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JULY 2013



EXCLUSIVE FEATURE PROPERTY: Shining on top Great Camanoe with the best view in the BVI and its very own private marina.

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Belmont Beachwalk Belmont US$495,000

Mandalay Ridge Road, Tortola US$765,000

Loblolly Haver’s Hill US3,750,000

Shannon Manor Shannon Estate US$2,500,000



Living in the British Virgin Islands means having an intimate relationship with the ocean and our tropical climate; they permeate our daily activities. Beach day or forest hike? North shore surfing or South shore marina? East End or West End? The choices are many and varied. Choosing to eat out could take you to one of numerous restaurants on several different islands with countless beaches and hidden coves, all an easy boat ride away – power boat or sailing yacht – you choose! The British Virgin Islands comprise over 52 Islands, Rocky Pinnacles and Cays, appropriately named “Nature's Little Secrets.”

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS our qualities are numerous, our benefits endless Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

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JULY V i r g i n I s l a n d s 2013



F e at u r e S


Skipper’s Tips: Reef Relief By David Blacklock

Even veteran sailors get it wrong sometimes.


Sailor Sentiments on Eerie Elements By David Blacklock

As with anything related to hurricane season, the key is preparation.


Poker Run Deals a Full House By Dan O’Connor

The F1 of the sea sees more contenders than ever before.


Exc l u s i ve Featu re Pro p e rty By Stephen L France, photography by

RISING SUN – The best views, island hopping accessibility and its very own marina.


Propelling to Progression By Edward Childs, Smiths Gore Limited

Developments in Virgin Gorda could improve our economy.


Looking After Your Growing Concerns By Scarlett Steer, Minine’s Plants & Landscaping

The delicate skill of pruning could be your saving grace this season.

30 Alleviation in ‘Staycation’ By Kate Henderson and Fran Morrell

Top tips for having the perfect vacation at home.

36 Artists’ Corner: Christine Taylor By Stephen L France

40 Staying Stain By Robert Creel, Operating Manager of Caribbean Colours and Sjoerd Bos, Vice President of Sansin


The Smarter Barter for Charter Boats

Staining tips to protect your interior.

44 Fooling with Guava By Susie Younkle

By Brian Duff, BVI Yacht Sales

A sneek peek into the vast knowledge of yacht brokerage.

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BVI annual consumption

= 5 Million gal = 1Million gal = 500 K gal

When will we choose the right path?

$140 Million


$75 Million

$90 Million


$17.5 Million

26.5 million gal diesel

19.5 million gal diesel

Diesel Savings

Diesel Savings


$36 Million

14.5 million gal diesel



We are here

= 10 MW Solar Power = 5 MW Solar Power = 5 MW Wind Power = 1 Million (gal) annual savings

$15 Millon

13.5 million gal diesel

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R EN E WABLE E NER GY • ABU NDANT • SUSTAI NABLE • I NDEPENDENT • A CAR I BB EAN SOLUTI O N Al l fi g u re s a re a p p rox i ma t i on s b a s ed on 2 0 0 4 da t a . O i l p r i ci n g a s s u m p t i o n s b a s e d o n da t a f ro m w w w. e i a . gov

Edi t o r ' s L e t t e r , J u l y 2 0 1 3

We’ve all heard the predictions. 2013; a hurricane season riddled with ominous whisperings and unpleasant omens from across Publisher Colin Rathbun

the Atlantic, like a Shakespearian villain cunningly attempting to unhinge the protagonist.

Contributors David Blacklock Sjoerd Bos Edward Childs Robert Creel Brian Duff Stephen L France Kate Henderson Fran Morrell Dan O’Connor Scarlett Steer Susie Younkle

residing in this special part of the world.

Creative Director Nick Cunha Graphic Design Scott Taylor Web Developer Maros Pristas Advertising Sales Owen Waters Stephen L France

This issue circulates with the intention of invoking good feeling and focusing on the fortune of Over ten years ago, aLG had a dream of presenting two of the most influential industries in the British Virgin Islands – real estate and yachting. The magazine went from two separate publications to the quirky doubled-sided design that people adored. It then moved to a clean layout with a linear format that furthered its popularity dramatically. This month, we return to our roots in reviewing some of the fundamental reasons why living in the BVI with its incredible fringe benefits, is the renowned locale it has become and also perfect for ‘staycation’. A visit to Great Camanoe exhibits a prime living space in the BVI—Rising Sun—with its unique attributes of a 360 panoramic view, its own protected, private marina and easy accessibility to all the luxurious islands in our region. Edward Childs of Smiths Gore explores how Virgin Gorda’s tourism and property development could assist the BVI economy. Our yachting scribe David Blacklock reveals that even seasoned sailors are privy to amateur mistakes in his latest Skipper’s Tips. And so we fully enter the ‘staycation’ period, when the beaches are a little quieter, the sun slightly hotter and residents have a chance to truly embrace the islands we love.

Don’t worry about hurricane season,

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it will blow over…

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The lush morning view from Rising Sun on Great Camanoe. Photo by .

Property For Sale

Dougall & Associates

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US $1,875,000

Rare Home with top of hill views of both Cane Garden & Brewers Bay, Tortola

Baywatch Villa:

Spectacular 3 Bedroom/3.5 Bath Main House with office, pool & separate 1 Bed/1Bath Guest House on 1.25 acres of prime land

Oleander Estate Home, Seacow Bay, Tortola Ideal Family 4 Bedroom Home 10 minutes west of Road Town

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US $980,000

#2 Helm Close, Kings Town, Tortola Rare Waterfront 3 Bedroom Home just east of Road Town

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July 2013

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Skipper’s Tips:


by David Blacklock, Photos provided by Rebecca Rowlette Husky Salvage and Towing Ltd.

I went aground the other day – to those unaware of this nautical term, that means my vessel touched the sea bed. It’s not something I like to do… in fact I dislike it so much I haven’t done it in years – Maybe ten years. But this time not only did I go “aground” aground, I went rig-twangingly, hullgrindingly aground, bouncing around rocks and coral like a toy boat in a concrete mixer. I was not happy. Not only was I aground and thereby in contravention of one of the deepest-held beliefs about myself—that is, ‘I am not that guy that goes aground, thank you very much’—but I was in a position whereby I would need assistance. Rapid assistance. Aboard the boat with me were a young couple who had joined me in Road Town not three hours prior and now here we were, grinding it out within screeching distance of the Lemurs of Necker Island. People were watching, too. Friends of my guests, as it happens. This brought little joy to the captain. But wouldn’t you know—a quick phone call, rapid deployment of a tidy wee RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) and a bit of heave-ho and we were right as rain. The man in the RIB was a friend of my guests and laughed as I tried to stammer out my gratitude. “This happens all the time,” he said. “No worries.” With pride, I wanted to impress upon him that it doesn’t happen to me all the time, but he disappeared before I found the right words.

I did learn a couple of things. One, I’m no different than anyone else— though I do have a long list of reasons why it wasn’t my fault—did you know there’s a four-knot current barrelling over the reefs at the east end of Virgin Gorda at full moon? See, case dismissed. The biggest lesson, one I’d learned a long time ago and forgotten, was it’s rarely as problematic as you think it is. I had visions of a cracked hull, loose keel, snapped-off rudder—but the worst of it was a couple of gouges in the gelcoat and some tell-tale scrapes on the bottom of the rudder. The sound of rock grinding against GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) is not pleasant and, as is the case here, when the GRP comprises the hull of your own boat well, it’s not pretty.

