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December 2012 - January 2013




“In the same manner in which we clean and prepare our homes in the anticipation of welcomed guests and family members this Christmas season, let us also prepare our hearts in anticipation of the Lord’s coming. Christ, our most honoured and eagerly anticipated guest, desires to meet with us in a heart prepared for his arrival. So eager is he to meet with us that he offers to help us with our spiritual housecleaning, working with us; creating a resting place for Himself within our hearts.” Katherine Walden, I Lift My Eyes Ministries Dear St. Francis Parents, As we begin the season of Advent, and the celebration of the joyful rebirth of our savior, we extend to all of you our wishes for the joy of the Christmas season to be with you today, and throughout the year. Fall began with the renewal of spirit and community as we celebrated the feast day of our patron St. Francis of Assisi. We then showed our true “spirit” and joined as a community for Homecoming week and, without taking a breath, need to gratefully acknowledge the generosity of so many with record setting support at our annual Revelry Auction. As a community we are grateful for the many gifts that God has granted to us. With our everyday activities on campus we see generosity, humility, patience, kindness, and most of all love for each other. This is the

community of St. Francis High School. These are the small things that shape the beautiful young women who graduate with intellectual curiosity, richer in faith, and a greater understanding of their ability, and responsibility, for the care of those that are less fortunate. As we celebrate the joy of the Christmas season, the community of St. Francis wishes all of you, and your families, a very Merry Christmas, and a New Year filled with joy and prosperity! “The greatest gift you will ever receive will never be found under a Christmas tree. It is far too valuable to be stored in any other place but in the depths of your heart.” In the Spirit of Pax et Bonum, Margo Reid Brown’81 President

Mission Statement Eternal God, this holy night is radiant with the brilliance of your one true light. May that light illuminate our hearts and shine in our words and deeds. May the hope, the peace, the joy, and the love represented by the birth in Bethlehem this night fill our lives and become part of all that we say and do. May we share the divine life of your son Jesus Christ, even as he humbled himself to share our humanity. Amen. Rev. Richard J. Fairchild 1

St. Francis High School is a Catholic diocesan college preparatory school dedicated to serving young women and their families who seek spiritual growth and academic excellence. We are committed to integrating faith into the learning process, promoting the gospel values of Jesus Christ, building community, and providing opportunities for worship. We strive to help each student develop her gifts and talents to become a model of Pax et Bonum (peace and goodness) through leadership and service.

Parents are welcome to join in our prayer community


February 6

• Adoration, December 10 & January 15, from 8:00 am to 2:45 pm in our school chapel. • Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass on December 12 at 10:00 am in our gym. Please sign in at the front desk. • Our Chaplain, Fr. Gio Gamas, will also be offering the Sacramento of Reconciliation every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Advent on a drop-in basis to Fr. G’s office in the CLC.

Please plan ahead for S.W.A.P. (Switch With

Mark your Calendar!

6, 2013. On S.W.A.P. Day, parents have the

Annual E-Waste Drive Hosted by the SFHS Robotics Team Saturday March 2nd

A Parent) Day on Wednesday, February opportunity to spend the morning at St. Francis High School in their daughter’s classes. Either a parent or a student must be in attendance for

with St. Francis parent drop-off opportunity on Febuary 28th from 7-8:30am or 2:30 - 4pm, at the gym parking lot. Acceptable item list The Fembots collect and recycle electronics to raise money for the team and to help the environment and the community around us. Anyone who currently has e-waste to get rid of and can’t wait until March, please email and arrange for early pick-up.

S.W.A.P. Day. If the parent is unable to attend, the student must be in school, in uniform. The schedule is listed with the special schedules on the back of the school calendar and on the SFHS website.

Don’t miss the great food and grand time!

Saturday, February 2 St. Francis Gymnasium $50 Per Person • Tables of 8: $360 5:30PM • Cocktails 7:00PM • Dinner

Booster Club Crab Feed

Purchase Tickets Online: Crab Feed Tickets RSVP By Wednesday, January 23, 2013 Questions: Sign up to help with the event! We gladly accept raffle item donations! Contact Chair Mark Richey: 2

Christian Service Family Service Experience

Year of Faith Pope Benedict the XVI has invited us to join in the Year of Faith – a journey to reclaim and rediscover our faith. In Wayne Muller’s book, “Sabbath,” he states that “in the relentless busyness of modern life, we have lost the rhythm between work and rest.” This same busyness can cause us to lose our faith, to relegate prayer time to a free moment in the day which can easily elude us. This busyness can cause us to pray only to a “give-me god,” one whom we have conveniently placed in a box to be called upon when we need something. The call to join in the Year of Faith is a challenge to reclaim our Sabbath moments, the moments of the sacred in our lives. The Sabbath moments are times when we are willing to let our work/school lie fallow; a time when we are willing to go to the well to be nourished like the Samaritan woman. Sabbath times enable us to rediscover our own faith and share our faith with our family. Some simple ways to start are by praying together before meals (not just the holiday meals), setting aside 5 minutes at the end of the day to listen to God (see Prayer resources on the SFHS Campus Ministry webpage), and attending weekly Mass (or church of your faith tradition). Stephen Covey, in his famous work “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” tells us the final habit is “sharpening the saw”; this is exactly what Pope Benedict is asking of us. Our school year theme is “See, Do and Be like Christ.” In order to accomplish this one must take time to grow in one’s faith through prayer, both personal and communal and then live that faith in the home (domestic church) and the community. Enjoy the Year of Faith. Opportunities for Faith Development for Students and Families: Eucharistic Adoration: December 10, January 15 and February 11 One way to listen to the voice of God is to create some quiet time in prayer. Adoration is prayer. Adoration is a simple and beautiful worship of Jesus Christ, who is fully present in the appearance of bread at Mass and reserved in our tabernacle in the St. Francis High School Chapel. At Adoration, Jesus comes to meet us in a unique way, face-to-face. Adoration is a time for us to pray, to listen, and to be in Jesus’ presence. We begin at 8 in the morning and end at 2:45 in the afternoon. If you would like to sign-up, go to Volunteer Spot for December, January or February.

