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ASMSU releases fall report on bills, spending BY MADISON F. O’CONNOR MOCONNOR@STATENEWS.COM

As the fall session for the Associated Students of Michigan State University, or ASMSU, came to a close. The ASMSU Office of the President published a final semester report. The ASMSU 2016 Fall Report provides an overview of what the organization accomplished last semester and details where ASMSU hopes to go in the spring. Here are some of the key points from the report. THE GENERAL FUND

The report includes an overview of ASMSU’s general fund and where the money went. The starting general fund balance was $142,908.28. Through passing bills, ASMSU can allocate money to specific initiatives, but if this money is not used, it will roll back into the general fund. Out of the $92,500 allocated, which is 65 percent of the general fund, only $1,750 has been spent, which is 1.2 percent of the general fund. This does not mean the $92,500 allocated won’t be spent on the initiatives, it simply means this allocated money has yet to be spent. ASMSU SERVICES

ASMSU continued its services last fall and will continue in the spring. The organization has provided 1,180 iClickers to students this semester and purchased 100 more. Graphing calculators were also purchased, and all 40 purchased during the summer were rented in the fall. ASMSU gave $27,650 in loans to stu-

dents and printed 2,290 pages through their Print/Copy Service. In addition, 9,500 blue books were given out this semester, 3,300 cases were served through the Student Legal Services and 50 cases were consulted through the Student Rights Advocates. Of these cases, 27 went to hearing. As for Red Cedar Log yearbooks, 3,300 were distributed out of the 7,000 printed. SAFE RIDE

To develop a program that facilitates safe transportation for

$92,500 allocated, which is 65% of the general fund, only $1,750 has been spent, which is 1.2% of the general fund. Out of the

students at night, ASMSU is working on a Safe Ride program. The organization has been working with MSU Risk Management and the vice president for finance and treasurer of MSU. So far, three options for the program have been proposed. The first would involve outsourcing the entire program to a third party vendor. The second involves partnering with a rental car company where the drivers would either be paid ASMSU employees or volunteers. The final option involves partnering with a local

cab company and Residential and Hospitality Services. ASMSU hopes to develop the program this year since 2017 presents the only opportunity in the next three years to pass a tax if needed. TEXTBOOK EXCHANGE

ASMSU implemented a textbook exchange as a new service last fall. ASMSU will work with MSU Libraries to collect textbook donations and lend them to other students. The collection box is in the Student Engagement Office and the service is currently underway. BUS RAPID TRANSIT

In response to a proposed new bus system that would run from the Capitol to Meridian Township, the Capital Area Transportation Authority, or CATA, has proposed four alternative plans that would serve a similar purpose. ASMSU has been working with CATA to make recommendations on the project while still taking a neutral stance on the plans. INTERNAL ADMINISTRATION

ASMSU worked on interviews to fill seats on the General Assembly, especially for Colleges of Engineering, Business, Nursing, Education and Communication Arts and Sciences. STUDENT ALLOCATIONS

Registered Student Organizations, or RSOs, are funded through the General RSO Fund and the Start-Up Fund. This semester, 40 RSOs were funded, which impacts the 2,500 plus students involved with these organizations. READ MORE AT STATENEWS.COM






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