Satellite Television

Call for satellite internet services via VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar & 4G.

I wanted to impress upon him that it doesn’t happen to me all the time, but he disappeared before I found the right words.

What I do remember is the feeling of helplessness evoked by the dreadful realisation I was stuck, literally between a rock and a hard place. That feeling, and my reluctance to repeat it, should keep me out of deep water or perhaps more accurately, keep me in deep water.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS t +1 284 494 2400 f +1 284 494 5389

June 2013


Propelling to Progression


A Property Market Overview

Article and photography provided by Edward Childs, Smiths Gore.

t has been encouraging to see the return of US investors to the residential property market in the BVI during the winter months. With the American market emerging from recession—albeit based on modest growth that continues to be constrained by European woes and a slow-down in the Chinese economy—US investors are starting to look once again at the ‘second home market.’ In contrast, European investors, who had been more active in recent years at the higher end of the market, have been quieter this season.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

For the past four years, the section of the BVI residential market which has suffered most has been the price band between $1.0M and $3.0M with the number of sales falling by over 80%, from 11 sales in 2008 to 2 sales in 2012. Interest from US investors this season has generally focused on this price range, which will have brought some respite to vendors who have otherwise not seen much activity. In contrast, the sale of real estate under $1.0M has been buoyed by the activity of local investors, whose share of this sector of the market increased when overseas investors all but disappeared after 2008. Virgin Gorda’s position as a luxury destination has been underlined, with key developments at Oil Nut Bay and Moskito Island offering investors a level of real estate investment not previously found in the BVI. While these exclusive markets will generate their own publicity and create new markets for the North Sound area, these developments will also benefit Virgin Gorda and the BVI as a whole.

With these projects still in their early phases of development, the continued growth of the real estate market on Virgin Gorda looks promising. A survey by, recently found Virgin Gorda to be the most expensive destination in the Caribbean for lodging based on hotels and resorts with a minimum of three-star accommodation, ahead of both Anguilla and St Barts, who were second and third respectively.

“The continued growth of the real estate market on Virgin Gorda looks promising.”

July 2013


On Tortola, the local market has remained somewhat active below the $1.0M price band, but there has been little activity in higher price ranges. As a result, vendors have generally been willing to consider more realistic pricing recommendations or price reductions when properties have been on the market for some time. Nevertheless, with a significant amount of inventory available on the market, vendors will need to maintain a realistic approach to pricing until the demand/supply equation stabilises. Since the recession, we have experienced the cyclical nature of recovery where positive economic indicators in the winter months are countered by recently found Virgin Gorda to be the most expensive destination in the Caribbean for nightly rates based on hotels and resorts with a minimum of three star accommodation, ahead of both Anguilla and St Barts, who were second and third respectively.”

“While these exclusive markets will generate their own publicity…these developments will also benefit Virgin Gorda and the BVI as a whole.” fears of recession during the summer. As a result of the failure of several significant projects in the region, investors are more aware than ever of the risks associated with investments and the slow pace of recovery in the major economies has impacted the Caribbean. This year, with the US economy maintaining its recovery, we are hopeful that the real estate market will remain stable and the next high season will continue to experience more activity in the market. It remains a buyer’s market for the moment, but the increase in activity in real estate indicates that international investors are once again looking at the ‘second home market.’ While the sales pace will remain modest and vendors should be conservative with pricing, we are optimistic that the real estate market will show more signs of a sustained recovery through the balance of the year.

1. Virgin Gorda $321 2. Anguilla $315 3. St. Barts $295 4. Nevis $254 5. St. John $224 6. Tortola $217 7. Eleuthere $214 8. Grand Cayman $197 9. Paradise Island $195 10. Runaway Bay $187 11. Exuma Islands $180 12. Saint Marteen $174 13. Dominica $165 14. St. Martin $164 15. St. Thomas $159 16. San Juan $157 17. Palm Beach (Aruba) $154 18. Guadeloupe $149 19. Trinidad $146 20. Martinique $144

July 2013


by David Blacklock, photography provided by the BVI Department of Disaster Management

So goes the mantra of the professional weather forecasters at The Weather Channel and elsewhere, as well as the amateurs at the yacht club bar, whenever the subject of hurricanes is discussed. No matter if the storm forecasts number in the single digits or into the high teens, location and luck seem to be the deciding factors every year. So, what can a prudent boat owner do to protect their vessel from a pounding by the elements? The first step is to arrange for a secure place to store the boat in the case of emergency. Many owners, of course, pull their boats from the water and leave them high-and-dry for all or some of the hurricane season. Those whose boats work for a living need a secure place to run to. Popular land-based solutions include the yards at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, Tortola Yacht Services at Wickham’s Cay II, and the yard at Nanny



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

Cay. Most of these are booked well in advance, but may have last-minute space available. The trick to procuring last-minute space is to have had made arrangements well ahead of time. The “last minute” aspect refers to the time of arrival at the slip or haulout, not the time of making the arrangement. It is essential to get well ahead of the situation. Yard manager Keith Li Greci at Nanny Cay says they still have space available. “We require a commitment for three months, no matter how long or short the actual period is,” he said. Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour at Spanish Town offers similar amenities— Desney in manager Keith Thomas’ office, stated that there is availability at similar rates to Nanny Cay’s. Tortola Yacht Services, now under the Tui Marine umbrella, is “basically, jam-packed full,” according to manager Drew Whittaker. “We’ve been turning people away left, right and centre,” he said. Whilst accommodating slightly fewer boats this season, around 76, he relayed that TYS has had almost the same number of additional enquiries.

foxy’s taboo

On the contrary, he said, it seemed there were a greater number of boats in the BVI than in previous years which may be a sign of an improved economy. The Hurricane Hole in Paraquita Bay, a vast repository of boats that offers excellent shelter from all directions, is the default destination for working boats that are furloughed for the summer with hundreds of boats tied to moorings in the bay. Paraquita is an excellent option and one favoured by the large commercial charter operators. As TMM’s Sam Welsh explained to me, “BVI Government has given the right to use Paraquita Bay as a harbour of refuge and a controlled hurricane shelter to the members of the Marine Association of the BVI. It is only used for this purpose during the months of the hurricane season and is to be vacated at other times.” Members of the association, Welsh said, “have an allocation. The charter companies put down their moorings and have a certain number of slots available to them. Some private owners have moorings there too—priority going to BVI-licensed vessels.”

Diamond Cay. Jost Van Dyke . BVI. VHF Channel 16 Tel: 1 (284) 340 9258

Serving Lighthearted Mediterranean fare with flair.

July 2013


Some mariners choose to sit out the storms at anchor. The one downside to this practise, and indeed to any in-water solution is that in the final hours before a storm arrives full-force, commercial ferries and other vessels are brought in to the bays and anchorages, anchored hastily by inexperienced crews and then abandoned to their fates. The result is that these boats risk dragging anchor, bearing down on the vessels deeper in the anchorage, which are themselves otherwise quite secure.

there were a greater number of boats in the BVI than in previous years which may be a sign of an improved economy.

