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SCC DIVISION OF CORPORATE & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Dr. Barbara Kavalier, SCC President Amanda Sizemore, Division Dean Tina Sieker Associate Dean Continuing Education

Amanda Rose Associate Dean Adult Education & Literacy

Fay Aubuchon Associate Dean Workforce Programs and Services

Kayse Larkin Layout and Design Class Schedule

Maureen Miles Coordinator Class Schedule

Tammie De Los Santos Associate Dean College and Career Readiness

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College Mission SCC serves our community by focusing on academic excellence, student success, workforce advancement, and life-long learning within a global society. We celebrate diversity and we enrich the economic and cultural vitality of the region by providing an accessible, comprehensive, and supportive environment for teaching and learning.




Academic Enhancement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Youth. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6


Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-8 Crafts/Hobbies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Music. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Photography. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Writing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11


Dance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Fitness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-14 Health and Wellness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-16


Culinary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17-18 Home and Garden. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 History. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19-23 Hobby Certification. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Language. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Money. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24-25 Paranormal/Psychic. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26


LEARN FOR BUSINESS/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Computers/Technology. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-30 Small Business. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Professional/Development Certification. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31-40


LEARN FOR DISCOVERY HEALTH OCCUPATIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Online Programs: Ed2Go, U Got Class, ProTrain, Center for Legal Studies, American Management Association, Carson Dunlop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 ADULT EDUCATION, LITERACY, ESL, HSE TESTING. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 HOW TO ENROLL, REGISTRATION, LOCATIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46-47
















We are pleased to announce continuing education classes at our newest location in Dardenne Prairie -

One Academy Place . Culinary


Explore new recipes and tips each week for improving nutrition and coping with the aftermath of cancer treatment. Enroll in all three classes and save! Individual dates and times below


NEW! Cooking for Cancer Care OAP Good nutrition is critical to cancer care and recovery and yet it can be difficult to enjoy food. Come and discover tips to improve your nutrition, while exploring new, delicious recipes at each class.  9/12 T 6-9p $59 10/10 T 6-9P $59 11/14 T 6-9P $59

Explore new recipes and tips each week for improving nutrition and coping with the aftermath of cancer treatment. Enroll in all three classes and save! Individual dates and times below


NEW! Stocking Your Kitchen for Cancer Care OAP Good nutrition is critical to cancer care and recovery. Come and discover what foods and ingredients you should stock your kitchen with to aid in good nutrition.  Each week we will use these ingredients to prepare delicious new recipes. 9/26 T 6-9p $59 10/24 T 6-9p $59 11/28 T 6-9p $59



Beginning Yoga Reduce that stress and become energized! Did you know that yoga was an excellent emotional health booster?  Or that it helps with memory?  Learn the basics and understand how breathing and postures are linked together when used in action.  Be prepared to see increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and all around improvement in your body and mind. 8/24-10/12 TH 10/19-12/14 TH

12:30-1:20p $75 12:30-1:20p $75

NEW! Dance Therapy – Dancing Beyond the Diagnosis OAP Course is designed to help individuals with a variety of disabilities regain range of motion, increase flexibility, improve balance, help reduce swelling from lymph-edema, improve emotional well-being, promote positive self-image and stabilize weight. Groove to your favorite songs, party with props, and laugh with new friends all while performing therapeutic exercises turned into dance moves. All movements can be done seated or standing without being aerobic. 9/28-11/16 TH

10:45-11:45a $98

Professional Development NEW! Agile Essentials OAP This course is for individuals who are involved in agile work or who wish to become familiar with working in an agile environment. This include Project Managers, Quality Managers, Software Development Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, IT Directors and Management Consultants.   Topics covered include agile principles, how these apply to your role, Scrum process, release planning, iteration testing and continuous integration.   Fee includes training materials and a voucher to sit for the iSQI Certified Agile Essentials Exam. 8/22-9/7 T/TH 6-9p 10/24-11/9 T/TH 6-9p

$795 $795

Health and Wellness Zen of Weight Loss OAP In three weeks you can be headed toward a healthy, fit body. It’s time to get off the weight-loss roller coaster and learn to develop keen motivation, tools for mindful eating and how to successfully design your food plan.   Sustainable fitness and health is possible.  Complimentary copy of The Zen of Weight Loss is included. 10/5-10/19 TH



Art of Mindfulness OAP


NEW! Dance Therapy – Dancing Through the Ages OAP Designed with seniors in mind, this course is focused on inspiring strength, balance, and mobility. The Lebed Method is a therapeutic exercise and movement program that’s sure to get you groovin’! As we boogie to your favorite oldies you’ll see progressive improvement in overall wellness, endurance, range of motion, as well as emotional well-being and self image. Anyone can participate regardless of age, health, or ability level as all moves can be done seated or standing without being aerobic. 9/28-11/16 TH

Learn to enhance your ability to focus, be a better listener, and become a happier, calmer person. Explore the scientific benefits of practicing this meditative technique to achieve mindful living.  Home meditation will be assigned, and each class builds upon the previous class.  The orientation of the class is practical, not religious. 9/6-9/27 W



9:30-10:30a $98

NEW! Senior Game Day OAP Come and enjoy great company and great fun. Some tasty treats will be served along with a new variety of (surprise) games at each session. 9/13 10/18 11/15


12:30-2:30p $10 12:30-2:30p $10 12:30-2:30p $10

NEW! Healing Nutrition OAP Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Did you know you can often heal your body by the food you eat?  Learn what healthy foods to incorporate in your diet, including herbs, spices, and oils.  Discover the best food preparation and cooking techniques including storing and preserving leftovers.   Find out what products should be avoided, how to substitute them and understanding those complicated food labels and misconceptions.  Handson food demonstrations and samples including simple recipes. 9/27-11/1 W



OAP Youth NEW! Chess I (Ages 11-14) OAP An introduction to the game of chess which includes the rules of play, basic tactics, basic strategy and phases of the game. Chess has been and will continue to be used as a tool to improve focus, patience, pattern recognition, concentration and complex problem solving.  It has provided many with confidence and analytical skills that were the springboard to successful careers. 9/12-12/5 T


Look for even more classes held at One Academy Place throughout the catalog.

$195 STCHAS.EDU/LEARNFORLIFE | 636-922-8233



Academic Enhancement ACT Cambridge Review All subjects on the ACT exam are covered. A complete preparation for the ACT exam using materials developed by Cambridge Education Services. Test prep pretest will be given the first night and then analyzed to show strengths and weaknesses. Bring a calculator and #2 pencil to class. Purchase textbook at the St. Charles Community College Bookstore. First night will meet until 9:30pm. 9/14-10/26 Th 10/23-12/4 M

6-8:30p 6-8:30p

$149 $149


Intermediate Tap for Musical Theater (Ages 8 and Up) Continuation of Beginning Tap. Learn advance tap while performing tap combinations Prerequisite: Must have taken Beginning Tap. 8/16-10/4 W



ActivStars Self-Defense/Karate (Ages 4-16) Classes are designed for each age group with an emphasis placed on teaching personal safety and stranger awareness. Students learn discipline, respect and personal responsibility. Karate techniques are taught to be able to increase in belt rank. $7 per 45-minute session for beginners, payable at each class; $8 per 60-minute session for advanced, payable at each class. First class meets 6-9 p.m. in College Center Room 204 for orientation and to determine placement. Presented by ActivStars. Future day and meeting time will be determined by placement. 9/11-1/8 M


Introductory Theater Workshop I (Ages 8-10) Ace that audition! Learn basic stage terms and acting techniques through pantomime and theater games. Perform a mock audition on the last day for family and friends. Stage makeup techniques taught. Supply list available online. 8/30-9/20 W



Introductory Theater Workshop I (Ages 11 and Up) Stand out at your next audition! Learn the techniques needed to successfully audition and perform on stage. Stage makeup techniques taught. Supply list available online. 8/30-9/20 W



Beginning Tap for Musical Theater (Ages 8 and Up) Express yourself with a creative form of dance that will give you a workout while having fun! Accomplish tap techniques while performing tap combinations. 8/16-10/4 W



ActivStars Cheer (Ages 4-16) Program promotes coordination, confidence, poise, physical fitness, artistic expression and competitive spirit. Students learn fundamentals of cheerleading, cheer routines, stunting, how to perform in front of audiences and preparation for tryouts for junior high or high school squads. $7 per 45-minute session for beginners session, payable at each class; $8 per 60-minute session for advanced, payable at each class. First class meets 6-9 p.m. in College Center Room 204 for orientation and placement. Presented by ActivStars. Placement will determine time of future class meetings. 9/7-1/11 Th

Character Development I (Ages 12 and Up) Course will concentrate further on the different methods for developing character on stage. Students will analyze and rehearse scenes and learn the techniques necessary for building realistic characters. 7/10-7/31 M







The Magic of Watercolor – Beginning

Art Calligraphy Explore the world of stylish and elegant handwriting. Beginners will learn italic script, which is the easiest to learn and often considered to be one of the most beautiful styles. Use calligraphy to personalize your scrapbooking or to add an artful touch to any lettering project. Supply list available online. 9/11-10/23 M

6:30-8:30p $75

9/6-10/11 W



NEW! Intuitive Acrylic Painting With Emotion

Open Artists Studio Are you a current or former Continuing Education art student? Our studio is open for you! Use this time to complete your current art project at your own pace in this self-guided class. Collaborate with other artists while enhancing your artistic ability. Prerequisite: Must be a current or former Continuing Education art student. 10/23-11/27 M

Join Cindy Carpenter, an experienced artist, to learn how much fun watercolor painting can be. Start at the beginning, and learn how to create with the magical medium of watercolor. Learn how to paint light and shadows, create composition and perspective and incorporate texture and special effects into your work of art! Perfect for the beginner student. Supply list available online.


Use your emotions to paint a current feeling, using color and value to emphasize that mood. Free and loose painting to quickly transfer to the canvas and paper. A basic subject can be used for the foundation of the painting, and then built individually. No experience necessary. Supply list available online. 9/11-10/16 M




Introduction to Oil Painting Art lovers and beginners welcome! Ron Hauser will guide you in traditional and contemporary methods. Bring a favorite photo or magazine picture from which to work. Ron will show you his recommendations for supplies needed for your first class. 8/10-8/31 Th 10/12-11/16 Th

6-9p 6-9p

Acrylic Painting

$99 $149

NEW! Saturated Wet Watercolor Painting Learn a new watercolor technique! A very spontaneous and quick method of painting with watercolors. The saturated paper holds water to allow extra time to manipulate the paint. The paint is lifted off to create the image. Simple subjects will be used in the class, so concentration will be on the process and not drawing ability. No previous experience necessary. Supply list available online. 11/1-12/13 W





Creative Drawing in a New Light Do you think you can’t draw? Join us and learn how you can! Move to a new level in drawing by changing perspective, elaborating on the subject and then including a bit of fantasy and working with new styles and techniques. Developed to inspire more creativity through drawing. No previous drawing experience necessary. Supply list available online. 9/5-10/10 T



NEW! Introduction to Pyrography (Painting With Fire) Learn a new hobby to enjoy year-round! Pyrography means painting with fire. Learn the basics of using a wood burning unit to create plaques and pictures in wood for personalized works of arts that your family will cherish. You will receive a kit that includes wood burning units and tips to take home. A $32 supply fee is payable with tuition. 10/16-10/30 M



Ceramic Basics and Basic Glass Fusion classes: Unleash your creativity at the Painted Pot in St. Charles. Bring a friend or have a new date night. Bring your own wine and/or appetizer for a fun, creative night out!

NEW! Ceramic Basics


Experience the sensation of molding free-formed art out of clay. Learn the basic techniques on the pottery wheel in order to throw a simplistic serving bowl. Discover the freedom of hand building using slab work, clay coiling, clay molds and texture blocks in order to form a serving platter. Complete your fired clay projects with the application of under-coat glazes in order to create a personalized finish. 10/12-10/19 Th



The following classes are held at Art Glass Array located in St. Charles. Tools provided to support students in a creative and fun atomsphere.

