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A sit down with architect

MARVIN E. FLAX And his vision for OBMI’s next 50 years



Part one of our intriguing history series about popular Leverick Bay and the famous North Sound area


Presenting La Dolce Vita – the sweet life

Highlights of our fantastic VIPY Readers’ Choice Awards night!

November 2016


From the Editor First and foremost, a huge thank you from us at VIPY. We greatly appreciate all who were able to participate in Virgin Islands Property & Yacht Readers’ Choice Awards – the best competition and event we’ve had yet! Thank you to Veuve Clicquot and Caribbean Cellars who brought this annual landmark occasion to new heights and to all nominees and winners, fashioning this event’s evolution. Our photo feature inside highlights the great moments of this year’s ceremony; readers, thank you again for making it what it was. Our first feature for November unveils OBMI’s new managing director Marvin E. Flax and celebrates the architectural firm’s long term service to the Caribbean. The company has achieved multiple design feats Sign up to our monthly e-newsletter at

of awe in the Territory alone and progresses with an ethos that will witness an increasingly attractive portfolio.

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USVI’s La Dolce Vita in St Thomas is a majestic property of European design influence – a gem in a


premier gated community that stands as our exclusive feature property.

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We sail back into the past with Yates Associates Construction Company, looking at the North Sound area of Virgin Gorda in the 1960s – a very different place from the bustling, billionaire yacht playground it is now; but how did this become so? BVI HomeSense provides advice to those selling property in these slower market periods, Yacht Spotlight beams upon Saboré, a 58-ft Privilege catamaran offering a luxury yacht charter service, and From Sea Level unleashes ‘the mousse’ in chef Megan’s tantalising dessert. Our concluding pieces help us to get organised with the assistance of Things We Love products this month, show us the spectacular line up presented by BVI Theatre Series for this season’s entertainment, and take us to a natural organic theme with VIPY Style & Beauty items sourced by our fashion expert Pearlette Wintz.


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1-acre Waterfront Villa with Dock + Business Near Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola

Rare Waterfront Property Kings Town, Tortola 3-br Home with Pool, Offices near Cedar School

2 bedroom Main House plus 1 bedroom Guest house with Pool on 1.036 acres Prime Land

Great Rental Income Property

Asking US $1,350,000

Asking US $3,100,000 Great Mountain, Tortola

Great Value Nail Bay, Virgin Gorda 3 Separate Homes with 3 Pools

Moongate... Very Serene Home on Luck Hill, Tortola with Amazing Views!

Beautifully Decorated 3-br Home with Separate 1-br Apt

3-BR Main House, 2 Guest 1-BR Units

3 Bedroom, 3 1/2 Bath Private Home with Pool on 1.036 acres Prime Land

Asking US $795,000

Asking US $995,000

Asking US $950,000

We are committed to finding your BVI home. Leave it in our capable hands. Your Local BVI Real Estate Experts... Each Office Independently Owned and Operated Bonnie Dougall (284) 346-7080

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Chef Megan has a fierce passion for cooking. Perfecting her menu on various yachts, most of her phenomenal culinary abilities are selftaught, bringing innovative cuisine to Crewed Yacht Lolalita

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The BVI’s new OBMI Managing Director Marvin E. Flax









10 OBMI – Celebrating 80 Years in

30 BVI HomeSense

45 The Show Must Go On!

the Caribbean

OBMI is a world renowned design and planning entity. Now a new, dynamic, and dedicated professional has stepped in to take the helm in the BVI office – meet Managing Director Marvin E. Flax

18 Exclusive Feature Property La Dolce Vita is Italian for ‘the sweet life’ and this well-designed tropical home gives credence to the name

24 The Foundations of a Legend Part 1 What was the North Sound in Virgin Gorda like back in the 60s? We find out the origins of what is now the billionaire yacht playground of the BVI

Some great tips about selling BVI property in the slower times of the market!

BVI Theatre Series, now in their third year of productions, has a brand new line up in store this season

32 Yacht Spotlight Captain Richard and First Mate Lisa operate the esteemed Saboré – a luxury yacht boasting vast popularity

38 From Sea Level Goat Cheese Mousse with Red Curry Mango Chutney is the dessert on display this month from chef Megan of Lolalita

44 Things We Love Items to help you organise your life from House this issue!

48 VIPY Style & Beauty Natural and organic recommendations with our fashion expert Pearlette Wintz

53 VIPY RC 2016 Highlights of the memorable VIPY Readers’ Choice Awards sponsored by Veuve Clicquot

LAND Edited by Stephen L France Photography by Norman Allen Photography (Marvin photos) and OBMI for project photos



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is a leading architecture firm, spearheading the local and global design conversation. Celebrating 50 years in the BVI and 80 years as a company, Marvin E. Flax has recently stepped in to take the helm as Managing Director in the BVI office. By balancing inspiration with functionality, Marvin and his team are able to create timeless, globally recognized designs that celebrate the islands’ history and landscape. To gain more perspective into an architect’s fundamental values and how they are reflected throughout the life of a project, we sat down with Marvin to learn about his inspirations and aspirations, and OBMI as an architectural firm. TELL ME ABOUT THE PROCESS OF WORKING WITH AN ARCHITECT? HOW DID YOUR PASSION FOR ARCHITECTURE BEGIN? When a client works with me, and OBMI, we really dive into the owner’s vision. In order to make their vision a reality, an As a youngster still in primary school, my grandfather loved architect really needs to look at it from a macro scale first with having people around him building things; he loved the entire an understanding of the delicate relationship between goal and building process. He made it a point to involve me, showing me function. I spend a lot of time with our clients and understand their the drawings, allowing me to hear the conversations he had needs on an intimate level; especially for a client designing a home. with architects. Now fond memories, I can look back and realize my love for architecture, the building process, the smell of You have to develop a certain level of trust with your client. concrete, and the idea of building something from the ground Clients expose you to who they are so that you can design a up came from these experiences. home that meets their needs. In this process, I try to develop a relationship of trusted advisor, and often friend with my clients. I learned to visualise the two-dimensional lines on paper into These elements are essential to understanding and meeting their three-dimensional built objects. At this early age of around needs. That personal touch makes all the difference throughout eight years old, I learned to see buildings as shapes and forms. the lifespan of the project. Sometimes my clients will call to ask It wasn’t my grandfather’s intent to have me be an architect, me things completely unrelated to architecture. It makes the but his desire to have his family near him and my time spent on process and the relationship we develop so meaningful. construction sites with him, created it.

