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EDITOR’S NOTE Cartel, the hottest cars around campus, to decorating your apartment. We hope to have given you a variety of stories in STATED to expose and enlighten you on topics you may have not had time to learn about! As I take on the position of editor-inchief, I will try to my best to make sure Stated reflects this campus’ opinions, likes, dislikes, etc. If you have an idea, thought or you just want to say hello tweet me @demetriamosley.

Culture is an essential part of the college experience and we ALL take part in it. When we usually think about what culture is, we tend to think about other countries and nationalities. But what about college culture? The Encarta dictionary defines culture as enlightenment and sophistication acquired through education and exposure to the arts. Is that not exactly what we’re doing as college students? It doesn’t matter if you’re here from Nigeria or from Holly Hill, SC, we are now all a part of one culture and that’s SC State’s culture. This Spring 2012 issue has a roundup of topics from rapper & student, Clifford



I want to thank the former editor-inchief of Stated Magazine, Ms. Alicia Dowdy for holding my hand and helping me out and Kwandra Johnson for being beside me on this journey! One of my favorite cultural things I got to experience this semester was I.P Stanback Museum and Planetarium’s Andy Warhol exhibit. Warhol is a pop art god and his work is filled with bright colors, funky vibes and just pure genius. The museum had a gallery filled with original Warhol prints, pictures, and movies about Warhol’s life. My favorite piece in the exhibit was the Annie Oakley picture from his Cowboys and Indians series. It was purely breathtaking when I first saw it!

Demetria Mosley

We’re More Than Just Books



SC State University Bookstore

300 College St Orangeburg SC 29117 Phone: (803) 536-7095 Fax: (803) 531-4671 Email:


1. Picnic Grab a blanket, pack a lunch and pick a shaded area on campus. While you’re outside enjoying nature’s beauty, surprise your honey bun with your picnic packing skills.

Date Now!


Five Places to Date on Campus

Written By: Demetria Mosley

2. Starbucks

3. Bowling

Why don’t you head over to Belcher Hall and grab two caramel Frappuccino with extra sugar? This coffee date is a sweet way to hang out with your boo thing and get to know who they are. If your date doesn’t care for coffee, buy them water instead. (Nobody hates water.)

Make your bowling date a friendly competition by trying to knock down more pins than your date. Get there early and you’ll be the only two there. That’s a good time to strike out any questions you may have about your partner.

4. Art Gallery The Fine Arts Building and I.P Stanback Museum and Planetarium has art on displayed that students can view for FREE. Invite your sweetie to go take a look and maybe afterwards sit down discuss what it all really means.

5. Movie Night Rent a film, grab some popcorn and get cozy with your baby boo in your dorm room. Set a theme to the date and execute it! For example order all horror movies, comedies or all chick flicks. I’ll promise you’ll have fun all night!

Movies 4 [ BestDate Night [ engers The Av th May 4

Before going on your date make sure you call or look online to see what’s playing at your local theatre. Here’s a few blockbusters arriving soon.




POWER UP! Written By Demetria Mosley

Dragging your body to class everyday is not going to keep you active and healthy. You have to stretch those legs and get your heart pumping to enjoy a long and happy life. Power walking is the easiest exercise for the laziest person. It easy on your body and it burns the same calories as running. You don’t even have to take time out of your day to participate. Just go on with your everyday schedule but put on good walking shoes and place an extra pep in your step to get it done quicker.

4 Tips for power walking 1. WALK FAST (duh! ) : Always make sure it’s at a pace you can keep up with and don’t overdo yourself. 2. Use GOOD posture: Walk like you’re someone important and use them arms to get you going.


3. Wear the right shoes: This is not the exercise to be trying to do in your 5 inch heels or your new 4s. 4. Breath: that shouldn’t be hard to remember!

Everything that tastes good is more than likely bad for you; especially when it comes to frizzy cold dark soda, sweet creamy icing on top of a cupcake, or salty crunch of a chip (yum).













In college it’s kind of hard to stay away from JUNK food when there’s no one there to tell you you’re wrong. Junk food may be cheap, fast, and good tasting but it is incredibly bad for your health. Here are some alternatives to your favorite junk food fix.

Junk fix! Written By Demetria Mosley

Switch Soft Drinks for Carbonated water

~Gives you the same frizz soda gives you

but much HEALTHER!

Switch Popcorn for Rice cakes ~Not only do they come in wheat but also in different flavors like sour cream, BBQ and popcorn!

