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February - March 2013

The beginning of the New Year has been a time for resolutions, perhaps starting an exercise program, losing weight, or being kinder to others. Lent is also a time of resolution. Our Catholic faith calls us to “Repent and prepare the Way of our Lord.” (Matthew 3:2) As we begin our preparation for the Lenten season, let us take a moment to reflect on our own faith journey and our relationship with the Lord in this Year of Faith. With the Apostolic Letter of 11 October 2011, Porta Fidei, Pope Benedict XVI declared a Year of Faith. This year began on 11 October 2012 and will conclude on 24 November 2013. The beginning of the Year of Faith coincided with the anniversaries of two great events which have marked the life of the Church in our days: the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, called by Blessed Pope John XXIII (11 October 1962), and the twentieth anniversary of the promulgation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church by Blessed Pope John Paul II (11 October 1992).

St. Francis

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Catholic High School

From the President

The Holy Father declared the Year of Faith to contribute to a renewed conversion to the Lord Jesus and to the rediscovery of faith. In other words, the Year of Faith is an opportunity for Catholics to experience a conversion to turn back to Jesus and enter into a deeper relationship with Him. As a community at St. Francis High School, we look to our Patron as a model of Lenten devotion to our Lord. Throughout his life, Francis consciously and unconsciously was devoted to our Lord in his ever present desire to fulfill God’s will. He said, “We adore you O Christ and we praise You.” Let us make our Lenten sacrifice a renewal of our faith. God of goodess and mercy, hear my prayer this Lenten season. Let me be honest with myself as I look into my heart and soul, noticing the times I turn away from you, then seeking to repent and return to your love. May humility guide my efforts to be reconciled with you and live forever in your abundant grace. Amen

Online Enrollment & Tuition Agreement for 2013-2014 For the 2013-2014 school year, completion of Tuition Agreement Forms and payment of the $600 registration fee will be conducted online through a secure re-enrollment website, as introduced last spring. Log-in information and instructions will be e-mailed to returning families by March 4, 2013 and sent to incoming families with acceptance letters during the week of March 11, 2013. March 15 Returning student deadline for online submission of enrollment form and registration fee March 25 Class of 2017 deadline for online submission of enrollment form and registration fee Please see the Guidance Department information on page 4 regarding course scheduling.

Financial Aid Forms

The Financial Aid Application website, TADS - Tuition Aid Data Services, will go live on March 4, 2013 for returning students and March 11 for Class of 2017. Click here for a worksheet to help you prepare to fill out the TADS Application. The TADS application fee is $34.

With peace and blessings during this Lenten season,

Applications must be submitted by April 19, 2013. Financial aid applicants will be informed by mail of their award amount beginning the week of June 1, 2013.

Margo Reid Brown’81 President

Those wishing to apply late must receive permission from the SF Finance Office at (916) 737-5042.

Why do we require direct service at SFHS?

Our observance of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, a day of fast and abstinence for Catholics. St. Francis High School will celebrate Mass at 10:30 am on Ash Wednesday, February 13. The imposition of ashes during the Mass replicates an ancient penitential practice and symbolizes our dependence upon God’s mercy and forgiveness. The three traditional pillars of Lenten observance are prayer, fasting and almsgiving. The Church asks us to surrender ourselves to prayer and to the reading of Scripture, to fasting and to giving alms. Students have the opportunity for prayer through our daily prayers plus optional Lectio Divina prayers on Tuesdays after school in the chapel. We also offer Eucharistic Adoration each month in our chapel. At the end of Lent students will gather for a school wide Lenten prayer service in the gym. The fasting that we do together on Fridays is but a sign of the daily Lenten discipline of individuals and households: fasting for certain periods of time, fasting from certain foods, but also fasting from other things and activities. The tradition of Lenten rice bowls will continue again this year with special Fridays set aside when students can purchase simple bowls of rice for their lunch as a way to be in solidarity with much of the world’s population and to help support Catholic Relief Services’ efforts in feeding the hungry of the world. Likewise, the giving of alms is some effort to share this world equally—not only through the distribution of money, but through the sharing of our time and talents. The opportunity to donate is available through Operation Rice Bowl where each student will be given a small collection box for change. At the end of Lent these boxes will be collected and the proceeds donated to Catholic Relief Services. The key to fruitful observance of these practices is to recognize their link to baptismal renewal. We are called not just to abstain from sin during Lent, but to true conversion of our hearts and minds as followers of Christ. We recall those waters in which we were baptized into Christ’s death, died to sin and evil, and began new life in Christ. Eucharistic Celebrations: • Ash Wednesday, February 13 at 10:30 am • Eucharistic Adorations: February 11 and March 12, 8 am to 2:45 pm Lenten Prayer Service • March 22, 10 am • Lenten Rice Bowl Fridays: February 15, March 8 and March 22 Retreats: • Sophomore – February 14-15 • Junior – February 20-22 (last one of the year) • Kairos – March 5-8 or March 19-22 or April23-26 • Freshman One-Day – February 26 or 27 or 28 (all at St. Anthony Parish from 8 am to 2:30 pm each day) More info to be e-mailed to Freshman parents Christian Service Hours Deadlines: (to have hours logged onto TroubieServe) • February 19 for Seniors • April 24 for Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors 2

Christian Service, properly understood as a loving gift of ourselves, is not just a pillar of the four years of education at St. Francis High School, it is a pillar of an authentic and fulfilling human life. Service is not just something that we do, it is a response to a desire that has been placed at the very core of our being: the desire to be in communion and relationship with others. The remarkable document from the Second Vatican Council, Gaudium et Spes, sheds beautiful light on this fact when it states, Indeed, the Lord Jesus, when He prayed to the Father, “that all may be one... as we are one” (John 17:21-22) opened up vistas closed to human reason, for He implied a certain likeness between the union of the divine Persons, and the unity of God’s [children] in truth and charity. This likeness reveals that man, who is the only creature on earth which God willed for itself, cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself.” (Gaudium et Spes, 24) At St. Francis we take this innate human desire very seriously as we seek to integrate service into the education and formation of each student. Many schools and institutions require some form of service or community engagement. St. Francis High School takes this one step further by requiring that our students not only give of their time to help in the community, but to give of themselves in a way that is directly and personally serving those in need. This requirement calls our students to engage in the lives of others. It is in these encounters with those who are marginalized by society, whether it be at-risk youth, the elderly or the homeless, that students understand the true meaning of human dignity. In understanding this basic tenet of Christianity, our students recognize the true needs of others and learn how to respond in love. Throughout the four years at St. Francis it is our hope that our students will better understand their own God given abilities, the unique situations of others in our community and how to use the gifts they have been given to serve those in need. It is in this loving gift of themselves that our Troubies are able to change the lives of others as well as to be transformed by the experience. Christian service at St. Francis High School is more than a graduation requirement; it is an invitation to imitate the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.

