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by Alexxis Steele

NEW YORK, NY – Sisters and New York City natives Tish and Snooky Bellomo have been America’s darlings of creative hair color and punk rock pioneers and tastemakers, since their days in the original Blondie band line-up in the mid 70s. Opening America’s first Punk Boutique in 1977, they went on to start the world’s first alternative beauty brand, Manic Panic®, leading the hair color revolution and changing the concept of what beauty is forever!


For over 40 years Tish and Snooky have delivered their rock n’ roll lifestyle to the world through their iconic brand. Their legendary hair color, which has remained 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free since its inception, has helped celebrities including Cyndi Lauper, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian stand out in the headlines. Tish and Snooky have been dubbed “The Martha Stewarts of Punk”, and still rock the Manic Panic lifestyle. “We don’t just sell it, we live it!” has been their motto for over 40 years. To this day, Tish and Snooky continue to perform regularly, singing with some of music’s biggest and icons including the all-star band Blue Coupe, consisting of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dennis Dunaway (founding member of the Alice Cooper group) and Albert and Joe Bouchard, fou nding members of Blue Oyster Cult. Tish and Snooky continue to spread their brand of radical glamour® throughout the galaxy!

15% of Manic Panic’s annual profits are donated to various charities. Beginning in 1977, our vivid rainbow colors dyes were one of the first products to be sold at the bespoke boutique on St. Mark’s Place. In the 90s, due to heightened demand, distribution of our products expanded tremendously. Since that time, Manic Panic® has worked continuously to make sure our formula remains the best on the market by listening to customer feedback and staying ahead of the trends by starting them! In 2005, Manic Panic® introduced our Amplified formula for our Dye Hards that were looking for an even longer lasting formula. Manic Panic® can guarantee that our products are the best on the market as the dyes continue to be tested and quality-controlled by in-house staff – which includes Tish and Snooky to this day! Manic Panic® guarantees all of our ingredients and all our supplier’s ingredients are both Vegan & Cruelty-Free, as accredited by PETA®! Tested On Celebrities, Not Animals® is our motto! Often imitated, but never duplicated because Manic Panic isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle! As Tish and Snooky always say, we don’t just sell it, we live it!

We don’t just sell it, we live it!


CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS • Jared Leto began dyeing his hair with our ‘Red Passion’ Classic Crème and posting pics on his booming social media channels as early as 2010, and laterappeared in Vogue in Manic Panic. When his role as the Joker came about for 2016’s Suicide Squad, Jared’s team came straight to us for his signature green as well as for Margot Robbie’s blue and pink pigtails as Harley Quinn! • Jake Gyllenhaal recently told W he wouldn’t have pursued acting had Manic Panic not “gone to his head” when he was younger. • Both Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner have graced countless tabloids this year, both in our Cotton Candy and Hot Hot Pink Classic Crème formula creating a worldwide trend overnight.

ABOUT SNOOKY FROM MANIC PANIC® Co-owner and co-founder of Tish & Snooky’s Manic Panic, Snooky Bellomo is a graduate of the High School of Music and Art and received a BA degree in English from New York University. Attending classes by day, and singing with Blondie and other bands at night, she completed her education doing her homework backstage between sets. As a breast cancer survivor, it fills Snooky with pride that a percentage of Manic Panic’s profits go to Breast Cancer research and relief charities, annually. Today, she and her sister, Tish, continue to run Manic Panic, the world’s first and foremost alternative beauty company. Snooky enjoys playing the harp, reading, fund raising for charities, all the while still singing at nightclubs all over the world.

ABOUT TISH FROM MANIC PANIC® Co-owner and co-founder of Tish and Snooky’s Manic Panic, Tish Bellomo attended New York City’s prestigious High School of Music and Art (now the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & The Arts), and then continued her education in Fashion Design in NYC. Backup singer in the original Blondie band as well as being heard on various albums with her sister Snooky, Tish helped set the tone for both punk music and fashion designing and refurbishing stagewear for Dr. John, The Dead Boys, Kate Pierson from the B-52s, and more. Cher bought a dress that Tish designed and crafted straight from the original Manic Panic store on St. Mark’s Place! She designed the original Manic Panic Logo, signature fonts and packaging, Throughout her busy life, she somehow found the time to birth two beautiful boys with her husband of 26 years. She continues to tour the world with her sister, where the pair sings all over the United States, Canada and the UK, while helping to fundraise for various charities.




Dennis Dunaway’s Rock Opera

“COLD COLD COFFIN” by Alexxis Steele

Based on the song “Cold Cold Coffin” by Dennis Dunaway (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Founding Member of The Alice Cooper Group), this Rock Cinema Short tells the story of a wealthy tycoon who discovers his young bride married him for his Estate. Heartbroken and angry, he exacts revenge by having himself cryogenically frozen in order to outlive her so she can’t get his money. (Starring Dennis Dunaway and Calico Cooper.)


Based on the song “Cold Cold Coffin” by Dennis Dunaway (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Founding Member of The Alice Cooper Group), this Rock Cinema Short tells the story of a wealthy tycoon who discovers his young bride married him for his Estate. Heartbroken and angry, he exacts revenge by having himself cryogenically frozen in order to outlive her so she can't get his money. (Starring Dennis Dunaway and Calico Cooper.)

Cast Dennis Dunaway was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall ofCast Fame in 2011 as a founding member of the band named Alice Cooper. Dennis is in the Grammy Hall of Fame for cowriting “School’s Out.” The original Alice Cooper group have sold millions of singles and albums and were on the cover of Forbes for having the largest grossing tour in 1973 over Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. The Alice Cooper group is in the Guinness Book of World Records for largest indoor audience estimated up to 148,000 in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1974. The Billion Dollar Babies album reached number 1 in America and Britain, and the group are recognized as the innovators of theatrical rock shows, which included giant balloons, hangings, snakes and spidery eye makeup. Dennis’ book, Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures In The Alice Cooper Group is in it’s 3rd printing and has been translated into German. The audiobook, narrated by Dennis, is available at The group recorded 3 songs on Alice’s Welcome 2 My Nightmare album, and re-recorded “School’s Out” with Joe Perry and Johnny Depp DENNIS DUNAWAY for the Hollywood They recorded several Dennis Dunaway was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Vampires of Famealbum. in 2011 as also a founding Composer, Writer, Vocals, Bass, songs on Alice’s Paranormal album. The group toured the United member the band named Alice Cooper.Kingdom Dennis in is November in the Grammy Hallgroup’s of Fame for are Diary Of Executiveof Producer, 2017. The movies “The Groom” A Mad Housewife, See You Again: Alice Cooper, co-writing “School’s Out.” The original Alice Cooper group Good have To sold millions of singles and and Super Duper Alice Cooper. A new film Fromover The Astroturf, albums and were on the cover of Forbes for having the largest grossing tourLive in 1973 Alice Cooper won Best Documentary Short at the Phoenix Film Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. TheFestival Alice Cooper groupAward is in the Guinness Book ofat the Dallas and Audience for Best Documentary World Records for largest indoor audienceInternational estimated Film up toFestival. 148,000 in Sao Paulo, Brazil in DENNIS DUNAWAY

Composer, Writer, Vocals, Bass, Executive Producer, “The Groom”

1974. The ​Billion Dollar Babies ​album reached number 1 in America and Britain, and the group are recognized as the innovators of theatrical rock shows, which included giant



“The Bride”, Choreographer

CALICO COOPER, daughter of shock rock legend Alice Cooper, got her start in the entertainment industry when she was hired by her father at age 18 to choreograph and bring to life his nightmarish characters on stage for his Brutal Planet world tour. Eleven world tours and eight full stage shows to her credit later, she had carved a niche and a massive fan base for herself in the horror industry having become infamous for playing alongside Alice as “Nurse Rosetta” and “Cold Ethyl.” Voted one of MAXIM’S “20 hottest rock star daughters,” she moved to Los Angeles at 20 and began gaining notoriety filming indie horror movies and short films. Excelling in comedy, she scored a role for herself as the ball-busting, sexually manipulative boss Lila Black in the multi-award winning comedy series Bloomers. Cooper Continued her success with a dark film about a bipolar college student entitled Thirty Proof Coil. The reviewers raved, “Cooper is on screen for nearly every second of the film’s 120-minute running time, and there is not a wasted moment. She delivers a sucker punch of a performance, with bristling physicality and a desperate charm.”

Sisters and New York City natives TISH AND SNOOKY BELLOMO have been America’s darlings of creative hair color and punk rock pioneers and tastemakers, since their days in the original Blondie band line-up in the mid 70s. Opening America’s first Punk Boutique in 1977, they went on to start the world’s first alternative beauty brand, Manic Panic®, leading the hair color revolution and changing the concept of what beauty is forever! For over 40 years Tish and Snooky have delivered their rock n’ roll lifestyle to the world through their iconic brand. Their legendary hair color, which has remained 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free since its inception, has helped celebrities including Cyndi Lauper, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian stand out in the headlines.


Tish and Snooky have been dubbed “The Martha Stewarts of Punk”, and Wedding ghouls still rock the Manic Panic lifestyle. “We don’t just sell it, we live it!” has been their motto for over 40 years. To this day, Tish and Snooky continue to perform regularly, singing with some of music’s biggest and icons including the all-star band Blue Coupe, consisting of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dennis Dunaway (founding member of the Alice Cooper group) and Albert and Joe Bouchard, founding members of Blue Oyster Cult.


LAURA ROTH has appeared on television, radio and the stage in a variety of singing and acting roles. Amazingly versatile, she has been called a “show stopper” by the New York Post and “one of the world’s leading cabaret singers” by Show Business newspaper. She has performed extensively in the United States, including Manhattan, both off Broadway and in well-known clubs. Audiences have enjoyed her remarkable range in London and Paris and as featured artist with a symphony orchestra. Her Public Radio show was broadcast live to seven States. She was personally selected by Jim Nabors to open his East Coast concert. Her holiday shows were performed before thousands at theHer Hilton Casino Hotel were and the Tropicanabefore Casinothousands Resort in at the Hilton Casino Coast concert. holiday shows performed Atlantic City. Hotel and the Tropicana Casino Resort in Atlantic City. Laura has intensely studied the work, mannerisms and clothing styles of

Laura has intensely studied the mannerisms and clothing styles of the greatest female the greatest female entertainers of work, the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Combining equal parts of music, comedy and acting, and calling upon her entertainers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Combining equal parts of music, LAURA ROTH own large personal collection of vintage clothing, arranged by decades, comedy and acting, and calling upon her own large personal collection of vintage clothing, “The Bride” together with 125 stage costumes specifically designed for her, Laura Roth arranged by decades, together with 125 costumes specifically designed for her, Laura performs year-round in shows appealing to stage all ages. She is known for the most powerful characterization of in theshows immortal Judy Garland to be found any stage. Roth performs year-round appealing to all ages. She isonknown for the most powerful characterization of the immortal Judy Garland to be found on any stage.


Musicians Russ spent most of his percussive years playing and recording

with various rock and r&b bands in the Tri-State NY metro area. He’s played many small clubs in many small towns to big theaters in big towns. Russ has also recorded and toured with the Dennis Dunaway Project and the 5th Ave Vampires who both have opened for Alice Cooper on multiple dates through out the east coast of the US and American Rock Celebration, which included Dennis, Jimmy Kunes and John Girardi. Russ has also been filling the drum chair for the Richie Scarlet Band since 2010 and is on his “I Plead the Fifth” as well as his upcoming release. He’s also working with Dennis and Nick Didkovsky as part of the Snake Charmers and on the Dennis’s forthcoming solo release. He’s played and recorded with many well known and respected players such as Joey Molland, Denny Laine, John Regan, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Ian Hunter, Dez Cadena, Wayne Cobham, Arno Hecht, Joe Bouchard, Earl Slick, Joe Lynn Turner, Mark Hitt and Leslie West among others.



Russ spent most of his percussive years playing and recording with various rock and r&b Drummer Russ states that he’sclubs been in very fortunate workto with one of the bands in the Tri-State NY metro area. He’s played many small many smallto towns Russ Wilson performing at Chance Theater most dedicated, talented, knowledgeable musicians he’s had the big theaters in big towns. Russ has also recorded and with the Dennis Dunaway pleasure oftoured meeting. Dennis and wife Cindy have been not only friends, but I lookon forward to continued playing Russ Wilson performing Scarlettwho both good Project and the 5th with AveRichie Vampires have opened for mentors. Alice Cooper multiple dates and collaboration. through out the east coast of the US and American Rock Celebration, which included Dennis, Jimmy Kunesisand John Girardi. Russ has also and been filling the drum chair for the NICK DIDKOVSKY a guitarist, composer, band leader, software developer. He founded the avant-rock Nerve,the theFifth" metalas bands Richie Scarlet Band since 2010 and band is onDoctor his "I Plead well as his upcoming Häßliche Luftmasken and Vomit Fist, and is a member of the Fred Frith Guitar release. He's also working with Dennis and Nick Didkovsky as part of the Snake Charmers Quartet. He presently resides in New York City where he writes scientific software, and on thefor Dennis's soloensembles, release. He's recorded with many well composes his ownforthcoming bands and other and played teachesand algorithmic music composition at New York University. composed Bang On A Can All- Regan, Ron known and respected players suchHe ashas Joey Molland,forDenny Laine, John Stars, Meridian Arts Ensemble, ETHEL, and others. His compositions and guitar "Bumblefoot" Thal, Ian Hunter, Dez Cadena, Wayne Cobham, Arno Hecht, Joe Bouchard, work appear on over 50 records including Alice Cooper “Paranormal” and Bang Earl Joe LynnLying Turner, Mark(SONY Hitt and Leslie West among others. On ASlick, Can “Cheating Stealing” Classical). TV credits include Law and Order Special Victims Unit (“Bad Blood”). His Punos Music record label serves up

his most extreme projects. Awards include USwith Artists International, Russ states that musical he's been very fortunate to work one of the mostMeet dedicated, talented, the Composer, NY Foundation of the Arts, and the Aaron Copland Recording knowledgeable musicians he's had the pleasure of meeting. Dennis and wife Cindy have Fund. He has published in Music Theory Spectrum, Leonardo Music Journal, and been not only good friends, but mentors. I look forward to continued playing the International Computer Music Conference. He the primary developer of the and computer music language Java Music Specification Language (JMSL), which is collaboration. used by composers worldwide. Russ Wilson performing at Chance Theater



Brian has Directed and Produced numerous Film/TV projects including “Henry the 9th,” “The Pearl,” “SCOTUS and the City,” “KMIC,” and “Reflection.” He has also Directed several theater productions including the Off-Broadway Premiere of M.G.W., as well as Sold, The Homecoming, One for the Road, The Crucible, Refuge, Kerry & Angie, The Homeless Secretary, Fear of Rats, Godspell, Kindertransport, and The Dutchman. He has also taught Directing for over 10 years at Montclair State University, as well as Farleigh Dickenson University. Brian is a veteran stand up comedian, having appeared on the TV series, Gotham Comedy Live, hosted by Chris Titus. He has performed in clubs all over the country including Caroline’s on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, Dangerfields, Borgata Casino, Revel Casino, Mohegan Sun Casino, and more. Brian has opened for and worked with legendary comedians such as Paul Reiser, BRIAN CICHOCKI Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Breuer, Sebastian Maniscaclo, Brian has Directed and Produced numerous Film/TV projects including “Henry the 9th,” Patrice Director, Executive Producer, O’Neal, and Tom Rhodes. “The “SCOTUS VisualPearl,” Story, “The Clown” and the City,” “KMIC,” and “Reflection.” He has also Directed several theater productions including the Off-Broadway Premiere of ​M.G.W.​, as well as ​Sold, The BRIAN CICHOCKI

Director, Executive Producer, Visual Story, “The Clown”

Homecoming, One for the Road, The Crucible, Refuge, Kerry & Angie, The Homeless Secretary, Fear of Rats, Godspell, Kindertransport, ​and ​The Dutchman. ​ He has also taught Directing for over 10 years at Montclair State University, as well as Farleigh Dickenson University. Brian is a veteran stand up comedian, having appeared on the TV series, SEAN J. QUINN co-founded the theatre company Group of Eight, which Gotham Comedy Live ​, hosted by Chris He has performed in clubs all over the country was comprised of eight actors and writers including Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables, Rocky IV) and produced plays by Jane Anderson, Stuart Spencer, including Caroline’s on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, Dangerfields, JD Zeik, and Craig Lucas. Quinn’s credits include productions at The Living Borgata Casino, Revel Casino, Mohegan Sun Casino, and more. Brian has opened for and Theatre, EST and appeared in the indie cult film Gravesend, presented by Oliver Stone. During tenure ascomedians one of the Lead Engineers forReiser, The Nederlander worked with his legendary such as Paul Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Breuer, Producing Company of America, Quinn studied playwriting at NYU Tisch School Sebastian Maniscaclo, Patrice and Angels Tom Rhodes. of the Arts. His plays have been readO’Neal, at EST, Naked and his play M.G.W. premiered Off Broadway at the Lion Theatre. He has written several screenplays,

published short stories, and developed scripts for Vin Diesel’s production

company, One Race Films. Credits of his company, Hard Four Productions, includes “Henry the 9th,” “The Pearl,” “SCOTUS and the City,” “Reflection,” “Win,” Sean J. Quinn co-founded the theatre company Group of Eight, which was comprised of Cold Cold Coffin, and the upcoming Off Broadway play, “Sold.”