Fused Glass Ornaments AGA Perfect for holiday gift giving. Make a trio of fused glass ornaments in this fun class. Additional ornaments can be made for $5 if time allows. $15 supply fee is payable with tuition. 11/8


6:30-8:30p $35

NEW! Tie-Dye Glass Dish AGA A fun technique blending glass powders for a tie-dye effect. Students will make one plate (approximately 7 inches). Additional dishes can be made if time allows. $15 supply fee payable with tuition. 9/19


6:30-8:30p $35

NEW! Ruffle Watercolor Glass Bowl AGA By layering various sizes of glass, we will create a colorful-fused glass bowl. The bowls will fire in a twostep process and be ready approximately one week after class. $15 supply fee payable with tuition. 10/24


6:30-8:30p $35


lass Dis

G Tie Dye

NEW! Basic Glass Fusion PP Glass fusing is best described as mosaics meets stain glass creating whimsical shapes in vibrant colors. Come learn the basic techniques of glass working in cutting, application and tool use. Explore the use of glass layering and the creation of shapes to piece and puzzle a holiday-themed poinsettia dish. 11/16 Th 6-8:30p $50



Ruffle W a


Glass Bo wl

Crafts and Hobbies Get Hooked on Crocheting Learn the basics of crocheting and how to complete a fabric. Students will complete a simple project of their choice and learn techniques to correct simple errors and how to read a pattern. Supply list available online. 9/12-10/10




NEW! How to Use My Sewing Machine Do you have a sewing machine, but don’t know how to use it? Attend this class and learn how to use your machine. We’ll make a small project as well. Bring your sewing machine, attachments and power cord to class. 8/24-9/7 Th

Furniture Painting Take your furniture from drab to fab in one day! Learn step-by-step methods to transform your piece using two product lines, including Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and General Finishes Milk Paint. $20 supply fee payable with tuition. Bring a small piece of furniture that you can comfortably carry. 9/21 Th 6-9p $39

Fundamental Wood Carving Looking for a new hobby? Step-by-step processes designed for the very beginner. Learn basic knife cuts and how to recognize wood grain while carving a cowboy boot and a shore bird. Explore finishing techniques and other carving styles. Supply list available online. 11/16-12/14 Th

6:30-8:30p $75

6:30-8:30p $55

Succulent Planting NEW! Learn to Sew: Easy Customized Tote Bags Learn how to make a classic lined tote bag and then several more customized bags to suit your style. Sign up early to get a monogram on one of the bags you make. Bring sewing machine to class or call 636-9228233 to reserve a machine if needed. First come, first serve basis. A $20 supply fee payable with tuition. 9/13-9/27 W

6:30-8:30p $55

NEW! Custom Monogram Workshop Learn the basics of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk painting in this custom monogram workshop. Paint and distress a custom birch monogram, approximately 19” round, and finish it with a beautiful bow. All supplies included. Maximum nine characters on last name. A $20 supply fee payable with tuition. 10/5


6:30-8:30p $39

Do you love to be creative and enjoy gardening? In the LoKey Designs succulent planting class, you will learn how to plant and keep alive a beautiful planted succulent, hen and chick, or cactus. Choose from two container options (hanging glass terrarium or wood planter box). Class includes all planting materials. $5 supply fee payable with tuition. 9/14 10/12 11/9 12/14

Th Th Th Th

6:30-8p $39 6:30-8p $39* AC 6:30-8p $39 6:30-8p $39

*Class held at St. Charles Arts Council

NEW! Hobby Electronics OAP Looking for a new hobby or have you always had a passion for designing your own circuit? Learn how to build circuits by soldering. Calculate components of circuits using simple math. Choose interesting kits to work on in class, and learn to design your own circuit. All supplies included. 10/17-11/21 T




Customized Tote Ba

Custom Monog

ram Workshop



Introduction to Voiceovers – One-on-One Video Session

Music SCC Singers In this performance class, participants prepare choral music of various styles and genres culminating in a public performance at the end of the semester. Though expert sight reading is not required, some prior musical experience is necessary for success. All ages (16+) and voice parts (SATB) needed. Come sing with us! Course expectations include weekly and limited weekend rehearsal attendance and the ability to memorize music, match pitch and vocally blend with an ensemble. 8/22-12/12 T



Concert Band For woodwind, brass or percussion instruments, students study music techniques through rehearsals, culminating in a public performance. Must provide your own instrument. 8/21-12/11 M

This fun and empowering 90-minute introductory workshop covers the different types of voiceovers and what tools are needed to find success. You’ll be coached as you read a script and be recorded so you can receive a professional voice evaluation later. You’ll have the knowledge necessary to help you decide if this is something you’d like to pursue. Check out the video at to get a better sense of how the class works. By Appointment


Learn the Harmonica Have fun learning this unique and versatile instrument. Learn many great folk songs while impressing your family and friends. The 10-hole C diatonic harmonica is used. Harmonica and book provided with class. 9/13-9/27 W 10/18-11/1 W

7-8p 7-8p

$39 $39

6:30-9:10p $98

Orchestra Ensemble For string, wind or brass instruments. Group playing and rehearsal, technical and performance skills, culminating in a concert at the end of the session. 8/24-12/14 Th

6:30-9:10p $98

Jazz Band A performance course where students study through rehearsals, culminating in a public performance. Enrollment in Concert Band is helpful. Must provide your own instrument. 8/23-12/13 W

6:30-9:10p $98

An Introduction to Voiceovers Have you ever wanted to be the voice everyone hears on commercials and documentaries? This fun and interactive class covers details of the industry and the importance of marketing and a demo tape. Receive a professional voice evaluation. Taught by a professional voice actor from the voice acting training company, Voices for All. Minimum age requirement is 18 years old. 10/24 T 6-8p $39



onica is Because the harm instrument, it such a versatile in any range of can be included played by any song types and ers. range of perform


Photography Beginning Photography OAP Get comfortable with how your camera works, and get the best photographs possible. This is a comprehensive course for the beginning photographer. Learn camera functions, good composition and how to show your work in the most flattering way. You will be introduced to the concepts of photographing people along with objects. Classroom instruction and hands-on practice through exciting homework challenges followed by class discussions will help you learn to get the most from your photographs. Get that sparkle in the eyes of your subjects and achieve the images you have always wanted to take! Class is held at One Academy Place in Dardenne Prairie. 9/13-10/4 W

6:30-8:30p $79

Take the pictures you’ve always wanted to take! This basic photography class teaches composition and simple camera settings. Learn through hands-on practice in the field, and review images in the classroom. DSLR or point-and-shoot camera with manual controls required. 6-8p

Passport to Retirement

Page 24

Fitness Page 13

Gentle Yoga I

History Page 20 Page 22

Computers Beginner’s Guide to Computers

Page 28

Writing Creative Writing

Shoot the moon, the stars, sparkling lights, sunsets and fireworks! Explore the use of f-stop, shutter speed and ISO. Take your skills to the next level using exposure compensation, HDR and flash. DSLR camera required for this class. Prerequisite: Art of Photography I class and/or basic knowledge of manual camera settings. Prerequisite: Art of Photography class and/ or basic knowledge of manual camera settings. 6-8p


Art of Close-Up Photography OAP Discover a new world with close-up photography. Learn how to produce amazing art images using everyday materials. Everyone will be guessing how you did it! There is no special equipment needed. This is a hands-on workshop, so bring your camera and creativity. Students will produce an art portfolio during class sessions. Prerequisite: Must know camera functions. Class held at One Academy Place in Dardenne Prairie. 10/25-12/6 W



Art of Photography II

10/23-11/6 M

Did you know that taking a class in just about any subject can improve your cognitive abilities, rejuvenate your memory and be fun all at the same time? Browse through our schedule for topics that might interest you. Here is just a sample:

World War I Series History of Baseball

Art of Photography

9/30-10/14 S


Do you love to write? Explore and practice elements and genres of creative writing including fiction and non-fiction, short stories, poetry, and plays. Bring notebook or laptop. Bring notebook or laptop. 9/5-10/17




NEW! Creative Writing II: Project Need help getting that writing project finished? Work in a group through organization, revising and submitting your work. Bring your project or pick one the first week. Prerequisite: Creative Writing I or instructor’s permission. Prerequisite: Creative Writing I or instructor’s permission. 9/6-10/18 W



6:30-8:30p $99 STCHAS.EDU/LEARNFORLIFE | 636-922-8233



Ballroom III – Disco Hustle

Dance For full dance descriptions, visit learnforlife. Students are instructed to enroll with a paid partner. Tuition listed is per person.

9/12-10/31 T 11/7-11/28 T

9:05-10:05p $50 9:05-10:05p $25

Ballroom IV – Amalgamation of Dance ADVANCED STUDENTS ONLY. 9/10-10/29 Su 11/5-12/3 Su

4:10-5:10p $50 4:10-5:10p $25

Beginner Swing I (Rhythm, Social, Street Style) 9/12-10/31 T 9/14-11/2 Th 11/7-11/28 T 11/9-12/7 Th

6:55-7:55p $50 6:55-7:55p $50 6:55-7:55p $25 6:55-7:55p $25

Beginner Swing II Social dance instructors Stan Mayer and Linda Landwehr

Ballroom I (Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, Swing) 9/10-10/29 Su 9/11-10/30 M 9/13-11/1 W 11/5-12/3 Su 11/6-11/27 M 11/8-12/6 W

12:55-1:55p $50 6:55-7:55p $50 6:55-7:55p $50 12:55-1:55p $25 6:55-7:55p $25 6:55-7:55p $25

5:50-6:50p 8-9p 5:50-6:50p 8-9p

$50 $50 $25 $25

8-9p 8-9p

$50 $25

9/14-11/2 Th 11/9-12/7 Th

8-9p 8-9p

$50 $25

Beginner Merengue

9/10-10/29 Su 11/5-12/3 Su

2-3p 2-3p

$50 $25

9/10-10/29 Su 11/5-12/3 Su

3:05-4:05p $50 3:05-4:05p $25

Our best ideas come from YOU! Suggest your next class or adventure.

Ballroom III – Rumba 9/13-11/1 W 11/8-12/6 W

$50 $25

West Coast Swing I

Ballroom III – Cha Cha 9/11-10/30 M 11/6-11/27 M

8-9p 8-9p

Line Dance (variety)

Ballroom II (Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, Swing) 9/11-10/30 M 9/13-11/1 W 11/6-11/27 M 11/8-12/6 W

9/12-10/31 T 11/7-11/28 T

5:50-6:50p $50 5:50-6:50p $25

Call 636-922-8233 or Email 12


Basic Strengthening Yoga

Fitness Cardio Core Strength A blend of cardio, yoga, Pilates and strength training using a stability ball. This class is done using the Swiss ball. 8/21-10/16 M/W 10/19-12/14 T/Th

1-1:50p 11-11:50a

$98 $98

8/26-10/14 S 10/21-12/9 S

Muscle Conditioning Stationary muscle strengthening moves to define and sculpt muscles. Uses body ball, body bars, mat work, hand weights and resistance bands. 8/21-10/16 M/W



Step and Muscle Conditioning Using the step platform, challenge the cardiovascular system, and then turn to bands and weights to tone the muscles. 8/21-10/16 M/W

Learn the basics and understand how breathing and postures are linked together when used in action. Alignment, breath and body engagement will be introduced focusing on broadening, lengthening and spiraling. Yoga postures will be supported by specific ankle, spine and core strength and exercises. Special instruction will be given to those focusing on a stronger back. All abilities welcome.

