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EXCLUSIVE FEATURE PROPERTY: Celestial House A secluded paradise on Long Bay’s hillside

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Gwydion Manor Tortola US$925,000

Hawk’s VIew Tortola US$2,000,000

Celestial House Tortola US$7,775,000

Lizard’s Leap Tortola US$450,000



iving in the British Virgin Islands means having an intimate relationship with the ocean and our tropical climate; they permeate our daily activities. Beach day or forest hike? North shore surfing or South shore marina? East End or West End? The choices are many and varied. Choosing to eat out could take you to one of numerous restaurants on several different islands with countless beaches and hidden coves, all an easy boat ride away – power boat or sailing yacht – you choose! The British Virgin Islands comprise over 52 islands, rocky pinnacles and cays, appropriately named “Nature’s Little Secrets.”

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS our qualities are numerous, our benefits endless Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated

Maritha Keil

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July 2014


Editor's Letter, July 2014

‘STAYCATION’: A recent addition to the English language and an amalgamation

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of the words ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’, this term is frequently used in the BVI to define the act of enjoying a vacation in one’s own country; a word that’s not popular or perhaps unknown if you hail from a colder climate. With July, BVI residents are fully immersed in a time where ‘staycation’ is ideal – with the slower pace, the great weather brought on by summer, the immense host of water activities available, and the pleasantly-priced luxury lifestyle options on offer, the only question is what to do first. For visitors, the discounted rates advertised for these phenomenal amenities and the quieter tourist-traffic is a double win. In this month’s issue, we review some of the possibilities… Being a tourist for a day means taking up activities like snorkelling or diving – a pursuit that truly brings the fiction of ‘another world’ into reality with the unique marine life and enigmatic perspective that moving under water bestows. It also means attempting to see the islands from the altered viewpoint of a visitor if granted the opportunity; perhaps staying in a discounted resort for a weekend or if greatly fortunate, one of the BVI’s exclusive villa rentals like Celestial House in Long Bay; a property fit for permanent vacation-living. Rejuvenating with spa treatments might be an option, but some may wish to bring the luxury of spas right into the home with renowned BVI retailer House and the line of peace-inspiring accessories they’re promoting this month. Of course, chartering a boat is an obligation on vacation here in the BVI, the global capital for sailing, but if seeking an altogether novel approach of seeing the islands, Antilles Helicopter Services gives us a taste in our Virgin Islands Life column – can you guess all the locations from that height? Events are still in full flair this summer with the upcoming Premier’s Cup – a sailing regatta for children this month that uses all funds to support the Kids At The Sea (KATS) programme. There’s also the RC Boat Racing Championship in August, a BVI tradition that attracts an international following. Finally, let’s not forget a VIPY annual event that has arrived again - The Readers’ Choice Awards – this year we are starting by taking nominations. Check out the categories and let us know who you think should win by emailing vipy@ – please be advised, this is the nomination stage, not the actual voting – voting time will be announced later.

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Great Value Properties for Sale IN TORTOLA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS

Great Stand Alone 3 Bedroom Town Home

Rare Waterfront Home

2 Bed, 2 Bath Main house with 1 Bed Guest Cottage Nanny Cay Area, Tortola

3 Bedroom. 3 Bathroom Home near Beautiful Long Bay Beach,Tortola!

US $395,000

Fabulous Sugar Mill Villa

Very Private Villa...with 3 separate or combined Luxury Suites, 2 pools...Nail Bay Resort, Virgin Gorda

US $1,000,000

US $850,000

Custom Built Homes with Land

Private Home...3 Bedrooms, 1800 sq ft

US $425,000

Stand Alone Town Home...2 Bedrooms

US $325,000

We are committed to finding your BVI home. Leave it in our capable hands. Bonnie Dougall

Aja Royale

Rebecca Paull


July 2014


CONTRIBUTORS Geoffrey Brooks

Geoffrey is the curator of the Virgin Islands Maritime Museum. He pioneers and takes part in many of the initiatives related to the traditional art of sloop building.

Kate Henderson and Fran Morrell

Kate and Fran are owners of House, a renowned BVI retailer that provides everything you need to make your house a home.

Kim Huish

Having briefly been a stock-car racer in another life, Kim has sated her ‘need for speed’ with the RC motorboat guys at BVI’s Brandywine Bay during time off from her business Northcoast Ltd. She is regularly on hand as the official scorer.

Charlotte McDevitt

Charlotte is the Executive Director of Green VI, a non-profit organisation that works toward a greener, cleaner and healthier BVI, finding balance between development and conservation of the natural environment.

Carlyne Rachele

Carlyne has been involved in the sales and renovation of real estate for over 25 years. Her experience in buying and flipping homes has resulted in a successful career in real estate with BVI Sotheby’s International Realty and she is pleased to share her knowledge in the BVI HomeSense column.

Louise Reardon

Louise has been sailing around the globe on private yachts since 1992 and taught sailing with Offshore Sailing School on Tortola since 2006. She holds an MCA 3000 ton Masters, is a RYA Yachtmaster Instructor, and US Sailing Instructor.

Ricky Dos Santos

Ricky is the co-founder and director of Antilles Helicopter Services Ltd. in the BVI, a professional rotor-wing operator offering VIP charter services, airport transfers, and incredible photography opportunities from the grand height of the skies.

Megan Scholbohm

Chef Megan has a fierce passion for cooking. Perfecting her menu on various yachts, most of her phenomenal culinary abilities are self-taught, bringing innovative cuisine to Crewed Yacht Lolalita in the BVI.

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The magical vista from Celestial House - Photo by Rainbow Visions BVI

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Building a Virgin Islands Sloop

new 25 $

Telling the story of how the limbs of a buttonwood tree in Anegada (along with other materials), ultimately became a seafaring vessel, Building a Virgin Islands Sloop: The Story of Sea Moon, offers an educational taste of the British Virgin Islands history – perfect for Caribbean culture enthusiasts.

Dining On Deck II



A venue where crewed charter chefs display their outstanding talents and showcase their yachts, an all-new recipe collaboration of these culinary experts can be found in Dining on Deck Volume II – a fantastic souvenir for avid fans of BVI sailing and cuisine.

TASTE BVI British Virgin Islands

sale 9


$ 99

A grand collection of recipes from prestigious restaurants, brilliant villa rentals and other renowned establishments, TASTE offers aspiring cooks who have enjoyed their vacation in the BVI, a chance for their senses to reconnect with their incredible time here.


