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“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”

@kYaY`Ü~ ~


OPENING Dear friend. What follows is our first official annual report. We have more than twelve years of making a difference behind us, during which we were a handful of people keeping this dream alive. However, during the last two years God has blessed us with many amazing people like Tacia Roux and James Anderson who helped us to change gear and people like Alan Barnes who inspired us to dream bigger. Read about our work in the pages to follow. A special thank you to Adèle-Mari Smit Combrinck for her amazing creativity in producing the layout and theme of this report.


Vision and MISSION

“Children in need is our passion in deed.�

Vision and MISSION We fight for the children of South Africa, enabling them to grow up in a stable family environment, where fear of abuse or abandonment is absent, so they can enjoy access to quality education and become adults who will contribute positively to the future of South Africa and its people.


A Word from our CHAIRMAN

A Word from our CHAIRMAN 6

A Word from our CHAIRMAN

Dear friend of Distance for Difference (D4D) What an amazing privilege to write my first chairman’s report. I want to start off by simply saying: thank you! Thank you to my wife, Yolanda, and my two teenage daughters, Caro and Karla, for all your support and love during the past 12 years of D4D’s existence. Simoné, at just a few months old, you are still too young to support, but you are a blessed addition to our family and has reminded me how fragile and in need of love and support, young children are. Secondly, I want to thank the rest of the D4D board: James, Emile, Jacques, Shawn and Willem. You’ve been with me for most of the past 12 years and your continued support towards the D4D dream, has encouraged me to persevere with this work. We are an amazing team and I would choose no one else to do this with me. Thirdly, Tacia Roux, our office administrator, fundraiser, organiser, merchandise manager, receptionist and more! For almost two years now, you’ve taken a big burden off my shoulders. Your dedication and energy kept this dream going and under your guidance you’ve taken our fundraising efforts to new heights! I cannot imagine D4D without you, and my hope is that you will grow and blossom in your various roles at D4D in years to come. James - a special word of thanks for your valuable support towards Tacia in recent times. You are a great example of someone who does a lot without expecting anything in return. Thank you for demonstrating your love for Jesus to us all. A fourth thank you has to go to my employer, Pragma. Adriaan - thank you for allowing me to grow D4D in my 10 years with Pragma. Thank you for all the financial support to our cause and for making a difference with us. Attie - your friendship, support, guidance and encouragement over the years is another reason why D4D is still in existence today. To all my other colleagues, who supported us via our fundraising events including the Cape Town Cycle Tour, THE500 and the Gratitude Run, thank you! It is so special to serve others with you in this manner. I know myself and D4D will be able to lean on the support of Pragma in the years and decades to come. This is definitely a special partnership. A fifth thank you goes out to everyone, in their individual capacity or as part of a business, who over the years contributed their time, energy, wisdom, intellect and money, to D4D’s cause to make a difference in the lives of children in need. Close to R5 million was raised and distributed because of each one of you. Thank you for all the hard hours of training for events, asking others for sponsorships, attending meetings and organising events. Besides Pragma, I also want to mention a few other businesses that have really contributed greatly to the