November 2016


WHAT DO YOU DO IF CLIENTS DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY NEED AND WANT? Often times they don’t at first, or at least they don’t know how to articulate it. That’s when architects are listeners and communicators. We ask the questions and listen as clients explain in their words what’s important to them. Often, couples do not agree on design and styling, so I listen and work diligently to come up with a concept that meets both of their wants. No one feels excluded during the process. It’s actually a little like therapy, but it really allows me to fully understand their desires, and get to know them on a personal level so that the design reflects their personality.

HOW HAS OBMI BEEN ABLE TO SHAPE THE BVI? With such a long history here, OBMI has contributed greatly to the islands’ built environment, from commercial, to hotel and hospitality, to private homes, and interior spaces. In fact, when you look up the hill, it is easy to spot an OBMI designed home – the proportions of the home, the combination of symmetry/ asymmetry, the materials, the pitch of the roof, and how the home sits within the confines of the property are all indicators that it is proudly OBMI.

I remember growing up, friends could pick out an OBMI home. The OBMI designed home became synonymous with architectural concepts and styles that created timeless, signature I want to give my clients a home that they will cherish and that buildings, each with a unique identity specific to their owners. will remain timeless throughout the lifespan of the building. A These unique and timeless design elements are unmistakable. home or building that will retain and increase in value, that will serve them and their families for many years to come. Alongside private homes, in the last two decades, OBMI has been at the forefront of design and has completed many WHAT ELEMENTS ARE CONSIDERED hospitality and luxury villa projects in the islands including IN ALL OF YOUR ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS? extensive work in Virgin Gorda, from Nail Bay Estates and Tonic Waters, to the unique Baraka Point, which has been honoured An architect must absolutely consider the landscape, to be called ‘the ultimate in tropical villas.’ OBMI has also had surrounding environment, and how a building can potentially a significant influence on the Oil Nut Bay development where sit within it. We begin every project with a great respect for its many luxurious properties were built, and still are being built, site, understanding that only with the utmost sensitivity to its with input from my team, and the global OBMI team. natural environment, culture, and history will a home become a place with a story and a soul. At OBMI, we pride ourselves on a remarkable ability to fit a building within its natural environment, seamlessly integrated into its surroundings, enhancing its natural beauty in a timeless and sensitive way. In the BVI, it’s easy, there’s so much beauty around us, whether verdant green hills or the Caribbean Sea. TELL ME ABOUT OBMI Wil Onions and Valmer Bouchard founded OBMI in 1936. They shared a vision of transforming dreams into a living, breathing, enduring history. They also believed that successful architecture must have a “heart and soul.” This year marks our 80th for the company and our 50th in the BVI. We have seen a tremendous amount of change in the BVI over the years and have been so fortunate to help shape it.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

YOU’RE NOW LEADING THE LOCAL OBMI OFFICE– WHAT WAS YOUR JOURNEY TO GET THERE? My history began with OBMI when I was 14. I would come into the office after school and learn technical drawing from the architects. It helped to fuel my passion for the industry and allowed me to see architects in action. I was hooked. Years later, I left the BVI to further my education. One of my first experiences as an architect was working on post 9-11 projects that were extremely sensitive, but also career-shaping. I had an amazing opportunity on these projects, but also a great responsibility. I learned so much, which really gave me the confidence to feel I could move back to the BVI with strong experience to become the next leader for this office. And the timing was right.

Marvin used to come in after school and practice his drafting and became part of the OBMI family. When he went away to study architecture and continued to work in the U.S., I was continually chasing him to come back and join our BVI team. My ambition was to one day have him running the local office and now that dream has come true.

and the first phase of a marina village that would accommodate the customs and immigration departments. When the opportunity came for me to take the helm, I felt I had the experience, knowledge, and local understanding to be confident that I could lead this office for many successful years to come. One of the things I appreciate about OBMI, is that although I have the responsibility of the BVI office, I can also tap into the resources of a global company. We have an amazing group of professionals around the world. Outside of the BVI office, OBMI is in Antigua, Bermuda, The Cayman Islands, Miami (Florida), and Trinidad and Tobago. I’m very proud to be associated with a firm of OBMI’s stature and reputation. In total, we are 87 people strong, and growing. WHAT IS YOUR VISION FOR THE BVI OFFICE?

I am proud of the company and my role within it. I have been a part of OBMI for over 27 years. This is not a job; this is a major part of my life. I want the quality of my work to be synonymous with the stellar reputation OBMI has built. To make this happen, I want to contribute to continued, steady growth that further cements our long-standing 50 years in the BVI. I TIM PECK envision another 50 years of iconic, sustainable projects, that OBMI Chairman positively contribute to the BVI community. I also want to share my experience with young BVI talent like the opportunities I was When I came to OBMI in the BVI, I was immediately able to fortunate to have when coming into the office after school. make an impact with the completion of several important projects; I was the project architect for the Customs House Architecturally, I want my team to continue to create amazing at ChristopheHarbour in St Kitts, a much lauded historically designs for our clients that leave a timeless, positive impression appropriate development, on the landscape of the BVI.

November 2016


WHAT MAKES OBMI DIFFERENT? The proportions. We design buildings, specifically homes that are not unnecessarily big nor small. We maximise what the environment provides us to design in a way that works to take advantage of the site’s natural beauty. Working in the Caribbean we have amazing beauty in front of us everywhere we go – the hills, the terrain, the ocean, so when we design a home we use that to our advantage. Our aim is to enhance the resident’s experience by designing an amazing home that takes that view to another level.

