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Minellis knows best!! Ask Minellis her opinion on any topic that comes to mind. Relationships, school and more. to:

New How To: column about approaching the opposite sex. An issue guys and girls could use alot of help about.


Freshmens first year at SC STATE University Uniques experiences and funny stories.


Tailgating attire! Whats good to wear during the football games? Inside the stadium...and outside.

34.horoscopes Get your Monthly Horoscopes to help you on love and life.

38.the passport What to do on a vacation in the country Dubai? Visit the underwater hotels, and find fun and breath taking adventures.



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Editor’s Note. Becoming the new editor-in-chief, I am very excited yet nervous. I would like to bring a new form of creativity to STATED magazine, something most students are not used to. I want to venture away from the mainstream of topics. I am more than happy to share a few of my creative ideas with fellow students across campus. I hope they all enjoy and appreciate them and the hardwork my staff and I have put into it. I am very determind to make something out of this magazine during the 2010 - 2011 school year. I would love to be able to help the magazine receive more awards and increase its popularity on campus. We are open-minded to students contributing to the contents of our magazine, and appreciate any feedback we receive. Remember this magazine is for students by students and we would love to keep the tradition alive. I end this note with a thank you for reading and enjoy.

Jasmaine Ravenell Editor-in-chief

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Minellis knows best

How do I handle a guy that I was “talking” to for a while that wants to start talking to my best friend? We talked for a few months and even got intimate, so I feel kind of weird that he wants to start talking to her. He even asked ME for HER number! He knows that she’s my best friend so why would he ask? Should I be mature about the situation and tell him yes and give him the number, or do I tell him that it’s wrong and that he shouldn’t be attempting to “get at” my best friend through me??

A:Well, I’ll start off by saying that we’re in college: Let’s


be mature. But if you feel like you still have feelings for him than tell him that you do. If he rejects you, it may be easier for you to move on and let him be with who he wants. I do admit that it’s a little weird that he’s going after your best friend and maybe you should remind him that that is your friend. If he chooses to show that he doesn’t care, is he really worth the time? Ask your friend how she feels about it. If she says that sure, you can give him the number, then maybe you should question your relationship .w with her. Basically, your actions depend on their answers. Men, why do you insist on going after the friends of girls you’ve already talked to? Don’t you think that since their friends with the other girl, she’ll most likely know that you did her friend wrong, and isnt going

to want to talk to you? I promise there are other girls around you do not have to talk to your ex’s friend because 9 times out of 10 the girl knows that you either cheated on her friend or lied or did her wrong in some kind of way. Let’s be smart about the situation. You have a better chance of getting someone new number. Why do you insist on using an ex to hook you up with one of her friends or even worse her BEST friend? Are you really that incapable of getting a female on your own? Get your own numbers on your own time. Please.

Q: My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and

it’s been hard dealing with being in college and dealing with a relationship. He recently bought me a promise ring and told me that when he gets back from Germany he wants us to move in together and eventually get married after we finish with school. We’ve also been dealing with a lot of arguing because he wants me to spend more time with him on the phone, but I also want to enjoy my freshman year and not have to deal with being locked up in my room and not being able to go out because I have a jealous boyfriend. I honestly do love him, but I’m not sure if I can continue dealing with it. He leaves in a couple of weeks and I’m not sure if I can continue being with him or break up with him. How do I manage a relationship during college? Signed -DangerouslyInLove


First of all I would like to say congratulations on the promise ring. But what does a promise ring really mean? What is it exactly that you’re promising to each other? Obviously being faithful and loving each other, but also being able to trust each other. I can understand that he wants you to spend more time with him because he’s leaving, but he also needs to understand that you are a freshman and that you deserve to have fun while you can. By:Dayan Martinez




Pre ti sto cs n wit


of Higher Learning and his mother was an elementary school teacher in Kershaw County public schools and later served as a principal at Blaney Elementary School. With a family background such as this Vincent Sheheen had no choice but to succeed and try to improve South Carolina for the better. He served as a city prosecutor and a state representative before being elected into the state senate in 2004, eventually earning a reputation as a leader in the struggle to fix this dysfunctional state government. With this said Sheheen’s main priority as governor will be to revive South Carolina’s state economy. He is committed to the creation of a new environment in which he can and will encourage employers to relocate to South Carolina, expanding their operations in our state. Both Nikki Haley and Vincent Sheheen have a good chance of becoming the new governor of South Carolina, but only you can decide on the future of our state. Now that you know more about the candidates do more research, reevaluate some more and make sure to go out and vote on November 2, 2010. -Preston Drayton