Potato chips for sun chips Cookies for 100 Calories Bags Sunflower Seed for unshelled sunflower seeds Sugar cereal for sugar free cereal ~Corn flakes and regular cheerios are

healthy alternatives to cereals drowned in sugar.



Bulldog Fest 2012


It has been an on-going tradition at South Carolina State University to have an annual Bulldog Fest. This year’s celebration included a yard show in the plaza, skate party in SHM and inflatable rides in the plaza along with a Las Vegas themed party in SHM. Here are a few of the highlights from this year’s events.






Apartment Improving Most SC State students tend to move off campus before their Junior or Senior year. In Orangeburg, SC there are many affordable apartments or rooms for rent some starting at $250. Many of the places here are not up-to-date in style so most students find themselves trying to improve the place in order for it to be liveable. Here’s a few tips on making that not so attractive room, a cool place to hang.

Decor College Students Should Buy Students who live on their own or even in a dorm can afford these stylish pieces. Bring in some style to where your going to rside for four years or more.

Bright is always Right! $2.50

Traditional and chic $10.19

TIP #1


First thing BUY a DECENT SOFA!! Nobody wants to sit on your raggy sofa. So what, you’re a college student! Most students receive a refund check. Buy a good sofa or at least find a clean useable sofa from Goodwill or the Salvation Army and put a cover on it.

TIP #2


manly but stylish $13.49

Add small items to make the apartment livable. Going to the WalMart in town you can find the college decor series that has bright colors. For the guys adding masculine details like blacks, browns or leather can definitely let any female know a man resides here.

TIP #3


The bathroom is important simply because it is the most visited place in your apartment. All your friends will see it so add some touches like a colorful picture or decorative storage holders. The shower curtain is where you can bring the design, so start there.


classic glass look $3.99



D.I.Y Glitter Vans! Complied By Demetria Mosley

Tools: -

A plastic cup Tacky glue Painter’s tape A pair of shoes Paint brush

Steps: 1. Tape down the part of the shoe you do not want to get glitter on. 2. Add glue to a plastic cup and mix in glitter until you hardly see any white. 3. Dip paint brush into glitter mix and start spreading onto shoe. Add first layer and let it dry before adding a second layer (This helps avoid glitter clumps!). 4. Give your shoes at least a day or two to dry, add some funky colored shoe strings and wear them.





Run for the Dream 2012




KAY Written By Henry Guion

Early April, 21 boys crossed into men of the Alpha Lamda chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. It has been five years since the Kappas have been on the yard at SC State. During their first day on the yard, the Kappas wore shirts that said “Nupes Run the Yard”.

“One of the great things about being a Kappa & what separates us from others is the image.”

- Jarrett Artis number 18 One of the major projects the Kappas plan to focus on next year is a program to mentor high school boys into manhood. They also plan on during pageants, contests and other events as well.


F.M.A Fashion Merchandising Association

Our mission is to bring fashion to the forefront of South Carolina State University and surrounding communities through philanthropy and passion

Wedges Under $50 Complied By: Kwandra Johnson

Cutout Peep Toe Wedges

Spectator Wedges

Charlotte Russe $35.50

Forever 21 $29.80

Forever 21 $24.80


Wide Strap FauxStacked Wedge


Basketweave Leatherette Wedges

Striped Open Toe Wedges $34.99

Forever 21 $18.99

Forever 21 $26.80

Glam Suede Metallic-Trim Wedge

Qupid: Tales Wedge Pumps

Mixed Patent Color Block Wedge

Charlotte Russe $38.50

Pacsun $34.50

Charlotte Russe $42.50


UK Style by French Connection Women’’s Bethany Gladiator Espadrille

Cool THE


These Kids stray away from neutral dull colors and let the brightness into their wardrobe by choosing bold, neon colored pieces for a risky yet confident color-block. The Color blocking look is taking solid colors from the same hue and letting them contrast yet complement each other.

kids S

Sk8ter Chic Dress down this look with a simple strip colored tank, fitted cap and pair of blue jeans but let them know you’re not meek by completing the look off with a pair of dangerous heels.



Pink IS for men Nothing says you’re more chilled than throwing on a pink or purple blocked shirt and outlining the look with a pair of sneakers with bright colored laces.



The Windbreaker Challenge the late 80s and 90s with an authentic (or unauthentic) windbreaker. No need to worry about what colors to block with because they are already on the jacket.



Human Highlighter Go BRIGHT or go home. Take the brightest colors possible and throw them on from head to toe. Let everyone know you’re dead serious about your color-blocking.






Writen by: Ashley Burkes


LOOK FOR YOURSELF Be the person you are looking to attract. Many people look for a companion with certain attributes they may not posses.

