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DEC 2016

J. Michael Dolan (:23) They’re not very good at playing small. They’re not very good at giving up. They’re not very good at allowing assumptions to guide their decisions. They’re not very good at discussing petty gossip, even worse at spreading it. They’re not very good at allowing Internet distractions or media sensations to steal them away from their most worthwhile goals and projects. They’re terrible at insisting their way is the only way, and they suck at needing to prove they're smarter. Important because the more I hang out and interact with smarter people than me the more my awareness expands. The more I humble myself in the presence of smarter people than me, the more my level of consciousness rises. And the more I read smarter people than me, the more I realize how far I still need to go. Truth is I just like jamming with better musicians than makes me a better musician.

OPPORTUNITY IS EVERYWHERE J. Michael Dolan (:31) You’re an artist, an entrepreneur and now is not the time to revel in your win, succumb to your loss or sit frozen in your fear. Today presents a profound opportunity to harness your emotions, whether they are excitement, sadness or anger, and use your unique talent to create art and commerce that will inspire us. That’s what artists and entrepreneurs do. We use our “gut feelings” as a lens to see what’s missing, to see what’s wanted & needed. Then we use our precious gift of

creativity and our incredible talent to manifest it. Important because looking back is a trap that leads to a vicious circle of apathy and procrastination. Your job is to look forward, into a “non-existent” future—a future filled with great songs, exceptional videos, inspiring stories, phenomenal performances, encouraging books, award winning screenplays, amazing art, breathtaking architecture, eye-popping websites and jaw dropping mobile apps. And we’re counting on you, the creative, genius artist and the courageous entrepreneur, to trust your gut-feelings, and entertain us with your extraordinary talent, and WOW us with your incredible, worthwhile products and services.


DEC 2016

The Holidays Are Here! Get Something For

Everyone On Your List!!



STEVEN JAMES & THE JADED ON THE RUN (SELF-RELEASED) BY STEVE GOLDSTEIN With their eagerly anticipated sophomore effort, ON THE RUN, Steven James & The Jaded continue to hone and perfect their fresh take on Texas Country. 2016 has been an exciting year for this hard working star in the making. No momentum was lost after Steven’s excellent 2015 debut, BABY L.A. The single release, “Texas Girls” achieved the highest rated debut on Texas Regional Radio. The tight-as-a-knot group carries on with an active touring schedule, while maintaining a growing troop of supportive fans that extends way beyond their Corpus Christi home. This highly charged album of danceable party music keeps that fun atmosphere alive. The sound is a little John Mellencamp meets Cross Canadian Ragweed at a Padre Island beach house party, with a dash of Bob Seger thrown in for good measure. The opening title track greets us with a hard rocking guitar lick that sets the stage for all that follows. “Texas Girls” is a happy handclapper that celebrates the beauty of South Texas and its fun loving women. The festivities continue with “We Can Get Along” and “Someone Like You.” The acoustic intro to “Dance With Me Tonight” leads to a lyrically sweet tune that guarantees a full dance floor. The 2/4 train beat of “Wildflower Lane” is a melodic plea for a normal home life. “Dirty Mind” is a gritty blues groove that brings the party to an edgy close. The only problem with this collection of seven songs is that it leaves you wanting more. But that’s not a bad thing. All the elements are in place for a big time move onwards and upwards for Steven James & The Jaded . STEVENJAMESTX.COM


