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P R O D U C E R ’ S Guide to




Communications F O O D S E R V I C E



When All Eyes Are On You!

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CREATIVE Vision Creating Your Core Mission Objectives

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Moments of IMPACT

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MESSAGE Delivery Systems

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Building Your ULTIMATE Communication Machine

The Talk Around The Water Cooler

Reinforcing Your Core Mission Objectives

Building Your Own Learning Environments



Foodservice in the Fast Lane

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Purpose &Efficiency with

It’s Just Good Business P r o f i c i e n c y i n t h e Fo o d s e r v i c e S e c t o r


he foodservice industry deserves special care from those who support it. Attention to every detail is a must when crafting messages geared toward customers, employees, suppliers, franchisees and investors. No matter the audience or message, a team with proven communication solutions and live meeting support is standing by, always equipped with effective utensils ready to respond to your next opportunity. Using expertise honed from serving in diverse capacities ranging from logistical and tactical support of board meetings to tier two suppliers for partner providers, busy clients are now tasked with bringing a third party up to speed on corporate culture and expectations. In an environment of finite time and resources, this has proven to be a significant advantage. Whether it is familiarity with industry specific purchasing processes, Executive Reputation Management, the complexity of product launches, marketing tours, global leadership broadcasts or industry specific conferences, check it off your list. Solutions are available

to you. With unique opportunities for supporting initiatives of multiple brands geared toward multiple audiences as well as being widely regarded for dedication to philanthropic causes and community outreach, the foodservice industry requires a live production partner versatile in the types of programing it can deliver. Years of creating and implementing a series of proven processes guarantees, no matter what the setting or audience, your executive team will be set up for success. Implementing methods of engineering failure out of live programming starts at the beginning of the planning process and no stone is left unturned. Working backwards from your core meeting objectives, you can build a project plan that incorporates all facets unique and important to your industry. From the initial security sweep to closing remarks, you have a partner who understands that every moment counts when all eyes are on you.



One Chance, One Shot Nerves, Excitement, and Anticipation


Experience a behind the scenes headset communication kicking off a major production. page






Primed for Broadcast



Counterclockwise: NCAA Final Four Salute, International Auto Show, Super Bowl Opening Ceremonies, NBA Halftime

Designer Profile taking it one step at a time


Performing on a

Global Stage


At the right moment in time, the right organization steps on a Global Stage to communicate their vision to an audience poised to make or break them.


t could be the unveiling of a product, millions of dollars and years in the making, or the rollout of a rebranding campaign that holds the future of thousands in its hands. Whatever the cause and whatever the stakes, it must go right; no option to fail. The team behind the scenes must match your passion and intensity. page








Politics on a

Global Stage

Each Moment Counts Race to the White House: Vice President Joe Biden, Republican challenger Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama

In the age of the sound bite, success is measured in the blink of an eye. Each time your leaders take the stage they are counting on you to ensure that the audience leaves with the message intended. It’s a heavy burden to carry, but you don’t have to do it alone.


ou might not immediately draw parallels between your next corporate meeting and the global political stage, but here’s a different way of thinking about it. Every opportunity to convey the organization’s goals and objectives, mission, and vision counts. Whether it’s running for the highest office in the country or rolling out the next quarter’s projections to third shift management in a location thousands of miles away from the stage at headquarters, everything has to be executed flawlessly. There are proven processes and procedures which have been tweaked over decades of production hours and hundreds of shows that are ready to be added to your arsenal. page






Responsible Global Presence



Today’s corporate leaders know a global presence comes with greater scrutiny and attention to every detail. HEINZ NATIONAL SALES CONFERENCE

Designer Profile taking it one step at a time


Communicating on a


From the Super Bowl to the White House, to one of the largest IPOs in history; they are all high profile programs engineered to communicate their message in the world’s spotlight - with just one chance to get it right.


n the age of social media, the notion that a corporate gathering could take place “behind closed doors” is over. No matter the circumstances or location, each time you bring your attendees together it is in the public eye. Elements like perceived cost and investment vs. expense are now front and center. Learn how to use creativity responsibly and be an active participant in your organization’s OPTIC. Setting proven processes in place during the page planning stage allows you to respond rather than reacting onsite.




