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Front Cover Rob Zombie Photo by Sheri Bayne



p4 Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie at the PPL Center ADMINISTRATIVE


Alexxis Steele Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

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Marilyn MANSON by Alexxis Steele

at the PPL Center


ack in the heat of summer, this past July, 50 year old Marilyn Manson played a show with Rob Zombie called “The Twins Of Evil “ “Hell Never Dies” to a host of his faithful followers at the PPL Center in Allentown, Pa.

In every direction of the building, all you could see was people walking in droves, headed towards the venue. It was easy to spot his fans, since the guys were dressed in tshirts with his likeness on it, and the girls in fishnet tights, shorts and black boots. This was my first time seeing either band, although back in the 90’s, early in Marilyn Manson’s career, he appeared on a snowy winter night at the now defunct Starz Nightclub/Zodiac Club in Allentown. Unfortunately we were not pleased,after walking a long distance in the frigid weather, only to find out the show was sold out. Word on the street was that Marilyn Manson had received a sexual favor from a fan in the audience, right on stage for everyone to see.. I can not confirm this rumor since I was not there to see it with my own eyes..


Setlist Pa n o s n n Ma own, Marily nter, Allent me) PPL Ce t (Lak e wer Du bbed Wings o l F e Th Sca Intro- el With the w Shit 1. Ang s Is The Ne 2. Thi k Is Dead 3. Roc e Nobodies 4. Th nown 5. Unke Dope Show 6. Th

ng love So e h T E 7. y10 BSCEN re/Sa f This i 8. mO nown p m a 9. Unk I Was your Vare made o 10. If eet Dreams over) 11. Sw urythmics c erstar e (E Sup utiful Peopl t s i r h ea tic 12. An core- the B rs Cover) o n o 13. E e End (d 14. Th

“Marilyn” had gone through a lot of changes in his career, such as clothing, weight, and hairstyle. I had heard that the year prior, he was injured during a freak accident while performing Sweet Dreams onstage at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NY, when his stage prop,which was two guns with a ladder in the middle, collapsed on top of him while he was climbing. The injury crushed the bones in his right leg down to his ankle, which required plates and screws to keep it in place. The show at the PPL Center was the second stop on their tour, after kicking off in Baltimore, with Palaye Royal band as the opening act. Although the General Admission tickets were pricey at $95.50 a pop, it did not keep many people away. 5 songs into the show he asked the crowd if Marijuana was legal in this state, and said the E-Cig he was smoking was not MaryJane, but “Something medicinal”. From seeing Marilyn perform on tv and videos over the years, you could tell there was a difference in his performing since the accident. He did wow the crowd when he went up on stilts as he performed his 1995 Eurthymics cover hit of “Sweet Dreams are Made of This”, basked in red light. The most anticipated song of his set everyone was waiting for was the encore song- “The Beautiful People” Marilyn came out with a cop hat, followed by someone playing the signature drum intro, and went out into the audience to crowd surf. All in all it was not as momentous as I had hoped for, but still enjoyable!




at the PPL Center

by Alexxis Steele


ho said if you are in your 50’s you are over the hill and all washed up? Well you would never know it if you saw bell bottom wearing slim, fit, and energetic Rob Zombie!

At age 54 this vocalist can still do splits in mid-air, reminiscent of David Lee Roth, back in the 80’s! This man can put one hell of a show! No falling asleep out of boredom when you go to one of his concerts! My eyes did not know where to look first, with awesome backgrounds, laser lights and smoke. Add to that his ghoulish looking guitarist and bassist, with a glowing guitar. At one point during a guitar solo, Zombie went out into the audience with a flashlight,to the delight of his fans. With monster props such as a huge Alien coming out as he performed Everbody’s Fking an Alien, and a 12 foot Satan on stage during his first hit- “Thunderkiss 65”, he could not go wrong! During the course of the night Zombie said women flock to his shows, and encouraged them to get on someones shoulders like a real rock concert. With that being said, he added that “This is no average rock concert”, and eluded to the fact that girls should be topless. Of course, he saved the best for last with his hit- “Dragula”, and pulled out all of the visual stops to go along with it… This was my first time seeing Rob Zombie, and I can guarantee that it will not be my last!!! His show got 5 stars in my book, for being so entertaining!




Rob Zombie Setlist PPl Center Allentown 1.Demonoid Phenomenon 2. Superbeast 3.Living Dead Girl 4. More Human Than Human (White Zombie song) 5. The Hideous Exhibitions of a Dedicated Gore Whore 6. Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown 7. In the Age of the Consecrated Vampire We All Get High 8. Well, Everybody's Fucking in a U.F.O. 9. Pussy Liquor (followed by John 5 Guitar‌ more ) 10.Thunder Kiss '65 (White Zombie song) 11.Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover) (with Marilyn Manson 12. Encore - Dragula





Johnny Reed - BIO “Alternate Reality 7”, release date September 13, 2019, is Johnny Reed’s 7th album release. Johnny’s seven releases are "Solo albums in their purest form”, Johnny plays all the

instruments, and does all the vocals. Alternate Reality 7 is being referred to as a Rockin’ Pink Floyd concept album because of the messages & the music. In Johnny’s early career he played in several studio recording Rock bands, and was inspired by the Beatles. Along the way, Johnny met the Beatles early road manager Mal Evans. Mal befriended Johnny and encouraged him on, telling Johnny he reminded him of Paul in his vocals, free flowing songwriting styles, and his ability to play multiple instruments.

Johnny continued his musical journey, recording and producing, forging his unique sound. Now Johnny channels the emotions of the classic Rock Greats like, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Crosby Stills & Nash, David Bowie, Elton John and Jimi Hendrix with the philosophic consciousness of Bob Dylan. In contrast, Johnny’s first 2 albums “Rock With an ATTITUDE” & “We Only Came to Rock”, were irreverent Raw Hard Driving Rock for the eccentric Sunset Strip group “RAWK DAWG”. Rawk Dawg had no interest in having a polished sound, or for being a Guru for people’s lives as the Beatles had done, but things changed through his seven-album journey... On “Alternate Reality 7”, Johnny stretches his musical wings further, and flies through alternate realities as an antidote for life’s challenges. Johnny’s own life challenges inspire him to write about the shades of alternate realities. On one hand, Johnny has a daughter that struggles with a debilitating Traumatic Brain Injury, and on the other hand Johnny has a beaming 7-year-old son inspiring his song #7 “Double Life”. Johnny records in his own studio, THE MUSIC ROOM ®, in Redondo Beach, CA, where he has also done the Voice of KING KONG for Universal Pictures® /Peter Jackson, and has been a consultant to James Cameron for the TITANIC, as well as created hundreds of other unique audio/visual projects for major entertainment companies. Johnny Reed has been featured on several international one-hour Radio Specials, and will also do the same circuit again with this new album, “ALTERNATE REALITY 7” in the USA, Canada, the UK, Portugal, Malaysia, Mexico. Spain and more.





Official website: 14





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Sept 13, 2019 HOLLYWOOD2YOU.TV Entertainment NEWS Recording Artist Johnny Reed Launches New Concept Album "ALTERNATE REALITY 7", Takes Music Fans Where No Eye Can Follow! "Alternate Reality 7", release date September 13, 2019, is singer/songwriter Johnny Reed's 7th solo Album. Johnny’s music takes over where Classic Rock left off and launches it into the future. You'll feel the presence of Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Queen, Elton John, CSN, David Bowie and even Hendrix, but the music is so unique, definitely quite enigmatic! On this concept album, Johnny addresses the varied shades of alternate realities. There is the reality of our lives, and then there are the alternate realities we can create. These are situations, physical or in our thoughts, where we can express who we really are, be free flowing and happy, despite the practical structured life that surrounds us. Whether it's with your mind, your clothes, hair, tattoos, piercing, sex, drugs, or through others, it's up to each of us to search and make our alternate realities happen. By doing everything on the album, Johnny has control to express himself on several levels in every aspect of the music. Johnny plays all the instruments: guitars, drums, keyboards, & vocals and loves to get lost in the passions that each one of them creates in his songs. Johnny Reed produced the album 2018 – 2019, and recorded it in THE MUSIC ROOM ® Studios in Redondo Beach, CA, USA. In the past, Johnny has created many unique project experiences for major entertainment companies. Johnny was the Voice of King Kong in all merchandising for the Peter Jackson/Universal Pictures® film KING KONG. Johnny was a consultant to James Cameron on the film TITANIC, and on and on… MP3 Album Download for ALTERNATE REALITY 7

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Jessica Sanchez - - (310) 316-4551 Artist: Johnny Reed Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artist/Composer/Writer: Johnny Reed Album: 7 Alternate Reality - ℗ © 2019 Music Room Productions® The Music Room Publishing Group (ASCAP) UPC # 193428094536 - Catalog # MRP-JR2019-2