Retreats It is an expectation that all students will attend their class retreat for the year. In January we continue with the Junior Retreat – Celebrating the Gift (January 9-11 or February 20-22) and the Sophomore Retreat – Finding Strength in God (January 17-18 or February 14-15 or April 11-12) plus our Senior Retreat – Kairos (God’s Time – January 15-18 or March 5-8 or March 19-22). If your daughter has yet to sign up for a retreat, please encourage her to sign up immediately. The retreats do fill up and she will not want to miss out on these unique experiences of community building and faith exploration. The Freshman Retreats – Created in the Image of God – begin in February (26-28). Your daughter will be assigned a date through her theology class. These retreat days are at St. Anthony Catholic Church (660 Florin Road). More information will be sent home as we get closer to those dates. See Campus Ministry/Retreats on the SFHS website. 3

As a pillar of our school and an essential element of the Christian life, we constantly strive to offer more opportunities for our St. Francis community to partake in service to those in need. This year we are encouraging families to take some time to work together to bring Pax et Bonum, Peace and Goodness, to our greater Sacramento community. Please consider joining us on Saturday, January 26th as we work to spruce up one of our Diocesan elementary schools, St. Robert in the Curtis Park neighborhood. This will be a part of our Pax et Bonum/ Catholic Schools Week celebration at St. Francis and will help St. Robert prepare for their open house and kick off to Catholic Schools week. More details will be available soon. If you are interested, please contact Miles Foley, Campus Minister for Christian Service at or 916-737-5053. Service Mission Trips 2013 St. Francis High School Campus Ministry oversees a variety of service immersion trips which take place throughout California, the United States and the world. These trips provide students (and staff) the opportunity to see the needs of others who are in different circumstances, cultures and conditions and to respond accordingly in light of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. They provide opportunities for personal growth and a greater understanding of the meaning of Christian service, solidarity and charity. Those who attend come back to our school as leaders who recognize the importance of bringing the love and mercy of Christ not only to our local community, but also into the larger context of systemic justice. These students and staff are prepared through these experiences to help build what Blessed Pope John Paul II called “a civilization of love.” Service immersion trips are essential to instilling our mission of Faith, Excellence, Leadership and Service in our St. Francis High School community. In 2013 we will be travelling to 5 different locations throughout the United States • New Orleans (Holy Week: March 22-29) • Bronx, NY(June 1-8) • San Diego (July 6-13) • San Francisco (July 14-20) • Winnebago Reservation: Winnebago, Nebraska (July 20-27) Service Trips are available during a student’s junior year at St. Francis High School. Applications and selctions take place in the first semester. For more details contact Miles Foley Christian Service Hour Reminder As we enter into the second semester it is a good time to remind parents about our Christian Service Requirement. We want our students’ experience of Christian service to be a time of growth and joy, not one of obligation and stress. Please be sure to check the website for the details about our service program. Hours are to be completed and logged on Troubieserve by February 19th for Seniors and April 24th for Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen. If your daughter needs help with her Christian Service please contact Miles Foley at Campus Ministry continued on next page...

Campus Ministry, continued

From the Bishop’s Office

Charitable Fundraising this Year

Bishop Soto Announces Half A Million Dollars To Victims of Hurricane Sandy, New National Strategic Grant Program

As a part of St. Francis High School’s effort to reach out and bring God’s love and goodness to the world, we hold a number of charity drives and collections throughout the year. So far this year we have raised and donated $4500 for St. Patrick Academy, Sacramento Diocese Catholic School Department’s St. Angela Merici Scholarship fund, Second Harvest in New Orleans for Hurricane Isaac Relief and Catholic Charities New York to aid those affected by super storm Sandy. In addition to monetary donations we have collected school supplies for St. Patrick Academy and clothing for St. Vincent de Paul. All of these organizations have expressed their deep gratitude for the generosity of St. Francis. Great job, Troubies!

November 14, 2012 WASHINGTON The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the domestic anti-poverty program of the U.S. bishops, has approved a grant of half a million dollars to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy along the East Coast of the United States. CCHD will also launch a national strategic grant program to address poverty-related issues across the country. Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, California, chairman of the bishops’ CCHD subcommittee, announced the moves November 13, during the annual Fall General Assembly of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in Baltimore.