4:30-5:20p $98

10-11:15a $65 10-11:15a $65

Introduction to Intermediate Yoga This Hatha yoga class is an introduction to the fundamentals of Asana Movement on your mat. By using breath, proper body alignment and muscular engagement, you can create a practice of ease and stability and ease into an intermediate practice. Students will be taught asana in a sequential fashion following the principle of movement before stillness. Meditation at the beginning and end of class is taught as self-study and reflection. 10/17-12/5 T



Stretch and Strengthen Class is based on yoga, Pilates and dance for conditioning the total body. Emphasis is on core training and proper breathing. Incorporates the use of balls, mats, body bars and hand weights. 8/21-10/16 M/W 10/18-12/13 M/W

9-9:50a 9-9:50a

$98 $98

Beginning Cardio Kickboxing The latest for muscle conditioning and cardiovascular endurance. Time interval drills training using martial arts and boxing moves. 8/22-10/17 T/Th 10/19-12/14 T/Th

Noon-12:50p $98 Noon-12:50p $98

Beginning Cardio Kickboxing With Bags A great workout for muscle conditioning and cardiovascular endurance. Time interval drills training using martial arts and boxing moves. Will use free-standing bags. 9/6-10/23 M/W 10/25-12/13 M/W

7-8p 7-8p

$85 $85

Sticky exercise mats (available in the SCC Bookstore) are required in ALL Pilates and yoga classes.

Gentle Yoga I Has it been awhile since you’ve been in a fitness class? Join this gentle approach to yoga movement. Learn the basics of proper alignment, lengthening of the spine and understanding how breathing and postures are linked together when used in action. Postures will be taught so students can use either floor mats with props or chairs with props. If you do not use those muscles, you will slowly lose flexibility. All ages welcome. 8/21-10/16 M/Th 10/23-12/18 M/Th

10:30-11:30a $98 10:30-11:30a $98

Gentle Yoga II Learn yoga basics of proper alignment, lengthened spine, engaged limbs, while continuing to honor your body with a gentle, mindful practice. The class is taught seated, on hands and knees, and standing with an emphasis on moving through a yoga practice on the mat. Class is ideal for students who have taken Gentle Yoga I and want to expand their practice. All skill levels welcome. 8/24-10/12 Th 10/19-12/14 Th

9-10a 9-10a

$75 $75



Introduction to Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation


Is it time to recharge your entire body? Ayurveda translates as “Life Wisdom” and is the 5,000-year-old healing system from ancient India. Ayurveda looks at the whole person – mind, body and spirit and is a wellness based model for establishing and maintaining health and vitality. Chair yoga and meditation are also an integral part of this class.

The latest craze in exercise, learn fun Latin dance steps to create an exhilarating aerobic workout. Based on interval training, it’s a very effective way of working out your whole body while having fun!

8/21-9/25 M 10/23-11/20 M

5-6:50p 5-6:50p

$98 $98

8/22-10/17 T/Th 8/21-10/16 M/W 8/21-10/16 M/W 8/21-10/16 M/W 10/18-12/13 M/W 10/18-12/13 M/W 10/18-12/13 M/W

Noon-12:50p $98 10-10:50a $98 5:30-6:20p $98 6:20-7:30p $98 5:30-6:20p $98 6:20-7:30p $98 10-10:50a $98

Classical Pilates Classical Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit. Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace, strength and skill that would be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, work and play. You will develop muscular power with corresponding endurance, ability to perform arduous duties, to play strenuous games and run or travel for long distances without undue body fatigue or mental strain. Rings, bands and weights will be used to strengthen arthritic areas that need it. 8/7-10/2 M/W 8/8-9/28 T/Th 10/4-11/29 M/W 10/3-11/28 T/Th 12/4-12/20 M/W 11/30-12/19 T/Th

10:50-11:50a $98 5:30-6:30p $98 10:50-11:50a $98 5:30-6:30p $98 10:50-11:50a $40 5:30-6:30p $40

Pilates OAP Condition your entire body. Develop a strong core, strengthen and improve muscle elasticity, and gain joint mobility. Class held at One Academy Place in Dardenne Prairie. 8/23-10/11 W 10/18-12/13 W

9-10a 9-10a

$75 $75

Pickleball Join the fun and learn a new sport! Pickleball, the fastest growing new sport in the nation, combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. The game is played on a court using paddles, balls and a low net. The court is the same size as a doubles badminton court. All ages and skill levels welcome. 8/23-10/11 W 10/18-12/13 W

6:15-8p 6:15-8p

$75 $98

Practical Self-Defense Looking for ways to be safe? Class will focus on self-defense strategies that are effective, easy to learn and fitting for all size and strength levels. The techniques taught are from Filipino martial arts (think Jason Bourne) JKD, the fighting art of Bruce Lee, and military combatives. Topics covered are striking techniques, avoidance strategies, de-escalation techniques, ground survival, weapons defense, post conflict resolution and combat psychology. 8/17-10/5 Th 10/12-12/7 Th

7-8p 7-8p

$75 $75

Tai Chi for Mind and Body Ballet Conditioning This is a class based on the practice of ballet barre exercise sequences. Muscle strength, endurance and balance are challenged and developed. No previous ballet knowledge is needed. 8/21-10/16 M/W 10/18-12/13 M/W


11-11:50a $98 11-11:50a $98


Improve your body, health, fitness and mind by learning the basics of Tai Chi. Discover how it can release daily stress, improve balance, flexibility, strength and sense of well-being. Experience the body responding to slow, rhythmic, flowing movements, benefiting both mind and body. Open to all skill levels. 8/22-10/10 T 10/17-12/5 T

6-6:50p 6-6:50p

$75 $75


Health and Wellness Art of Hands-on Healing – Reiki I Reiki First Degree is the introductory course in the art of hands-on healing. Reiki is a multi-cellular technique for stress reduction and pain management involving the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Discover how to use this energy of unconditional love on yourself, others, plants, animals and the world. Course fulfills training requirements for First Degree Reiki. 9/12-9/14 T/Th 6-9p


NEW! Second Degree Reiki Second degree Reiki requires further attunements and instruction to the keys and symbols that bring the Reiki practioner to a higher vibration in their healing work. The student is trained to use the appropriate symbols and techniques to increase the power of the Reiki ray to do mental and emotional healing as well as absente and distance healing. 9/26-9/28 T/Th 6-9p


Fascinated with the power of the mind? Join Andy Gay as he teaches you how to tap into the full potential of your mind using self-hypnosis. Discover proven ways to reprogram your subconscious mind for success, change unwanted habits and improve memory and concentration. Great for those wanting to stop smoking, control weight, reduce stress and even sleep better. Also a session for salespeople to assist with reaching their goals.

Self-Hypnosis – Weight Management 9/12-9/14 T/TH 6-9p


Self-Hypnosis – Stress Release 9/19-9/21 T/TH 6-9p


Self-Hypnosis – Salespeople 9/26 T 6-9p $45

Self-Hypnosis – Memory and Concentration 10/3-10/5 T/TH 6-9p


Self-Hypnosis – Stop Smoking 10/10-10/12 T/TH



Look for additional health and wellness classes at One

Academy Place on pages 4-5.

Launch a career in the growing health care field –

Enroll today in Health Occupations courses at St. Charles Community College. Courses offered in:

• Certified Nurse Assistant • Pharmacy Technician

• Phlebotomy • And more!

Get started today. Some courses begin year-round. To learn more, call 636-922-8295 or visit Health Occupations Programs at SCC are approved by various agencies including the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the Missouri State Board of Nursing and The Association of Operating Room Nurses.



Probiotics Series OAP In this series, learn the ancient art of making cultured foods. Participants will get hands-on experience with different types of fermented foods – kombucha, sauerkraut and water kefir.  Grab a friend and discover how fast and easy it is to completely change your health from the inside out. Enroll in all four classes and save! Individual dates and times below


Probiotics Series: Fun With Sauerkraut OAP Did you know that sauerkraut has large amounts of vitamin C, has cancer fighting properties and is loaded with probiotics? This hands-on class will show you step-by-step how to create fresh delicious sauerkraut in your home. Participate in creating living foods that are lacto-fermented. Everyone will take home one quart of raw lacto-fermented sauerkraut made in class along with numerous kraut recipes. 9/26




Probiotics Series: Kombucha Brewing OAP Kombucha is a living health drink created by Symbiotic Culture of Yeast and Bacteria (SCOBY) tea and sugar. This class will give you all the basic supplies (culture and starter) and knowledge needed to create your own probiotic drink at home with items you already have in your kitchen. 11/14 T

Probiotics Series: Water Kefir OAP Water kefir is an effervescent probiotic that is similar to Kombucha but with a sweeter taste and slightly different fermenting and flavoring process. This class will give you all the basic necessary supplies to get you started in creating your own water kefir. 11/28 T 6-8p $35

Probiotics Series: Kombucha Advanced Brewing OAP Extend your knowledge of home brewing Kombucha. Topics include secondary fermenting, vessels, continuous brew vs. batch methods and more. Bring your questions and your experience! Samples of Katie’s kombucha creations will be served. Prior class or kombucha brewing experience is preferred. Prerequisite: Prior class or kombucha brewing experience is preferred. 12/5




6-8:30p $35

Family History Workshop Day - German Resources 8:30 A.M.-4 P.M. SATURDAY, NOV. 4 St. Charles Community College Student Center, Room 205/206 SCCHS member: $30 | Non-Member: $35 SCC students, faculty and staff: $30 To register, contact the St. Charles County Historical Society at 636-946-9828 or email



Personal Enrichment

Culinary Cake Decorating Join Sam Humes to learn the art of cake decorating. A hands-on class will show how to create a level cake, frost the cake and finish with smooth icing. Using a pastry bag and a variety of tips, learn to design borders, polka dots, dot flowers and simple writing techniques. Each student will take home his or her decorated cake, recipes and an at-home starter kit. Must bring a plain un-iced 8- or 10-inch cake. Take home boxes will be provided. $20 supply fee payable with tuition. 9/13 W 6-9p $39 10/4 W 6-9p $39* OAP Class held at One Academy Place

Cake Decorating for the Holidays Learn how to make a beautiful holiday-themed 8-inch layer cake with vanilla buttercream. Plus, take home the cake you decorate, recipes and an athome icing starter kit. $20 supply fee payable with tuition. 10/25 W 6-9p $39

NEW! Canning Basics Preserve your fresh fruits and vegetables, and learn how easy it can be to do! Nothing tastes better than fresh! Your fruits and vegetables will taste delicious and your foods will be more nutritious. Learn the water bath canning and pressure canning methods. Observe a demonstration of fruit being preserved using the cold pack method, water bath methods and hot pack method. Everyone will take home a jar of apple jelly. 8/22-8/29 T

6:30-8:30p $55

NEW! Making Applesauce and Apple Butter OAP Get ready for delicious, fresh apple butter and applesauce with a two-day workshop in preserving and canning. Learn all about prepping and canning methods and how healthy and easy preserving and canning food can be! Â Take home recipes and a sample jar of apple butter and applesauce. 11/2-11/9 Th

6:30-8:30p $55

NEW! Cajun Cooking Made Simple OAP Discover the fun of Cajun cooking! Learn the basics of cooking gumbo, jambalaya and other Cajun and Creole dishes. Students will observe a demonstration of cooking a roux, which is the basis for many Cajun dishes, as well as the demonstration for cooking gumbo and jambalaya. Taste samples of dishes to make your taste buds sing, y’all! 10/12-10/19 Th

6:30-8:30p $55 STCHAS.EDU/LEARNFORLIFE | 636-922-8233


NEW! Wine & Tapas – South Africa RC

Wine & Tapas Classes RC Travel to wine-producing regions around the world hosted by a visiting wine expert. All classes held at Rendezvous Café and Wine Bar in O’Fallon. Chefs from Rendezvous Café will be pairing each tapas with a different wine from the same region. Learn about culture, wine pairings and more. Must be 21 years old to attend.

