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St George’s Anglican Grammar School; an exciting, innovative co-educational secondary school based in a highrise building in the Perth CBD. The School caters for local and international students in Years 7-12, and is a proud member of the Anglican Schools Commission network of schools in Western Australia. We are committed to child safety and protection, and expect all staff, volunteers, visitors to the School and contractors to respect and abide by all policies, procedures and practices developed and put in place by the Anglican Schools Commission (ASC) and/or the School in this regard.

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From the Principal Mr Gary Racey

A warm welcome back to our school community. It is hoped all families have had an enjoyable holiday break and students are ready for a productive term, committing to seeking their personal best. The staff are well-rested and have ‘hit the ground running’, with two full days of professional development, including the ASC Christian Purposes Day held at HBF Stadium on Tuesday April 30. This is one of the most significant collegial days on the ASC calendar for staff to network and reconnect, in addition to listening and being inspired by keynote speakers. This year we were privileged to hear the story Saroo Brierley, whose life was documented in the film ‘Lion’, and in the book ‘A Long Way Home’. Saroo shared an extraordinary, remarkable and touching story of survival, hope and sheer determination. A snapshot of Saroo’s Profile is below. Saroo Brierley


Saroo Brierley was born in a small Indian town. In 1986, aged only 5, he lost all contact with his family, then he was separated from his brother at a train station. He never saw his brother again. After living on the streets of Calcutta for 3 weeks by himself, Saroo was placed in a local orphanage before being adopted by an Australian family. He grew up with his new parents in Hobart Tasmania for the next 25 years, but he was unable, and unwilling, to forget the land of his childhood. Determined to rediscover his past, Saroo embarked on a virtual odyssey of his homeland and, after many hours analysing Google Earth, armed only with the images etched into his memories as a 5 year old, he managed to recognise his home town - and track down his mother. Their reunion in 2012 made headlines across the world, and his full story is recounted in his #1 international bestselling autobiography, ‘A Long Way Home’. The film, Lion, based on his autobiography was released in November 2016 and nominated for four Golden Globe and six Academy Awards. Café Design - update As most members of our school community would be aware, a proposal is being developed to transition our school cafeteria into a space that better reflects the CBD environment in which we work and learn, and to maximise the use of the space on Level 4. The brief; an inner-city café that permits functionality for the various activities required of this space, and to St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

create a relaxed, mature and inviting area that reflects our vision for a 21st century school which is connected to the CBD environment. I am pleased to say our working party, made up of myself, two parents with design experience and qualifications, café manager and our builder, have produced an initial design. This design now enters a consultation phase with staff and students. Over the early part of Term 2, we have scheduled briefings with staff and student representatives from all year levels, including the Student Guild. Following these discussions, the working party will then review and reflect to seek to maximise the design to meet the needs of our community. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Mr Lee Jackson and Mrs Julie Degenaar, two Year 7 parents, whose leadership and direction have been absolutely invaluable to get us to the point. The time, skills and energy they have placed in supporting the School is greatly appreciated and cannot be understated.

sincerely for his participation. Additionally, I would like to congratulate Hamish Monk from Year 7 who did an outstanding job in playing the Last Post and Rouse. We are very proud of him. A special thanks to those parents who were able to join us for this service. Inter-house Cross Country Congratulations to all participants in the recent Inter-house Cross Country. Once again, the spirit and collegial attitude towards such events was on show. Thankyou to Ms Scheele for her leadership of this event. Finally, I would like to thank all parents for the effort undertaken to ensure all students were dressed in their winter uniform for the start of Term 2. They all look very smart indeed. Every blessing

Gary Racey

ANZAC Day Service - Lest We Forget Principal The School’s annual ANZAC Day Service was held on Monday May 6 and was coordinated by Ms Courtney Evans, in consultation our Student Leaders. The service was a fitting and reverent tribute to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and those who continue to make personal sacrifices to maintain our way of life. While all elements of the service were dignified and meaningful, I was particularly moved by Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Beck’s presentation. Lieutenant Colonel Beck is a parent of our school and a distinguished serviceman. We thank him

