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Hookworms for Healing Overcomming chronic inflammation with hookworms


Why i like hookworms Hookworms don't have an

They just get in there and go to work...

agenda or a philosophy.

...and their work is to reduce inflammation.

Hookworms dont require a doctor,specialist,or other therapist.

They don’t require that you believe in energy, life force or know some secret.

Skin Case Before and After Hookworms


Why I wrote this booklet Everyone is my family has autoimmune disease.

Inflammation is the destructive immune reaction in the body,

Conventional drugs gave some relief but with tons of side effects.

guts, nervous system, brain, joints, etc.

I also tried all alternative medicine approaches.

What we see on the outside here is happening on the

None of these approaches helped me in a signifigant way.

inside also.


The only thing that made a signifigant difference for me in my health.....was hookworms. So I wrote the booklets to let you know the hookworm story :) Julie's Joint Pain Resolution Letter I was diagnosed by my MD, who I like a lot...with two chronic inflammation conditions...in my thyroid and my joints. He is great and tried his best, but I found I needed something more


than just pills, they were not working for me, and the side effects were too much. Steve thought there was a chance if we worked on the underlying problem the drugs would be more effective. My MD is very open minded and supportive, he reviewed all the research I provided and he and I discussed everything regarding hookworms... and I got his consent to try.


So after months of gently informing me how a helminth approach could help, and feeling the illness was progressing quicker than I expected, I proceeded.

Some people really seem to miss the anti-inflammatory effect of hookworms.

The minute after I placed the hookworms on my foot I felt a little tingling, and then, believe it or not, pain felt like it was lifted away, I couldn’t believe it!

They have genes that learned to rely on worms to control inflammation...then we took the worms

That great feeling stayed with me most days, with some days having complaints return, but not




at all as bad as they originally were. The chronic inflammation fog and fatigue were a memory.

The highly aggressive immune system of the Vikings served us a

In the three months of my changes, I have been able to get back to the gym to lift weights and get back to yoga and Pilates. I am even able to get to the gym before my 10 hour shift at work!

thousand years ago.

Now, without the immune regulation we

My husband is so excited he has his old wife back. I still cannot believe my energy and what I am able to accomplish each day, pain free, it is truly wonderful!

need from hookworms, that immune system turns against us.



We think of an

What makes NA457 (aka

approach like

Wormy) the best helminthic

hookworms when a situation keeps

approach candidate.


1.It cannot reproduce in your body.

The kind of cases that

2.You only have the

get a little bit

number you are given.

better with drugs, or

3.Does not create many

herbs or other

side effects getting



4.Effective in many

but keep coming back.



Many "chronic" "incurable" situations respond to wormy.

Some people will never be balanced without hookworms. 12

5.Can use small or large applications.

Some people need

6.Does not grow longer

worms to balance.

than half an inch.

These situations

7.Is only as wide as a

might get improvement

human hair.

with a lot of

8.Can only live in the small intestine.


9.Does not cause

but they relapse with


just a slight

10.Can live as long as


we choose.


Auto-Immune people are usually: charismatic, intelligent and articulate.

High speed mental and immune systems. 14

11.Balances the

I find a high

bacteria in your

percentage of highly


aggressive nordic

12.Controls inflammation.

genes in these

13.Calms anxiety and


nervous system.

I call these beautiful persons "the Vikings."

14.Is used by athletes for injuries.

15.All ages con use and

This highly aggressive


immune system served a

16.Balances stress

purpose in the past.




17.Improves sleep.

Normal people spend

18.Is easily killed by

their lives in the

anti-worm drugs.

green, simply

19.Can be used with any

chugging along.


Nothing throws them


off too much.

20.Controls reactions

Vikings live in the

21.The anti-

yellow zone.

to shots.

inflammatory effect


of the right

are just waiting to

hookworms can help

go full "red zone".

with chronic 17


The "pancake" never has many problems with health and recovers balance quickly.

For us when the

Armpit: Tick borne bacteria bullseye rash

inflammation starts it is hard to stop.

Without hookworms we over react, mentally, emotionally and physically.



infections of other We Vikings are

bacteria, viruses and

designed for the

harmful parasites

uphill battle.

We have powerful

Roseanne's resolution of tick

immune systems.

Without resistance,

symptoms My journey towards

our bodies self

hookworms started when


I discovered a rash under my right armpit

Worms provide

in June 2014. I felt

immunoregulation to

like I had the flu.

stablize the system.


Knowing exactly which worm you are using is key.

It is like getting a dog, the breed matters. 22

Fast forward, a couple

As we gain more experience...

of months later, I was

we recognize that the

borne bacteria. I had

diagnosed with Tick all the typical

individual personality

complaints of joint

of the worm is important.

pain, fat knees,

Different worms act in


unexplained muscle

different ways in

By the way, I took

different bodies.

usual antibiotics and herbs to deal with Tick borne bacteria 23


complaints, plus I’m Managing the

gluten free and follow

relationship between

my blood type diet religiously.

two live organisms requires time,

The most disturbing


symptom that I

understanding and

developed was middle of the night mast cell


activation and chronic

It is different that

nasal inflammation, I

anything else.

would wake up to severe nasal discharge with eye itching.



Hookworms organize

This is called mast

gut bacteria.

cell activation due to

Without hookworms the

the Tick borne bacteria

gut microbes can

spirochete coming in contact with mast cells

easily become dis-

and creating reaction


type complaints.

This was the worst part

Without hookworms

of Tick borne bacteria

there is no gut

for me. And to top it

bacterial management.

off, I must have also been bitten by a lone 27


star tick, I had a red There are a set of

meat reaction. So I

highly protective

couldn’t eat beef or

immune genes.


These are most common

After one and a half

in anglos.

years of suffering, I finally agreed to

This aggressive


immune system allowed Within one week of

Vikings to conquer

having hookworms, my

the world.

complaints started to subside. After one 29

Our excessive reactions create "allergies" to bacteria and viruses.


Remember hookworms are smart and have all kinds of skills to distract and manage the immune system.

Lucky for us they also make stem cells to heal our body.

They want us healthy, We are their home.



What option do the

month, I was symptom

chronic inflammation


free. It was like a


I will forever be grateful to the effects

Super strict

of hookworms and to


Steve for thinking outside the box. And I

Or super toxic

can eat red meat again!


great...just great. 33


Hookworms serve as the bacteria in our

Choosing the proper worm It is essential that

digestive system and

the hookworms being

the rest of our body

used by a person is

and our immune system.

identified by a DNA

bridge between the

analysis. It is Hookworms control the

impossible to tell

reactions to all the

hookworms apart

bacteria in our body


They can support the

Lets use a comparrison

balance of our flora.

between worms and



another species we live with as humans, that is Wormy is the control



Getting the wrong

He determines our

hookworm is like

reactions to the other

getting a wolf cub

inhabitants of our

instead of a puppy



His requirement for staying is low

Wolf cubs and the


puppies of dogs may look a lot alike when they are young, but 37


their behavior is much

Basically I am trying

different as they get

to say...


Hookworms increase

The wolf worm becomes

the mucus protection

more aggressive and

level of the

works against your body


and the dog worm becomes more

This allows the

domesticated and works

intestines to

with your body.

normalize its reactions and calm

At some point a wolf is


going to start acting 39



like a wolf and become more aggressive...it is

This was me without

just going to turn

my worms.

around and bite you.


Even if you knew the

reactions to every

worm you were getting

mental, emotional,

was a dog and not a

physical and

wolf, we need to know

inflammatory stress.

exactly what kind of dog you are getting.

And everything was a stress.

There is a lot of difference in 42

temperament and To be effective, the

behavior between a


"pitbull" worm and a

to focus on

what is important.

"poodle" worm.

Over reaction equals

All this is to say that


we put a lot of effort into identifing and

Hookworm help immune

confirming exactly

system focus on what

which worm species and

is important on the

breed we are using.

micro-organisms that

That is a big part of

are really a threat.

the success we see.



Contrary to what was believed, bacteria can

Joshua's resolution of small

and do live everywhere

intestine inflammation

in the body.

I’ve never written a testimonial before, but

Hyper-immune reactions

I never thought I would

happen when the body

need to, I thought that

does not accept this

I would slowly die as

fact of life.

there was no resolution for my small intestine

Many bacteria are

inflammation... only

normal parts of the

drugs that traded one

body's function.

symptom for another.  



Hookworms are our old friends.

I was diagnosed when I

There seems

was 15 and tried all

to be a set point in

the different things

every person for how

available at the time

many worms their body wants.

but nothing worked for

very long and even when something did work the

Research shows the

results were

body eliminates


excess hookworms taken and has a

Over the years I

normal hookworm set

developed worsening


inflammation, severe 47


muscle fatigue,

Few groups have been

depression and all the

as vilified as our

typical stomach

friend the hookworm.

problems and pains.

Maybe bacteria before we understood

I heard about a few


people who had amazing

Para-biotics are the

results with worms and

new pro-biotics.

wanted to be one of



will slowly discover how important

I met with Steve and he

hookworms are for our

explained the science


to me, it all made 49

perfect sense.  Within a few months my body The immune system

underwent a dramatic


be reset every day.

change.  My stomach

It is not static, it

problems went away for


the first time in 25 years.  

The worms do for our immune system what

I lost weight at a

lifting weights does

healthy pace and felt

for our muscles

strong enough to start

intermittent stress.

going to gym.  Today I feel healthier than at any point in my entire 50

life.  The process of

to finally go about

administering the

living my life to the

hookworms is not just

fullest.  I know

painless but exciting,

exactly where I would be without them and I’m

I felt no complaints

grateful for every

other than bursts of

moment thanks to Steve.

energy, very fast recovery from injuries

Kate's son.

and a clear mind.  I

Dear Steve ~ I'm writing to let you know how well my son is doing, and what a profound effect your care, and the special things you suggested, has

take no medication; the worms do their job of keeping my whole body in balance and I’m free


Wormy controls the inflammation gate. 52

hookworms you can have the same number of antibodies to foods finding antigens...

but they don't trigger

He recently started his freshman year in college, away from home, and is having the time of his life! He is living a "normal" life, eating "normal" foods, something we had no expectation of not that long ago.

the immune system to react.

Native people can have high antibodies and not trigger reactions.


had on his life. He feels great, and for the first time in ten years, since his assessment of small intestine inflammation at the age of eight, he has freedom of diet, which essentially gives him freedom in life.

When you have


Because he is and has been well for months now, he is able to engage in every way - socially, academically, athletically, feeling healthy and so happy!

A lot of natural stuff is not natural at all.

Mega-applications of

We are all elated at his newfound wellness, freedom, and joy in life. Not a day passes by that we are not aware of how far we have come. We take nothing for granted.

vitamins that don't exist anywhere in nature.

Hookworms are really natural because in

I am so thankful to you for always being there for him when he needed you, and for never

recent history everyone had them.


Bad worm stories on the internet come from using the wrong worm.

Like getting a dog...it is important to invest in the right breed for your body. 56

giving up.

David's big toe pain Dear Steve, I just wanted to reach out and share how well I have been doing on your special friends. I have been suffering from acute big toe joint arthritis attacks for the past 15 years.

Through the seven years that we have known you, you have endlessly researched and sought answers and new approaches to the difficult problems that we have presented.

The drugs really damaged my kidneys...so when I came off that medication (as I didn’t want to be on it the rest of my life) I was having attacks more frequent than ever!

And it has so paid off for him! Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are.


There are other worms that look alike but create more inflammation.

We call our wormy the "poodle" worm.

He wants to get along with you. 58

My wife recommended I see Steve, in a matter of 8 weeks, I am joint pain free. I can’t thank you enough for all your help!

Our friend wormy we call the "poodle" or the "gentle worm".

Jack's skin inflammation

Wormy's other name

My son Jack had battled with skin inflammation since about 10 months old during which we applied steroid cream, but this only resulted in it going away until the cream was stopped and then it returning with a vengeance.

is necator americanus or NA457.

You need to know the exact worm you are using in your body.d



When you have chronic inflammation one practitioner tells you to do one thing and the other.

And the problem is everyone is right and everyone is wrong.

Because the real problem is the bodies reaction to the environment not a food, a mold, a plant, etc.



The usual or alternative, natural,

Chinese, Aryuvedic,

homeopathic and other such things often don't work in the highly aggressive

His skin inflammation was still present, as were his language delays and fine motor delays and lack of eye contact and disinterest in social interaction with others besides our core family. His legs still had bad eczema. He was

Viking immune system.

Because balancing things outdoors


He was crying out for help, eventually actually saying “help me!” while upset. By the time he was three years old these “flip outs” were happening sometimes every three hours or so and stopping within about 20 minutes no matter what I did.



waking every night inconsolable. There was no improvement on many medicines we tried.

and gorillas

have very similar hookworms..even though

He began worms a few months ago...and he is skin inflammation free, he holds a pencil and writes his name, speaks clearly and to others, speaks in front of a class, and does not wake at night.

we went different ways 17 million years ago.

Hookworms have a lot of experience in controlling

Clayton's injury

inflammation in most

I’ve been playing tennis since age 5 (I’m 37 now), and I was a top nationally ranked junior player

mamals and humans.


Inflammation causes anxiety and depression...and are its cause unless proven otherwise.

Inflammatory signals block the feel good hormones in the brain.


before playing professionally (top 100 level) and also being a NCAA Division 1 student athlete.

Steve suggested that I should try the worms and I kept postponing it. Fast forward to end of July 2018. After playing a tournament, I pulled my right quad.

I currently still compete but I am also a professional coach and most recently I was one of the main hitting partners for the US Open.

I panicked because I was 4 weeks away from going to the US Open so I finally decided to get the worms.

In September 2017, I experience a severe groin pull. I tried resting it, strength program and everything else possible and it never quite got back to 100%.

I’m mad at myself for not doing it earlier. ~ Life changing experience.


It's not the stress, it's how we react to it.

Wormy can change our perspective.

Many people report that they just can't get anxious with wormy.


Everyone that reads his story asks me about my son and the worms.

Three years on the worms and he feels great.

I am very grateful to wormy and his friends.:) Sterling 3 years on worms 69

I was a solid 205 pounds in high school. At my most sick I was 135 pounds.With wormy I put on 25 pounds of muscle in 3 years. 70

By the end of the second week after getting the worms my quad was fully recovered and my lingering groin issue completely healed.