NEW! Wine & Tapas – Australia and New Zealand RC Mohua Sauvignon Blanc − citrus salad with citronette dressing; Angove Chardonnay − buttered shrimp orzo risotto with asparagus; Loveblock Pinot Noir − deviled breadcrumb tilapia with leeks, tomatoes and bacon; Nine Stones Shiraz − honey spice glazed chicken; Red Knot Cabernet Sauvignon − chocolate covered pistachio cream bars. 8/23


6:30-8:30p $45

NEW! Wine & Tapas – Argentina and Chile RC Terranoble Sauvignon Blanc − grilled butterflied shrimp; Cono Sur Chardonnay − pear, brie and bacon flatbread; Morande Pinot Noir − pork carnitas tacos; El Portillo Malbec − pasta with sausage, tomatoes and cheese; Root 1 Cabernet Sauvignon Brigadeiros − brazilian chocolate fudge truffles. 9/13


6:30-8:30p $45

MAN Vintners Chenin Blanc − prosciutto-wrapped shrimp with bourbon barbeque sauce; MAN Vintners Sauvignon Blanc − corn, potato and bacon chowder; Wolftrap Red Blend − roasted vegetable flatbread; Tormentoso Syrah/Mourvedre Blend − Braai - South African BBQ chicken; Chocolate Block Red Blend − chocolate hazelnut pudding cakes. 11/8


6:30-8:30p $45

NEW! Wine & Tapas – Pacific Northwest RC Kings Ridge Pinot Gris, OR − salmon in papillote with lemon, dill and capers; Chehalem Chardonnary, OR − honey, pear salad with bleu cheese and walnuts; Chehalem Pinot Noir, OR − French onion soup stuffed mushrooms; Chateau St. Michele Indian Wells Merlot, WA − roasted chicken with mustard thyme sauce; North by Northwest Cabernet Sauvignon, WA − white chocolate mousse. 12/13


6:30-8:30p $45

NEW! Cocktails & Tapas RC Join Anne from Lohr Distributing Company as she demonstrates how to make delicious cocktails to make you stand out at your next party or event! Small cocktails and full size appetizers will be served.  Eggnog martini served with panko crusted crab cake bites with roasted pepper-chive aioli, rose honey smash served with meatballs and goat cheese in marinara with baguettes, broker’s promise served with roasted vegetable flatbread, wasabi Bloody Mary served with blackened tilapia tacos, hot buttered rum served with sausage and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms. 11/11


6:30-8:30p $45

NEW! Wine & Tapas – Germany RC Kesseler Rhengau Pinot Noir − German sausage stuffed dates wrapped with bacon; Dr. Loosen Red Slate Riesling − German barley soup with bacon; Clean Slate Riesling − sauteed sausage, sauerkraut, potato and onion bow; Kessler R Riesling − beef rouladen; Dr. Loosen QBA Riesling − apple dumplings. 10/11


6:30-8:30p $45

NEW! Scotch & Tapas RC Take a tour of Scotland! Experience a new culinary delight with Scotch.  Join Ed Kohl from Quest Brands and experience a professionally guided tour of five single-malt scotch tastings paired with light appetizers.  We will be serving Spey Tenne, Spey Fumare, Beinn Dubhk, Six Isles and Smokehead Scotch paired with pub mix, smoked gouda and pimento tea sandwich and dark chocolate.  Complex, smokey and sophisticated - scotch is all this and much more! 12/5




6:30-8:30p $55

Home and Garden NEW! Fall Planting With the onset of cooler evenings, fall is one of the best times to plant your flowering perennials. Those are the plants the come back year after year to showcase their beauty. For an added bonus, Pat will share with you a few edibles that you can still plant and harvest before those long cold months set in. 8/30 W 6-8p $20

NEW! Planting for Spring Beauty Want to be the first one on your block next spring to show some color? Start planning your design now by incorporating tried-and-true methods for growing bulbs. These beauties can provide enjoyment year after year. 9/20 W 6-8p $20

NEW! Preparing Your Garden for Winter Looking for that “wow” response to your spring garden? Don’t neglect putting your garden to bed this fall. Discover the essential steps to take now to make it easier on yourself, your soil, and your plants to get through those long cold winter months. 10/11 W 6-8p $20

World War II Series World War II was history’s most catastrophic military event, claiming more than 55 million lives and forever altering the world’s political and social landscape. This five-part series will examine the causes of the war, the reason for its outcomes and how it has shaped the present time. We will study the personalities who drove the conflict and examine not only the military operations of both the Pacific and European theaters, but also the effects of the war on people and institutions here and abroad. Enroll in all five classes and save. Individual dates and times below


History of WWII Series Session 1: Prelude to War This session covers time period 1919-1939. 10/9 M 10a-noon $19


History of WWII Series Session 2: War Engulfs Europe This session covers time period 1939-1943.

History With Richard


In addition to teaching various business and history college-level classes, Richard enjoys teaching classes on WWI, WWII, American Revolution, Vietnam War, Korean War, Civil War and the Cold War through Continuing Education. He claims that his students will never stump him on history trivia!

History of WWII Series Session 3: The United States Enters the War This session covers time period 1941-1944. 10/23



10a-noon $19

10a-noon $19

History of WWII Series Session 4: The Social and Economic Aspects of the War This session covers time period 1939-1945. 10/30


10a-noon $19

History of WWII Series Session 5: The Last Days of the War and its Aftermath This session covers time period 1945-1948. 11/6


10a-noon $19



American Revolution Series This series will examine the great conflict that not only gave birth to our nation, but also laid the foundation for future revolutions and the ideas of governance that are now practiced in many countries today. Students will learn the causes of the revolt and how the colonies eventually prevailed against overwhelming odds. Enroll in all three classes and save. Individual dates and times below


American Revolution Series: Session 1 – Prelude to War This session covers time period 1607-1775. 10/12 Th 1-3p $19

American Revolution Series: Session 2 – From Lexington to Saratoga This session covers time period from 1775-1777. 10/19 Th 1-3p $19

World War I Series Many people believe that the 20th Century began Jan. 1, 1901. Historians will argue that the 20th Century actually began June 28, 1914, with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo. This touched off a conflict we now call World War I, which forever changed the political, economic and social landscape of Europe and the United States and had a profound impact on the rest of the world. Enroll in all three classes and save! Individual dates and times below

American Revolution Series: Session 3 – The Road to Yorktown and the Birth of a New Nation This session covers time period from 1777-1791. 10/26 Th 1-3p $19


World War I Series: Session 1 – Prelude to War This session covers time period 1815-1914. 9/18


10a-noon $19

World War I Series: Session 2 – The Breaking of the Storm This session covers time period 1914-1917. 9/25


10a-noon $19

World War I Series: Session 3 – The U.S., the Versailles Treaty and the Aftermath This session covers the United States, the Versailles Treaty and the aftermath of the war. 10/2

EmmausLink is a cooperative effort by Emmaus Homes and St. Charles Community College’s Continuing Education Department. 20



10a-noon $19

Civil War Series This four-part course will examine the bloodiest conflict in American history from its origins in the slave trade and the controvers over the rights of the states vs. the federal government through the outbreak of war at Fort Sumter, and on through Gettysburg, Appomattox and Reconstruction. Enroll in all four classes and save! Individual dates and times below


Need some

Extra Cash?

Civil War Series: Session 1 – Prelude to War (1607-1861) 9/14 Th 1-3p $19

Civil War Series: Session 2 – War Engulfs the Nation (1861-1863) 9/21 Th 1-3p $19

Civil War Series: Session 3 – The Social and Economic Aspects of the War 9/28 Th 1-3p $19

Civil War Series: Session 4 – The Road to Appomattox, Reconstruction and the Aftermath 10/5 Th 1-3p $19

Become a Continuing

Education Instructor! Do you have a hobby, talent, skill or area of expertise that you would like to teach others? We are always looking for new instructors and great ideas for classes. Teach at our newest location One Academy Place in Dardenne Prairie. Interested in teaching kids programs? We specialized in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects. Download and submit a course proposal from our website,, or stop in and meet our program specialists in Humanities Building, Room 103, and learn the basics of getting started as a Continuing Education instructor! Amy Fitzwilliam Kathy Stearns

636-922-8335 636-922-8312

REGISTER FOR CLASSES ONLINE! 24 hours a day – 7 days a week STCHAS.EDU/LEARNFORLIFE | 636-922-8233


History of Baseball Batter up! Do you know how baseball transformed from a pastoral game to a multi-billion-dollar business, who were the great stars of the St. Louis Browns, or how the St. Louis Cardinals got their name? Explore the rich history of baseball through the ages. 11/20-12/4 M

Our best ideas come from YOU!

10a-noon $49

Suggest your next class or adventure.

Russian Wars Beginning when Genghis Khan attacked Russia back in 1223, discussions will cover the Napoleon rule, the unconventional war against Caucuses, a disastrous war with Japan, their Civil War that ended in a communist state, the Nomohan encounter, WWII, the war in Afghanistan, Chechnya and current day. Taught by Stephen Wineteer. 10/18-11/15 W


Call 636-922-8233 or Email


NEW! Lewis & Clark – Corps of Discovery NEW! American Indian Wars Suspicions, hostility and cultural differences played a significant role in the devastation of the Native American Nations. Follow the history of the Anglo-American Settlers and the Native American Indian Tribes beginning with the Jamestown Massacre in 1672 to the Massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890. Taught by John Ross. 11/7-11/14 T

10a-noon $35

10/3-10/17 T

NEW! Rocking Your World Interested in how music influenced culture and vice versa in the ’60s and ’70s? Come examine the influence of the rock genre on Western culture and how Western culture, in turn, influenced the music. Learn about the early roots of rock, the Invasion of the British, and what the psychedelics were saying about the civil rights movement, Vietnam and the drug culture. Journey from the disasters at Woodstock and Altamont through the era of arena rock and how the music reflected the culture’s hangover from the ’60’s. 8/31-9/7 Th


Are you excited by the thought of adventures into new territories? Join John Ross as he discusses the history of the exploration of the Pacific Northwest, why Jefferson was intent on the expedition, early planning states and preparations for the voyage. Join the group traveling from their Wood Rivers quarters on May 14, 1804, to their final destination at Fort Clatsop in November of 1805. Follow their hardships of that winter in Oregon and then the long journey back to St. Louis, returning in September of 1806 and lives after the expedition. Taught by John Ross.


NEW! Lewis & Clark Road Trip Join us as we venture back in time to experience what it might have been like when Lewis & Clark started off on their journey west. Experience Camp River Dubois in Hartford to view a 55’ keelboat replica loaded with supplies and five galleries of educational displays, travel on to view the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, stop by the historic Bellefontaine Cemetery where William Clark is buried, then proceed with us to the St. Charles Boat House and Museum to see replicas of a keelboat and pirogues. John Ross will narrate the trip and amuse everyone with his humorous antics. Bus will leave from circle by Humanities Building. Lunch included. Taught by John Ross. 10/25



10a-noon $55


8:30a-5p $95

Hobby Certification Travel Free and Get Paid to Do It! Would you love to be able to afford to travel more? Learn applicable tips on how to create a moneymaking travel lifestyle so you can afford to travel as much as you want. Discover hundreds of practical ways to get free airline tickets, hotels, cruises, tours and more. Maximize frequent flyer miles, mystery shop, import, teach English, work for tour companies, write articles, shoot photos, volunteer for free vacations, get paid to drive or start a business. Information on the best travel websites, how to avoid scams, how to pack light, learn 50 words in any language and more. Tuition includes copy of presenter’s book, Retire and Travel Free, which retails for $39.95. Bon voyage! $15 book fee payable with tuition. 10/2

M 6-9:30p $39

Amateur Radio General Class License Upgrade This is the second of three U.S. Amateur Radio licenses. You must already hold a Technician Class license or have recently passed the Technician license exam. Upgrading to a General license only requires passing a written examination. The Morse Code requirement has been dropped. Textbook required. Textbook can be purchased online “The ARRL General Class License Manual, 8th edition, The-ARRL-General-Class-License-Manual/, or Gateway Electronics 9/13-11/15 W



Amateur Radio Technician License Course and Exam Ham radio provides the broadest and most powerful wireless communications capability available. This is an entry-level ham radio license class that will give you the ability to communicate with other hams around the world using a variety of modes. Certification exam given at the end of class. Textbook required: “Ham Radio License Manual Revised 3rd Edition” (ISBN 978-1-62595-013-0) Publisher: The American Radio Relay League, Inc., ($29.95) 9/13-11/15 W



Train at Home to Work at Home! Take one of the best

Medical Transcription

Program’s in the country that has a 94% job placement rate with graduates! We have over 100 employer partners who hire! Program:

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Italian for All, Level II

All foreign language classes have an initial separate book fee of $25. Book is used in all levels of the same language.