Alternate Reality 7 Song Title Time ISRC 1. Play It Forward 1:05 ushm81987996 2. Know Your Soul 2:12 ushm81987997 3. Where Your Heart Lives 3:07 ushm81987998 4. Because It's Tattoo 1:32 ushm81987999 5. Your Thoughts 2:19 ushm81988000 6. In a Game 3:11 ushm81988001 7. Double Life 2:40 ushm81988002 8. Secret Desires 3:00 ushm81988003 9. Will They Be Lost 1:30 ushm81988004 Album: Alternate Reality 7 Artist: Johnny Reed Composer/Writer: Johnny Reed Producer: Johnny Reed Record Label: MUSIC ROOM PRODUCTIONS ® Publisher: The Music Room Publishing Group ® (ASCAP) Release date: September 13, 2019 Catalog # MRP-JR2019-2 UPC # 193428094536 ℗ © 2019 Music Room Productions ® CONTACT INFO: Mobile: (310) 503-1198 Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter:


Alternate Reality 7 THE SONGS 1. PLAY IT FORWARD I need to share my music, not leave it locked in a vault, I’ve got to let it out. 2. KNOW MY SOUL I understand who I am, I’ve got a fire under my skin, my alternate reality is the real me. 3. WHERE YOUR HEART LIVES Everyone needs to stop and remember what they really love & make it important in their life. 4. BECAUSE IT’S TABOO Doing things because they are forbidden, the wrong places and people, just because it’s Taboo. 5. YOUR THOUGHTS You can create your alternate reality within your mind. Your thoughts control your experiences. 6. IN A GAME Escape to an alternate reality in a video game, assume an avatar, find love in a digital way. 7. DOUBLE LIFE Living an alternate reality through the bright-eyed positive thoughts of a child, my son. 8. SECRET DESIRES Living an alternate reality through the extreme expression of whips & chains, masks & leather. 9. WILL THEY BE LOST My art is the creation of my music, the extension of my life, but will it just fade away when I do. Artist: Johnny Reed Composer/Writer: Johnny Reed

Album: 7 Alternate Reality ℗ © 2019 Music Room Productions® The Music Room Publishing Group (ASCAP) Release date: September 13, 2019 MRP-JR2019-2 UPC # 193428094536 Email: Website:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 1, 2019 marks the release of “Mama Said” an amazing Rock Ballad by Six Gun Sal, a band dedicated to producing Classic Rock/Southern Rock Style music that are sure to be classics. More new songs being released soon! The members consist of Shannon Micheal’s, Dusty Lang, Joey “Jo Jo” Durant, Matt G, Ed Fierro, Matt Beal and Mia Dunn. In 2019 lots of great new additions rounded out their amazing sound. The band headed into the studio with Producer Dan Malsch from Soundmine Recording Studios and Samantha Harris assisting from Lil’ Chaos Records. The songs are being released on Sony “The Orchard”/Lil’ Chaos Records. Oct. 1, 2019 the bands amazing new single “Mama Said” will be released followed by the other songs on the EP “Take Me Home.” The band is signed with Lil’ Chaos Records and Zebra Music Management. In 2020 Six Gun Sal is embarking on a tour in support of these amazing new releases. The band shows a maturity and solid tight sound, not common in music today. In 2016, they released an album West Of Heaven, which include 9 tracks. Tracks from album West Of Heaven, Whiskey Mountain and The Life features modern-day Southern Rock sound with emotion and solid musical chops. Many of the songs are still charting in Australia. The Los Angeles-based Southern Rock band Six Gun Sal stands proudly in the lineage of giants like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet but makes music for a 21st Century audience. Hardly a throwback, Six Gun Sal updates the classic Southern Rock sound with modern-day emotion, aggression, and attitude. Tracks like “Whiskey Mountain” and “The Life” from the group’s 2016 release West of Heaven display vocal, instrumental, and songwriting skills equal to the old 18

masters matched with an unspoken sensibility that rocks hard and instantly turns first-time listeners into fans. Coming your way 2019 they do the unthinkable, they found away to make their amazing sound even better with the addition of guitarist Matt Beal and back up singer Mia Dunn. Think you’ve heard Southern Rock? Think again. Six Gun Sal has used all of this firepower to build a large online base, make fans out of many well-known musicians, and share the marquee with acts including L.A. Guns, Lynch Mob, P.O.D. TRAPT, Junkyard, Great White, The Bullet Boys, Pretty Boy Floyd, LA Guns and many others. The lineup of vocalist Shannon Micheal’s, guitarist Dusty Lang, drummer/percussionist Joey “JO JO” Durant, bassist Matt G., guitarist Matt Beal and back up singer Mia Dunn. Six Gun Sal has that rare chemistry that eludes most bands. A new album called Take Me Home is currently in production and the early word is that this is the set that will break Six Gun Sal to the world at large. Aficionados of great American-sounding rock and roll are urged to start a Six Gun Sal playlist right now. In November 2018, Six Gun Sal was invited to and performed at the Whisky a Go Go and OC Fair & Event Center. 2019 they where headliners at the OC Tanner Amphitheater in Zion National Park Rockin’ the Canyon Music Music Festival. They supported many national acts. You can find Six Gun Sal in you local Jukeboxes all over the US. Six Gun Sal has several number one songs on the charts in Australia. Shannon Micheal’s (vocal) Dusty Lang (rhythm guitarist) Joey Durant (drummer) Matt G.(bassist) Ed Fierro (lead guitar) Matt Beal (guitar) Mia Dunn (back up singer) We look forward to playing your Event or Venue. Six Gun Sal will be touring the US in the new year some dates will be supported by The Crowning. We still have some dates left in 2019. Six Gun Sal is Managed by Zebra Music Management 435216-0337 call for booking. Facebook


People to Watch by Josie Janci

Kevin Shire is a local musician whose name has been on the lips of musicians for decades. His musical career began as far back as his teenage years where he; alongside Ronnie Rock of the Trendsetters, worked at everyone’s favorite mall store at the time– the vinyl playground named Listening Booth. Besides working at the coolest store in town, he was in a few bands in his teenage years. He was the drummer for Ronnie Rock and The Trendsetters, The Rebel Tones, and Roctopus to name a few. But his performing halted for a while when he received a camera for a gift. The gift piqued his creative interest and he stopped playing music to pursue a career in photography. He went to school for photography and began

taking photographs as often as possible. He shot for family friends, some of the bands he knew and even photographed some album covers. He realized that his photo talents could be lucrative so he took that talent and used it to start a few photo-centered sales papers – NE Auto Guide, and two other auto sales publications which featured photos of automobiles available at local dealers. But he didn’t love cars. He loved music. So, Kevin started the monthly music magazine “The Scene” in Hamburg, PA. He ran the magazine as it’s editor for about a year and employed two salespeople and about six staff members. This venture ended abruptly when he returned from a business trip to find his partner had decided to take over the business and begin his own magazine-taking the staff with him. Kevin decided it was time for a change anyway, and for the next ten years he did a variety of things from photography to small business ownership. He worked for many years as a freelance photographer for The Morning Call and still is partner in a company selling organic probiotic healthy beverages (although that part of the business is on hold while the other partners work at their organic restaurant “The Hive” in Kutztown, PA. Now I didn’t mention that all the while…he promoted bands, put on shows, worked with up and coming musicians, keeping himself very much immersed in the music world. He knew some people playing and ended up managing a few bands – booking as many as 32 shows for one band and helping them get the studio time to release an album – in 9 months’ time he got them a gig opening for Kiss at Hershey Stadium – yep from basement to Kiss in less than a year. That

band was called the Feens and when they broke up due to contractual reasons, Kevin was left with a slew of contacts that would aide him in the future. The Fallen Trubadors were another band that called on Kevin for assistance and for that band he managed to get them a gig in Liverpool at the Pop Overflow festival on the first day he worked with them! After that Kevin played with a few more bands including a blues band called “Bad Actors” and a rockabilly-punk band named “Psycho Cats”, and currently he has a blues band called The Blues Adelics and plays in a fun duo with Ryan Conroy called Helicopter Hot Tub. He then recently worked with one more artist who he nabbed from an open mic and introduced to the local music community before that person moved on without him. And once again, Kevin decided to try something different, Kevin himself decided it was his timeand The Shire Project began to unfold. He wrote eighteen songs in a very short period of time, and even though he never considered himself a writer, he took those songs, picked up a guitar, hit an open mic or two and started to get comfortable playing solo. Thanks to friend Phil Stahl, he booked a gig at The Bally Hotel. He did a few solo songs then , with the band Tres Hombres, finished up a successful 45 minute set. With renewed confidence Kevin hopes to get in the studio soon and do a live performance or two as well….. but who, besides Kevin, will be performing his compositions? Well that is, by definition “The Shire Project” -

a work in progress, which is currently confidential. What I can tell you, is that there will be an acoustic release as well as a full band offering. The players are all well known local musicians and when you see the album credits you’ll wonder how all that talent ended up on one record. Kevin is looking forward to the creative corroboration from the other artists and I can’t wait for the results. You can get a glimpse of some of the songs by viewing Kevin’s You Tube series “In my Van Series” by Kevin Shire. But don’t blink – Kevin works quickly and is already booking gigs in listening rooms, martini bars and even living room shows. You can reach out to him for bookings on his facebook pages -Kevin Shire Music and The Shire Project Both pages have exploded with followers in the short time since he has launched them- a good sign that this music scene staple may just get to enjoy success in the rapid fire way he likes to work the industry.

