ambitious tour and pays homage to the composer’s creativity and innovation. At the centre of the recital is Britten’s Third Suite for Cello, written late in the composer’s life and very much haunted by thoughts of his own mortality. A series of stunning visuals has been commissioned from artists ‘Yeast Culture’, whose work will be projected alongside Britten’s music during what looks to be a scintillating and memorable evening.

The World Changed Extreme Times, Extraordinary Music Later this year we’ll be working in partnership with Bristol Music Trust to launch a major new series, The World Changed. Running throughout 2014, the series will mark the outbreak of the First World War, presenting some of the great musical works of the time in the context of film, literature, social history and art. Musician Stephen Hough will be helping to create, as well as perform in, some special events and the whole series will form part of an ambitious city wide project looking at 20th century conflict, Bristol 2014. We’re keen to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see and hear in this series, so please get in touch with ideas.

Building a Sound Future We have ambitious plans to reconfigure and extend the building to create a first class facility that combines the grandeur of the Georgian era with the requirements of a 21st century Concert Hall. Come and see our plans in the Crypt area at St George’s. If you have any ideas about fundraising or would like to contribute please e-mail

Look out for more information about The World Changed online and in future brochures.

‘Barley plays with the micro-instincts of a violinist, shading every phrase with the subtlest of nuances.’ SINFINI MUSIC Tickets on sale soon Promoted by St George’s Bristol

24 Book now 0845 40 24 001

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Crypt Café Bar

Save Money!

CAVATINA Free tickets

St George’s Café Bar offers a uniquely atmospheric and informal setting to relax with friends before and after concerts, with the finest hospitality and an enticing selection of specially chosen wines, locally-produced beers and soft drinks, teas, coffee, cake and bar snacks.

Under-25s / Student / Jobseekers Standby Ticket: the best available seats for any St George’s Bristol promotion for just £5. Standby tickets are available from the Box Office from one hour before the concert start time.

Cavatina ‘Bringing chamber music to young people, and young people to chamber music.’

Family Ticket: buy four tickets to specially selected family-friendly events at the same time, and get the lowest priced ticket free.

St George’s continues its long running collaboration with the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust, with tickets for specially selected events available free of charge to anyone between the ages of 8 and 25.

To enjoy a fantastic hot meal before a performance, St George’s has teamed up with the ‘seriously stylish’ (Venue Magazine) Goldbrick House – situated two minutes’ walk from St George’s on the corner of Park Street and Charlotte Street – to provide a special, varied and exciting ‘Early Evening’ menu.

Groups Offer: Get two free tickets in every group of ten booked if it’s your first group booking, then get one free in every ten booked thereafter. Plus all groups get free drinks vouchers for the whole party. Discount Terms and Conditions: see website or contact Box Office for details.

Aged 8-25? Then you can enjoy selected concerts absolutely free!

To take advantage of this ticket offer, look out for the logo at the bottom of the event and simply quote ‘CAVATINA’ when making a ticket booking. Visit for further information.

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St George’s Bristol is not only a world class music venue with a heritage of legendary performances, but also plays host to a wide variety of events, from conferences to awards dinners and celebrity lectures.

St George’s Bristol is one of the country’s leading concert halls, its superb acoustic, unique atmosphere and full and vibrant programme, with over 200 events each year by the world’s best artists, making it an incredibly popular and important venue for all kinds of music.

This magnificent listed building in the centre of Bristol, built in 1821 as a grand church within its own gardens, presents a unique venue for both corporate and private events – wedding receptions, professional recordings, product launches, parties, awards ceremonies, book talks and performances – and as a registered charity, all the income generated goes directly towards supporting St George’s innovative artistic and education programmes. Flexible and inspiring, it’s an iconic space to create the ultimate event. To hire St George’s, please contact our events team on 0117 929 4929 or email

As a registered charity, without support from our Friends we simply could not put on the breadth and quality of music that our audiences enjoy, nor run our award-winning Education and Community Programmes. And we would struggle to maintain the wonde rful Grade II* listed building that is home to such incredible talent. Become a Friend today from just £30 a year, enjoy great benefits and help keep St George’s alive. Please contact us, on 0117 929 4929 or Find out more at Registered charity No 295178

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The information given in this brochure was correct at the time of going to print. Programme subject to change.




















Registered Office: Great George Street, Bristol, BS1 5RR Administration: 0117 929 4929 Email: Director: Suzanne Rolt




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On foot: St George’s Bristol is located two minutes walk off Park Street.

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Children St George’s welcomes children but parents are asked to remember that some concerts, such as BBC broadcasts, may not be suitable for younger children. Babes in arms and young toddlers cannot be admitted to the auditorium for ticketed events unless otherwise stated. All children must be issued with a ticket.

Facilities for cyclists There are a number of bicycle racks at the Great George Street entrance to the venue.


r St

How to book In person – the Box Office entrance is located on the right hand side of the building, accessible from Great George Street (see opening times above).