The many projects I have been a part of, including most recently, the Nora Hazel project is one of those homes that has an amazingly prominent view; literally on a cliff, I admire this home every time I head to Virgin Gorda.

OBMI utilises cutting edge technology to further enhance how we deliver our designs to our clients. Some of the latest computer software allows us to virtually walk a client through a home, fit with accurate lighting, shadows, angles, and proportions. Having global resources really allows my team and I, to provide high-tech solutions in the BVI.


We also provide great value, attention to detail, and customisation that separate us from everyone else. Each home or building is custom to the needs of the individual client. We do not repurpose design elements, but rather embrace creativity which gives our designs individuality. The design process is an exciting and fun one which I am confident OBMI does extremely well.

When I was a student at the Savannah College of Art & Design, I used to walk by the industrial arts studio and be awed by those students’ work, and what appeared to be boundless creativity. I still visit the school’s website weekly to see what amazing things up and coming designers are creating. It’s inspiring. Honestly, being in the BVI, just walking out my front door every day inspires me.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? I have been so fortunate and am so humbled by all the opportunities I have been granted. I have a sense of achievement when I think about what my Rotary Club Sunrise continues to accomplish, but overall my pride comes from a combination of my family, and of course, my career with OBMI.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

As I stare at it, I reflect on the incredible amount of work it took to achieve it and am pleased to have been a part of its creation. I think my grandfather would be very proud.

Inspiration is everywhere. I can see symmetry and asymmetry in yachts or even in the design of a phone. Design is in everything we use. I find a great deal of inspiration from other designers, often those who are in academia.


Marvin Flax and the team at OBMI BVI have been a pleasure to work with. They work collaboratively with the entire project team to ensure that all of the client’s vision, programme, and objectives are met. Over the last six years, I have had the opportunity to work with Marvin on numerous small to large complex projects and have been impressed with his ability to manage teams, his careful attention to details, and his passion for great design and architecture that lead to successful projects. BEN BUTLER BSC(HONS) MRICS Director BCQS International

November 2016



With Caribbean offices in Antigua, Bermuda, The British Virgin Islands, Grand Cayman, Miami, and Trinidad & Togabo, these are a few of the regional leaders who are leading the global direction of OBMI into the future.










It is a passion for design that drives our profession, a passion that embraces technology, culture, and social responsibility.

Destination Creation sets the stage for the traveler’s experience to become truly transformational.


RECENT PROJECTS INCLUDE Le Royal Mansour, Marrakech, Oil Nut Bay, BVI


CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE Destination Creation


Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

We’re excited about the next chapter in OBMI’s long history in The British Virgin Islands. We believe that in Marvin we have a young leader who buys into the need for continuous innovation, who understands the value of collaboration and team work, and who has an ingrained desire to help his staff reach their full potential.

The principles for successful design apply to successful operations, sustainability, and innovation— they are shaping the future of our industry.

RECENT PROJECTS INCLUDE The Bermuda National Tourism Plan The St. Lucia Tourism Benchmark Study CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE Green Matters

congratulations Marvin on shaping the future of bvi CELEBRATING 80 YEARS of building future history together IN THE CARIBBEAN


OBMI came up with some very beautiful designs, but highly functional too taking into consideration everything from the windflow and sun exposure to individual owner preferences. Furthermore, OBMI provided the necessary architectural support during the construction phase. Marvin became our point guy with OBMI at an early stage of the 5-year project, and he saw the entire job through. He was a valued member of the team, and we consider ourselves lucky to have had his services. TOM CRIPPS Private Residence

I am delighted to congratulate OBMI on this worthy milestone. We know that OBMI is a longstanding company that produces strong project managers and architectural services, not just in the Territory, but throughout the Caribbean. Their BVI office has facilitated many of our Government’s large projects, and it has made significant contributions to the improvement of the aesthetics and environment in the BVI over the years. Of noteworthy mention in recent times, was their work on the Queen Elizabeth II Park that was opened on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. I am pleased that a young BVI Islander, Mr. Marvin E. Flax, is at the helm of the company, and I am confident that under his leadership it will continue to excel and make even greater strides in the future. DR THE HONOURABLE D. ORLANDO SMITH, OBE Premier and Minister of Finance

November 2016


LAND Words by Julian Putley and Suzanne Mabe. Photography by Don Hebert



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

November 2016


Double mahogany doors lead from the great room onto a covered deck Dolce Vita is Italian for ‘the sweet life’ and this

which stretches the length of the home, greatly increasing the living and

well-designed tropical home gives credence to the

entertainment area; this offers a perfect spot to lounge in the shade and

name. In Italy, it means a life of simple pleasures

cooling breezes of the trade winds.

and luxuries; about enjoying the good things

On the east side of the villa is the pool, beautifully landscaped grounds

and valuing them. The design of the villa reflects

abundant with flowering plants, and a gazebo for alfresco dining. This

this attitude with an emphasis on creating an

garden retreat is an idyllic location whether it’s a Sunday brunch, lunch with

environment that is all about wellness.

friends, a romantic dinner, or cocktails under a starry night sky.