Here comes Santa Claus...









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Steel Notes Magazine



Judging from the trailers of the Blumhouse Productions loose remake of the 1974 horror classic Black Christmas, it appears they are putting an interesting twist on things. This version is directed by Sophia Takal, who aside from directing a few films, has quite a few acting credits to her name. The film stars Imogen Poots, Aleyse Shannon, Lily Donoghue, Brittany O’Grady, Caleb Eberhardt, Simon Mead and Cary Elwes. Being the original Black Christmas is one of the all time Christmas-themed Horror classics (Right up there with Silent Night, Deadly Night), my expectations are high. The original version was directed by Bob Clark, who ironically later directed the family Christmas comedy classic, A Christmas Story. The first remake of Black Christmas was in 2006.

Dex Shellhammer is a lifelong horror movie fanatic. He contributed to underground horror films with his music as well as having minor acting roles. Dex is a Lehigh Valley music scene veteran as a singer/ songwriter and founding member of longtime heavy metal band Father of Sin. He also recently started a goth/ industrial band under his last name, Shellhammer. 30

20 CHRISTMAS-THEMED HORROR MOVIES: American Excorcist (2018) Better Watch Out (2016) Black Christmas (1974) Christmas Evil (1980) A Christmas Horror Story (2015) Christmas With The Dead (2012) Don’t Open Till Christmas (1984) Gremlins (1984) Home For The Holidays (1972) Jack Frost (1997) Krampus (2015) Maniac Cop 2 (1990) P2 (2007) Red Christmas (2016) Santa Claws (1996) Santa’s Slay (2005) Silent Night, Bloody Night (1972) Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) To All A Good Night (1980) Wind Chill (2007)


Matt Pletcher “Sure Thing” Review by by Jim Allford Meet MATT PLETCHER, a indie/alternative guitarist hailing from Martinsburg, Pa. He plays solo and sometimes plays with his trio or full piece band . He has a very distinctive voice that stands out in a crowd. Matt plays all genres of music and loves to write songs about life, in general, and the things that happened to him in his life. SURE THING is a 10 song CD that was Produced by Matt Pletcher and Scott Neubert and recorded in Nashville, TN. The Mastering and Mixing was done by Scott Neubert. The musician that played on this CD isL MATT PLETCHER: Vocals, guitars; SCOTT NEUBERT: Acoustic guitar, harmony vocals; JASON ROLLER: Electric guitar; STEVE PEFFER: Keyboards; DOW TOMLIN: Bass and STEVE HOLLAND: Drums. SURE THING kicks off the CD and you’ll , definitely, will want to crank it up as the melody and lyrics will have your attention throughout the song. This song kicks butt and them some. HANDLE ME is a sweet, laid back song that’s sang from his heart as you can close your eyes and float away with him. This a song you must hear. ON MY OWN AGAIN has superb lyrics and a melody that will stay in your head for quite a long time. The keyboards and guitar is quite a treat, too. WANNA SEE YOU MOVE has real rock touch to it that will get your attention from the very first note. Crank up this song and start rocking out. The neighbors will love you. 16 AGAIN was written with his good friend, RICKY LEE , from the area. This song tells the story of lost love and the trials and tribulations of growing up. I must admit, this song will give you goosebumps. WOW! Is all I can say! Please check out MATT PLETCHER at: , Facebook, You Tube, Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Deezer, Twitter, Made In America Store, Amazon, Flickr and Instagram. I promise you, you’ll love him. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD 32

Nate Gates “The Big Parade” Review by by Jim Allford Meet NATE GATES a singer/songwriter that hails from Roaring Spring, Pa. Nate is not your usual singer/songwriter as he speaks his mind, and stands for what he believes in. His music styles vary from the flavors of The Replacements to Kinky Friedman and a few others. THE BIG PARADE features 12 new songs that was Produced and Recorded by Nate Gates in 2006. The CD was Mastered and Mixed by Daniel Collins in 2019. The music on this CD are: NATE GATES, everything that the other band members don’t play; MIKE HILL-Harmonica; DAVE PARRYBacking vocals; CHAD BUTERBAUGHLead guitar; CHUCK KNEPPER- Lead guitar and TERRY SMITH DRUMS. EVOLUTION SONG kicks off this CD that will have you stomping your feet in no time. I must admit, the raw sound is quite refreshing to hear. Get ready for a great ride. AMERICAN DREAM has a great melody and lyrics that will want you to hear more. The slide guitar makes this song a real treat and the harmonica makes it even sweeter. THE BIG PARADE melody reminds of Ricky Nelson’s Garden Party which will definitely stay in your head for days on end.

WAKE AWAY AND DREAMING is kept simple and stripped down to the acoustic guitar and laid back guitar playing. This song is a must to hear. WIND reminds me of Neil Young’s guitar playing as Nate sings his heart out to you hoping to get his message across. This is , definitely, a sing along song at the bonfire and drinking a few brews. DIRT ROAD TO THE PROMISED LAND is great as Nate relates to what life is like living in rural America where people just don’t get it, even if they tried. Crank this song up. GOLDEN THINGS ends this epic CD and this song is a MUST TO HEAR. The lyrics and melody are great and you’ll want to play this song over and over again. I must admit, this in one very impressive CD, to say the least. Keep his name in your head, because you’ll be hearing a lot more from him. The area has a bright gem and they have no idea that it’s even there. You can find NATES GATES at: Facebook, CD Baby Music Store, Play Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio.You Tube, Spotify, Discogs, Amazon, Apple Music and more. Please keep him a listen and let him know I sent you. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD


A song that works in a similar capacity is “Get Up And Go,” which is done in typical Go-Go style. There’s a guitar intro, which preps the listener to what comes next, which is usually “oohs” or “aahs” or “heys!” in a peppy fashion. Soon enough, Carlisle enters with her unique and easily distinguishable voice that has almost a croon to it. Then comes a mixture of all instruments and vocals, creating rock that you can’t help but sway your body to and jump around the room. This pattern continues with many of the tracks on this album.

The Go Go’s “Vacation” Review By: Scott Saxon IRS Records Album Grade - 3.5 of 5 Available on LP, CD, Cassette. You often look back on the ‘80s and think about mullet haired rock bands like Aerosmith, Def Leppard, and Bon Jovi. People often forget about the girl group that broke out on the scene, delivering pop-rock music with a feminine punch: The Go-Go’s. Defining the era and creating a pathway for other all-women acts to follow, this group had hits that inspired dancing and good feelings. All the while, the likes of Belinda Carlisle and the rest of the crew wrote their own songs, produced their own music, and rocked out on their guitars and the drums, creating the definition of “girl groups.” Their first album, Beauty and the Beat, was their breakout album and an instant success. It wasn’t until Vacation, however, that their sound was fully developed and the group reached their peak and accepted their fame. The main song, released as a single and arguably one of the most popular songs of the group, is “Vacation.” It’s been used in various movies, commercials, and anything you can think of over the years, and understandably. The fast and infectious beat of the guitar-vocal combo, along with the carefree and fun lyrics all make for the perfect summer song and album. “Vacation all I ever wanted/ Vacation had to get away” is the quintessential stuck-in-your-head line that draws you in. Everything builds up so well to the chorus, and then it kicks off with a bang.


A common theme is relationships and love, and it’s almost as if these songs were specifically tailored to create a summer smash hit. “He’s So Strange” plays masterfully with intrinsic rhythm and a smooth play, the bass a constant that drives everything along while paired with synth. As you can tell from the title, “Cool Jerk” is another one of these examples. It’s a cover of the original by The Capitols, and the modern twist they put on it gives it a flair on The Go-Go’s could give it. While still retaining it’s classic feel, the band makes us all feel strong and on top of the world. They do this with the majority of their songs. There’s a noticeable absence of doom and gloom rock can sometimes adopt, shying away from the “happiness” of pop. However, this band intertwines the two in a way that no band will ever be able to copy. The Go-Go’s are in a league all of their own when it comes to being original with the lyrics they sing and the music they perform. Lastly is “Beatnik Beach,” giving us all serious surfer vibes with the heavy drums and guitar tunes that sound as if they rode the waves and came straight to us from California. Not only did it inspire me and give me beach FOMO, but it reminded me that songs can be brilliant without heavy vocals. One of the most instrumentally driven out from the whole album, “Beatnik Beach” gives us a tune to rock out to and have fun with. That lesson is what the whole album is based off of, the need to just let loose and have a ball. It just so happens that The Go-Go’s created great music to accompany this sentiment.


