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Trust your guts

How to prioritize when everything is #1 J. Michael Dolan Depth of focus is a skill that all pro artists & treps must eventually master. Kinda like that precision focus you need when you’re standing in front of an audience, or your staff, or a camera. Kinda like when you’re pitching buyers, or writing dialogue, or composing a soundtrack, or searching for the right lyric. Kinda like when you’re so lost in the creative zone, nothing else exists because your focus is so fixed. Kinda like deciding what to do next. Important because the truth is, everything is not #1. Divide your to do list into Urgent, Essential and Constant. It’s probably best to do this on paper, not between your ears. If you’re ruthless and disciplined about this, it becomes obvious where and how to adjust your depth of focus.

J. Michael Dolan Today presents a profound opportunity to trust your gut-feelings and harness your emotions, whether they are sadness, anger, fear or excitement, and help us all get through these extraordinary times with your extraordinary talent and creativity. We’re certainly not depending on our leaders for that! That’s what artists and entrepreneurs do. We use our “gut feelings” as a lens to see what’s missing, to see what’s wanted and needed. Then we use our precious gift of creativity and incredible talent to manifest it. It’s your job to look forward into a non-existent future—a future that we depend on YOU to create and provide for us. A future filled with great songs, exceptional videos, inspiring stories, phenomenal performances, encouraging books, award winning screenplays, amazing art, breathtaking architecture, eyepopping apps and jaw-dropping products & services that help us move forward and reach further. Important because you chose the path of the independent, creative, artist/trep. And we’re relying on YOU, the writer, director, producer, songwriter, musician, actor, designer, and courageous risk-taking entrepreneur to create, manifest and contribute your best art and commerce for the benefit of all of us! If you build it, we will come.

Under pressure! J. Michael Dolan Just because so many articles and blogs point to “do more now and get ready for later,” doesn’t mean you should feel pressured to spontaneously be creative and impulsively come up with extraordinary ideas. Just because you may have more time on your hands doesn’t mean you should feel pressured to fill every hour with your genius greatness. Just because others appear to be progressing further than you doesn’t mean they are. (And why should that matter anyway?) And while it’s true that the global pandemic itself is like carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, it’s also nevertheless true that we should lighten up, slow down, and give ourselves some mental and emotional “thought space.” So we can create our art, run our business and manifest our ideas on our own terms, and in our own time. Important because our routines have changed significantly, and every day now looks like the weekend. Therefore, there’s no reason why we can’t release some of the pressure and give ourselves permission to enjoy some of this new found free time. STEAMMAGAZINE.NET JUNE 2020 STEAM MAGAZINE



Where were you on New Year’s Eve 1978? 2,000 music fans were in New Orleans bringing in the new year with The Marshall Tucker Band. This double LP titled New Year's In New Orleans: Roll Up '78 And Light Up '79! set captures that historic evening. The release came out in conjunction with the second Record Store Day of 2019. The title obviously implies that New Orleans lived up to its party atmosphere. The recording was mixed by Paul Hornsby. Some readers may remember his recordings beyond being behind the mixing board. The 12/31/78 show at The Warehouse in New Orleans was simulcast on over 150 radio stations nationwide, making it the most widely heard rock concert of its time. That is quite a feat for that time in the history of music. And certainly, something the band can still be proud of to this day. In 1978, the Marshall Tucker Band was Tommy Caldwell, Toy Caldwell, Jerry Eubanks, Doug Gray, George McCorkle, and Paul Riddle. They were one of the most successful bands of the day with recordings and live shows happening non-stop. The band played a combination of rock, blues, jazz and with some hints of country. Nothing like their contemporar-


Genre: Rock-Blues Original Release: 1979 Re-release: Nov 2019

ies from the south like Lynyrd Skynyrd or Molly Hatchet to name a few. I for one am grateful for this release on vinyl and do remember enjoying all of the hits, one after another, being played on AM and FM radio stations I would frequent. When you were a teenager in the 70s you spent more time in your car than anywhere else and if you stopped on some back road to meet with your friends to share a few brews, the music was always blaring from someone’s car or truck. That is quite a reach back for this music lover but I do remember those days very clearly. It was great bands like The Marshall Tucker Band that made it so special and easy to remember. One side one Toy played some mean slide guitar on “Fire On The Mountain.” And one of the fan favorites and mine “Heard It In Love Song” was brought to life on stage in convincing fashion. I thought “Blue Ridge Mountain Sky” was one of the best cuts on the album. It closed out side one loud and proud with some great guitar licks courtesy of Toy. Side two features “This Ol’ Cowboy.” The track is loaded with bluesy guitar licks and an amazing rhythm section, giving the six-string all the support, it needed to make the song a completed

live masterpiece. Speaking of outstanding tracks, “24 Hours At A Time” was a massive jam session complete with saxophone, clocking in at 13:08. You never get the feeling of when it was going to end, you just don’t want it to end! Once again Toy goes off on some superlative guitar runs. Side three featured “Desert Skies” which gave the listeners a side of the band that presented a more jazz influence with some horns for good measure. Side four closes out with the traditional “New Year's Countdown/Auld Lang Syne,” “Searching For A Rainbow” and “Will The Circle Be Unbroken.” It is a fitting end to a remarkable evening with a great show on display. If you open up the gatefold sleeves you will see a picture of the crowd and many of the folks up front having a great time, some probably a bit too much. That was all part of the concert culture and still is to this day. New Year's In New Orleans: Roll Up '78 And Light Up '79! is not only a classic live performance by a red hot band, but it also proves that The Marshall Tucker Band could rise to the occasion and give 2,000 music lovers a night they would never forget. Now you can get it and hear it for yourself.