The welcoming entrance to the villa is graced by majestic queen palms

Within, the home features travertine floors and custom mahogany

and Doric columns with portico. There is easy access to the residence only a

cabinetry and doors. Friends and family may gather in the kitchen and the

few steps from the driveway. Entry is through double mahogany doors into

ample island offers seating for five to keep the chef company.

an open-plan great room with 20’ vaulted ceilings of cypress finished to a rich patina, a critical element of the design and feel of the great room. The flow of the space is perfect for entertaining and the easy living the

The master bedroom has a walk in closet and en-suite bathroom enhanced by natural radiance from a skylight and ‘his and hers vanities.’ Two guest rooms are fitted in the same comfortable style and share an equally

name of the villa elicits. A loft area above the great room with wide plank

tasteful bathroom. Also on the main living level is a generous sized laundry

tropical hardwood floors, serves as a spacious in-home office for the owners

room. The home is solar powered with an 8.3KW solar array and has high

yet is still integral to the rest of the living area.

efficiency split ACs.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

A two-car garage—not a common feature for island homes—complete

waters, nature trail and the adjoining 50 acres of Nature Conservancy land,

with overhead racks for storing paddle boards and kayaks, fishing poles and

it is a true island treasure. Whether you enjoy running, walking, swimming,

other assorted water toys is located at the end of the driveway.

paddle boarding or kayaking, it is the fitness enthusiasts ‘go-to spot’ where

A 700 sq ft apartment found on the lower level of the villa is finished with the same quality materials as the main residence and is accessed from a separate driveway insuring privacy for the owners as well as their tenants or guests. The villa is situated in the premier community of Sydney’s Fancy in Estate

you are likely to see your neighbours. The owners, who designed and built the home, both have a clear sense of pleasing aesthetics as reflected in their chosen professions; the husband’s career path has moved from aeronautical engineering to yacht design

Peterborg which is gated and has underground utilities. Facing north, the

for a number of America’s Cup challenges to luxury home design and

residence offers expansive sea views with yachts sailing along the north

construction and the wife is an artist. Their residency for a time in Europe

coast of St Thomas and at the right time of year, you may spot whales.

and their life experience and expertise are found in the many architectural

Hans Lollik and to the east the British Virgin Islands of Tobago, Jost Van Dyke, and Tortola provide a tropical panorama. Just five minutes away, you will find the world renowned Magen’s Bay Beach, a 500-yard stretch of palm lined, powder sand beach. With its pristine



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

details, including the use of Doric columns, banded window details, the decorative pathways, and the moulded concrete cornice gutters. The exacting construction and attention to detail, sets the villa apart as an exceptional island abode.

La Dolce Vita • Sits on .505 acre beautifully landscaped parcel with underground utilities • Built 2004 – shows as new • 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on main level with laundry room and a loft used as office • Covered deck runs the entire length of the home expanding your entertaining and living area • Lovely pool with tiled deck bounded by grassy yard and garden with gazebo for alfresco dining and a built in barbeque

• High efficiency Split ACs throughout • 8.3 KW Solar Array • Spacious laundry room for main level • Corrugated galvanised roof with custom colour • Cistern size 33,000 gallons • Utility room with plenty of storage space

US $1,875,000

• On the lower level, a wellappointed one-bedroom apartment with expansive covered deck, washer/dryer and its own separate drive from the lower road

Contact: Suzanne Mabe, CRS, GRI Real Estate Broker/Owner Email: Web: Direct Line: 340/777-5564 eFax: 440/756-7052 Mobile: 340/998-7701

• 20ft tall cypress ceilings

2015 Realtor of the Year

• 2-car garage

November 2016


LAND Words by Stephen L France Photography courtesy of Yates Associates



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

efore the North Sound of Virgin Gorda (VG) became the

Thomas. In fact, the BVI in its entirety was going through changes.

billionaire yacht playground it is today, this popular tourist

“Tortola airport was a dirt runway and the British Royal Marines

destination was a distinctly different location—physically

surfaced it in 1968/69,” said Chris, relaying background on the BVI’s

and industrially. Looking through the scope of the

topography. “We’re looking at a Virgin Gorda where there were no paved

1960s, one would behold an extremely quiet VG with a

roads, except from the airport to Little Dix Bay. Most of the existing main

single paved road and very few people or boats coming into the Sound. So how did the Sound transform into the thriving yacht capital and poster for luxurious Caribbean lifestyle? Curious parties are compelled

roads were cut, but not paved. The VG marina was built in 1971/72 with the Little Dix Commissary—now used by Bucks Wholesale—and the shopping centre was built in 1974.” When comparing Chris’ memories with the VG we have today, there’s

to turn to the individuals, that viewed the metamorphosis of these

been a dramatic increase in regular tourism, but back in the 1960s, resort

quiet isles.

options were considerably limited for the holidaymaker.

Chris Yates—one of VG’s pioneering entrepreneurs and an expert in

“Accommodation in 1968 to 1970 was Little Dix Hotel, Ocean View,

electrical engineering—is a key witness and innovator, involved in the

Guavaberry Cottages, and Fischer’s Cove,” said Chris. “By 1971, electricity

evolution of the North Sound area – specifically, relishing ownership of

was installed in VG encouraging island-wide development. The North

Leverick Bay Resort and Marina.

Sound’s retreat options were Moskito Island with a few cottages

Arriving on VG in 1968, Chris is one of few people that can testify to the Territory and its North Sound district as it existed before. A sparse region, VG airport offered airline services arriving from Puerto Rico with Dorado Wings, to newly opened Little Dix Bay Hotel, and island air taxies from St

developed by Burt Kilbridge as a small restaurant/ hotel.” Since this time, the Sound can boast of exquisite, globally renowned resorts. Another claim to fame for the Sound is its yacht traffic; the transition over time has seen that superb superyachts enter its harbours; yet in

1968, there was very little in the way of vessels sailing in. Renowned Bitter End was comprised of three moorings and a small restaurant managed by a couple – “If you ordered early, they would cook,” said Chris of a time when the Sound’s hospitality industry was more relaxed. “Only about six to eight boats would sail into the Sound per week in those days,” she added, in stark contrast to today’s flourishing boat circulation. However, this wouldn’t last as astute business minds saw the potential of the islands. “In 1969, the internationally renowned Moorings Yacht Charters started with three boats,” she continued, referencing the company here in the BVI, who are largely responsible for the thriving yacht industry of the Territory. “In the 1970s, VG had the development of Bitter End followed by Biras Creek and Tradewinds. Also, Dave Hamilton from St. Croix had started to develop Eustatia and Saba Rock. “Notable people around at the time were Richard Branson who built Necker Island, Jan Michael Vincent from Airwolf, and Dick Cavett – there were other movie stars who visited the area for the privacy and seclusion it provided, as it was a very quiet place.” Leverick Bay’s contribution to the exclusive North Sound we see today,