Edition 6 2019 2

From the Head of Curriculum Mrs Angela Tanham

NAPLAN A reminder to parents of Year 7 and 9 students that the NAPLAN Online tests will be held in week 3 on 14, 15 and 16 May. All students are required to have a set of earphones/ headphones for the test as some of the questions have an audio component. Please ensure your child is equipped and ready for the tests. This also includes having the required ‘Locked Down Browser’ (LDB) app installed on their device and bringing their device fully charged to all of the tests. The students have installed the LDB at school, but please check that they have not deleted it or that it required a parent password to install the app on their device.

held from 6 and 7 June and 10 and 11 June. Students must attend all exams wearing the full winter uniform. Students who are absent from an exam must provide the school with a medical certificate obtained on the date of the absence. Year 11 and 12 students may stay at home to study if they do not have an exam. Year 10 students must attend school for the full day and will have their usual scheduled timetable when they are not sitting an exam. Year 11 and 12 students who study General and VET Certificate subjects must attend school if they have unfinished work in any of their subjects and complete the work at school where they can obtain assistance from their teachers if required. Any students coming into school during this period must be wearing the correct uniform. The exam timetables can be found in the Documents section of SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Learn.

Please see the link below to install the ‘Locked Down Browser’

We wish all students the best of luck in these upcoming exams.


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Year 12 Student Declaration and Permission Semester One Exams for SCSA Term 2 is a critical term for student All Year 12 WACE students are required to progress, particularly for students in Years 10 declare that they are aware of the to 12. Home study and revision should be a requirements to achieve the Western priority for all students at this time. There Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) are only two weeks remaining until the and for sitting the ATAR course exam period for year 10 – 12 students. Year examination. Prior to ticking the declaration 12 exams commence on Monday 27 May box for online submission, one of the and run until Wednesday 5 June. Year 11 requirements is that your child has exams commence on Tuesday 4 June and run discussed their permission responses with until Tuesday 11 June. Year 10 exams will be you.

Please refer to publications/year-12-information for further information and read the Parent Information letter from SCSA.

Homework Help Classes

A reminder that Homework Help classes have recommenced on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Students may attend the classes to complete homework, assignments, finish off work or revise concepts taught in class. Staff will be available to assist students. Homework Help Classes will occur as follows: Days: Tuesday and Thursday Time: 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm Location: Level 2

From the Head of Pastoral Mr Hilton Hardman

St George’s Day On Monday 13 May our school will be celebrating St George’s Day. This is a patronal day, where we celebrate George, the saint after whom our school is named, and it also celebrates the founding of our school. St George’s Day includes a formal worship service, during which we reaffirm our faith, ethos and Christian values. As a part of this tradition, we confer two student awards, the Junior and Senior Spirit of St George Awards. This event has offered the opportunity for us to focus on the importance of our school’s history, serving others and providing events to students to make this day memorable.

Our Year 11 and 12 students have written open letters which will be handed to Amana living retirement home,Years 7 – 10 are collecting hygiene products which will be handed over to a non-profit organisation to support those in our community. The end of the day will see the school walk to Langley Park where team games will be taking place. Creating Positivity I have been doing a lot of reading in recent months on positivity and the impact it has on well-being; not just on our own wellbeing, but on that of the people around us. I think this is especially important in adolescence when there is so much pressure. Academic pressure, social pressure, personal pressure, family pressure, pressure about the future and the now. It just goes on. And we could almost forgive adolescents for buckling to the negative; no-one understands me, everyone expects too much, he said, she said, it’s too hard… But negative begets negative. When we start from a negative place, it can be very difficult to move beyond that negative place. We get so caught up in the negative emotions that they magnify, and it becomes a habit to look at the world with negative framing. Often, it becomes so normal we miss the fact that our conversations and language have become predominantly negative. Of course, it’s not just our young people, we can all fall into the trap too. Negativity is toxic.


