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‘Life-saving’ plasma plea

Without weekly plasma transfusions, 13-year-old William Stary would be living in a “bit of a bubble”.

The Kingsville teen lives with a rare blood disease called Haemophilus influenzae type b (HIB).

The condition requires William to have weekly plasma transfusions, which his mum Kathryn administers at their home.

He was diagnosed with the condition in 2019 at age eight, after discovering he was unable to walk while getting ready for school one morning.

Kathryn rushed William to the Royal Children’s Hospital, where he began 10 days of testing, resulting in the diagnosis of HIB Common Variable Immunodeficiency, which means his body does not produce antibodies to fight infection.

William is one of 20 people in Australia to be diagnosed with this illness, requiring subcutaneous immunoglobulin therapy, also known as donated plasma. He received his first treatment a year ago.

Kathryn said she was extremely grateful for the “life-saving” treatments, which are made possible by plasma donors.

“When he was first diagnosed we really didn’t know what life was going to look like for William, but now with this treatment we are super optimistic,” she said.

“It was pretty terrifying, it feels really scary to have a child who can’t fight antibodies so it instinct is to just want to live in a bit of a bubble.

“But that is not great for an active little boy.”

Since receiving the treatments, William’s quality of life has greatly improved.

Kathryn said he is now able to live a full life.

“The Royal Children’s Hospital has been absolutely fantastic in finding a way for us to live in the world where William can be happy and safe,” Kathryn said.

“For example, he has never been able to attend school camps because the risk of infection has been too great.

“But last year because he had commenced the treatment he was able to go on school camp.”

Kathryn went to the camp with William, staying in a nearby Airbnb. William was able to enjoy the day’s activities before staying with his mum at the Airbnb at night.

“This treatment has afforded him the opportunity to be able to do things that we

William and Kathryn Stary. (Ljubica Vrankovic)_412269_02

otherwise would not have been able to do,” Kathryn said.

“He plays soccer now, training twice a week, he is absolutely living the life that he wants. And that is through the donated plasma.”

According to Lifeblood, plasma has overtaken whole blood donations as the type of donation most needed by patients and hospitals, with more than 6200 plasma medications and transfusions sent to hospitals across the country every day.

It can take up to 15 plasma donations to make some plasma medicines, which is why

so many plasma donors are needed.

As part of National Blood Donor Week, which ran from June 10-16, Lifeblood is urging Australians to roll up their sleeves and donate blood or plasma.

Kathryn said she would encourage anyone who is able to donate to do so.

“It is so easy. It takes no time. It doesn’t hurt,” she said.

“I know that people can be a little bit fearful of needles, but the staff at Lifeblood are amazing.

“It really is a small thing but has a huge

impact on not only us, but thousands of other people in Australia.

“We are so grateful to everyone who donates plasma because they are keeping William happy and healthy.

“It is never lost on me that every time I administer the treatment, it takes 12 to 14 people to donate per treatment.

“They are life changing treatments for us, this keeps William alive and enables his body to be happy and fight infections.”

To donate, visit: https://www.lifeblood.

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Call to slow Hopkins St traffic

InanefforttohavethespeedlimitonHopkins Street, Footscray, reduced to 40km/h, community member Samantha Meredith has created a new petition.

On May 22, nearby Whitehall Street became a 40km/h zone, sparking Ms Meredith to start the petition on behalf of the Joseph Road Precinct Action Group (JRPAG).

The petition urges Roads and Road Safety Minister Melissa Horne to immediately implement the speed limit reduction to enhance the safety for all road users, particularly pedestrians and cyclists.

‘‘ It is an increasingly dangerous space and the more the population gr ows the worse it will get ’’
- Samantha Meredith

“The petition is aimed at communicating the community’s needs that we are seeking the reduction and we would like to see that happen sooner rather than later,” she said.

In recent years, the Joseph Road Precinct has expanded becoming a high residential

area, however Ms Meredith believes the infrastructure has not evolved with the population growth.

“We started the petition for numerous reasons, one of which is the safety aspect,” she said. “The current design of Hopkins Street is based on a past industrial era so it has not changed much since 2009. The pathways are still slim, they are not appropriate for the population we have, the infrastructure is lacking. There are apartments on both sides of the street, it is not reflective of what is needed now.”

In November 2023, precinct resident Frances Jeyann Ramirez was hit and killed by two cars while crossing Hopkins Street.

Students sleep rough in solidarity

One hundred students from Emmanuel College in Altona North will soon swap their school uniforms for sleeping bags, for the school’s annual Vinnies Winter Sleep Out.

Each year the school hosts the event to stand in solidarity with those experiencing homelessness.

CollegecaptainEllasaidtheevent,tobeheld on on Friday, June 21, is about students putting themselvesintheshoesofthosesleepingrough to raise funds for the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Since then, Ms Meredith said residents have reported other near-miss incidents.

“It is an increasingly dangerous space and the more the population grows the worse it will get,” she said.

Maribyrnong council has show support for reducing the speed limit on Hopkins Street to 40km/h and Ms Meredith now wants the state government to do the same.

“We aren’t getting any clear indication of when we might be getting a reduction or what that looks like,” she said.

“This is an urgent thing we would like to see happen.”

The state government was contacted for comment.

Grants for reserves

Hobsons Bay council has welcomed funding from the West Gate Tunnel Project for two projects, AW Langshaw Reserve in Altona North and Leo Hoffman Reserve in Newport.

A council spokesperson said the West Gate Tunnel Project has contributed $160,000 to upgrade lighting at AW Langshaw Reserve.

“Council’s co-contribution will ensure local football teams can train in the evenings, which improves community participation in sport,” council said.

Works,whichwillincludeinstalling four new poles with LED lights, are expected to begin in late 2024.

The fund has also provided a grant of$95,000,whichwillbeusedtomake Leo Hoffman Reserve more accessible and usable, including installing a barbecue and new accessible furniture, repairing the rotunda roof, and installing paving.

Onthenight,thestudentswillsleepoutdoors on cardboard boxes while listening to sirens and loud noise to replicate the experience of sleeping rough.

They will also participate in workshops and be visited by a guest speaker.

Deputy principal Mark Sciberras said the event raises thousands of dollars.

In addition to the sleep out, the school also runs a winter appeal encouraging students and families to donate what they can.

“Every student and staff member is encouraged to bring something to donate to

“It is about working with the community to experience what it is like to sleep rough at night,” she said. “To get compassion for them and raise awareness for the struggles a lot of people face everyday.”

Vinnies,” he said.

After finding out which clothing items are really needed by Vinnies, students are asked to bring in those priority items.

“In every homeroom there is a basket where kids can donate clothing including gloves, warm socks, jackets as well as canned foods,” he said.

There is also a donation page with the funds used to provide clothing, emergency accommodation, help fund job assistance and counselling. Details: https:// Jennifer Pittorino

Council said these works will form part of its $1.2 million redevelopment the reserve, which includes upgrading the open space; building a new shelter, barbecue and picnic area; upgrading the playground; and upgrading and expanding the basketball half-court and tennis rebound wall.

A ninja warrior fitness course will also be installed, with funding from Sport and Recreation Victoria.

Council said works will start in the second half of 2024 and will be completed by June 2025.

Partnership takes off to divert uniforms from becoming landfill waste

Greater Western Water (GWW) is now working with Assembled Threads to assist in creating more employment opportunities for their community in addition to diverting waste from landfill.

GWW chief operating officer Michael Wootten said the uniform recycling bins are now located at their Footscray office for employees to drop off their old personal protective equipment (PPE) and corporate uniforms for Assembled Threads to either recycle or repurpose.

“We are proud to work with Assembled

Threads and be part of an initiative that empowers our local communities and helps tobreakdownbarriersbyofferingsustainable employment opportunities,” he said.

“We are committed to taking action towards zero waste and working with Assembled Threads enables us to reduce energy use and emissions while supporting a circular economy approach.”

The GWW uniforms have now been repurposed by Assembled Threads where the logos have been taken off and replaced with new material for resale.

Since their partnership began in February this year, nearly 65kg of GWW uniforms have been taken to their manufacturing hub in North Melbourne for re-purposing.

Assembled Threads chief executive Edwina Walsh said in 2022 that the normal citizen was increasing the amount of clothing they purchase by 60 per cent in comparison to 15 years ago, with only each item being kept around for as long as half as long.

“To put that into context, that is one rubbish truck per second of textile waste heading to landfill,” she said.

“Assembled Threads’ Circular Uniforms Pilot seeks to address the waste in uniform procurement by working together with government and corporations to create circular pathways for uniforms that extend product life and reduce our extreme reliance on burying our waste.

“This project creates employment hours for those in our community who really need them, helping build confidence and economic security whilst also addressing our textile waste crisis, which is a win-win for us all.”

Emmanuel College students preparing to sleep rough. (Damjan Janevski) 410790_01

Cruising after 70 years

When Werribee’s Sue and Gus Dudley got married in June 1954, the Petrov affair had just rocked Australia and the Cold War and ‘Reds Under the Beds’ fear campaign were well under way. Queen Elizabeth II had earlier in the year made her first visit to Australia as monarch, while Footscray were on the way to winning their first, and until 2016, only VFL/ AFL premiership.

Not to labour the point, but it was a long time ago and the world was a very different place

Yet one thing that has stayed the same in the decades since is the marriage between 88-year-old Sue and 91-year-old Gus who will mark their 70th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, June 19.

To explain how they got here, Gus takes up the story.

“Sue and I were married on the 19th June, 1954, in Sydney, NSW. We first met at a dance in Sydney and after a few dates, my ship, the aircraft carrier HMAS. Sydney sailed to EnglandwiththeAustralianandNewZealand contingent for the late Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation. Sue and I lost contact with each other but when the Sydney had returned from the Coronation cruise, Sue heard the Sydney was in dock and we reconnected and started dating again.

“The romance blossomed but then my ship sailed to Japan during the Korean War and we kept in contact by mail. On my return to Australia, I was drafted to a shore establishment in Victoria, so it was either get married or be separated again.

“After 70 years that marriage is still strong. Sue and I will celebrate our anniversary with four children, 12 grandchildren, six great grandchildren and two great, great

grandchildren,” wrote Gus in a letter to Star Weekly.

Among the five generations of Dudleys celebrating the milestone this week is their eldest daughter, 68-year-old Lynn .

She said while her mum and dad have slowed down, they’re still doing remarkably well for their age.

“They’re with it, they’re not very active but they’re happy. They both do a lot of jigsaws and puzzles.”

While her parents moved to Werribee in the 1970’s, Lynn still lives in Newport where they

lived while Gus worked in the railways after leavingtheNavyandwhereSueraisedherand her three siblings.

She’snowtheclosesttoherparents,withher two younger sisters and older brother having long since left the western suburbs.

However, Lynn said they’re all returning this weekend for their parents anniversary.

While the actual date is June 19, the Dudley clanwillcelebratetheanniversaryinWerribee on Saturday, June 22.

“They’re all coming down, we’re having a bit of a shindig.”

Eight arrested after chase

Police have arrested eight people in two stolen cars after an extended follow ending in Point Cook and Laverton North on Monday afternoon.

It is alleged the stolen Subaru and Kia vehicles were being driven erratically while travelling through the Wyndham and Melton areas on June 17.

Officers, with assistance from the police air wing, deployed stop sticks on Heaths Road, Hoppers Crossing, immobilisingtheSubaruImprezasedan about 12.15pm.

The Subaru continued onto Forsyth Road, Tarneit, before it lost control shortly later. Four males allegedly attempted to flee from police.

