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Believing in God or not?

Why people believe in God

Why people don’t believe in God

What its like to be religious

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Atheism-Believing that God doesn’t exist. Agnostic-Not sure whether God exists or not. Omni-benevolent-The belief that God is all good. Omnipotent-The believe that God is all powerful. Omniscient-The belief that God knows everything that has happened and everything that is going to happen. Design-The appearance of order and purpose. Causation- The principle that everything is caused by something else. Moral evil-Actions performed by human that cause suffering. Natural evil-Things that cause suffering but have nothing to do with humans. Earthquakes, volcanoes. Conversion-When your life is changed by giving yourself to god. Miracle-Something that seems to break the law of science and makes you think only God could've done it. Prayer-an attempt to contact, usually through words.

Why do people believe In God?

Why people don’t believe in God

• We cant be here by chance. Life must have a purpose and a meaning. • There are so many people who believe in God they can’t all be wrong. • People might have a religious upbringing so they were taught to believe in God. • You might have a religious experience such as a numinous feeling where you feel the presence of something larger than you is out there.

• There is no proof that God exists. • Astronomers make it difficult to think where God could be. • Unanswered prayers can lead to people not believing because if God is all good why doesn’t he answer your prayers. If God is all-knowing he should know what to do and be able to do something about it • If there is a God why is there evil and suffering surely God could stop it all.

What is it like to be religious?


• When you're Christian there are opportunity's in the community to go to church every Sunday morning. But you can go whenever you want. • You go to church to worship God and share Christian ideas. You can also go to seek forgiveness for what you have done wrong and pronoun your sins. • A lot of religious people do what ordinary people do too just that they do more core activity's such as praying.

• what you have to do when your religious . • Follow the guiding rules of the bible. • Be a good person and try to get your place in heaven, that is the end goal for some religious people to be with God until the day of judgement where all the spirits go to heaven.

Evil and Suffering • God knows but people cannot some Christians believe that evil exists for a reason, which only God understands. People should follow the example of Jesus and prayer for those who suffer and fight against evil. • Free will God gave us complete freedom to choose. To have a real choice, there must be evil for us to choose to avoid it. Suffering exists when humans choose to do evil things. Evil and suffering are the fault of humans and not God. • Soul-making Some Christians believe life is like a test, to prepare there souls for heaven. To become good people they must help those who suffer, fight against evil and deal with evil and suffering in their own lives. When there souls become good God allows them into heaven.

Religious upbringing • They accept their parents beliefs because parents are a big influence on their lives, and a source of authority. • Christian children may go to church or Sunday school where teachers back up what the parents have taught there children. • In adulthood the Christian beliefs stay with them and they may well choose to marry someone with the same beliefs and eventually get married, have children and pass the teachings onto their children. • Churches often provide social events for young adults to bring the community together. This gives them a sense of belonging and will encourage them to believe in the same religion as there friends.

• Parents take there duty to bring children up as a Christians seriously, because they promised they would when the child was baptised. That promise was made to God.

Believing in God  

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Believing in God  

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