Old and lingering injuries have healed.

It is fun to workout

I also started sleeping better and I had the same energy level as when I was in my mid 20s. I started eating better, no stress, very positive.

again and feels strong.

For years I could only work out once per week and then needed to

It is an ongoing process but getting the worms was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.




My son's inflammation makes

When you get to the stage of adding more worms the body will select the best worms from the new batch.

me research hookworms. I learned about hookworms while I was trying to figure out a way to help my son.

The body also goes through a reset process with each dose. This is why we see improvement with every application.

My son got mono in 11th grade. He had lived a very natural organic lifestyle and had no health problems. His immune system developed a very strong response to mono which became life threatening.

It is also best to have a variety of ages of hookworms inside.



When his medical doctor shared the resuls they were very bad. His liver and pancreas were in bad shape and the labs indicated it was going in the wrong direction.

Wheat has been a natural northern european food staple for millenia.

It is only Vikings

He was in pain and he felt terrible. Conventional drugs and the things I tried based on my experience of 25 years as a naturopathic doctor made him feel worse.

without worms that react fo gluten.

Hookworms have been studied and shown to restore tollerence to gluten.

Every spare moment I researched his over-reaction to



mononucleosis, chronic inflammation, and his hyperactive immune system.

We look for the best candidates in our hookworm friends.

I found an article that mentioned that the highest concentration of "parasites" were found in the camp sites of ancient Viking tribes.

We want all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages.

Hookworms check all

Especially high was the concentration of hookworms which was double what they had found in other parts of the world.

the boxes to support our health and wellbeing.


I don't recommend natural hormone approach unless someone takes worms. risk outweighs the benefits. 78

Without worms the

I had always heard from modern medicine and my own naturopathic school that "parasites" like hookworms had a negative effect on the body.

The evidence pointed to them a making you strong. I give my son hookworms I experimented with hookworms on myself over a few months. Once I was satisfied with my own experiment, I gave hookworms to my son.

However the Vikings were described by both Persian and Roman historians as extreemly healthy and powerful.

His labs improved immediately and he has continued to improve in the years since then.

So those two pieces of the puzzle didn't fit. One of them was wrong. Either worms made you sick or they made you strong.



Hookworms are the only approach natural or conventional that lowered his inflammation.

This is my sister, my brother and me (middle) - three

Since all of my family have chronic inflammation, they are all on hookworms now and feel great. :)

Vikings with chronic inflammation.

When you have blonde

Hookworms control transplant

or flaxen towhead haired babies with


cowlicks get them

I also read how hookworms had been studied in animals and shown potential for preventing organ transplant rejection.




When you want to find

They would give a mouse a skin graft, and if it had mouse hookworms, it would not reject the graft.

chronic inflammation... find Vikings without hookworms and you

Isn't the process of chronic inflammation like rejecting your OWN organ?

have it.

Chronic inflammation is a Viking genetic

Well if worms can stop transplanted organ rejections, how about the inflammation caused when we reject our own organs?

illness...It can only be supported by restoring the Viking ecosystem.



Healthy Vikings with Worms? A Persian writer a thousand years ago wrote about how disgusting the Vikings were in their behavior. They would basically share a big bowl of water and bathe, blow their nose, drink, etc., all from the same bowl.

Bacteria normally lives in the brain. When you create an inflammatory response to that bacteria then you have complaints.

The Vikings did not fear illnesses because of their very strong immune systems. This was the same immune system that allowed them to go around the world as invaders and traders.

Bacteria is everywhere...chronic inflammation = over reacting.



Interestingly the ancient writer would also write about how beautiful, tall, healthy and vigorous the Viking people were.

Hookworms immediately start working to restore balance to the immune system.

How were these people so healthy and strong if they had the most "parasites"?

Hookworms benefit by a low inflammation

It seemed that the difference between yesterday's healthy vikings...and today's inflammatory vikings.....could be hookworms.

environment, and they work to create that.

And they know exactly how to do it.



A New understanding of We have all gotten

chronic inflammation.

used to using

Some of us who have a normal inflammation set point in the yellow zone. This is like being on the edge of a cliff, all we need is one shove. At one point in our lives, we are relatively normal and then a bacteria, virus, emotional, or physical stress activates our immune system.

probiotics to restore the bacteria in our body.

Now we have parabiotics, restoring the natural worm population to our

This causes the immune system to stay stuck in the on position and attack everything-including




our own body. Hookworms are not an experiment.

An experiment is killing off all worms. The result of the

My Self Experimentation Before I gave my son hookworms I took them myself. My reaction was immediate and intense. Any

feeling of stress that I felt went away - completely.

experiment we have

Then a bit later something really strange happened. I was washing my dishes an hour or so later, with the window open in front of me. I heard a sound like a helicopter come over the house.

done is chronic inflammation and abnormal cell growth.



I looked out and it was a blue bird taking off and flying away. The hookworms had somehow given me a brief period of super hearing...Strange...I know.

Without the right structure there is no chance for the immune system to work properly.

I honestly don't know what to make of it, but it was my first day without inflammation in 30 years. So maybe the body just had a rebound phase.

Hookworms restore the normal structure so that we can restore the normal function.

I would sometimes struggle to get to sleep before midnight and work till one or two am. The



night I took the hookworms I could not stay awake and fell fast asleep early in the evening.

A child would get hookworms as soon as their feet touched the soil.

Then at sunrise I awoke with a burst of energy. I was wide awake and went for a run, and then went to the gym.

We can say by six months they would

My improvements with

definitely have hookworms and would


begin developing

Previously I had stopped enjoying the gym for the last few years because I would get so stiff and inflammatory after a




workout. Why is chronic

The day after my hookworm dose I worked out hard, twice the same day.

inflammation and abnormal cell growth out of control?

What has changed?

I have not missed more than 10 days in five years since my first hookworm dose.

Nothing has been a

Hookworms have multiple

bigger change than the


elimination of worms

One aspect of hookworms is that they release a chemical similar to prednisone, however, they release

from our body.



only and exactly the amount that you need to calm excess inflammation.

How do we create a beautiful life for our children?


are a good start.

You and the worms have a goal in common, and that is to keep your inflammation low.

If your baby is mouth breathing then you need to intervene.

Every mammal has a hookworm population, every primate has a hookworm population, and until a few generations ago every human being had hookworms and other worms.

Because mouth breathing narrows the pallet, crowds the teeth requiring braces and dental problems.



Inflammation🔥 vs.

As interesting as hookworms are...we


don't need all the

The body has two main ways of being that it can choose from. The body can choose an inflammatory state, and inflammation means fire.


When monkeys get chronic inflammation in captivity they

This state of the body is fight or flight. In this state the body is struggling to be victorious in a perceived battle between a bug and the immune system. Lots of damage is done by the immune system but the body will repair

give them worms.

A biologically based common sense approach.



itself after the battle is over. Hookworms keep the

In chronic inflammatory people they are relying on the hookworms to provide the signal to turn off inflammation.

mucus tide high. So that the reactions cannot activate the immune system.

In these people the antiinflammation organ is hooworms.

Without hookworms the tide is too low,

Killing hookworms causes

and your body reacts

chronic inflammation

to things it

In the last few generations humans, as a group, have done their own experiment. What



Bread hits cell membrane.

Bread above cell membrane.

Cell protected from bread


happens to the highly aggressive immune system of humans when you take their hookworms away?

Why do we want hookworms in our

The results of this experiment self-obvious.There is an epidemic of chronic inflammation and abnormal cell growth that is getting worse, not better.

small intestine?

Because they increase the thickness of the gut mucus membranes.

We can see that conditions of accelerated immunity in conditions like Chronic obstructive pulmonary illness (COPD) and emphysema that have been directly linked to a

It protects us from reactions.



Viking gene that regulated the The best probiotic is the PARABIOTIC hookworms.

They send out signals to control bacteria they live with in the intestine.

They alone increase diversity. amount of worms in the lungs.



So people received this proinflammatory lung gene...but without having the strong antiinflammatory support that an active hookworm population would give.

Hookworms are applied on a small sticky gauze pad to the top of the left foot.

Then you might get a little itching and

That allows lung inflammation to race out of control.

That is all part of

How do you take hookworms?

you can scratch.

the immunological

Hookworms are applied to the skin and find their way to the intestine. In the intestine, they

reset process.



grow to about half an inch long and are as wide as a few hairs. They live in one small section of the small intestine only and nowhere else in the body.

Hookworms determine how we react and why we react.

In native cultures hight antibodies do

They can live as long as a person lives. It is important to remember that hookworms are only successful in their life if you are successful in yours. The worm wants you healthy.

not trigger immune reactions.

Because they have worms to control their response.


Some people are nervous that taking worms is so different for the body.


is different for the body is NOT having worms?

The human body was shaped and created by the interactions with worms.

Hookworms have had a profound influence on the shape of our body.


Even if we eliminate all of the immune system stimulants that we can in our environment....that does not solve the Viking immune situation.

How do we get hookworms in nature? Hookworms are good for children. In nature, human-beings get their hookworms around six months old. Children are born to mothers with hookworms.

Eventually the Viking immune system finds something new to attack... like mono.

Studies and a simple look at where chronic inflammation exists show us that children born to mothers with hookworms do not develop chronic inflammation and reactions.

Ancient Description of the Vikings A Persian historian wrote about the Vikings in the first century.


I have seen the Rus (Vikings) as they came on their merchant journeys and encamped by the Volga. I have never seen more perfect physical specimens, tall as date palms, blonde and ruddy; they wear neither tunics nor caftans, but the men wear a garment which covers one side of the body and leaves a hand free.


They are the filthiest of God's creatures. They have no modesty in defecation and urination, nor do they wash their hands after eating. Thus they are like wild asses. Every day they must wash their faces and heads and



this they do in the dirtiest and People's biggest fear

filthiest fashion possible: to wit,

once they are on

every morning a girl servant brings

worms is that they

a great basin of water.

will kill their worms.

She offers this basin to her master

I have not seen this

and he washes his hands and face

happen, worms are

and his hair -- he washes it and

hearty and have learned to live with

combs it out with a comb in the


water; then he blows his nose and spits into the basin.



"Standard of care"

When he has finished, the servant

means giving the same

carries the basin to the next person,

assessment the same

who does likewise.

pharmaceutical agents.

She carries the basin thus to all the

This is great when it works...but what

household in turn, and each blows

about when it

his nose, spits, and washes his face


and hair in it.



Why we are inflammatory today.

There are two main

Our ancestors had something we lost...the immunoregulation provided by having a population of hookworms.

homes for worms, the hookworms in the small intestine

...and whipworms in the large intestine.

They keep the bad organisms out.

Instead of health and vigor the ancients write about...today's Vikings have chronic inflammation weakness and disease. There is nothing wrong with your immune system. Your immune


Every human being has an ideal environment.

If you're not in the right environment you get sick.

For some of us that means we need hookworms. 122

eons. You are not sick because you are weak, you are sick because you are strong. There is nothing wrong with a fish that can't breathe out of water, it is not meant to breathe out of water. Our immune system was not made to work without hookworms...like a fish was not meant to breathe out of

system has been refined over



The tools we use have to match the job we

Humans Have Worms

are doing.

In examinations of ancient human settlements worms are always found in stool. Worms are a normal part of the intestinal ecosystem.

Chronic inflammation is like the house of your body is on fire.

In Africa, they consistently find at least nine worms. In Asia they always find twelve worms. In North America they always find at least twelve worms. In Europe, they consistently find eighteen

Only live organisms can adapt to changes.



You need hookworms for conditions like

If you look throughout every continent in digestive samples going back 9,000 years you find that human beings had worms as a normal part of their intestinal ecosystem.

SIBO or small intestine bacterial overgrowth.

Because hookworms are the specialists

This includes the nobles of the time and ancient Egyptian mummies. So the worms found in stool are not the random sample of a sick person, but a normal inhabitant of the intestines, even in the best cared for members of

in managing gut bacteria.



society. Worms are also consistently found in Neanderthal sites as well as every other primate, in fact all mammals in general. Your hookworms are very happy to find you. Sometimes people ask how we know their hookworms will go into the skin. Your hookworm is just as happy to have you as you are to have it :)


Without you that hookworm will die in the vial...and millions of years of evolution, inspiration and creation will come to an end. There are other hookworms, this is true. But this is your hookworm and it will only become more "yours" as time goes on. It will come to know your chemistry and know and modify your reactions to various substances that caused you inflammation in the past.

Strong Reaction


This is a strong

Your hookworm as shaman

reaction to a high

There is a lot of healing knowledge that is ignored in modern medicine.

application of hookworms placed on the forearm.

Some of that information is held by various indiginous and native peoples (Shamans), some of it is held by your grandma, some of it his held by your neighbors if you asked.

Specifics in the situation determine the best place to apply....This is where experience helps.

Some of that information, about what goes wrong and can go


wrong in the human organism, is held by our friend the hookworm. When you have hookworms, and listen to them, they will "instruct" you on what is right for your body, and when it is right. I am aware this sounds strange, like love itself, you could read many books and not know love. It is the experince of love that teaches us what love is. It is the experience of worms that teaches us what worms know ;)


Benefits of re-dosing Even when a person reaches their "set point" or ideal dose we find they can benefit from re-dosing. This is because every reintroduction of hookworms creates a healing stem cell surge. So if I do something to myself in the gym that seems to have gone a bit beyond my capacity then I will take a dose of


hookworms even though I am at my set point or capacity.

When they defrosted the ice man from 5,000 years ago, he

I find that a dose of hookworms at night and a good sleep and I wake in the morning not even remembering the knee, elbow, neck or other pain that was bothering me.

had Tick borne bacteria.

Everyone had Tick borne bacteria because it is a

Additonally a new dose may cause a "swap" of one of more of the existing hookworms for a new member of the capacity group.

normal bacteria...however.. ..Not having worms is abnormal.


This will happen if the existing hookworms get along better with the new hookworm then one of the old ones. :( It's a harsh reality... I know ... however.... the benefit to you is that your hookworms work better ;) How do I know if my hookworms have died? First of all these little guys do not die easily...we share a very similar hookworm to gorillas.


In a sane future...

a person with chronic complaints...

will go to their pharmacist to fill their hookworm prescription.