Go Play. Leave the work to us. From conception to completion, we have the depth and experience to advise on a broad range of legal issues – from title verification, planning and design approval, through to corporate structuring and financing. This is why hundreds of buyers and sellers, including every five star resort in the BVI, have turned to us for representation in real estate.




+1 (284) 494 5808 Contact: Willa Tavernier

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There are many other anchorages and areas to shelter a boat. One major dive charter has for years secured their vessel to mangroves and multiple anchors in Virgin Gorda’s South Sound. Others have pulled the vessel for a few days or weeks, and some get the boat out of the Territory altogether. Whatever the choice, the planning needs to take place early and measures must be clearly mapped out to avoid last-minute confusion. Lines, shackles and other gear need to be checked and stored close to hand. When all the planning is done, the remaining question to ask is the one renowned fiction character Dirty Harry once posed; “Do you feel lucky?”

SAFFIR/SIMPSON HURRICANE SCALE CAT/Winds & Effects 74-95 mph (64-82 kt) No real damage to building structures. Damage primarily to unanchored mobile homes, shrubbery, and trees. Also, some coastal flooding and minor pier damage. Surge 4-5 ft 96-110 mph (83-95 kt) Some roofing material, door, and window damage. Considerable damage to vegetation, mobile homes, etc. Flooding damages piers and small craft in unprotected moorings may break their moorings. Surge 6-8 ft 111-130 mph (96-113 kt) Some structural damage to small residences and utility buildings, with a minor amount of curtainwall failures. Mobile homes are destroyed. Flooding near the coast destroys smaller structures with larger structures damaged by floating debris. Terrain may be flooded well inland. Surge 9-12 ft 131-155 mph (114-135 kt) More extensive curtainwall failures with some complete roof structure failure on small residences. Major erosion of beach areas. Terrain may be flooded well inland. Surge 13-18 ft 155 mph+ (135+ kt) Complete roof failure on many residences and industrial buildings. Some complete building failures with small utility buildings blown over or away. Flooding causes major damage to lower floors of all structures near the shoreline. Massive evacuation of residential areas may be required. Surge 18+ ft


experience a Caribbean watersports vacation like no other

Come ashore! Visit our lively resort community and enjoy unsurpassed watersports, sailing, and activities for every member of your family in the spectacular BVI. wATeRSPoRTS and aCTIVITIES




In the distance, a highly convenient communal private Marina allows home owners a protective facility for their boat.

RisingSUN A-Rise Above

Words by Stephen L France, photography by

When looking for a luxurious residence in the British Virgin Islands, the most frequently requested features are seclusion, serenity and majestic views that express nature’s dramatic seascapes and the nautical activities occurring therein.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

A rising sun is artfully designed and sits in the properties surrounding garden area.

Rising Sun on Great Camanoe will brighten any new home seeker’s horizons. Presented by British Virgin Islands Sotheby’s International Realty broker Maritha Keil, this outer island home exceeds the aspirations of many, with its malleable identity as it is flexible to use as a large family retreat or a retired couple’s sanctuary. A short five to ten-minute boat ride from Beef Island will bring the home owner into the secure, private marina of the cosy Great Camanoe island and the luxurious residential estate known as Indigo Plantation, the location of approximately 18 other exclusive homes. The dock is an impressive and unique feature that places this wonderful residence above many other competing locations in the BVI; the territory’s immense yachting community and lofty label as the global capital for sailing, highlights the valuable function of this amenity. The almost hidden inner marina is shared with the Indigo Plantation estate

community, each member paying an annual fee, which provides a resident with a slip and some owners an optional garage. Everything necessary for boat maintenance, including a waterside cistern for washing down boats, a convenient haul-out lift and yard for long-term boat storage, a communal library/meeting room and restroom are all situated nearby. Near the marina, there is a seaside park and sandy beach with picnic tables and lounge chairs offering community areas for residents to congregate. A tennis court and overhanging branches of Loblolly trees for children to climb and entertain themselves, stand as testament to the communal atmosphere and authentic warmth of village unity found in island living. The vast, lush green landscape surrounding the marina infuses the breezes with floral fragrances, relaxing the senses for the short journey to the property. The island naturally harnesses the nature of its loblolly, bay, fig and cedar trees, offering tantalising and delicious aromas of jasmine, sage and thyme. With three beachfronts in total—Low Bay, Potato Bay and Well Bay—residents have the luxurious choice of where to meet for leisurely lounging, pleasant walks, snorkelling, beachcombing, swimming, night-time bonfires or evening stargazing. The slender, tarmac roads are well-maintained with rules only allowing three-yard trucks to provide construction materials; this is intended to preserve the roads from damage caused by heavier vehicles, but is also testament to the high value of the property, because more labour and time is required increasing the cost of construction. Subsequently, the estate is well-run with homeowners proactively sustaining all elements.

June 2013


Top: The enterance way is surrounded by beautiful natural landspacing. Above: Outdoor dining area for breakfast in the cool morning breeze. Top Right: Guest bedroom with en suite bathroom and wrap-around balcony.

Arriving at Rising Sun, a freehold property located on a prominent hilltop within the estate, the impressive garden swing immediately reveals the flexible character of the villa; a mixture of adventure and tranquillity; children energetically frolicking on them, or a happy couple engrossed in a romantic, ever-changing sunset that the BVI is consistently blessed with. The floors are finished with natural stone, clay and wood – the architecture has an earthy and environmentally friendly sentiment. The design of the property reveals the profound contemplation invested in the construction, with reinforced poured concrete pillars and fittings. The master bedroom has an en suite bathroom and a vast walk-in wardrobe. A guest bedroom with en suite bathroom completes the upper level of the property that has immediate access to the outer decks. Satellite TV, DSL Internet connection, a pool table and a spacious openplan living area contribute to the expanse of the upper level. The lower level of the property includes a spacious deck with a swimming lap pool, smaller children’s pool, a well-equipped outdoor bar – for those who wish to play mixologist – and an exposed outside dining area, creating a perfect ‘island-time’ environment. The functional design of the guest room, located below the main house and beside the pool, plus the overflow fourth bedroom or artist’s studio, grants guests their independence.



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A uniquely designed private outdoor gecko shower bestows the option of bathing in the cool outdoors under the stars. Additionally, a utility room under the main house with a fully shaded workshop, including tools and benches behind the outdoor bar with a walk-in storage area and a covered, drive-in, spacious garage, neatly complete all the essentials for outer island living. Maximising every single sunset, sunrise or stargazing viewpoint from the property, residents have a choice between upper and lower deck balconies. With 85% of easterly winds passing by the property, different times of the day will dictate whether residents sample a refreshing breeze on one side of the property, or lounge in the setting sun with views presiding over the uninterrupted island seascapes. This is the epic feature of Rising Sun. It harbours the rare and grandiose boast that it is a premier site in the BVI for its 360-degree, breath-taking, panoramic views; Scrub Island, Marina Cay, the lush green of Guana Island, Virgin Gorda, Cooper Island, Peter Island, Norman Island, Trellis Bay—on the BVI’s centre of activity Tortola—and the myriad of island and cays between are all viewable. On the East side of the house, even the famous Dog Islands are visible in the distance. The view of these luxurious islands is only surpassed by easy accessibility to their exclusive locations via boat, permitting gratification of a viewer’s curiosity. Scrub Island hosts a multitude of activities and offers Great Camanoe residents a discount on resort spa treatments and dining. The weekly pig roast is currently a preferential community event on Scrub’s private beach at the “One Shoe Bar”.