Walk for Life San Francisco January 26

The grant to Hurricane Sandy victims will support “people coming together to reorganize the fabric of their communities” and to “build a resilient support system for those most vulnerable to natural calamities, the poor,” Bishop Soto said.

SFHS Campus Ministry and the MiniLifesavers Club will be sponsoring a bus to the 2013 West Coast Walk for Life! The Walk is a fun way to show support for the Church’s call to support life in all its forms. The Walk for Life happens Saturday, January 26, 2013 in San Francisco. This all-day event begins at SF at 8:45am.

The national strategic grant program is an “innovative approach to poverty” that will complement CCHD’s regular, diocesan-oriented support to community initiatives across the country. The CCHD subcommittee approved more than $2 million over the next few years to address systemic causes of poverty and empower communities to implement lasting solutions. “Before our eyes today, immigrants are exploited, the criminal justice system sucks our youth into its steely and broken logic, labor is weakened, families are torn apart by poverty and children bear the consequences, women without hope are tempted to abortion, homes are foreclosed, pensions robbed, the poor are denied access to credit and our natural resources are exploited. This is real poverty,” Bishop Soto said on the need for the new national focus.

Fifty seats are available on the SF bus at $25 per ticket (checks payable to SFHS). Purchase tickets from Campus Minister for Service Miles Foley in the CLC by Wednesday, January 9th. The form is accessible at SFHS Walk for Life. Questions? Contact Mr. Foley at or 916-737-5053.

More information at Catholic Campaign for Human Development

From the Dean of Students: Attendance Policy Our mission and desire at St. Francis is to assist you and your daughter in reaching her goals. You have sent your daughter(s) to St. Francis to receive a college preparatory education. To that end, it is important that she meet attendance requirements to ensure an optimal educational experience. In response to concerns recently expressed by some parents, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the SFHS attendance policy.

reduction. Under the current schedule, students who are absent six times from a class have actually missed two full weeks of school.

Students are allowed to miss additional time from classes due to school related events such as sports, field trips, retreats, and other school activities.

The policy was revised to correct excessive abuses that have occurred during the past few years. This policy is not intended to cause any student with a legitimate illness or personal situation to be penalized. It should not be interpreted to suggest that students should come to school ill. If a student has the need for additional time off due to illness or extraordinary circumstance, we will work with her and her family on a case by case basis.

Students have a one-time during their school career excused three-day, planned, extended absence as long as they complete the Projected Absence Form in advance.

Students also have a one-time two-day, excused, college absence visit, as long as they complete the college form prior to the absence. We are working with students who are being formally recruited by colleges (under NCAA guidelines).

According to the policy, students who have reached six or more absences from an individual class within a semester may be eligible to be reviewed for grade reduction. Absence totals are figured per class, not per day. So in reality, students may end up missing many more than the six school days before facing even potential grade

We will be reviewing all attendance policies to determine any changes needed. If you have any questions about the attendance policy or other school policies, please don’t hesitate to contact Dean of Students Cynthia Cost at 737-5012.

The Student-Parent Handbook* outlines other situations regarding absences that may not impact grade or credit loss, including:

* There was a correction to the handbook: students DO NOT receive detention for unexcused absences, only absence-cuts. 4

Japanese Exchange Program 2013

1st Semester 2012-13 Finals Schedule Friday, December 14th English: 8:30-10:00 a.m. Math: 10:30-12:00 p.m.

Tuesday, December 18th Foreign Language: 8:30-10:00 a.m. Social Studies: 10:30-12:00 p.m.

Monday, December 17th Theology: 8:30-10:00 a.m. Science: 10:30-12:00 p.m.

AP/Honors Finals start at 8:00 a.m. or end at 12:30 p.m.

Placement Test for Prospective Students January 19, 2013 The Placement Test for the St. Francis Class of 2017 is Saturday, January 19, 2013, 8:00am-12:15pm. Register online at Placement Test Registration. Testing fee is $35 (non-refundable). Those who wish to attend St. Francis should test here. Please encourage eighth graders who you believe will benefit from a St. Francis High School educational experience to contact the school. We rely upon our current and past families to spread the word! Call Admissions Director Moira O’Brien with questions: 916-737-5095. Parent Volunteer Hours can be earned by providing snacks, assembling snack bags, set-up and clean up. Items Needed for Snack Bags – all items must be individually wrapped. granola bars, fruit roll-ups or fruit snacks, juice boxes, Gold Fish crackers (Earn 1 volunteer hour per $5 spent.) All snack bags items MUST be delivered on Wednesday, January 16 and Thursday, January 17, between 7:00am and 3:00pm. Volunteers Needed: •

Assembling snack bags on Friday, January 18 from 8:30 -11:00am.

Set-up and clean-up Saturday, January 19 from 9:00 to 11:30am.

Please email Ora Emmerich at if you can contribute items or time. Please specify what items you will be bringing and how many.