CHARLIE FAYE & THE FAYETTES CHARLIE FAYE & THE FAYETTES (SELF-RELEASED) BY BOB GOTTLIEB One thing many of us have learned is that when you see the name Charlie Faye be prepared to expect not only the unexpected, but something beyond the scope of what you thought, and to be prepared for excellence in all ways in the delivery of whatever she is giving us at that moment. We were first introduced to her as a singer/songwriter based in Austin, Texas by one of her early albums “Wilson Street,” which gathered praise for the quality of the songs, and the clear voice. Next thing some of us knew about her was her reverse tour; instead of doing a series of one-nighters in various parts of the country she went to a city and lived there for a month. She played and jammed with the local musicians, got to know both the people and the music of the area with all its nuances. She was in Tucson, L.A., Shreveport, Burlington (VT), Portland, Milwaukee, Nashville, Asheville, Boulder, and New York; oddly, considering this record, bypassing the Muscle Shoals/Memphis intersection? Now she has put together a group with two of her cronies, both like her just about 5 feet tall, from Austin helping with the harmonies and doing the dance moves and songs that are mostly soul as in Stax/Volt version that is in many ways reminiscent of the girl groups of the 50’s and 60’s. This is in many ways the Girl Groups of the 60’s revisited, groups with names like The Chordates, The Supremes, The Marvelettes and The Chiffons. This was a time of romance and breakups, love, and close, close dancing. America, and its music were on the cusp for a huge shakeup and these girl groups were pushing it. Heartbreak and romance run through this dash back to the 50’s and 60’s, and yet there is something oddly contemporary about it. It is a very interesting disc for this time, and considering her past work rather unexpected, which make me very curious as to what will come next from this artist that is full of surprises and good music. CHARLIEFAYEANDTHEFAYETTES.COM NODEPRESSION.COM/TAOBOYCOXNET


DEC 2016

ANDREW ADKINS GLASS CASTLES (ELECTRAHEAD MEDIA) BY ROB DICKENS Andrew Adkins is a name you probably haven't heard. There's an obvious reason for that - he hasn't used it much in promoting his music, until now. Adkins is a former member of Mellow Down Easy (who were signed to Dualtone records) and helped form an outfit Lions For Real. Add to that, two solo projects under the pseudonyms The Colored Parade and Indigenous Engines and you have a prolific and polynymous artist. Now, we have Glass Castles, released this January under this Nashville songwriter's own name. Thirteen tracks that provide listeners with a real diversity and unique touch, with most of the instruments played by Adkins himself. The styles range from Americana, alternate folk, ballads and country. Lyrically there is an abundance of edgy stimulation. Stories of careless love, loneliness, self-esteem, ghost towns and coal mines. 'Freeborn Heart' is a rollicky opener with banjo, harmonica and pedal steel beautifully melded. 'May The Stars Fall At Your Door' displays Adkins' clear and imploring voice, with its incessant rhythmic foundation and an upbeat message. By the time 'The River In All Of Us' comes along, you can appreciate the invigorating production which is a common thread throughout Glass Castles. 'Like A Stone' is a slower track, with a crescendo of beautiful pedal steel and powerful percussion. 'The Ballad of Wayne WV' is about home sickness, with Adkins embracing beefy brass and keyboards for sonic depth. 'The Song That Made The World Cry' is a delight - a finger-picking, hand-clapping gentle tale of a restless and faded woman. 'Two Steps From Heaven' ("with one foot in the grave") is an engrossing, sad tale. 'Old Coal Town' is an urgent shuffle, with a dominant bass hook. 'As Above As So Below' takes things even to a higher level, a sparse arrangement gives Adkins' voice and the story-line full disclosure, it is a testimony to the prodigious talents of this performer and worth the price of admission alone. The title track is another captivating song, this one about fragility and how to avoid pain "once the bullet meets the bone". 'Jubilee (Land Of The Free)' is an uplifting climax, a New Orleans-infused gospel exultation. You might not have caught the name Andrew Adkins before. My guess is that you will from here on in. He has talent-toburn.

When you happen

to be the King of Country Music and you are poised to release your second box set, one that will surely be measured by the remarkable success of your first box set, you would naturally expect a huge party at a huge stadium. Unless your name is George Strait, and yes you may be the reigning King of Country Music, but you still remember where you came from. You can still smell the smoke of an old Texas dancehall, the endless nights of playing for the door, earning a mere $7 for the entire band. In what was meant to be a surprise concert but one that quickly became public knowledge, Strait boldly chose to actually return to his roots by performing a full band concert at Gruene Hall, the oldest Dancehall in Texas.