Attendance Procedures Reminder

ON-LINE Bookstore

SFHS has a 24-hour attendance line. If your daughter will be absent, arriving late, or needing an early dismissal, please call 916-737-5050 (before 8AM would be helpful). If your daughter is leaving early we will send her a pass, she will sign herself out in the front office and she will come out to the car when you arrive.

For the 2013-2014 school year, St. Francis will again be working with MBS Direct to provide textbooks through their on-line bookstore. The on-line bookstore will open in mid May to accommodate students’ need to purchase summer reading materials and to purchase books for those attending summer school. All students can sell their used textbooks back to MBS on May 17, 20, and 21. If you need parent service hours and would like to help with the buy back program (service hours can apply to the 2013-2014 school year), contact Ginny Dowd, 916-969-6400 or More information will be in the April/May newsletter and on the SF website.

AP Exams

The cost of each Advanced Placement (AP) exam this year - determined by the College Board - is $89. The accounts of those students who will be taking the AP exams in May* will automatically be charged by the St. Francis Billing Office. Payments are due to St. Francis by the end of the day on Friday, February 15. Please send payments to: Attn: Michael Gallo and mail to St. Francis High School or deliver to the Main Office.

Information about e-books for 2013-2014 will be forthcoming.

*Exam dates are on the school calendar.

Japanese Exchange Program March 5-15, 2013

Student Government

This March, thirty St. Francis families will be hosting Japanese exchange students visiting from Nakamura Gakuen Girls’ High School (Fukuoka, Japan). Exchange students will join their St. Francis “sisters” in attending classes, participating in various school, extracurricular, and language activities, visiting local sites, and sharing in the experience of living with an American family. Many thanks to all who are participating!

Petitions for Student Body Officers (Juniors only) for the 201314 school year are available in the Student Activities Office, located in the CLC, beginning February 14 and are due February 21. An SBO Interest Meeting will be held in the Student Activities Office on February 15 at community lunch. Petitions for class office for all grade levels will be available February 27 and are due March 8. An interest meeting for class officers will be on February 27, time and location TBA. If interested students do not meet the eligibility requirements, appeals applications are available.

Host Family Orientation Monday, Feb. 25 • 5:30pm • CLC

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed for teacher guides (participate on campus, 8am-3pm), driving/chaperoning (e.g. to Capitol, Old Sacramento) on two afternoons, and providing desserts for the Farewell Reception on March 13. Please sign up through Volunteer Spot or contact Sarah Ruano for more information: (916)737.5004 or

Parent Volunteer Program

Report forms for class of 2013 parents were due in January. Forms for all other grade levels are due on May 1 (after which you may start earning hours toward the 2013-2014 school year.) Click here for Parent Volunteer Opportunities. A few of the upcoming events seeking volunteers: • Japanese Exchange, March 5-15: Volunteer Spot • Spring Play, March 8, 9, 14, 15 and 16. Volunteer details will be emailed and posted. • Mother-Daughter Fashion Show, April 20: Contact Melissa Deiro, Advancement Associate for Events, • Booster Club Golf Tournament, May 9: Contact Melissa Deiro, Advancement Associate for Events, mdeiro@ • Used Book Buy-back, May 17, 20, 21: Ginny Dowd, 916-969-6400 or • Grad Night, May 23. Volunteer details will be emailed and posted.

Alumnae Association Alumnae Association Scholarship The SFHS Alumnae Association awards scholarships on an annual basis to students who have a qualifying alumnae relation. A scholarship applicant must be a current freshman, sophomore, or junior. Criteria for applicants and information on how to apply for a scholarship can be found at Alumnae Scholarship. Applications will are also available in the front office and are due March 20. Amy Mansfield Weinberg ’92, Advancement Associate for Alumnae Community Affairs • 916-737-5017 3

Guidance Department College Counseling Appointment

Course Registration/Scheduling for 2013-14

Thirty minute appointments with college advisors will be held February through April for all Juniors, and parents are invited to attend. Students should check their email for their assigned appointment time. Students who miss their appointment will not be rescheduled until May.

St. Francis High School students register for courses online using Naviance Family Connection. Parents and students with questions or who are having trouble logging into Naviance should contact Sunny Rivera in the Guidance Center at, 916-7375091. The 2013-2014 Course Catalog is posted on the St. Francis Website under Academics. Please review the catalog selections with your daughter (note prerequisites for specific courses) and work together on building her four year plan. Consider the academic course graduation requirements for SFHS as well as any additional courses needed to attend more selective colleges and universities.

Seniors Some seniors have already received acceptances from colleges; however, most students will not learn of their admission decisions until March. It is important that each senior updates her Naviance Family Connection account as soon as she knows the admission decision.

The Naviance Course Scheduler will be open online on the following days for registration for all grade levels: 5:00PM, Monday, February 11 through 5:00PM, Monday, February 18.

Community College Workshop

Any senior who is considering attending community college is invited to join the counselors in the Guidance Center during lunch 1 or 2 on Tuesday, February 5 for a wealth of information on applying to and attending community college.

After submitting requests online, Freshmen and Sophomores will meet one-on-one with their counselor from February through March to finalize their selections. It is each student’s responsibility to check her email for her appointment time and ensure that she meets with her counselor during this time period. After the counselor approves the course selections, a course registration form will be sent home with the student for parent review and signature. For Juniors, counselors will review course requests and students will receive a parent sign-off sheet in homeroom or English class.

Mid-year Transcripts

Transcripts including coursework from the seventh semester were given to seniors at the end of January to send to schools that students designated on their Mid-Year Survey (schools on the Common Application received an electronic transcript). It is important that seniors continue to work hard in their classes during the final semester, as colleges look closely at the work done just prior to beginning their college careers. It is possible for a college to rescind an offer of admission if a student does not show the same level of success that she displayed in previous semesters.