Three males were arrested on The Strand and one male was arrested in the backyard of a Central Park Avenue property about 12.20pm. The air wing then tracked the second car, a Kia Sorrento SUV, travelling on Fitzgerald Road, Laverton North just after 1pm.

Police smashed a window on the Kia beforearrestingallfouroccupantsatthe scene. Two other vehicles were impacted during the arrest however there were no reported injuries.

It is believed the Kia was stolen from a property on Tarton Street, Tarneit, on Monday morning and the Subaru was stolen from a property on Steele Street, Newport, on Thursday, June 13.

The Subaru was allegedly involved in a theft on Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing, and an aggravated burglary on Derrimut Road, Tarneit, on Friday, June 14.

Werribee couple Gus and Sue Dudley are celebrating 70th wedding anniversary on June 19. (Damjan Janevski) 407833_01

Record demand for food relief

Foodbank Victoria is under never before seen pressure as 65,000 people a day are now in need of its services.

Foodbank Victoria chief executive Dave McNamara said the surge in people needing help is impacting the Yarraville-based organisation’s ability to provide food relief.

“It comes down to the cost of living crisis to people that we’re helping and telling us that they’re struggling to pay their mortgage, their rent, their utility costs,” he said.

“We’re seeing some of our charity partners seeing up to 200 per cent increases in the last few months alone.

“At the same time, we’re finding it increasingly difficult to find food donations.”

Mr McNamara said Foodbank is struggling to continue to reach the demand it is under.

“I think the sad part of that, and I guess the worrying part of that for us, is that we rely on community donations to help fund that food purchasing,” he said.

“Donations of food are dropping significantly, we’re having to purchase more

and more food over the last two years, we’ve spent $10 million on purchasing food for the community, which is a dramatic increase on pre COVID levels where we would spend up to $100,000.

“And we’re now on a regular basis and I’m talking, you know, on a weekly basis, have people ringing us saying ’I’m really sorry I can’t donate to you anymore. I actually need your help’.”

Over the 20 years Mr McNamara has been in the food relief business, he has noticed a distinct change in the people needing help.

A golden win for Team Adrenalin

For the first time in Australian history, Footscray Acrobatic Club Team Adrenalin has taken home the gold medal in the MAIA International Acrobatics Cup in Portugal.

Head coach Melissa Presti said she and her brother, co-owner Stephen Santo, couldn’t be more proud of the team.

“This has never happened before for Australia and is a massive achievement,” she said.

With 26 competitors from 23 countries, Ms Presti said everyone was in awe of each other following the win.

“It was fantastic, we are all coming off a big

adrenaline rush and high,” she said.

Ms Presti said this was the first time the club had travelled overseas to compete since 2019, leaving at the start of May for two weeks of competition.

“For all of my athletes it was every one of their first international competitions, so they did so well competing in such a high stress environment,“ she said.

“We had seven members from our club who were part of Team Australia , which also had others from other gymnasics teams,” she said.

“They had to get a certain score and follow certain criteria throughout the year to get on

the team.”

With ages ranging from 12 to 28, Ms Presti said competitors were divided into three groups of two mixed pairs and one trio.

After competing for four consecutive days, competition ceased resulting with the senior mixed pair coming fifth overall, the junior mixed pair coming fourth overall and the trio winning the entire event.

The team is now gearing up for world championships in September also in Portugal.

“When I started, it was predominantly, you could say, people on the street. And now I can hand on heart say that this is people in your street, he said.

Despite the increase in workload he is grateful to be a part of this industry and is blown away by the resolve the public show to help provide for families that are struggling each and every day.

“We have over 400 volunteers turning up regularlytohelpdothework.That’sinspiring.”

Details: au/?state=vic

Aggravated burglaries in Altona

Police are appealing for information following two aggravated burglaries in Altona on the same day in May.

Detectives have been told a lone male enteredthehomeofa77-year-oldwoman in Maidstone Street on Monday, May 6, about 10am.

The victim confronted the male when she found him hiding in her ensuite after she was disturbed from her sleep, police said.

The male brushed past the woman and ran from the scene out the front door.

About 40 minutes later police were called to a Queen Street home following reports of another aggravated burglary.

On this occasion the resident of the home found a male trying to climb through the window of his home.

The male was disturbed by the victim and ran from the scene.

Investigators believe the same male was involved in each incident.

They have released images of a male they hope will be able to assist with the investigation.

The male is described as being Caucasian in appearance, aged in his late teenstoearly20s,withathinbuildandis about 180 centimetres tall.

He was wearing a New York Yankees cap, Krispy Kreme T-shirt and black pants and boots.

Anyone with information about the person involved is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or log onto

Views sought on Maribyrnong housing strategy as population grows

Maribyrnong council is seeking the community’s feedback on a new housing strategy, developed to accommodate its growing population.

Councilsaidanadditional60,000residents expected to call the municipality home by 2051, meaning it will need up to 30,000 new homes to accommodate the growth.

The new housing strategy will ensure housing is appropriately located and environmentally-sustainable, while also clarifying council’s role in facilitating social

and affordable housing, council said.

Under the strategy, there will be a mix of housing types available in the municipality , providing choice to people of different ages, abilities, incomes and cultures.

The strategy also aims to ensure new housing delivered in the right locations to support the affordability, sustainability and character of Maribyrnong’s suburbs.

Council said the new housing will be well-designed, environmentally efficient and resilient, to support a good quality of life for

the people who live there, while responding to the surrounding area and helping to enhance the character of the suburbs.

“We know, from previous conversations, our residents value open space, trees, greener spaces, the character of their neighbourhoods, and high-quality design,” council said.

“We understand that managing growth and development pressures, while maintaining what people love about living in their neighbourhood, will be a key


Council said residents’ ideas and priorities will help inform planning on how to accommodate everyone’s housing needs, as well as the key things residents love about where they live, how council might protect those features and what they want to see more of in the future.

Feedback closes midnight, June 30, and can be submitted online, in-person or by reply-paid postcard.


Team Adrenalin. (Ljubica Vrankovic) 411109_03

Upcoming FuteRetro exhibition

AforthcomingexhibitionatLouisJoelGallery is a collection of works by a veteran musician and artist, Stu Thomas.

Describing himself as a naturally creative person, always scribbling away on his school desk, Thomas has turned his 30-year music career into an inspiration for making art.

Thomas had his first solo exhibition in 2017 and has since completed two more solo projects in addition to a number of group exhibitions, and has shown his art internationally.

“They’ve appeared in a few private collections. I think all over Australia, but also some in America,” he said of his work.

Remembering Sean Adams

Prominent Hobsons Bay resident, Sean Adams, died on Tuesday, June 11.

To commemorate his memory and acknowledge the extensive work he did for his community, long time friend Matt Wynd created a GoFundMe to support his partner and children.

Originally from Narrabeen in Sydney, Sean moved to Altona more than 20 years ago with his then partner, Toni. Together they had two children, 16-year-old Georgia and 14-year-old Cameron.

After moving to Melbourne, Sean quickly became an active member of the community, volunteering and participating in many local clubs.

He played 97 games for the Williamstown Superules football club where he met many of his friends including Matt.

Sean also volunteered at local clubs Williamstown CYMS and Newport Power, where he coached the under-16s.

He was an active surf rower and volunteer lifeguard for both Altona and Williamstown lifesaving clubs.

Sean later met his partner of six years, Karen, and her nine-year-old daughter, Maggie.

Matt said Sean always enjoyed helping people, whether they were strangers or he knew them well.

“As a builder he was always helping people out of the kindness of his heart,” he said.

“He loved to donate his time to people.”

Matt said Sean was also a man who enjoyed playing the guitar with his band in Sydney, watching his AFL team Collingwood and skiing on both snow and water.

“He was very generous, he loved telling stories, he could hold a room easily,” Matt said. “He was also an organ donor to which twopeoplecameoffdialysisfromhiskidneys.”

As of Monday, June 17, $44,000 has been raised of a $10,000 goal, all of which will be used for the wake and to support the family he has left behind.

Details: Jennifer Pittorino

Thomas describes his art as a mission to bring out something that doesn’t exist in the world, with the tag-line for the exhibition

being, “Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. Yesterday’s tomorrow, The past’s future. The future of the past”.

“Expressionist and representative most on the whole. But I’m always looking in my art to bring out something that doesn’t exist in the world as we know it,” he said.

Withmorethanhalfofthecollectionhaving never been displayed before as some more of Thomas’s vintage work will be displayed.

“More than half brand new stuff hasn’t been shown before,” he said.

“There’s paintings and acrylic paintings, mainly on the canvas, and I found some oil paintings from the 80s that I did some of my first works.”

TheopeningoftheexhibitionisonSaturday, June 29, and it will run until Thursday, July 11. Max Westwood

Tax cuts for every taxpayer

Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 MARIBYRNONG & HOBSONS BAY STAR WEEKLY 5 STARWEEKLY.COM.AU NEWS Calculate yours at Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra
Estimate yours with the tax cut calculator. 12691807-KG22-24
Sean Adams. (Supplied) Stu Thomas. (Ljubica Vrankovic)_410901_02

Redevelopment brought forward

Hobsons Bay council has announced the long-awaited redevelopment of the Williamstown Swimming and Life Saving Club (WSLSC) will be started sooner than expected, thanks to a re-allocation of funds.

During council’s June 11 meeting, Cr Peter Hemphillraisedanoticeofmotionannouncing $5.5 million has been brought forward into the 2024-25 council budget, to commence the works sooner. The redevelopment had been slated to start the following financial year.

The works are part of a $14.3 million

redevelopment of the WSLSC, which will also involve retention of the pavilion, improved storage areas and amenities, a new cafe and public toilets, a new observation tower, gym, sauna and meeting spaces and improved landscapes.

“The reason I put this motion up is because the draft budget had a million dollars in funding to do the planning and design work,”

Cr Hemphill said.

“What this is doing is adding in $4.5 million from the state governments funds that are available in the next financial year.

“It was quite clear that some more money

could be put there to start the actual work in the next financial year.”

Cr Hemphill said there have been changes to the redevelopment plans in recent weeks, following a meeting between the club, councillors, council officers and the architect.

“It was about getting everyone on the same page,andIthinkthat’shappenednow,”hesaid.

“We should see a timeline that could see the project begin next year.”

Cr Hemphill said the club’s desires include making the pool smaller than it currently is.

“The intention would be that there would be a pool in there,” he said.

A win for budding young writers

The Maribyrnong Young Writers competition has concluded and three winners have been chosen.

The competition was for students between the ages of 6-16 with three different age categories with varying prizes for each group.

One winner, grade 6 student Enjay, was ecstatic that his story was the one chosen to win.

“It feels very good, awesome, and amazing. I absolutely did not know that I would win because I only entered for the first time, and feels great,” he said.

Enjay loves the creative aspect of writing and that is evident by his description of his story that won him the competition.

“It’s about Steve and he’s unlucky and he goes skydiving and I chose to write about him because I have made lots of stories about him already like when he falls down a hole and it’s his birthday but this was the biggest Unlucky Steve story I have written,” he said.

Nine-year-old Harvey was another winner who was encouraged to enter by his older sister who won in 2021.


he likes to do with his friends.

“Itwasaboutaperson(me)wholikesworms and he protects his worms from the diabolical and evil moles. I chose to write about worms because my friends and I were playing with worms and puddles at our school oval,” he said.

He was thankful to those who helped him win the competition.

“Thank you to the organisers of the competition and for all the readers who enjoyed my story.”

“The current pool is 33 metres, the club wantstobringitbackdowntoa25metrepool.