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

This successful partnership conceived Leonard and Yates Construction Company to continue collaboration on other projects. Leonard and Yates ascended as the major industry construction leaders of Virgin Gorda, while observing the success of their work at Leverick Bay as the property buyers emerged. commenced when Leon Stackler—a visionary realtor from St Thomas—bought the land in 1969/70. He built a dock and installed concrete roads in early 1972, constructing the first model house on the point just above the dock. Between 1972 and 1977, six more homes were erected; three round houses by the dock area and three on hillside lots. “On two of the round houses, the contractor misread the plans and put the floor eight feet above the cistern instead of on top of the cistern,” commented Chris. “Hence, the reason there’s the house on the very tall columns up the hill. Another contractor had the job to build the next two round houses and when it came time to furnish them, Mr. Stackler discovered one of them had only 12 sides instead of the required 13. When the Foreman was asked about it, he said he knew but thought the contractor, his boss, was trying to save money. Such were these types of occurrences, but it all worked out.” Moving forward in Leverick Bay’s history, it was in 1977 when Chris Yates

“Original buyers of Leverick Bay property were doctors, dentists, writers, artists, and businessmen who all adored the water and sailing,” said Chris of the Sound’s growing allure at that time. “House lots went from 25k to 70k for half to one acre lots and the round houses we built for $40,000 each, sold for $69,000 with 1/7 acre and full furnishing. They now sell for about one million. “You did not have to be rich to buy at Leverick back then and most of the early homes were designed and built for under 200k,” continued Chris. “It was envisioned by Leon as a retirement/vacation spot for boating people.” As residency at Leverick was seized and enjoyed, Chris was to embark on a brand new challenge that would assist in the transformation of the Sound. “In 1979, Leon offered Sam and I with two of our friends, the opportunity to purchase the eight acres of waterfront land at Leverick, which was zoned for hotel/beach club use,” said Chris.

was fixing electrical and plumbing problems for Leon Stackler, that he requested her assistance in the construction of seven more of the round houses. Chris subcontracted the foundations and cistern construction to a known professional, Samuel Leonard while she did the assembly of the wooden building on top and the electric and plumbing.

It was this purchase that would give birth to a brand new era in vacation lifestyle for tourists of the North Sound. To be continued next month…

November 2016


November 2016


LAND Bay House is absolute waterfront on Virgin Gorda’s southern coast

selling property in slow times… Words by Bernadette George – Smiths Gore Photography courtesy of Smiths Gore

Whether you are a motivated seller of a property that has been listed for quite some time, or a new vendor still assessing the real estate market— these months with their seemingly reduced activity—can leave you impatient for some selling-action. In the BVI, mid-December to April is traditionally known as High Season and is a period of increased tourist traffic to these islands. With the rise in visitors, there is a corresponding spike in real estate activity during the high season.



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As a vendor, you will want to maximise the attention your property gets during the high season months. It is important that you wisely use the weeks leading up to this time to prepare your property for the increased attention it will get. It is also significant to remember that while the slower months of September to November see little real estate ground-activity, it is in fact the period when heavy internet-based interest is entertained. You and your listing agent should be using this time of fewer showings to increase visibility through on-line and print marketing. Here are some tips on preparing your sale-property for the increased interest which is characteristic of the high season. With these changes your property will grab attention:

• Make improvements that do not cost too much but have the most impact on the look of your property. Repainting is a cost-effective way to update the look of a room • For slightly more impact and reasonably low expenditure, consider updating cabinetry or countertops. This modernises the look of a kitchen or bathroom and can mean less compromise on your selling price • Rearrange furniture and artwork for a surprisingly significant impact • Beautify landscaping to enhance views and vantage points • Re-energise your listing with new images and use drone photography for aerial imagery • Update your property description to include any improvements you have made • Have your listing agent update all marketing websites and print with new pictures and description • If your property has been on the market for a long time and you are anxious to sell, consider opening up your listing by marketing through multiple real estate companies Finally, as most properties listed for sale are also rented, ensure that the rental contract with your

Escape for a Day on Your Own Private Yacht on the water


Discover the British Virgin Islands from the deck of a private yacht on a Day Sail with The Moorings. You can island hop with a professional skipper or even indulge in a full crew with captain and chef. Find the freedom to swim, snorkel or simply soak in the sun while surrounded by crystalline waters. Phone: 284.393.2417 284.393.2436 Web: Email:

guests, includes a clause that allows your selling agent to show the house with 24 hours’ notice. While the High Season means more frequent rental guests, it is also the time to get in as many showings of your property as possible. With careful planning and insight, the weeks leading up to High Season can be key in preparing your property for an active season, resulting in a closing that pleases you and the buyer.

November 2016


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Words by Julian Putley. Photography courtesy of SaborĂŠ

October 2016


Saboré is a 58-ft Privilege catamaran; a luxury charter yacht operating

There is also a new state of the art movie system where guests can access

exclusively in the British Virgin Islands. She lives up to her name, which

any one of 2,500 films from the extensive library and watch them on iPads

means ‘to indulge in good taste.’ Privilege catamarans are the industry’s

provided in each cabin. Alternatively, there’s a projector that can show a

Rolls-Royce of production multi hulls and with all the custom detailing and

movie on a 72” screen under the stars for viewing by the whole family.

optional extras, Saboré could justifiably be called ‘La crème de la crème.’ In fact, this yacht was held in such high esteem that just after her

Brand new air conditioning systems have been installed with individual controllers, so cool comfort through specially designed vents is

launching in 2002, she was selected as the vessel to take the starring role

guaranteed. Each cabin comes with its own shower, equipped with a bank

on the rostrum at the Cannes Film Festival. Now, after a recent refit, Saboré

of multi directional jets for Jacuzzi-like pleasure.