9/11-11/13 M



Basic Sign Communication

Spanish I Introduction to the Spanish language for beginners with little or no knowledge of Spanish. A pleasant approach through basic reading skills, short everyday life dialogues, simple vocabulary building and grammar-learning exercises. BE SURE TO REGISTER FOR BOOK FEE. 9/11-11/13 M

This continuation of Italian I expands reading, vocabulary and grammar skills. Prerequisite: Italian for All − I. IF YOU NEED THE BOOK, BE SURE TO REGISTER FOR BOOK FEE.


Learn the manual alphabet and basic signs, and participate in activities that increase recognition of signs learned. Textbook required. Children under age 15 must enroll with a parent/guardian. 10/5-11/9 Th





Spanish II

Strategies for Estate Planning

This continuation of Spanish I expands reading, vocabulary and grammar skills. Prerequisite: Spanish I or instructor permission. IF YOU NEED THE BOOK, BE SURE TO REGISTER FOR BOOK FEE.

This class will cover wills, revocable wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, TOD and POD, the dangers of joint tenancy, life insurance, gifts to minors, avoiding probate, estate taxes, family business concerns and more. Taught by local attorney Jim Borchers.

9/14-11/16 Th



Spanish III For the advanced Spanish student, course further expands reading, vocabulary and grammar skills. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. IF YOU NEED THE BOOK, BE SURE TO REGISTER FOR BOOK FEE.

11/9-11/16 Th



Passport to Retirement

Beginning French

Prepare for one of the biggest transitions in life: retirement. Find out how to gain a clear picture of the retirement you want; calculate how much you will need to save; overcome roadblocks; help protect your assets and more. Includes a comprehensive 135-page workbook packed with exercises, worksheets and checklists. Couples may attend together for a single registration fee.

Ideal for the professional traveler, this introduction to the French language will study the culture, geography and daily life through simple vocabulary and grammar-learning exercises. BE SURE TO REGISTER FOR BOOK FEE.

9/26-10/3 T 10/4-10/11 W

NEW! How to Retire Early with Real Estate Investments

9/11-11/13 M

Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur? Discover the necessary tools to build a passive income that will allow you to stop clocking in and have your investments pay you. Get insider tips from a long-time real estate investor such as how to invest in the right properties, the online information available, resources needed to find the properties, and how to connect with the right people for your investing.

9/14-11/16 Th





Italian for All, Level I Introduction to the Italian language, geography, culture, daily life and more. Ideal for travelers, professionals, art lovers or others interested in their Italian roots. BE SURE TO REGISTER FOR BOOK FEE. 9/14-11/16 Th





9/26-10/3 T 11/2-11/9 Th

6:30-9p 6:30-9p

6-9p 6-9p

$59 $59

$49 $49

NEW! Myths & Misconceptions – Wealth Strategy Based on Facts & Logic OAP Financial planning decisions are often based on emotion or sales pressure; who do you trust? Are they working for you or a company first? We will remove the wizard’s veil and free Dorothy to understand how to make decisions based upon fact and logic. 9/20-11/8 W

9:30-11a $59

Understanding Medicare Options OAP A fun and easy way to understand Medicare. The course will explain Part A, B, C and D. It will break down what choices you have in simple-to-understand terms and give you the education necessary to plan ahead for yourself, a parent or anyone who is eligible for Medicare. 9/8 10/6 11/3


10a-noon $10 10a-noon $10 10a-noon $10

NEW! Social Security Benefits: What? When? How? Social Security is one of the most valuable and least understood benefits available to retirees today. Advance planning is essential, and the decisions you make now can have a tremendous impact on the total amount of benefits you stand to receive over your lifetime. This educational workshop will provide you with much needed information to help you understand the system, coordinate spousal and survivor benefits, minimize taxes and maximize your personal benefits. 9/19 T 6:30-8p $10 11/8 W 6:30-8p $10 10/12 Th 6:30-8p $10

Stock Market Series Enroll in a series of five basic stock market classes and save! Taught by Wally Obremski, certified financial planner. Individual dates and times below


Stock Market Series – Stock Market for Beginners A workshop for people who know nothing about the stock market. Review the basics of stock terminology and the world of the stock market. 9/13-9/20 W



Stock Market Series – Understanding the Stock Market Why do rising interest rates or a falling dollar impact your investments? What about unemployment or new housing starts? This class will help you understand these items and how to integrate your portfolio. What makes it go up and down, and how does it affect your life and your retirement? 10/4-10/18 W



Stock Market Series – Making Money in the Stock Market Learn which stocks to buy or avoid and where to do the research. How do bonds, interest rates and the economy affect your stocks? What options are available to you? Get strategies for greater gains and controlled losses. 11/1-11/8 W



Stock Market Series – Advanced Investment Analysis - Chart Reading Learn about innovative market analysis, trend changes and sector rotation through simple fundamental and technical knowledge and recognition. 11/29-12/6 W



Stock Market Series – How and When to Sell a Stock Rules and guidelines the professionals use to earn consistent returns. This is a semi-advanced class that will benefit all levels of investment knowledge. 12/7-12/7 Th





Paranormal/Psychic Basics of Ghost Hunting Are you one of the countless fans of ghost hunting TV shows who wants to track some spirits on your own? Learn what it takes to conduct a successful paranormal investigation. Delve into what a ghost is, a brief history of ghost hunting and categories of hauntings including non-human entities, demons and possessions with well-known examples of each type. A step-by-step guide to conducting a paranormal investigation will be provided. Students will get handson experience with various types of field equipment needed for an investigation. 10/10 T 6-8p $39

NEW! Interactive Ghost Hunting Investigation Have you ever wanted to join an established paranormal team investigating a well-known haunted location? This interactive course gives students a hands-on chance to do just that. Members of the Paranormal Free Agents (PFA) will lead small groups of participants in an interactive investigation at the historic Mineral Springs Hotel in Alton. Students will use several types of equipment to practice various methods of ghost hunting including electronic voice phenomenon sessions. If possible, analysis of evidence will be done on site. Bus will leave from circle by Humanities Building. Prerequisite: Basics of Ghost Hunting 10/21


6-11:59p $95

Basic Cryptozoology Have you ever wondered about creatures undiscovered by modern science? Join the ultimate quest for the world’s most mysterious creature, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman and more. Missouri’s cryptids include Missouri Monster, the Altamont Pterodactyl and the Ozark Howler. Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals. 10/26 Th 6-8p $29

NEW! Macabre Ghost Tales and The Histories That Inspired Them How often do you hear a ghost story and wonder what really happened? Join this author through her journey on discovering the true stories behind the notorious Madame Lalaurie of New Orleans and the macabre Dr. Joseph McDowell of St. Louis. did Madame Lalaurie really torture her slaves in her attic? Did Dr. McDowell really suspend his daughter’s corpse in a cave in the hopes of keeping her from decaying? Find out, if you dare. 10/13

St. Louis is a modern metropolis, rich with legends dating back to the early Native Americans and a history that lives on through many spirits that refuse to die. Learn about the truly haunted mansions such as the infamous Lemp Mansion, the Bubblehead family of North County, Cheney Mansion of Jerseyville, plus stories of other first-hand experiences by the instructors. 10/18 W 6-8p $39



9:30-11:30a $19

NEW! Cemeteries and The History They Tell Halloween means ghosts, witches and goblins, but what does the cemetery that scared you as a kid want to tell you? Everything about your community and more. Come and see how cemeteries are time capsules of history and what they can tell you about your community beliefs and even fears. 10/27

Hauntings of St. Louis



9:30-11:30a $19

Career/Professional Programs and

Certificates SECTION Come to SCC and gain the skills you need to succeed and advance in your career. Whether you need updated computer skills to keep up with alwayschanging technology or a certificate to enhance an existing degree or increase your professional value, SCC is the place for professional development. Want to explore your entrepreneurial side? We can help with that too. SCC offers a wide variety of quality certificate programs, professional development and small business classes to help you succeed. Don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call and let us help you find a solution.



Computers/Technology Beginner’s Guide to Computers Don’t be left behind in the digital age. Become acquainted and comfortable with your computer. Get started with the alphabetic keyboard, learn how to use the mouse, navigate the Internet, do basic word processing, and save, print and find files. 8/23-9/6 W 10/13-10/27 F

6:30-9p $75 9-11:30a $75

Beyond Beginner’s Guide to Computers Take the next step to get more from your computer. Discover how to search more efficiently on the Internet for better results. Learn basic email skills and etiquette. Become more comfortable with creating, deleting and organizing files and folders. Learn how to cut, copy and paste between documents – even ones of different types. 9/13-9/20 W 11/3-11/10 F

6:30-9p 9-11:30a

$55 $55

Microsoft Access 2016

6:30-9:30p $125

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Take advantage of Outlook and organize your busy life! Learn the most efficient ways to communicate, schedule meetings, organize e-mail, set up calendars, journal, create and use task lists and manage contacts. 10/4-10/25 W

Having difficulty navigating Windows 10? Join the discussion of Windows 10’s new features and improvements. The Start menu is back, visit the store for one-stop shop apps, talk with Cortana, rule the web with Microsoft Edge browser, and discover multiple tips and tricks. 11/8-11/15 W



Microsoft Excel in a Day 2016 Short on time? Get it done in a day! Track, organize and analyze data. Topics include shortcuts, creating, saving, editing, copying, moving, basic formulas and formatting. 10/5 Th 9a-4p $85

Microsoft Excel in a Day Advanced 2016 Get the most out of your Excel spreadsheets by using functions and formulas, working with lists, automating tasks with macros, sharing worksheets with other programs, pivot tables and what-if analysis. Prerequisite: Excel in a Day 10/12 Th 9a-4p $85

Create, edit and manage a database. Customize tables and fields, add and delete records, and perform simple queries. 10/10-11/7 T

Microsoft Windows 10

Google – More Than Just Gmail Take a tour of Google Applications. Learn how to make your life easier with the many free offerings. In this hands-on class, set up and use Gmail for email and Google Drive for storing your documents and photos in the Cloud for easy access. Explore many of the cool features such as Maps, Hangouts, Calendar, Voice, Sheets, Docs, Slides and more! 9/7-9/21 Th

6:30-9:30p $79

6:30-9:30p $95

Introduction to Word and Excel Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Use Microsoft PowerPoint to entertain, inform, sell or motivate. Make your next presentation on your own. 9/11-10/2 M

6:30-9:30p $95

This is a very basic introductory class in Word and Excel for those with little computer experience. Learn the meanings and concepts of the drop-down menus, basic functions, working with documents and worksheets and editing tools. 10/17-10/24 T

Microsoft Publisher 2016 Create brochures, letterhead, invitations, postcards, greeting cards, newsletters and simple web pages using Publisher. Prerequisite: Knowledge of Word. 11/29-12/6 W


6:30-9:30p $55


6:30-9:30p $55

Computer Tutoring

Exploring AutoCAD

Receive one-on-one computer tutoring from a qualified continuing education instructor. Tutoring session is three hours. Lesson time is arranged between instructor and student.

Computer-aided design and drafting is used today by many industries. Learn the basics of AutoCAD and gain the skills to create 2D drawings using basic drawing and editing tools, adding text, basic dimensions and plotting.