Many African Americans and other minority groups feel that since President Barack Obama is in office that all the work is done and the jubilation begins, this is definitely not the case. President Obama being elected is just the reason to get more evolved with politics, realizing that it has a great effect on our everyday lives and how being more evolved has its benefits and makes life easier for us. With this being said the midterm elections are upon us and South Carolina has not been a positive state when it has come down to politics lately. Our current Governor Mark Sanford was in the news for having an affair on his wife with an Argentinean woman. Congressman Joe Wilson also caused more negative press towards South Carolina when he blurted out “You Lie” during President Obama’s healthcare address to Congress on September 9, 2009. These are both great examples as to why we should get to know our candidates better before we elect them into office. This midterm election means that Mark Sanford can no longer get elected, meaning that we will positively have a new governor. The main two candidates who have an opportunity of gaining this position are Nikki Haley (Republican) and Vincent Sheheen (Democrat). You should get to know these two before you go to the polls and make a decision that you cannot take back and may end up regretting down in the future. For instance, Nikki Haley looks to become the first governor of South Carolina who is neither white nor male. She was born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa, both her parents Indian immigrants. This lead to her and her family facing discrimination. As a young girl Nikki and her sister were both disqualified from the Little Miss Bamberg pageant, basically because the judges were not use to seeing people of their ethnicity in the town of Bamberg. After obtaining an Accounting degree from Clemson University, Haley later became the first person of Sikh faith elected to the South Carolina Legislature and the first Republican IndianAmerican elected to any state legislature in 2004. Like always in America when faced with change people questioned her faith and made pointless comments such as, “She’s talking about God, but what God?” The Shehenn family’s roots have been based in Camden for the past century where both his parents have made thier mark. his Father served as South Carolina’s Commissioner


What is a relationship you may ask? Well, many people have different definitions or examples of what a relationship may be and how you should go about making it last. Generally a relationship consists of commitment, loyalty, trust, and most importantly respect. As a “southern gentleman”, I feel like these characteristics or traits must be instilled in either part of the relationship. A relationship does not just sit with the boyfriend/girlfriend concept. There are many other examples such as a “friends with benefits”, “homegirl/homeboy”, or even the “other chick/ other dude.” This is where knowing your role becomes very important. For instance, ladies if you’re just a friend with benefits, then the word jealous should not be apart of your vocabulary when it comes to situation where the dude is conversing or even getting to know another female a little better. You two basically have an unwritten contract where he can do what he wants to do when he wants to, but yet he can still come back to you where you two have your own little thing going on. The fact that you have allowed this to happen will be the reason why you will never become the “girlfriend”. If a dude knows that he can go to a girl for something and do still go around and do whatever it is that he may want to do, then suddenly and truly believe that he will do just that. -Preston Drayton

My lovely ladies and gentlemen roles are very important in todays society. If you are in a relationship. This means you made a commitment to someone that you will be loyal and make an effort to pursue a future with this person regardless of what the future gain is. Experience, Companionship, or even Marriage. If you are in a relationship, make sure you are respecting each other in all aspects. Example, you and your significant other decide to go out to a party. At the beginning you should establish whether you plan on being with each other the whole night, or dancing with others. I am a firm believer in “They can dance with whomever, but they are coming home with me.” I know some reading this might differ, but to each is own. If you decide to dance with others, be tasteful (I know, I know not with booty shaking music we listen to right?). At the end of the day it is you and your partner. Not the whole world. Know that more than two people in your bed (figuratively) can cause an issue. Which leads to my next role. If you decide to be the “person on the side,” or “booty call” know your role. When playing this role you need to understand that there are no such things as “drop bys”. Do not think because you spend nights together that it is your right to show up as you please. Also, if you are the “side line” or you have many “side lines” make sure you keep each person in their respectful places (I need not go in to detail on this). Remember, with the roles you choose to play that life is short. If everyone minded their own business, people would have fun participating in their own “roles.” Have something you want to contribute to “Know Your Role?” -Ashley Burkes


Double standards men.

I could go on all day about males, females, and the many double standards that apply to both of them and leave one group resentful of the other at times. Men are suppose to be strong and powerful creatures, but if a man is know as being emotional or even caring then he would be looked at as being weak in a sense. In actualit,y this is the strongest part about him. A real man is not afraid to show his emotions or express the feeling that he may have about someone or something. This does not mean that he is not strong, maybe his strengths are in other areas that aren’t the norm and mean more to society; such as his intellect, compassion, or the respect that he has for himself as well as others. Ladies are always looking for the “tough guy” then are quick to put all male into the category of “dudes ain’t this” and “dudes ain’t that”, the tough guys are the main ones who keep doing them wrong but yet they keep running back to them. Dudes listen up, the “good guy” does not always finish last and one day these females will catch on then to the fact that there are good men in the world and only then will we both be satisfied. -PrestonDrayton


between the sexes Women.