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JULY V i r g i n I s l a n d s





10 SEA

24 10 Exclusive Feature Property: Celestial House

A stunning secluded property surrounded by an abundance of natural awe-inspiring environs

18 BVI HomeSense 10 steps to purchasing your dream home within the British Virgin Islands




30 16 Years of The Premier’s Cup

42 A Tourist in My Own Town

An event showcasing the amazing sea skills of the younger generation

33 From Sea Level: The Best Angle to Enjoy Life Lolalita chef introduces Summer Samosas with spicy Chipotle-Guava sauce

22 Skipper’s Tips:

36 Virgin Islands Property & Yacht

The benefits of Rendezvous Diving - a novel way of organising your own underwater adventure

It’s nomination time – pick your favourites from our 31 categories

24 Yacht Spotlight: Sea Boss

38 Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

The Best Way to Dive for Sailors


2014 Readers’ Choice Awards

I should be doing a lot more water activities in this tropical paradise…

46 Cocomaya This summer, enjoy the most relaxed highend restaurant in Virgin Gorda

49 Reader Giveaway Nutmeg Designs generous giveaway offering you the chance of a room makeover

50 Virgin Islands Life

A 60ft Horizon PC60 power catamaran, kitted out for luxury living

Get ready for the 3rd leg of the Caribbean RC Boat Championship

28 A Great Virgin Islands’ Tradition Lives!

41 Things We Love

52 Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Bringing vacation home with House’s accessories

9 family-fun ideas for the summer holidays

One of the oldest celebrated events in the region keeps going

See the BVI from the above – take to the skies with Antilles Helicopters

l Message a i c e p S th e N e w b ie A ! s t s s e ct io n in id k e r ti BVI Paren n e p r o du ci n g an r

r you g G la s s ar e e lo o k in g fo ar e W . W e at aL o o k in R IO N N E W B IE JU h w il l r 20 15 ti tl e d r m at io n w h ic fo in g in r u g u id e b o o k fo e ar e fe at w it h o r s e ct io n as w is th in at y o u ca n do ce th n . tc e ts as s is ta n e , e s ta b li s h m in g s , p la ce s th t s e b e th li s t s to . ta k e y o u r k id y p ar k s , b e ac h e s , p la al e id : de u in cl th in k o f y th in g s ca n in g y o u ca n th y n A . K id -f r ie n dl do to an d th in g s at e d. ce s to s h o p la p , ts m u ch ap p r e ci an r e u b ld u r e s ta o w , s fo r o th e r ar e n e s s , to h ig h li g h t s m ar in e aw e k in li ta n ld u co o d w an or lu s tr at e d fo , an d e in g fu ll y il b is n io h is to r ic al in ct g e n ti ci The s x e , n o w -f ac ts s , di d- y o u -k le z z u p d an th e B V I. g am e s d fo r k id s in de e e n is h l o f w h ic n tr ib u te . ac ti v it ie s , al s s .c o m to co la g g in k o o b ie @ al C o n ta ct : n e w

July 2014


LAND Words by Stephen L France. Photography by Rainbow Visions BVI

July 2014




Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

Celestial House in BVI Tortola

illustrates exquisite rarity in the Virgin Islands with its astonishing design for indoor and outdoor Caribbean living and attention to the details of functionality, comfort, security and exclusivity. Located in the West End of the island on Long Bay’s hill top—a stunning secluded setting surrounded by an abundance of natural awe-aspiring environs—this property testifies to its name in its elevated position above one of the island’s most renowned beaches. Pink, white, purple bougainvillea and oleander line the smoothly paved driveway as one enters the gated property’s private vicinity. Guests are welcomed onto the expansive wrap-around veranda of the main section of the house, comprising an open-plan, extensive living room, kitchen with considerable storage space, opulently decorated dining room, and an ample pantry. The spacious living and dining area bestows a design that encourages sociability, with a calming dichotomy that evokes freedom and intimacy in stark contrast to the phenomenal grandeur of the interior design. A heated hot tub cascading into a 60ft infinity edge pool on the wide veranda, overlooks the immensity of Long Bay beach below and costal views with near and distant islands Sandy Cay, Sandy Spit, Jost Van Dyke, Little Jost, St Thomas, the Tobagos and Anegada, standing against the breath-taking skyline.

July 2014


For further appreciation of the sky, the unique observatory located above a cosy yet incredibly spacious office, awaits installation of a telescope of choice by the new owner as an exceptional treat for admiration of the magnificent stargazing opportunities afforded in the clear Caribbean skies. Palm trees decorate the vast complex of the property with a wide variety of tropical and floral displays all year round. With the residence divided into several sectors, seclusion is granted to extended family or friends residing at the home. The quality of this elegant property’s intricate designed fixtures and fittings, exhibiting a prevailing marine theme, contribute to the tropical ambiance that relaxes and soothes; an architectural masterpiece of functional design. A total of six bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms comprise the sleeping areas of this indulgent property – all six bedrooms have en suite bathrooms, unique custom fittings, fridges, luxury coffee machines, and offer full air conditioning. The property’s surrounding features align with its promise of easyliving; there is access to beaches Long Bay and Smugglers Cove five minutes away, granting the convenience of the many watersports available – swimming, snorkelling, stand-up paddleboarding, sailing and of course a BVI preference in island-hopping; a hobby that grants diversity in travelling from island to island whether staying within the BVI waters or heading to the USVI.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

There are also a number of fine dining establishments close by and for yacht owners and sailing enthusiasts, Soper’s Hole Marina is a fully comprehensive facility offering every function a sailor needs from yacht management to day sail services. As an additional bonus to the location of Celestial House, 15 minutes away from Long Bay is the West End Ferry Dock for passage to other islands such as St Thomas and thereby the international airport, facilitating simple transition to and from this fantastic retreat. Sotheby’s Introduces Vacation Rentals After requests from a multitude of property owners to create a vacation management structure with the intention of generating income while not in residence, Sotheby’s contemplated the great prospects of exploring the villa rental arena. Evaluating the necessity for high-end short-term accommodation, the realtor subsequently decided to create BVI Sotheby’s International Realty Vacation Division. Combining knowledge of BVI tourism with comprehension of the real estate market, this branch of Sotheby’s is a unique and powerful portal, offering a selection of beautiful villas, unparalleled service, and the epitome of luxury for vacation rental guests. Developing this division with precision and strategy to ensure that their distinguished standards are sustained, they’re relishing success, evidenced by the increasing number of properties in their portfolio and the high percentage of returning guests.

July 2014


Celestial House • Private estate home on 3 acres • 6 bedroom and 6 and a half bathroom • Fully air-conditioned and fully furnished • 2 laundries • Satellite TV • 60ft heated curved infinity edge pool including a heated hot tub which over flows into main pool • Backup solar and battery power supply • 2 offices • Observatory above office • Granite countertops, travertine and natural stone floors throughout, coral stone decks • Paved access • Vast outdoor covered living spaces • Mature beautifully landscaped gardens • Outdoor dining pavilion • Outdoor barbecue

US $7,775,000

For more info contact: Maritha Keil t (284)494.5700 m (284)340.5555 e



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LAND Words by Carlyne Rachele, Agent – Sotheby’s International Realty BVI Photography by Rainbow Visions BVI

In the BVI HomeSense column, we address concerns that apply to buying and selling property and to real estate ownership. This month, we will answer a frequently asked question for visitors who wish to purchase property in the British Virgin Islands, but are either baffled by our system or have no clue at all how it works. Please note the references in the following steps to ‘Belongers’ and ‘Non-Belongers’: A Belonger ‘belongs’ to the British Virgin Islands by birth, marriage, or special designation. A Non-Belonger does not hold these privileges. The 10 steps listed will walk you through the process, hopefully toward a great investment and buying the residence of your dreams to live in paradise.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

