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Ocean City Community Complex All new features include:

•Lecture Hall •Lobby/Entrance •Yianni’s Cafe •Child Care Room •Weight Room •Saunas •Cardio Equipment Area Free P ublic Aquat Librar ic & f y - 399 i t n -2434 e ss Cen Histo rical ter - 3 Museu 98-690 Arts C m - 39 0 enter 9-1801 - 399-7 628


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Notes from the Beach


T CAN’T really be another year gone the shops and pick up some gifts. This is by...can it? 2010 has seen so many how you feel merry and bright, by supportcool things so far, such as ... you ing your town’s small businesses. Speakguessed it, Ocean City magazine! Our ing of, Stef’s Must Haves is supercharged paper baby arrived in style on May 1, this issue, with tons of hot finds from the as a beautiful newborn welcomed by an best shops around town. Check it out on Speaking of cool, my friend Kristen Dowd entire community of Ocean City lovers, visi- page 23. and I are excited to be organizing the 2nd tors, and residents. We couldn’t have annual Holiday Cookie Walk to benefit been more proud. Thanks to everyone the NJ FoodBank. It’s December 17 for your continued support. We’re exfrom 5:30-8:30pm at OCHS Cafeteria cited to see what 2011 brings! If you are, and will feature tons of fresh, festive or know someone who is, set them up cookies for you to give as gifts, take to with a gift subscription. Call 675-0867, parties, or simply enjoy yourself with a email or nice cup of cocoa. visit While you’re sipping and sweeting Before the year turns anew, there this season, consider taking a family are probably about a thousand things portrait on the beach next summer. to do here on the island. The temps We took one in September with phomay not be in the 80s, but that doesn’t tographer Eric Weeks of EZ Memories. mean the beach is off limits. Bundle up We adore him and the photos. Plus My family on the OC beach Photo by Eric Weeks and search for shells, take a walk, or they make a wonderful gift. just sit by the dunes on those days when Before you hit Asbury for your shopping, Merry Christmas and the best wishes to the air is still. Downtown is hustling and read Bill Godfrey’s story on page 34 on you for a happy New Year! bustling all year long and is wonderfully Ocean City’s beautiful downtown. Once decorated in these shoulder months. Just you do, you’ll realize it truly is the heart of walking Asbury feels like a holiday. Stop in the island. Cool, huh?

on the cover

Ocean City

ON THE COVER: Madyn, Mya and Amy Rihl, and Salem and Finn Godfrey pose with Santa on the 10th Street Beach in Ocean City. Photos by Eric Weeks. Below are a couple more takes from the shoot. Who’s Santa? Who do you think?

Publisher/Editor/Writer Stef Godfrey Publisher/Advertising Manager/Writer Bill Godfrey Contributing Writer Fred Miller Contributing Artists/Photographers Marie Natale, Eric Weeks Ocean City magazine is published six times a year. 3,000 copies are distributed all around Ocean City and its surrounding communities. Cover price is $2. To purchase a copy or get an annual subscription for $20 plus tax, call (609) 675-0867 or www.ocnjmagazine. com

Copies are available at these island locations: Sun Rose Words and Music, La Bottine Boutique, Flying Carp Gift Gallery, Gabrielle & Co., and Laura’s Fudge.

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Ocean City


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Eating in the OC THIS SEASON’S ALL ABOUT comfort. Whether you’re dining inside with take out from a delish restaurant or snuggling next to a loved one at your fave eatery, comfort is king during these months. The temps may be dropping, but the kitchen’s always hot at Jay’s Crabshack, where intrepid interviewer Bill Godfrey met up with its namesake owner. Al Dente - our fearless reviewer – takes his latest bite at Uncle Bill’s and finds old-school charm. And that it’s so much more than pancakes.

Al Dente’s Five Food Finds Comfort Foods


Famous Baked Jersey Tomato Soup from Varsity Inn, 605 E. 8th Street, 399-1500



Chicken Salad Sandwiches from Boyar’s, 1340 Asbury Avenue, 399-1343.

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Turkey Club from Ready’s Coffee Shop, 415 E. 8th Street, 399-4418



Chicken Corn Chowder from Red’s Jersey Mex, 11th & Haven, 399-2272.

Shrimp & Lobster Bisque from Jay’s Crabshack, 737 Asbury Avenue, 399-4022.

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In the Kitchen Jay Graham JAY’S CRABSHACK


Bill Godfrey gets the back story on this Husky alum

MET Jay Graham, owner of Jay’s Crabshack, 737 Asbury Avenue, during fall block party 2007 as he and his crew were slinging crabcakes in front of his newly-opened store. Well, I think that’s when it was. Jay said something about Bloomsburg (University, in central Pennsylvania) and I said “hey, I graduated from Bloom” and he said “cool” and we just kind of took it from there. Jay was fresh out of college and was about to begin his journey of restaurant ownership. Fast forward a few years and Jay is only getting better. He still makes an awesome crabcake – there was never really any question about that – but he’s matured from inexperienced restaurant owner into a solid presence on Asbury and a smarter businessman. And he always has a big hello every time I go in. Not only do I dig Jay’s food, but I admire his tenacity. I mean, this guy opened a restaurant right out of college. That’s a huge responsibility. He put everything he had into the business, he weathered plenty a storm, he never gave up and he’s given Ocean City a nice little restaurant. Pop in and see Jay. Dig the cool little vibe he’s got going, have a yummy bite to eat and


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tell him “Go Huskies.” He may just sing the Bloomsburg fight song for you. (Okay, he’s not really going to do that). OCmag: Gimme the short story Jay. How’d you wind up opening Jay’s Crabshack? Jay: I wound up in Ocean City in summer of 2006 – it’s a funny story how I got here – and got a job on beach patrol. At nights I was working at Ike’s Crabcakes, as this place was formerly known. The next summer I graduated after a six–year stint in college – it’s Bloomsburg, you know how that happens... OCmag: Oh yeah bro, I know how that happens. Jay: Homecoming was a few weeks ago. My phone started lighting up around 10am with text messages: “where are you?” But I just can’t spare that kind of time right now. That’s a police citation I’ll save for a few years from now. Anyway, so I came back in 2007 and heard that the owner of Ike’s was ready to move on. So I did my research, made some arrangements and wound up taking ownership. OCmag: What’s the funny story about you winding up in Ocean City? Jay: All my friends at Bloomsburg were Philly natives and Ocean City was their thing – they loved Ocean City and talked about how great it was.

But I thought they were talking about Ocean City, Maryland. So we’d talk and chat and I’d say “yeah, I love Ocean City too.” I didn’t know they were talking about Ocean City, New Jersey. They asked me to live with them for the summer and I said “yeah, I’m in.” They brought the lease back and I’m looking at it and there was something about being “12 miles from Atlantic City.” I was thinking “what?” And they said “yeah, Ocean City, New Jersey.” So I signed it anyway and later discovered I was coming to a

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Ocean City

“Taste of the Shore”

1 lb of Assorted Fudge 1 lb of Salt Water Taffy 1 box of Chocolate-Covered Pretzels Coconut Macaroons Almond Macaroons ½ lb of Assorted Holiday Chocolates

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In the Kitchen dry town that went to bed at 9pm. I said “what did you get me into?” OCmag: How were those first days in town? Jay: I arrived before my friends and was totally lost. But then the lights came up on Memorial Day and I thought “hey, this town is pretty cool.” And once I got my first paycheck, I bought a bike. Very important purchase. OCmag: And you made the beach patrol? Jay: Yeah. The beach patrol offers an open test every year and when all was said and done a friend and I had made it. I had the opportunity to guard the beaches in Ocean City for a summer. It was a really rewarding experience.

fo rm e rly R

Baby it’s cold outside.. Stay in the heat at Red’s


Winter 2010-2011 Call ahead for hours! ! free parking

free delivery!

1 1 t h St. & Haven Ave. • 609-399-2272

w w w. ro j o s j e r s ey m ex . c o m

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 7

opened Jay’s we played around with my mom’s recipe and my friend Nate put some finishing touches on it and we were like “that’s it, let’s go with it.” OCmag: How were the early days of the biz? Jay: I messed up everything. You name it – I messed it up. I’m still paying for mistakes I made back then. I had no idea what I was doing. When I was in college I learned business, but I learned more on that first day than I did in all my years in college. My first year I had a staff of ten. The next year I had two. Plus I was so used to the Bloomsburg lifestyle – happy hour at 7 o’clock every night – that real life was, like, wow. OCmag: How is it now? Jay: Better. We’re getting there. I have a clear idea for the business and I love it. At first I wasn’t sure. Every day it gets a little better, a little more consistent and a little more efficient. I hope people are noticing. Plus the economy didn’t help much. You either give up or figure out ways to keep the lights on. OCmag: What do you like about Ocean City? Jay: People say hi to one another. Asbury Avenue is the

greatest. All the store owners are friendly and cool and helpful. It makes for a great atmosphere. Nobody’s betting against you. Even with other restaurants, there’s more than enough business that comes down so I can do my own thing and not worry about enemies. People help out if you need something. Everyone’s cool. That’s nice. OCmag: Favorite thing in Ocean City? Jay: I run past the bird observatory when I work out so I like to climb up there and check out the view. I like going to the beach when there are a thousand surfers, but it’s so big only a few people are in the ocean and you can’t believe the ocean is that alive. I like mid–summer when there’s a full moon and you can paddle out, hang out with your friends and the beach is so well–lit that you can do a little night session. And the biking is great. Jay’s, 757 Asbury Avenue, 609399-4022, is open Friday through Monday until the spring. The website is jayscrabshack. com and you can find Jay on Facebook and Twitter.

g f f in es pu la rui ger tive ou mp rge t ca bre ca r d kin va ke ad ke r s e gi lici do iety and hou ft o u s s g o bo us e t h xe bu nu f fre olle s d tt n t s or er s ~ h p by co m ie th ok ap s i e es le po o i un n cin d tray g s,


OCmag: But you didn’t return to the beach patrol? Jay: Well, when I came back for the second year I had graduated from college and felt like I needed to do... something. I was at a crossroads in my life... know what I mean? I’m not sure I made the right decision, if that’s what you’re getting at. Sitting on the beach might have been a better way to spend my day. OCmag: So how’d you learn to make crabcakes? Jay: I was a military brat and we wound up in southern Maryland when I was 10. It’s a culture, a way of life down there. Every weekend people got together and crab was the main dish. Everybody had time–tested recipes and I just grew up around it. When I

Wards Pastry

730 Asbury Avenue 609-399-1260

Ocean City


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A collection of reader’s family favorites

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Ocean City


2/1/2011 9:52:27 AM

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Ocean City


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Famished Foodie Uncle Bill’s Pancake House


S THE season begins to come to a close, and the temp drops slightly, I begin to crave certain kinds of food. You know – the “stick to your ribs” type. The kind of meal that will satiate you for more than four hours. The kind you can start enjoying because you know that bathing suit season is over and you are off the hook for another nine months. I’m talking about comfort foods. Dishes that are home grown, like shepherd’s pie, beef stew, and homemade chicken noodle soup. Or perhaps a big Italian Sunday dinner with meatballs, gravy and eggplant Parmesan. For


ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 10

Al Dente flips for this old-school shore mainstay my last review of the year I wanted to choose a place where locals come to dine all winter long for some of the best comfort foods around. Uncle Bill’s Pancake House on Asbury Avenue immediately came to mind. All summer we drove by and witnessed the crowd of hungry shoregoers waiting outside for their name to be called for a table. I waited with patience until September to venture inside for breakfast. We went for a late morning meal with another couple and much to our surprise found that although the summer crowds had gone, the locals resurfaced, and we waited only a short minute while our table was being reset. The restaurant boasts

a bright, ample dining room with many booths and tables. The day we visited they had another dining room open to the right of the main room. Both were full! Our host, who sat us in a booth in the back of the restaurant, we later learned was the owner and orchestrator of the front of the house. As we cozied into our table a nice waitress asked us if we would like to start out with a cup of coffee. Score! Considering senses aren’t really fired up until that first cup we all responded with a quick “yes please.” Now that coffee was on its way, it was time to think about food. The placemats double as the menus. As you may have guessed, there are many pancake options such as buttermilk, blueberry, peach, strawberry, and even French pancakes. I was curious about the latter so I asked the waitress and she described them as “crepes.” Aside from pancakes they have a large breakfast menu including French toast, omelettes and waffles. As the coffee started to circulate, it became clear to me that I must try these “French pancakes.” I decided to have them stuffed with apple filling. The rest of our party ordered and our mugs were promptly topped off. As we sat sipping