Steel Notes Magazine


The Michael Lloyd produced set was the perfect debut. It’s pretty in pink vintage and voguish pop influences beguiled listeners who had not followed the GoGo’s, but it didn’t alienate those fans either. But hovering over the victory of Belindawas the query: could Carlisle sustain herself in the long term? As if on cue, circumstances began to line up as they were meant to.

Belinda Carlisle “Heaven is A Place On Earth” Review and Retrospective By:Scott Saxon Rating : 5 of 5 Classic Available on LP, CD, Cassette, iTunes It started with a curbside conversation toward the end of the 1970s in Los Angeles. Though the ensemble went through a few revisions before firming up, the impetus of why this gang of young women came together had not changed. The eventual five Go-Go’swere enamored with the piss and vinegar of punk rock and wanted in on the action. They were Kathy Valentine (bass), Gina Schock (drums), Jane Wiedlin (rhythm guitar), Charlotte Caffey (lead guitar, keyboards) and, of course, Belinda Carlisle(vocals). The quintet cut three albums from 1981 to 1984, rewriting the music history books for women everywhere. Yet, at their zenith, the Go-Go’s called it quits. Thankfully, the dissolution of the Go-Go’s did not suggest a curtain call on Carlisle’s aspirations. Belinda appeared on the I.R.S. label―home to the Go-Go’s―in the early summer of 1986. 36

I.R.S. Records unfathomably did not renew Carlisle’s contract. Coming after the knockout of Belinda, this was even more shocking. An opportunity with MCA Records, domestically, and Virgin Records, internationally, came Carlisle’s way. Though I.R.S had been good to Carlisle, she knew that her next album needed legs―as it related to distribution and promotion―that I.R.S. could not offer. Carlisle signed off on the respective deals and the vocalist began putting together her second LP, Heaven On Earth. When reading the liner notes of Heaven On Earth,the guest list impresses: Rick Nowels, Diane Warren, Ellen Shipley, Rhett Lawrence, Michelle Phillips, Paulinho Da Costa, Chynna Phillips, Charlotte Caffey, Donna De Lory, and Carnie Wilson. Some of these individuals were former colleagues and/or peers of Carlisle’s. Some were popular music royalty and others genuine hitmakers featured on countless albums across the genre spectrum. Carlisle skeptics snarked upon the record’s release, and years afterward, that Heaven On Earthwas too slick, in part, due to its personnel. Heaven On Earthdid show affection toward gleaming, latter-day ‘80s FM pop-rock. However, the reason Carlisle commanded the attention of these various individuals―and in many cases built longstanding working relationships with them―was Carlisle’s dedication to making music with universal appeal. Carlisle also

understood that artistic integrity and commercial viability were not mutually exclusive. Nowels and Shipley, Carlisle’s chief partners for the creative overhead of Heaven On Earthand for followups Runaway Horses(1989) and Live Your Life Be Free(1991), understood this too. Each of Heaven On Earth’s10 tracks have the capacity to act as a single. In fact, six of the 10 cuts on the record―“Heaven is a Place on Earth,” “I Get Weak,” “Circle in the Sand,” “I Feel Free,” “World Without You,” “Love Never Dies”―were commercially pitched singles during the album’s promotional cycle. Mighty power ballads like “Heaven is a Place on Earth” and “I Get Weak” thunder throughout the long player, Carlisle’s charming, flexible tone sending the unabashedly romantic tunes into the stratosphere. Putting aside the AC affability of the stated power ballads, there are straight-ahead rockers dwelling on Heaven On Earthtoo: the cheeky, but faithful cover of Cream’s “I Feel Free” and the stadium stomper “Nobody Owns Me,” one of the album’s deep cuts. Hiding brilliantly behind its sing-song feel, the roiling mock-European pop mood of “Circle in the Sand” made for an exciting new spice added to Carlisle’s musical stew. This element featured with greater frequency in some of Carlisle’s later recordings, climaxing with the French-language inspired Voilain 2007 and her recently unveiled eighth LP, the Eastern music infused Wilder Shores. Released on October 5, 1987 in the United States and the preceding day abroad in international locales, the record was a blockbuster. Almost every substantial Top 60 single chart in the world saw product from Heaven On Earthcompeting healthily therein. Specifically, “Heaven is a Place on Earth,” “I Get Weak,” and “Circle in the Sand” were era-defining for Carlisle, and each single has shown staying power as pop standards beyond their 1980s heyday. As a solo entity, Belinda Carlisle’s story began with the impeccable Belinda, but it was Heaven On Earththat ensured the continuing longevity of this pop icon for years to come.

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projecting high over each chorus, it became and remains one of her best loved recordings. The two-part chorus is also brilliantly written, just when you think it’s all over, in comes Belinda with “I can’t explain, I don’t know…” It makes the song ride out longer in anticipation of Harrison’s moment yet to come and Belinda introduces that with “Just like a spark lights up the dark, baby that’s your heart, baby that’s your heart, baby that’s your heart”. “Leave A Light On” was released in September 1989 and went straight into the top ten across the world from the UK to Australia, Europe to Japan, yet when it seemed so presumptive that it would follow “Heaven” to the top of the US singles chart, it failed miserably. Quite why the song stopped at No.11 is a mystery. Perhaps someone from The States could write in and let us know… Either way, “Leave A Light On” provided a welcome return from Bel and, with its everlasting appeal, gave an insight into what album number three would sound like.

Belinda Carlisle “Runaway Horses” A Retrospective by Scott Saxon With the global success of the “Heaven On Earth” album and all its singles, Belinda Carlisle began 1989 guesting on British group Then Jerico’s top 40 hit “What Does It Take?”. She recorded her part of the song in late 1988 whilst at the same time preparing her own, third solo album. Rick Nowels and Ellen Shipley had crafted exactly what people wanted to hear with massive hit singles like “Circle In The Sand” and “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” and with two hits written by Diane Warren, Belinda’s follow up to her 1986 self-titled debut was a guaranteed big seller. Belinda spent most of the first half of 1989 in the studio with the same hit making team, some special guests and the force to release something even bigger and better.

The next track, with its gradual build up and harder, rockier feel, would eventually become the title track of the album. “Runaway Horses” begins gently and, like the horses in its narrative, pounds and pounds across the plains to the exciting chorus that lays ahead as Belinda whales “you and I are runaway horses”. She asks us to “hold on tight” and that’s what you need to do with this superb number with its long spells of almost calm as the beat builds and rebuilds all the way to the final fade away. “Runaway Horses” was released in the UK as the third single in February 1990 and peaked at No.40, it fared better in Sweden where it peaked at No.13, but was a no-show in her home country. Today, Belinda usual begins her live shows with this song, just to make sure everyone is paying attention!

And this is what we got…

3. Vision Of You

1. Leave A Light On

After the furore of the first two tracks, Belinda takes things down with the gorgeous and delicate “Vision Of You”, demonstrating her softer and sensual vocals for each verse and chorus. “Nobody’s kiss moves me inside, and I have no place left to hide” she affirms, as she realises she has fallen for her man, hook line and sinker, but not before asking “tell me what can I do? With this vision of you?”! The song was released as the fourth single in the Spring of 1990 but just missed

Nowels and Shipley delivered an absolute classic of a lead single for this period in Belinda’s career, and with exBeatle George Harrison playing guitar over the middle-eight, Belinda1989 was off to a flying start. “Leave A Light On” is pure Shipley/Nowels magic, with sophistication and Belinda’s vocal


