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Celebrating refugees

Running from June 16-22, the theme for Refugee Week this year is ‘Finding Freedom’, focussing on the vital role of family bonds in the refugee journey.

In Brimbank, the Sydenham Neighbourhood House will host a special event, ‘Our stories of finding freedom: Family’, on June 21.

Community members will share their refugee stories as part of the event. There will also be performances from local cultural dance groups. Attendees are encouraged to wear cultural attire to celebrate the diversity and creativity of refugees in the community.

Brimbank mayor Ranka Rasic said Brimbank is a refugee welcome zone and proudly one of the most culturally diverse municipalities in Victoria.

“It has a long history of welcoming refugees and has benefitted enormously from the contributions they make to our community,” she said.

“Refugee Week in Brimbank this year is an opportunity to learn more about the challenges refugees have faced when seeking safety in Australia, and better understand how we can support them in finding freedom for their families.”

The event will run from 7-9pm at 1 Station Street, Taylors Lakes. Register at https://www.trybooking. com/CSGKK or by calling 9249 4224.

Letter pleads for Calder

Pleas for funding continue to ring out from Calder Freeway users as they face the harsh reality left as a result of withdrawn funds.

The Calder Action Group has written a letter to the federal opposition, urging its leader, Peter Dutton, to commit to funding a much-needed upgrade.

The federal government had allocated $50 million in funding in 2019, with the state government announcing it would also allocate $50 million to the project in 2021. Since then, both funding allocations have been abandoned.

As reported by StarWeekly , the federal government released its long-awaited

national infrastructure review in November 2023, revealing the withdrawal of the funding.

In May, the state government then confirmed its decision to pause the freeway upgrade as it works with the federal government to “understand the impact” of its decision to withdraw its funding.

In the letter to Mr Dutton, Calder Action Group president Russell Mowatt said the group wanted to express its “deep disappointment and concern over the federal government’s decision to cut funding for the Calder Freeway upgrade”.

“This decision is a travesty for the local community, and we are seeking a review of this decision,” he said.

“We have been working tirelessly with federal and state governments, local councils, government agencies, transport authorities, and local stakeholders to push for improvements to this critical road.

“We believe that the federal government’s decision to cut funding does not reflect the view and mood of the community at large and devalues the efforts of all stakeholders over the last 12 years.

“The Calder Freeway is one of Victoria’s mostdangerousroads,anditisinurgentneed of safety improvements. It is also expected to be Melbourne’s second-most congested road by 2031.”

Mr Mowatt urged Mr Dutton to review the government’s decision and to reveal the

opposition’s plans for future funding for the Calder Freeway,

Mr Dutton said funding for the Calder Freeway was extremely important.

“The Calder Freeway upgrade was funded by the Coalition in 2019 to reduce congestion, increase safety, and improve travel times for people in Melbourne’s fast-growing outer north,” he said.

“The Coalition remains committed to supporting infrastructure projects in outer northern Melbourne that ease congestion and improve the efficiency of our road network.

“We will be announcing specific infrastructure funding commitments as we approach the next election.”

18 JUNE, 2024 Established in 1924 as the proudly serving Brimbank and the North West Had an accident that wasn’t your fault? CALL US TODAY! 1800 002 276 50% Off Your Excess | Courtesy Car | 24Hr Towing 26 Williamson Rd, Maribyrnong VIC 3032 12674455-AI11-24
Sara Mohamed will MC the Refugee Week celebration at the Sydenham Neighbourhood House. (Damjan Janevski) 411999_01

Mayor’s message Cr Kathy Majdlik


Quickly and easily connect with us online: Instagram @cityofmeltonofficial

Vacation Care

Join the fun this school holidays at the City of Melton’s winter vacation care program.

Primary school-aged students can get creative in the kitchen, dress up as their favourite book character or show off their tenpin bowling skills.

The program’s diverse activity schedule is inspired by suggestions

Imagination Magic

Young children can enjoy a fun, interactive time at Imagination Magic each month.

The regular performing arts and literacy program is aimed at babies, toddlers and pre-school children and their caregivers.

from children and their families.

All vacation care staff are qualified educators, with many employed in local schools.

Vacation care runs every weekday from Monday 1 July to Friday 12 July. Bookings are essential and close at 5pm on 21 June.

Find out more and enrol via:

A variety of performers including musicians, dancers, puppets, and drumming provide children with a fun, creative outlet promoting music and movement.

The program is offered at a variety of locations across the City of Melton throughout the month.

Find out more: imaginationmagic

Cambridge Ward with Cr Goran Kesic

The state-of-the-art Plumpton Aquatic and Leisure Centre is continuing to take shape.

Council received a huge response when we asked for feedback on the draft masterplan for the centre during a four-week community consultation period.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the community consultation. It was great to get such a large and overwhelmingly positive response to the centre.

The new aquatic centre will be constructed on Beattys Road in Fraser Rise. It will feature indoor pools, splash

play areas, water slides, spas, a sauna, sensory aquatic space, health and fitness areas, allied health spaces, an outdoor interactive water play area with beach-style access, change facilities and a café.

Council is investigating whether a meeting/function space and a roof top deck can be included through an additional level.

The Centre will offer inclusive and accessible facilities which support a healthy, connected community.

We are going through the feedback and will come back to the community with further information.

Cosy up with a book

The Warm Winter Read is back for another year!

Join the annual reading challenge and curl up with a great book every week throughout winter.

Track your reading using a journal from a Melton City Libraries branch to go into the draw to win amazing prizes.

Each journal includes a reading log and a fun book bingo game for reading inspiration.

The challenge runs until 31 August and is open to those aged 16 and above.

Find out more: warmwinterread

One of the highlights in the capital works program in the 2024/25 draft budget is the $5.3 million that will go towards the duplication of Taylors Road, from Gourlay Rd to Westwood Drive, Caroline Springs, which is in the detailed design phase.

The Taylors Road Corridor Upgrade Plan covers a series of projects designed to improve road connectivity and safety on one of our busiest roads. Visit taylorsroadupgrade for updates. Please feel free to contact me on 0437 241 436 or goran.kesic@ regarding any Council issues.

Your Councillors – Visit to find your

As one of Australia’s fastestgrowing areas, Melton Council’s investment in road infrastructure is crucial to support our City’s rapid development.

With our population projected to grow to 440,142 by 2051, robust road and infrastructure investment is essential to accommodate our significant population increase, reduce congestion, and enhance the quality of life for all residents.

To keep up with the demand on our busy roads, we are upgrading Hume Drive, between Gourlay Road and Calder Park Drive, from two to four lanes, alongside a new road median.

The current single-lane carriageway is prone to congestion during peak hour, and duplicating the road will improve safety and traffic flow. Earthworks, drainage, kerb and channel works have been completed, and street lighting has been upgraded.

Work is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year, weather permitting.

Thank you for your patience while we carry out these important upgrades.

We remain committed to investing in infrastructure to support our growth and ensure a sustainable future for our vibrant community.

To keep up to date with road projects taking place throughout the City, visit majorprojects

With the winter break right around the corner, bookings are now open for our popular school holiday program.

From rock climbing, educational games, trivia nights and special crafts, there is plenty for young people and their families to explore and try.

Find out more and book your place:

You’re welcome to contact me regarding Council matters at or on 0412 584 058.

ward Councillors and their contact details A vibrant, safe and liveable City accessible to all
18 June 2024
Mayor Cr Kathy Majdlik Deputy Mayor Cr Steve Abboushi Cr Lara Carli Cr Justine Farrugia Cr Goran Kesic Cr Sophie Ramsey Cr Julie Shannon Cr Bob Turner Cr Ashleigh Vandenberg

Accused killer’s story ‘fanciful’

Accused Caroline Springs double murderer

Greg Lynn’s story is a made-up “series of unfortunate events”, prosecutors have told a jury.

“Like a book series of that name, it is a complete fiction,” prosecutor Daniel Porceddu said on Tuesday morning, June 11.

“You can and should reject it beyond reasonable doubt.”

The prosecution closed its case before a Supreme Court jury in Melbourne, five weeks after Lynn’s trial began.

The 57-year-old ex-airline pilot pleaded not guilty to murdering Russell Hill and Carol Clay while camping in Victoria’s alpine region in March 2020, and gave evidence on Thursday as the only witness in his defence.

Lynn claims the two deaths were accidental, with Mr Hill and Lynn struggling over a gun the former took from Lynn’s vehicle.

He tried to get the gun off Mr Hill when a shot hit Mrs Clay in the head, Lynn said. He said Mr Hill then came at him with a knife and was stabbed in the chest during a second struggle.

But Mr Porceddu said Lynn’s story, which he told police after his arrest in November 2021, was a “fanciful” work of fiction.

“He concocts a version of events that puts Mr Hill as the aggressor and him as the victim in a campsite spat,” he said.

“Over the space of 24 hours, Mr Hill seemingly goes from cordial to homicidal rage.

“The accused’s account makes no sense, it didn’t happen.”

The prosecutor pointed out what he claimed were inconsistencies with Lynn’s allegedly “implausible” story.

He questioned Lynn’s explanation that Mr Hill had taken a gun from Lynn’s car to turn in to police with drone footage of the pilot shooting close to the Bucks Camp, in the Wonnangatta Valley.

“He’sgotthewronggun,”MrPorceddusaid, pointing out that Lynn would have used a rifle to go hunting, but Mr Hill took a shotgun.

“The footage of the gun won’t match and the guns look completely different.”

He queried why Mr Hill loaded the shotgun

with ammunition, if his plan was to take it back to his campsite and hand it to police.

Lynn claimed he tried to get the gun off Mr Hill, who told him to “f*** off” and shot off a few warning shots.

Lynn said he saw Mr Hill pointing the shotgun towards him, over the top of Mr Hill’s ute bonnet.

He claims to have tried to get the gun back off Mr Hill, which led to a struggle and accidental discharge that Lynn said caused Mrs Clay’s death.

Mr Porceddu said Lynn’s explanation, which included him demonstrating to police

exactly how he was holding the gun when he tried to get it off Mr Hill, was “carefully choreographed”.

“You might think it’s because he’s reciting a script, a script he’s had one year and eight months to rehearse over and over again,” he said.

“A script where position of the hands is very important, his hands can’t be over or near the trigger when they’re fighting over the gun.”