success of more recent fundraising events. Firstly, The NH The Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West, for their unbelievable support for our THE500 event held in 2013 and 2015. We could simply not have done it successfully without you - raising more than R500,000 on both occasions. In 2016 we also partnered with Lourensford Wine Estate and Little Angels for the first Gratitude Run. Again, without you it would not have been possible. There were many more, like Sublimation House, Europcar, Omnipage and Mediclinic whose support meant the world to us. As I am writing this, more and more names - that in one way or another contributed to our cause - are crossing my mind. Names like Kiran and Petronella Ranjit, Reenen Barry, Ada Buys, Amanda-Lea Jones, Stephan Durand, Dr Jan Kleynhans, Alan Barnes, Serge Foulon, André and Heidi Jordaan, Malcolm Ball, Jolieta Kruger, Willem Coetzee, Reneé van Zyl and Con Oosthuizen. Please forgive me if I’ve left out your name…your contribution, no matter how big or small, was part of our success as difference makers. You will read all the detail about our beneficiaries in the ‘Making a Difference’ section. For now, I just want to extend a big thank you to all those special people who selflessly gave their hearts, souls and bodies on a daily basis to help those who can’t help themselves - vulnerable children. It is all of you who are the real difference makers and it is our privilege to help ease the financial burden in a small way. We wish we could do a lot more! A special mention to the two foster moms: Tina Barthus (Tzadokah) and Sylvia Frank (Sylvia’s House), whom D4D has been supporting for many years. You two are awesome. To all of our angels, keep on doing what God has called you all to do. A quick word on one of D4D’s dreams: We are dreaming of purchasing a property in the Helderberg area in order to establish a D4D Foster Home to accommodate two foster home families (a foster couple or mom plus six children). In addition, they will of course also need two 8-person transporters. So, if there is anyone out there that wants to help us make this dream a reality, please get in touch! That brings me lastly to my Heavenly Father. Jesus, when I lost my earthly father, at the age of five, it took me some time to get to know you on a personal level. Today you are my Father. The one who guides me through your Word. To you belong all the glory! Thank you for giving us all a platform to serve others. Thank you for multiplying our efforts to outcomes far, far bigger than what we could ever have imagined! Thank you for giving me an awesome mom, the best example of servantship, stewardship and a God-fearing life, I could have asked for!

Soli Deo Gloria

Stéphan Pieterse



9gYj\Üg^ DIRECTORS Jl#h`YfÜGa]l]jk] Chief People Officer - Pragma What did you do after Matric?

I completed my B.Eng (Mechanical) degree at Stellenbosch University in 1995.

What is your day job?

After a 12 year engineering career I made a career change and for the last 9 years I've worked towards becoming an Organisational Development (OD) Specialist. In a nutshell, OD is about ensuring humanity in the workplace and helping employees to unlock their full potential. I work for an amazing company, Pragma, a leader in the field of Professional Enterprise Asset Management Services.

When did you join D4D?

I started D4D in 2005 (then called "Running for their lives").

Why are you involved with D4D?

D4D was established in reaction to the devastating scenes of the Asian Tsunami of 26 December 2004. That event moved me to ask the question: "What can I do to make a difference in this world?" Through running I could raise funds and make a small difference. Being a director of D4D makes me responsible for handling the funds being channeled through us to children in need, with wisdom, integrity and accountability. For me D4D is a vehicle through which I can serve others.

Tell us more about your family?

I married the most amazing woman, Yolanda, in 1998. We have three beautiful daughters, Caro, Karla and Simoné. We are privileged to homeschool our daughters.

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

I was priviledge to complete three consecutive and life changing Comrades Marathons in 2008-2010. In November 2015 I started a daily minimum 5km running challenge and at the time of this report I completed my 530th consecutive days of running at an average of 5.7km/day. I’ve completed 15,000km since I started running in 2002. I’ve completed 9 Cape Town (Argus) Cycle Tours, but perhaps it’s time to swop the road bike for a MTB... I feel a bit left out these days. :)

What are your future dreams for D4D?

D4D's first decade was one in which I realised how little I can do alone and how much can be achieved as a team. My dream is for us to make it possible for more people and organisations to use D4D as a platform for making a difference; for them to use us as a responsible distributor of donated funds, ensuring that their money, gets to where it is really needed and it is utilised with integrity and accountability. One last thing and one of my life lessons: "Live a life of significance, but make sure it starts at home."



What did you do after Matric?

I studied B.Eng. (Mechanical) and later did a MBA, both at the University of Stellenbosch.

What is your day job? CEO, Kromco (Pty) Ltd.

When did you join D4D? 2011

Why are you involved with D4D?

I know Stéphan from varsity days and believe in the cause and values of D4D. I want to serve and support D4D where I can to eventually contribute in making the difference.

Tell us more about your family?

Amazing, awesome and very active... Wife, Elsmarie, and 3 kids: Karli, Johann and Willan.


What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

CEO - Kromco

Used to play rugby. Nowadays, I spend time in the mountains on my bike. I love stage races and completed the Cape Epic (3), Wines 2 Whales (6), Sani 2 C (1), Dr Evil Classic (1) and the Swazi Frontier (2). I've also completed THE500 in 2013 and 2015.

