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Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was fully God.


Dear friend, in your hands is our annual report for 2017, filled with stories of hope. Stories of what is possible if a few people take the simple step of saying “send me to the world, with what I have, to make a difference in the lives of others�. Thirteen years have passed since the idea for this difference-making organisation was born. Hopefully this report will inspire you to also start something worthwhile that could positively impact the lives of others. Perhaps it will convince you to simply join us in future and to bring your energy, resources and uniqueness to our team, so that our efforts could be multiplied. Thank you for taking the time to read it!

We would like to extend a big thank you to a young man called Alvin Chiweshe who designed this year’s report for us. He is a freelancer who has just started his graphic design career. Watch this space! This man is going places! See his contact details at the back of the report.


.” To be recognised as a world-class generator and responsible distributor of funds to organisations working with children in need.

We fight for the needs of the children of South Africa. We do this through the generation of funds by hosting world-class sports events and enabling athletes in various distance covering events to raise funds for our cause. We distribute the funds raised through a well managed and responsible process to make sure the money makes a difference, where it is really needed. Where children were hurt, we enable healing. Where they have experienced fear, we ensure safety. Where they need knowledge, we ensure quality education. We are giving children a chance to become adults who will contribute constructively to the future of South Africa and its people. Hence the words of our motto: “Children in need is our passion in deed.”


A Word from our CHAIRMAN


Dear friend of Distance for Difference (D4D), Yet another year has sped past us in the blink of an eye. Nowhere could I have seen it more clearly, than in the wonderous development of my “laatlammetjie”, Simoné, who is playing around my feet as I write this report. Now already 14 months old and for the first time hitting double digits on the scale, I stand amazed by the glorious wonder of a young life going through the rapid stages of development. Indeed a privilege to experience this at my age. Looking back over 2017, I am similarly astounded by what team D4D has achieved this year. In our thirteenth and biggest year of making a difference yet, we paid out more than R510,000 through two fundraisers. With this we blessed eighteen different beneficiaries, impacting the lives of many children. This year’s first fundraising initiative, the Cape Town Cycle Tour, literary and figuratively blew us away. Although the race was cancelled due to very high wind speeds making the event unsafe for the cyclists, the 50 D4D cyclists still managed to raise close to R95,000. All that money without cycling a single kilometre. The D4D Board was simply stunned by the generosity of all those who pledged funds before the race and who then decided to not withdraw those pledges, when the event was cancelled. It truly touched us all. Fast forward to October, when we hosted the third THE500 at the NH The Lord Charles Hotel, in Somerset West. It was the toughest THE500 to date, with the last 50 km lap of the 500 km event cancelled due to unsafe road conditions, due to very welcome rain in the drought stricken Western Cape. That following a night, when the cyclists had to battle very high winds and dusty road conditions on Lourensford Wine Estate. At the hotel itself, it was the inspiring people on the spinning bikes, seven of them spinning the full 24 hours, that kept everyone going. The 2017 THE500 became our single biggest fundraising event ever - R640,000 was raised! It was the sixth American President, John Quincy Adams, who famously said: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” I’ve witnessed amazing leadership during 2017 and particularly during THE500. Individuals stepping up and leading others to dream bigger and do much more than we could have ever imagined! I salute you all! As with previous years, the truly lasting highlights were undoubtedly the times when we experienced the gratefulness, joy, excitement and the tears when announcing financial support to our beneficiaries.

Other times we could witness the real difference these finances make to the children. Churchill’s quote rings so true: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Looking ahead to the rest of 2018, I am optimistic that the positiveness we are currently experiencing as a result of the change in our country’s leadership, will be carried forward in the differences we make. Quoting Hugh Masekela (South African trumpeter, singer and songwriter who died early in 2018) in his first SONA, our new president Cyril Ramaphosa enspired us with these words: "I want to lend a hand for the victims of violence and abuse. Send me." Let us all follow his example and say "send me." May all of us ask ourselves how we can use what we’ve been blessed with, whether it is time, experience, special skills, athletic ability, wisdom or simply a caring heart, to bless those around us. As a child of God, who has received everlasting life through the death of his son, Jesus Christ and so many other blessings in my own life, I will continue to ask Him to send me to where I’m needed and to give me the courage to take the necessary steps towards those destinations. We hope to see many of you at our second Gratitude Run in October. Please follow us on social media to keep up to date with all the news and stories or simply check in on our website every now and again. I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you, who in big and small ways were part of an unforgettable 2017. (Visit the “Acknowledgements” section in this report where we acknowledge a few very special people). Thank you for all the hours of training for events, asking others for sponsorships, attending meetings and organising events. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, was part of our success as difference makers. Together we form a formidable team! In conclusion, I want to thank my Heavenly Father for the guidance He gave to me and the rest of the D4D team during 2017. Without Him, nothing of this would have been possible. With Him, the impossible, becomes possible! Thank you, Lord, for giving us all a platform to serve others. Thank you for multiplying our efforts to outcomes far, far bigger than what we could ever have dreamed or imagined!

