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By Ida Aldana

52 THE

BEAUTY Be on the edge of glory.

23 23


By Pola Beronilla


Get struck by good lighting



By Jericho Umali





Up-and-coming rock band Holy White Hounds aren’t one to zero in on fame and hype; they ebb from point to point, dragging us along for their road trip to having fun, games, and relishing in the rewards.



Soaking in sunshine and turbulent tempests, garage rockers Twin Peaks swap the cursed sophomore slump for unbridled energy to outdo the mania of their previous works in Down In Heaven.




Vigorously raising her voice and the content it contains, Kristin Kontrol is shedding her old skin. Serving musical rawness, she bares all on an industry that can often dull an artist’s sparkle.

Capture the bad angles and stow it away forever.



Distressed Shorts



In pieces and faces that match, duplicate the archaic looseness of a schoolgirl daydream. By Nicolas Le Forestier



Gear up and get ready to hit the sunny streets with the most functional athletic ensemble. By Miguel Alomajan


40 SWAG:


Keep your cool in the summer heat.







45 Braid


High-cut Sneakers Patch Jeans Pocket Tees Woven Belts



Cropped Halter Tops



Off-shoulder Dresses

48 HOT


A-line Leather Skirts




Nimbly misrepresented by her westernized name, Lana Condor is a unique seed among the sparseness of Hollywood’s Asian gene pool. Spunky yet eager to please, it’s no wonder she stars in X-Men: Apocalypse. By Ida Aldana



Preserving the spirit of cinematography that often gets diluted in contrived settings, New York-based director Ryan Wick gives clarity on life depicted as true to the bones with his realistic cinematic vision. By Janroe Cabiles



Reality’s not just what you see; it’s how you see it. Berlin-based artist and illustrator Drømsjel whisks us into an inception with the bizarre surrealness of his reality and how he comes to terms with it.

By Janroe Cabiles






HBO’s Game of Thrones is categorically a standalone shocker, and with the cavalier Theon Greyjoy’s inclusion, it can be hard for the casual viewer to love. But Alfie Allen’s pretty far from his challenging character, compelling the human gaze to keep all eyes on him with his charismatic ways. By Denise Mallabo



Bands today are usually granted with a meteoric lifespan, but Sacramento alternative metal band Deftones extend their prime as one of the most stoic acts still thriving. With all hands steering them down the consensus of impeccable sound, they deliver where they want to. By Denise Mallabo




Trading her sundresses and high heels for bomber jackets and sneakers, blogger Asia Coronel introduces us to menswear and a world bound to no gender.

about the cover Taken by photographic neophyte Irvin Rivera and styled by longtime sartorial master Warren Alfie Baker, we get a portrait of what Game of Thrones’ mainstay Alfie Allen lingers on when the camera’s not rolling.


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Ida Aldana, Penny Lan, Jericho Umali Miguel Alomajan, Ken Azuela, Warren Alfie Baker, Lindsey Byrnes, Jessica Castro, Zachary Chick, Mike Chua, Anne-Catherine Frey, Jimmy Fontaine, Nicolas Le Forestier, Anton Khachaturian, Michael Lavine, Phill Limprasertwong, Frank Maddocks, Anne Pascual, Irvin Rivera, Annie Slatsky, Isaac Sterling, Wayman and Micah Sharm de San Jose, Denise Marcelo, Ted Tiu

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Dutifully working at the helm in still and motion pictures, Nicolas Le Forestier’s keen eye for aesthetic has made him busy in both ventures. This Paris-based French photographer channels the rustic charm of the Golden Age of Cinema and applies them in modern-day millenials, as seen in one of our editorials, Double Vision (26).



We pass by undiscovered talent daily. They may seem ordinary, but the magical beanstalk proved otherwise– which is exactly how Los Angeles-based Warren Alfie Baker sprung to prominence. First spotted as a 19-year old dressing mannequins at Gap, his career since then has naturally progressed from being styled to being the stylist himself. Appearing regularly on E! and Style Network, he demonstrates his seasoned taste in styling Game of Thrones’ Alfie Allen (62).

Certified fashion mogul AnneCatherine Frey has been making waves on the continental scene as a reputable designer, illustrator, and stylist. Based in Paris, this jackof-all-trades is also the architect of her own sets– turning the world into a projection of her vintage allure in Double Vision (26).

IRVIN RIVERA US-based Filipino fashion photographer Irvin Rivera’s works are a series of reflective picture books, each frame narrating an untold story. Being a trained writer has profoundly helped him to interact with visuals to create something beyond eye candy as he imbues his inner colorful raconteur in snapping this month’s cover boy (62).

IDA ALDANA You’re never too young to taste a slab of success. Based in Manila, 19 year-old Interdisciplinary Studies junior Ida Aldana is taking the steps to fulfilling her destiny in words. Her people-observing skills are top-notch, as noted in her personal account of X-Men series freshman Lana Condor (56).

8 -

WAYMAN AND MICAH This deadly duo breathes new life in the clothes they style. Two individuals fused by their mutual love for fashion, their respective talents were eventually reborn as the brainchild of brilliance, elegance, and edge. They demonstrate their sartorial prowess in dressing up plain janes, this time embodied by the darling Lana Condor (56).




hen life gets tough, it feels like the only options you have are giving up or fighting back. As an editor who seems to always go against the grain, fighting the good fight seems to be the likely choice. It’s also great that we recently got to witness Beyoncé swing her “hot sauce” (baseball bat) and bust up a car windshield, fire hydrants, and wig store security cameras; the message was clear: she wasn’t going to take sh*t sitting down. Our features in this issue have either played a scorned character or have lived through their fair share of death, drugs, and divorce. This issue isn’t meant to be dark and dreary, but its purpose is to show that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Brit actor Alfie Allen was all smiles and sunshine when we caught up with him in Los Angeles for this month’s cover shoot. Having been busy promoting the latest season of Game of Thrones, sleep seems to be on top of his to-do list. It’s nice to see him in a high spirits, as opposed to his character Theon “Reek” Greyjoy. Though we’ve hated, loved, and sympathized with his character, we’re ready to watch Reek rediscover himself as Theon Greyjoy. With his constantly changing schedule, he shares with us what keeps him busy during his downtime and his most clichéd answer on the roles he wants to play in the future. Some would call their sound alternative, others would call it experimental, but no matter how you describe their music, Deftones is an institution. And now they’re back with their eighth album Gore, four years after their last album. What happened? Life happened. Aside from dealing with the death of their bassist Chi Cheng, they also battled divorces, drugs, and drinking problems and came out on the other side. With life experience under their belt, they reveal the most difficult album they produced, what they did to prepare for Gore, and what they’ve learned about being in a band. Don’t forget to check out our Maestros who are causing a stir this month: Dum Dum Girls’ Kristin Kontrol, up-and-coming rock band Holy White Hounds, and garage rockers Twin Peaks. Our Masterminds also do their fair share of kicking butt: actress Lana Condor, who takes on the role of Jubilee in X-men: Apocalypse, New York-based director Ryan Wick, and illustrator Drømsjel. If times get tough and grueling, we hope this issue gives you the faith to keep dreaming, the drive to keep fighting, and the courage to live the life you imagined.