BRIAN CICHOCKI eight actors and writers including actor Dolph Lundgren (​The Expendables ,​ ​Rocky IV​) and Director, Executive Producer, produced plays by Jane Anderson, Stuart Spencer, JD Zeik, and Craig Lucas. Quinn’s Visual Story, “The Clown” PRP Productions (Producers) credits include productions at The Living Theatre, EST and appeared in the indie cult film Gravesend​, presented by Oliver Stone. During his tenure as one of the Lead Engineers for The Nederlander Producing Company of America, Quinn studied playwriting at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. His plays have been read at EST, Naked Angels and his play ​M.G.W. premiered Off Broadway at the Lion Theatre. He hasCOLD written several screenplays, published COLD COFFIN was awarded Best Music Video short stories, and developed scripts for Vin Diesel’s production company, Race Films. for the Los AngelesOne Motion Picture Festival. Credits of his company, Hard Four Productions, includes “Henry the 9th,” “The Pearl,” Original song by Dennis Dunaway “SCOTUS and the City,” “Reflection,” “Win,” ​Cold Cold Coffin ​, and the upcoming Off Inductee, (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Founding Member of the Alice Cooper Group) Broadway play, “Sold.”

Starring Dennis Dunaway, Calico Cooper Directed by: Brian Cichocki

PRP Productions (Producers)

Cinematography: Peter Perenyi

Costume/Production Design: Cindy Smith Dunaway Executive Producer: Sean J Quinn


INGO GEIRDAL AND SILLI GEIRDAL are the founding members of one of Iceland’s most popular and powerful hard rock bands, DIMMA, with which they have produced 11 studio and live albums so far. The brothers have been hardcore Alice Cooper Group fans since childhood and have collaborated with Dennis on many projects, including songs on DIMMA albums as well as other recordings. Ingo & Silli also played with original Alice Cooper guitarist Michael Bruce on the albums Halo of Ice and The Second Coming of Michael Bruce - Alive & Re-Cooperated, both of which they recorded, mixed, and produced. As well, the brothers contributed to the Alice Cooper Group box set, Old School.


Besides music, Ingo is the artist who created the pencil drawing of the late, great Glen Buxton that is featured in Dennis’s book Snakes! Guilotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures In The Alice Cooper Group and in the documentary film Live From The Astroturf, Alice Cooper. Ingo & Silli Geirdal mixed the official version of Cold Cold Coffin. DIMMA Bergmál - Live 2017 DIMMA Live with Michael Bruce in Iceland

Hard Four Productions Peter Perenyi’s output is fluid, versatile, and always impressive. Born and raised in (and having defected from) Budapest, Hungary, he originally started his media career at the Heilbronner Theater in the late 70s as a lighting technician in what was known then as West Germany. In the early 80s, he made his transition from stage to screen as a film student (at North Sydney Technical College for four years) and as an actor in Sydney, Australia. His sensitive approach allowed him to gain popularity Down Under as an upcoming talent, featuring in many nationally broadcast, award-winning ads. Five years later he moved to Toronto, Canada and worked behind the camera on big-budget national commercials. Eventually migrating to New York in 1991, he first made his living on medical translations from English to Hungarian. He has also translated three major-budget Hungarian films to English. PETER PERENYI

PETER PERENYI Peter now hasalways over three decades of camera, writing, Peter Perenyi’s output is fluid, versatile, and impressive. Born and lighting, raised inproducing, (and Director of Photography, and editing experience under his belt. He was post production technical having defected from) Budapest, Hungary, he started his media career the Executive Producer, Visual Story, association on aoriginally thirteen-part TV documentary series at American Cinema “The Doctor” (hosted John Lithgow) for in PBS, andwas laterknown he worked camera Heilbronner Theater in the late 70s as a by lighting technician what thenasas Westoperator on StarTalk w/ Neil DeGrasse Tyson, a television series on National Geographic. Germany. In the early 80s, he made his transition from stage to screen as a film student (at During his 26-episode run there under the direction of Jaron Berman, the show was nominated for three Emmys North Sydney Technicalguests College for four years) as Herbie an actor in Sydney, Australia. and had such prestigious as Buzz Aldrin, Davidand Byrne, Hancock, Jeremy Irons, BillHis Clinton, and the list goes on. He has also lit and shot over 150 highest-profile executive interviews. sensitive approach allowed him to gain popularity Down Under as an upcoming talent, featuring in many broadcast, award-winning ads.Alone in 2019, his cinematography (and some Peter has always lednationally with unparalleled energy, focus, and quality. Director of Photography, Executive Producer, Visual Story, “The Doctor”

directorial work), alongside Cold Cold Coffin (which is currently having rounds of international festival success) has

recently led later him to recognition, Steve Conte’s Gimmeon Rockaway (opener to the Five years hesignificant moved tofestival Toronto, Canadasuch andasworked behindGimme the camera GDIFF (Golden Door International Film Festival) and Rag, directed by Yuval Sussler (winner of the MFF (Manhattan big-budget commercials. migrating to New York in 1991, he first made Film Festival)national and the BAFF (Big Apple Eventually Film Festival), also selected by the BIFFMA (Berkshire International Film Festival)). Peter isn’t shooting, from he is either painting or composing music with a messagethree for the world. his living When on medical translations English to Hungarian. He has also translated major-budget Hungarian films to English.

Peter now has over three decades camera, lighting, producing, writing, and editing experience under his belt. He was post production technical association on a thirteen-part


Orion Perenyi, son of Peter Perenyi, is an editor and all-rounder in the world of video and audio production, and having grown up on the cusp between the analog and digital ages, he has a fondness for both the forgotten and new. Having grown up around a plethora of A/V and musical equipment, he has shot, cut, and color corrected live music sessions, theater recordings, music videos, webseries, art films, and more! Orion has taken many other roles within the realm of media, such as assistant camera, sound engineer, large format printer, stage actor, and musician. He is the lead singer and guitar/telephone-mic player of Daisy Raygun, a rather unknown band that is patiently lurking about NYC and the Lower Hudson Valley, waiting to be stumbled upon...

ORION PERENYI Editor, Producer, Steadicam Operator

Cindy is best known for the many iconic costumes she designed and constructed for the Alice Cooper Group, which pioneered the Glam Rock and Heavy Metal fashion trends. In the late 60’s Cindy created men’s clothing for the Inside Outside Boutique in Hollywood where her designs were purchased by many bands including members of Pink Floyd and The Who. Cindy’s brother, Neal Smith, was the drummer in Alice Cooper, and she is married to Dennis Dunaway. Her designs of street and stage clothes can be seen on most of the group’s album covers and are a main ingredient in creating the earliest beginnings of arena rock shows. Elton John raved about her costumes following the Alice Cooper show at the Hollywood Bowl.

CINDY SMITH DUNAWAY Set Design, Costumer, Makeup Artist

In 1974, Cindy opened Grenouille, a women’s boutique in Greenwich, Connecticut, offering her hand made, one-of-a-kind women’s fashions. Soon she moved into wholesale by creating her label, “C.S. Dunaway,” specializing in one of a kind bridal gowns, eveningwear, costuming, accessories, and designs made from vintage fabrics. She worked closely with the buyers at Henri Bendel, Bloomingdales, and other fine stores in NYC and across the nation. While raising their two beautiful daughters Renee & Chelsea, Cindy and Dennis owned and ran retail stores, Simply Country and Moon Hollow in Wilton. Connecticut. Cindy did the set designs, costumes, and makeup for the Cold Cold Coffin Rock Cinema, which won the Best Music Video Award at the Los Angeles Motion Picture Film Festival.

Festivals & Select Screenings

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame July, 2019


Berlin Short Film Festival July 13, 2019

Indie Horror Film Festival September, 2019

The Philip K. Dick Film Festival March 12–15, 2020



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Cover Price: $25.00 Cover: paperback Binding: Perfect Page count: 125 Dimensions: 12.5 x 9 Color: Black and white with color sections Chapter Outline The book is divided into chapters signaling the significant turns in Natasha’s career. Each chapter contains fashion photography and prose from Natasha and the contributors. Chapter 1: Revenge Chapter 2: My Store Chapter 3: On to Bigger Chapter 4: Endings

Market Traditional Media: * Launch party to be held at Bowery Electric with copies for sale and a fashion retrospective with models, photographers, and a deejay. * Advance copies to The New York Times, Vogue, Vanity Fair, W, Women’s Wear Daily, The New York Post, The Daily News, The Village Voice, Time Out New York, New York Magazine. * Readings with slides at The Fashion Institute of Technology, The KGB Bar, and bookstores across the United States. * Promotional T-shirts with the book cover design for events. * Gallery exhibition of photography with books for sale to be determined.


Internet promotion: * Links to booksellers on * The creation of a Facebook page for reader interaction. * YouTube videos of fashion shows and reading events. We are considering the following people as candidates to write the introduction for NATASHA NYC: PUNK TO CHAOS. All of them have past associations with punk and fashion; moreover, they are personal friends of Natasha’s. Vera Ramone: First wife of Dee Dee Ramone and author of Poisoned Heart: A Punk Love Story. Chris Stein: Guitarist and songwriter of Blondie. Victor Coliccio: Screenplay writer of The Summer of Sam and actor. Eileen Polk: Photographer, writer, and personal friend of Sid Vicious. COMPETITION: Punk is a very popular topic today and new titles on the subject continue to emerge. The following books, however, are the most similar to NATASHA NYC: PUNK TO CHAOS: 

Fashion: Vivienne Westwood by Vivienne Westwood. Taschen: 2013. 120 pages. Hardcover $26.65. This book gives insight into punk fashion as imagined by England’s most regarded punk fashion designer. Like NATASHA NYC: PUNK TO CHAOS, this book features fashion photography and stories from an influential punk designer and commentary by her contemporaries. NATASHA NYC: PUNK TO CHAOS, however, reveals Natasha’s take on the original punk scene as it unfolded in New York, where the birth of punk took place. Readers can see how Natasha’s work stands apart from the London scene, and see proof that her work was copied in fashion houses across Europe.

Punk to Couture (Metropolitan Museum of Art) by Andrew Bolton, Richard Hell, and Jon Savage. Metropolitan Museum of Art: 2013. 240 pages. Hardcover: $29.49. Examining punk’s influence on high fashion, this book presents a side by side study of how the original Bowery and Kings Road kids inspired what has been assembled in haute couture. Like NATASHA NYC: PUNK TO CHAOS, Punk to Couture is intended for an audience that embraces punk aesthetics and for those who are discovering it for the first time. This book contains an introduction by Richard Hell of the Voidoids and John Lydon of The Sex Pistols. Like NATASHA NYC: PUNK TO CHAOS, the book satisfies readers’ interest in punk style and punk personalities through photography and prose.


Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain. Grove Press: 1996. 488 pages. Hardcover: $18.09

An oral history of the 1970s punk rock scene (a Time Out New York and New York Daily News Top Ten book of the year upon its release), this book rekindled interest in punk rock. Like Please Kill Me, NATASHA NYC: PUNK TO CHAOS is an oral history; this format has proven to be very popular with people engrossed in the culture. NATASHA NYC: PUNK TO CHAOS, however, is packed with photography of original punks in her designs.

Author Information In her early twenties during punk’s inception, Natasha walked the streets of the East Village making friends with musicians who played at Max’s Kansas City and C.B.G.B.; inspired by what was happening, she designed stage clothes for Arthur Kane of the New York Dolls, Joey Ramone of The Ramones, and Frank Infante of Blondie while working as head in-house designer at Revenge off St. Mark’s. Later, she opened her own boutique on St. Mark’s—Natasha—where punk icons hung out and were photographed in her designs. Punk personalities who witnessed much of the goings on in Natasha’s life share stories in NATASHA NYC: PUNK TO CHAOS. Lenny Kaye of the Patti Smith Goup, Chris Stein of Blondie, Sesu Coleman of the Magic Tramps, PUNK Magazine founding editor and cartoonist John Holmstrom, Deborah Harry of Blondie, Tish and Snooky of Manic Panic, punk photographer and writer Eileen Polk, the original Revenge girls, Barbara Kane (New York Dolls guitarist Arthur Kane’s wife), Vera Ramone (Dee Dee Ramone’s first wife), and Paul Zone of The Fast have agreed in principle to contribute their anecdotes. Their contributions are interwoven with Natasha’s personal narrative, adding a third dimension to the book’s photography which presents the designer’s signature style: a polished, provocative look often using spandex, zippers and pvc. Debbie Harry wore Natasha. Natasha’s fashion was featured in Tina Turner’s video “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Natasha’s suit for Frank Infante of Blondie is now in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Unlike many artists involved in punk whose time was brilliant, but much too brief, Natasha has endured. Today, she designs collection after collection, hosts runway shows, and takes orders on And it’s no surprise. Natasha’s fashion promotes strong individuals who personally have what it takes to get through a brutal world.