Make an offer and give it your best shot. Your real estate agent will write a ‘Letter of Intent’ to purchase the property. Refer to our May article, Negotiating an Offer or online at How to Get the Best Property Offer for helpful tips Leave an earnest money deposit. Your real estate agency can act as an escrow agent and hold a 10% deposit, usually in the form of a check Draw up a sales and purchase agreement. This is often best left to the attorneys Property Advertisement. It is mandatory for the property seller to advertise the property locally, with a contracted price, for four consecutive weeks. If no buyers step up to the plate, you are a step closer to acquiring your dream home Non-Belongers land holding license (NBLHL). Non BVIslanders need to apply for a license to own property. Among other documentation, the applicant must present a police certificate, financial statements and personal references. Belongers have the advantage of skipping this step

July 2014


Be patient. It can take 4-9 months for approval of the NBLHL - longer if a sea bed lease is involved in the purchase of the property Submit the draft license for vetting. After approval, a license executed by the BVI Governor can take several weeks to be issued Again, be patient! An important step throughout the process until it’s time to close Stamp Duty. After closing, duty of 12% of the greater of the appraised value or the contracted price must be paid by NonBelongers. This amount is less for Belongers Register. Present receipt of stamp duty along with transfer documents to have the property registered in your name The steps above should provide adequate direction in purchasing a property in the British Virgin Islands. Often, this procedure can be completed within a year. We look forward to your input on this column and hope to address your BVI HomeSense interests.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

July 2014




Best WAY to Dive for Sailors Words and photography by Louise Reardon, Captain and RYA Yachtmaster Instructor

The concept of Rendezvous Diving was pioneered in the BVI in the early 1980s. A simple model, it’s a winning combination here where we have so many visitors who come to sail and would like to dive, navigating to and through the dive sites without travelling with their own dive gear or renting it. It is the ultimate convenience when you can sail to pretty much any anchorage and the dive centre brings the boat, the equipment, and the staff to you. Escorted to the dive site, they ensure you see all the key features, correctly identify coral and fish types, navigate you safely back to the boat, and return you to your yacht after a hassle free two-tank dive. Must fortunately, dive centres run this service at no extra cost.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

There is more to value in Rendezvous Diving when you consider the benefit of having the instructors describe the dive site’s history and lore. It makes famous hotspots like the Wreck of the Rhone even more enjoyable when the staff share the elaborate story of how the ship met her fate, inspiring divers during their excursion, and making certain individuals see all the artefacts that would be difficult to find on their own; the dive companies are so geared to ensuring that the overall experience is exceptional, that a solid amount of planning would be necessary to match this experience if you were doing it on your own. Divers will also have confidence in that these custom dive boats are fully equipped with life rings, life vests, first aid kits, oxygen, flares, VHF and local cell phones. In addition

to this, there is stress-alleviation when a trained professional is guiding you and added benefit from a measure of tuition. Now, this is not to say that renting gear for the week and diving independent isn’t a fine plan too – on the contrary, if you have a dive professional in your group or you are a repeat visitor, this works well. All dive centres frequently rent equipment to yachts, which is cheaper if you are planning to do many dives during your cruise. On most islands, there are facilities to refill the tanks for a nominal rate, but you will have to stow and clean bulky equipment, which for a large group might burden your holiday. For those non-regulars to the BVI—those who plan only a couple dives or those with less experience—Rendezvous makes sense. It also fits if you have a mixed group of certified and non-certified divers like a parents and children scenario, because the first-timers can go with an instructor if they are curious to share the event. To make arrangements for a Rendezvous dive, contact the dive centre at least a day or two ahead of the proposed date. They will need to know the intended location, name of your boat, number of divers, and their BCD size (Buoyancy Compensating Device). On the day, you are to monitor VHF channel 16 for instructions on which side to put your lines and fenders for the dive boat to raft up next to you. At this point, you would normally produce proof of certification and method of payment. You can call in your credit card details, but some boats will also carry the traditional manual imprinter, with a carbon copy for your records. Travel-Talk-Online and Trip Advisor have a number of contributors who have discussed Rendezvous Diving in the BVI and attest to its convenience. There have also been online discussions of budding divers using the opportunity to discover Scuba Diving and even progressing to complete the training for PADI’s Open Water diver certification. Many visitors opt to do the basic theory and pool training at home and come to the BVI with a referral from their local dive centre. All they then have to do is two days of four dives at the beginning of their vacation, and all this can be accomplished on the Rendezvous boats. Sticking to the larger certification agencies like PADI and SSI would guarantee that you are able to partner with a dive centre here in the BVI and call yourself a diver by midweek – it has been said that as much as 85% of the dive trade is through Rendezvous. So to the skippers that ply these waters, consider your role as concierge to charter guests and hook them up with one of our excellent dive operations here. There is so much to see on these islands, above and below the water, and we want their overall BVI experience to be outstanding. All they have to do, is jump in, swim, breathe, and enjoy.

Satellite Television Call for satellite internet services via VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar & 4G.


Tel: +1 284 494 2268



t +1 284 494 2400 f +1 284 494 5389

July 2014


SEA Yacht Spotlight:

Words by Stephen L France Photography by Droze Photography



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

Owing this vessel’s title

to its impressive handling in a variety of sea conditions, Sea Boss is a 60ft Horizon PC60 power catamaran, kitted out with everything required to create a luxurious week on charter. Operated out of either BVI Tortola or USVI St Thomas, with Tortola’s Manuel Reef Marina as the home-base, current crew Darrel Hearne and Chef/First Mate Susanna Rice are the second team to manage the boat, taking the helm in October 2013 since its commission and launch in June of that year. With yacht builder Horizon Yachts in Taiwan, design by renowned naval architect Angelo Lavranos, interior conceptualised and commissioned by The Powercat Company, and exterior modelling conducted by Winchester Design Group, its initial purchase from Taiwan and shipping to Fort Lauderdale saw its debut period in Florida and the northern Bahamas – yacht enthusiasts may have spotted her at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Subsequently, she travelled through the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Spanish Virgin Islands in her journey to Tortola. Since arrival, Sea Boss has remained cruising in the famously perfect waters of the BVI and the USVI.

July 2014


The boat accommodates a cosy maximum of six guests in three luxurious cabins with the master suite located on-deck, sporting panoramic views from its wrap-around windows. Possessing a king-size bed with separate head and bathroom, space is the yacht’s conspicuous asset. The second room—the VIP cabin—has an en-suite bathroom with a queen-sized bed, boasting spacious surroundings. With its own bathroom, the alternate guest cabin flaunts the flexibility of either twin beds or their union to form a king-size bed. Facilitating extremely calm travel, Sea Boss tops out at around 24 knots with usual cruising speed at approximately 18 knots. Promoting velocity and indulgent accommodation, the crew have found themselves attracting a healthy American audience for their charters. The boat is equipped with twin Caterpillar C-12 power plants, each producing around 715-hp; a proficient hull design combined with the latest in Caterpillar engineering rewards the vessel with minimal diesel consumption.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

The boat features blissful airconditioning throughout, with a gourmet galley comprised of a dishwasher and sub-zero refrigeration. There is a wine cooler, ice maker, full laundry facilities, dedicated satellite TV in every cabin as well as outdoors, Apple TV, and a movie library of around 500 films. She is also loaded with water-toys, including a ‘floating island’ with its own sound system and coolers. The most ostentatious feature of the boat is the vast fly-bridge, which offers a second dining area, covered lounge segment, sun lounge space, and a second bar. The option between air conditioning and the balmy tropical breeze via Lexan panels is a pleasant finishing amenity. Sea Boss is a refined custombuilt boat, buffed to an exceptional standard. With its attractive access to the water, expansive fly bridge and aft deck areas—usually only found on much larger monohulls—the vessel offers a fast yet gentle ride around these fine islands.