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Annual Meeting of Shareholders

1st Quarter Business Review


Building Your



Now that you have your short

For economics of scale, a dual purpose

term and long term core mission

is attached to these leadership

objectives, it’s time to build your

conferences. A Corporate Recognition

“Ultimate Communication Machine.”

Ceremony celebrates intellectual properties and product advancements,

This is a proactive strategy guided by

and a Global Sales Awards Ceremony

your long-term core mission objectives

celebrating the largest revenue

which breaks down your organization’s

generators in their field.

three-year communications strategy Global Sales Awards Ceremony

into each calendar year.

a web enabled Quarterly Business The foundation of your organization’s

Review will be delivered, cascading

communication strategy is shaped at

your leadership message to all of your

your Annual Leadership Conference

employees on a fundamental basis.

where the objectives are discussed at a Strategic Level. Your secondary Leadership Conference invites your top, mid-level, and sales executives; implementing your vision at a tactical level.

Annual Leadership Conference .: Tactical Level



Four times throughout the year,

Holiday Appreciation Event

Open House and Family Day

2nd Quarter Business Review


roven strategies to communicate your short term and long term core mission objectives at every level of the organization.

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Appreciation for the most important

will happen once a year as required by

supporters of your team will take you

the state laws of incorporation. Often

one step closer to being recognized as

taking place after the fiscal year has

one of the best places to work.

3rd Quarter Business Review

ended, many corporations choose to hold their Annual Meeting of Directors

Now that you have learned what

on the same day.

it takes to build Your “Ultimate Communication Machine�, ask

Twice a year you will be able to express

to review our study on how

how much your team is appreciated.

adjustments in internal appreciation

Once during the holiday season by

practices saved one company

honoring the past and celebrating

over $1,500,000 a year in

the future with your team and their

employee retention and

significant others. Another in the

turnover training.

Annual Leadership Conference .: Strategic Level

summer time allows more flexibility for family members to join in at an

We can help you to

Open House activity and Family Day

investigate the best practices

Celebration. Both of these platforms

in your industry and together

generate good will and explain in

we can create a strategy to

generalities the direction of the

exceed your peers.


4th Quarter Business Review Corporate Recognition Awards Ceremony




big Moment



Improve how your organization is seen by your employees, the community and your stakeholders. Focus should always be on creating programs that have a measurable return on investment through the retention of your message. Use the tools in your arsenal to optimize your meeting by using a specific discovery process to identify each program’s core mission objectives. Now comes the engineering of an audible, visual and experiential interpretation of the core mission objectives, linking them to “Moments of Impact”. Moments of Impact are defined as those memorable parts of the program that make the hairs rise on your arms — the things that people are talking about around the water cooler the next day. In one case study, the Opening Ceremonies of the Super Bowl, Optics packed 52 moments of impact in a ninety minute program resulting in a 155% return on investment, 200 stories printed, and 16 million positive media impressions.





s to Tak ST ou ucc ey m e a SP 1 e t w ss es . E ak ve 2 G O h l E EP o T ea h fu an nv e c o . Lo U H ET th ok C r t at l p d i s lle ok a he th ro im io E T T S fo e rig t th IA T ct n e F g m a O r L y ed or M IN O yo h t e f sa ’ve ram gin You F .W P E o s e u y 3. i n j u s ev yo r U r n pe llo FF SA OS G ha atte c g e w D t l u e i ? W e r. t a rn in xt al ef EC F T x Y ’v tim re s. in m eff g f rit pe ou e ju at E e o R e th e rie r a st e G et ect ur T cr Ke e ev i d n u i p s S s n o ea y co ew g o ch te w ced die rod oal m n ob ted Ob th . W nc uc s. C r e oic ps m t j je he e on e r e ve e s l h ct as t ect l d o se at ea s nt th ang y cr ive he ive e v de do e ou . em e y ea s s b o s r sir y of ,b ur tin — as . U e m o s e g m the is f se d u w uzz os an des t t ou i d i r us ke or d he tc ant ng m ed t a y g ef clu os o t m o ch oa ini st t i rea es Ill m ct ie ls ng er .