To make money you have to spend money. Ladies want a fly brother? (YES!) Make sure you are TEN times flyer than she is. Gentlemen, if you want a classy smart chick make sure you can challenge her in conversation. Mirror what you are looking for. When you approach the opposite sex make sure you have your role and their future role in mind. Looking for a (real) relationship, approach with caution. Become a friend first and then go further.

With these helpful tips from STATED, approaching someone of the opposite sex should no longer linger in your mind and make you nervous. Perform these tasks well and you should be successful in your passage. If you’ve done all these things, but still feel like you haven’t succeeded then maybe that person isn’t meant for you…try someone else.


Looking for a good time? Tell that person up front so there is no confusion down the line. Failure in doing so could potentially lead to random drop bys.


BE YOU! No one is going to respect you or even feel the need to talk to you if they notice that you are pretending to be someone you aren’t just to get their attention.

Make sure you have great conversing skills. If you bore this person simply by talking to them then why would they want to do other things with you. Good hygiene; Both men and women make sure that your breath smells good, hair is nicely groomed and your body smells good as well. Looks; Believe it or not are also essential. If you want someone who is dressed nice, then make sure you are up to par when it comes to this area.



Subtle Details

Complied By: Demetria Mosley Men can rock accessories too, they aren’t just for women! Accessories are there to take your look to the next level. Whether you consider yourself highly, mildly or barely fashionable, there’s an accessory out there just for you.

WORD OF ADVICE Each season the fashion gods release a new trend for us to either take notice of or ignore. However when it comes to whether to DO or NOT DO a trend, you must ask yourself is it right for you. When you dress in something that is a current trend, you are doing the same thing as everybody


Written By: Kelin Edwards else. Just because they make best for you. If you look it in your size and just uncomfortable in your because you think it’s cute clothes, then you look it doesn’t mean it’s for you! stupid. You need to find the YOU in the trend you’re trying When shopping for a trendy out. outfit it’s up to you how much you want to spend There will be some things on it. But if you’re going you might be able to wear to dish out 100s of dollars and pull off but if it’s not on clothes that you’ll only you, what’s the point? be able to wear once per YOU need to do what’s semester, what’s the point?

Want to be in

Stated Magazine

Submit your info to







Careless World: Rise of the Last King Reviewed By Kwandra Johnson

features but was finally ready for the world to experience him as a solo artist. While rap music seems to be facing a major downgrade lately Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money artist Tyga has finally dropped his highly anticipated album Careless World: Rise of the Last King. With help from Pharell, Nas, J.Cole, Chris Brown, Robin Thicke and many others, Tyga’s “Careless World” has stamped his place in hip-hop. Tyga’s introduction came long before his debut album even drop on mixtapes and


Tyga was able to show that he is a multi- talented artist and has many personalities other then just a hardcore rap artist. Tyga was able to stand out on his own and proves to many that he was just not another one of Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money artist who doesn’t do anything. “Let It Show” featuring J. Cole is considered one of the best songs off of the album. “Let It Show” has an old school R&B and Hip-Hop

feel. J.Cole takes the song to another level and brings together the best of two new artist. “This Is Love” is another hit song featuring Robin Thicke. Tyga switches it up from the club bangers like “Faded” and “Rack City” to cater to the ladies. This song was a nice blend between R&B and hiphop that showed that Tyga is not just a one track mind type of artist. With the smooth transitions between songs and seamless production “Careless World” will probably be considered one of the best rap albums of 2012. With an outstanding stand out album Tyga is one of the few artists here to stay.

Diggy Simmons Unexpected Arrival

Reviewed By Kwandra Johnson

The 12 track album is Diggy’s proclamation that he is here to stay. Although “Unexpected Arrival” falls short of a well organized album “Unexpected Arrival” is a triumphant try for a newcomer. “88” is an up-tempo rap song that channels Diggy’s strong hip-hop background and the cameo from Jadakiss makes the song one of the few songs on the album that you could easily listen to.

