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Stephanie Paige’s Exhibit at Avran Art + Design in Laguna Beach

Whispers of Nature

Stephanie Paige Solo Show


Whispers of Nature is an a story about how the simplicity of Mother Earth has given me a shift of needing all things to seeing all things. Living a life with overwhelming gratitude of the gifts that are given to me every day. In my work you will find the celebration of Mother

Earth and how see give an opportunity in every moment to be present. I have captured moments in time that are filled with stillness, magic and peace. I am guided by her, letting life unfold in front of me.

Noticing the soft whispers of the amazing beauty of nature. So only last a few seconds , but to be willing to show up and be in aw of her is where the magic is! I am fulfilled when I am with gratitude, I stay here and breathe here.

THE ART NEWSLETTER September 10, 2015

CONTEMPORARY. BOLD. DISTINCTIVE. EVOCATIVE. Avran Art + Design distinguishes itself among the vibrant art scene in Laguna Beach by offering its clients a unique perspective on contemporary art for collectors and enthusiasts. The exquisitely edited gallery exhibits museum-quality glass sculptures, original paintings, avant-garde photography, and distinctive jewelry. Lovers of both contemporary and traditional art will revel in the exclusive collection. Owner Marta Juhasz and her team specialize in procuring art that serves as a focal point in any space. Her artistic intuition led her to create a gallery that provides her clients with statement pieces that have the ability to transform any space and satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. Juhasz's experience as a high-end interior designer gives her a greater understanding of the ability art has to establish mood and tone in any room. Avran Art + Design realizes that selecting art for your space is highly personal and focuses on tailoring your experience while insuring the process remains fun. The Avran team remains dedicated to staying current with art world trends while offering a fresh perspective on design.   

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Gallery Hours: 11am-7pm Daily Owner/Director MARTA JUHASZ Assistant Director Heather Gokhman Sales Director/Curator ROBIN QUINTA The gallery is conveniently located at 540 South Coast Highway, Suite 106 (and Exclusive Gallery Suite 104) in Laguna Beach. Hours of operation are from 11 am – 7 pm daily. The gallery also provides a captivating backdrop for special events, including private art gatherings, charitable fundraisers and cocktail receptions.

THE ART NEWSLETTER September 10, 2015

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Stephanie Paige

By Doug Morgano

Stephanie Paige has been captivated by all things creative her entire life as she was born into an extremely creative family full of painters, writers, musicians and craftsmen. Stephanie began painting abstracts as a young adult and started selling her paintings to private collectors. Stephanie moved to Southern California in 1990, where she went on to establish a career as a free-lance artist and illustrator. In 1993 she opened her business called "Paige Studio" where she published reproductions of her gallery paintings and sold them to retail stores. At the same time she began painting her murals, which became an instant success in Southern California. Stephanie created murals and artistic finishes full time for private and commercial clients for 15 years. She is now a successful contemporary abstract artist. Stephanie Paige creates beautiful textured pieces of art that are made layer by layer of hand-made plasters. Each layer of colored marble dust plaster takes three to five days to dry, then she sands the surface down into the under layers then burnishing and polishing the finish. Each piece takes from four to six weeks to complete. She combines marble dust plasters, iron and copper paints, patina, rusting effects, sand,


I’m inspired by Mother Nature and I’m filled with gratitude in every moment!

stain, fabric, glazing, and recycled materials. Stephanie has been published in several magazines such as; Decor & Style in 1999, San Diego Home & Garden Magazine in 2005, Art Business News in 2005, Kitchen Bath Design News Magazine in 2005, Equestrian Vision Magazine in 2006, Vision Magazine,The La Jolla Light in September 2011 and Luxe Magazine in 2010 and Sunset Magazine in 2011. Stephanie was the featured artist in The San Diego Union Tribune and in the The San Diego Art Guide in June of 2011. Stephanie's abstract’s were

featured in The New York Times in June of 2010. In October of 2011 Stephanie work was selected and featured in San Diego Premier Magazine. In 2012 Stephanie's work was featured in Art Business News Magazine, Artsy Shark Magazine, San Diego Art Journal and Artscape Magazine. January 2013 Stephanie's Abstract work will be featured in The Home Of The Year in San Diego Home and Garden Magazine. April 2013 Stephanie's work was featured in the Urbanist and in the San Diego Art Guild. Stephanie's art will once again be featured in Februrary's 2014 isssue of San Diego Home/Garden Magazine.

THE ART NEWSLETTER September 10, 2015

“Me need to connect with all things in nature started when I was very young. I lived in the woods with wildlife all around me. I would rescue any animal in need. I never felt alone in nature, always a part of.� Stephanie Paige

Garden Series Made with Real Leaves By Doug Morgano

Whispers of Nature by Stephanie Paige September 19th through October 14th, 2015, Avran Art + Design, California presents the biggest and brightest solo show for Stephanie Paige, featuring her all new works. The show's opening reception will be September 19th from 6-9 pm. Stephanie Paige has shown through her work a passion for all things in nature. Her abstract landscape sunsets and majestic ocean views have been the focus of her success. Stephanie's newest works, Zen Gardens, focuses in on the peaceful, meditative balance of nature and the harmony of the universe. The pieces incorporate nature by literally using eucalyptus tree branch and leaf impressions, taken from her own yard, leaving behind a relief impression on both the art and the beholder. With water colorlike softness, the palette belies what is underneath, with layers of texture and marble dust plaster creating beauty that conveys peace and symmetry.


Symmetry, balance, proportion, harmony are terms used, particularly in the arts, to denote qualities based upon a correspondence or agreement, usually pleasing, among the parts of a whole. This definition defines Stephanie Paige's latest works and is the defining factor of true artistry. Seeing beauty and balance in all beings, both seen and unseen. To invoke those feelings within us that let us know that we are whole and balanced in our own lives. Her work does not need to be defined by proportion or balance in the typical sense, but it is found in the sense of oneness with all things in nature and most importantly within. Webster says that, "Proportion depends less upon equality of parts than upon that agreement among them that is determined by their relation to a whole." Stephanie Paige exemplifies this with the understanding that the sum of all our parts creates the balance that one seeks.

THE ART NEWS LETTER September 10, 2015

Installations of Stephanie’s Beautiful work in amazing homes in Laguna Beach



Ten Thousand Blessings 72” x 72” x 3” Avran Art + Design Laguna Beach, CA 949-494-0900


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Avran Art+Design Phone 949-494-0900 Facebook 540 S. Coast Highway, Suite 104+106 Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Gallery Hours: 11am-7pm Daily Owner/Director MARTA JUHASZ Assistant Director Heather Gokhman Sales Director/Curator ROBIN QUINTA

THE ART NEWSLETTER September 10, 2015

The Art Newsletter  

Featuring A selected Art Exhibit by Stephanie Paige hosted by Avran Art + Design in Laguna Beach.

The Art Newsletter  

Featuring A selected Art Exhibit by Stephanie Paige hosted by Avran Art + Design in Laguna Beach.