Ahhh *sips glass of water* one of the most controversial topics of the world. Men, Woman and double standards. All through time they say women are to be ladylike, quiet and should not have too much “fun.” Men on the other hand are allowed to be boisterous, conceited and choosie. Some still believe in the idea, but times have changed. You no longer use house phones, walkmans and Myspace. Now its cells, iPods and Twitter. Why should women sit in the house and wait for some dead beat to call? I think not. I feel that women should be free to do what they feel. If women shouldn’t have fun during these times, why should be men (I use that word loosely) have fun? Think about it, some of the men now are not the strong, reliable, smart men they use to be. I repeat, times have changed. Want things to go back? Men start being stronger and dependable and women would keep all their “fun” at bay. Also females if you want a good brother make sure you do what you need to. Don’t be in everyones face, know your role. Double Standards could possibly be everted if real just recognized real, and people keep the notion “it is what it is.” -Ashley Burkes




By: Ashley Burkes and Preston Drayton

RULE # 1:

Be the person you are looking to attract. I start with this because many people look for a companion with certain attributes that you yourself may not posses. To make money you have to spend money. Ladies, want a fly brother? Make sure that you are 10 times flyer than he is. Gentlemen, want a classy smart chick, make sure you can challenge her in conversation. Mirror what you are looking for. When you approach the opposite sex make sure you have your role and their future role in mind. Looking for a (real) relationship, approach with caution. Become a friend first and then go further. Looking for a good time? Tell that person up front so there is no confusion down the line. Failure in doing this could potentially lead to random drop bys. Even though you plan on just having fun remember that the receivers are human also. You can catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

RULE # 2: Is to BE YOURSELF. This is a very critical tip when approaching

the opposite, rather male or female. No one is going to respect you or even feel the need to talk to you if they notice that you are pretending to be


SSEEXX? OPPOSITE ? someone that you aren’t just to get their attention, it is a huge turnoff. Next, is to make sure that you have great conversing skills, if you bore this person simply by talking to them then, why would they want to do other things with you? Apperance, believe it or not are also essential when approaching the opposite sex. If you want someone who is dressed nice or has a unique “swag” about them, then make sure that you are up to par when it comes to this area. This is probably the most under looked, but most important thing that you should focus on when approaching a member of the opposite sex, good hygiene. You would think that this wouldn’t be a topic that needs to be brought up, but in reality, it is. Both men and women make sure that your breath smells good, hair is nicely groomed, and that you yourself smell good as well. With these helpful tips that I have given you approaching someone of the opposite sex should no longer linger in your mind and make you nervous, perform these tasks well and you should be successful in your passage. If you feel like you’ve done all these things, but still feel like you haven’t succeeded then maybe that person isn’t meant for you…try someone else.




Artists 2look4 18

BIG S Joining MC greats that have already made a big splash in music industry such as Kid Cudi and Common, Kanye West has added another player to his roster. Sean Anderson AKA Big Sean is the rookie of Yeezy’s label, G.O.O.D. Music. The Detroit native caught Kanye’s eye in 2005 after an interview with a local radio station. Desperately, Sean begged Kanye for a moment of his time to hear him flow.


As he listened and slowly walked out of the station, Sean started to rap. The Louie Vuitton Don stopped, looked at him and started bobbing his head to the young MC. He made a decision he knew he would not regret. “It was like a movie,” Kanye said. “I could hear his personality and character and style in it. He just walked up to me and said a rap and I said, I’mma sign you, that’s what happen” After leaving and getting back in contact, Kanye took Sean on the road with him while recording his third album Graduation, and at the end of 2007, Kanye finally signed Sean to G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam. Leaving behind his high school GPA of 3.8 and a chance to go to Michigan State, he pursued his rap career realizing he couldn’t do both. Sean has a style remotely similar to Mr. West himself, especially when it comes to talking about his mother. Standing out with his witty word play, metaphors, and the confidence he brings to a track with his “Finally Famous” lifestyle, he is well on his way to being Def Jam’s next biggest artist. He has released two major mixtapes and one that just released not too long ago: Finally Famous Vol. 1: The Mixtape, with his first hit single “Get’cha Some”, which had a similar take to Kanye’s “Good Life”, and Finally Famous Vol. 2: U Know Big Sean with his next hit single “Million Dollars”, which became an instant classic on popular websites such as YouTube, World Star Hip Hop, and a lot more. On August 30, 2010 he released his third mixtape Finally Famous Vol. 3: BIG. Regardless of the review he got on saying he was “too similar to Kanye and only had a couple good songs” he still received a perfect 5 stars for the mixtape as a whole. His first album Finally Famous is slated for release on September 14, 2010. Even though Big Sean’s initials are B.S., you can guarantee is swag and the way he attacks the track isn’t.