A Japanese Exchange Program Information Session (for both students and parents) will be held on Wednesday, December 5th, 5:30-6:15pm in room 320. St. Francis enjoys a wonderful relationship with our sister school, Nakamura Gakuen Girls’ High School in Fukuoka, Japan. For more than 15 years, teachers and students from each school have had the opportunity to visit each others’ campus, stay with families, and become involved in the daily life of a student - learning about Japanese or American culture, high school, and home life. Host Families Still Needed: March 5 - 15, 2013 Host families are still needed for 25-30 Japanese exchange students visiting St. Francis in March. We hope your family will consider this opportunity to learn more about the Japanese culture while sharing the experience as a whole family. Parents may also earn their full volunteer service hours for the year, and families of seniors may complete hours after their January 15 deadline. Applications may be submitted by email or hard copy to Mrs. Ruano (Main Office). Deadline: December 7, 2012. Travel to Japan: May 29 - June 7, 2013 Students may travel to Fukuoka, Japan, with St. Francis classmates and faculty. Travelers will study at Nakamura Gakuen Girls High School in Fukuoka, and stay with the school’s host families. Classes include basic Japanese, cooking, martial arts, and flower arranging. Afternoons and weekends will include excursions such as: the Dazaifu shrine, the National Museum, Nagasaki, and other sights and shopping areas. Applications and deposit due: December 7, 2012. For more information, please visit our website or contact: Sarah Ruano at: or 737-5004.

It’s great to be an SF Troubadour!

The logo wear and uniform store is open each Tuesday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Order forms for uniform items and other Troubie Store merchandise are available in the school office or on the SF website:

Troubie Store

Think of the Troubie Store for your gift-giving! From key chains and Christmas ornaments to flannel pants and insulated lunch bags, there is something for every Troubie, future Troubie, Troubie mom, dad or alum on your list.



sites include:

Although colleges, the government, and private organizations provide billions of dollars in college financial aid each year, to get the money, you need to take several steps. The most important primary steps are to submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and Grade Point Average verification. The FAFSA should be completed online at as early in the year after January 1 as possible. You do not have to wait until you have completed and filed your 2012 tax return; in fact, by the time you have filed your tax return you may have missed some deadlines. Simply complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1, based on your approximated tax claim, making any corrections after your taxes are filed. You should receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) within two weeks after filing online the SAR will show how much your family is expected to contribute to the first year of your child’s college education. The difference between this number (the EFC or expected family contribution) and the actual cost of attendance at a particular school is the “established need.” Students will receive a financial aid package that will be prepared by the college(s) based on meeting this need. Note: the SAR should be carefully reviewed and any changes or corrections submitted as soon as possible after receiving it. As with all documents concerning the college application and financial aid process, keep a copy of all forms for your own records.

Cal Grant Website Financial Aid Scholarships

Finally, be sure to check our extensive scholarship listing in Naviance Family Connection, and plan on attending our Paying for College Workshop (financial aid night for parents) on December 5, 2012 at 7:00 pm in the Theatre. We have an excellent consultant who will go over all aspects of the financial aid process.

JUST FOR JUNIORS The Guidance Department will present a series of Community Lunch presentations designed to provide St. Francis H.S. Juniors college readiness information. The presentations will be held in the Guidance Center on the following dates (Tuesdays at Lunch 1 and Lunch 2). Students are encouraged to bring their lunch. • January 22 : Choosing a Major • January 29 : NCAA & The Student Athlete • February 12: California Colleges • March 5: The College Essay • March 19: Scholarships • April 9: Sneak Peek at College Applications SAT and ACT TESTING: Juniors are advised to take the ACT with Writing, SAT Reasoning and/or SAT Subject Tests in the spring. Students may register online at for the ACT or for SAT tests. Sophomores taking Honors World History should consider taking the World History Subject Test in May or June. Freshmen and Sophomores finishing Honors Biology or Honors Chemistry should consider taking the SAT Subject Test in that subject in June, unless they are planning on taking AP Biology or AP Chemistry as a junior. Consult with your counselor regarding these tests.

To be considered for a Cal Grant (money that does not need to be paid back) students must submit GPA verification in addition to the FAFSA. Instead of having the girls submit individual GPA verification forms, St. Francis High School asks that all students sign a release allowing us to submit their social security number and GPA information to the California Student Aid Commission electronically. We encourage all students to sign and return the Cal Grant GPA Information Release Form so that they can be considered for a Cal Grant. The release form is available in the document library in Naviance and it was emailed to all seniors. A parent must also sign this release form if the student is not yet 18 years old.

Student should take advantage of the free online SAT test preparation (Method Test Prep) offered through Naviance.

Academic and College Counseling for FRESHMEN and SOPHOMORES

Many private colleges have additional funds available to help offset college costs. To distribute these funds fairly, they rely on information from the FAFSA and may also ask that your family complete the CSS Profile. The CSS Profile may be found at and can be completed now. Some colleges may also ask you to complete their own institutional aid form if you require need-based aid.

Parents are encouraged to attend the Course Scheduling Parent Night offered January 16, 2013 from 6-7pm. Location to be determined. Freshmen and Sophomores will have an In-Class Academic & College Counseling Presentation on the following dates (students will attend with their English classes):

Paging through a scholarship book or searching for scholarships at sites like, you’ll quickly see that millions of dollars of college aid is awarded each year. To receive some of this money, however, you’ll need to complete the award organization’s scholarship form, and your daughter may also be required to write an essay or otherwise qualify for the scholarship or grant. Other helpful

• Freshman In-Class Presentation: Monday & Tuesday, January 7-8, 2013, in the Guidance Center • Sophomore In-Class Presentation: Monday & Tuesday, January 28-29, 2013, in the Guidance Center

Troubie Wellness

responsible and productive adults. Part of growing up is learning how to take care of oneself. Teens who are not taught methods for coping with stress end up finding destructive ways to manage their lives, such as drinking and drug use, eating disorders, self-injury, teen violence, sex and other risky behaviors. Troubie Wellness continued on next page...

