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Letter From the President: Investing in Transformation Sterling College is in the business of transformation. It’s been that way for 124 years. And it’s still happening today. Lives are transformed on Sterling’s campus. At the recent Homecoming banquet on campus, I asked for a show of hands to this question: “How many of you had your lives transformed in some way during your years at Sterling?” I defined transformation as spiritual, intellectual, and/or relational. Not surprisingly, most of those in the room raised a hand. Had you been at the banquet that evening, would you have raised your hand? I suspect the answer for most of our alumni is “yes.” As the College continues to make important progress in its transformational mission, it needs you as a partner. If you invest in the success of Sterling, thank you. But we know that many have yet to take this important step. If you are in this latter group, I want to encourage you to become reengaged at Sterling College. Great colleges are built through the support of their alumni. In this issue of Sterling Magazine, we chronicle how alumni, friends, and even students of Sterling College are investing in transformation. You will read about how alumni and friends of the College are giving financially to provide scholarships for new students, funds for new science equipment, and a unique, new outdoor learning facility. You will also discover how one alumnus is engaged by successfully encouraging his high school students to attend Sterling College. Most recently, he had four of his former students acting in the homecoming musical, three working backstage, and brought eight prospective students with him to enjoy the show. We share the story of Josh Boos, a senior at Sterling College, who was accepted into a highly selective internship program at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. He has excelled at Sterling, and attributes his success to the professors and staff at the college. We hope that his story will prompt you to help the College continue to expand its internship offerings through your own workplace or through others you know. Finally, you will read about how an alumnus used social media to raise money to invest in the lives of a small community in Africa by providing fresh water through an organization called Charity: Water. I hope that you will be inspired to partner with Sterling in transformation. It is worth your time and money.

College Administration President Paul J. Maurer, Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs Gregory P. Kerr, Ph.D. Vice President for Enrollment Dennis Dutton ’82, M.A. Vice President for Student Life Tina Wohler, M.A. Vice President for Institutional Advancement Marvin Dewey, Ed.D. Chief Financial Officer Scott Rich, M.B.A. Athletic Director Gary Kempf

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Grace and peace,

M Paul J. Maurer, Ph.D. President


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Feature Story


A Tale of Four Stories

by Rebecca Swartz

“The alumni and friends of Sterling College understand the importance of a Christ-centered, liberal arts education,” said Marv Dewey, vice president of institutional advancement. “Some have experienced first-hand the power of Christ while attending Sterling College. Some appreciate the impact that Sterling has had on their loved ones and how it changed their families. Others recognize the positive impact our students and staff have on the lives in the surrounding communities. Each donor has a unique story about why they appreciate Sterling. They chose to show that appreciation by donating, and in turn, investing in the lives of others.” President Paul J. Maurer agrees. “In my inauguration speech, I mentioned that Sterling had renewed its commitment to be a Christ-centered, liberal arts college. The generous alumni and friends of our college have also renewed their commitment to support Sterling by helping us renew the facilities, and by giving scholarships to students to lessen their financial burden from attending a private institution.” In the past year, four large contributions have been given to Sterling College. J. Lamar and Mildred Dunn donated an estate gift of $1.3 million, and Diana and Ervin Gregory gave over $200,000 from their estate to fund scholarships. An anonymous charitable trust gave over $55,000 to upgrade science equipment. And a second anonymous donor, a family deeply rooted in Sterling College, donated money toward an outdoor learning lab on campus. Here are the stories of four entities, who have helped to renew Sterling College in their own unique ways. The Dunns Lamar ’40 came to Sterling College from a humble background as a farm boy from Arlington, Kan. Upon earning his degree in mathematics, he became a distinguished electrical engineer. He also served as a member of the College Board of Trustees from 1950 to 2000. His 50 years of service makes him the longest-serving Trustee of the College. Even more life-changing, however, was his relationship with Jesus Christ that started while attending Sterling College. Lamar said, “I remember it well. There was a friend of mine there at the College, Elmer Graham. We went up into the third floor of Cooper Hall. He told me about Jesus. He prayed and I was just bathed in peace, peace, peace.” That day, Lamar began a new life filled with everlasting purpose.

Mildred ’42 was the daughter of psychology professor, Dr. George Mendenhall, who served at Sterling from 1937 to 1950. She graduated with a degree in home economics and English. She loved playing the piano and organ, participating in the church handbell choir, and singing in the Tucson Sweet Adelines for 20 years. Mildred enjoyed traveling to Sterling with Lamar when he participated in board meetings, and she treasured her time on campus observing the students. Mildred loved Sterling because of its Christ-centered education and the lifelong friends that it gave her. The Dunns lived a long and prosperous life together. They moved to Tucson, Ariz., in 1960, where Lamar became manager of Arizona Operations for Bell Aerosystems Company. He retired in 1971, and together the Dunns started a new career in real estate, investing in houses, apartments, storage units and RV parks. Lamar maintained the properties while Mildred performed the bookkeeping. They were active members in the Northminster Presbyterian Church in Tucson and had four children: Bill, Shirley, John, and Betty. Bill ’64 and Shirley ’68 graduated from Sterling College. Before Lamar passed away in 2001 and Mildred in 2010, they made plans to leave a large portion of their estate to Sterling College, where they served throughout their lifetimes. “There are very few people who loved this college more than Lamar and Mildred Dunn,” said Director of Gift Planning, Don Reed. “I believe that Lamar’s high priority of focus on Sterling’s Christian education was a major factor in Sterling’s maintaining its strong Christian mission over the last half of the 20th century. His role in the history of this College was huge during his lifetime and now, with this wonderful gift, their legacy will always be present at the college.”

FALL/WINTER 2011 | 5

Feature Story

Diana Gregory Diana Gregory came to Sterling College in 1962 from Minneapolis, Kan. She chose Sterling for the Christian instruction she knew she would receive alongside her college education. Gregory attended Sterling College for two years before transferring to the University of Kansas where she obtained a nursing degree and became a registered nurse. She went on to become the director of nursing and the administrator for Christian Health Care North in Lebanon, Mo. Gregory said in a journal writing, “Our residents here are human beings and they deserve to be treated with kindness and dignity. They are the reason we come to work in this place.” “Taking care of others was not a job for Gregory, it was her calling. She was a natural care giver and treated each patient with love and concern. She was the definition of a humble Christian servant – the spiritual focus of Sterling College,” said Don Reed. Charitable Trust Sterling College is strategically updating its science equipment with the help of a $55,000 grant from an anonymous charitable trust. The grant will allow Sterling to diversify the science laboratory experiences available to students. The equipment purchased with this donation will enable students to have increased involvement in biology and physics classes. “In order to remain attractive and competitive to current and prospective students, and to increase the quality and offerings of our science curriculum, Sterling College is enhancing its science equipment,” said Dr. Gregory Kerr, vice president of academic affairs. “We are thankful for the generosity of the charitable trust and the opportunity the grant will provide our students as they continue to pursue academic excellence.” The department of natural sciences and mathematics is eager to update and add new labs to the curriculum. Biology will obtain new environmental monitoring equipment as well as supplies for studying anatomy and physiology. Among that equipment will be a new anatomy dissection table used to secure cadavers for dissection. Cadaver dissection is just one lab activity that sets Sterling College apart from other small colleges.