In pop music industry this generation, you can be remembered today and forgotten tomorrow, but when your talent, passion, heart, and soul is as big as your afro, that tends not to be the case, and it is definitely not the case for this Nigerian princess. 28 year old soul/hip-hop singer Nneka Eguna is making herself widely known and slowly climbing to the top of the charts. With influences such as Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Mobb Deep and Lauryn Hill, she has created her own unique style while remaining faith to her native roots. Her lyrics reflect her life and history of Nigeria and her time spent in Europe. They issue the stress of capitalism, poverty, and war. The way she delivers in her music have been compared to Erykah Badu, Neneh Cherry, and Floetry. Nneka started getting public attention in early 2004 in her second home, Hamburg, Germany, as an opening act for reggae superstar, Sean Paul. After a soulful performance, she caught the eye of Yo Mama Recording Co. and, in time, released her debut EP album The Unconformable Truth. In April of 2005 after releasing her EP album, she then went she performed on her first tour with Patrice Bart-Williams where they performed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2005, she finished recording her first album entilted Victum of Truth and released it in many countries such as England, France, Netherlands, Japan, and her home countries, Nigeria and Germany. According to UK’s Sunday Times, it was declared “the years most criminally overlooked album” and giving it an even side by side with “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. After the release of her first album, she had a successful period of touring performing at festivals such as Chiemsee Regga Summer and Saint-Brieuc (Art Rock Festival). Her music was so inspiring, she even got the support of artist such as Femi Kuti, Bilal, Seeed, and Gnarls Barkley. In February of 2009 she released her second album No Longer at Ease in which she released a single called Heartbeat which became her first song to break into the German Top 50. Later on in the year, Nneka was nominated in three catagories for the 2009 Channel O Music Video Awards and won an award for Best African Act at the 2009 MOBO Awards. If that wasn’t enough, she was chosen as one of Beyond Race Magazine’s “50 Emerging Artist” resulting in the publication of the #11 issue with her own Q&A page. In November 2009, she staged her first U.S. tour where she performed in New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. In February 2010, Nneka released her first U.S. album Concreate Jungle. She says in this album, she is trying to bring Africa to the U.S., so Americans can be a little more educated and intrested in where she comes from. This Nigerian princess has a lot on her plate for the remanding of 2010 that cannot be discussed according to her, but we can be sure of one thing, she will meet all expectations.

N n E K A

For years Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been looking for their first major Hip-Hop star and in 2006, they would get their wish. Cameron Thomaz, better known as Wiz Khalifa, started his career at a young age of 19. His name “Khalifa” comes from the Arabic word “successor” and “Wiz” is just shortened from “wisdom”. This Pittsburgh prodigy didn’t always live in the town he represents so hard. With both his mother and father serving in the military, Wiz was forced to go where ever his parents were stationed. From countries such as Germany, Japan, and England, back to the U.S. to Georgia, Oklahoma, and South Carolina, yes, South Carolina. The fact that he was a military brat and never stayed in a specific area too long, his horizon was greatly broaden and gave him many experiences from which he could soak inspiration. This motivated him to write down his everyday thoughts; these thoughts build the foundation of future recordings. Young Khalifa released his first mixtape Prince of the City; Welcome to Pistolvania in 2005, signed to Rostrum Records in 2006 and released his first full length album Show and Prove and was declared an “artist to look out for’ in Rolling Stone magazine. In 2007, Khalifa signed to his first major label with Warner Bros. Records and released a barrage of mixtapes under both labels such as Grow Season and Prince of the City 2. After going separate with Warner Bros. in 2009, he continued releasing records with Rostrum such as his single Teach U to Fly that he did with New Orleans rapper, Curren$y. Khalifa released the free mixtape Kush and Orange Juice on April 20, 2010 and due to high demand by his over-the-top fan base, it became the No. 1 twitter trending topic and ranked No. 1 on Google’s hot search trends. That same month, he had confirmed that he signed a deal with Atlantic Records. Wiz was also named MTV’s Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010. Winning nearly 70,000 votes, he got the win over Sep/Oct 2010 | STATED 21 Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, Travis Porter, and Diggy Simmons.