 t um 4 ve t h ak po io of y . n o .L e r e in U i s u t aw a at se ist ex r c de e ay n t Ke yo p e r o r a s y y s? ou y e Re i u o r c enc m u’ m yo u r k O b i v s o e e e j r r y si e cl mbe sp y ob ect ob e m ou on i os e je iss ’re er r, a cia jec ve t ct io t l d o i t iv e es n m o a o l l a f f e ve s I n f in iss ch r . c t o ts h r ve t i s t i o n ev i n h a t c h r o u m . g do m ob g g o e s e n t j e yo e t s i c e s h c n’ t g . A d t i ve u r c yo u . et ol s or is e l is y an ou ar t an h c ex lo at pe se ns r e.



CTler” oo PAater c IMthe w F und O t aro ou TSalk ab et ENpeopl Mthat O ings M“The th NFL HALFTIME



LT e m t SU yst n li . E R t S he ire E Je w s f is V o d le ct re SI Cry an mb effe su ed s g c e o LO e o s e l P Th es f re tfu pr pla ty t s c r X bl ly a ow be i e . E m ct p a l n xim nt ge se rre im n ca ro se ta s re co Thi ed i at e p pre n s o n th f ai it sa nt un in a ith








THE BIG REVEAL The Reveal Systems and Special Effects Series provide an alternative to traditional special effects that focuses on Safe Technology. These effects create Moments of Impact; when combined with message delivery provide increased message retention in safe, Fire Marshal approved conditions.







M iss io nO bj ec tiv es ”

D EL IV Yo E ur R Co Y re

ha tR ei nf or ce

M E “S S tra S te A gi cT G oo E ls T


T ,2 pa he n ,1 rt ew B L ic Th ip no A at r S pr is io m T d es lea n. of O en efy ent de au FF i At er ng s a rsh di ! en at an giz me gr ip ce c h t e n o t e d s s av i t e a ild de he sa ag ty m re es r c les e f o o n in bui nfe for r th ne lt re ce ei r ed bik nc . es e, . fo r


When designed in accordance with the principles of Executive Reputation Management, putting leadership in humbling situations increases likeability and feelings of camaraderie among employees.



l SA ER LE V ia S t A ES IV M T IP H TS en tly rk M EL TE C LT D C peri ican h d as o D YS NE MU AN FFE t ex gnif wit le an CS h mew S ON H S E tha e si ons dib PTI fra ms e C IT SE G ws eat iati n au . O the yste duc a W N TIN sho s cr soc tha one h as ry S tro s in SE AS arch ent e as ion ns al arc live so in tive as L se onm sitiv ent tio ese De t al itia S h Re vir po ret nta is r age , bu in IC y en ore age ese d th ess ate and PT ighl m e s s l p r n t e f M u c hy t e , O e h m s u a m e s o y e d s o p f l a o b ve r vi ple erie onl hilo s o s t deli im a s ot e p y. A tem to i n a t n ra t w a s y s d s ra t e th rpo ble ese tho rpo ity co ngi th me Co ibil t a u n d t i ve o f n s m s f o f e c u t s s p o g ra e ef le o l Re pro -Bik ro cia gh -A ed So rou uild nd th e B ou lik d W ior an arr ct. W oje Pr



ut o e ur n� l i i a r f back e P M ine d it C g , d n a ns e o t o m no yt , im g S . olo gram nP e n h ro c tev p S e by e t the s “U of page