He suggested Lynn had forgotten there was a rope stretching from the bull bar of Mr Hill’s LandCruiser to the toilet tent, in coming up with his story.

“He and Mr Hill would have become hopelessly entangled in the rope,” Mr Porceddu said.

“The so-called struggle for the gun is the whole linchpin in the accused’s story - once that falls, like a house of cards everything else tumbles with it, you don’t believe a word of it.”

He said Lynn’s story was carefully constructed after he watched media reports to see what evidence police had on the missing campers.

Lynn has admitted burning the crime scene and taking the bodies of the two campers to a bush track, where he left their remains until returning to burn them in November 2020.

Mr Porceddu said this was designed to “obliterate all evidence” about the manner in which they died.

“The act of burning the bodies is conduct that is so extreme that it could only have been done after their murders,” he said.

Editor’s note: The jury in Lynn’s trial was still deliberating when Star Weekly went to press.

Jury told to imagine being blamed for deaths

Jurors have been asked to put themselves in the shoes of an airline pilot accused of killing two campers when they retire to decide whether he is guilty of their murders.

GregLynn’sbarristerDermotDannKCasked a Supreme Court jury of 14 on Wednesday, June 12 to contemplate what they would have done if their improper gun storage had led to the deaths of two people.

“He thought he was going to be blamed for the deaths and he was 100 per cent correct,” Mr Dann told the court in Melbourne.

“He thought he was going to be wrongly blamed and he is being wrongly blamed.”

Lynn is on trial charged with two counts of murder over the deaths of campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay in Victoria’s alpine region in March 2020.

The 57-year-old told police, and the court, that the deaths were accidental.

Lynn claims Mrs Clay was shot in the head afterastrugglebetweenthetwomenashetried

to get his shotgun back from Mr Hill, who he said took it from Lynn’s car.

Mr Hill died during a second struggle over a knife, when Lynn claims he was trying to defend himself.

Prosecutors on Tuesday said this story was a “fanciful” work of fiction and that Lynn had one year and eight months to concoct a script about what had happened at Bucks Camp that evening. But Mr Dann has taken aim at gaps in the prosecution’s case during his closing address, labelling it “a shambles”, “desperate” and “hopeless”.

“You’re being asked to find a man guilty of murder, there’s on the prosecution case zero factualfoundation,zeromotive,justacomplete blank. Does that sit well with any of you?” he asked the jury on Wednesday.

Mr Dann said his client had admitted the charges he was guilty of - improper firearm storage and destruction of police evidence by burning the crime scene and bodies of the

two campers.

He said a gun storage charge would have cost the Jetstar pilot his career, as Mr Dann asked jurors what they would do in that situation.

“He’s left the gun in the car, the magazine in the car, it’s unsecured and he’s failed in his storage of the gun,” Mr Dann said.

“You’ve got to put yourself in Mr Lynn’s shoes, presuming of course that he’s innocent.

“This was a disaster ... of course he’s thinking about himself, of course he’s selfish, of course he was callous.”

As his barrister gave his address, Lynn’s wife Melanie and son Geordie sat in front of him and behind his lawyers on Wednesday, holding hands and nodding along in full view of the jury.

Mr Dann finished closing the defence case on Wednesday afternoon.

Defence barrister Dermot Dann representing Greg Lynn arrives at Supreme Court in Melbourne. (AAP Image/James Ross)
A court sketch of Greg Lynn. (AAP Image/Paul Tyquin)

Real-world experience offered to VU students

A Victoria University student Reema Elalfy is volunteering with Lifeline Australia to help make a difference to people in need.

Ms Elalfy is undertaking a psychology degree at Victoria University and has been volunteering at Lifeline’s Crisis Call Centre on the university’s St Albans Campus.

It is the first Lifeline Crisis Call Centre in the state to operate from a university campus.

The crisis call centre opened in June, 2023, and has 14 volunteers answering calls to support Victorians in need, with more than 1000 calls answered so far.

The centre provides real-world placements and opportunities for VU students studying youth work, psychology, counselling, community services and social work to train as Lifeline crisis-support volunteers.

Ms Elalfy said it has been made achievable to balance all her studies and commit to volunteering at the crisis centre due to the VU block model.

“The block structure has allowed me to manage my schedule very well,” she said.

She said the experiences afforded to her through the program have been invaluable, and it has been rewarding to be able to make a real difference on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

“I’ve been given the opportunity to gain extensive training on crisis intervention techniques and work on good communication skills, building connections with people who call lifeline,” she said. “My passion for supporting and advocating for mental health stems deeply from a personal place.

“The ability to build a genuine connection with an individual and make a positive difference in their life is extremely rewarding.

“I’ve witnessed first-hand the impacts of mental health challenges and the barriers individuals can face in accessing care within

the community, and I’m passionate about addressing these barriers and working towards dismantling stigma… feelings of shame, fear, and judgement are often what deter people from seeking help, and I think it’s so important to strive towards a world here mental health is prioritised and people are empowered to seek help.”

Ms Elafly is also completing The Push-Up Challenge, an initiative aimed at raising awarenessandfundsformentalhealthservices.

From June 5 to June 28, participants are completing 3249 push-ups, with different daily targets. Donate and learn more: main-donate-page

If you or someone you know is in need of support, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Operation leads to mass arrests

Almost 70 people were arrested during a month-long operation targeting serious and violent crime in the western suburbs.

As part of Operation Cavalcade, local police teamed up with a range of specialist police to saturate hot spot areas in Brimbank and Melton and put repeat offenders on notice. Officers targeted busy community locations including Watergardens and Woodgrove shopping centres, as well as parks and train stations such as Sunshine, Melton and St Albans.

Across May, 68 arrests were made.

Among them where three teens, aged 15, 16 and 17, who were arrested in a vehicle which had allegedly been stolen during a carjacking in Williams Landing on May 30.

All were charged and remanded to appear before a children’s court at a later date.

Two men aged 21 and 23, who were arrested after allegedly attempting to steal cash from a person using an ATM at a Melton West shopping centre on May 23.

Both were charged with attempted robbery, affray and assault causing injury. They were bailed to appear before Sunshine Magistrates’ Court on August 22.

Two 21-year-old men were arrested after a vehicle allegedly failed to stop for police in Hillside on May 16 and ran a red light.

One of the men was arrested inside a residential address, and the second man, who allegedly fled on foot, was arrested by the dog squad shortly after. Police alleged they located a knife and drugs in the vehicle.

Themenwerechargedwitharangeofoffences including reckless conduct endangering life, dangerous driving while being pursued by police, and possessing weapons and drugs. TheywereremandedtoappearbeforeSunshine Magistrates’ Court on June 14.

Two 16-year-old boys were arrested after allegedly stealing a knife from a retail store in Melton West on May 7.

They were charged with theft, possessing a controlled weapon and possessing cannabis and bailed to appear before a children’s court at a later date.

Brimbank tasking and co-ordination acting inspector Scott Williams said the strong police presence will continue.

“Over the last month we’ve had officers from the public order response team and transit division dedicated to Brimbank and Melton areas every day of the week,” he said.

“Together, we’ve been able to put a real dent in criminal activity by keeping those with links to serious and violent crime accountable.

“Anyone who thinks they can cause serious harm in our community can expect to see a significant police presence waiting for them.”

The local offender management team also carried out a range of proactive enforcement activities to ensure accountability of known offenders, including conducting bail compliance checks, firearm prohibition order compliance checks and executing outstanding warrants. Police intercepted 385 vehicles and impounded six for traffic-related offences.

Calculate yours at Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra Tax cuts for every taxpayer Estimate yours with the tax cut calculator. 12691807-KG22-24
Reema Elalfy. (Supplied)

Pressure mounts for road funds

Brimbank council and a local MP are putting pressure on the state government to adequately fund road maintenance in the area.

In 2014, Brimbank council entered into a municipal maintenance agreement (MMA) with the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP), whereby council took over specified maintenance responsibility such as grass mowing, edge trimming, weed control, and other associated works for those parts of the urban arterial road network for which DTP is the responsible road authority.

The MMA covers urban arterial roads north of Ballarat Road, while those south of Ballarat Road continue to be maintained by DTP’s contractor, Ventia.

Council’s total annual spend to deliver the MMA is about $475,000 excluding GST, and DTP contributes $109,090, leaving a net cost to council of about $355,000.

Western Metropolitan MP Trung Luu went in to bat for council during question time in state Parliament on May 28.

“Can the minister please update my constituents on who is going to maintain arterial roads and upkeep state assets as the Brimbank council indicate they are not in a

position to subsidise the state government any longer,” he said. “This council cannot possibly afford to cover more than three-quarters of the cost under the municipality maintenance agreement any longer.

“The serviceability of these road assets is essential to assure connectivity and safety for Victorians, especially for those in my electorate who use the roads daily.”

Brimbank council is awaiting a response from the DTP, with a deadline set of June 30.

The inquiry from council requests an additional bout of funding to support the continued upkeep of arterial roads included in the MMA.

Brimbank sliders fight the ‘beast’

As 84,000 spectators filled the seats of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on the King’s Birthday for the fight against motor neurone disease (MND), locals in Brimbank joined the mission.

It was a sea of blue, Fight MND beanies, for Neale Daniher’s Big Freeze at the ’G. Now in its 10th consecutive year, the organisation is hoping to raise more than $3 million this year to help fund research to find a cure against the ‘beast’.

It wasn’t just the celebrity sliders who dipped into the icy waters. At the Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Centre, the ‘Big Freeze at Brimbank’ event made a splash as staff from Distinctive Options, Good Shepherd, Community+, and Brimbank council also took the plunge.

Distinctive Options Brimbank service co-ordinator Jackson Hetherington said the event brought together the four tenant partners at the Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Centre for a “good cause”.

“We ended up raising roughly $800 to go towards the cause. Staff dressed up and took the plunge,” he said.

“We had roughly 50 to 60 people watching on, and about 15 staff members who took part in the slide.”

Mr Hetherington said Distinctive Options had previously hosted a similar event at its Sunbury service but this was the first time for Brimbank.

“We just moved into the centre within the past year and we thought it would be a great idea to collaborate and network to Fight MND together,” he said.

“It was really good to see everyone take some time out of their day to do something different, and work together to fundraise against the ‘beast’.“

It was all smiles at Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Centre as the community came together in the fight against MND. (Supplied)

In October 2023, senior staff at the DTP advised council that there would be no additional funding for an increased maintenance response for at least the next two financial years, and advised that the agreement could be terminated and maintenance responsibilities could be handed back to DTP.