Freshman Life on Campus

It’s not easy being new; it’s not easy starting over. Freshmen are faced with the daunting tasks of rebuilding reputations and re-establishing themselves in a whole new place. Trying to find who they want to be, and wondering where they fit in, they come here with a certain vision of college, inspired by stereotypes and ideals, pop culture and other people’s experiences. Reality, sometimes, is not what they expect, and adjusting to the change is difficult. For some, the transition is extremely drastic. Emmanuela Ojukwu and Boaz Bett are international students from Africa. Neither of them will be seeing their families until 2012, when they return home to renew their Student Visas. “I only get to talk to my parents for a few minutes every three days,” says Ojukwu, a nursing major. Ojukwu is Nigerian, a member of the Igbo tribe of the Anambre State in her country. She says that the hardest part about studying in America is the currency difference. Nigerian currency comes in the form of Naira. One dollar is equivalent to 153 Naira. “In other words, if I spend ten dollars here, it is the same as spending 1,530 Naira in my country. Nigeria is very poor, and it does not have the best facilities.” Ojukwu is on a full academic scholarship at SC State and says that if it were not for that scholarship, she would not be here, in the United States, furthering her education. Boaz Bett says, “I like this place so much. I feel very much at home. It’s a place I can identify with here. I do not feel out of place. It gives me the illusion that I am back home. Everyoneor the majority- is black.” Bett is a member of the Kelenjin Tribe from Eldoret, Kenya, Africa. Like Ojukwu, he found out about SC State from other international students via internet. Bett had dreams of coming to America since primary school. People that had come from the US back to Kenya were doing great things to better the nation, which had recently won its independence in 1963. Kenya had just gotten a new constitution on August 5, 2010, and Bett helped his constituency vote it into action. It is modeled after the American Constitution.

“Oh, everyone wants to be American,” Ojukwu says, “but once you get that visa, everyone [back home] gets worried. They see Americans as lazy. There are no [elevators] in Nigeria; we take the stairs, even when we have to fetch heavy buckets of water. We hand-wash our clothes; Americans have machines on each floor.” “People think that because America is a free-country,” says Bett, “that Americans go out of their way to stretch their freedoms, and to do things that are inappropriate to others. For instance, the people in Kenya don’t see clubbing and partying as acceptable. It is seen as a sign of being unfocused. So when you say you are going to America, everyone gets worried.” “When I got here, I thought that I would have no choice but be forced into this culture. Everyone says that there is a culture shock associated with America. But at SC State, as much as there is a sense of freedom, there is also a standard. Former freshman presidential candidate Michael Fuller of Arkansas feels that developing the right kind of relationship with the professors is important to doing well academically. “You have to show them that you want to learn, and that you want to succeed the right way.”Fuller comments on his thoughts of his experience at SC State so far. “The accents here are different…” he says with a laugh. “The whole atmosphere was different than what I am used to. There are many different people. In Little Rock, there is just black and white, but here, there are so many different cultures.” As for finding his place here at the university, he thinks he has found it. He is a scholar, a member of SCAMP, the South Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation Program that focuses its aim of academic excellence to students majoring in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematical) subjects.


“SCAMP was the golden key as to why I came [to SC State].”Michael Fuller is a biology major. Another responsibility he has taken upon himself is being “an advocate for the class of 2014.” Having been one of the runners for freshman class President, he lost the designation to Chastity Murphy. “All that I did not gain was the title. I am still a voice for the freshman class. Winning or losing did not matter much to me.” He does not believe that an example is needed from the upperclassmen. “We can set our own example, set our own standards. We can make sure that our experience is the best one.” A’Janee Landingham agrees. “You have to make your own friends. Make your own fun. I used to have movie nights and game nights with my friends. I always tried to meet new people. But you have to be careful; it’s not wise to be friends with everybody.” “At the end of the day,” says Landingham, “Everyone here is here to learn. You just have to keep the right balance, because it doesn’t get any easier. The higher up you go, the harder classes get.”

c/o 2014


And adjustment is something that comes with time, and varies by person. Boaz Bett says that once he learned his way around campus, everything began to go smoothly for him. It did not take him long to be comfortable here. “It is definitely a gradual process. I’m still adjusting, even now,” says Landingham, who also believes that the freshmen’s fears are their worst enemy. “As freshmen, [students] are always trying to make impressions on people. They’re trying to make themselves seem a certain way- impress people- but they should be themselves. No one will like them if they’re fake.”