An Arabidopsis growth chamber and a tissue culture table will enhance the undergraduate student experience in microbiology, plant biology, and genetics research. It will allow students to explore microbiology and DNA analysis. Physics will update tools for learning about motion, electricity, and optics. A new linear air track will improve students’ ability to study uniform motion. Digital multipliers, a Wheatstone bridge, and a Van de Graaff generator will aid the study of electricity and its properties. And new optical kits will allow for optics laboratories. The new science equipment will allow Sterling’s health and science students to work in smaller groups, ensuring each student the chance to work with the devices. This will enhance the overall experience at Sterling College and better prepare students for a future in health and science careers. Heritage Gardens and Outdoor Learning Lab The family that contributed to the Heritage Gardens and Outdoor Learning Lab project has multiple generations of Sterling College alumni. They wanted to give to future students through building a space to relax, meditate and pray. The Heritage Gardens showcase a pergola, water feature and benches made from local Dakota Sandstone and limestone, and butterfly gardens filled with indigenous wildflowers. The area houses foliage native to Kansas such as prairie cone flowers, buffalo grass and switch grass. The Heritage Gardens were also created to enhance student learning. Dr. Jonathan Conard, assistant professor of biology, anticipates that classes will use the space for studying monarch butterflies, pollinators, and the prairie ecosystem. “We are really excited to have it for teaching. We hope that other local schools will also use the space to illustrate concepts they are learning about.” The third purpose of the Heritage Gardens is for students to socialize. The gardens are conveniently located for student activity on the west side of Thompson Hall, near the Student Union, Douglas Hall and Evans Hall. “We want students to use it for campus events,” said Scott Rich, chief financial officer and vice president of Sterling College. “We want students to see it as a place to learn, gather and relax.” Other families are invited to contribute to the Heritage Gardens project.


Heritage Gardens and Outdoor Learning Lab

Will your story be next? “We appreciate large financial donations, and they are an important factor in growing a university. They allow changes and improvements to be made quickly. However, we are also grateful for the small donations,” Dewey said. “Those who give, even in smaller amounts, are still investing in the future of Sterling College. They are serving the current and future students of Sterling by committing to support the college financially.” Has God changed your life through Sterling College? Do you want to invest in educating future students and servant leaders? For more information, contact Deanna Henning, administrative assistant of advancement at (620) 278-4219, dhenning@sterling.edu, or visit www.sterling.edu and click on “Support SC.”

COOPER SOCIETY The Cooper Society is a community of alumni and friends who care deeply about Sterling College and who annually invest significantly in its mission of developing creative and thoughtful leaders who understand a maturing Christian faith. The “Cooper” name harkens back to the College’s earliest days when it was known as Cooper Memorial College and it refers to its first building, Cooper Hall, which continues to be the signature building on campus. The Cooper Society’s membership consists of those who contribute a minimum of $1,000 annually in support of Christ-centered education at Sterling College. The Society recognizes the cumulative total of all gifts to the college in the course of the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). FALL/WINTER 2011 | 7

Feature Story

Greg McGlynn reunites with his former students. Back Row: Nathan Sullivan Middle Row: Jacob Gose, Cody Green, Greg McGlynn, Joey Grimes Front Row: Kacie Rogers, Sara Joliff, Patrick Wright, Gabby Reeves

Value of a Story by Rebecca Swartz

“Anyone can tell a story,” said Greg McGlynn ’86. “And recruiting students is as easy as sharing the Sterling experience.” Although Greg is not currently an admissions counselor at Sterling College, he feels one big way he can support Sterling is to help recruit students. The task sounds daunting to some, however it can be easier than you expect. “The best way to get students excited about Sterling College is to take them there,” said Greg McGlynn ’86. And he should know. Greg has recruited 17 students that have matriculated to Sterling College. “You don’t have to be a great spokesman, you just have to invite them to come with you and see what is available. You can take them to a musical or play, a sporting event, a campus visit day, etc. Whatever the event, when they get there and meet the faculty and other students, they will see the great things Sterling has to offer.” Although Greg sees Sterling as a great place today, it took a long time for him to realize he wanted to go to Sterling College. He passed Sterling almost every day when he was growing up, but he never considered attending college there. “As a kid, I had no personal interaction with the college,” said Greg. “There were no events to mix the community kids and college students together. I didn’t even know that it was a school during my early childhood. It wasn’t until my older sister, Tammy ’83, went to


Sterling that I thought about it as an option. Before that, I had only considered larger state schools.” A personal relationship with faculty at Sterling College kindled Greg’s interest in the school. Betsy (Holloran ’82) Dutton came to Sterling High School near the end of Greg’s junior year to help the school put on an independent study play since they had no theatre department at the time. Greg convinced a few of his football teammates to try out for the play with him, despite their lack of acting experience. He ended up with the lead role as the Villain ‘Black and Red’ in the play, Deadwood Dick. Throughout the next few years, Greg built a relationship with Betsy and her husband Dennis ’82, who worked for the The Bulletin, Sterling’s hometown paper. They encouraged Greg to attend Sterling College, but he was unconvinced it was the right place for him. Eventually, Dennis introduced Greg to Diane DeFranco-Kling and Gordon Kling, the theatre professors at the college. Through his relationship with the Duttons and the Klings, Greg finally decided to apply. He began his time at Sterling as many freshmen do: with an undeclared major. During his sophomore year, playing the lead roles of the twins, Tonino and Zanetto, in the Venetian Twins Greg decided to major in theatre education. “During my freshman year, I finally started to realize what a blessing it was to have the Christian learning environment that Sterling provided,” said Greg. “I started to settle in and grow in my faith. It helped me find who I was and what I wanted to do in the future.”

and has continued teaching theatre ever since. Currently Greg works at Goddard High School in Wichita, but never forgets his alma mater. “I have Sterling College signs all over my classroom. There’s even a Sterling license plate above my door at school. It allows students to be aware of Sterling College, and it starts conversations about my time at school. It’s a great learning experience, but it is also great exposure for the college,” said Greg.

Greg McGlynn performs in The Madwoman of Chaillot in 1985.

Because Greg had decided partway through his college career that he wanted to be a teacher, he needed to stay an extra year to take the necessary education classes. This allowed him to be involved in more campus activities while he was here. He was in student government, a yell leader, part of the maintenance department, he worked on the yearbook and theatre productions and played intramurals. During his junior year, he was a residence assistant at Kilbourn Hall, which led to another surprising opportunity. In those days, the college was going through hard times. So they hired Greg, who had experience as an RA, to be the residence director for Campbell Hall even though he was still a student. “At first I didn’t want to do it,” said Greg. “But then I thought about the little apartment off of the lobby that they gave to the RD’s. I would have my own room and my own bathroom. That was enough to convince me. I really enjoyed the experience, and when they asked me to do it again, during my fifth year, I gladly accepted.” Upon graduation, Greg left Sterling to teach theatre in Eureka, Kan. A few years later, he got another call from Dennis Dutton. This time, Sterling needed a new recruiter. Greg decided that he would enjoy the position and moved back to Sterling College to work in the admissions department and to coach the Sterling College forensics team for three years. He then decided to pursue his acting career by working with a theatre in New Port, R.I., followed by the Dallas Children’s theatre in Dallas, Texas. Two years later, he went back to teaching theatre in Plano, Texas,