Multiple other councils across the state have chosen this route.

Brimbank council has the opportunity to terminate the agreement with DTP if it wishes.

The state government was contacted for comment.

Grants now available for mental health

Applications have opened for Australia Post’s 2024 Community Grants program, which funds community-led, local projects across Australia.?

This year, grants of up to $10,000 will be given to support projects which have the primary purpose of improving mental health and wellbeing in local communities.

Australia Post community and stakeholder engagement general manager Nicky Tracey said mental health and wellbeing is on the top of their agenda.

“The wide range of organisations and projects that received grants last year demonstrated the need to support projects that help people connect to improve mental health and wellbeing,” she said.

“Each year there is a great diversity of mental health support projects across our Community Grants applications From groups that keep elderly Australians connected, to supporting workers with mental health first aid training and even surf therapy, we encourage applications from all local communities.”

“We know that when we connect, we feel better, which is why projects supported by Australia Post share a common thread and a commitment to improving mental health and wellbeing through the power of connection.”

Organisations interested in applying are encouraged to review the Community Grant guidelines carefully to check eligibility requirements, with eligible community organisations able to apply until 11.59pm on July 1. Apply:

More mental health support available in Brimbank

Not-for-profit community health service, cohealth, has expanded the hours of operation at its Mental Health and Wellbeing Local in Brimbank and added new outreach workers to improve engagement.

Since April, the service has been offering a Saturday mental health telehealth service to improve access for people who cannot attend in person during the week.

cohealth also introduced two outreach workers and, in partnership with Jesuit Social Services, two dual diagnosis workers to the service who will go out into the community and engage with people who might need mental health support but may be reluctant or unable to attend the site.

The outreach workers will act as a bridge between the community and the Brimbank Local, with a particular focus on marginalised people.

Fundedbythestategovernment,theMental Health and Wellbeing Local in Brimbank, at 45 Dickson Street, Sunshine, is a free, no appointment necessary, no referral required, mental health service that connects people to a range of mental health services and social supports under one roof.

The service is open for anyone aged 26 and over to walk-in Monday-Friday, from 8am-6pm.

cohealth chief executive Nicole Bartholomeusz said the health service

has cemented itself within the Brimbank community, “... building relationships with locals to understand what mental health supports they need, and how to make that support accessible“.

“We have used the ‘no wrong door’ philosophy to welcome people into the Mental Health and Wellbeing Local in Brimbank, asking each of them ‘how can we help?’ and then we walk with them on their journey to wellbeing,” Ms Bartholomeusz said.

Through the Mental Health and Wellbeing Local in Brimbank, cohealth, in collaboration with Clarity Health Care and the University of Melbourne, is one of the front doors to Victoria’s mental health system, connecting

people to a range of social and mental health support services.

Throughtheservicepeoplecanhavecontact with a variety of skilled and experienced workers including clinicians and people with lived experience of mental ill-health.

Mental Health Minister Stitt said these changes will make it easier for more people to seek out responsive and compassionate support.

“Providing mental health support via telehealth over the weekend will mean people within the Brimbank area can get the support they need when they need it, right in the comfort of their own home,” she said.


Hannah Hammoud

Offering families help and hope

Each Wednesday, at the Sydenham Neighbourhood House, a support network gathers in the form of the Al-Anon Family Groups.

With a legacy spanning across 70 years globally, Al-Anon has provided crucial assistance to thousands of families and individuals living in unhappy homes due to a loved one’s excessive drinking.

Sydenham-based Al-Anon Family Groups organiser, Maree Connell said the group aims to provide emotional support for those in the community.

“Al-Anon began in the early 1950s in America and it was initially created to support spouses, predominantly wives, of husbands who were in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) seeking recovery,” Ms Connell explained.

“The wives would bring their husbands to AA meetings and realised they needed support themselves. This led to the formation of Al-Anon, allowing families to have a space for support.”

Ms Connell said Australia became one of the first countries to embrace the program, with Al-Anon meetings now widespread across the country, including in Brimbank.

The Sydenham-based group is nearing its first anniversary on July 10.

“Every Wednesday afternoon, we’ve been running meetings for just under a year,” she said.

MsConnellsaidtheprogramoffershelpand hope, aiming to show people that they’re not alone.

“We welcome everyone. We only use first names and don’t require any private information. There are no contracts to sign, and participation is entirely voluntary. For the adult group, there’s a small voluntary

contribution, but the Alateen program is free,” she said.

“It’s very isolating to deal with alcoholism in the family. People often don’t understand that they don’t have to suffer alone. There’s support available.

“Whatwesuggestwhenapersoncomes–and it’s quite a courageous step for people to come the first time – you don’t have to say anything you can just listen. People can relate and identify and know they’re not alone. Nothing is ever spoken about outside the meeting.

“It is an ongoing program that follows same

YOUR NEW CAREER ... starts here

format with a different person in the chair each week. It gives people security and they know what to expect.”

Ms Connell said the group is also offering two introductory Alateen meetings in the July school holidays on July 3, and 10, at the same time as the Al-Anon meeting in an adjacent room. Facilitated by two experienced Al-Anon members, parents are invited to bring their teens and join the adult meeting.

“The Alateen junior program supports teens living with a parent or older sibling who is drinking. This program addresses the distress

and anxiety these teens face, which can affect their schoolwork, studies, and behaviour,” she said.

“We’ve seen first-hand the hidden struggles of many teens.”

“Alateen functions similarly to Al-Anon, supportingfamilies.Wedon’tofferprofessional counselling or psychological help but provide a platform for sharing experiences. If you are troubled by the drinking of someone close to you, call the Al-Anon Family Groups helpline on 1300 252 666. Or visit:

Star Weekly seeks an enthusiastic Full or Part Time sales executive to work across our print, digital, social and online platforms.

Star Weekly is an independently owned company which prides itself on its long history of community experience but also its investment in the future.

The successful applicant will need to possess good people skills to enable them to meet with local businesses to sell solutions through our advertising platforms to help promote their business.

Counting every year

You don’t have to probe Victoria University Secondary College teacher Ray Lawicki for long to realise just how much he loves his job.

Applicants will need their own reliable vehicle for which we will provide an allowance.

The position is salaried, plus we offer an open ended commission scheme.

Send your application letter and resume to:

Advertising Sales Manager, Mandy Clark

It’s a labour of love that has kept him in the classroom for 55 years.

“When man landed on the moon in 1969, I landed at St Albans Technical Boys School as a trainee teacher and I stayed there for the rest of my life,” Mr Lawicki said.

“The school name changed but it was the same school grounds and the same me.”

Mr Lawicki first began teaching both mathematics and science before gradually taking on the role as a full-time mathematics teacher.

“You witness a lot of changes over the years, especially in technology. Once upon a time you did everything by hand, nowadays there are calculators and other things you can use,” he said.

Withacareerspanningacrossmorethanhalf a century it’s hard for Mr Lawicki to narrow down the highlights of his teaching time.

“Teaching the children of parents that I taught is the most amazing thing. When a student says to me that I taught their father or mother… time’s flown so quickly,” he said.

“For me, my highlight is that I’m a western boy who stayed in the west, teaching students in the west.”

Mr Lawicki said his secret to turning up to class every day for the past 55 years is simple:

“You must enjoy what you’re doing,” he said.


- If you don’t enjoy it you’ll never turn up.

“It’s a challenge but it’s a rewarding thing to see students develop their knowledge. As a teacher the best thing I can ever say is that teaching young kids keeps you youngotherwise I wouldn’t do a lot of the things I do now.

“From my point of view it’s rewarding to see youngkidsgrowandgotouniversityandcome back to tell you how they’re going.”

Hannah Hammoud Victoria University Secondary College teacher Ray Lawicki. (Damjan Janevski) 412884_01
The Al-Anon Family Groups meet at the Sydenham Neighbourhood House every Wednesday, from 1-2:30pm. New members are welcome and there is no appointment necessary. (Damjan Janevski) 413015_01

Health job for Hennessy

Western Health has appointed professor Jill Hennessy as chair of its board.

Ms Hennessy, who previously served as Victoria’s attorney-general, minister for health, minister for ambulance services and minister for workplace safety, takes up the position on July 1.

Ms Hennessy said she was honoured to lead the board during an “exciting phase of expansion“.

“This organisation plays a critical role in delivering high-quality healthcare to our community, and I am committed to working with the board, executive team, and staff to continue this tradition of excellence as the serviceentersanexcitingphaseofexpansion,“ she said.

MsHennessyreplacesoutgoingchairRobyn Batten who said “Jill’s impressive track record at the highest levels of Victoria’s healthcare and legal sectors make her an ideal leader for our organisation“.

“Her dedication to public service and her strategic vision will be tremendous assets as Western Health continues to expand and innovate. It has been a privilege to serve as Chair, and I am confident that Jill will continue to drive Western Health forward with passion and expertise.”

Theboardandstaffextendedtheirgratitude to Ms Batten for her dedicated service and outstanding contributions.


Five men arrested Police arrested five men after an alleged pursuit through multiple north western suburbs on June 7. Police observed a white Toyota Camry allegedly driving at high speed west bound on Paisley Street in Footscray about 11.40pm on June 7. With assistance from the Air Wing, the Toyota was alleged to have been observed travelling at speeds of 150km/hr throughout Footscray, Derrimut, Sunshine, Moonee Ponds and Brunswick. Officers successfully deployed stop sicks on Sydney Road and the car came to a halt on the overpass above the Tullamarine Freeway, Parkville about 00.20am on June 8. All five occupants inside the vehicle were arrested. It is not believed the Toyota is stolen.

Operation Regal Police detected 116 traffic offences in Brimbank over the long weekend. Operation Regal had police targeting high-risk driving behaviour from June 7-10 in an effort to drive down road trauma. In Brimbank, police detected 67 speeding offences, 14 mobile phone offences, 10 disobeying signs/ signals offences, six unlicensed drivers, six unregistered vehicles, five seatbelt offences. four disqualified drivers, two impoundments, one drink driver, and one cyclist offence.



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Tyre & Auto Service

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Professor Jill Hennessy.
‘‘ He is absolutely living the life that he wants. And that is through the donated plasma ’’
- Kathryn Stary

Life-saving donations needed

Blood and plasma donations can be life-saving for the people who receive them, yet only three per cent of Australians are donors, as Jennifer Pittorino reports.