Ocean City

our hot diner-style coffee in the old-fashioned chunky white porcelain mugs something became clear to me. This is not your newstyle coffee house where you plug in, tune out, and drink your coffee from your paper cup with plastic lid. This is old-school, families coming together for a good meal and good conversation. The front walls are hung with pictures of the owner’s family, past and present. Plaques hang on the wall showing support for a favorite charity. The art on the walls throughout appears to have been purchased right off of the Boardwalk and matches a wallpaper border of children playing on the beach. The atmosphere would best be described as clean and comfortable. Our breakfast arrived shortly after ordering. My partner chose the Greek omelette with rye toast and hash browns. The size was as impressive as the taste – fresh-cut tomatoes, feta cheese, and fresh spinach. The eggs were delicate and thin and the perfect amount of fresh filling was tucked inside. I was most impressed with the use of fresh spinach and grateful to not find frozen. My crepes looked and tasted fabulous. It was a delicate and tender, thinstyle pancake folded over

2/1/2011 9:52:32 AM

Famished Foodie

like a burrito and stuffed with a sweet apple filling, then topped with whip cream. I was delighted at the freshness of the apple filling. They were cooked al dente and the sauce was a perfect consistency, not at

all like the starchy, thick fruit filling that is so often served at mediocre breakfast places. Not here, again impressed. Our friends ordered the stuffed French toast and the eggs benedict. The stuffed French toast was like biting

into little sweet pillows of yumminess, according to our dining partner. The stuffing was a cream cheese mixture that had the perfect cinnamonny bite to it. The portion was large, but because of the level of deliciousness, it didn’t make it home that morning. Eggs benedict isn’t something you make often for yourself, which makes it a true treat when ordered out. And if it’s not made with care, can really go wrong fast. Uncle Bill’s seems to have this dish perfected. From a rich, well-made Hollandaise sauce to a perfectly toasted English muffin, the dish was a success. As we were finishing, the owner approached our table

Dinner, club, rounD rolls italian stick large italian Multi-grain, Wheat cinn-raisin, cran-Walnut toMato pie, spinach artichoke Dip, olive breaD, seeDeD & plain seMolina Focaccia


fabulous, affordable design 1159 Asbury Avenue 609-398-9450

If you like what you see in this magazine, call Gone Native Communications to handle your marketing material needs.


ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 11

to ask if a refill of coffee was necessary and we obliged. After our meal we sat a little while longer digesting and catching up. Uncle Bill’s was the perfect way to begin a season of comfort foods. It offers great daily lunch specials, soups and a warm, friendly environment. Chances are you will run into a friend or two while there. I recommend Uncle Bill’s to all locals and visitors lucky enough to be here during this off season. Here’s to a crisp fall and a cold winter. See you in spring. Uncle Bill’s Pancake House is located at 2112 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City. Call them at (609) 398-7393.

“betta” on a BENNIE! NEW

stuffed breads pepperoni & cheese sausage & cheese Meatball parM buFFalo chicken

“betta” on a BENNIE!

spinach & toMato broccoli rabe & sausage

NEW Ocean City

Try our Tomato Pie! 11

2/1/2011 9:52:35 AM

Th e Di n in g Guid e A quirky, slightly useful guide to eating out in OC Is it open? Check this list to find out! ALL NATURAL AWARD WINNING PIZZA The name says it all. Good stuff. 1136 Asbury Avenue, 391-2212. Call for hours. BENNIE’S BREAD AND ROLLS Magnificent bread, Italian pastries, cakes, and Italian pie – yum! 1159 Asbury Avenue, 398-9450. Open through holidays. See ad page 11. BERENATO’S CORNER DELI Joe told me to put him in the guide – or else. Please go eat there. Or else. 47 Atlantic Avenue, 399-2751. Closed for season. BLOOM ‘N TULIP A full menu of fantastic fare, just steps from the beach. Breakfast, lunch, & dinner. 1001 Ocean Avenue, 399-4953. Closed for season. BOYAR’S MARKET Famous for their party trays, they also have great sandwiches for a smaller crowd. 1340 Asbury Avenue, 398-1343. Open year round. BROWN’S RESTAURANT Unbelievably fresh donuts. Breakfast and lunch. St. Charles and Boardwalk, 391-0677. Closed for season. CAFE BEACH CLUB Outstanding views and great food. 1280 Boardwalk, 398-7700. Closed for season. CASA DEL DOLCE House of Sweets. 947 Asbury, 398-9300. Call for hours. CHATTERBOX RESTAURANT Big. Pink. Legendary. 500 9th Street, 399-0113. Call for hours. COUSIN’S RESTAURANT Varied and sophisticated menu. Outside dining too. 104 Asbury, 399-9462. Closed for the seaon, but open for private parties. CUSTARD CASTLE Fresh, homemade ice cream served up by super friendly folks. Fat-free yogurt too! 137 Route 9, (609) 390-4432. Closed for season. DEL’S OCEANSIDE GRILL A topnotch menu sure to please adults and kiddies too. 934 Boardwalk,


ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 12

399-3931. Call for hours. EMILY’S OCEAN ROOM CAFÉ At the famous Flanders Hotel. Open year round. 719 E. 11th Street, 398-5700. EXPRESS PIZZA & SUBS My friend Travis swears by this place – and I trust Travis. 719 E. 11th Street, 3985700. Open year round. FLIPPER’S GRILLE Outside on the pool deck at the Port-O-Call Hotel. Burgers and such with nice outside tables. Perfect if you want to take a break from the beach. 1510 Boardwalk, 399-8812. Closed for season. F&M RESTAURANT Good food and a nice outside dining area on Asbury Avenue. 1200 Asbury Avenue, 3910080. Closed for season. GEORGE’S CANDIES AND BREAKFAST GRILL Fantastic breakfasts, even better macaroons (it’s true). Great ice cream too. 700 Boardwalk, 398-4444. Closed for season, but macaroons available through the holidays at HULA RESTAURANT AND SAUCE COMPANY Great cook, great staff, great food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Shakkah brah. One of the best. 940 Boardwalk, 399-2400.Closed for season. ISLAND GRILL A wide variety of seafood and steaks, big dining rooms. Exotic game menu too. 100 Atlantic, 391-9616. Call for hours. JAY’S CRABSHACK Awesome crabcakes, Old Bay fries, kid friendly, cute staff. Go Huskies. 737 Asbury, 399-4022. Open year round. JOHNNY B. GOODE ICE CREAM PARLOR My in-laws love this place – and I love my in-laws. 14th and Asbury, 525-0646. Closed for season.

boards. 7th, 9th, and 12th Streets, 399-2548. 9th Street location open all year.

chefs eat here. That’s always a good sign. 11th and Haven, 399-2272. Open year round. See ad page 7.

MCGLADE’S ON THE BAY Great deck, great food. 228 Bay Avenue, 399-5588. Closed for season.

SACK O’ SUBS Subs of course. Sacks optional. Really yummy good food. 926 Asbury Avenue, 525-0460. Open year round.

OCEAN CITY COFFEE COMPANY The perfect cup of coffee. Fresh noshes too. 928 Boardwalk, 399-5533. Open everyday until NYE, then closed till President’s Day, then open on weekends till Palm Sunday when they return to seven days. Got that? Coffee’s important! OCEAN CITY SEAFOOD Fabulous crabcakes and voted Best of Shore. What more could you want? Killer key lime pie maybe? Yes, they got that too. 846 Central, (609) 8141203. Call for hours. OC SURF CAFÉ Very good – so good it’s “sick.” Surf inspired cuisine in a cute setting. 715 8th Street, 3919555. Call for hours. OVES SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Awesome. Seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like it. 4th and Boardwalk, 398-3712. Closed for season. THE PINK PARROT GRILLE Great ocean views at the Port-O-Call Hotel. Kid friendly but tasty enough for the adults in your group. Breakfast and lunch. 1510 Boardwalk, 399-8812. Open year round. Closed Monday and Tuesday in off-season. PREP’S PIZZERIA AND DAIRY BAR Superior thin-crust pizza. Sandwiches and salads too. Plus an ice cream bar! Lots of seats as well. 1004 Boardwalk, 398-0636. Call for hours. RANDAZZO’S RESTAURANT Pizza, steaks, hoagies and fine Italian food. Asbury between 7th and 8th streets and 34th & West Avenue, 814-1600. Open year round.

LUIGI’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT Can’t miss this place as you come into town. 300 Ninth Street, 399-4937. Call for hours.

READY’S COFFEE SHOP Old school. Really good old school. 415 8th Street, 399-4418. Open year round.

MACK & MANCO PIZZA An Ocean City icon. Three locations on the

RED’S JERSEY-MEX Superior Mexican/Southwest food. Other local

Ocean City

SCULLY’S ASBURY CAFÉ Ocean City’s newest family tradition. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try the ahi tuna rolls. 955 Asbury Avenue, 391-1111. Open year round. SZECHWAN GARDEN Best Chinese on island. 503 9th Street, 398-5456. Open year round. SINDIA RESTAURANT Great American cuisine and your meal includes everything – dessert too (really good dessert). Serving b, l, d. New outside deck too. 801 Plymouth Place, 399-1997. Closed for season. THE CLAM BAR A legendary place right on the bay in Somers Point with views of Ocean City, open air dining, delish seafood, and corn fritters (go early if you want these). 910 Bay Avenue, Somers Point, 9278783. Closed for season. UNCLE BILL’S PANCAKE HOUSE An Ocean City favorite. Legendary breakfasts and lunches too. Two locations. 2112 Asbury, 40th and West, 398-7393. Open year round. VARSITY INN A locals’ favorite. Open 7am till 2pm. 605 E. 8th Street, 3991500. Closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through off-season. VOLTACO’S What? You didn’t already know about this place? Great Italian food. 957 West Avenue, 3990753. Closed for season. YIANNI’S CAFE Fresh and delicious. Inspired by the island of Crete, Yianni’s birthplace. 841 Asbury Avenue, 391-1113. Open year round.