Our general policy as outlined in our School Profile and Handbook is to allow students to register for a maximum of 3 Advanced Placement or Honors classes per semester. We have carefully determined that a student taking no more than 3 of these classes can maintain a balance between her spiritual, social, extra-curricular and family commitments. We will do our utmost to honor your course requests. There are occasions when we are unable to honor all requests. This most often occurs when a student requests classes that are only offered at the same time — such as Advanced Placement, Honors and specialty classes like Student Leadership.


If your daughter receives an award or scholarship from any college or outside organization (even those colleges that she will not attend), please make a copy of the award notification and have your daughter turn it in to Mrs. Rivera in the Guidance Center. Please also enter this information in Naviance under Scholarships. Email Debbie Austin at if you have any difficulty entering the scholarship information.

Class of 2017 Registration will be held April 23 from 5:00PM7:30PM.

Financial Aid

The deadline for submitting the free application to Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for Cal Grant consideration is March 4; however, many out-of-state and private colleges have earlier deadlines or separate requirements. Check with the financial aid office at the colleges to which your daughter applied. Note: St. Francis electronically uploads the grade point average for each senior who submitted the Cal Grant GPA Information Release Form.

Juniors Second semester of junior year is the official beginning of the college process. Please click on links below for lots of important information.

ACT and SAT Testing

Juniors are advised to take the ACT with Writing, SAT Reasoning, and (for those students who will apply to specific majors at University of California campuses or selective private colleges that require them) two or three SAT Subject Tests in the spring of their junior year. Students may register online for the ACT at www. and for the SAT at Students are encouraged to use their full legal name (what appears on their social security card) when signing up for tests, as this is the name they will use on college applications and when applying for financial aid.

Official SAT/ACT Scores

Four-year colleges MUST receive an OFFICIAL SAT or ACT score report, sent by the testing agency. Not having scores sent may jeopardize acceptance. Note: St. Francis High School does not submit test scores to colleges/universities.

College Applications

Many private schools and state universities continue to accept applications late into the spring. If your daughter would like to apply to a college and has not yet done so, have her see her college advisor.

Just for Juniors

Juniors are encouraged to attend these informative sessions during both lunch blocks in the Guidance Center. Remaining sessions will be held on February 12, March 5, March 19, and April 9. The sessions have been very popular, so we encourage juniors to bring their lunch directly to the Guidance Center, leave their backpacks at the door, and be on time as the room fills quickly.

All Usernames and Passwords


We encourage all students to note their various usernames and passwords in a word document that they save on their home computer. This is especially important as students register for tests in the junior year and begin college applications in the senior year.

Academic Teams


St. Francis’ robotics team, The Fembots, hosted the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition Kick-Off for the Sacramento Area Region on Saturday, January 5. More than 200 students participated representing 17 high school robotics teams. The Fembots are now in their intense “Build Season,” designing their robot for the first regional competition March 21-23 at UC Davis.

Winter and spring mark the major competition season for our academic teams, and students have been rigorously ramping up their preparation and practices - we congratulate them on their hard work and wish them the best of luck! Click on this link if you wish to order Academic Team photos, then scroll down and click on “Academic Teams.”

In January, “Flip the FLL Robot” (with Heidi Buck and Alan LeVezu, organizers of the FIRST Lego League Championship) visited the St. Francis campus and the Fembots. Click here to view a comic strip style re-cap with photos.

Academic Decathlon

On February 2, the “Aca Deca” team will join hundreds of high school students at Inderkum High School for the 33rd Annual Sacramento County Academic Decathlon. This year’s theme is “Russia.” Competition includes multiple-choice tests in economics, language and literature, music, science, art, math, and social science. Each team member gives a planned speech and impromptu speech, and participates in an interview, essay, and culminating high energy event -Super Quiz.

Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad team continues preparation for the Sacramento Regional Science Olympiad competition on March 16.


Seven members of the St. Francis Speech Team competed at the National Catholic Qualifying Tournament, held at McClatchy High School on Saturday, January 26, 2013. Students from all over Northern California attended the tournament, from as far away as San Jose. The top five finalists in each event advance to the Grand National Catholic Tournament, to be held this year in Philadelphia, PA. Four St. Francis sophomores have now qualified outright for that national competition: Kennedy Harris (2nd Place in Declamation) Mariel Benigno (4th Place in Declamation) Erin Crooks (5th Place in Declamation) Tess Derby (5th Place in Original Oratory)


Certamen members will participate in two upcoming events hosted by the California Junior Classical League: Carcer (February 16, San Francisco) and State Convention (March 14-16, Newport Beach). Certamen’s Carcer event, aka “Latin Jeopardy,” challenges participants to demonstrate their knowledge of Latin language and culture through various rounds of questions. State Convention includes academic tests and academic and athletic competitions.


In addition, finalist Emily Fobes (6th Place in Original Oratory) is first-alternate in her event and may well be called upon to compete in Philadelphia. Congratulations to these finalists, who will now represent St. Francis High School nationally in Philadelphia!

With the highest number of members of all SFHS academic teams, Mathletes continues its regular competition season on February 14 (Laguna Creek) and March 14 (Franklin).

Mock Trial

Left to right: Emily Fobes ’15, Tess Derby ’15, Kennedy Harris ’15, Mariel Benigno ’15 and Erin Crooks ’15

The Mock Trial team is quickly approaching its first round of competition at the Sacramento County Courthouse on February 14. Subsequent rounds on: February 20, 25, 27, March 2, and Finals on March 4. This year’s case charges the defendant, portrayed by Kayla Rahe ’14, with vehicular hit-and-run. Defense lawyers include Christina Connolly ’14, Katie Schembri ’14, Amanda Garren ’13, and Alexis Ortiz ’13. The prosecution is portrayed by Clare Gisla ’15, Linsey Bock ’14, Sofia Molodanof ’14 and Allison Vidor ’13.