Gorillas eat bamboo which breaks down to cynide in their stomach, and this doesn't kill their worms.

simple process...your symptoms and inflammation will start returning. At that point we figure out the best way to get back up to a good doseage.

If an herb for example was going to kill worms they would have died off a long time ago. Remember to survive sometimes ancient humans had to eat some fairly unpleasant things, much more toxic than what we have in our environment now!

The reasurring thing is that this change from having worms to not having worms is usually very clear to both us and the human ;)

You will know if for some reason your worms die off by a very


Hookworms are a process, not a drug. The changes and improvements can continue for years.

People with a long

the lows are not

history of

anywhere near as low

inflammation may go

as they were before

through many different

starling hookworms.

phases. 136

all opted to keep hookworms. They felt so much freedom from being able to eat a food that previously gave them severe reactions.

The Australian Hookworm Study Recently, a study was done in Australia where 12 people with a gluten reactions were given hookworms to resolve their chronic inflammation. All of the participants had their reaction to gluten resolved.

For all we know some, most, or maybe all people require hookworms to properly digest grains. We know for sure that at least those people diagnosed with Gluten reaction do.

At the end of the study, none of the study subjects allowed their hookworms to be killed off; they


Calming Effect Hookworms have the ability to change and control many of the immune system and hormonal system regulating compounds. There’s a lot of these immunomodulatory chemicals listed in the references at the end of the booklet. The most important thing to know is that hookworms can release a chemical that looks exactly like the anti-inflammatory hormone prednisone.


The difference is that the hookworms release the chemicals molecule by molecule. One at a time, unlike drugs. They give you just the inflammation control that you need without the side effects of drugs. Hookworms also organize the bacteria in the intestines. If they see a bacteria they don't like in the intestine then they will cause the immune system to eliminate that bacteria.


As you would expect the rate of juvenile arthritis...

is higher in blonde haired blue eyed kids.

More Viking genes equals more chronic inflammation


If they see a bacteria they like then they will encourage the growth of that bacteria. By organizing the bacteria hookworms take unnecessary stress off of the immune system.

realize that bacteria are everywhere in the body. Which makes sense...since bacteria can live in volcanic vents and deep ocean trenches. So when a woman has unexplained interstitial cystitis and has to pee all of the time it is because this bacteria is irritating her bladder.

Because of this the immune system gets a new stability and stops over reacting to every stimulant.

Eosinophils and Abnormal cell

We used to think that there were parts of the body that were sterile and had no bacteria. Now we

growth Eosinophils are the white blood cells that are elevated by worms.


Reactions and swollen sinuses cause mouth breathing.

This removes the tongue support from the palette.

This causes narrow palette and crowded teeth, etc. 142

Tumor activated eosinophils (TATE) are an independent factor for good abnormal cell growth prognosis.

Eosinophils cause abnormal cell growth rejection by normalizing vessels and enhancing the infiltration of immune cells. (Carretero 2015)

Inverse association between eosinophil count and abnormal cell growth. This means the more eosinophils makes less abnormal cell growth risk. (PMC3175810).

Eosinophils infiltrate tumors and are one of the body’s first lines of abnormal cell growth defense. (Cormier)

So the goal is to get the eosinophils up and worms do that.

Activated eosinophils are essential for tumor rejection.


Brain Inflammation Also when people get inflammatory scar tissue on their brain called amyloid plaques, that is also an inflammatory reaction to the body aggressively attacking the normal bacteria in the brain. This attack leads to complaints that we call Alzheimer's or dementia and other brain illnesss. Developmental Delay Obviously the causes of


autism are a very controversial subject. What we can at a minimum say the state of chronic inflammation should be moderated by Hookworms. Actually it was a person with autism years ago that actually started me thinking about the counter inflammatory affect of worms. The father of the autistic boy came into me one visit and said that he had taken his son on a walk through the woods. Both of the had come back with a ton a chiggers.


Chiggers are a flea like animal that burrows under the skin and is extremely itchy. The boy came back with chiggers up and down his legs. When they woke up the morning after the hike the man was shocked that his son was very functional and that his autism complaints had greatly diminished. These complaints gradually reappeared as the chiggers resolved. The man came in convinced that this temporary


infection had alleviated his son's complaints.

have is that they increase the protective mucus layer of the intestine.

He told me that story ten years ago and I never forgot it, but never had an approach that I could apply to the situation until I learned about hookworms and helminthic approach.

This extra protective layer prevents food proteins from activating the immune system. This prevents the foods from creating antibodies which is another way of saying that it food reactions.

Increasing the protective gel of the guts.

The immune system has the default setting that says that if in doubt about whether a protein is a friend or a foe then knock it out.

How do the hookworms work to resolve inflammation? One mechanical effect the worms


Hookworms and other human worm species have been around for millions of years..

They know how to get along with humans.

In fact they had a big hand in designing the body.

Your body is designed for hookworms. 148

Just resolving food reactions alone would be enough to take tremendous stress off of the immune system.

If blueberries only come out for a week, then it makes sense to consume as much as possible. We put people in a craving state when we make them eliminate their food.

But this is just one small part of what worms do. I resolved many inflammation situations with the elimination of food reactions, but there are a few downsides to that approach. When we avoid a food, we tell our body that this food is rare and therefore we should binge and eat a lot of it when it is available.

Another problem with elimination diets is that it creates a feeling of separateness from others. Eating at a special lunch table, or not participating completely in holiday meals can create a feeling of isolation.


Remember, one of the ways that various groups of people separate themselves is by dietary restrictions.

There can be some exciting times on the worms with periods of feeling really well.

The last and important point about food reactions is that restricting a food group may create a nutritional deficiency.

But mostly what we recommend is to set is and forget it.

Of course, if the only option was eating your food reaction or having complaints, then you need to stop the food reaction.

Let the worms work in the background and simply live your life.


There can be some exciting times on the worms with periods of feeling really well.

But mostly what we recommend is to set is and forget it.

Our experience has

Let the worms work

shown us that

in the background and

different gentle

simply live your

schedules make a


difference. 151

Hookworms give us the option of keeping all of the foods, but changing the bodies reactions to the foods. One of the ways the body does this is by raising the mucus level in the intestine.

parasite depletes the body, a symbiotic organism works with you for the mutual benefit of both organisms. Every mammal has a hookworm population, every primate has a hookworm a population, and every human-being, up to a few generations ago, had a hookworm population. Under inflammatory states hookworms release a chemical that works exactly like prednisone.

Just like a high tide keeps the boats from hitting the rocks, increasing the mucus level in the intestine stops the reaction food protein from triggering the immune system. Hookworms are more like a symbiotic organism. Where a


Often conditions are chronic because inflammation prevents the healing process.

If you can turn off inflammation you raise testosterone and growth hormone.

These two hormones are known for healing. 153

However, unlike the massive applications of drugs that create side effects, hookworms release anti-inflammatory chemicals molecule by molecule. The worms rely on you to be healthy so they can make their eggs. If you are not well, are sick, or are not alive those worms are gone from the face of the earth. Here is a reaction to

Getting the Right Worms?

a single hookworm,

As long as you get the right worms then you are dealing with a species who’s sole purpose in

they are a gentle approach.


The Vikings had a mutation called alpha 1 antitrypsin.

This makes the lungs very inflammatory.

This reaction is only a problem because we don't have hookworms to control it. 155

life is to make you healthy and I usually just tell people that have already done the worms how strong I have gotten on the worms....

shhhh...don't tell :) this was after years of progressive weakness. happy.


When you look at letters and pictures on the old interwebs about hookworms; you are seeing wolf worm reactions.

This is why it is so important to know exactly what worms you are getting. All hookworms look the same under the microscope, but there are two major species.

It doesn’t make sense to use a worm that you do not know what it is or where it came from. I will never understand why people will use worms that do not have a DNA linage analysis. And even if you know you are getting the right species of worm, it is important to know whether you are getting the aggressive worm or the gentle worm. The gentle

We call them the bad one the wolf worm (ancylostoma duodenale) and the good one the dog worm (necator americanus). Just like wolves and dogs, they might look the same as puppies, but the behavior they show when they grow up is very different.


worm we call NA457 after its genetic code. Just like getting a pet for your home, you want the breed that is most compatible with humans and domesticated to behave well and benefit your system, and not turn around to bite you. When you do your research, just remember that most aggravations are from people who do not correctly identify the worms they are working with, and therefore end up using the wrong worms.


It is very interesting to see how each person reacts to an application of worms.

The Elimination of Anxiety One common reaction reaction to the hookworms is a decrease of anxiety. It is more than the just the sensation that someone would get if they took a sedative. For some people it is the complete elimination of any sensation of anxiety and a complete sense of calm for the first time in their life.

It is almost as if each person’s situation is like the layers of cake. In some situations, people will feel an emotional change first. Most commonly what is described is the elimination of anxiety, but there are a fair number of situations that come in and talk about how their physical healing was accelerated.

I experienced this myself. Over the years I had been getting more and more inflammatory and that


had made my anxiety increase. It had gotten to the point where if I received a letter that was even addressed in a way that looked like it would be work or paperwork then could trigger stress for days. After I took the worms I felt a profound sense of calm. It was not as if I did not recognize the challenges in my life, it was just that I could not generate a sense of anxiety about the situations. It was a sense of calm I had not experienced since childhood.


I later learned that this anxiety was caused by chemicals in the body called cytokines. Cytokines are the inflammation signals that your body uses to activate the immune system. There are some drugs that decrease cytokines but the only thing that does it without dangerous side effects that we know scientifically is hookworm approach. It is so important to control


anxiety because anxiety turns off your brain. When you have a feeling of anxiety that is a part of the brain called the amygdala being activated. The amygdala is a left over part of our brain from the dinosaur age. When that part is activated we become the little animal whose best strategy for survival was to freeze. If there is no immediate danger you should never have the experience of anxiety. A little


anxiety is exactly like having a little knee pain. There is no level that is normal. The body triggers the experience of anxiety by producing cortisol and adrenaline. The signal to produce these hormones comes from the pituitary gland. Hookworms directly stop the production of adrenaline and cortisol since these can be considered immune signals. If you think about adrenaline it rises when there is some kind of


physical danger. Today this high adrenaline gets activated in all kinds of situations that are not acute danger. One of the most common experiences with hookworm approach, sometimes immediately is a decrease of anxiety. I can tell you that my anxiety levels when from either extreemely high to non-existant.


Injury When I didinflammatory, and injured myself in the gym, I knew I was in for six months of babying the injury. Not only do I not get those injuries any more, but if I do, then I know I just need a good night of sleep and I will be recovered. It is the strangest feeling, and I know it is probably something that needs to be experienced in order to be understood.


Sometimes the idea of hookworms seems strange to people. Yet, these same people would not think twice if they needed a titanium rod to heal a fracture, or if they needed to take a probiotic after an antibiotics. Hookworm populations are common in other mammal and primate species like monkeys and gorillas. Hookworms are normal, hookworm eliminationis not.


In fact, in primates the presence of hookworms allows for and facilitates a higher testosterone level; it is one of the ways that hookworms help us. In humans, hookworms were common until a few generations ago. We have done several things in modern society that eliminate the chance of getting hookworms. The highest concentrations of hookworms are found in


We are very good at killing worms with modern medicine.

Abendazole is a very safe and effective drug to kill worms.

Everyone that has hookworms is far more

It is not absorbed

concerned about

by your body but

accidently hurting

well absorbed and


toxic to worms. :(


ancient Viking camp sites. These people had a powerful immune system but also a powerful organ for stopping the immune system. That powerful organ is called hookworms. Hookworms, when they are applied, are not even visible to the naked eye; they are microscopic. They go on a bandage that is applied to the foot or upper arm. I put it on my foot because I think it more naturally mimics how the hookworms are


transmitted in nature. MTHFR and methylation We have had many people with various genetic mutations. I have tried all of the various methylation protocols and solutions. If you have been trying to support yourself or get supported for methylation issues you know what I am talking about. Methylation is basically how quickly your body processes


vitamins to the active form in you body. What is important to recognize about genes that decrease methylation (activation) is that these are nordic ice age genes. And these are not mutations these are genetic selections. In other words the same genes that gave you an MTHFR mutation are the genes that are looking for and expecting hookworms in you body.


Gentle Hookworms Gentle worming is done with one worm per week, this way every person no matter what their sensitivities are can benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of hookworms. We can look for more more subtle signs of reaction to the hookworms than just the itching that can take place on the foot. Even one worm can have a deep effect on the human organism and is definitely something that can


be felt. Michelle: Clutter and reactions to dust I’ve had reactions for as long as I can remember. Reactions to pollen, dust, and certain foods. By changing my diet, avoiding dairy and gluten, healing leaky gut and optimizing


cortisol, my reactions to pollen disappeared.

Still, I was severely reaction to dust, so much so that cleaning the house for even 5 minutes would cause me to experience days of reaction complaints… sneezing, congestion, and headaches.


I avoided cleaning and would even need to leave the house when someone else was cleaning. I also avoided gluten 100% otherwise I would experience a migraine headache for at least 24 hours.

I’m also sensitive to medications, chemicals, and perfumes. I am the 175

first to react, even to herbs and nutrients. I’ve learned to start with low applications and take it slowly so as to avoid feeling worse.

When I was ready to get a hookworm, I wanted to apply this same approach 176

– start low.

I started with one hookworm. This allowed me to notice every slight symptom and change that I experienced.

I repeated the application of one hookworm every week for four 177


After six weeks from when I started, I checked my blood work, and it showed a significant increase in eosinophils (a type of white blood cell),

This is an expected change when a 178

hookworm has established in the

I did not notice a rash


on my foot until after applying 5 worms. The

Then I increased the

small red rash lasted a

hookworm application to

couple hours and was

2 worms. And two weeks

accompanied by a mild

later, 5 worms. After

itchy feeling on that

each application, I


noticed a temporary tickling sensation on

Within 24 to 48 hours,

my foot where the

after each worm

hookworms had been

application, I noticed


increased phlegm, which 179

The vagus nerve is normally inhabited by the Epstein Barr virus.

If the vagus

nerve remains inflamed you always stay sick. Hookworms turn that off.


lasted from 1 to 12

to clean the house with

hours. 36 to 72 hours

less of a reaction.

after applying the hookworms, I sometimes

At three months I was

experienced loose stool

able to clean my house

for one bowel movement.

and basement without any reactions to dust.