July 2014


SEA Words by Geoffrey Brooks, Curator – Virgin Islands Maritime Museum Photography by Geoff Brooks and WEYC

A 40-year Virgin Islands’ tradition in the Foxy’s Wooden Boat Regatta looked to be on its last legs this year…one of the oldest celebrated events in the

region, but a far cry from the early days.

Over the years, numbers dropped dramatically, mostly due to the fact that there was a scarcity of traditional wooden vessels. On top of this, interest in the event had waned and dulling spirits this year was the fact that two traditional wooden sloops, Sea Moon and Youth Instructor, were left out because there was no crew to race them. The other harsh deterrent was the fact that the regatta was being held on a weekend that was steeped in competition – there was a music festival in the BVI’s Cane Garden Bay, the Poker Run in Virgin Gorda, and Gaming Night in Tortola’s Nanny Cay. Optimism was not high to say the least… These were my thoughts on the afternoon of Friday May 23, 2014, as I found myself on a catamaran sailing from Nanny Cay to Jost Van Dyke for a race and celebration that was painfully expiring. I was travelling along with Martin Van Houten, Commodore of the Loyal West End Yacht Club and Race Captain for the 40th Foxy’s Wooden Boat Regatta which was being held during the next two days.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

Accompanying us was the traditional Tortola sloop Intrepid under tow.

Beginning on Saturday, the event commenced with two races and good

Intrepid is a 20ft classic Virgin Islands sloop, which was acquired for the BVI’s

winds until the middle of the second race when the wind disappeared.

HLSCC just over a year ago through the kind sponsorship of VP Bank. She

Intrepid proved to be no match for Endeavour, the JVD Preservation Society’s

was discovered in St Croix and has a rich and colourful past. We have placed

newly launched sloop, which featured the renowned Foxy himself on-board

her date of construction at 1915, but that is not known for sure –

– she easily beat us in both races.

the builder also remains an enigmatic point. We do know that she was built

Sunday was a different story as the winds picked up and we were able

in the BVI and is a classic local sloop design. Intrepid was our ride for the

to beat Endeavour in the only race of the day. The awards and party were

weekend and we were looking forward to racing her, despite down-trodden

held at Foxy’s that evening with revelry and pleasure in that the event was a

hopes about numbers…that was until we approached Jost Van Dyke’s Great

huge success over the prior year.

Harbour at about 4:30pm. As we entered the moorings, we were surrounded by beautiful classic wooden boats of all sizes and types. It was immediately apparent that

Endeavour took first prize in the Island Sloop class while the Wooden Boat class was won by Dr Robin Tattersall in Diva, his classic 1930 built sloop. In total, there were 20 boats competing which included three

Coral Bay, St John had come out in force to support Foxy and the regatta.

schooners, three Ketches, a cutter rigged sloop, and many other classic

The folks in Coral Bay are true lovers of maritime heritage and traditions,

and racing designs.

and have the largest concentration of traditional wooden boats.

As Martin and I headed back to Tortola on Monday with Intrepid in tow, we

The regatta had four separate classes of boats: there was Wooden, of

were pleasantly satisfied with the weekend’s results and participation. For

course, Island Sloop, Classic Plastic, and a racing class which was part of

all our anxiety, it looks like Foxy’s Wooden Boat Regatta can go for another

the Gosling’s Racing Series of six regattas; Gosling being a major sponsor

40 years. A special thanks to all who came and showed support and to the

of the race.

Coral Bay, St John folks who made it an outstanding regatta.

July 2014



16 yEARS



Words by Stephen L France Photography by Edna S Williams


BVI’s Nanny Cay

will be host to the 16th annual Premier’s Cup International Youth Regatta on July 18 – 20 this year; an event showcasing the amazing sea skills of the younger generation with funds proceeding towards the KATS programme (Kids And The Sea). Speaking to Brian Dobson, director of sailing and organiser of the Premier Cup’s 16th year, we discussed what the event would entail as well as a brief history of the motivations supporting the Premier’s Cup and the challenges faced. Brian explained that this year, the BVI can expect a multitude of diverse admissions from around the Caribbean. “We have teams taking part from Anguilla, Antigua, Bahamas, Cayman, Puerto Rico, USA (Sail Caribbean), St Croix, and Tortola,” he said of this special occasion that promotes the BVI’s inherent interest in the marine world and a sharing of their most coveted activity. Elaborating on what spectators will see at this unique event, he described



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

that, “each team is comprised of a skipper and five crew plus a land based coach. Practice is on the Friday afternoon then dependant on the wind and sea conditions, there should be about five races on Saturday morning, five more in the afternoon and five on the Sunday morning.” Subsequently, Sunday afternoon sees the celebration and prize-giving ceremony by the BVI Premier, the Honourable Dr D. Orlando Smith, OBE. Brian delved into the history of the Premier’s Cup; a past entwined with the KATS programme and its appeal for funding. “The KATS programme commenced in 1990 with the intention of promoting children’s safety around and in the sea,” he said. “It opens up recreational use of the sea to the BVI’s youth and exposes them to careers in the marine industries,” he continued. Offering sea and watersports skills of all types, the courses are run for the entire year, endeavouring to fulfil this noble mission. The concept of the Premier’s Cup International Youth Regatta evolved from an event started in St Thomas by the Rotary Club of St Thomas II called The Governor’s Cup Regatta in the early 90s. The Governor’s Cup was an offshoot of the KATS initiative started by Ron Sherwood, Natalie Peters and Dr Ted Cummins and sponsored bythe Rotary Club of St T homas II in 1987, following the tragic drowning of three boy-scouts on a camping expedition. Overcoming the obstacles of natural hazards and scheduling challenges, the regatta evolved from a one-day event to an occasion featuring eight teams from St Thomas to Trinidad by July 1999 – it was the first youth team regatta in the Caribbean. The only cost to participate was and is travel to Tortola.

July 2014


The teams sailed J24’s donated by boat owners throughout the Virgin Islands though this has changed to IC24’s also generously given. The event forged friendships and held success in its mission of unifying Caribbean islands; following, it has progressed to celebrate 15 years in its achievement. The name change in 2009 to the Premier’s Cup—with a change in the BVI Constitution—did not alter the goals or nature of the event. Brian explained that the harshest difficulty faced has been the ability for invited teams to source funding to cover their travel costs to the BVI. For teams and individuals having those financial challenges, we look to

their local Rotary chapters to assist in supporting participant’s travel costs. Here in the BVI, KATS remains extremely thankful to the many Premier’s Cup sponsors we have had over the event’s 16 year tenure. Sponsorship of the Premier’s Cup provides for operation of the KATS swimming, sea skills, sailing and scuba programmes. This year’s Platinum sponsors are Digicel and Nanny Cay and Gold sponsors are NAGICO, The Moorings and The Rotary Club of Road Town. Additionally the Premier’s Cup has several Silver and many Bronze sponsors that help make all the KATS programmes possible.