GREYONESOCIALONLINE.COM L2 R2 Wing Greenbelt 5, Makati City









ollow 34°N 118°W this summer and you’re bound to be in the right direction. Inspired by the Arts District in Downtown LA, the brand’s understated yet playful sensibility is a pure reminder of fun times in the West Coast. With a medley of simple silhouettes and striking colors on button-downs, skirts, dresses, and maillots, you’ll be cruising to the city of angels in no time.



our head-turner status is in the bag with GELAREH MEZRAHI and her quirky collection. Coming in the form of smiley faces, pizza slices, lips, and even fried eggs, the designer’s python leather clutches, backpacks, and shoulder bags are anything but simple. With your essentials safe and sound in one of her masterpieces, you’re sure to feel totes amazing.



t’s time to stay young in London-based brand NATIVE YOUTH’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. With founder Ash Kumar at its front, the collection shows the brand’s versatility and timelessness through bomber jackets and shirts imbued with abstract prints and pops of color with hues of dark blue and gray at its core. - 13



bling ring


ot everyone can have that je ne sais quoi, but SUR LES TOITS DE PARIS can definitely lend a hand. The French accessory brand can make anyone fall head over heels with their elegant necklaces and bracelets flawlessly matched with chromatic stones and gems as well as metallic chains that exude glamour to echo the richness of the Parisian streets.

haze of glory


high roller


ry their pieces on for size and become a certified KLOKE addict. With a Spring/Summer 2016 men’s collection of bomber jackets, baseball caps, and button-downs incorporated with denim as well as splashes of yellow and navy blue, the Aussie brand’s laid-back pieces are sure to help you effortlessly turn heads as you go.

14 -

Words by Jill de Leon, Sharm de San Jose, and Ted Tiu

ustralian brand BÚL carries out its Melbourne roots mixed with a California feel in their new collection. Loose-fitting pieces that vary from long coats and chiffon tops to wide-legged bottoms and a-line skirts play around with a white, gray, and camel palette as well as a splash of soft yellow hues, emanating femininity balanced out with a certain edge.




ind yourself Cloistered in Singapore-based designer MAX.TAN’s latest collection. With a strong presence of juxtaposed ideas under the paradigm of peace, military and religious norms play a huge role in the collection’s language, featuring minimalistic pieces expressed with strong contrasting designs of strength, violence, and freedom mixed with peculiarity.

spring fever


op into the world of JULIAN ZIGERLI and their White Rabbit’s Japanese-inspired cartoon illustrations. Intertwined with several shades of gray and blue, their Spring/ Summer 2016 collection plays on proportions and shadow effects with an aesthetic focused on a handmade feel of sketches on a variety of shorts, sweaters, and shorts.

sun’s out


he sun may be unforgiving sometimes, but RVS is here to help. Based in Istanbul, the eyewear brand lives by the saying “quality over quantity” and only produces a limited number of handmade pieces for each design. Infused with vivid colors and prints, these rare finds of matte frames in different shapes and sizes will give you a bright gaze ahead. - 15




keemala resort, phuket B

reath in the deep-seated Thai culture that promises all kinds of chill at KEEMALA, situated hillside overlooking the Kamala Village, near Patong Beach but close enough to the vibrant city life. Inspired by the stories, traditions, and lifestyle of early Phuket culture, the resort draws on distinctive architecture and interior design with color and textures of tranquil nature. Also offering the option of staying in the Clay Pool Cottage, Tent Pool Villa, Tree Pool House, and Bird’s Nest Pool Villa, as well as their Su-Tha Restaurant and Bar, Wine Cellar, and Cha-La pool at the heart of the area providing cocktails and snacks, there’s no other choice except to relax. 10/88 Nakasud Rd., Kamala, Kathu Disctrict, Phuket, Thailand


aking the usual highbrow, health-conscious restaurant down a notch, FITBURGER proves that eating clean doesn’t mean only eating green. Founder Tony Macaraeg put his heart, soul, and gains into it, recreating the classic burger and other dishes with good alternatives such as whole wheat pita bread for buns, sweet potato fries, and homemade sauces while also keeping track of the calorie, protein, carbs, fat, sodium, and fiber count per dish. With decorative sports accents such as weights, cones, frisbee discs, boxing gloves throughout the place, mini foosball, air hockey, and pool tables laying around, and a rock climbing wall in one corner, it’s impossible not to want to stay fit. Unit 1, Le Grand Tower 2, Eastwood, Quezon City, Philippines


GYM CLASS HERO In the literal sense, there’s no pain, no gain with FITBURGER’s recreation of guilty food and with homemade patties and special sauces from the freshest of quality.

16 -





Chicken fingers with an oatmeal and herb breading, served with homemade ninja sauce

An alternative to the cheeseburger, with beef patty, tomato, onion, cheese, and FitBurger sauce

Tocino, served with a side of rich garlic brown rice, and two eggs of any style

Mexican-style red kidney bean patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pita

Words by Janroe Cabiles, SUITE photos courtesy of Keemala, GRUB photos by Carlo Nuñez

fitburger, eastwood T



MICHEL BRISSON, MONTRÉAL 1074 Avenue Laurier O, Montréal, Canada Dime to Drop: P3,207.79-P80,194.85 (CAD$90-CAD$2,250) Don’t leave the store without: a piece from the Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2016 collection


ontreal-based store MICHEL BRISSON may be all black and white, but it still adds a bit of color to your wardrobe. Known for its contemporary structure, the store in itself is a minimalist work of art. Surrounded by mirrored walls creating an illusion of the place expanding to different dimensions, their items suspended from the ceiling in black steel rods are illuminated by the built-in fluorescent lighting, giving the whole place a striking geometric aura. Established in 2002, the Avenue Laurier store designed by Saucier + Perrotte Architects holds pieces from Acne Studios, Lemaire, Dries Van Noten, Marni, and Yohji Yamamoto among other well-known designer and high-end brands that depict the store’s concept of menswear. If you’re longing to be part of the dapper class, then this is a space you should keep on your radar.



Words by Sharm de San Jose

ou wouldn’t be a full-fledged sneakerhead without lusting after what BODEGA has to offer. Known for collaborations with well-known brands such as Fred Perry, adidas, and Reebok as well as men’s apparel, accessories, and footwear from the likes of Stussy, Filling Pieces, and The Quiet Life, the site is a one-stop shop for all your streetwear needs. - 17




HOUDINI & DOYLE (FOX) With House creator David Shore as executive producer, we’re taken back to the 20th century with the story of real-life friends magician Harry Houdini (Michael Weston) and author Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle (Stephen Mangan) as they help the London Police in investigating mysterious deaths, while going head-to-head on whether the supernatural exists or not.

MILLENNIALS: GROWING UP IN THE 21ST CENTURY (OVATION) In the vein of Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, writer and director Rick Stevenson’s project revolves around the lives of a diverse group of children. Starting in 2001, the sixpart documentary undertakes the topics of peer pressure, body image disorder, sexuality, and substance addiction with an overall backdrop of the millennium.

THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY Director Pearry Teo puts a modern twist on the Brothers Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty with his indie sci-fi horror, seeing a young man inherit a mansion holding the secret of Briar Rose, who wasn’t kissed after all.

NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING After previously kicking out the Delta Psi Beta, Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly Radner(Rose Byrne) face the Kappa Kappa Nu sorority as their new neighbors and enlist Teddy’s (Zac Efron) help to get rid of them.

LOVE & FRIENDSHIP Whit Stillman, Kate Beckinsale, and Chloë Sevigny come together again for a quickwitted adaptation of Jane Austen’s Lady Susan as the titular character finds a husband for herself from high society in the 1790s.

ART BASTARD Painting the tale of art rebel Robert Cenedella, director Victor Kanefsky documents the life of the artist told through six decades’ worth of canvases full of New yorkcentered character, commentary, and emotion.

ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Returning to Underland through a looking glass instead of a rabbit hole, Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska) goes against fate and against Time (Sacha Baron Cohen) to save the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp).

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Following the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Charles Xavier and Mystique team up with the young students of Xavier’s School to stop the first and most powerful mutant Apocalypse from destroying humanity.