What are your future dreams for D4D?

To grow the difference! To be recognized as a difference maker!

What did you do after Matric?

I did a National Diploma in Food Service Management at the Cape Technikon's Hotel School in Granger Bay.

What is your day job?

I homeschool our daughters and manage our household.

When did you join D4D? 2005

Why are you involved with D4D?

PgdYf\YÜGa]l]jk] Homeschool Mom

I see it as a wonderful opportunity to support my husband, Stéphan, in this worthwhile cause and to obey God's command in James 1:27: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

Tell us more about your family?

I have been married to my hero, Stéphan, for almost 19 years. We were blessed with three beautiful daughters: Caro, Karla and Simoné.

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

I have completed two half marathons, the Winelands and Two Oceans, which was a huge accomplishment for me. These days I have to resort to walking, seeing that I'm battling with knee problems. Hopefully I can start running again soon.

What are your future dreams for D4D?

My first dream for D4D is that we will be able to glorify God through everything that we do and that God will use humble and ordinary people to do what He guides us to do. Secondary to that, I dream of the day when Stéphan and I can be involved in D4D on a full time basis.



“Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

~ÜKaegl`qÜ ~

<ead]ÜBglr] Superintendent - CoCT What did you do after Matric?

I studied B.Sc. (Human Movement Studies) at Stellenbosch University. I did not complete my studies.

What is your day job?

Superintendent at Gordon’s Bay Waste Water Treatment Works of The City of Cape Town.

When did you join D4D? 2007

Why are you involved with D4D?

I enjoy doing distance events and combining it with attending to the needs of children, is a privilege and something I feel I can do to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ while I am still on earth.

Tell us more about your family?

I recently got married to my wife Ilse. I also have a son, Daniël, from a previous marriage.

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

Road running, cycling and hiking. 10 Winelands Marathons, 9 Two Oceans Marathons, 3 Comrades Marathons, 5 Cape Town (Argus) Cycle Tours, 2013 THE500 incomplete, Fish River Canyon Trail.

What are your future dreams for D4D?

I pray that the Lord will guide us to where He wants us to go, but my dream is that we will be a channel through which money flows to children in need, to uplift their dignity and self-esteem. We should have a positive impact on society, but most importantly, the Kingdom of God.



What did you do after Matric?

I matriculated at John Vorster High School, and studied B. Compt at Unisa, whilst doing my articles at a small chartered accounting firm.

What is your day job?

Regional Manager, Western Cape at Voltex.

When did you join D4D?

J`YofÜIg]lk Regional Manager, Western Cape - Voltex


Why are you involved with D4D?

The need to do something for others, especially children, is very close to my heart, and to live a life that leaves a legacy, in all aspects thereof.

Tell us more about your family?

I have a lovely wife, Erica, and we have been married for almost 18 years. We have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Tamryn and Jenna-Lee.

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

My first love is running and then cycling, but I enjoy most sports. I love the challenge of endurance events. I have completed 3 Comrades Marathons and 10 Cape Town (Argus) Cycle Tours.

What are your future dreams for D4D?

To mature into an organisation that makes a continuous difference in the lives of others. D4D should be a vehicle through which people can channel funds to good causes. To see many of the children we have assisted over the years growing to adulthood, living blessed and successful lives.

What did you do after Matric?

I completed my BA LLB.

What is your day job?


When did you join D4D?

AY[im]kÜnYfÜEa]c]jc Attorney - Van Niekerk Uys Attorneys


Why are you involved with D4D?

I cannot run, cycle or swim competitively, therefore it was the only way I could make a difference.

Tell us more about your family?

I have a wonderful wife, Therine, and two sons, Jasper and Petrus.

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?


What are your future dreams for D4D?

Firstly, I want to see a difference in the lives of children suffering undue hardship, especially those who fall through the cracks of the usual social welfare programmes and institutions. Secondly, I want D4D to be an inspiration to others to make a difference.



AYe]kÜ8f\]jkgf Financial Planner - Guardian Financial Planning

What did you do after Matric?

I firstly completed my national duty and then studied marketing at the Pretoria Technikon.

What is your day job?

I am a financial planner and the owner of Guardian Financial Planning.