By Appointment


9/22-10/27 F



Designing with Sketchup SketchUp makes 3D modeling easy for anyone to learn. It’s the perfect tool for the beginner as well as professional designers, decorators, architectural, civic and mechanical engineers and related professions. Students will be able to use a 3D printer to make designs come to life. Intended for students with little or no three-dimensional drawing or SketchUp experience. 11/7-11/28 T



Microsoft Word Series

MS Word Series – Module III

Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing application on the market. Develop simple documents by changing fonts, underlining, centering, indenting, cutting and pasting and using more advanced features: headers, footers, tables, templates, mail merge, macros, table of contents, footnotes and much more. Enroll in a class from each module and save! NOTE: The last 30 minutes of each module will be devoted to questions and open lab time.

Learn to apply themes and styles for that professional look. Add a creative piece to flyers with shapes and pictures, WordArt, SmartArt and charts.

Individual dates and times below


MS Word Series – Module I For the very beginner. Learn the fundamentals, understand commands, create and save documents, navigate through the document and view multiple windows. 9/12 9/13 10/12

T W Th

6:30-9:30p $39* OAP 9a-noon $39 6:30-9:30p $39

MS Word Series – Module II Conquer working with and editing text, formatting characters, paragraphs and pages including headers and footers. 9/19 9/20 10/19

T W Th

6:30-9:30p $39* OAP 9a-noon $39 6:30-9:30p $39

* Classes held at One Academy Place

9/26 9/27 10/26

T W Th

6:30-9:30p $39* OAP 9a-noon $39 6:30-9:30p $39

MS Word Series – Module IV Discover how easy it is to work with tables. Learn how to set up your document for mail merges from other data sources and for creating labels and envelopes. 10/3 10/4 11/2

T W Th

6:30-9:30p $39* OAP 9a-noon $39 6:30-9:30p $39

MS Word Series – Module V Create and rearrange documents in outline view. Learn to work with long documents, creating a table of contents and using footnotes and endnotes. Explore uses of a document template. 10/10 T 10/11 W 11/9 Th

6:30-9:30p $39* OAP 9a-noon $39 6:30-9:30p $39

MS Word Series – Module VI Polish off your knowledge by working with forms, customizing Word to make use of the features you use most and using hyperlinks and macros. 10/17 T 6:30-9:30p $39* OAP 10/18 W 9a-noon $39 11/16 Th 6:30-9:30p $39 STCHAS.EDU/LEARNFORLIFE | 636-922-8233 29

Microsoft Excel Series Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet application used by employers today. Confidently navigate the program’s environment, and discover how to use this powerful tool. From designing your spreadsheet to advanced formulas, we have a hands-on module for you! Enroll in a class from each module and save. NOTE: The last 30 minutes of each module will be devoted to questions and open lab time. Individual dates and times below


MS Excel Series – Module I

MS Excel Series – Module IV

For the very beginner. Learn the fundamentals for creating and saving information, navigating a worksheet and entering information and editing.

It’s all about formulas. Go beyond basic formulas to create complex statistical, financial and scientific calculations. Excel has hundreds of different formulas to make your job easier.

8/22 10/16 11/1 11/7


6:30-9:30p $39 6:30-9:30p $39 9a-noon $39 6:30-9:30p $39* OAP

MS Excel Series – Module II Master formatting a worksheet to make it more visually attractive and easier to read by changing the appearance, size, color of text, borders, etc., by using cell styles and other tools. Create, edit and format dynamic-looking charts. 8/29 10/23 11/8 11/14


6:30-9:30p $39 6:30-9:30p $39 9a-noon $39 6:30-9:30p $39* OAP

9/12 11/6 11/28 11/29


6:30-9:30p $39 6:30-9:30p $39 6:30-9:30p $39* OAP 9a-noon $39

MS Excel Series – Module V Make the most of organizing data ranges to sort and filter data. Turn an Excel range into a table to work with table data independently from the rest of the worksheet, and learn to use a PivotTable to analyze data ranges. 9/19 11/13 12/5 12/6


6:30-9:30p $39 6:30-9:30p $39 6:30-9:30p $39* OAP 9a-noon $39

MS Excel Series – Module III Learn to efficiently manage a workbook. Discover efficient options for viewing and working with data, split windows and multiple worksheets; hiding data; and protecting and sharing workbooks. 9/5 10/30 11/15 11/21


6:30-9:30p $39 6:30-9:30p $39 9a-noon $39 6:30-9:30p $39* OAP

MS Excel Series – Module VI Effortlessly analyze data creating scenarios using Goal Seek and Solver tools, work with the web and external data, and make the most of macros. 9/26 11/20 12/12 12/13


6:30-9:30p $39 6:30-9:30p $39 6:30-9:30p $39* OAP 9a-noon $39

* Classes held at One Academy Place



Small Business

Professional/Development Certification

QuickBooks Series Need help keeping all those reports and accounting concepts straight for your small business? Start with a review of basic accounting concepts and work your way through QuickBooks.  Enroll in all three classes and save! Individual dates and times below


Accounting Review for QuickBooks Having trouble understanding the basic concepts of accounting? This review will get you on your way in no time. Learn basic bookkeeping entries. Main focus will be transaction analysis and preparing entries. Textbook required. Accounting, Barron’s Business Review Series, by Peter Eisen 6th edition. Cost is around $20. Online option available, start anytime 9/18-10/2 M



QuickBooks, Part 1 Accurately manage your financial data. Conquer invoicing, receiving payments, making purchases, entering bills, paying bills, banking, paying employees, viewing reports, backing up files and printing. Prior knowledge of accounting/bookkeeping is helpful. Textbook required. Online option available, start anytime. 10/23-11/13 M



Real Estate Licensing Course OAP Considering a real estate career? SCC in conjunction with 1st Choice Real Estate School offers the Salesperson 48-hour Pre-Examination Course, the course needed to prepare you for the licensing examination to become a real estate agent in Missouri. The course content is developed and offered in a way to help you pass the test the first time. Your course instructors are experienced in the real estate industry and have knowhow to deliver the material in an easy-to-understand format. BE SURE TO PRINT AND SIGN THE STUDENT CONTRACT AND BRING TO CLASS. You can find the link under VIEW DETAILS. 9/11-9/21 11/6-11/15


9a-4:30p 9a-4:30p

$349 $349

Certified Bookkeeper Certified Bookkeepers are to bookkeeping what CPAs are to accounting: the elite of the profession. Created by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers to prepare experienced bookkeepers for the certification exam, the program consists of adjusting entries, correction of accounting errors, basic book and tax depreciation, basic payroll, merchandise inventory, internal controls and fraud prevention. All materials including exam costs are included. Prerequisite: Accounting Boot Camp or accounting experience. Registration closes 9/13 at midnight. 9/20-12/13 W



QuickBooks, Part 2 Learn to avoid some common mistakes. Course includes customizing reports, personalizing your settings, importing and exporting from QuickBooks, use of classes and other features. Prerequisite: QuickBooks, Part 1. Textbook required. Online option available, start anytime. 11/27-12/4 M



Importance of Forming an LLC Just starting a new business or considering starting one? It’s critical that you limit your liability by forming a limited liability company (LLC). Learn about taxation and creditor protection and how to file articles correctly online. If you’ve already filed an LLC online, you will learn what additional steps are necessary and why. 9/28 11/2

Th 6:30-9p $35 Th 6:30-9p $35



APICS CPIM 1: Basics of Supply Chain Management

ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Training

Introductory course for production and inventory management personnel and CPIM candidates. Provides basic definitions and concepts for planning and controlling the flow of materials into, through and out of an organization. Explains fundamental relationships among the activities that occur in the supply chain from suppliers to customers.

Topics covered in this Internal Auditing course include: Review of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard Process-Based ISO Auditing, Ensure compliance with ISO 9001:2015, Ensure compliance with organizational requirements, Objective Evidence and Audit Planning, Process Mapping: Process Flow Diagram Effective Internal Auditing, Audit Examples − paper exercise.

9/11-11/13 M 5-8p $495 for APICS members $645 for non-APICS members

9/13-10/11 W



Food Protection Manager Certification

APICS: CSCP Review The CSCP program review will provide a full review of the supply chain − from the supplier through the company to the end consumer. Provides you with the knowledge to effectively manage the integration of these activities to maximize a company’s value chain. After the review, you will understand how to use enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems and other technologies to improve the entire supply chain process. Certification exams are NOT included in tuition.

Prepares students for the Food Safety Certification exam. Addresses food safety practices, prevention of food-borne illness and personal hygiene guidelines. Food Safety Manager Certification exam given at end of class. Must register seven days prior to class. ServSafe book and materials included. 9/11 M 8a-4p $150 11/13 M 8a-4p $150

9/12-11/14 T 5-8:30p $1825 for APICS members $1975 for non-APICS members

BECOME A PERSONAL TRAINER NASM Certified Personal Trainer Start your career in the health and wellness field by gaining a solid education utilizing curriculum developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), a premier fitness certification program recognized throughout the country. The NASM CPT credential is the preferred choice of top health clubs and fitness facilities around the world. This 16 week hands-on program includes 16 hours lecture, 16 hours practicum, 30 hours of shadowing in the field, cost of all books, and the exam fee for your NASM CPT. 8/22-12/7 T/TH


• Official NASM curriculum

• Step-by-Step hands-on training

• Work virtually anywhere and at anytime


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, predicts about 8 percent job growth for fitness trainers and instructors, including personal trainers, over the period from 2014 through 2024. The median salary for these workers was $38,160 in May 2016.





Agile Essentials


This course is for individuals who are involved in agile work or who wish to become familiar with working in an agile environment. This include Project Managers, Quality Managers, Software Development Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, IT Directors and Management Consultants.  Topics covered include agile principles, how these apply to your role, Scrum process, release planning, iteration testing and continuous integration.  Fee includes training materials and a voucher to sit for the iSQI Certified Agile Essentials Exam.

These self-paced courses include FREE access for 12 months to a cloud based lab platform to assist students develop the practical information technology (IT) skills necessary to succeed in high in demand IT jobs. This cloud based lab solution uses real equipment that enables our students to execute each practical task in a safe environment that is accessible from anywhere without needing to buy their own hardware or risk damage to their own system.

8/22-9/7 T/TH 6-9p 10/24-11/9 T/TH 6-9p

$795 $795

Along with providing the necessary hardware in a virtual environment, students gain access to high quality practical exercises that cover many of the exam topics they will encounter on their certifying exams. For additional information or to register: CompTIA Network+ N10-006


Prepares students to take the CompTIA Network+ certification (Exam N10-006). 50 hours CompTIA Security+


Prepares students to take the CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 certification exam. 60 hours CompTIA Server+ SK0-003


Prepares students to take the CompTIA Server+ SKO-003 certification exam. 40 Hours CompTIA Server+ SK0-004


Prepares students to take the CompTIA Server+ SK0-004 certification exam. 25 hours STCHAS.EDU/LEARNFORLIFE | 636-922-8233




Essentials Certificate

Data Analysis

To remain competitive in today’s workforce, employees must demonstrate a strong working knowledge of many key software applications. This certificate will assist you with upgrading your current skills and learning new ones.

Data Analysis is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace. Companies have vast amounts of data, but it is rare to have someone with the ability to analyze that data to see trends and make predictions. Begin with getting a basic understanding of how to analyze data in a business setting. Then, learn how many of your business decisions involve comparing groups for differences. Learn the statistics behind these group differences and relationships. Finally, find out how to perform inquiries that will be useful to your business or organization, and have the skill necessary to communicate these results through graphs and text that your fellow employees will understand. 4.8 CEUs. Classes taught online.

Prerequisites: • Knowledge of computers • Beginning Computer Keyboarding or the ability to type 20 words per minute.