Two months after the

I did not have to take

first hookworm

anything for reactions

application, I noticed

and was able to

that my dust reaction

completely declutter

complaints had

without feeling worse.

decreased. I was able 181

When you are stressed you can't think.

So what is the point of being stressed?

Studies on stress all show a strong decrease in intelligence with stress. 182

What a change! I was

I could not tell that I

finally able to clean

had eaten gluten. After

out my space without

avoiding gluten for

reactions. Three months

over 15 years, this is

after starting with


hookworms, I tried an sample of gluten. I ate

ps. I also have Joint

¼ cup of gluten pasta.

hypermobility, and am

I did not experience

seeing improvement in

any negative

my joint and connective

complaints. No

tissue issues.

headache, no migraine, and no pain in general.


Many worms look alike under the microscope.

To be sure the worm must be DNA tested.

Different worms act differently in the body.


I honestly had no idea that this approach would help this condition, if fact the first people with elhers-danlos symptom that saw improvement were actually using hookworms for other problems.

Joint hypermobility One of the most remarkable and satisfying reactions to hookworm approach has been in those person with Joint hypermobility. This is a condition where the collagen or connective tissue of the body is too loose and flexible. Because of this these people get a lot of excessive movement of the joints. This causes a lot of inflammation in their body and leads to a lot of chronic pain.

It was them who told me that their joints and pain had greatly improved. Gatekeeper Action of Worms For years I have helped people manage their health by removing



the hidden food reactions through IgG and IgA food reaction testing. This counts the number of antibodies you make to a food.

I knew there were steps in the middle between...the antibody which was being created to catch the food protein and the eventual inflammatory complaints...but I had no idea of how to control those middle steps and had never heard of them being controlled unless it was a drug like prednisone.

The only option that I had for people at that time if they tested high to a food was to give up the foods that tested high. This would at least keep the antibodies in the blood from finding the food protein they were looking for. At least by stopping this beginning step we would stop the end step which was the inflammatory symptom.

In my reading I found that naive tribes with worms had a much higher amount of antibodies to various substances in their


Every person has a natural number of worms that their body wants.

It is the same as taking a bacterial probiotic.

There is a natural "set" point limiting the amount in us. 188

environment including food protiens.

including foods without having the inflammatory effects at the end.

They had more antibodies but did not have the expected allergic reactions. They produced more antibodies in their blood to proteins in the environment, but they had less inflammation and complaints.

Hookworms are the gate keeper to our inflammatory reactions. The hookworms are very smart about when to allow an inflammatory reactions and when to block them. The hookworms stop inflammatory reactions to foods and the environment and this makes these native peoples much less allergic.

It turns out that hookworms control the middle step of the inflammatory process. With hookworms you can make antibodies to the environment


on in their life. Pregnant women would have worms and that would make sure that the baby was not reactive to foods when it was born.

Babies and Hookworms & Pregnancy In nature, the hookworms are transmitted when night soil is used to fertilize crops. The hookworms mature in the soil and then when people walk in the soil to tend the crops, they get infected with hookworms.

When pregnant and breastfeeding moms have hookworms, it prevents reactions in their children.

This cycle would continue for quite a few of years. Babies would get worms by 6 months old so that they were resistant to reactions and inflammation early

Not having a hookworm causes an increase in infections. (mpairwe)


Uncle Gus was our fist ancestor. He lived 100 million years ago among the dinosaurs.

He froze still to avoid predators. Stress activates this part of your brain. 191

Hookworms prevent chronic inflammation and food reactions in babies.

When the mom has hookworms then it programs the baby more tolerant of the environment.

More tollerence creates puts everyone on the right path. 192

In native cultures, children are known to have a hookworm by 6 months of age. (Brooker 1999)

applications does not compare to ancient exposure. Hookworms are proven to make children less reactive to the enviornment. When children are less reactive, they are also less likely to experience mouth breathing, which leads to better palate formation from tongue pressure.

Having hookworms prevents excessive reactions to common infections. These include in childhood infections and illnesses such as mononucleosis. If we imagine these Viking women tending crops and walking daily through soil fertilized with poo then we see that even our most frequent

When the tongue exerts proper pressure, the palate widens, allowing accommodation of teeth, and less need for braces.


The body seems to be designed as the perfect hookworm carrying machine.

Just the complexity of the entry process shows that humans have had a long relationship with hookworms.

This door is only open to our special symbiotic friends. 194

How do the worms get in?

Avoiding braces prevents nerve root trauma and tooth loss. The early introduction of hookworms can induce a virtuous good health cycle.

The worms, when they make contact with the skin, create a keratin tube that allows them to move through skin and into the circulation. That is the part that itches.

The important point here is that hookworms are easy to get, when people go to study gorillas in nature they often come back carrying gorilla hookworm. The hookworms are that east to get in nature.

Through the circulation they make contact with the lung tissue and work their way through to the inside of the lung. Then, the wave motion of the cilia carry the larva up the trachea


until they hit the epiglottis at the top of the windpipe. That "flip-flop" cover (epiglottis) is designed perfectly for the transmission of worms to the esophagus or the food pipe. They go right down the intestine until they hit the right environment for them. That environment is a small subsection of the small intestine. They can't live anywhere else in the body.


Gluten Reaction Resolved Hookworms are the best

of hookworms put on your skin will be in your body.

option for regulating the immune system if

The Australian research

you want to use

showed that everyone

helminths (worms) to do so.

has their own natural

This is also

set point or set amount

called helminthic approach.

of hookworms that is

right for their body.

Hookworms cannot

Each of the three

reproduce in the human

researchers took 50

body. Only the number

hookworms. After a few


months, they examined themselves and found that they all had the amount of hookworms that they started with.

So it seems that our bodies have a set point for worms just like they have a natural set point for the amount of

Wormy itch is the


first step in calming you down. 198

I turned to hookworms

chronic inflammatory

when all of my other

reaction to mono

tools did not work.

because they were not able to control his

That includes tools

immune system.

like homeopathy, herbs and nutrition, and also

It required a live

conventional drugs like

organism that wanted to


control the

antibiotics, and

inflammation to stop


the chronic inflammation reaction.

None of those tools

Now that he is three

worked for my son's

years on his worms, he 199

Humans don't exist without wormy and wormy does not exist without us. has the


added benefit of being

There is no doubt that

freed from food

natural stuff like


homeopathy and herbs work, but my experience

Spending years having a

is that they work in

chronic inflammation

situations whose immune

and trying to help

system naturally wants

other people with it -

to be brought back into

I feel really grateful

balance and in a calm

to have a found the


miraculous things called hookworms.

When you have chronic inflammation genes, like myself and my son, 201

there is no natural or

reactive - for us that

conventional medicine

is our normal baseline.

that will resolve the situation. Because the

If you fix a furnace

natural set point for

and make it run

our immune

properly you still have

system is highly

a furnace.

aggressive and nothing can change that.

The problem is not our immune system, we have

Restoring us to

the strongest immune

"normal" just means we

systems. It is the

will continue to be

absence of immune

inflammatory and



I have been seeing

It seems as if

inflammatory people for

hookworms take over the

several years now that

role of general

have chosen to use

contractor in building

hookworms to correct

a balanced immune

their health problems.


It continues to amaze

If they do not like a

me how much progress

bacteria in your system

they make, even with

the get rid of it. If

conditions that were

they want want build up

very difficult to help

another bacteria they

before hookworms.

will make you crave the 203

foods that encourage

prevents chronic

its growth.

hightened stress response.

They seem to have a strong ability to

Hookworms have made

regulate the pituitary

even the most difficult

gland and change our

situations enjoyable to

hormone balance.

work with because they do most of the work and

This pituitary response

we can just be

is very important.


because the hookworms regulate the stress

Now the years of

response system. It

experience in 204

homeopathy, herbs and

expertise-the better.

vitamins and other

Support is key to make

natural therapies work

the hookworm transition

with even these most


inflammatory people. Because we are no

Most importantly for me

longer trying to lift a

the hookworms are the

boulder with a fork.

first approach I have encountered that is

Remember, we are trying

truly an anti-fragile

to remodel a system

approach. So many of

that tends to want to

the other tools

go out of balance so

available to me as a

obviously the more 205

naturopath are what I call fragile therapies. Many of these supplements are They are therapies that

concentrated at joint

assume the person is

hypermobility to quite

weak and will always

a few of times higher

stay weak. Because the

than you would find in

person is weak they

nature. Having done

need to eliminate foods

elimination diets and

that they are sensitive

herbs and nutrients,

too, and need to avoid

and homeopathy with

stress and aggravation

quite a few of people I

and then they need a

can say that although

bunch of supplements.

these work in the 206

calmer situations...

will try and explain

very chronic


inflammation situations The Only "Alive" approach

do not get better with this approach.

Hookworms are symbiotic organisms that are only healthy if you are healthy. So they want things to go well for you and for your body. They are alive and feeling and sensing, and can respond to changes as needed to balance their environment, your body. I don't know of any other approach that can rival this aspect of worm therapy. That the worms

These people have to live a somewhat rigid to very rigid lifestyle to make the natural approach work. Or they have to take dangerous drugs. Both of these are fragile.


are anti-fragile and I


are constantly adaptin to changes in your body. This is because they cannot respond the the environment or change according to the body. When you give vitamin C it will always be vitamin C and not vitamin A. Hookworms are


alive. They have wants, and desires. Not human versions of these characteristics but hookworm wants, and desires.

happy if we are happy. Every mammal has a hookworm population, every primate has a hookworm population and every human being up to a few generations ago had hookworms.

Your hookworms. They care about these things because they depend on you for their own lives.

Human beings without hookworms are the experiment in medicine...not receiving hookworms. And the experiment of eliminating hookworms from humans has been a disaster. Especially in the people that have the highest concentration of Viking DNA. The biggest

Nature has taught them how to take care of you. This is a symbiotic organism. Hookworms are only successful if we are successful, they are only


predictor of both chronic inflammation and abnormal cell growth is having the highly aggressive Viking immune DNA without having the immunoregulation provided by hookworms.

and the width of a human hair, and they will adapt and change to control your inflammation. When they learn that gluten makes you inflammatory they will change the bacteria in your intestine and release a little bit of anti-inflammatory hormone when you eat gluten. You become antifragile to gluten.

Hookworms want to pull your body into balance, not because they care about you. Hookworms that took care of their hosts in the past were the ones most likely to be passed on to the next generation. They are alive, they grow to about half and inch long

If you are stressed they release anti-stress hormones, you become anti-fragile to stress. You train


them like you were bringing them to the gym.

maybe all of us, reguire hookworms to properly digest grains.

In the Australian hookworm study they slowly increased the amount of gluten that they were giving to people and the hookworms learned how to control that reaction.

Can it really be a bad thing that our immune system is too strong? The most successful immune system in human history was from a small tribe of Vikings. We sometime think of ourselves as German, Irish, English, etc.,

There is no doubt that the ability to eat grains provided a major advantage in preventing starvation and providing and alternative source of calories. It is also true that some of us,


In the United States, we are the product of these people that crossed the ocean and came to America. Your chronic inflammation is the remnant of Viking DNA that allowed these people be the most geographically spread in history, you just forgot your worms! If you're going to have a powerful engine you need to have powerful brakes.

inflammation that we have is hookworms. If a gorilla can not fit into a business suit that is not a gorilla problem. If our human bodies need hookworms and don't have them that is not a pathology, that is an imbalance. And this is what hookworms helped me realize: the problem is there is no problem. Chronic inflammation is like saying the immune system is too strong. Can

The only brakes that I have found for the run away chronic


that really be a problem? This is like saying that a car is too fast.

How can this be anything but nonsense? A powerful engine is never a problem and neither is a powerful immune system.

Would you really fix a car engine if someone came to you and said, “My car’s engine is really powerful and fast and if I put the pedal down it goes past the other cars.”?

Now if this car has no brakes do you then say it's a problem of the engine? Of course not. So if we have removed the brakes from the car with the most powerful engine ever can you really be surprised we have problems?

Well isn’t that the same thing we are saying about highly inflammatory chronic inflammation persons? Your immune system is too good, too successful, too inflammatory?

This is why all of us inflammatory people that end up living such compromised lives. I


myself was gluten, egg, dairy, nightshade, salicylate, fructose, citrus, yeast and shellfish free for almost ten years. Yes it did help control my complaints, but driving only on straight road with no curves. It was also incredibly boring and at some level depressing and defeating.

Plus, if I did pull a muscle or a tendon then it would take me months to heal. Now, since I have had my worms for three years, I work out twice a day at least six days a week. Most exciting though is if I do go a little too hard and pull a muscle or tendon then all that I need is a good night’s sleep and it is better in the morning.

I remember I used to go to the gym one day and then my body with would be super stiff for weeks. I love to workout and this made it miserable.


like a person that is naturally in the yellow zone.

The normal viking immune system is in the "red zone" When Vikings have this highly aggressive auto-immune genetic system nothing will correct the imbalance because there is no imbalance. A perfectly tuned Viking immunes system is not calm and in the green zone. It is active and in the yellow zone getting ready to go into the red zone.

Let’s say I have a guy come in with three years of large intestine inflammation since antibiotics. If he did not have inflammation before and it does not run in the family this is not a big deal. This would be an easy green zone situation. If this person takes somethings simple like homeopathy, some probiotics, some herbs, they should self correct and get better.

So we can’t support the person that is naturally in the green zone


that scenario...my immune system made me miserable.

Compare that to me and my family, both my mom and dad had stomach issues and all of my siblings have been diagnosed with chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease. Then I had severe ulcerative colitis. I am a yellow zone situation that went into the red.

When we look at the set of genes that make for higher inflammation and higher risk of autoimmuiny I have many of them. I even have many of the neanderthal genese known for increasing the risk for chronic inflammation.

If we have another plague epidemic then my system will be the one that survives because it is aggressive. However, short of

The only thing that will get me into the green, no-inflammation zone is the counter balancing anti-inflammatory action of


hookworms. Hookworms never sleep, they are constantly looking for issues that would interfere with their successful egg productions. (Their eggs are tiny microscopic and not transmittable to another person without a life cycle in the soil.)

