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CristhianSerrano About

About Me.

Work Experience. • Communications Vice president at AIESEC’s regional training conference ZoC (2009). • Apprenticeship at Fundacion Cardiovascular de Colombia. (2009) • Apprenticeship at Curtiembres del Valle Ltda.(2009).

Academic background.

Events & Awards.

• Technical high school graduate in Industrial Design at Instituto Tecnologico Salesiano Eloy Valenzuela ( 1998-2003).

• Poster: “NeoMed :Sistema de Perfusion Multiple Para unidades de Cuidados Intensivos” presented at V encuentro latinoamericano de diseño, Palermo University, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010.

• Professional Bachelor degree on Industrial Design, Universidad Industrial de Santander (2004-2011). • Exchange student in “sigueme” programme at Universidad Nacional de Colombia (2007).

• 1st Place in the Design Challenge at “IV Simposio Nacional de Diseño Industrial- UIS” , category: Furniture, 2010.

CristhianSerrano About



• Interdisciplinary work, experience working with professionals from several areas, such as, engineers, health staff, social workers, users, etc. • Project Management, ability to create tasks, assign resources, track project’s budget and progress. • Sketches and Mock-ups, communication skills trough hand made drawings and quick models.

Main work applications. 100%



90% 70%






Sketchbook Designer

Cinema 4D



• Computer skills, in several applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, MS Project and mind mapping tools.

CristhianSerrano About



CristhianSerrano FCV Project

The FCV The FCV (Fundacion cardiovascular de Colombia) is one of the most important clinics in Colombia, focused in Health services and Medical Product development. Founded in 1986 the FCV has several branches in cities like Bucaramanga, Santa Marta, Manizales and Ibague; is the only clinic in Colombia who has developed several strategic business units, covering the health business from marketing to telemedicine.

CristhianSerrano FCV Project

What is a Perfusion Pump? It is an electronic device used to infuse certain drugs to a very precise speed rate in a very precise amount. The way the pump works is basically the same with slight changes depending of the pump’s brand.

CristhianSerrano FCV Project


How can we infuse three different drugs into the neonate in a simple but effective system that can be taken anywhere inside the hospital?

Project Requirements:

2.The system must have

CristhianSerrano FCV Project

3 hours of electrical independency.

1. The system should receive

a maximum of three Perfusion pumps specified by the FCV.

3. The system should be controlled only by a touch screen computer.

6. The system should be easy

4. The system should be easy

to transport.

to clean.

5. The system should be able

to join to the new mobile intensive care unit for neonates ( in developing)

CristhianSerrano FCV Project

• Main competitors.

• Interviews with medical staff.

• Company’s work so far.

• Visits.

• Blueprints.

• Sketches

• Production diagrams

• 3D models.

• Prototypes

• Concept Tests • Adejustments

CristhianSerrano FCV Project

The Context. Characteristics

• Nurses are always in surveillance paying attention to something irregular or alarms from the devices.

• Intensive care Units are very stressful places, but at the same time very quiet at times.

• Space is very important and should be optimized to ease the job and allow as many devices as possible, depending of the situation of every neonate.

• There are medical equipment everywhere, lots of cables an columns to put pumps and several other devices. • Cleanness is extremely important, everything must stay clean to avoid bacteries and viruses.

• All the devices are constantly in use by nurses and doctors and when something it’s not working properly they need to call technical assistance.

CristhianSerrano FCV Project Bidirectional assembly

Perfusor compartments



5 Compact Mode

Compact Mode


Compact Mode

Compact Mode

Touchscreen computer



3 Data Cables

Compact Mode Working Area

Perfusor compartments

CristhianSerrano FCV Project

6 5

Perfusor compartments

Protective case Compact Mode


Rotary drawers

Compact Mode

8 Storage


CristhianSerrano FCV Project

Concept Refinement The next step after evaluating the concepts and deciding the most convenient elements in each of them, is to make a 3D model that gathers all these elements in a single concept.​

CristhianSerrano FCV Project

Redesign Process. The redesign process focuses on a much simpler system, enhancing fabrication and functionality, the system is though to be used mainly on a column.