This comprehensive Certificate Program combines instruction from three different courses: Microsoft Word (all six modules) See page 29

Microsoft Excel (all six modules) See page 30

Microsoft Access 10/2-11/7 $125

Microsoft PowerPoint 9/11-10/2 $95

Microsoft Publisher 11/1-11/15 $79

Microsoft Outlook 10/4-10/25 $95

Culminating project and final exam: $169 (Required to receive certificate) *This is a certificate issued through St. Charles Community College



This comprehensive Certificate Program combines instruction from three different courses: Introduction to Data Analysis 9/5–9/29 $195

Intermediate Data Analysis 10/2–10/27 $195

Advanced Data Analysis 11/6–12/1 $195

These individual online courses also are available

for registration separately. Note: The Certificate Program fee of $495 represents a savings of $90 off the same courses if taken separately!

LEGAL CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS Paralegal This intensive, nationally acclaimed program is designed for beginning as well as advanced legal workers. Training includes instruction on how to assist trial attorneys, interview witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law, and assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation. Must take two consecutive seven-week sessions. Textbooks required. Rate $1289 (includes both sessions). Call 636-922-8233 to register.


Certificate Series A bookkeeper's daily job duties require strong accounting and mathematical skills. SCC’s non-credit Bookkeeper Certificate Program can help you get started on a new career or upgrade your current skill set. This comprehensive Certificate Program combines instruction from four different courses: Accounting Bootcamp

Dates available in winter

Certified Bookkeeper 9/20-12/13 $995

Class taught online 8/21-10/6 10/16-12/1

Legal Secretary

Quickbooks, Part 1 10/23-11/13 $95

Quickbooks, Part 2 11/27-12/4 $75

Bookkeeper Certificate program cost: $1,360

This intensive program is designed for both beginning and experienced secretaries who are interested in improving their skills and working more efficiently within the law office. Students will study such topics as: legal terminology; legal process; jurisdiction and venue; ethics; written communications including letters, pleadings, discovery, notices and motions; filing procedures, billing and accounting; time management; records management; an overview of commonly used word and data processing programs; legal research; memoranda preparation, and citation format. Textbooks required. $645. Call 636-9228233 to register. Class taught online 8/21-10/6 10/16-12/1






for Business

Discover proven methods to improving email promotions, analyzing your website traffic, doing search engine optimization, and how to successfully employ online advertising. Relevant for any type of organization, including business, companies, non-profits and government agencies. 4.8 CEUs. Classes taught online.

Get in on this exciting and growing way to communicate, market and serve your customers and clients. From Facebook to Twitter, blogging, YouTube, LinkedIn and more, discover the new principles of communication that apply across all networks and how these specific social networks work and the possible uses for your organization.

This comprehensive Certificate Program combines instruction from three different courses:

Learn how social networks are used to develop a two-way communication and marketing strategy for your organization. Find out what you can be doing, what you should be doing, and develop a new approach to integrate social networks into your communication and marketing plan. Classes taught online.

Improving Email Promotions 9/5-9/29 $195

Boosting Your Website Traffic 10/2-10/27 $195

Online Advertising 11/6-12/1 $195

Note: The Certificate Program fee of $495 represents a savings of $90 off the same courses if taken separately!

This comprehensive Certificate Program combines instruction from three different courses: Introduction to Social Media 9/5-9/29 $195

Marketing Using Social Media 10/2-10/27 $195

Integrating Social Media in Your Organization 11/6-12/1 $195

These individual online courses also are available for registration separately. Note: The Certificate Program fee of $495 represents a savings of $90 off the same courses if taken separately!





WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) for website and blog design. Social media and digital technologies, when understood and leveraged effectively, can enable you to find new clients and motivate these clients to take action in more efficient and strategic ways. Social media sales solutions can help you save time, save money and make money throughout the sales cycle from prospecting to referrals to closing sales. Topics include introduction to CMS, WordPress installation and setup, page and content creation, administration, themes (selection, purchase, installation and setup), working with widgets and plugins, and more. Learn how to modify web pages by hand-coding, simple SEO techniques that improve your website ranking, and ongoing site maintenance and site security. Classes taught online. Self-Publishing eBooks 10/2-10/27 $195

Marketing Business Publications 11/6-12/1


Note: The Certificate Program fee of $495 represents a savings of $90 off the same courses if taken separately!


for Business

A publication or book can help you expand your business in a way no form of advertising can. Learn how to understand your publishing options and how to select the best pathways given your business and personal objectives. Discover what makes a great ebook and how to create, format and publish your ebook. Learn the steps necessary to create your eBook with text, photos, illustrations, audio, videos and hyperlinks to websites. Discover the various marketing avenues for your book and create a marketing plan. 4.8 CEUs. Classes taught online. This comprehensive Certificate Program combines instruction from three different courses: Growing Your Business With Self-Publishing 9/5-9/29 $195

Self-Publishing eBooks 10/2-10/27 $195

Marketing Business Publications 11/6-12/1 $195

Note: The Certificate Program fee of $495 represents a savings of $90 off the same courses if taken separately!







Your employees are your most valuable resources. Ensuring the efficiency of your team is the key to your success and is your most important responsibility. Get practical, easy-to-understand, and insightful methods for new and even experienced supervisors and managers.

Are you frustrated by the communication gap that can occur between you and your Spanish-speaking patients? Designed specifically for healthcare professionals, this class will help you bridge that gap. Practice practical language skills needed to effectively communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients and their families. Learn the basics of the language, gain an understanding of the culture, and know how to ask the questions crucial to quality healthcare. You will also increase your medical vocabulary and practice interviewing patients, taking health history, diagnosing, giving instructions, and prescribing medication. 1.6 CEUs.

Learn about effective delegation, performance management, and writing performance reviews. Discuss the specifics of the supervisor’s role and responsibilities and strategies for improving your overall effectiveness as a leader. Take home practical information along with tips and techniques that can be applied at your job immediately. Class taught online 9/5-10/27




Class taught online 9/5-10/27 $290



Home Inspection


Employment in the home inspection field is expected to grow 17 percent between now and 2018. Get the knowledge you need to take advantage of this growing profession. The Home Inspection Certificate requires completion of 10 courses covering all aspects of home inspection. It is delivered through a blended approach of printed material and online sessions. Each of the 10 courses requires a minimum of 42 hours of study, and you can work from the comfort of your own home or office. Exercises and practical quizzes allow you to check your level of understanding with feedback. With the mixed-course format, you can stay connected with your instructor and other learners and share ideas with other participants in your online community. For more information, visit

OSHA 30-Hour General Industry

$395 per course

Class includes: Intro to OSHA, Inspections, Means of Egress and Fire Protection, OSHA ACT, Hazardous Materials, etc.(partial listing of subjects). Class includes MANCOMM edition of 29CFR 1910 Std. Upon successful completion of this course, participants receive a wallet card from the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration certifying successful completion of the 30-hour Occupational Safety and Health Training Course in General Industry. 9/7-9/26 T/Th 8a-5p


OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Seminar This course is an OSHA-authorized instruction on safety topics with an emphasis on hazard recognition. Topics include: OSHA regulations, personal protective equipment, walking/working surfaces, hazard communication and electrical safety. Participants will be issued a 10-Hour OSHA card. 11/29-12/13 W



Want to make some extra cash?

Become a Continuing Education Instructor! Do you have a hobby, talent, skill or area of expertise that you would like to teach others? We are always looking for new instructors and great ideas for classes. Download and submit a course proposal from our website,, or stop in and meet us in Humanities Building, Room 103, and learn the basics of getting started as a Continuing Education instructor! STCHAS.EDU/LEARNFORLIFE | 636-922-8233






Boost your chances of success for your new or small business and reduce your risks. Gain insight into the characteristics, knowledge and skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Get the latest on planning your business, brainstorming business ideas and building a checklist for going into business. Then learn how to create a business plan, including assessing business feasibility and prepare the management and financial plans. Focus on the most critical components of the business plan to enable yourself to uncover hidden risks and assess the business from a marketing, management, and financial vantage point. Gain a step-by-step approach to attract and keep customers, with an emphasis on customer-driven marketing decisions and building a strong brand.

Move yourself or your sales team to increased success. Finding new clients or customers can be challenging, reaching out to them and actually making a sale is a whole other thing. Whether you are a beginner new to the sales process or a seasoned professional who loves selling, understanding the basic steps of sales and freeing your mind of negativity is the foundation to your business success. Social media and digital technologies, when understood and leveraged effectively, can enable you to find new clients and motivate these clients to take action in more efficient and strategic ways. Social media sales solutions can help you save time, save money and make money throughout the sales cycle from prospecting to referrals to closing sales. Learn new skills in relationship management, prospecting, customer management, and delivering a compelling sales presentation.

$495 total for all 3 courses with certificate, 4.8 CEUs. Classes taught online. Individual Courses Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

$495 for all 3 courses with certificate, 4.8 CEUs. Classes taught online.

The Business Plan

Individual Courses Strategic Selling with Social Media

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Getting Started in Sales



10/2-10/27 $195 11/6-12/1


These individual online courses are also available for registration separately. Note: The Certificate Program fee of $495 represents a savings of $90 off the same courses if taken separately. 40




10/2-10/27 $195

Power Selling 11/6-12/1


These individual online courses are also available for registration separately. Note: The Certificate Program fee of $495 represents a savings of $90 off the same courses if taken separately.

New Career in Healthcare? St. Charles County Community College has partnered with Career Step to offer online training for in-demand careers. Job Placement assistance is included and there is an 84% job placement rate with graduates. · · ·

Medical Coding and Billing with PCS (AHIMA Approved!) Medical Transcription and Editing (ADHI Approved!) Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR (NHA Approved!)

Learn more about these training and career opportunities by visiting or by calling

1-877-225-7151 to speak with an Enrollment Advisor today!

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Health Occupations

Some Health Occupations courses require a high school diploma/GED, proof of prerequisite licensure/certification, criminal background check, Family Care Safety Registry, health screenings and/or drug testing for admission and/or clincial participation.

Certified Medication Technician Registration Deadline: 9/15 Section 40B W TUITION:

9/20-11/29 $460

CMT 200 8a-3p

CMT Final Exam Certified Nursing Assistant Section 44B: M Section 41B: T Section 45B: T/Th TUITION:

CNA Clinical Internship Section 42: M/W Section 43: T/Th Section 44: M/W/F Section 45: T/Th Section 46: M/W/F Section 47: M-F Section 48: M-F Section 49: T/Th Section 50: M/W/F TUITION:

CNA 100

8am-3pm 8am-3pm 4pm-9pm $375

CMT Challenge Exam

CNA 102

CNA 100

Section 75: By Appointment TUITION: $115

CNA Challenge Exam

CNA 101

Section 75: By Appointment TUITION: $140

Pharmacy Technician Registration Deadline: 8/25

Section 41B: 8/29-9/21 T/Th TUITION: $765


CMT 300

Registration Deadline: 8/30 (or when all available test spots fill)


6/7-9/6 By Appointment $35/test


PMT 100 6:30-9:30p

NRS 125

Registration Deadline: 9/5

9/11-12/8 Section 40B: (Class): Online class: 9/11-12/ 4 On-campus lab days: 9/13, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/8, 11/15, 11/29, 6-9p Section 41B: Clinical dates: 11/2-12/8 (hours will vary, no clinicals 11/22-24) TUITION: $560 (class) $210 (clinical)

Online IV Therapy

Section 75: W TUITION:

CMT 101

Section 75: By Appointment TUITION: $165

12-hour day shifts 12-hour day shifts 12-hour day shifts 8-hour day shifts 8-hour evening shifts 8-hour day shifts 8-hour evening shifts 8-hour evening shifts 8-hour day shifts $310

CNA Final Exam

CMT Pre-Test

CMT 100

Section 75: By Appointment specific test dates arranged with instructor TUITION: $115

NRS 101

Section HN1: online 24 hours/day, open-entry TUITION: $490

Online Courses Take classes that fit YOUR schedule, anytime, anywhere! For questions or assistance, email ccdreg@, or call 636-922-8233. Visit for a complete listing of online classes. American Management Association®

General Courses A wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely online. All courses are led by expert instructors. Topics include accounting and finance, business, computer applications, design and composition, health care and medical, language and arts, law and legal, personal development, teaching and education, technology, writing and publishing GRE and GMAT prep. Register:

American Management Association Certificate Programs Programs include accounting, communications, customer service, finance for managers, human resources, leadership, management, manufacturing/ quality, marketing, negotiation skills, personal development, project management, purchasing, strategic planning, supervision, team building and time management. Register:

Career Training Certificate Programs Certificates available in: health care and fitness, business and professional, IT and software development, management and corporate, media and design, hospitality and service industry, skilled trades and industrial, sustainable energy and going green. Once a course is accessed either by requesting materials or viewing lessons, there are no refunds. Register:

Skills for the 21st Century Get skills for the 21st century. Boost your productivity and your organization’s bottom line. Courses include: business and career skills, business, communication, courses for K-12 teachers, management and leadership, new media marketing, social media for business, training and education. Classes start the first Monday of the month and run for four weeks. Register:

Paralegal Certificate Online Course The Paralegal Certificate Course© is the cornerstone of The Center for Legal Studies programs and paralegalism is one of the fastest–growing careers in the country. To register, call SCC Continuing Education at 636-922-8233.