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On the Bowry (Third Avenue) just below St. Marks Place on a rainy afternoon in May, 1979. No idea what “Revenve 3 Bucks” was about. The hardware store in the background is a McDonalds now..



t was late in 1976 when I heard that a friend of mine, Champ, who lent me four sewing machines in the early 70’s, wanted his sewing machines back. I hadn’t heard from him since about three years so I put one of the machines in the trunk of my car and went down to see him at The Late Show, on St. Marks Pl. in the lower east side of NYC, known as the East Village. He owned a large 2nd hand store on the corner of St. Marks & 3rd Ave. I pulled up in front of the Late Show and blew my horn. “Hey, is Champ here?”, I yelled. One of the guys came out, it was Frenchie, who worked there. I’d known Frenchie for a while now, he was well known as the roadie for The New York Dolls and was always around, he said wait a minute, I’ll go get him. Champ came out a few minuets later..”Hey, Natasha, how are you? I have been looking for you. Come in I want you to see something.” So, I left my car under the watchful eye of one of the guys that worked there and followed him into the store. I followed him all the way into the back, where they sorted all his 2nd hand clothes, we made a right turn into the back of another store that he owned , Revenge. He brought me into the store and introduced me to the girls who worked there. The Revenge Girls were named after the store name Revenge. They ran the store and were well known in the Punk scene. “Hey girls this is Natasha and I want her to design for the store.” This was news to me, but I worked for Champ before and he knew my look was right for the store and I could make and sell my designs there. The girls looked at me and were not at all friendly, they gave me cold hard looks like they didn’t want me there. They were hard core punk girls, with the entire attitude that went along with the look. They had short spiky hair, black make-up and ripped clothes. This didn’t faze me at all because I was already designing punk clothes for my then boyfriends band, but I didn’t have a clue that i was designing something called punk. It was something that just evolved from working with my boyfriend. The word Punk had just come into being from a new publication called Punk and it just caught on like wildfire. The girls didn’t know me at all, Cheryl, Champs girlfriend asked me what king of clothes did I design. Mostly rock n roll I said, I had designed for some of the bands in the downtown area. Arthur Killer Kane, the bass player for the New York Dolls was one of my clients as were members of Eric Emerson and The Magic Tramps, of which my guy was the guitar player and Eric Emerson was a Warhol Superstar. He starred in several Warhol films and was famous among the downtown elite that hung out at Max’s Kansas City, which was the place to see all the Warhol stars as well as rock royalty like Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Steven Tyler and all the cool people that hung out there. I also did clothes for The Stilettos, a three girl group of which Elda was the founder and one of the members was also in the band. The Revenge Girls were NOT going to hire me until they saw some of my work, I said, ok, I’ll come by tomorrow and show you some things.


I went to Revenge the next day with some things to show them, I pulled out a black PVC jumpsuit with silver metal industrial zippers that went around the armholes and around the upper thigh area that you could unzip and wear it sleeveless or unzip the legs and wear it as a short jumpsuit. As soon as I took it out, Debette, one of the more hardcore of the girls, with red spiky hair, black make-up and attitude that I didn’t want to mess with, wanted to try it on, it fit her perfectly. She decided that she didn’t want to take it off. She sat on the front stoop of the store with my jumpsuit on, I wanted to tell her to take it off, I was steaming inside and pissed that she would do that but I didn’t say anything because I was trying to be nice but being nice got you nowhere. So the girls liked my stuff and I started to work there. At that time I was living in New Jersey with my mom and had a car that was given to me by my stepfather to travel in to the city. I also stayed at Youngblood’s loft on 27th Street but it didn’t have hot water or a kitchen so I didn’t want to stay there full time. I was sick of his shit with other girls and he had been abusive with me many times, so this was the perfect time for me to get out. I still had the rest of Champs machines at the loft and had to get them. I brought a bunch of guys from the Late Show with me, I was scared to go without protection. When we got there Youngblood was shocked but let us in, he was fuming the whole time. In the midst of all the commotion he got me in the back where the bathrooms were and started to rant on me, I thought I was going to get hit but thank god one of the guys followed me into the back and got me out, it was a close call. This was happening so fast that he didn’t know what to think, he lost me overnight without any explanation and he didn’t like it one bit. I know he want to hurt me but not now. I started full time but didn’t have a place to stay. I couldn’t stay in NJ and drive in every day, so Champ got me a place to stay at his little brother Richie’s place. Richie was about seventeen at the time and it was his mother’s place who had passed away some time ago. It was on East 13th and Ave. A and he had the place to himself. Champ and Cheryl lived upstairs one flight up in their own apartment. I started to stay with Richie he was nice and gave me the only bedroom to stay in, he slept in the living room. At first he was fine and was out most of the time but soon he started to hit on me wanting to sleep with me. I tried to keep him away as much as I could but he wouldn’t leave me alone. It started to get annoying. I had to talk to Champ about it, soon Richie left me alone for a while. I would walk to Revenge every day, it was wild in there, punk music was blasting onto the street, punks hanging out on the couch drinking beer all day, all the girls were there, Cheryl, Pam, Elieen, Debette, Babs and me but I was in the back working on my punk stuff. Cheryl Revenge, who was the boss and Champs girlfriend was the most negative, she always wanted to get in fights with other punk girls that



Natasha and Youngblood during the Glam Period


Eileen Revenge


she didn’t like and wanted us to follow her lead. She had a pet Tarantula that she kept in a glass tank in the front of the store, she would go buy it crickets to feed it and would love to watch the tarantula kill and feed on the crickets. She had blond short spiky hair, kind of an interesting face, thin, with the ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude. She liked to push buttons. It was she who made all the decisions. We were bombarded by the press and media right from the beginning. Punk was a new thing and everyone wanted to know everything about it. Woman’s Wear Daily did a double page spread on punk fashion and Revenge was featured along with others. We had photographers wanting to shoot us every day. Cheryl would always send Pam and I to the shoots to represent the store. We started to shoot all the time. Pam was the youngest of the revenge girls at sixteen and a true punk with the looks of a model: tall and thin with black spiky hair and dark punk make-up. Cheryl looked after Pam like a big sister and Lenny K from the Pattie Smith Group would come into the store to see her, he had a mad crush on her. I made Lenny a black shirt with bands that wrapped around his arms for the bondage effect. When we weren’t out shooting we would shoot in the store, one of the Revenge Girls Eileen was a photographer and was always out shooting all the punk bands. We had a wall at Revenge that was covered in Eileens’ photos. Eileen was a striking blond with short spiky hair and black make-up. She lived with her mom in a townhouse on 12th St. in the West Village, she always had friends over her fabulous house, we had some great times there. She also managed the youngest of the punk bands The Blessed these guys were sixteen and seventeen and oh so cute. Howie the guitar player would hang out at revenge everyday, everyone hung out at Revenge. Some of the punk musicians would come over and get a quickie from a few of the girls, they would go into the dressing room which was an old meat freezer from when the store was a butcher shop along with blood stains still on the walls. Some of the girls were ready and willing to get any little bit of these guys that they could and some of us had boyfriends and wanted nothing to do with this. Babs Revenge another one of the girls was married to Aurthur Killer Kane who was the bass player of the New York Dolls. She was very beautiful in a tough sort of way. She also modeled for some shots and sang with some of the bands too. She has red hair and was quite striking with a great look. The new York Dolls were right before punk began. They were around in the early 70’s and at that time were considered Glam Rock. The look was very different from punk. The New York Dolls wore hi heeled platform shoes, tight pants and sexy shirts they wore make-up and lipstick with teased hair. They looked like dolls. They were really hot looking guys and they took NYC by storm, all the downtown rock scene knew about them and loved them. They weren’t the best musicians at that time but they had great songs, hi energy and created a frenzy. Word got over to London about the Dolls and stirred lot’s of interest. Malcolm Mclaren came to NYC to see them and immediately wanted to sign them to a management contract. Since the Dolls were unattached they signed with him. Malcolm McLaren and his wife Vivian Westwood owned a shop on Kings Road in London called Sex and did sex themed clothes. Malcolm wanted them to have a new look and had his wife design them new outfits. The new clothes were red PVC and they all had similar outfits in the red PVC. This was not the look they were known for and it didn’t work for them, soon after that they ended the contract with him. Malcolm saw what was happening here in NYC with the opening of CBGB and all the new punk bands like The Ramones, went back to London and the next thing we hear from across the pond is that he started a new band The Sex Pistols, , actually hand picked all the members himself and Vivian Westwood created the look for them of ripped Tee shirts with painted rebellious statements on them. This look is accepted as the punk look of the day. Malcolm a very smart business man and propels the Sex Pistols and his wife into the punk stratosphere.



The New York Dolls Back here in The US the looks were mostly thrift store finds and cut up tee’s but done with style. I guess everyone was getting the rebellious side of punk. Until I came onto the punk scene in 1976. I was sitting on my outside apartment steps on a hot summer night around 1975, when I saw this guy walking down the street right past me. He looked very different to me, as i was used to seeing guys that were Glam. I was always on the look out for new trends on the streets where trends start. Glam was around in the early 70’s for the New York underground rock scene, as in The New who was the guitar player in The Magic Tramps, which was fronted by Eric Emerson of Andy Warhol superstar fame, also in the band was Sesu Coleman on drums and Larry Chaplan on electric violin, they had a very unique sound with much theater thrown in. So seeing this cool good looking young guy walk by right in front of me, with short spiky hair in a disheveled look I took notice. I was feeling a change coming in the scene and this confirmed it. Who was this Guy? Why was he looking like this? He sure wasn’t glam. He had a look all his own, a very cool look. I later found out that he was Richard Hell of The Voidoids after seeing them at CBGB.


Eileen and Debette Revenge sitting on the stairs at Max’s Kansas City

Richard Hell

Pam Revenge


When I came into the punk scene, I was very influenced by the music. I took the angry and rebellious music and created a look that I felt was right for the time, something that i just felt no holds barred. This was the punk look that I created. My punk fashion was mostly worn by the musicians, their wives, girlfriends also people who went to the clubs. We were interviewed by lots of foreign press, we were known world wide and so was my look. Press and media were always coming to the store to photograph us and write about punk. I didn’t have a business person to guide me into stardom but I did have an impact on fashion as many top known designers here and abroad were very influenced by my look and some downright copied it. I had my own interpretation of what was happening, it was different, it didn’t look like anyone else. I tended to go for the more black vinyl, leather, studs,zippers and chain. It was a tough girl/guy look. I started to use leopard prints that hadn’t been around since the 50’s. The song, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker influenced me to create this short cat-suit that we photographed with Pam and I, the store used the shot for the store poster. I was the only Revenge Girl with long hair and Cheryl was always on me to cut it. One day she came back into my workroom, behind the front off the store, but before the infamous back room. I had just got up from my sewing machine she walked right up to me, she was holding her pet tarantula Spider by the back end and the legs of the spider were facing front with its fangs showing, as I stood up she shoved the spider within an inch of my face. Of course I couldn’t show any fear or she would keep pushing me and trying to scare me, I had to stand my ground and didn’t flinch, although I was shaking over my whole body. Cheryl and Champ would sometimes sleep in the back of the store in the giant room where they sorted through old

Debette Revenge wearingzip apart jumpsuit at CBGB


Howie-Babs Revenge - Eileen Revenge at Revenge

clothes, where the band guy would come over and use the bed too. One day, Cheryl was very upset and crying, when I asked her what was wrong, she said that she lost the spider in the back room and couldn’t find him. I was pissed that she lost the spider and for being so reprehensible, now the spider wouldn’t have his crickets to eat and would starve to death, I felt sorry for the spider, I came to like him and wasn’t scared anymore. So I didn’t feel sorry for her and blamed her for being so thoughtless. I finally gave into her and cut the front of my hair short, but the back and sides stayed long, the front of my hair in front formed two waves that looked like wings, this was the natural wave of my hair, my eyes were made up to look like exaggerated cat eyes with my eyebrows slanted up and my black eye shadow followed the eyebrow line and also went up. My look was complete. We would hang in the store until very late then go to the clubs, mostly CBGB or Max’s Kansas City. I had a pair of spandex that I made for myself. I started using spandex back when I was making clothes for Aurthur Kane of The New York Dolls. Everyone loved the pants, no one had seen them before and neither had I. I started to make them for the store and they flew out of the store, I always had a rack full and men and women would wear them. The were the best selling item in the store. Soon I saw them popping up in other stores in the East Village, everyone was wearing them. The soon went uptown to Studio 54 and spandex turned into a big fashion craze. They are now know as leggings and are very much a hot item. Cheryl and Champ were doing hard drugs, they were shooting heroin, lots of people were doing the same thing, drugs were running rampant. It was scary. Thank heaven that I was not into drugs, my work was too important to me to be messed up all the time. One night back at Richie’s apartment things got out of hand. I heard Richie come in and he went straight to the bathroom, he was in there for a long time. I started to wonder if he was OK, knowing that he did drugs too. I knocked on the bathroom door to see if he was OK, no response, I called to him, Richie, Richie. still no answer, I started to bang the door harder and yelled his name, I

Store Poster - Natasha and Pam

Natasha after haircut


Natasha wearing first pair of spandex pants


was scared something was wrong. I ran out the door upstairs to Champ and Cheryl’s apartment and banged on their door screaming Richie, Richie, I couldn’t get any other words out, before I could say anything else Champ ran downstairs to the bathroom and broke down the door. Richie was down on the floor with a needle in his arm, he had OD’d. Champ and Cheryl brought him around and he was OK. This was the worst experience of my life I had never seen anything like this before. I wondered what was I getting into with this shit all around me. Is this really worth it, what was I doing with my life. Things started to get bad at the store, they were shooting up everyday and their personalities started to change for the worse. One day this guy came in, he parked his motorcycle in front of the store and walked in asking for a custom leather jacket. I took his order and measurements and it was hard not to notice how hot

Black vinyl two piece with chain and zipper Short leather catsuit with chain and studs

The Stilettoes wearing Natasha with Amanda, Debbie Harry and Elda.


this guy was. He was tall and slim with blond hair and looked somewhat like Bon Jovi. I felt a strong attraction to him, first time after my breakup with my ex did I feel this way. One night I had gone to Rockbottom’s to see my favorite band with my friend, The Fast, I had a huge crush on the lead singer Paul and my friend liked the guitar player Miki. We went to all their shows and became good friends with them. Paul and I had done this photo shoot together, the photographer had shown our photos at some show in NYC. My ex Youngblood had been to this show and had seen the photos of Paul and I holding a kitten. My ex was still holding a grudge and waiting for his chance to get me back. He had been calling the store everyday telling me to get back to him now. I tried to tell him that it was over but he couldn’t get it through his head that it was over after nine years. He had his new girlfriend the Animal, that he had been seeing on the side for sometime and we were bitter enemies. She had pulled off some horrible stuff toward me because of her jealousy of me, she wanted what I had. She had robbed me twice of all my stock and ruined my sewing machines. I had her locked up for stealing but her parents got her off. As I was watching The Fast play and getting into the music, someone tapped me on the back as I turned around I see the Animal standing right in front of me and waving her fingers that had steel guitar pics on all of her fingers. She was ready to rip into my face. I had to think quickly so I challenged her, saying, so you really think you need them to win this? You have to fight me with weapons? With those things on? She said no and ripped them off. She then poured a drink on my head to throw me off. She started to hit and bite me. Of course I was hitting her back with all the hatred that I had for her and we went down on the floor fighting like cats, we wanted to kill each other. I know that they had this planned beforehand. After all the things that I went through with her, stealing from me several times, breaking and entry. Everything she did to me was criminal and I hated her ugly face and wanted to make it more ugly. So here she is again, to finish the job. Someone broke up the fight and took me into the back dressing room, my hair was wet from the drink and I was pretty shaken up. Paul had somehow handed me his hair dryer to dry my hair and was sitting next to me asking what happened. He said that he saw some commotion from stage that looked like a fight but didn’t know it was me. He was pissed at them for attacking me, as he looked up he saw them standing there looking at me to see if I was hurt and hoping that she did some damage but I was OK just a few scratches on my face and some bite marks on my hand and finger, that scarred and I have them to remember what happened that night. Paul told the manager to throw them out of the club and sat with me to make me feel better. Thanks Paul. The next day I had to be in the store early because the guy was coming in to pick up his leather jacket. I wanted to see him but didn’t want him to see my face scratched up, so I decided to go in late. As I walked into the store he was paying for his jacket, he was late too. He looked at me and said, what happened to you? When I told him, he said, that was you! He was standing right behind me at the club and his friend got some of the drink all over him. He said to me, what are you going to do? I wasn’t thinking about doing anything but he said that I should press charges since this will be the second time that would be on her record. Cheryl was such a proud mama and said that I should do it. He said that he would pick me up and take me to court so I went to court again but her parents got her off again.