Grammy nominated Victor Wainwright and his six -piece band The Train stretch out and push the limits on their new album Memphis Loud released in April 2020. The winner of the B.B King entertainer of the year award, singer songwriter and keyboardist could have rested on his laurels and giving us a standard blues album but instead chose to show off the full force of their talents and instrumental prowess on this far-reaching and dynamic collection of 12 original songs. Recorded at Music and Arts Studios in Memphis, the new tracks push the boundaries and mesh genres together in a sonic stew of funk, Americana, Jazz, Blues and power soul, driven by Wainwright’s muscular piano, soaring vocals, and heartfelt con-




templative lyrics. He sings about joy and pain, heartache and redemption and even his good old hound dog, leaving few stones unturned, with the band playing as a whirling dervish of frenzied energy behind him. The Savannaborn artist sings the praises of all things from the south and the opening track “Mississippi,” and the horn section delivers blazing lines on the rousing “Walk the Walk.” The highly orchestrated title track, “Memphis Loud,” and its follow up simply titled “Sing,” are both complex big band style numbers that could’ve come from the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Wainwright pushes the emotional boundaries on the expansive ballad “Disappear,” and very personal testimony during the epic “Reconcile.” Then asks everyone to look within during the provocative anthem “America.” He and The Train do you have some fun drawing inspiration from an Otis Redding tune for the horn line that drives the energetic track “Golden Rule,” and poke fun at hard luck in trouble found at the “South End Of A Northbound Mule,” and the celebration of his best friend is pure joy during “My Dog Riley,”as he sings s and delivers superb barrel house piano. Wainwright and The Train clearly demonstrate why they are seven-time Blues Music Award winners on this compelling new album. VICTOR WAINWRIGHT.COM RICK J BOWEN: WABLUES.COM

I go back to the 70s when I first saw the Outlaws at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA. I remember two full drum kits and four guitar players and everything else that filled that stage. I was amazed at the wall of sound that they created and how the guitars and drums managed to sync up without ever allowing it to turn into nothing but noise. It was a night I would never forget. Fast forward to the present day and the Outlaws are in full force, celebrating their 45th anniversary since the release of the first album and now the arrival of a strong new studio album last month titled Dixie Highway. The band is still led by original members Henry Paul and Monte Yoho and they are cranking out their Southern flavored rock with passion and enthusiasm. This double transparent marbled LP set has the band in a fantastic form giving the nod to their legacy and heritage to bands from the south like The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. They do not forget from whence the came and are damned proud of it. Their music and words ring true for all Americans just dying to hear it. The four sides of music are vintage Outlaws. Side one has "Southern Rock Will Never Die" appropriately kicking things off engaging their audience with that sound all the fans know. Closing out side one is the excellent title track.

It has been a longer gap between releases for Lucinda Williams. If you exclude her 2017 re-imagining of 1992’s Sweet Old World, it has been four years since her previous original collection The Ghosts of Highway 20. Williams spent last year touring with the centrepiece being the twentieth anniversary of her classic Car Wheels On A Gravel Road (1998). For the new outing, she took her now long-standing crack band into a Nashville studio and reunited with Ray Kennedy who was producer and engineer of that earlier seminal collection. What has come out of this collaboration is a dark, gritty and gripping commentary on current life. Taking some selected words from the song titles gives a portent – ‘bad news’, ‘without a soul’, ‘black’, ‘devil’, ‘doubts’, ‘dark’, ‘contention’, ‘down’. Williams’s voice ranges from a tender quivering to the angriest growl that she has ever recorded in a forty-year storied career. The dirty and distorted blues arrangements are powerful and exciting. Recording live in Kennedy’s vintageequipped studio, Williams and her band (guitarist Stuart Mathis, bassist David Sutton and drummer Butch Norton) cut most of the songs in two or three takes. Mathis’s guitar work in particular is pivotal, used to wrenching effect on


“Bone Of Contention”. The hard-rocking “Man Without A Soul”, the creeping and stealthy “Pray The Devil” and the fiery and rhythmic “Down Past The Bottom” (see clip below) are other highlights. But there’s gentleness and balance as well – “Big Black Train”, “When The Way Gets Dark” and “Good Souls” are moving. Good Souls Better Angels is a timely return – a galvanizing and passionate call to arms LUCINDAWILLIAMS.COM ROB DICKENS: LISTENINGTHOUGHTHELENS.COM

Side two features the famous dueling guitars on “Overnight From Athens.” Then “Dark Horse Run” closes out the second side with guitar riffing on fire with some unusual but brief keyboards thrown in for effect and taste. Now with two sides of music complete, you're anticipating more of the sound that made this band famous and wondering if they can maintain the momentum going into side three. They answer the call with a killer track titled “Rattlesnake Road” and I immediately thought of Steve Earle’s classic “Copperhead Road” and the rockin’ sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd. So, they pay homage to the former heroes of the south in words and music. They are giving some credit where it is due. The whiskey-soaked vocals, which are normally the standard for blues music, are done exceptionally well and I must say it was my favorite track on the album. “Showdown (Instrumental)” closes out side three with the spotlight only on the complete musicianship 1.92 and how tight this band still is after all these years. Side four opens with “Windy City’s Blue” and a strong bass line followed

by guitars building to a climax and offering some lyrics with meaning and poignancy. “Macon Memories” cites The Allman Brothers when they arrived on the scene and how they set the stage for every band thereafter like the Outlaws, Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, 38 Special, the list is long and impressive. The Outlaws are a class act and they have delivered on all fronts with Dixie Highway and I can say with plenty of certainties this is a road I am willing to travel more than once. I love this band and their music and to hear all this new music coming through the speakers on vinyl is the ideal listening experience. It reignites my love for Southern Rock and all the great bands that have left their indelible mark upon it. The Outlaws rank up there as the best that has represented the genre and this album is a reminder and declaration of their longstanding contributions. Now you can add one more album to the list of great albums by this timeless band. .


2019 MassChallenge Texas in Austin Diamond Winner Men's Gold Boxx By Juice Consulting MassChallenge, a global network of zero-equity startup accelerators, today announced the 58 earlystage startups invited to join the 2020 MassChallenge Texas in Austin program. These selected startups have been rigorously vetted by a community of more than 500 expert judges and represent the top 10% of applications from around the world. “Today’s entrepreneurs will have a fundamental impact on how efficiently the world recovers from the current economic crisis, and the game-changing startups in this year’s Austin-based cohort are poised to do just that,” said Mike Millard, Managing Director of MassChallenge Texas. “I am incredibly impressed by the founders’ abilities to navigate their businesses through the coronavirus crisis, leveraging the intersection of business and technology to create solutions across agriculture, internet of things, medical devices, manufacturing, and more. These startups have a place helping large organizations recalibrate as they adapt to the new digital-first world. They will pave the way for economic development by getting companies back online, creating jobs, and generating wealth.” Since March, MassChallenge’s world-class network of investors, serial entrepreneurs, corporate executives, academics, and more have evaluated applications based on each startup’s ability to demonstrate high impact and high potential in their fields. The cohort selected for the Austin program represent: 5 Countries 15 States 5 industries: 43%healthcare and life sciences 31% are high tech 22% are general, retail & consumer goods 2% are clean tech and energy 2% are social impact 65% female founded This year’s cohort includes a new focus area for startups with dual-use solutions in commercial and defense industry applications. The Safety & Security track accelerates, connects and educates startups with direct or relevance to national defense and public safety, and accelerates their pathways to market and scale. The track provides partners a demonstrated platform to access the next generation of defense-relevant technologies to strengthen the defense innovation ecosystem. Serving as a sub -cohort, startups selected for this track will receive specialized content and connections, tailored to help them grow within the national defense industry. “Central Texas is uniquely suited to reach and sup8 STEAM MAGAZINE JUNE 2020 STEAMMAGAZINE.NET