“Which would then allow them some space to put in an observation tower which would overlook both the beach and the pool.”

Council expects an updated concept plan to be presented at its August meeting, to be released immediately to the community for a public consultation period.

“Iamnotexpectingtherewillbeagreatdeal of negativity about that,” Cr Hemphill said.

“I think people now understand once they see this that we are moving on with the job and the plans include what the club wants.”

Victorian criminal age lifted to 12

Victoria will become the first Australian state to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 12 as long-awaited legislation arrives.

Premier Jacinta Allan and Youth JusticeMinister Enver Erdogan announced the youth justice bill would be introduced to state parliament on Tuesday.

The standalone bill lifts the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 12.

“Ten and 11-year-olds don’t belong in the criminal justice system … they belong in schools,“ Ms Allan told reporters.

Children as young as 10 can be charged, convicted and imprisoned in every Australian state and territory except the Northern Territory, which raised the age of criminal responsibly to 12 in August.

The ACT passed legislation to raise the age to 14 by 2025 with some exceptions.

In 2023, the Victorian government committed to lifting the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 12 years, before raising it again to 14 by 2027 with some exceptions.

Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes said the government would seek for the change to take effect in 2025 despite previously flagging a start date of late2024.

The bill would also lower the age of prosecution for recruiting children to commit crimes from 21 to 18, create a legislatedschemeforwarnings,cautions and diversions, codify the existing legal presumption of doli incapax and enable a two-year trial of electronic monitoring of youth offenders on bail. -AAP

Enjay,11, and Harvey, 9, (_(Ljubica Vrankovic) 411907_01

River group goes alone

The Maribyrnong River and Waterways Association (MRWA) will become a standalone entity from July, following the group’s split from Yarra Riverkeeper Association after three years of partnership with the organisation.

With a newly elected MRWA board, Maribyrnong Waterways co-ordinator Dr Nicole Kowalczyk declared that the time was right to cease the partnership and become a separate entity.

“So we’ve managed to get abreast of policies and procedures and processes in the not for profit sector,” she said.

“And we feel that we have kind of got what we’ve needed to go alone as a stand alone entity, so we’ve got the skills and resources and processes in place to to do it on our own.

“It lays the groundwork for a sort of a more financially stable and sustainable organisation.”

Dr Kowalczyk said becoming independent will allow the association to lead further towards the MRWA’s goals of increasing their environmental stewardship and further local community engagement.

“Having a dedicated Maribyrnong board who are familiar with the catchment, the quirks of the catchment, the nuances and the uniqueness of the catchment means that we’re more community driven in our decision making,” she said.

“And it also means that the board has a better understanding and I’m more closely connected to the waterways and the Maribyrnong, so they’re more invested in making better decisions for the rivers.”

Dr Kowalczyk went into further detail and spoke more about the positives of the move, which allows the association to truly become

Maribyrnong River and Waterways Association deputy president Peter Hoyne and co-ordinator Dr Nicole Kowalczyk (Damjan Janevski) 413061_01

independent and create a future that wasn’t possible before the partnership split.

“In the Yarra Riverkeeper Association, we would be at the Yarra Riverkeepers’ whim,”

YOUR NEW CAREER ... starts here

she said.

“We would essentially be a project for them, whereas this way we can really secure our future and ensure our longevity.”

Jill Hennessy appointed to lead board

Western Health has appointed professor Jill Hennessy as chair of its board.

Ms Hennessy, who previously served as Victoria’s attorney-general, minister for health, minister for ambulance services and minister for workplace safety, takes up the position on Monday, July 1.

Ms Hennessy said she was honoured to lead the board during an “exciting phase of expansion”.

“This organisation plays a critical role in delivering high-quality healthcare to our community, and I am committed to working with the board, executive team, and staff to continue this tradition of excellence as the service enters an exciting phase of expansion,” she said.

Ms Hennessy replaces outgoing chair Robyn Batten who said “Jill’s impressive track record at the highest levels of Victoria’s healthcare and legal sectors make her an ideal leader for our organisation”.

“Her dedication to public service and her strategic vision will be tremendous assets as Western Health continues to expand and innovate. It has been a privilege to serve as Chair, and I am confident that Jill will continue to drive Western Health forward with passion and expertise.”

The board and staff extended their gratitude to Ms Batten for her dedicated service and outstanding contributions.

Paid parking introduction to support growing demand for parking in Footscray

Star Weekly seeks an enthusiastic Full or Part Time sales executive to work across our print, digital, social and online platforms.

Star Weekly is an independently owned company which prides itself on its long history of community experience but also its investment in the future.

In an effort to improve parking turnover and reduce congestion, Council will be introducing paid parking to the Raleigh Street car park from Monday 1 July, 2024.

The successful applicant will need to possess good people skills to enable them to meet with local businesses to sell solutions through our advertising platforms to help promote their business.

News head 36pt

Please note that there will be a two week grace period to support the changeover when warnings, but no fines, will be issued. Kerbside parking in Raleigh Street remains free (35 spots available).

Applicants will need their own reliable vehicle for which we will provide an allowance.

The position is salaried, plus we offer an open ended commission scheme.

Send your application letter and resume to:

Advertising Sales Manager, Mandy Clark

Council is also increasing the time limits in the Albert Street car park from two hours to four hours between the hours of 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday.

Parking remains free at this car park.

For more information, visit


Altona outdoor trading to stay

Altona traders will be pleased to know that their outdoor parklets will remain as they are, while design work progresses for permanent outdoor trading areas within the Pier Street, Altona, precinct.

InitsmeetingonTuesday,June11,Hobsons Bay council confirmed the parklets will remain despite a “miscommunication” that the parklets would be removed by council. Council installed outdoor trading areas

across the municipality in response to Covid. These included extended footpath trading zones, parklets in car parking spaces, and waivers to the usual fees associated with outdoor trading.

In November 2023, council endorsed its Outdoor Trading Framework, which allowed the temporary areas to remain in Pier Street while long-term design and capital works plans are developed.

In the June 11 meeting, council reiterated design work is under way to permanently

extend the footpaths in Pier Street between Blyth Street, Railway Street South, and a feature site between Blyth Street and Queen Street.

Cr Daria Kellander said the work being undertaken by council will provide some clarity for the traders.

“Just over a month ago, whether it was a miscommunication or misunderstanding, a number of traders were told their parklets would be removed by council on September 1, and they would need to install them again at

Artists invited to show their work

Returning for another year, the Show Your Westside art exhibition will give artists across the west a space to display their art and win prizes generously donated by the community. The exhibition is by artist Sally Walshe, also known as Lady Mohawk, who said the lack of a community art space sparked the idea for the exhibition.

“I returned this year to run the exhibition because the community has repeatedly asked me to due to the success of last year,” she said. “We lack non-exclusive art opportunities in the west, and particularly in Maribyrnong, for local artists.

“It’s also important to have free, accessible and inclusive art exhibitions for the whole community and there really aren’t any at the moment, especially in the inner west.“

This year’s theme is ‘west side stories’, which Walshe said is open to interpretation for all who enter.

Theexhibitionisfreetoenterforschoolaged youthsthroughtoadults,foranyoneacrossthe western suburbs.

“I have changed the exhibition by having a broadertheme, thatwaypeoplecaninterpretit whichever way they want,” she said.

“I have also increased the mediums to

include anything from audio-visual, paintings to performance art.

“I already have some wonderful artwork coming in, so I’m super excited.”

“We have over $5300 of prizes available for youth and adults, all donated from local businesses.”

Applications are open until Monday, July 1, or until capacity is reached.

The opening night will be August 2 for a month-long exhibition at 138 Nicholson Street, Footscray. Details: https://form.jotform. com/241310802535849

Jennifer Pittorino

their own cost,” she said.

“They were obviously quite upset hearing this because it contradicted what they were previously told through conversations to date.

“I have no doubt that the Pier Street traders are happy to finally have this commitment being made on the future of their outdoor trading spaces.”

Council noted it will receive a future report at the August council meeting to provide details of the concept designs.

Vandals have splashed red paint across the Newport office of Gellibrand MP Tim Watts.

Photos of his office show red paint sprawled across the windows with a large ’X’ in a circle painted across the MP’s face.

According to police, the Melbourne Roadofficewasvandalisedovernighton June 12.

Mr Watts condemned the vandalism.

“Everyone has a right to protest in our democracy.

I understand that there are many people in our community who feel deeply about what is happening in the Middle East and the horrific human toll,“ he said.

“But there is no place in our community for vandalism and property damage. This kind of vandalism producesnothingbutabillfortaxpayers for the clean up.

“ItissixmonthssinceAustraliavoted with 152 countries for a ceasefire at the United Nations, and we continue to press for that outcome, the protection of civilians, for aid to flow and for the release of hostages.

“This week, we welcomed the UN Security Council resolution in support of a comprehensive ceasefire, a permanent end to hostilities and the start of reconstruction in Gaza. We have now provided $72.5 million in assistance to respond to the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and the protracted refugee crisis in the region since October 2023.“

Police are investigating Contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via

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MP’s office vandalised
Sally Walshe. (Ljubica Vrankovic) 409808_05

Cycling safety in Hobsons Bay

As someone who loves getting around Hobsons Bay by bike, I know how important it is that we make life as easy as possible for cyclists.

Creating a network that makes getting from point A to point B as safe and simple as possible will have an incredible impact on our overall local transport system.

It will encourage people to use their bikes more, taking cars off the road and ensuring people are more physically active.

The GreenLine Project is the largest scale and most ambitious project in council’s Better Places vision for Spotswood and South Kingsville.

The community had its say on what the issues were in that area and how we could solve them.

Traffic congestion was a significant concern in an area where the population is expected to double over the next 15 years.

GreenLine will provide a major east-west and north-south transport corridor through the heart of Spotswood and South Kingsville, linking all the key destinations, including the major future development precincts, schools, Spotswood Station, and village centres.

It will also connect through to the Federation Trail and West Gate Tunnel veloway, which means you’ll be able to cycle from the heart of the inner west to the city or onto the regional cycling network.

Concept planning for the east-west GreenLine along Birmingham Street and McLister Street has now been completed.

This is the first section of the east-west route, and the planning included feedback from the community.

I think GreenLine is going to be an incredible asset for our community and I’m looking forward to seeing it come to life.

Elsewhere, this year’s planting program will see nearly 300 new trees in streets throughout Williamstown and Newport.

These streets currently have very low or no canopy cover, so the shade they provide in the coming years will be of great benefit.

In addition, the tree planting plans along the Williamstown foreshore, including the Rifle Range, are under review following consultation with the community late last year.

If these plans are approved, the planting is likely to begin as part of next year’s planting season.


Coat drive

Maribyrnong council is hosting its winter coat donation drive, where locals can provide coats and warm garments to those in need. Clothing can be donated to any of the five library branches throughout winter. Visit Footscray Library or Braybrook Community Hub to browse the clothing rack if you could use a warm garment.

Williamstown fire

Multiple calls were made to triple-0 shortly after 7pm on Friday, June 14, reporting a factory fire in Williamstown North. Fire Rescue Victoria crews arrived to discover a single-storey factory constructed of steel fully ablaze. Firefighters attacked the fire with foam. The fire was declared under control at 7.38pm, 21 minutes after crews arrived. The building was extensively damage in the blaze, but firefighters managed to stop the fire from spreading to neighbouring factories. There were several factory workers on site at the time of the fire. All escape uninjured. The cause of the fire is yet to determined but will be investigated by the FRV fire investigation unit.



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Cr Jonathon Marsden.