Green, Renewable Energy and Trade Skills Training SCC Workforce Development, in partnership with ProTrain Online, is your solution for green, renewable-energy and trade-skills training. These online courses will help you learn the skills you need to excel in the jobs for the new economy. Includes: business/management/ leadership, career and services, green renewable energy and industrial/skilled trades. To register, call SCC Continuing Education at 636-922-8233.

Home Inspection Certificate A home inspection is a documented, professional opinion of a home, based on a visual evaluation and operational testing of the home’s systems and components to determine their current condition. This 10-course online certificate program provides students with the technical skills and expertise needed to succeed in the home inspection field. Students learn how to conduct visual examinations and deliver written reports on the physical and operational condition of homes or housing units. To register, call SCC Continuing Education at 636-922-8233.



Workforce Development The mission of the SCC Workforce Development Department is to deliver customized training to the current workforce, re-direct the ready workforce to gainful employment and assist the development of the next generation of workers using programs and events to strengthen their understanding of the world of work.

Business and Industry Program: Developing the Current Workforce The Business and Industry Program of St. Charles Community College has been a leading force in the St. Charles County business community since 1992. The Business and Industry Program works with large and small employers to identify job skills and training needs for thousands of workers and employers targeting primarily St. Charles, Pike, Lincoln, Montgomery and Callaway counties.

Our training features: • Experienced facilitators in a wide range of disciplines. • On- and off-site training options. • Flexible scheduling. • A focus on adult learning. • Cutting-edge technology and resources.

Liaison to State Training Funds The SCC Workforce Development Department is recognized by the state of Missouri as a Local Education Agency (LEA) for the application and administration of state funds for company training programs, new jobs training and similar grant funding programs. If your company meets state guidelines, you may be eligible to receive funding assistance to support employee training. Workforce Development can assist you in applying for state funds. For additional information, call 636-922-8474 or email

Missouri Career Center Partnership The Missouri Career Center Partnership is a federally funded program that provides professional job search assistance to job seekers in St. Charles County. The program is part of the Workforce Investment Act serving individuals who have been displaced from their jobs and are unlikely to find employment in their previous occupation. This service is provided through the St. Charles County Department of Workforce Development at the Missouri Career Center. Contact the Missouri Career Center at 636-255-6060.

Services Provided: • Job Search Assistance: Including résumé preparation, identification of transferable skills, informational and job interviewing skills and marketing yourself to employers. Various workshops and networking opportunities are provided. • Individual Career Consultation: An individual plan of action is developed to determine job search goals and career direction. • Career Resource Center: For use by customers during their job search. Phones, copier, fax machine, PCs, laser printers and employer directories are available. Internet access is also available. • Job Placement Assistance: Including current labor market information and access to available job listings from area employers. • Training Opportunities: Available for eligible customers who require upgrade training or retraining into a different career. Contact our office to see if you qualify. • Résumé Development and Critique: Gives the job seeker an excellent opportunity to enhance his or her résumé to its fullest extent. • Career Assessments: Various standardized formal assessments are used to allow job seekers to match their skills and temperaments to other occupations. This is a must for the job seeker wishing to enter into a new industry.

School-Business Programs: Investing in the Future Workforce Today’s youths are tomorrow’s workforce. School-Business Programs has established a coalition of educators and business leaders who work together to make a difference in the lives of young people. Programs focus on career development, career exploration and career readiness. For more information, call 636-922-8474. 44


Adult Education and Literacy Adult Education and Literacy (AEL/ELA/HSE) St. Charles Community College coordinates a four-county effort (St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln and Pike) to teach reading, math and writing skills and concepts, to prepare people to take the High School Equivalency tests (HSE) and to assist non-native speakers in gaining English proficiency. Free day and evening classes are available. Students must be at least 17 years old and not enrolled in secondary school. For more information about class times, locations or the services below, call SCC at 636-922-8411 or visit

High School Equivalency Instruction is available for students to improve basic skills, learn new skills and to prepare for and pass all five of the High School Equivalency tests.

English as a Second Language (ESL) ESL classes provide reading, writing, listening and speaking activities at English proficiency levels for people wishing to improve their English language skills.

Citizenship Preparation Classes help students prepare for the citizenship interview. Students must have a resident card for four years or more (two years if spouse is a citizen) and at least intermediate-level English skills.

TOEFL Preparation Classes help students prepare for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Students whose first language is not English must pass this test for admission to college.

Celebrating Adult Education and Literacy in St. Charles County! AEL STUDENT RECOGNITION CEREMONY 7 p.m. Thursday, June 7, 2018 Donald D. Shook Fine Arts Building Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Pronunciation Classes In this class, students will learn how to pay closer attention to the unique, challenging sounds of the English language. Students will actively improve their rhythm and intonation, practice aloud as a group and individually with an instructor. Students will enhance listening and communication skills through practicing better pronunciation.

High School Equivalency (HSE) Testing On Jan. 1, 2014, the approved high school equivalency test for Missouri became the HiSET, which is offered by Educational Testing Service (ETS). this test is available only on computer but can be taken at various sites across Missouri, including St. Charles Community College. Paper and pencil high school equivalency tests are no longer offered for community test takers. Registration for the HiSET is done entirely on the computer. Registration information, cost information and test scheduling can be found at Students who register to test will pay a total of $95. The five tests must be scheduled within the span of one year. Students register and pay for tests separately. The cost of the first test is $27. The other 4 sub-tests costs $17 each. The complete testing battery is $95. All payments must be made by electronic check, debit or credit card. Please refer to the HiSET website for more detailed information ( The SCC Adult Education and Literacy program can be reached at 636-922-8411.

Volunteer Opportunities Volunteer tutors are needed to work with adult literacy students and in the HSE and ESL classrooms. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and must have a clear background check. They work with individuals or small groups of students under the direction of the classroom teacher. Training is provided. No previous experience is required. Call 636-922-8504 or email for more information.




Registration Payment must be received when you enroll. Online – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

Announcements will be made on KMOX Radio (1120 AM), KSDK TV (Channel 5), KMOV TV (Channel 4) and KTVI TV (Channel 2). In the case of evening classes held at middle schools and high schools in the area, SCC classes will not meet if it has been announced that the schools themselves are closed.

Accommodations/Support: By Phone – Call 636-922-8233 at least one

week before the first class meeting during the hours listed below. Telephone registration: Visa, Discover and MasterCard only accepted as payment.

By Mail – Send the registration form, with your check or money order to: SCC Division of Corporate & Community Development 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, HUM 103 Cottleville, MO 63376-2865

In Person – Register in HUM 103. Registration hours: • 8a-7p Monday-Thursday; • 8:30a-4p Fridays.

Refund Policy: If you drop a class, you will receive

a 100 percent refund if the class is dropped one business day before the first meeting or earlier. No refund will be given if the class is dropped the day of class or later. Events which may require more advanced notice to cancel include, but are not limited to, certain business and industry classes, conferences, trips, day trips and other special events. For these exceptions, refer to the LAST DAY TO CANCEL information listed in the course description. If you have a situation that warrants an override of the above policy, an explanation of the circumstances should be made in writing to the Division of Corporate and Community Development. The appropriate associate dean will review the situation to determine if a refund can be granted and will notify you accordingly. Refunds should be received within 30 days.

Inclement Weather Policy: In the event of

severe weather conditions or other emergencies, the SCC president may cancel classes and close the campus for a partial or full day. The college will update the SCC website (stchas. edu) and main number 636-922-8000, send a text message through the Emergency Alert System, and contact selected radio and television stations, when the timing of conditions allow, by 5 a.m. for day classes and no later than 4 p.m. for evening classes (if bad weather develops during the day). The college will typically update the college website and main number prior to contacting the selected radio and television stations. It is recommended to use the college’s website or main number in order to receive information in a more timely manner.



St. Charles Community College is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Please email with your accommodations request. It is recommended that you contact the college 10 business days prior to the event.

Cancellation Policy: Because St. Charles Community College Continuing Education (non-credit) classes are self-supporting, the decision to run a class is based on the number of people enrolled. The college reserves the right to cancel if sufficient enrollment is not achieved. Registrations need to be received at least one week prior to the start of class to be considered in the determination of whether to cancel the class. An attempt will be made to notify registrants by phone or mail if a class is cancelled. Full refunds will be issued for classes cancelled by the college.

Campus-Closed Dates Sept. 4 – Labor Day Nov. 22-24 – Thanksgiving Break Dec. 22-Jan. 1 - Winter Break The Continuing Education Office will close at 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 22 and Dec. 18-21.

Calendar of Events Oct. 13-15 – YPT Show: You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Werewolf Dec. 15-17 – YPT Show: The Nutcracker View more at

SEND YOUR REGISTRATION FORM AND CHECK TO: St. Charles Community College, Corporate & Community Development – HUM 103 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, Cottleville, MO 63376-2865 To pay by credit card, visit or call 636-922-8233. Fees should be included in your payment if indicated in the course description. Name Address_______________________________ City/State________________ ZIP ___________ Date of Birth: Mo.______ /Day_____/Year____ Home Phone (


Email Address

Work Phone (


Emergency Contact (





Money Management


------Sample ------

Sat., March 6

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $ _________

CLASS LOCATIONS Classes are located on the SCC campus unless otherwise noted. Class location information is listed below. NOTE: For on-campus classes, students should go to the Humanities Building, Room 103, during office hours, or call 636-922-8233 for specific room assignments. After hours and on Saturdays, go to the ADM Welcome Center. For the Arts Council, if you have accessibility concerns, call 636-922-8233 for directions on where to park and enter the building.

Locations found in this schedule Art Glass Array 501 N. Kingshighway St. Charles, MO 63301 636-724-0288 St. Charles Arts Council 7443 Village Center Drive O’Fallon, MO 63368 636-561-0028

One Academy Place 1 Academy Place Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368 (sometimes referred to as NAH or Nursing and Allied Health) St. Charles Community College 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive Cottleville, MO 63376-2865 636-922-8000

Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar 217 S. Main Street O’Fallon, MO 63366 636-281-2233 The Painted Pot 3772 Monticello Lake St. Charles, MO 63304 636-300-4515


The College is committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunity regarding the treatment of students, faculty and staff. The College adheres to a strict non-discrimination policy in student admission, educational programs, activities and employment regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, disability or genetic information. The College is an equal opportunity employer. Inquiries may be directed to: Vice President for Human Resources, 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, Cottleville, MO 63376-2865.



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ECRWSS Residential Customer 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive Cottleville, MO 63376-2865

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Learn for Life - Fall 2017  

Schedule of non-credit, community classes at St. Charles Community College.

Learn for Life - Fall 2017  

Schedule of non-credit, community classes at St. Charles Community College.