2/1/2011 9:52:39 AM

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 13

Ocean City


2/1/2011 9:52:41 AM

n o s a e S d econ


E RIDES – Ever y th FREE HORSE & CARRIAG 19 ue. er cemb ll, 9th & Asbury Aven Ha ity C November 20 – De of nt fro In • Noon – 3pm nton Square. Saturday & Sunday er y Saturday in Stai ev s or pt ul Sc on llo and Ba Free Face Painting th

NOVEMtioBn/ER8am Run/Walk • Transportation

ra . CITIES – 7am Regist 6th TRAIL OFthTWO ven. For information, call 525-9300 all things quiet. For Center – 10 and Ha of n io at br le ce A • – 9am – 5pm 13th QUIET FESTIVAL5-9300. opping information, call 52 oon • Downtown Shfrom 12-3pm! N – m 7a – RD BI E TH a 20th EARLIER THAN giveaways, deals, & photos with Sant th wi a ue. Santa, nz Extravaga – 5pm • Asbury Aven399-2629. m 1p – AS TM IS HR call ED C 26th OLD FASHIONce Painting and more. For information, Fa s, de , Moorlyn Carriage Ri n – 3pm • Music Pier oo N – TA N SA H IT th W . 27th & 28 PHOTOS ion, call 399-2629 at rm fo in r Fo k. al dw Terrace & Boar


ry Avenue. th – 11th Streets on Asbu 6 • m 0a :3 DE – 10 r information, 4th CHRISTMAS PARA of course, Santa! Fo d an rs te ac ar ch ed Bands, floats, costum n – 3pm • call 525-9300. rday & Sunday Noo tu Sa y er Ev – TA . N ITH SA th ion, call 399-2629 at rm fo in 4th – 19 PHOTOS W r Fo k. al dw Terrace & Boar 8:30am – Music Pier, Moorlyn y Saturday & Sunday er Ev – TA N SA H call IT th TW rant! For information, au 4th – 19 BREAKFAS st Re nt re ffe Di a eekend at 11:30am • Ever y W m Sunday • 398-4662. turday & 11am – 4p Sa m 4p – am 10 – 5-9300. W th 4th & 5 TRAIN SHO r information, call 52 Fo k. al dw ar Bo & Terrace tertainment Music Pier, Moorlyn lete schedule of en mp co A • t gh ni id M 4pm – 525-9300. 31st FIRST NIGHT – For information, call n. io at br le ce rk wo leading up to a fire

Celebrate the HOLIDAYS in America’s Greatest Family Resort! - 1-800 BEACH NJ ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 14

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Local Ocean THERE’S NEVER A DULL MOMENT here in the OC. Need proof? Head down to the beach and take a look at the ocean. You’ll never see it sitting still. The city must have taken a page from Mother Nature. Tons of events dot the calendars of November and December. Plan your outings here, see what’s happening and when. In this section you’ll see who’s been where and where they’re heading next. New this month are photos of adoptable doggies. We woof that!

‘twas a sorta dark and windy day in early October. Check out the awesome pattern the strong breeze was making on the sand. Photo by Eric Weeks

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 15

Ocean City


2/1/2011 9:53:02 AM

Fright Night to benefit CAP October 21, Flanders Hotel photos by Eric Weeks


ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 16


We’ve never seen cooler reindeer

Why so serious?

It’s a chain gang hold up

Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas

Jellyfish. Awesome.

Ocean City

2/1/2011 9:53:30 AM

Favorite Memories Steve Brugge


In OC, love is in the air

MET my wife Danica in August 2005, but we fell in love a month later in Ocean City. After we had a couple of dates, my wife invited my brothers, their wives and myself to her family’s summer home on 9th Street in Ocean City. I excitedly accepted the invitation. Before I knew it, my bags were packed and we were on the Garden State Parkway. We crossed over the 9th Street Bridge, which her Granny had told me about, and arrived in Ocean City on a Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day and as we drove down 9th, and saw all of the hotels, shops and restaurants, I knew immediately that I would love this place just as much as Danica’s grandparents had. One of the first things we did was rent surreys at the Ocean City Bicy-

cle Center on 8th Street. Before this trip I hadn’t realized surreys really existed! Then we ate lunch at Mack and Manco’s Pizza which in my opinion is the best pizza place ever! We played miniature golf at Congo Falls and then did a little shopping on Asbury at B&B and had a fun trying on all of the hats and wigs at Hoy’s 5 & 10. After a fun-filled day, we ate dinner at Katina’s Greek Restaurant on 9th Street (which we’re now known to frequent more than twice a week in the summer) and headed up to the boards. We held hands on the Boardwalk and had some Kohr Bros. custard to end the glorious night. After that weekend, I was hooked – on my wife and on Ocean City ! In February of 2008, I married my loving wife. As a married couple, we had just as much fun in Ocean

Steve Brugge taking his new son Connor Stephen for a ride on the Boards in Ocean City City as the dating couple did two years prior. The following December we found out we were going to have a baby. I remember being in Ocean City and thinking about all of the wonderful things I would do with my child here. I couldn’t wait to be a dad! I’m proud to say in August 2009 my wife and I became

parents to a precious boy, Connor Stephen. Connor’s first road trip was to his Granny and Grandpa’s summer home on 9th Street for the 2009 Fall Block Party. It brings me great joy to know my son will spend his summers in Ocean City, creating precious memories of his own to treasure.

Newly Renovated. Expanded Cardio and Weights. Indoor Cycling. Friendly, Supportive Staff.

come see the

Ocean City Aquatic & Fitness Center

(link to City Services for AFC Page)

1735 Simpson Ave., OC 609-398-6900

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 17

A challenging workout facility that fits your budget and lifestyle Ocean City


2/1/2011 9:53:33 AM

novemberevents NOVEMBER 6 TRAIL OF TWO CITIES Run/Walk – over the 9th Street Bridge from Ocean City to Somers Point. Registration 7am at the Transportation Center, 10th & Haven Avenue, Ocean City. Run/Walk 8am. For more information, call (609) 525-9300. 11 VETERAN’S DAY PROGRAM 11am at Veteran’s Memorial Park, 5th & Wesley Avenue. For more information, call (609) 525-9300. 12-14 QUIET FESTIVAL A celebration of quiet things. For more information, call (609) 525-9300. 13-14 CHRISTMAS ARTS & CRAFTS FESTIVAL 10am – 5pm both days at the Music Pier, Boardwalk & Moorlyn Terrace. Free Parking. $3 contribution benefits local charities. Children under 12 free. For more information, call (800) 822-4112. 19 HUMANE SOCIETY OF OCEAN CITY

PAWS AND CLAWS GALA 7pm. This event is held at the Flanders Hotel, 11th & Boardwalk. Tickets can be purchased at the shelter in advance. Cost of ticket includes dinner. For more information, call (609) 398-4200 or visit 20 “EARLIER THAN THE BIRD” DOWNTOWN Shopping Extravaganza 7amNoon. Get out earlier than the bird and jump start your holiday shopping the weekend before Thanksgiving. Shop in your pajamas, enjoy free coffee, giveaways, early bird shopping specials! Free turkey giveaways to the best PJs! For more information, call (609) 398-4662. 20-21 HOLIDAY CELEBRATION OF FINE CRAFTS 10am – 5pm both days at the Music Pier, Boardwalk & Moorlyn Terrace. Free Parking. Presented by the Jersey Shore Artisans Guild. Contribution of $3 supports area charities. No charge for children under 12. For more information, call (800) 822-4112.

25 HUMANE SOCIETY OF OCEAN CITY HARRIORS FOR HOUNDS 7:30am, in front of the Music Pier, Moorlyn Terrace & Boardwalk. A 5k run/walk and kids 1-mile fun run held Thanksgiving morning rain or shine. Run proceeds from registration area at the Music Pier to 23rd street and back. The 1-mile run goes from the Music Pier to 5th Street and back. Run is entirely on the Boardwalk. No dogs allowed. For more information, call (609) 398-4200 or visit 26 CHRISTMAS IN THE DOWNTOWN “Our Miracle on Asbury Avenue” Noon6pm. Join the merchants & Chamber in kicking off an old-fashioned Downtown Christmas. For more information call (609) 399-1412. 27 & 28 PHOTOS WITH SANTA Noon3pm at the Music Pier. For more information, call (609) 399-2629.

For more information and details on all events, visit ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 18

2/1/2011 9:53:40 AM

decemberevents ister at the City Hall Annex, 901 Asbury Avenue, Monday-Friday, 9am – 4:30pm. For more information, call (609) 525-9304.

11:30am, at a different restaurant downtown. For more information, call (609) 3984662.

4th & 5th BREAKFAST WITH SANTA 8:3011:30am, at a different restaurant downtown. For more information, call (609) 3984662.

18 & 19 FREE HORSE & CARRIAGE RIDES Noon-3pm, in front of City Hall, 9th & Asbury Avenue.

4 & 5 TRAIN SHOW Music Pier, Boardwalk & Moorlyn Terrace, 10am-5pm. Saturday and 11am-4pm Sunday. Admission is $3 for adults and $1 for children. For more information, call (609) 525-9300.

18 & 19 PHOTOS WITH SANTA Noon-3pm at the Music Pier. For more information, call (609) 399-2629.

4 & 5 FREE HORSE & CARRIAGE RIDES Noon-3pm, in front of City Hall, 9th & Asbury Avenue.

DECEMBER 4 CHRISTMAS PARADE 10:30am, 6th-11th Street on Asbury Avenue. The parade includes bands, floats and costumed characters. Santa greets children following the parade, poses for photos, gives them treats. For more information, call (609) 525-9300. 4 NEW YORK CITY BUS TRIP Spend the day in New York City. Bus leaves the Ocean City Transportation Center, 10th & Haven Avenue at 8am. Departs New York City 6pm. Cost: $30 (Transportation Only). Reg-

4 & 5 PHOTOS WITH SANTA Noon-3pm at the Music Pier. For more information, call (609) 399-2629. 11 HUMANE SOCIETY OF OCEAN CITY SANTA PAWS 10am-2pm at the Red Barn Building, 1 Shelter Road. Visitors are welcome to bring their pets to have their pictures taken with Santa. HSOC merchandise is available for sale. Cost of pictures is $10. For more information, call (609) 398-4200 or visit 11 & 12 BREAKFAST WITH SANTA 8:3011:30am, at a different restaurant downtown. For more information, call (609) 3984662. 11 & 12 FREE HORSE & CARRIAGE RIDES Noon-3pm, in front of City Hall, 9th & Asbury Avenue. 11 & 12 PHOTOS WITH SANTA Noon-3pm at the Music Pier. For more information, call (609) 399-2629. 18 & 19 BREAKFAST WITH SANTA 8:30-

or call (609) 525-9300 ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 19

31 FIRST NIGHT NEW YEARS EVE CELEBRATION A complete schedule of entertainment leading up to fireworks at midnight. For more information, call (609) 525-9300.

JANUARY 2011 1 5K BOARDWALK RUN 1pm. For more information, call (609) 525-9300. 1 FIRST DAY AT THE BEACH 2pm at the Music Pier, Boardwalk & Moorlyn Terrace. Featuring Ocean City’s first dip in the ocean for the New Year. For more information, call (609) 525-9300. 1 NEW YEAR’S DAY SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZA Tremendous bargains all day along the Avenue.

*dates and times are subject to change, please confirm before you head out!

2/1/2011 9:53:46 AM

Humane Society of OC’s Dogs for Adoption To make one of these pets your own, please call (609) 399-2018

Hippo was left at the Humane Society in the middle of the night. She’s a sweet pitbull mix who loves cats, dogs and kids!

Blue-eyed Frankie is a Boston terrier chihuahua mix who’s good with kids and cats, not dogs. She’s got tons of personality.

Zoey is a born entertainer. She’ll make you smile every day. She’s good with children 12 and over and dogs and cats.

Super smart Babe is a super fun Boston terrier mix. He’s best as the only pet in a house with adults and kids 12 and over.

Staff sweetheart Pudding is a very smart terrier mix full of love. She’s cool with cats, but not dogs and small children.

CiCi is as cool as she looks. She’s very smart and affectionate and would be great in a family with older kids and no other pets.


ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 20

Ocean City

2/1/2011 9:53:55 AM

Soifer’s Seven November/December ’s Top Events Ocean City’s bustling into the New Year


Kick off November with your running and walking shoes! November 6 Ocean City and Somers Point join to present the 15th annual Trail of Two Cities across the Ninth Street Causeway. The Run/ Walk starts at 8am at the Ocean City Transportation Center, 10th and Haven Avenue and ends at Kennedy Park in Somers Point. This is your chance to get a close up look at the City’s enormous bridge and causeway construction project, snap photos, enjoy the bay. Entry forms are available at City Hall Annex, call (609) 525-9300. The City’s annual Veterans Day Program will be held 11am, November 11 at Veterans Memorial


Park. In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony will be across the street in the Tabernacle Auditorium, call (609) 525-9300. Two regional crafts show are scheduled: the Christmas Arts and Crafts Festival, November 1314 and the Holiday Celebration of Fine Crafts, November 20-21 at the Music Pier, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terrace. Shows feature outstanding artisans from Maine to Florida. Hours are 10am to 5pm both days. A $3 contribution supports local charities. Call (800) 822-4112. Earlier than the Bird Downtown Shopping Extravaganza is set for November 20 from 7am



International Karate Academy Adults

53 Laurel Dr. Somers Point, NJ (609) 927-7353


tae Kwon do *Develops confidence Karate, Kickboxing * increase concentration, Boxing, Judo coordination, fitness Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu *fun and exciting! MMA team training-amateur/pro

voted Best Karate School in Best of the Press Reader’s Choice Awards!