Author Donna Rowe and illustrator Rosie Marshall tells Jennifer Pittorino about their new collaboration, a children’s book titled ‘Rat’.

Tell us about you and your work together?

This was a new collaboration formed, with the view to produce a children’s picture books. We researched a number of publishing houses and were able to get a contract with Redback Publishing.

Tell us about your most recent work?

Ourrecentworkisthecreationandproduction of our children’s picture book ‘Rat’.

How did this partnership come about?

We were firstly neighbours and then became friends. After friendly visits into Rosie’s art studio, an illustration of a Rat was noticed, and became the focus of our story.

What is your favourite thing about this book?

Rosie: The words and rhyming text.

Donna: The beautiful, magical illustrations. The fun collaboration over many cups of tea and yummy treats, including the message about; “contemporary and urgent themes, involving sustainability and re purposing”.

Where can people access it?

BookandPaper,Williamstownandotherbook stores.

What’s your connection to Maribyrnong or Hobsons Bay?

Rosie: I have lived in Hobsons Bay for many years.

Donna: I am relatively new to Hobsons Bay having lived here 10 years. We now both live as neighbours in Seaholme.

What do you like about where you live?

Rosie: Altona: Esplanade, Pier, cafes, beach, dog beach and park, and village community.

Williamstown: The Strand, beach, shopping precinct and restaurants.

Donna: I moved here from the eastern suburbs and have quickly become a ‘westie’ and love everything about where we live, in and around Seaholme, Altona and Williamstow. I love Flemings pool, beaches, walking tracks, wetlands and woodlands, and the sense of community.

Where is your favourite local place to spend time?

Rosie: RockabyeCandy&NorfolkCaféAltona and Altona Dog Park the beach.

Donna: Flemings Pool, Bezirk Café, Altona Sports Club, and Book and Paper, Williamstown. We both love and support our locallibrariesinAltonaandWilliamstownand Louis Joel Art Gallery.

Is there anything else you’d like to say? We feel extremely proud to have produced such a beautiful book as ‘Rat’ and are looking forwardtoseeingwhereitwillgo. ‘Rat’hasbeen

handpicked to be part of Monash University Conceptual PlayLab and Fleer’s Conceptual PlayWorld Research Project, across 15 early childhood centres in Victoria. Our future endeavours include presentations at early learning centres and primary and secondary schools which can include a reading of ‘Rat’, art and craft activities and talks on producing a children’s book from start to finish.Weareworkingonournextbook,which will be just as beautiful and hope to release this next year.



Help to conquer foot pain

Experiencing foot pain? Chances are you’ve received a diagnosis of one of the following conditions:plantarfasciitis,Achillestendinitis, bunions, bursitis, arthritis, Morton’s neuroma, plantar heel pain, severs disease (in children), orflatfeet.Whilethesefootissuesareprevalent and treated worldwide, they are frequently misdiagnosed and improperly managed.

underlying causes: Without understanding causes and targeting contributing factors, treatments can be ineffective, temporary or even harmful.

• Lack of understanding of intricate foot and leg biomechanics: This can lead to poor advice and outcomes.

Dr Paul Dowie, renowned musculoskeletal podiatrist with over 25 years of experience in diagnosing and treating foot, knee, and leg conditions, provided some insight. According to Dr Dowie, it is common and unfortunate that many people receive incorrect diagnoses and ineffective treatments, which can worsen conditions.

HisFootandLegPainClinicssuccessfullytreat such conditions daily and have highlighted three of the most common scenarios for misdiagnosis and ineffective treatments:

• Misread diagnostic scans: Thickened tissue on diagnostic scans is often confused with inflammation, leading to inappropriate treatment.

• Treatment of symptoms without addressing

“It’s important for people to know that most foot and leg pain is treatable, even the most complex conditions. Too often people are told there is nothing that can be done or that they have to expect, and just put up with, certain conditions due to ageing, and this is often incorrect. With accurate diagnosis, understanding contributing factors, and having an in-depth understanding of lower limb biomechanics and musculoskeletal medicine, many concerns can be swiftly and effectively addressed. This includes injured, arthritic and degenerated joints and tissues,” Dr Dowie said.

If you’d like personalised guidance and advice from Dr Dowie, you can consult him at his Williamstown clinic or other locations across Melbourne. Simply call 1300 328 300.

Advertising feature
Donna Rowe and Rosie Marshall. (Ljubica Vrankovic) 407867_01

Payment assistance for hearing aids: the important facts

If you’ve been living with a hearing loss… or have a parent that’s hard of hearing, you may have questions about the cost of hearing aids and available subsidies in Australia.

Experienced audiologists from Active Audiology in Altona, Cris Ivanidis and Amanda Nguyen provide expert insights to help you make informed decisions.

Factors Influencing Cost and Price Range:

According to Cris Ivanidis, “The cost of hearing aids in Australia can vary based on several factors, including the type of technology, features, brand, and where you purchase them.“

He adds, “On average, for a private purchase, hearing aids in Australia typically range from approximately $1,000 to $6,000 per device.”

Government Subsidies for Hearing Aids:

Amanda Nguyen explains the government subsidies available, stating, “The Australian Government Hearing Services Program offers financial support to eligible pensioners and veterans, providing rebates for the cost of hearing aids.“

She further explains, “For pensioners, the subsidy can cover 100 per cent of the cost of basic hearing aids, making them more affordable and accessible.”

Exploring Top-Up Hearing Aids:

Amanda recommends considering top-up hearing aids, stating, “Many individuals choose top-up hearing aids which provide advanced features beyond the basic ones, allowing individuals to hear better in more complex listening environments such as background noise and large group conversations”.

Sheclarifies“Whiletop-upoptionsmayhave an additional cost, they offer a higher level of hearing assistance and customization to better meet each individual’s hearing goals”.

Health Insurance:

Amanda highlights the role of health insurance, stating, “Many private health insuranceplansoffercoverageforhearingaids as part of their extras or ancillary services.“

She advises, “Review your health insurance policy to understand the extent of coverage provided for hearing aids”.

Worksafe Program:

Cris Ivanidis highlights the Worksafe program, designed to assist individuals with work-related hearing loss. He mentions, “Under the Worksafe program, individuals with work-related

hearing loss may be eligible for funding to cover the cost of hearing aids.“ He advises, “Contact an accredited Worksafe hearing provider like Active Audiology who will assess your hearing loss and work history and advise you on claim eligibility“.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS):

Amanda explains the NDIS, stating, “The NDISmayprovidefundingforhearingaidsfor individuals with a hearing loss that interferes with their daily function and wellbeing”.

She advises, “Discuss your hearing needs with your support coordinator to explore

available options and access funding through the NDIS. Alternatively, you can visit an experienced NDIS hearing provider, such as Active Audiology, who can assist you in commencing your NDIS application for your hearing impairment”.

Job Access

Cris mentions Job Access, stating, “Job Access is a government initiative that provides workplace adjustments and support for individuals with disability or medical conditions, including hearing loss”. He adds, “Job Access may assist in funding hearing aids for eligible individuals. Consult with them to explore available options”.

Investing in Your Hearing Health: Cris and Amanda emphasise the importance of investing in hearing health, stating, “Purchasing hearing aids is not just a financial decision; it is an investment in your overall well-being and quality of life.“ Amanda encourages seeking guidance, “Consult with our experienced audiologists at Active Audiology to select the most suitable hearing aids that align with your hearing needs and budget”.

Navigating all funding support programs: Cris Ivanidis advises individuals to do thorough research and seek guidance.

“Whilst there is definite funding assistance for hearing loss, it is important to understand eligibility criteria, application processes, and rebateamountsprovidedthroughgovernment subsidies”.

He adds, “When we see a patient for the first time we go through their history and situation to explore all options of funding and get the best hearing outcome for them”.

To have your hearing tested or discuss your hearing aid options book a consultation with Amanda or Cris today. Altona. www. or phone 9398 3331.

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WANT YOUR EVENT LISTED? Community Calendar is made available free of charge to not-for-profit organisations to keep the public informed of special events and activities. Send item details to Star Weekly Community Calendar, Corner Thomsons Road and Keilor Park Drive, Keilor Park, 3042, or email to by 9am Wednesday the week prior to publication

Musicians welcome

The Hobsons Bay City Band is seeking musicians to join their community band. Please note that rehearsals are held under the directorship of Wayne Bowden every Monday evening, from 7.30pm, at the Spotswood South Kingsville RSL, 59 The Avenue, Spotswood.

■ Hannah Prouse,

Heritage walks

Enjoy a leisurely one-and-a-half hour walk around historic Williamstown and nearby suburbs with guide John. Walks start at 9.20am each Tuesday outside the Visitor Information Centre in Nelson Place. Each week is a different week with a printed sheet with the route and points of interest provided each week. Walks are leisurely and usually end at a café for a tea-coffee.

■ John, 0418 377 336

Community morning tea

A free community meeting tea occurs every Wednesday at 11am in Joan Kirner House foyer, 14 Thompson Street, Williamstown.

■ Tahlia, 9397 6168

Women Talk – Conversational English

The Women Talk Group will be held on Mondays at 10am for women to learn and practice speaking English in the classroom and the local area and make new friends in an all-women class.

■ 9391 8504 or

Altona Repair Cafe

The Altona Repair Cafe is looking for more repairers to help meet community demand for repairs at their monthly repair events. Repair cafes happen on the first Saturday of the month, noon-3pm.

■ Danielle, 0413 434 082

Hobsons Bay City Band

Do you play any percussion, brass or woodwind instruments? The Hobsons Bay City Band is seeking musicians to join their community band. Rehearsals are held under the directorship of Wayne Bowden every Monday evening, from 7.30pm, at the Newport Bowls Club, 4 Market Street, Newport.

■ or

Junior surf boat rowing

Wanting to hit the water and try rowing surf boats? The Williamstown Lifesaving Club is hosting come and try days for junior surf boats. Come and try this unique experience for juniors.


Boxing Maribyrnong Boxing Club has reopened. New and former members of the Maribyrnong Community Youth Club are welcome to attend training sessions on Monday, 6pm-8pm, Thursday, 6.45-7.45pm, and Sunday, 10-11am. Boxing for fitness classes, beginners, youth, adults and also competition available. The club premises are located under the grandstand on Maribyrnong Reserve, on the corner of Hortense Street and Middle Road, Maribyrnong

■ or 0413 495836

Small steps walking group

Are you looking for a fun and social way to stay active? Join the Braybrook Community Hub walking group. Get some fresh air, make new friends and enjoy the benefits of walking. Or join for social connections, bikkies and a cuppa every Wednesday between 10.30-11.30am.

Woodcarving workshop

The woodcarving workshop meets on Tuesdays at 9.30am-noon at Hobsons Bay Men’s Shed, 280 Queens Street, Altona. All levels of ability in this ancient, international craft are welcome, women included, starter tools and timber available. ■

Meditation for stress management

Meditate under the guidance of an experienced teacher through visualisation, breath and movement. A form of mindful planning combining the psychological process of visualising, preparing for the future, and assigning action steps. Held at the Braybrook Community Hub between 10-11am on Fridays. This class will also be live streamed for you to join from home. Cost is $60 per a 10-week term or $6 per session.

Book sale

Friends of Altona Library hold a monthly book sale on the first Tuesday, Friday and Saturday of each month at the rear of Altona Library 123 Queen Street Altona. access via Coles car park, from 10am-1pm. ■ https://libraries.hobsonsbay.

Altona Girl Guides

Altona Girl Guides currently have vacancies for girls aged five-plus who would like to learn new skills, gain confidence,and expand their friendship circle while having fun.