This is an important part of the hookworm journey. From the moment they touch the skin they are starting get programed to match the needs of your body. Day 3-5 circulating worms pass through the blood and stick to the lung tissue. Then they squeeze their way through to the inside of lungs.

Worm Journey and Settlement Day 1-3 worms pass through the skin and enter the blood. This process will include itching and redness.

The wave like action of the cilia or hairs of the lung bring the worms up to the top of the trachea or wind pipe.


During the time and for the weeks that follow the body will be adapting constantly to the presence of worms. Remember that your body should have had worms at six months old so there is an adaptation phase.

Once they get up to the top of the wind pipe they are transferred from the wind pipe to the esophagus by the epiglottis or little lid at the top of the pipes. Interestingly the epiglottis is perfectly designed to transfer the worms.

The adaptation phase, it is happens at all, usually peaks at week six to week eight. This could include some loose stools or a mild tummy ache. There may be other times where complaints wax and wane.

From week 2-3 and the hookworms settle in one small six inch section of the small intestine. This is where they can live for fifteen years or longer.


You may get a weird symptom here and there. Maybe a left ear pain and then maybe a right toe pain.

Women that have hookworms have much less reaction children. For those of us that have chronic inflammation in our family we know that a less reaction kid is a less chronic inflammation child. If you know anything about having a child with chronic inflammation the importance of this can not be emphasized enough.

Just trust that you and your new friends will figure out the best way to keep your inflammation low together. Pregnancy and Hookworms One of the places we see that hookworms can teach the body immune system tolerance is with pregnancy.

It is an understatement to say that this situation is torture for the child and the parents.


There is no problem taking hookworms or having hookworms while breastfeeding that I have seen. In fact there is every reason to suspect that the baby receives much less stress hormones when the mother has a proper population of hookworms in her system in addition to a much better balance of hormones including growth hormone.

Hookworms are the only approach shown to decrease reactions and therefore chronic inflammation in the next generation. Sometimes the mother's chronic inflammation starts at pregnancy. This is due to an effect called chimerism where the mother adapts some of the child's DNA and then starts getting immune to that DNA and creating chronic inflammation in herself.


his entire clan or all people had Tick borne bacteria at that time. Also a few years ago the researchers found a tick that had been preserved in amber from fifty million years ago.

Tick borne bacteria and Hookworms A similar chronic inflammation reaction happens with the Tick borne bacteria bacteria. The problem is not the bacteria itself. The Tick borne bacteria bacteria has been around for a long time. When they defrosted the iceman they found from five thousand years ago they found that he had Tick borne bacteria.

This tick from millions of years ago also had Tick borne bacteria. Tick borne bacteria is not new, even the dinosaurs had it. What is new is human beings without hookworms. This is the new experiment. And what have we seen from this experiment? We

If the caveman had Tick borne bacteria it is quite possible that


have seen a tremendous increase in chronic inflammation and abnormal cell growth in anglo people over the last few generations.

examine the monkey's organs in detail they still find Tick borne bacteria. But that is ok because it is not the Tick borne bacteria bacteria that is the problem, it is the body's over-reaction the that bacteria.

Tick borne bacteria bacteria cannot be killed when it is in the body.

If we leave it alone it does not cause a problem. It is because of our chronic inflammatory fight that generate the destructive changes that cause illness. It is what we do to ourselves that causes the problems.

They did a study a few years ago and found that when monkeys have Tick borne bacteria no matter how long the put them on antibiotics and what kind of antibiotic they have when they


What is new for the body is to have an immune system that is constantly attacking the mono virus and therefore keeping the vagus nerve in an inflammatory state. I have always found it interesting to note that in order for the mono virus to reproduce it requires the immune system to attack it. Without the immune system reaction it can not reproduce.

Mono Virus and Chronic Fatigue It is the same story in the situation of chronic fatigue, mono, and chronic Epstein-Barr syndrome. The mono virus is a herpes virus that lives normally in the vagus nerve that travels throughout our body. This is the nerve that makes us feel sick when we have the flu. The mono virus is a herpes virus that has its normal home in the vagus nerve and has for ages.

Basically people with chronic fatigue and chronic Epstein-Barr


have had a situation of the flu for years or decades. Hookworms with their immunoregulatory and anti-inflammatory power have the ability to restore the immune tolerance that we should have to the mono virus.

When the mice had active hookworm infections they were much less likely to reject the skin grafts. This has tremendous implications for anyone that might be having inflammation as a result of any kind of foreign substance in their body.

Transplant Rejection

This includes breast implants, titanium rods and pins, dental implants, hernia grafts and other surgical or cosmetic substance.

Hookworms have been studied with preventing rejection of transplants. Mice were given skin grafts with and without the normal mouse hookworm.

Obviously hookworms should also be used with an actual


human organ transplant. Given the devastating results of rejecting an organ everything should be done to create a tolerant and accepting immune system.

when I was eighteen years old. I have complete trust in my body again. I understand it was the whole chronic inflammation nonsense that kept my mind locked up for years. Not only does my body work again but my brain functions at a higher level then ever before. My strength of concentration is far beyond anything I could have imagined.

Anti-fragile effect of hookworms Since my hookworms my body has become anti-fragile, after three years I can eat whatever I want, and man, do I love it. I have set all of my weight lifting personal bests including from

Erections and Sex drive The background level of stress that I constantly felt from


inflammation is completely gone. And not for nothing, as we say :) but my libido is better than ever also. At 56 years old it is stronger than it was decades ago.

same response in both male and female persons. I see that the hormones work better and in a lower application when there is a good hookworm population in the gut. Sometimes women that have been on hormonal approach actually go off the hormones when the hookworms get established because they don't need them.

The largest gorilla in the tribe will have the most hookworms and highest testosterone. It seems that the hookworms allow and encourage higher testosterone levels. Probably just another hookworm success strategy. I have seen the

The affect in men is that they seem to be able to tolerate more of their own natural testosterone


and bioidentical testosterone supplementation without side effects.

Then in nature children would normally have their own hookworm population by six months. It does not matter when hookworms are given to the moms. Hookworms were constantly being acquired in pregnancy in human past.

They conducted a study where they killed off the hookworms of pregnant moms and they found out the kids came out much more inflammatory and therefore prone to chronic inflammation. There is no way I would have another baby without the mom having hookworms. To be pregnant without worms if you have yellow zone DNA is just asking for problems.

Side effects from meds. One of the reasons for my chronic anxiety was a reaction to the antibiotic ciprofloxacin that I took during my years in school.


One of the reactions to this antibiotics is a syndrome that is called "being floxed".

I had some version of this anxiety until my first application of hookworms at which point the low level of anxiety in my nervous system stopped. I do not know about other chronic drug reactions. But given my experience it may be worth a try.

Like most drugs cipro is fine for most people and completely toxic if you have the wrong genes. I had the wrong genes for this drug. I never remember feeling anxiety for a single day in my life before my reaction. After a few applications of the cipro, which by the way felt terrific when I was on it, and I had severe anxiety.

Hookworms and shots. There are many good resources on required shots. I am not one of them. :)


I am a health

philosopher, not an

He had become so


anxious about the virus that it was

In a discussion with an


He would

older relative I was

no longer see friends,

very supportive and

family and loved

encouraging regarding

ones...virus-phobia if

getting an anti-viral

you will.

shot. (This was in spite of the objection

What is important for

of his

me to share is that

friend and


whether One gets a shot or not, hookworms can help avoid potential 229

over reaction...to

lookout for immune

either a natural virus

system over reactions.

or to a man made one.

When they see them then It is pretty well

they release substance

established in modern

that are capable of

times that many chronic

controlling those

inflammation are

reactions whether

triggered by immune

caused by natural

reactions to viruses or

infection or injection.


If you are a medic, Hookworms by their

lawyer, teacher, police

nature are on the

officer, fire fighter, 230

student, etc. then your

bad situation of the

job may require a shot.

natural virus also.

Some people are very

It was found in

concerned they are

researching malaria

likely to over react to

that those people that

receiving a shot.

had hookworms had a lower chance of the

Keep in mind that the

worst malarial

same immune system that


may make you a hyper responder to a shot

Also, an

would probably make you

epidemiological study

high risk for getting a

of the populations 231

Not because they come from these animals of course. We call them this because one is domesticated and the other is not.

least at risk for severe viral complaints had helminthic populations.

When you see extreme reactions pictures online that is because someone got the wolf worm. Wolfs are not domesticated and neither are wolf worms. You want the dog worm and even within the dog family there are pitbull worms and poodle worms, you want the poodle worms.

The most important part of doing worms is getting the right worm. Microscopically worms are indistinguishable, and there are two worms that look a lot alike, we call them the wolf worm and the dog worm.


You want the most domesticated and friendly worms, and that is where a lot of time, energy, and attention goes into the process.

hookworms has done for my physical health, it is the profound sense of wellbeing that has impacted me and my life

If you don’t know the DNA lineage of your worm then you don’t know what you have. Unfortunately, we get a lot of calls from people in that situation.

the most.

Prior to worms and in spite of any usual or natural I had done, I still found that most of the time I was in

Hookworms and Anxiety Beyond everything that

restlessness or unease.

using therapeutic


This uneasiness

and body calmed

affected all parts of

down. This has only

my life at a low

gotten better during

level. It was not major

the three years I have

enough to even complain

had my hookworm friends

about, but it was

living with me.

constantly there.

When Eating Your Food It was not until my

Reactions is Good

hookworms that calmness

Another fantastic aspect of the anti-fragile nature of hookworm approach is the ability to consume food reactions that previously needed to be

became the strongest voice in my head. Since my first hookworm application, my brain


avoided. As some of you will know we have a very advanced and successful reaction testing in our life. Over ten years, we have many quite a few of hidden food reaction panels, and the panels have been very successful in resolving complaints in persons.

solution for eliminating reaction complaints.

The only problem is that when you know your food reactions you have to avoid them. This was the best option we had at one point in life. But eliminating foods was never the ideal

Interestingly, native people with worm infections have much higher antibodies to the environment. That means they have higher IgE, IgA and IgG antibodies. And they have less reaction complaints, no chronic

There were always things that I did not like about the food reaction removal. To avoid food reactions created a stress and a state of “illness” itself.


inflammation, and no abnormal cell growth.

control the reaction reaction was to control the number of soldiers.

This is because hookworms are able to provide biochemical gatekeeper actions and provide control on the reactivity to the reactions. Now we have a bigger army but a more powerful general who is in charge.

By using hookworms, we put a new general in charge of when to declare war on a food. Hookworms have been well trained on how to determine which proteins to react to and they are experts in making that decision. That fine line between reaction and lack of reaction is the difference between tolerating foods and creating a chronic and inflammatory reaction to foods.

The number of soldiers equals the number of antibodies that we may make to a food. Before worms the only way we could


Some people believe the A different perespective on the

body is using a

immune system. The body has no way of

different approach in defending itself then the classic self/non-

really telling self


from non-self. And of course the consequences

They argue that the

of making a mistake

body is not trying to

between allowing a bug

determine self from

to be misidentified as

non-self, but rather to

part of your own body would be devastating.

look for inflammation that could signal in invader.


inflammation would When the body sees


inflammation then it then makes antibodies

Yes you would damage

designated attack

your own body also but

everything in the

that could be fixed

inflammation war zone.

once the threat was over. This view of the

The idea of this

immune system has

approach was that

always mode more sense

eventually you would

to me.

kill whatever bacteria was a problem and the

The bad part of your/my immune system is if 238

Training your worms The way that I think

your body gets triggered for inflammation too

about consuming your


food reactions after you have worms is the

Then you are constantly

same way that I think

at war and constantly

about lifting weights.

fighting your own

You don't squat 500

body... this is chronic

pounds the first day.


So the first three months that you have hookworms is like


learning to walk.

This is like adding a

After that time we can

little weight each day

start doing exercises

and getting stronger

to make the worms more

and stronger. The

responsive and

hookworms will get


better at sensing inflammation and

The way you train your

responding to it with

hookworms is to start

their anti-inflammatory

exposing your body to


the reactions very Intestinal inflammation


Large intestine inflammation and small intestine inflammation are


obviously perfect candidates for hookworm approach. Primarily because hookworms increase the mucus protection of the intestinal lining.

And yet the bacteria are constantly being changed. This is because the intestine without hookworms is like an open wound. Any bacteria has the possibility of becoming a pathogen in that situation. The best option is to protect the gut with hookworms.

Large and small intestine inflammation are something I have a lot of experience. Everyone is my family has some type of severe digestive disorder.

The bacteria is not the issue. Every bacteria that can become pathologic and inflammatory in the wrong environment is an intestine without hookworms.

As I have followed the research in these issues I am seen that bacteria are constantly to blame.


feet would get on the ground. It would be when the mother was working with the crops fertilized by night soil aka human manure.

In short the issues we have with our intestines and stomach are simply the result of bacteria affected by a deficency of hookworms and the control that the hookworm signals provide.

Fertilizing soil makes a tremendous difference for the yield of grains. We are talking about several times increase in yield of crops. Just the recorded history of grains is twentyfive thousand years. And that is the recorded history of farming. The unrecorded history may go back much farther.

Hookworm application The worms are applied to the skin because that is the way that that they get acquired in nature. In ancient cultures the children would get worms as soon as their


Thousands of years is a long time. If that does not seem like a long time just remember that all of the differences that we see in dog are based on ten thousand years of selective breeding. All of the difference between a great dane and chihuahua are only due to ten thousand years of selecting for traits.

The hookworms also got selected for their best traits to support humans. They required a part of their life cycle in the soil to properly grow and they were constantly reintroduced by the crop fertilization process. So for quite a few of years the reintroduction cycle of the hookworm was continued. With people benefitting from hookworms and hookworms benefitting from people.

In the years of our human existance some of us had genes that became dependant on hookworms as something like an anti-inflammatory organ.


Mammals Have Hookworms Sometimes people wonder

population. Every human being had a hookworm population until a few

if we are doing an

generations ago.

experiment by using hookworms. What I try

During this time nature

to explain to them that

selected the most

the experiment is in

healing hookworms since

killing off the

a healthy human host

hookworm population in humans.

assured more eggs and

Every mammal

more hookworms.

has a hookworm population. Every primate has a hookworm


part of the immune system resetting. I encourage light scratching. If it ever gets uncomfortable then we have some tricks to calm that down without decreasing the effectiveness of the the approach.