“The more students I can get on campus at Sterling, the better. Students have to visit a place to know that it is where they want to go. I find my students really like the Christian atmosphere, especially the students who come from rougher schools and neighborhoods. They see Sterling as a safe haven to grow academically and spiritually. And it makes Sterling a clear choice as a college to recommend. With the quality atmosphere, small class sizes, great memories I have here, and the Christian family you develop, I don’t know a better place to be.” Greg’s story is unique, but so is yours. If just a quarter of the alumni of Sterling College recruited one student every four years, the enrollment at Sterling College would quadruple. Your part in helping recruit students is as easy as sharing your story about Sterling, and maybe even bringing them to campus. To encourage you to recruit students, the Sterling College Alumni office started a new contest on September 30. If you are alumni of Sterling and help guide a student to apply to Sterling College, there is a box on the application for them to write your name. If that student continues to matriculate to Sterling, it will count as a successful recruit. If you recruit the most students by September 29, 2012, you will receive a Sterling College afghan from the Alumni Office and recognition at the Homecoming Alumni Banquet. Also, for every student who names you as their referral on an application, you receive a 25% off coupon to the Sterling College Bookstore. You are encouraged to visit campus with the student, meet with faculty and coaches, and can contact the admissions department for recruiting materials such as the viewbook. For more information, contact Amy Thompson, director of alumni and parent relations, at athompson@sterling.edu or (620) 278-4228.

DO YOU KNOW OF A GREAT POTENTIAL STUDENT FOR STERLING COLLEGE? We appreciate every aspect of support that we receive, especially when we hear of alumni and friends telling prospective students about the opportunity to grow and learn here at Sterling College. Thank you for giving us the chance to show students what we have to offer.


FALL/WINTER 2011 | 9

Feature Story

Wells in Africa Investing Your Gifts

by Annette Ensz ’12

Photos provided by Gary Christenson ’05

When alumnus Gary Christenson ’05 set out from Sterling, he knew a couple of things: he wanted to be a graphic designer and photographer, and he wanted to venture around the globe. What he did not know was the impact he could have while doing those things. Since leaving Sterling, Gary has started up a successful photography business with his wife, Courtney, which has opened the door for them to contribute to several organizations with global reaches. Most notably, Charity: Water, an organization that strives to provide clean water to the one billion people on the planet who have to search for it on a daily basis, caught their eye. When the Christensons learned about Charity: Water through some friends, they were moved by the organization’s ability to touch lives around the globe through practical means. Praxis is important to Gary and Courtney. Convinced that God can use any life and profession for His glory, they embarked in their photography venture with the goal of giving back. Though they have worked with several charities and organizations around the globe, they are still fully committed to living their daily lives in a way that honors God. When they felt the call to “give until it hurts” during their personal time with God, they decided that they should find a charity that would use their money in a constructive and beneficial way. That is when the Christensons remembered Charity: Water. They found the organization uses 100% of the donations they receive to tackle the water crisis by applying the funds directly to the project. It also appealed to their sense of creativity since Charity: Water is a nonprofit organization


that creates compelling media to tell a great story – something that the Christensons highly value. They soon realized that they were called to fund an entire water project, but they did not know how that would be manifested. The opportunity arose for them to offer to match gifts to fund a Charity: Water well in Africa, and Gary and Courtney embraced it wholeheartedly. Announcing the project on their blog in August, they informed people about Charity: Water and their family’s goal to be able to fund a well project. As incentive, they offered to match each gift, up to $2,500, until the well was funded. Additionally, they offered a bonus: the first two people to give $250 or anyone giving $500 or more, would get a free photo shoot, normally valued at $500. To tie up their message, they set a motivational deadline of forty days. It only took two. In an overwhelming response, 27 of Gary and Courtney’s friends, neighbors and clients united to graciously meet the need for a well that can supply water to an entire African village for over twenty years. The Christensons had people from all over the globe donating to their campaign, and it even compelled fellow photographers in South Africa to start a campaign under similar terms. And they did it all in less than 36 hours.

Investing to Refresh Proverbs 11:25 aptly says, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Not only did the money raised go toward providing water for Africans in need, but the Christensons reaped the benefit of seeing God’s hand at work in the lives of their peers. For example, one of the women who won a free photo shoot gave it away to a family who could not afford one. The spirit of giving during those two days pushed and stretched the couple, teaching them to be extremely thankful for their opportunities to serve. They are hoping to take a trip to see the well after it has been dug, and meet the people whose lives they have helped to change.

The success of the Charity: Water project has inspired Gary and Courtney to encourage their friends, family, fellow business owners and photographers to do something meaningful with their unique skill sets. On their blog, Gary and Courtney write, “The point in all of this is to educate, advocate, pass on the inspiration we get from those around us and be held accountable for the use of our time, gifts, passion and money.” Although launching a project like this is sometimes inconvenient and can be a risk, the result, as the Christensons’ Charity: Water campaign proves, can far outweigh the initial investment.

Visit their blog! garyandcourtney.com/blog

Courtney, Joelle, Charlotte, and Gary

FALL/WINTER 2011 | 11

Student Spotlight The internship attracts such a diverse group of students because it allows them to work 40 hours a week for two months in a field that is personally interesting to them and will help them train for their future careers. According to The Heritage Foundation, students researched foreign and domestic policies to facilitate in bill writing, as well as worked in communications and marketing, development, coalition building and outreach, and government relations. “It was a real 9-5 job,” said Joshua. “I worked in the Online Communications Department, where I updated web content and helped launch a new blog. I learned about web design, social media, Web 2.0, and how the Heritage Foundation integrates each type of technology to help increase their outreach to the public and on Capitol Hill. We also attended staff meetings and went to lunch lectures that covered a variety of issues currently facing our country.” “Heritage hosts over 3,000 events each year, ranging in topic from health care to national defense. I also had the opportunity to learn about op-ed writing, business etiquette, and resume building. We always had a variety of engaging events to attend after work.”

Joshua Boos

A Summer Investment by Rebecca Swartz

“Getting this internship was the best way I could have spent my summer,” said Joshua Boos, senior at Sterling College. Joshua spent his summer in a prestigious internship at the Heritage Foundation, an institution that develops and promotes public policies focused on conserving the principles on which America was founded. Joshua heard about the internship from his brother, who participated in the same internship five years ago as an intern in the government relations department. Located in Washington D.C., the Heritage Foundation brought together students from across the United States. Over 500 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students applied for 70 positions. “My roommates were from the University of South Carolina and Hillsdale College, but there were also students from Harvard, Yale, Patrick Henry, Princeton, Dartmouth, etc. We all came from unique backgrounds and represented a diverse spectrum of interests and academic focuses- we had students majoring in political science, biology, business, history, etc. I think just about every discipline was well represented,” said Joshua. 12 | STERLING MAGAZINE

In addition to being a full-time student at Sterling, Joshua also founded a startup dealing with the textbook industry with his brother in Dallas, Texas, his hometown. “We are focused on a unique business model that has the potential to dramatically change our industry.” “I was excited to get the internship at the Heritage Foundation because I knew that I would have the chance to learn about the conservative values that I hold dear, while gaining real-world experience that I can directly apply to the businesses that I am already a part of. My brother and I would like to continue to grow our business once I graduate, and the information and tools I learned this summer at Heritage will certainly help us do that.” Dr. Maurer encouraged Joshua to apply for the internship at Heritage. “I thought this opportunity would be a great chance for Joshua to enhance his business and web design skills, and learn about the conservative views that he already believes in. It just seemed to fit perfectly into where Joshua was, and where he wants to go,” said Maurer. Sterling College would like to have more of its students participate in internships throughout their college experience. They are invaluable on-the-job training, and help our students prepare for the workforce that is ahead of them at graduation. If your company offers internships, or is interested in partnering with Sterling College to create a new internship, contact Lisa Parson, director of career services, at lparson@sterling.edu or (620) 278-4264.

