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FALL 2022


The Michael and Lois Koplin Innovation Center to open this fall in support of SEP’s expanded STEAM focus


126 extraordinary men and women welcomed to the ranks of the St. Edmund alumni


After forty years of service, Kathleen Ruane Vulpis teaches her last class


St. Edmund once again welcomes alumni back to the halls of 2474 Ocean Avenue





s a history teacher I love evidence. Evidence helps us to frame out events and is necessary for true understanding. When corroborated, evidence provides us with the proof of truth. This magazine serves as evidence and proof of the continued excellence and success of St. Edmund. The events of this year are evidence of a school that is thriving and forward looking; evidence of progress made in academics, faith life, athletics, and our culture. They are proof positive of a school that not only understands the need for innovation but also one that has the means to be able to put innovation into practice. The construction of the Innovation Center is indicative of the changes that will be happening at St. Edmund Prep, changes that are designed to inspire our

students to take risks. These changes will not only encourage our students to take risks but also embrace that with risk sometimes comes a stumble, a struggle or even a failure. Our students know that when the struggle or the stumble comes, they are surrounded by those who will teach them how to re-envision so as to learn from the missteps and find the success they desire. The Innovation Center combined with strategic pedagogic maneuvers and improvements have the potential to truly change the trajectory of the lives of our students. This cycle of risk, reward and growing one’s confidence is something that extends well beyond that of our classrooms. As you will see from the accounts of the past year, our community has experienced growth in the deeper development of our faith as a school comminuty. Our athletics program continues to flourish in much the same way as our academics and our faith. Risk and confidence on the courts and fields have led our athletes into situations where there are not only incredible wins but also heartbreaking

losses. It is in these moments that our Eagles show their strength and courage and represent our school in the manner in which it deserves, with intense pride and integrity. Change has come to St. Edmund Prep. Not sweeping changes in our mission or our tradition, but change in the form of growth. This is a critical time for our school and our students. The world around us has changed so dramatically and so quickly that we must do our due diligence as a community to ensure that St. Edmund continues to live on and live strong. So as you read through the magazine, see these stories not just as a recounting of the events of the year, but as evidence; evidence of a school that is providing its students with an education that lives in the Catholic tradition while at the same time embracing the modernity that is the future. Thank you for your continued support of St. Edmund!

OUR TEAM EDITOR Joanne Blum, Director of Development DESIGN Colin Pinnavaia, Director of Communications WRITERS Danielle Johnson ‘00, Althea Sullivan ‘16 ADDRESS 2474 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11229 PHONE 718.743.6100 SOCIAL MEDIA @stedmundprep WEBSITE www.stedmundprep.org

PRINCIPAL Allison McGinnis ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS Peggy McEvoy, Brian Wagner DEAN OF STUDENTS Joseph Romano ‘04 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Rev. Lukasz Trocha, Chairman, Richard Arkwright, Vice Chairman, Anthony Caccamo P ‘18, ‘21, ‘23 Francesca Curtin ‘82, Carl DeCordova P ’08,’11, Robert Maffia P ’14,’18, Anthony Oglesby ‘98, Ian M. Pinnavaia, Donald Ritter

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t. Edmund Prep experienced an upswing in student-led charitable initiatives throughout this year. Students brought awareness to causes that they were passionate about by educating our student body, faculty, and staff on the mission of their chosen charity, organizing events, dress-down days, bake sales and fundraising for their cause. Several of these initatives were products of the IB CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) projects taken on by our International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates. We are so proud that our Eagles are inspiring others and are truly embodying what it means to be uncommon leaders in our world!