is ready to entertain her guests in unmatched style and comfort. It was one of those crystal clear Caribbean days with a gentle 12 knot

Captain Richard and First Mate Lisa operate the boat like a well-oiled machine. As the engines were started and the lines cast off, hardly a word

breeze when I, with wife Monique, boarded the sparkling Saboré on the

was spoken – everything was understood, intuitively. We motored out of

dock at Village Cay Marina. She had just been launched after her annual

the harbour and the sails were hoisted quickly, quietly, and efficiently. Cold

haul out for maintenance, bottom painting, and refurbishing, ready for a

drinks were offered and Captain Rich continued explaining the yacht’s

busy season. We were to go on a short sail to Peter Island, while we learnt

recent upgrades. The list was long and impressive.

of Saboré’s many attributes. We were duly impressed. First though, we were given a tour of the interior, and its luxurious

“Saboré has been fitted with two new generators; while one is enough to power the needs of the entire boat. There are two water makers, one

appointments could not be denied. Two king size double cabins aft, one

in each pontoon and each unit makes 70 gallons an hour. Guests can

in each pontoon, had been completely refurbished with new deck head

have long showers and even the toilets are fresh water flush, keeping

linings, attractive art, and bedside lamps. The forward cabins have similar

everything hygienic and smelling sweet,” explained Captain Rich. “During

luxurious appointments and all the beds are now fitted with comfortable

the refit, the mast was unstepped and both the boom and mast repainted.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

All new mast wiring was installed and the boat completely re-rigged.



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November 2016


New sails were fitted as well. We sail with main and Genoa but sailing

planner. We both loved sailing but had so little time. One cold winter’s day,

downwind, we deploy the Screecher. This is a fun boat to sail; we often

we decided it was time for a change… and here we are. We’ve been running

achieve 12 knots on a reach.”

charter yachts for more than 10 years. Saboré is absolutely our favourite –

As we cruised across the Sir Francis Drake Channel, I couldn’t help but notice the new navigational instruments.

the owner is dedicated to keeping her in pristine condition at all times. “We are lucky to be able to share the running

There was not one, not two, but three touch

of the yacht with our partners and good friends

screen Raymarine chart plotters, one at each

Colin and Penny. We have been doing the

exterior helm and one in the main salon’s nav

summer season while they do the winter. It keeps

station. All the other instruments including the

both teams fresh and enthused – we love to

auto pilot were new as well. Hydraulic throttle

return after being away for a while.”

and transmission controls are available at either

On the sail back to Village Cay Marina, we

starboard or port helm station, making for great

discussed what else made Saboré one of the

visibility when docking in tight spaces.

most successful charter yachts in the BVI. Lisa

We arrived at Peter Island’s Great Harbour and tied to a mooring

explained that it was being able to analyse the needs and desires of the

ball. Immediately, we were invited to snorkel the nearby reef

guests to make their vacation the very best possible. “Some like beautiful,

and then to enjoy a pre-lunch cocktail. As I climbed out of

quiet anchorages to enjoy ‘Nature’s Little Secrets’; others like to visit music

the water, I was handed a towel and a Bloody Mary. Lunch

and dancing venues; happy hours, reggae etc. Some like to enjoy family

was served on the freshly varnished cockpit table with

time and water sports. We try and cater to their dreams.”

sparkling silverware, linen napkins, and a chilled bottle

It was interesting to learn of all the toys and activities aboard Saboré;

of Chardonnay. Curtains for sun shade were rolled

there’s something to please everyone. Underwater blue lights attract

down but did not obscure the beautiful island view to the west; we felt like royalty.

fish for viewing pleasure at night and during daylight hours, guests can opt for up to five scuba dives; snorkelling is available as

First to arrive on the table was a warm freshly baked loaf of bread. Then a mixed green salad was served with a tangy sesame seed vinaigrette and was followed by grilled salmon on a bed of rice with a mélange of

well. There are Stand Up Paddleboards, a kayak, and floating mats. The 14-foot dinghy with a 70hp motor can either wiz you ashore or take you water skiing, tubing, or knee boarding. If fishing is your preference, it’s available on Saboré.

vegetable julienne. Between mouthfuls,

After we’d tied up back at the marina, I asked

I asked our hosts what brought their lives

Captain Rich how the bookings were going for

to this point.

the upcoming season. “18 weeks,” he

“I owned and operated a restaurant in

replied, “so far.”

Providence, Rhode Island for 20 years

Success is often measured in numbers

whilst Lisa was a florist and worked

and when bookings are that good, you

as a party organiser and event



know you’re doing something right.

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November 2016


SEA Words and photography by Megan Schlobohm, Chef – SV Lolalita

The Mousse is Loose

The British Virgin Islands are known as ‘Natures Little Secrets,’ and for good

reason; from the wide open skies to the flora and fauna of the islands, then under the ocean and you’re brought to an entirely new, exciting universe. Among the wild elements floats the luxurious, collected world of crewed charter yachts. This contrast makes both sides all the more enjoyable – a perfect pairing. After a long, blissful day soaking up the warmth of the islands, cocktail hour is that revered time of relaxation. What better way to celebrate than with a delicious hors d’oeuvre? A creamy goat cheese mousse with a sweet and tangy mango chutney.

Goat Cheese Mousse with Red Curry Mango Chutney 4 oz goat cheese 1/4 cup sour cream 2 tbsp butter 1/2 tsp red chili flake (or more for spice) 1 medium onion, diced 4 cups fresh chopped mango 1 red bell pepper, diced 6 oz mango juice 1 tsp red curry paste 1 tbsp grated ginger 1/4 cup dark raw agave 1 oz balsamic vinegar Fresh dill or cilantro



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In a small mixing bowl, whisk together goat cheese and sour cream. transfer to a small Ziploc bag and refrigerate up to 24 hours. In a small saucepan, sauté red chili flake and onion in butter until onions are opaque. Add in mango and red bell pepper until peppers are soft. Whisk in mango juice and simmer until mixture has reduced in half. Liquids should be thick, stir often. Add in curry paste, ginger, agave, and balsamic vinegar. Simmer lightly for 10 more minutes and remove from heat. Refrigerate in an airtight container up to one week. For serving, choose your receptacle - a nice cracker, or a baked phyllo cup (as pictured). Cut one small corner from the Ziploc bag and pipe out about 1 tbsp amount of goat cheese. Top with a spoonful of mango chutney. Garnish with fresh herbs. Enjoy alongside a chilled bottle of champagne.