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M r u

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s ge h ka ec c t o pa on int se s e ily t h s v i T l a . e t en ion nh t to a m c e ts c un uip yl f e e q a e h ff y an s. T cial e entl ple h t t m n i t r e e s s e i sp d th nm ns a t e e ra ro to afe e co i u s v s d n il tic o s e n h ra d i p l a g ie ur ea yw ing size as ov nr ap rn cit , m th a u a e f e e i t h rv o ap ll AX ap e s at se g c t is n tia sh IM ak h , n n t r i n e I , h i e ay olo learn ge. ea er st br fc lik od e xp ge a o y e e a s e f r xt f ck es to ng ies so ne co a g m n pa s h ’ o a e il fe c al s nd ol e ion on git an t lti- ng a i ch e c a u giv y d g iz e at ps di ’m sta an es th an g es h e he t se r r t t e r ur n n i b o d e i n d a s yo me e ent ur en ts’ xp t d h n o n e t n e o a ty th e a e c l i e nv i r nd t b tless na ag lue ts, ng ta ys e i l h r o a c t t lly a u v e m mi t t e co sp TIC sfor ica or ca t li ing bu dg t n f a s P c t u e a a e r o y d a b O o m th er th ze ra n s s o f in a l m , d ra inf a 3D as ev rt ts ini e m e , e s y t r o n o s r y r u e r o p e t; om es log ter scr tle r ou mo he lem oduc no s bec os sin t e h e e s f h t r g u i e y m i b ll n ec ng pr sa sl ou of arr s nt tio nto a ht nt ati ei hr e ra t e r t r e t p m e i t i t e o v i l v o E W en s, n. ing sta re th ed , th corp nd g. wi nt tio ay em orm so ink ncem ing a n n t e i i n g d h s r g t t r e te n a sf or tin t. To sy ur du re ew dv , eti an ef me ee ry ec r a e n d e n c m e t h m g e t e s n v M s te is e li sa hi es ra nt tm e. er. liv I es de is u y sys ge lat .T es ole a lin h O y e m v t of s e t g r R n s s m th lo d am ve ing ni to les me er toge an no w nd as eg eli ot n o ve n a h a e n h d h l b r c r t t ng tu tio te ge he in e’s inc de re ur ser w eti or o t s t ay try ssa f ten o k t o an s e e r h u e M m o er es clo ma ft in ut ind t as n. rt g he ag al i o t e d i s rib i i a h t t t s t s n s r n s ople n p s s a ining tic. y a e me co ce ma tal r rie g r e s t e n e o l e ta ef as pe uc no hink xp m g pe rs am chno ncre r yd fe ee od l t o do d r l o d e n c i p o a e i t t en o es fu mi nt st, liv ingin ve nt tic att ing na sa se e pa c s e i f y s ha a v e o s d U d r i ,e e ro th s. o e br tp Th nc t mb sp In nt a es u y. a l e . s b g d a h v e u ars t or hil eb d e or it, olo e th g t n n y r a w a h a o in e f delic tec tings tw sm w icl s y in h e r o a e e h ve nt me e v ing t all s e pme th s e s l i il ve i t s m ub equi ro gy t ju do p o y al no l m g u o s vi olo tc no h ou echn udio h c t a tt wi Te to ha d t e r tes er sta s ref r ide page s n i



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Microsoft Technology Summit Broadcast Center





Distance learning has become an everyday tool for doing business, especially for global organizations managing external and internal communications over multiple locations, time zones and languages. Familiarity with the Internet and widely available consumer web conference options give a false sense of comfort to many users. As a result, many of the inquiries we receive come after the organization has been burned by a bad experience with distance learning. Most often we hear of agendas with multiple presenters in multiple locations rendering the speakerphones and other typical means of communication useless. In these situations, it is necessary to add an audio system with phone compression technology to ensure remote audiences can hear the presenters. In addition to necessary technology, a provider specializing in distance learning will be able to share proven methods and processes to engineer much of the failure out of the equation. Having specific redundant and back up procedures in place eliminates a lot of stress and frustration for all participants.

using technology to bring people closer together WHAT TECHNOLOGY TO USE WHEN If the organization already has an existing backbone to support satellite or Internet broadcasting, it generally makes sense to stay the course and addend to the infrastructure as needed. But for those opportunities where there is no backbone in place, there are important distinctions to consider. Webcasting is advantageous in that it is accessible via a simple connection to the Internet. It is cost effective and relatively secure. Satellite is often the best choice when the deliverable must be of global broadcast quality. However, factors such as truck and equipment availability during outside global events like a Presidential Election Day or major sporting event make satellite technology less available and more expensive than webcasting.