BIUTIFUL (2010) It’s endlessly emotional, compelling, and fascinating for me.

CHILDREN OF MEN (2006) Direction, story, characters, acting, cinematography, art direction– everything is perfect.

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (1951) Because Marlon Brando is a genius.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2001) It takes me on a journey every time.

DANIEL WEBBER (Actor) @webchops NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (2007) It’s a masterpiece of cinema.

18 -

Words by Janroe Cabiles, Daniel Webber photo by Jessica Castro


BEATS PL AYLIS T If I could only listen to four songs ever in my life, at the top of my head, these songs would be included in it:

DIIV Zachary Cole Smith (Vocals/Guitar)

“Platform on the Ocean” Arthur Russell

“Explain It to Me” Liz Phair

“Can You Hear the Music” Rolling Stone

“Ghost Bitch” Sonic Youth

The reasons for all are the same: it’s got a great groove, a very catchy or anthemic refrain, and interesting arrangements that promote funny little dance moves:


“Modern Love” David Bowie

“Can’t Stand Me Now” The Libertines

“Mandinka” Sinead O’Connor

“Typical Girls” The Slits

Words by Penny Lane Tacocat photo by Michael Lavine, Zachary Cole Smith photo by Zachary Chick

We recently did the new theme song for Cartoon Network’s revival of Powerpuff Girls, and we think these other shows have the best cartoon theme songs:


“Disney’s Muppet Babies” Theme Song

“DuckTales” Theme Song

“My Little Pony” Theme Song

“The Pink Panther” Theme Song



Disguising themselves as a beautiful West Coast thing, San Franciscan psych-rockers SONNY & THE SUNSETS will give you Moods Baby Moods. Produced by tUnE-yArDs’ Merrill Garbus, Sonny Smith and the gang draws influences from early ’80s new wave and funk in their fifth studio album.

Along with a 22-city tour across North America and Europe, Norwegian DJ KYGO will take you on Cloud Nine with his highly anticipated fulllength debut. With tracks like “Firestone” and “Steal The Show,” the young producer continues to experiment with his tropical house tool kit in his LP.


Don’t be afraid to folk it up this May 12 as Karpos Multimedia brings sixpiece indie folk band Of Monsters And Men to the shores of Manila to sing their catchy hits like “Little Talks,” “King and Lionheart,” and “Crystals” at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

With massive tuneage served by the likes of The Cure, Major Lazer, Chet Faker, Grimes, and Mac DeMarco, have a memorable Memorial Day weekend this May 27 to 30 at Gorge Amphitheatre in Quincy, Washington for Sasquatch! Music Festival 2016.

For one last time, party with Closeup Forever Summer this May 21 at Mall of Asia Concert Grounds as the crowd-sourced music festival closes with an all-nighter packed with beats from local and international DJs headlined by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.

Walk to the one you love as Chicago-based indie rock quartet TWIN PEAKS are set to take you Down In Heaven with their third record. Moving past that sophomore slump, the best pals clean up their act, singing songs about “Heavenly Showers,” “Keeping It Together,” and “Getting Better.” - 19




Get in the right frame of mind with these cameras.

FUJIFILM X-PRO2 DIGITAL CAMERA • Features a 24.3-megapixel X-Trans CMOS III sensor and a new X Processor Pro image processing engine • Its viewfinder is constructed with a 2.36 million dot EVF that allows for a display speed of 85 fps • Developed with built-in WiFi, a magnesium weatherresistant body, and dual SD card slots SRP: PHP 78,702.35

LEICA M9-P WHITE EDITION CAMERA • Leica’s limited version of the model, made with a crisp white leather and silver chrome exterior • Showcases a Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH lens, the world’s fastest aspherical lens • Includes a silver front, rear lens caps, white leather lens case, Leica battery, and charge

ANIMATIC By, Inc. From the same creative team behind Inkboard, make your doodles come to life and generate flip book-like animations with this app.

SRP: PHP 2,314,543.52


• A stylish silver limited version of the GR#II, made in celebration of the model’s 80th anniversary • Features a 16MP APS-C-size CMOS sensor, 28mm equivalent F2.8 lens, and 1080/30p video • Has a termination screen that displays a customized graphic of the camera when the device is turned off SRP: PHP 32,360.55


MOOD KEYBOARD By Notegraphy If you’ve got something to say, share your thoughts in a more creative way and personalize your messages with fun designs and colors.

• A selfie-friendly camera that allows users to shoot with its Soft Skin, Defocusing, and Slimming effects • Boasts a 16-MP four-thirds sensor, 1080p/60p video capabilities, and built-in Wi-Fi • Built with a 3-inch touchscreen and 100GB of cloud storage SRP: TBA

NIKON DL24-85 CAMERA • One of Nikon’s newest compact cameras in their premium range of DL Series • Equipped with a 20.8-MP 1-inch sensor that produces stunning image quality under all light conditions • Offers a high-speed hybrid autofocus (AF) system and continuous shooting up to 20 fps and 4K UHD video capabilities SRP: PHP 30,089.76 - 20

EMOJI PARTY By Tiny Hearts Limited Putting a unique twist on charades, challenge your family and friends to guess emoji combinations instead— it’s the ultimate party game!

FAC E PA I N T DOLCE & GABBANA “Passioneyes” Waterproof Curl & Volume Mascara P1,460.74

GLORY GAZE Ready for lift of. NARS “Laguna Tiare” Limited-Edition Bronzer P2,921.48

stila “Stay All Day” Brow Gel in Caramel P1,683.56

MAC 30 Lash P841.78

CLINIQUE “Stay Matte” Invisible Blotting Powder P1,312.19 eyeko “Black Magic” Lash Boost Brush-On Extensions P1,733.08

YVES SAINT LAURENT “Savage Summer–Gloss Volupte” Lip Gloss in Rose Denim P1,584.53

LAURA GELLER “Baked Radiance” Cream Concealer P1,188.40

lorac “Front of the Line PRO” Eye Pencil in Nude P990.33

22 -

GUERLAIN “Lingerie de Peau” BB Cream SPF 30 P2,673.90

Runway photo from Marni Spring/Summer 2016

CHANEL Le Blanc Light Creator Brightening Makeup Base Broad Spectrum in Mimosa P2,723.41

BAREMINERALS “Lovescape—READY 4.0” Limited-Edition Eyeshadow Palette P1,485.50

VANI T IES Hig h lig h t e r s

TROPIC THUNDER Despite the humidity soaking your vivacity dry, NARS Summer 2016 Collection makes warmth look cool. Grab one and have fun under the sun because its vibrance saturates even the dullest and most languid afternoons with splashes of color.

Look pretty in pale with CHANEL PERLES ET FANTASIES ILLUMINATING POWDER. With two chic shades that yield a shimmery and sheen look, it’s sure to add softness to your natural flush.

Your body is a canvas for you to add the finishing touches. Dab URBAN DECAY “NAKED ILLUMINATED SHIMMERING POWDER” FOR FACE AND BODY all over to radiate the shine of a mild summer day.

Can’t find the perfect lighting in a shadowy world? SMASHBOX HALO HIGHLIGHTING WAND’s luminosity gives you the angelic glow of a fresh-faced model anytime and anywhere.

Expert Advice Blend in a small amount of highlight on the highest points of your face for that subtle dewy glow.