Plastic shelves

Touchscreen computer Data Cable Main column

Power Cable

Battery Column

Removable column support

CristhianSerrano FCV Project

The Final Concept Improved details such as the cable handling and the adjustment of every perfusor. Transportation and technical support are integrated into the final concept.


Main Column

Touchscreen computer

USB hub protective door


Perfusor shelves

Cable grommet

Data Cable

Power cable Wheels

Battery storage

Easy to use system, controlling every pump from the touch screen computer

CristhianSerrano FCV Project

Move the system using its own wheels or using the column when being used.

CristhianSerrano FCV Project

Dismount the system by grabbing the back handles and pulling up front.

1. Easy to clean System

2. The system receive three

Perfusion pumps specified by the FCV.

3.The system has 3 hours of electrical independency.

4. The system is able to join to the new mobile intensive care unit for neonates ( in developing)

5. The system is easy to transport.

6. The system is controlled only by a touch screen computer.

CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board



CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board

User’s needs

Most part of the project requirements were taken from the needs detected from a users poll.The main purpose of this poll was to know how the people relate to the activity (ironing), do they love ironing? Do the hate it? Why? If they could change something in the way they usually iron their clothes, what will it be? What kindg of new features would they like to find in their next ironing board?.

3.The ironing table must be wider.

the table is too narrow. Ironing on this kind of surface only makes everything more difficult!​

1.The ironing table must ease the process of ironing

4.It will be nice if...

sides you have to spend time pulling out the table and setting it up!!

-The table has music, maybe a radio or a music player!

Ironing is such a complicated task, the garments seem to never fit right in the table, be-

-The table has its own power source

-The table has some sort of fan, it can be very handy when you are ironing

2.The ironing table must be stable

I don’t like ironing cause the table is always so unstable, the whole table moves during the ironing which could be dangerous, once my iron fell down a cause of this...

CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board The first step in the project is to to identify the different ways to aproach the problem​to learn from their weak-

Then we interviewed the users to f​ find out how they use

nesses and strengths , Furthermore to identify an unat-

ironing boards, what problems do they have with this kind

tended market niche​

of products? How is their relationship with the product? What features they would like to find in the next ironing board? And which will be the best approach to develop a new product?

Design Process

materials. In this stage, every part of the final product must have their corresponding blueprints.​

With the information gathered from previous phases, the creative process begins by trying different approches in order to evaluate which will be the one that best suits to users​

At this point the selected concept is taken to be improved in different aspects such as aesthetics , functionality, costs, etc.

CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board


Surface in cabinet


Articulated segments Scale

Limited Pivot


Double Articulation



Segmented surface

Chest of drawers

Surface shaped as a shirt Floor cabinet




Rotation axis

Concept rethink

CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board

The project should be focus in a way to make the ironing board as simple as possible, providing a solution according to the user’s main needs; but soon it become obvious that the previous user’s bad experiences will be a very important factor to the way the product is perceived.

Current Reaction

Desired Reaction

Oh, an ironing board....

Oh, a piece of art....

(...I once burnt myself ironing

(...I used to paint when i was little

...I once dropped my iron and get it much color and energy


...I love the way i feel when i look at it)

...Ironing takes so much time) i really hate ironing, but i have to do it...

i really love to have this in my room...

CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board

Base Concept

The new concept consists in a simpler wall mounted structure, this structure has a graphic artwork in the back of the ironing surface. This artwork will be visible when the ironing board is lifted.​The surface is able to rotate for a better adaptation to small spaces, notice how the leg is embedded into the surface.

CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board

Aesthetic approach With the aim of making the product more dynamic the surface is turned into a cartoon character, also the wall support is simplified to use the table’s own weight to lock itself into the storage position, i.e. when being collapsed up.​ Cartoon character

Accessory to iron jackets shoulders

Locked by gravity Rotative surface

CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board

CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board

This concept is then presented to users in order to find more elements to improve and to evaluate their overall reaction to the cat concept.​

CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board

Concept adjust

After evaluating the information gathered in the concept test, some attributes are modified. The iron support was simplified and the overall design of the illustration character is friendlier now. These are the final changes to the product before being manufactured.​

Bilateral iron support

More natural resting position Leg Hinge

Lock by gravity

Locked position (in use)

Resting position (not in use)

CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board Covering: Fabric and foam Accessory: Foam covered wood Leg’s Hinge: Solid Molded Plastic

Main Surface: Laminated wood

Main articulation : Solid Molded Plastic

Backing Surface: Laminated wood (2 halves) Exterior surface: Printed Laminated wood (2 halves) Rotation Axis: Steel pipe Iron insulator: Painted steel

Leg: Metal Pipe

Iron Support : Laminated Wood

Manufacturability The different adjustments made to the concept lead now to the manufacturability phase, where materials and fabrication processes are defined. Finally, 150 units should be produced at a price of approximately $50 to be a profitable business.​

CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board


Funny cartoon character design

2. Quick access, just pull down the board

The Final Concept:Miau! The final concept gathers the entire process of this project and its final proposal. The main attempt of the product is to offer more comfortable conditions to the users,including increasing stability, a wider space to iron, a better support for the iron and a quick and ease way to use. In addition, the product offers a decorative design that has no other intention than put a smile on the face of those who look or use the final product.

3. The leg will come down by itself

CristhianSerrano Miau! Ironing Board

6. Inclined Iron Support Wider ironing surface in the middle for

4. shirts and narrower at the front for pants

Removable accessory to

5. iron jacket’s shoulders

7. 45 degrees rotation

CristhianSerrano Endal




CristhianSerrano Endal

Curtiembres del Valle Curtiembres del valle is a company from Santander, its main activity is focused on leather tannery, being the company a family business now in its third generation. The company focused its production in vegetable leather and all their processes are eco friendly what has made the company one of the most important tanneries of Santander.

CristhianSerrano Endal

What is Vegetable Leather? Vegetable leather is leather tanned using vegetable components instead of mineral ones (chrome), the vegetable leather is characterized for being less pollutant in its fabrication process and having a great old texture on the final product.

CristhianSerrano Endal

User’s needs.



The pet’s ergonomics should be the main design factor to have into account

The product line must have products and textures for both genders.



The products line must have dog’s harnesses.

The products must try to be as versatile as possible, fitting in different dog breeds.



The products line must have dog’s collars.

Even when the most popular breeds are small, within a breed there are several sizes.

CristhianSerrano Endal

• Production Process • Facilities recognition

• Needs filtering

• Survey to expert users: Vets

• General Specifications

• Survey to Pet Owners • Relevant competitors

• Components Blueprints

• Mind Map

• Materials selection

• Referenced Sketches

• Production diagram

• 3D models

• Costs analysis

• Low Fidelity Prototypes • High Fidelity Prototypes

• Concept Test

• Scaled low fidelity prototypes test.

• Concept adjustments

• Scaled prototypes adjustments

• Scaling

• Brand and packaging design

CristhianSerrano Endal

Experts said: Star Product: Harnesses 7/14 Recommend this product to clients

Most Popular Breeds Leather Perception



Owner’s annual investment




CristhianSerrano Endal

Mind Map Referenced sketches 3d Models

Filtering Mock-ups &Tests Prototypes Concept Development The sketch part will be made using reference images. This technique will speed up the process in order to save time for prototypes. After obtaining the referenced sketches, every concept will be modeled in 3d to refine its adaptation and check the overall look. These concepts will be filtered and later prototyped to start doing adaptability tests in dogs.

CristhianSerrano Endal



4 3




CristhianSerrano Endal




10 9


CristhianSerrano Endal

Concepts Selection.