Above: Open plan living space allows natural tropical air flow. Right: Outdoor swing perfect for days of relaxation and nights of stargazing.

Marina Cay also offers resident rates; another fringe benefit of association with the community on Great Camanoe. Five - ten minutes away by boat, Trellis Bay market place and all the stores ashore, as well as the many events taking place – like the famous Full Moon parties – offer additional entertainment opportunities for residents and their guests. By the edge of the marina, positioned on the entrance wall of the park, is a memorial plaque dedicated to Joseph and Alice Waldschmitt – a couple who originally conceptualised the development of Great Camanoe:

“Your vision, wisdom and generosity were remarkably clear in this beautiful island you’ve held so dear. Thank you so much from all that are here.” It is evident in both the prized property Rising Sun and in the simple pleasure of living on Great Camanoe, that the founders vision was flawlessly accomplished.


Freehold Private Residence on Indigo Plantation Estates on Great Camanoe Island with private slip in a protected Marina


2.036 acres

Bed & Bath 3 Bedroom, 4 bath with additional office/4th bedroom Features

Garage and Workshop, Barbecue deck facing sunset views, pool, 1998 Jeep Cherokee 4 wheel drive , 45,000 gallon total cistern capacity, Dish Network HD Duel Satellite, Dynamic 6500 Diesel Generator, Communal Tennis court, Marina, Haul Out Lift, Ramp and additional boat trailer storage areas near the marina, with access to 3 beaches, 15 minute boat ride to the airport.


US $1,850,000 For more info contact: Maritha Keil t (284)494.5700 m (284)340.5555 e

July 2013


Almost 200 competitors raced to Scrub Island

by Dan O’Connor, photography by Todd VanSickle

The slips at Leverick Bay were packed well before the start of this year’s 12th annual Poker Run. As the start of the race neared, Event Organizer and Leverick Bay General Manager Nick Willis radioed to the photographers and videographers in the helicopters above to attempt a boat count; “but they had a hell-of-a-hard time even trying,” he said of the record number of boats. “It had to be something like 160 to 185 boats—maybe more.” 22


Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

All told, 183 hands were sold, topping last year’s record of 168 hands. The event has quickly become one of the biggest annual nautical draws to BVI waters, attracting a unique group of high-speed powerboat enthusiasts. This year’s action-packed event raised $7,000 for charity, with $5,000 going to the Virgin Gorda Diabetes Association; $1,000 going to the Animal Rescue and Control of Virgin Gorda; and $1,000 to paint the Senior Citizens Home on VG. Poker Run brings participants from the BVI and beyond, including a large number of high-power speedboats and cigarettes coming from Puerto Rico and Miami. Willis attributes much of this year’s success to marketing and advertising exposure. JL Marketing firm, which represented the event this year, took measures to install 100-foot wide neon signs touting the event across “every freeway in Puerto Rico,” according to the Leverick Bay manager. “It’s the buzz,” Willis said of the attraction to Poker Run. “It’s the best time on the water in the whole of the BVI, loaded with fun people. And when you get them all together, they just have the best time buzzing around, rafting up and enjoying time with each other. “Next year, we’ve got to get a bigger dock, because at Leverick Bay you couldn’t even see the water there were so many boats,” he said. The roar of a Seaborne Airlines water plane taking off from the North Sound signified the start of the event, even though it could hardly be heard over the rumble of the 1000-plus horsepower engines churning water below. Tall rooster tails trailed the high-powered machines as they took route first to Scrub Island, then on to Village Cay, Pirates at Norman Island

High speed revelers wave to the camera for a photo op








Get out on the water and live the real BVI with a Moorings Day Sail! Choose a beautiful Moorings catamaran with skipper to sail you to the anchorages of your choice, or choose a fully crewed yacht with skipper & chef serving a 3 course lunch. Sail, swim, snorkel and enjoy beach bars and restaurants. Perfect for Tortola visitors, or residents wanting an escape for the day!

Call: (284)494.2331 MooringsHalfPg BVIPY.indd 1


The Best Sailing Vacations In The World!

9/23/11 July 2013


3:16 PM

Smooth Sailing

Life on the water is a cherished Caribbean lifestyle. One storm and your investment is at the bottom of the ocean. Protect your investment and keep afloat with a Marine policy by NAGICO. Please Contact our General Agent.

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“Next year, we’ve got to get a bigger dock, because at Leverick Bay you couldn’t even see the water there were so many boats,” and Rendezvous Bar in Spanish Town before finishing back at Leverick Bay for a final wild card. After the event, revelers stuck around for 15 models that strutted the catwalk across the Leverick Bay pool. Former Virgin Gorda resident Joel Brillert traded the bitter cold of Canada for a ticket to this year’s Poker Run—his fourth in five years. “We battled delayed flights and nasty weather from Toronto to attend this year’s Poker Run and it was absolutely worth the headache,” said the participant, who joined about 30 on the power cat iSpeed. “I wouldn’t miss this event.” Brillert joined many others who attend the event for the unique opportunity to see a number of different islands and destinations in one rip-roaring swoop. Willis, who spoke animatedly about the event, said he expects the event to continue exponential growth, especially if the Poker Run associations in the States begin to attend in coming years. “In 2002, our first year, we had 12 boats, and every year we’re just getting bigger and bigger,” he said. “I’ve always said, if we get less boats than the year before, I’ll stop [Poker Run]. But we always have more boats than the year before—it’s like we’ve created a monster.”


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3/8/2012 12:58:41 PM July 2013

Growing Concerns

Looking after your

Fallen trees contribute immensely to the destruction potential of our Atlantic Caribbean hurricane season – June 1 till November 30. Dead, damaged, or cracked limbs, heavy and low-hanging boughs, and branches that overhang your property are all would-be hazards, but ones that can be eliminated with proper planning and care. Scissor Happy

By Scarlett Steer, Minine’s Plants & Landscaping



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The combination of a pair of shears and abundant foliage often inspires in the most level-headed a fierce desire to overdo it. I know it sounds boring and preachy but pruning really is a learned skill and a poor job is likely to do more harm than good. Not only are the results often aesthetically offensive, but an incorrectly pruned tree can be far more vulnerable to high winds and heavy weather. Professional pruners or at the very least an experienced hand will assess their trees and trim selectively to allow easy passage of wind, promote sturdy and healthy branch angles, and encourage a low and stable centre of gravity – young trees need a different pruning program to mature trees and it is aspects like this that should be acted out accordingly. Correct pruning includes the removal of dead, sickly, and damaged wood, fruits, pods and coconuts, and water sprouts. The latter are shoots that often grow from previously pruned areas on a tree. Their structure is not as strong as natural tree growth, and therefore they are often predisposed to ailments and insects.