Shannon McNeice ‘22


Jordana Birchfield ‘22, Liana Kerrigan ‘22




Maxwell Hooper ‘22, Caitlin Bevacqua ‘22, Kali Satira ‘22, & Edin Morales ‘22


Samantha Campo ‘22, Emma Colgan ‘22

Lauren Caccamo ‘23

Annalyse Desir ‘23, Lauren Fraser ‘23


EAGLES FIGHT THE STIGMA Angelina Calabrese ‘22

MIDNIGHT RUN GROWS Four successful Midnight Runs were conducted during the 2021-2022 school year. Midnight Runs give students and faculty the opportunity to serve the homeless through the distribution of food, clothing, blankets and personal care items to those in need on the streets of New York City. This year also saw many students signing up for more than one run! A special thank you to all the members of our SEP community who supported this year’s runs. If you are interested in learning more about Midnight Run contact our Director of Campus Ministry, Deacon Andy Ciccaroni at aciccaroni@stedmundprep.org



Students gather in the chapel at the Thomas Berry Place (the former Bishop Molloy Retreat Center) to learn more about Eucharistic Adoration

NEW RETREATS Over the past two years, the Office of Campus Ministry has expanded our retreat programs to include day retreats for all freshmen and sophomore students. The new retreats were implemented in response to student feedback for more retreat opportunities and in fulfillment of one of our strategic plan priorities. Plans for a senior focused retreat are underway!



The freshman class retreat is centered around the theme “Blessed” - inspired by part of the Dominican Order’s motto: Benedicere (latin, meaning to bless). Activities and discussions are centered around the ideas of building community, “What does it mean to be blessed?”, “How am I blessed?”, and “How am I blessed to be part of the St. Edmund Prep community?”

The Sophomore class retreat theme is “Lord, Teach Me How to Pray” reflecting on the central role that prayer plays in the lives of men and women of faith. Activities and discussions are centered around the ways we acknowledge God in our lives, how we talk to God, and how we listen to God. The retreat culminates with an experience of Eucharistic Adoration.

EAGLES FIGHT THE STIGMA On June 16, St. Edmund organized the first ever Eagles Fight the Stigma Charity Softball Game, a fundraiser spearheaded by Angelina Calabrese ‘22 in memory of her father, Detective Joseph Calabrese. We are blessed to have received an outpouring of support for this new event from the SEP and NYPD community, with over 450 people in attendance. Over $27,000 in proceeds were donated to The Detective Joseph Calabrese Memorial Scholarship at St. Edmund Prep and Beyond The Badge NY, whose mission is to reduce the growing epidemic of suicides among law enforcement personnel and break the stigma surrounding officers coming forward for mental health treatment. Thank you to everyone who came out to support this cause!

ALUMNI UPDATE Tell us what is happening! Have you been promoted? Gotten married? Had a baby? Celebrated a significant achievement? Have you changed mailing or email addresses? Are you having difficulty receiving communications from us? Let us know! To send us your alumni notes or update your contact information scan the QR code or visit: www.stedmundprep.org/alumniupdate

NOTICE ANYTHING NEW? After a brief break, the St. Edmund Magazine is back! This edition might feel a bit slimmer and more timely. Over the past two years we have reconsidered our approach to communicating with you, our friends and alumni. Perhaps you have noticed more regular email communication with the latest updates or seen more social media content. We hope you find these methods helpful in staying connected with St. Edmund Prep. Let us know what you think at info@stedmundprep.org



REUNIONS RETURN Following the cancellation of reunions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were thrilled to welcome alumni back to Ocean Avenue during the 2021-2022 school year.

1970 & 1971 GOLDEN JUBILEE


The Class of 1970 & 1971 Golden Jubilee Reunion took place on September 18th, 2021. The ladies were able to celebrate their 50 year reunion with a liturgy and a luncheon at SEP, and reminisce on their experiences as students of St. Edmund.

SEP hosted the first ever 1980s and 1990s reunion on November 19th, 2021. With a turnout of 100 people, alumni got the chance to reconnect with their classmates, celebrate the retirement of their beloved teacher and coach, Kathy Vulpis, and become the founders of a new annual tradition for St. Edmund. We can’t wait to see you again in the fall!

YOUNG ALUMNI REUNION SEP’s young alum reunion for the years 2001, 2006, 2011, and 2016 was held on December 3rd, 2021. Attendees were able to rekindle old friendships, meet alumni from other graduating years, and spend time around the building.