When did you join D4D? 2008

Why are you involved with D4D?

I have confidence in Stéphan’s leadership and his idea and vision for D4D. I decided to join to help make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Tell us more about your family?

I am married to Altricia and have two sons, Brendan (15) and Dean (9).

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

Mostly running. I completed the Comrades Marathon in 2005, 2006 and 2008.

What are your future dreams for D4D?

To grow the number of registered D4D athletes that want to raise funds, beyond all expectation, and thereby continuing to help those that are less fortunate.

What did you do after Matric?

I matriculated at Parel Vallei High School, and studied Public Relations at Stellenbosch College.

What is your day job?

I am permanently employed by D4D as Admin Manager and Fundraiser.

When did you join D4D? June 2015.

Why are you involved with D4D?

After 20 years in the fruit industry, I experienced a desire for a career change. Then came the opportunity to join D4D, and I just knew it was godsent. I’m grateful to participate in making a difference in the lives of needy children.

Tell us more about your family?

I have been married to Paulie for 19 years already. We have been blessed with two beautiful children, Talia and Paul.

What sport do you do? Any tough events done?

I have never stood out as being a sporty person, but recently I‘ve started to walk and now regularly participate in Parkruns. I am sure that the positive influence from all the D4D athletes is inspiring me as well.

What are your future dreams for D4D?

To establish D4D’s annual events in such a way that more and more people will get involved and be inspired by all our efforts. Also to create a higher public awareness for children in need and for all to become part of the process of making a difference!


KY[aYÜIgmp Admin Manager and Fundraiser


KrY\gcY`Ü=gkl]jÜ?ge] R9,100 pm

;Yfa"dÜYf\Ü=ja]f\kÜ=mf\ R25,000

@eaZYdYÜKjmkl R10,000



Baf_\geÜBa\k R42,000

I`]]\ÜJ`Yn]¥Y¥K`gf R25,000



“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

James 1:27

Daniël and Friends Fund (R25,000)

The Daniël and Friends Fund is a non-profit organisation (NPO) which was initiated at the end of 2013. The vision of the fund is to be an advocate for children with special needs. Their mission is to provide information, support and general assistance to parents with special needs children and to raise awareness for the disabled child by changing society’s perception of disability through mass media campaigns and community and educational programmes, thereby enriching the lives of these children. In March 2016, D4D donated R25,000 towards the Daniël and Friends Fund. This donation enabled them to buy a buggy wheelchair for a little boy suffering from scoliosis. He was in need of corrective seating in the form of a buggy wheelchair. The balance of the donation was utilized for occupational therapy sessions.

Little Angels Home (R50,000)

Little Angels was established in 2005. This NPO provides a residential home as well as specialised care for cerebral palsy children and youths, who are so severely and profoundly disabled that there is no hope that they could ever care for themselves. They are also too disabled for fulltime home care. Most are from previously disadvantaged

backgrounds and many were removed through social services due to abuse and neglect. In March 2016, D4D approved financial assistance towards their operational costs. A donation of R50,000 was approved by the board of directors. Hundred percent of the donation was utilised to address the needs of the children.

Op die Plaas Preschool (R30,000)

In 2012 the building of the closed down Tonko Bosman Primary School became available. The school used to be the local primary school in the Heldervalley area for the previous 20 years. The school repositioned its learners to Raithby Primary School, leaving the property empty and unused. After several years of involvement in an informal manner, a church organisation approached the farmers for the right to use the building. They launched the Op die Plaas Preschool in 2013. During the first year, the school developed well and provided a safe and stable preschool educational environment for 10 children. With the introduction of Grade R, they have since grown to 60 children. In June 2016, D4D approved an amount of R30,000 towards this school. The school needed additional space for the children to sleep in the afternoon. This donation enabled them to renovate a basement for this purpose and they also bought new mattresses for all the learners.