After an hyped up long wait Diggy Simmons, hip-hop’s royal son finally dropped his debut album “Unexpected Arrival”. Many were hoping that the album would live up to all of the hype and certify Diggy’s place in the new generation’s music scene. “Rupaul’s Drag Race” is the only show on television that gives you a backstage pass to the catty world of men in heels, wigs and makeup. This season successfully delivers that don’t- turn –the- channelor- you- might-miss- a –wig-coming -off action. When Rupaul turns up the heat, these queens don’t just stop, drop and roll. They extinguish any competitor that dares to get in their way of becoming the Next Drag Superstar. Season four tests the girl’s abilities to

“Four Letter Word” which caters to his female fan base is a quick reminder of his hit single “Do It Like You” featuring Jeremih but at the same time it is the type of song that might go a long way just for the simple fact that Diggy has a strong female fan base. Overall the construction of the album is fairly well done but lacks organization. This albums fails to blend the rapper side of Diggy with the softer side of Diggy. act, sing live, throw together a glitter ensemble, carry an egg in between their legs (Huh???) and woo the crowd. All of this had to be done while parading around in 6 inch heels! If the girls failed to complete the challenge of the week, a dolled up Rupaul will make the bottom two “lip-sync for their life!” to a song provided to them. Not everyone will like this how but if you’re into over the top hilarious men in drag, it’s a much watch.



Writen by: Jasmine Mitchell

Clifford Cartel is determined to make a name for his self. Although he confesses to being a shy, humble person, he is determined to make music his future.

realized that it was something he wanted to do.

Cartel developed his craft by listening to Go-Go music and feeding off the energy of some of his favorite artists like From Facebook to Twitter, Eminem. He uses his and other Cartel has used Social Media people’s life experiences to to expose his self as a rapper inspire his lyrics. Translating to millions of people at honesty through lyrics and once. He has made music music is what he makes an videos, dropped mixtapes and effort to do through his sound. performed in different venues. “I’d like to be the voice of Being from MG County, others who might not want to Maryland, better known as the speak out. I’ll do it for them DMV to him, his music is a through my music” said Cartel. representation of where he is Senior music industry major from. His passion for music Cartel plans to own his own comes from growing up around entertainment company and a mother who sang in church produce many great artists with and by the age of 12, he truly just as much drive as him.






“YELL Sss-Ccc-Sss-U” Written By Demetria Mosley

I know it wasn’t first place, but it felt great!

After two months of practicing everyday for three to five hours the SC State Competitive Cheerleading squad took home 2nd place in the co-ed division of the MEAC cheer competition. Freshman speech pathology major and competitive cheerleader Jasmine Smith gives us an insight on life as a competition cheerleader.




“Cheering on my team, showing school pride and I like getting to be the center of attention. When I’m cheering I get to be me on a regular basics times 10.”

Why did you get into competitive cheerleading? “I got into competitive cheerleading because of the adrenaline rush you get from all the fans and to also show everything that I can possible do as far as cheerleading goes”

How did you feel when people say cheerleading isn’t a sport? “I don’t like when people say it’s not a sport. It’s hard on our bodies, just like with football it’s hard on them. I think they say it’s not a sport because how it was perceive in its earlier form. people have to realize just like how the world change so has cheerleading. Cheerleading isn’t just standing on the sideline in a cute little uniform and just out there and being perky. There is actual work that goes into it. We have to workout, we have to train just like any other sport. It is actually one of the most dangerous sports.”

On winning 2nd place. “It felt great. I know it wasn’t first place but it felt great because we did better than any of us expected that we do and then we beat FAMU who was our biggest competition. They were the coed champions last year.”


What do you cheerleading?

Provided By Sports Information Ten (10) seniors from the 2011 SC State football squad displayed their skills this past March for scouts representing 14 National Football League teams and one Canadian Football League club during Pro Day at O.C. Dawson Stadium. The players were sent through a battery of drills, including the bench press, vertical leap, broad jump, 40-yard dash and agility and position work. Bulldogs participating were All-American safety Dominique Ellis, All-MEAC safety Christian Thompson, All-MEAC offensive tackle Juavahr Nathan, All-MEAC linebacker Donovan Richard, All-MEAC defensive lineman Pat Washington, defensive lineman Ronell Ferguson, former AllMEAC tight end Antwanne Kerr, linebacker Toby Goodson, linebacker La’Taris Douglas and placekicker and punter Blake Erickson. Orangeburg native Corey Berry, who played his college ball at Howard, also worked out. Scouts on hand included representatives from the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Representing the CFL was the Montreal Alouettes. Most impressive among the SC State players were Richard, who had a vertical leap of 39 inches and ran the 40-yard dash in an official time of 4.41. The Georgetown native also had 24 reps of 225 on the bench press. Others who caught the eye of scouts included Ellis, who ran a 4.50 in the forty and had 17 reps of 225 on the bench press. Richard, Ellis and Thompson, who earlier worked out at the NFL Combines, are among the top Bulldog pro prospects




’ n i l l ba Top 20 African American Potential NFL Draft Picks

In Your Opinion

Which current Bulldog football player do you think has the potential to go into the NFL?