L Words by Denise Marcelo

eave all your worries behind and enter a tranquil state of mind. Located at Bonifacio Global City, NEO DAY SPA is the exact treatment you need to cleanse negativity and achieve harmony. A haven enclosed in white walls, it’s a spiritually luxurious experience that eases the soul. Net One Center, 26th St. cor. 3rd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (02) 815 8233 - 23


Get cozy in light layers you can still work with as you turn up the temperature this summer. Photos courtesy of






Ruxandra Ioana upgrades a simple silhouette with ribbed texture and corset trousers. @ruxandraioana


24 -






The pop of green keeps Tomáš Pribyl’s ensemble looking light and breezy. @pribyltomas

@thethriftedition - 25

Photographed by Nicolas Le Forestier Styled by Anne-Catherine Frey

From left to right: top by Alexander Wang skirt by The Kooples earrings by Saint Laurent Paris top by Iro skirt by Isabel Marant collar by Marni - 27

tops and skirts by Carven

28 -

sweatshirts by Haider Ackermann

30 -

socks by Marc Jacobs shoes by Charlotte Olympia

socks by Falke shoes by Balenciaga earrings by Dior

32 -

shirts by The Kooples bottoms by Topshop shoes by Underground

Models Alisa Pankratova and Sasha Pankratova of Crystal Models - 33

shirt and jacket by Penshoppe shorts by topman headband and wristband by Wilson

Photographed by Miguel Alomajan Styled by Jill de Leon Model Will Jardell represented by LVX Shot on location at Kerry Sports Manila in Shangri-La, The Fort - 35

jacket by Courtgarment Co. shirt by Bench shorts by Penshoppe cap by Undefeated at Greyone Social

sweater by Reebok short by Topman cap by Bench

38 -

headband by Wilson pullover by Undefeated shorts by Topman

Photography Assistant Mike Chua Styling Assistant Matt Panes

GREYONESOCIALONLINE.COM L2 R2 Wing Greenbelt 5, Makati City

SWAG m ay

20 1 6

CORD PLAY Keep your cool in the summer heat with distressed shorts, high-cut sneakers, patched jeans, pocket tees, woven belts, a-line leather skirts, chokers, cropped halter tops, and off-shoulder dresses Product photography by Mike Chua

From top to bottom: H&M [P525] Forever 21 [P330 for set of 2] Call It Spring [P475] Forever 21 [P280 for set of 2] H&M [P475]


UPPER CUT It’s time for some fancy footwork.

From top to bottom: Pony [P3,995] Boxfresh at Bratpack [P4,990] Pony [P3,295]

42 -


QUICK FIX On the spot.

From left to right: 21 Men [P1,425] Oxygen [P1,119] Penshoppe [TBA] - 43


EXTRA STORAGE Meet your patch.

From top to bottom: Staple at Bratpack [P1,990] Poler at Bratpack [P1,390] Sfera [P899] Penshoppe [P299] 21 Men [P505]

44 -



It’s woven and tested.

From top to bottom: Sfera [P1,099] Call It Spring [P995] Penshoppe [P399] Sfera [P1,099] 21 Men [P599] Penshoppe [P399] Sfera [P1,099] - 45



Over the crop.

From top to bottom: River Island [P995] Forever 21 [P345] Topshop [P899] Forever 21 [P345]

46 -


BOHEMIAN BELLE Just warming up.

From top to bottom: Verano [P999] Dorothy Perkins [P1,275] Forever 21 [P655] - 47

A - L I N E leather S K I R T S

hot pursuit Sit tight.

From left to right: Sfera [P2,250] Topshop [P3,450] Forever 21 [P915]

48 -

distressed shorts

SHORT CIRCUIT Cut to the chase.

From top to bottom: Forever 21 [P915] Penshoppe [P699] Topshop [P1,015] Forever 21 [P915] - 49


Fresh from a drive along the Malibu Coast in a rented convertible, we caught up with Kristin “Dee Dee” Welchez of Dum Dum Girls to talk her about her new solo project KRISTIN KONTROL. By Ida Aldana Interview by Pola Beronilla Photographed by Jimmy Fontaine


ou may have already heard her tunes with her honeyed yet distinct voice over the loud and harmonious beats and strums of the American rock band, Dum Dum Girls (DDG), but now, Kristin “Dee Dee” Welchez goes off road as she releases her solo project as Kristin Kontrol. “It was more of a last-minute decision that came after the music itself, an abstract feeling of needing to reassert my art as template and contextfree,” explains the artist. Even though DDG and Kristin Kontrol are two separate things, she uses her band background as the driving force for her new venture. “Well, DDG was essentially my project as translated into a band, so the basic premise of Kristin Kontrol isn’t any different,” she says. “Musically though, I very aggressively tried to shake the limitations that were built into it.” With an intent to have a raw and universal vibe to her album X-Communicate, she shares that her debut release doesn’t really have a specific or dominating sound. “I wanted the production spectrum to run really wide. I didn’t go into it with any established sound or theme; it was more a free-for-all. I didn’t want to deny anything.” She continues, “The collection of songs that made it on the album revealed themselves to be predominantly about love: romantic, platonic, familial, self.” Padding her latest record with an ‘80s synthpop cushion, springing bass arpeggios and ringing guitars here and there, her hard work will soon be heard when X-Communicate introduces the world to Kristin Kontrol.

50 -

“It took me all these years to arrive at a place where allowing all my love and influences to factor in was finally the natural state.”


Aside from Kristin being your first name, why did you choose to of record under “Kristin Kontrol”? It’s been a nickname of mine for ten years, so it was a very delayed “a-ha!” moment. It being very much a “me” name coupled with a strong look and sound, it just seemed to really make sense. The Dum Dum Girls was a big part of your music career. Are there any specific transitions you had to make as a solo artist coming from a band? Much like when I started DDG, which was my first foray into writing my own stuff, I found tuning out the world and trusting myself to be the best m.o. I think it took me all these years to arrive at a place where allowing all my love and influences to factor in was finally the natural state, as opposed to picking and choosing what felt appropriate.

Were there any difficulties that you encountered during the recording of X-Communicate? I was so adamant to really get outside of the DDG box that I abandoned the guitar when I first started writing songs. Writing on a keyboard instead was a great learning experience, but it also produced underwhelming results. It took me about 40 songs to get anywhere and to recognize that I didn’t have to be so dismissive. I brought the guitar back into the picture and found a good balance between the two methods. What’s one thing you’ve taken in from recording your solo project? It’s not always easy, but that’s what makes it rewarding. Work hard and often trust yourself. How will this solo project introduce you as Kristin Kontrol and not as one-fifth of Dum Dum Girls? Well as the singer and songwriter of DDG, I’m fairly confident that most people will see this as a natural progression, having just outgrown DDG. @kristinkontrol - 51


are alright Riding high on the fuzz-soaked, psychedelic flavor of 2013’s Wild Onion, garage rockers TWIN PEAKS clean up their act and sound as the boys gear up to take you Down in Heaven with their third release. By Pola Beronilla

52 -

hen Chicago natives Cadien Lake James (vocals/guitar), Clay Frankel (guitar/vocals), Jack Dolan (bass guitar/vocals), and Connor Brodner (drums) decided to form a band called Twin Peaks on a whim in 2009, it wasn’t exactly the best choice. A short list of things that share the same name: a Polish alternative/electronic rock group formed a year before them, a DJ duo from Amsterdam and Berlin, a rap collective based in Toronto, and, of course, David Lynch’s groundbreaking serial drama. Will the real Twin Peaks please stand up? The year 2013 saw the rise of Twin Peaks as the band released their debut record Sunken, and come 2014, the boys wasted no time rushing past that sophomore slump with Wild Onion. Muffling their garage rock blitz with a lo-fi haze, the band’s charming grit propelled them to stand out from the rest, making a name for themselves as Twin Peaks—one that mattered. With Colin Croom (keyboards/guitar/vocals) as the last piece to the puzzle, the quintet goes into maturity with their third release Down in Heaven. “We were in a very relaxed situation and felt confident making it. We have


“We’ve digested a lot more about the world and music and grown tighter as a band and as friends… all of that aids us to having a more cohesive vision.”

no doubt we’ve improved, so it felt like there was nothing to lose,” shares Cadien. Recording the album live to reelto-reel tape at Fawn Lake Studios in Sheffield, Massachusetts, the band digs through their crate of influences, igniting their latest release with classics from the ‘60s and ‘70s rock canon. “There’s T.Rex, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Zombies, yada yada yada...but some more laidback ones too, like Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, and The Band,” the vocalist lists down. With the added touch of Dinosaur Jr. producer John Agnello, Twin Peaks refine their edges with poppier elements in Down in Heaven, blending scratchy vocals and dusty rock grooves. “The record has a more laidback feel, perhaps due to the location we made it in, but it’s still a rock & roll record through and through,” explains Cadien. “The whole project is more cohesive than the last ones.”