In the News Celebrating Success in the Athletic Training Department

Athletic Trainers, Jason Coles, Pete Manely, Erin Laudermilk, Chris Brown

Sterling College is proud to announce that the Athletic Training Education Program has earned the Continuing Accreditation award by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education. The athletic training program has met all of the nationally-recognized Standards for Entry-Level Athletic Training Education, to receive the highest award of reaccreditation for ten years. The CAATE commends Sterling College for its “commitment to the advancement of quality education in Athletic Training,” as well as its “dedication to the preparation of highly qualified Athletic Training professionals.” The CAATE commended Sterling College’s athletic training program on their family-like atmosphere, teamwork, and caring nature of the students. They noted the camaraderie of the administration, faculty, staff, and students as one of the program’s strengths. Also mentioned was the students’ compassion for their patients, embodying the vision of Sterling College to develop servant leaders. Pete Manely, the director of athletic training, said of the comment,

“We like to teach kids how to take care of other people’s hearts.”

the athletic director position and oversight of the athletic department.

The Athletic Training Department has also celebrated with Ryan “Pete” Manely this year as he was named President Elect of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Athletic Training Association, and named the 2011 NAIA Athletic Trainers’ Association Athletic Trainer of the Year. The NAIAATA honored Manely during their 2011 National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia in New Orleans.

“Sterling has an outstanding athletic tradition and our vision includes helping student-athletes fully develop academically, spiritually, and athletically,” said Kempf. “My vision of the athletic department is to facilitate the pursuit of excellence by our student athletes in all three categories.”

Manely oversees the Athletic Training Major that is housed under the Exercise Science Department at Sterling College. He also serves as the women’s basketball athletic trainer, and President of the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference (KCAC) Athletic Training Association.

New Athletic Director Joins Sterling College

Gary Kempf

The Sterling College Athletic Department went through a leadership transition this past summer. Gary Kempf, who was announced in February as the school’s new full-time athletic director, took over

“We will work hard to continue to provide a good tradition of athletics here at Sterling College. I want the athletic department and the student athletes to provide success stories of which alumni can be proud, building the athletics program into the front porch of the college,” said Kempf. Donor development for the athletics program will be one of the major responsibilities for Kempf as Sterling’s full-time athletic director. The addition of Kempf to the institution is a big step towards updating athletic facilities and increasing the College’s competitiveness. Kempf comes to Sterling College from Asbury University, where he has spent six years as athletic director for the Eagles. While at Asbury, he helped oversee the updating and renovation of three different facilities and was instrumental in adding baseball, softball, and golf to the Asbury program. With Kempf ’s leadership, Asbury grew from 120 student-athletes to 310 student-athletes. He has also been deeply involved as a mentor of coaches, athletics’ staff, and student-athletes.

New Websites Stay up to date on the latest happenings at Sterling College by visiting our newly designed website at www.sterling.edu. Check back often for site upgrades! Warrior Athletics also has a newly designed website to cater to your every sports need. Visit scwarriors.com to explore the new site and stay up to date on your SC Warriors! FALL/WINTER 2011 | 13

In the News Prior to serving as athletic director at Asbury, Kempf was assistant athletic director at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kan. While at KU, Kempf was highly involved in both fundraising and facility development. Gary’s wife, Dorothy, made the move to Sterling along with Gary. The Kempfs have two children, Paul and Faith. Paul graduated from Sterling College in 2010, where he played football. Faith attends Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina.

Three SC Coaches Named “Coach of the Year” During the 2010-2011 sports season, Sterling College had three coaches named as KCAC Coach of the Year. Justin Morris started the trend by winning co-coach of the year in women’s soccer, sharing the title with Marc Gordon of Ottawa University. He was followed by the men and women’s basketball coaches Dean Jaderston and Lonnie Kruse. This award was a repeat performance for all three coaches. Coach Morris earned his second KCAC Coach of the Year Award by coaching the Lady Warriors to tie for 3rd in the KCAC Regular Season after finishing in last place the year before. Coach Morris won his first KCAC Women’s Coach of the Year award in 2005, and the NAIA Region IV Men’s Coach of the Year award in 2006. Coach Morris is a 1998 graduate of Sterling College and has been coaching the Lady Warriors since the 1999 season. Coach Jaderston also won his second KCAC Coach of the Year Award for the 2010-2011 basketball season. The Warriors won both the KCAC Regular Season and Tournament titles last season. Coach Jaderston won his first KCAC Coach of the Year Award after the 2008-2009 season.


For the 11th time, Coach Kruse was named KCAC Women’s Coach of the Year for the 2010-2011 basketball season. Coach Kruse adds this award to a long list of accomplishments during his 30 years of coaching the Lady Warriors. Coach Kruse is the All-Time Winningest Women’s Basketball Coach in the history of Kansas, and has led his team to 12 KCAC regular season championships. “We are proud of the hard work and dedication from all three of these coaches,” said Athletic Director Gary Kempf. “These men are setting high standards for their players to be scholar athletes that are highly competitive in the both the KCAC and the NAIA. They continue to make Sterling College athletics a force to be reckoned with.”

Faculty Updates

At the spring Foundations in Art: Theory and Education and Mid-America College Art Association Conference in St. Louis, Mo., assistant professor, David Harmon, participated in a panel discussion titled, “The Phenomena of the Non-Art Major: Discouragement or Encouragement?” Harmon also had a drawing on display in the Sienna Art Institute in Sienna, Italy during the month of September. The exhibit, Drawing Connections, was a widely publicized, open entry exhibition. Finally, Harmon participated in the Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists conference in NYC this October. His seminar on world rock art looked at petroglyphs and pictographs from different cultures to compare their similarities by studying the mark making, symbols, and use of space.

Dr. Johnson Agbo, assistant professor of physical chemistry and physics, along with two colleagues published an article on communication maps for homodimeric hemoglobin in the Journal of Chemical Physics. Dr. Agbo worked with two colleagues from the department of chemistry and chemical physics program at the University of Nevada, Ramachandran Gnanasekaran and David M. Leitner. Their work on water-mediated energy transport in proteins was endorsed by both the American Institute of Physics and the National Science Foundation.

Rev. Dr. Hank Lederle, professor of theology and ministry, had a book displayed and sold at the Frankfurt Book Fair. His book, “Theology With Spirit,” describes the movements of the Holy Spirit, and connects the events to show movements that have occurred throughout history. He continues to predict which movements will work in the 21st century and why. The Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s largest trade book fair.