2. Runaway Horses

the UK chart ending up at No.41. However, following the success of “The Same Thing” (see track 6), the song was remixed and re-released a year later and eighteen months after “Leave A Light On”! This time, it could only manage No.71 in the UK, but I have to say I am a big fan of both the album version and the slightly more uptempo 1991 version in equal measures. Just a shame it never went higher or did anything in The States(!) 4. Summer Rain Robbie Seidman and Maria “Body Rock” Vidal provide the next track, the dark and haunting “Summer Rain”, in which Belinda’s fast-paced vocals stick to the atmospheric backing track like glue (have you tried doing this one at karaoke?!). “Summer Rain” tells the story of a soldier who leaves his wife to go to war and in the line “it was the last time that I saw him, in the summer rain”, the outcome is not good. Once again the song builds and builds, as does Belinda’s vocal, to the heartbreaking chorus; “Oh my love it’s you that I dream of ” and as she wonders if she will ever see her love again, she consoles herself that “somewhere in my heart I am always dancing with you in the summer rain”. This is first class Belinda and, as it would turn out, her personal all time favourite recording. The song was released as the third single in America in early 1990 and made No.30, the second and last single from the album to chart Stateside. Internationally it was released as the fifth single a year later, gaining its biggest success in Australia, where it peaked at No.6. The song made No.22 in Canada and No.23 in the UK and remains a firm fan favourite and an irrefutable standout on this album and any Belinda greatest hits collection that has since been released. 5. La Luna With a twist of Spanish guitar and some sublime lyrics, Belinda remembers the night that she fell,under the spell of the moon – la luna. This has enough rhythm to echo the best that Gloria Estefan was churning out at the same time and should have anyone that listens to it, up on their feet with some castanets in hand, working their feet and their hips in time to the music. “La Luna” offers something different, not previously heard on a Belinda album, not taking itself too seriously, yet with an air of class and style all of its own. It was released as the second single from the album in the run up to Christmas 1989 and thus, was Belinda’s last hard format output of the 1980’s. It reached the top twenty in Switzerland and Germany, No.21 in Australia and No.38 in the UK, although once again, the song failed to chart at all in America. A sad and sorry affair, but as a new decade dawned, it became clearer that Belinda’s success was now to be had internationally and not in her home country. 6. (We Want) The Same Thing More rousing, anthemic rock now as Belinda chants “Hey, hey, hey, hey” amid throbbing drums that introduce the loudest and most stirring track on this album. “(We Want) The Same Thing” is full of life and drama as we parade through a mixture of Belinda’s deep and gritty verse rock vocals to her choral preach of “we dream the same dream, we want the same thing, oooooh”. Like “Runaway Horses”, the rock guitars dominate this action piece and it was hardly surprising that it would be selected for single release, in the Autumn of 1990. Given an even more stadium feel facelift, the re-energised “(We Want) The Same Thing” became a huge hit and catapulted the album back up the chart internationally.



It is very rare that today’s youth have even a small inkling of the classic sounds of Black Sabbath or Radiohead. But a quartet in the scenic land of Spain are not only fans but have adopted that 70’s sound into their own music. The band which goes under the unique name, Happy Freuds, came together while the boys were still in school. Teo and his brother Victor decided to sign up for an after-school band lesson which became the stepping stone to forming the idea of a band. The boys, who are from Sweden, joined the teacher and jammed for a while which only fanned the flames to take the idea one step further. 40

Teo is the lead vocals / guitar while Victor plays drums the band is rounded out with Donato Asensio Giner on Bass & lead vocals together with Maverick Domene on second guitar. Their first gig was as a headliner at a music event during the “Strongman Challenge” in Moraira, Spain. It was a special night for the young band the oldest being 17 years old. It is also interesting to note that their 70’s style of music is not very common in Spain as is EDM and Reggaeton. But the boys have still managed to attract fans nonetheless. “We were brought up in a home with all kinds of music playing non-stop. Being into everything from progressive to jazz, singer/songwriter to punk, when starting to play and later write music, the classic type rock connects to the authenticity found around most of the bands we liked.” So far, the boys have only played in Spain but are looking to set up shows in other parts of the world. The name of the band actually came from an old song by the band The Nice with Keith Emerson. They dropped many band names yet felt “Happy Freuds” was the best fit and it has stuck since then. In the past year they have managed to play around 50 gigs along with releasing their self-produced album “ECHO OF SOUNDS” which came out earlier this year. The band has an old-school way of recording which is known as live in studio style. Even when they perform they do the unexpected and don’t do what the crowd would assume they would. Their talent did not go unnoticed as they managed to be named “Artist of the Week” by The indie show/Bishop FM in the UK. It was a major feather in their cap for such a young band. But that wasn’t all they received airtime on over twenty UK stations in 2018 and were the “Editor’s Choice”, twice on Jango Radio Worldwide. They were also the featured artist on ReverbNation seven different times. They have also devoted their talents to charitable events whenever possible. At first as a test they band put out 250 units of the new album, and sold out very quickly. As far as streaming and an online presence it is growing and expanding. The band has already been working on a follow up project which is 70% in the can so far. They have played some of the new material at shows to see the reaction and it has been positive. Currently, all the members are in agreement to take their music on the road to locations like Germany, France, UK etc. They are looking to release their second album sometime in the 1st quarter of 2020. For an old-school kick in the ass the Happy Freuds have just the sound too wet your appetite.


The Love of Art Shows With Every Brushstroke by Elena Kay by Nick Christophers


“By nature I am a passionate person in anything I do. When I was young I found my love for art through my cousin who watched me. I was a restless child so she gave me some paint and an aisle and told to make whatever I want. It basically relaxed me and I found it as a way of expressing myself. Art was like a therapy to me.” Elena would build on that experience and decide to take classes at Pratt and The New School and completed her BA at the New York Institute Of Technology. Her work is diversified as it crosses many feelings, stories and experiences. One of her favorites is a piece called “Somebody” which is when she began painting with her fingers in 2012. Many of her pieces are personal and sometimes reflect her inner thoughts. Yet she does shy away from any political innuendos. Since she began taking her art to another level she has had many shows in the Tri-State area and overseas. Her first was a group exhibit at the Leslie-Lohman Gallery in Soho which was followed with solo exhibits at the Chelsea Room, Chelsea Hotel, at the Dumbo Loft, Brooklyn and the Empire Room, Empire State Building and has exhibited her work in different venues in Athens, Greece. Only recently her show at the Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn was a huge success and the first time she was able to show all her work. Her theme for the show was tagged “Let’s Fall In Love” which seemed fitting for how it was all set up and the pieces that were displayed. After the success of this show she was hired to do live painting in front of an audience at the Paramount in Long Island. It was a huge success as people got an up close and personal look of how an artist puts their heart and soul into their work. “Sometime art does not get the appreciation it deserves. But once they start engaging them you can change their perception. This was especially true when I painted in front of them with my fingers rather than a brush.” Elena was also interviewed about her work on the show “Date Night w/ Connie & Chrissy“in 2017 which enabled her to show off some of her work and discuss her love affair with the world of art. Besides painting Elena had also dabbled with sculpture and created three wire sculptures. Yet her focus and expertise is in painting. One of Elena’s subjects of her work was her dog Rocco, who unfortunately passed on. Rocco had a whole clothing line called PunkRocco which was a hit with kids. The adorable dog sometimes pops up in her work and his spirit is one element that still motivates Elena to keep moving onward and upward. Elena paints in different mediums; clothes, canvas, walls and even body paint. Whatever it maybe she will paint on it. Currently, she has taken off to Miami, Florida for the 6th Annual PopUp Art Gallery Exhibition entitled “Fearless Artist” during Miami Art Week. Elena is excited for the event and looking to expose her work and develop more fans and connections with other artists. She has lived by a strict motto “Art Is Everywhere – Open Your Eyes”! Elena, also known as “Erocksny” is an artist whose work is motivational and inspirational if you have a chance to catch her next show you won’t be disappointed.


The Adventures of LUCIA & GLYNN If you ever want to book this trip click here. This is the best way to discover the magic of this ancient yet modern city at a truly remarkable price. Travel to Tokyo, Japan non-stop via the world’s #1 carrier, Singapore Airlines. We went on a full day Tokyo City Tour, where we saw the Tokyo Tower, modeled after the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the beautiful gardens at the Imperial Palace, Sensoji Temple and Nakamise shopping street which is pretty neat to see in person. We also got to see Ueno and Tokyo’s “Electric-Town,” Akihabara. One nice thing out here is you have to ask to take their pictures which is nice. People are nice, the hotel stay was amazing. It was a 5 star hotel where Clinton stayed.



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Luca Cerardi Interviews Chris Kontos Great honour to me to publish this interview I took a couples of months ago before Chris Kontos back on the road with Machine Head for the 25th anniversary of “Burn my eyes”. He was an inspiration to me back in the day and I’m happy to share with you his thoughts about his life between the “then” and “now” with Machine Head.

When did you start to play drums? I was raised in a musical family. My father Thomas Jefferson K was a songwriter producer and idolmaker he discovered The Shirelles work with dr. John. My mother was in the record industry as well in the 70s. I got my first drum set when I was 9 years old. I started playing music with my stepfather and Friends of a very young age.

What are you doing today Chris in your life?

I race BMX mostly. In 2012 I had a surgery to remove two saliva glands. These are the two saliva glands that got me sick way back in 95 insomnia out of Machine Head. Over the years it became chronic. I started getting major infections. They have to be removed. At that point I was very unhealthy overweight still drinking still doing drugs. The surgery did not go well. I ended up in a fiveday, well I woke up all I can think about was racing bicycles and getting my health in order. More than that I found myself done with music in the music industry who was nothing inside of me that wanted to be back around five guys trying to make a band work. I reached out to many friends in the bicycle community and in July of 2014 I started racing BMX. In 7 months I lost over a hundred pounds and won the Grand National Championship in Tulsa Oklahoma one of the hardest trophies to win and BMX. I made great friends and become part of the community racing.


Do you have family roots in music or are you the first one?

Dregs. I love listening to old metal and punk rock too.

yes I do have deep roots in the music industry. My father my mother and stepfather.