Soli Deo Gloria Stéphan Pieterse


What did you do after Matric?

I completed my B.Eng. (Mechanical) degree at Stellenbosch University in 1995.

What is your day job?

After a 12-year engineering career I made a career change and for the last 10 years I've worked towards becoming an Organisational Development (OD) Specialist. In a nutshell, OD is about ensuring humanity in the workplace and helping employees to unlock their full potential. I work for an amazing company, Pragma, a leader in the field of Professional Enterprise Asset Management Services.

When did you join D4D?

I started D4D in 2005 (then called "Running for their lives").

Why are you involved with D4D?

D4D was established in reaction to the devastating scenes of the Asian Tsunami of 26 December 2004. That event moved me to ask the question: "What can I do to make a difference in this world?" Through running I could raise funds and make a small difference. Being a director of D4D makes me responsible for handling the funds being channelled through us to children in need, with wisdom, integrity and accountability. For me D4D is a vehicle through which I can serve others.

Tell us more about your family?

I married the most amazing woman, Yolanda, in 1998. We have three beautiful daughters, Caro, Karla and Simoné. We are privileged to home-school our daughters.

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

I was privileged to complete three consecutive and life changing Comrades Marathons in 2008-2010. In November 2015 I started a daily minimum 5 km running challenge and at the time of this report I completed my 850th consecutive day of running an average of 5.8 km/day. I’ve completed 15,000 km since I started running in 2002. I’ve completed 10 Cape Town (Argus) Cycle Tours, but perhaps it’s time to swop the road bike for a MTB... I feel a bit left out these days.

What are your future dreams for D4D?

D4D's first decade was one in which I realised how little I can do alone and how much can be achieved as a team. My dream is for us to make it possible for more people and organisations to use D4D as a platform for making a difference; for them to use us as a responsible distributor of donated funds, ensuring that their money gets to where it is really needed and it is utilised with integrity and accountability. One last thing and one of my life lessons: "Live a life of significance, but make sure it starts at home."

a difference “What can Iindothisto make world?


What did you do after Matric?

I studied B.Eng. (Mechanical) and later did a MBA, both at the University of Stellenbosch.

What is your day job? CEO, Du Toit Vrugte Ceres

When did you join D4D? 2011

Why are you involved with D4D?

I know Stéphan from varsity days and believe in the cause and values of D4D. I want to serve and support D4D where I can to eventually contribute in making the difference.

Tell us more about your family?

Amazing, awesome and very active... Wife, Elsmarie and three kids: Karli, Johann and Willan.

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

Used to play rugby. Nowadays, I spend time in the mountains on my bike. I love stage races and completed the Cape Epic (3), Wines 2 Whales (6), Sani 2 C (1), Dr Evil Classic (1) and the Swazi Frontier (2). I've also completed THE500 in 2013 and 2015.

What are your future dreams for D4D?

To grow the difference! To be recognized as a difference maker!

What did you do after Matric?

I did a National Diploma in Food Service Management at the Cape Technikon's Hotel School in Granger Bay.

What is your day job?

I homeschool our daughters and manage our household.

When did you join D4D? 2005

Why are you involved with D4D?

I see it as a wonderful opportunity to support my husband, Stéphan, in this worthwhile cause and to obey God's command in James 1:27: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

Tell us more about your family?

I have been married to my hero, Stéphan, for almost 20 years. We were blessed with three beautiful daughters: Caro, Karla and Simoné.

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

I have completed two half marathons, the Winelands and Two Oceans, which was a huge accomplishment for me. These days I have to resort to walking, seeing that I'm battling with knee problems. Hopefully I can start running again soon.

What are your future dreams for D4D?

My first dream for D4D is that we will be able to glorify God through everything that we do and that God will use humble and ordinary people to do what He guides us to do. Secondary to that, I dream of the day when Stéphan and I can be involved in D4D on a full time basis.


board of directors

What did you do after Matric?

I studied B.Sc. (Human Movement Studies) at Stellenbosch University. I did not complete my studies.

