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GROHE minta tOucH SIMPLE – SENSUAL – MOvINg The Minta Touch from GROHE is everything but unemotional. Thanks to its innovative EasyTouch Technology it impulsively reacts to the slightest touch. Also it is really something to show off. As a bestseller it shows best side, aesthetically in shining chrome, thanks to the GROHE StarLight® technology. Touch the Minta Touch quite simply with the back of your hand, wrist or forearm and it will run, as you desire, thus keeping the faucet clean and hygienic at all times.

Just touch the faucet at any point with your wrist/elbow or with just one fingertip to turn the faucet ON and OFF.

Upholding our basic idea – dirty hands but clean fittings. Clean hands? Then simply take hold of it. The lever intensity and temperature of the waterflow, can be adjusted. GROHE Minta Touch is therefore a hybrid faucet which intelligently unites two operating functions. Is it not simply sensual, moving?

Radiant long-life shine resistant to soil and tarnishing.

Pull-out spray increases operating range of faucet and offers different sprays.

Height of the spout allows easy filling of large pots.

Activate the faucet via the mechanical lever.

Simple activation / deactivation of the waterflow by touch. Smooth turn of spout makes it easy to use/manage.

Manual control of the water-flow with the operating lever.

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tHE REasOns FOR FaLLinG in LOVE WitH gROHE MINtA tOUcH The purpose is obvious, to fight against dirt, germs and bacteria, is why we have developed GROHEÂ Minta Touch. Easily operated by the slightest touch, simply and cleverly with the back of your hand, wrist or forearm. Design and function are also in focus, just as much as the safety of our little ones. No more painful scalding thanks to the EasyTouch function. Caring parents can therefore be reassured. In addition, GROHE Minta Touch saves substantial cleaning time (for adults) because, the operating lever remains clean and bacteria free at all times, every day, regardless of how many helping hands are in your kitchen.

Easy-to-usE A simple touch on the spout or body is all it takes to turn the faucet ON / OFF.

clEan / hygiEnic Your faucet stays clean when your hands are not: Start the faucet with your forearm or wrist to avoid cross contamination and to keep your faucet clean.

1. GROHE Minta Touch – aesthetical and functional

2. Dirty hands? Clean fittings!

Fusion oF DEsign anD tEchnology Invisible technology meets outstanding design. The technology upgrade for the successful Minta range.

3. Activate with the back of your hand, wrist or forearm.

saFE - also FoR chilDREn The EasyTouch function only provides cold water. With an additional upgrade feasible by adding our thermostatic mixing valve Grohtherm Micro the water temperature can be adjusted without risk of scalding yourself.

4. Clean hands, clean fittings.

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GROHE minta tOucH KItcHEN SURFAcES StAY NIcE AND cLEAN – AROUND tHE cLOcK. Lettuce just pulled out of the lettuce patch, you are now diligent in the kitchen. Besides washing cucumbers and tomatoes, the fine turkey still needs to be filleted before being crisply fried in the pan. Not an easy task of course with hands full of earth. Thanks to innovative EasyTouch technology we have developed a clean solution with GROHE Minta Touch especially for such everyday situations with which one has to deal with. Thus, your kitchen is guaranteed to remain clean and aseptic 24 hours, 7 days a week.

8:00 am I breakfast time

11:00 am I prepare lunch

9:00 am I gardening

1:00 pm I wash dishes

2:00 pm I play time with the children

4:00 pm I bake bread

6:00 pm I prepare dinner

7:30 pm I leisure time GROHE Minta Touch I Page 7

GROHE minta tOucH AEStHEtIcS MEEtS FUNctIONALItY Modern, timeless, aesthetical, innovative. GROHE Minta, the top-seller in the segment of culinary fittings climbs the next step up on the innovation scales. With a small, but distinctive difference, GROHE Minta Touch is equipped with the EasyTouch technology. The intelligent technology is intrinsically invisible and the aesthetic appearance of the Minta stays as it is – simply gorgeous. Your choice of mixer? Choose between the curved C-shape, or the striking L-shaped swivel tubular spout and pullable mousseur (end piece) or moveable pull out sprayhead. The classical, elegant operating lever functions easily and precisely thanks to the GROHE SilkMove® technology. You think beauty fades? No way – thanks to the GROHE StarLight® technology, for lifelong chrome brilliance. The shiny high grade steel will resemble the gleeming eyes of all professional kitchen lovers. As additional Grohtherm Micro used with the EasyTouch function is available for warm water. The temperature can be adjusted as desired and the Grohtherm Micro offers complete 100% protection against scalding.

31 358 000 / 31 358 Dc0 Electronic Sink Mixer C-spout with pull out Spray

31 360 000 / 31 360 Dc0 Electronic Sink Mixer L-spout with pull out Mousseur

34 023 000 Grohtherm Micro

47 533 000 Connection set

Colour options: 000 I StarLight Chrome DC0 I SuperSteel GROHE SilkMove®

GROHE StarLight®





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instaLLatiOn sO PRacticaL – sO simPLE EvEN RIgHt-HANDERS cAN DO It WItH tHEIR LEFt HAND


You think that the installation is complex and difficult? Relax, you can do it, no problem. Just follow the easy steps below and the Minta Touch would be ready to use in no time! Besides the installation of the faucet, the installation of the Grohtherm Micro, which is simply mounted on the corner valve, is easy in order to save space. Thus, leaving more space under the kitchen cupboard for storage of bins for separating your waste, cleaning agents and so forth.

What can be worse than unanswered questions? Incomprehensive replies? We are of the opinion that all questions should be answered clearly. Since an innovative product should leave no room for confusion/ doubts. Our answer to the question of the most innovative kitchen fitting of course is – Minta Touch.

1. Is your kitchen standing with work top? Then the installation of your GROHE Minta Touch fitting can begin.

3. Connect the fitting as usual to your water connections. Now connect the EasyTouch technology battery-operated control unit between fittings and cold water connection. Done. Ready to go with a simple touch.

2. Assembly of the faucet and connections can be done in the sink, no problem.

4. You can also install the Grohtherm Micro within seconds. Simply integrate the installation attachment, with the EasyTouch function to get warm water at the desired temperature.

is the Minta touch technology battery or powerpack operated?

The Minta Touch is battery operated.

how often must the battery be changed?

This depends on how often you use the Minta Touch. The life-span of the battery is very durable, hence, must only be changed every 2-4 years.

how can i tell, when the life-span of the battery is coming to an end?

Approx. 6 weeks before, the water-flow will pulsate three times. When the battery is completely empty or depleted the EasyTouch function will no longer work, nevertheless, the fitting is still functional using the manual lever.

Can I still use the fitting if the battery is completely empty?

Of course! By using the mechanical lever function.

how can i regulate the temperature and the waterflow?

This can also be done using the mechanical lever function.

how is the temperature and the waterflow intensity when I use the Easytouch function?

With the EasyTouch function merely cold water can be activated. The intensity is depending on the pre-setting of the mechanical operating lever.

can i also activate the Easytouch function with clothing for example?

No! Minta Touch reacts only to skin contact. However, also moist dishcloths which are held near the base or spout, can activate the EasyTouch function.

How do I clean the fitting?

Quite simply - with a dry cloth! Rubbergloves won´t activate the EasyTouch function. You can also clean it with a wet cloth? Just switch on the cleaning mode in the control unit. The control should be placed accessible somewhere within easy access in the kitchen cupboard or under the sink.

Does the fitting also work under extreme climatic conditions?

Certainly. Even at temperatures up to 40 degrees centigrade with concurrent air humidity of up to 80% the MintaTouch remains perfectly and technically functional.

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