Without weekly plasma transfusions, 13-year-old William Stary would be living in a “bit of a bubble”.

The Kingsville teen lives with a rare blood disease called Haemophilus influenzae type b (HIB).

The condition requires William to have weekly plasma transfusions, which his mum Kathryn administers at their home. He was diagnosed with the condition in 2019 at age eight, after discovering he was unable to walk while getting ready for school one morning.

Kathryn rushed William to the Royal Children’s Hospital, where he began 10 days of testing, resulting in the diagnosis of HIB Common Variable Immunodeficiency, which means his body does not produce antibodies to fight infection.

William is one of 20 people in Australia to be diagnosed with this illness, requiring subcutaneous immunoglobulin therapy, also known as donated plasma. He received his first treatment a year ago.

Kathryn said she was extremely grateful for the “life-saving” treatments, which are made possible by plasma donors.

“When he was first diagnosed we really didn’t know what life was going to look like for William, but now with this treatment we are super optimistic,” she said.

“It was pretty terrifying, it feels really scary to have a child who can’t fight antibodies so it instinct is to just want to live in a bit of a bubble.

“But that is not great for an active little boy.” Since receiving the treatments, William’s quality of life has greatly improved.

Kathryn said he is now able to live a full life.

“The Royal Children’s Hospital has been absolutely fantastic in finding a way for us to live in the world where William can be happy and safe,” Kathryn said.

“For example, he has never been able to attend school camps because the risk of

infection has been too great.

“But last year because he had commenced the treatment he was able to go on school camp.”

Kathryn went to the camp with William, staying in a nearby Airbnb. William was able to enjoy the day’s activities before staying with his mum at the Airbnb at night.

“This treatment has afforded him the opportunity to be able to do things that we otherwise would not have been able to do,”

Kathryn said.

“He plays soccer now, training twice a week, he is absolutely living the life that he wants. And that is through the donated plasma.”

According to Lifeblood, plasma has overtaken whole blood donations as the type of donation most needed by patients and hospitals, with more than 6200 plasma

medications and transfusions sent to hospitals across the country every day.

It can take up to 15 plasma donations to make some plasma medicines, which is why so many plasma donors are needed.

As part of National Blood Donor Week, whichranfromJune10-16,Lifebloodisurging Australians to roll up their sleeves and donate blood or plasma.

Kathryn said she would encourage anyone who is able to donate to do so.

“It is so easy. It takes no time. It doesn’t hurt,” she said.

I know that people can be a little bit fearful of needles, but the staff at Lifeblood are amazing.

“It really is a small thing but has a huge impact on not only us, but thousands of other people in Australia.

“We are so grateful to everyone who donates plasma because they are keeping William happy and healthy.

“It is never lost on me that every time I administer the treatment, it takes 12 to 14 people to donate per treatment.

“They are life changing treatments for us, this keeps William alive and enables his body to be happy and fight infections.”

Westmeadows’ Linda Salerno is one of Victoria’s 160,000 blood and plasma donors.

SheisamongthethreepercentofAustralians who donate, according to Lifeblood.

Linda began donating when she was 18, followinginthefootstepsofherfather,Robert, who was a lifelong blood donor.

“As a girl I used to go in with [my father] occasionally when he donated blood. And that’s probably what inspired me to start,” she said.

Hermother,Nita,alsoworkedasavolunteer at the bloodbank, donating when she could.

To date, Linda, 52, has made 263 donations, visiting Lifeblood at Airport West every fortnight to donate plasma.

“My initial goal was 50 donations, my aim now is to get to 350 donations,” she said.

“I have only ever worked part time so I do it every second Friday as part of my routine.”

Linda encouraged all who are able to donate to roll up their sleeves, because you never know you are going to help.

“You never know who you are going to save, your family might need it, which has just happened to us,” she said.

“Just recently my daughter gave birth and she needed a blood transfusion, so it is handy there are blood banks around which can help because she was quite sick.

“I figured I could have worked volunteering at an op shop or something but this is my way of helping people, this is what I do as a volunteer.”

To donate, visit: au/blood

William and Kathryn Stary. (Ljubica Vrankovic) 412269_02 Linda Salerno has made 263 donations. (Damjan Janevski) 412279_01

New blood test tracks brain recovery after concussion

A blood test can accurately detect the ongoing effects of sport-related concussion and help determine when it’s safe to return to the field, Monash University-led research has found.

Researchers measured two brain-specific proteins in the blood of 81 Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) players who experienced concussion and compared them with 56 players who did not.

By tracking levels of the blood biomarkers over time, they monitored how long it took the players’ brains to recover, otherwise known as ‘neurobiological recovery’, to help determine when it may be safe to return to play without elevated injury risk.

Untilnow,therehavebeennowell-established tools for tracking neurobiological recovery after sport-related concussion.

Published in JAMA Network Open, this cohort study delved into the dynamics of two brain cell proteins, glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) and neurofilament light (NfL), which are released into the blood following brain trauma. While the team’s previous research demonstrated diagnostic potential of these blood biomarkers, this study aimed to reveal how their levels changed over time in concussed players.

The most striking finding was the variability in biomarker changes among individuals, with over 20 per cent of concussion cases showing substantial and persistent increases in both GFAP and NfL that remained elevated compared to non-concussed footballers for over four weeks.

Individuals with these extreme biomarker changes were substantially more likely to have lost consciousness as a result of their head knock.

Study lead and Monash Trauma Group principal investigator Dr Stuart McDonald, from the Monash University School of

Translational Medicine*, said while his team and others had investigated these biomarkers before, it was the first time a thorough profile of post-injury progress had been recorded.

“The unique thing about this study is not the measure, but how many times and how consistently we did it – eight times over six months for 137 athletes,” Dr McDonald said.

“With very few missing data points, due to our unique approach of going to the participantsforhomevisits,wewereabletoget athoroughprofileofthebiomarkertrajectories over time.

“WedemonstratedthatbloodlevelsofGFAP are elevated in the vast majority of athletes with concussion at 24 hours, and we are now working to have this much-needed diagnostic test approved for use in the next few years.

“The next important step is demonstrating how and when we should measure these two proteins as return to play biomarkers. Our findings take us closer to this becoming a reality.

“Our vision is for serial measures of these proteins to be integrated into clinical care, guiding return to play decisions based on both symptom and neurobiological recovery.”

While more work is needed to seek regulator approval for these blood tests, study first author Dr William O’Brien said there was an important and immediate takeaway message from this study: Neurobiological recovery is likely to take longer in concussed athletes who experience loss of consciousness.

“Our finding of a strong association between loss of consciousness and substantial

and prolonged biomarker changes supports the potential adoption of more conservative return to play timelines where this clinical sign is identified,” Dr O’Brien said.

More than 500,000 people play Australian football, with 6-10 sport-related concussions per 1000 player match hours, often resulting in short and long-term neurological symptoms. More than 500,000 people play Australian football, with 6-10 sport-related concussions per 1000 player match hours[1], often resulting inshortandlong-termneurologicalsymptoms.

At the community level of Australian football, the latest policies mandate that the earliest a player can return to play is 21 days after the concussion, with this period 12 days in the Australian Football League. These guidelinesarebasedonself-reportedsymptom resolution.

“While return to play decisions after this period should consider symptom resolution, completion of a graded loading program, and medical clearance, these mandated stand down periods may not be adequate for all cases of concussion,” Dr O’Brien said.

“This is of particular concern in community sport, where medical guidance can be limited. Sport-related concussion symptoms are subjective, difficult to identify, and players may feel incentivised to not raise them. Furthermore, the brain continues to recover even after symptoms subside, and this ongoing recovery may make athletes more vulnerable to another concussion.“

More research is underway to create a much larger data base on what is ‘normal’, which in turn will help identify what is abnormal. “We do have some good reasons to believe that elevated biomarker levels do indicate that the brain is still in a heightened state of vulnerability to repeated injury,” Dr McDonald said.

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Staying in the busy lane

Erin Abson is a champion masters swimmer, but the 36-year-old’s most impressive achievement might just be finding the time.

“I train five mornings a week before work, so I’m up at 4.30 every morning and I have two gym sessions in the afternoons as well,” said.

Ms Abson who lives in Altona Meadows, is a member of the Laverton Wynyard Aquatic club, trains at Aquapulse in Hoppers Crossing and then works as a school nurse at Mary Mackillop Primary school in Keilor Downs.

Oh, and she’s married with two kids under five as well.

“A bit of an understatement but yes, very busy,” said Abson to StarWeekly during one of her few spare minutes.

It’s a busy lifestyle which has paid off.

At the Victorian Masters Championships in April, Abson took home four gold and one bronze, while in the national titles in Darwin last month, she bagged five silvers and a bronze.

At last year’s world championships she finished inside the top 10 in two events.

While Abson only took up competitive masters (over 30) competition a few years ago, she’s no novice in the pool

“I’ve always been a swimmer,” she said.

“When I was a teenager I was a competitive swimmer and then I had an injury so took up track and field and cross country and I came back swimming after my eldest was born and realised I’ve still got it.”

Abson nominates the 400 and 200 freestyle and 200 breaststroke as her preferred events and is currently training for the state short course championships in August.

After a well earned break, she’ll return to training for another crack at the world masters championships in Singapore next year. Retirement? Pfft.

“Age is just a number, put yourself out there and have a go,” she declared. It’s a motto

New mural leaps into life

Anewvibrantmuralhasfoundahomeat Monash Pizzey Reserve, with the design chosen by the community.

Recently, locals were encouraged to cast their vote on three design options createdbyartistStephanieCartledgethat were available on Brimbank council’s website.

Design option one came out a winner, with 70 per cent of voters choosing the first design featuring the endangered native Growling Grass Frog, that can be found in Brimbank.

Created by artist Stephanie Cartledge, the artwork features drawings of frogs amidst the native aquatic vegetation, Running Marsh Flower.

Cartledge’s bold geometric illustration style depicts the natural world, emphasising its beauty and significance and exhibits how shapes lock together to create aesthetic and balanced designs.

Sheencouragesotherstoconsidertheir own relationship with the environment. And aims to create art that is striking and resonates with the viewer.

By creating art in public spaces, she hopes to make it more approachable. And encourage more people to engage with it daily.