port emerging commercial tech because of the access to the fast-expanding innovation community here,” said Zach Walker, Defense Innovation Unit Texas Lead. “This includes a broad spectrum of entrepreneurs building useful technologies across different industries. We are excited to connect with the startups in this year’s cohort and help scale the most successful prototypes across the Department for the greatest impact; saving time, money and lives.” To mitigate the public health risks presented by the novel coronavirus, MassChallenge Texas in Austin’s 2020 accelerator will begin virtually and will transition to a hybrid of digital and in-person programming when the organization can ensure the health and safety of its community. Participating startups will engage in an evidence-based curriculum designed to address key challenges across the early-stage lifecycle and will receive unrivaled access to experienced mentors, a global network of experts, top corporate partners, and more. This premier experience and access is made available at zero cost and for zero equity. “MassChallenge Texas has done incredible work since their launch in 2017,” said Dana Harris, Vice President of Federal/State Advocacy for the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and MassChallenge Texas board member. “Their work with more than 150 startups in Austin has far reaching impact across Central Texas. I’m excited to see the program make a fast pivot to a virtual accelerator experience in the wake of COVID-19. This further demonstrates their commitment and promise to help organizations manage change and drive economic growth.” There will be two opportunities for the public to connect with the participating startups at the MassChallenge Virtual Startup Showcase on July 16 and 17 and the MassChallenge Texas in Austin 2020 Awards at the end of the program. More information and RSVP details will be shared on the MassChallenge website when the accelerator kicks off later this month. About MassChallenge: MassChallenge is a global network of zero-equity startup ac-

MassChallenge Texas Managing Director Mike Millard

MassChallenge Texas Founding, Corporate, and Civic Partners Central Houston, City of Houston, Downtown Redevelopment Authority, Defense Innovation Unit, Department of Defense, Upstream, WeWork, Austin Technology Incubator, BAE Systems, DELL, Reliant an NRG company, Juice Consulting, Stadia Ventures, Texas Foundation for Innovative communities, TMAC, UPS, Winstead, IOwnIt celerators. Headquartered in the United States with locations in Boston, Israel, Mexico, Rhode Island, Switzerland, and Texas, MassChallenge is committed to strengthening the global innovation ecosystem by supporting high-potential startups across all industries, from anywhere in the world. To date, more than 2,400 MassChallenge alumni have raised more than $6.2 billion in funding, generated more than $3 billion in revenue, and created more than 157,000 total jobs. Learn more about MassChallenge at masschallenge.org. MASSCHALLENGE.ORG

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus 2019) has taken so much and pinned us in for what felt like forever. Here in Texas, we’re fortunate that restrictions are easing and we all have hope that life will go back to normal. At this point, we know it won’t be quite the same; masks are a new normal so is social distancing, and people are still getting sick and many are dying. We would like to thank all of the frontline workers for working to keep us safe and healthy. We also want to thank the essential workers for keeping us fed, clothed, and medicated. There are two groups of essential workers that I think have been overshadowed and, especially here in Texas, need to have their backs patted… The oil workers and the supply chain workers! Thank you for making sure our oil fields, refineries and facilities, and storage plants operate normally and continue to. Without our supply chain workers, all other frontline and essential work would have stopped. Thank you ship and port workers for making sure our supplies make it to dry land. Our railroad workers who ensure supplies get to points of distribution throughout our country, thank you! And truck drivers who spend their days and nights in traffic, that none of us want to be in, thank you! We chose to feature Genevieve Garand’s 2020 as our cover art we knew it meant a lot for us and that it would mean so much to others. Gene is an exceptional artist and her ability to draw you into her world through paint is in full display with “This is what I would call 2020”. Thank you Genevieve for allowing us to share “This is what I would call 2020”, we believe you have touched many souls through this beautiful piece. Sending our best to all, Tamma Hicks & Rusty Hicks STEAM Magazine

This is what I would call 2020.

By Genevieve Garand Yes, the earth is reborn since the lockdown, but these flowers are dedicated to all the people who left their lives in the episode of the COVID-19.... which, unfortunately, is not over. The petals, leaves, and green blue water at the bottom represent tears... and I cried more than once while painting this canvas. When I said I was painted the COVID -19, I was told I'm crazy, that no one would want to remember this..... But I did and offer it to you. I'm offering you this bouquet. Whether you are grieving, sick, one of our guardian angels, or need flowers to get through your lockdown, they are yours. Contact me (Facebook or website) and I will send you the original photo for card, post, print. My condolences, thanks, and good luck! Gene. Garand Facebook.com/GeneGarand and GeneGarand.com

By Rusty Hicks & Tamma Hicks STEAM Magazine Photos via Monte Warden

onte Warden won his first of many Austin Music Awards (for Best New Band) when he was 15 years old. The band in question was the rockabilly trio Whoa Trigger!, which Monte rode into his next project, The Wagoneers, which scored a major-label deal with A&M Records after performing at the 1st SXSW. The band’s “Stout and High” debut was released to worldwide critical acclaim and is widely considered one of the best and most influential country albums of the 80s. His self-titled solo debut was named one of the 100 best American albums of the 20th century by NME. Monte’s biggest commercial success has been as a songwriter, selling millions of records, landing cuts in major film and television shows, as well as with artists like Kelly Willis, Patty Loveless, George Jones, Bruce Robison, Carrie Underwood, Travis Tritt, and George Strait, to name a few. In the fall of 2005, Monte was awarded his first BMI Award for success in the country field, and in March 2007, he