And being newcomers, freshmen should keep in mind that someone is always making an impression of them. They don’t want to end up with a negative reputation; it’s hard for those labels to go away. Michael Fuller and Boaz Bett comment on the negative impressions they get from others. “I find that there are people here for the wrong reasons,” he says. “Reasons that are putting their education in the back of the line instead of the front. Reasons that keep their education from being where it should be. I don’t think that individuals with such reasons for being here should be here.” “It is a waste,” says Bett, “for people not to take advantage of their education.”


s c state


Michael Fuller feels that people should not discriminate when it comes to building relationships, because “you never know who you will need in life,” he says. “Building relationships for me is strictly business, nothing more. I make sure that certain people are kept at a specific level. Even when networking, you still need to be doing your own thing, though, because you can’t depend fully on anyone. That’s just life. I don’t believe in putting a lot of trust and dependency on man.” Ojukwu, who describes herself as ‘shy’ has a different view on what it means to make friends and build relationships. “I’m shy…I don’t really talk to you unless you talk to me. Being shy like that is taking away from my college experience. I really want to get out of those behaviors.” The freshmen experience is only beginning, and campus life should be a great and memorable one for them, they just have to go out and get the experience that they want.

Being careful about the decisions they want, and keeping their priorities straight should yield great success in all that they do. Michael Fuller wraps up his interview with these words: “This is another step in life. This institution gave me the chance. It’s about what you do here. It’s what you make it.” Making every day of this fresh experience count is definitely the key. -Teiya Campbell

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Sep/Oct 2010 | STATED


Monthly Horoscopes! Aries

Taurus Gemini Cancer

Let yourself dream about ways your life could be better. You may find that little changes might make things easier. Buy a bus pass instead of fishing for change all the time -- or get a bag with more pockets.

Your altruistic impulses will startle your relatives. Let them be surprised; just tell them that you’re a humanitarian. The sense of purpose flowing through you will lend your words significant weight. Kidlike pleasure pumps you up today as you get nearly everything finished. Talk to those around you, because they’ll point out some of the little details you need to get in order. Then you can finish up with flair. When you need to postpone great plans early in the day, just hang on until late afternoon. Your sudden free time will turn into an exciting montage of friends, romance and indulgent fun!

You have an instant affinity toward your opposites today. You’re like a knight who loves competing against the most skillful opponent, or a lawyer who wants to test an argument on someone of the opposite ideology.

A chipper morning will turn into an opportunity to display your heart in the afternoon. Be open and loving, even if you feel like a mother presented with an overtattooed child. Love the ambiguity of life.




Your helpful attitude will make you a superstar today. Not only will you reassure someone dealing with problems, but your temper will also be shocked into action by an injustice. Your courageousness will decide the outcome.

You’ll achieve so much today! In the evening, take some time to celebrate with friends or family. An unusual dinner spot or a surprise movie will give all of you a sense of adventure and excitement.

Virgo Scorpio

Bravely face an issue. You’ll find that taking the advice of someone you trust will mean some deep contemplation. Get a mug and some tea, some paper and something pretty to stare at, and let your mind concentrate.


You’ll settle into your groove in the afternoon and be ready to expertly finish all the things you’ve set in motion. Take your favorite crazy idea and tell someone at lunch. They may surprise you with praise!


A friend of yours is acting particularly wacky today. It’s hard to read what their problem is -- in fact, it’s kind of annoying to try to guess the moods of others. Why can’t they tell you when something’s wrong?

Inspiration will puff you up with dramatic ideas and energy in the morning; in the afternoon you’ll settle into the hard work of making dreams come true. Persevere and you’ll have reason to celebrate.