Spreading their wings with their single “Butterfly”, the boys sing, “It only takes a little while to get along / So, come on baby, give a smile and come on.” While their songwriting leans on simplicty, it’s not to say that their lyrics fall short of impact. “It’s not a must, but it’s a fun element,” Cadien shares. “‘Lolisa’ and ‘Keep It Together’ have loose, gritty narratives but leave the core up to the listener. I don’t like anything too blatant; I like our lyrics to be subtle so that a listener can interpret it how they feel.” He goes on, “Having four songwriters, we all influenced each other as well.” Though following up a criticallyacclaimed record seems like a tall order, the band didn’t give in to the pressure. “The record is a duality of being on top of but being hyper aware of the things that bring you

down. Hence ‘down’ but in ‘heaven,’ or something like that,” says the vocalist. “We’ve just grown up a lot. I think we’ve improved in subtleties and songwriting. We’ve digested a lot more about the world and music and grown tighter as a band and as friends after another two years of touring; all of that aids us to having a more cohesive vision. We know what we’re doing–kind of.” Though Cadien mildly hints cynical woes, their music gives listeners warmth that suggests that the kids are doing just fine. @TwinPeaksDudes - 53




As the old saying goes, “Rock & Roll will never die.” The genre has helped change the history of different forms of art, fashion, movies, and even books. So when an up-and-coming rock band like HOLY WHITE HOUNDS come knocking on our door, we can only be blessed to see what kind of rock band they’ll be. By Jericho Umali Interview by Pola Beronilla Photographed by Lindsey Byrnes and Alyssa Leicht


renton Dean (vocals/guitar) and Ambrose Lupercal (bass) have been friends since high school. Having been in numerous bands during their time, the two decided it was time to plant their feet on the ground and make their own path. Enter Holy White Hounds, a band that’s also formed with James Manson (guitar) and Seth Luloff (drums). “We rescued Seth from a Tom Jones tribute band and found James in an alley fending off feral dogs with a beat up guitar,” recalls the Brenton. The current lineup has been together for about two years now. Specializing in alternative rock, the four pals are virtuosos in their own right. With their latest single “Switchblade”, off of their debut album entitled Sparkle Sparkle, the band sticks to the classic sound with the taste of nostalgic rock that isn’t very prominent on the radio nowadays. “We try to take influence from everything around us and just see where it takes us. We love movies and paintings and taking stuff from those. We honestly never have a clear idea of where we want to go,” Brenton breaks down. “We’ve sat down to write some


“We take our music pretty seriously, but not ourselves. As long as we’re having fun and are satisfied with the final product, we just see where the road takes us.” Sabbath-esque songs before and ended up with something that’s pop rock. We take our music pretty seriously, but not ourselves. As long as we’re having fun and are satisfied with the final product, we just see where the road takes us.” And do it right they did with the release of their Oh Mama EP in 2014; HWH got recognized by Des Moines local rock powerhouse station KAZR. The band has also been heralded by iTunes on their “New Artists Spotlight” sections, as well as Apple Music Rock’s “Ones to Watch” playlists. Fresh from wrapping up their tour last month, they’re currently gearing up for an East and West coast tour that’s going to take them through multiple festivals. “Honestly, we’re just excited to have a van now. We used to tour in two cars; everyone was always awake, cramped, and tired. So being able to have comradery and sleep is a blessing,” shares the vocalist. When asked about what the best thing going for them right now is, they simply say: “We’re doing it with our best friends, and we have one of the most hardworking, supportive, and badass teams behind us helping.” How has being from Des Moines, Iowa shaped your music? Des Moines, Iowa is a great place to have roots in. One reason is because it has an amazingly supportive and active arts community; it’s constantly getting behind projects and artists to help elevate them. Another is because geographically, it’s located in the middle of multiple major markets; four to six hours in any direction and you’ll have a new market.

What went into the making of your debut album Sparkle Sparkle? We tried to put as much as we could into Sparkle Sparkle. Basically, we had released some albums here and there in various other bands, but this time, we decided to double down. We took out some credit cards and swung for the fences. We write about either things that happened to us or to people around us, so most of the songs will have an element of feeling personal and intimate while still being relatable. Sonically, we just love grinding drums and bombastic guitar. Hopefully, it makes people shake their ass. How did your single “Switchblade” come about? The process for every song is a little different, but “Switchblade” was a pretty quick and organic process. Ambrose came up with the bass lines and Brent already had lyrics that fit seamlessly over it. We just jammed on that for a few hours, and then the song was more or less done. What do you want the listeners to take away from your songs? Storytelling isn’t all that important to us per se, but we definitely like to paint a picture for people. To us, people can take whatever they want from our music; we don’t have a set scheme for what a song is about. If people feel anything or maybe forget about something that’s bugging them for a few minutes, that’s good enough for us. @HolyWhiteHounds - 55


new Young actress Lana Condor is blowing up on the big screen as she takes on the role of fan-favorite mutant Jubilee in the latest installment of the X-Men franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse. By Ida Aldana Styled by Wayman and Micah


rowing up as a performer, big screen newcomer Lana Condor has always been bursting with talent even as she moved from coast to coast. She attended the renowned Joffrey Ballet School and Ailey/Professional Performing Arts School in New York and went on to perform with the Los Angeles Ballet, certifying her status as an accomplished dancer. Fanning the flames of her talents by taking acting classes, she was also cast in several school plays, and everything took off from there. “While I was living in New York, I took an acting class and really enjoyed it. It just so happened that I was moving out to Los Angeles for high school.” She continues, “It’s an amazing place to be in if you want to look more into acting or do it as a profession.” Moving to the right place at the right time has definitely worked out for her as she makes her film debut as Jubilation Lee a.k.a. Jubilee, a teenage mutant who has the ability to generate plasmoid fireworks from her hands, in X-Men: Apocalypse. “When I got an audition for pre-reads for X-Men: Apocalypse, I just started getting called back until I eventually booked the project, which I’m still so incredibly excited about. It’s such an honor to be part of such an amazing franchise and film!” Aside from the definite blockbuster hit she’s part of, Lana also rounds up her acting chops as she takes up a role in Patriots Day, an upcoming drama film

56 -

about the Boston Marathon bombings back in 2013 and the manhunt for a terrorist that ensued. Playing an MIT graduate student who’s also the girlfriend of a slain MIT police officer, she shares as much as she can about her latest project, telling us, “I can’t say much, but I will say that Peter Berg’s attention to detail is very meticulous and that he’s doing everything in his power to make this film a very truthful portrayal of the atrocity.”

mastermind What was it about Jubilee’s character that appealed to you? 
 One of the first things that appealed to me was that Jubilee is a very confident girl–very smart and strong. I think that’s really important to portray on the big screen, to show young women that we can be power houses. How do you feel about being an addition to the expanding list of female superheroes?
 I feel awesome; it’s quite an honor! I think that it’s really great that franchises are starting to focus on female superheroes, and strong female characters, at that. I think that’s really important, and I’m very happy to live during a time like this. How was it like working with an ensemble cast in a big franchise movie?
 It was really awesome because since there were so many of us, there were so many people that I could learn from. Being very new in this business, I was grateful for every little advice, technique, etc.