■ Girl Guides Victoria, 8606 3500 or

Laverton Community Education Centre

Laverton Community Education Centre has started free AMEP classes in Williamstown Community Education Centre at the Joan Kirner House, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday,s from 9.30am-3pm. Participants can build English, digital and employability skills with the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).

■ 9369 2726

Computers, crafts, conversation

Whatever your learning interests and needs, Outlets Newport Community Education Centre has hands-on, face-to-face classes for you or a friend. Contact the centre today to find something for you.

■ 9391 8504, or

Carers’ walk and talk

A collaboration between the state government, Interchange Outer East and Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL), the Pathways for Carers program is launching a monthly walk in Footscray on the third Thursday of each month. The goal of each group is to provide carers with peer-based support, information, services and resources, opportunities to be active and connect with other carers, connect with nature and connect with their local community.

■ or

Seeking stories

Award-winning local author Dr Dominique Hes is writing a book on Newport Lakes, tracing its history, its impact and its contribution. The book will outline the story of its development, highlighting the role of consensus, courage, vision and working with nature to create a beautiful ecological and social place. Weaving in theories of biophilia, regenerative development and placemaking with local stories, it aims to provide inspiration for other communities looking at what they can do in their neighbourhoods. Locals are asked to come forward with any stories, photos, memories to be included in the book.


Williamstown book sale

Friends of Williamstown and Newport Libraries hold a book sale every second Saturday of each month, 9.30am-12.30pm. The book sale is held in the friends’ room. Cash only sales.


Walking group

The Altona Meadows and Newport Heart Foundation Walking Group is a local community of men and women committed to walking and socialising together with a post-walk coffee and chat and enjoying the natural beauty and birdlife that is to be

found throughout Hobsons Bay together. Anyone is welcome to join the group on Mondays, 10am, at Altona Beach, Wednesdays, 10am, at Altona Meadows (Jolly Miller Café) or on Fridays, 10am, at Newport Lakes.

■ Ian Watson, 0411 566 862 or

Computer classes for beginners Computer classes are run Every day of the week. Choice of morning or afternoons. At Altona North and Williamstown.

■ Lynne, 9397 6168.

Altona North Combined Probus

The Altona North Combined Probus Club meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at Altona Sports Club. Includes a speaker, organised trips and outings, and a friendly atmosphere.

■ Lesley, 0414 481 442

Friendship group

Altona Day Voice Interest and Education of Women [VIEW] Club meets at 11am on the third Wednesday of the month at Altona RSL.

■ Janet, 9394 6522 or 0412 010 176

Diabetes support group

The Westgate Diabetes Support Group meets on the first Tuesday of every month at the Altona Bowling Club at 10am.

■ Elaine, 0415 030 996

AeroSpeakers Toastmasters Club

Would you like to develop confidence in communicating, competence with language and clarity in writing? AeroSpeakers Toastmasters Club would like to invite any and all residents to join them on the first and third Thursday of every month to help develop public speaking, communication and leadership skills. The group meets at the Laverton Community Hub, 95-105 Railway Avenue, Laverton, from 7-9.30pm. ■ Vimi Gaoneadry, 0411 530 944


A film full of action and comedy

After sold-out screenings at Monster Fest, Hot Dad Productions will be debuting a special event screening of ‘The Emu War’ at the Sun Theatre.

The comedy-action hybrid is a comedic take on one of Australia’s true stories, co-directed and created by locals Jonathan Schuster and John Campbell, and starring Yarraville local Damian Callinan and Sunshine actor Aaron Gocs.

Based on the infamous Great Emu War of 1932, the film follows a ragtag platoon of soldiers driven into a brutal and bloody battle against Australia’s deadliest flightless beasts. Haunted by the kidnapping of his son by

the Emus, Major Meredith leads the platoon behind enemy lines to confront the emu leader, the Queen Emu.

“This film is a good combination of action and comedy and gets people to start talking about a real Australian event,” Gocs said.

“The term emu war is what we call a cull of emus , however the real war is different to our depiction. It is nowhere near accurate.”

Gocs said the filmmakers thought it would be funny if the emus fought back, giving the film the comedy it needed.

“There is a lot of action and it was very fun to do those scenes,” he said.

What originally started as a skit seven years ago, has now been turned into a film made on a property in Bendigo.

“It is a project we have been working on together for a while, it was originally going to be a series, but it was eventually made into a movie which took four years to make,” Gocs said.

The movie will premiere at the Sun Theatre on Saturday, June 22, at 7.30pm. It will be followed with a question and answer session afterwards with the cast and crew.

Details: wp-cinema/movie/S24EMUWAR/ THE+EMU+WAR/

Musical postcard live from Werribee

The Werribee Concert Band is gearing up for its annual major concert this weekend, and fittingly, this year’s show will pay homage to the local community.

“It’s called Postcards from Werribee,” said Werribee Concert Band member and treasurer, Evan Thompson, about the theme of the show this Saturday night at Encore Events Centre in Hoppers Crossing.

“We’ve selected a number of places around Wyndham to celebrate through music. We’ve got the Werribee Mansion, we’ve got the zoo, the rose garden and sprinkles ice cream shops in Werribee and Point Cook.” said Thompson explaining how the show will work.

“To give you an idea, the music to represent the zoo is a selection of songs from the Lion King,” he said before adding that the songs matching the other places were less well known.

As well as celebrating the local area, Postcards from Werribee will also serve another purpose for the concert band, with Thompson hoping members of the audience will be inspired to join themselves.

“Perhaps people who’ve played an instrumentinthepastandmaybearethinking of taking it up again,” he said of the type of band members they were looking for.

“It’s not always easy to find members for a concert band. Music education in schools is not as popular as it was in the past and we’re starting to feel that.”

Describing the concert band as basically an orchestra without string instruments, Thompson said the Postcards from Werribee show won’t just involve the usual 30 members, but 10 members of the training band as well,

making it their biggest show of the year both in audience numbers and musicians.

For those unable to make the show this Saturday night, the Werribee Concert Band has a children’s show scheduled for October.

Tickets for the show on June 22 will be

available on the door. Details: http://www.werribeeconcertband. com/

Be awakened to the beauty of landscapes

Coming to the Sunshine Library this month is the Wild Awakenings art exhibition.

Join Contemporary Melbourne artist Ana Hanson for the opening the exhibition and experience an unique celebration of contemporary Australian landscape art that fuses bold colours, stylised patterns and unconventional media.

Hanson is particularly proud of the way her pieces connect viewers with the natural environment.

“In this body of work I hope to further expand upon some of the themes and ideas I have recently been exploring in my focus on mixed media landscape artworks. My art infuses an urban artistic sensibility with an appreciation for the natural environment and a love for one of the oldest and most enduring artistic traditions - landscape art,” she said.

“My work reflects the duality of our modern existence—a world where screens often dominate our attention, while nature is too often relegated to the periphery.

“Withinthistensionliesacollectiveyearning to rediscover our connection to the wild.

‘Lilac Blossoms on the Mountain’ is one of many pieces that will feature in

Wild Awakenings’ beckons viewers to reconcile this dichotomy, to embark on a journey of ‘rewilding,’ and to take a few momentstocherishthesplendouranddiversity of the world we live in.”

Opening night of the exhibition will include a multimedia installation and a chat from Hanson, as well as refreshments to enjoy.

Exhibition is Clear Cut

The Old Auction House in Kyneton is hosting a group exhibition called ‘Clear Cut’, showcasing a series of traditional printmaking works.

Theexhibitionfeatureslinocut,etched, and monoprinted works, with many of the prints focussing on Australian landscapes and animals.

Traditional printmaking differs from modern printmaking in that designs are hand processed rather than reproduced using electronic printing methods

To make the prints, traditional printmaking artists cut, etch, and carve designs which are then transferred using ink.

Printing can be repeated several times, with each print considered an original artwork called an ‘impression’.

The Old Auction House owner and gallery director Rhain DiPilla said traditional printmaking is a unique medium and process.

“It’s a medium that allows you to make copies of each work and each copy is still unique – it’s not sort of a photocopy where each one is exactly the same,” DiPilla said.

“[It is] very hands-on – you’re involved with every step of the process. You have to design it, you then have to carve it or etch it in, you then have to print it … you’re quite involved as an artist”.

Many of the prints at the Clear Cut exhibition also feature colourful hand-painted elements.

“A lot of works in this exhibition are hand coloured - so they’ve printed the base layers and then come back and colouredoverthetoporpainted,”DiPilla said.

DiPilla said that many of the works featured are from local artists, emphasising Kyneton’s strong art scene.

“It’s a really good artistic community,” she said.

Held at the Old Auction House, 52-56 Mollison Street, Kyneton, the exhibition will run until Saturday, July 29. Details: au/gallery

Oscar Parry

ItkicksoffonThursday,June27,from6pmto 8pm, inside the learning centre at the Sunshine Library.

The exhibition will stay on display until July 26.

Free tickets:

Gerald Lynch

Writer Jonathan Schuster and actor Aaron Gocs. (Damjan Janevski) 413332_01 Cade Lucas Werribee Concert Band members Jacqui Ladd (front), Evan Thomson, Holly Silvester, Kevin Bergin and Victor Cilia. (Damjan Janevski) 413145_01 ‘Clear Cut’ showcases a broad range of prints created using traditional methods. (Rhain DiPilla) the exhibition. (Ana Hanson)

Little waterbuck melts hearts

she stays close to the other waterbuck herd. Some of her favourite places are in the middle of the savannah eating lots of grass or hanging out in an area called the ‘keyhole’, which is behind a large group of trees.”

Nziza arrived from Monarto Safari Park in South Australia and is thriving in her surroundings at Werribee Open Range Zoo.

There’s a lot of love at Werribee Open Range Zooforapreciousnewarrival–alittleantelope with a special heart-shaped nose who leaves a trail of hearts wherever she goes.

Nziza [pronounced: N-zee-zah], a one-year-old waterbuck who arrived at the zoo last month, is making a distinct mark on the zoo’s savannah by imprinting heart-shaped prints on the ground with her dainty hooves. Werribee Open Range Zoo Savannah keeper

“Nziza is really beautiful, she’s super confident and bold and she’s really keeping the keepers on our toes,” Ms Gray said.

“She’s noticeably smaller than the other waterbuck and getting along with the other animals on our savannah including herds of rhinoceros, giraffe, zebra, ostrich and other antelope species.”

Common waterbuck are native to the forests, savannah, shrubland and grasslands of

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To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in: each of the nine vertical columns, each of the nine horizontal rows and each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes. Remember, no number can occur more than once in any row, column or box.


1 Ribbons (5)

4 Enchanted (9)

9 Sooner (7)

10 Burdensome (7)

11 Illicitly distilled liquor (9)

12 Buffalo (5)

13 US tech company (1,1,1)

14 Body of water to the east of Italy (8,3)

16 A baptism (11)

19 Hint (3)

20 Varnish (5)

22 Broadening (9)

25 Wayne –, head coach of the Dolphins (7)

26 First (7)

27 Substances discharged (9)

28 Opponent (5)


1 Load-bearing bar structure (1,4)

2 Actor (9)

3 Hides, pelts (5)

4 Obstacle (7)

5 Aboriginal spear-throwing device (7)

6 Quivering (9)

7 Rings (5)

8 Release (9)

13 Terminal (illness) (9)

14 Yes-men (9)

15 Offering (9)

17 Prefix with 'magnetic' (7)

18 Suggests (7)

21 Egyptian peninsula (5)

23 Din (5)

24 Expression of surprise (5)

letter may only be used once. No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural nouns ending in “s”.