L oggi Int. Navone K aravackas fight fitness personal training small group

& personal training

fitness training using martial arts

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 21

uF c l t i m a t e

i t n e s s

l u b

till noon and Christmas in the Downtown, an old fashioned holiday celebration, will be held November 26 from noon till 6pm. Both events jump start the holiday season with giveaways, Santa, and shopping specials. Call Main Street (609) 398-4662 and the Chamber of Commerce (609) 399-1412 for more details or visit and www. The City’s Annual Christmas Parade is set for 10:30am, Saturday December 4 from 6th to th 11 Street on Asbury Avenue. Bands, floats and costumed characters are featured. After the parade, Santa greets youngsters, gives them treats and poses for photos. That same weekend the annual Train Show chugs into the Music Pier, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terrace, December 4-5 from 10am to 5pm on Saturday and 11am to 4pm on Sunday. Large working displays delight young and old alike. Trains and train parts are for sale. Admission is $3 for adults, $1 for children. Call (609) 525-9300. A Christmas Wonderland, the City’s Holiday Spectacular sponsored by Wonderland Pier, will brighten the Music Pier with a fully-staged holiday revue



featuring a cast of professional singers, dancers and actors. Shows are scheduled for December 17-18 at 7:30pm and December 19 at 2pm. This is Ocean City Theatre Company’s version of New York’s Radio City Show. Tickets are $10 for children under 12 and $12 for adults. Call (609) 525-9300 or access for tickets. The New Year begins with Ocean City’s popular First Night Program that features 60 entertainment programs at convenient, central locations. Admission badges are $14. The shows begin at 4pm on December 31 and conclude at midnight with a fireworks display visible from the Boardwalk. First Night is followed by First Day at the Beach on January 1 with a refreshing dip in the ocean, a 5K run and entertainment on the Boardwalk and a New Year’s Shopping Extravaganza in the Downtown. Call (609) 525-9300. There are many other holiday events in December including Breakfast with Santa, free Horse and Carriage rides in the Downtown and photos with Santa. For more information call 1-800BEACHNJ or (609) 5259300 or access or


Want to work for Ocean City’s newest and most fabulous publication? p p p If you are an experienced salesperson we want to talk to you. Send your resume to

Ocean City


2/1/2011 9:53:57 AM

Want to look 10 pounds lighter and 10 years younger? (We’ll let you in on the secret)

buy bras for your body type Come in to Gabrielle & Co. today for a professional bra fitting and leave looking great and feeling fabulous. 810 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City • • 609-399-1008 ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 22

2/1/2011 9:53:57 AM



Shopping PRETTY SOON THE trees will be trimmed, the music will be cheery... and Ocean City will be decked out in lights, garland and tons of festivity. It’s second season peeps and it’s time to kiss those last salty summer sights and sounds goodbye and get pumped for the upcoming holidays. And that means hitting the streets and Boardwalk for some serious shopping. It’s gift time, after all, from Thanksgiving hostess gifts to Hanakkah and Christmas presents. Read the supersized Stef’s Must Haves for gift suggestions, meet Rose Balic from Clean Sweep Services and get a peek at what people around town are reading – all in this section.

PEANUT BUTTER CUPS FROM SHRIVERS On my last visit, I was in the middle of a pleasant conversation with a couple customers and staff, when all the sudden, my will power threw up its hands and said. “I’m done.” No one has ever left a conversation faster. The cups are made in house, rich and creamy. In fact, we’ll talk later, I gotta go get more. 9th & Boardwalk, 399-0100.

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 23

CHRISTMAS THYME SOAP FROM LEH SOAP CO. Soap is fun, soap is good, lalalalala. Radio waves, here I come. Seriously though, this soap is so good, one wash and you’ll be singing its praises. Pick up a few bars (they’ll have some wrapped nicely) of the holiday scents and give to your friends so they can sing your praises too. 232 S. Shore Road, Marmora, 390-9500.

Ocean City

HULA SAUCES FROM HULA RESTAURANT & SAUCE COMPANY For my family, summer starts when we sit on the deck at Hula and eat our first meal there of the season. Unfortunately, we know the summer’s fleeting when the eatery closes. But you can keep da summer taste all winter with the Hula sauces. Available on the web at www.


2/1/2011 9:54:00 AM

Stef’s Must Haves...

RING FROM HENRY’S Attention men: See this ring above? It’s what your girlfriend/wife/crush wants for Christmas. Okay, maybe she likes a different color or shape, but a blingy ringy thingy is always a good idea. At Henry’s, you can find rings and tons of other jewelry in spades. It’s everywhere you look, and each piece speaks to you as you look on from above. This nine-carat canary quartz ring actually sung me an aria as I swept past it. It’s set in white 14 carat gold and carries some serious sparkle. If you’ve an anniversary coming up, a ring is clutch. 1236 Boardwalk, 398-4238

HAT FROM HELENA’S CONSIGNMENT Full disclosure: I have a strangely small head. It’s borderline circus freakish. Thankfully, to the untrained eye, it’s not noticeable. But whenever I try on a hat, it’s like an adult sitting on one of those giant chairs. In the past, I’ve played it off, pretending I enjoyed the “incognito look” and kept the hat down over my eyes on purpose. But that got old (and scary) so I just gave up. No hats for you! Until the other day when I walked into Helena’s and tried on this beauty and...IT FIT! And it was cute - a total hat requirement. Pick one up and be cute too. 716 Asbury, 703-4457

TRAYS FROM P. FRANCIS I think I want to move in to P. Francis. Owner Paul probably wouldn’t mind too much. I’m sorta little, I like to clean and I’m fairly nice most of the time. It’s just so darn pretty in there that I never want to walk out. Paul’s touch is elegant with a bit of fun thrown in. If you need a hostess gift or your home needs a bit of festive cheer, pick up one of these adorable glass serving trays by Fringe Studio. I love the noel and peach ones. I mean peace, peace. Why do I always type “peach?” Maybe I’ll go buy a tray to make myself feel better. So should you. 733 Asbury , 399-5570.

BOOKS FROM STING RAY This morning, as my son Salem was getting ready for preschool he told me he wanted to learn to read. I said I’d teach him as soon as he got home. As a book nerd, there are few things he could have said that would make me happier. I love kids books, especially ones with fabulous illustrations like these from new shop Sting Ray on Asbury. Books take kids on adventures, teach them things, and give them a reason to snuggle up in bed and hang out with you. That makes them amazing gifts. That and the fact that they are one size fits all. $4.95 each. 854 Asbury, 3990660.

EARRINGS FROM POTOMAC BEAD See these earrings above? I totally made them. Okay, I didn’t really make them, but I so could. Potomac Bead is the kind of shop that screams inspiration from the moment you walk in. How can you not be inspired when the walls are lined with gorgeous beads waiting to be made into something pretty? Potomac has these earrings for sale, plus plenty of others so you can grab a pair and go. But since they have everything you need to make ‘em – grab some friends and make a night of it! You’ll get cool conversations, and cool gifts. Bead it! 910 Asbury, 399-4400.

MESSENGER BAGS FROM JILLY’S Going into the Jilly’s Dollar Store is like walking into a magic land where you look up and down, spot things you never even knew you needed but suddenly absolutely have to have now. In fact, I think it should be called Magicland. Anyhoo, these messenger bags are my latest find. I’ve never seen reusable bags in any other shape besides the traditional shopping before and I must say, props to whoev thought of this. I mean, this is so necessary. And I must have it right now. Love that it comes in three colors and (drumroll please) that it’s only a dollar. Magicland is awesome! 1044 Boardwalk, 399-7368


ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 24

Ocean City

2/1/2011 9:54:08 AM

...You’re Gifted!

BAGS FROM FLYING CARP Flying Carp, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Hold up – instead, let me count the number of amazing purses by Bungalow 360 owner Lisa carries in her shop. There are so many to choose from that you’ll give up counting and start swooning instead. Between the adorable prints, useful sizes and shapes and fun colors, you’ll be in love too. Bags make great gifts because a. girls love ‘em. 2. They don’t need to be tried on for size. and c. They are generally affordable. Pick up one for your mate and make her smile. The Carp will even gift wrap it for you! Now who’s smiling? 939 Asbury, 464-2608

PIES FROM WARDS You think you’re safe. Just walking down Asbury, enjoying the Normal Rockwellesque experience. Listening to the seagulls, then, wait ... what’s that smell? Fresh baked treats? Where am I? Who am I? Who cares? I must go in and get me some pies and cookies! Okay, perhaps that’s just what happens when I walk past Wards Pastry. I never said I was normal, people. It’s just that fresh baked yumminess can instantly put you in a happy place. Mine is called Coconut Custard Calmness. And it only costs $6.15 to get there and stay for a while. $6.15 -$7.15 for a small pie. 730 Asbury, 399-1260.

ADVENT CALENDAR FROM HANDPAINTED Whenever I walk into Handpainted Furniture and Design Studio, I want to kidnap Ione Talese and make her be my friend. And decorator. And spiritual advisor. Why you ask? Because she’s got some serious style skills, a cool vibe, and she gets all zen in the back of her shop as she creates her artwork. It’s a scene man. When I went there in late October, she showed me this darling advent calendar show piece, that’s truly an heirloom waiting to happen. Each box contains a teeny little ornament or little thing for the tree that stands on top of the box. It’s so cute than I really can’t even deal with it. Let’s go get one together. 628 West, 398-5661.


Accent Gallery continues the tradition of celebrating hand-made American crafts and fine art TWO FLOORS OF GALLERY SPACE



956 Asbury Avenue, OC, 609-398-3577

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 25

Ocean City


2/1/2011 9:54:13 AM

Stef’s Must Haves...

TEE SHIRT FROM BREEZIN’ UP I’m Italian. I know it’s awesome, but I’m sure you’re wondering why I decided to share my heritage. It’s because despite my roots, I am currently wearing a shirt that says “Ireland.” (sorry dad) It’s not because all of the sudden I enjoy Guinness and potatoes. It’s because the tee shirt is long-sleeved and in fall and winter, there’s nothing more cozy. Can I get a hell yea? At Breezin’ Up there’s a bunch of long-sleeved tee choices, such as this classic Ocean City one above. Give as a gift to your friends and family that love this island and they’ll love you back. 1040 Boardwalk, 398-9400.

CHOC-BERRIES FROM LAURA’S FUDGE Back in the summer, my husband Bill asked me to pick up a few trays of these heavenly strawberries. As I carried the boxes to the car, I started to smell something sweet and realized, with serious glee, that it was the strawberries that were emitting that amazing fragrance. Then I realized that they were so not for me to indulge in. I sucked it up though... then went back to Laura’s and got one for myself. Once you crunch through the choc shell, the juice from the berry mixes in and sends you into pure heaven. Sweet! 935 Asbury, 399-0616.

STUFFED BREADS FROM BENNIE’S Bennie’s and I go way back. I remember being a little girl, coming to Bennie’s with my mom and a man behind the counter, whom I’m guessing was Bennie, giving me lollipops. I love Ocean City. Nowadays, it’s Ralph behind the counter and I’m too old for a lollipop, yet I still find joy walking into Bennie’s. For starters, the scent of the bread baking is pure love, and the stuffed breads, pastry and tomato pie are seriously delish. Ralph always has the pepperoni and cheese and sausage sweet pepper and cheese stuffed breads on hand. Other days you’ll find different delectable options. 1159 Asbury, 398-9450.