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CLASSES OF THE 1980s & 1990s November 18th

CLASSES OF 2002, 2007, 2012, & 2017 December 2nd




reunion information, contact: development@stedmundprep.org

FOR MORE reunion images visit www.flickr.com/stedmundprep



The Joanne Townsend Fromm Scholarship Award is presented to a member of the junior class who excels in both English and History. This year the award was given to Kaylee Finch ‘23. The McEvoy Family Scholarship recognizes a member of the junior class who through academic achievement, commitment to service and involvement in the school community, has shown a true understanding of the mission of St. Edmund Prep and the importance of sharing God’s gifts and talents with the community as a whole. This scholarship was awarded to Erin Neiswenter ‘23. The Patricia McMahon Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Science was awarded to Lauren Fraser ‘23 and Tristan Bautz ‘23. The Patricia McMahon Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Mathematics was awarded to Bethany Goeller ‘23. The Nancy McDade Murdoch ‘74 and Thomas Murdoch Scholarship is awarded to a junior student-athlete who has expressed an interest in pursuing a career in nursing or the medical field. The Nancy McDade Murdoch and Thomas Murdoch scholarship was awarded to Jaiden Cavallo’ 23.

The Carmela and Joseph Esposito Endowed Scholarship was established to assist a St. Edmund Prep family with the rising costs of tuition and to encourage a student to pursue a professional career in the field of financial services. This year, the Carmela and Joseph Esposito Endowed Scholarship was awarded for the first time to Michael DiCamillo ‘22. (pictured above L to R: Mary Lee Esposito Kreuter ‘66, Michael DiCamillo ‘22, Allison McGinnis, Principal)




ask you all to look back at these four years… a lot has changed. We are no longer the children that walked into SEP thinking that high school was just like the movies had painted it out to be… because this is real life… The moment you chose to be here was the moment you decided to take full responsibility for your future, your education, behavior, and who you are. I congratulate you all embarking on this journey to find your true identity, to embrace your passions and most importantly to evolve. Success these four years has not been linear; the truth is that it never will be. You all showed up everyday no matter the circumstance and it is because of that, you are all sitting here getting ready to close a chapter that simply introduced us to the real world. -Ashley Delgado ‘22, Salutatorian attending Boston College


verything that we have built together here is making it so much harder to let go. This is why I didn’t want the last day of classes to end - because it was my last full day with all of you, my second family. As I stand before you today, I want to share one of the most important lessons that I’ve come to value during my time at the Prep - that faith and family are forever. We may be on different paths and leading very different lives years from now, but the memories that we’ve made, the friendships we’ve created, these are the things that we must hold on to in the future. They remind us of who we once were, they shape who we are, and who we will become. -Laila Espaldon ‘22, Valedictorian attending Stony Brook University


On June 3, 2022 we proudly welcomed the 126 young men and women of the Class of 2022 to the proud ranks of the St. Edmund Alumni.

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about our senior class visit www.stedmundprep.org/classof2022/