Packing a ten piece band on the tiny stage surely brought back a flood of memories, not only for George but for his legendary Ace in the Hole Band. The majority of the members have been with him since the early 80’s when he released his Strait Country album and it says something for his integrity that he’s kept them all on the payroll for this long. Strait officially retired from touring at the end of 2014 but has been performing sporadic shows at the new T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The show at Gruene Hall was meant to serve several functions as the preshow press conference confirmed.

room at enough equipment to power a small city and several thousand miles of cable snaking across the worn wooden dancefloor. Strait revealed that he was adding more shows to the 2017 Las Vegas schedule and for the first time ever, he would play all 60 of his Number 1 hits over the course of two nights. The concert was also the official CD release party for his new box set, appropriately titled Strait Out Of The Box Pt. 2. It features all the major hits he released since his first box set came out in 1995, plus two brand new songs. He wrote ‘Kicked Out Of Country Music’ with his pal Jamey Johnson and ‘Gotta Go Through Hell” with his son Bubba and the legendary Dean Dillon. More than half of his long string of hits was penned by Dillon so returning to that well made perfect sense.

Showtime started promptly at 7:00pm with the live

video stream reaching an estimated 14 million viewers. This definitely put Gruene Hall on any radar it wasn’t already on. Strait chose to walk right through the crowd rather than climb through the famous ‘Willie Nelson’ door located backstage. When Willie played Gruene Hall in 1998, the crowd was so thick they had to cut a hole in the chicken wire backstage to allow him to climb in unhampered by the throng of fans. Not George, with one escort in front, he calmed strolled through the 400 plus invitation only crowd, hopped onstage and kicked off a 27 song set that included all the hits, a few album cuts, a two song Merle Haggard tribute tucked neatly mid-set plus his two new tunes. He wrapped up the show in his normal fashion with ‘The Cowboy Rides Away’, and it was obvious from the huge smile he sported during the entire show that this night was just as special to George as it was to the fans lucky enough to attend this epic event.

Strait took the stage at 4pm and fielded questions from a small group of press. What was the toughest Gruene Hall crowd you ever played for? The first question of the day brought a quick smile and short laugh from George as he candidly replied, “Back then the crowds just wanted to drink beer and dance, so as long as we kept them on the dance floor it was all good.” I was able to ask if he had any idea back then that 34 years later he would be back on the same stage with 60 No. 1 hits under his belt. “No way,” he replied honestly, “we were hoping for 4 or 5 years at the most, maybe a couple of Gold Records to hang on the wall. I had no idea it would lead to this” as he looked around the

~ Set List: Here For A Good Time Ocean Front Property Give It All We Got Tonight Check Yes Or No The Breath Arkansas Dave Cold Beer Conversation Goin’, Goin’, Gone I Can Still Make Cheyenne

The Fireman How About Them Cowgirls Kicked Outta Country Gotta Go Through Hell Marina Del Rey Mama Tried (Haggard) Workin Man Blues (Haggard) Give It All Away Amarillo By Morning Drinkin’ Man The Chair Take Me To Texas I’ll Always Remember You Troubadour Unwound

Encore: All My Ex’s Live In Texas I Saw God Today (On set list but not played) Played ‘Take Me Back to Tulsa’ instead Folsom Prison Blues & Band Intros The Cowboy Rides Away



DEC 2016

there waving a Texas flag! I know you love performing, but do you enjoy going to live shows too? Oh man, I love live shows! I like going to see some heavy metal and rock stuff. Year before last we saw Judas Priest down there in Corpus. That was really cool! Last year I went and saw Brooks and Dunn in Dallas and next month I'm going to see Brooks and Dunn in Vegas. I went and saw Merle Haggard just before he passed away. Personally I still like to load my buddies up in the truck, head down to Gruene to see a good show at Gruene Hall and just have a real good time. So I'm just as much of a live music fan as I am a musician. You are about as Texas as there is. I know you're big on fishing and come down to Corpus Christi

and the Coastal Bend area for that, but I believe you are really into bow hunting, right? Oh yeah. Last year I got to go bow hunting in Africa! That was really cool and we do a lot of cool stuff like that. In fact my daughter and I did a daddydaughter weekend hunt last month, so I got to go spend some time in the woods with my daughter. Yeah, I just truly love going out there and being in the woods and decompress a little bit.

12/17 Concrete Street, Corpus Christi 12/31 Gruene Hall, New Braunfels

You know one of the coolest things I think you and other Texas Country artists do is a lot of community activism. What program do you support? I raise money for FFA/4H programs; in fact we held our annual event just last month. We've been doing this for about 10 years now and we raise about $150,000 a year. A friend of mine got me into it; I went to a couple auctions and it's a good program. Really, once you see how hard those kids work, you want to help them with their

college tuitions. I know Coming To A Honky To Near You has only been out for a little bit but do you already have songs ready for a new album or are you taking some time before you even start to think in that direction? Actually, I'm just getting started on a new album. We're hoping to start recording by the late winter and have something new for you next fall.