Try our Hand Made line - Soaps, Lotions, Exfoliants, Redux Facial Care, Body Butters, Hair Care and more. All available in your favorite scents.


November 6 & 7 OC, MD Fall Craft Fest and Christmas Show November 19 & 20 Charity League Christmas Mart at Greate Bay, Somers Point 232 S. Shore Road, Marmora, 609-390-9500 62 Village Greene, H-2, Smithville, 609-652-9300 26

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 26

Ocean City

2/1/2011 9:54:17 AM

...You’re Gifted!

JIM SHORE FIGURES FROM CRICKET BOX I fell in love with these adorable figurines a few years back when I first saw them at Cricket Box. It’s kind of hard not to go all moony over the amazing detail and color of all the Jim Shore pieces. So, this year when I stopped in to Cricket Box to see the new collection pieces, I barely made it three steps in before I spotted the One. It’s a nesting Santa with a little tree, present stack and bear. Each piece is a box (perfect for a ring!) and fits inside the next. It’s a great gift to give, because you can get a new one each year. Love it! 704 Asbury, 391-0055.

STOCKING FROM SHORE HARDWARE They had me at the giant Christmas lights. Yes, it’s true, I fell in love at first giant bulb sighting and have been a fan ever since. Shore Hardware is truly a winter wonderland during these gifty months. There are walls of ornaments, garlands, lights, and other various forms of merriment. When I last went, it was this sock monkey ornament that made me swoon. I mean, really, look at this thing. How can you not bring it home? It’s a sock monkey sitting in a striped stocking. And I’m captain obvious. You’ll be captain Christmas with this monkey on your tree. 515 New Road, Somers Point, 927-6464.

SCARF FROM GLASS FROG One walk down the quaint little alley and you’ll spot Glass Frog, a seriously cute little shop with tons of amazing accessories. Owner Lynda is just as cute. She’s nice and sweet and has a great taste for picking out affordable items your friends (and you) will love. When I popped in a couple days ago, I fell in love with this string scarf. It’s a bunch of string circles that you can either wear together, or separate (they each hang independently of one another). Wrap a few around your neck and a couple on your wrist. Pull colors off that match your outfit that day and go! It’s got options. 920 Asbury, 398-7510.

811 Asbury Ave.



Story Times at Kidz Creations®! Saturday mornings at 10:30am OC’s Quiet Festival Held at Kidz Creations® Sat., Nov. 13th, 10am–Noon Fun paper clip contest! First Night Celebration Join us on the Music Pier for a Free 1-hour event Dec. 31, 4pm. Kids will make funky, New Year’s Eve hats! Free giveaways, first come first served.

Hour-long activities! Saturday mornings at 11am $15 per class/per child

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 27

Walk-In Arts & Crafts Saturdays from 10am–2pm Prices Vary. No registration required. Drop & Shop Call for more details! Girly-girl Boutique Parties For your little princess!


Ocean City


2/1/2011 9:54:21 AM

Stef’s Must Haves...You’re Gifted!

JUDO LESSONS FROM INT’L KARATE My husband Bill is hijacking this listing from me. He told me he’d give me a back massage if I wrote about kid’s judo lessons and since I’ve been on deadline and in a chair for the past 72 hours, I caved. Judo lessons can help your kids gain confidence, some mad self defense skills, and improved physical fitness. Giedrius Karavackas is a world champ judo expert and a pro MMA fighter – so he’s knows his stuff. It’s also an activity you can do together, so give lessons as gifts this holiday season and you’ll get something that lasts long after the snow melts. 53 W. Laurel Dr., Somers Point, 927-7353.

VILMAIN PIECES FROM ACCENT GALLERY You’re thinking: Accent Gallery only has high end pieces of art and blah blah blah. Well, I’m superhappy to tell you you’re wrong. You love me, don’t you? Before you answer, let me first say that I’m only happy you’re wrong so you don’t miss out on all the cool stuff Accent Gallery has that fits all budgets. Seriously, prices range from $1. Stop in and see Rody and Kira, they are very nice and will help you find a great piece of art no matter how much you want to spend. I fell in love with these Vilmain pieces and am over the moon for the starfish pins. Little pretty things to make you smile. 956 Asbury, 398-3577.


Route 9 South, Marmora, NJ 609-390-5881

A secure clean dry facility offering 24/7 controlled access, on-site management and affordable prices!

WOODYS FROM AIR CIRCUS Let’s go surfin’ now, everybody’s learning how, come on and safari with me...come on and safari with me. Tell me you so didn’t start singing that song as soon as you saw these fab Woody model cars. If not, I’m pretty sure you’re signing it now. You’re welcome. Air Circus on the Boards has about a million things you can give as a gift to please your giftee. And these Woodys certainly are one of them. They are perfect to top a desk, bookshelf or mantle. I sense a dad gift...1114 Boardwalk, 399-9343.

La Bottine Boutique 1033 Asbury Ave. OC (609) 399-6400

Jersey Girl Jewelry Franco Sarto Chinese Laundry Latico Bags Sacha Too

Stylish Shoes Accessories Jewelry Home Accents

•Moving/packing supplies •On-site U-Haul truck/trailer rentals - 609-390-8925


ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 28

Ocean City

2/1/2011 9:54:26 AM

In the Biz Rose Balic CLEAN SWEEP SERVICES Bill Godfrey gets the dirt on this OC business owner’s past, present and future


OSE Balic from Clean Sweep Services is the kind of person you always enjoy running into and chatting up. The everyday grind of life and jobs and doing business can be a drain on your patience sometimes. Rose is SO nice – always accommodating and professional – seeing her is a nice little happy boost. And she does great work. She began cleaning houses 25 years ago by herself and has grown her company into an Ocean City mainstay. Now she’s expanded her services and can even Christmas shop for you. Someone to do my Christmas shopping? Now THAT’S a good idea. OCmag: Tell me a little about your biz... Rose: We’re Clean Sweep Services, we’re in the house-cleaning business and we’ve been in Ocean City for 25 years. Last year we created Property and Lifestyle Management, which offers property management, concierge service and more. Our customers were asking us about window cleaning and carpet cleaning and we were coordinating those services. But then we found that the people we were contracting with were too busy, so we decided to do it ourselves. Now we do our own window and carpet cleaning and more. We can do everything in the home: power washing, painting, handyman services, property inspection. Property inspection is big in the winter. That was a hit especially with last year’s bad weather. OCmag: I need someone to manage my daily life. Rose: We also offer concierge services. If you need personal errands done, or if you’re behind with stuff, maybe laundry, we’ll get it done, or drop off and pick up dry cleaning, Christmas shopping too.

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 29

Rose Balic, left, with her cleaning team from Clean Sweep Services

OCmag: Tell me about the early days of your business. Rose: I grew up in an orphanage – my mother died when I was two. At the orphanage we prayed a lot and we cleaned a lot. Even during my high school years I was cleaning two houses every weekend. I went to college and it didn’t work out. I thought “what do I like to do?” And I was always able to fall back on my cleaning. I’ve always loved cleaning. I don’t know why, but it’s something I’ve always done and I do it well. OCmag: How did you come to Ocean City? Rose: When I was younger we used to come to the shore during the summer. Later, I came down here, put an ad in the paper, got one job, then another. Within a year I was pretty busy. I did all the work myself at first. Then I hired someone part time and it grew and grew. In 1998, I left my home office and got an office in Ocean City, then I opened an office in Cape May Court House. My husband Larry runs the office in Court House. I had an office in Philadelphia for awhile, but I grew too big too fast so I just concentrated on the shore.

Ocean City

OCmag: What’s in the future? Rose: Well, we just hired a quality control person; someone that goes out and makes sure the work is the same at every house. It’s like McDonald’s. Whether you get that burger in Ocean City or Somers Point, you want it the same. No matter who we send to clean your house, we make sure that it meets your specifications. I’m also looking into more commercial cleaning too. OCmag: Do you have a favorite spot in town? Maybe a spot for lunch or something? Rose: Varsity Inn. I really like that spot. OCmag: What do you like about OC? Rose: It’s a great town and I like the change of seasons. In the spring we open our houses, then in June the big crowds come, then in the fall we start to close things up. I like that change so it’s not the same workload all the time. And the people are really nice here. You got the beaches, the Boardwalk, Johnson’s Popcorn... what’s not to like? For a really clean house, rental property or office, for someone to pick up your dry cleaning – for just about anything – call Clean Sweep Services at (609) 398–6446.


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Th e Shopp in g Guid e

In need of a little retail therapy? Consult this guide before hitting the streets

DOWNTOWN PHONES WE R WIRELESS Your local premium Verizon Wireless Retailer. 641 Asbury, 545-8731. ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES THE GINGHAM WHALE Antiques, Shore Things and a lot more. 636 Asbury, 391-0996. See ad this page. ART GALLERIES ACCENT GALLERY Gorgeous pieces of art to make your home look fabulous. 956 Asbury, 398-3577. See ad page 25. FINE ARTS LEAGUE Lovely art for sale, artist shows, and classes. 608 Asbury, 814-0308. BAKED GOODS WARDS PASTRY Freshly baked goodies and treats – now that’s what vacation is all about! 730 Asbury Avenue, 399-1260. Open year round. See ad page 7.

BICYCLES ANNARELLI’S BICYCLES A huge selection of bikes; repairs. 1014 Asbury, 399-2238. BOOKS/CDS/OFFICE SUN ROSE WORDS & MUSIC Your source for books, music, CDs, office supplies. 756 Asbury, 399-9190. CANDY LAURA’S FUDGE A very sweet treat, with the finest ingredients. 935 Asbury, 399-0616. See ad page 6. CHILDREN’S APPAREL SEA OATS CHILDREN’S SHOP, 710 Asbury, 398-8399. DEPARTMENT STORES B&B DEPARTMENT STORE Big selection, great prices, open year round. 827 Asbury, 391-0046. DOLLS KAY JAY’S, 737 Asbury, 399-5632. FLORIST SPINNING WHEEL, 858 Asbury, 398-1157.


y for ever budget!


Lots of NEW holiday arrivals

extended holiday hours

FREE gift wrapping

GIFTS/CARDS/CANDLES/JEWELRY THE BUTTERFLY BOUTIQUE Kids crafts and gifts, specialty invitations, wedding gifts and more. 943 Asbury, 391-0812. P. FRANCIS Heirloom-quality gifts and more. Mariposa. 733 Asbury, 399-5570.


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LA BOTTINE BOUTIQUE Stylish shoes, accessories, jewelry, home accents. 1033 Asbury, 399-6400. See ad page 28.

THE FLYING CARP GIFT GALLERY A special selection of handcrafted jewelry, cards and gifts. 939 Asbury, 464-2608. See ad this page.

COULD BE YOURS Consigned collection of name brand clothing at low prices. 716 Asbury, 703-4457.

IRELAND IMPORTS It’s everything Irish. 711 Asbury, 398-1948.

TA-DAH 4 stores: 925, 1026, 1028 & 1040 Asbury, 398-6771.

DOODLES 714 Asbury, 398-1226.

COLETTE 900 Asbury, 525-0911.

POTOMAC BEAD COMPANY Amazing selection of beads for do-ityourself stringing or have it finished for you. 910 Asbury, 399-4400. See ad page 27.

DONNA GAY DILLON BOUTIQUE 725 Asbury, 399-0082.

LADIES APPAREL FLYING CARP CLOTHING GALLERY Comfort, quality, timeless design. 745 Asbury, 391-1546.


The BEST place to find gifts $20 and under!

939 Asbury Avenue, 609-464-2608,

Gingham Whale

GABRIELLE & CO. A fabulous collection of beautiful things from around the globe. 810 Asbury, 3991008. See ad page 22.

PAPPAGALLO 744 Asbury, 3984009.