What does it means to you to play drums? And why in that moment did you chose drums and not another instrument?

Somewhere I read your roots are from Greece. Is that right?

My last name is Greek, but I have Italian French Blackfoot Indian in Swedish blood. I've met a few Greek people on tour that were fans of my music that's always cool. I also got to perform with Gus G Ozzy's guitar player in 2012 it was cool to hear a lot about the Greek people and my last name.

You played in a lot of acts along these years. You played also different kind of music. What did you enjoy the most to play?

Growing up my mother always expose me to lots of music all kinds of genres. I have played in rock bands, metal bands, punk bands, crossover bands hippie bands over the years. I enjoyed playing music for people and making them dance and move each brand of music brings a different feeling different energy.

I just always liked the physicality of drums the way that people responded to the drums. I was lucky enough to have a mother that took me to a lot of live performances, one being Led Zeppelin in 1977. That day really changed my life watching John Bonham was a true gift to my life. When I was a kid most of the people playing guitar or bass or wanted to sing, I just wanted to make people dance and move.

Now I look into your social media and saw bmx is your present. How did you find the bmx world and what are you doing in this world? What does it represent to you?

Yes BMX really changed my life. Truly it's an amazing family sport. An amazing community of great people. MyTeam 510 Bay Area bmx's works with at risk youth and mentoring children and showing them Independence and self-esteem. It's great to see young kids riding for the first time. The competition among us old guys my age is great, it's just super fun

One of the best moment as a drummer?

That's a really hard question. I've been in over 22 bands I've had so many incredible moments entertaining people and playing with friends. 1995 at the Dynamo festival in Holland was pretty great. 156000 people watching us play. My first time in Japan with Death Angel was also very memorable. Playing in my brother's band stir-friend was also a complete trip completely different genre for me. He had Vassar Clements, Buddy Cage and Commander Cody and his band at the time... all three are living legends of Rock country and Jazz. I was in a band called The servants from 00 to 05. "Burn my eyes" and "Weed out a weak" I think they changed your life. How? Or were just a passage of your life? If you have to chose to listen to some music from the past which one you would pick up?

I'm a huge fan of Led Zeppelin. I also like to listen to Old Fusion from the 70s Billy Cobham, The Dixie

It was truly amazing to be a Machine Head the biggest. I've been in by far. Towing in the world opening for Slayer all the cool stuff that we did was great. It didn't really change my life some for good some for the bad. I'm still dear friends with

Andrews from Konkhra. It was a great time being in that band with James Murphy and Thomas Christian. I really do like that record “weed out the weak�. But after being in so many bands and reflecting back being and Testament, Exodus, Death Angel verbal abuse and so many other bands it is just a passage in my life story.

Which band and drummer inspired you the most?

If I had to pick one it would be John Bonham in Led Zeppelin.

social media goes it's giving bands the chance to expose themselves wider but then it makes it easier for people to find music therefore they don't have to dig for it there for sometimes it doesn't mean as much to them. When I grew up you had to wait in lines for records, to find records read magazines, to find out when they were coming out. It seemed to mean so much more to people to go stand in line to get a ticket for a concert. I just don't know if music means as much to people anymore.

Are you a man who look always forward or like to remember the past?

I've always been interested in what's coming next but the past is a part of you. If you spend too much time looking backwards what's coming will sneak up on you and you won't be ready to move into the future. This is pretty important to be living in the moment.

Which is your suggestions to young drummers? Play from your heart. Don't try to be someone else. Learn how to arrange music and song craft. Don't get pushed around by guitar players and singers who think they know how to play the drums. Play all kinds of music do not pigeonhole yourself into one style is genre.

How music changes along the years you lived in this world till today? Positive or negative? Or what?

Music is always changed over the years. The industry has gone through some major changes that I don't agree with. I think music is more of an accessory to people's lives than something that they really really have in their soul in their heart. I don't think it's negative I just think it's the way it is. Technolgy and social media in music. What do you think? An improvement for musicians or no? I think there are positives and negatives to technology in music. The negative side is that people rely on technology too much to fix their mistakes and correct their techniques. As far as

TWENTY YEARS TO THE DAY THE ONE I found you The one As I wandered, the silent forest You appeared out of shadows Your soft voice Banished my fear The touch of your hand, on mine Dissolved my pain There is no place, I want to be Only by your side Where together, we are.. As one Angela Graham ‘Ramblings of a Yorkshire Lass’

I first saw you striding Across a field In your hand, clutching Spring flowers to your chest You left them On my windowsill Later that day We passed on a street As we strolled past We both turned And gazed at each other I knew then, I could love you It was love at first sight I never saw you again Twenty years to the day Your flowers remain intact As does my longing, for you Angela Graham ‘Ramblings of a Yorkshire Lass’



James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund th​ Will Commemorate 10​ Anniversary of Dio’s Passing

with Gala Awards Fund-Raiser at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on February 20, 2020 th​


Anniversary Memorial Awards Gala Will Honor Recipients in Eight Award Categories

The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund, founded in memory of the late rock th​ music legend, will commemorate the 10​ anniversary of his passing and the formation of the charity with an Awards Gala on February 20, 2020. The Awards Gala will take place at The Wiltern in Los Angeles and will recognize honorees who have played a role in either ​Dio​’s legacy or that of the charity. The festivities will begin at 6 p.m. The amazing vocals and visuals of Ronnie James Dio with his live band ​DIO​, who performed with him for his last 17 years, will provide the entertainment for the Gala, featuring vocalists ​Tim Ripper Owens​ and ​Oni Logan​ and band members ​Simon Wright​, ​Craig Goldy​, ​Scott Warren and ​Bjorn Englen​. Local rockers ​Sadie & the Tribe​ will also perform. The evening will also include a live auction, a major silent auction and a raffle, each comprising luxury items and entertainment memorabilia. In addition, VIP attendees will be treated to a gourmet dinner with wine pairings. Eight awards named after songs written by ​Ronnie James Dio​ will be presented to the following distinguished honorees: * ​Holy Diver Award: ​honoring Rhino Entertainment/Warner Music Group executives Kevin Gore, President, Global Catalog, Recorded Music & Arts Music, Warner Music Group; Mark Pinkus, President, Rhino Entertainment & U.S. Catalog; Jason Day, Vice President, A&R, Rhino Entertainment; Jason Elzy, Vice President, Communications & Marketing, Rhino Entertainment; and Brian Dodd, Manager, Global Artist Brand Management, Rhino Entertainment * ​Killing the Dragon Award: ​Laura Heatherly, Chief Executive Officer, T.J. Martell Foundation, which is dedicated to funding innovative medical research focused on finding treatments and cures for cancer * ​King of Rock ‘n Roll Award​: Barry Drinkwater, Executive Chairman, Global Merchandise Services Ltd.


*​ Magica Award: ​Wyn Davis,​ ​Ronnie James Dio’s Long-Time Recording Engineer and Owner of Total Access Recording Studios * ​Master of the Moon Award: ​honoring BMG executives Thomas Scherer, Executive Vice-President, Repertoire & Marketing L.A., Global Writer Services & China; Michael Kachko, Senior Vice-President, Catalog Recordings; Jeff Christian, Director, Catalog; and Kathy Rivkin Daum, Senior Director, Films * ​Rainbow in the Dark Award​: Mikeal Maglieri, Owner of the World-Renowned Rainbow Bar and Grill and Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip * ​Sacred Heart Award​: Dr. David Wong, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, UCLA School of Dentistry and Director for UCLA Center for Oral/Head & Neck Oncology Research (COOR) * ​Stand Up and Shout Award​: Jeff Pezzuti, CEO of Eyellusion, creators of the ​Dio Returns! hologram


Photo by PG Brunelli/ Artwork by Marc Sasso

The Wiltern is located at 3790 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles. For information and to purchase event tickets, visit: VIP Ticket includes: Gourmet Dinner & Wine Pairing, Live Entertainment, Live & Silent Auctions, Raffle, Luxury Gift Bag General Admission Balcony Ticket includes: Live Entertainment, Live & Silent Auctions, Raffle, Commemorative Wristband Main Floor VIP $395 Each / $295 early bird - ends January 10, 2020 • Main Floor VIP Table Seating • Luxury Gift Bag • Gourmet Dinner & Wine Pairing General Admission Balcony $25 Each • Balcony Seating for Live Entertainment • Access to Live & Silent Auctions, Raffle • Commemorative Wristband • No Host Bar SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES: All Sponsorship Packages include a full-page ad in the event program, mention in all press releases, sponsor logo on SUAS website and in event recap video. Presenting sponsor with table & Ad $9950 (x1 available) • Back cover, full page color ad in event program • Main floor sponsor preferred VIP table seating for 12 • 12 Luxury Gift Bags • Gourmet Dinner & Wine Pairing • 24 cocktail drink tickets Platinum sponsor I with table & Ad $8950 (x1 available) • Inside front cover, full page color ad in event program • Main floor sponsor preferred VIP table seating for 12 • 12 Luxury Gift Bags • Gourmet Dinner & Wine Pairing • 24 cocktail drink tickets


Platinum sponsor II with table & Ad $8950 (x1 available) • Inside back cover, full page color ad in event program • Main floor sponsor preferred VIP table seating for 12 • 12 Luxury Gift Bags • Gourmet Dinner & Wine Pairing • 24 cocktail drink tickets Gold sponsor with table & Ad $5950 (limited quantity) • Full page color ad in event program • Main floor sponsor preferred VIP table seating for 10 • 10 Luxury Gift Bags • Gourmet Dinner & Wine Pairing • 20 cocktail drink tickets

For information regarding Event Sponsorships and advertising in the Full Color Souvenir Program, contact: ​​. VIP Tickets, which include Gourmet Dinner and Wine Pairings and Live & Silent Auctions, are available for $395 (early bird pricing of $295 available through January 10). General Admission Balcony seating for the show is available for $25.