By Tamma Hicks & Rusty Hicks, STEAM Magazine

In 2006 Omar Vera (bass guitar, vocals), Ernie Vera (guitar, vocals), and Leroy Ybarra (drums, vocals), got together and formed Red Tide, an original and cover band from Kingsville. They were joined by Alfred Contreras (lead vocals on original songs) and recently added Chris Zavala on keyboards. We sat down with Omar and Chris to learn more about their music.

news groups. “Look out, Red Tide is coming!“ I’ve seen your band twice. Once as the “originals” band with all 5 of you during a metal showcase and then as the “cover” band with only 4 members at the Sandbar. Why the different lineup? OMAR Our Originals are performed as a five-piece band and Alfred is our lead vocalist. And he’s really only interested in performing the original music whereas the rest of us enjoy playing cover songs as much as we can.

So how did you come up with the name Red Tide? OMAR I've been asked that many times. At that time it was me, Ernie, Are all of your origand Leroy in the band and we were throw- I saw this ad on Craigslist just this inal songs metal? ing names around. last March and started talking to OMAR I don't think they're all metal, I We wanted it to Omar. I skateboarded to Omar’s think there's a wide sound biblical and house to jam and try out. variety and you magical, so we all haven't gotten a wrote our ideas down chance to hear them all. We do some and put them into a hat. I had put in that sound similar to Rage Against the Red Tide and that was pulled out. So Machine and once we had incorpowe’re really named after when the sea rated Chris’ keyboards a lot of our turned red in the Pharaoh’s time. We songs became more melodic like Styx are not the algae bloom Red Tide, altand the Doors. Not really that heavy of hough it is free advertisement with the

when I set up the keyboards many people assume I will be in the background and really I do a lot of the leads and there are some songs that Ernie and I do duel leads.

metal, but definitely rock with some aggressive, grunginess added in. ”Can't Feel The Pain” is about a guy who's Are the recordings you already have gone to Vietnam and was hunting tracked out so that down people and this Chris can add his one is real heavy metal 12/10 @ Frontier Saloon, keyboards easily? Calallen sounding. OMAR We did our CHRIS I think a lot of 12/17 @ Behringer’s, recording in Kingsthe music is very mePort Aransas ville with a guy lodic because of how Tide named Ovidio BarErnie composed the bour at Barbour musical aspects. Ernie also does a madigital recording. I believe they are set jority of the arrangements for the covup that way and we will take Chris in er songs. One of our original songs and add his tracks. That's kind of an starts out pretty heavy and then it just area we haven't done a whole lot, so kind of slows down to a classical piece we're still really learning and trying to in the middle and then builds back up. figure out what we're going to do. OMAR We have to add in Chris's keyboards into our recordings because it How many songs do you have recordadded a whole different dimension to ed? some of our songs. And some of these OMAR We have we have a total of 15 songs have been with us for years; originals with 9 recorded. We want to Ernie wrote some when we were teengo back in and do the other 6. We agers and some when we were in our haven't decided twenties. exactly how we're DEC 2016 CHRIS Yeah, the music is much different now. The piano has a lot of aspects Continued on and different ways to approach it, so Page 14 STEAMMAGAZINE.NET