920 Asbury Avenue 609-398-750 As bu ry Ave n u e’s be st k e pt se cret!

636 Asbury, 609-391-0996,

Ocean City

2/1/2011 9:54:30 AM

BEAUTY LINDSY JAMES SALON, 945 Asbury, 525-9900. SURF/WATER SPORTS/ ATHLETIC WEAR HARBOR OUTFITTERS 625 Asbury, 938-0175. SNEAKER SHOP 846 Asbury, 391-5223. VARIETY STORE & BEACH ITEMS HOYS 5 & 10, 7th & Asbury, 398-HOYS. ISLAND BEACH GEAR 9th & Bay, 7883836. THINGS TO DO DOWNTOWN GILLIAN’S, Asbury, 391-0060.


GLAZED OVER Make your own pottery. Great for kids and adults. 854 Asbury, 398-8880. KIDZ CREATIONS, 811 Asbury, 3999922. See ad page 27. BOARDWALK RENTALS SURF BUGGY CENTERS Two locations; 8th & 12th Boardwalk. Cribs, strollers, TVs, coolers, bikes. 976-5679. JEWELRY JEWELRY HUT Great owners, superior jewelry. Sunglasses too. 1308 Boardwalk, 399-9634.

HENRY’S OC’s Landmark Jeweler. 1236 Boardwalk, (800) 214-4435. FASHION THE SPOT BY JILLY’S Style, attitude, vintage tees, sunglasses and great brands. 762 and 1066 Boardwalk, 3851234. DOLLAR STORE JILLY’S $1 STORE One dollar! 1044 Boardwalk, 399-1234. T-SHIRTS JILLY’S T-SHIRT FACTORY Get your Phillies at Jilly’s, personalized tees too. 936 and 1048 Boardwalk, 385-1234. SWEETS AND TREATS SHRIVER’S SALT WATER TAFFY An Ocean City icon. Salt water taffy, fudge, candy. 9th and Boardwalk, 3990100. See ad page 13. SHRIVER’S GELATO Only gelato store on Boards. 9th and Boardwalk, 3990100. JOHNSON’S POPCORN An Ocean City classic. A great gift too. 1368 Boardwalk, (800) 842-2676. FRALINGER’S SALT WATER TAFFY Fresh ingredients made to strict quality standards. 1100 Boardwalk, 399-2202. AIR TOYS/PIRATE SWAG AIR CIRCUS Kites, flags, air toys, more.

1114 Boardwalk, 399-9343.

Avenue, 398-5661.

PIRATES ARRRGH US! Everything for the buccaneer in you. 1116 Boardwalk, 399-9343.

ON THE WAY TO OC BIKES TUCKAHOE BIKE SHOP Modern bikes, Old-fashioned service. 2151 Route 50, Tuckahoe, 628-0101.

SURF SHOP/SUNGLASSES BY THE SEA SURF SHOP Sun, Sand, Surf lessons. 850 Boardwalk, 398-0159. SUNGLASS MENAGERIE Name brands, sunglasses for every budget. We love it here! 1124 Boardwalk, 3918000.

SOAPS/LOTIONS LITTLE EGG HARBOR SOAP COMPANY Hand-crafted soaps, lotions, hair/skin care. Only soap we’ll use. 232 S. Shore Road, Marmora, 3909500. See ad page 26.

VARIETY STORE PESSANO’S VARIETY STORE Everything you need is here. 3rd and Atlantic and 11th and Boardwalk, 3991889.

HARDWARE SHORE TRUE VALUE HARDWARE Tons of stuff you need and want. We love this place. 515 New Road, Somers Point, (609) 927-6464. See ad page 32.

GIFTS SILVER LINING AND NAME STATION Everyone finds something they like. Bracelets from Name Station. 930 Boardwalk, 398-4918.

HOME FURNISHINGS PLATT’S HOME FURNISHINGS Like walking into to sunshiny happiness. Everything you need to make a fabulous home and they’ll help you coordinate it all. 25 MacArthur Blvd, Somers Point, (609) 927-8200.

WEST AVENUE INTERNATIONAL AZUL COAST International food market. Mexican, Italian, Asian and more. Coffee, internet. 214 West Avenue, 398-4526. FURNITURE HANDPAINTED FURNITURE AND DESIGN STUDIO Beautiful furniture and superior home items. 628 West

All your favorite collections and new ones waiting to be discovered.

Cats Meow our exclusive Ocean City Christmas Series

Byers’ Choice Ocean City Carolers

Stephanie Dawn Quilted Handbags Made in the USA

Lindsay Phillips Accessories

Merry Christmas!

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Ocean City

704 Asbury Avenue 609-391-0055 31

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What are You Reading?

Take a peek at what books are on the nightstands in and around OC dle East and Asia. I’m understanding how the war has developed since the overthrow of the Taliban. I like staying up-to-date with current events as well as understanding history. – Chris Maloney, OCFPL Director I’M READING Graveyard of Empires: America’s War in Afghanistan by Seth Jones. The book gives a brief survey of the Great Empires who’ve been thwarted in Afghanistan, starting with Alexander the Great. Then Jones examines America’s war in Afghanistan. I’m reading the book to gain a better understanding of the history and culture of the Mid-

THE book I’m reading is Bargaining for Advantage by G. Richard Shell. It was recommended to me by a Professor

at Drexel and Wharton. It’s a strategy book for negotiating in varies scenarios you may encounter in both the business world and in life. It includes various tactics for negotiations and conflict resolutions to assist in obtaining the best possible outcome for all parties involved. It’s is one of the most applicable and mentally stimulating books I’ve encountered. – Joe Masters, OC Lifeguard and Drexel University Student RIGHT now I’m re-reading Rhyme and Punishment, the autobiography of Martin Z. Mollusk, Ocean City’s weather predicting hermit crab and mascot. Martin dictated the book to me in 1980 and it

quickly sold out. It’s being reprinted now because Martin is being honored by First Night in Ocean City. (His picture will be on the admission button and cover of the program). Those who wish to buy the biography may do so for $5, with all proceeds going to the Ocean City Food Cupboard. Call (609) 5259300 and ask for the Big Crab if interested. The book I’d like to read most is a collection of short stories by Joyce Carol Oates called Sourland –Mark Soifer, OC Publicist I’M READING Boardwalk Empire. I enjoy reading about local history and the people who helped shape things. Boardwalk Empire is an outstanding

SHORE TRUE VALUE HARDWARE Your Holi day Headquarte rs! Interior/Exterior Decorations Lights - HUGE SELECTION LED Lighted Decorations Artificial Trees Live Frasier Fir Trees

515 New Road, Somers Point, (609)-927-6464 32

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 32

Hundreds of Unique Ornaments Gifts, Bows, Treeskirts Stockings, Wreaths Garland

STORE HOURS, M-F 8-7, Sat 8-6, Sunday 8-4

Ocean City

2/1/2011 9:54:34 AM

Trends the future of the state. – Bill Hollingsworth, executive director of the Humane Society of OC. book that goes through the history of Atlantic City, Mr. Pitney’s vision for the settlement of Atlantic City and how the railroad made it possible for people of all means to make a journey to the beach from the city. The book then goes through many years of corruption and politics and how people like “Nucky” Johnson gained power not just within the city, but also throughout the state. I truly enjoyed reading this book that really demonstrates Atlantic City’s highs and lows and gives me a better appreciation of the city and the importance its plays in shaping

THE book I just read is A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg and it always makes me hungry whenever I read it. Molly is the blogger who created Orangette. As she tells her story, she weaves in recipes and most of them have special meaning to her and are an important part of her life. For her, the food

connects her to the house she loves. I picked up this book at a bookstore because I had read Molly’s articles in Bon Appétit and liked her style of writing – any foodie will cruise through the story and earmark the recipes they want to try! – Wendy Moyle, recreations programs, City of Ocean City

I’M READING The Help by Kathryn Stockett because it deals with cleaning help in the late ‘60s early ‘70s. This book influences me to write a book when I retire. – Rose Balic, owner of Clean Sweep Services in OC.

SHOP & DINE at over 100 unique shops, restaurants & galleries ~ where personal service & quality products are our specialty! 6th to 11th Street along Asbury Avenue

I JUST finished Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. It was a wonderful book, over 500 pages long. His first book, The Corrections was very good so I figured Freedom would be too. I wasn’t disappointed– Nancy Miller, co-owner of Sun Rose

I’M CURRENTLY reading Georgie on his Mind by Ocean City local Jennifer Shirk. I enjoyed her first book The Role of a Lifetime and was excited that her second book had been published. Her romance novels are fun and light-hearted. Ocean City has so many talented people and Jennifer Shirk is certainly one of them! – Shawnda McGinnis, marketing director of the Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Get out earlier than the bird and jump start your holiday shopping. Best discounts earlier in the morning. Shop in your pajama’s, free coffee & giveaways, early bird shopping deals. FREE Turkey’s given away to the best pj’s! Gift Certificate Giveaways Don’t Be a Turkey - Get Out Earlier than the Bird!

Free Horse & Carriage Rides * Free Photos with Santa * Free Children’s Rides Dining & Shopping Specials * Free Refreshments * Face Painting * Carolers The Philly Phanatic will be on hand from 4-6pm Don’t miss Santa’s arrival from the top of City Hall onto a fire truck!

Dine with Santa for breakfast at a different Downtown restaurant every weekend Free Horse & Carriage Rides * Free Children’s Rides * Music Kids can mail their letters to Santa in the special mailbox at 9th & Asbury Free Gift Wrapping at most stores * Hassel-Free Shopping Saturday’s: free facepainting & balloon sculptures, stiltwalker, stringband & more

(609) 398-3189 p p

All occasion favors & gift baskets Don’t forget to sign up to win weekly gift certificates Ocean City


& be entered to win a $500 Downtown Shopping Spree Over $2,000 worth of Downtown gift certificates given away. In conjunction with NBC Ch 40

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ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 34

2/1/2011 9:54:49 AM


DISCOVERED Ocean City’s Historic Downtown Streets on Asbury Avenue is designated as a “Main Street” Shopping District – heretofore known as “Asbury under a national program coordinated through the National Avenue” or simply “Asbury” or even “the Ave” – Trust for Historic Preservation. Basically, the Main Street many years ago when I was new to town. It was program is about leveraging local assets – from historic, cultural, Christmas time and I swung onto Asbury and and architectural resources to local enterprises and community parked near City Hall. I don’t remember what I was there for, pride – in order to grow the local economy while preserving the just a little something or other. But as I crossed to the other side Downtown’s character. of the street, I was suddenly filled with the Christmas spirit. It “Main Street is the economic engine, the big stage, the was as if I were the Grinch and had been transformed by the core of the community,” explains the Main Street website awesome Christmas–y vibe of this quaint little downtown area. ( “Our Main Streets tell us who we are It was as if the “true meaning of Christmas came through, and and who we were, and how the past has shaped us. We do not the Grinch (that’s me) found the strength of ten Grinches, plus go to bland suburbs or enclosed shopping malls to learn about two!” our past, explore our culture, or discover our identity. Our Main I discovered all kinds of presents that day and a world of Streets are the places of shared memory where people still shopping that transformed my holiday season. I pictured come together to live, work, and play.” everyone I knew howling with delight as they opened my gifts. That kind of explains Downtown Ocean City... an economic They’d make shreeks and squeals racing round on their wheels, engine in the heart of town with a uniquely historic flavor. and dance with ting–tinglers tied to their heels. They’d blow “Downtown has that old time feel and that small town charm. their blue–toopers, they’ll We have over 100 bang their tar–tinkers.  shops restaurants I found all of that stuff and galleries,” said in the Downtown! I even Marcia Shallcross, found some Dr. Suess executive director of books. Oh yes, Downtown Downtown Ocean Ocean City is the place to City. “Our stores shop. are independently The Downtown, which owned and operated. is basically a stretch of It’s really a one– Asbury Avenue in the of–kind shopping center of town, is nothing experience and we new. It’s been an Ocean prides ourselves on City treasure since, well, our personal service for a very long time. And and quality products. the best part of all is that We have a lot of great it’s still the same cozy events too. Many of Above: Asbury Avenue on at Spring Block Party. Left from top: Ocean City’s comfortable spot it’s our store owners live always been. Sure some classic welcome sign. Christmas parade. OC’s crosswalks are a work of art. in the Downtown too, Diners enjoy al fresco meals Downtown. stores have gone and new some of them were ones have taken their born and raised here. If place, but it’s still that old time American Main Street that is sure you love Ocean City, shop Ocean City.” to delight. Downtown Ocean City is the largest downtown shopping “Wallace Hardware has been a fixture on Asbury Avenue for district along the Jersey Shore and was recently recognized as over 100 years. Wards Bakery – it’s hard to walk past Wards and the “Number–One Shopping District at the Shore” by South they always have something for the season. The Downtown Jersey Magazine. And the Downtown is open year round. hasn’t changed all that much over the years. Hoy’s took over “I love being here on the Avenue and it’s a nice little for the old Woolworth’s and the surf shop took over for Kabat’s community. Between the businesses and the restaurants, Men’s store – there are changes, but it’s still a nice place to there’s a nice camaraderie. We know what each other carry so shop,” said Fred Miller, Ocean City’s unofficial resident historian. we don’t have to duplicate things. And we definitely want to be I think I saw John–Boy, Jim Bob, and Mary Ellen walking past different from the malls. Everyone looks out for one another – Sun Rose Words and Music the other day. Or was that Cindy– it’s like family,” said Lynda Mitchell-Marino, owner of Glass Frog Lou Who? Not sure. Studio & Boutique. “The people are so friendly, courteous and ready to help This holiday season, shop Downtown’s over 100 stores for Downtown. It’s not like going to those big stores that are so your presents. I’ll see you there. impersonal,” added Fred. “I shop Downtown all the time.” For more information on shopping, dining, services and events in Ocean City’s Historic Downtown District from 6th to 11th Downtown Ocean City, go to