Complied By: De’Angelo Malloy

1. Robert Griffin III (QB)- BAYLOR 2. Justin Blackmon (WR)- USC 3. Morris Claiburn (CB)- LSU 4. Melvin Ingram (DE)- SOUTH CAROLINA 5. Quinton Coples (DE)- NORTH CAROLINA 6. Micheal Brockers (DT)- LSU 7. Dontari Poe (DT)- MEMPHIS 8. Jonathan Martin (OT) STANFORD 9. Dre Kirkpatrick (CB) ALABAMA 10. Michael Floyd (WR) NOTRE DAME 11. Whitney Mercilus (DE) ILLINOIS 12. Stephon Gilmore (CB) SOUTH CAROLINA 13. Janoris Jenkins (CB) NORTH ALABAMA 14. Mike Adams (OT) OHIO ST. 15. Dont’a Hightower (ILB) ALABAMA 16. Lamar Miller (RB) MIAMI 17. Kendal Wright (WR) BAYLOR 18. Fletcher Cox (DT) MISSISSIPPI ST. 19. Courtney Upshaw (OLB) ALABAMA 20. Chandler Jones (DE) SYRACUSE

Cortney Ingram #11 (DB) says Senior Quinton Washington

Patrick Washington #53 (DL) says Senior Joe Smith

We Want To Hear From You!!!

Submit your opinion to be published in the next Stated Magazine’s issue with your name and classfication to

Q. Do you think our Bulldogs will compete in the 2012 MEAC Football championships?

Antuanne Kerr #49 (TE) says Senior Rodney Williamson





Even better is that you get to play not only as the 2010 version of Sonic but you also get to play as the original Sonic that all us 90’s children grew up with. Not only do we get enjoy both Sonics but we also get to enjoy the entire Sonic gang from Sonic Ryders, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure’s 1 &2. Even though they are featured in this game they are not playable characters but they are used in side stages to help you reach the goal within a certain time limit. This game also includes mini-boss battles with his most influential enemies through the years including: Metal Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. As usual the goal of the game is to foil the plans of Dr. Eggman, formally known as Dr. Robotnik in the older games, but this time with an interesting twist. I suggest that anyone who labels themselves as a gamer or anyone who says they have played any of the Sonic games in the past should definitely play this game.


instagram on andriod FREE


This new game includes some of the best levels from over the years, and even includes revamped soundtracks as well. One level that will definitely catch a Sonic fan’s eye is the very first stage, Green Hill Zone. The designers of this game really paid attention to detail when they created these revamps not only including classic enemies from the stages, but the music and secrets as well.

sony cyber shot TX55 $249.99


Written By: Joel Rice


Sonic boomin’

Techno Freak

toshiba ultrabook $899.99


samsung galaxy note $299.99


Ghostride Da Whip Complied By: Jalisa Smith

Photographs By: Jalisa Smith

Infiniti G37S Owner’s Name: Derrick Bryant Classification: Senior Major: Computer Science

“People move out the way for me on the highway. They think I’m a state trooper.”

-J.D. Fulwood

Dodge Charger Owner’s Name: J.D. Fulwood Classification: Senior Major: Criminal Justice

Chevy Camaro 44

Owner’s Name: Eddie Pressley Classification: Sophomore Major: Accounting


(Pg.32) (Pg.36-37) Clifford Cartel Facebook Fan page


(Pg.13),,, alibaba. com,,,,,,, nasa. gov,, dinkuminteractive. com


(Pg. 18)


(Pg. 34) (Pg.35) (Pg.34-35) (Pg.36-37) Clifford Cartel Facebook Fan page


(Pg.39-41) South Carolina State University Sports Information


(Pg.41) Sonic Boom-, techno, wireles.att. com,,

The Electric Silk

Color Guard Audition Smith-Hammond-Middleton Memorial Center 10am-4pm April 21, 2012 Attire: White shirt, Black shorts & black or white tennis shoes


photo credits


The Beta Delta Chapter presents

code black

April 25th K.W Green Student Center Bulldog Lounge


*poetry slam *art *live music




Cecil Williams

Photography, LLC 1865 Lake Dr. Orangeburg, SC 29115 (803) 531-1662

Interested in being Miss Fresh Face?

Keep your eyes open for the next Black College Today Magazine for more info.


2248 Magnolia St. Hwy. 601 Orangeburg, SC 29115

Around The Block Productions Nicholas D. Blocker

Computer Technician (866) 200-1350

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