Continued from Page 13 going to put these out yet but our thinking is that it'll be an EP with 4 to 6 songs on it. Of course we need to get the keyboard put into all of them first. Who does the songwriting? OMAR Most of our lyrics are written by Alfred who's a very talented songwriter and writes in both English and Spanish, Rock en Espanol. We give our hooks and lines to him and he comes up with the words. Like when Ernie was going through his divorce he told Alford about a hook he had come up with and asked him to put something together about what he was going through. That song is called “Hurt” and it's about not hurting the people you love. Our arrangements and composition are done by Ernie and he’s typically got some ideas going already when he gets the lyrics, so he can come up with the melody fairly quickly. The cool thing is he doesn't give away all of his lead, because he doesn’t want the bass, the keyboards, or drums to mimic the guitar. CHRIS This allows us to have our individual creative expression based on a single melody. This works very well for us. I was really impressed with your covers. You can tell a lot by listening to a band playing covers by how they approach someone else’s work and add in their own sound. CHRIS There is a Beatles song that we do and I start it off with a classical piece by Bach on the keyboards. OMAR It's a completely different approach to this Beatles song because it's almost a scary, demonic sound before it suddenly turns into the Beatles. You’ve been together as Red Tide for a decade, so tell me more about the group. OMAR Actually Alfred, Leroy, Ernie and I are from Kingsville. Alfred is 60 years old and he's got lungs on him and he's got a lot of energy! He's been performing since he was like 16 and played with the metal band Purple Mushroom. Leroy's played drums since he was a teenager. Ernie and I've been playing since we were little kids. I got a guitar for Christmas when I was 9 and I wasn't real interested in it because I liked singing. Anyway, Ernie was six at the time when he grabbed my guitar and 6 months later he was playing songs. He just has this natural thing for it. Ernie was in band from middle school all through high school and was All State for classical guitar. After we had graduated high school and had started doing our own thing in our twenties we started playing DEC 2016 Spanish music. Another transition came, you know life, divorc-



es, and changes to what we were doing, and so we moved on to rock. I didn't start playing bass until I was like 24, 25 because I felt I needed to make myself more valuable and have more to offer bands. That is why I picked up the bass, so now I play bass, sing, and run sound. CHRIS I got my first piano at age 6 from my aunt and my first recital was at age 10. I also played in school bands, even the drum corps in high school. I play clarinet, guitar, drums, and of course piano, OMAR If you add up all the years that we've individually been playing, we’d collectively have well over a hundred years of experience. Chris I can’t help but notice that you are much younger than the rest of these guys. How did you get in with them? CHRIS Yes, I am 21. I graduated from Texas A&M Corpus Christi in May 2015 and was doing a lot of solo acts like jazz and piano and I thought I really want to play in a band so that I can have that experience too. Anyway, I saw this ad on Craigslist just this last March and started talking to Omar. I skateboarded to Omar’s house to jam and try out. OMAR You know last year we took the winter off for Christmas and New Year so Ernie could spend more time with his kids. So when we started jamming again in January I wanted another guitar in there. And so Chris responded to our guitar player ad, which he plays very well too. Anyway, we talked about getting together and jamming and had I known that he didn’t have transportation I would have gone and gotten him. I know you play at a lot of bars and private parties, so how do you market yourselves for gigs? OMAR Well, I make sure clubs and clients know that we're competitive and we put on a good rock and roll show. We also take minimum breaks and try to line up our set list so that there’s not much time between songs. Your songs and shows are tight, do you rehearse often? OMAR we rehearse about once a week but we don’t go over songs that we already know, we try to add in a song a week. That way our shows are not quite the same each night. We just added the Blues Brothers song Chicago and it will be put into our set rotation. Do you guys have any touring plans regional or otherwise? OMAR San Antonio, Laredo, the Hill Country, and the Valley are all fine because we

can go to those and make it a long weekend, mini-vacation. Beyond those places we really haven't thought about traveling a lot. To me the Corpus-Port AransasRockport area music scene has just really exploded in the last few years. And when you look at all the construction that's going on here in 5 years there's going to be a huge increase in venues. We want to establish ourselves in these areas so when those areas open up we've already got our reputation and basically a foot in the door. So where can we see you in December?

OMAR Well with the holidays here we kind of slow down during December. Right now we will be at Frontier Saloon in Corpus Christi on the 10th and at Behringer's in Port Aransas on the 17th. Then well take some time off for family during the holidays. We’ll be playing on March 17th with our original set at the metal showcase Spring Break Bloodbath at Boozer's in Corpus Christi. But the best way to know where we are is by checking out our facebook page. And if you’d like to book us for your club or party our number is 361-5633288.

Following the global success of his impactful hit single "Well Done" in 2015; Kabaka has recently released his "Accurate" mixtape presented by music superpower Major Lazer and Walshy Fire to tremendous reception with the mixtape proving to be an instant classic amongst reggae/hip hop fans.

In 2013 he was awarded breakthrough artist of the year Keron "Kabaka Pyramid" Salmon is a multi-talented artist and producer hailing from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica with a unique musical style blending the power, energy and melody of Reggae with the lyricism of Hip hop. He is based out of the Bebble Rock Music camp and through his liquid and hypnotizing delivery spreads the positive messages of spirituality and conscious evolution that forces you to listen.