Bello Gabriella ‘25, John Paul ‘23, Joseph ‘22

Bianco Joseph ‘14, Thomas ‘22, Jamie ‘17

Bruccoleri Marie ‘24, Joseph ‘22

Calabrese Nicholas ‘12, Angelina ‘22, Samantha ‘14, Joseph ‘10

Collins Justin ‘22, Andre ‘19

Dellosso Kenneth ‘20, Maria ‘22, Kevin ‘18, Joseph ‘16, Robert ‘18

Forstner Martha Gramlich Forstner ‘83, Patrick ‘22

Greenwood Charles ‘22, Kevin ‘25

Innamorato Amanda ‘12, Lucas ‘22, Sarah ‘16

Janss Caitlyn ‘14, Nicholas ‘22

Karr Jenna ‘23, James ‘22, Maria Modica Karr ‘95

Kupershmidt Ariela ‘18, Jonathan ‘22

Families Join The Ranks of SEP Alumni

Uncommon Leaders | ST. EDMUND MAGAZINE


Lemmon Suzanne (SEP Faculty), Kaylin ‘22, Isabella ‘22, Jenna ‘24

Mazzaro Justin ‘14, Christopher ‘22, Jordan ‘18

Mazzuchin Ashley ‘23, Anthony ‘22, Maryann Moore Mazzuchin ‘91

McGrath Maria ‘22, Indira (SEP Faculty), Anastasia ‘17

McNeice James ‘25, Shannon ‘22, Claire ‘19

Minichiello Emily ‘22, Adrienne Sforza (Aunt) ‘87

Monahan Erin McCaul Monahan ‘87, Emily ‘22

Morales Elias ‘24, Edin ‘22

Romelus Sashy ‘18, Jennah ‘22

Saintelus Arden ‘20, Kayla ‘22, Andrew ‘22, Kadriana ‘18

Satira Karen Wilson Congiusta ‘65 (Grandmother), Kali ‘22,

Sebastiano Gene, ‘24, Michael ‘25, Frankie ‘22, Jason ‘20



Slocum Albert ‘15, Tiffany ‘20, Brandon ‘22

Zito Angela Pollio Zito ‘89, Danielle ‘20, Francesca ‘22, Jacqueline ‘17,


about our senior class visit www.stedmundprep.org/classof2022/ Class of 2022 families not pictured Bianco - Massimo ‘22, Luisa ‘20 Bosque - Angelica ‘22, Naomi ‘17 Buttaro - Sofia ‘22, Julia ‘20, Luca ‘26, Giuseppe ‘17 Campo - Samantha ‘22, Natalie Campo ‘90 (Aunt) Cherubin - Jackson ‘22, Ava ‘25 Cole - Tyler ‘22, Ingrid Sevieux ‘93, Cheyenne Baptiste ‘09, Nancy Sevieux ‘90 (Aunt) Colgan - Emma ‘22, Danny ‘15 Delva - Angela ‘22, Romario Auguste ‘14 Hooper - Maxwell ‘22, Miles ‘24 Kukaj - Besjana ‘22, Besjan ‘20, Brikena ‘24 McCusker - Connor ‘22, Noah ‘25 McElhinney - TJ ‘22, Connor ‘24 McLinden - Joseph ‘22, Jordan ‘21 Moise - Ethan ‘22, Garvin ‘18 Musico - Valentina ‘22, Giovanni ‘24 Musser - Felicia ‘22, Makayla ‘23, Alexis ‘18 O’Neill - AnnMarie ‘22, Frances ‘87 Rubio - Justin ‘22, Jason ‘24 Savelli - Anthony ‘22, Joy ‘91, Ashley Bruhert ‘08, Emma ‘20 Sprance - Steven ‘22, Liana ‘16, Christian ‘18 Valere - Brandon ‘22, Dimitri ‘24

Torres Dylan ‘22, Evan ‘19

Wilson Madelon Wilson Glynn ‘70 (Grandmother) Dillon ‘22

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he final chapter to a remarkable teaching career came to a close this past January for Mrs. Kathy Vulpis as she retired from St. Edmund Prep, having served on our faculty since 1981. Throughout her 40 year career, Mrs. Vulpis has been an integral part of our school community as a physical education teacher, coach, athletic director, extracurricular moderator, and mentor. For her contributions to athletics as a coach and administrator, Kathy was inducted into both the CHSAA Hall of Fame and St. Edmund Prep Athletic Hall of Fame.

For 40 years, we all had the greatest teacher and coach in our corner. Kathy treated her colleagues the same way she treated her students. Always looking to make us better and always wanting to lift us up and make us feel appreciated and loved.” - Allison McGinnis

Mrs. Vulpis is pictured below with the students from her final PE12 class and with the students and staff who clapped her out of the doors of 2474 Ocean Avenue for the final time on January 28th. We will miss Mrs. Vulpis’ presence in the hallways, her stories and her geniune care and concern for all of us. We wish her many happy years in retirement with her husband Dom, her children Dominick, MaryKate, and Kerrianne and sons-in-law Tommy and Michael. Thank you and God bless you Mrs. Vulpis!