FhÜ\a]ÜGdYYkÜGj]k[`ggd R30,000

;Yfa"dÜYf\Ü=ja]f\kÜ=mf\ R25,000

Calld]Ü8f_]dkÜ?ge] R50,000



I`]]\ÜJ`Yn]¥Y¥l`gf R25,000





Kingdom Kids (R42,000)

Kingdom Kids Crèche, started in 2009, is the outpouring of one women’s passion for children and the realisation that she wanted to change lives for the better. The crèche started with two children in a wet, smelly shack and the challenges continued since its start 8 years ago. With limited funding and parents not contributing to school fees, the closing of the school seemed to be inevitable. One of D4D’s directors heard about the school and went to visit them. He immediately identified the need for an extra classroom and ablution facilities. At that stage, 50 children attended the school daily, in a small wendy house. D4D reached out to them and sponsored R50,000 to build the extra classroom as well as a decent sewerage and ablution facility. In December 2016, D4D surprised them with a Christmas party. Each child was blessed with a small gift and a cupcake.

Victory Angels Educare (R18,000)

The school was started when the Word of Victory Ministries church noticed that the orphaned children they adopted, lagged behind in their development. There was no stimulation for educational growth as they did not attend any early education development classes.

So, they started the school with the objective to primarily educate those orphaned children, as well as other disadvantaged children from Nomzamo and Lwandle townships. Their greatest desire is to prepare all these children for Grade 1, irrespective of their background. They strive to give them a good education in a loving, Christian environment. They want to take these children off the street, educate them and feed them. Since July 2016, D4D supports them with a monthly donation of R3,000 to cover their fuel expenses and operational costs.

Rheed Shave-a-thon (R25,000)

Rheed Castle-Pearce, a Grade 7 pupil at Elkanah House in Sunningdale, is a brave 13-year-old battling cancer. After struggling with what he thought was a groin strain from cricket, Rheed started limping because of a constant pain in his hip. His situation became worse after he fell at school, fracturing his hip bone. X-rays revealed a tumour in his pelvic region, which had weakened the bone. On 30 July 2016, a shave-a-thon was held to cover Rheed’s medical costs and tutoring while he was away from school. D4D was privileged to contribute R25,000 towards this shave-a-thon. The shave-a-thon was a huge, blessed success.


K`]ÜDad]kÜ=Yeadq R18,000

Calld]Ü=a_`l]jk :Yf[]jÜKjmkl

K`]ÜCanaf_Ü?gh] =gmf\Ylagf



Little Fighters Cancer Trust (R10,000)

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is a registered charity, providing practical and individualised support for children with cancer and their families across South Africa. They do not receive any government funding or international grants, rendering their organization completely reliant on public donations. On 17 August 2016, they received a donation of R10,000 from D4D. Our contribution has made it possible for them to do more for children suffering from cancer and to support their families.

The Miles family (R18,000)

This family has been fostering two girls for close to a year now and have seen the vision for what they feel lead and called to do, taking shape. They have had incredible support from a school, but have not received any other assistance for the children as the SASSA grants are still being processed and are very little in terms of what the children really require. They also support another little boy in basic education and have seen the remarkable change in his capacity in just a few weeks of assisting him. Their desire is to help and provide a safe place for the children to grow and develop in all areas, but financially it is a daunting task.


In September 2016, D4D’s board of directors approved a donation of R18,000 for this family. This was paid to them over a 6-month period.

The Living Hope Foundation (R9,000)

This family has been caring for children at risk in their home for the past 6 years. During this time, some moms needed a place of safety for themselves as well as their babies. It was in 2013 that they decided to formalise their efforts with the registration of The Living Hope Foundation. Two years ago, they got involved with Family +1, an outreach initiative of the Hillsong Africa Foundation. Through their training, they got a better understanding of Temporary Safe Care and Foster Care. As a result, they are now registered with the Department of Social Development as a Temporary Safe Care Home. Since then they have had a number of babies placed in their care. Last year they were asked to become foster parents to a little girl Kyla, who was later successfully adopted by an overseas couple. After her adoption, they felt led to start Project Isibali, through which they will directly campaign to be a voice for the voiceless, addressing the plight of the thousands of abandoned children in South Africa by placing them with adoptive parents. This they will mainly do in their local communities through existing church congregations. D4D’s board of directors approved a donation of R9,000 to this family. This was paid to them over a 6-month period.