Model UN

The Model UN team is preparing for the Berkeley MUN Conference March 8-10, and will host “SFMUN2,” a Model UN Conference open to local junior high schools, on April 6 at St. Francis. Free Electronic Waste Drive-Through Drop-Off Fundraiser to support the St. Francis High School Robotics Team - and Help the Environment! St. Francis High School has partnered with CEAR, a state approved collector and recycler of electronic waste. Proceeds will benefit the school’s FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics team, The Fembots. Participants won’t even have to get out their car. Pop the trunk or open the door and we will unload for you! Where: St. Francis High School When: School families may drop-off items on Feb. 28th from 7-8:30am or 2:30 - 4pm, at the gym parking lot. General Public: Saturday, March 2, 2013, 9am - 1pm List of Acceptable Items 5

Solos and Ensembles Recital • February 7

Our annual Spring Recital is Thursday, February 7, in room 405 in the Arts Building. We have two separate groups of performers, one at 5 p.m. and the second at 7 p.m. This wonderful chamber setting is the culmination of study for girls in our unique Solo/Ensemble program here at St. Francis, and includes a variety of vocal and instrumental selections. Admission is FREE, and anyone interested is encouraged to attend. It is an intimate and wonderful musical evening! Check the website calendar for the list of performers at each time.

News Coming soon to the St. Francis Stage

Young at Art • February 12

This Art Show sponsored by St. Francis features works of middle school boys and girls, 6th-8th grade. The opening is Tuesday, February 12. The public is welcome to drop by between 5:00 and 7:00pm to see the wonderful art. Awards presentations will start at 6:30pm.

The Imaginary Invalid Get your tickets early for Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid adapted by Timothy Mooney and condensed to a one act of nonstop laughter and fun! Although written in the 17th century, the comedy and message rings hilariously true today. Moliere’s satire on medicine involves a ridiculous hypochondriac, Argan (Ashley Rose ’13), his beautiful daughter, Angelique (Julia Rehwald ’14) in love with a penniless man, Cleante (Alex Napior ’13 Jesuit), his scheming second wife, Belline (Leah Horner ’13), and the silly and idiotic doctor in training, Thomas (Alex Bertsch ’13 Jesuit) Argan has chosen for his daughter to marry. Of course, the only one who can make sense of this is his wise talking maid, Toinette (Shelby Vice ’13)! The play ends with an original musical extravaganza sure to surprise and delight all in attendance!

Our thanks to University Art and Utrech Art Supply Store for their donations of prizes for the winners. Every art piece receives a participating ribbon, and there is a first, second, and third place winner from each school. The Best of Show receives a full scholarship to the St. Francis Summer Art Camp. Thanks go to the Patrons of the Arts who hang the show, wrap the gifts, and provide and serve cookies at the event. The SF AP Art students will be working on their art in the classroom and available to talk with students, parents, art teachers, and students who are attending the opening. Special thanks to Visual Arts teachers Adan Romo, Mary Stember, Marko Vlaisavljevic, Rosalva Willow and Arts Director/Producer Elizabeth Danielson.

2nd Saturday Art Show • March 10

The Imaginary Invalid is staged in an intimate setting on the main stage with limited seating.

March 8, 9, 14, 15 and 16 at 7:30 pm with a matinee on March 16 at 1:30 pm

Hosted at St. Francis in the Theatre Foyer Gallery Opening: March 10, 4:00-7:00pm For this event, the art on display in the Theatre and Arts Complex will be selected from submitted work created by St. Francis High School students, including Watercolors, Pastels, Charcoals, Sculptures, and mobiles. Yummy appetizers will be served by the Patrons of the Arts. This show will feature “the best of the best” and include work by SF’s Advanced Studio Artists (AP class.) The show will be up from March 10-April 6. Art Submission Information

Henriette Doglietto Art Show • April 10 Opening

Tickets: $5 for under 19, $10 for adults available at Ticket Guys and at the door on the day of the performance (if available). Seating is general admission, there are no assigned seats. School Outreach Show March 20. Please spread the word to all grade school and middle school teachers to call 916-737-5002 for field trip information.


Last year we started a new format for the Henriette Doglietto Student Run Art Show, which was hugely successful. This year again, Jesuit and SF students will jointly show work in the SF Theatre Art Gallery. All Jesuit and SF students may submit artwork. Art work is to be dropped off on March 11 or 12, 2:00 - 4:30 pm, in the Arts Complex. Two pieces may be entered per student (maximum). There is no fee to enter. Artwork needs to be mounted with a 5” x 7” card that has the artist name, brief description of artwork, and medium. There is an optional workshop on March 5th, 3:00-5:00 pm in room 402, to learn about mounting work. If students have any questions they should email the Gallery Club leaders, Kendall Gassner: or Jessica Gutierrez: Art Submission Information

Homecoming Rally and Sports Day DVD • $8

Continued... SF PLAYER’S

Winter One Act Festival / Lenaea 2013 Congratulations to the 2013 SF Players for two successful nights of one act plays, original scenes and monologues performed in the SF Black Box Theatre. The Festival is a week long event with performances on the St. Francis campus and also at the annual Lenaea Festival held this year on the Folsom Lake College Campus February 1-3. Lenaea is a three day showcase of high school theatre throughout northern California with over one thousand teenage participants. Two plays were showcased: “Darcy’s Cinematic Life” by Christa Crewdson and an original one act written by St. Francis senior Victoria Quiniola, “Cantaluppi.” During the St. Francis Winter One Act Festival Troubie theatre alumnae attended our black box performances and selected the One Act performed at the Lenaea Festival. In addition to the plays, scenes and monologues the festival also has a musical theatre category. Leah Horner ’13 and Abbey WilliamCampbell ’13 were chosen by the festival screening committee to participate. Congratulations to all involved! A Block SF Players Molly Baker, Elise Borgfeldt, Kerrie Buehler, Kennady Cantrell, Katherine Collopy, Emma Daly, Megan Dotterweich, Audrey Dyte, Julia Eggert, Mary Kate Foraker, Andrea Gardner, Madeline Hemmen, Victoria Johnson, Rachel Kornelly, Annie Randle, Ashley Rose, Chelsea Saurer, Selena Shannon, Cheyenne Theis, Mariah Theis, Carleen Tse, Lexi Whaley E Block SF Players Emma Kate Brown, Kayla Hall, Leah Horner, Kathleen Moore, Alexis Ortiz, McKenna Payne, Victoria Quiniola, Mieke Rosecrans, Isabella Rusconi, Katie Schembri, Kit Taylor, Shelby Vice, Danielle Wendell, Abbey Williams-Campbell