1 Who won the 2000 AFL Grand Final?

2 Karl Lagerfeld (pictured) famously said ‘One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little,’ what?

3 Which is the world’s largest island nation?

4 What does the French word ‘oiseau’ mean in English?

5 Who wrote the novel The Bell Jar?

6 Which element is represented by the letter W?

7 What is the name of Fantine’s daughter in the musical Les Misérables?

8 And who wrote the novel on which the musical is based?

9 Lime juice, triple sec and tequila are the main ingredients of what cocktail?

10 What is a common cause of scurvy?

No. 190
No. 190 No. 190
No. 190 27 35 91572 37 69 758926 64 9 5 81 941576 easy 28 4 35 9 6 748 957 6 42 31 6 948 563 8 medium 27 5 67 61 2 81 4 978 5 86 73 4 591 47 3 hard No. 190 SUDOKU
bingo, bionic, boning, coin, coining, combing, COMBINING, coming, coning, gnomic, icing, icon, incoming, ionic, mignon, mincing, mini, mining, minion, nimbi Using the nine letters in the grid, how many words of four letters
more can you list? The centre letter must be included
B G C A P N H D S N E N E T A S A S P E N S H A D E S I N G E E N D E D T S A R S I O N I M N 10 words: Good 15 words: Very good 20 words: Excellent Today’s Aim:
LETTERS ACE AGE ALE ANT BAT DNA EGG GNP HAG HUE IMP LAD NEE NIL OVA PIE RAT SAW SEE TEE TOE USE UTE YES 4 LETTERS EAST FUSS GLUE MANS PART SASH SOAR SOFA SPEW STAB SWAP SWUM TEAS WERE 5 LETTERS ACTED ADULT AORTA ARENA AROMA BARGE BASIS CURIO EDGES EERIE ELITE ERASE EVENT FILET FLOPS GLOSS GRIEF HEATH HELLO INLET INTER IRATE KOALA MERES PEERS POLIO PRESS RANTS RASPS REALM REAPS RIOTS SAFES SCRAP SEEDS SEVER SHIFT SKIED SNORT SOAPS SPARS STALL STEER STORE THEFT TOMES TREAT UNITE WADES WAIVE 6 LETTERS GEYSER RESETS SCREEN SISTER 7 LETTERS AEROSOL FLAMING NOWHERE ORDEALS RATTLER TINGLED 8 LETTERS CASSETTE CHLORINE CONFUSES PROLONGS BARGE SCRAP SHIFT ARENA KOALA CURIO SOAPS INTER REALM IMP THEFT TOE TEE SASH ADULT RESETS EGG SEE DNA STALL ERASE WERE PROLONGS SOAR LAD AEROSOL FLAMING RAT SWUM CASSETTE STAB HEATH P RESS AGE NIL USE SISTER SNORT SWAP ANT YES GRIEF ACE FLOPS POLIO UNITE EERIE EVENT SEVER STEER WADES SEEDS 12 345678910111213 1415 1617181920212223242526 E W S O R K D A H N C Y I T G J M Q P B Z U V F L X Insert the missing letters to make 10 words – five reading across the grid and five reading down. NOTE: more than one solution may be possible 21-06-24 Puzzles and pagination © Pagemasters | 327158469 452761938 283547691 561974823 138295746 946812375 894326517 679483152 715639284 easy medium hard 219764835 981653742 372546189 758319264 627491358 165987423 436825917 543278691 894132576 234756189 685219437 359461872 568192743 197843625 712938564 971384256 423675918 846527391 1 14 7 20 2 15 8 21 3 16 9 22 4 17 10 23 5 18 11 24 6 19 12 25 13 26 G E Y S E R FX 1. Essendon 2. Black dress 3. Indonesia 4. Bird 5. Sylvia Plath 6. Tungsten 7. Cosette 8. Victor Hugo 9. Margarita 10. Lack of vitamin C ANSWERS: Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 MARIBYRNONG & HOBSONS BAY STAR WEEKLY 15
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1. Which national women’s rugby sevens team did Australia defeat 26-7 to win the final of the 2024 Madrid Sevens?

2. In which year did the recently axed Melbourne Rebels enter the Super Rugby competition?

3. Twin brothers Ben and Harry McKay play for which

4. Billy Slater coaches which rugby league State of Origin team?

5. Who caddied for Scottish golfer Robert MacIntyre during his 2024 Canadian Open win?

6. Which two ice hockey teams are set to playing in the 2024 Stanley Cup Finals?

Sinead Diver, Genevieve Gregson and Jessica Stenson have been selected to compete for Australia in which 2024 Olympics event?

The 2024 Men’s T20 World Cup is being co-hosted by the West Indies and which country?

US basketballer Angel Reese plays for which WNBA team?

Tyrone Peachey for which NRL club?

Mintonette was the original name for which ball sport?

Until 1905, bowling balls were originally made of what material?

Danish althlete Viktor Axelsen is the reigning Olympic champion in which event?

14. To the nearest hundred, how many home runs did Babe Ruth make in his career?

15. What is the height of a standard table tennis net?

16. In 2023, who won the Brownlow Medal for the second time?

17. In total, how many stumps are used in a cricket match?

18. Name the NHL team based in Michigan.

19. The 1992 Winter Olympics were held in which city?

20. How many Grand Prix wins did Michael Schumacher achieve in his Formula One career?

21. Aussie tennis star Alex de Minaur was defeated by German Alexander Zverev at which stage of the 2024 French Open men’s singles tournament?

22. The 75-year-old prime minister of Fiji, Sitiveni Rabuka, recently won a bronze medal in which sport at the Oceania Athletics Championships?

23. EPL club Tottenham, managed by Ange Postecoglou, finished in which position on the end-of-season table?

24. Josef Newgarden recently won which highly-attended annual US sporting event?

25. Which allrounder scored a half-century and took three wickets in Australia’s opening match of the T20 Cricket World Cup against Oman?

26. How many times has St Kilda ‘won’ the wooden spoon for last-place finishes in its AFL/VFL history?

27. Which Nordic country finished second in the medal tally at the 1924 Paris Summer Olympics?

28. The captain of the Australian women’s national cricket team, Alyssa Healy, is married to which fast bowler?

29. After making debut appearances at the Tokyo 2020 Games, which three sports beginning with S will remain on the Olympic program at Paris 2024?

30. Who was the last Australian to win the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship?

1. France 2. 2011 3. Essendon and Carlton 4. Queensland 5. His father, Dougie 6. Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers 7. The marathon 8. The US 9. Chicago Sky 10. Penrith Panthers 11. Volleyball 12. Hardwood 13. Badminton (men’s singles) 14. 700 (714) 15. 25cm15. 16. Lachie Neale 17. Six 18. Detroit Red Wings 19. Albertville, France 20. 91 21. Quarterfinals 22. Shot put 23. Fifth 24. Indy 500 25. Marcus Stoinis 26. 27 27. Finland 28. Mitchell Starc 29. Surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing 30. Alan Jones (1980) Alex de Minaur Josef Newgarden 2106 CALL 1300 666 808 ADVERTISE with us and get better results ANY TREES LOPPED C & D Schroeder 9337 3695 or 0415 816 882 Free Quote 7 Day Service 45 yrs exp. Trees Pruned Reshaped Grubbed out. All Foliage/Rubbish Removed Fully Insured $20m Pensioner Discount 12689471-CB21-24 FREE CAR REMOVAL Pay up to $500 for most cars Dead or Alive LMCT 10268W 7 days a week service Call Gus for a free quotation on 0435 904 818 12321532-HM36-16 Motoring section of Network Classifieds. Buy&Sellinour CALL OR VISIT US ONLINE! V Wrecking Motoring 12690823-MP21-24 QUALITY WORK AT DISCOUNT PRICES DAWSONS TREE SERVICES $20 MILLION INSURANCE • No Fuss • No Mess • No Stress 9720 5111 V Tree Lopping/Surgery section of Network Classifieds. Employment Find it in the Real Estate section of Network Classifieds. ADVERTISERS, in this section are qualified practitioners and offer nonsexualservices. V Massage Therapists ALL TYPES OF RUBBISH REMOVAL FREE QUOTES 12449427-FA21-20 Private Serviced Offices for rent Premium locations in Williamstown, Spotswood, and Altona North From $150 per week. Includes Free access to meeting rooms, kitchen, lunchroom, and break out areas. Street postal address Free outgoing landline phone calls, at some locations Free cleaning. Free Wi-Fi and internet access. Complimentary tea and coffee. Access to colour photocopying, printing, scanning, OHP, TV screens, PCs, Hovercam, and whiteboards, at some locations. No utility bills. 24/7 security and access all year. Flexible hire conditions. Simple ‘venue hire’ contract. Free promotion through current marketing initiatives. Call 9397 6168 for more details, and a visit. Joan Kirner House Williamstown, Spotswood Community House, and Altona North Community House | 9397 6168 | ABN: 67 864 341 860 Inc. Ass. Reg. No: A0014000T 12695954-MP24-24 0418 560 978 Walk in bins 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 20m3 6 days 12447332-NG17-20 ADVERTISERS PLEASE NOTE Anyone advertising a puppy, dog, kitten or cat in Victoria for sale or re-homing will need a source number from the Pet Exchange Register and a microchip identification number. It is now an offence to advertise unless the source number and microchip identification number is included in the advertisement or notice. For further information, call 136 186 or visit 12423634-SN31-19 Rainbow Club 48 Davies Avenue, Sunshine North 0468 693 833 SWA6566B $110/ 30mins Open 7 days 12652832-AI48-23 DISCRIMINATION IN ADVERTISING IS UNLAWFUL The Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 1995 makes it unlawful for an advertiser to show any intention to discriminate on the basis of sex, pregnancy, race, age, marital status, political or religious belief or physical features, disability, lawful sexual activity/sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS status or on the basis of being associated with a person with one of the above characteristics, unless covered by an exception under the Act. As Network Classifieds could be legally liable if an unlawful advertisement is printed, Network Classifieds will not accept advertisements that appear to break the law. For more information about discrimination in advertising, contact your legal advisers or the Equal Opportunity Commission. V For Lease (Commercial) V Rubbish Removal V Adult Services V Pets & Services V Professional Trades & Services General Classifieds Employment Real Estate

Good things come in small cars

The Q2 is the entry-level model into Audi’s five-model SUV range sitting below the Q3, Q5, Q7 and Q8.

Between them they account for around 80 percent of the brand’s total Australian sales. First released in late 2017, and upgraded in February 2021, the Q2 now comes in two variants: 1.5-litre 35 TFSI and 2.0-litre quattro 40 TFSI. At the same time a new high-performance SQ2 was added which will justify a separate review down the track.

Priced at $43,600 plus on-roads, the 35 TFSI has LED headlights, contrasting bumpers and C-pillar, leather-appointed seats and steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, digital driver information display as well as Audi smartphone interface and phone box light wireless charging among its equipment highlights.

For an extra $7000 the 40 TFSI quattro adds new Audi Sport 18-inch alloy wheels, Audi drive select, a powered tailgate, sport front seats, auto-dimming interior mirror, and of course, all-wheel drive.



SUV segment the Q2 treads that very fine line of distinction between hatchback and SUV.

Q2 is fairly conservative in its looks when compared with larger vehicles in the Audi range. Because of its small dimensions it has a boxier, less coupe-like profile than the others.

The large single frame grille with its four intersecting ring badge immediately identifies it as an Audi. The 2021 upgrade gets a more chiselled look that really suits it as do the new pentagonal shape to the front (dummy) air inlets and rear bumper trim.