Cartledge prioritises environmental sustainability by using non-toxic, low-Volatile Organic Compounds, and UV-resistant Resene paint, supporting local businesses, and disposing waste products ethically.

Locals are encouraged to head down to MonashPizzeyReserveat2PizzeyStreet, Sunshine, to check it out for themselves.


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Abson certainly lives up to. Erin Abson with all her medals won at Masters Swimming Australia National Championships. (Ljubica Vrankovic)_409285_05

To celebrate Men’s Health Week, the Westvale Community Centre in St Albans hosted a men’s health day event, with guest speaker, former AFL Champion Robert ‘Dipper’ Dipierdomenico, live music, health checks, an information stall, and more entertainment to enjoy. Star Weekly photographer Damjan Janevski was on hand to capture the best moments of the day.

STARWEEKLY.COM.AU COMMUNITY Or, read the full digital edition as it appears in print now! Read the latest Winter Edition of your favourite family magazine family Pick up a printed copy of Kids West Today Magazine from outlets everywhere. Read it now OR VISIT: Scan the QR CODE 12695635-JF25-24 Men’s health embraced
Above left: Hearing Australia worker Monalisa Alexander with client R.A D’Souza. Left to right: Walters Mbi from Cohealth Brimbank Local Mental Health and Wellbeing; Melbourne University medical student Selina De Silva providing a health check; Tom Scriven (Scriv Acoustic) performing for the crowd; IPC Health therapeutic counsellor Kathryn providing information. (Pictures: Damjan Janevski) 412898 Right: Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico addressing the room. Left: The crowd intently listening to Dipper’s speech.

Melton’s best kept secret garden?

It’s a Thursday morning and a group of fluoro-clad, hat wearing volunteers are gathered under an expansive, shady eucalyptus tree near the lake within Melton Botanic Garden (MBG) enjoying a morning tea break with freshly baked goods and a cuppa. As a volunteer for over a year for the Friends of the Melton Botanic Garden, I am but one of many who have played an active role in developing and maintaining the garden.

Thegardensencompassa25-hectarearea of naturalbeautyandendlessdiscoverymadeup of indigenous plants and exotic plants from similar climatic conditions. Melton Botanic Garden can be discovered tucked in between Melton’sHighStreetandthefreeway.Theland onwhichthegardenisdevelopedisonKurun jang balug land of the Wurundjeri-willam clan, a clan of the Woi wurrung people. These rich, diverse gardens celebrated their 20th anniversary earlier this year.

The garden is very popular with dog walkers,peopleexercisingandyoungchildren exploring the nature space playground which is beautifully designed with natural materials and overlooking the lake. Many community groups visit on a regular basis to enjoy the peaceful public space.

I work in the Koori Student Garden, a space originally designed by a team made up of a landscape designer and a group of Melton primary and secondary Aboriginal students. The garden is designed around a serpentine-type shape with gravel paths leading into circular spaces and planted throughout with indigenous species of Melbourne’s Western Plains.

A typical day might find me pruning the correas, cutting back the rampant salt bush

varieties and mulching the garden beds with the pruning cuttings in a method called ‘chop and drop’. There is very little irrigation throughoutthegardenandplantsarewatered onlyduringtheirestablishmentphase,forthe first year or so.

While it is impossible to do justice to the variety and expansiveness of the whole garden, some of the plant collections include: Dryland Eucalypts, West Australian, South Australian, Eastern Australian Dryland, Southern African, Mediterranean region, Californian, Central and South American, Victorian Volcanic Plains and Bushfoods.

A fantastic resource developed in 2011 is theGardenExplorer|MeltonBotanicGarden on which you can explore the specific name and details of all the plants found within the garden. There is even an extensive plant

nursery on site where you can pick up plants for your own garden. Opening hours for the nursery are 9.30am-12.30pm Tuesdays, Thursdays, and 2nd and 4th Sundays.

In the South African beds, you can find Cussonia paniculatas or Highveld Cabbage Trees. This distinctive evergreen tree is striking in the garden, especially against the backdrop of rocks and boulders. The cabbage tree has an unusual shape, interesting, gnarled bark and stunning, large, grey-green leaves.ThetreeisprimarilyfromSouthAfrica and can grow up to 5m in height although it tends to be slow growing. Did you know that the Zulu name, Zoeloekiepersol, refers to the cabbage tree as goats’ food?

From January to April cabbage trees bear small, green, stalked flowers; in short dense spikes, making up a large, branched

inflorescence at the end of the trunk or branches. Flowers are followed by fleshy and purple-maroon fruits, which mature in May to June. The flowers produce a sticky nectar that birds love to devour. The thick root can be peeled and eaten raw as food or as a source of water (Van Wyk & Gericke 2000). Pruning is completed in autumn and the new growth of leaves emerge from the pruning wound on the plant. The best method of propagation is by means of seed harvested from fresh ripe fruits. Remember to allow room for the tubers to develop in the propagation pots. Seedlings can be transplanted at about 4 months but be very careful not to damage the fleshy roots when transplanting.

MeltonBotanicGarden –APublicCarPark is located at 40 Lakewood Boulevard, Melton.

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In the South African beds, you can find Cussonia paniculatas or Highveld Cabbage Trees. (Pictures: Damjan Janevski) 411705

To solve a Sudoku



1 Ribbons (5)

4 Enchanted (9)

9 Sooner (7)

10 Burdensome (7)

11 Illicitly distilled liquor (9)

12 Buffalo (5)

13 US tech company (1,1,1)

14 Body of water to the east of Italy (8,3)

16 A baptism (11)

19 Hint (3)

20 Varnish (5)

22 Broadening (9)

25 Wayne –, head coach of the Dolphins (7)

26 First (7)

27 Substances discharged (9)

28 Opponent (5)


1 Load-bearing bar structure (1,4)

2 Actor (9)

3 Hides, pelts (5)

4 Obstacle (7)

5 Aboriginal spear-throwing device (7)

6 Quivering (9)

7 Rings (5)

8 Release (9)

13 Terminal (illness) (9)

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15 Offering (9)

17 Prefix with 'magnetic' (7)

18 Suggests (7)

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23 Din (5)

24 Expression of surprise (5)

letter may only be used once. No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural nouns ending in “s”.

1 Who won the 2000 AFL Grand Final?

2 Karl Lagerfeld (pictured) famously said ‘One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little,’ what?

3 Which is the world’s largest island nation?

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5 Who wrote the novel The Bell Jar?

6 Which element is represented by the letter W?

7 What is the name of Fantine’s daughter in the musical Les Misérables?

8 And who wrote the novel on which the musical is based?

9 Lime juice, triple sec and tequila are the main ingredients of what cocktail?

10 What is a common cause of scurvy?

No. 190
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B G C A P N H D S N E N E T A S A S P E N S H A D E S I N G E E N D E D T S A R S I O N I M N 10 words: Good 15 words: Very good 20 words: Excellent Today’s Aim:
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WANT YOUR EVENT LISTED? Community Calendar is made available free of charge to not-for-profit organisations to keep the public informed of special events and activities. Send item details to Star Weekly Community Calendar, Corner Thomsons Road and Keilor Park Drive, Keilor Park, 3042, or email to by 9am Wednesday the week prior to publication

All abilities workshops

Join the Duke Street Community House for free workshops filled with fun and engaging activities and informative sessions alongside a supportive and inclusive community. Workshops range from nutrition, art therapy, wellness and fitness, financial support, mental health and sustainable planting. Workshops are held weekly on Thursdays, from 10am-12.15pm, until June 20.

Station Waters Reserve

Join Brimbank council to celebrate the official opening of the recently upgraded Suburban Park at Station Waters Reserve in Cairnlea. There will be a barbeque and coffee van providing hot drinks free of charge. The event will take place on June 22, from 11am-1pm, at Station Waters Reserve.


Women’s only conversation English Duke Street Community House is inviting locals to make friends, learn new skills and practice English in this fun and free women’s social group. Tuesdays during school terms 9.30am-noon, at Duke Street Community House, 27 Duke Street, Sunshine.

■ 9311 9973, or


Duke Street Community House is inviting locals to a free adult social opportunity to get together and be creative. Learn a new craft or bring along your own craft projects. Tuesdays during school terms, 12.30-2.30pm, at the Duke Street Community House, 27 Duke Street, Sunshine.

■ 9311 9973, or

Sunshine Heights Junior Soccer Club

The club is on the lookout for more girls to join its junior soccer teams from ages under-8s through to under-14. If you are keen to join, training is held every Tuesday and Thursday at Castley Reserve from 5.30pm – except for under 14 girls who train from 6.30pm.


Girl Guides

Brimbank District Girl Guides is inviting locals to come and try guides before committing to join. Girls aged 5-18 and adults are invited to enjoy the fun and friendship of guiding.

■ Carolyn, 0418 536 084

Sunshine Repair Cafe

Do you enjoy fixing things or have skills in mending clothing and textiles? Kororoit Neighbourhood House is looking for volunteer repairers for the newly launched Repair Café in Brimbank. Events happen once a month and are an opportunity to meet others in the community and share your skills while helping fix broken household items.

■, or 0413 434 082

Al-Anon Family Groups

Al-Anon Family Groups is offering help and hope to anyone living in an unhappy home because a loved one drinks too much. There are no contracts to sign, just a voluntary donation to cover room rental. Confidentiality is protected. Confidential meetings held at the Sydenham Neighbourhood Centre (rear of library) every Wednesday, from 1-2:30pm. New members welcome. No appointment necessary. The group is also offering two introductory Alateen meetings in the July school holidays on July 3, and 10, at the same time as the Al-Anon meeting in an adjacent room.

Facilitated by two certified (WWCC) and experienced Al-Anon members. Parents are invited to bring their teens and join the adult meeting.

Card games

Love playing the card game 500? Card games are played every Monday, from 7-10pm, at the Sunshine RSL offices, 99 Dickson Street, Sunshine.

■ Leisa, 0425 768 808

Palliative volunteers needed Mercy Palliative Care is looking for volunteers to visit palliative care patients in their homes to offer social support.

■ 9313 5700 or

Deer Park Lions Club

Deer Park Lions Club is looking for new members. It holds dinner meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at the Deer Park Senior Citizens Club, 119 Station Road, Deer Park.

■ Michael, 0417 307 572

Sunshine Community Brass

Sunshine Community Brass is looking for trumpet and percussion players to join its vibrant band of musicians. With more than 90 years of history, the band rehearses at 45 Furlong Road, North Sunshine, on Tuesdays, from 7.30pm.