was awarded the prestigious BMI ‘Million-Air’ Award, signifying over 1 million radio performances of his song, “Desperately” recorded and performed by George Strait. Monte is a rare two-time member of The Texas Music Hall of Fame, both as a solo artist and as a member of The Wagoneers, who reunited in 2012. In addition to his success as a songwriter & recording artist, Monte is recognized throughout the world as one of the premier experts on the career, life, and works of Buddy Holly, consulting not only Holly’s widow, band, and family, but also his record label, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone Magazine, Hard Rock Café, and Heritage Auction, as well as on several films and recording projects. hat is it about Buddy Holly that piqued your interest so deeply? Honestly, he is the sole reason I ever picked up a guitar. I heard about him from my parents because they were in high school when he was a star. I became interested in his records because they just completely moved me and turned me on. Buddy Holly was really the first time music ever just spoke to me in


that you were playing without a fake such a soulful way. So really my interest with mustache or something. him comes from just a wonderful love and Actually, what we did when I was just getting appreciation of his music. started, particularly around central Texas, Any big Buddy Holly fan will tell you that was I would play our set and then I would since the moment he died his legacy has been have to go outside. The bars would say, in shambles; his record label didn't care “You know son you can play here, but you about him, the people in charge of his estate can't stay here”. didn't care about how he was perceived as long as records continued to sell. So I have eah, I remember that too and the older always been interested in preserving his legaguys would usually go make fun of the cy. People, like historians, movie producers, younger ones. writers, and just a whole bunch of different Yeah, that did happen, but it was such a people, have reached out to me to get the great experience for me to learn to be in truth because there's more information out front of an audience there about him that and you know it realis incorrect and fabrily toughens you up as Y OUR SONGS NEED TO BE BETTER THAN cated then right and THE BEST SONGS ON THE RADIO, BECAUSE a songwriter because true. The main thing about EVERY SONGWRITER HAS A SONG BETTER you have to write songs that people Buddy Holly, and I THAN THE WORST SONG. want to hear and have nothing to do what they want to with this, is how dance and drink to. exquisite his music and songs are; it's just a testimony to how talented he truly was. o you started right out of the gate writing songs? am not a huge fan but I am aware about I was always interested in songs and songthe misinformation about him. Well, you writing. Nobody in my family was in the have an interesting career yourself, so music business or songwriting, so I didn't let’s talk about it. You were only 15 when know anything about it when I started. I got you began performing professionally. my first publishing deal you know when I Actually, I started at 14. was about 17 and at 19, before I was even old enough to drink, I wrote the national started when I was young, but that's Coors Light ad. I have been so blessed to do even younger than us. I remember back this; it's really nice when you can make a then you couldn't even get into the bars

living out of your dream. agree! Tell me about the album that you have coming out. My wife Brandi and I wrote 11 of the 12 songs on the record. She also co-produced the album with Tim Palmer from England. He’s known for producing albums by Pearl Jam, David Bowie, U2, and many others and he just really loved this project and so produced it with her. hat's nice company to be in with! And is Brandi a band member of The Dangerous Few? Oh heavens no, she’s not in the band. She's not a performer or a singer; however, Brandi is a very successful music publisher! She’s been my music publisher for 19 years, so when we had those hits with Travis Tritt and George Strait and others, she was the one who published the songs and got them to the right people. You know she comes from an extraordinarily successful songwriting family; her grandfather, dad, and uncle have all written big hits. Her great-uncle was the house recording engineer at Sun Records and he engineered Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis and I Walk the Line for Johnny Cash. So, really her family has just been very involved in the music we all know and love. ho makes up The Dangerous Few? Well, on drums is my old buddy Mas Palermo who's also the drummer for The Wagoneers and has written a whole bunch of hit songs. Brent Wilson, is the guitar player for The Wagoneers, is the stand-up bass player for The Dangerous Few. T. Jarrod Bonta is on piano and the amazing trumpet player Erik Telford rounds us out. You'll hear on the recordings what phenomenal players these two are. Mas and Erik both lent a hand in producing the record. know you said this is more jazz influenced, but I enjoy listening to trumpet on traditional country and Americana and thats you as well, right? Yeah, I just love using the trumpet on a lot of stuff because it's got that Spanish influence but the music on this album is a lot more urbane, Jazzy-Americana. The Dangerous Few music is something you probably have never heard before, so I'm very pleased that people are going to get to listen to something that is stylistically new, not just from me but in general. he release date is Friday, June 19th and where will you be? We’ll be in Austin and start out with a show and signing at Waterloo Records on Lamar & 6th St where they’ll have vinyl and CD available. In the afternoon or evening, I’ll host the “Monte Warden Feel Good Hour” livestreamed on Facebook, and then that night we’ll go down and do a set at the Continental Club on S Congress.

t sounds like a busy day, but it’ll be fun! Let's switch over to The Wagoneers because that was the group you played in during the 80s and then reformed in 2012. Well you know, the Wagoneers have always been my group and I've written every song that we ever performed and recorded. We formed in the 80s and broke up about 91, and this is where some of that confusion might have come from because some of the guys went on to play for Dale Watson, and that's where the assumption is that he kept The Wagoneers going but that’s not the case. When we stopped in 91 it was to start my solo career and really focus on my songwriting career. o you have the same players from the 80s? Yes, we do. Brent Wilson is the same guitar player from back then and he and I are pretty much the engines that drive. Our bass player Brad Fordham started playing in ‘89, so he was almost an original member. And, of course, on drums is Mas Palermo, who I've known since I was 19 or so. always compare being in a band to being married, just to a lot more people at once. Yeah well, there are always personality conflicts, but that's just part of the game. We've all known each other for a long, long time and just kind of grown-up together. I think I’m really blessed to be in a band with the same guys from my twenties and there's no drama, everybody gets along, and we're just having a ball. saw that The Wagoneers' last album came out in 2011. Are you considering putting out an album? That's right that was our The Wagoneers: The Essentials. It’s a compilation album of our two A&M records with some never-beforereleased gospel songs that we had recorded back in ‘89. And yes, we have a record in the can that we are really excited about but we decided to release The Dangerous Few first and, hopefully when the world goes back to normal, we’ll release The Wagoneers album in early 2021.