Dr. Jonathan Conard, assistant professor of biology, was published in Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology, a peer-reviewed publication from the Ecological Society of America. His article, “Demographic vital rates and population growth: an introduction to projection matrices and elasticity analysis,” is based on an experiment that he uses in his ecology class. By using published data, this lab teaches students how various factors can influence population growth.

Daniel Swartz, assistant professor of art, illustrated the promotional material for the Commonwealth of Virginia’s statewide summer reading program, “You are here, but books take you anywhere.” The illustration was designed for the teens reading level, and materials were used in over 90 libraries across the state. In November, Swartz’s art was featured in the AAA traveler magazine, Via, of Northern California, Nevada and Utah.

Campbell Hall won the float competition for the second year in a row.

Homecoming King, Jordan Stineman, proposed to Homecoming Queen, Caitlin Magee, after being crowned during halftime.

Brittany Outerbridge and the cheerleaders do a stunt during the football game.

Homecoming candidates compete in a game at the pep rally.

Dr. Mark Watney, assistant professor of language and literature, volunteered to be in the dunk tank at the Homecoming Hangout.

Ramona (Dill ’71) Hankins, Ken Hankins ’71, Bruce Bryant ’71, Daryl Nuss ’71, and Dr. George Stickel ’71 gathered for a quick photo at the Alumni Banquet. Alumni gather at Jim Chroust Reunion

Former players, Mike Bayack ’81, Dr. Doug Wilson ’81, and Bryan McKinney ’79 catch up with Coach Jim Chroust.

Two Kilbourn men recreated a live version of the Divine Servant statue.

FALL/WINTER 2011 | 15

New Faculty Members Dr. Raymond Anderson is an associate professor of communications. Dr. Anderson has taught courses in video production and direction, broadcast news, scriptwriting and more. He played a significant role in growing the major at George Fox University during his time there. He has a doctorate in communications from Regent University. Irene Barkman, a Certified Public Accountant from Hutchinson, is an assistant professor of business. She has extensive accounting experience and completed her master’s degree in accounting with an emphasis on taxation at Wichita State University. Katherine “K.C.” Bassett ’07 has moved from financial aid technician to instructor of exercise science. She will also still continue to serve as an assistant coach for women’s basketball.

Laura Bateman joined the music department faculty this fall. She holds a bachelor of music degree from Wheaton College Conservatory of Music, a master of music degree from the University of Northern Colorado, and has completed her doctor of arts degree in voice performance from the University of Northern Colorado. Megan Fraley is serving as an assistant professor of mathematics. Fraley holds a master of science degree in mathematics from the University of Nebraska (Lincoln) and a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from Doane College. Dr. Dale Levering joins the faculty as the McVay Chair of Business. He holds a doctorate in agricultural economics, a master of business administration degree in finance and management from Kansas State University, a bachelor of business administration degree from Washburn University, and a bachelor of arts degree in military history from The Citadel. Joe Skillen ’03 is a visiting assistant professor of theology and ministry. He has a bachelor’s degree in communications and has received two master’s degrees, in practical theology and organizational leadership, from Regent University. He comes to Sterling from Wichita, Kan. where he worked as a campus pastor of Asbury Church. Gentry Sutton ’98 joins the faculty having accepted the role of assistant professor of language and literature and coordinator of writing across the curriculum. Sutton will still serve as Sterling College’s director of institutional assessment. Daniel Swartz joined our art and design faculty this fall as an assistant professor. Swartz holds a master of fine arts degree in illustration from the University of Hartford, a master of arts degree in painting from Ball State University, and a bachelor of science degree in illustration from Indiana Wesleyan University.


New Staff Members Maggie Anderson joins SC as assistant director of admissions. Anderson has a bachelor of arts degree in music performance and a master of business administration degree from George Fox University. She has been an admissions training specialist for American Intercontinental University. Kati Bennett ’02 serves as the financial aid assistant. She holds a bachelor of science degree from Sterling College in biology.

Jim Cox is the coordinator of online partnerships and recruitment, and comes to Sterling College having spent 40 years in teaching and administration in the public school system. He has a master’s degree in K-12 administration from Whittier College in California. Adrian Dinkel is the head baseball coach for Sterling College. Prior to arriving at Sterling, Dinkel spent two seasons as the head assistant coach and recruiting coordinator at Clarendon College in Texas.

Matt Ehresman ’10 is the new web marketing manager and communications admissions counselor. He earned his degree in graphic communications with a minor in Christian ministries. He is currently completing his master’s degree in digital media through Regent University. Naiya Hernandez ’08 serves as the resident director for Evan’s Hall. Previously, she was serving with an urban ministry in downtown Denver, Colo. While at Sterling, she was involved in student government, missions and the campus activities board. Jeff Kidd ’05 is serving as the head men’s soccer coach. He comes to Sterling from Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kan., where he was the head men’s soccer coach for the Swedes the past four seasons.

Lisa Kidd is the online student services coordinator and she comes to Sterling from Bethany College where she served as the admissions representative transfer coordinator. She graduated from Bethany with a degree in criminal justice. Joellen Maurer serves as the coordinator of foundations of servant leadership. She holds a master’s degree in spiritual formation from Trinity International University.

Mandy Nichols ’11 serves as the assistant registrar. She worked as a student in the registrar’s office while earning her bachelor of arts degree in theatre/ communication arts and elementary education.

Lance O’Donnell is the assistant director of information technology. Prior to coming to Sterling, O’Donnell worked as a consultant for Dell and Perot Systems.

Laquitta Pitts comes to Sterling College as the student accounts coordinator. She graduated from Oklahoma State University. She most recently worked as a State Social Security administrator for the state of Oklahoma.

Mykeal Pitts is the director of information technology. He earned his master’s degree in religion from Florida State University after completing his bachelor of arts degree in logic and philosophy from the University of Central Florida. He has been living and working in Kansas for over 17 years. Christopher Steen serves as Sterling’s new graphic designer. He graduated from Friends University with a bachelor of arts degree in graphic design. He comes from Augusta, Kan.

Rebecca Swartz is the writer for the marketing communications department. She also serves as an adjunct math professor and works with students in the writing center. Swartz has a bachelor’s degree in secondary mathematics education from Indiana Wesleyan University. Addie Swihart ’11 is serving as the resident director of McCreery Hall. She earned her degree in elementary education with a minor in Christian ministries. She served as a resident assistant on campus for two years.

Amy Thompson ’96 is the director of alumni and parent relations. She returns to her alma mater where she served as the director of alumni from 1998 to 2003. After leaving Sterling, she completed a master’s degree in communication from Bethel College, Minn. Jon Van Veldhuizen ’11 is serving as an admissions counselor. He earned his bachelor of science degree in exercise science. His family has served in ministry for many years through CLC Ministries Intl., based in Philadelphia, Pa. Melissa Virts ’07 is the administrative assistant for student life. She earned her bachelor of science degree in psychology. After graduating from Sterling, she joined the staff at Horizons Mental Health Center as a case manager in Hutchinson, Kan.