“It’s really great that franchises are starting to focus on female superheroes, and strong female characters, at that.” As an actress, what have you learned so far from the roles you’ve played? I’ve learned how important it is to be fully prepared. And I’m not just saying with my lines (obviously), but also physically and mentally by working out, eating healthy, and staying in a positive and focused headspace. Who are you looking forward to working with in the future? I look forward to working with everyone! I think I’d like to continue to do projects that I’m in love with and continue to work on projects that are important to people. What’s next for you?
 Peter Berg’s Patriots Day. Or if you mean just in every day life, probably dinner.

@lanacondor - 57



Catching moments both suspended and in full motion is New York-based director RYAN WICK, pulling out all the stops, cuts, and actions as he chases stories with his cinematic vision. By Janroe Cabiles

Versace x LilBuck


ixing his love for fiction and film, director, editor, and producer Ryan Wick is in pursuit of a life filled with color and light revealed in pieces of fantasy and reality, alike. Being the former Director of Video Production at Complex and currently Senior Creative Producer at Elite Daily, he’s worked on a huge variety of projects, from commercials for Versace, Pepsi, Axe, Levi’s, and New Era, advertorials for Nike, Oakley, Puma Social Club, Reebok, Sony, Kia, Mountain Dew × Supra, Dr. Pepper, and Heineken, to music videos for The Game, Stalley, Mojave Method, and Memorry, documentary series like his award-winning One of a Kind Sessions with RZA, The Making of a Classic series on Eve and Rakim, and The Craftsmen series with brand New Balance and artist Graham Smith, and short film Chance. Way back when he was still in Reading, Pennsylvania, his father’s VHS collection was his source of early inspiration. “I was always watching stuff, from the original Star Wars trilogy and old Westerns, to Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and Bruce Lee movies,” he recalls. “Then, a video store opened up a street away from my house when I was 14, so whenever my friends and I weren’t skateboarding, we were renting movies.” Moving to NYC, he started out as a teaching assistant at the New York Film Academy before his career took off, later becoming a fulltime instructor. “Aside from that, I also tried to take any and every DP (director of photography) job, paid or not, to boost my cinematography and directing stills,” he says. “Whenever I wasn’t teaching, I was shooting shorts, music videos– whatever was out there. I just love storytelling. Until now, I have to find ways to tell stories and create things, or else I won’t feel fulfilled.”

58 -

Charlie XCX x Bleachers for Kia

New Era (Wall of Allegiance)


“Chevelle” Featuring Stalley and Rashad

“I have to find ways to tell stories and create things, or else I won’t feel fulfilled.”


Having a crystal clear vision of his aesthetic, he adapts his style to any story given to him, whether a spiel or a short. “My creative process differs depending on what type of project I’m doing, but overall, the general flow is something like this: I have an idea or thought in my head for awhile. I try to mentally work out the beginning and ending first. Once I have a firm concept, I move to the ending–what’s the payoff, the message, or the twist to the story I want to tell? From there, I wrestle with the middle, filling it with broad strokes of how to get from point A to point C in the most interesting way.” Given that the bulk of his work is by commission or client-based, his profession maintains a double-edged quality, having to accommodate external influence and collaboration. “I think [creative freedom] is incredibly important. I wish I had full creative freedom all the time, but that’s not the case until it’s something you’re financing yourself. The trick is to communicate your ideas in a way that gets them excited, always defend your choices. You can’t win every battle, but the more battles you win, the closer you get to your original vision.” He continues, “Some people say, ‘It doesn’t matter what you shoot on or what the budget is, as long as you’re telling a good story,’ which is somewhat true. But nobody thinks to themselves, ‘I have this great script; who cares if it looks like shit?’” Now entering a newer chapter for his already impressive repertoire, Ryan’s focus is on his own filmography. “When it comes to my aesthetic, I tend to write things that are dark. I love dark

comedies, horror movies, and action films. The films that attract me most are the ones you have to think about. Nothing irritates me more than expositional dialogue; I’d rather the director show me something visually or leave some things to the imagination. Those are the types of stories I love. As far as looks go, I love things that are overly stylistic. Due to my cinematography background, I think a lot about camera movement and lighting.” Drawing on his love for semantic narrative, he created sixminute, no-dialogue, atmospheric horror film Chance, revolving around a strange girl who picks up men at bars randomly. Making its rounds through many festivals, its last screening was at the StokerCon 2016. His next project is Silhouettes, a complete 180-degrees from his previous film. “It’s about a man who picks up a young girl on the side of the road, but both aren’t what they pretend to be. I’m working with a great company, Kings Country Production, and we’re also starting a crowd-funding campaign for it in hopes of turning it into a feature at some point next year. So look for it, hopefully, on the festival circuit.” @WickInABox - 59


Berlin-based illustrator and artist DRØMSJEL gives us a slice of a new dimension to distorted reality, dating back to the aesthetic of the ‘50s and ‘60s. By Janroe Cabiles


Untitled II

utting craniums open and sowing floral eyes shut, illustrator and artist Pierre Schmidt a.k.a. Drømsjel creates tortured sequences that bloom into dreamlike droplets of color. With a psychedelic vision of the human body paired with his fascination with vintage aesthetic, he shares it all with different projects, such as the album art for Weezer’s single “Do You Wanna Get High?”, A Kew’s Tag’s Silence of the Sirens, Symposion Magazine’s Hybrid Realm, the official poster of COFFI Italian Film & Art Festival Berlin, and cover of LOST WKND Magazine, as well as being featured on Juxtapoz, Art Fucks Me, The Fine Print Magazine, The Plus Paper, and Beautiful/ Decay Magazine. Finding his way to digital collaging and illustration with a surreal twist, he took up quarters in graphic design at an agency in Essen for three years before moving to Berlin to focus on his personal works. “My artistic influences will always be listening to music and watching movies,” he says. “I remember when I first

Der Spiegel Im Spiegel 60 -

had my own internet connection, I just got more and more interested in creating art, installing Photoshop, and combining analogue illustration with digital compositions.” Creating a fluid style of distortion in a pastel palette, complete with oozing swirls of nature where you’ll never expect it to be, he tends to combine the innocence of vintage photographs with contrasting images to interrupt that peace without relaying any message except to look at his works with a fresh perspective. “I try not to overthink the process, it takes away the magic of creation by dissecting it. My works are mostly improvisations, largely a journey. At the start, I really don’t know what the end result will be, and I kind of like that.” With his geometric patterns and meticulous linework that pour through his art, he proceeds to embellish his hand-drawn sketches digitally, splicing and dicing any detail he desires. “When I find an interesting magazine page or photo from the ‘50s or ‘60s, it’s like I’m a DJ that finds a sample from an old LP, and I rework it to my own style and artistic interpretation.” Lining up exhibitions for this year in Berlin and New York and

mastermind commissions for album covers, we’re willing to bet we’ll be seeing a lot more of Drømsjel’s complex, disfigured, yet surreal manipulation of beauty. You have a very colorful, yet specific palette. How does color affect both your work and your everyday life? Day to day, color isn’t such a big part of my life. My home is very white and minimalistic. But in my works, the pastel colors are one of the most important things for me; the color has a big influence on the artwork, not only in the process of its creation and aesthetic, but in the emotional impact it has on the viewer. Is there any other aspect of the eras before ours that inspire you or that has stayed with you? The aspects of the ‘50s and ‘60s advertising that you see from this era really fascinate me; where everyone is smiling and seems not to have any worries, portraying a time of peacefulness, innocence, and innovation. To me, this seems really surreal and I often wonder what these times would be like, you know, in comparison to the fears that drive us today within the different aspects of our societies. The guilt that has come through our history to this modern age where we consider so much more about the environment we live in.