VULPIS BIDS FAREWELL Beloved phys ed teacher and athletic administrator hangs up her whistle.




NISCA Academic All-Americans Emily Monahan ‘22, Felicia Musser ‘22 CHSAA Boys Soccer All League Award Connor McElhinney ‘24, Christopher Zehmisch ‘24 CHSAA Girls Soccer All League Award Jenna Karr ‘23, Bridget Leahy ‘23, Emma Sammon ‘23, Brikena Kukaj ‘24, De’Anna Campbell ‘22 CHSAA Girls Volleyball All League Award Caitlin Bevacqua ‘22 CHSAA Girls Basketball All League Award Francesca Zito ‘22, Eleanora Salamone ‘22 CHSAA Boys Basketball A Division All League Team Mitchell Wiggan ‘23, Brendan Armour ‘23 CHSAA Girls Basketball Marie Sisti Sportsmanship Award Cadence Coffey ‘24 CHSAA Boys Swimming Vin Harkins Award Liam Hughes ‘23 CHSAA Girls Swimming All League Award Felicia Musser ‘22 CHSAA Girls Softball All League Award Shannon McNeice ‘22 CHSAA Ron Patnosh Player of the Year Frankie Sebastiano ‘22 CHSAA Baseball First Team All League A Division Christopher Arcati ‘22, Frankie Sebastiano ‘22, Joseph McLinden ’22 CHSAA Baseball Second Team All League A Division Brendan Armour ‘23, Daniel McLaughlin ‘23 CHSHL A Division 1st Team Goaltender Erin Nilan ’22 CHSHL A Division 2nd Team Forward Thomas Bianco ‘22 Girls JV Basketball Coach of the Year Alexandra Jacques ‘15 Girls Swimming Coach of the Year Danielle Johnson ‘00 The Tablet All Stars Baseball Frankie Sebastiano ‘22, Joseph McLinden ‘22 Softball Shannon McNeice ‘22, Kaylin Lemmon ‘22, Isabella Lemmon ‘22 Basketball Mitchell Wiggan ‘23, Brendan Armour ‘23, Joseph McLinden ‘22, Jordan Boreman ‘24 Players of the Week Joseph Dressman ‘22 CHSAA A Division Pitcher of the Week Mitchell Wiggan ‘23 CHSAA A Division Player of the Week


The Girls Varsity Soccer team capped an undefeated season by capturing the CHSAA Tier 3 Diocesan Championship with a 1-0 win over Preston on October 30th.


he ideal of being a student-athlete at St. Edmund Prep is taken seriously. During the 2021-2022 school year, over 150 individual student-athletes were on the honor roll for at least one marking period. Studentathletes posted an overall cumulative GPA of 91.1 this year, making the balance between athletic success and academic excellence the norm at the Prep. The Athletic Directors’ Cup for Academic Excellence was awarded to the team with the highest GPA during their respective season of competition. In the fall, the Girls JV Volleyball earned the cup by posting an academic average of 95.2. During the winter season, a GPA of 97.7 netted the honor for the Girls Varsity Basketball Team. The Varsity Softball Team posted an average of 91.3 to win the award for the Spring season. Emily Monahan ’22 and Felicia Musser ’22 earned recognition from The National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association as Academic All-Americans, boasting GPAs in the top two percent nationally among all varsity swimmers. Caitlin Bevacqua ‘22 (Volleyball) and Delaney Neil ‘22 (Basketball) were selected as the US Marine Corps Distinguished Athletes, while basketball player Francesca Zito ’22, was recognized for having the highest overall GPA among graduating student-athletes with the Sister Denise Award.

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Congratulations to the JV Baseball squad who captured the Diocesan Championship and to the Varsity Baseball team who were finalists in the CHSAA Intersectional Finals.

Follow the SEP Eagles Action on Social Media @SEPAthletics



or the fifth consecutive year, St. Edmund Prep partnered with the Side Out Foundation to raise money in support of breast cancer awareness and research. Under the leadership of Shannon McNeice ‘22, this year’s campaign raised over $10,000. During the month of October, Eagles participated in dress down, t-shirt sales and the annual Dig Pink Volleyball Game .