?]e]d¥]f¥8Yj\] Gjgb][l



Imibala Trust (R10,000)

The Imibala Trust is a NPO that was formed with a clear mandate of facilitating partnerships to identify the neediest school-going children in South Africa; to secure quality and fitting school uniforms for these children; and to monitor the impact of that intervention over a period of time. It started in 2002, with 58 children receiving sponsorships. The number of sponsorships the Trust facilitates has steadily increased to around 2,000 per year. In January 2016, D4D donated R10,000 to the Imibala Trust. This donation enabled them to sponsor ten children with brand-new school uniforms.

The Spirit Foundation (R30,000)

The Spirit Foundation provides opportunities for quality education to economically disadvantaged high school scholars who have the potential and will to succeed. They mentor them in partnership with their families and provide support and resources as needed. They help and motivate their scholars to reach their full potential academically as well as in all other areas of high school life, encouraging the creativity, leadership and good self-esteem necessary to help build a prosperous and healthy nation. In 2016 D4D,


in collaboration with Pragma, contributed a total amount of R30,000 to the Spirit Foundation. Pragma’s contribution was channelled towards the educational expenses of a grade 12 learner at Paul Roos Gymnasium. He is under the care of Sylvia Frank’s Foster Home (one of D4D’s current beneficiaries). The donation also enabled him to attend Additional Math classes during 2016. Besides excelling in chess, he is an above average student. He stays in residence during the week.

Hemel-en-Aarde Project (R15,000)

This organisation focuses on Grade RR, Grade R and Grade 1-3 learners. They provide classes to 800 learners on a weekly basis in three separate schools. Their focus is literacy, numeracy and school readiness. In June 2016, D4D donated R15,000 towards this project. This donation enabled 14 learners to attend classes for a period of one year.

KidsXpress (R15,000)

KidsXpress publishes children’s ministry resources for churches and outreaches located in South Africa. They recently published their first ever Xhosa children’s book, Imibala Echaza Ibali. In July 2016, D4D supported this project


JqdnaYÀkÜ?gmk] R10,000 pm




R9,100 pm

by donating R15,000 towards the printing costs. Their prayer is that many children in the Xhosa-speaking community will experience the love of Jesus through this book.

Sylvia’s House

(R10,000 per month) D4D has been supporting Sylvia’s House in Gordon’s Bay since 2009. Currently Sylvia is fostering nine children, the eldest being 17 (finishing his matric in 2017) and the youngest being 12. D4D supports them with a current amount of R10,000 per month. It has been a challenging few years for them on many fronts, but the one thing that stayed constant was their faith and trust that everything will work out for the best. Sylvia reported that the children are all doing very well, they have had a year of good health, lots of laughs, trials, negotiations and accomplishments. D4D is proud to be involved with Sylvia’s House. We are grateful for all the children’s growth. We trust that when it is time for them to leave Sylvia’s House, they will be equipped to live their lives to the fullest and make use of


every opportunity which may come their way. May they make a difference wherever they go!

Tzadokah Foster Home (R9,100 per month)

Originally D4D’s involvement with foster homes started out with Tzadokah Foster Home. We support them with a current amount of R9,100 per month. This ensures that all 6 children can attend school. We are so blessed and thankful to have Tina Barthus as the foster mom. The children adore her, and truly experience family life in all its aspects. The ages of the children range from 3 to 17. One of the children has an enormous challenge with regards to his reading abilities. To rectify this problem, D4D is sponsoring him to attend extra reading lessons at Tina Cowley Reading Centre. He has made gigantic improvements over the past year and has grown in confidence in his reading abilities.

K`]Ü:Yh]ÜKgofÜ:q[d]ÜKgmj R107,400

K`]Ü>jYlalm\]ÜImf R228,500


K?< R580,000

K`]Ü>jYlalm\]ÜImf R228,500



The Gratitude Run

In October 2015, D4D in collaboration with Patch Helderberg and Virgin Active, presented the second biannual THE500 event at the NH The Lord Charles Hotel. Through this initiative R580,000 was raised, all of which could be used in aid of children in need. The funds were equally divided between D4D and Patch Helderberg. D4D distributed its half towards the various organisations as mentioned in ‘Making a Difference’.