PRICES Back-UPS 350VA Back-UPS 550VA Back-UPS 750VA Back-UPS Pro 1000VA AVR Back-UPS Pro 1500VA AVR Smart UPS 1000VA Smart UPS 1500VA Smart UPS 2200VA

UPS & Surge suppression products for residences.

Limited 3 year warranty included




$69.00 $89.00 $139.00 $199.00 $299.00 $523.00 $664.00 $1069.00

Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

Words and photography by Megan Schlobohm, Chef – SV Lolalita

Life is all about ‘angles,’ and everything has one – even rounded beach balls and beautiful, ripe mangoes. In the magical meaning of ‘angles’ or perhaps a more accurate synonym would be ‘perspectives’, the enchantment of seeing the Virgin Islands From Sea Level is truly captured where the water offers all manner of wondrous views. Everything looks different from the waterline and with an assortment of views for entertainment, the beauty of angles can be fully relished. After it’s all said and done, just before that bright, floating globe passes over the horizon, I enjoy an ‘angle’ based snack in a triangle baked to a crisp, filled with a delicious, mouth-watering filling – you know what I’m talking about, right? Our Summer Samosas for an appetiser are great. For a healthier, lighter twist, I bake these geometric delights instead of frying them as is often the tradition. I hope you’ll enjoy these from your corner of the world and they enlighten your perspective.

1 package phyllo dough 1TBSP coconut oil 8oz uncooked chicken breast, diced small ½ lime, juiced ¼ cup coconut milk 2 medium potatoes, diced small 3 large carrots, peeled and shredded 1 medium onion, diced small 1 5oz. tin water chestnuts, drained, diced small 1 TBSP fresh ginger, grated 1 TSP fresh garlic, crushed and minced 2 TBSP Madras curry Salt and Pepper 2 sprigs green onion, diced small A handful of cilantro, chopped small ½ stick butter, melted

July 2014


1 jar guava jelly 1 can chipotle peppers in adobo sauce • Open the phyllo dough and let flatten out • In a wok, heat the coconut oil and sauté chicken (other meats work too, or no meat at all – add peas for a vegetarian version) • Add in coconut milk, lime juice, potatoes, carrots, onions, water chestnuts, ginger, and garlic • Add Madras curry powder, salt and pepper to taste. For some sweetness, add a tablespoon of cream of coconut • Turn off heat and toss in green onion and cilantro. Set this aside to cool slightly and turn on the oven to 350ºF • Empty contents of guava jelly into a small mixing bowl. Finely chop 2-4 chipotle peppers (the more the spicier) and mix with guava jelly. This can be made in advance and used for many other dishes • On a flat surface, place one sheet of phyllo dough and brush with butter. Place another sheet on top and repeat – up to 8 sheets • Cut phyllo dough into long strips, 3 inches wide. Place a heaping spoonful of the Samosa mixture at the far end of the strip with about an inch around the top and sides. Fold a corner of the dough over the samosa mixture at an angle, making a triangle shape at the top, and continue to

fold the samosas down, keeping a triangle shape, until all the dough has been folded • Brush both sides with butter and place on a cookie sheet. Once all samosas are ready, bake until golden brown • Garnish with fresh cilantro and serve warm with the Guava Chipotle sauce Buen provecho from Lolalita

Cantina Road Town’s Mexican Bar & Grill 494-8140 Road Reef Marina



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A Day of Discovery with the Service You Want

Take a day to discover the British Virgin Islands from the deck of a private yacht. Experience a Day Sail with The Moorings where you can island hop with a professional skipper or even indulge in a full crew. You’ll find the freedom to swim, snorkel or simply soak in the sun while surrounded by crystalline waters. Escape for the day and discover a new way to see the BVI.

on the water


Call (284) 393.2417 visit or email

July 2014


The time has come…and a little earlier than usual as this year we introduce nominations. If you’re not familiar, the VIPY’s Readers’ Choice Awards provides an opportunity for the BVI community and its visitors to vote and celebrate the top people, places and services in a number of categories. With our 4th annual award ceremony falling in October of this year, we are offering you the chance to nominate those great individuals, locations or businesses who have contributed to making your experience and life that much better by their remarkable efforts. The deadline for nominations is July 31 2014 and yes, you can nominate yourself. Pending numbers for each category, we will release the results on August 1st online at Then the VOTING WILL COMMENCE from August up until our event in October when we unveil the winners. Email: with your nominations in as many of the 31 categories as you would like or message us on Facebook:

Alternatively, you can visit our office: aLookingGlass, Road Reef Plaza, Tortola, VG1110, BVI and deliver your nominations. Thanks very much and happy nominating.

ards la st ye ars aw w in ne rs fro m Se le ct io n of



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

NOMINATION CATEGORIES Best British Virgin Island Best BVI Neighbourhood to Live Best BVI Sunset Lookout Establishment Best BVI Historical Hotspot Best BVI Vacation Rental Best BVI Resort/Hotel Best BVI Architectural Firm Best BVI Real Estate Agency Best BVI Spa Best BVI Landscape Establishment Best BVI Pool Best BVI Marina Best BVI Beach Establishment Best BVI Sailor Best BVI Watersports Establishment Best BVI Regatta Best BVI Sailing School Best BVI Dive Shop Best BVI Yacht Brokerage Best BVI Day Sail Best BVI Charter Company Best BVI Provisioning Store Best BVI Restaurant Best BVI Home Accessories Retailer Best BVI Full Moon Party Best BVI Live Music Venue Best BVI Artist Best BVI Late-Night Hotspot Best BVI Car Rental Best BVI Bartender Best Airline Flying into the BVI

July 2014


LI F E Words by Kim Huish, Manager – Northcoast Ltd Photography by David Thomas

he BVI is getting ready to welcome the 3rd leg of the Caribbean RC Boat Championship, with racers entering from the USVI, Puerto Rico and Florida. These little boats are big on power and excitement, often getting in excess of 60mph, granting thrills and spills. This is the first year for the international 4-race series which started in St Croix in April and moved to Puerto Rico in June. The BVI event is being held at Brandywine Bay August 8 - 10 coinciding with the BVI Emancipation Festival and it concludes in St John in the fall. RC Boat Racing has been a feature of weekends in the BVI for many years. Encouraging a large following in the USVI and on the US mainland, it is a special mix of high octane, high tech excitement combined with a more relaxed and some might say ‘traditional’ set of values harkening back to simpler times.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

“It’s not about who has the most expensive boat, or the fastest either,” said David Thomas, the President of the BVI Chapter of NAMBA (North American Model Boat Association). “This sport is all about team spirit and camaraderie. During race prep, everyone works together lending each other whatever is needed ranging from spark plugs and Allen wrenches to a motor. Once the race starts though, it is on. Then it’s about passion, driving skill and of course, a little bit of luck.” A regular Sunday afternoon at Brandywine Bay is pretty informal – a time for fine tuning and maybe a grudge match or two. Spectators will witness friends of all ages, learning about engines and fuel mixes, or just chilling with their families as everyone is welcome to join in. The upcoming August meet is more serious though and things will definitely be nail-biting for the competitors as the scores from previous events are combined with this one to determine who will be top dog in the Caribbean RC Boat Championship for 2014.