George and I had gotten to be friends after that day, he loved his jacket and wanted more. By this time I found out that I had to move out of Richie’s place, I wasn’t giving into him and he didn’t like it and wanted his own privacy. I didn’t have another place to go but a girl that I met in the store and wanted to work as an intern with me said that she had a place on the west side and wasn’t staying there and I could stay there. I moved in to her place. I had just gotten some authentic 1950’s springolator shoes that my aunt Roz had given to me. She was an inspiration to me growing up, she had about ten closets full of fabulous 50’s clothes and shoes. I would hang out in her walkin closet and watch her get ready to go out on dates. I would love to watch her put on her make-up & get dressed, she was a goddess to me. My mother was also a fashion plate and they would go out clubbing together after my mom’s divorce. I loved them so. My aunt gave me about 60 pair of shoes, they were like new and fabulous. Cheryl made a display of them and after all of us took what we wanted, they went on sale. They flew out of the store, word got around and everyone wanted them. I was supposed to get half of the money form sales but before I got paid Cheryl and Champ wanted to thank a trip down south to see Cheryl’s family and would get paid when they got back. When they got back they decided that it would be better to fire me than to pay me as they didn’t have anymore money. This was a typical junkie decision.


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SPENCER DRATE Books & Biography

Biography Spencer Drate and Judith Salavetz are award-winning creative directors, designers, authors, curators, and packagers specializing in music and pop-culture books. Their many published works have covered diverse subjects within these genres: film animation and special effects, movie and rock posters, rock photography, graphic and Web design, and typography. They have designed for artists such as U2, Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ramones, Talking Heads, The Pretenders, Joan Jett, and Bon Jovi. Drate was a four-time judge on the Grammy music packaging committee, co-designed the Grammy Award–nominated album package Talking Heads: Fear of Music, and wrote 45 RPM, the first visual history book on the 45 record sleeve. They both live and work in Ny.


IT’S ALIVE! SPENCER DRATE designed album cover for RAMONES “IT’S ALIVE” and the best recorded live concert and recorded in London with great live shots in the album cover design. Spencer also designed RAMONES album covers “ROAD TO RUIN” and “END OF THE CENTURY” and both these album covers included in The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame archival collection.

IT'S ALIVE! SPENCER DRATE designed album cover for RAMONES "IT'S ALIVE" and the best recorded live concert and recorded in London with great live shots in the album cover design. Spencer also designed RAMONES album covers "ROAD TO RUIN" and "END OF THE CENTURY" and both these album covers included in The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame archival collection.


Marie Currie

CREATIONS by Alexxis Steele

Marie Currie is an uber talented artist that creates exquisite pieces of art that you can own! Check out her full collection on Facebook at Check out some of her work here in this issue!


Meet ‘Medieval’ featuring an amazing handmade dragon eye by Erica Bunce. I decided on a double cross using a 1 inch thick hand carved cross from India and cut the top cross to 5/7”. I painted them both black opal with deep burgundy tips to draw you to the eye. I covered the crosses in brass filigree, silver and black stones and finished with steampunk gears and tiny pearls for a dramatic flair. Just gorgeous! PM me is he’s yours! $240


SOLD!!!~Meet ‘Music’ featuring a stunning Gretsch guitar by Broadway. The quality and detail of this guitar is off the charts! I started by painting both crosses in black opal with copper tips and covered the crosses in copper and brass filigree, musical notes and clefts and finished with pearl. I am in love with this double cross! There’s nothing like him in the world and perfect for any music lover! Hand cut by Steve Isaacs! 14/10”


SOLD!!!~Meet ‘Runaway Skull’…a special order for Roger Schnitzmeyer featuring an amazing steampunk skull with headphones. This piece was weeks in the making and I started by adding paint and gears to the scull and then cut to fit. I painted a 24”/8” hand cut guitar by Steve Isaacs with a gold back and a black and gold front covered in gold and black gears. I added Aurora Borealis pieces, guitars, snakes, cobras and beautiful art-deco style silver pieces throughout. I placed him in a sea of auburn mirrored fire glass and built his cliff of clear and auburn ice, raw quartz and onyx with long faceted crystals and gears. I finished him with some silver skull tuning pegs and more skulls and notes. He is so fantastic and a conversation piece to say the least. I enjoyed every second of bringing him to life!! Comes with a chrome stand!


Meet ‘Moment in the Sun’ featuring a stunning fairy in a pond by Pacific Giftware. I started by painting the hand carved cross with emerald green and orange tips and painted white flower pieces to resemble the purple flower she is holding. I them painted the vintage mirrored sun in yellow and orange as her backdrop. I painted metal leafs by JEROLLIN and added handmade leafs by Erica Bunce along with pearl clusters and clay flowers. I cut the back of the pond to fit and built an incredible cliff of ice, raw onyx, faceted crystals and doll foliage. This is the last of these carved crosses which are heavy, stained and burnt which gives it an incredible rich and vintage look. What a glorious piece of stunning art! 24/15”inches. $725


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The 2020

GRAMMY AWARDS by Alexxis Steele The 62nd annual Grammy Awards ceremony was presented by Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys on Sunday January 26th in Los Angeles California. At the beginning of the evening, Fans were treated to a great duet of “Nobody But You”, by beautiful Singer Gwen Stefani, and Her beau, Country artist Blake Shelton. During the course of the evening, there were many presenters, such as Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, who presented Nipsey Hussle with a Posthumous Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance. John Legend, and DJ Khaled, accepted the award for the late Nipsey Hussle. Ozzy, who recently stated that he had neck surgery, and is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, was dressed in a nice black and white striped suit, different than his usual garb, and walked with a wooden cane. The evening saw the return of pop artist Demi Lovato, with her moving performance of a song she wrote just days before her overdose in 2018. The night had its solemn moments. The death of basketball player Kobe Bryant, and his 13 yr old daughter Gianna, was on everyone’s minds. Fans were treated to Usher performing a Prince Tribute of “Little Red Corvette”, “When Doves Cry”, and “Kiss”, with his former percussionist- Sheila E. The big winner of this year’s 2020 Grammy Awards was newcomer Billie Eilish O’Connell, who walked away with the top four awards of the evening.


18yr old Eilish, is the youngest to have ever won album of the year, breaking Taylor Swift’s record at age 20. She is the 2nd artist in Grammy history and the first female to take home all the top four awards for Record Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year, and Best New Artist. Her 22 year old brother Phinneas, whos she referred to as her “Best friend” Her brother also made Grammy history as the youngest recipient of “The Producer Of The Year” , Non- Classical, for his work on her debut album. The brother and sister stated that winning was a really big deal for them. The duo stated that they just make music in a bedroom about depression, suicidal thoughts, climate change, and being “The Bad Guy”. Rock legends Aerosmith, were the recipients of the Musicares Person Of The Year award, and performed their 80’s hit with Run DMC- “Walk This Way”.

There were many different performances throughout the course of the evening, including: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ariana Grande Lizzo Alicia Keys & Boyz II Men Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton The Jonas Brothers Tyler The Creator with Charlie Wilson, & Boyz II Men Usher, Sheila E and FKA Twigg Camilla Cabella Tanya Tucker & Brandi Carlile Billie Eilish Aerosmith & Run DMC Lil Nas X With BTS, Diplo, Billy Ray Cyrus, & Nas Demi Lovato YG, Meek Mill, John Legend & Roddy Ricch Rosalia Alicia Keys & Brittany Howard H.E.R. Bonnie Raitt Gary Clark Jr. & The Roots


• “Hey, Ma,” Bon Iver • “Bad Guy,” Billie Eilish *WINNER • “7 Rings,” Ariana Grande • “Hard Place,” H.E.R. • “Talk,” Khalid • “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus • “Truth Hurts,” Lizzo • “Sunflower,” Post Malone & Swae Lee

Album of the Year

• “I,I”- Bon Iver • “Norman F***ing Rockwell,” Lana Del Rey • “When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go,” Billie Eilish *WINNER • “Thank U, Next,” Ariana Grande • “I Used to Know Her,” H.E.R. • “7,” Lil Nas X • “Cuz I Love You,” Lizzo • “Father of the Bride,” Vampire Weekend

Song of the Year • “Always Remember Us This Way,” Natalie Hemby, Lady Gaga, Hillary Lindsey & Lori McKenna • “Bad Guy,” Billie Eilish O’Connell & Finneas O’Connell *WINNER • “Bring My Flowers Now,” Brandi Carlile, Phil Hanseroth, Tim Hanseroth & Tanya Tucker • “Hard Place,” Ruby Amanfu, Sam Ashworth, D. Arcelious Harris, H.E.R. & Rodney Jerkins • “Lover,” Taylor Swift • “Norman F***ing Rockwell,” Jack Antonoff & Lana Del Rey • “Someone You Loved,” Tom Barnes, Lewis Capaldi, Pete Kelleher, Benjamin Kohn & Sam Roman • “Truth Hurts,” Steven Cheung, Eric Frederic, Melissa Jefferson & Jesse Saint John

COUNTRY Best Country Solo Performance • “All Your’n,” Tyler Childers • “Girl Goin’ Nowhere,” Ashley McBryde • “Ride Me Back Home,” Willie Nelson *WINNER • “God’s Country,” Blake Shelton • “Bring My Flowers Now,” Tanya Tucker

Best Country Duo/Group Performance • “Brand New Man,” Brooks & Dunn With Luke Combs • “I Don’t Remember Me (Before You),” Brothers Osborne • “Speechless,” Dan + Shay *WINNER • “The Daughters,” Little Big Town • “Common,” Maren Morris Featuring Brandi Carlile

Best Country Song • “Bring My Flowers Now,” Brandi Carlile, Phil Hanseroth, Tim Hanseroth & Tanya Tucker, songwriters (Tanya Tucker) *WINNER • “Girl Goin’ Nowhere,” Jeremy Bussey & Ashley McBryde, songwriters (Ashley McBryde) • “It All Comes Out in the Wash,” Miranda Lambert, Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna & Liz Rose, songwriters (Miranda Lambert) • “Some of It,” Eric Church, Clint Daniels, Jeff Hyde & Bobby Pinson, songwriters (Eric Church) • “Speechless,” Shay Mooney, Jordan Reynolds, Dan Smyers & Laura Veltz, songwriters (Dan + Shay)

Best Country Album

• “Desperate Man,” Eric Church • “Stronger Than The Truth,” Reba McEntire • “Interstate Gospel,” Pistol Annies • “Center Point Road,” Thomas Rhett • “While I’m Livin’,”Tanya Tucker *WINNER

Best New Artist • Black Pumas • Billie Eilish *WINNER • Lil Nas X • Lizzo • Maggie Rogers • Rosalia • Tank and the Bangas • Yola




Best Rap Album

Best R&B Performance

Best Rap Performance

Best Traditional R&B Performance

• “Revenge Of The Dreamers III,” Dreamville • “Championships,” Meek Mill • “I am > I was,” 21 Savage • “Igor,” Tyler, The Creator *WINNER • “The Lost Boy,” YBN Cordae

• “Middle Child,” J. Cole • “Suge,” DaBaby • “Down Bad,” Dreamville Featuring J.I.D, Bas, J. Cole, EARTHGANG & Young Nudy • “Racks in the Middle,” Nipsey Hussle Featuring Roddy Ricch & Hit-Boy *WINNER • “Clout,” Offset Featuring Cardi B

Best Rap/Sung Performance

• “Higher,” DJ Khaled Featuring Nipsey Hussle & John Legend *WINNER • “Drip Too Hard,” Lil Baby & Gunna • “Panini,” Lil Nas X • “Ballin,” Mustard Featuring Roddy Ricch • “The London,” Young Thug Featuring J. Cole & Travis Scott

• “Jerome,” Lizzo *WINNER • “Time Today,” BJ The Chicago Kid • “Steady Love,” India.Arie • “Real Games,” Lucky Daye • “Built For Love,” PJ Morton & Jazmine Sullivan

Best R&B Song

• “Say So” — Pj Morton, Songwriter (Pj Morton Ft. Jojo) *WINNER • “Could’ve Been” — Dernst Emile Ii, David “Swagg R’celious” Harris, H.E.R. & Hue “Soundzfire” Strother, Songwriters (H.E.R. Ft. Bryson Tiller) • “Look At Me Now” — Emily King & Jeremy Most, Songwriters (Emily King) • “No Guidance” — Chris Brown, Tyler James Bryant, Nija Charles, Aubrey Graham, Anderson Hernandez, Michee Patrick Lebrun, Joshua Lewis, Noah Shebib & Teddy Walton, Songwriters (Chris Brown Ft. Drake) • “Roll Some Mo” — David Brown, Dernst Emile Ii & Peter Lee Johnson, Songwriters (Lucky Daye)

Best Urban Contemporary Album

Best Rap Song • “Bad Idea,” Chancelor Bennett, Cordae Dunston, Uforo Ebong & Daniel Hackett, songwriters (YBN Cordae Featuring Chance The Rapper) • “Gold Roses,” Noel Cadastre, Aubrey Graham, Anderson Hernandez, Khristopher Riddick-Tynes, William Leonard Roberts II, Joshua Quinton Scruggs, Leon Thomas III & Ozan Yildirim, songwriters (Rick Ross Featuring Drake) • “A Lot,” Jermaine Cole, Dacoury Natche, 21 Savage & Anthony White, songwriters (21 Savage Featuring J. Cole) *WINNER • “Racks in the Middle,” Ermias Asghedom, Dustin James Corbett, Greg Allen Davis, Chauncey Hollis, Jr. & Rodrick Moore, songwriters (Nipsey Hussle Featuring Roddy Ricch & Hit-Boy) • “Suge,” DaBaby, Jetsonmade & Pooh Beatz, songwriters (DaBaby)


• “Come Home,” Anderson .Paak & André 300 *WINNER • “Love Again,” Daniel Caesar & Brandy • “Could’ve Been,” H.E.R. & Bryson Tiller • “Exactly How I Feel,” Lizzo & Gucci Mane • “Roll Some Mo,” Lucky Daye