How will the Big Three in Miami do? This off- season was a big summer for the Heat who are looking to improve on a first round defeat to eventual Eastern Conference Champions Boston Celtics. The Heat bring in 6 time all-star and two time MVP Lebron James who finished 2nd in the league in scoring with 29.7 points per game last year. The heat also added power forward Chris Bosh to their roster. Bosh who is coming off a career year where a averaged a double-double consisting of 24 points and 10.8 rebounds per game. In addition to Bosh and James the Heat bring back another all-star guard in Dwayne Wade who has led the team in scoring for the past six years and Mario Chalmers who started 22 games at point guard. In order to make enough cap room to put Lebron James and Chris Bosh they traded Micheal Beasley to the Minnesota Timberwolves for a two future second round picks. Beasley was the team’s second leading scorer averaging almost 14 points a game. Although Beasley will be missed in Miami they shouldn’t miss a beat in 2010. Life after the King? After a successful 2009-10 regular season in which the Cleveland Cavaliers won a NBA-Leading 61 games the Cavs are looking to rebuild after a disappointing 4-2 second round loss to the Boston Celtics. During the off season they loss long time center Žydrūnas Ilgauskas and MVP forward Lebron James to free agency. James finished his career in Cleveland as the franchise’s all-time leader in eight different categories including scoring and steals. In addition to James they also fired head coach Mike Brown and hired Byron Scott after Brown failed to win a NBA Title in his five years as the coach. Cavs fans should not panic yet because they return several key veterans including point guard Moe Williams, center Anderson Varejao, and forward Antwan Jamison. Is John Wall going to be Magic for the Wizards? In June the Washington Wizards selected Kentucky Guard John Wall with the first pick in the NBA draft hoping to turn around a franchise that went through a lot of turmoil last season. Guard Gilbert Arenas and fellow teammate and guard Javaris Crittenton who is no longer apart of the team, had an altercation in the locker room which resulted in both of them being suspended for the season. The Wizards finished the season 26-56 and in Last place of the Southeast Division and was the only team in that division not to make the play-off. As the Wizards start to rebuild they added Kirk Hinrich from the Chicago Bulls who is a deadly three point shooter to play alongside Arenas and Wall in the back court. in both of them being suspended for the season. The Wizards finished the season 26-56 and in Last place of the Southeast Division and was the only team in that division not to make the play-off. As the Wizards start to rebuild they added Kirk Hinrich from the Chicago Bulls who is a deadly three point shooter to play alongside Arenas and Wall in the back court.

How will the OTHER team in L.A do? After a 2009-2010 season in which the 2009 number one draft pick Black Griffin was lost for the season the clippers are starting their rebuilding process. Out of the 18 players on the current roster 7 are rookies. The Clippers are being led by Baron Davis who led the team in assist with 8 per game and was second on the team in scoring with 17.5 points a game. Also returning is a very talented but young third year guard by the name of Eric Gordon. Gordon averaged 17 points a game and shot 38 percent from the three point line. Last season several key players on the Clippers missed games due to injury but if players like Eric Gordon and Blake Gordon can stay healthy the L.A Clippers can contend for a play-off spot in the very competitive Western Conference.

NBA Teams by Divisions Atlantic Division Boston Celtics New Jersey Net Toronto Raptors New York Knicks Philadelphia 76ers Central Division Cleveland Cavaliers Milwaukee Bucks Indiana Pacers Detroit Pistons Chicago Bulls Southeast Division Orlando Magic Washington Wizards Miami Heat Atlanta Hawks Charlotte Bobcats

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by: DeHaven Kennedy


Islands In The Sun by Ashley Burkes

The beaches are amazing, shades of clear blue and pale yellow sands, friendly locals to assist you as you travel and do life the way the People Of Dubai do! Visit this world Class hotspot for a vacation of a lifetime.



Sep/Oct 2010 | STATED

Welcome to the place where Friday is the weekend. Where the weekend nightlife belongs strictly to the 21 and up. Thinking of a place where you never have to leave your hotel for a good time and smooth drink? How about a good meal costing under 10 dollars and after that hitting up a local club for the same price! You cant find a better time for less at any place other than Dubai. Dubai is the second largest of the seven city states in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is located directly within the Arabian Desert, so make sure you bring PLENTY of SPF. The best time to experience Dubai is from October to May. These months bring you weather ranging from 20-30C; translated into Fahrenheit is 68-95 degrees. Think this is hot? Visit Dubai from June to September with weather climbing to a scorching 104 degrees Fahrenheit! I am not sure about you, but Ill visit during the recommended months. To get a glimpse of what Dubai was like before electricity and air-conditioning, check out the Old Bastakiya District. The Old Bastakiya District was cooled by wind towers. Bastakiya is considered the cultural center of Dubai, where the local market is bustling with noise and people making it. The historic buildings have magically transformed into a plethora of museums, galleries, and restaurants. Interested in seeing all the culture Dubai has to offer? Check out the Dubai hop-on hop-off tour. It cost fifty-five American dollars but it is well worth it because you get two exciting tours for the price of one!