■ Andrew, 0419 444 620

Keilor Day View Club

The Keilor Day View Club meets at 11am on the first Thursday of each month at Green Gully Soccer Club, Green Gully Reserve, Club House Place, Keilor Downs. The club is inviting locals to come along and enjoy a meal and fun with a friendly group of ladies.

■ Robyn, 0425 387 880

St Albans senior citizens

St Albans Senior Citizens group meet at the centre at the corner of Alfrieda and William streets, St Albans, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9am-2pm. Annual membership: $10. Cost: $1 entry on attendance day.

■ Roma, 0435 991 064

Seniors lunch

Deer Park Branch of National Seniors Australia hosts a lunch on the third Friday of each month at different venues. The group also arranges activities each month, sometimes to the theatre, morning melodies, train or bus trip. The group also holds a general meeting at The Club in Caroline Springs on the first Wednesday of every month at 1.30pm. Locals are invited to join in for lunch or just attend the meeting and make new friends.

■ Pamela,

Caroline Springs Rotary

The Rotary Club of Caroline Springs is

inviting new guests to join its meetings in person or via Zoom. Meetings are held every Wednesday at the Western Emergency Relief Network in Ravenhall, from 7pm.


Chatty Cafe Melton

Are you feeling lonely, isolated or just wanting to make some new friends? If so, Chatty Cafe is for you. The group meets on Friday mornings at 10am for delicious free coffee from Latin foods and wines at 10 Wallace Square, Melton.

■ groups/352071857283331

Women’s Support Group

Women’s Support Group Melton is for any women who feel they would like to attend a peer support group which is relaxed, friendly and non-judgemental. The group meets weekly at 1pm on Mondays (except for public holidays) at Djerriwarrh Neighbourhood House, 239 Station Road, Melton. The group can discuss most subjects that may be of help


Melton Ladies Probus Meets from 10am on the second Wednesday of each month at Melton Country Club on Reserve Road, Melton. All visitors are welcome.

■ Dianne, 9743 7446

This week’s photographer’s choice picture is of Emmanuel College students Jarryd, Johnny, Seth, Chidi, Ella, Ninarika and Omar, who are having a winter sleepout event to raise funds for homelessness. (Damjan Janevski) 412434_01

A film full of action and comedy

After sold-out screenings at Monster Fest, Hot Dad Productions will be debuting a special event screening of ‘The Emu War’ at the Sun Theatre.

The comedy-action hybrid is a comedic take on one of Australia’s true stories, co-directed and created by locals Jonathan Schuster and John Campbell, and starring Yarraville local Damian Callinan and Sunshine actor Aaron Gocs.

Based on the infamous Great Emu War of 1932, the film follows a ragtag platoon of soldiers driven into a brutal and bloody battle against Australia’s deadliest flightless beasts. Haunted by the kidnapping of his son by

the Emus, Major Meredith leads the platoon behind enemy lines to confront the emu leader, the Queen Emu.

“This film is a good combination of action and comedy and gets people to start talking about a real Australian event,” Gocs said.

“The term emu war is what we call a cull of emus , however the real war is different to our depiction. It is nowhere near accurate.”

Gocs said the filmmakers thought it would be funny if the emus fought back, giving the film the comedy it needed.

“There is a lot of action and it was very fun to do those scenes,” he said.

What originally started as a skit seven years ago, has now been turned into a film made on a property in Bendigo.

“It is a project we have been working on together for a while, it was originally going to be a series, but it was eventually made into a movie which took four years to make,” Gocs said.

The movie will premiere at the Sun Theatre on Saturday, June 22, at 7.30pm. It will be followed with a question and answer session afterwards with the cast and crew.

Details: wp-cinema/movie/S24EMUWAR/ THE+EMU+WAR/

Musical postcard live from Werribee

The Werribee Concert Band is gearing up for its annual major concert this weekend, and fittingly, this year’s show will pay homage to the local community.

“It’s called Postcards from Werribee,” said Werribee Concert Band member and treasurer, Evan Thompson, about the theme of the show this Saturday night at Encore Events Centre in Hoppers Crossing.

“We’ve selected a number of places around Wyndham to celebrate through music. We’ve got the Werribee Mansion, we’ve got the zoo, the rose garden and sprinkles ice cream shops in Werribee and Point Cook.” said Thompson explaining how the show will work.

“To give you an idea, the music to represent the zoo is a selection of songs from the Lion King,” he said before adding that the songs matching the other places were less well known.

As well as celebrating the local area, Postcards from Werribee will also serve another purpose for the concert band, with Thompson hoping members of the audience will be inspired to join themselves.

“Perhaps people who’ve played an instrumentinthepastandmaybearethinking of taking it up again,” he said of the type of band members they were looking for.

“It’s not always easy to find members for a concert band. Music education in schools is not as popular as it was in the past and we’re starting to feel that.”

Describing the concert band as basically an orchestra without string instruments, Thompson said the Postcards from Werribee show won’t just involve the usual 30 members, but 10 members of the training band as well,

Be awakened

Coming to the Sunshine Library this month is the Wild Awakenings art exhibition.

Join Contemporary Melbourne artist Ana Hanson for the opening the exhibition and experience an unique celebration of contemporary Australian landscape art that fuses bold colours, stylised patterns and unconventional media.

Hanson is particularly proud of the way her pieces connect viewers with the natural environment.

“In this body of work I hope to further expand upon some of the themes and ideas I have recently been exploring in my focus on mixed media landscape artworks. My art infuses an urban artistic sensibility with an appreciation for the natural environment and a love for one of the oldest and most enduring artistic traditions - landscape art,” she said.

“My work reflects the duality of our modern existence—a world where screens often dominate our attention, while nature is too often relegated to the periphery.

“Withinthistensionliesacollectiveyearning to rediscover our connection to the wild.

making it their biggest show of the year both in audience numbers and musicians.

For those unable to make the show this Saturday night, the Werribee Concert Band has a children’s show scheduled for October.

Tickets for the show on June 22 will be

available on the door. Details: http://www.werribeeconcertband. com/

to the beauty of landscapes


Wild Awakenings’ beckons viewers to reconcile this dichotomy, to embark on a journey of ‘rewilding,’ and to take a few momentstocherishthesplendouranddiversity of the world we live in.”

Opening night of the exhibition will include a multimedia installation and a chat from Hanson, as well as refreshments to enjoy.

Exhibition is Clear Cut

The Old Auction House in Kyneton is hosting a group exhibition called ‘Clear Cut’, showcasing a series of traditional printmaking works.

Theexhibitionfeatureslinocut,etched, and monoprinted works, with many of the prints focussing on Australian landscapes and animals.

Traditional printmaking differs from modern printmaking in that designs are hand processed rather than reproduced using electronic printing methods

To make the prints, traditional printmaking artists cut, etch, and carve designs which are then transferred using ink.

Printing can be repeated several times, with each print considered an original artwork called an ‘impression’.

The Old Auction House owner and gallery director Rhain DiPilla said traditional printmaking is a unique medium and process.

“It’s a medium that allows you to make copies of each work and each copy is still unique – it’s not sort of a photocopy where each one is exactly the same,” DiPilla said.

“[It is] very hands-on – you’re involved with every step of the process. You have to design it, you then have to carve it or etch it in, you then have to print it … you’re quite involved as an artist”.

Many of the prints at the Clear Cut exhibition also feature colourful hand-painted elements.

“A lot of works in this exhibition are hand coloured - so they’ve printed the base layers and then come back and coloured over the top or painted,” DiPilla said.

ItkicksoffonThursday,June27,from6pmto 8pm, inside the learning centre at the Sunshine Library.

The exhibition will stay on display until July 26.

Free tickets:

Gerald Lynch

DiPilla said that many of the works featured are from local artists, emphasising Kyneton’s strong art scene.

“It’s a really good artistic community,” she said.

Held at the Old Auction House, 52-56 Mollison Street, Kyneton, the exhibition will run until Saturday, July 29. Details: au/gallery

Oscar Parry

Writer Jonathan Schuster and actor Aaron Gocs. (Damjan Janevski) 413332_01 Cade Lucas Werribee Concert Band members Jacqui Ladd (front), Evan Thomson, Holly Silvester, Kevin Bergin and Victor Cilia. (Damjan Janevski) 413145_01 ‘Clear Cut’ showcases a broad range of prints created using traditional methods. (Rhain DiPilla) ‘Lilac Blossoms on the Mountain’ one of many pieces that will feature in the exhibition. (Ana Hanson)
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1. Which national women’s rugby sevens team did Australia defeat 26-7 to win the final of the 2024 Madrid Sevens?

2. In which year did the recently axed Melbourne Rebels enter the Super Rugby competition?

3. Twin brothers Ben and Harry McKay play for which

4. Billy Slater coaches which rugby league State of Origin team?

5. Who caddied for Scottish golfer Robert MacIntyre during his 2024 Canadian Open win?

6. Which two ice hockey teams are set to playing in the 2024 Stanley Cup Finals?

Sinead Diver, Genevieve Gregson and Jessica Stenson have been selected to compete for Australia in which 2024 Olympics event?

The 2024 Men’s T20 World Cup is being co-hosted by the West Indies and which country?

US basketballer Angel Reese plays for which WNBA team?

Tyrone Peachey for which NRL club?

Mintonette was the original name for which ball sport?

Until 1905, bowling balls were originally made of what material?

Danish althlete Viktor Axelsen is the reigning Olympic champion in which event?

14. To the nearest hundred, how many home runs did Babe Ruth make in his career?

15. What is the height of a standard table tennis net?

16. In 2023, who won the Brownlow Medal for the second time?

17. In total, how many stumps are used in a cricket match?

18. Name the NHL team based in Michigan.

19. The 1992 Winter Olympics were held in which city?

20. How many Grand Prix wins did Michael Schumacher achieve in his Formula One career?

21. Aussie tennis star Alex de Minaur was defeated by German Alexander Zverev at which stage of the 2024 French Open men’s singles tournament?

22. The 75-year-old prime minister of Fiji, Sitiveni Rabuka, recently won a bronze medal in which sport at the Oceania Athletics Championships?

23. EPL club Tottenham, managed by Ange Postecoglou, finished in which position on the end-of-season table?

24. Josef Newgarden recently won which highly-attended annual US sporting event?

25. Which allrounder scored a half-century and took three wickets in Australia’s opening match of the T20 Cricket World Cup against Oman?