See SC news, photos, and events posted on our fan page www.facebook.com/sterlingcollege

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Melissa (Yarrow ’09) Wisner holds the position of public relations coordinator. She is excited to use her communications degree at Sterling College as she learns more about the field of marketing. She previously served as resident director of McCreery Hall. FALL/WINTER 2011 | 17

Like many of you reading this issue of Sterling, it is difficult to come back knowing that the Sterling we will find is no longer our own. We are not insiders anymore. People don’t know us. We start to wonder if we don’t matter anymore or if we will have anything useful to give. This sentiment has initiated several projects that will provide ample opportunity for you to return ‘home’ and hopefully feel welcomed.

Alumni Notes

I am working on reunion leadership for next year’s massive celebration of our 125th Anniversary. I am traveling across the country to connect with alumni to share memories as well as current news of the College. I’m working to connect alumni with the faculty in their academic discipline, hoping to integrate alumni into the curriculum. Amy Thompson

Letter from the Director I didn’t see this one coming. After completing my first two months back (I was here from 1998-2003 holding the same job), a Board member stopped by my office and simply said, “Welcome Home.” As he continued to his meeting, I looked away and wiped tears from my eyes. This is home. People repeatedly ask what it’s like to be back on campus after an eight-year hiatus. It’s surreal. It is comforting that the places and some people are the same. But I assume things work the same, and then realize they do not. People assume that I remember them or know how things work, and that is not the case as often as I would like. Things here look the same, but they are very different.

I am working with Lisa Parson ’06, director of career services, to build a data base of people willing to offer mentoring and internships for our students. I’m working with our current students to help them recognize the value of becoming strong supporting alumni who keep in touch with the school, give us updates on their lives (marriages, children, ministries and jobs), and think of our students when internships and jobs arise in their companies. Additionally, I have teamed up with Joellen Maurer to start a Parent Council to address the challenges of having a student at college. We hope this is a place for parents to ask questions and find comfort while their child is at Sterling. I certainly didn’t see this move back to SC and my old job coming. Regardless, now that I’m home I pray that He will use this time back at SC to His glory.

Class of 1971 Reunion: Class of 1951 Reunion:

Rev. Ted Allebach ’51, Jean and Rev. Dr. Samuel Andreasen ’51, Ruth (Andreasen ’55), Dixon Brown, Roberta (Dill ’51) McFarland, Dr. Walter “Wilso” Davis ’51, Jim Copeland ’51, Rev. Al ’51 and Bernice Damon.


Back row - Daryl Nuss, Bruce Bryant, Ken Hankins, Darrel Gee, Tom Morris, Lonnie Kruse, Tom Gibb, Randy Copeland, George Stickel; Front Row - Romona (Chapman) Janssen, Keith Asmus, Mona (Dill) Hankins, Marge (DeVries) Kraushaar, Carol (Wyatt) Kruse, Niki (Ray) Svaty, Joyce (Schlender) McDowell, Jane (Milligan) Davidson

Class of 2001 Reunion:

Leslie and Eric Varnon, Ben Dicke, Aaron and Jennifer (Stinemetz ’03), Michael and Rachel (Prochaska) Downs, Paula (Jenkins) Fahrenholtz, Abby (Willis) and Jeremiah Shull.


REBECCA (ORTIZ ’71) and ART ’71 VOGAN are working diligently with ROOT International in El Paso, Tex. Their motto is Bringing Together Community Organizations, Ministries and Churches. You can find them at www.rootinternational.org.


CLARENCE POLLOCK ’36 attended SC’s Homecoming again this year to cheer on the Warriors. This is the sixth Homecoming in a row that Clarence has attended. He currently lives in Powhattan, Kan.


LOU MEANS ’58 recently hit a major milestone in education. He completed 50 years of teaching and counseling in the Davenport Community Schools, Davenport, Iowa. Lou and his wife, MARY (MCCREIGHT ’59), live in Davenport, Iowa.


1 DR. WAYNE BROKY ’66 recently stopped by SC while driving across country with his daughter to donate a skeleton to the science department. There to receive the generous gift were science professors, Dr. Wai-Foong Hong, Dr. Jonathan Conard and Dr. Johnson Agbo.


DR. GEORGE STICKEL ’71 was appointed director of the brand new teacher education program at Southern Polytechnic State University in Georgia in May, 2011. In late June, the program received a $1.4 million grant to begin the UTeach program there.


JUSTIN LILES fs82 is working as Systems Operations Manager at Eastern New Mexico University. LYN (KELLER ’83) MCLAURINE is a professor of psychology and sociology at Briarcliffe College. GREG MCGLYNN ’86 is now teaching theatre at Goddard High School in Goddard, Kan. He and his wife, Carrie, just welcomed a new baby, Kate, on June 1. She was welcomed home by big brother, James, 2 ½. DAVID EARLE ’88 has moved to South Carolina where he is serving as the vice president of advancement at Erskine College.


REV. JAN BROOKS ’91 is currently preaching at Viola United Presbyterian Church in Viola, Kan. DR. RUBEN ’94 and LIZ (COUSINS ’95) GARCIA are now living in El Dorado, Kan. where he is working as a hospitalist. SHAWN ’95 and MIRANDA (SPANGLER fs97) REED are now living in Hillsboro, Kan. where he is the new head women’s basketball coach. Miranda continues to work at Lyons District Hospital. They have three children, Tristan, 9, Makenna, 6 and Maren, 4. GENTRY SUTTON ’98 is now teaching at SC as an assistant professor of language and literature.

Complete your degree online today with the help of SCO If you have a passion for helping shape the leaders of tomorrow, let Sterling College Online assist you in attaining a new rewarding career. A carousel of eight week online courses allows you to continue working while you complete your degree. Financial aid is available!

Earn a degree in:

• Christian Ministires • Theology and Ministry • Elementary Education • Secondary History • Secondary Math • Professional Studies

Find out more at online.sterling.edu

(designed to assist students who already have a bachelor’s degree in an area for which STEP is approved to provide licensure.)

FALL/WINTER 2011 | | 19 19 FALL 2011

Alumni Notes



1 ANDREW ’07 and SUSAN (GATES ’10) KROB announce the birth of Caleb Alexander on March 4, 2011. The family lives in Centerton, Ark. 2 DAVID ’09 and WHITNEY (ROACH ’09) FULLER announce the birth of Jaythan Maddox on June 19, 2011. They now reside in Philadelphia, Pa. WES ’04 and Bonnie MOORE announce the birth of Audrey Claire on May 27, 2011. The family resides in Colorado where Wes is the Student Ministries Director at Lifepointe Church. www.sharethelife.org 3 JOSH ’07 and MELISSA (YARROW ’09) WISNER were married at Westminster Woods Camp on July 9, 2011. They currently reside in Sterling where Josh is the resident director of Kilbourn Hall and Melissa is the public relations coordinator at Sterling College. LUKE ’00 and APRIL (GOERTZEN ’02) WALCHER announce the birth of their third child, Lydia Ruth on July 18, 2011. Sisters Abigail, 8, and Joanna, 4, welcomed her home in Ankeny, Iowa, where Luke is Information Assurance Manager for General Dynamic Information Technology. 4 JERRED ’05 and Katie SNOW announce the birth of Lyla Grayce on August 10, 2011. GABE ’08 and Dawn ELISERIO announce the birth of Grace Kathleen on September 22, 2011. The family lives in Sterling where Gabe is an Assistant Football Coach for the Warriors. JOE ’03 and Ginger SKILLEN announce the birth of Ezra Cole on October 14, 2011. He was welcomed home by big sister, Avery Nell, 2. Joe is also serving Sterling College this year as Visiting Assistant Professor in Theology and Ministry. DR. MARK REED ’02 returned from Kuwait at the end of October, where he was warmly welcomed by wife, ABBY (LANG ’03) and boys Nathan, 4 ½, and Tyler, 2. Mark served in Kuwait since January in a clinic at Camp Arifjan. He is currently on staff at Naval Hospital Beaufort as a Family Practice Doctor and has been selected for Lt. Commander. Abby keeps busy with their boys. DORINDA (GATES ’02) and Greg BEELEY are now living in Colorado Springs, Colo. where they are working with LightSys Technology Services. ELISABETH ORR ’02 is working as the Director of Children’s Ministry at Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hutchinson, Kan.