The rules are simple – there are between 4 – 8 boats to a race. Each race has six laps. Each boat competes in four races – the high score wins. There are points for the top six places and penalties for missing the course markers. Additionally, there are multiple classes; Mono-hulls, Cats, twin engines etc. There will be scores posted so spectators can keep track of their fanfavourites, and with race announcers on the microphones, viewers won’t need to be experts to enjoy the competition. The event will of course feature lots of extras, including world class food from local Chef Imran Ashton and music from DJ Dre, so for a mix of BVI culture and socialising, this is one for the calendar.

July 2014



OBM International T 284.494.2148


BVI PG APR 2012 - Brooks.indd 1


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OBMINEWS.COM 3/8/2012 12:58:41 PM

Create that Zen-like ambiance with our perfectly realistic silk orchids and plants – no green thumb needed!Â

By Kate Henderson and Fran Morrell, House

Starfish and shells create a beach house feel that is universally soothing

Indulge your senses with these beautiful fragranced oil diffusers

Nothing says relaxing and comforting like luxurious bedding. Our bamboo and cotton sheets are sumptuously soft, and stay cool even in the height of tropical summer

Bring the luxury spa into your bathroom with our deluxe Egyptian cotton towels

Located on Wickhams Cay 2, Tortola, British Virgin Islands (284) 494 1920 I A fabulous collection of furniture and decorative accessories for inside and outside the house.

July 2014


LI F E The Beginning of Something New Words by Stephen L France Photography courtesy of Sail Caribbean Divers



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

There is great shame in the following confession – shame that is only forgivable with my current enthusiasm... Relocating from London, I’ve lived in the BVI for four years, reaching five by November. It would be assumed that I’ve experienced most of the BVI’s unique opportunities – visited all the beaches, sailed to all the islands, snorkelled in all the hotspots, and dived in the famous locations… I haven’t. In fact, I haven’t spent nearly sufficient time to say I’ve enjoyed the attractions that make the BVI the renowned vacation haven it has become. When expats arrive in the BVI, the usual protocol is pursuit of these island-specific activities, following their curiosity and desire to relish the new adventures on offer. The point is, when you come from a colder climate where your rivers and oceans are likely to leave you with a debilitating illness from full immersion, it is wise to take advantage of a tropical Caribbean environment and everything that comes with that. With summer being a quieter period, this is the ideal time to embark on this mission and so I recently opted to join Sail Caribbean Divers to observe a diving excursion and get in a little snorkelling—residents reading this will quite rightly think “big deal”, but this would be my second time snorkelling – I reiterate my admission of shame.

As we dropped anchor at our destination, I was soaked in the enticing enthusiasm of the divers as they suited up, listened to the briefing from the Sail Caribbean Divers instructor, and then jumped into the water. A boat full of energised, fervent conversation became a lowly, solitary vessel at sea. With a plethora of bubbles floating up to the surface where the divers were enjoying fantastical sights down below – things I’ve only seen in amazing photography and video – I couldn’t help but think of the sea creatures underneath. I look at a lobster and I’m transported to dining in a pleasant restaurant, but simultaneously, I also see great inspiration for an award-winning alien film. Diving also conjures images of ‘that scene’ with Samuel L Jackson in 1999 Sci-Fi horror Deep Blue Sea. This apprehension is incapacitating and is probably the single ridiculous reason why I’ve been missing out on a visually stunning world worthy of exploration. It was with mild trepidation, that I made my ‘sorry’ jump into the water to do a little snorkelling—my second time ever in over four years—and what incredible sights. Of course, it was a spec on what the divers had seen down below. When they returned, the boat reanimated with jokes and laughter from the visuals down under and I was infected further with eagerness to dive. To boost my desire, I interviewed Course Director Mike Rowe of Sail Caribbean Divers. Mike explained that films and TV have not been the most positive PR for the ocean.

July 2014


“Sea animals and fish are frequently the victims of negative publicity…” he said. “Marine animal behaviour can appear threatening to divers who do not understand the purpose behind the behaviour. Many sea animals are completely docile but just look scary. As I tell new divers, don’t try to pull eels out of their holes, poke the lobsters, or…ride the stingrays.” Another aspect that caught my interest was the difference between day and night dives to which Mike explained: “Night dives can be some of the most unusual and beautiful dives you will ever experience. The biggest difference between day and night diving is at night you only see what your light illuminates…your dive light focuses your attention in a small area and encourages you to see things you would have otherwise missed. You may overlook the shrimp on the gorgonian during the day since you may be overwhelmed with the expansive reef, but at night you focus on a smaller part of the reef…at night your dive light brings reds and oranges to the party, and colours at night seem much more vivid. Then there are the nocturnal creatures, basket stars open up and feed only at night, as do many corals. Octopuses leave the safety of their dens to hunt at night along with eels, certain fish, and a multitude of lobster.” Overall, I think Mike’s conclusion highlights one of the most attractive aspects about diving, quoting Sir David Attenborough, the famed English broadcaster and Naturalist: “’I can mention many moments that were unforgettable and revelatory,’ he says. ‘But the most single revelatory three minutes was the first time I put on scuba gear and dived on a coral reef. It’s just the unbelievable fact that you can move in three dimensions. That minute, when you suddenly move your weight, do that with your fin and know you’re going to move off. Suddenly, there are all these extraordinary creatures – wonderful shrimps or shoals of triggerfish or the looming shape of a shark. It’s an individual communion. That’s really revelatory and it’s part of our world.’” The following are three popular snorkel sites in the BVI from Sail Caribbean Divers – here, it is expected that you’ll see incredible underwater displays and serves as inspiration for diving: 3 Popular Snorkel Sites in the BVI from Sail Caribbean Divers SALT ISLAND Stern section of RMS Rhone - Southern end, near Black Rock COOPER ISLAND Cistern Point - West of Manchioneel Bay (Francis Drake Channel side). NORMAN ISLAND (Inspired ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson). The Caves - Treasure Point



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July 2014


An Exquisite Dining Experience 46


Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

There is no establishment in the British Virgin Islands quite like CocoMaya in Virgin Gorda, that reached its second anniversary on June 1 this year. Great food, amazing service and an unrivalled ambiance in its exotic, Balinese feel, shapes the idyllic setting for a serene evening or lively socialising. Breezing in through the entrance, a panoramic view of the Sir Francis Drake Channel, the white sand beach, the tropical palms and foliage, and the majestic fire pit breathe a sophisticated yet chilled atmosphere. Serving Latin and Asian fusion dishes and specialising in tapas and sushi, live entertainment accompanies the relaxed atmosphere that has gained phenomenal popularity. The special chef’s tasting menus can be enjoyed in the restaurant or out on the beach. Swing seats at the bar and lounging by the fire pit add a personal, homely touch to the high-end restaurant, radiating its smooth groove and tropical alfresco culture.