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follow: @sparrowforgebranding visit: email: call/text: (570) 468-1294


The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund was founded in memory of the legendary rock singer ​Ronnie James Dio​, who lost his life to gastric cancer in 2010. A privately funded 501(c)(3) charity organization dedicated to cancer prevention, research and education, the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund has already raised over $2 million in its short history. Monies raised have been committed to the cancer research work of the T. J. Martell Foundation for Cancer, AIDS and Leukemia Research, the gastric cancer research unit of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where Ronnie was treated for gastric cancer during the last six months of his life, and other cancer research projects. Since 2016, the Dio Cancer Fund has also committed funds to support the research of Dr. David Wong and his team at the UCLA School of Dentistry in developing a simple, non-invasive saliva test for the early detection of cancer, which is in keeping with the Fund’s mission of cancer prevention, research and education.


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Original Artwork by Scott Saxton

Miracle on TH 13 STREET SOUTH PHILLY by Melody Tallarico

#Miraleon13thstreet 1600 St.all lit #ABCchannel was filming then went to #Heartofsouthphilly #1235 E Passyunk #Southphillybar&Grill my original home where im from








The Last GENTLEMAN SMUGGLER by Steven M. Kalish and Nikki Palomino

Judgement Day 1980 “I think it’s important to note that Steven never asked me to cheat, lie, or steal, and never asked to present false evidence for him or for anyone else I represented for him.” Dick DeGuerin, Criminal Defense Attorney based in Houston, Texas most notable for defending Tom DeLay, Allen Stanford, David Koresh, the American leader of the Branch Davidians religious sect, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Robert Durst. The brown Crown Victoria illuminated with the patrol car’s light. The rumbling gravel beneath the wheels halted. A lone deputy stepped out, his hand gripping the holster, drew close enough to spot the Cubans dressed for combat. The deputy backed away, upholstered his gun. “Out of the car. NOW!” The Cubans complied. I exited the

passenger front door, immediately dropping to my knees so I could open the baggie and toss the blow before pitching the baggie into the cold wind. The deputy freaked because he wanted me standing. He nearly shot me trying to keep track of four guys who shouldn’t be driving Highway 288 in Brazoria County at 4 A.M. He radioed for back-up. I raised my hands as I stood. “Lean on the back of the car! NOW! RIGHT NOW!” I obeyed, spread against the trunk of the Crown Victoria when two more patrol cars carrying about six deputies pulled up. They jumped out into the Gulf mist, leaving lights on and doors opened. Two charged straight toward me like demented pit bulls in a fighting ring. My legs spread, one deputy searched me to find Jamie Rowsey’s temporary paper driver’s license Don had given me in the top pocket of my shirt. I faked fear like a kid throws a fake tantrum to snatch another cookie off his mom. They knocked me around as if adding numbers to a scoreboard they’d later brag about to their buddies. I gave them the story with the sincerity authority demands. At the Brazoria County Jail, I was booked as Jamie Rowsey on cocaine possession. I was photographed, fingerprinted and handed jail clothes as I turned all my belongings over. The Miami Cubans and I were separated. In a cell with a few others, I thought one breath to the next how much I regretted my decision to help the imposing Armando Alvarado. He’d always been a man I would not want to cross. The guilt burned away when I shut my eyes from exhaustion. Even then, I never lost sight of my goal to climb the next rung of the ladder as surely as there was heaven and hell. The next day a man whose opinion it seemed he liked the world to know represented me and the three Cubans. I would have been in awe had I been allowed that choice. Didn’t matter who stood in Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Percy Foreman’s intimidating presence, they were mesmerized by his distinction to move mountains with one push of his middle finger. That’s why Miami Drug Cartel Leader Tony Jimenez hired him with an upfront 250,000 dollars to cover Armando’s, Diego’s, Ruben’s, and my bond. At 6’8”, 300 pounds, his face strapped with an alcoholic nose, Percy’s bail reduction to 5,000 bucks and re-election checks cut to the judge and sheriff were the kind of offer no one could or would ever refuse. Earlier, I sat in an interview room waiting to talk with the DPS Intelligence Agents who were part of the investigation Operation Mainstay task force team pulled together to monitor drugs coming into the Texas Gulf Coast. In smuggler’s terms the El Cobre and the Mr. Jake busts that would never have happened if Tommy A-hole hadn’t ratted us out. Two agents, on their best ethical behavior, entered the room and slid a folder with Steven Kalish’s picture clipped to the top across the stark table. One sat, and one stood as I glanced down then back up. I was hit by a flashback from 1969 on the steps of the Texas State Capital while protesting the legalization of pot. DPS had covertly snapped photos from an upper window of me leading the others through a lot of angry tension. I was left with no other option but to split Texas or get busted as the ACLU lawyer had said in a slipped note would most definitely happen. I knew not


to have drugs on me, but that didn’t mean pot couldn’t be planted. So, Chuck and I greased our thumbs for Los Angeles as quickly as Don and I had hitched a ride to buy a sixty-buck pound of pot during an Austin dry spell. “Well, Jamie,” the agent dressed in jeans, boots and cowboy hat said. His belly covered by a typical redneck snap-buttoned shirt, badge clipped to his belt beneath a big gut just like his twin agent, face reddened from too much time drinking Lone Star and eating barbequed ribs. The standing agent pulled up a chair. “Spicewood, Texas ain’t very big. You must know Steven Kalish,” he paused. “With his reputation? Can’t tell me you never ran into him at a bar or a concert? Maybe smoked some refer with him?” “I don’t know any Steven Kalish.” The two agents repeated each other, asking me about smuggling, and what I might know, what Jamie Rowsey might know, and how I could possibly not run into him in a town the size of an anthill. “Your address isn’t too far from his.” I had bought a house where my mother lived. I used the Spicewood address, but I was all over the Gulf Coast, into Austin, Houston, down to South Padre Island, Oaxaca, blowing the direction of the best bud and safe houses and my crew. They finally tired of questioning, their mouths dry from spitting so many words with no results. They politely thanked me, left without a clue. I had cleared up the possibility I might be who they wanted. The DPS agents left without suspicion that I was someone other than the name on the temporary driver’s license. The head jailer Sargent Wingo accompanied me to the cellblock. “Judge’s releasing the three Miami Cubans. That big attorney Foreman don’t drive all the way down here for nothing. Must be some connection they got, Jamie.” I remained silent. I could only imagine how cocky the Cubans felt because I had to stay behind. Captive, I had to wait before I could rip off another day from the calendar and get back to Houston. Percy Foreman got the judge to reduce my bond, Jamie’s bond with no priors, to 5,000 dollars on one count of cocaine possession. Wasn’t even my fucking blow. No, wasn’t my blow that left a Cuban off loader dead in the Kemah, Texas waters either. While I tried to rest beneath the glare of light, I wondered what could put everything right, and what would reward me the choice. Later that day, I heard Sargent Wingo laughing his ass off headed to the cellblock. I shot up, unsure, a feeling I never liked. “You aren’t gonna believe it. You fooled the so-called DPS intelligent agents. I can’t believe it. When I ran your ID, you came up a girl, for God’s sake. A fucking girl,” he laughed. “I ran your prints with the FBI so you could be released, and you came up Steven Kalish. I knew it! DPS are on their way back.” 70