How do you take hookworms? The worms are microscopic when they are applied. You can’t see anything in the small vial the worms come in. There is some water and a small pipet to apply the worms to a small bandaid.

We have found it to both most effective and most comfortable to use one worm per week. At least up to 20 worms.

When the hookworms are on the skin they build a small keratin tube to work their way into the skin. This creates a little itching, but this should not be suppressed because this itching and the scratching that accompanies it is

Once the worms enter the body they are moved by the blood through the circulation until they


touch the lung. Once on the lung, they stick and are moved by the sucking pressure of the lungs on the other side. Once they are inside they are moved up the lung by the little hairs on the inside of the lung.

wind pipe to the food pipe and down into the stomach. The worms travel through to the stomach, survive the stomach acid, and go into the small intestine. They are able to live in one small six inch section of the small intestine. The part is called the duodenojejunal junction flexure.

Once at the top of the windpipe they hit the little flip-flop at the top of the lung and the food pipe. It is so interesting to see that the flip-flop epiglottis is basically perfectly designed to transfer the hookworms from the

They stick there and they wait for the right time to start feeding. A hookworm takes one tenth of a drop of blood per day. And then


they get to work reorganizing your microflora. In other words they change your bacteria in your gut into something that makes them more comfortable.

I was still aware of the various challenges in my life. But I could not generate a stress response to those issues. This was the first time I could recall since being a child that I felt no stress.

The Hookworm High

This decrease in stress was a sign that inflammatory chemicals had decreased in my body and in my brain. Along with this decrease in stress was an amazing spike in my energy. I went to clean my back room that had not been organized in years. I did the

One very interesting part of the hookworm experience is the hookworm high. This is an amazing experience that I wish everyone could have. I remember when I first put the worms on my skin all of my stress dissolved like a fog lifting from around me.


entire reorganization process in one night.

Then I decided it was time to change the color of my office...I never painted because I have never had the extra energy. But I painted and then I realized I needed a new desk.

It was amazingly easy to decide what needed to go and what needed to stay. I got rid of eight large garbage bags of supplies and supplements that I no longer wanted.

And it went like that from that point forward. All of the things that I wanted to do but never had the extra energy now seemed very doable. This has continued at various levels since I took my first application of hookworms.

I cut the amount of shelving space in half and got rid of the shelves I didn't need. I made my storage room manageable, sane, and pleasant. I had been needing to do this for ten years!


Everyone gets some version of the hookworm high. I would like everyone to have the profound effect that I had but that is not the effect that everyone . Everyone gets the right effect for them and for what the hookworm wants to do to start balancing the body out.

helpers that work hard to monitor your system for inflammation and to release chemicals to decrease that inflammation. Some people think just of the digestive tract when they think of worms but the complaints can be anywhere in the body. I have seen many people with chronic joint and muscle problems have their condition resolved with hookworms.

Worms want low inflammation They are most comfortable when your inflammation is low. So when you have hookworms inside of you, you have little

My family is obviously in the category that will never be resolved without hookworms. All


of my siblings have chronic inflammation.

work in the past now work in situations. I used to use homeopathic for myself and it would not work in the way that is worked with other people. There is no point in trying to tune a car that only has three tires.

And even with all of my natural tools it was a constant effort to keep the pigs in the pen and keep the complaints from returning. Since they have all been hookwormed, I don’t hear the occasional complaints that I used to hear.

So much of homeopathy and herbs is fine tuning...that for people with Viking immune systems is like fiddling while Rome burns. This was most certainly a lot of the times that I spent trying to resolve my own complaints with natural..

Hookworms make things work Also I have noticed in myself, my family and people that didn’t


I still find my old natural tools valuable. In fact I find out for myself that now the natural things I take actually work better.

Living in the bubble Managing conditions with diet requires so much micromanagment.

The way I describe it to persons is that doing some of these natural approaches with the highly chronic inflammation and inflammatory persons I see is like washing the windows on a car that has three tires. It is the same thing with trying to change chronic inflammation through diet.

So we can try different strategies to perfectly manage this car with three tires, or we can put the fourth tire on. Hookworms are the fourth tire on the car for people that are



reactions and of course

inflammatory and

several of the foods

chronic inflammation.

were off the chart with high reactions.

One of my persons described this as

I have never seen an

living in the bubble.

abnormal cell growth

She was a beautiful

person that did not

lady that had come to

have a hidden food

me after being treated

reaction, that is one

for an abnormal cell

of the reasons we get

growth / lump in her

abnormal cell growth

breast. She received

after all.

testing for hidden food 252

However she had become so concerned about her

I always knew that I

exposure that it had

did not want to

really limited her

restrict people's lives

chance to enjoy parts

in any way, being

of her life. After

healthy should be about

being on her hookworms

increased freedom, not

for a bit she was

increased restriction.

finally able after

And yet eating your

several years to be

food reactions if you

more flexible with her

have had abnormal cell

diet. She was amazed at

growth is not a good

the freedom she started

idea either, abnormal


cell growth definitely


Hookworms and Abnormal cell

does not lead to more freedom. The hookworms


change all that because

One thing we do know about abnormal cell growth and the immune system is that white blood cells are our body's defense system. Our body makes a white blood cell called eosinophils. We also know that the chance of getting abnormal cell growth or of abnormal cell growth returning decreases the more eosinophils you have.

they create that barrier that requires something more than the antibody and protein link to get to the inflammation stage.


Again, more eosinophils equals less abnormal cell growth. Hookworms raise the eosinophil levels. Hookworms raise the white blood cell that protects you from abnormal cell growth.

emotion like anxiety or depression first improve, and then an old injury, and then we see chronic inflammation complaints start resolving, and then we can see an environment in food reactions.

The great thing is that this approach can be used with all of all conventional medicines.

I know for myself at some point to manage my inflammation I needed to avoid the following foods: gluten, egg, dairy, nightshades, salicylates, fructose, and an ever increasing sensitivity to nuts.

Quicker Improvements Many of the situations I now get to see seems to resolve like layers of a cake. We might see an


This highly restrictive diet life style was was very lame, disappointing, depressing and defeating. At some point I just could not live like this anymore.

to to any food, how can that be a normal function? Why would we be reactive to anything in the environment, including pollen, bacteria, and molds? The healthy immune system is tolerant of all but the most extreme attacks on our system.

This morning after three years on worms I had a breakfast of egg and cheese omelet with toast buttered with jelly. Then orange juice and coffee with delicious milk. This combination of food is actually known as food. I like food. I don’t like "not food". There is no reason to be reactive

Any attack on a protein we should be tolerating distracts our immune system from the job that is should be doing to watch our system for real problems.


Hookworms teach our body to chill out and stop attacking random proteins and ourself.

especially is that the ability to have a muscle pump that was missing for decades when I was inflammatory.

I am so happy to have energy again and to be able to do the things that I want to do. Most days I work out hard twice per day. And it is rare that I miss a day but even more importantly for me it is rare that I want to miss a day.

Hookworms help hormone balance Studies have shown that the biggest gorilla in the troop has both the most worms and the highest levels of testosterone. It seems as if the presence of hookworms has an effect on the endocrine and hormonal systems of the body such that it allows a

I have not felt this good working out since I was fifteen years old, and what is great for me


higher level of testosterone in the system.

everyone however. I know that many people have told me their sex drive increased with hookworms and I have experienced that also.

We don’t know why the worms do this we can only guess that having a higher level of worms and therefore a higher hormone level was an advantage at some point.

If you don’t have hookworms you may be surprised to know that the biggest concern that people express with their hookworms is not having them but the fear of killing them off. I do not think that you need to be concerned about that.

Most people that I have seen tell me that their sex drive has increased after worms… so I have to guess that everyone using the hookworms have hormone levels that are going up or most


Apparently us and gorillas share similar hookworms. Their worms can live in us and our worms can live in them. Gorillas eat bamboo shoots that produce cyanide in the gut, toxin for humans…and even that does not kill hookworms.

With worms you see white blood cells called eosinophils. This is the anti-abnormal cell growth white blood cell which is another advantage of worms. However I have experimented with all of the worm killers and my eosinophils stay nice and high. If we do want to kill them off the worm drug abendazole works very quickly (we make good poisons) and the first capsule 99% of the worms are not alive and the next capsule 99.99%, etc.

I have experimented on my family with many substances that are supposed to kill worms and none of it does. This includes herbs like wormwood which you think would have an effect.


healthier balance there can be some bumps along the way.

How to support the worm process More interestingly there are people that want to know what to do to support their hookworms.

In life when people ask me what they need to do in order to help the hookworms get rid of all their complaints I just tell them that all they need to do is to keep treading water.

To them I say: listen to your worms. The worms are going to start making course corrections in your health, and the more you can pay attention to them and follow the directions the more directly progress with come. As the system remodels to a

They can keep treading water while the hookworm drains the ocean of complaints that surround them. No matter how big the


ocean just keep treading water and it will drain.

people that do not have the immunological shock absorber provided by hookworms, and it’s only hookworms in some people that can restore their immune system to the normal function that they may never have had before in their entire life.

The highest rate of both abnormal cell growth and chronic inflammation occur in first world countries with no worms. The highest rates of colon abnormal cell growth is in Norway which is a country where Viking people do not have worms.

Hookworms are alive! They want to live and survive and pass on their genes to their offspring. They can feel, perceive and change for their own survival.

The highest rate of all these illnesses are in Viking, Anglo


If they sense you reacting to something inflammatory they can release more anti-inflammatories or they can release less if you don't need it. They are the shock absorber that your body has been craving.

emotional and physical stresses of all types.

An alive symbiotic organism is an amazing gift. It is the gift of anti-fragility. This means when you take them you become stronger and better able to manage all kinds of challenges and stresses. This does not just include food stresses but mental,


Rose: Hormone balancing Sorry I couldn't make it shorter. Words just have to gather together Here's just an update about my experience with Hookworms over the past 4 months

This July 2020, as almost every summer for


the past 4 years, I

the pain just got

threw my back out with


the simple wrong move

It happened again this

of sitting on the

year. I was pretty much

floor. For thirteen

stuck to my sofa and a

years, after I gave

heating pad for over a

birth to my son, my

week, feeling crippled,

lower back has never

defeated and in pain.

quite been the same.

I called my friend who I resorted to getting a

I’ve seen for the shot

prednisone shot along

and prednisone, hoping

with pills for the

to get some relief. The

week, once a year, when

secretary said the 263

earliest I could see

talk that I attended.

him was September 21.

Helminthic approach

It was July and I could

seemed very interesting

barely walk.

and natural to me. I knew it was a matter of

I had kept in the back

time until I approached

of mind the


testimonials of those who had experienced

As soon as I hung up

helminthic approach,

the phone, I knew it

the emails I remained

was time to call Steve,

subscribed to from

and he answered the

Steve’s office, as well

phone on the first ring

as the January 2020

since he saw it was me.


helminth. Within a day, I was a bit emotional

I was walking upright.

and in a lot of pain. He remembered my

Three days later, we

situation from 10 years

had a family trip

ago and we agreed it

upstate New York, and I

was time to start

was very concerned I

helminthic approach. I

would not be able to

was the “car with 3

even manage walking on


the terrain being so

The next Sunday, I came

and just physically

uneven, steep at times demanding.

in for my first 265

So subtly, as if my pain, and inability to

It was a bit perplexing

walk upright was not

how this tiny thing

even part of my

made such a profound

experience for the past

(but not obnoxious,

13 years, I was walking

looking for attention)

around, with pep in my

impact almost

step, riding throughout


the trails, getting up from a seated position

I say “not obnoxious”

without feeling the

because while the pain

pain in my lower back

was taking so much of

pinching me to a

my mental and physical

hunched posture.

attention from me, what 266

also occurred and has

pain that would keep me

been improving

home from school, and

drastically for the

in my adult life, being

past 4 months, are my

a teacher in front of a

periods. I didn’t

class of students,

notice this at first

feeling like my life

because it was just

was hemorrhaging from

part of my life, and

me, embarrassed of

the back pain was


taking center stage.

Since I was 11, there

I would have to leave

was always a day or two

during lunch at times,

with unrelenting

change and layer

bleeding, clotting and

clothing and sanitary 267

napkins to deal with

not have that day of

the issue, hoping not

overwhelming bleeding.

to embarrass myself in

I thought maybe it was

front of my students or

just a coincidence. I


waited for the next month. It’s been 4

So, the Sunday I came

months, and I have not

in for my first

experienced that

helminth was the same

intense, uncontrollable

week I was going

clotting and bleeding

upstate with my family,

as I had all my life.

which happened to be the same week of my

There have been other

menstrual cycle. I did

changes, again, so 268

subtle but deep, that

wanting to beautify a

are giving me a clearer

space for my son in

view of things in my

particular, and family

personal life.

(this is still in progress, actual

Some of the other


changes I’ve noticed, is being able to start

Personally, I see that

and delve into home

I can and need to

improvement projects

fulfill my long

that were labor

anticipated goals and

intensive but also an

purposes, confident

expression of my

that I will physically

creativity and love,

be able to endure it 269

without burning out.

space is more

I’ve been tending to


things that I’ve put

I am sure there is more

off for many years and

that the hookworms are

feel more

doing that I will catch

accountability towards myself and others.

on to when I am in a

There is simply a

was one way, and now

moment that in the past maybe slightly

sobriety about the

different, to

entire process that I

accommodate a healthier

am experiencing which

me. I am thankful and

is lovely. My mental 270

This has been especially true in people that have had problems absorbing iron. Some anemic people that even required transfusions in the past were able to reach normal iron levels.

humbled by the work they do.

To be continued...


Enhanced intestinal

Bone bulding and other issues


of ageing.

Because the protective layer of the small intestine is so important for absorption, hookworms can pay a major role in people that can't absorb nutrients.

Many of the degenerative conditions associated with ageing are due to high levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and without hookworms some of us have cortisol levels that stay high.


High levels of cortisol block growth hormone and testosterone. That is a receipe for degenerative bone disease. Hookworms can help correct these problems.

However the fundamental problem is that the body gets locked in a state of producing hormones associated with stress, cortisol and adrenaline. This is like keeping the accelerator of your care pushed to the floor on maximum all the time. Just like this would be destructive for your car, Chronic stress is destructive for your body.