• “Apollo XXI,” Steve Lacy • “Cuz I Love You (Deluxe),” Lizzo *WINNER • “Overload,” Georgia Anne Muldrow • “Saturn,” Nao • “Being Human in Public,” Jessie Reyez

Best R&B Album

• “1123,” BJ The Chicago Kid • “Painted,” Lucky Daye • “Ella Mai,” Ella Mai • “Paul,” PJ Morton • “Ventura,” Anderson .Paak *WINNER

ALTERNATIVE Best Alternative Music Album • “Father of the Bride,” Vampire Weekend *WINNER • “U.F.O.F.,” Big Thief • “Assume Form,” James Blake • “i,i,” Bon Iver • “Anima,” Thom Yorke



Best Pop Solo Performance

Best Latin Pop Album

• “Spirit,” Beyoncé • “Bad Guy,” Billie Eilish • “7 Rings,” Ariana Grande • “Truth Hurts,” Lizzo *WINNER • “You Need to Calm Down,” Taylor Swift

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

• “Boyfriend,” Ariana Grande & Social House • “Sucker,” Jonas Brothers • “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X Featuring Billy Ray Cyrus *WINNER • “Sunflower,” Post Malone & Swae Lee • “Senorita,” Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

Best Pop Vocal Album

• “The Lion King: The Gift,” Beyoncé • “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?,” Billie Eilish *WINNER • “Thank U, Next,” Ariana Grande • “No. 6 Collaborations Project,” Ed Sheeran • “Lover,” Taylor Swift

Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album • “El Mal Querer,” Rosalía *WINNER • “X 100PRE,” Bad Bunny • “Oasis,” J Balvin & Bad Bunny • “Indestructible,” Flor De Toloache • “Almadura,” iLe

ROCK Best Rock Performance

• “This Land,” Gary Clark Jr. *WINNER • “Pretty Waste,” Bones UK • “History Repeats,” Brittany Howard • “Woman,” Karen O & Danger Mouse • “Too Bad,” Rival Sons

Best Metal Performance

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

• “Sì,” Andrea Bocelli • “Love (Deluxe Edition),” Michael Bublé • “Look Now,” Elvis Costello & The Imposters *WINNER • “A Legendary Christmas,” John Legend • “Walls,” Barbra Streisand

Best Comedy Album

• “#ELDISCO,” Alejandro Sanz *WINNER • “Vida,” Luis Fonsi • “11:11,” Maluma • “Montaner,” Ricardo Montaner • “Fantasía,” Sebastian Yatra

• “Quality Time,” Jim Gaffigan • “Relatable,” Ellen Degeneres • “Right Now,” Aziz Ansari • “Son Of Patricia,” Trevor Noah • “Sticks & Stones,” Dave Chappelle *WINNER

• “7empest,” Tool *WINNER • “Astorolus - The Great Octopus,” Candlemass ft. Tony Iommi • “Humanicide,” Death Angel • “Bow Down,” I Prevail • “Unleashed,” Killswitch Engage

Best Rock Song

• “This Land,” Gary Clark Jr., Songwriter (Gary Clark Jr.) *WINNER • “Fear Inoculum,” Danny Carey, Justin Chancellor, Adam Jones & Maynard James Keenan, Songwriters (Tool) • “Give Yourself A Try,” George Daniel, Adam Hann, Matthew Healy & Ross Macdonald, Songwriters (The 1975) • “Harmony Hall,” Ezra Koenig, Songwriter (Vampire Weekend) • “History Repeats,” Brittany Howard, Songwriter (Brittany Howard)

Best Rock Album

• “Social Cues,” Cage The Elephant *WINNER • “Amo,” Bring Me The Horizon • “In The End,” The Cranberries • “Trauma,” I Prevail • “Feral Roots,” Rival Sons









Love May be


When you look too hard, sometimes you won’t find it. It happens when you least expect it! That is what happened to me. In mid October, six weeks out from what was a terrible relationship with a narcissistic abusive man, I was sitting at my computer with a gal I was hanging out with, who was not having luck with a dating site she was on. Online dating has its advantages and disadvantages. One one hand it is an easy way to connect with someone, but on the other hand, it can be “dater beware”. It is easy for people to make fake profiles, with either outdated pictures from 20 + years ago, or anything else they are not truthful about. Getting back to my story, I told the gal I was helping with her dating site dilemma, that she could try a free dating site I was previously on called “Plenty Of Fish”. I told her that I never canceled my account, and that I still remembered my login information. I signed and we started looking around to see if there was anyone she might interested in. As we were checking out the available guys, I was also looking see who was around, even though at that time I really wasn’t actively searching. I was enjoying my time hanging out with friends, going to shows,spending time with my dogs, and doing things that I wanted Usually on these dating sites you will find a lot of people that are not in your area, or even your state. I saw some guys that looked they were “my type”, which is more of the artsy, musician, and rocker types. I came across some guys I sent little messages to, and started chatting.

When you look , too hard, sometimes t o you won’t find it. t o It happens when do. you least expect it! like i n b e

One of the guys I saw was actually a local guy, from Bethlehem Pa, which is rarity to find someone so close, and he had the profile name “Whitealbum1968”. When I saw that I knew right away that his name was a reference to The Beatles White Album, which was my brother Chuck’s favorite album. So I sent him a message, simply saying, “You must be a Beatles Fan”. I didn’t really expect that he would answer, because not everyone did. I figured that they took a look at my pictures with people like Marky Ramone, giving me a kiss, and Cherie Currie from The Runaways, among others and thought my lifestyle may be “Too Wild” for them! Amazingly, he did respond, and I started chatting with him and getting messages back. We hit it off and wound up chatting for several weeks quite often, so I asked him if he had Facebook because it would be better to chat that way. After a few weeks he asked if he could have my phone number and call me, which he did, when he was at an auction, or going to the grocery store.


Shortly after that he asked about getting together to meet. Because we had texted on two different sites, plus talked on the phone for a total of a month, with such great repore, it seemed like we knew each other for 30 years. We decided to skip something like meeting for a cup of tea, but instead, go out on an actual date to the movies. I had already seen Bohemian Rhapsody, which is the Freddie Mercury Biopic, but said I would gladly see it again with him. Date night came on November 17th, 2018, and I was anxiously awaiting for him to show up.. It was about 10 or 15 minutes past the time he was supposed to be at my house. Something told me to look out the window on the side of my house and I opened the window and called out to him. He couldn’t find my house because the street is not well lit. When he came to the door he presented me with a half dozen of yellow roses. I thought that was very sweet and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek. After the movie, I don’t think either of us were ready for the date to end, so we stopped at a local bar- The Steel Pub, which was down the street from the theater. Local favorites “Social Call”, had just finished their last set, but we sat and talked, and he grabbed my hand and put it in his. The sparks started flying. At the end of the night he gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. There was no doubt we wanted a second date, so he asked me if I would like to go out on Tuesday. I said we could go to the open mic at The Shanty on 19th street in Allentown. We sat down and he put his arm around me. A few of my long time guy friends were there and were very protective of me. After that we stopped at the diner by my house for some tea. The night was great and ended with our first real kiss. That was the beginning of it all. Now, here we are February 2020, 15 months into our relationship. During that time we have seen and done many things together. From clubs to concerts, to interviews, the beach, carnivals, miniature golf, games, riding in his classic 67 Camaro, family gatherings, holidays, weddings, ice cream dates, movies, Philadelphia, and more. This year we have plans to go to the beach at Wildwood, NJ, Inner Harbor Maryland,The M3 Festival in Maryland, and many more places to make new memories. It happens when you least expect it! Never give up on the possibility of finding love, because it just may be around the corner!

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Lucia and Glynn’s


Our story started in when I was 7 years old. He would come into my mom’s pizza shop daily for something to eat. Years go by, we lost touch with one another. We were reunited a second time in the 2000 years where we would attend Business Networking International. We then lost touch again and in 2014 at my 40th birthday party of mine and told him that he was the best thing that ever walked through the door that day. Later started dating in March of 2015 because I needed a date for my best friends wedding. I got divorced from my husband for him and moved in together in August of 2015 and have been together ever since. We now travel the world when its not tax time (April - December) and we have a business together. God truly answered my prayer. The rest is on


Punk Rock Bi-Lingual

OF LIFE, LOVE, AND FAMILY The complex loving woven tentacles That we yearn to be nestled within That at times strangles us with their incredulous cruelty And diminishing neglect Yet at times are the very warm enclosures Needed for our lonely chilled spirits It is this backbone that we swing from On our daily-yearly jaunts and adventures Dating, school, marriage, work-not in tht order But stunning events impressing upon our lives Whether that base is strong enough or not Built with character and morals and kindness and love It determines how far we swing and where we fall The paths we take and the mates we choose And most of the destined situations we help create Our mannerisms and behavior— Some cherished—others echoed in therapists’ walls Are the legacy of our heads of home-state Storytellers, handy people, fashion-savvy or historians And yet sometimes they make us what we are not The remainders of our inherited beings Our smiles and gestures and fingernail beds Loving reminders of those before us Our heights—or lack thereof—and the couture of our hair Are the cultural pieces to the puzzle of us And so we are children And have some of our own And the spiral begins anew Whether positive or to the dark we go Depends first on our foundation But then builders are we Of the new forms we take And are always re-constructing In order to form a more perfect union of ourselves


By Yvonne Poeta NYC

WHY NOW I don’t wanna write What can I say Too much to pen down Painful love and joy Disappointments abound What the hell is going on Confusion surrounds my thoughts What is this shudder That shakes me to disbelief Im choked up in flaming hurt I spew the angry tears That wet my perception of life Singe my heart and keep it from feeling Tension sustains me upright I cant deal--cant deal with the tightness Isnt this the supposed best And having it all is a mindset Where the fuck is mine that I still feel pain Is this wrong and overdone Past its time and yesterday’s news Or a shadow that will follow me forever Due to the choices Ive made and didn’t My mates and/or my parents My friends or the fact that I have none Where does one remove these anvils Or when do they dissolve into good flesh Or forever does it rot underneath it all Welcome to my lovely home


LO DE LA VIDA, AMOR, Y FAMILIA Los complejos tentáculos tejidos amorosos Que anhelamos estar acurrucados dentro Son los que a veces nos estrangulan con su crueldad incredula Y negligencia cual disminue Sin embargo, a veces son los recintos muy cálidos Necesarios para nuestros espíritus solitarios y fríos Es esta columna vertebral de la que nos balanceamos En nuestras excursiones y aventuras diarias y anuales. Citas, escuela, matrimonio, trabajo, no en esa orden Pero eventos impresionantes que impresionan nuestras vidas Si esa base es lo suficientemente fuerte o no Construida con carácter, moral, amabilidad y amor. Determina qué tan lejos nos balanceamos y dónde caemos Los caminos que tomamos y los compañeros que elegimos Y la mayoría de las situaciones destinadas que ayudamos a crear Nuestros gestos y comportamiento Algunos apreciaban, otros hacíendo eco en las paredes de los terapeutas Son el legado de nuestros jefes de estado de origen Narradores de cuentos, personas prácticas, conocedores de la moda o historiadores. Y sin embargo, a veces nos hacen lo que no somos. El resto de nuestros seres heredados. Nuestras sonrisas y gestos y camas de uñas Recordatorios cariñosos de los que tenemos ante nosotros Nuestras alturas, o la falta de ello, y la alta costura de nuestro cabello. Son las piezas culturales para el rompecabezas de nosotros. Y entonces somos niños Y tener algunos de los nuestros Y la espiral comienza de nuevo. Ya sea positivo o hacia la oscuridad, allí vamos Depende primero de nuestra fundación Pero entonces los constructores somos nosotros De las nuevas formas que tomamos Y que siempre estamos reconstruyendo Para formar una unión más perfecta de nosotros mismos


No quiero escribir Qué puedo decir Demasiado para escribir Doloroso amor y alegría Abundan las decepciones Qué diablos está pasando La confusión rodea mis pensamientos ¿Qué es este estremecimiento? Que me sacude de incredulidad Estoy ahogada en un dolor encendido Vomito las lágrimas de enojo Que mojó mi percepción de la vida Has cenizas de mi corazón y evita que sienta La tensión me sostiene en posición vertical No puedo lidiar, no puedo lidiar con la presion ¿No es este el supuesto mejor Y tenerlo todo es una mentalidad ¿Dónde diablos esta lo mío— porque todavía siento dolor? ¿Esto está mal y exagerado? Pasado su tiempo y las noticias de ayer O una sombra que me seguirá por siempre Debido a las elecciones que hice y no hice Mis compañeros y / o mis padres. Mis amigos o el hecho de que no tengo ninguno ¿Dónde se quitan estos yunques? ¿O cuándo se disuelven en carne buena? O es para siempre el pudre debajo de todo Bienvenidos a mi hermosa casa


Josi Kat



JOSI KAT MANN - Singer, music video producer, writer, book publisher, red carpet correspondent and founder of The Fearleaders. Your typical L.A. girl. Born in North Hollywood to musician parents, the family was often on the road in their groovy painted school bus, which pumped Josi’s veins with Rock n’ Roll and penchant for adventure and travel. Josi utilized her degree in marketing to land her band on dozens of major networks including VH1, Oxygen, USA, Comedy Central, TLC and Playboy TV. As the founder of The Fearleaders, the badass cheerleading squad for The LA Derby Dolls, she again put her marketing skills to test, landing the squad on shows such as MTV, NBC, SPIKE TV, A&E, KTLA and The CW. Her passion for music and cinema launched her into music video production. Josi’s black and white Kubrick meets Bettie Page inspired “noir” music video won “Best Music Video” at The Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival. Her official Ramones/Stephen King authorized music video “Pet Sematary ” which she sang vocals, produced, directed, and was featured at the Horrorhound Film Festival between each screening. Josi directed and produced music video “Road” for Piss Ant, which was screened at Canon Pictures Burbank, while she had the privilege of sitting on their official Q&A panel with other noted film makers. Her love of horror films goes back to working with Haunted Garage and Troma Films as a teenager. She is currently the Director of Communications for Cinefemme, a 501c nonprofit for female filmmakers. Her love for independent film festivals has landed her as a judge for Shreikfest film festival and an Associate Producer and Judge for the Los Angeles Film Festival. When not working behind the scenes, she loves to get in front of the camera, on the red carpets and interviewing film makers. Having traveled extensively to over 40 countries, she has gained a sincere appreciation for life and has been filming her first international documentary film where she has interviewed over 100 people globally. Josi’s other passions include yoga, philanthropic work, exotic animal rescue, pit bulls and gore.


Costa Pix Productions




JT’S VINTAGE AUDIO & VINYL ATTIC TREASURES 1978 Centrax By Pioneer 8 Track Player Model Number; RH-65 So the question you or your spouse ask yourselves when spring cleaning comes in April, what do we do with the excess clutter? Well before you get frustrated and start throwing away the “so called junk”.... THINK TWICE! before you think the so called 8 tracks and players from the dinosaur audio era are worthless think again! The West Coast of The United States treasures the 8 track era. I came across this Centrex Pioneer unit at a local auction, and purchased this unit for a cheap price of three dollars! Not only did I win the 8 Track unit but also a Lafayette receiver. It didn’t shock me that the unit sold for $65.00 because I had another unit about a year ago that sold for $190.00!! So now when you come across an Eight track player that you own or a yard sale or auction, think twice before you walk away from some easy earned cash or even more devastating by throwing it away!