By: Mrs. Chyrissee Lee, Wellness Counselor Adolescence is a stressful time in life. It’s the perfect time for parents to teach their children positive coping mechanisms and problem solving skills, both of which are necessary for them to become 6

Troubie Wellness, continued...

hard to say no – especially if you’re concerned about disappointing or offending people – but learning to diplomatically refuse requests is essential to taming stress.

Talking it Out Talking gives kids practice in verbalizing feelings, helps them feel validated, and can serve as a springboard to problem solving. Help teens identify several people with whom they feel comfortable discussing their problems. For kids who aren’t yet comfortable airing issues out loud, journaling can provide another outlet for confusing feelings. For parents of teens who won’t talk or journal, make sure that your child knows that you are available to talk anytime without judgment. Also, pay attention to their behaviors and moods so that you can identify when they are stressed.

• Role play. Rehearse and practice situations which cause stress. One example is taking a speech class if talking in front of a class makes you anxious. • Develop organizational skills, such as time management and the ability to break a large task into smaller, more attainable tasks. • Learn to feel good about doing a competent or “good enough” job rather than demanding perfection from yourself and others. It’s important to push yourself to do your best, but perfection isn’t possible.

Problem Solving Another tool that teens need to be successful is the ability to find solutions for their own problems. Problem solving can be as simple as sitting down together and brainstorming a list of possible solutions to the given situation. Ask kids what they have tried before in similar situations, and what outcomes they experienced. Ask them to predict likely consequences, both positive and negative, for each possibility. Make a list of options together, and then let teens choose the one they’d like to try. Check back frequently to process how the solution is or isn’t working, and help modify as necessary. The goal here is for kids to learn to feel confident about solving their own problems.

• Listen to music during your regular activities. Music has proven health and stress relief benefits, and can be easily played during daily life to relieve stress. • Build a network of friends who help you cope in a positive way. • Develop a positive attitude. Optimists and positive thinkers experience better health, less stress, and more ‘luck’ in life. Decrease negative self talk by challenging negative thoughts about yourself with more positive, or at lease neutral, thoughts. While it takes a little practice to develop a more positive frame of mind, the practice takes little extra time and can really change your whole experience of life and how you live it.

Stress Relievers Adults must help kids find ways to relax that fit their personality and interests. Below is a list of activities that you can encourage the teens in your life to try to see which work best for them:

Additional Ideas for Parents to Help Teens Cope with Stress • Compliment children when they do well.

• Exercise. It releases tension and energizes. This can mean working out, bike riding around the neighborhood, jogging, or even shooting hoops in the driveway.

• Don’t burden them with your problems. But, do tell children about the family’s goals.

• Eat regular and nutritious meals.

• Give your children ample time and attention to talk. Often, that is exactly what kids are craving, though they usually won’t come out and ask for it. Listen to them without interruption. Give them respect. Don’t belittle them or make light of the situation that is stressing them out. To you their problem may be trivial, but to a child the problem may feel huge. Use the problem solving skills described above to help them realize the true consequences of the situation and work through the issue.

• Avoid excess caffeine intake which can increase feelings of anxiety and agitation. • Avoid illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco. • Get enough sleep. • Take a time-out. Everyone needs a break from stressful situations. Activities like listening to music, dancing, drawing, writing in a journal, playing a musical instrument, taking a long bath, reading a good book, taking a walk, or spending time with a pet can reduce stress.

• Use humor appropriately to buffer bad feelings and situations. A child who learns to use humor will be better able to keep things in perspective.

• Learn relaxation exercises (abdominal breathing, muscle relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, etc.). Breathing exercises are a great way to relieve stress anytime and anywhere. They’re simple to learn, simple to use, and can be done on the spot when you feel tension, immediately helping you to feel better. One very effective exercise is to ‘inhale peace’ and ‘exhale your stresses’.

• Don’t overload your child with too many after-school activities and responsibilities. Let children learn to pace themselves. Don’t enroll them in every class that comes along, and don’t expect them to be first in everything. • Set a good example. Demonstrate self-control and coping skills. Your child can benefit by seeing how you cope successfully with stress.

• Learn to say no. Being overcommitted is a major source of stress, even if the activity you’re considering is fun (such as spending time with friends). Although fun activities can be a way to relax, they can also become a source of stress when time management is not used. All aspects of your life – school work, family life, social life, structured activities (such as sports) – must be in balance to minimize stress. It’s sometimes

Kids who don’t have an available repertoire of coping skills can easily turn to rage, violence, or self harm when upset and vulnerable. On the other hand, when we work to help kids develop a full toolkit of positive coping skills, we give them alternatives that can help them turn problem situations into positive outcomes. ~ Courtesy of Middle Earth 7

Academic Teams


Model United Nations

The St. Francis High School’s robotics team, FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Team 692, started their 13th season during the summer of 2012. The year began with many changes: new coaches, new Fembots, a new activities director, and a new room. We kicked off the year with our annual presentation at the California State Fair which, like always, was a success. Our team talked to thousands of fair-goers and impressed many with our math, science, and technological skills through the demonstration and display of our Rebound Rumble practice robot, Atari. The team also presented to students at a science camp at the Discovery Science Center and to students interested in math and science at the All Nations Church open house.