What is your day job?

Superintendent at Gordon’s Bay Waste Water Treatment Works of The City of Cape Town.

When did you join D4D? 2007

Why are you involved with D4D?

Emile Kotze

I enjoy doing distance events and combining it with attending to the needs of children, is a privilege and something I feel I can do to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ while I am still on earth.

Tell us more about your family?

I am married to my wife Ilse. I also have a son, Daniël, from a previous marriage.

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

What are your future dreams for D4D?

I pray that the Lord will guide us to where He wants us to go, but my dream is that we will be a channel through which money flows to children in need, to uplift their dignity and self-esteem. We should have a positive impact on society, but most importantly, the Kingdom of God.

“It is a privilege and something I feel

I can do to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ while I am still on earth.


Superintendent – CoCT

Road running, cycling and hiking. 10 Winelands Marathons, 9 Two Oceans Marathons, 3 Comrades Marathons, 5 Cape Town (Argus) Cycle Tours, 2013 THE500 incomplete, Fish River Canyon Trail.

What did you do after Matric?

I matriculated at John Vorster High School, and studied B. Compt at Unisa, whilst doing my articles at a small chartered accounting firm.

What is your day job?

Regional Manager, Western Cape at Voltex.

When did you join D4D? 2007

Why are you involved with D4D?

The need to do something for others, especially children, is very close to my heart, and to live a life that leaves a legacy, in all aspects thereof.


Tell us more about your family?

I have a lovely wife, Erica, and we have been married for almost 19 years. We have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Tamryn and Jenna-Lee.


What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

My first love is running and then cycling, but I enjoy most sports. I love the challenge of endurance events. I have completed 3 Comrades Marathons and 10 Cape Town (Argus) Cycle Tours.

What are your future dreams for D4D?

To mature into an organisation that makes a continuous difference in the lives of others. D4D should be a vehicle through which people can channel funds to good causes. To see many of the children we have assisted over the years growing to adulthood, living blessed and successful lives.

Regional Manager, Western Cape

What did you do after Matric? I completed my BA LLB.

What is your day job? Attorney

When did you join D4D? 2008

Why are you involved with D4D?

I cannot run, cycle or swim competitively, therefore it was the only way I could make a difference.

Jacques van Niekerk

Tell us more about your family?

I have a wonderful wife, Therine, and two sons, Jasper and Petrus.

What sport do you do? Any tough events done? Sport?

What are your future dreams for D4D?


Firstly, I want to see a difference in the lives of children suffering undue hardship, especially those who fall through the cracks of the usual social welfare programmes and institutions. Secondly, I want D4D to be an inspiration to others to make a difference.



What did you do after Matric?

I firstly completed my national duty and then studied marketing at the Pretoria Technikon.

What is your day job?

I am a financial planner and the owner of Guardian Financial Planning.

When did you join D4D? 2008

Why are you involved with D4D?

I have confidence in Stéphan’s leadership and his idea and vision for D4D. I decided to join to help make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

James Anderson

Tell us more about your family?

I am married to Altricia and have two sons, Brendan (16) and Dean (10).

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

Mostly running. I completed the Comrades Marathon in 2005, 2006 and 2008. I will be attempting the Comrades again in 2018.

What are your future dreams for D4D?

Financial Planner

To grow the number of registered D4D athletes that want to raise funds, beyond all expectation, and thereby continuing to help those that are less fortunate.

What did you do after Matric?

I matriculated at Parel Vallei High School, and studied Public Relations at Stellenbosch College.

What is your day job?

I am permanently employed by D4D as Administrator and Fundraiser.

When did you join D4D? June 2015.

Why are you involved with D4D?

After 20 years in the fruit industry, I experienced a desire for a career change. Then came the opportunity to join D4D, and I just knew it was a godsend. I’m grateful to participate in making a difference in the lives of needy children.

Tell us more about your family?

I have been married to Paulie for 20 years already. We have been blessed with two beautiful children, Talia and Paul.

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

I have never stood out as being a sporty person, but recently I‘ve started to walk and now regularly participate in Parkruns. I am sure that the positive influence from all the D4D athletes is inspiring me as well.

Tacia Roux

What are your future dreams for D4D?

To establish D4D’s annual events in such a way that more and more people will get involved and be inspired by all our efforts. Also to create a higher public awareness for children in need and for all to become part of the process of making a difference!


Administrator & Fundraiser


“Greatest commandment ever told, LOVE�

James 1 : 27 Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.