Whether satellite or web based, the ultimate goal of distance learning is providing the remote viewer with the same experience as if they were sitting in the physical audience.



Building Your Own

Experiential Learning



How do We Learn? 10% of what we read 20% of what we hear 30% of what we see 50% of what we see and hear 70% of what we say 90% of what we say and do



A. Windows The Windows Set is more economical than most Mega Screen designs in that two projectors support the four screens in the center, one per screen pair. The Windows Set screens are crowned with curved aluminum and fabric Screen Surrounds that are also projectable and compatible with screen blending technology. B. Zero With its unique circular perforations, the Zero Set is a great lighting pallet that can be both front and rear lit; while hairline or contrast lighting are perfect for broadcast. page



C C. Mega Screens Mega Screens present the ability to reinvent your stage with the press of a button, dynamically changing your stage an infinite amount of times in a single show.

D. Splats Wrinkle resistant tension fabric in abstract shapes that provide a crisp, clean look to your stage, as well as projection surfaces for i-mag, lighting scenes or even preprinted images.


E. Cyber Ice Its semi translucent panels create a textured palette that embraces LED or conventional lighting, and allows for multiple color scenes at the touch of a button.

F. Streamline Streamline is a Mega Screen made of modular flats of bright white projection friendly fabric surfaces that utilizes completely virtual motion graphic projection.

G. MOD Cyber Ice MOD Cyber is custom fabricated from frosted polycarbonate for a lightweight design that is versatile, modular, and remarkably quick and easy to assemble.

H. Super Curve This unique projection system, made of a fabric that disintegrates at 150 degrees extends around your audience enveloping them into your message and desired end results.


I. Organics Wrinkle resistant tension fabric in unconventional shapes that provide a crisp, clean look to your stage, as well as projection surfaces for i-mag, lighting scenes or even preprinted images.

K. Sky System The Sky System is scalable by adding panels, providing a blank canvas on which any pre-produced environment or graphic can be projected to support presenter, topic or program message.


L. Optics Panels The 5-Panel Optics System can be preprinted to customize any brand or message your project desires. Also included is a matching customized PowerPoint template.





J. Chairmans Projection screens flow smoothly into the cyber columns, truss cornice and steps of varying height create a textured lighting pallet and screen blending platform.

Make an exit message Experiential learning allows attendees to experience your message through an audible, visual, and engaging learning process. It is about participating in a meeting rather than just listening. Attendees exit feeling educated, informed and entertained. page


Keeping it



ur Creative Directors, Designers and Animators specialize in completely customized and scalable 3D renderings, animation and effects that help our clients land business by providing photo realistic images of the meetings and programs they are proposing. We also operate an in-house Render Farm that produces photorealistic animations precisely and efficiently.



100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE BOY SCOUTS A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in our industry it can be worth a confident “buy in� by all program design team members.



An external and internal pitch tool like none other. Even something like complex lighting layers can be demonstrated and brought to absolute clarity before program day.

This rendering was a cornerstone for the sponsorship campaign headed by the Super Bowl Host Committee. It served as an extraordinary asset during the pitch process. page




e g a ss ” l e a i d t e m lts. e n s e ri eas esu ba e e p r s cr le r x a n e i ’ nts ram with that urab e ev rog ves ent as r l e sfu ur p jecti inm er m lawa s a ce g yo Ob iv ary E T l c e u o t s rcin sion Inf nd d by M s o o s and n a f i m n he n rei re M uli ntio T “ o Co stim rete

N E l?