Entertainment Daily Happy Hour Specials from 3pm – 6pm keep the cool, luxurious restaurant buzzing. Every Wednesday night from 7:30pm - 10pm welcomes talented singer/musician and local favourite Oren Hodge, presenting soothing sounds of acoustic guitar with reggae and modern pop. Great for live dinner music and/or a cocktail party atmosphere, he plays the likes of Coldplay, Bob Marley and his own works, enriching the tranquil mood. Every Friday night a featured DJ plays around 9:30pm until late with a fun beach party vibe, dancing in the sand at the waterfront, hanging out around the fire pit, and loungers on the bay under the stars. Once a month, the restaurant has an unforgettable themed full moon party with the best view of the glowing globe in the night sky. Now taking bookings for Christmas parties as well as events, corporate functions and private parties

Opening Hours and Travel Summer Hours: 3pm-10pm for dinner and late for the bar Every Night: 10pm Speedy’s ferry to Trellis Bay Wednesday and Saturday Nights: 10:30pm Speedy’s ferry to Roadtown – GET $5.00 OFF per person when stating that you’re dining at CocoMaya

Cocomaya Restaurant – Bar – Lounge – Beach +1 284 495-6344

*(call in advance to book the chef’s tasting menu)

July 2014



Retro, Recycled & Repurposed Electric



Specialising in electric and non-electric lamps, lanterns, pendants, chandeliers, sconce and solar including solar Christmas lights. We can also source, design, and/or create custom lighting with you for your home or business.

Stockist for Color Cord Company.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

Located in Wickham’s Cay 2 behind House and HIHO Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-5 Saturday 10-1 Closed Sunday/Monday +1 284-494-9151 Facebook - nutmegdesignsbvi Email: 

Reader Prize

I’m th e the w king of orld –


Your chance to WIN a room make-over valued at $1000

With Nutmeg Design’s Room for Improvement

• Free consultation with winner • Non-structural make over on a room of your choice to the amount of $1,000 • Room of your choice including but not limited to: closet, dining, living, bathroom, bedroom, office, garden, etc.

• Redesign will use but is not limited to paint, linens, accents, furniture, lighting, artwork, floral/greens/plants, etc. • Winner keeps the furnishings/accents used in their Room For Improvement project

Nutmeg Designs is the only sustainable goods shop in the British Virgin Islands with products and lines fitting the modern eco-conscious lifestyle.

For more, contact or telephone +284-494-9151/ +284-541-2663

To enter the draw and/or see Terms and Conditions,

visit Prize draw closes on August 31 2014

July 2014




all the iencing r e p x e r and e is to offe ing her e v iv l a h f s o and reat Part s the isl ve the g t o a b e a r g t in an you unique like fly egion. C othing r n e h is t e f r the nery o he BVI? nd gree ions in t t a c o ocean a l he t! ch of t s the lo guess ea an gues c u o y wine if tles of t o b o w Win t to: nswers a il a m E




ookin vipy@al

he within t must be s r e e iv n e Win o rec 14 lands t y 31 20 Virgin Is lose Jul c e iz r their p



r u o





ten nine eight en e t thir

twelve Antilles Helicopter Services Ltd


Phone (BVI): +1 284 441 7335 / +1 284 499 0545 Phone (St Maarten):+1 599 5808408


Email / Email

July 2014



l works YEP’s wonderfu

of ar t created fro

m ‘trash’

Words by Charlotte McDevitt, Executive Director –

Photography by Anya Brewley Schultheiss and YEP

A Pallet Garden The summer holidays are coming-

a great time to engage creative projects at home with the children in the BVI. Here are some ideas of functional items you can create, using what’s around you that will not break the bank.

Perfect for a wall or space that needs some life and colour

CHAIR-ity Prepare for Green VI’s 4th annual CHAIR-ity event held each October, designing and building chairs out of recycled materials that you find. Organised by Nutmeg Designs, a sustainable home-goods store at Wickham’s Cay ll, this is a fun way to explore your creativity and to discover the value in what gets thrown away daily. Build your own as an individual or group. This year, corporates are challenged to enter as well. For more information and/or to get an entry form, please email prettierplanet@ or visit/call Nutmeg Designs 494-9151

Pallet Furniture

Create your own furniture to use at home or to enter into the CHAIR-ity event BVI Killi Killi Arts Company has assisted with making some for the BVI library that is currently undergoing a ‘green’ makeover.

Water Cans

Tyre Garden Use old tyres to create a garden The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP ) in East End have created these colourful tyre gardens to liven up their space

No need to buy watering cans – simply make your own by using an old detergent bottle. Drill holes in the lid and one on the handle to allow for airflow.

Accessories Make your own bags and jewellery from old clothing, fabric remnants, soda can tabs or anything else that may have an alternate use

Tyre Swings/ Playground Instead of importing playground equipment, make your own for hours of fun

Memory Quilt Use all of the children’s clothes that you cannot bring yourself to throw away because of the memories they hold. Make a memory quilt for a lasting treasure and keepsake. For further ideas on how to morph ‘trash to treasure’, search online. The creativity is endless!

Composting An alternative to discarding your vegetable peels and garden cuttings is composting them. Look online to see what system would suit you best. Use that compost to create your own vegetable and herb garden

Tell Us YourThoughts! Liked a certain article? Didn’t agree with a specific opinion? Write Us – the WINNING letter will be published at the beginning of every month with the writer receiving TWO BOTTLES OF WINE. Winners must be within the Virgin Islands Contact:



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“We understand the true value of a home in the Islands”

AQUAMARE M A N G O B AY $18,500,000 Three 8,000sqft beachfront Villas. Setting a new standard for luxury in the BVI




BVI’s signature Villa is for sale. 19 room custom beachfront 5 beds, 2 acres, private dock, home. No other BVI home helipad. Complete privacy finished to this standard.



Waterfront new build, 3 bed- 1.5 acres beachfront, newly rooms, beautiful North Shore renovated, 4 bed, pool, best island and ocean views sunset views in the entire BVI!

Under $1m

S A I LO R ’ S R E T R E AT TOWERS $980,000 Immaculate 3 bed villa in private, gated estate. Views simply breathtaking!

RAKU C R O O K B AY $5,500,000

BREEZEHAVEN $895,000 Two 3 bed homes with pool for the price of one! Outstanding views at Havers.


$2,500,000 Smuggler’s Cove, Jost Van Dyke & Sopers Hole. views. Refined detailing, complete privacy. 3 bed, pool, studio

THE RICE HOUSE $650,000 Delightful island cottage on Spyglass Hill. 3 beds, pool, great neighbourhood.

LAVIDA N A I L B AY $4,000,000


New build contemporary 5 bedroom home on the beach with large infinity pool.

Spectacular hilltop home overlooking Brewers Bay. Highest quality finishes throughout.