Photo credit: Lemar Arcenaux

name "Kabaka" is Ugandan for "King" and the long lasting survival of the Pyramids of ancient Africa represent his desire for longevity in the music and deep connection to Kemetic roots; leaving messages for generations to come. He is an ever-evolving artist that has numerous ways of expressing his creativity.

The Award winning artist has developed a solid global

fan-base that connects deeply with the messages in his music. Releasing a powerful catalogue including the critically acclaimed "Rebel Music EP" and the Billboard top 10 charting "Lead the Way EP"; singles such as “Free from Chains”, “No Capitalist”, “Mi Alright” with Chronixx, and “Never Gonna Be A Slave” as well as music videos for the popular “Warrior” featuring Protoje, “World Wide Love, “Liberal Opposer” and “High and Windy” with Sara Lugo; he has achieved regular rotation on local and international airwaves. Kabaka Pyramid is being touted by many as a leader in the new wave of powerful reggae artists coming out of Jamaica.

by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association. He is also a three (3) time nominee for Song of the year 2013, 2014 and 2015 for the tracks “No Capitalist”, "Mi Alright" and "Well Done" respectively.

The lyricist has in addition won the award for best reggae recording in 2013 by Canada’s highly respected Juno Awards.

Kabaka has achieved recognition both locally and over-

seas, placing #1 on the BILLBOARD Next Big Sound Charts Worldwide and also featured by the popular music conglomerates, TheFader, MTV Iggy, Okayplayer, Reggaeville amongst many others in the media landscape.

Pyramid has toured extensively over the past 4 years;

carrying his "Rebel Music" to the largest of Reggae stages around the world performing on major festivals spanning from the US West Coast to Europe. Aided by his excellent Bebble Rockers band; he has brought his message and power to thousands of people hungry for high energy and high power conscious reggae music.

In 2015 alone Kabaka headlined a 24 show, 31 day tour of the United States and a 28 show, 11 country tour of Europe thrilling reggae lovers and further cementing himself as an ambassdor of the music he loves. With a mission to steer future generations towards harmony and unity Kabaka Pyramid is primed and focused on bringing a righteous and conscious way of thinking to the masses through Reggae Music.




DEC 2016

ELIZABETH FIGUEROA It’s gift giving season and, if you’re like me, there are people on your list that make buying impossible to do. That’s why I love to give original art! We have compiled a list of many of the Texas artists that have been featured in STEAM Magazine over the years.

Angel of the Hawk (day & night views) 333 Fire Flies Art Studio

MARY BEACH Challenge MaryFrancesBeachSpoonmore

To learn more about these artists and others that have been featured, go to: STEAMMAGAZINE.NET/MAGAZINE ISSUU.COM/STEAMMAGAZINE


We hope you find this helpful and please remember shopping local helps us all.

Sentient Surfer

Happy Holidays! STEAM Magazine

L. LEON Blue Agave


CHANNE FELTON Katrina (triptych)

DEC 2016




DREW RILEY Adolescence


MICHAEL EARNEY Tigre Jaguar Warriors

RONI VELA Pastel Buddhas Vela

HOPE LOVE Prince the Octopus Hope Love’s Art

ANTHONY HINOJOSA Dusty Pens Dusty Wages Anthony Hinojosa


ED BOYD Austin EstelleStairGalleyrycom


DEC 2016


**Release dates & Parental Ratings are subject to change, and often do.**

**Release dates & Parental Ratings are subject to change, and often do.**


DEC 2016


OWEN SHELLY FUNDRAISER FOR LUNG TRANSPLANT EXPENSES Seaworld’s Christmas Celebration December Daily, 1 - 9PM SeaWorld San Antonio Castlegard Renaissance Festival December Daily, 9AM Castlegard Festival Grounds, Edinburg Berry Creek Christmas December Daily, 6-10 PM Berry Creek Christmas, Georgetown Holiday Magic Festival of Lights December Daily, 5:30 - 11PM Retama Park, Schertz Winter Walking Tour in Port Aransas December Fridays, 3-4PM Port Aransas Nature Preserve at Charlie's Pasture, Port Aransas A Christmas Carol December Weekends through Dec 18 Harbor Playhouse Studio Theatre, Corpus Christi