ia c V e p E tS

s nt ve e e is th s ’ his t i T ; . i ny u l t s ey ut s r e c r ek s h e r l T g de ra b n s e . un cin r su e e a o r e xp inf ta nd d m vs. e re ha n t n li a a t e o u n n u d o e im al se ati l st dv stm e ba d a d i e n a nt nv ou ar at gi rie ts df th n i e n i l s p s e n so mi ul ev th ex ink nd ra m o f a l r g e i o nd et na ff ssf es w pr ce … a ntio nd to l v c g e he i i t u t ct bu n wh gin rete ts no d bje essa os n’t o e i e O t m t’s ate ag c n ar m e s d n o i t i h s r i l a a ss ist dt ou e me th nv Mi sy y d ehin e s t e e o e a r p or re nt a k ics b po to eb tio inc ts av t ’s C t sup i d a c t h i m o ts a c ta ith th go en tes re g ra t t h a w . ” t v a p o t s s t c d E n l e ap pr ju le ac vo ou ult cia me niz ur tip es ad ing mp ht l s is e g n o r I i r g u S p d y o w f S le o Ta M IC ec n” ho tome thou d an fo- ents ra b PT ing r ts ted Best iatio l e n s u l s a e t I O t s u e c e c th m ov h e “ w ts iva ea en sso y, b he c ot ep t Mo er m ow s and akes Ev r “ c e A l r n t m t l n h a s o e or ll k liv co ba du it t team peci hat t ing ard f n e ye o e n t l d o o i d ea s i l h lu e a p bu w ie tt at hS sG th inc an en em ss, keep al’ ug a A rpor y , p l d e n r o s b i a g r u o h G rd cc in om tio sin s to yo dt aC nn na wa zine bu oa tC e r a a r s ie n t l e e e o g B ga nt ica . It’s tf ’s p m lik ate ls I un 00 er it en Ma a d a v k 1 r str m n n c o m og rE th la he mi co pr ssi “T he in go a b ny, e e n t n n f w r e i o o o a o o en ti et lik Pr ies tm ted er. S ecia em nt nt Me ing g s s r e i e e l r e y . v t v e t p le gc i nv a l s o Da Mee no tm ard t ra ap a n r s n i s e n w e u t e t e v d A se n o t are ob et ter cu an l oy he etur on s i n ve t ye ex n s p t g T e o i o e l n a . b r d th ha hr e b emp an em n… a ve Pa an rib nd th ou . e cti d wit d u s o y s i n u n o … m i s , i s e ar ts th od oo ra t i n g a o m l ne nt el en pr dr ia, t ve r leb v av k sig at do d t e a e e a h e d d bo ia h re me e bo yc ial an st ed da he d b ion’s spec e ” i t i th m l n r n o r u o t pa s in nd in ut ro za ’ ah i k F ion o g o t r m r I n a o . ab co ra ga eo W iat or ing oole or ng us i ec … d to r k o r y l n u c pp ta n h m o n g yo pe ter ra re ts pe ’ a e n e n o i r u t w e m o y ve sc tec en y sto ly da fe o rd ro h i cu a p s W i ny a m n aw pi ut t. af e r a n t c . s . ale ing s al la. ga tic and t i as r e ti re y tc c t s i n o qu r-i em ve ne e a th e m hu f th page o in us o i c ns co

n L e v E An

I A s C ke

a E M t P a I h S W





manage the journey, not just the destination Make the most of your guests' experience. Embrace every opportunity to reinforce your brand and message. very program has the potential to be made experiential with a conscious plan to incorporate your organization’s branding and core mission objectives at every turn.


PROVEN RESEARCH Proven research, derived methods of increasing retention and brand awareness can be implemented in unconventional and surprising ways when you look for opportunities to create Moments of Impact. We all expect to find a themed, save the date message in our email, but imagine stepping off the shuttle bus at the meeting venue that has been custom branded for just for your group. If this much attention to detail has been given to guest arrival, just imagine what is in store behind the meeting room doors.



“Increase retention and brand awareness by looking for opportunities to create Moments of Impact”

attendees Learn We know attendees learn best when they participate in an experience removed from the status quo. What makes up that experience doesn’t have to be over the top or over budget.