After analyzing each concept in a comparative matrix with the strongest market competitors, having into account the user’s needs, three collar models ( 9-1011) and two harness models ( 1-and the result of merge 4-5) are selected to be developed and to continue with the next phase.​

Tie Collar

Harness Cover

Punching Collar

V Collar

Harness Suspenders

Mock-ups. CristhianSerrano Endal

The following is a series of pictures of some mock-ups and prototypes for each concept. All were tested in the same dog (a small Schnauzer) at a veterinary. In this way we can check the adjustment of every product and the changes that need to be made to improve the design concepts.

V collar.

Fix ring


Put leather belt

CristhianSerrano Endal

Tie collar.

Lengthen tie

Reduce leather ring diameter

CristhianSerrano Endal

Punching collar.

Add internal support

Add rivets

Junction by sewing

CristhianSerrano Endal

Harness Cover. Remove Handle.

Put nylon belt. Sewing.

Adjust distance

Strengthen. Add tag label.

Adjust distance

Increase distance.

CristhianSerrano Endal

Harness Suspenders. Sewing

Improve assembly

Put nylon belt Adjust distance

Increase Opening

Move to front

Put nylon belt

Scaling. Size M

CristhianSerrano Endal

In order to have the right measures for each size, several mock-ups are made for all the products. They will be tested in several dogs with different proportions in order to find a set of sizes that can be adjusted to many dogs as possible.​

Size L

Size S

CristhianSerrano Endal

Concept Refinement. Harness Suspenders.

After completing the scale mock-ups, the features and components of all the products are defined as well as the way it should be used on the dog.​

The junction point works also as a rotation pivot allowing the dog a more natural movement, every time it change his direction.


The main stress is located over the dog’s shoulders, keeping his throat free avoiding choking.


Locate the belt around the dog’s chest

Provide the owner’s contact details on the tag, located on the belt’s buckle

2. The second junction point is located under the dog’s belly, but unlike the first one, it can move through the belt.

Set the suspenders and adjust the length

CristhianSerrano Endal

Harness Cover. 1.

Pass the dog’s head trough the harness.

The anchorage point on the back, prevents the front part to go up and choke the dog, locating the effort in his chest.


Provide the owner’s contact details on the tag, located on the belt’s buckle

The chest has wider contact area to create a better load distribution.​

The junction on the lower part is able to move freely trough the belt, providing better adjustment​


Fasten the plastic buckle and adjust the nylon belt.

CristhianSerrano Endal

Punching Collar.

V Collar.

The ring slides freely to keep the col-

As any martingale collar it closes to a

lar into position.

certain point when the dog pulls The owner’s informa-

Provide the

the collar must be loose to

owner’s contact

avoid choking.

details on the

The ring slides freely to keep the col-

tion must be provided

lar into position.

behind the ring support​

Include the owner’s contact details on the tag, located on the belt’s

tag, located on


the belt’s buckle

The v shape moves The collar must be loose to

down. The main

avoid choking.

stress point under de dog’s throat

Ensure that the tie does not drag when the dog is standing up.​

Tie Collar.

CristhianSerrano Endal

Brand Development. The brand concept is focused on the positive feelings between the relationship owner-pet and the design proposal of the products.



Endal Endal


® 4


Negative Vertical

Negative Bello Script

Tracking -50 (Consistency)

® ®

Shaking Tail (Dog’s

Contour (Volume)



Positive Positive Horizontal.

CristhianSerrano Endal

Package Development. Large Size

The package is a simple solution to show the product and make it stand out while communicates the unique design approach and quality of the product. Hanging Hole

28 Hole for closing

Small Size


28 7

Display window

20 5

CristhianSerrano Endal

Unfolded packaging M

Suspenders Harness

CristhianSerrano Endal

Final packaging. The final packaging concept is finished in laminated cardboard for the main body and acetate for the display window.

CristhianSerrano Endal

CristhianSerrano Endal

Cover Harness.

Suspenders Harness.

CristhianSerrano Endal

CristhianSerrano Endal

Tie Collar.

CristhianSerrano Endal

V Collar.

CristhianSerrano Endal

Punching Collar.



Cristhian Serrano's Industrial Design Portfolio  

This portfolio shows my personal approach to product design development. These three projects are completly different from each other and...

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