Those old eras seem a lot more carefree and that’s what I find attractive about those images. In a past article, it mentioned that you are somewhat influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche. What about his philosophy captured your attention, and how did you let its theme seep into your work? It’s good that you mention him because while Nietzsche is not my main source of inspiration, he is still an important part of my work. However, I don’t see him as a classical philosopher. From reading his books, I see him more as an artist with a very unique view of the world. I like his descriptions of the hidden paradoxes of morality and his views about human interactions, but again, it’s more that he had the talent to see through people and be able to see the truth in them, not just at face value but with a deeper explanation.

How to Disappear

What do you desire to get across to your audience? I have no expectations. Everybody can have their own interpretations, hearing them is always fascinating for me. @dromsjel

Schuld Und Sühne

“My works are mostly improvisations, largely a journey. At the start, I really don’t know what the end result will be, and I kind of like that.” Strange Magic - 61


Ending the previous season of the critically-acclaimed HBO hit Game of Thrones on an expected high note as Theon Greyjoy, love or hate his character, ALFIE ALLEN will continue to win in life. By Denise Mallabo Photographed by Irvin Rivera Styled by Warren Alfie Baker of The Only Agency - 63


If you’ve been following the TV series Game of Thrones, it’s still a bit difficult to figure out where Theon Greyjoy stands. Even Alfie Allen, who plays Theon in the TV adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s novel, is quite unsure. “I haven’t really figured that one out. Let’s wait and see. For me, Theon is one of the most human of all characters in the show; he clearly makes mistakes. But whether I see him as a bad guy or a good guy, half the time, it’s more about finding empathy for him,” says the 29-year old English actor. He adds that show creators Dave Benioff and D. B. Weiss write the story in such a way that people can both see the good and bad in his character, which he plays exceptionally well. “Whether he’ll be a good guy? That would be gratifying,” confesses Alfie. Still a bit jetlagged from his trip to LA where he attended the Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones at the TCL Chinese Theater, he was also in Australia then New Zealand to promote the show’s latest season. “I’m just sorting through different time zones as of the moment, but I’m very grateful just to be able to travel and do stuff like that—so I’m a happy boy—I’m not complaining, I’m just tired.” A son of an actor and movie producer, he was exposed to the industry that he’s in now at a very young age. He first appeared in a British TV comedy called You Are Here in 1998, and in the same year, also made a cameo in the film Elizabeth starring Cate Blanchett. Aside from portraying Theon, his other notable portrayals was of Alan Strang, a role that he

took over from equally talented actor Daniel Radcliffe in the play Equus , and Iosef Tarasov, and the puppy-killing son of a powerful Russian businessman in the movie John Wick starring Keanu Reeves. Taking a break from promoting the awaited season, he sits down with us to talk about being in Game of Thrones , the progress of Theon, which dead GOT character he would bring back to life, and what he thinks about the song “Alfie” by his sister, singer-songwriter Lily Allen. It’s probably rare for you to get some downtime, but when you do, what do you like doing? When we’re on location, I try to see the sites from where we are. If not, I’ll just be getting on with learning stuff for my next scene or just try to get another job [ laughs ]. But I also like to spend time with my friends a lot, and I also like to watch some football. I like to watch my team Arsenal. What part of being in Game of Thrones do you enjoy the most and why? The ongoing security of having a job [ laughs ]. But then you never really know with Game of Thrones whether they choose to let you live or die, but for me, I’ve been lucky to be a part of it for so long. And it’s also nice to see yourself on TV with such a huge cast, and to be able to have them as friends for life, especially with people like Iwan Rheon who plays Ramsay Bolton. I’d spend a lot of time doing scenes with him so me and him are very good friends. And people like Kit [Harrington], whom I’ve been in scenes with since the beginning, and Sophie [Turner], and Maisie [Williams], they’re really nice people that are now part of my life.

“The best advice that I g

another actor whom I r

concentrate on whether

or worse than someone

your thing 64 -


shirt by Sandro

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jacket by Sandro, shirt by Salvatore Ferrgamo, tank by Calvin Klein - 65


“It’s amazing to be part of something that’s huge worldwide. Sometimes, playing a character for so long can be quite exhausting, but nobody’s complaining because there are other actors who would chop their right arm off to be at the position that I’m in.”

jacket, shirt, and pants by Allsaints, belt by Reiss, tank by Calvin Klein


On being Theon, without spoiling anything, will the fans be happy with him this season? It’s subjective because some people will be happy with the scenes that I’ve done or some might not be too happy. I can’t really say much but all I can say is that you’ll get to see more Greyjoy this season, and if that makes people happy, then that’s great. Attitude and personality-wise, what will he be able to have that he never had in the previous seasons? In the start, you will see him come back to being more human again rather than being Reek, or the victim. His concern with somebody else is there. He’d be less motivated by fear. He’s being motivated to discover his identity because he hasn’t really had one for so long. Now, he has this whole new adventure with Sansa [Stark] beyond the walls of Winterfell. If you were given a chance to rewrite Theon’s character, would you change anything? No. There are stuff that I would like to happen to him but in terms of what has alreay happened to him? Not really. I’m just very lucky to be able to sport so many different characters in one person, and I’m happy that I was able to tackle them all. How do you want Theon Greyjoy to die? I would like it to be heroic, painless, and quick. I think it will be appropriate for him to drown because of his family history of the Drowned God. If you can bring one character to life in Game of Thrones , who would it be and why? One character that I would bring back to life would be Catelyn Stark because she seems to be one of the nicest people in the world of Game of Thrones , without a doubt. She’s part of my family in Winterfell. And I love having Michelle Fairley on set because she’s an amazing woman and an incredible actress. - 67


suit and shirt by Topman, shoes by Louis Leeman, tank by Calvin Klein

Assistant to the photographer Phill Limprasertwong Grooming Annie Slatsky of The Wall Group Special thanks to Annie Schmidt and Elizabeth Phillipson-Weiner from Untitled Entertainment

68 -

“I would just like t to do something e different from th I did; that’s my onl like to get a lot of type of character my career, if I get anymore [laughs]

to be able exactly he last thing ly plan. I’d f different rs in to to play ].”


movie, you’re likely to spend more time in one place and you get the feel of the crew and cast, although for Game of Thrones , I’ve been doing it for six years so I know the cast and crew pretty well. What has been the best career advice you’ve ever received? The best advice that I got came from another actor whom I respect: Never concentrate on whether you are better or worse than someone else. Just do your thing. What sort of role would you want to play in the future? I’m going to give you the classic clichéd answer from an actor, which is I would just like to be able to do something exactly different from the last thing I did; that’s my only plan. I’d like to get a lot of different type of characters in to my career, if I get to play anymore [ laughs ].

jacket by Hampton + Baker, shirt Topman

What’s the most difficult thing about being in a hit TV series? I don’t think that there are many downsides to it. It’s amazing to be part of something that’s huge worldwide. Sometimes, playing a character for so long can be quite exhausting, but nobody’s complaining because there are other actors who would chop their right arm off to be at the position that I’m in. What do you enjoy doing most, film or TV? It’s nice if you’re doing a movie and you’re in one location for a while as compared to doing Game of Thrones, wherein you’re back and forth between sets. It’s quite sporadic when we’re working. It’s nice to be able to come home anytime. When you’re on set in a

On a side note: When your sister Lily wrote the song “Alfie”, what was the first thing that ran through your head? I was actually in Canada at that time, getting qualifications on how to teach kids to snowboard. That’s what I was going to do if the acting thing didn’t work out. Then I saw the song on MySpace. It feels good to be immortalized in a song. Essentially, it’s a song about love because I was away for a long time. I think my sister just missed me. What are you looking forward to the most this year? I can’t really talk about it yet but there’s something really good gleaming in the horizon, something with a great cast and director. I’m looking forward to spending time in London; Summer in London is the best place to be, but Jamaica and the Caribbean wouldn’t be too bad also.