JT’S VINTAGE AUDIO & VINYL ATTIC TREASURES Title: Eagles Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) Recorded 1971-1975 Studios: Olympic Studios,London; Island Studios, London, The Record Plant, Los Angeles, Criteria Studios, Miami Length of album 43:08 Record Label: Asylum Producers Glyn Johns... Bill Szymczyk Description: The Eagles Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) is the first compilation album by the Eagles,released in 1976. The album contains a selection of songs from the Eagles first four albums released in the period from the Eagles formation in 1971 up to 1975

Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) reached number one on the US Billboard 200, where it stayed for five weeks. “One of These Nights” and “Best of My Love” both topped the Billboard Hot 100. The album has the distinction of being the first album to receive the RIAA Platinum certification, which was introduced in 1976 to recognize albums that shipped one million copies in the United States. It was ranked number four on the Billboard year-end album chart of 1976 and has spent a total of 239 weeks on the Billboard 200 as of August 2018. Their greatest hits (1971-1975) was the best -selling album of the 20th century in the United States, and it stayed the best selling album in the U.S. for some years until it was surpassed by Michael Jackson’s Thriller after the artist death in 2009. In 2018, it regained the title of the best selling album in the U.S. with 38 million copies. In 2017. it was selected for the preservation in the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress.


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By John Turk




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EARTH WIND & FIRE Photos By Gary Preis










We are looking for contributors!

Love the music scene? Want to share your story? We are looking for diverse contributors from all over the world. Do you love to write or are you passionate about photography? Email for more info Want to help support our magazine? Consider buying ad space! As always, thank you for reading and sharing our magazine with your friends.


BMG Reveals New Streaming Tracks from Upcoming DIO Reissues Angry Machines​, ​Magica​, ​Killing the Dragon​ and ​Master of the Moon ​Available March 20


To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the passing and honor the legacy of iconic vocalist Ronnie James Dio​, BMG Records will reissue ​DIO​'s long out-of-print 1996-2004 studio albums – 1996’s ​Angry Machines​, 2000’s ​Magica​, 2002’s ​Killing the Dragon​ and 2004’s ​Master of the Moon​ – on March 20​. To satisfy fans’ cravings for music, BMG has made four tracks available for streaming: ● ● ● ●

"Rainbow In The Dark" (Live On The Master Of The Moon Tour) "Stand Up And Shout" (Live On The Killing The Dragon Tour) "Hunter Of The Heart" (Live On The Angry Machines Tour) "Fever Dreams" (Live On The Magica Tour) - ​

Also check out the previously released reissue tracks at: ● ● ● ●

“Man On The Silver Mountain”​ – Recorded Live on the Angry Machines Tour “Lord Of the Last Day”​ – Recorded Live on The Magica Tour “Holy Diver”​ – Recorded Live on the Killing the Dragon Tour “Heaven and Hell”​ – Recorded Live on the Master of The Moon Tour

Newly remastered by longtime ​DIO​ collaborator Wyn Davis, the deluxe CD versions are showcased in mediabook packaging and include bonus discs with a selection of both rare or never before released live tracks from the accompanying tour for each studio release. The 180-gram black vinyl editions include the original tracklistings and are available as a limited edition first run with and LP-sized Lenticular album art print. As a special bonus, the ​Magica double LP also contains a 7” single featuring “Electra,” the only known completed track from the planned ​Magica 2​ album. Each release also features updated artwork from frequent ​DIO​ art director Marc Sasso. DIO online:


KANE ROBERTS Announces Director’s Cut of “Beginning of the End,” Featuring Alice Cooper and Alissa White-Gluz Alice Cooper and Alissa White-Gluz Comment on Collaboration


Guitarist ​KANE ROBERTS​ has announced a special upcoming director’s cut of his video for the song “Beginning of the End,” featuring appearances by the legendary ​Alice Cooper​ and ​Arch Enemy​ vocalist ​Alissa White-Gluz​. Watch the original video for “Beginning of the End” at ​​. “Beginning of the End,” which appears on last year’s ​The New Normal​, is a powerful track that required equally powerful voices and personalities to bring it to life. “When ​Alice Cooper​ and ​Alissa White-Gluz​ both agreed to be in our ‘Beginning of the End’ video, I was blown away,”​ ​ROBERTS​ says. ​“Once the shock wore off, I realized I’d created the perfect storm. There was so much electricity in the air that it was obvious there was no safe place on the set, and the job was to capture it all in camera! As expected, their performances were truly iconic and I believe we created something both original and powerful.” ROBERTS​’ musical co-stars were equally enthusiastic about the collaboration on “Beginning of the End.” “I go out of my way to work with ​Kane​ any time I can,” ​Alice Cooper says.​ “He’s truly a great guitarist with the brain of THANOS!” Adds ​Alissa Gluz-White​, ​“Working with ​Kane​ for ‘The Beginning of the End’ was interesting and challenging. To establish oneself in a song alongside ​Alice Cooper​ is no easy task! I feel we created a narrative in the song that just begged for a storybook type of video, so we got together and did that too!” Most widely known for his work with ​Alice Cooper ​the mid to late ‘80s, ​ROBERTS​’ studied Contemporary Music and Liberal Arts/Humanities at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. ​ROBERTS​’ resume includes a variety of work with high-profile artists including ​Rod Stewart​, ​Alice Cooper​, ​Steve Vai​, ​Desmond Child​, ​KISS​, ​Diane Warren​, ​Berlin​, ​Guns N’ Roses​ and more. He has also written and/or recorded music for films such as ​Light Sleeper​, Penelope Spheeris​’ ​Decline of Western Civilization​, ​Friday the 13th IV Jason Lives​, and ​John Carpenter​’s ​Prince of Darkness​. In addition to his musical career, ​ROBERTS​ has in acted in several films, including Wes Craven’s ​Shocker​ and ​John Carpenter​’s ​Prince of Darkness​. Along with director Mike Goedecke, ROBERTS also created a rollercoaster of a sci-fi short film, ​Embryo​, which features an engaging story, stunning special effects and evocative soundtrack. KANE ROBERTS online:


Not Exactly Sophie’s Choice…


It was 2002 and way before I met my wife to be. And if nothing else, the story that follows shows the dedication a grown young man can have to the art of playing video games. But what happens when his love of video games surmounts even that of the girl of his supposed dreams? And on Valentine’s Day to boot? All the names have been changed to protect the parties in the story—even my own as it still embarrasses me to associate myself with this anecdote from my life, even as a proud gamer. I’m sure you’d understand. * In video game history, Valentine’s day, 2002 marks a monumental moment in time. It was actually the last ever release for a game on the Dreamcast system in the US and Canada. That game was NHL 2K2. Dreamcast of course, was a console that was released by Sega. It came out in 1998, but it didn’t last all that long. It wasn’t all that popular either, especially with Playstation being the monumental video game console that it was turning out to be at the time. But the Sega Dreamcast was special to some, and yours truly was a definite member of those proud few. I was pretty bummed out about not having any more new games for, what was at the time, my favorite console, but what could I have done? At the time, I worked at a local restaurant as I worked on some of my early writing pieces and yes, at the time, I still lived in my parent’s basement. Cliché? A gamer/writer living in his parent’s basement? Perhaps, but I eventually moved out at 24, and my parents were always chill, so why not stay with them? Anyways, I planned on swinging by the video store where my buddy worked after work. Let’s call the store … Video Mart 2000. He said the game was coming out that day, but he had already played it. He said how awesome it was and all and he really got me excited about it. He told me that he’d hold it for me, but only until midnight, which was when the store closed. He could get in serious trouble for this, but he was cool that way. (Image via Replayers)


Let’s call him Nolen.

So, there I was, sautéing pasta on the line at Viterbi’s Restaurant, and counting the hours until I’d be able to play the last ever Sega Dreamcast release. Something about it felt really monumental for me, and as a gamer, I felt as though I was a part of something historic and weighty. I didn’t even like hockey games all that much. As you all may know, I’m more of a first person shooter type of guy, but like I said, it was a monumental moment in gaming history.

(Image via

Which is why you’ll freak even more at what happened, and what my gaming obsession led me to do … or for lack of a better term, to not do. * It was about eight o’clock when Olivia walked into the restaurant. She was an adorable twenty year old that had caught my eye. But seeing that I spent most of my time writing away on my typewriter and playing games, I could hardly match up to the muscular and tanned Italian guys she seemed to like so much. So, no, she hardly paid attention to me, but I sure paid attention to her … her shapely legs, her beautiful face and flowing blonde hair. Oh yeah, and she had glasses, and dare I say it, they drove me nuts! But that night, when she walked in, she was “sans lunette,” as they say in Montréal, and her eyes were red. I wasn’t sure what had happened, but I figured she’d been crying. I didn’t think that much of it, so I just got back to work. Besides, what could I do? We’d never even spoken a word to each other. It wasn’t until ten o” clock, when I went out back in the alley to have a small cigarillo, that I saw her again. And yeah, this time she was crying really hard. “Oh, sorry,” I said when I walked out, feeling like I’d caught her in a personal moment.


(Image via Pinterest) She looked at me then, and quickly wiped at her eyes. “It’s okay. I don’t own the alley.” She was sitting atop a turned over must bucket—the kind that me and the rest of the kitchen staff kept our peeled veggies in. Something about the situation made me uncomfortable … either the crying girl, or maybe even the fact that she still looked great to me, but there we were. Silence ensued, and an uncomfortable one at that. Finally she said: “I like the smell of your cigar.” I looked down at it and smiled. “It’s cheap. I got it at the corner store near the subway. I have more expensive ones at home—from Cuba. Maybe I can bring you one.” “I’d like that,” she said, her lips curling up to smile a bit. Man was she gorgeous. I don’t know where the courage came from, but I finally worked up enough of it to ask her. Maybe it was the curiosity, and apart from killing the proverbial cat, curiosity is often enough to make even a coward a hero. “Olivia, if you don’t mind me asking … what happened?” She looked at me for a long time before she answered. Finally she said. “My boyfriend dumped me today.” This was all it took for her to start up again. I looked back into the open doorway back into the kitchen. The light shone onto the dark alley and onto me and Olivia. I could hear the banging and clanging from the kitchen—sounds that sounded so foreign to me in that moment. I was worried that the chef would hear, so I went to her then and hugged her. To my amazement, she hugged me back and wailed into my apron.


“It’ll be alright,” I told her,” patting her shoulder uncomfortably. In reality, I didn’t know if it would be alright, like I’d promised her it would be, but I just repeated what I’d heard others tell people in such circumstances on TV and in the books I read. It felt like such a fabricated moment, something intangible. Even now when I think back, it looks like a badly rehearsed high school play in my mind’s eye. Or rather those few moments do, at least. A long time passed and her crying subsided, finally. I don’t know what came over her—maybe the heartache, maybe the shame she felt at being dumped—but she stood up right then, and kissed me passionately. It happened so fast, and although I can’t imagine ever wanting to stop her, but I wouldn’t even have been able to she moved so fast. I still remember the sweet taste of her lip gloss … tangerine. The words she spoke then were some that I’ve never forgotten, and sometimes, just sometimes, they haunt me in my dreams: “After work, you wanna come over? We can celebrate this stupid holiday together.” I swear to Pete, the first thing I thought about was that NHL game. I actually pictured Nolen holding it out to me as I walked into the video store. But at the same time, I couldn’t tell Olivia that I wouldn’t meet her. I mean, I would have had to be nuts, right? So I nodded wordlessly, and at that she kissed me again—a kiss I’d never forget—and she walked back inside, a smile set upon her gorgeous face. I must have been smiling too, because when my chef came out into the alley, he laughed and asked: “What happened? She gave you a present on Valentine’s day?” I knew what he meant, so in order to protect her honor, I vehemently denied this; what I felt was an accusation. He laughed it off and said: “Get back in there, amigo. Get to work.” He didn’t say this unkindly, as he was one of the kindest chefs I’d ever worked under. So … I got back to work. And for the rest of the shift, she didn’t look at me, but all I thought about was that kiss, for a while at least. But the closer it rolled to 11:30, which was when I was supposed to cut out to go get the game, I started to question my decision to go with Olivia at my shift’s end. If I was to wait for her, she was finishing at midnight, which was also when Nolan would close the store, and that would mean: no game, no monumental and historic moment in gaming history. Talk about weight. It weight on my mind as the minutes passed and that loud kitchen clamored around me. (Image via And it was as I cleaned my station, on that Valentine’s evening in 2002, a long, long time ago, that I made my ultimate decision. And as they say, decisions have a way of kind of leading to what kind of life you’ll end up living in the end. * After playing the game, and yes, that very night, I didn’t regret not going with Olivia. That came much later, as I grew older. I never saw her again, as she quit shortly after that fateful Valentine’s night. I eventually purchased a copy of NHL 2K2. I actually still have it, and I looked over it before writing this piece. But I didn’t play it. This time, I chose not to. On this day, I chose Olivia over the game—I chose to write about her instead. So Olivia, Happy Valentine’s Day, wherever you are, and I hope no more men have led to the shedding of more tears for you. Happy gamming buds! And if you get the chance that I got all those years ago, I’ll paraphrase Robin Williams from Good Will Hunting here: “… go see about the girl …” instead. Happy Gaming, and Happy Valentine’s day, friends.


Steel Notes Magazine


February 2017

Steel Notes Magazine


Steel Notes Magazine

Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages ... My name is Marlowe B. West and I am your Ring Leader ... Ya know ... I really dig this gig ... Being Star Reporter of the ever growing into glory Steel Notes Magazine for the past three years has been such a blast ... It has allowed me to share my awesome and adventurous escapades along this wondrous journey we all call Life ... Usually I take my loyal readers and fans deep inside the superficial exterior lives of the extraordinary people who cross my path here on this present plane of our physical existence ... However, this month I am taking full advantage of the wonders and magic of being the most imaginative and resourceful writer ... I am taking you all with me in a very different direction ... "So fasten your seat belts ...", as Bette Davis said in All About Eve "... It's going to be a bumpy ride." ... As we venture into the past. Yes ... We are already barreling through the time barrier ... Past the magnificent Chimera ... those faithful, vicious dog-like guards ... who have been appointed by The Fates to watch over the Gates ... Awaiting lesser trespassers ... like us ... who have to have a good reason to even attempt to go back in time ... It has been said that "Once you cross it's borders you can never return again !!!" ... Against the law ... Against the grain ... Unless you possess this Golden Key. Do any of you know what the Golden Key is and where to get it ??? ... You should all know the answer ... It is Love ... and it's only found in the Young at Heart ... There is no age limit to be Young at Heart ... True Love is Golden ... It has the power and is permitted to break down the walls that grow thicker and taller with time in a world filled with hate ... Like layers upon layers of cobwebs, age is capable of gaining volumn and weight which builds walls that can hold you back and keep you further away from the pure and radiant Life we were all originally born to live. Thus ... in the hour of our awareness ... we find ourselves in the lovely neighborhood Garden of Saint Valentine ... where the essence of True Love prevails ... Here we wander trance-like until we stumble upon the shrine of Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antonguella, professionally known as Rudolph Valentino ... an Italian-American film actor who was admired as the ‘Great Lover’ of the 1920s ... How sad he is no longer around to be interviewed ... but ... The Fates have summoned up the next best thing ... one of his greatest and truest most sincere fans was destined to meet us here ... Her name is Eleanor Gribbin and she will serve as medium ... from the Silver Screen beyond the Pearly Gates.