3 LAURA STERLING ’05 is living in Wichita, Kan. with her own catering business, Simply Great Catering. JORDAN MILLER ’09 is a lead hazard risk assessor based out of Hutchinson, Kan.


BROOKE MINOR ’11 is currently living in New Orleans, La., where she works for the NCAA Local Organizing Committee for the 2012 Final Four.

STERLING COLLEGE GET-TOGETHER On September 25-29, eighteen Sterling College alumni and spouses, from the classes of l957 through 1961, gathered at the Navigators’ Glen Eyrie Conference Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. It was a grand time renewing friendships as everyone stayed in the Glenview Lodge. BETTY (BOTT ’59) and BILL ’57 CALDERWOOD brought items from the Sterling College Alumni Office. They also brought greetings from the College and Amy Thompson ’96, director of alumni and parent relations. REV CHUCK ’58 OLSEN was in charge of devotions and his wife JOYCE (SKEEN ’57) had several games and activities that everyone enjoyed. The weather was perfect and the group enjoyed the majesty of the mountains and the Garden of the Gods close by. The Buckleys and Calderwoods were responsible for organizing this event and all present appreciated their hard work. Those attending included the following: JOHN ’59 and Marnie BUCKLEY, Castle Rock, Colo., BILL ’57 and BETTY (BOTT ’59) CALDERWOOD, Sterling, Kan., JOYCE (HARMS fs59) CLARK, Glenwood Springs, Colo., JIM ’61 and MARILYN (KREMER ’59) DOUGLASS, Concordia, Kan., HAROLD ’58 and PAT (OFFERLE ’60), Great Bend, Kan., MARGE (SPANIOL fs59) JARRET, Gaithersburg, Md., JEANNE LAWRENCE ’60, Colorado Springs, Colo., DON ’58 and ELSIE (WRIGHT fs60), Great Bend, Kan., JOAN (WHITE ’59) NACHTIGAL, Aurora, Neb., JUNIOR ’59 and Janis NACHTIGAL, Aurora, Neb., CHUCK ’58 and JOYCE (SKEEN ’57) OLSEN, Johnson Lake, Neb.


In Memoriam Our thoughts and prayers go out to families when we receive word of the passing of our alumni. For the past several years, a special memorial presentation has been produced and is shown at the alumni banquet during Homecoming and again to our students during the Heritage Convocation. This presentation lists and shows pictures of SC alumni who have passed away during the previous year. Please keep the Office of Alumni Relations informed and feel free to send a photo of your loved one to be included in the presentation. MARCELLA (NODURFT ’37) STITT EUNICE (MCPHERSON fs33) BRADEN BETTY (HALL ’41) MCAULEY DR. JOSEPH THOMPSON ’41 HELEN LARSEN ’43 MARY (PETERSON fs44) EHRESMAN JEANETTE BEARD ’44 LORANNA (NEWCOMER fs46) WRIGHT LUCILE (GORDON fs47) HAMM MARGARET (WARD ’49) LIPP ALMA (MEANS ’50) WISEMAN REV. CLARK HARBACH ’50 WALLACE BLACKWOOD ’50 CHARLES “PETE” RASMUSSEN fs50 PAUL TURNBULL ’51 HAZEL (CUNNINGHAM fs54) HOADLEY EMMET KELLER ’54 REV. DAVID GRANSEE fs57 CHARLES MITZNER fs57 EVELYN (NEWCOM ’57) DETTER SARA (WILLIAMS ’58) MILAM COACH CURT BENNET ’58 SHIRLEY (PAXTON fs58) HUMPHREY WILLIAM BANNISTER fs59 DAN MILLER fs59 LESLIE HILDEBRANDT fs59 SANDRA (MILLER ’60) WESTROPE WILLIE NACHTIGAL ’60 MAURINE (O’BRYAN ’60) TURNEY


eNewsletter Sign-up The Sterling College eNewsletter is emailed on the first Monday of each month. The newsletter supplements the semiannual Sterling Magazine with feature articles, campus updates, upcoming events and other general information. If you would like to receive the eNewsletter, please send your current email address to alumni@sterling.edu so you can receive next month’s edition.

FALL/WINTER 2011 | 21

Alumni Notes Alumni Awards Presented at Homecoming Banquet The Alumni Association gives the annual Alumni Award and Citation at the Homecoming Banquet. These two awards are approved by the Alumni Council and nominations are accepted from alumni, faculty and staff. The Alumni Award is given to a recent graduate (no more than 15 years) who has displayed outstanding contributions in developing careers, service to society and loyalty to SC. The Alumni Citation is awarded to a graduate of 15 years or more, who has shown continued contributions over a great period of time in sustained excellence in careers, service to society and continued loyalty to SC. The Distinguished Service Award recognizes a lifetime of service that exemplifies the purposes for which SC exists: exceptional contributions to society, distinguished professional accomplishment, outstanding leadership and character. The honoree is recognized during the Commencement ceremony.

Alumni Award Sasha Hildebrand ’03 was recognized for excellence in her career, volunteerism, and dedication to Sterling College. She currently works as an admissions counselor at SC, and she is well-known within the Kansas high school theatre circle for her Jester award-winning costume design. Sasha also uses her skill and love of theatre to work as an adjudicator for the Kansas Thespian organization, and presents at their state conference.

Alumni Citation Dr. George Stickel ’71 is an accomplished education administrator, beginning university degree programs in several unreached locations. He has started five university degree programs in prisons in Illinois. He pioneered university course delivery in Malaysia, taught at Northwestern College in Iowa, and now directs the STEM teacher education program at Southern Polytechnic State University. He recently received a large grant to start a new teaching program called UTeach. George, however, will still claim that his most significant accomplishment is raising his three daughters.

Distinguished Service Award This Distinguished Service Award was given to Charles “Chuck” Larsen ’66, of Minden, Neb. After graduating from SC, Chuck taught for six years before returning to the family farm. He farmed nearly 2,500 acres of irrigated corn, soybeans and wheat, and raised 600 feeder cattle and 500 hogs during the mid-1980s and early 1990s. Additionally, he created time to write and publish numerous articles about his innovative farming practices in magazines such as Nebraska Farmer and a national publication Successful Farming. He demonstrated leadership through being an early adopter of water and land conservation practices. In the early 1980s, Chuck’s passion became fresh, clean water for the people of Haiti. He partnered with a mission organization based in Kalona, Iowa, called Water for Life, whose mission is focused on drilling and maintaining hand-pump water wells in rural Haiti. Chuck has traveled to Haiti more than 30 times to be involved in the drilling or repairing of hundreds of water wells. Also, through his experience in agriculture, Chuck has been involved in farmland irrigation projects in Haiti. Recently, he formed his own non-profit organization, Water 4 Haiti, and focuses his work on the Haitian island of La Goneve. In 1990, Chuck and Nancy joined Trinity Presbyterian Church in Kearney, Nebraska, where he continues to serve in leadership roles and as a Sunday school teacher. Chuck’s leadership ability and character was also recognized by the Sterling College Board and president, which resulted in his appointment and service as a member of the Board for almost 20 years.