SEP Athletic Awards

Jose Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Jenna Karr ‘23 (Soccer and Basketball) Joseph Romano, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Brendan Armour ‘23 (Basketball and Baseball) Lou Esposito Award Frankie Sebastiano ‘22 (Baseball) Male Athlete of the Year Joseph McLinden ‘22 (Basketball and Baseball) Female Athlete of the Year Shannon McNeice ‘22 (Softball and Volleyball) Sister Denise Student-Athlete Francesca Zito ‘22 (Basketball) Donny Duval Award Michael Arnold ‘22 (Basketball, Track, and Volleyball) Peggy Boyle Award Angelina Calabrese ‘22 (Softball) Women of Will Award Felicia Musser ‘22 (Basketball, Softball, and Swimming) US Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Caitlin Bevacqua ‘22 (Volleyball) Delaney Neil ‘22 (Basketball) Letters of Intent Frankie Sebastiano (Baseball) University of Pittsburgh Christopher Arcati (Baseball) St. Joseph’s University Matthew Arcati (Baseball) St. Joseph’s University Dylan Torres (Baseball) Clarks Summit University GCHSAA Hall of Fame Class of 2022 Inductee John P. Lorenzetti GCHSAA Joan Casazzone Service Award Dan Wiatre



THE FUTURE IS INNOVATION St. Edmund Prep’s commitment to preparing the leaders of tomorrow through STEAM education made evident in the creation of the Michael and Lois Koplin Innovation Center.


he striking new Michael and Lois Koplin Innovation Center will soon inhabit the third floor Art Gallery space to become the center of St. Edmund Prep’s growing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) initiatives. We have partnered with 1100 ARCHITECT in New York, NY to transform the gallery into one large, open, and airy space for creating. With glass walls, whiteboards, and movable furniture, the Innovation Center will allow students see learning in action. The collaborative setting will

encourage students to come in, play, design, ask questions, or just sit and watch. The Innovation Center will host our robotics team as well as classes in engineering, math, art, and design. All classes, across disciplines, will be encouraged to engage the Innovation Center as a place to facilitate projectbased learning where we will teach and empower students to collaborate, create, and find solutions. Our drive to build an Innovation Center comes out of our strategic plan, Transforming Through Tradition, which calls upon St. Edmund to evolve as a school of distinctive academic

excellence and innovation. We are already a school that encourages bold learning. Fully integrating STEAM through the Innovation Center will catapult our bold learners into another dimension. This new facility will give students the opportunity to think like makers. They will have the space and the tools to explore, make mistakes, become empathetic, and connect disparate ideas. The makerspace will encourage students to take risks and be active participants in their learning. The next step in bold learning, it will prepare them for the realities of the global economy.

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Full renderings of the Innovation Center can be found at www.stedmundprep.org/innovation

The Innovation Center will utilize the latest in technology including 3D printers, a laser cutter, soldering station, and a new robotics maker plane. The space has been designed to adapt to new developments in technology which will support curriculum changes well into the future. We are most grateful to the Koplin Family whose leadership gift in memory of former St. Edmund Track Coach, Michael Koplin has helped to make this vision a reality. Coach Koplin loved mentoring our student-athletes to achieve at the highest levels on the

Learning robotics has helped me to feel capable. I never imagined I could be an engineer and so many young students feel the same way, especially young women. This center will help all students discover their passions, which will help set them on the path for future careers. - Bridget Harte ‘18, Stevens Institute ‘22

track and in the their everyday lives. His spirit of hardwork, determination, and achievement will live on in the Innovation Center where students will be challenged to learn and grow in new and exciting ways. Construction began in June and will be completed this October. We

will formally dedicate the Innovation Center on November 16th. We invite you to consider supporting the Innovation Center Campaign which will turn these plans into reality, ensuring that St. Edmund persists in its mission of preparing graduates to make a profound difference in the world.