Eighteen-inch alloy wheels are standard across the range with different designs.

An optional Style Package includes 19-inch Audi Sport alloy wheels; matrix LED headlights; extended black exterior and a full body paint finish in the 35 TFSI. It adds $3490 to the price of the 35 TFSI and $2690 to the 40 TFSI.

The Q2 range is available in 11 exterior colours and two interior colour combinations, depending on the model.

The C-pillar in the Q2, called the ‘C-Blade’, can be ordered in a variety of interchangeable

finishes and colours.

All models get LED headlights.


The interior is neat and functional with the premium feel that we’ve come to expect from Audi. The dash is simple and uncluttered with the controls for the dual-zone climate control in the centre. The front air vents are round and can be swivelled for optimum coverage.

The rear doors are large and so make entry easier. There’s good headroom thanks to the relatively flat roofline but legroom will be very tight for taller occupants. There is no centre armrest or rear air vents.

Storage space in the front is limited with the large infotainment knob ensuring there’s nowhere to leave keys, phones, wallets etc meaning that the two cup holders get used at the bottom of the dashboard.

Boot capacity in the 40 TFSI is a moderate 355 litres (405 in the 2WD 35 TFSI). The boot floor can be set at two levels, to either provide security for smallish objects under it, or for tall cargo. There is no spare wheel of any size, with a puncture repair kit the only emergency option.

Engines & transmissions

The 1.5-litre engine in the Q2 35 TFSI is new and replaces the previous 1.4-litre unit albeit with the same outputs of 140 kW and 320 Nm but is more refined, quieter and with slightly better fuel consumption. As before it comes with a Cylinder-on-Demand (CoD) function that can shut down two of its four cylinders imperceptibly at low throttle load and engine speeds and helps reduce official fuel consumption to just 5.2 L/100km.

The four-cylinder 2.0-litre engine in the 40

TFSI carries over from the previous model. It puts out 140 kW of power and 320 Nm of torque at 1450 rpm.

Both engines are mated to a seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch automatic.


TheAudiMMI(MultiMediaInterface)system is displayed via a new 8.3-inch tablet-style screen above the centre of the dashboard. The quality of the graphics is excellent and the system itself is easy enough to operate once you get used to the rotary dial control which we still prefer over the more distracting touchscreens which are very much the norm nowadays.

There is Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone integration through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as Audi connect technology with WiFi hotspot and Google services.


Audi Q2 gets a five-star rating from both Euro NCAP and ANCAP with standard features that include six airbags; electronic stability program with enhanced ABS brakes; blind spot monitoring; Audi’s pre-sense city with autonomous emergency braking and pedestrian and cyclist detection; tyre pressure warning; IsoFix child-seat mounts; plus automatic headlights and windscreen wipers.

The SQ2 adds Audi pre-sense basic which initiates protection measures when it senses an imminent collision including tensioning of the front seat belts, activation of hazard warning lights and closing of the windows and sunroof.

The Premium Package is a $3050 option in the Q2 35 TFSI, $2950 in the 40 TFSI and

standard in the SQ2. Among other features it includes adaptive cruise control with Stop&Go; emergency assist; active lane assist; park assist; rollover sensor; and hill hold.


Our road test vehicle was the Audi Q2 40 TFSI quattro with its 140 kW and 320 Nm outputs. It sits neatly between the entry-level 110 kW / 250 Nm 35 FWD TFSI and the 221 kW/400 Nm quattro SQ2.

Entry is a bit awkward for taller drivers and, once seated, we found it necessary to drop the driver’s seat to its lowest setting to get comfortable thus losing the extra driving height that makes SUVs popular.

The front seats are comfortable and supportive. Rather oddly the Q2 40 doesn’t come with powered seat adjustment, yet it does get a powered tailgate.

Rear seat legroom is borderline for adults and some compromises will have to be made with those in the front if tall travellers are on board. Three adults can sit across the back, but, as is the norm in cars of this size, two and a child makes more sense.

Around town the Q2 was sharp and manoeuvrable. It cruised effortlessly on the motorwaybutoutontoourlocalcountryroads was where it came into its own. Although steering is relatively light it’s nicely weighted and combined with the quattro AWD system provides an engaging, dynamic drive.

Ride comfort is very good and the interior is generally quiet.

There’s plenty of road grip and the car is more assured and stable in corners than most of its similarly-sized 2WD SUV rivals.

Ataclaimed7.0litresper100kilometresthe AWD 40 TFSI is a fair bit thirstier than the 5.2 L/100 km FWD 35 TFSI no doubt helped along by its Cylinder-on-Demand system. We averaged just on 8.0 L/100km during our week-long test.

Summing up

Audi Q2 is a stylish compact SUV at a reasonable price (for a premium car, that is). It’s easy to drive and park in its urban natural habitat but, especially in AWD mode, can provide plenty of driving enjoyment in more challenging rural conditions.

All Audi models now come with a five year, unlimited distance warranty.

Audi Q2 is a stylish compact SUV at a reasonable price. (Pictures: Supplied)

The weather may have been chilly on Saturday but it didn’t stop StarWeeklyphotographer Ljubica Vrankovic getting out and capturing some of the action.

Chilly weekend sporting action

6 7 8 9 10 1 3 4 2 5
1/ Diggers Rest run out in front of its new facilities. 413379_01 2/ Macedon’s Eve Moait and Kyneton’s Mairead Murphy. 413374_11 3/ Justin Waldron left and Hayden Davis right. 413379_12 4/ Romsey’s Elise Putyra. 413376_04 5/ Romsey’s Charlize Bellette. 413378_22 6/ Sunbury Lions score. 413382_10 7/ Woodend-Hesket and Romsey fight hard for the ball. 413376_07 8/ Romsey’s Hope Hamilton scores. 413378_05 9/ Sunbury Lions’ Fraser Ampulski. 413383_07 10/ The mountains overshadowed Tony Clarke Reserve. 413374_04

Brookers make most of start to beat the Rams

A blistering 20-minute period in the first quarter proved to be the key for Braybrook in getting the win against the Western Rams in the Western Football League division 2 competition on Saturday.

Facing each other for the first time since the Rams joined the competition, the game was all but over at quarter time.

The Brookers led by 44 points at quarter time after kicking eight goals to one in the first quarter.

The rest of the game was a lot closer, but the Brookerswereabletoextendtheleadandcome away with a 21.11 (137)-7.8 (50) win.

Coach Geoff Maddern said the Rams made them work hard for it.

“It was a really good contest and there were great patches of play both ways,” he said.

“We finished off a little bit better and had a couple of good targets ahead of the ball.”

Maddern said the Rams started the game

wellanditwasanevencontestforthefirsteight minutes of the game.

His side was able to gain some ascendancy and the rest of the quarter was all the Brookers.

“We played some good footy for 20 minutes and it was probably the difference in the end to be honest.”

Ricky Cameron kicked six goals against his old side, while Stephen Mihelakos-James kicked five goals.

Maddern said the pair were strong up forward along with Matthew Condo.

He said Jayden Danaher in the middle of the ground was the standout, while their back six was again strong.

The win was the Brookers fifth of the season and moves them up to seventh on the ladder, only percentage outside the top six.

Maddern said they were around the mark in the battle for finals spots.


games and the games in a great spirit,” he said.

“On your day you can beat anyone with the exceptions of the superstars up the top.

“Four, five, six seven and down to ninth is open season. Everyone wants to be able to push in the top six and it could come down to the draw.

“We have a reasonably tough draw, but no tougher than anyone else. Hopefully we can sneak a couple of wins and we are a chance.”

The Brookers this week face North Footscray on Saturday. Maddern said the two sides had some good contests last year.

In other results, West Footscray smashed Tarneit, Newport was too good for Laverton, while North Footscray had a big loss to Albion.

In division 1, Altona beat Point Cook Centrals and Yarraville Seddon got the points against Spotswood.

Seagulls bounce back

Williamstown got back to playing some of its brand of play as it returned to the winners list in the Victorian Football League on Sunday. After two straight losses, the Seagulls match with the Northern Bullants became a must win as they looked to stay in touch with the top teams.

The Seagulls took an early lead and that would be the difference all day. It would be back and forth for much of the day, but the Seagulls did enough to win, 12.13 (85)-8.12 (60).

Seagulls director of coaching Jeff Andrews said they were a bit happier after the weekend.

“Back on the winners list, that is nice,” he said. “We were poor against Port Melbourne and then took some steps forward against Southport but couldn’t get the points.

“Yesterday [Sunday] was a lot better. We were able to finish off a bit more.”

Andrews said it was typical Williamstown

conditions with the breeze on Sunday.

They kicked with it in the first quarter and made the most of it with five goals to none. It set up the win for the Seagulls.

“It was a backwards and forwards struggle after that,” Andrews said. “We dominated forward possession and inside 50s, but we didn’t finish it off as well as we would have liked.

“We looked more like us.”

Brodie McLaughlin and Corey Ellison kicked three goals each, but both missed some chances with three points each as well.

Andrews said Toby Triffett did a standout job on shutting down Jean-Luc Velissaris and limiting his impact.

Luke Parks and Aidan Bonar down back both had strong games as well.

WillFordhamandCamPolsonhadplentyof the ball with 26 and 25 disposals respectively.

The win was soured by injuries to Finn O’Dwyer and Nick Ebinger. Andrews said they would both be assessed this week.

Big V

The Altona Gators fell just short in a thriller against the Whittlesea Pacers on Saturday night in the Big V men’s division 1 competition. The two teams shared momentum throughout the game with the Pacers coming hard in the final quarter. The Pacers were able to win the final quarter and ultimately the match, 90-89. Brian Adams top scored with 17 points for the Gators. The Gators sit in sixth spot. The Gators women had a bye.


Laverton had to settle for a draw in its catch up match in FV state league 3 north-west on Saturday. Facing the Western Eagles, Laverton had to come from behind after trailing 2-1 at half time. Laverton was able to find a leveller in the second half, with scores finishing 2-2. Scott Rogan and Marcelo De La Plaza were the goal scorers. Western Eagles remain on top of the ladder, one point clear of Laverton at the half way mark.


Parkside Spurs did just enough to come away with the points against Yarraville Seddon in the Western Football League women’s competition. The lead changed throughout the match with scores level at the final break. It was one goal each in the final quarter, with the Spurs doing just enough to win, 5.8 (38)-5.6 (36). Aleisha Casley kicked three goals in the win. Werribee Centrals, the Suns and Caroline Springs all had big wins.


With Jack Toner and Riley Collier-Dawkins also missing the Seagulls midfield depth is being tested.

Andrews said they would likely get some players back after the bye in two weeks time.

The win has the Seagulls in sixth position in what is turning out to be a close season.

“We are only percentage and a win off top,” Andrews said. “It’s nice and tight and we have to keep getting those wins to stay close to the top.”

Before the bye, the Seagulls face Werribee on Saturday afternoon. The Tigers sit in third sport, percentage ahead of the Seagulls, but have played one less match.

The two teams faced off on Anzac Day with the Seagulls getting the win on that occasion.

Andrews said it would be a good challenge.

“I don’t think they’ve lost a game since then,” he said. “They are doing alright and are hard to beat at Werribee.

“We’re looking forward to it.”

Williamstown is one step closer to sealing a top two spot in the Victorian Football League women’s competition. The Seagulls on Saturday beat Essendon, 4.4 (28)-1.4 (10). The win keeps the Seagulls on top heading in into the final round where they face Collingwood.