Charlotte Leszinske ’13 earned her committee’s Best Delegate gavel at the Nov. 9-11 2012 Stanford Model United Nations competition. This is the highest honor an MUN delegate can achieve.

Speech At the Antelope A/B tournament on November 3, the SFHS team brought home more than its share of trophies and medals! Applause to all of our competitors: Ariana Almazan, Christine Baltazar, Mariel Benigno, Aspen Bonini, Mia Bonini, Caroline Cameron, Ann Carriere, Erin Crooks, Laura Farris, Sophia Fox, Kennedy Harris, Ashley Kyalwazi, Kate Meissner, Dulany Phillips, Thea Stavarek, Bri Teresi and Claire Wobbema. And a standing ovation to our many winners and finalists: • 1st Place in Expository Speaking : Christine Baltazar • 2nd Place in Impromptu (Novice) & 2nd Place in International Extemp (Novice): Ann Carriere • 2nd Place in Dramatic Interp & 3rd Place in Dramatic Interpretation: Ashley Kyalwazi • 3rd Place in Thematic Interpretation: Aspen Bonini • 3rd Place in International Extemp: Bri Teresi • 3rd Place in Original Oratory: Claire Wobbema • 4th Place in Oratorical Interpretation & 5th Place in Thematic Interp: Erin Crooks • 5th Place in Original Oratory: Laura Farris • 9th Place in Impromptu: Sophia Fox The next competition will be held at Rocklin High School on February 2, 2013.

Mock Trial

by CJ Connolly ’14 Unobjectionably awesome! This year’s Mock Trial case charges defendant Adrian Vega, portrayed by Kayla Rahe ’14 with vehicular hit-and-run. Stalwart defense lawyers Christina Connolly ’14, Katie Schembri ’14, Amanda Garren ’13 and Alexis Ortiz ’13 scramble to acquit their client. Adrian insists her friend Toni De Luca (assumed by Alexis Florian ’14) drove the car when the one-time friends hit “something.” Toni, of course, contradicts these wild allegations! Prosecution lawyers Clare Gisla ’15, Lindsey Bock ’14, Sofia Molodanof ’14 and Allison Vidor ’13 must prove beyond reasonable doubt Adrian commanded the wheel on that fateful, dark night! To complicate matters, injured hit-and-run victim Cameron Douglas (Fabiana Davila-Viera ’14) has a history of opposing Adrian’s mother, the city mayor! This trial, brimming with vague and contradictory circumstances, hinges on the critical testimonies of prosecution witnesses Officer Kelly Wright (Angela Lazo ’15) and Quinn Liu (Julia Bayless ’16) matched against defense witnesses Dallas Decamp (Sarah Basharkhah ’15), Aubrey Fox (Adriana Garcia ’15) and Taylor Berard (Kayla Hall ’15).

by Regina Flores ’13

The beginning of the school year marked the start of weekly Thursday meetings. Along with our new coaches, Sherry Batin ’03, new SF teacher Mrs. Heidi Cotter Espindola ’01, mentor Mrs. Janet McKinley (Kaitlyn Moring ’10), and our new activities director Mrs. Sarah Ruano, our team was able to recruit ten new Fembots. This team, expanded now to three coaches, half a dozen mentors, and 27 Fembots, is ready to spread the message of FIRST. We helped create the four thousand six hundred and ninety-eighth FIRST robotics team, the Rowdy Raiders from Rio Americano High School. We plan to help and mentor the team throughout the upcoming build season. Along with mentoring fellow FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) teams, we continue our tradition of mentoring local FLL (FIRST Lego League) teams, the younger division of FIRST, and hosting an FLL tournament at our school this past November. We have not only been helping those outside our school, but also helping our newest members of the team. We have held multiple workshops introducing the “rookies” to the various aspects of the team: design, build, programming, CAD, welding, etc. With the unfortunate news of the postponement of Sacramento’s off-season competition, Powerhouse Pwnage, the team signed up for a different off-season competition, MadTown Throwdown. The team went down to Madera High School, located in the Central Valley, on the 9th and 10th of November. The team was picked for an alliance for elimination rounds and their alliance placed seventh overall. Freshman and rookie Kathleen stated, “I had so much fun! It has made me even more excited for the season to officially start and for regionals!” The trip consisted of competition, socializing, bonding, and tons of fun. Like Kathleen, the rest of the team is looking for the official start of the season. The Fembots will once again be hosting FIRST Kick-off for Northern California on January 5th, the event where local FRC teams come to our school to watch a live feed to the announcement of the 2012-2013 game. It also marks the beginning of the six week period given to teams to build their robot, also known as Build Season. However, during Build Season, the Fembots not only build a robot to play the game but we also build a practice field for our annual Practice Day, where we invite teams to our school to practice with their robot on our full-sized competition field. This gives teams the opportunity to see what adjustments need to be made before Build Season ends. The Fembots plan to attend two regional competitions: the Sacramento Regional, held at UC Davis on March 22nd and 23rd, and the Silicon Valley Regional, held at San Jose State University on April 5th and 6th. Hopefully, the team will be able to attend the FIRST World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri in May. 8

Robotics Team. Photo by Sherry Batin ’03

SFHS BOOSTER CLUB & Sports News From the Athletic Director


I want to thank all those who have extended such a warm welcome to me and my family over the past two months. I’ve been quite impressed by our exceptional school community. In this short time I have experienced Homecoming, Revelry, school liturgies, a wonderful play, and of course the outstanding action of our fall sport teams (see highlights on this page).