Chronic Stress and Hookworms More and more health conditions are being linked to chronic stress. Chronic stress syndrome can be triggered bypass a long series of stresses or by an acute stress incident or period of stress.

Hookworms, because they are trying to optimize the condition of your body for themselves,


have an amazing ability to rebalance these stress hormones. I would not think of trying to help Chronic stress without hookworms.

Hookworm is the mother worm I call hookworm the mother worm. Hookworms determine our reactions to all other worms, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Even if we were to use another worm like whip worms for large intestine inflammation it is always best to start with hookworms.

When the body is in a chronic state of stress the hormone cortisol will be high. This blocks the body's use of both growth hormone and testosterone.

Hookworms can release chemicals signals that increase or decrease the inflammatory response to different microbes

In other words chronic stress prevents healing.


depending on the bodies reaction to the them or how the hookworms want the body to react.

We don't know exactly what signals they will give but everyone is different. It may be an increase in sleep.

Obey the worm The most important


may be a craving or aversion to a food.

thing to know is the


may be a change in

the number one rule of

thirst. A desire or

getting better on

aversion to exercise.

hookworms is to listen to the hookworms.

After the worms if someone gets a craving even for their food


reactions then I am

the growth or one or

willing to consider

more of the bacteria.

letting them have it.

Fear of hurting the worms

This because at some

I try and encourage people not to worry about accidentally killing their worms. Like any other field where the data is scarce and subjective a lot of misinformation can proliferate. Remember that we share the same hookworms as gorillas.

point the cravings are being created by the worms. The worms are doing this to rearrange the bacteria in the intestines and they are asking for the food to encourage or inhibit


Now gorillas can eat a handful of bamboo bark that would literally kill us. The bark releases cyanide as it breaks down.

People start feeling so good that they don't want to do anything to interfere with the process. Luckily hookworms can live for decades.

So since this toxin does not kill the hookworms in the gorilla a fairly safe general statement is that if the substance does not kill you it is not likely to kill your hookworms.

Worm transition management Your mom should have had worms while you were in the womb. This would have taught your body tolerance to the environment. And then you should have had your hookworms

Interestingly that often becomes the biggest fear even for those people that were most hesitant to start in the first place.


very young, certainly by six months old.

inflammation, abnormal cell growth or some other name.

We know this didn't happen, so your body did not learn to tolerate the environment.

Now your body had to be reeducated to not respond to every stressor with chronic inflammation.

So when the wrong bacteria, virus, job, teacher, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, injury, pregnancy, implant, transplant or other stressor came along, you developed an uncontrolled, unrelenting inflammatory response called chronic

I understand that hookworms are a new concept for some people, they were new to me once. I imagine that this is similar to the way probiotics or beneficial bacteria was viewed when it first began to catch on as a way to


help those people that had complaints after using antibiotics.

they have.


researchers added more worms to their subjects with worms the amount

Your body controls the dosage No matter how many

within a few months returned to the level

worms are given it is

that they had

the body that controls


the amount of worms that we have

The hookworm journey

eventually. Studies

Hookworms are applied to a one by two inch bandage and placed in the top of the left foot. They travel through the circulation to

have shown that each person has a set point for the amount of worms


the lungs, where they stick and work their way to the inside. Behind in the skin they leave little tubes that itch. With that itch the worms are already reprograming the immune system.

the top of the trachea or wind pipe. From there the worms stick to the epiglottis or flip flop that protects our lungs when we eat food. The epiglottis carries the worms to the food pipe or esophagus. The worms travel down to where they live, which is one small six inch section in the small intestine that has the ideal environment for them.

They are distracting the immune system from attacking its own body. For some of us this is the first time every in our adult lives that we stop attacking ourselves. The cilia or hair of the lungs gently carries the hookworms up

Worm journey day to day.


1.The first day or two we expect an itchy rash. 2.Days 3-5 then the worms get to the lungs. 3.The next two weeks the worm travel down the gastrointestinal tract. 4.From weeks three to six the worms will send out a bunch of decoys to distract the immune system. There could be some complaints at this point that are easily controlled. 5.These complaints settle down from week seven to twelve.

6.From that point on we observe the body and the worms and see what is needed. However we expect continued progress. Qualities of a good worm Hookworms were not randomly selected as the best worm for helminthic approach. There are many qualities that we look for in a good hookworm. We want a worm that


can't reproduce in the

meet all of these

body, and that does not

standards. At least the

create annoying

worms that we have

complaints, and that

tested and know exactly

can't be passed on to

what we are getting.

anyone else.

What if I have other chronic

And not to be forgotten


among all of these

Everyone has many different bacteria, viruses and parasites that they are exposed to throughout their life.

concerns we want a worm that is going to help resolve our chronic inflammation. In my experience hookworms


These little animals have a natural home in our body. It would take extreme chemical approach to get rid of some of these organisms.

our bodies are constantly attacking them. It is this battle created by our own body that is most of the problem. This is because our immune system is lacking the regulation provided by the mother worm, hookworms aka wormy.

Using drugs with these normal viral and bacterial residents of our body is not only ineffective but put our health at risk. There is a different way to support these problems. Keep in mind that a lot of the stress that is created by these bugs is because

When mice were studied it was found that their inflammatory reaction to new parasites was much reduced when they also had the mouse hookworm.


much better health outcomes than those people without hookworms.

If we step back and look at mother nature this makes sense. The body most at risk is the unbalanced body.

The body in this situation was able to regulate the inflammatory response to malaria because it had hookworms.

Another way of thinking about it is that your body wants to get everything. This way it can pick and choose how to react to any situation.

This is a lot different than the impression most of us have about what worms can do for us.

When they studied people that had malaria they found that people that had hookworms had a

Other worm approaches There are some people that promote hdc, hymenolepis


diminuta cysticercoids or rat tapeworm, or angel worm. This is a reasonable approach as there is no doubt that human acquired other animal worms in our history. Having tried this I found that the worm designed for our body (hookworms) was less inflammatory and gave results at a more profound level. At some level I feel that rat tapeworms are best for rats.

Wormy lets me enjoy my workouts again.


I like human hookworms for humans. I feel there is something more predictable in the response and the progress in the situations where symbiotic species are used rather than transient gut pathogens. I am glad that we have the options to choose however.

mother worm (hookworms) in place first.

Whipworms on the other hand can be very helpful. If we think of hookworms living in the small intestine, then whipworms are the normal resident of the large intestine. We always want the


After that point the addition of whipworms can create an additional anti-inflammatory action in the body. Obviously this has the chance to have a most profound action on the colon.

Whipworms for the colon we only use after hookworms.


Remember hookworms are the mother worm. Monkeys in captivity get large intestine inflammation, an application of 1000 whipworm eggs resolved 4 of 5 cases of monkey large intestine inflammation.

bacteria attached to the colon wall.

This application of worms (trichuris trichiura) substantially changed the diversity of bacteria in the colon.

Hookworms live in the small intestines and control inflammation there.

When hookworms are added to whipworms then the antiinflammatory effect is ten times larger.

Whipworms live in the large intestine and control inflammation there.

The protective mucus production increased and diminished the


The two worms, working together, have a profound antiinflammatory effect on the entire human organism.

hookworms decrease cytokine interferon gamma. Questions and Answers If we are thinking about the long term effects we need to look to nature.

More Technical Stuff One way to think of the body is just as the manifestation of a series of signals. Everything the body outputs is one kind of signal to another part of the body.

Every animal has a hookworm population, and every primate, and every human being up to a few generations ago.

Some signals from the immune system are called cytokines. We know from research that


How are human beings doing without hookworms? The rate of chronic inflammation and abnormal cell growth has skyrocketed the last few generations.

world country with modern healthcare? It only make sense if we recognize that it is the uncontrolled inflammation caused by the absence of hookworms in the human ecosystem.

When monkey’s in the zoo get intestinal inflammation they give them worms.

Remember these organisms are symbiotic. They are only successful if we are successful. These worms have been selectively breed by your ancestors to fit your body.

One example is the rate of colon abnormal cell growth in Norway is the highest in the world. How does this make sense in a first


This is one of the reasons making sure that you are using the right worm by DNA testing is so important. We only want the poodle worm. That is to say we want the most domesticated worm, the worm that works best with our body.

Since hookworms address both of these risk factors, and because we see such improvement clinically, I have to conclude that we are changing the course of health for the better in the future. When people come in on this approach...and tell me how much better they feel, they can’t believe how long they lived without it (my feelings also) than I know that we have changed the course of health in the future for the better. :)

There are two scenarios that we know have bad consequences for the future. The first is the long term use of pharmaceutical drugs. The second is uncontrolled inflammation.


all !! Thank you and More Letters

I’m loving the worms ~

I am getting a lot of letters so I am going to add a few here.

the world is brighter ~

✏ Hey Steve - just wanted to update you on the worms. I’ve gained 10 pounds of muscle and feel great for the most part. Anxiety is at an all time low 👍

Anxiety Letter ✏ Feeling awesome haven’t had any anxiety or panic attacks ~ and have accidentally eaten

Gluten reaction Letter

quite a bit of dairy

✏Hi Steve.  I have

when we were on vacay

a Gluten

and did not get sick at

reaction for years but 


didn't know it.  I was 

So before I left the

always sick with

office I said let’s do

pains in the belly.  


My Daughter in law told

I had my first

me about you. So I

application Dec 6 2018.

called and made an

I have never felt so

appointment and to my


surprise he spoke of Hookworms. I had to

I can't thank Steve

think about this.

enough. It's just wonderful .


Additionally things I did and that were done to me changed me mentally and emotionally.

About me (Steve) I went right into the marine corps out of high school. While there I was given shots before a deployment.

I was discharged and came home... and things went from bad to worse.

I developed a peri-rectal fistula on my return to the US. This is basically a hole between you rectum and your skin.

Within a year I was diagnosed with ulcerative large intestine inflammation. My symptom included needing to go to the bathroom frequently, some time a few times per hour and this would be day and night.

They did a surgery on me that did not work... and left me with a lot of pain and suffering.


I still made it through college in three years. But could hardly do anything else.

If I did not do this then he thought I would countinue to get worse and my life would be in jeapordy.

Things kept getting worse in spite of tons usual drugs and all of the horrible side effects.

He really did help me...and I am grateful every day because in that moment...I realized I wanted to be alive in a whole body, or I was ok not being here anymore.

Finally I went to a specialist guy that I thought could help. After a brief exam he sat down across from me. He told me that he would eliminate my large intestine inflammation by cutting out my colon and putting me on drugs for life.

I tried some diet changes, homeopathy and herbs and stopped getting worse with a lot of effort. I even when to school for these things but was no better


when I finished than the four years previous when I started.

But eventually me and the people that came to me for help, began to teach each other. My best education has been the people I have seen. They began to teach me how to get inflammation down.

After I graduated I began to see some people and we would teach each other what we knew. It was tough, I was still exhausted from my own complaints. After seeing people, often I would have to lance my own fistula to relieve the pressure because it would fill with blood. I would do this with a razor blade and go back and keep working with people. Like I said, it was tough.

What I learned along the way allowed me to manage my complaints, but it was constant effort. It took me 20 years of learning everything I could about manage


inflammation to meet the most profound healer I had ever met. His name is "wormy the hookworm" and he did not just help me manage my complaints he gave me my life back.

Ten years ago my body would get extremely tight and painful. If I did any kind of workout it would trigger some kind of pain in my body.

I had always dreamed of reclaiming a true state of health. But of course I wondered if I would even find my answer.

It could be anywhere from the knee, to the shoulder, to severe neck pains. The neck pains would keep me up at night and many nights I couldn't sleep. But I loved working out. It was always one of my greatest pleasures.

So I just want to share a picture of me enjoying my life in a way that 10 years ago would have seemed completely unrealistic.


The day after the worms I woke up completely awake at 6am. It was just like a light switch went on. I went from asleep to awake with none of the usual grogginess.

made a note to myself that in spite of any obstacles I should continue to use the hookworms. I followed my own instruction...and what you just read summarizes that experience. :)

I woke up with a strong urge to get to the gym. That was about 5 years ago now and I go to the gym twice per day since then and I have only missed about ten days.

I feel no pain in my workouts now and at 58 feel like I am doing the best workouts I have ever done. I have definitely set my maximum of lifting records this year. It is amazing to feel my body heal and recover so quickly.

I literally felt better from the moment the worms hit my skin. I


My brain and body are free of anxiety.

me and colored all the situations of my life.

I even wrote wormy a letter ~

Colored them with the stress that they didn't need.

Dear Wormy, ~ I want to thank you so much for how you have changed my life.

Inflammation was constantly between my and my desire to experience the moment.

I wanted to fully participate in life.

You gave me a view of the world without the fog of inflammation blocking the view. It's a beautiful world.

But I was always at different level of discomfort in my body and mind. All of the stress that I had to different situations, stayed with


Over the years & into my twenties, I was diagnosed with psoriasis, chronic sinusitis, chronic fatigue, manic depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, bipolar disorder, and all other types of mood disorders. My blood work results always came up “normal”... so needless to say I was very confused. Deep down I knew something was unresolved…

Stephanie's years of multiple diagnosis. No friend or dermatologist ever could figure out what was wrong with me. At age 12 I began seeing severe breakouts on my body. At age 14, two months after my first menstrual cycle, I was hospitalized with a hemorrhage. At age 16 I was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis and the assessment of mental disorders began.

At age 24, a friend of mine highly recommended Steve and I went to the office with severe cystic


acne as my presenting problem. We did the reaction testing, and after removing my reactions. I saw tremendous improvement, better than I had ever seen in my entire life. After some time, although my skin was clearing up, fatigue and mental illness began to spiral out of control for me. I felt


numb, desensitized, fearful. Simply put, I was losing my will to live.

per year prior), no seasonal reactions, no stuffy nose, no psoriasis, no cold, no flu, no mosquito bites, no desire to engage in toxic, stressful, draining relationships and situations...The mental cages in which I confined myself to have been completely eradicated.

At age 26, after two years of Steve suggesting hookworm approach for me, I decided to stop being stubborn and trust. To say that was the best decision of my life is an understatement. I’ve gone through, and continue to go through, profound physical and mental shifts with this approach.