26. How many times has St Kilda ‘won’ the wooden spoon for last-place finishes in its AFL/VFL history?

27. Which Nordic country finished second in the medal tally at the 1924 Paris Summer Olympics?

28. The captain of the Australian women’s national cricket team, Alyssa Healy, is married to which fast bowler?

29. After making debut appearances at the Tokyo 2020 Games, which three sports beginning with S will remain on the Olympic program at Paris 2024?

30. Who was the last Australian to win the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship?


• 2,3,4,6,8m 3 Bins available

• Bins starting from $150 Mixed rubbish accepted PENSIONER DISCOUNT CALL: 0415 177 388


1.The proposed facility consists of the addition of new Optus and Vodafone equipment and associated works as follows (including 5G):

Installation of new stand off active antenna unit mounts

Remove three (3) existing panel antennas

Removal of twelve (12) remote radio units

Installation of three (3) panel antennas (less than 2.7m long)

Installation of twenty four (24) remote radio units

Installation of two (2) GPS

Installation of three (3) active antenna units

Provision of future active antenna units and remote radio units for utilisation

The installation and removal of ancillary equipment including but not limited to transceivers, antenna mounts, feeders, cabling, combiners, diplexers, signage, mha and fibre, reconfiguration of existing equipment on the facility and in the existing equipment shelter

2.Optus & Vodafone regards the proposed installation as a Low-impact Facility under the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination 2018 (“The Determination”) based on the description above.

3.In accordance with Section 7 of C564:2020 Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code, we invite you to provide feedback about the proposal. Further information and/or comments should be directed to: or Level 1, South Tower, 10 Browning Street, West End QLD 4101 Australia by COB Tuesday, 2 July 2024. 12696831-JB26-24

1. France 2. 2011 3. Essendon and Carlton 4. Queensland 5. His father, Dougie 6. Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers 7. The marathon 8. The US 9. Chicago Sky 10. Penrith Panthers 11. Volleyball 12. Hardwood 13. Badminton (men’s singles) 14. 700 (714) 15. 25cm15. 16. Lachie Neale 17. Six 18. Detroit Red Wings 19. Albertville, France 20. 91 21. Quarterfinals 22. Shot put 23. Fifth 24. Indy 500 25. Marcus Stoinis 26. 27 27. Finland 28. Mitchell Starc 29. Surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing 30. Alan Jones (1980) Alex de
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Minaur Josef Newgarden
12558257-ET28-22 V Positions Vacant V Pets & Services V Adult Services V Public Notices and Event V Rubbish Removal General Classifieds Trades & Services General Notices Employment

Good things come in small cars

The Q2 is the entry-level model into Audi’s five-model SUV range sitting below the Q3, Q5, Q7 and Q8.

Between them they account for around 80 percent of the brand’s total Australian sales. First released in late 2017, and upgraded in February 2021, the Q2 now comes in two variants: 1.5-litre 35 TFSI and 2.0-litre quattro 40 TFSI. At the same time a new high-performance SQ2 was added which will justify a separate review down the track.

Priced at $43,600 plus on-roads, the 35 TFSI has LED headlights, contrasting bumpers and C-pillar, leather-appointed seats and steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, digital driver information display as well as Audi smartphone interface and phone box light wireless charging among its equipment highlights.

For an extra $7000 the 40 TFSI quattro adds new Audi Sport 18-inch alloy wheels, Audi drive select, a powered tailgate, sport front seats, auto-dimming interior mirror, and of course, all-wheel drive.



SUV segment the Q2 treads that very fine line of distinction between hatchback and SUV.

Q2 is fairly conservative in its looks when compared with larger vehicles in the Audi range. Because of its small dimensions it has a boxier, less coupe-like profile than the others.

The large single frame grille with its four intersecting ring badge immediately identifies it as an Audi. The 2021 upgrade gets a more chiselled look that really suits it as do the new pentagonal shape to the front (dummy) air inlets and rear bumper trim.

Eighteen-inch alloy wheels are standard across the range with different designs.

An optional Style Package includes 19-inch Audi Sport alloy wheels; matrix LED headlights; extended black exterior and a full body paint finish in the 35 TFSI. It adds $3490 to the price of the 35 TFSI and $2690 to the 40 TFSI.

The Q2 range is available in 11 exterior colours and two interior colour combinations, depending on the model.

The C-pillar in the Q2, called the ‘C-Blade’, can be ordered in a variety of interchangeable

finishes and colours.

All models get LED headlights.


The interior is neat and functional with the premium feel that we’ve come to expect from Audi. The dash is simple and uncluttered with the controls for the dual-zone climate control in the centre. The front air vents are round and can be swivelled for optimum coverage.

The rear doors are large and so make entry easier. There’s good headroom thanks to the relatively flat roofline but legroom will be very tight for taller occupants. There is no centre armrest or rear air vents.

Storage space in the front is limited with the large infotainment knob ensuring there’s nowhere to leave keys, phones, wallets etc meaning that the two cup holders get used at the bottom of the dashboard.

Boot capacity in the 40 TFSI is a moderate 355 litres (405 in the 2WD 35 TFSI). The boot floor can be set at two levels, to either provide security for smallish objects under it, or for tall cargo. There is no spare wheel of any size, with a puncture repair kit the only emergency option.

Engines & transmissions

The 1.5-litre engine in the Q2 35 TFSI is new and replaces the previous 1.4-litre unit albeit with the same outputs of 140 kW and 320 Nm but is more refined, quieter and with slightly better fuel consumption. As before it comes with a Cylinder-on-Demand (CoD) function that can shut down two of its four cylinders imperceptibly at low throttle load and engine speeds and helps reduce official fuel consumption to just 5.2 L/100km.

The four-cylinder 2.0-litre engine in the 40

TFSI carries over from the previous model. It puts out 140 kW of power and 320 Nm of torque at 1450 rpm.

Both engines are mated to a seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch automatic.


TheAudiMMI(MultiMediaInterface)system is displayed via a new 8.3-inch tablet-style screen above the centre of the dashboard. The quality of the graphics is excellent and the system itself is easy enough to operate once you get used to the rotary dial control which we still prefer over the more distracting touchscreens which are very much the norm nowadays.

There is Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone integration through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as Audi connect technology with WiFi hotspot and Google services.


Audi Q2 gets a five-star rating from both Euro NCAP and ANCAP with standard features that include six airbags; electronic stability program with enhanced ABS brakes; blind spot monitoring; Audi’s pre-sense city with autonomous emergency braking and pedestrian and cyclist detection; tyre pressure warning; IsoFix child-seat mounts; plus automatic headlights and windscreen wipers.

The SQ2 adds Audi pre-sense basic which initiates protection measures when it senses an imminent collision including tensioning of the front seat belts, activation of hazard warning lights and closing of the windows and sunroof.

The Premium Package is a $3050 option in the Q2 35 TFSI, $2950 in the 40 TFSI and

standard in the SQ2. Among other features it includes adaptive cruise control with Stop&Go; emergency assist; active lane assist; park assist; rollover sensor; and hill hold.


Our road test vehicle was the Audi Q2 40 TFSI quattro with its 140 kW and 320 Nm outputs. It sits neatly between the entry-level 110 kW / 250 Nm 35 FWD TFSI and the 221 kW/400 Nm quattro SQ2.

Entry is a bit awkward for taller drivers and, once seated, we found it necessary to drop the driver’s seat to its lowest setting to get comfortable thus losing the extra driving height that makes SUVs popular.

The front seats are comfortable and supportive. Rather oddly the Q2 40 doesn’t come with powered seat adjustment, yet it does get a powered tailgate.

Rear seat legroom is borderline for adults and some compromises will have to be made with those in the front if tall travellers are on board. Three adults can sit across the back, but, as is the norm in cars of this size, two and a child makes more sense.

Around town the Q2 was sharp and manoeuvrable. It cruised effortlessly on the motorwaybutoutontoourlocalcountryroads was where it came into its own. Although steering is relatively light it’s nicely weighted and combined with the quattro AWD system provides an engaging, dynamic drive.

Ride comfort is very good and the interior is generally quiet.

There’s plenty of road grip and the car is more assured and stable in corners than most of its similarly-sized 2WD SUV rivals.

At a claimed 7.0 litres per 100 kilometres the AWD 40 TFSI is a fair bit thirstier than the 5.2 L/100 km FWD 35 TFSI no doubt helped along by its Cylinder-on-Demand system. We averaged just on 8.0 L/100km during our week-long test.

Summing up

Audi Q2 is a stylish compact SUV at a reasonable price (for a premium car, that is). It’s easy to drive and park in its urban natural habitat but, especially in AWD mode, can provide plenty of driving enjoyment in more challenging rural conditions.

All Audi models now come with a five year, unlimited distance warranty.

Audi Q2 is a stylish compact SUV at a reasonable price. (Pictures: Supplied)

The weather may have been chilly on Saturday but it didn’t stop StarWeeklyphotographer Ljubica Vrankovic getting out and capturing some of the action.

Chilly weekend sporting action

6 7 8 9 10 1 3 4 2 5
1/ Diggers Rest run out in front of its new facilities. 413379_01 2/ Macedon’s Eve Moait and Kyneton’s Mairead Murphy. 413374_11 3/ Justin Waldron left and Hayden Davis right. 413379_12 4/ Romsey’s Elise Putyra. 413376_04 5/ Romsey’s Charlize Bellette. 413378_22 6/ Sunbury Lions score. 413382_10 7/ Woodend-Hesket and Romsey fight hard for the ball. 413376_07 8/ Romsey’s Hope Hamilton scores. 413378_05 9/ Sunbury Lions’ Fraser Ampulski. 413383_07 10/ The mountains overshadowed Tony Clarke Reserve. 413374_04

Shattock steps up to take on Falcons challenge

Ian Shattock is looking forward to a new challenge after being appointed Caroline Springs coach for the Victorian Turf Cricket Association division 3 season.

The Falcons announced that Shattock, who has been part of the club for more than a decade, would step up to the role.

A five-time premiership player in his own right, Shattock’s coaching credentials include multiplerepresentativepositionswhileleading the club’s most successful junior group to four premierships across nine seasons.

Shattock said it was exciting to step up into the role.