Buen Provecho! +1 284 346 5652 or +1 340 227 8356 Facebook: lolalita.charters




Digicel iSee allows you to view live and recorded video that is safely stored in the cloud from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Let us customise a solution to protect your yacht. Contact us at (284) 300-BEST or BVIBUSINESS@DIGICELGROUP.COM DIGICELBUSINESS.COM Complete solutions for your needs

November 2016


Satellite Television Call for satellite internet services via VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar & 4G.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS t +1 284 494 2400 f +1 284 494 5389

October 2016


...the water experts We design and supply - Reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plants from 500GPD to 100,000GPD - Waste water treatment plants - Ozone water treatment systems - UV sterilization systems Located in Nanny


Call or email for more information - Tel 494 6782 - 494 3150 - -

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October 2016


Getting Organised Words by Fran Morrell - House

This stylish planner complete with weekly agenda, notes, and post-its will keep the most chaotic life in order

Scents evocative of exotic travel. Destination scents from all over the globe

18-month agendas. No need to wait – this diary from Kate Spade starts from September 2016

Glam it up in the gym or on the dance floor! Portable water/cocktail drinks carrier

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TWO STORE LOCATIONS Romasco Building, Road Town, Tortola (next to ‘Latitude 18’ and ‘Mi Amor’) Wickhams Cay 2, Tortola, British Virgin Islands (284) 494 1920 I


Words by Stephen L France Photography courtesy of BVI Theatre Series

Arguably, one of the last activities expected while living in the Caribbean is the pleasure of theatre – live performances are usually associated with ‘big city life’ and yet, BVI Theatre Series has enjoyed an avid audience since its inception. Nadia Menezes, a volunteer with the BVI Theatre Series pioneered this activity for the Territory in 2013. Pursuing the desire to present UK’s National Theatre for BVI residents who relish such cultural diversions, her accomplishment has witnessed increasing popularity since its establishment. “Recognising that there weren’t many options for live theatre, I’d thought ‘why not bring these productions to the BVI?’ said Nadia, explaining the introduction of this innovative step. “Luckily the National Theatre has an outreach programme to make theatre more accessible to a broader audience…they professionally record plays performed on stage and broadcast them to thousands of locations around the world.” Exhibited at HLSCC and well-received by the BVI community, this year witnesses a line-up of six new cinematically-filmed plays comprised of famous actors and actresses of the highest calibre:

November 2016


For more details about the plays, please ‘like’ Saturday 29 October 2016 at 7pm Featuring a Tony Award-winning performance from host of the The Late Late Show, James Corden, One Man, Two Guvnors was a runaway hit both in London’s West End and on Broadway, telling the story of Francis Henshall who becomes minder to Roscoe Crabbe, a small time East End hood… Saturday 3 December 2016 at 7pm Les Liaisons Dangereuses is a highly anticipated new production about former lovers, the Marquise de Merteuil and Vicomte de Valmont competing in games of seduction and revenge in this intriguing plot…

Saturday 28 January 2016 at 7pm Helen McCrory returns to the National, playing one of the greatest female roles in contemporary drama. When protagonist Hester Collyer is found by her neighbours in the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt, the story of her affair with a former RAF pilot and the breakdown of her marriage to a High Court judge begin to emerge…

Saturday 25 February 2016 at 7pm Rory Kinnear is Mack the Knife in a new version of this landmark twentieth-century musical. The story takes the audience to a time as London’s East End scrubs up for the coronation; Mr and Mrs Peachum gear up for a ‘bumper day’ in the beggary business.

Saturday 25 March 2016 at 7pm Following their hit run on Broadway, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart return to the West End stage in Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land, about two ageing writers who meet, drink, and as they become increasingly inebriated so their stories become increasingly incredulous. Their conversation morphs into a clear power game... Saturday 29 April 2016 at 7pm Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a rowdy young prodigy, arrives in Vienna, the music capital of the world – and he’s determined to make a splash. Awestruck by his genius, court composer Antonio Salieri has the power to promote his talent or destroy his name. Seized by obsessive jealousy, he begins a war with Mozart, with music, and ultimately, with God.



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With a popular response last season, Nadia is confident that the 2016/17 line up will be even more enjoyable for both long term theatre fans and converts. “We are of course still grateful for the continued support of Appleby as one of the community sponsors for the event and of HLSCC,” said Nadia. “Thanks of course to the various businesses that act as ticket outlets and the number of people and organisations who all contribute to the success of the BVI Theatre Series, assisting with the logistical actions needed for such a complex endeavour, and to the various charitable organisations who provide refreshments at intermission to raise funds for their projects.”