Steel Notes Magazine



Steel Notes Magazine

February 2017

MBW: Good evening, my dear Eleanor ... You look radiant kneeling here before this stunning, massively candlelit, most divine Rudolph Valentino shrine ... on the other side of time ... the romantic moonlight glistening in your loving and smiling eyes ... in this magical majestic garden ... an enclave of red roses ... like deep red velvet theater curtains ... I love your gypsy outfit, Darling ... How the candle light catches the golden coins around your neck ... How are you feeling, Eleanor ... the look in your eyes has changed ... I must say I am feeling a bit light headed myself at

the moment ... the intoxicating night blooming jasmine ... the fragrance of gardenia is overwhelming ... something strangely familiar is happening ... do you feel that, Eleanor ... you can actually hear and feel the beating of his heart amongst this spellbinding Hollywood setting ... Eleanor: (whispers) He is present MBW: Excuse me, my love ... did you say... Eleanor: (still whispering) Be still ... will you ... He is taking me in his arms ... most passionately ... He is caressing me ... kissing me madly ... He is taking me over completely ... I surrender ... (sigh) MBW: Eleanor ... Eleanor ??? Eleanor: ( now in a low husky voice with a soft, sibilant accent) Eleanor is presently indisposed, young man ... what brings you here ??? MBW: Who are you ??? RV: I am Valentino ... MBW: Just who I always wanted to meet ... We came a long long way to find you sir ... RV: So I understand ... I am greatly honoured ... You may call me Rudy MBW: Thank you sir ... I mean Rudy ... I mean ... I am Marlowe B West and I am here to represent the lovers of the whirled back home who idolize you and all you stand for ... It is sad for me to say ... but ... Love ... it seems ... has become a faded rose in the whirled ... the


Steel Notes Magazine


Steel Notes Magazine

new people have been swamped over with viciousness, violence and hatred ... and I would give my verry life to bring it all back into the beautiful prominence for which the wondrous whirled was so blessedly created ... RV: Yes, my friend ... I agree ... It is plain to see how badly things have gone astray ... How can I assist you with such a glorious quest ??? MBW: I would love to interview you and bring you back with me in Steel Notes Magazine ... for which I am the proud star reporter ... and you are the ultimate star ... RV: Your wish has been granted, Marlowe B West ... I give you my all ... MBW: Consider me starstruck ... how utterly righteous ... Let us begin with you telling my beautiful loyal readers and fans what was it like when you first opened your eyes in a brand new whirled ??? RV: I was born on May 6th, 1895. My parents were Gabriella and Giovanni Guglielmi. I had an older sister, Bice, who was born in 1890, but died in infancy. I had an older brother Alberto and a sister Maria, born after me. I was not close to Alberto, growing up but Maria and I had a special bond. She would accompany me on my adventures throughout the neighborhood, my partner in crime. I was spoiled (from the time I was born) by the women in my life, my mother, teachers and friends of my mother (whom I had the habit of falling in love with!). MBW: How about school ??? RV: I did not like school. My grades were low except for penmanship, for which I always got an excellent. MBW: What was little Rudy like as a kid ??? RV: From an early age, I took risks. When I was just five, I attempted to shave with my father's razor which resulted in the scar on my right cheek.

MBW: When did that compelling Valentino aura first hit home ??? RV: I first fell in love, at the tender age of six. MBW: ... and when did romance come into the picture ??? RV: I had my first 'romance' when I was twelve (the daughter of the schools cook). MBW: How was your family life ??? RV: My father died when I was eleven from malaria. MBW: When did you start to make your way out into the whirled ??? RV: At fifteen, I applied to a naval technical school in Venice, passed the written test but failed the physical (my chest was too small). I then was accepted to The Agricultural Institute in Genoa. I enjoyed my time there especially caring for the animals. In later life I was the proud owner of four arabian stallions and several dogs. MBW: Sounds absolutely exquisite ... and from Genoa ??? RV: I graduated and spent a year in Paris. It was in Paris that I learned to dance and the girls were beautiful! MBW: Oo la la ... How about America ???

Steel Notes Magazine



Steel Notes Magazine

February 2017

Of The Sheik" that I became suddenly ill. On August 14th, 1926 I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. I was operated on for acute appendicitis and perforated gastric ulcers. Unfortunately, antibiotics had not been discovered yet and infection set in. Around 8:00 AM, on the morning of August 23rd, I lapsed into a coma. I died at 12:10 PM on Monday August 23rd, 1926.

RV: At the age of eighteen I boarded a ship headed to America landing at Ellis Island on December 23rd, 1913. After several odd jobs, I landed a spot as a taxi dancer at Maxim's, in New York City, teaching the tango to rich society ladies. I met actor Norman Kerry who suggested that I go to Hollywood and try acting.

MBW: Rudy ??? Eleanor: (sobbing and holding her heart) He's gone ... but oh ... what a night

MBW: Very interesting ... That's exactly what I did when I got out of school ... What was Hollywood like when you first got there ??? RV: I found work as an extra in movies and during a bit part in 1919's "Eyes Of Youth" was discovered by screenwriter June Mathis who chose me for the lead (Julio) in her screenplay "The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse" (during this time my mother died). This led to my starring in "The Sheik", 1921. And soon I was called "The Worlds Greatest Lover!" MBW; How did becoming "The World's Greatest Lover" affect your life ??? RV: My career picked up from there and I starred in several movies. MBW: Would you mind telling us about the romantic status of "The World's Greatest Lover" ??? RV: I married and divorced twice. First to actress Jean Acker (remaining friends til my death) and then to Natacha Rambova (the love of my life). My divorce from Natacha left me with much sadness causing emotional as well as physical stress. MBW: ... a broken heart ??? RV: Steelmy Notes Magazine It was during promotional tour of "The Son








FEATURED ROMANTIC FILM: BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) is a big budget vampire extravaganza featuring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves and was directed by Francis Ford Coppola. It was nominated for 4 academy awards and won 3. The movie is based on the 1897 gothic horror novel of the same name. The story starts in 1462, when Vlad Dracula finds that his wife has committed suicide after his enemies have falsely reported his death. The priest tells him that his wife’s soul is going to be damned to hell for committing suicide. Enraged, Dracula desecrates the chapel and renounces god, declaring that he will rise from the grave to avenge Elisabeta with all the powers of darkness. Mina Harker is brought to his attention, who has a strong resemblance to Elisabeta. Dracula believes Mina is her reincarnation and searches for her to charm her and win her love.

Dex Shellhammer is a lifelong horror movie fanatic. He contributed to underground horror films with his music as well as having minor acting roles. Dex is a Lehigh Valley music scene veteran as a singer/ songwriter and founding member of longtime heavy metal band Father of Sin. He also recently started a goth/industrial band under his last name, Shellhammer.


20 Romantic Horror Movies For Valentine’s Day Audition (2015) Braindead (1992) Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) Bride Of Chucky (1998) Crimson Peak (2015) House Of Dark Shadows (1970) The Hunger (1983) Interview With A Vampire (1994) Jack & Diane (2012) Life After Beth (2014) The Lost Boys (1987) The Love Witch (2016) My Bloody Valentine (1981) Near Dark (1987) Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) The Phantom Of The Opera (1989) Return Of The Living Dead 3 (1993) Subspecies (1991) Sweeney Todd (2007) Thirst (2009)


Syrpentine: Angels of the Night By Jim Allford SERPENTYNE is one very quite amazing U.K. band. They are considered a British folk metal symphonic band. The band has been playing extensively in the U.K and the rest of Europe. The band is: MAGGIEBETH SAND: Lead voice, a classically trained soprano singer: LEE WILLMER: Guitar; NIGEL MIDDLETON: Bass, backing vocals; JOHN HAITHWAITE: Drums, backing vocals; VAUGHN GRANDIN; Bagpipes,backing vocals with Guest Musicians: ANTHAR KHARANA-Vocals, percussion; GERARD VAUGHANHurdy Gurdy and MARK JENKINS; Keyboards. This 11 song CD was Produced and Recorded by Maggiebeth Sand. Mixed and Mastered by Daan Janzing. AWAY FROM THE WORLD kicks off this CD and the bagpipes will get your attention from the first note. Maggiebeth vocals will have begging to hear more as she carries you away. LADY SERPENTYNE has doses of the Trans Siberian Orchestra with a sweet heavy metal sound infused into Maggiebeth high keyed vocals. You’ll love this song. BRING ON THE STORM is a definite headbanger song with great harmonies. This song will stay in your head for days and days. Give it a listen. APHRODITE is another great highlight on the CD. The band is as tight as ever and you’ll be rocking to it in no time. SALVATION is a real rocker that you’ll be singing along with in no time. Crank it up loud and go for the ride. THE CALL OF THE BANSHEE ends this amazing, rocking CD and it couldn’t end with a better song. This is another ‘must hear’ song. You can find the band on: Facebook, Bandcamp, You Tube, Folk-Metal, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Deezer, Play Music, Music Glue, Stereokiller, Amazon Music , Twitter and Instagram. Also, I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Peter Lindenbergh from HELL FAIRY RECORDS. Please check out the band, you won’t be sorry. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD


the Aurora Project: grey_world_live By Jim Allford THE AURORA PROJECT is a 5 piece progressive rock band hailing from the Netherlands. The band members are: DENNIS BINNEKADE-Vocals; MARCEL VAN DEN BERG-Vocals, guitars; ROB KRIJGSMAN-Bass; MARCEL ‘MOX’ GUITJ-Keyboards and JORIS BOL -Drums. This 9 song CD was mixed and mastered by Arno Dreef and live sound recorded by Steven Loos. CIRCLES IN THE WATER starts off the CD that will have your attention from the very first note. There is no doubt, the reflections of this song will have you thinking your hearing a Pink Floyd album. ALLES IN EEN is an amazing acoustic track that will keep you spellbound as their harmonies come together. The guitars and bass are solid throughout the song. The melody is one you’ll remember, too! STONE EAGLE is kept simple as the guitar drawing you in as the drum beat is pounding in your head. I can picture myself in the audience getting lost in the emotions and the beat of this song. MEDIAPUPPETS starts out as if it’s a pop song and then they throw a twist in the song. They are quite clever how they throw you off for a bit. Definitely, worth listening to. DRONE WARS starts out with sirens and hand clapping from the crowd. The band comes in with a vengeance as you can’t help to keep an eye on their every move. There is no doubt, this is a band to keep your eyes open for. Just imagine, Pink Floyd doing metal for a special added attraction. This band is a MUST to hear. A BIG THANK YOU to Peter Lindenbergh for introducing us all to such amazing artists and bands. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD


Vetrar Draugurinn/Hinterlands By Jim Allford VETER DRAUGURINN is a melancholic doom metal band formed in the Netherlands. The band is: ERIC HAZEBROEK-Lead guitars, mellotron; MARJAN WELMAN-Vocals; THOMAS COCHRANE-Rhythm guitars; ARJAN HEIJDEN-Bass guitar; JIM VAN DE KERKHOF-Drums with ELIANNE ANEMAAT-Cello and THOMAS COCHRANETrumpet/Trombone. This 11 song CD was Produced by Eric Hazebroek and Mixed and Mastered by Hans Pieters. HINTERLANDS start out this CD with a solid ‘doom’ sound and back beat , but that all changes once Marjan’s soft voice comes into play. The mix is exciting and tantalizing. SECOND has a great guitar riff intro that takes you to ‘dreamland’ as Marjan’s voice draws you in, wanting more. THE WOLVES AT YOUR DOOR is a true taste of ‘death metal’ with the guitar riffs in your face, loud and proud. When Marjan’s vocals appears in the song, it takes the band to whole new level. MOTHER OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS starts out with Marjan’s magnificent voice and the band comes in and wipes you away. FOREVER LOCKED WITHIN brings out a mellow side of the band which is nice to hear. This song a MUST to hear. WANDERER is in your face with the pounding guitars and blasting drums as Marjan’s voice once again takes control. TWELFTH NIGHT is sweet to the ears, considering it’s a death metal band. You, definitely, need to hear this one. There is ‘bonus’ track on the CD titled, The Noose, which I will leave for your ears. You can find the band on: Facebook, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer,, You Tube, Twitter, Spotify and Amazon Music. I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Peter Lindenbergh for giving me the opportunity to review his artists and bands. Please check this band whenever you have a chance. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD




DANCER 4 HIP HOP STARS LIL’KIM & ASHANTI SATOKO MORI IS SHINING BRIGHTER EVERY DAY by Nick Christophers Performer, Satoko Mori has been able to express her passion through dance on a large scale. She was not only attracted to dance but also the piano which she began to learn around the same time as dancing. Her mother, who is a pianist, was her biggest inspiration. She was the one who enrolled Satoko in dance classes at that tender age. From there she trained in ballet, jazz and theatre jazz for over ten years. She then attended the Broadway Dance Center in Japan where she learned Hip Hop, House and musical theatre dance. “I have always had a passion for dancing since I was ten years old. After watching countless dance shows on TV I became mesmerized by the elegance and freedom it offers.” Satoko would attend the TOHO COLLEGE OF MUSIC and majored in classic piano then is where she became more addicted to dancing. In 2008 she moved to New York to extend her training in dance at an affiliate school, the Broadway Dance Center which she attended for two years honing her skills in Hip Hop, commercial dance and jazz. Luck would have it that she began booking gigs in 2010. Her first big performance was in 2012 with Madonna. That experience only fueled her desire to pick it up a notch and take it to another level. She soon booked a gig with Sean Paul dancing in his smash hit video “Turn It Up”.

Satoko Mori is a force to be reckoned with when she hits the dance floor Her talents were soon noticed and more gigs began to appear one bigger than the other. She would soon find herself working with Hip Hop star Lil’ Kim in 2011 (still working with her to this day) and then Ashanti since 2013. Satoko had the pleasure of co- choreograph with Eddie Morales, Lil’ Kim’s recent single “Nasty One” in 2018. She would end up touring with Lil’Kim in Africa and Australia. She also toured with Ashanti as well. Besides these major acts she has also performed with 50cent, Fabolous, Faith Evans, Remy Ma, Bad Bunny, Pharrell Williams and Ciara. Eddie Morales (dancer / choreographer for Mariah Carey) happens to be one of her favorite dancers / choreographer’s growing up and now working with him. It is no surprise when she ended up performing during the ESPN Monday Night Football Genesis Halftime Show Live in front of thousands. This month on the 24th she will be featured in the new video by Latin sensation Thalia called “Ya Tu Me Conoces”. “I love working in either TV or live performances. But there is something about live performances where you feel the energy from the audience and even thought I was nervous it fueled my desire to perform at my best.” Besides, working with all these A-list acts, Satoko also takes her time to teach others at the EXPG STUDIO NYC BY LDH in Manhattan. She also teaches kids in Queens, Long Island and the Bronx. In addition, she is part of a dance team called Strykeforce Entertainment where they teach workshops here and Japan. Satoko has accomplished so much already and yet is looking to reach another level. In 2020, she is already looking to continue her co-directing with Japanese comedian Ken Shimura during the summer. Yet her main goal is looking to create her own shows and be more at the center of the production and choreography. Satoko Mori is a force to be reckoned with when she hits the dance floor so look out for her in upcoming events here and Japan.