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Caleb Spackman. (Ljubica Vrankovic) 353178_10 Cameron Polson. (Ljubica Vrankovic)

Magpies on the improve as they seek more wins

Parkside knows it’s not far off getting more wins on the board in the Western Football League division 1 competition.

The Magpies have come up from division 2 this season and have looked right at home in the top flight.

They have two wins from the first nine rounds, but that could have easily been a lot more according to co-coach Chris Muratore.

The Magpies’ biggest losing margin is 33 points.

“We’ve found some confidence out there,” he said. “We’ve had some moments we’ve let slip the last three to four weeks.

“We’ve been in good positions to win games, but we’ve let it slip for 10 minutes. We’ve been more than competitive coming up from B-grade to A-grade.”

Muratore said they’d been in positions to win most games. Outside of the Altona game, the Magpies have either been in front at three quarter time or within two goals.

He said it was in key moments they were seeing the difference playing at a higher level.

“We haven’t been able to play 120 minutes,”

he said.

“We’ve had 10 minute lapses where they might have kicked one goal in division 2. We would miss a target and get it back.

“Now it could cost you four or five goals. All thesidesbatreallydeepandthelittlethingsare getting us at the moment.

“It’s just 10 minutes in every game.”

Magics’ future focus

Altona Magic has one eye on the future in the National Premier League competition.

The Magic sit in ninth spot after 18 rounds and still remain in the hunt for a second straight finals series.

At the other end of the scale, the Magic is 10 points clear of the bottom three sides.

While finals are still alive, coach Goran Lozanovski said that wasn’t their main focus this season.

“Thechallengeistomakesurewe’restaying in the NPL,” he said.

“To finish in the top six would be a bonus. From day dot, we’ve been preparing for the future, not just this season.

“We’ve identified five or six players that we’re looking to recontract. The focus is the future and we want to identify a few mature players in certain positions on the park for next season.

“When the window opens up, we’ll be

looking more long term than short term.”

On Saturday, the Magic had a 0-0 draw with Green Gully. Like the Magic, Green Gully sits outside the top six.

Lozanovski said it wasn’t a pretty game to watch.

“It was a bit of a dull affair,” he said. “We didn’t want to win the game, we were really defensive minded than attacking.

“It was a fair result with the way that we played. It wasn’t an entertaining match, it was just one of those games.”

Lozanovski said both teams had some chances to get a score on the board, but both keepers were able to put in some good saves.

He said sometimes with a young side you are going to see ups and downs from week to week.

“Coming off last week with a 4-0 victory, they just couldn’t deliver,” he said. “We know deep down we are a really young side and we have to play at our best every week.

“When we’re not doing that, we’re in the

Muratore said they were super confident in the playing group in being able to reduce those lapses in the second half of the season.

He said they believe they can win at least half their games in the back half of the season.

“Us as a playing group and coaching group, we need to keep getting better.”

The Magpies have had the last two weekends off with the split round and then the bye.


“We had a 10 day break to let them clear their heads,” he said.

“We have a good fitness base and they’re all on individual programs. We still have four sessions before our next game.”

The Magpies this Saturday face Point Cook.

Muratore said they would be set to welcome a few players back from injury having not pushed them before the break.

Hudson Barrett and Ethan Langwell are among those.

“They played off in last year’s grand final and we lost to them in the last couple of minutes in round one.”

Pasquali signs with United

SebastianPasqualiwillbecomeWestern United’s all-time longest-serving player after signing a two-year contract extension with the club.

United’s final remaining foundation player, Pasquali’s deal will take him into a seventh season in green and black come the end of the 2025-26 A-League campaign.

The 24-year-old enjoyed the best and most consistent season of his senior career last season, making 21 appearances with 14 starts in midfield.

Pasquali said he relishes his position attheclubandwilllooktoreachanother level in the coming seasons.

“I’m really proud to be the longest-serving player at Western United,” he said.

“With the club’s belief and support in me, I’ve been able to slowly repay the faith with performances on the field and trying to help the club grow.

“It’s exciting to have a full season at Tarneit coming up. It’s going to be a great atmosphere and somewhere our fans can call home and, hopefully with greater engagement in the wider community, we can start to really unlock what the west has to offer.”

Football general manager Mal Impiombato heaped praise on Pasquali, hailing him as an integral piece of United’s squad.

He said he was one of the great stories of last season.

position we are in.”

The Magic this week face South Melbourne on Friday night. The challenges don’t get any bigger than this.

“They are sitting on top of the table,” Lozanovski said. “It’ll be a tough encounter and a learning curve for our group.

“We’ve looking forward to it. Top sides don’t want to play mid table sides. We have to make sure we are better than this week.”

Altona City remains in touching space with the top sides in the Victorian Premier League 2 competition despite a draw on the weekend.

Altona City hosted the Goulburn Valley Suns on Saturday night

Scores were locked at 0-0 before both teams scored in the second half, to finish in a 1-1 draw.

Altona City now sits in fourth spot, three points off top spot.

Altona City this week faces Doveton.

“As a foundation player and the ultimate professional, Seb lives and breathesthevaluesandethosofourclub andwearethrilledtohavehimcontinue to inspire our community in Tarneit for the next two seasons,” he said..

“We are looking forward to seeing Seb continue his journey at our club as a key leader of the team and an elite midfielder in the Isuzu UTE A-League.”

Seb Pasquali Dean Simmons. (Ljubica Vrankovic) 410694_15 Aaron O’Driscoll. (Ljubica Vrankovic)

Altona North working it out at the halfway mark

After an off season from hell, Altona North is in contention in the FV state league 3 north-west competition at the halfway mark.

After being relegated from state league 2 in the off season, Altona North had to rebuild its side in the off season.

While the side has been up and down in the first part of the season, it sits in fourth spot, just four points off first.

Coach Bob Stojcevski said it had been a tough start to the season.

“From where we were at the start of the season to now, it’s been a long way,” he said.

“We had to assemble a squad. We had some players retire and some dispersed.

“Trying to get six players is a challenge, let alone trying to get 18 is a massive challenge.

“We’re doing OK, we’re a bit hot and cold like most of the league.”

Stojcevski who joined the club late last year after parting ways with coach Alan Muscat,

saidhewentthroughhiscontactbooktobring in players.

He said a lot of them he had coached before and saw the move as a good opportunity.

Stojcevski, who has coached at Green Gully, Williamstown, Westgate and Corio, said he thought his coaching days were over before joining Altona North.

“I had friends at Altona North,” he said. “Their coach parted ways and they were in a bit of trouble and I was asked if I could help them out.

“We climbed the table, but faltered in the last game of the year. I wanted to make it right this year.

“But I wasn’t expecting so many players to leave.”

Having started behind the eight ball, Stojcevski said they had been just behind the top couple of teams so far.

He said having signed a couple of mid

season recruits would further boost them.

“We’ve happy in the top four, “ he said. “We’re in a really good position and hopefully we’ll put ourselves in a strong position at the end of the season.”

There was a bye on the weekend which came at a perfect time for Altona North.

Stojcevski said they were still getting to know each other

“We had three new players last week,” he said.“WehadtwostartlastweekagainstPoint Cook for the first times.

“It gives us an opportunity to bond the group and to have a bit of breather and get ready for the second half of the season.

“They’ve now learned my style and have imbedded that by now, it might take the new acquisitions the next few games.”

Altona North this week face Sunbury United on Saturday.

Falcons power on to win

An understrength City West Falcons were still able to find a way to overcome the Bendigo Strikers in the Victorian Netball League championship on Wednesday night.

TheFalconsenteredtheclashwithoutUneeq Palavi, Lucia Fauonuku and Mel Oloamanu who are all away playing at the Pacific Netball Series.

Despite that, the Falcons had enough depth to beat the Strikers, 71-52, to record their 13th win in a row.

Falcons coach Marg Lind said the side did pretty well despite missing three key players.

“They actually stayed with us last time for a bit too, so we anticipated that,” she said.

“Ithoughtwehadsomegoodimpactplayers tonight [Wednesday] when it really counted.

“Liv Cameron came on and was really good. A good change up as I think they struggled with a smaller goaler.”

Lind said the Strikers covered having two tall goalers really well, but once they brought Cameron on and minimised their errors into the circle they were able to get out to a lead.

Lind said it was good to give Genna Ogier the opportunity to start the game.

“She deserved it,” she said. “She’s a great club person.

“She’s a player that is developing nicely and she’s come from basketball so it’s going to take a bit of time.

“We put her back on to the end in the last quarter in shooter, which she did really well in.

“She’s pretty comfortable there and she played with Liv out the front, so that was good.”

Lind said defensively they didn’t have many options with two defenders missing.

They had Achel Yout on the bench, but they didn’t want to use her if they didn’t have to with an important under-23 match to be played as well.

“We did think of putting Achel on Milly [Brock] but they then took Milly off and it played right into our hands.”

Jane Cook shot 42 goals for the Falcons.

Cameron finished with 22 goals with Lind saying she was clearly their best on court.

With Shimona Jok unlikely to play for the Falcons again this season due to playing Suncorp Super Netball, Cameron would be an important player going forward.

“It will be good to have another goaling option, so far so good.”

The Falcons now sit 10 points clear at the top of the ladder, with Boroondara Express suffering a third straight loss.

The Falcons under-23s also had a good win, beating the Strikers

“They got off to a good start,” she said.

“Everyone got on and got some court time.”

Elisa Butterworth-Gonebale came up from under-19s with Beyonce Palavi missing at the Pacific Netball Series, while Isabelle Grapsas missed with an injured ankle.

It gave the Falcons an opportunity to give Matilda McIntyre a bit of a run.

“She’s doing quite well in the 19s,” Lind

Williamstown CYMS remains undefeated but it wasn’t without a fright on Saturday against Westbourne in the VictorianAmateurFootballAssociation women’s premier B competition.

The two western suburbs teams faced off for a second time this season, with the CYs proving too strong on the first occasion.

On Saturday, neither team was able to score in the first quarter and the Grammarians led by two points at half time.

The CYs kicked the only goal of the third quarter to take a two point lead into the final break despite having three scoring shots to the Grammarians six.

The CYs found one goal in the final quarter which was enough to make sure they held on to remain undefeated, winning 4.1 (25)-2.5 (17).

Megan Hazel Smart kicked two goals for the CYs in the win.

Sarah Thomas, Jaimi Paten and Jess Court were the best for the CYs.

After nine rounds, the CYs sit a game clear of Old Geelong at the top of the table.

In the men’s premier B competition, the CYs men were able to get a crucial win against St Bedes-Mentone Tigers.

The CYs led by 10 points at quarter time and increased the margin to 17 points at the main break.

The CYs were still in control at the last break and could have been further ahead if not for poor kicking.

The Tigers came home strong but the CYs were able to do enough to get the 11.16 (82)-11.12 (78) win.

Four players kicked two goals in the win.

William Bokma, Liam Conway and Jordan Busuttil were named their best.

The win was the CYs second and has them two games clear of the Tigers at the bottom of the table.

said of McIntyre. “It’s good to see how some of the young ones go and see what they can do.

“We’ve got two really good 19s teams. I think there’s a lot of potential there, it’s probably time when we get an opportunity to give them a run.”

The Falcons sit in fourth, eight points clear of fifth.

The Falcons this week face the Geelong Cougars.

Genna Ogier got the start on Wednesday night. (Robbab Photography)
CYs win, just
Sarah Thomas. (Ljubica Vrankovic) 403543_38 Tara Murray Patrick Strasser. (Ljubica Vrankovic) 412097_04
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