Sterling College Fine Arts Hall of Fame Inducts New Members The Sterling College Fine Arts Hall of Fame, established in 2009, recognizes individuals associated with Sterling College who have excelled in the areas of theatre, music, art and communications. The Fine Arts Hall of Fame is sponsored by College Alumni of Sterling Theatre (CAST), an Alumni-based, non-profit organization that supports the fine arts at Sterling College. New members will be inducted to the Hall of Fame bi-annually in the following three categories: Alumni, Patron, and Mentor.

Alumni Dr. Dennis Brewer ’71 has participated in the fine arts since his time at Sterling, where he participated in three musicals, played trumpet in the college band and sang in the choir. Upon graduation, Brewer earned his doctorate in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin, was faculty at the University of Arkansas where he taught and did research, and is now in administration at the University. He has continued using his musical ability by participating in opera workshops and singing with university choral groups and with the local symphony.

Book your next event at Sterling Sterling’s campus can be a haven of refreshment for your family, organization, or church group during the summer of 2012. Check out the possibilities Sterling can offer for your next conference, retreat, or reunion. Call 620-278-2173 for more information!


Mike Sullivan ’75 has represented Sterling College in the realm of advertising. As a former Senior Vice President and Creative Director for the world’s largest independent ad agency, Sullivan has over 30 years of experience in generating creative and effective advertising campaigns. He now owns his own company, Halo Creative Group, which focuses on bringing his mainstream expertise to the nonprofit and Christian arena. He has produced digital curricula and TV and radio spots for Zondervan Publishing, Presbyterian Media Mission, the Christian Church-Disciples of Christ, Feed the Children, Volunteers of America, Food for the Poor, Kids Hope USA, and many others. Jana Wagerle ’80 was inducted posthumously into the Sterling College Fine Arts Hall of Fame for her skill in costume design. During her time at Sterling, Diane DeFranco-Kling trusted Wagerle to design costumes for two of Diane’s productions – the musical “The Boy Friend” and Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.” After graduating from Sterling, Wagerle obtained her MFA from the University of Missouri (Kansas City), and worked as the costume designer and seamstress at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre. Wagerle also participated behind the scenes in the 1993 alumni production of “The Glass Menagerie” by designing the costumes. Wagerle recently passed away in July of 2010.


New Alumni Directory Publishing Concepts (PCI), is the company Sterling has selected to publish our next alumni directory. They are one of the leading companies in this area and we ask that you accept their call and complete the alumni survey. You will pay for your directory at the time of the call but not receive your directory until completion of the project in about a year. You will have the opportunity to purchase both a digital and print copy of the new directory. All alumni completing the survey will be in the directory. A purchase is not required.

Upcoming Alumni Events March 8-18 Sterling College Spring Break Choir Tour is driving to Southern California and making stops along the way. Director of Alumni & Parent Relations, Amy Thompson ’96, will be traveling on the bus with the students and hosting receptions following the evening performances.

Friday, April 13

Gordon Kling and Diane DeFranco-Kling have been the backbone of the theatre art department for the past 40 years. Gordon, having worked in the theatre for 43 years, came to Sterling in 1968. In 1971, Diane became his teammate in the department, and together, they have touched the lives of countless students, alumni, faculty, and staff. The quality of instruction speaks for itself when you look at the success of their students. They are performing across the country on stage, backstage, in the orchestra pit, behind the camera, in front of the camera, and in television, film, radio, computers, the pulpit, the mission field, and in multiple classrooms from middle school to collegiate. Without the Klings, the Sterling College Fine Arts Hall of Fame would have far less candidates. Leo Lawless was posthumously added to the Sterling College Fine Arts Hall of Fame for his dedication to the arts at the College. Lawless served as a pianist at Sterling for 40 years, playing in chapels and recitals. He also taught piano for many years and was repeatedly asked to be a judge for the National Piano Teachers Guild. He was known for his skill, sense of humor and his love for the students at Sterling College. Lawless passed away in 1973.

The Mississippi Valley Alumni Chapter meeting will be held at 6:30 at the First Presbyterian Church in Moline, Ill. Director of Alumni & Parent Relations, Amy Thompson ’96, will be in attendance.

Saturday, April 14 Amy Thompson will also be at the Missouri Valley Alumni Chapter meeting in Omaha, Neb. on Saturday, April 14. For details, contact Amy at alumni@sterling.edu or (620) 278-4228.

Stay Up-to-Date on Upcoming Events Amy Thompson will be traveling the country to visit SC alumni at a variety of gatherings during the spring semester of 2012. She is starting with Dallas, Kansas City, Southern California, Wichita, Denver, and Phoenix, so watch for updates via mail, Facebook, email, and the SC website. Be sure that the Alumni Office has your correct mailing and email addresses, and be a friend of “Sterling College Alumni” on Facebook. You don’t want to miss out!

Homecoming 2012 |

October 19-20

Impact the world through a Sterling Education. Through the Sterling Fund, you prepare students with a Christ-centered education to become creative and thoughtful leaders who understand a maturing Christian faith. From the arts to athletic training, behavioral science to business, and from math to ministry­—our students are able to discern and follow God’s calling for their lives and transform their interests into tools for stewardship. When you give to the Sterling Fund, you enable us to continue to strengthen our students’ desire to practice servant leadership and seek wholeness in a broken world.

To make your gift to the Sterling Fund, please contact: Office of Advancement Sterling College 125 W. Cooper Sterling, KS 67579 www.sterling.edu (620) 278-4219

FALL/WINTER 2011 | 23

Non- Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 2 Sterling, KS

125 W. Cooper, Sterling, KS 67579 www.sterling.edu (800) 346-1017

Legacy A Great Way to Leave a

Former Sterling College Student Gives Back to Her College Diana Peters came to Sterling College in 1962 from the small Kansas town of Minneapolis. She came because she wanted to receive a college education alongside the spiritual instruction that she knew was present at Sterling. She only stayed two years because she wanted to pursue a career in nursing. But those two years were very special to Diana, and she honored Sterling at her death by giving one-sixth of her estate to the College. Diana died at the early age of sixty-six from lung cancer. She left her life possessions to four charities and two individuals. Her gift to Sterling amounted to $210,310 and will be used for scholarships for students. Her legacy at Sterling will continue her desire to care for others. If you would like to learn more about creating a legacy at Sterling College, contact the Office of Gift Planning, 125 W. Cooper Ave., Sterling, KS 67579, or call 800346-1017 and ask for this office. You may also visit our website: www.scgift.org

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Fall 2011 Sterling Magazine  

Sterling College's Fall 2011 Magazine

Fall 2011 Sterling Magazine  

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