The rosters are set and the season is about to begin. Everyone is looking forward to another exciting season of Troubie basketball. The Varsity kicked off the season November 23 at 6:00PM versus the SF Alumnae in the annual Jerry Poole Memorial game. The first pre-season home game will be Monday, December 3 against Edison (Stockton) with the Frosh at 5:30 and the Varsity at 7:00 (no JV game that night). We continue our home schedule the very next night, Tuesday, December 4, with all 3 teams in action against Del Oro - Frosh 4:30; JV 6:00; Varsity 7:30. Please check the SF website for the remainder of our exciting schedule, which includes our varsity team once again being invited to play in the Nike Tournament of Champions in Phoenix, AZ December 19 - 22 against the nation’s best.

All of these events and meeting the amazing students, parents, faculty and staff, have affirmed my greatest joy in joining the SFHS community; that I have the remarkable opportunity to contribute my professional efforts to a school experience that one day I will have the privilege to give my own three daughters. I look forward to seeing everyone at our games and at the annual Booster Club Crab Feed on February 2. Mark McGreevy

Fall Sports Highlights Cross Country: Took 2nd place at the State Championships, becoming the first Northern California school in Girls Division I history to place in the top 3. Seven girls on the team were then invited to participate in the Nike Cross Nationals meet in Portland, Oregon on December 1. The roadrunning Troubies are also the Sac-Joaquin Section and Delta River League Champions for 2012. Golf: Placed 6th at the State Championships after qualifying as the 2nd place team at the Northern California Championships and winning the Delta River League Championships. Also won the Sac-Joaquin Divisional Section Championship and the Sac-Joaquin Masters Section Championship. Tennis: After earning the Co-Championship of the Delta River League, the Troubies advanced all the way to the Semi-Finals of the Sac-Joaquin Section. Volleyball: The Troubadours won the Northern California Championship game as well as winning the the Sac-Joaquin Section and Delta River League Championships. At press time, the Troubies look forward to the State Championship game in Irvine on December 1. Water Polo: The Troubies advanced all the way to the SJS Championship game, losing to Davis by one goal in the waning seconds of the game. They finished 2nd in the Delta Valley League.

Varsity roster: Seniors - Marisa Boras, Rachel Frank, Beverly Kyalwazi, Lizzie Mannering, and Makena Strand. Juniors - Jill Balbierz, Margaret Chavez, Amanda Davenport, Abby Dow, Alex Ellison, Sarah England, Maddy Gonzalez, Ashley Kyalwazi, Kristen Lau, Martina Penalosa, Najah Queenland, Raven Robinson, and Erin Stone. Sophomore - Susie Rogers. JV roster: Sophomores: Danika Bailey, Bailey Boone, Maureen Cobile, Samantha Collins, Sofia Deiro, Kristy Edrosolan, Katie Glime, Sydney Lewis, and Isabel Soloaga. Frosh: Lauren Craig, Kyra Huffman, Angelica Ortiz, and Maggie Oys. Frosh roster: Emily Ainsley, Juliana Cerezo-Rangel, Renee Esguerra, Maddy Haynes, Meredith Kaeser, Emma Kennedy, Yvonna Molodanof, Ugonne Okugo, Paige Tranchina, Aliyah Williams, and Sofia Zawaydeh. We hope to see you at our games! We sincerely appreciate all of your past support! Coach Vic Pitton

It’s been a great season for SF sports. Pictured here are Cross Country members heading to the Nike Nationals Meet, the NorCal Championship Volleyball team, and members of the Golf team with their Delta River League Championship banner. 9


The Solos and Ensemble students will be presenting their Chamber Recital on Thursday, February 7th at 5:00 and 7:00 in room 405 in the Theatre Complex. These students, both vocal and instrumental, will be presenting a wide variety of solo and small ensemble pieces, from Mozart to Sondheim. The recital is free to friends, family and staff.


Visual Arts

Christmas Concert


Friday, December 7 • 7:30 pm Saturday, December 8 • 2:30 pm Adults: $10 • Under 19: $5 Tickets are available at Ticket Guys or at the Box Office while they last. Each person must have a ticket and seat. No babies or strollers, please. This program includes the Chamber Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, and A Cappella Group and includes a mixture of classical and traditional Christmas selections, concluding with an audience sing-along. Orchestra Director Horatio Edens, Choral Director Tina Harris, and Accompanist David Blanchard have been rehearsing diligently to prepare a great show for all! Choir and Orchestra photos will be taken on Dec 8, starting at 12:00noon. Students should eat before arriving for their photos.