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

I’d like to challenge our students to think positively and reduce their negative language. In fact, it would be great if our whole community did this; students, families and staff. There are simple changes we could all make, but certainly that we should be encouraging our students to make. Try some of these: • Set SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. Having something to aim for, that challenges us but is achievable is incredibly positive. • Find and follow your passion. Whether it is playing live music, writing a book, running, painting, gardening. Find the thing that gives you joy and do that. • Assess your habits in relation to language and consciously reframe your thinking. Recognise when, why and how often you respond or comment from a negative place and choose to change that. • Focus on the positive. That means in yourself and in others. Encourage positive interactions and politely reject the negative. Accept positivity into your life. • Listen. Yep, it’s a simple one. Listen to other people. This can help us see how lucky we are, recognise happiness or contentment in ourselves, and gosh, it just makes you feel good to listen, because everyone wants to be heard, and that means listening makes other people happy. And that makes us happy. • Practice kindness. Doing things for others, saying nice things, looking after someone other than ourselves; all of these things impact positively on our well-being, on our sense of self. If you can be only one thing, Be kind. I do know that this seems simplistic. I accept that. But does it have to be complicated? There is enough bad in the world, we need to nurture the good. Choose positivity. It can make all the difference in the world.

Hilton Hardman Head of Pastoral

From the IT Department Mr Jason Wakefield

In today’s society, it is important now more than ever to keep up-to-date with technology advances especially if they can assist us in our everyday lives. It’s also important to understand that there are evolving security risks associated when connecting devices to the wide Internet space. I felt it was time we not only revealed the man behind the keyboard but opened your mind to our considerably-sized Information & Communication Technology (ICT) world!

increasing amount of time online on many devices such as mobile phones, computers and gaming consoles. Enter Circle with Disney in association with our partners @ Cyberhound. I have personally tested this little device in my own home network. It is unbelievably easy to setup and doesn’t even have to be plugged into a network cable or sit inbetween your router and the Internet. And managing all the devices on my network from my mobile device was, again, very simple. I highly recommend this device. It is well worth the small price tag.

Hopefully through our articles you can gain more of an understanding of the ever-changing ICT landscape, learn neat tricks and shortcuts to use on your devices, useful hardware and software for home use, Trend Micro anti-virus reports, any ICT-related activity here @ St George’s and much more.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I protect my child while they are on the Internet but also helping them grow into responsible digital citizens?”

Please visit for more information on its many features and how to purchase. For your family’s mobile devices outside of your home network, across all networks, please also see Circle GO

Well, probably not exactly that but I’m here to ease your frustration. It’s not hard to notice that our youth are spending an

Jason Wakefield


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

IT Manager

From the Head of Art Ms Carol Wohlnick


This photographic exhibition shines a light on the face of homelessness in Perth and aims to help raise awareness of this important social issue. The dramatic large scale portraits were created by Photographer Phil England of Terrace Photography. Entry is by gold coin donation with all proceeds going to Street Connect. The exhibition is open from Tuesday 4 to Friday 7 June 2019 during normal school hours. For further information and to RSVP contact Carol Wohlnick HOLA the Arts by 22 May 2019

Year 12 Performing Arts Perspectives

Scripted Monologue Massimo McKie Bob’s Monologue from Sanctuary by David Williamson

4 -7 June - Opening Wednesday 5 June 6:00 pm Level 2 Exhibition

Parents, Staff and Carers are cordially invited to the opening of EYE CONTACT at St George’s Anglican Grammar School. Principal, Mr Gary Racey will launch the Exhibition on Wednesday 5 June at 6:00pm on Level 2, St George’s AGS, 50 William Street, Perth. Edition 6 2019 8

‘The arts enrich our lives, promote empathy and, as well as entertaining us, help us understand each other. It is exciting to see that these students have embraced this and it is an important part of every young adult’s education’.