most of the time that answer is no. There are very few people that are talented enough to write those million-dollar songs and it is seriously only talent-driven. Often when I tell people that as a songwriter that you can always get better, there are tricks and lessons you can learn you can learn on how to be a better writer, but there is nothing you can do to make you a good songwriter. You have to want you to know that I really think talent, which is something you can’t be taught that's a wonderful program and thank or learned. That's a difficult thing to say and you for helping people that suffer from it's very difficult for people to learn. I am just PTSD and especially blessed that my songs our veterans. They have the ability to resoB UDDY H OLLY WAS REALLY THE have a very hard job nate with people and I'm and I don’t think they FIRST TIME MUSIC EVER JUST SPOKE very grateful for that. get the respect and TO ME IN SUCH A SOULFUL WAY. hat is really great credit they deserve advice, very home often enough. driven and I appreciate it. as you said it's Thank you and this is the very least that I can a very difficult thing to explain to somedo for the men and women that fight for our one that they have or don't have a talent. freedom and let us enjoy the way of life we It really is, because this talent, songwriting, is have. This is the greatest country in the hisso suggestive. It's not like in sports where a tory of the world and it’s just something I guy can either throw a fastball at 90 miles an can do to help. It's a very worthwhile organihour or not. There's no subjective to that zation and I'm so grateful to be a part of it. fact, it's not that his girlfriend thinks he can ou were saying that some of your songs drive throw at 90 miles an hour, he either can have been recorded by national artists or he can't. Same thing with football; you can and that Brandi is your publisher. either throw the ball 45 yards and thread the Yes, I have had over 100 major-label cuts so needle or you can't. But with music, it's so really a bunch of artists have recorded my subjective, because there's so many different songs over the years. Honestly, every time it styles and tastes and there isn't a definitive happens it is a humbling experience and just on what is good enough. I think what’s been a neat deal when somebody takes the song so challenging in the want to do this for a you've written and adds their talent and time. living in the last 15-20 years is that we’re in I'm just grateful every single time it happens. the digital information age. People can just record and release anything, whereas before ow, that is wonderful! For the people you couldn't release your own record. You that have been sitting at home writing had to be connected with a label or a prosongs during this coronavirus experiducer; you had to have somebody who said ence, do you have any advice on how to “yes, you can do this”. Now you just record shop a song? 10 songs on your home studio or your iPhI get asked this question often, so here's the one and you've got a record. It's much easier thing: you need to remember that whoever now to fool yourself into believing that you you are and wherever you are your song has should be in the music business. I don't beto be better than the best song out there! lieve that in the advent of the information Remember these artists are already comfortaage that we have more great songwriters in ble recording songs by known songwriters the world in my opinion, it's just we have because they've sold records and had success more people with the ability to make a recbefore with them. So for you to breakord. through, your songs need to be better than the best songs on the radio, because every Editor’s Note: Listen to Monte Warden & the songwriter has a song better than the worst Dangerous Few on SteamMagasong on the radio. And that's what you need zineRadio.net on all browsers: Lyvrato ask yourself, “do I have something better dio.com/STMR! than the best thing out there?” In all honesty they’ve gone through and what they want to express. Next they bring in three or four songwriters who go over the needs of the veterans and see which experience best suits our abilities. Then the songwriter spends three or four hours with the respective veteran and helps them take their feelings and thoughts and express that in song.

ell as you’d said earlier you have been writing songs since you were a teenager, so let’s talk a little more about that. You are involved with Songwriting With Soldiers. How did you get involved and will you explain a little about them? Well, the founder of that organization, Darden Smith, is an old friend of mine and he asked if I wanted to get involved writing with combat veterans, many of whom have just come back, and then he invited me to go on one of their retreats. I reckon I've been on 3 retreats now. First, the organization brings in several groups of veterans and they talk about what STEAMMAGAZINE.NET JUNE 2020 STEAM MAGAZINE 13

By Tamma Hicks & Rusty Hicks STEAM Magazine Photo: Blaggards

ront man Patrick Devlin grew up in Dublin, Ireland, and moved to Houston in his early 20′s. After working in the local club scene for several years, Patrick saw a demand for Irish rock music that nobody was taking advantage of. In 1996, he formed a band called On The Dole. Although the band did well, opening for legendary Irish touring acts like the Wolfe Tones and the Saw Doctors, eventually Patrick decided it was time to clear the decks and start again. n 2003, while hosting a weekly open mic at an Irish pub, Patrick met bassist and singer Chad Smalley. The two of them soon began singing and performing together every week, developing a tight vocal harmony style. A year later, Blaggards was born! Drummer Eric C. Hughes sat in with Blaggards several times before officially joining the band in January 2020. They play what they call “Stout Irish Rock”, traditional Irish music mixed with rock n’ roll and infused by everything from Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley to Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath. laggards maintain a rigorous schedule, playing constantly throughout Texas and touring nationally several times a year. They also

tour Ireland for Halloween every year. ith all the craziness that’s been going on how are you doing? Well, as good as can be expected. We, of course, were shut down the day before our biggest day of the year, St Patrick's Day, and we had to cancel one tour and the most of a second, so we're trying to salvage what we can before the end of the year. Just before the reopening began we started to get calls and are booking up. he first thing I saw on your website was that your Ireland tour has been canceled. Tell me about this trip because you go to Ireland and invite friends and fans to tag along, provided they pay their own way, right? Yes! So for the last 9 years we've been going to Ireland every October and make sure we’re there on the 31st because Ireland is the birthplace of Halloween. We usually do 10 days and to put it in a nutshell: we travel the country and sightsee during the day and at night we hit the pubs! Our trips are more for adults, although all ages are welcome, because most of the fun is at night when we're playing in the pubs. And we play every night over there. We try to change up the tour every year but really without trying it just gets better each year. I have so much family and many friends there so it's like a homecoming for me and I get to introduce our American friends to our Irish friends. I’m just gutted that we can't go this year. t sounds like a really good time, but it


just means you have to hang out in the US. There are lots of cool places to be for Halloween. Along with the Irish tours, you play all over the US. Yes, actually this current weekend we were supposed to be in Indiana and Illinois then over to the East Coast, but everything has been postponed, rescheduled, or cancelled so I'm trying to reclaim everything we can and get us back out there for the rest of the year. ow did you choose the name Blaggards? Well, we were On The Dole but we had a constant rotation of players, that just didn’t take it seriously, and I ended up doing duos and trios. When I finally nailed down a lineup that we all liked we changed the name to Blaggards and we don't even have a “The” in front of it.