37th Annual Festival of Lights December 9, 6:30PM St Edward's University, Austin Santa Paws Party December 10, 12-2PM Hacienda Austin, Austin Christmas Tree Forest Free Family Fun Day December 10, 10AM-2PM Corpus Christi Art Museum, Corpus Christi Ingleside Renaissance December 10 & 11, 10AM - 5PM Live Oak Park, Ingleside Texas Dance Festival 2016 December 16 - 18 Texas Filmmakers Society, Austin, Texas Candy Cane Lane Celebration December 17, 6PM The Schanen Estates, Corpus Christi

Articopia Holiday Market December 2 & 3, 6-9PM Southwest School of Art, San Antonio

Holiday Animal Parade December 17, 10AM Saturday Phil Hardberger Park, San Antonio

16th Annual Holiday Gala Concert December 2, 7:30PM Performing Arts Center TAMUCC, Corpus Christi

Kevin Fowler with John Wolfe, Bart Crow, & Jake Ward December 17, 6:30PM Concrete Street Amphitheater, Corpus Christi

Antonian Theatre Disney's Aladdin Jr. December 2 & 4 ACP Theatre, San Antonio, Texas

Annual Tuba Christmas Concert December 20, 12PM Del Mar College, Corpus Christi

McAllen Holiday Parade 2016 December 3, 6PM McAllen Veterans Memorial Stadium, McAllen

Joe King Carrasco December 31, 8PM GIGGITY'S, Port Aransas

Kevin Fowler Holiday Sing-Along & Downtown Stroll December 31, 7PM December 3, 6PM Gruene Hall, New Braunfels AMOA-Arthouse at the Jones Center, Austin HEB Feast of Sharing Harbor Lights Festival Port Isabel- December 1, 4 ‑ 8pm December 3, Various Mayborn Convention Center, 3303 North 3rd St. Corpus Christi Bayfront & Marina, Corpus Weslaco- December 10, 11am ‑ 3pm Christi St. Joan of Arc Parish, 200 S. Illinois Children's Parade @ 1pm Big Spring- December 11, 12 ‑ 4pm Santa’s Snowball Express Motorcade @ Dorothy Garrett Coliseum, 1001 Birdwell Lane 5:45pm Victoria- December 21, 3 ‑ 7pm Ceremonial Lighting of the Tree @ 6pm Victoria Community Center, 2905 E. North Harbor Lights Festival Illuminated Boat Parade Corpus Christi- December 24, 11am ‑ 3pm @ 7PM The American Bank Center, 1901 N. Shoreline Carolers Afloat & Boat Lighting Parade December 3, 5:30PM Port Aransas City Marina, Port Aransas Kabaka Pyramid December 4, 9PM One Drop Stop Reggae Shop & Juice Bar, San Antonio

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UPDATE… Owen received double lung transplant surgery at the end of July. The recovery progress is slow, however he was released from the hospital in mid-August. Since being released in August Owen has had two emergencies requiring hospitalization. Owen continues to grow stronger each and every day. Thank you for your continued support, donations, and prayers! ~ In 2012, Owen was diagnosed with pulmonary capillary hemangiomatosis (PCH) which is characterized by an overabundance of capillaries in the lungs and can cause pulmonary hypertension (PH) and heart failure. Owen had both PH and heart failure which made the simplest tasks of daily living impossible. The only treatment for his condi-

tion was double lung transplant. Owen and his wife Lindsey have three children, Tiler, Lionel, and Lucy, ages 6, 4, and 2. They relocated to San Antonio in June Thank you for supporting and donating to Owen Shelly’s fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $100,000. This amount will cover monthly expenditures including housing, food, childcare, transportation, and health care not covered by insurance as well as insurance premiums, transplant aftercare, and medications. Owen, his family and friends appreciate your support!


STEAM Magazine South Texas Entertainment Art Music volume 5 issue 9 December 2016  
STEAM Magazine South Texas Entertainment Art Music volume 5 issue 9 December 2016  

STEAM Magazine - South Texas Entertainment Art Music - December 2016 features Kevin Fowler - New CD, Kabaka Pyramid - US Tour, George Strait...