Tickets available at the following outlets:



Sea Song Villa | Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands T: 1(284)494 2446 E: SeaSong Print Ad 04.indd 1

November 2016

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Pearlette Wintz has

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Miss Kelly 1999 Cotton Dress

Sangluo Lingerie Slip into this vintage-inspired, luxurious, 100% silk French knickers and camisole set for a sensual experience. The embroidery features striking lace detailing, forming a sophisticated, yet very touchable look. Perfect for wearing under a skirt and jacket, or for a lazy Friday night on the couch. TO BUY: Le Boutique, Pier Park

A simple yet stunning cotton dress with tonal floral embroidery and lace inserts. The long, lean silhouette makes it the perfect summer vacation dress. Wear it during the day with sandals, hat and tote, and for a night on the town, wear with wedges, colourful clutch, and sparkly jewellery. TO BUY: Cane Garden Bay Surf, Catherine Christopher Building, Road Town

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Trefle ´ Signature Leather Wristlet Perfect for shopping or for a night out, this chic wristlet designed and crafted locally in the BVI, has just enough room for all your essentials. TO BUY: Taino Boutique, Pier Park



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de Fabulous Reviver Hair Repair Shampoo Sulfate free and enriched with Vitamin E rejuvenating beads, Reviver reconstructs and strengthens extremely damaged and fragile hair. Formulated with olive fruit extract, meadow foam seed extract, sweet almond extract and wheat-amino acid proteins, deep intensive moisture is restored without weighting down hair. TO BUY: Studio One Salon & Spa, Road Town, Tortola

Blue Morpho Butterfly Earrings Made from the wings of the Blue Morpho Menelaus butterfly, these handmade, iridescent earrings are set in resin and attached to stainless steel ear wires. All earrings are created from the wings of butterflies that have already fulfilled their life cycle. TO BUY: Taino Boutique, Pier Park

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November 2016


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Readers’ Choice 2016 Awards Night! Our annual event of the year – the Readers’ Choice Awards night in association with Veuve Clicquot – voted by our readers for our readers had a fantastic turnout on October 4, 2016 at Peg Leg’s Nanny Cay, Tortola. The overwhelming success of the evening was clear from the amount of corks popped! Among eating, imbibing, entertainment, and revelry, the announcements of this year’s winners were broadcast in the popular beach grounds; many of our USVI neighbourhood joined us due to the addition of our sister islands in the competition, making this the most enjoyable celebration yet. Congratulations to Christian MacDonald for winning Best Bartender of the Virgin Islands and Sylvia Driver as the first Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award recipient. Here are some highlights of the evening for you to relish if you were there or even if you were not. All part of enjoying Virgin Islands Life.

See you next year! ***If you’re unfamiliar with the VIPY RC awards, please look us up at

October 2016







Breathtaking views over the Caribbean Sea, this home has magnificent views and gardens positioned in a quiet estate.

A Caribbean sanctuary with lush tropical gardens, cool breezes, and aweinspiring vistas featuring kaleidoscopic sunrises and sunsets.

A hideaway conveniently located in West central Tortola, with lush gardens just steps away from three wonderful beaches.



SUGAR CANE Belmont, Tortola US$1,550,000 A charming colourful sanctuary in a Caribbean paradise enhanced by impeccable detail throughout.

Greenbanks Est., Tortola US$1,800,000

Towers, Tortola US$1,895,000

Shannon, Tortola US$2,000,000

Long Bay, Tortola, US$1,300,000

Long Bay, Tortola US$1,495,000

The ocean is laid out in all its glory and provides an ideal setting for enjoying the scene and the peaceful calm.

A haven for the senses: Cool and peaceful, with the relaxing sound of surf and sand with the beach steps away.




Leverick, Virgin Gorda US$1,150,000

Breathtaking views of the shimmering blue-green waters of North Sound and the Atlantic Ocean that seem to go on forever.

Ridge Road, Tortola, US$695,000

Brewers Bay, Tortola US$995,000

This traditional West Indian estate home has a remarkable view from its perch 400 feet above sea level.

Quietly enjoy seclusion and year round romantic sunsets above one of the most Idyllic beaches in the world.

 +1 284 340 5555 |

ISHA O'BRIEN (sales associate)
 +1 284 346 5553 |

ANTHONY CLARKE (sales associate)
 +1 284 340 5552 |

DAMARA PENN (sales associate)
 +1 284 340 5558 |

OFFICE NUMBERS: +1 284 494 5700 (Tortola) | +1 284 495 6700 (Virgin Gorda)

Each office is independently owned and operated

November 2016



Lots and Villas For Sale at Rosewood Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda from $995k to $5.5m

Jewel Box, Oil Nut Bay

from $3,950,000

Coral Hill House, Belmont


Tara, Smuggler’s Cove


Outer Banks, Brewer’s Bay


Villa Valmarc, MAhoe Bay


3 Bed Townhouses With Docks from $995,000 Nanny Cay Marina

Whalerock House, The Baths

Turtle Bay House, Nail Bay

whispering Tide, Nail Bay

Island Spice, Nail Bay

FlAmboyant, Havers

Island Oasis, Nail Bay







Tel: (284) 495 3000 I US: 1 (855) MY BVI VILLA I I I










Frenchman's Chalet






Governor’s Point





Sea Watch

Casa Blanca


Bay House























2010 Winner, “Best Vacation Experience.” –Fodor’s Gold Choice Award

SOL Y SOMBRA Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

US$8 Million This spectacular beachfront villa boasts four beautifully decorated air-conditioned suites, each furnished with custom-made teak furniture. Outside amenities include an ocean-front infinity pool and lit tennis court, bound within lush tropical gardens. Inside, take advantage of a European-style kitchen, private movie theater, daily maid service and state-of-the-art gym. An in-villa cook is available upon request.

Smiths Gore Limited : : British Virgin Islands

T 1(284) 494 2446 F 1(284) 494 2141 E

Distinctly Refined. Exceptionally Rare. Consciously Preserved. On the secluded eastern tip of Virgin Gorda lies a place where life is spent in perfect harmony with the ocean tides. Spread across 300 pristine acres, Oil Nut Bay offers freehold home ownership opportunities and unparalleled resort experiences in a setting where attention to detail and casual elegance abound. Explore all the treasures of Oil Nut Bay through an array of signature services and resort activities for endless land and water adventures. Home sites and homes from $2,950,000 to $50,000,000. Villas and suites available for rent starting at $750 per night.

Contact us to learn about ownership opportunities or to inquire about villa rentals. 1 284 393 1000 us 1 800 761 0377





Virgin Islands Property & Yacht - November 2016  

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Virgin Islands Property & Yacht - November 2016  

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