After a tragic experience most probably anyone else would have given up and hang their hat after what John Gallagher endured but his love and desire to live and entertain the masses overcame the worst. Seven years ago he ended up in the hospital due to an electrical fire in his building. He had suffered life threatening injuries but he fought back and made it through. Even though he is confined to a wheel-chair that is not stopping him from what he loves to do. John has been at the film game for over 30 years and always delivers quality projects. His first work was in 1980 a rock and roll musical comedy called “BEACH HOUSE” which was released by New Line Cinema. It was the beginning of an amazing career for John. His first six features were shot on 35mm and edited on flatbed Steenbecks. That was then, now with digital being the tool of choice he can shoot for hours without interrupting the actors’ process and he can edit anything on computers. Since the near fatal fire that almost took him away from us he has managed to produce eight films.


“Every day here is a gift and I am eternally grateful to family and friends. And believe me, you really find out who your friends are when that kind of tragedy strikes. Steve Stanulis deserves special mention because he offered me THE NETWORKER when I was lying in a hospital bed in recovery.” Being a director of course comes with challenges which John has encountered. Issues like the budget which effects the whole project; pre-production, shooting, locations, cast, crew, schedule, post and music. He has worked on good-sized budgets on “STREET HUNTER”, “THE DELI” and “BLUE MOON”. There were those that were low budget projects like “MEN LIE” which he shot in eleven days for $100,000, for $50K he completed “CUPIDITY” in six months, the Steve Stanulis film “THE NETWORKER” for $105K in fifteen days and the recent “SARAH Q” for $250K in eighteen days. His next project is actually a big budget film at the tune of fifteen million dollars with an eight week window. John has worked with many actors and actress and it is hard for him to pinpoint one that he enjoyed working with most. Yet he did mention the late Ben Gazzara who he worked with on the film “Blue Moon” which also starred the legendary Rita Moreno. That project took five years to work on and he became close with Ben and learned a lot being in his company. Even after the film they became good friends and he misses him dearly. Also the late actors Steve James and Frank Vincent (who John shared the actor / director trip together) were favorites of his. Of course there others who he has had the pleasure to work with like Steve Stanulis, Brian Vincent, Joey Donofrio, Maggie Wagner, Victor Colicchio, Samantha Scaffidi and Kelsey O’Brien. As far as directors he acknowledged protégé Gabriele Altobelli, a close Gazzara pal; who he collaborated on “UNCOMFORTABLE SILENCE” and “AMERICAN FANGO”. John is also a teacher of film and has nurtured many actors during his time such as John Leguizamo, Ice T, Debi Mazar, Gretchen Mol, and Artie Pasquale. Currently he is working with such talent like George Andreakos, Dom LaRuffa Jr, Ashlee Macropoulos, Emmy James, Eden Wright, Makaela Shealy, Linda Collins, Sarah Seeds, Samantha Scaffidi, Josie Burke, Lo Friedenstine, Booch O’Connell,

Megan Fulmer, Rachel Nielson and Kohl Beck. One specific actress Emmy James who starred in the title role of “SARAH Q” has won three Best Actress awards at film festivals for her performance. His work has been honored many times over yet recently he was given the The Linda Dano Heart Award. The event HeartShare’s 2019 Spring Gala was held at the legendary Ziegfield Theater where Rosanna Scotto from Good Day New York presented the award. The award was for his inspiring dedication to overcoming disability.

“I am very proud of being honored with nine career achievement awards”

“I am very proud of being honored with nine career achievement awards, Heart Share was a mind blower because the ceremony was held at the former Ziegfield Theater with my picture on the marquee, a theater that was my home away from home for decades. It was also the last time I saw my friend Danny Aiello and the first time I met the wonderful Abigail Hawk, who I look forward to eventually directing. Rosanna Scotto from Good Day New York presented the award, said some wonderful things about me, and it was truly a night to remember.” Most people may not know that John had also directed theatrical projects like “East of Evil” which starred the late Frank Vincent, Tony Sirico and Vincent Pastore, “Punk City” starring Ronald Maccone; and “Unspeakable Ways” starring Tony Sirico, all produced at the West Bank Theatre in Manhattan. At the SVA Theatre he directed the series “Screenwriters Night” and “Screenwriters Night II”. In addition, he worked on “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress” by Alan Ball (True Blood, Six Feet Under, American Beauty) at the Duo Theatre. At the present time he has some projects in the works notably the feature “All Mobbed Up” where he is working with cinematographer Craig DiBona, ASC, Emmy winning producer Sylvia Caminer and Emmy winning casting director Judy Henderson, CSA. His next short is entitled “THE LONELY ROAD TO NOWHERE”, starring Linda Collins and Megan Fulmer, two fantastic artists. He is also working on a screenplay with Eden Wright called “YOUNG JUDY” who has a dual role in the project. There is so much more to say about John and his accomplishments and awards but the most important is his desire to survive and offer his God given talent to the world on an everyday basis.


YouTube: ba9iy9c4tMnmn8RIQ



Luca Cerardi Interviews

Dylan Rose Happy to share Dylan Rose’s words about himself and Archer Nation. I had the opportunity to see the band live, listen to their music, meet them personally and work with Dylan and you can’t miss his - their love and passion for music and the way they are rocking the world so here we go!

perfect environment growing up that encouraged pursuing music as a real passion.

1 – When did you hear for the first time the “call” of the guitar? Who let you approach the instrument and who inspired you? Originally, it all goes back to my parents. There was always music in the house and my father has played guitar his whole life. Growing up, my folks would host these family jam parties at the house. Other family members and friends would come over and play music all day and night, and it inspired me to join the fun! I was almost 12 years old when I really locked in on committing to the guitar. My father showed me a Beatles song and that was that! 2 – Did your family support your love for music and do you have any other musicians in it?

3 – When did you guys meet for the first time and when did you realize that things were becoming serious?

Well, David DeSilva (bass) and I met in late 2009 and we played our first show together in March Yes, always. I have the best support anyone could of 2010! We were auditioning bassists and he hope for and am very blessed to say so. My dad was the last guy in the door, so to speak! I plays guitar, all my uncles play either guitar or instantly admired his musicianship and we clicked piano, and most of us sing as It was a really well on a personal level. With Keyhan, we 123

desperately needed a new drummer to begin the touring cycle for “Culling The Weak” at the start of 2015 and were very fortunate to find him at the last minute! He has been an incredible addition to the band and this lineup has been intact for 5 years now.

the 3 of us were able to commit to the process together and collaborate until we reached a product that saitisfied all of us. That is not easy to do sometimes, considering everyone’s varied musical tastes and different visions for the outcome, but we got through and learned a lot about how this lineup can write and perform together. The whole deal was a great necessary step towards further solidifying what we’re all about nowadays. 6 – You Just came home from a huge European Tour with Annihilator. Best moment? Best thing you saw out there? Which word would you want to use to describe this tour?

4 – California was always a place where music can grow. What is its secret? Hard to say what the “secret” is, but the weather sure helps! But honestly, I’m sure it’s tied to the entertainment industry in general. Hollywood and Los Angeles have been this historical hotbed for media production - be it movies, music, etc – for so long that perhaps it just continues to perpetuate itself to some degree. Everyone in LA wants to be somebody! Up here in Santa Cruz it’s not like that of course, but California as a whole does have this art and entertainment aura about it. 5 – You guys released one year ago your last album Beneath The Dream. An album is a long process. Which was the best moment and what do you really like it about it?

Man, that was a whirlwind... 40 shows and not many days off will go by fast! It was killer, though. This was our 2nd European tour with Annihilator (the first being late 2015), and the crowds were every bit as awesome as expected. Our favorite new place that we performed in for the first time was definitely Greece, particularly Athens, where we got to spend a couple rare days off exploring that magical ancient city. A few shows stand out as really special, but I don’t want to single any out because honestly, the whole run was so good. We are very thankful to Jeff Waters and Annihilator for bringing us out again! In a word, it was EPIC! 7 – You toured with a lot of big metal acts such as Hellyeah. Offer some words of your time with them and your words about Vinnie Paul. Well, it’s sort of bittersweet and sad to discuss Vinnie now that he has passed, but he was truly one of the nicest and most generous guys I’ve met in this business. We were the opening act of 4 bands on that tour with Hellyeah, but he treated us like co-headliners. He would take us out gambling in Reno, to dinner in Philadelphia, out for drinks in Minneapolis, backstage hanging out all the time, and of course those renowned “Sunday Funday” parties at his house whenever we were all in Dallas together. The dude was a legend obviously, and so growing up you always

Wow, it has been almost a year! It’s tough to pick one moment on the record as my favorite, but I certainly always feel the most satisfaction when recording is finished! To me, the overall best part knowing that 124 about making this latest album

wonder if meeting some of your musical heroes would live up to the dreams in your head. Fortunately, with Vinnie he exceeded all that and left us with fond memories for life. 8 – What is your philosophy of life? Still trying to figure this one out! I will say, though, that as brutal as the business of building a band can be sometimes, it has taught me a lot about belief and self-doubt, perserverance and commitment to your goals, and how to structure your life to facilitate what you’re chasing. It has taken me a lot of years to put it all together, (and it certainly isn’t a finished product!), but I’m thankful for the lessons I’ve learned. At the end of the day, whatever it is your chasing, it comes down to time spent applying effort and focus towards the goal.

If we can offer a momentary escape or an experience of joy to an audience, then the work is done. It’s all about the connection between band and listener, and the music itself is what bridges the gap. Metal music can be angry or aggressive, but it isn’t always defined by that. You can write lyrics about all sorts of things that could potentially relate to what people feel or struggle with in everyday life just like you do. Being relatable and helping people cope with the thoughts in their own minds is a big part of forming a strong bond between artist and audience. Then when you get on stage, you have to unleash the physical aspect of those emotions by putting on an energetic and intense show.

9 – Which is the next target for Archer Nation? We are going to tour heavy again in 2020, then start thinking about another album! Ideally, we will get that process underway by year’s end. 10 – Can you give me one word for each one of your band mates? This is could be dangerous, but I’ll do it anyways! David’s word is “zen”, and Keyhan’s is “passion”. 11 – Friendship is a common word, but in your opinion, what is friendship? I think people toss around that word incredibly loosely nowadays. It even gets used to describe people you only know online! That’s insane, because that’s not friendship by any proper metric. Friendship has to run a bit deeper than that, and needs to involve actual human contact... Or maybe I’m just too much of a romantic rennaissance man! 12 – What does music represent to you? What do you want to give to the people that listen to your music? What do you want to let the people feel during one of your shows?

13 – You are alone in an island and you must bring just one album, one favourite food and one thing you can choose by yourself. What would your bring with you? This is impossible but here we go.... Today’s choices are as follows! Album : Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath Favourite food : Burritos Thing you can choose: My favorite Les Paul obviously! Readers that wish to follow the band can find us at the following links:


Visit 126

By Angela Graham



They say, he appears out of mist And walks across the sunset Whose eyes, deadened in day Awaken at night Searching for his bride He, who I have yet to meet Knows I exist I feel his untimely presence Then, a look in my direction Casts a numbness, across my mind Sardonic charisma Trickles from the aura Shimmering, above his head A wry smile, daunting Leaves me, hypnotised Falling into, his devilish grasp I sip forbidden nectar, from his lips He whispers…“You-are-mine Bride of Frankenstein Welcome to exotic sin”

Looking upwards, at the night sky She smiles, in the darkness Remembering a love, passed by His image follows her Wherever she goes In stars, she sees his eyes Now, looking away In daylight, his face etched in clouds Floating away His voice once whispering her name Echoing in the breeze-is silent Once tenderly In his hand, he held her heart Then, made a fist Crushing it, like an apple Squeezing, squeezing until it was dry Tears welled, in her eyes Then, it rained softly Washing away her sorrow His love she feels, now lost Yet, she knows not why..


The Adventures of LUCIA & GLYNN 2018 was an amazing year for Glynn and I. Went to the land of ancient wonders: Egypt and Jordan. Egypt: Discover the wonders of Egypt and Jordan on this 16 day adventure. Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Nile felucca cruising & Red Sea relaxation. Topped off with Jordan, home to the stunning Rose City of Petra (voted one of the New 7 Wonders of the World), the red desert of Wadi Rum and the buoyant Dead Sea. Jordan: Jordan, an Arab nation on the east bank of the Jordan River, is defined by ancient monuments, nature reserves and seaside resorts. It’s home to the famed archaeological site of Petra, the Nabatean capital dating to around 300 B.C. Set in a narrow valley with tombs, temples and monuments carved into the surrounding pink sandstone cliffs, Petra earns its nickname, the “Rose City.” If your wondering where we went and what we did visit https://www. best-egypt-nile-cruise.html. Our tour guide Mostafa, was absolutely incredible. We also went to Singapore and Thailand. This was our first time going there without a guided tour. Singapore, an island city-state off southern Malaysia, is a global financial center with a tropical climate and multicultural population. Its colonial core centers on the Padang, a cricket field since the 1830s and now flanked by grand buildings such as City Hall, with its 18 Corinthian columns. In Singapore’s circa-1820 Chinatown stands the redand-gold Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, said to house one of Buddha’s teeth.


Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. It’s known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. In Bangkok, the capital, an ultramodern cityscape rises next to quiet canalside communities and the iconic temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho and the Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew). Nearby beach resorts include bustling Pattaya and fashionable Hua Hin. Here’s a great article about what to do when visiting because where we went , no one can ever reproduce that. https://www. best-of-both-worlds/ California was the family trip this year. California, a western U.S. state, stretches from the Mexican border along the Pacific for nearly 900 miles. Its terrain includes cliff-lined beaches, redwood forest, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central Valley farmland and the Mojave Desert. The city of Los Angeles is the seat of the Hollywood entertainment industry. Hilly San Francisco is known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and cable cars. There’s so much to do here but because we were on business, we didn’t really do that much sight seeing, we went to Universal Studios and Disney, which was fun. https://www.thedailymeal. com/travel/50-things-to-do-california-gallery This was our second time going to Germany: Germany is a Western European country with a landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and North Sea beaches. It has over 2 millennia of history. Berlin, its capital, is home to art and nightlife scenes, the Brandenburg Gate and many sites relating to WWII. Munich is known for its Oktoberfest and beer halls, including the 16th-century Hofbräuhaus. Frankfurt, with its skyscrapers, houses the European Central Bank. Munich, Bavaria’s capital, is home to centuries-old buildings and numerous museums. The city is known for its annual Oktoberfest celebration and its beer halls, including the famed Hofbräuhaus, founded in 1589. In the Altstadt (Old Town), central Marienplatz square contains landmarks such as NeoGothic Neues Rathaus (town hall), with a popular glockenspiel show that chimes and reenacts stories from the 16th century. So many things to do here, visit Attractions-g187309-Activities-Munich_Upper_Bavaria_Bavaria. html, our DIY trips can never be repeated.




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