Every day I learn more and more about myself and take steps toward fulfilling my life purpose. I have more energy, drive, and motivation then I have ever had in 27 years. In my physical life I

Since my first application in August 2018, I haven’t had *one* sinus infection (I was having 5-8


am landing poses and dance moves that I never thought I would have the strength and agility to execute.

It’s been 16 months since I began hookworm approach with Steve and I could sit here and write a novel about how this approach gave me my life back. The reality of the situation is just that - I have my life back. No more suffering.

Hookworm approach is like the electrical current which runs through my body to illuminate all working parts that have been sleeping...just waiting to be lit... An ancient symbiotic relationship between human and helminth, awakened to facilitate the healing of those who have the courage to walk this path.

I can’t possibly give all the credit to the worms. Steve is hands down the most caring, gracious, intuitive, intelligent healer I have ever been blessed to cross paths with. He is a real person-and understanding… kind and never


judgmental. He is fully committed to his life.

Tick borne bacteria Letter 11 / 29/ 2019 As I reflect on my life

He refused to give up on me, even when I gave up on myself time and time again. I am forever grateful to have a true healer like Steve in my life.

during this special time of year Thanksgiving, I count Steve as one of my most

Steve- Thank you for everything you do, I know you will continue to move mountains for myself and others who are suffering. The world is a better place because you are in it !

prized blessings of this year!

My story revolves around the great imitator also known as Tick borne bacteria.


At the time I met Steve

I had already tried 2

and Abby I suffered

different antibiotics

with every symptom Tick

for 6 weeks. A visit

borne bacteria has to

with a Neurologist had

offer. The constant

me scheduled for a

headaches increased by

spinal tap and the

sunlight and the

threat of a PIC line

slightest noise to

and daily IV

extreme fatigue,

antibiotics for one

neuropathy, muscle

month. I knew there had

aches and joint pain to

to be a better way.

name a few.

It was my family friend who referred me to 303

Steve. As a nurse I did

as nothing was taking

my research so I knew

away the pain. I could

he would offer me

barely put one foot in

helminth approach. The

front of the other.

worms (my friends as I

At this point only 2

call them) were started

months into my worming

on my very first visit

I have over 20

when I flew out to see



My progress is just

I was diagnosed with

amazing. The headaches

Tick borne bacteria 8

are gone! I’m

months ago. I was

exercising again and

extremely discouraged

walking 2 miles a day 304

and continue to teach

a slight pinching

yoga. All without

feeling that’s it. I

additional antibiotics!

intend to finish up

My experience with the

with 40 worms. (after

this process has been

all they are so small!)

smooth. When I met

I should also include

Steve in Phoenix he

that Steve has been

explained starts out

very supportive with my

slowly with only one

emotional ups and

worm at a time. My

downs. Steve thinks

friends are placed on a

about the whole body

Band-Aid which is left

not just the concerns.

on for 3 hours. I feel

His years of messing 305

around with this stuff

Do yourself and family

provides his friends

a favor and jump in!

with a wide array of

You won’t be sorry.


So, Steve thank you so

I’m so happy and

very much for thinking

thankful to have my

out side of the box!

life back.

Dan: Randome injuries.

If you are

Over the years I had visited an assortment of providers as I sought to find out why I was constantly in distress. Specifically, a different muscle

contemplating this approach and are hesitating, I say why wait?


would be sore as if I'd injured it every month or two.

three days later I was absolutely fine as if nothing had happened. This went on for a few years.

I play basketball, tennis and weight train and I'm in good shape. Yet, I'd be standing on the tennis court and my right calf would be sore and I'd be out for three weeks.

I had tennis/golf elbow in both arms and over the years sought approaches (chiropractic, acupuncture, cupping, massage, supplements etc) so that I could play without having to take antiinflammatory and ice my elbow.

Soon after, my oblique would pull and I'd miss more time. One morning I woke up and could barely walk because my hip was sore and I hadn't injured it. By the next day I was on crutches and

A Jointatologist did extensive blood testing on me and with the exception of gluten reaction, I came back as "the picture of


health" except that I was miserable. My assessment? Fibromyalgia... pain that they can't explain.

My friend put me on protonix, but that pill bloated me so much that I felt as if I had a rubber tire around my midsection. So I stopped eating gluten and I cut down on the pills from once a day to half a pill twice a week. But then the "muscle pulls" began and people began to suspect that I have something chronic inflammation that they just can't identify.

I've known that I've been reaction to gluten since I was in my teens. Every time I ate a bagel, pasta or any wheat product I would cough continuously. By my forties I was a regular user of Tums and by 50 the Tums no longer worked because acid reflux had compromised the lining of my esophagus and I found out that I had Barrett's Esophagus.

A friend suggested I visit Steve and he had me do an IGG


assessment, which revealed that I was reaction to gluten... And dairy and eggs and nuts and pork and citrus and pineapple! All things that I enjoy. Steve suggested that I was a prime candidate for Hookworm Approach and explained in detail why this approach would work for someone reaction like me (as it had for the 150 persons for the past three years). "I AM NOT A RISK TAKER"

vigilant about not eating any of the foods I shouldn't have. That worked ! No muscle pulls ! But, my elbow was still a mess, even after two cortisone shots and I was not fun at mealtime. It became, "What can I eat?" at every meal with my wife, children or friends. I felt like a food leper. I read Steve's book, twice, and then attended the January seminar and listened to his persons testimonials. I emailed and texted him question after question as I

I told him, but I'm very disciplined and I proceeded to be


tried to become comfortable with putting worms in my body.

learned to trust him more and more and began with 5 worms in March eventually getting 20. I texted him during the process and he always responded promptly and guided me where necessary.

I asked him if anyone had ever asked him this many Hookworm questions and he politely replied with a smiley face, "no". I read about Helminthic Approach online. I spoke to persons in his waiting room.

In June I began to introduce gluten. I had my first slice of REAL pizza in a decade (NOT GF pizza, which with all due respect to Frischetta and other GF pizza producers, is not real pizza) and I noticed two things.

But, what really sealed it for me was his commitment to this approach and his devotion to getting me better. As I visited his office or spoke with him, I



#2- I had zero complaints.

overboard, I'll feel some abdominal discomfort, but never any reflux.

In the past, eating bread and tomato sauce and cheese was a disaster for me. Massive acid reflux. But I ate the slice and I waited for the discomfort that night and the next morning. Nothing. No complaints! I began to see how far I could go even though Steve told me to go slow.

I've had 14 slices of pizza since June and even two in one lunch without any complaints. While I won't give up GF pasta and GF bagels because I've found some excellent brands, I don't worry about sauces, soy sauce, flour used to coat chicken, chicken stock with gluten, cheese etc. I no longer have to micro-manage my meals.

Eight months later, I've learned that I can tolerate reasonable amounts of reactive foods without an issue. If I go


Also, last years endoscopy revealed that my Barrett's Esophagus had cleared up! Not only was my digestion improving after three months of Hookworm Approach, but my tennis elbow went away! I began to lift weights in the gym that I hadn't done in 20 years and am now able to do pulling exercises like lat pull downs and rows.

that was causing the increased strength. My weight on the vertical leg press went up 25 pounds and then 50 pounds per set! I did so well that the owner of the gym and his trainer went to Steve for Hookworms!! Before I decided to introduce hookworms I had a few friends that were very concerned. One is a friend who warned me that I would lose weight. Others simply thought I was crazy and were worried about how I would kill the worms when it didn't work.

At 61, I did five pull ups recently! I hadn't even been able to grip the bar in years! But it isn't just the healing of my arm


Now we have meals together and they can't believe it.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2816799/ Australian Study NIH https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25248819 New Gluten reaction Study https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/coeliacillness-study-to-open-in-queensland-using-hookworms-20170208gu8ksq.html

Needless to say, I am a big fan of Steve. He has changed my life and I truly feel like he cares for my well being

Modulating host immunity https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2706953/ Mono is normal https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK47424/

...and that I'm not just another person who gets a few minutes of his time until the next one comes in. I know you'll have the same experience.

Helminths Immunoregulation https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2706953/? report=printable Transplant Rejection Prevention https://journals.lww.com/transplantjournal/FullText/2014/01270/ Helminths_and_Immunological_Tolerance.4.aspx Intestinal Mucus Production https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/helminthic-approachmucus/

Research Links Reaction Resistance

Australian Hookworm Study on Gluten reaction



https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5671989/pdf/ cti201742a.pdf

Immunochemistry of Hookworms https://www.dovepress.com/experimental-human-hookworminfection-therapeutic-potential-peer-reviewed-fulltext-article-RIP

Hookworms Prevent Large intestine inflammation https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5936971/ Epstein-Barr Virus is Normal https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK47424/

Hookworms for Inflammatory Bowel Illness https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5671989/pdf/ cti201742a.pdf4

Myth of Sterile Body Organ Systems https://www.sciencenews.org/blog/gory-details/urine-not-sterile-andneither-rest-you

Genetic Variations in Hookworms https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/ S0020751903001292

Dirty Vikings http://sciencenordic.com/old-arabic-texts-describe-dirty-vikings

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Viking Genes Predispose To Lung Illness https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3432259/Vikingssuffered-massive-intestinal-WORM-infestations-Researchers-sayproblems-led-inherited-disorder-linked-lung-illness-smokers.html

Elevated cytokines in depression and anxiety https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5070051/pdf/ tp201692a.pdf

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Hookworms suppress cytokine activity https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3276555/pdf/ ppat.1002520.pdf

Inflammation Surpression

Eosinophils Elevated with Hookworms



https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19302049/ Helminth Immunomodulation in Chronic inflammation https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5401880/

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Babesiosis Existed 33 million years ago. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/first-fossilizedmammal-blood-found-amber-encased-tick-180962784/

Stem cell released by worms. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/10/151021103345.htm Stress makes you paralyzed. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4774859/

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Mammals have a common ancestor https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2013/02/ancestor-all-placentalmammals-revealed

Worms for Arthritis http://www.rheumatologynetwork.com/rheumatoid-arthritis/helminthapproach-ra

Categorization of Chronic inflammation

Genome of the human hookworm Necator Americanus.




Prevention of cervical abnormal cell growth with hookworms. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-30058-9

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Hookworm trial offers new hope to MS persons.


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Maternal hookworm modifies risk factors for childhood skin inflammation: results from a birth cohort in Uganda: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.05.11.20098053v1

Links to sections

Maternal hookworm modifies risk factors for childhood skin inflammation: results from a birth cohort in Uganda:

Why i like hookworms



Clayton's injury 65

Why I wrote this booklet 4

My son's in ammation makes me research hookworms. 73

Julie's Joint Pain Resolution Letter 5

I give my son hookworms 79

What makes NA457 (aka Wormy) the best helminthic approach candidate. 11

Hookworms control transplant rejection 81

Roseanne's resolution of tick symptoms 21

Healthy Vikings with Worms? 85

Choosing the proper worm 35

A New understanding of chronic in ammation. 89

Joshua's resolution of small intestine in ammation 45

My Self Experimentation 91

Kate's son. 51

My improvements with hookworms 95

David's big toe pain 57

Hookworms have multiple e ects 97

Jack's skin in ammation 59







How do I know if my hookworms have died? 133

In ammation🔥 vs. Rehabilitation💦 101

The Australian Hookworm Study 137

Killing hookworms causes chronic in ammation 103

Calming E ect 138

How do you take hookworms? 109

Eosinophils and Abnormal cell growth 141

How do we get hookworms in nature? 113

Brain In ammation 144

Ancient Description of the Vikings 113

Developmental Delay 144

Why we are in ammatory today. 121

Increasing the protective gel of the guts. 147

Humans Have Worms 124

Getting the Right Worms? 154

Your hookworms are very happy to nd you. 127

The Elimination of Anxiety 159

Your hookworm as shaman 129

Injury 165

Bene ts of re-dosing 131

MTHFR and methylation 170









Gentle Hookworms 172

Worm Journey and Settlement 217

Michelle: Clutter and reactions to dust 173

Pregnancy and Hookworms 219

Joint hypermobility 185

Tick borne bacteria and Hookworms 221

Gatekeeper Action of Worms 185

Mono Virus and Chronic Fatigue 223

Babies and Hookworms & Pregnancy 190

Transplant Rejection 224

How do the worms get in? 195

Anti-fragile e ect of hookworms 225

Gluten Reaction Resolved 197

Erections and Sex drive 225

The Only "Alive" approach 207

Side e ects from meds. 227

Can it really be a bad thing that our immune system is too strong? 211

Hookworms and shots. 228

The most important part of doing worms is getting the right worm. 232

The normal viking immune system is in the "red zone" 215




Hookworms and Anxiety 233

Hookworms make things work 250

When Eating Your Food Reactions is Good 234

Living in the bubble 251

A di erent perespective on the immune system. 237

Hookworms and Abnormal cell growth 254

Quicker Improvements 255

Training your worms 239

Hookworms help hormone balance 257

Intestinal in ammation 240

How to support the worm process 260

Hookworm application 242

Rose: Hormone balancing 262

Mammals Have Hookworms 244

Enhanced intestinal absorption. 271

How do you take hookworms? 245

Bone bulding and other issues of ageing. 271

The Hookworm High 247

Chronic Stress and Hookworms 272

Worms want low in ammation 249

Hookworm is the mother worm 273





Obey the worm 274

More Letters 290

Fear of hurting the worms 275

Anxiety Letter 290

Worm transition management 276

Gluten reaction Letter 290

Your body controls the dosage 278

About me (Steve) 292

The hookworm journey 278

Stephanie's years of multiple diagnosis. 298

Qualities of a good worm 280

Tick borne bacteria Letter 11 /29/ 2019 302

What if I have other chronic parasites? 281

Dan: Randome injuries. 306

Other worm approaches 283

Whipworms 285

More Technical Stu 287

Questions and Answers 287



Steve Nenninger


(631) 235-2111

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"Confide Messenger".

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email: SNHP@PM.ME 323

For the last five years I have been on an amazing journey, one I never expected.

In an effort to help my son with chronic inflammation I found out about hookworms and it has made a profound difference in our lives.

Before I had to micro-manage my entire life to stay in some kind of balance.

Now hookworms do that work for me, and I can just do what I want to do.

I have never felt this good and this booket is for you if you want to learn a bit about them.:) 324

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Hookworms for Healing  

Understanding Hookworms

Hookworms for Healing  

Understanding Hookworms

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