While we can neither predict nor control what Mother Nature dictates this year, we can make responsible decisions in readying our ‘growing concerns.’ Heinous pruning crimes include ‘topping’, ‘over-lifting’, and ‘hatracking’. The first offense refers to the removal of the tree canopy including branches that may be vital to the tree’s health and wellbeing. When this tree grows back, it runs the risk of becoming excessively heavy. An ‘over-lifted’ tree is one that has had the lower half of its upper section removed, making it top heavy and therefore susceptible to toppling in high winds. ‘Hatracking’ is a particularly savage offense whereby a tree has been so brutally chopped that it is left with no more than a few lone branches. These trimming transgressions are often seen in the backyards of even the most well-meaning gardeners, and can have disastrous results. Once your trees are beautifully trimmed and hurricane-ready, cuttings must be appropriately disposed of; tree limbs and stumps of wood left unattended can become perilous projectiles during a storm.

Smart Selection While, of course, a violent enough storm can bring down any tree, there are a few strapping specimens that have greater resilience. It stands to

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July 2013


reason that slow-growing native trees, particularly those with broad branches, deep root systems, small leaves and low centres of gravity seem to hold their own better in stormy weather. Stalwart palms include the Sabal (Sabal palmetto), Pygmy Date (Phoenix roebelenii), Foxtail (Wodyetia bifurcata), and Solitaire (Ptychosperma elegans). Tough trees include the Gumbo Limbo (Bursera simaruba), the Ironwood (Krugiodendron ferreum), the Pigeon Plum (Coccoloba diversifolia), the Pitch Apple or Autograph (Clusia rosea), the Buttonwood (Conocarpus erectus), the Geiger (Cordia sebestena), and the Sea Grape (Coccoloba uvifera). Happily all these mentioned are readily available in well-stocked island nurseries. Vigilance over more delicate species is wise – these trees either have brittle wood prone to fracture in even moderate winds or shallow root systems that are easily dislodged from the earth. Be wary of species of Ficus and Tabebuia, as well as Frangipani (Plumeria), and the Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana ).


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Planting trees in a copse with sufficient shrubbery can help to redirect wind in an upwards direction. This positions what is known as the “point of overturning pressure” farther away from the root zone and towards a more supple area of the tree. In addition to making prudent planting material decisions, there are a few other things you can do during the year to help minimize damage. One is to water deeply during dry spells. This reduces stress and encourages a deep, strong root system. Another is to ensure that use of weed whackers and lawn mowers is distant from ‘attacking’ precious tree trunks. A damaged trunk is an invitation to pests and diseases that will rob your tree of vitality. Make a habit of pruning your trees during the winter months. This is when your trees are not actively growing and do not need protection from sun burn. No hurricane season arrives without a measure of concern and caution, and while we can neither predict nor control what Mother Nature dictates this year, we can make responsible decisions in readying our ‘growing concerns’ for the possible onslaught.

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By Kate Henderson and Fran Morrell, House BVI

many Virgin Islands’ residents take their annual vacation and flock to all corners of the world for a hard earned break; however, with flight costs, the burden of leaving a property, yacht or pet and the hassle of traveling for several hours (or sometimes days!), ‘Staycation’ has become an increasingly popular option. The key to a successful ‘Staycation’ is to incorporate the aspects that we enjoy about vacations, especially living in the Virgin Islands—a tourist hotspot overflowing with holiday vibes—and eliminate the tensions of normal daily life. Here are a few ideas of how to have a rejuvenating vacation at home: Make your house into a luxury resort: Invest in some new luxury bedding to make your bed your own personal oasis – nothing says vacation like a good nights sleep. Pack away items that are not needed for your vacation week, creating a clutter free environment. Light scented candles around the house –Hang a hammock on your balcony for long lazy afternoon reads – Take personal pampering to the next level and hire a masseuse to come and spoil you right in your own house – most BVI spas have a house call option.

Eat and drink like you are on vacation: Everyone knows that calories consumed on holiday don’t count (!), so stock up on all those yummy foods and snacks that you would normally try and avoid. Spurge on expensive wines and invest in a good blender to make tropical frozen drinks. Enforce a daily cocktail hour, and get inventive coming up with new drink ‘specials’.

Eliminate the boring chores: What most of us enjoy about being on vacation in a hotel or rented property is not needing to worry about the boring daily chores like cleaning, ironing and laundry. Splurge on a cleaner to come in a couple of times a week to take care of basic chores so you don’t need to worry about them. Or, take a day before your ‘vacation’ starts to get ahead on all those chores so you can ignore them for the next week.

Stress-free meals: Some of us find cooking a relaxing experience and relish the extra time in the kitchen. However, cleaning up afterwards is never fun. Whenever, we are on vacation with family, or have visitors staying, we insist on the ‘servant for a day’ rule. One person is responsible for all cooking and cleaning for one day and then they can enjoy their days off guilt-free. If you prefer to get out of the kitchen altogether, visit a new restaurant every night, especially exploring ones that you haven’t had a chance to try before. Alternatively, book up a whole week of takeout meals!

Take away the distractions: If you are always glancing at the kitchen clock to check on the time, take it off the wall for a week! Set your email to reply with an ‘out of office reply’ and turn your phones to silent – only checking messages to suit you, if at all!

Taking a week to enjoy your house and surroundings can be the most relaxing and rewarding vacation time you spend, especially in our exotic Virgin Islands. With very little planning, expense and stress, staying at home will feel just as good as a luxury holiday away.

July 2013



Smarter Barter for Charter Boats By Brian Duff, BVI Yacht Sales, photographs provided by BVI Yacht Sales

The British Virgin Islands is globally renowned as the most spectacular locale to spend a sailing vacation. Consistent trade winds, warm clear water, and very few hazards to yacht navigation all combine to make the BVI the charter capital of the world and a strong reason why residents and visitors covet boat ownership – but there is a wealth of knowledge to acquiring the right purchase‌



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No matter what boat you end up selecting, a qualified marine surveyor should be engaged to inspect the boat on your behalf prior to finalising any deal. A vast host of charter boats are available – most of which do either one or two ‘terms’ of charter. A term is typically 4-5 years for first tier, and another 5-6 years for second tier after which the boats will not work in bareboat charter anymore. The need to keep fresh boats entering a company means many vessels must be sold each season. A quick review of shows that nearly a half of the boats to trade hands in the Caribbean each year were coming directly out of the charter fleets – clearly a popular way to buy a boat. Since these boats are owned by private individuals and only managed by the charter company, you can often find sellers who have held a successful time with the boat, and want it sold quickly to seal the deal after that last charter is over. This makes July and August opportune months to find comfortable transactions on boats here in BVI as the sailing season gradually slows down. When buying an ex-charter boat, there are a few primary brands to choose from – the charter industry is very particular with boat preference. These boats are required to work week after week with often only an afternoon of ‘turnaround time’ in which the boat is cleaned and any service needed, performed. Charter companies wish to avoid any problems with the boat during charter as this leads to the expense of sending technicians on mobile service calls or worse still, having to ‘change-out’ boats. Perhaps of further importance is the charter company’s wish to evade guests submitting unfavourable reviews or dispersing negative testimonies about issues on-board ‘ruining’ their vacation experience.

Bear in mind that most of your outfitting can be done locally as opposed to huge costs of delivering your boat to a location for hauling out.