Yes, but I don't hear it and I don't see any correlation because they do straight punk where we're more steeped in traditional, rockabilly, rock, and country. hat I’m hearing is that you like to mix it up. Exactly, we get bored; especially me. I don't know if it's ADD or what but if I have to play 3 back-to-back country or rock or traditional songs I would be hanging by a rope by the end of the second. To me it has to be exciting and it has to be a show that we would want to go see.

ince you mentioned country music, your recording on the Standards album of Superstitious Minds has become one of my favorite versions. Well, thank you and I can't wait till you see us preform it live because that's song that has grown and morphed since the record came out. It hich makes it diffi- My advice, first and foremost, is just has so much more life get your music out there! to it now. cult, because it’s natural to say “The”. o I have to ask… why I know; we kind of did that, because we did you put a reggae part in the middle of knew it would be something that stuck out in an Elvis standard? people's minds. It's silly but at the same time Our drummer at the time had a hard time when you're backstage at a big show and putting that big swing 6/8 in and, since he you're waiting for the announcer to come out had such a hard time with that fill, we decidand blow it by using “The” but we asked for ed to change it up and catch people's attenit, knowing full well that it would happen. tion. Also we didn't want to do this as straight traditional Irish; it's a name that helps us stay t definitely works, so who is in the in that rock and roll direction. Under Blagband? gards we can go any direction from traditionSince the beginning of Blaggards Chad al Irish to rock. Smalley has been our bass player and background vocals. He had just returned from o people compare you to Dropkick NYC when he and I met. Our fiddle player Murphy?

Jeff Duncan is a phenomenal player and great singer. Eric C. Hughes had just started drumming with us full-time a few weeks before the pandemic lockdown hit. He’s a very accomplished drummer and it’s great to have him with us. Honestly as soon as the gates open we will be off and running!

on the couch and not doing a damn thing? Oh we definitely stayed busy. We've been writing like crazy, learning and practicing our parts. We weren’t able to get back into the studio to record until middle of May. We’ve already recorded 7 or 8 songs, so we just need to put the final touches on them and we’ll have a new album out in Blaggards fashion. On this album we're doing a lot of stuff you wouldn't expect. We've always got the Irish tinge to it, but there's just so much more energy. Eric, our new drummer, has done a spot on job and been it’s been a really nice transition.

’m sure you will! I think more people have heard you than they know, because many of your songs have been in movies and TV shows. Yeah, there was a big summer movie out a few years ago, How To Be SinCigars in Spring TX, you were on gle. They called us and asked if to use your way to go record your weekly one of our songs off our Standards podcast. You also mentioned that CD and I said sure pick anyone you you weren’t the first to jump on that o you have any advice for people want, however they were worried bandwagon. who want to get their songs out about copyright issues, so I told him Yes well, just over a year ago Chad, there? we would just write him a new one and our bass player, came to us and said we Well you know that's a really good we did. Actually, I had written 3 songs need to do a podcast. Not knowing the question. I would love to say that I and just sandwich them together. Jeff, full extent of what that is I said, “No, shopped my music around because who wasn’t in the band yet, came in that's ridiculous. Why would we want we've had a couple and played his part and We've always got the Irish of songs played on to do that, everybody has one” but his then added the second persistence finally broke me down and section to it. We put it tinge to it, but there's just so The Good Wife I said let's do “one”. So the first one on CBS and for together and sent it to much more energy. was kind of sketchy, we really didn't the movie and the film people from a know what we were doing but we some others, but they all called us. My mobile phone recording. Once they knew we had something to say. Now advice, first and foremost, is get your said they loved it we sent them a real we've been doing it for music out there! Don't recording. It wasn't one of those worry about charging the podcast has been a over a year and I bethings where we can retire off of it by lieve June 2nd will be for every single thing, any means, but it paid well and it was a very nice surprise episode 69, so you can but let people hear you. fun experience. see it caught fire. Every time we do a Just don't give it away by making sure know that to get royalties and show people talk about it, which is it's copyrighted to you. Your music whatnot you have to be members of great because it also gave us a platform needs to be heard because that’s how ASCAP and BMI and most people to introduce Eric as the new Drummer you get people interested and they'll don’t do it unless they have to. and kept us in their minds while this start following you. Really, that's how We weren’t members before, but we pandemic was going on. So the podour stuff came about. had to for that movie. We also found cast has been a very nice surprise to really appreciate the way you out that our music had been used in a me. I didn't expect it to; actually I had answered that you know it's one of bunch of other stuff and the money no expectations of it. those questions I try to ask everywas just kind of sitting there waiting t's nice to get a pleasant surprise one at every level because there's for us, so we got this great check at the like that, especially when someno wrong answer but there's differend of it. It turned out to be a great body drags you into something you ent answers from everyone. experience all around. don't want to do. Well, my go to line is I give advice but ow, that's really cool! Maybe Yes, and because I'm always right I I don't take it; but that goes right out even a hint for some songwriters. won't admit to him that he was right or the window as soon as I'm talking to For a group of guys who don't take that I like it. someone who has an idea or breaks often did you spend your knowledge of something that I don't. pandemic lockdown kicking back hen we met you at Black House

Photo Jamie Ward


After what has seemed

Words & Photos By Tim Dodge, STEAM Magazine

to be an eternity of no live music due to this COVID-19 dilemma there was a bright spot in this. The first ever NewellFest was put on at the beautiful Star Ranch in Cresson TX. It was the brain child of Gary & Charlene Newell and Jeff & Teresa Deason (owners of The Star Ranch). The idea was to put on a festival where all the proceeds went to the entertainers to help them through this difficult time. Personal distancing was practiced for those that requested it. The 2 day event was a very big success for only being put together in 3 weeks, from inception to reality. The performers on Friday were: Blacktop Gypsy, Terry Rasor, Max Stalling, and Thomas Michael Riley.

After a day of fun, fellowship, and personal distancing the Saturday’s show started with the Bobby Kerr Mustangs. This was a trick horse show that was very fun to watch. I wish I took video, because photos just don't do it justice. Next was the country-blues sounds of Davin James before Walt Wilkins took the stage with his soulful songs.

(top) Bobby Kerr Mustangs taking a drive; (middle) Tommy Alverson, Walt Wilkins; (below) closing NewellFest were The Hamiltons.


(left) The evening closed with Thomas Michael Riley (below) Terry Rasnor withBlacktop Gypsy providing harmonies; Max Stalling was joined by Heather Starcher-Stalling/Blacktop Gypsy.

Later that night it was time for Tommy Alverson

and his band. Tommy rocked the pasture and even brought Walt on stage to do a duet on a song that they co-wrote. Finishing off the night was a young group called The Hamiltons. These kids were energetic and played songs that were in my opinion a little less traditional, but they put on a great show.