Making a Yarden Enrichment Centre R16,000

Help R48,000

Ubuntu House R42,000


Our Bene

Difference The Miles Family R36,000



Hagar’s Choice R10,000

Esther van Zyl R36,000



Making a Difference (Our Beneficiaries)

Yarden Enrichment Centre

Esther van Zyl

Yarden Children’s Enrichment Centre is a centre for kids with special needs. This centre opened its doors in January 2015 and their aim is to provide a warm and nurturing environment, in which the child feels secure and at peace. They strive to unlock the potential of each child on an individual level. Reaching a child’s full potential by working together as a team with professional carers, parents and therapists.

Esther van Zyl is a foster mother to two children, aged six and two. The six-year-old boy was found in a shack in Langa, where he was left without food for four days. He was very ill and amongst other serious health issues, he was diagnosed with HIV. The baby girl was born in a park, next to Esther’s daycare-center. Esther met her when she was five days old and she has ever since been with her.


Yarden Enrichment Centre R16,000

D4D contributed R15,000 towards the centre which was paid to them over a 6-month period. D4D also made a difference in a more practical way, by purchasing a vacuum cleaner for the school.


In March 2017, D4D approved a total sponsorship of R36,000 and by doing so supported Esther with a monthly amount of R3,000 over a 12-month period. This sponsorship was utilised to buy clothes, nappies, milk and medicine as and when needed.


(R48,000) HELP was born through the realisation that there are so many children in South Africa who are illiterate. HELP assists the children of Heathfield Primary and Thomas Wildschutt Senior Primary School with their homework as a priority. When they do not have homework, HELP gives them fun exercises in English and Maths. HELP also offers art, sport and games to keep the children interested and focused.



In 2017 they identified the need for an additional qualified teacher who could assist with the preparation of lessons and giving more challenging work to the children. D4D’s board of directors approved a sponsorship of R48,000. Another corporate sponsor, Pragma, came on board and they agreed to support them with an additional sponsorship of R24,000. It was agreed that the combined sponsorship would be utilized towards the salary of a new teacher. A qualified remedial teacher was appointed and her full salary was covered by the D4D and Pragma sponsorships.

R42,000 Ubuntu House (R42,000)

Ubuntu House provides temporary safe care for newborn babies, given up by their mothers from unwanted pregnancies, rejection due to HIV or being abandoned. Since their opening in 2003, they have cared for 586 babies and placed 473 with adoptive forever parents and 100 were also reunited with their biological parents. D4D’s board of directors approved a total sponsorship of R42,000 for 2017 (a monthly sponsorship of R3,500).


Hagar’s Choice (R10,000)

Hagar’s Choice stepped up to provide a service to their community by starting a place of safety in 2014, due to a great need for a place of safety / foster parents / Kangaroo care for babies who are awaiting adoption. Hagar’s Choice is a family-run safe house. This family consider the babies they look after (mostly 0-6-months) to be part of their family and they believe they should be treated as such. After D4D visited Hagar’s Choice and gave feedback to the board, it was decided to support them in a more practical way. We bought them Dischem vouchers to the value of R10,000 which allowed them to buy milk and nappies for the babies.

The Miles Family (R36,000)

D4D has been supporting this family for the past two years. They have four children of their own. In 2016 they were told about two girls who were in danger and in need of emergency intervention. God assured them that He was calling them to be His voice to the two children. They registered as a place of safety within two weeks. Suddenly six little people had to be fed, dressed and taken care of. Not only was the logistics a new challenge they had to face, there were other challenges like emotional and social deficits and they required a lot of individual attention. D4D contributes to this family with a monthly donation of R3,000 and will continue to help as long as we can, to play a part in these two girls’ healing process.

board of directors

The Living Hope Foundation R18,000 The Miles Family The Imibala Trust R12,000

The Spirit Foundation R27,595

The Living Hope Foundation

The Imibala Trust

This family has been caring for children at risk, in their home for the past 6 years. During this time, some moms needed a place of safety for themselves, as well as their babies. It was in 2013 that they decided to formalize their efforts with the registration of The Living Hope Foundation. Two years ago, they got involved with Family+1, an outreach initiative of the Hillsong Africa Foundation. Through their training, they got a better understanding of Temporary Safe Care and Foster Care. As a result, they are now registered with the Department of Social Development as a Temporary Safe Care Home. Since then they have had a number of babies placed in their care. Last year they were asked to become foster parents to a little girl Kyla, who was later successfully adopted by an overseas couple. After her adoption, they felt led to start Project Isibali, through which they will directly campaign to be a voice for the voiceless, addressing the plight of the thousands of abandoned children in South Africa by placing them with adoptive parents.