A N ATO L A L I T T L E B AY $1,600,000

Adjacent to The Baths National Park. 4 bedrooms, pool. great luxury vacation rental villa.

Delightful 4 bed home, short stroll from Tortola’s most romantic beach.


PA R K V I E W $600,000 Affordable 3 bed with pool at Romney Park. Easy living with generator, shutters etc

THE HANDSOME BEACH HOUSE $480,000 A delightful 2 bed cottage right on the beach at Handsome Bay. Calling out to be expanded!

Low Energy Home H a w k ’s N e s t , To r t o l a $ 1 . 6 m Delightful 3 bed hillside home with pool providing simply breathtaking views of 14 islands including Virgin Gorda, Great Camanoe, Anegada and Guana. Power supplemented by wind and solar. Green living in some style!

R E A L E S TAT E B V I (284) 495 3000 Visit our offices at Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, or Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda July 2014


Luxury Villa Rentals

Local Expertise

Global Exposure


L o c a t e d i n L o n g B ay R e s o r t , comprises three self-contained levels which can be rented together or separately. Ideal for families and groups or couples. Overlooking the beach - an easy walk away.

Villa from $290 per night


CAptain’s House is deser vedly popular. Well laid out with two kingsize bedrooms in separate pavilions, it is beautifully designed to offer space, privacy and wondrous views over the ocean.

Villa from $308 per night



Villa from $1800 per night

Villa from $270 per night

STAY AMONGST THE STARS … Glorious views of the heavens from the observatory terrace. Five bedrooms, sleeps 10 in exquisite comfort. Largest private pool in the BVI - 80 ft infinity pool with hot tub and ‘Margarita seat’ - most perfect place on the planet to enjoy a sundowner. The ideal vacation escape.


home invites cool breezes and ample air flow into every room. Large doors open wide to fresh, flora-infused breezes, circulating through the main bedroom and tunneling through the living room.

Villa from $450 per night


The charm and beauty of this villa, with pleasing decoration, antiquities and original Caribbean artwork ease the senses, making St. Bernard’s Hill a re l a x i n g a n d p e r f e c t v a c a t i o n destination.

Villa from $3928 per night

Maritha Keil (Broker) m: 284.340.5500 e:

Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated


Located at the southern tip of Virgin Gorda above the Baths, famous for its dramatic boulders also incorporated into Toad Hall. 3-bed, 4-bath on 5.5 acres of mature landscaping with a footpath to the beach

Villa from $336 per night


Just 42-feet above the beach, with stunning 180-degree views over the Caribbean Sea and neighboring islands, Bayhouse was designed mixing classical Caribbean elements and modern, contemporary style.

Villa from $700 per night

Carol Olympitis & Kim Huish (Vacation Villa Specialists) t: 284.494.5700 e:

Traditional pastel Caribbean colours enhance this very charming house. 3-bed, 4-bath with impeccable attention to detail, it has a light and airy feel, while maintaining its structural integrity. This unique home offers amazing views, sunrises and sunsets. Serene and calming, beautiful landscaping, cooling breezes that relax and refresh.


Locate high above The white sand beaches of Cane Garden Bay and the aquamarine waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Mango Manor is the ideal getaway providing the ultimate in luxury vacations.

Villa from $3750 per night


Splendid panoramas, sumptuous seclusion and close to white sand beaches. Offering a unique blend of luxury and natural beauty, a perfect place for a family vacation, or a romantic retreat.

Villa from $1600 per night

General Enquiries

Mill Mall. PO Box 188 Road Town, Tortola,VG1110 |

Exquisite Properties For Sale

Local Expertise

Global Exposure


Antique furniture, objets d'art from around the world in 4-bed, 4-bath home w/pool. Kitchen with granite counters and wonderful view over Smuggler’s Cove. Custom made carvings, orchid arbour and gazebo.



O ve r l o o k i n g S p r i n g B ay o n approximately 1 acre. Next to The Baths and just moments away from the beach, marina and restaurants. Exceedingly rare opportunity to own property in this exclusive area.






4-bed, 4-! bath villa in Shannon estate with spectacular views of Jost van Dyke. Central location, about 1000 ft above sea level, benefitting from cooler temperatures. Split-level great-room, gourmet kitchen, living and dining areas all opening up to swimming pool terrace. Beautiful and mature landscaped gardens. 1-bed guest cottage.


Long Bay, spectacular sandy beach, magnificent ocean views and sunsets. Two levels: lower level has open plan kitchen/dining/living area and covered deck; upstairs master bedroom suite with kitchenette.



2-bed, 2-1/2 bath, 2 kitchens, and 2 outdoor dining areas. A replica of historic sugar mill and next to ruins of a 19th Century sugar plantation. Two separate pools, including a roof top pool with a 360-degree views.


Maritha Keil (Broker) m: 284.340.5500 e:

Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated


Four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an office, garage and workshop with a swimming pool, all set on over 2 acres of beautiful landscaping. The house has been continually upgraded and maintained.



Large family home or intimate guest house with 5 en-suite air-conditioned bedrooms, office, and 1 self-contained apartment. Breezy and popular location. Magnificent view of Sir Francis Drake’s Channel.


Carol Olympitis & Kim Huish (Vacation Villa Specialists) t: 284.494.5700 e:

4500 sq ft home, 3 living rooms, travertine floors, top of the line kitchen and bath appointments - three complete granite kitchens - and designer lighting throughout. 270 degree views of Great Harbor, Tortola, St John, and surrounding islands. Large hillside lot, very private but only 5 mins walk to town and beaches.


2-bed villa overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with views of Great Camanoe and Tortola. Approx. 3,100 sq. ft. with two multi-level pods connected by a entry foyer. Two master suites, each with separate sitting area.



Two 2.1 acre lots on Great Camanoe with sunset/sunrise views and access to the private marina and tennis court. A marina slip comes with each lot. Residential estate with two small beaches close by.

US$495,000 per lot

General Enquiries

Mill Mall. PO Box 188 Road Town, Tortola,VG1110 |

2010 Winner, “Best Vacation Experience.” –Fodor’s Gold Choice Award

SOL Y SOMBRA Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

US$8 Million This spectacular beachfront villa boasts four beautifully decorated air-conditioned suites, each furnished with custom-made teak furniture. Outside amenities include an ocean-front infinity pool and lit tennis court, bound within lush tropical gardens. Inside, take advantage of a European-style kitchen, private movie theater, daily maid service and state-of-the-art gym. An in-villa cook is available upon request.

Smiths Gore Limited : : British Virgin Islands

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Distinctly Refined. Exceptionally Rare. Consciously Preserved. On the secluded eastern tip of Virgin Gorda lies a place where life is spent in perfect harmony with the ocean tides. Here, spread across 300 pristine acres, Oil Nut Bay offers freehold legacy ownership opportunities and unparalleled resort experiences in a setting where attention to detail and casual elegance abound. Contact us to schedule a personalized visit or to arrange resort reservations. Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands


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Virgin Islands Property & Yacht - July 2014  

Editor - Stephen L France

Virgin Islands Property & Yacht - July 2014  

Editor - Stephen L France