Guide dogs Guide dogs are admitted to all parts of St George’s Bristol.


ia or ct Vi

Please note that on the first day of Friends’ Priority Booking and the first two days of General Booking the Box Office will be open from 10am – 6pm.

Latecomers and readmission Admission will be offered at the first suitable break but admission and readmission cannot be guaranteed. The management reserves the right to refuse admission to any person.



General Booking / Online Booking opens Mon 15 Apr 2013

Sound reinforcement St George’s Bristol is equipped with a T-loop hearing system.

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Facilities for patrons with additional needs St George’s welcomes concert-goers with additional needs, the venue is fully accessible from Charlotte Street. Please mention your particular needs to the Box Office when you book and all assistance will be given. Limited parking is available for Blue Badge holders, but must be reserved in advance. Toilet facilities are located in the bar and accessed by lift.

Customers are reminded that on-street parking is strictly controlled with the nearest car park located ten minutes away on Trenchard Street (


When to book Patrons Priority Booking opens Mon 8 Apr 2013

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Plus: on any concert day the Box Office opens one and a half hours before the concert start time. On most concert days the Box Office remains open until the end of the interval.

If you would like your tickets posted to you, add 70p to your remittance. Otherwise your tickets will be held at the Box Office for collection.

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Box Office opening hours Mon to Sat: 12noon – 6pm

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By bus: Frequent bus services 1, 8, 9 from Temple Meads rail station (visit the First Bus information website: for details of the best bus for your journey). By taxi: There are numerous taxi’s in the area and there are taxi ranks located on Park Street and Queen’s Road near Sainsbury’s. By bike: Bike racks can be found at the Great George Street entrance, so why not cycle to St George’s!

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May-June 2013 At a glance  May

June Lunchtime Classics Sarah Beth Briggs piano

Sat 1 7.30pm

Bristol Classical Players

Thu 2 8pm

Marius Neset saxophone

Tue 4 7.30pm

Wild Words Traditional Tales with a TWIST!

Fri 3 7pm

Michael Morpurgo The Mozart Question

Thu 2 1pm

Globe Theatre On Tour King Lear

Sat 4 - Sun 5

Bristol Acoustic Music Festival

Mon 6 11am-11pm Tue 7 6.15pm

Sat 8 7.30pm Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra / Romain Lapeyre cello

Bristol Schools Philharmonia

Sun 9 6pm


Lunchtime Classics Rautio Piano Trio

Thu 13 8pm

Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells For Two

Chris Wood

Fri 14 7.30pm

The English Concert / Fabio Biondi violin

Sat 15 7.30pm

Takács Quartet / Lawrence Power viola

Sun 12 4pm

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Richard Tunnicliffe cello Late Night Bach

Sun 9 2pm

Thu 9 8pm Fri 10 7.30pm

Fri 7 9pm

Festival of Ideas Michael J Sandel

Wed 8 7.30pm Thu 9 1pm

Thu 6 2pm/8pm

Mon 13 6.15pm

Festival of Ideas George Monbiot

Tue 14 7.30pm

Philip Glass piano – SOLD OUT Festival of Ideas Darcey Bussell

Wed 15 6.15pm

Mon 17 7pm Fri 21 7.30pm Sun 23 2pm Sun 30 7.30pm

Stringfever for Juniors

Opera Project Verdi’s La Traviata Bristol Concert Orchestra Benjamin Britten’s Little Sweep Oxford Philomusica The Eight Seasons Wild Words Myths & Monsters Amy Dickson saxophone

Lunchtime Classics Rautio Piano Trio

Thu 16 1pm Thu 16 6.15pm

Festival of Ideas Lord Sainsbury

Thu 16 7.45pm

Festival of Ideas Michael Palin

Fri 17 6.15pm

Festival of Ideas Steve Jones

Fri 17 7.45pm

Festival of Ideas Sandi Toksvig

Sat 18 7.45pm Brandon Hill Chamber Orchestra / Charlie Siem violin MiniBeats Sing... Sing a Song!

Sun 19 10am/11.15am

Westerly Showband Marvellous Gershwin

Sun 19 7.30pm Tue 21 8pm

The Kennedys / The Carrivick Sisters

Thu 23 8pm

Oriole / Basquiat Strings

Fri 24 6.15pm

Festival of Ideas Lee Smolin

Tue 28 6.15pm

Festival of Ideas Daniel Dennett

Wed 29 7.30pm

Vladimir Ashkenazy / Southbank Sinfonia Ryan Francesconi / Mirabai Peart

Thu 30 8pm

Fri 31 7.30pm Elias String Quartet Beethoven String Quartet Cycle III

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St George’s Bristol


Book now 0845 40 24 001 Visit us Great George Street (off Park Street), Bristol BS1 5RR

St George's Bristol Brochure (May/June 2013)  
St George's Bristol Brochure (May/June 2013)  

Event listings brochure for Bristol concert hall, May and June 2013.