July 2013


It is for this reason that you will notice a select few brands of boats working charter. Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria, Robertson & Caine, and Lagoon to name the most common you will see, have all proven themselves to be low maintenance and highly reliable in the charter field. This is the reason why ex-charter boats are popular on the market. Bob Carson, owner of Southern Trades advocates, that individuals should buy charter businesses in buying their boats—a fully crewed yacht— because there are a great many advantages; the boat is already fully maintained in both mechanical and electrical functions, it’s cleaned regularly, has a consistent change of parts and you have a source of income while you own the boat; this in stark contrast to buying a yacht alone using, it intermittently and not taking proper care of it. Maintenance is one of the most important aspects when buying a used boat, and understanding which companies do a great job is significant when considering the purchase of an ex-charter boat. No matter what boat you end up selecting, a qualified marine surveyor should be engaged to inspect the boat on your behalf prior to finalising any deal. In recent discussions with the top marine surveyors working in the BVI, I learned that the active surveyors here see 50-100 charter boat surveys a year. These professionals are very well versed in the intricate nature of each model and brand. According to Michael Hirst, of R.W. Hirst Marine Surveyors “Each brand and model typically have reasonably specific

External appearances can be misleading and getting a survey can determine any additional costs you are about to put into your investment.

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problems structurally…The key is finding the right boat, often you may have the ability to choose between a number of sister ships. If a buyer is given a choice of boats, we can do a quick walk-through inspection of each one (looking for the common faults of that model line) and then advise on which boat to go forward with the full survey.” Buying a boat which is being discharged from the charter fleets can provide an excellent value to a buyer, if done carefully. Some of the key points are the young age of boats coming out of the fleets. This means that standing rigging, sails, tanks and keel bolts are all likely to be in fine condition – however, the higher engine hours and increased cosmetic wear and tear will reduce the selling price significantly. With a thoughtful approach, one can acquire an excellent value on boats from a $30,000 budget cruiser to large cats at nearly one half their new price! As Bill Bailey of Caribbean Marine Surveyors mentions “They are good value for money. You are not buying any out-dated navigation equipment and can customize the boat as you want.” Depending on the charter company, there will be different agreements with the owners of the boats as to what maintenance schedule is followed and thus the condition of the boats. Bill also noted that some companies’ boats will have a very short list of recommendations for repair, while others can be quite lengthy. Concluding, this is a snippet of the information available to boat buyers here in the BVI – working with a broker as your representative and a marine surveyor as your independent inspector will go a long way to ensure you get the best deal you can for cruising and enjoying the pristine waters of the Virgin Islands.

Interior Design and Project Management New York

Beverly Hills Caribbean

July 2013


Beach painting “The viewer goes in and that’s your spot,” Christine said describing the feeling provoked by the solitude of this beach scene.

Artists’ Corner: Christine Taylor


Innovation By Stephen L France, photography by Dan O’Connor and Jim Scheincer

Nostalgia and a potent memory allow Christine Taylor to recall the moment that her artistic ability unlocked. 36


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By Stephen L. France

Acrylic and watercolour artist Christine Taylor at Images, Wickhams Cay II surrounded by selected works.

At six years-old, She came upon a painting of a costal scene with coconut trees and light glinting off them.

The depiction revealed the intricate contrast of the sparkling, white light and dark shadow cast on the individual leaves. Mesmerized by this complex, three-dimensional effect in the picture, Christine questioned “How would I paint that?” In her infant mind, she believed that her desire to replicate the sophisticated artistic appearance was the normal thought process of a child…

With a memory as particular as this, testifying to the unique and quirky minds of artists everywhere, Christine heralds the theory that creative arts are innate abilities. “I think you’re born hardwired – it’s a deep passion,” she said in reference to the joy artistry has granted her. “When you have that passion, it gives you life, you’re never bored – it keeps your youth,” she added, speaking of her childlike anticipation in painting. The watercolour artist who was born and raised in Barbados, arrived in the BVI with her husband and three children over twenty years ago, describing that her life here has been a mixture of, “Mom, homemaker, cook, scrub, everything…I’m homemaker/artist.” She initially started sketching and drawing when she was six and continued developing her skill as she matured. She attended art groups and read books that assisted proficiency in her chosen art forms, acrylic and watercolour painting. She described the difference between the two styles, revealing that, “Acrylic you can paint on canvas and it’s permanent. You can wipe this with a cloth and it won’t budge. Watercolour…has to be under plastic because this is not fixed permanently. If you wipe the cloth on this, it would come off – the colours not fully staining will lift.” Christine ran through the techniques in her art discipline that develop with experience and when employed, will dramatically improve the aesthetics of a piece. Shading, dabbing/lifting, splattering, scratching, creating perspective distances and producing a three-dimensional effect are all abilities that take practice. “It’s one of the hardest mediums to master,” said the artist when expressing the challenges of watercolour art. “It took me five years plus to be able to do it properly. You can tell when someone is a newbie in watercolour.” Delving into the art world professionally—relaying that she paints almost every day and is self-taught—her fascination with history and culture also serve as impetus for her paintings; art that reveals a Caribbean world that is very different from the islands we know today—full of daily activity like farming, fishing and walking from place to place—a physically energetic place.

“You have to place a dynamic spirit in your work…I always paint the eyes first - once I get the eyes and the spirit of what I’m trying to accomplish, everything else is easy.” Haunting painting - “This is a historical haunting piece with the ruins of the Coppermine in Virgin Gorda. I wanted her looking directly out of the painting at you. It’s a ghostly painting, you can’t see her eyes but she’s engaging you.” - Christine

July 2013


“Visitors & residents of the Virgin Islands truly love Christine’s historical paintings, and they are proving to be quite popular by collectors of Caribbean art,” said Lisa Gray, owner of Images where Christine’s work is showcased. “Her paintings are being added to private collections in Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Europe and the USA.” A huge turning point in her growing experience in the field occurred approximately 25 years ago, when she met famous Barbadian sculptor and painter Karl Broodhagen. Renowned for his three bronze public landmark statues of Sir Grantley Adams first premier of Barbados, the “Bussa” after the leader of an 1816 slave revolt, and legendary Barbadian cricketer Sir Garfield Sobers, he offered advice to the budding artist. “You’re very good with your lines, and your colour is getting there,” said Christine paraphrasing the pivotal point in her artistic life. “But, your design is weak – you have to strengthen your design,” she said. “I went home

Christine’s paintings reveal a Caribbean world that is very different from the islands we know today—full of activity like farming and fishing—a much more physically active place. Above: Ms. Catherine Lettsome – “She is a corner stone of Tortola population. She had 21 children - she was a vivacious, vibrant, creative woman and so I saw a little picture of her and was drawn to have to paint her…I like to tell a story.” - Christine

Loblolly Lobster: Christine painted this gentleman after seeing him in Road Town; she depicted him holding a lobster standing in Anegada. She later found out that he actually was a lobster fisherman.

feeling crushed, but then in the morning, I got back up. I said, ‘you know what? He’s given you this jewel of knowledge.’” With this guidance, Christine intensely focused on the intricate construction of her productions: “I put a lot of time into the design aspect of my work – people, objects, placement, even the way the waves come in,” she said pointing to a painting that depicts an isolated beach. Her depictions range through portraits, animals and landscapes, attempting to capture the things that are familiar to her. With her paintings of the sea, viewers are privy to hearing and feeling the swaying of the waves by her skilled ability to depict movement on her canvas. ‘Where is the light coming from?’ is another prominent question that arises when Christine considers the design elements in her creations, which aids the manifestation of motion in her work. In outdoor pieces, she will query the sun’s direction and its bouncing effect. She summarised her emotion for painting in the idea of bringing the art alive. “You have to place a dynamic spirit in your work…I always paint the eyes first - once I get the eyes and the spirit of what I’m trying to accomplish, everything else is easy.”