The Imibala Trust is a NPO that was formed with a clear mandate of facilitating partnerships to identify the neediest school-going children in South Africa; to secure quality and fitting school uniforms for these children; and to monitor the impact of that intervention over a period of time. It started in 2002, with 58 children receiving sponsorships. The number of sponsorships the Trust facilitates has steadily increased to around 2,000 per year.


This they will mainly do in their local community through existing church congregations. D4D’s board of directors approved a donation of R9,000 to this family. This was paid to them over a 6-month period.


In December 2017, D4D donated R12,000 to the Imibala Trust. This donation enabled them to sponsor ten children from Solomon Qatyana Primary with brand-new school uniforms for 2018.


The Spirit Foundation (R27,595)

The Spirit Education Foundation celebrated its 23rd year of existance in 2017 and continue to flourish in many ways. Their dedicated team of scholar facilitators ensure that all their scholars are mentored, cared for and encouraged to perform to the best of their ability.



board of directors

One of their scholars who matriculated in 2017 at Paul Roos Gymnasium, is the 18-year-old Daniël Frank. He has been in the care of his foster mother, Sylvia Frank, since he was just two days old, after being abandoned in the street. In 2017 D4D and Pragma contributed towards his school fees as well as Additional Math classes. D4D started supporting Sylvia’s House financially more than eight years ago. With the help of Pragma and D4D, Daniël was D4D’s first student who successfully completed his scholarship through the Spirit Foundation. We wish Daniël only the best and will support him as much as we can.

Yarden Enrichment Centre R16,000

Help Kingdom Kids R6,900


Charlton Pienaar R2,000

Child Welfare Durban & District (R8,000)

Child Welfare Durban & District is a registered NPO whose core objective is child protection. Child Welfare Durban & District aims to make a difference in the lives of children who have been sexually and emotionally abused, neglected, orphaned and abandoned. They have nine community family homes, catering for 54 orphans whose family ties have been severed. In April 2017, CWDD applied for funding through D4D. They were in need of new beds for one of the children homes. D4D contributed and bought three double bunk beds with six foam mattresses, a kettle and a toaster for the home. D4D’s partnership with them helped to transform the communities they serve.

Kingdom Kids (R6,900)

Since 2016 D4D has been involved with Kingdom Kids Crèche, in Sir Lowry’s Pass. D4D funded their construction project in 2016 with the erection of a new classroom and ablution facilities. Kingdom Kids was started in 2009 with only two children and have since grown to 65 children.


Child Welfare Durban & District

Jansen Family R2,500

The school has limited funding and not all parents are contributing to school fees. Financially it puts incredible strain on them. In 2017 the school was robbed and D4D decided to install burglar bars to prevent this from happening again. D4D also bought nappies and wipes for the school, because they had nothing left after the burglary. In December 2017, D4D surprised them with a Christmas party. Each child was blessed with a small gift and a party pack filled with sweeties.

Charlton Pienaar (R2,000)

Charlton Pienaar is a 5-year-old boy who was diagnosed with spinal TB when he was only 2 years old. He is currently living with his grandmother. His mother is a drug addict and his father comes and goes as he pleases. He can’t walk and he has no control over his bladder and therefore is permanently on nappies. The Board approved an amount of R2,000 to buy nappies for Charlton.

Jansen Family (R2,500)

This family’s two children were on their way back from the Western Cape Regional Table Tennis Competition in Oudtshoorn, only to find out that their home burned down completely. The only clothes they had left, were the ones they took with to the tournament. The Board agreed to buy them Checkers vouchers to the value of R2,500 which enabled them to purchase a few necessities for the children.

Sylvia’s House

R10,000 pm Hope for Mia Cara Fund

R5,000 Tzadokah Foster Home Hope for Mia Cara Fund

R10,000 pm


Mia Cara Ferreira was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at the age of three in 2015. After 21 months of intense chemotherapy, lumber punches and bone marrow biopsies, her parents received the devastating news in May 2017 that she relapsed. However, there is HOPE. Hope in the form of (CAR) T-Cell therapy being developed for the treatment of cancer in the USA. The Hope for Mia Cara Fund was formed by a group of friends of the family who aim to raise R10 million for Mia’s treatment. D4D contributed R5,000 to the fund.