I said nothing. Sargent Wingo nearly broke into tears, he couldn’t stop laughing. “I wouldn’t wanna be you when they get here. You made them look stupid in front of everybody. I can say for sure, Jamie Rowsey, that’s what pisses them off the most.” No single word changed what I saw in my head, the Hitchcock crow perched cleaning his dirty wings on my shoulder. The meaning of such a thought lacked proper clarification except I knew that bird had to be Cuban. “DEA’s picking you up in the morning to bring you to Houston, Steven Kalish.” Sargent Wingo left. What fitful sleep I grabbed that night, I promised never to ignore my heart’s wisdom when it spoke. Not even my gut instinct gave the green-light to help Tony Jimenez’ Miami Cartel setup shop on the Texas Gulf Coast. But I went ahead and walked straight into Dante’s Inferno. Nothing funny here in my self-made Divine Comedy. Not one fucking thing when you’re looking through bars. Next morning standing in the interview room, the biggest DPS cowboy grabbed the front of my prison clothes and slammed me into the concrete wall. I knocked his hands away. “Let’s not make this personal,” I said. When he moved forward, I stepped back. A quick punch startled me. “You’re a lyin’ sack o’ shit, you think we’re stupid?” the rib-chomping agent yelled in my face. “I said, don’t make it personal. I haven’t told anyone about our first meeting. I have no intention of saying anything.” Or you’d look like fools, I thought. The other agent told his partner to calm down. “Let it go.” And I thought let it be, speaking words of wisdom, let it be. The two agents backed off, but not before the rib-eater almost kneed me in the balls. But he stopped because doing something really stupid might not go his way. The most dangerous situation is the one you don’t know you’re in. I had but one option as I sat next to a luggage-tagged suitcase in the gray Buick Cutlass backseat behind two long-haired DEA agents dressed in jeans and casual shirts. Memorize the one agent’s address. I could setup with Don future counter surveillance on his home in Houston. I never stopped thinking and scheming the next move to form a viable plan. The agents had been working a few months on the newly-formed Task Force Operation Mainstay like the DPS Intelligence Agents, only DEA was more like me with their left-over hippie ways. DEA originally started in 1973 under President Nixon when the U.S. government had grabbed former druggies and dealers with and without priors to team up with law enforcement.


John Marshall and Randy Watts didn’t play the good cop/bad cop scenario. Instead, they remained polite with enough questions to line a bridge to the moon. They wanted me relaxed so I’d spill my guts. But they hadn’t mastered what I instinctively knew. Prowess lay in the power of persuasion, and what we wish to be true and what we know to be true doesn’t matter. Logic can be the enemy just as easily as truth can be a menace. That’s how a white high-school drop-out becomes top of his game in a ring of fire. Last Gentleman Smuggler – The True Story


Punk Rock IS ALIVE AND WELL by Josie Janci

Punk rock in its truest form was born of aggression, frustration and anger-used as a form of expression that both performers and fans could turn to when it was time to release pent up energies. Both the Brits and kids here in the states also found easy fodder for their politically charged lyrics. And that’s the short version of the beginning of punk rock. In the late 70’s punk rock pretty much cornered the cool music market, with its many sub genres like ska, alternative, emo, pop punk, hardcore, and Oi. That was it until teenage angst took over with the grunge movement. Since then there hasn’t been much new music to get excited about…. Or at least that’s how it worked in my world. The End. I’ve explained before that my musical world was not like most people, I lived in a town where punk rock music was a way of life-with garage bands, mohawks, pogo-ing and, safety pins It’s what we did, it’s how we grew up, how we tortured our parents and challenged our authority. It was harmless, expressive and wonderful. Since the beginning, it was evident that being a true fan of punk rock music is a lifestyle choice more than a musical preference-and perhaps that is the reason for its unyielding fans. For a long time, after Green Day and Bad Religion were over played, you were unable to hear punk rock in any form outside of your home. Your personal collection became your prized possession since there wasn’t a club, DJ, radio station or jukebox that had punk rock music to offer.You couldn’t hit any clubs in the suburbs for years and find punk rock being played – And then came the die hard fans. It took about 2 years, Id say…..but it happened. This small little area of Pennsylvania called The Lehigh Valley has managed to keep the genre alive. Albeit short lived since the major players are aging at the same rate we are, but hey we are reliving our youth by seeing some of the best bands punk rock has to offer! Let me name names now. In Catasauqua we have local punk rock legend – Johnny Loftus. Leading the local punk band “The Clap” since he was in high school and promoting music throughout, he’s found a friend in a local legion with the space and parking available to host gigs - and he has the audience in the small town that grew up on the music that Johnny and his band both listened to and performed. In Nazareth we have altruistic leader of the Nazareth punks , Dale Nesfeder. Dale runs a bunch of fundraisers out of the private club he’s the commander of, The Nazareth Jacksonian, and since 74

he does the work – he gets to pick the bands! And what a wonderful job he does. In the past 2 years we’ve had fundraisers “Punks for Pets” benefitting no-kill shelters and the sort, “Punks Against Terrorism” benefitting victims of the arena bombing in Manchester England in 2017 , and with his friend, Carl Anderson, ran a successful fundraiser for original Misfits drummer, Joey Image, who is currently battling cancer. His fundraisers are a blast and his gigs are always full of friendly punk rock fans. In an amazingly fortuitous happening, these two towns are about 10 miles apart. Double the fun if you’re a 50-something punk rock fan looking for a way to relive live some of your youth (since you probably forgot a bunch from the first time) If you know anything about punk rock – this list of shows that were here in the past 2 years should leave your jaw on the floor. Here we go: The Vibrators – played 2 years in a row and enjoyed bowling before the gigs in Nazareth The Dead Boys – Sans Stiv Bator did a bang up gig with replacement singer in Catty The Nehilistics – Played the benefit for Joey Image in Nazareth The Undead , Chest and the Slice Em Ups – Also on the bill for Joey Imager The Pork Dukes – A regular in our neck of the woods, played their final tour dates this year in Nazareth 999 – Did 2 shows in Catty including an up close and personal meet and greet in a small venue In addition, 2019 boasted an almost weekly lineup of local punk bands when you add the venues of The Alternative Gallery and The Fun House. All this without leaving home! We have a nice collection of local punk bands – some long standing like The Clap and The Fux, as well as some new ones like Invasive Procedures and I’m done. Some young guns are forging their way creating their own form of “real” punk rock Like the band Huston and the Dirty Rats who decided not to be ignored and played 100 shows in 100 days and The Road Soda’s who have more fun on stage than should be legal. I’m happy to say that for the first time since I can remember we have a punk rock cover band in the valley fronted by a woman. Their (awesomely creative) name is Resting Punk Face-born of a 49 year old woman’s dream to drum in a punk band and lead by a 5 foot nothing powerhouse of a vocalist – also female. Which segways nicely into the female factor – this year we got to see a few grrrrlll bands, starting out with Philly’s all girl punk band, The Droogettes, and a Ramones tounge-in-cheek tribute band called “The Ramoms”. They join BeBe Dezire from Ronnie Rock and the Trendsetters, Chesty Malone of Chesty Malone and the Slice Em Ups and Dianna Steele of the Undead to round out the beautiful and talented women of the punk rock stage. I’m sure to miss some people if I were to mention each local punk rock band in this article, so we decided instead to feature a new band each issue-so get your interview suggestions into me at and come back each month to see who is our featured punk! Oh yeah….did I mention UNDERTONES in April??? Til the mosh pit takes us, Josie Janci


Tanya Tucker REBEL WITH A CAUSE by Bob Klein

Tanya Tucker, began making an impact in her singing career when she was only 13 years old. Her first single, “Delta Dawn,” reached the top ten of the country charts soon after its release in 1972. This reviewer has an old cassette tape from March of 1975 with Elvis Presley from the stage of the Las Vegas Hilton calling her one of the “Top Female Vocalist’s In The Country” Now let’s Fast forward to current times. Tanya is up for 4 Grammy Awards this year. Song Of The Year Best Country Song Country Album Country Solo Performance. I recently had the opportunity to see her performance at The Birchmere in Va, on Dec 1 in front of a Sold Out crowd and Oh what a night. This was a busy day for the singer as she had an Interview with CBS this morning followed by a photo shoot. Back to the show. She opened with “Some Kind of Trouble” and the crowd was on its feet cheering wildly. “Riding out The Heartache” gave Tanya an opportunity to showcase band Member Jake who plays 38 instruments.


WHAT? WOW!!!!! “If Your Heart Ain’t Busy Tonight” “Strong Enough to Bend” and “Love Me Like You Used to” “Lizzie and The Rain Man” and “The San Antonio Stroll” were hits for Tanya when she was only 16 and were featured tonight along with a brief line dance with the band. What came next was a highlight (for me) incorporating Springsteen’s “Im on Fire” with Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire”. WELL DONE TANYA. Merle Haggard’s “A Farmers Daughter” was done to perfection. Next were several tracks off the new album including “Hard Luck” “Mustang Ridge” “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane” is a beautiful song that was a gift to her parents on their 50th anniversary. You will notice Tanya’s PINK hair which she chose to dye her hair pink to show her support for a friend who is battling breast cancer. Closing the evening with a combo of “Amazing Grace” and “Delta Dawn” to a STANDING OVATION. She took several minutes at the end of her show to sign autographs, and accept gifts from fans. The New Album is a Winner. The show was a WINNER Tanya is a winner IT’s my hope that SHE is a winner at the Grammy’s BOB KLEIN

Back Cover Photo by Bob Klein 78



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