Auditions for 2013-2014 • Choir and Dance

• Chamber Choir Auditions for current students: Feb 12, 3:155:00pm in the choir room • Show Choir Auditions: Feb 19-20, 3:30-5:00pm in the choir room • Jazz Ensemble Auditions - Vocalists: Feb 19-20, 3:30-5:00pm in the orchestra room • Jazz Ensemble Auditions - Instrumentalists: April 8 & 9, 4:00pm in the orchestra room • Dance Auditions for current students: April 9, 3:30pm, in the dance room. Dance Callbacks April 11, 5:00pm in the dance room St. Francis High School is a Catholic diocesan college preparatory school dedicated to serving young women and their families who seek spiritual growth and academic excellence. We are committed to integrating faith into the learning process, promoting the gospel values of Jesus Christ, building community, and providing opportunities for worship. We strive to help each student develop her gifts and talents to become a model of Pax et Bonum (peace and goodness) through leadership and service. 7

Students can now relive all the memories and excitement of the St. Francis 2012 Homecoming Rally and Sports Day, NOW AVAILABLE on DVD for $8 in the Student Activities Office in the CLC. (And parents can find out what all those many hours of staying late after school were for!) Students can submit payment to Laura Hanusek, Director of Student Activities, in the CLC or payment may be made online via the link below and students can pick up the prepaid DVD(s) in the CLC. Homecoming DVDs will also be for sale on SWAP day, February 6, in the Student Activities office, located in the CLC.

Homecoming 2012 DVD Online Order

Save the Date 2013 Mother-Daughter Fashion Show Saturday, April 20 on the SFHS Campus A wonderful St. Francis tradition for students of all grade levels and their mothers or mother figures. Two shows from which to choose!

Luncheon Show April 20 • 12:00 Noon

Gala Dinner Show April 20 • 6:30 pm

Invitations will be mailed with details about the event and ticket prices. Information and online registration will also be posted on the St. Francis website. This fun annual event needs your time and talent. If you are interested in working on this event, please contact Melissa Deiro, Advancement Associate for Events and Annual Fund 916-737-5017

BOOSTER CLUB & Sports News SPRING SPORTS TRYOUT INFORMATION Diving: Tryouts begin Monday, February 1st at Capital Aquatics in Rio Linda, time TBA. Lacrosse: Tryouts begin Monday, February 4th at Mather Sports Complex from 4 PM – 6 PM Soccer: Tryouts begin Monday, February 4th. All Freshmen at Kit Carson from 3:30 – 5:30 PM, all Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors at SF from 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM. Please wear a WHITE T-SHIRT with your first and last name on the front and the back of the shirt.

ALL participants in conditioning, tryouts and physical activities with the team are required to have a 20122013 St. Francis Physical Form on file with the Athletic Department PRIOR to any physical participation. Please DO NOT bring this form with you the first day of practice. The form must be on file with the Athletic Department at St. Francis High School.

Thank you:

• to the SFHS Community for Softball: February 1st, pitchers and catchers begin pracmaking this a sell-out tice on the field. All others, tryouts begin event! on Monday, February 4th at the SF Fields

• to the donors of auction and raffle items

from 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM.

Swimming: Practices begin on Monday, February 4th at Jesuit High School; times TBA.

• to Chairperson Mark Richey, the Crab Feed committee and all the volunteer parents and students

Track & Field: Practices will begin on Monday, February 4th from 3:20 – 5:20 PM at SF; meet in the GYM Foyer.

Booster Club Crab Feed

• to Bob Perez and the Crab Feed Dinner Crew

Parents of all St. Francis athletes are encouraged to join the Booster Club!

Saturday February 2

2013 Booster Club Golf Tournament Thursday, May 9th • 2:00 pm Shotgun • Land Park Golf Course Pull out your clubs and put on your argyle socks! On Thursday, May 9th the SFHS Booster Club will hold its annual golf tournament with a new twist. The emphasis will be on fun and the play will be shorter - 9 holes - at Land Park Golf Course. After the round, golfers will be invited to participate in the inaugural Shoot Out Under the Lights that will be held along with a casual, open-air post party featuring food and beverage provided by the famous Booster Club bartenders and grill masters! The post-party will be open to all supporters of the school and will include music. To emphasize that the event is about the girls and their sports, each hole will feature a SFHS team activity. For example, one hole may challenge golfers to post the most consecutive lacrosse passes, while the next may ask players to hit a goal with a water polo ball while steadying on a large balance ball. Equipment and judging will be provided by the very Troubies who excel in the sport. Game on! With the shortened format, the entry fee will be less than was charged in previous years, and participants won’t have to miss a full day of work. The format maintains the spirit of the event - to support the student athletes of St. Francis while also accommodating the busy lives of our supporters in a fun, casual, slightly competitive atmosphere. Special thanks go to our new event chair, James Fitzgerald (Abigail ’16) and immediate past chair, Scott Sadler (Jane ’14) who have worked this winter on the updated format and early plans. If you would like to join them in setting a new pace for Booster Club fundraising, please contact Melissa Deiro, SFHS Advancement Associate for Special Events: Registration details will be posted on the SF website. 8

St. Francis High School Summer 2013 Credit and Non-Credit Classes and Camps Fun and exciting summer credit and non-credit classes and camps for 5th-12th graders - boys and girls - are available on the SF campus for your sons and daughters, cousins, neighbors and friends. Arts, Academics, and Sports will keep your child from the dreaded summer mantra - “I’m bored!” SF Summer is relaxed and productive. Students take classes in June and/or July so they can get ahead, have a free block off in the school year,

hone their skills, and learn something new. Sign-ups start in March online. Check out all the course descriptions, dates, and fees soon at Breakfast and lunch are available at the campus cafeteria. Take a class and a camp — just for fun! All classes and camps are limited in size.

