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Know Before You Go

The anticipation of your holiday should give you enormous pleasure. In order to ensure you are fully prepared for your next trip we have put together this document which contains essential information about the country you are soon to visit. We know that visa requirements and electrical currents are not the most scintillating of topics but we also know that being forewarned is forearmed and we would hate for you to come back from your holiday, thinking “if only Steppes had told me that!” Travelling should be inspirational but above anything else it should be fun. We hope this information takes care of the more mundane matters of planning a trip so that you can then focus on building up excitement levels pre-travel, safe in the knowledge you’ve got everything covered.

“The scolopendra centipede is a site to be seen. It can grow up to 30 centimetres. What’s bigger than its size is its appetite. It has been known to feast on lava lizards and even young rats.’’

How long are the flights to Ecuador?

What is the typical food and drink in Ecuador?

What is the time zone in Ecuador? Is it safe to drive in Ecuador? What is the international dialling code for Ecuador?

Can I use my mobile phone in Ecuador?

Are there any festivals I can see during my trip, or spend time with ‘real’ locals?

Are there too many tourists; will I feel like a sheep? Is travelling to Ecuador safe?

When should I travel to Ecuador?

What can I expect travelling in Ecuador?

How much luggage can I take?

What clothing should I take to Ecuador? Do I need any immunisations or malaria tablets?

What about the altitude in Ecuador?

Do most hotels have hair dryers? What is the diving like in Galapagos? Can I use my credit card?

Are the dive operators safe?

Can I/we dive on a naturalist cruise?

Where can I find updates on the weather before my trip?





We want your holiday to be unspoilt by food and drink related health problems, please…    

Credit cards


Giving money

  

 

    

British High Commission

Health and Vaccinations

Passport and Visa requirements


Flights Currency

Essentials Important Stuff      

Clothing          

          

Medical equipement       

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