On 2 October 2016, running and walking enthusiasts joined D4D and Chatz Charity for a 5km Fun Run at Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West. The main beneficiary for this event was Little Angels Children’s Home. This was a joint fundraising effort benefitting D4D and Little Angels. Our aim was to raise R225,000 for children in need and at the same time create awareness for both organisations. A total amount of R228,500 was raised through this event.

THE500 entails a group of cyclists (16 in 2015), who completes 500 kilometres in 24 hours. Individual cyclists can also join the group and cycle one or more laps of 50km each. Consecutively running on the hour, there are spinning classes hosted by Virgin Active (24 classes in total). Companies entered the spinning challenge as part of their team building efforts. Individuals also took part and we even had two people who did all 24 classes!

The community showed their gratitude for their health and their ability to walk and run. A Team Relay Endurance Run formed part of the event. Runners entered as teams and ran laps of 5km each. The challenge for each team was to run as many 5km laps as possible in the allotted 5 hours.

R580,000 raised

This event is definitely a highlight on the D4D calendar. Don’t miss out on the 2017 event scheduled for 14 & 15 October 2017 at the NH The Lord Charles Hotel.

R228,500 raised

We also involved non-runners. They raised funds for the 5km Fun Run | Walk and/or the Team Relay Endurance Run. This inaugural event was a memorable one... for young and old! It was an event where positions, prizes and accolades took a back seat. It was all about being thankful for life, your health and the ability to use your legs. We hope to be back in 2018 with another Gratitude Run.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour R107,400 raised

The 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour marked D4D’s 6th year of participation. A total of 50 cyclists joined efforts in raising funds and making a difference in the lives of children in need. A staggering amount of R1,023,000 has been raised during the past six years through D4D’s participation in the Cape Town Cycle Tour. Riders involved their families, friends and/or colleagues by asking for sponsorships for every kilometre completed.



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K`]Ü:Yh]ÜKgofÜ:q[d]ÜKgmj R 107,400


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS There are so many people and organisations that we must thank for their support over the years and again during the last year. Allow us to highlight just a few. We apologise if we’ve left out anybody: Adriaan Scheeres and Pragma EXCO and staff Al Barnes All our sponsors, donors and supporters Attie Nieuwoudt D4D Board of Directors Gideon Nel (Gideon Photography) Kiran and Petronella Ranjit Little Angels and Chatz Charity Lourensford Wine Estate Malcolm Ball Nina Pieterse Reenen Barry Sublimation House (Con Oosthuizen) Tacia Roux Tessa Smit and The Spirit Foundation The Gratitude Run Organising Committee The NH The Lord Charles Hotel THE500 Organising Committee Tzadokah Netherlands Willem Coetzee and Marietjie Lutz (EPIC 2015)



FINANCIAL Facts Distance For Difference is audited by FinHub Chartered Accountants Inc. and our full set of annual financial statements are available on request. Below a summary and comparison of the 2014/15 and 2015/16 financial years.

1000 800 600 400 200 0

Donations received 2015 /16

As at March 2017 Reserves: R685,000 Current monthly beneficiary commitments: R26,600


Donations paid out 2014 /15


Contact DETAILS Tacia Roux : 082 415 5595 / Stéphan Pieterse : 082 802 1080

d4d@telkomsa.net Tessa Smit and The Spirit Foundation The Gratitude Run Organising Committee The NH Lord Charles Hotel THE500 Organising Committee Tzadokah Netherlands Willem Coetzee and Marietjie Lutz (EPIC 2015)

www.facebook.com/D4DSA www.d4dsa.co.za




CONTACT DETAILS Tacia Roux / Stéphan Pieterse Tel: 021-852 4854 / 082 415 5595 E-mail: d4d@telkomsa.net Facebook: www.facebook.com/D4DSA Website: www.d4dsa.co.za




Bank: ABSA Branch code: 632005 Account name: DISTANCE 4 DIFF Account no: 9217741105 Account type: Savings Swift code (for overseas payments): ABSAZAJJ SNAPSCAN IMAGE:

Bank: Branch code: Account name: Account no: Account type:

ABSA 632005 DISTANCE 4 DIFF 9217741105 Savings

Swift code (for overseas payments) : ABSAZAJJ