By Tamma Hicks, STEAM Magazine TE&TC Photos

The East & The Crow is a band from Portland TX with a focus on creating music that feels timeless. Borrowing elements of modernity as well as vintage aesthetics their fans will definitely connect with the band’s formula and songwriting honesty. The group has been performing throughout the Coastal Bend area. The East & The Crow is working on a studio album, which will include their first 2 singles, “Ready for the Sun to Shine,” and “With These Two Hands”, released in 2018. Lee Dykes sat down with us to introduce the band and their new video.

There are a lot of guys up on that stage, so tell me about your band. Yeah, there are six of us that play in the band. We also have another guy that writes with us and a producer we've been working with, and, of course, all of our wives are involved. I play bass and keys and do some backing vocals. Brian Wright is our lead vocalist and lyric writer. Wade Capps plays acoustic guitar and a many of the leads and backing vocals as well as offstage stuff like graphics and production media. Our drummer Quinton Mosel works in a hospital, so the pandemic lockdown has been interesting with no in-person

practices. The last two members have only been with us for about a year, Chip Crossley and Ralph Tobias. Chip plays rhythm acoustic and is tuned higher to give us a mandolin or banjo sound. Ralph is our lead electric guitarist. Brian writes most of the lyrics then Wade and the rest of us put the music behind it

album? We decided to release the first 2 singles before we’d started playing shows and they, along with Without You, will be coming out as an album with 10 possibly 11 tracks. We're looking at June for our release and the last song is with the producer now.

That’s great when you all have a piece in

Now that Texas has opened for clubs and

the a final product. Who does production? The first two songs were produced out of my dad’s (Quahan Dykes) home studio. And our current release, Without You, was done by Chris Pierce and Reality Audio Design in Corpus Christi.

restaurants are you guys booking up for the summer? Well, at this point we are putting our feelers out and hopefully by the time this is published we’ll have a list of shows on our website and Facebook and ReverbNation pages. Many of the spring events that we were scheduled to play have been rescheduled for the fall, so like Portland’s WindFest will be in November, Ingleside Roundup Days is now in September and Corpus Christi’s Buc Days will be in November too. And we're booked for all three of those events. We're also trying to help organize the Coastal Bend Back-On-Stage Festival. We don't have a date yet because of the pandemic. All festivals now have to request permission through the governor's office , but our idea is to get a lot of the local bands back on stage and of course keep everybody safe.


did you come up with the band

name? Wade claims it was in a dream but it was just one of the names on a list that we made. We chose it because it doesn't have a lot of meaning to it and at the same time only one of us is actually from Texas. If you play with the numbers a little you’ll see that most of us come from “the East”, so Brian likes to refer to himself as “the Crow”.

I like that story better than coming from a dream. Will you put out an EP with these songs or are you going to wait for a full

I hadn’t realized you need to go through the governor's office but I can understand the reasoning behind it. Since the last song is in production, do you have an album name? I believe it'll be Saint Rita Of Apostles Dreams, which is one of the songs on the album. The song is really cool and has a Spanish feel with trumpets. It shows more of the South Texas side of the band. Without You, which we just released in video on May 19th is more Texas-Country and Americana.

Just wait until you see Brian in high heels Well,

that was a nice segues to talk about the genre you fit yourselves into. Yeah, it makes it hard to sell sometimes, but we can play anything from Rock to Country to Americana. So we can play at a Country bar or open for a rock band and we definitely don’t pull a Blues Brothers where they pull out one country song and playing it all night.


think we need to talk about this new video of Without You. And of course, the main question is… Whose idea was it to

Continued on Page 19


The teams behind A Night For Austin stand firmly against all forms of racism and hate, and wish to emphasize their full acknowledgment and sincere heartbreak over the current upheaval in our country, and across the world. The organizers understand that cities and towns across our country have suffered devastating financial losses due to the global pandemic, Austin being one of many. With this in our hearts and minds, the crew and participants have decided to move forward with A Night For Austin, a broadcast event that has been in the works for multiple weeks. The hope is that the program serves as a reminder that coming together is the key to prevailing; while also following through on the mission to support the Austin community as it continues to recover and heal. Together we stand against racism. Together we support Austin.

Austin, Texas, has, without a doubt, left a lasting

impression on all who have spent any amount of time in the Live Music Capital of the World—a week for SXSW, a day’s stop on tour, business conferences, or years building careers and friendships—and right now, the city we’ve strived to keep weird all these years needs a little help to “Keep Austin Going.” Announcing “A Night For Austin,” a television and streaming event to raise money for the community of Austin in reaction to the closures and loss due to COVID-19 shutdowns. Produced by Luck Productions—the busier-than-ever collective best known for hosting Luck Reunion at Willie Nelson’s Luck, TX, ranch every year—“A Night For Austin” is the brainchild of Grammy Award-winning, Mt. Rushmore-worthy singer-songwriter Paul Simon. The two hour, commercial-free telethon-style broadcast starts at 8 pm Central on June 10th at anightforaustin.com and twitch.tv/luckreunion. The program will also air locally on CBS Austin (KEYE). A Night For Austin will be powered by Brightcove, the world’s leading video technology platform.


from Simon, Nelson, James Taylor, and more will intertwine with appearances from the likes of Ethan Hawke, Renée Zellweger, Woody Harrelson, and Owen Wilson; all Texans with a strong love for the city and its people. 100% of the money raised will go to a fund managed by the Austin Community Foundation to be distributed directly to MusiCares Austin, HAMM, Central Texas Food Bank, Six Square, Southern Smoke Foundation, Red River Cultural District, and People Fund. Locals will be able to watch “A Night For Austin” on CBS Austin (KEYE). Worldwide, “A Night For Austin” will be streamed on anightforaustin.com and at Luck Reunion’s Twitch channel, complete with a “virtual tip jar”—a direct link to donate throughout the evening. A full, ever-growing list of performers can be found below. “We were incredibly honored and excited that Paul Simon and his team tapped Luck to produce this event and to benefit our own community of Austin,” said Matt Bizer, Co-founder of Luck Productions. “It means a lot for us to be able to support this com18 STEAM MAGAZINE JUNE 2020 STEAMMAGAZINE.NET

munity that has always inspired and provided for us and we are excited to be doing it alongside an amazing group of talented individuals, organizations, artists who themselves represent the unique fabric and soul that makes Austin our home.” “Everyone here at CBS Austin loves our Austin community, our hearts go out to the musicians, artists, and business owners who have struggled due to the COVID 19 pandemic,” said Amy Villarreal, Vice president and General Manager of CBS Austin/ Telemundo Austin. “That’s why we’re proud to provide this commercial-free two-hour televised event as a means to help them out.” “The coronavirus has completely upended live music in Austin, which is why we must come together to support the industry that makes our city special. Austin Community Foundation is honored to work with Paul Simon to bring much-needed relief to those who rely on the music scene for their livelihood. The funds raised through A Night For Austin will go to nonprofit organizations equipped to help musicians, producers, venue owners, and others persevere through these difficult times,” said Mike Nellis, CEO of Austin Community Foundation.