The Art Department has been invited to participate in the inaugural GREENBATCH recycled sculpture competition to be held during UWA’s Open Day on August 4. One of the aims of the event is to engage and educate the community about plastic pollution.

Our graduating Drama students of 2018, Massimo McKie and Dylan Merrick, were honoured to be selected for this year’s Performing Arts Perspectives extravaganza held recently at the Perth Concert Hall. The program is made up of a selection of the top performances from the ATAR examinations in Dance, Music and Drama. The aim is to reflect the range of styles and genres found in each art form. Our current senior school students thoroughly enjoyed the show. They were totally inspired by the many and varied performances on display which came from a broad cross section of different WA schools. In their quest for excellence, these talented top achieving students of 2018 provided a window into the creative and expressive possibilities within the arts. The Artistic Director Emily McLean eloquently summarised one of the aims of the event:

Please rinse and bring in your clear 1 litre Schweppes (or similar) soft drink bottles. Deposit them in the blue bin on the Ground Floor and/or on Level 4 outside the art room. Art students will then recycle these for their sculpture project. Greenbatch is a social enterprise who are building Western Australia’s first plastic recycling facility. Greenbatch strives to perpetuate generational change in their approach to plastic recycling and the engagement of schools and students is a pivotal step in establishing a more sustainable environment. Greenbatch are building WA's first plastic reprocessing plant, turning the PET plastic bottles we put in our recycling bins into 3D printing filament for schools to build and create with.

Edition 6 2019 9

From the Head of Science and Mathematics Ms Charlotte Donovan

Students from Years 9 and 10 were selected to compete in the annual Science and Engineering Challenge. In small groups students were faced with everyday challenges facing engineers and scientists, and were competing against other schools to come up with the most successful and innovative solutions. Tasks included controlling power stations, building a bionic hand, constructing earthquake proof towers, developing and decoding messages sent through fibre optics, building Mars rovers, constructing rail networks, making flat pack furniture and building a bridge to transport gold. All students worked extremely hard, with some teams achieving great success, and others just having a good time learning! Overall on the day St Georges came 4th! This is a fantastic result and Mr Lim and Miss Donovan are very proud of the efforts put forward by our students.

Charlotte Donovan

Head of Science and Mathematics Edition 6 2019 10

From the Head of Health and Physical Education Ms Jodie Scheele 2019 InterHouse Cross Country

Under 14’s Champions

Carnivals continue to be the pinnacle of Physical Education and it is mainly due to the enthusiasm, the tenacity and the spirit that the students of St George adopt at each of these events. We were truly blessed with a superb Under 15’s Champions Autumn day where students ran the Supreme Court Garden course to the best of their ability. Cardiovascular endurance is an essential component of fitness and whether it be running, swimming, cycling, brisk walking, aerobics, boxing - it is just so important to keep the heart rate elevated and working for at least 20 minutes for health and well-being. Students are taught that running is about an individual challenge.

We had some outstanding individual Under 16’s Champions achievements and we congratulate this year’s medal winners. Under 13’s Champions


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Open Champions

The shield presentations will be announced at St George’s Day on Monday 13 May.

ACC Cross Country

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent the School at the ACC Cross Country which takes place on the 30 May at Alderbury Reserve, Perry Lakes. Boys will be running 4km and the girls, 3km. Training is encouraged and recommended. We will be meeting in the Fitness Centre every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:00am for training. I will be sending out the “Consent to Go” and information letter for this event shortly.