Here is a glimpse of what our summer looks like at this point. Additional classes and camps are pending: Non-Credit Classes and Camps Algebra 1 Readiness Algebra 1 Review Art Camp Advanced Art Camp Basketball Camp (girls only) Cooking—Garden to Table Dance Camp Driver Ed English 9 Readiness English: High School English Prep English: Middle School English Prep Lacrosse Camp (girls only) Math: High School Math Prep Math: Middle School Math Prep Research and Writing: Historical Soccer Camp (girls only) Theatre Arts Camp Volleyball Camp (girls only)

Classes FOR High School Credit:

Acting 1—5 credits Algebra 1B-10 credits Algebra 2-10 credits Algebra 2B-10 credits Art 1-5 credits Biology-10 credits Chemistry-10 credits Civics & Economics-10 credits Digital Photo-5 credits Geometry-10 credits Health- 5 credits Painting 1-5 credits Painting 2-5 credits World Geography and Non-Western Cultures-5 credits

Dance Camp Students develop their knowledge of dance techniques while improving their body flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, coordination and relaxation. A variety of dance genres are explored, including jazz, modern, hip-hop, funk, and character. Participants will have the opportunity to collaboratively create choreography. Dance shoes not required. Grades: 5th-9th

Advanced Art Camp Explore the exciting and fun-filled world of art through drawing, painting, and mixed media sculpture. The camper’s creative juices will flow while creating their hands-on individual and group art projects. This camp is designed for boys and girls who have taken art classes before and want to further their understanding and skills. Grades: 5th-8th

Digital Photo 1 This course offers an introduction to the essentials of digital photography. The art of digital photography and its relationship to art elements and principles will be explored through assignments that address historical and contemporary theory and practice. Photoshop will be employed as an artistic tool in both technical and conceptual context. Students will work as individual and teams in a collaborative, project based studio environment. Methods of instruction include: Lecture, demonstration, guest speakers, hands on group and individual image production, and critique. Prerequisite: Art 1 Grades: 9th-12th 9

Cooking: Garden to Table Learn about the bountiful foods found immediately around us and how to prepare them in simple, fun recipes, and snack on the fruits of your labor at the end of each day! SF’s garden is full of herbs, edible flowers, fruits and vegetables. Cook, marinade, or bake yummy foods like pizza’s, scones, ice creams, and jams. Grades: 8th-12th

Honor Roll • Fall 2012 General Excellence The following students achieved a 4.0 grade point average or better for the first semester 2012-2013.