Corn Blossoms: Christine depicts a typical scene of daily life in Barbados, capturing the energy with vibrant colours.

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Staying By Robert Creel, Operating Manager of Caribbean Colors and Sjoerd Bos, Vice President of Sansin

Property owners and contractors are increasingly demanding “greener” choices for interior stains. The issue arises that many interior coatings contain harsh solvents that release highly toxic fumes – known as VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds – into the air long after application.

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For property owners and contractors alike, applying stain indoors can pose health risks; however, there are less toxic alternatives on the market that are much lower in VOCs, using water to penetrate deep into the tissue of the wood for protection with staying-power and an aesthetically attractive appearance. One area that has been a challenge for driving down toxicity in interior stains is colour. Many consumers desire a rich, deep colour for interior staining. With newer technology, consumers can find dye-like colours in a formulation that uses pure pigments ground so fine, they are able to combine with the protective oils and resins on a molecular level. The result is vibrant, crisp colour that stands the test of time, but with a fraction of the toxicity of traditional dyes.

Tips on Interior Staining Successfully applying stain is really not difficult, it just takes a little prep work and patience – here are a few steps for success: Know your wood species: Maple and pine can be very difficult to apply finishes to, while it is easier to apply stain to hardwoods such as oak. Also, darker stains are more difficult to work with than lighter ones. If you plan to use a dark stain, you might consider practicing on a scrap piece of wood before diving into your project. Prepare the surface: Repair any defects with acrylic-based wood filler. Sand the surface using 120-150 grit sandpaper, working with the grain. Then remove the dust with a vacuum and a damp cloth, making sure the surface is clean and dry. Collect the right tools: For most jobs you will need the stain and topcoat, a stir stick, a tray to hold the stain, a brush or sprayer to apply the finish, 120150 grit sandpaper, paper towels, a paint pad or lambs wool applicator, and perhaps a sanding block (depending on the size of your project). Apply the stain and topcoat: Apply a generous amount of stain to the surface, not allowing it to become too thin. Generally, most projects require two coats of stain. After staining, you will apply two coats of clear topcoat, stroking with the grain of the wood to avoid streaks. Before applying the final top coat, sand the surface gently with 320 grit sandpaper, working with the grain of the wood. After cleaning the surface, close vents and doors to keep any contaminant from landing on the just-finished surface. Then, apply a thin final clear coat with the grain of the wood.

July 2013


For many homeowners, applying interior stain can be challenging – and messy. Go ahead and test stains out at the store and look for the following performance characteristics: • •

Make sure it has little to no odour Check that the stain is easy to apply. It should have excellent lapping performance, and have an extremely uniform appearance once applied • A fast dry time is best • Check that there is minimum pigment transfer on the top coating • You should be able to purchase the interior stain in a range of dye-like colours that don’t drive up the toxicity.

For many homeowners, applying interior stain can be challenging – and messy. Staining Shows off the Grain Staining and clear-coating wood, rather than painting it, creates a unique, sophisticated and timeless effect inside the property. Staining brings out the interesting and complex character of the wood grain, which can add tremendous warmth to your décor and provide a long-lasting, striking effect. Wood Protection Options One approach for wood protection is to apply film forming, semi- or nonpenetrating solvent and water-based formulas, which provide barrier-style protection. Many believe the thicker the film, the better the protection and longer lasting maintenance cycles. But, this comes at a cost. The challenge is that when you use a non-penetrating, water-based product or a high solids solvent-based product, you build a film on wood that darkens it, degrades clarity, and then becomes thicker with maintenance. This, in turn, traps moisture, reducing breathability and can eventually result in peeling and blistering. Often, these types of coatings can even cause wood decay due to increased moisture content, which gets trapped during the wet seasons under the very product meant to protect the wood.

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Our group was getting hungry and we were in need of a snack. One of my fellow regatta crew members, Sheldon – a cheerful Jamaican fellow – looked up at a nearby tree and broke into a huge smile. He stepped over to the tree and gave it a firm shake. To my surprise, ripe guavas started dropping to the ground. We enjoyed a delightful buffet of all-we-could-eat guavas and in doing so, I discovered my new beloved fruit. Although my preferred way to eat guavas is straight out of hand, the fruit accommodates both sweet and savoury cooking preparations – they are used extensively in jams and jellies, fruit salads, beverages—including fruity rum cocktails—desserts and candies. Additionally, it is sometimes paired with meat such as pork or chicken. By Susie Younkle A hugely popular Eastern Caribbean treat is “guava cheese” (sometimes called guava paste). Despite its name, this local delicacy bears no resemblance to cheddar or parmesan. It’s essentially a dense, sugary, sticky confection that is adored by children and adults alike, particularly those with a sweet tooth. Barring the addition of copious amounts of sugar, guavas are a veritable super-fruit, jam-packed with vitamin C, potassium and dietary fibre. Well over 100 varieties of guavas exist worldwide, with wide variations in appearance and flavour. The flesh ranges from white to yellow to deep pink. Some varieties have Mid-summer trade winds bring an edible skins and seeds, while other types must be peeled and seeded. unmistakable aroma – that of fresh guava fruit. Typically, Caribbean guavas are completely edible, with vibrant pink flesh and a sweet fruity flavour; however, the seeds are often removed if a guava Most of us think of beverages when we hear the to be used in sauces or desserts. Choose guavas that are a light green or word “intoxicating,” yet it is more than appropriate isyellowish colour and slightly recede when pressed with the thumb. as a description for ripe guavas. It’s easy to tell when they’re ready to eat: simply wait for their sweet aroma—or “extravagant floral bouquet” in the words of one of my favourite cookbooks—to fill the air. If guavas have a musky or sour odour, they are Few foods can compete with guava when it comes to likely unripe. intoxicating aromas, with a deliciously exotic fragrance that permeates any This traditional English dessert consists of little more than chilled fruit house or boat. purée folded into cold whipped cream. I use guava to lend an islandI initially tasted fresh-off-the-tree guava during my first summer in the BVI. inspired flavour to this British treat. It was early July and I had spent a busy morning assisting with the annual Since guavas tend to contain flavours of a variety of fruits, predominantly HIHO windsurfing and stand-up-paddle regatta – now held in January – strawberries, consider guava fool a Caribbean twist on the always popular organising windsurfing equipment. dessert of strawberries and cream.



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Guava “Fool” Dessert July—a hot month in the Virgin Islands summer season—is not the time when people want to slave away in a hot kitchen. Rather, it’s the month for quick and cool frozen or refrigerated desserts, such as a “fool.”