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2/1/2011 9:54:49 AM

The arts scene in OC by Bill Godfrey

Good Company There may not be a street in Ocean City named “Broadway,” but the theater arts scene in town is alive and vibrant with a nice variety of quality productions from several different companies. The summer season is packed with great shows across the island, some small and others not so small. But when Christmas time rolls around, the Ocean Theatre Company (OCTC) takes center stage with a holiday spectacular that would make Bob Fosse green (and red) with envy. A Christmas Wonderland, Ocean City Theatre Company’s annual holiday spectacular is a high–energy, family– friendly song and dance production that’s sure to put a twinkle in your eye and leave you feeling holly and jolly. And we’re not talking about a holiday show. No. We’re talking a holiday “spectacular.” Artistic Director


ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 36

Michael Hartman promises “dazzling” costumes, special effects, toe–tapping music and professional performers. “We held an audition in New York in March and we had 500 people audition. We’ve always cast New York performers, but this was the first year we had a full–day, open–call audition in New York. It was really exciting.” If you know Michael, then you know that he’s a high–energy guy. And I wish all of you could feel the excitement in his voice as he talk about this show. “The show is our own take on the

Ocean City

Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes that is such an American tradition. Ours is a four–guy, four–girl show and they’re all professional singer/ dancers. It’s non–stop – all music, all song and dance – from beginning to end. We have dancing reindeers, great costumes, Santa Claus makes an appearance – it really is a non–stop selection of holiday favorites,” said Michael. I’m taking the whole family and maybe the in–laws too to see this. I’ve heard some great things about this

2/1/2011 9:54:50 AM

show and this year I’m not going to miss it. If I were you I’d grab some friends (maybe your Red Hat crowd, church group or some co–workers – group rates are available) and make a night of it. Grab a bite in town, take advantage of the free parking and get into the holiday spirit. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of everyday life get you down – grab some holiday cheer with OCTC this year. “It’s for people of all ages,” Hartman said. “Adults like it because we cover the standards, but we have stuff for kids too so they like it. This is our third year and every year we revamp the show. We keep some things and we create some new things so it’s different every year.” I remember when Ocean City was a sleepy little shore town with little interest in anything other than a good suntan and a large slice of pizza. There’s always been the Pops. But arts and culture in Ocean City is maturing. “I think the Ocean City cultural scene has grown across the board,” said Michael. “Everyone is offering more and bringing more to the table. And I think people are realizing how much the arts can bring to tourism. It’s a totally different activity. Even if you’re not an arts lover – if you’re a lover of Ocean City or tourism or business – you can realize the importance of having strong arts programs.” Look around. Ocean City has a lot to offer. There’s the Pops, of course, under the direction of Maestro

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 37

William Scheible, which is truly a premier organization in the state and presents some of the most beloved performances in town every year. The Ocean City Repertory Theater is a great contributor to the theater scene in town. There are organizations that promote the visual arts including the Ocean City Arts Center, there’s a local youth opera group and there’s a rock show at the music pier every summer – Rock the Boards – that’s one of my favorite

great schools, a great hometown magazine – cool people start to show up. Or in Michael Hartman’s case, they come back. Michael is a graduate of Ocean City High School who’s been living the theater life since graduation. Three years ago he brought all that experience and passion for theater back to town and helped found the OCTC. “Yeah, I’m a theater dork,” said Michael with a laugh. “I was doing some shows with the Pops after

“I think the Ocean City cultural scene has grown across the board,” said Michael. “Everyone is offering more and bringing more to the table.” events. “There are many arts organizations offering many different types of entertainment here – plays, musicals, comedy, a classical orchestra, a rock bands show – and that only adds to it,” said Michael. “When there’s a lot to choose from; when there’s something for everyone, then you become a true destination. Look at Philadelphia. Avenue of the Arts has ballet, opera, classical music, everything – and I think Ocean City has done a nice job of encompassing everything. And look how the Ocean City arts has grown over the past three years during a tough economy. I think Ocean City has really gotten behind it.” When you have as much to offer as Ocean City – you know like great beaches,

graduation and ran the city recreation programs that involved theater. Then some community members approached me about creating a non–profit to enhance the theater arts in town to help take it to a new level, so we did. Since then we’ve been growing steadily.” OCTC is not Michael’s only job. He the producer for America’s National Teenager – a national scholarship pageant for teens – that has him travelling across the country on weekends. He’s also on faculty at Cabrini College, the director of musical theater at Owen J. Roberts High School and the director of drama at East Bradford Elementary, all in Pennsylvania. Ever sleep Michael? “No. Not a lot.”

Ocean City

“But when you work in the arts you have to take the work when it’s available. I do a lot of things, it’s a little crazy,” he said. “But the Theatre Company is my priority; it’s at the heart of everything I do. And while I’m out there I’m learning and networking and I bring that all back with me to Ocean City.” Michael performed in a few Christmas shows right out of college and realized a professional Christmas production was just what Ocean City needed. “Ocean City is really booming at Christmas. You wouldn’t think that about a summer beach town, but there’s a lot going on during the holiday season and there’s a lot of effort put into promoting it. This keeps the arts and the theater company going into December.” Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, In the lane, snow is glistening A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight. Going to see OCTC’s “Christmas Wonderland.” A Christmas Wonderland 2010; Ocean City’s Holiday Spectacular is sponsored by Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, and held at the Ocean City Music Pier, Moorlyn Terrace and the Boardwalk. Tickets are $12 adults, $10 kids under 12. Group rates are available. Shows are December 17 and 18  at  7:30pm. December 19 at 2pm. Call (609) 525–9300 for info and tickets or visit www.


2/1/2011 9:54:50 AM

3 1



POSTCARD collecting is one of the largest hobbies in the world. This will not surprise anyone who has shoeboxes filled with the colorful captures of time. It’s a popular hobby because it’s relatively inexpensive and because postcards evoke memories of good times. I have an extensive collection of Ocean City postcards and I’d like to share some of them with you. Often, what is written on the back is as informative and fun as what is pictured on the front!

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 38



2/1/2011 9:55:00 AM

5 1. “Greetings from Ocean City” postcards are the easiest to find, but some, like this one, are quite rare. This card from the early 1940s shows City Hall, Ocean City High School, the Post Office, and a view down Asbury Avenue.

swellish time and trying to get brown but so far I look like an over-riped tomato.”

2: This postcard from the 1930s is of the Hotel Brighton, the city’s first hotel. Built in 1880 on the corner of Seventh Street and Ocean Avenue, it was demolished in 1940. From the back, “Dear Winifred, we are on the first floor this summer and the mosquitoes are going to be quite bad this year on account of so much rain. I am, as ever, Mabel.”

6: Views of the Music Pier on the Boardwalk are plentiful, some, like this one from the 1940s, were colorized to look like they were taken at night.

3: The G. C. Murphy Co. 5 & 10 cent store opened in 1929 in the Bourse Building on Asbury Avenue at 8th Street.

7: During the summer of 1940, Foreign Correspondent, starring Joel McCrea, was playing at the Moorlyn Theatre. 8: From the back of this 1941 postcard: “Dear Clyde, Tomorrow morning we are going to take exercises. I imagine it is in the same order as drilling.” Clyde was in the Army, training at Ellington Field, Texas.

4: This postcard of the lifeguard first aid station on the 14th Street beach was from the early 1950s. Wilma wrote, “Having a



ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 39

5: This postcard sent on July 13, 1910, shows Shriver’s shop and Shriver’s pavilion. Shriver’s opened in 1898.

7 2/1/2011 9:55:12 AM







ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 40

2/1/2011 9:55:24 AM



17 9: The message on this postcard, postmarked August 20, 1945, simply asked “Isn’t the war news thrilling? Our prayers have been answered.” 10: Watson’s, on the corner of Ninth Street and Ocean Avenue, advertised on the back of the postcard: “The Most Popular Restaurant in America’s Greatest Family Resort.” 11: The Chatterbox advertised on the back of this 1956 postcard: “The popular spot to meet and eat in Ocean City, New Jersey.” 12: The new World War Memorial Bridge opened in 1933. Mayor Harry Headley said, “This is the most magnificent entrance of any resort along the New Jersey coast.” 13: This is a 1955 aerial view showing the island looking north from the 14th Street fishing pier.

a grand time. Keeping my ‘girlish’ figure walking up and down the boardwalk. Ha! Ha!” 15: This bird’s eye view of the Hotel Flanders shows their three swimming pools. The hotel advertised : “From shortly after Memorial Day until early October, the young and the old enjoy the limpid salt waters of the large 50-foot pool, which is chest deep to the adult. A smaller 10-foot deep pool features diving boards for those who are more daring in their aquatics. For the real small fry there is a shallow, safe wading pool.” 16: The Showboat Theatre, at 12th Street and the Boardwalk, opened in 1929. The name was changed to the Surf Theatre in 1939. 17: The Ocean City Title and Trust Company building, on the corner of 8th Street and Asbury Avenue, opened for business on May 29, 1925. It was the largest office building in Cape May County.

14: The Ferris Wheel at Gillian’s Fun Deck could be seen from this 1935 view looking south from Eighth Street. Hazel wrote to her friend “Spending four days here, having

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 41

2/1/2011 9:55:35 AM

Home Life The Turf is Always Greener


A Seriously Simple Grass Alternative

HETHER your Ocean City home is a primary residence or an escape from the everyday, it should have an exterior environment filled with beauty year round. Over the years, homes around the island became known for yards filled with gravel, stones or sand. That’s no longer the case. One of the latest trends in year-round outdoor environments is the installation of synthetic turf. At one time represented by the “fake” sports turf, today’s synthetic yard surfaces are a beautiful alternative to the constant upkeep of lawns. The environmentally-friendly turf is lush, vibrant and life-like with a fresh cut appearance and feel. This new-age turf is safe and clean for both children and pets. No more grass stains from that game of catch before dinner. No more muddy paws tracking into your home. Synthetic lawn surfaces are ADA compliant. In addition, synthetic turf is a cost-effective alternative to real grass. It’s virtually maintenance-free,

requiring no water, fertilizers, mowing or weeding to retain its pristine appearance. It’s also highly-durable withstanding heat, hurricanes and nor’easters with ease.

