St. Francis' College

This day and boarding school for girls aged 3 months -18 years and boys aged 3 months - 7 years, is the school with a unique sense of community, that empowers students to excel in any endeavour, to find their own voice, to dream bigger and to strive to achieve their dreams.

So, how do we achieve something that other schools aspire to do? Small class sizes, excellent teaching, a pastoral programme that is embedded throughout the curriculum, a keen focus on student voice and a plethora of extra-curricular opportunities all enable students and staff to build up their relationships alongside achieving academic and co-curricular excellence. At St. Francis’, outstanding GCSE and A Level results, alongside 100% of students achieving their first university choice, are results which happen naturally. We are not a hot-house; we are a phenomenally successful educational community that enables extraordinary outcomes for our students.  

Our aim is to provide a rigorous and stimulating educational experience, with a focus on close individual care, which equips our students to thrive in an ever-changing global environment. We seek to build intellectually creative minds and to instil the core values of determination, resilience, empowerment, appreciation and motivation, all in a secure environment where students feel confident enough to have a go, make mistakes and learn from them. Our students leave us inspired to dream bigger and equipped to strive to achieve their ambitions