8 oz. thawed, but cold, unsweetened guava purée (e.g. Goya brand) 4 Tbl white sugar, divided, or to taste 1 c chilled heavy/whipping cream 1 fresh guava, for garnish

Guavas are in season right now, so seek them out at supermarkets and farmer’s markets or, look for a nearby guava tree ready to be shaken. Whisk guava purée with 2 Tbl sugar in a small bowl until sugar dissolves. Then, beat whipping cream and remaining 2 Tbl sugar in another bowl (preferably a chilled metal bowl) with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form. Fold sweetened purée into whipped cream, leaving some swirls of colour. Divide amoung chilled bowls and top with thinly sliced fresh guavas. Makes about 5 servings. Note: I use frozen guava purée for simplicity and year-round availability, but certainly use fresh guavas if they’re available. Just be sure to push the purée through a sieve to remove seeds.

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July 2013




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July 2013


“We understand the true value of a home in the Islands”

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D ’A R C Y ’ S R U N AWAY S P R I N G B AY $2,500,000




S AT O R I V I L L A S M A H O E B AY $2,950,000

5.5 acre historic, waterfront Estate located at Smuggler’s Cove beach. 5 bed home.

4 bed main home, 2 bed guest home. Glorious views. Short stroll from fantastic beach

A N ATO L A L I T T L E B AY $1,600,000


T H E R E E F S AT B A L L A S T B AY $1,950,000

2 acres 3 bedrooms. Walk to Walk to the beach from this fabulous Brand new architect’s home Spring Bay Beach. Beautiful 4 bedroom home with pool. Simply marries contemporary luxury stonework, boulders and views. stunning views of North Sound! with Caribbean comfort.

Delightful 4 bed home, short stroll from Tortola’s beach.

in private, gated estate. Views simply breathtaking!

THE RICE HOUSE $695,000 Delightful island cottage on Spyglass Hill. 3 beds, pool, great neighbourhood.

S E A WAT C H , V G $650,000 Lovely 3 bedroom villa with wonderful ocean views, breezes & awesome boulders!

THE HANDSOME BEACH HOUSE $525,000 A delightful 2 bed cottage right on the beach at Handsome Bay. Calling out to be expanded!

Under $1m

BREEZEHAVEN $895,000 Two 3 bed homes with pool for the price of one! Outstanding views at Havers. N A N N Y C AY M A R I N A






FROM $850,000

Nanny Cay is Tortola’s flagship marina with berths for 180 yachts, full service boatyard, pool, restaurants, shops, beach etc. Nanny Cay Village - 32 waterfront townhouses with docks - is nestled within this thriving marina. Finished to the highest standards, these 2 & 3 bedroom homes are for sale turn key, fully furnished if required. Guaranteed marina berths available for larger boats. Competitive, entirely optional rental program available.

R E A L E S TAT E B V I (284) 495 3000 Visit our offices at Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, or Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda



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Luxury Villa Rentals


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From $321 per night

From $270 per night

A charming Caribbean villa nestled into the contours of the south side of Tortola. It was built around the existing large trees which act as a natural canopy to provide cool shading throughout the day. This two bedroom house is very private and provides a peaceful and relaxing tropical retreat.

Superbly decorated and furnished villa located in the Long Bay Resort. Privately owned the villa has three selfcontained guest suites making it ideal for families, groups or couples. The villa has the use of all the resort’s amenities: swimming pool, tennis, fitness centre, apa and beach and all are within a short walking distance.

Exquisite Properties For Sale

















Private, 2-bed, 2-bath main house w/ 1-bed, 1-bath guesthouse, pool & artist’s studio. Panoramic ocean & islands views north & south. Landscaped in quiet residential estate.

Magical jewel box property, only a few footsteps to Josiah's Beach. 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom, exquisitely furnished house on a small, fenced lot only 5 minutes walk to the beach and 10 minutes drive to aiport.

4-bed, 4.5 bath private house with a spectacular view overlooking Hodge’s Creek and the Sir Francis Drake Channel with the verdant peaks of the numerous islands in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Located in walking distance of Lambert Beach & Resort with beach and island views. The pool is great for a late night dip or a afternoon cool down. Only minutes from restaurants & popular surfing beaches.

Maritha Keil (Broker) m: 284.340.5500/5555 Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

3-bed, 3-bath main house w/spacious deck & magnificent view. 1-bed guesthouse w/ensuite bathroom. Close to Long Bay Resort w/access to all amenities: restaurant, spa, pool and of course, the beautiful beach.

Large 4-bed, 3.5-bath family house with sunrise views overlooking Road Harbor and Sir Francis Drake Channel. Only 3-mins drive to Road Town. Landscaped with pool and sold fully furnished.

Carol Olympitis & Wanda Manning (Vacation Villa Specialists) t: 284.494.5700 e:

Four-bed, four-and-one-half bath, private villa with swimming pool and mature tropical gardens in luscious Shannon Estate. Wonderful sunset views of Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Jost Van Dyke.

Private and secluded and away from it all. Large open living/dining room and kitchen, with 2 en-suite bedrooms and laundry room. Situated on a large lot with spectacular views over Brewer’s Bay and the Caribbean Sea.

General Enquiries Mill Mall, PO Box 188 Road Town, Tortola, VG1110 |

July 2013


For all of your real estate needs, Smiths Gore is one of the pre-eminent real estate advisors in the British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. With offices on Tortola and Virgin Gorda Smiths Gore provides in depth residential services covering all the islands.



Golden Pavillion US$7,750,000





Palm Ridge US$5,900,000

Samsara US$2,975,000




Asolare US$4,900,000




Tingalayo US$3,200,000



Doveland US$2,150,000

The Landing US$795,000

Aquamare US$4,500,000

For more information on these listings or additional offerings, call 284 494 2446.







Palm Grove Villa US$450,000







Little DIx Bay US$4,200,000




The Beach House US$795,000









Pond Bay US$6,700,000

British Virgin Islands Britannic Hall, P.O. Box 135, , Tortola Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, Virgin Gorda RT (284) 494 2446 VG (284) 495 5944 E

United Kingdom 17-18 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4PT T +44 (0) 207 290 1616 E

2010 Winner, “Best Vacation Experience.” –Fodor’s Gold Choice Award

SOL Y SOMBRA Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

US$8 Million This spectacular beachfront villa boasts four beautifully decorated air-conditioned suites, each furnished with custom-made teak furniture. Outside amenities include an ocean-front infinity pool and lit tennis court, bound within lush tropical gardens. Inside, take advantage of a European-style kitchen, private movie theater, daily maid service and state-of-the-art gym. An in-villa cook is available upon request.

Smiths Gore Limited : : British Virgin Islands

T 1(284) 494 2446 F 1(284) 494 2141 E


Distinctly Refined. Exceptionally Rare. Consciously Preserved. On the secluded eastern tip of Virgin Gorda lies a place where life is spent in perfect harmony with the ocean tides. Here, spread across 300 pristine acres, Oil Nut Bay offers freehold legacy ownership opportunities and unparalleled resort experiences in a setting where attention to detail and casual elegance abound. Contact us to schedule a personalized visit or to arrange resort reservations.



Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

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Virgin Islands Property & Yacht - July 2013  

Editor - Stephen L France

Virgin Islands Property & Yacht - July 2013  

Editor - Stephen L France