Winterfest Dance Concert “Elements”

Look for your Visual Art Student’s work in current and upcoming exhibitions: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Show (now on display in the Theatre Lobby Gallery; miniature painting, drawing, photo, and sculptural works) and Elements (Jan. 7 Feb. 5; works from all Visual Arts students). The Visual Arts Department would like to extend a special thank you to parent Shari Slate (Hailey Slate ’16) and Cisco Systems, Incorporated. Shari organized an exhibition of over 20 works by St. Francis Visual Arts students at the California Museum in October. Students are busy creating works for our spring exhibitions on campus and for regional competitions. Two exciting opportunities have been extended to our outstanding students: Photography students have been invited to exhibit the project The Holocaust: Illuminated Memory at the University of Minnesota, Regis Art Center’s Quarter Gallery in April. Visual Art students have been invited to exhibit their works at the ArtHouse Gallery in Sacramento in May. Look for upcoming exhibition details in future Troubie Tribunes.

Thursday, January 24 • 4:30 pm *Thursday show is “student rush”: $5 general seating tickets sold only at the door.

Digital Photography 2 students have been developing an exciting collaboration with the Dance Department to create thematic works with dancers for their upcoming “Elements,” Winterfest Dance Concert.

Friday, January 25 • 7:30pm VIP Lounge for Arts sponsors, and special guests from El Dorado Dance Academy

Saturday, January 26 • 7:30pm special guests featuring the St. Francis Dance Alums

Tickets: $5 for 18 and under • $10 for adults This beautiful performance is wonderful for all ages. Tickets available at Ticket Guys or at the Box office the evening of the event. This year’s dance concert explores the Elements or founding principles behind science, art, music, literature and nature. The 2013 Winterfest dance concert will feature performances from The St. Francis Dance Company and St. Francis Apprentice Companies, along with various guest performers such as the St. Francis show choir “The Treble Makers.” This performance will offer creative new choreography from Artistic Director Christine Costales, and feature guest choreography from Alumnae Blair Brown. The performances will also feature an exciting collaboration between the St. Francis Dance Company and Sacramento Taiko Dan youth company.Winterfest Dance Concert will include a wide range of styles depicting the emotional, physical, and intellectual meaning behind the various Elements. Get your tickets soon! 10

Photos of Dance Company taken by Kendall Spector ’14

a n e v e n i n g of

$28,000 towards the development of Studio Troubadour (see below). Mrs. Cook is an alum, and for years she and her husband have been exceptional benefactors of the school. They believe in providing academic excellence in the Catholic education tradition.

Where Town Meets Country

Revelry’s other presenting sponsor and significant Revelry supporters are Kathy and Pat McClain, representing Hanson McClain. Again, their continued support is greatly valued.



Our Chair

Revelry Surpasses Half Million Mark

Sincere thanks are extended to our gracious event chair, Wendy Miller. Last winter she began working towards the success of Revelry. Over the last nine months, she built an amazing team of volunteers, stayed focused on her vision, and carried out the most successful event to date for St. Francis High School. Please join us in thanking Wendy Miller for her talent, focus, enthusiasm, work ethic, and exceptional character that resulted in the precedent setting success of the Revelry.

Congratulations, St. Francis community! Revelry, held on October 27th, was a success with $571,000 raised to support the school and the educational offerings for our young women. Surpassing the half million mark was a 16% increase over last year’s earnings and is double the earnings from just two years ago! In the fundraising world, this is an exceptionally positive trend, and the thanks go directly to our many dedicated supporters and volunteers. In addition to being a fundraising success, Revelry was also a wonderful night of St. Francis community building. Hundreds of current and past parents were in attendance along with many alumnae. All who attended shared the spirit of supporting St. Francis and our mission.

Revelry’s Proceeds Revelry’s proceeds support our ability to provide our daughters with a unique and extraordinary high school education and experience. Through Revelry, we are able to provide life changing experiences that deepen their relationships with God, and prepare them for collegiate studies. Because of our supporters’ generosity, our young women are afforded the very best in educational tools and offerings.

The campus was transformed into an elegant environment that imparted all that was Traditional & Elegant. The silent auction and cocktail hour were held in Upper Serra court in the open air and in a large, elegant tent in lower Serra. Attendees retired to the sports complex for a delicious dinner prepared by Chef Patrick Mulvaney of Mulvaney’s B & L. During the live auction, the crowd even learned of the Giants 2-0 win in game three of the world series. Spirits were subsequently raised, as were bids!

Studio Troubadour At Revelry, we asked our attending parents to give for a directed purpose. This year our request was to equip and retrofit an existing green room in the Arts Building with state-of-the-art media and cinematography equipment to create Studio Troubadour. The budget to implement the studio was $80,000 and we are pleased to report that the program has been fully funded through the monies raised at “Hands Up for Troubie” at Revelry and contributions made after the event.

All in all, hundreds of volunteers worked diligently to see the culmination of a well run and thoroughly enjoyable event. Thank you to all who attended and worked to ensure the night’s success.

Our Presenting Sponsors Keep Giving! Special thanks go to John and Sandra Geary Cook ’55 for their continued support of Revelry and St. Francis High School. In addition, to being a presenting sponsor, the Cooks contributed


Troubadour Tribune Dec 2012-Jan2013  

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