No need to worry about how you’ll keep those gorgeous hydrangeas you love. Synthetic lawn surface areas can be enhanced with natural plantings, flowing water features and distinctive hardscaping to complement style and design. Lighting may also be added to extend outdoor time plus add a level of safety

and security. “When I first meet with clients, the most common question is why synthetic turf vs. real grass?” said Dan Bailey, division manager of the Young’s Landscape Management Y-Turf division. “It’s a relatively easy answer – one of time and lifestyle.” Synthetic lawns are perfect for homeowners who come to Ocean City for an escape and not to do more chores. Instead, you can take a stroll on the beach, ride your bike on the Boards or kick back and relax at home listening to the waves roll in. Besides the beauty, synthetic turf can create an instant entertainment and sporting environment. A putting green, bocce court and ultimate playground area are possible options with quality, durability and performance. No matter your lifestyle or time schedule, spare time is seemingly rare these days for everyone. With synthetic turf you can have a beautiful outdoor environment and spend time with family and friends. After all, isn’t that what the beach life is all about? - Glori Gayster

Ocean City Theatre Company

Michael Hartman, Artistic Director


December 17 & 18 7:30pm


December 19 2pm Professional singers and dancers return to Ocean City to present a high energy family–oriented, song and dance tribute to the holidays. Through dazzling costumes, familiar songs, toe-tapping numbers and special effects, this extravaganza will kindle the holiday spirit in all of us as the magic of the season comes to life in a brand-new musical journey through seasonal favorites!



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Ocean City


2/1/2011 9:55:39 AM


and everyone loves it!


Enrollment Payments for 3 Months ($250 value)


p i h s r e b m e M l a i r T 15 Day It’s always a Greate day at Greate Bay!


*Limitations may apply. ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 43

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Game On Ocean City Word Search Find the words in the puzzle below




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Ocean City



2/1/2011 9:55:40 AM

Game On Ocean’s 11 Do you know what it takes to be an OC master? 1. What’s the name of the Wildlife Refuge on Bay Avenue across from the OC Municipal Airport? 2. What do you get on First Night to access all the events? 3.What are the names of the three founding brothers of Ocean City? 4. What’s the name of the dog who was OC’s mascot in the 1920s and 1930s? 5. Where’s the OC Food Cupboard? 6. Who was Ocean City’s first mayor? 7. Who is Homecoming Queen of OCHS? 8. What year did the first class graduate from OCHS? 9. How many students graduated that year? 10. What famous OCer wrote Honor Thy Father? 11. Where in OC was the Kelly house?

8. 1904 7. Jamie Slate 6. Gainer P. Moore Church 5. St. Peter’s United Methodist 4. Hobo 3. S. Wesley, Ezra, and James Lake 11. 25th Street and Wesley Avenue 10. Gay Talese


9. Six

1. The Howard S. Stainton Wildlife

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2. The First Night Button

Ocean City


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Real Speak 2141 Wesley Avenue Redefine luxury with this beachfront beauty LOCATION ON THE ISLAND? Goldcoast beachfront located at 2141 Wesley Avenue BEDROOMS/BATHROOMS? 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths SPECIAL FEATURES? This spectacular 2nd floor goldcoast oceanfront redefines luxury. The home boasts breathtaking views of the Boardwalk, dunes and Atlantic Ocean. Lavish amenities include upscale kitchen, hardwood floors, granite counters and matching granite fireplace. Enjoy gorgeous porches with automatic sun shades or relax in the spacious living area. No expense was spared with the finest of finishes including 5 1/2 incredible custom-tiled baths. Offered exquisitely furnished with loads of upgrades. ASKING PRICE? $3,495,000 Wouldn’t this second floor stunner make a fabulous Christmas present?

LISTED BY? THE WILKINS TEAM, BURT AND EMILY WILKINS, 18th and asbury, (609) 399-2500.


SALES & RENTALS Located at 18th and asbury, ocean city 609.399.2500 •

Leon K. Grisbaum

Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated

#1 in ocean city sales and summer rentals 3160 Asbury Avenue Ocean City, NJ (888) 399-0076

17th & Boardwalk Ocean City, NJ (888) 579-0095

55th & Haven Ocean City, NJ (800) 399-3484

133 S. Shore Road Marmora, NJ (609) 390-9300 46

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Want to work for Ocean City’s newest and most fabulous publication? p p p If you are an experienced salesperson we want to talk to you. Send your resume to

Ocean City

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Staying Over INN THE GARDENS Jennifer Torres, innkeeper, tells about her inn WHO RUNS THE INN? I run the inn while my husband Carlos maintains the property. We recently combined efforts in the kitchen and have come out with scrumptious breakfasts guests really enjoy. Some favorites are blueberry-stuffed French toast, Belgian waffles and bacon, Latin-style eggs, or a breakfast burrito with a variety of trimmings. The hot entrees combined with a fresh fruit, yogurt and granola, scones, muffins, etc, means nobody leaves hungry. WHEN DID THE INN BEGIN? I purchased the property in June 2000 and opened fourth of July weekend with a full house! Thanks to the fellow innkeepers who network together, it was a great success. LOCATION ON THE ISLAND? We’re located on the Northend of the island known as

6 guest rooms & two apartments.

Inn the Gardens is open year round and is ideal for family reunions, celebrations and retreats in the off-season

the Gardens. This residential area is known to be quiet in comparison to the Downtown. The location is ideal as we are a short walk to the bay or beach, and have some great places to eat within walking distance. HOW MANY ROOMS? Presently we have

KID FRIENDLY? PET FRIENDLY? We are family friendly and accept well behaved children in the Sand Castle room or the apartments on the ground floor. While we love pets, we cannot accommodate them. Our boxer Amigo is the only pet on the premises and he’s well-trained, while being a wonderful addition to the ambiance. WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT YOUR PLACE? The building was built in 1923 by a Philadelphian physician as a summer home. In 1950 the Zigenfus family purchased it and turned it into a guest house called Laurel Hall. Then in 1970 it was transformed into a bed and breakfast by Dick Harris. The same building has been used for accommodations for over 60 years!

Not just a room... an experience


Experience a vacation haven that artfully combines appealing vintage charm with plentiful modern amenities. ● ● ● ●

Individually Decorated Rooms with Private Baths & Signature Toiletries Complimentary WiFi, Beach Tags & Bathhouse, Parking on Premise Breakfast & Afternoon Refreshments feature fresh, local ingredients Easy walking distance to Beach, Boardwalk, Restaurants, & Shopping

Receive an ornament with every $100 Gift Certificate Purchase

720 Ocean Avenue ∙ Ocean City, NJ 08226 ∙ 800-258-1558 ∙

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Ocean City


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It’s History OH, WHAT A NIGHT!


Fred Miller on what to do with the family on NYE

UST $14 gets you a First Night 2011 button and admits you to all events at Ocean City’s 19th New Year’s Eve party. The endof-year celebration features 70 entertaining programs at 16 venues from 4pm to midnight. The performances last about 40 minutes, giving you time to walk to the next location and get settled before the next show begins. Sspectacular fireworks will go over the Boardwalk and Atlantic Ocean at midnight. Jitneys provide free transportation for button wearers between venues. Municipal lots are free during the winter. Join the kick-off ceremonies at 4pm at the Music Pier where the official ribbon cutting will take place. The Harmony Show Choir will entertain everyone with Disney and Broadway songs. Three-time Grammy nominee Trout Fishing in America will perform their

popular mix of folk, pop and family music at 9, 10 and 11pm in the Music Pier; the Back Beat’s “Tribute to the Beatles” will begin at 9, 10 and 11pm in the Ocean City High School auditorium; and the Grease Band will get nostalgic with their “oldies” from the 1950s and 1960s at 9, 10 and 11pm in the Civic Center. The Ocean City Pops will perform at 10 and 11pm at the Tabernacle. Other shows include: Andrew Hink--Pianist, the Hegman String Band, Broadway by Request, June and Johnny Cash, Japanese Drummers, Give and Take Jugglers, Barbershop Favorites, Carl Howell Folk Music, 1-2-3 Draw, and Paper Moon Marionettes. Gillian’s Wonderland Pier rides are open 

from 5pm to 10pm; Inflatables will be at the Sports and Civic Center from 4pm to 8pm; and mini golf will be open from 4pm to 10pm at Gillian’s Island Adventure Golf on the Boardwalk. First Night admission buttons are available at Downtown Gillian’s, 838 Asbury Avenue, seven days a week, online at www., and by calling (609) 525-9300. The fun continues on January 1, 2011 with First Day at the Beach. A 5K run starts at 1pm at Moorlyn Terrace and Boardwalk. The First Dip in the Ocean is 2pm on Moorlyn Terrace beach. Each year the First Night button features a unique design. This year the original design was created by a student at OCHS. Here’s a look at some of the past buttons and the new 2011 design.

  

 

  


 

 


 

 

   

    


  

Property and Lifestyle Management property management

House Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Window Cleaning Power Washing

concierge services

  

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Personal Errands Dry Cleaning & Laundry Grocery Shopping Personal Assistant

625 Bay Ave, OC A Fine Division of Clean Sweep Services (609) 398-6446 “A Complete House Cleaning Service.” 5 Locust Lane, CMCH • (609) 465-3079

2/1/2011 9:55:51 AM

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s at Midn ight!


augu$ Only

Over 70 different entertainment shows from 4pm-Midnight!

          

             

in e v E ’s r a e Y w Spend Ne rt! o s e R y l i m a F test a e r G ’s a c i r e Am Visit, call Downtown Gillian’s (609) 391-0060 or call the Welcome Center at (609) 399-2629 to buy your button! ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 50

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Ocean C Ocean City ity Oce Ocea an C y t i C n an i july2010


Only $2


Only $2!


2010 august




sep octotember Only ber20 / $2! 10

zine maga


Shoppin g•Dining• Events• History an d More in America ’s Greate st Family

i! afar

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Shoppin g•Dinin g•Even ts•Histo ry and M ore in Am erica’s Gr eatest Fa mily


fal spo l rts?

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te Sh f’s M op u Do st Ha wn v tow es n


Night in Ven


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an E the co-T our sal Adv t entu re S

ly $2!

R e st W e e kaJuunera2 nt 0-27



azin e So, Y Thin ou k Life You C gua a rd? n



Sho ppin g•D inin a loc g•E al ch ven ef ’s v ts• intag Hist e ory and Mo re in Shop Am ping•D e r ica’s ining Gre •Eve ate nts•H on th a journ st F istory amil ey e bac and y Re More k sort bays in A ocma


d 1



Fish y Wis our h


a’s G




st Fa

mily R esort




Give the gift of Ocean City all year long with a subscription to

Ocean City magazine

Just $21.40 with tax order by phone at 609-675-0867 or online ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 51

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Y-TURF?Why Not? Enjoy a year-round beautifully landscaped lawn with little or no maintenance with Y-TURF installed synthetic surface. IDEALLY PICTURESQUE Vibrant, manicured lawns blended perfectly with natural plantings, hardscaping, lighting and water features.

SAFE & CLEAN Environmentally-friendly for children and pets, reducing the potential for bacteria, grass stains and muddy paws.

877-90-YTURF (877-9 09-8873)

609-654-5247 FUN & ENTERTAINING Premium, authentic at home putting surfaces or practice areas with unparalleled quality, durability and performance.

A DIVISION OF YOUNG’S LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT Landscaping • Hardscaping • Lighting • Water Features

ocmagHOLIDAY.indd 52 Serving the Delaware Valley to the Jersey Shore

©2010, Young’s Landscape Management, Inc. all rights reserved NJCA #13VH01161400 & PA #022139

2/1/2011 9:57:00 AM

Ocean City magazine - Holiday Issue  

The holiday issue of Ocean City magazine: Ocean City, NJ's premier lifestyle magazine for all ages.

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