JOIN THE INNOVATION CAMPAIGN LEARN MORE The Innovation Center—its design, its technology, and its purpose—will give our students access to a whole new set of experiences. Learn more about our vision.

PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT A gift to the Innovation Campaign will help shape and elevate the learning environment for our students.

NAMING OPPORTUNITIES Through a naming opportunity, your gift presents an opportunity to be openly recognized on our campus as a leader in our campaign.

THANK YOU CLASS OF ‘22 A special thank you goes out to the Class of 2022 for supporting the Innovation Campaign through their senior class gift. Thank you to the College Marketing Company, The Flock, who designated the profits of the sale of their sweatshirts to the Innovation Campaign. Pictured to the right are the members of the Senior Class Gift Committee.



UPCOMING EVENTS 2022/2023 October 6th

Golf & Tennis Outing Inwood Country Club 11:00 AM Shotgun Start 2:00 PM Tennis & Pickleball Start CONTACT: development@stedmundprep.org

November 18th

1980s & 1990s Reunion

featured event

Gym - 6:30 PM CONTACT: development@stedmundprep.org November 23rd

October 15th & 25th

OPen House

Streetcorner Gourmet Cafeteria - 12:00 PM

Oct. 15th - 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM Oct. 25th - 7:00 PM

CONTACT: info@stedmundprep.org

CONTACT: admissions@stedmundprep.org

November 29th

Giving Tuesday


October 27th

Mark your calender for this international day of giving! www.stedmundprep.org/donate

The Virtual Card Party returns again in 2023! Make sure to get your tickets early and invite your friends to join you for a fun evening! We are always looking for assistance in securing prize donations and for members to join our committee. Contact us for more information!

Walkathon Marine Park - 8:15 AM CONTACT: Mike Leahy mleahy@stedmundprep.org October 29th

CONTACT: development@stedmundprep.org December 2ND

Class of 2002, 2007, 2012, 2017 Reunion


CONTACT: Mike Leahy mleahy@stedmundprep.org January 20th or 21st

March 29th

Career Day

CONTACT: Althea Sullivan ‘16 asullivan@stedmundprep.org

25th Anniversary of 1st SEP Grad Class/ Basketball Reunion

CONTACT: development@stedmundprep.org

December 8th

CONTACT: development@stedmundprep.org

November 4th

Cafeteria - 7:00 PM

Class of 1972 Golden Jubilee 12:30 PM - Mass Luncheon to follow

Radio Bingo Gym - 6:30 PM

Cafeteria - 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Sip-N-Shop CONTACT: development@stedmundprep.org December 21st

CONTACT: development@stedmundprep.org November 16th

Innovation Center Dedication CONTACT: jblum@stedmundprep.org

Christmas Show Dress Rehearsal/ Alumni Night Gym - 7:00 PM CONTACT: development@stedmundprep.org

March 10TH

10K Giveaway

Interested in being a presenter? Contact us! CONTACT: development@stedmundprep.org April 1ST

Virtual - 4:00 PM

Class of 1973 Golden Jubilee

CONTACT: Mike Leahy mleahy@stedmundprep.org

12:30 PM - Mass Luncheon to follow

March 24th & 25th

CONTACT: development@stedmundprep.org

SPring Theater Production Gym March 24th - 7:00 PM March 25th - 2:00 PM CONTACT: info@stedmundprep.org

April 27th

Athletic Hall of Fame Induction CONTACT: Dan Wiatre dwiatre@stedmundprep.org

2474 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11229 718-743-6100 Fax 718-743-5243 www.stedmundprep.org @stedmundprep

PLAY FOR THE PREP St. Edmund Prep Golf & Tennis Outing Thursday, October 6, 2022 Inwood Country Club 50 Peppe Drive, Inwood, NY Day of Golf Golf Foursome Day of Tennis Cocktails & Dinner

$300 Young Alumni $1200 (Class of 2011-2022) $175 Day of Golf $225 $100 Day of Tennis $125

Reserve Your Spot Today! Contact us: (718) 743-6100 x5083 development@stedmundprep.org Register online at www.stedmundprep.org/golfouting/