2019 ACC Cross Country Team

Under 13 Boys and Girls Harry Joyner, William Owen, Mason Chin, Dylan Herbert, Cooper Zuideveld, Hamish Monk, Reserves: Nathan Mitchell and Linus Miller Zara Brown, Audrey (Rey) Degenaar, Kaylee Chin, Macy Mackey, Audrey Hunt, Holly Williams Reserves: Serena Lee and Georgia Rose Dewar

Under 14 Boys and Girls Tristin Bow, Tom Sweeney, Harrison Flower, Koby Pascall, Ethan Lane, Oscar Bushell Reserves: Sam Beck and Shijie (Sam) Wu Bonnie Baugh, Sydnee Gould, Gwen Tan, Jo Jo Brown, Shanae Green, Milla Howard, Reserves: Ellie Townley and Niamh Bingham Under 15 Boys and Girls Matthew Porter, Harry Maude, Freddie Wood, Giles Heather, Jeremy Webb Koki Matsuo Reserves: Harrison Ball and Marcus Fairhall Ali Griffin, Brianna Goss, Ashleigh-Hannah Lawton, Ella Tiley, Jessica Green, Esther Johnson Reserves: Olivia Flavel and Lillyana McKay Under 16 Boys and Girls Elijah Sparrow, Jack Joyner, James Cohen James Merrick, Levi Humberstone Jackson Edmonds Reserves: Henry Huang and Theodore Napoli Cosette Panchioli, Evie Kirkpartick, Jessica Klimek, Rachael Sullivan, Jenny Wong, Jordan Day Reserves: Amelia Saunders and Mary Andrews-Marjoram OPEN Boys Bernard Bolum, Isaac Blackwell, Charlie Beck, Jack Blatchford, Benedict Bolum, Seb Millington Reserves: Angus Hume and Connor Phillips OPEN Girls Eliza Griffin, Lara McDonald, Genna Price, Halla Harding, Dejana Matijevic, Petra Tan, Reserves: Sofia Pascall and Lola McQueen Laval

Jodie Scheele

Head Health and Physical Education 12

St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Administration Enrolments

Term 2 Tour Dates

To avoid fees in lieu being charged, notice of a student’s withdrawal must be received by the School before the first day of the School Term preceding the Term of the student’s departure. If this does not occur, families will be charged the remainder of the current Term, plus an additional Terms fee in lieu. Upon withdrawal of a student from the School, all fees and charges incurred for that student are payable to the School in full within seven days of exit.

SEQTA The St George’s Anglican Grammar School SEQTA account is not assigned to a staff member and, therefore, is not monitored. Please contact the staff member directly to ensure prompt action to your message.

The School Enrolment Policy requires one full term’s notice in writing prior to the withdrawal of a student from the School. Where such notice is not received, the School will charge an amount equal to the tuition fees for that current term.

If you know anyone that would like a tour of the school, please ask them to book one of these dates. Tours fill very quickly. 22 May 2019 05 June 2019 19 June 2019

If the account has been paid in full and a refund is due, payment will be processed for the full refund due within seven days of exit.

Uniform Shop

St George’s uniforms are purchased from Matrix Uniforms Showroom, 1 Hasler Road Osborne Park or online. Uniform fittings are available from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday.


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Community Noticeboard YEAR 7 PARENTS MID-YEAR DINNER

WHEN: Saturday 22 June 2019, 7:00 pm WHERE: The Camfield (next to Optus Stadium, 1 Roger MacKay Drive, Burswood) RSVP: Sara 0411562192 (Isabelle’s mum), or Vickie (Ari’s Mum) by FRIDAY 14 JUNE

All Year 7 parents welcome so please come along and enjoy the evening.

Edition 6 2019 14

The Science Department needs your help!

Donations of any old working fish tank accessories will be gratefully received to fit out our 2 new fish tanks. We are seeking Including: • Gravel; • Lights; • Filter and Air pumps; • Decorations (Plastic plants etc); and • Large sheets of acrylic or polystyrene. Also, any ice cream containers (any size, with or without lids) will also be accepted. Students can bring their donations in directly to the Science department or their Science teacher.


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Profile for St George's Anglican Grammar School

Newsletter Edition 6 2019  

Friday 10 May 2019 - welcome to Edition 6 of the SGAGS School newsletter for 2019. We hope you enjoy reading.

Newsletter Edition 6 2019  

Friday 10 May 2019 - welcome to Edition 6 of the SGAGS School newsletter for 2019. We hope you enjoy reading.