Sylvia’s House

(R10,000 per month) D4D has been supporting Sylvia’s House in Gordon’s Bay since 2009. Currently Sylvia is fostering nine children, the eldest 18 and the youngest 13. D4D currently supports them with an amount of R10,000 per month. Sylvia’s heart and head are all over the place when she looks at her children and remembers how their lives began and how much they have had to overcome emotionally.

She is proud of what they all achieved so far. It was pleasing for D4D to have witnessed every child’s growth and accomplishments over the past year.

Tzadokah Foster Home (R10,000 per month)

Originally, back in 2005, D4D’s involvement with foster homes started out with Tzadokah Foster Home. We currently support them with an amount of R10,000 per month. This ensures that all six children can attend school. We are so blessed and thankful to have Tina Barthus as the foster mom. The children adore her, and truly experience family life in all its aspects. The ages of the children range from 5 to 18. One of the children has an enormous challenge with regards to his reading abilities. To rectify this problem, D4D is sponsoring him to attend extra reading lessons at Tina Cowley Reading Centre. He has made gigantic improvements over the past year and has grown in confidence in his reading abilities.



FUNDRAISING distance for difference


The Cape Town Cycle Tour

R98,325 20

INITIATIVES board of directors



R640,000 raised On 14 and 15 October 2017, D4D and Patch Helderberg Child Abuse Centre, presented the third bi-annual THE500, at NH The Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West. It turned out to be a memorable event. This was indeed the toughest THE500 to date. Twenty-three cyclists attempted to complete 500 km in 24 hours, having to climb more than 6,400 meters during the route that included visits to Stellenbosch and Kuilsriver during the day, and a number of off road laps through Lourensford Wine Estate, during the night. The very strong winds which prevailed throughout the entire event, made it especially challenging. To add to the drama, rain also started to fall during the second last 50 km lap. After careful consideration, the last lap was cancelled due to safety concerns. Only 12 of the 22 cyclists who started, managed to complete all 450 km. During the same 24 hours, in the cosiness of the hotel, 40 spinning bikes, their occupants, great music, wonderful support and spinning instructors at their best, provided for more drama and excitement. There was an awesome vibe, which managed to inspire the outside cyclists every time they came back to base for a quick rest and a bite to eat. Seven spinners defied the odds by completing a full 24 hours of spinning! Inspiring! Through this event, D4D managed to raise their biggest ever amount through a single event, i.e.: R640,000! THE500 is quickly developing into a sought-after event on any spinner and cyclist’s bucket list. Don’t miss out in 2019!

At a thank-you function after the event, a 2016 Steven Kitshoff’s rugby jersey was auctioned and a total of R10,000 was added to the final fundraising total. At the same function, there was a lucky draw for D4D’s beneficiaries who attended the function. They were stunned when it was announced that all of them will be receiving a donation of R5,000 each. The beneficiaries were Kingdom Kids, Hagar’s Choice, Esther van Zyl and the Miles family.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017 R98,325 raised

The Cape Town Cycle Tour organisers made history this year, by cancelling the race due to severe weather conditions! In the interest of safety, it was for sure the right decision. Regardless of the disappointment, 50 cyclists who entered via D4D, still managed to raise almost R100,000 through their individual efforts. The biggest positive for D4D was the fact that we’ve raised R98,325 through our efforts before the race, just R1,675 short of our R100,000 target. Riders involved their family, friends and colleagues by asking for sponsorships for every kilometre completed.







caring kindness unity unity


thank you for your support

“Together we can make the world a better place!” 24

There are so many people and organisations that we want to thank for their support over the years and again during the past year. Allow us to highlight just a few. We apologise if we've left anybody out:

Adriaan Scheeres, Pragma EXCO and sta Daniel MÊndez (Hotel Director) and his amazing team at NH The Lord Charles Hotel All our sponsors, donors and supporters Attie Nieuwoudt D4D Board of Directors Kiran and Petronella Ranjit Lourensford Wine Estate Nina Pieterse Tacia Roux Tessa Smit and The Spirit Foundation THE500 Organising Committee Tzadokah Netherlands


FINANCIAL FACTS Distance For Difference is audited by FinHub Chartered Accountants Inc. and our full set of annual financial statements are available on request. Below is a summary and comparison of the 2015/16 and 2016/17 financial years.

Funds raised and distributed | Costs



1000 800

721 758


600 400 200 0







Funds raised

Paid to beneficiaries

Employee costs

Auditors and admin

Please note: Our financial year runs from 1 March to 28 February. The 2017/18 financials, which links to most of what was reported on in this annual report, will be made public as soon as it is available.




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