What: “A Night For Austin” a two hour, commercial-free telethon-style fundraiser

When: June 10th at 8 pm Central Where: anightforaustin.com/donate,

twitch.tv, or locally on CBS Austin (KEYE) Appearances by: Paul Simon, Edie Brickell, Vince Gill, Lyle Lovett, Shawn Colvin, John Hiatt, Jerry Douglas, Bonnie Raitt and Boz Scaggs, Ryan Bingham, Black Pumas, Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel, Augie Meyers with Los Texmaniacs, Flaco Jiménez with Los Texmaniacs, Patty Griffin, Alejandro Escovedo, Willie Nelson, Lukus Nelson, Gary Clark Jr., Britt Daniel (Spoon), Jimmie Vaughan and The Tilt-a-Whirl Band, David Ramirez, Charlie Sexton with Doyle Bramhall II, Terry Allen, Norah Jones, James Taylor, Ethan Hawke, Renée Zellweger, Woody Harrelson, and Owen Wilson.


A FREE COMMUNITY EVENT Tickets are not necessary. Limited to 350 attendees Saturday, June 13th at 7:30 PM As the first classical music ensemble in the U.S. to return to a major concert hall with a live audience, Agarita is honored to bring you A Community Celebration with Agarita: Reinventing the Concert Experience in San Antonio’s own Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. This program is a vibrant showcase of the collaborations that have made our mission impactful, and a celebration of some of the inspiring artistry that exists in our own backyard. Dedicated to making the experience safe, Agarita is teaming up with the Tobin Center to implement COVID19 safety protocols. This intermission-free concert will be under 75 minutes. Covid-19 Health And Safety Protocols: • All attendees will be temperature screened before entry. Patrons with elevated temperatures will not be allowed to enter. • All attendees must wear a mask for entrance and anytime they are away from their seats or designated areas. (Masks will be provided to those without). • No outside food or drinks • No large purses, backpacks or bags • Touch free payments and ticket scanning • Restroom and elevator occupancy limited and monitored at all times • Frequent cleaning on touch surfaces and use of electrostatic disinfectant devices • Multiple touchless hand sanitizer locations are available throughout the venue. • Plexi guards in place for concessions, patron services and box office. • Seating in the H-E-B Performance Hall will be every other row with two seats empty between parties for adequate social distancing. • Floor markers for social distancing will be in place at all cueing locations- Parking garage elevator lobbies, Tobin elevator lobbies, concessions, patron services, merchandise locations, restrooms, and box office. • Social distance spacing will be maintained on the Will Naylor Smith River Walk Plaza and the Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater. • Tobin Center staff and volunteers will be temperature screened before entering the theater and will not be allowed to enter if elevated  Tobin Center staff and volunteers will wear face masks at all times.


Rockport-Fulton Pirate Fest!! Jun 20 & 21, 9 AM - 4 PM!! FREE EVENT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!!! Come Dressed Like A Pirate!!! Enter The Best Dressed Pirates Contest! Tug Of War Contest, Dunk Booth, Pirate Battles, And Face Painting! 4 Stages of Live Music And Over 100 Vendors, Food Trucks, And Pet Friendly! Musical Entertainment by Meza Band, Billy Snipes Island Country Music, Eric Magnus, Forged In Fire, Patty Dee Karaoke, Daniel Hutson Jr. and more.

Come out and have some fun!

Rockport Fulton Festival Grounds 100 Seabreeze Drive, Rockport, Texas 78382

Tested By Tony Saracene Recording engineer, multi-instrumentalist Written By Tamma Hicks, STEAM Magazine

STEAM’S Review: Comments: Beautiful, smart, & Functional!!

The AxePaxe® is the new guitar accessories case specifically designed to store and organize all of a guitarist’s accessories and tools. There are three things about the AxePaxe® that make it a must have for all guitar players, beginners to professionals. First, the no slip finish keeps the case from sliding around. It also makes picking up picks easier

while the pick storage slot makes packing up quick. Second are the compartments; no more shoving tools into the guitar case and hoping you don’t scratch the instrument! The two compartments are designed to hold your gear and tools at your fingertips and keeps everything organized. There are 2 slide holders that make switching in the middle of a song accessible. Third, the

magnetic closers snap tight with no worry of popping open and spilling. And that slot on the top… holds your tablet! The AxePaxe is just ingenious! It’s beautiful, cool, and functional! It stows away easily or can be proudly displayed.

Yeah, I think that's probably going to be our advertising motto of the year, “Just wait until you see Brian in high heels”.

Continued from Page 17 put Brian in a dress and high heels? Actually, he volunteered because this was really his vision when he wrote the song. That is the most iconic part of the song. What was funny was that while I was learning my parts in the song I wasn't really paying attention to the wording, so we’d played it several times before I said, “Wait. What did you say about shoes?” That’s when he explained that this guy is yelling at himself in the mirror as if he were the girl that left him. So that's really the imagery he's had in his head from the get-go and seeing it played out on screen is very cool.

Tell me about shooting the video. Bryan's wife did a lot of the shoots. I think we spent like 2 hours on the water in Portland waiting for it to rain and then it rained really hard, so it’s very. If you want to see the Blooper Reel go to our Facebook page. They're pretty hilarious!

Did you all enjoy making the video and is it

I really like the song and the video. I just found it interesting that you would go so far as to act it out.


something you are looking forward to doing with your next release? Well, we all have a good understanding of videoing and video production as four out of the six of us work for TV stations. We're already working on the next video; which won't be released until the album is. STEAMMAGAZINE.NET JUNE 2020 STEAM MAGAZINE 19

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STEAM Magazine South Texas Entertainment Art Music volume 9 issue 1 #97 June 2020  

STEAM Magazine - South Texas Entertainment Art Music, June 2020 features Monte Warden and The Dangerous Few - Austin,TX, Blaggards - Stout I...

STEAM Magazine South Texas Entertainment Art Music volume 9 issue 1 #97 June 2020  

STEAM Magazine - South Texas Entertainment Art Music, June 2020 features Monte Warden and The Dangerous Few - Austin,TX, Blaggards - Stout I...


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