Freshmen: Carly Adamson, Julia Agos, Sydney Altobell, Margaret Helen Anderson, Alanna Appel, Ariane Arndt, Caitlin Autry, Chloe Anne Denise Azurin, Melanie Baccay, Julia Bayless, Emily Bloom, Kate Bollinger, Mia Bonini, Carolanne Boughton, Gabriella Bustos, Katiana Camacho-Villalon, Ann Carriere, Samantha Carrothers, Caroline Coyle, Lauren Craig, Katelyn Crowley, Catherine Dugoni, Lillian Enes, Kelly Esparza, Elaine Fong, Madison Foote, Sophia Fox, Bridget Foy, Rachael Freitag, Nicole Freund, Allison Frew, Samantha Gallia, Camila Gonzalez, Nina Gray, Lauren Gresens, Jordan Harris, Alexandra Holbus, Sophie Huang, Celia Karim, Charlotte Kershaw, Mackenzie Koerber, Camille Larsen, Jessica Leatherby, Kristi Lee, Giovanna Martinez, Angelica Ortiz, Maggie Oys, Zoe Pearlman, Kristen Puff, Meghan Puich, Julianna Qvistgaard, Kathleen Anne Ramos, Marie Rhoads, Isabella Roberson, Sophia Rose, Alexandra Rudis, Ava Rutter, Izabella Samuel, Nina Sanfilippo, Cyrena Selden, Kelly Sharp, Avery Spector, Isabella Sullivan-Powers, Katharine Swanson, Madison Sykes, Alyssa Tambornini, Natalie Tobin, Paige Tranchina, Emma Vance, Danielle Villacarlos, Genevieve Vivaldi, Michaela Whitcomb-Weston, Hannah Willover, Tiffany Wong Sophomores: Alyse Andre, Brooke Aprea, Gabriella Arostegui, Helen Asmuth, Karisa Augustine, Isabel Barichievich, Sarah Basharkhah, Peyton Bilo, Amanda Blake, Camille Boudreaux, Catherine Brown, Kerrie Buehler, Beatriz Carias, Allie Carmickle, Lauren Charter, Isabella Chelini, Sophia Cima, Maureen Cobile, Samantha Collins, Courtney Coss, Lauren Costan, Erin Crooks, Sarah Crowley, Margaret Cummins, Camerin Cunningham, Leah Darr Glynn, Sofia Deiro, Teresa Derby, Siena Di Roma, Katherine Diamond, Morgan Dishno, Anna Donald, Jessica Duncan, Bridget Eason, Kristienne Edrosolan, Gabrielle Enos, Emily Fobes, Sylvie Fournier, Carey Fuchs, Julia Gallelli, Katherine Glime, Marissa Gollnick, Arianna Gregg, Anna Katrina Gutierrez, Natalie Hahn, Tessa Hanson, Bianca Hernandez, Isabella Jacinto, Victoria Johnson, Zaire Johnson, Bailey Jones, Chloe Kardasopoulos, Anna Kashuba, Madison Kimball, Emma Kohagura, Aurora Le, Caroline Leszinske, Sydney Lewis, Constance L’Hermine-Watkins, Alexandria Luong, Madelyn Martin, Colleen McClain, Lacey McCormick, Diane-Abigail Menardo, Madeline Merwin, Stephanie Miranda, Caroline Mixon, Rachel Moore, Candiss Murphy, Melissa Nemeth, Hannah Nguyen, Rebecca Nicholes, Lydia Nicolaus, Reilly Nycum, Alexandra Pachter, Hannah Page, Dulany Phillips, Marquel Plavan, Catherine Poggi, Heidi Pullmann, Anne Rafeld, Sophia Ramirez, Serena Ramos, Annie Randle, India Rangel, Emily Reinl, Jana Reyes, Miranda Reyes, Olivia Righton, Susan Rogers, Melanie Rogers-Martel, Hannah Roses, Benite Rutaganira, Rameen Saeed, Mary Schildmeyer, Kiana Seto, Grace Shelledy, Mallory Shingle, Kathleen Slachman, Isabella Smith, Jade Smith, Isabel Soloaga, Mary Splan, Carmel Stralen, Ofir Suchard, Ashley Sutter, Macie Tanaka, Alexandra Vergara, Danielle Villaluna, Elizabeth Wagstaff, Addison Wallace, Elizabeth Wilson, Nian Wu, Sophie Zepf Juniors: Ariana Almazan, AnnaMaria Arostegui, Sydney Barnard, Mary Battistella, McKayla Beavers, Caroline Boals, Lindsey Bock, Laura Cabral, Elizabeth Campbell, Natalia Caprile, Sidney Castro, Christina Connolly, Annie Cotter, Alana Curry, Amanda Davenport, Elise DeCristoforo, Olivia Dewey, Courtney Dowd, Melissa Dugoni, Alexandra Ellison, Allison Emmerich, Alexandria Foley, Josee Fournier, Megan Foy, Elena Fricke, Melanie Fu, Allison Goings, Racquel Katrina Gonzales, Madison Gonzalez, AnnMarie Griffin, Madisen Grinnell, Heather Handy, Elaine Headrick, Katherine Heiler, Christin Henderson, Isabella Hill, Jacqueline Holben, Clarissa James, Maddison Johnson, Sophie Kershaw, Brittani Klindworth, Ashley Kyalwazi, Gretchen Lai, Lauren LaRocco, Emily Laskin, Elizabeth Lathrop, Kristen Lau, Melisa Linenberger, AnnClaire MacArt, Clarisse Macasaet, Ana Macaspac, Emily Macias, Christina Marengo, Jenna Mark, Lyndsie Mark, Melina Marshall, Mary McDonnell, Colleen Mercado, Alexandra Meredith, Mary Molitor, Sofia Molodanof, Kathleen Moore, Megan Mulholland, Hibba Munir, Cheryl Murbach, Claire Murphy, Athena Nguyen, Elizabeth Nguyen, Sophie Noda, Madeline Orlando, McKenna Payne, Martina Penalosa, Marion Perrin, Meaghan Phelan, Perneet Powar, Najah Queenland, Nicole Ramos, Madison Rawson, Meredith Ray, Julia Rehwald, Jullisa Romani, Skylar Saca, Elizabeth Sadler, Claire Santamaria, Amanda Schnabel, Alexa Selden, Jaitika Singh, Natalia Smith, Marcela Sosa, Kendall Spector, Samantha Sruba, Erin Stone, Madison Strong, Hannah Takekawa, Kayla Teeple, Madeline Thompson, Victoria Vardanega, Megan Vollmer, Eileen Walsh, Sara Warady, Rachel Warne, Lauren Wells, Danielle Wendell, Shannon Westerberg, Courtney Wilkerson, Leah Willover, Camille Wilson, Katherine Wobbema, Melissa Woodard Seniors: Nida Ahmed, Elizabeth Arikawa, Giulia Arostegui, Mollie Babich, Christine Baltazar, Emily Bamberger, Rebecca Bauer, Jessica Bianucci, Margaret Birmingham, Alexandra Bittle, Jennifer Bloomquist, Aspen Bonini, Jenna Boras, Elise Borgfeldt, Carolina Brown, Mika Brown, Blair Burleson, Alyssa Byerly, Karly Cabrera, Rachel Carstensen, Rachel Cerkleski, Alexey Chandler, Allison Child, Gianna Cronin, Jacqueline Cummings, Ellen Dahl, Andrea Damian, Julia Dasen, Natasha De Sousa, Sophia DiGiambattista, Tatiana DiMugno, Megan Dotterweich, Natalie Dowd, Bianca Dunn, Emily Dutton, Madeline Dyer, Faith Emmert-Sanchez, Katherine Estrella, Maia Evrigenis, Laura Farris, Eleanor Ferguson, Emma Ferrell, Morgan Finegan, Jasmine Florentino, Regina Maria Flores, Mary Kate Foraker, Isabel Fox, Rachel Frank, Kendall Gassner, Elizabeth Gollnick, Natalie Green, Jessica Gutierrez, Emma Harrelson, Makenna Hartzell, Michelle Helweh, Sarah Hemmen, Celeste Holben, Naomi Holland, Grace Hollingsworth, Tierney Huppert, Ashley Jones, Zoe Jones, Jena Keffer, Tatum Kennedy, Megan Keshishian, Morgan Kimball, Sydney Koewler, Marisa Kolokotronis, Continued on next page... 10