If you aren’t too tired from the tour and feel like shopping or seeing the underwater zoo (yea, you can do both at the same place) check out The Dubai Mall. It has every store you can possibly imagine plus more! Did you envy Lady Gaga’s shoes at the VMAS? If you can afford it, Alexander McQueen is located here. The Dubai Mall also hosts other high end fashion stores such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Armani. Want to stick with the everyday fit from America dressed with a Dubai receipt? Just check out H&M, Ralph Lauren, Zara and Forever 21. I know a few people who would go crazy in this mall, don’t you? After all that culture seeking and shopping, you will want a bite to eat and a cold glass of whatever your heart fancies. A cheap meal in Dubai will run you about 5-10 dollars. Want to taste an Arabic specialty?

as Shawarma, Falafel, and Arabic bread. Shawarma is one of the most popular dishes in Dubai. Its made with your choice of chicken or lamb (poor lamb chop) wrapped up with tomatoes, pickles, garlic sauce and fries. Falafel is the Arabic French fry. These special fries are made out of mixing chickpeas and different spices.Then the cook deep frys and serves it as a side dish. Tired of the same olemonkey bread, try Arabic bread. This bread is freshly baked in clay ovens and served with a variety of dishes that go perfect with Indian curries. YUM! Wait, I bet your still thirsty. Make sure you get a glass of Fruit Juice to go with the Shawarma. Decide to go half way across the world and still eat American food? Have no fear, McDonalds is here!

Now that your cultured, fed and dressed to the nines its time to PARTY! Word of warning to the adventurous party goers. In Dubai the only place you can get a 21 and up drink is at the bars and nightclubs. Sounds normal right? Wrong. Most of the bars and nightclubs in Dubai are found in the hotels, this is the only place you can legally drink. In Dubai if you drink and drive the fine is $15,000, thirty days in jail and straight deportation. Local Fact: To drink at home in Dubai, you must be a resident of Dubai and NOT Muslim. You have to make at least $544 (a month) dollars before you pick up the application. The amount you buy is based on your salary, and the government can have access to your purchase records. Back to the party. The best place to check out is the Kasbaa. This club is located at the amazing Royal Mirage Hotel. Its modern and high profile. High Profile is certainly an understatement. This club is built up onto three levels with terraces that overlook the dance floor. This is certainly for the grown and sexy. Grown to the fact that you have to be 25 to enter. Another hot venue catered to the 21 + is called the Chi the Lodge.

This Lodge is divided into 4 breathtaking clubs! The Chi Garden, Chi Club, Chi Red and Chi Lounge. The Chi Garden has the capacity to hold 1500 people in this outdoor paradise. The Chi Club features luxury white leather sofas that create the border around the dance floor. It has a fresh modern look and plays up the colors white and blue. The Chi Red is a “luxuriously” ‘moody’ themed space with you guessed it, red light. Not feeling the crowd? Wind down with a classy relaxed private party at Chi Lounge. This has VIP status all over it. All clubs in Dubai close at 3am. As you can see Dubai’s nightlife does not cater to the under 21 crowd, sorry. Now that you have witnessed Dubai, its time to sleep. Take a snooze at any one of the five star hotels with the best amenities. When you wake up, have your passport ready because we’re going to experience the rest of the world.

Sep/Oct 2010 | STATED


Formerly Sir Speedy Printing & Bill Wise Printing 1156 Broughton Street • Orangeburg, SC 29115 Phone: 803-531-4999 • Fax: 803-531-0474 Email:


¥ Color Copies

¥ Business Cards

¥ Graphic Design

¥ Letterheads

¥ Flyers

¥ Envelopes

¥ Brochures

¥ Programs

¥ Stamps

¥ Invitations

¥ T-Shirts

¥ Invoices

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Big Sean Nneka Wiz Khalifa


NBA logo is registratered trademark of the National Basketball Association

Senior Pictures will be taken Monday, November 10, 2010 from 9-5pm. For the Yearbook.


ADVERTISEMENTS Mt. Zion Films Works Video Editing Pre & Post Production Editing

C. Wyleck Cummings Videographer/Owner (803) 614-8995

“Servicing your videography needs”

National Auto Service


Around The Block Productions Nicholas D. Blocker Computer Technician (866) 200-1350

JCPenny Salon Everyday Matters Quendolyn S. Gressette R.C. Cosmetologist Prince of Orange Mall 2390 Chesnut St. Orangeburg, SC 29115 (803) 531-1143 Ext. 1 (803) 928-0393 cell Please give 24 hrs. notice for all cancellations

Cecil Williams Photography, LLC 1865 Lake Dr. Orangeburg, SC 29115 (803) 531-1662

Bulldog Events!!!

- November 6th: Willie Jefferies Day! - November 10th: Interest Meeting Miss Black & Gold @ Belcher rm. 132 8 pm Senior Picture Day! - November 11th: Student Auction! Queens Picture Day! - November 17th: Campus Activity Board host game night @ 7 pm - November 20th: SC State University vs. NC A &T Univ - November 24th-28th: Thanksgiving Break!!

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The Offical Student Magazine Of SC State University

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