It can start with the core execution team, smartly dressed in branded attire, meeting guests at the airport. The meeting theme can take shape in the form of carefully selected food and beverage, venue selection and post conference survey tools.

set the stage early It’s never too early to start molding attendee expectations and begin the learning process. Make the most of each moment attendees are in your care.

the right tools for OnSite


put a label on it Take the confusion out of conference logistics for your attendees. When you take advantage of opportunities for branding, attendees will have highly visible cues ensuring they are in the right spot and Above The entrance and exit are the first in good hands at all times. and last impressions. Make it count!






any companies support the notion that employees are their most valuable assets, but few have actually had to calculate

the costs associated with protection failures. Recent focus regarding the protection of executives has shifted from protection to risk management. This involves access to alerts and real-time information resources, threat assessments, contingency planning, travel tracking, evacuation programs and insurance to minimize financial loss and corporate exposure. Threats facing executives vary widely depending on individual and corporate wealth, company size, industry and business practices, operational environments, as well as culture and business partners. The most frequently targeted executives are financial/banking services, pharmaceuticals and energy, especially executives based overseas. The risks range from kidnapping for ransom, from extortion to carjacking, explosives and eco-terrorism.

Information Security is Job Security

DISPLAY OF FORCE VS. CONCEALED PROTECTION When Is The Right Time To Let Your Security Presence Be Known? When the situation calls for it. Working hand and hand with local law enforcement can provide a reassuring, visible measure of safety and security.





The Art Of Electronic Countermeasures

International Delegate Protection Starts With An Advance Team And Mutiple Contingency Plans

Schedule appropriate blocks of time within the production schedule to identify and eliminate frequency breaches to keep intellectual property in the right hands.

Bringing leadership abroad warrants an additional level of detail. Make sure the appropriate safeguards are in place before your executives step off the plane.



Your Roadmap

to assembling

A winning Team


C. Destination Management: Guest meet and greet, ticketing, housing, registration, venue negotiation and food and beverage management.

How many people does it take to produce a successful program from concept to completion? Although staffing levels vary by program scope, take a look at this map of team positions necessary to assemble a typical large offsite program. D. Corporate Social Responsibility: The process of improving sustainability by minimizing the effects on the environment and reducing the carbon footprint created by a conference.




E. Technical Production: Delivering the audible, visual and experiential
 interpretation of your
core mission objectives
 brought to life by scenic and production
designers. F. Stage Management: The stage manager, floor director and microphone wranglers assist as your extension into the audience and the collection of presenters. G. Green Room Management: Green room management is the last line of instruction and reminders to the presenters while launching them onto the stage. page


technical teams H. Video Village: Behind the curtain lives the media delivery systems, presenter prompting, video engineering equipment and the technical engineers that operate it. I. Front of House: At the front of house you will find the technical producers “calling the show” along with the audio and lighting directors.

A. Creative Direction & Content Development: Also known as the “brain trust,” a creative director, producer, program manager, script writer and production coordinator are needed for development of your core
mission objectives.

A B. Ground Transportation: A team of logistics captains, attendants and porters implement the most efficient mode of transportation for your attendees.




ess succ for Blueprint



When it comes to assembling an award winning team,

experience makes a difference.


GLOBAL AWARD WINNING TEAM • Winner of the Meeting Professionals International Global Paragon Award • Winner of the Special Events Magazine Gala Award for the Best Corporate Meeting or Event • Winner of the Event Solutions Magazine Spotlight Award for Stage Designer of the Year For the complete inventory of industry recognition, ask to review the complete portfolio of global awards.

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CORPORATE OPTICS A Producers Guide to Corporate Communications - Foodservice Sector  

CORPORATE OPTICS A Producers Guide to Corporate Communications - Foodservice Sector

CORPORATE OPTICS A Producers Guide to Corporate Communications - Foodservice Sector  

CORPORATE OPTICS A Producers Guide to Corporate Communications - Foodservice Sector