Beverly Kyalwazi, Kimberly Lackner, Charlotte Leszinske, Hannah Liserra, Emma Lombard, Joy MacDonald, Kendall MacKay, Isabella Martinez, Emily Mazur, Chandler McGuire, Kathryn Meissner, Makayla Mellas, Elizabeth Mendez, Rachael Merkle, Elaina Milton, Sarah Moloo, Parissa Monem, Lana Myerson, Ashley Newcomer, Scarlett O’Brien, Tessa Oliaro, Gabriella Palmeri, Theresa Pasion, Victoria Quiniola, Haylee Rademann, Morgan Robledo, Eleanore Rominger, Katherine Rotas, Isabella Rusconi, Vida Sandoval, Chelsea Saurer, Taylor Semon, Rachael Serrao, Madeline (Maile) Seto, Gabrielle Marie Siao, Hannah Silva, Anne Sompayrac, Eleni Spanos, Hannah Stone, Makena Strand, Kendra Stumbos, Alexis Taylan, Krista Tenerelli, Briana Teresi, Heather Urquhart, Alexandria Valdez, Dana Vestman, Alison Vogelsang, Margot Wagner High Honor Roll The following students achieved a grade point average between 3.75 and 4.0 for the 1st semester 2012-2013. Freshmen: Alisha Ahmed, Margaret M. Anderson, Elizabeth Androvich, Alexa Barkett, Marcella Bertolino, Kira Chavez, Elaina Day, Eden Elliott, Demetra Evrigenis, Sarah Kroll, Heather MacDonald, Teresa Magana, Lauren Metzinger, Emily Miller, Elizabeth Minor, Ashley Newland, Tisien Palacio, Audrey Panson, Daisy Romo, Gia Saini, Brittany Sazaki Walker, Meredith Sestito, Taylor Simpson, Julianna Marie Tanjuakio, Katelyn Teresi, Caroline Urkov, Sophie Zawaydeh Sophomores: Bailey Aguilar, Erin Alberts, Ryleigh Bone, Kendall Cecchettini, Julia Eggert, Adriana Garcia, Angela Houston, Makenna Kelley, Hayley Kusserow, Amanda Larivee, Madison Miller, Aubrey Mitsch, Lydia Molitor, Alexandra Oliva, Layne Price, Madeleine Roche, Katya Schloemann, Michelle Skupnjak, Ashley Trostel, Erika Velasco Juniors: Zainub Afzal, Victoria Anasovitch, Alexia Backhus, Gillian Balbierz, Brinnley Barthels, Tess Berghoff, Anjeline Buencamino, Carina Cater, Margaret Chavez, Alecia Clark, Jessica Cosca, Abigail Dow, Kylee Espena, Elisa Espinosa, Lea Felton, Natalia Gomez, Huiyan Guima, Chloe Hakim, Alexandra Hall, Justine Hostler, Siyeun Kim, Sarah Koerber, Amy Marks, Mackenzie Moreno, Kayla Pasut, Daniella Qvistgaard, Kayla Rahe, Meghan Rice, Alyssa Vallero Seniors: Elise Aliotti, Lauren Bryan, Valerie Calhoun, Jacqueline Coleman, Kaitlyn Cozens, Amanda Cradeur, Alicia Flynt, Cassie Fortes, Sara Foust, Elise Furno, Ericka Gustafson, Karly Hammack, Leah Horner, Britt Hurley, Rachel Jacobs, Erin Jarvis, Ellen Keenan, Jessica Klopfenstein, Rachel Kornelly, Loni Kreun, Morgan Kuppenbender, Jinyan Li, Amanda Luong, Katherine Lynn, Emily Martis, Alexis Ortiz, Anna Ponta, Courtney Robledo, Ashley Rose, Emma Roses, Holly Siino, Melanie Stralen, Allison Vidor, Kathryn Vierra, Claire Wobbema, Katrina Woollgar, Kasandra Ziebert Honor Roll The following students achieved a grade point average between 3.5 and 3.75 for the 1st semester 2012-2013. Freshmen: Emily Ainsley, Laila Akhavi, Anjali Baliga, Kelly Chavez, Sophia Chavez, Sydney Cook, Sarah Cooney, Alexa Dameri, Gabrielle Dyer, Mikia Fang, Camille Favero, Meghan Greene, Kathryn Gubler, Natalya Hardin, Madison Harris, Francesca Heidig, Kyra Huffman, Ndidi Iwu, Anne Keys, Kristen Kopp, Shelby Levenhagen, Andrea Macias, Caroline Madrona, Emma Marchant, Amanda Merkle, Chloe Mitchell, Dawn Nguyen, Ugonne Okugo, McKenna Peterson, Emma Refnes, Samantha Reinl, Clare Sakauye, Olivia Scheid, Kelly Sheffield, Anne Marie Shipley, Victoria Spencer, Natalie Sulzinger, Marielle Tedlos, Alana Wong-Martinusen Sophomores: McKayla Ambriz, Kathryn Anderson, Mariel Monet Benigno, Sophia Bonenfant, Bailey Boone, Zoe Brazil, Emma Brown, Angeline Clarisse Carambas, Julia Carlyon, Katherine Colvin, Elizabeth Corfee, Audre Costa, Katelyn Coughlin, Kimberly Crane, Emma Daly, Isabella Delreal, Danielle DesRosier, Jennifer Domingo, Jennifer Jianna Eugenio, Melissa Fidler, Alexandra Gini, Clare Gisla, Melia Granath-Panelo, Kylie Green, Abigail Gruenwald, Kennedy Harris, Rhian Harris, Madeline Hemmen, Christen Hughes, Raegan Jobe, Chandani Khana, Kirsten Kjome, Madeline Kramer, Grace Kuchera, Whitney Kuwamoto, Kristen Lance, Isabella Lee, Maxine Leuschen, Madison McKim, Gina Sbisa, Rachel Schaefer, Isabella Stolo, Katherine Taylor, Sara Tsegay, Gabriella Turnbull, Gabriella Whitsett, Arianna Witham Juniors: Allison Autrey, Elizabeth Banister, Kaitlyn Barr, Anna Baytosh, Jenna Bellinger, Noelle Bogart, Erin Cairns, Rita Cates, Gabriella Chelini, Abergaile Cliffe, Emily Cornett, Jenner Crane, Micaela DeGregorio, Shelly Der, Sarah England, Delaney Feener, Alejandra Garcia, Andrea Gardner, Hannah Gasser, Kathryn Hawkins, Erin Johnson, Kasania Khachadourian, Reanna Klanseck, Anna Kropf, Lauren Levi, Julia Maddox, Nina Madsen, Kimberly Martin, Stephanie Mauro, Kelly Miller, Emily Mitsuoka, Lillian Murphy, Mavish Niaz, Kacy Nicholas, Noa Nightingale, Kayla O’Brine, Makenzie Pigman, Claire Plante, Mary Roseanne Ramos, Marissa Reyes, Rianna Saenz, Jamie Salazar, Katie Schembri, Ana Schloemann, Taylor Schrock, Selena Shannon, Elizabeth Simpson, Anna Taricco, Cassidy Travis, Carleen Tse, Gabriela Vanacore, Ireland Webb, Courtney Williams, Marisa Zanobini, Amy Zboralske Seniors: Jasmine Adams, Haleemah Afzal, Erika Anda, Lauren Baker, Moriah Beatty, Rachel Beck, Meagan Bennett, Marisa Boras, Caroline Cameron, Kennady Cantrell, Katherine Cloninger, Sarah Conway, Madeline Cook, Catherine Davis, Aneesah Davis Smith, Michelle Dowdell, Audrey Dyte, Martina Ferri, Katelyn Fidler, Grace Field, Amanda Garren, Haley Gonzalez, Jessica Josiah, Allison Klas, Minh Le, Angela Nicole Magao, Elizabeth Mannering, Siena Overstreet, Alexandra Papantoniadis, Kathryn Pelfanio, Kimberly Pierson, Noelle Santana, Maria Angela Sarte, Lauren Schaefer, Gabriela Smith Tan, Lily Styer, Caitlin Telford, Cheyenne Theis, Samantha Tousey, Amanda Ursano, Shelby Vice


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