@alfieallen - 69

VISCERALLY ROMANTI C Proving to be one of the most unwavering alternative metal bands around, DEFTONES release their eighth album, setting the record straight that they haven’t lost their edge. By Denise Mallabo Photographed by Frank Maddocks


to follow up their seventh album, Koi No Yokan—a decision that they decided on as a unit, according to the band’s keyboardist and turntablist Frank Delgado. “It’s basically so we could record and not feel rushed. To be able to juggle family life and band life, they both need to have some sort of balance; I think that was the main thing,” says Frank. Even though the band took their time producing their latest record Gore, they made sure that the album, as a whole, is a lot headier and craftier. For almost 28 years, Deftones have been one of the steadiest, most idealistic, and hardworking bands out there. When asked what keeps them going through the years, Frank says, “We still do what we do because of the fact that it’s still fun, and once the fun stops, I think it’s time to stop making records.” Though the band has gone through countless difficulties, battling personal issues, drugs, drinking, and death, all these ordeals just made Deftones stronger and intact. Gore is the first album that they released since the passing of their original bassist Chi Cheng, who got into a major car accident in the latter part of 2008 and passed away last 2013. “Chi’s death affected us in every way, but more than anything, we’re just happy that he’s in a happier place now. We’ve never been the type of band to use that as a marketing thing or even a tool amongst ourselves. I think we’re all just really appreciative of what we have: the fact that we still want to do this, and that we didn’t give up,” shares Frank.

Being in the industry for so long, was there ever a time that the band felt any pressure to change your sound? No. Being in a band is a learning process. You learn how to be in a group with four other guys, run a business, tour, and have to juggle that with your family life. You’re always changing in the sense that you’re learning and growing. But as far as giving direction on the sound or look, I don’t think we’ve been willing to play that game with anyone.

“We still do what we do because of the fact that it’s still fun, and once the fun stops, I think it’s time to stop making records.”

From all your albums, which was the most difficult for all of you to produce? I think right around after White Pony, the self-titled record and Saturday Night Wrist record were both a little hard to make. It took us around three to four years to make each. It was just more of a growing thing going on, people going through divorces, drugs, and drinking. I think at that time, we just wanted to fix our health, our friendship, and our work ethic first. How did you prepare to record your eight studio album Gore? I think it’s different for everyone. Personally, I don’t listen to a lot of music to try and prepare myself. The music I listen to daily is just part of who I am; I think it’s the same for the rest of the band. This time, what we did was not much to prepare ourselves but how we worked. Instead of going to a room and write for four months, we spread it out over a year and we worked for two weeks, we’d go home for a month, do shows, and then we kept going back-and-forth between writing, doing shows, and going home. It made it longer but we were able to digest the album better, fine-tune things. So I think with that one, we tried to make a record that we’d take our time with as opposed to trying to bust something up.


This latest release is being compared to your fifth studio album Saturday Night Wrist. Why do you think people are saying that? I think it’s a little more of a heady record. Just like Saturday Night Wrist, it’s a record that takes more time to digest. It’s also a little more cerebral. Alice in Chain’s Jerry Cantrell appears in your song “Phantom Bride”. How did that come about? Rather organically. We were working on “Phantom Bride” and there was a part in the song that we thought might be cool for someone to add as a guest. I forgot who it was, but someone mentioned Jerry, who happens to be a pretty good friend of ours, and we just rang him up. He was up for it. He came, hung out for a day, and did it. It was a lot of fun for us.

What has been your process on choosing a single? I think we try to find a song that represents us all, something that combines us sonically. I think that’s how we tried to approach it this time around. Usually, we play with dynamics; if we come out with something aggressive, we’re going to come out with a song that’s a little more digestible on the radio. It all depends on how we go about the record, and it changes from time to time. There’s really no formula to it. You have Decibel Devils as a side-project. How important do you think it is for you and for the other members to have other projects outside the band? It’s fun to learn how other people approach music. It’s not necessarily the same way you do with some of your friends, so it’s good to see those things and to include that into your workflow. But more or less, it’s just basically having fun with friends.

You’ll be touring the new album soon. What do you like most about being on the road? Traveling to places that you’ve never been to. And to be able to do that with your four friends, at the same time, doing what you love. I mean that alone right there is an amazing thing and we don’t take it for granted. Any place that you’re excited to go to for the tour? Anywhere that we can go to, but I’d also love to visit places we have yet to go to. What are you looking forward to the most this year? Just be able to keep going, have a really good time, and have a successful year of working and traveling. That’s all. Pretty simple. @deftones









ARTISTS Miguel Alomajan (Photographer) Ken Azuela (Hair Stylist) Warren Alfie Baker (Stylist) Lindsey Byrnes (Photographer) Jessica Castro (Photographer) Zachary Chick (Photographer) Mike Chua (Photographer) Anne-Catherine Frey (Stylist) Jimmy Fontaine (Photographer) Nicolas Le Forestier (Photographer) Anton Khachaturian (Makeup Artist) Michael Lavine (Photographer) Frank Maddocks (Photographer) Anne Pascual (Makeup Artist) Irvin Rivera (Photographer) Isaac Sterling (Photographer) Wayman and Micah (Stylists)

ANNIE HALL Innovating the look of the modern woman with her own twist, blogger ASIA CORONEL makes androgyny her own with her love for menswear, proving that she dresses better than your boyfriend.


Portrait by Miguel Alomajan Product photography by Carlo NuĂąez

Noah CAP

Noah is my favorite menswear brand. I look up to Brendon Babenzien–he’s my design inspiration.


It’s fun and artsy; it revives my childhood. I mean, film is always fun.


It’s my style staple. They’re so convenient and easy to take around. It’s a perfect fit for my wallet, phone case, everything. It’s my life.


This mascara makes my small eyes look big, especially when I put it on my bottom lashes. It does wonders.

FUCK YEAH MENSWEAR by kevin burrows and lawrence schlossman

I love reading and I love menswear–Fuck Yeah Menswear is just a combination of both. Such a sarcastic book, too.


Very dad vibes, which I love ‘cause dads and grandpas are really my style inspiration.

Gosha Rubchinskiy WHITE T-SHIRT

VANs Vault × Gosha Rubchinskiy

I love collaborations on classic shoes. This was the first in my collection of limited or rare kinds of shoes.


You can go for that timeless, natural look with just a dab on your lips. It’s very natural and could be worn everyday.

<Hair Ken Azuela, Makeup Anne Pascual>

I’m secretly a white tee collector and I couldn’t not have this shirt.

STATUS Magazine May 2016 feat. Alfie Allen  

STATUS Magazine May 2016 feat. Alfie Allen PLUS Holy White Hounds Ryan Wick Twin Peaks Lana Condor Kristin Kontrol Drømsjel Asia Coronel

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