“It’s good and I’m looking forward to it,” he said. “It’s a bit of a challenge.

“I’ve been an assistant coach for the last three to four years and this will be my first season as head senior coach.

“It’s not something that I always wanted to

do, but it’s something that will be good to help the club.

“It’s something exciting and I can extend myself a little bit.”

Shattocksaiditmakesitalittleeasierhaving already been at the club.

He said he already had an idea of the ins and outs of the club and has an idea what works.

“We’ve had three coaches in three years,” he said. “They’ve all had some good points and I’ll put my spin on it.”

Shattock takes over a side that had a strong 2023-24 season. The Falcons spent much of the season on top, before a poor finals series meant they missed the grand final.

Shattock said they should have gone better than they did in finals.

One area that Shattock said excites him is the youth that they have in the club.

“There are a lot of boys who have come up

in seconds and firsts,” he said. “It’s really good to see those boys take the next step. Each club relies on experienced players and imports, but you need young boys coming through and stepping up.

“This year will be a good challenge for them.”

Shattock said the club had signed a couple of recruits, but the club is still to announce them.

He said some players had moved on, including former playing-coach Shiran Rajakaruna.

“We’ve got some exciting recruits and some talented boys to help the younger boys coming through.

“Hopefully a couple of the younger boys I coached through under-17s come back as well. They’ve left to play at other clubs, but it would be nice to have them back.”

New chapter for Laurie

New Sydenham Park coach Steve Laurie isn’t shyingawayfromthefacthehasbigambitions for the FV state league 1 north-west club.

Laurie was last week appointed coach of the club after it mutually parted ways with Milan Batur the previous week.

Laurie joins the club having spent the past four years at Green Gully and was an assistant coach at the National Premier League until earlier this season.

He will be supported by Tim Paton who was also at the Cavaliers.

Laurie said he was excited by the new challenge.

“I knew some people at the club and they have some loyal supporters,” he said. “I want to bring some success to the club, it would be great.

“There’s more than an appointment on the line, as I’m close to people at the club.”

Laurie said he enjoyed his time at the

Cavaliers which was meant to be just to help them avoid relegation but turned into several years at the club.

He had previously taken Geelong to a title.

“That chapter has closed,” he said of Green Gully. “I’m looking forward to the new one.

“I’ve been keeping an eye on them before the appointment. I know there’s some quality in the squad.

“I saw that first hand last night [Tuesday] first hand and they’re definitely in the mix for a reason.”

The Reds sit in sixth spot at the halfway point of the season, eight points off first and three points behind second.

The Reds have just one point out of their last three matches.

Having just missed out on promotion the past couple of seasons, the Reds again set the target to finally break through.

Laurie said it was something that he was focused on doing.

“Being around the mark doesn’t work for

me,” he said. “That’s not the way I’ve done things.

“We need to get promoted. We’re still in the window this year and I want to get promotion this year and I’ve been clear with that and there’s no reason why we can’t do it.”

There was a mid season bye for the competition on the weekend.

Laurie said it came at a perfect time for him to allow him extra time to get prepared ahead of his first match in charge.

“We have a couple of sessions this week to get to know them,” he said. “I stayed late on Tuesday night.

“We’ll have a sit down feed at the club on Thursday and I can keep getting to know them.

“We won’t have the weekend off. We will be doing some training or play a game to get ready to play FC Clifton.

“They are one of the toughest teams and they will come hard for us. We will be up and about for it,”

Former Sydenham Park star Zach Lisolajski is headed to Western Australia after signing a two year contract with Perth Glory.

The A-League men’s side confirmed thatthe18-year-oldwouldbemakingthe switch from Western United. Widelyregardedasoneofthebrightest youngdefensiveprospectsinthecountry, left-footed Lisolajski is a regular member of the Young Socceroos squad and is expected to feature for Australia at the under-19 Youth Championship.

He made his A-League debut for Western United earlier this year and added a further five senior appearances by the end of the campaign.

Before joining United on a youth development agreement in 2023, he was part of the Newcastle Jets Academy having played FV state league for Sydenham Park.

Lisolajski is excited to be part of a new era at Perth Glory.

“After speaking with [Glory football director]StanLazaridis,whomIadmired as a left-sided player, I was impressed with his belief in me,” he said.

“With a lot of hard work and the belief that I have in my ability, I hope to be a starting eleven player and develop more as a footballer with the support from the coaching staff and my teammates.

“I expect Perth Glory to be playing finals football next year, which is a place where we know the club belongs.”

Lazaridis, meanwhile, is confident that Lisolajski will be an excellent addition to the squad.

“Zach’s an absolute machine at the back, a no-nonsense defender,” he said.

“He is someone that will need a little bit ofdeveloping,butwithabitofexperience playing alongside him, he’s another one that I can see going on to play senior international football in the future.

“As a left-footer, Zach gives us another option and that extra bit of balance at the back and he’s another new recruit that I’m really excited about.

“Once he does a good pre-season and gets used to the style of play, I think he’s going to be great.”

Lisolajski joins Glory
Zach Lisolajski. (Supplied) New Caroline Springs coach Ian Shattock. (Supplied) Mitchell Trajcevski. (Ljubica Vrankovic). 412101_24

Falcons power on to win

An understrength City West Falcons were still able to find a way to overcome the Bendigo Strikers in the Victorian Netball League championship on Wednesday night.

TheFalconsenteredtheclashwithoutUneeq Palavi, Lucia Fauonuku and Mel Oloamanu who are all away playing at the Pacific Netball Series.

Despite that, the Falcons had enough depth to beat the Strikers, 71-52, to record their 13th win in a row.

Falcons coach Marg Lind said the side did pretty well despite missing three key players.

“They actually stayed with us last time for a bit too, so we anticipated that,” she said.

“I thought we had some good impact players tonight [Wednesday] when it really counted.

“Liv Cameron came on and was really good. A good change up as I think they struggled with a smaller goaler.”

Lind said the Strikers covered having two tall goalers really well, but once they brought Cameron on and minimised their errors into the circle they were able to get out to a lead. Lind said it was good to give Genna Ogier the opportunity to start the game.

“She deserved it,” she said. “She’s a great club person.

“She’s a player that is developing nicely and she’s come from basketball so it’s going to take a bit of time.

“We put her back on to the end in the last quarter in shooter, which she did really well in.

“She’s pretty comfortable there and she played with Liv out the front, so that was good.”

Lind said defensively they didn’t have many options with two defenders missing. They had Achel Yout on the bench, but they didn’t want to use her if they didn’t have to with an important under-23 match to be played as well.

“We did think of putting Achel on Milly [Brock] but they then took Milly off and it played right into our hands.”

Jane Cook shot 42 goals for the Falcons. Cameron finished with 22 goals with Lind saying she was clearly their best on court.

With Shimona Jok unlikely to play for the Falcons again this season due to playing Suncorp Super Netball, Cameron would be an important player going forward.

“It will be good to have another goaling option, so far so good.”

The Falcons now sit 10 points clear at the top of the ladder, with Boroondara Express suffering a third straight loss.

The Falcons under-23s also had a good win, beating the Strikers

“They got off to a good start,” she said.

“Everyone got on and got some court time.”

Elisa Butterworth-Gonebale came up from under-19s with Beyonce Palavi missing at the Pacific Netball Series, while Isabelle Grapsas missed with an injured ankle. It gave the Falcons an opportunity to give

Matilda McIntyre a bit of a run.

“She’s doing quite well in the 19s,” Lind said of McIntyre. “It’s good to see how some of the young ones go and see what they can do.

“We’ve got two really good 19s teams. I think there’s a lot of potential there, it’s probably time when we get an opportunity to give them a run.”

The Falcons sit in fourth, eight points clear of fifth.

The Falcons this week face the Geelong Cougars.

Saints and Georgies out

St Albans and Caroline Springs George Cross’ Australia Cup campaigns came to an end on Wednesday night.

The teams were aiming to win through to the national stage of the competition for the first time in a number of years.

St Albans had a tough job against fellow National Premier League side, South Melbourne.

Neither side could score in the first half,settingupabigsecond45minutes.

Early in the second half, Nahuel Bonada scored for South Melbourne to give it the lead.

St Albans was until to find an equaliser and were knocked out of the cupandtheDockertyCupcompetition.

Victorian Premier League 1 side Caroline Springs George Cross had a tough night out against Hume City.

Needing to beat a side in the competition above them, the Georgies found themselves on the back foot early.

Tommy Maricic opened the scoring for Hume in the 16th minute despite Georgies pleas for a hand ball.

Josh Bingham doubled the lead in the 42nd minute to take a 2-0 lead into half time.

Hume continued on its way in the second half.

Michel Platt scored in the 61st minute and then scored a second one in the second minute of injury time to put the icing on the cake.

Hume got the win 4-0.

South Melbourne and Hume join Heidelberg United and Melbourne Srbija through to the next round.

Oakleigh Cannons will face Avondale for the final Victorian spot in the 32 team national stage.

Meanwhile,inthewomen’sknockout out Nike F.C Cup, Keilor Park’s run came to an end at the hands of Bundoora United on Wednesday night. Bundoora claimed the win 2-1. Khiana Shervey was the goal scorer for Keilor Park.

Bundoora is through to the final four. Spring Hills plays its quarter final against Preston Lions on June 18.

Balmoral wants to build now season is on track

Balmoral has got its FV state league 4 west season back on track after a slow start.

Promoted in the off season after winning state league 5 west last season, Balmoral had some disappointing results in the first four weeks of the season this year.

Since then it’s been undefeated in its next seven matches to sit in fifth spot at the halfway part of the season.

President Enver Malkic said they feel like their senior side is on a roll and has found its feet at this level.

“We are 10 points behind second spot,” he said. “We didn’t have the best start in the first four rounds.

“We’ve had seven games undefeated and now we get a well deserved rest.”

Malkic said they felt like they had put together a pretty strong squad but they had delivered some below par performances.

He said they added a couple more players to the squad since the season had started and they were able to turn their form around. The side is still aiming for promotion which requires a really strong back half of the season.

“We’re playing for second spot, top spot is running away with it and are 15 points ahead of us.

“We’ve got a lot of home games and we want to make our fans proud for the rest of the season.”

Malkic said they had a few injuries so the mid-season break came at an ideal time.

There was one match in state league 4 west on the weekend, with Melton Phoenix and Moonee Ponds United playing a catch up match.

After the break, Balmoral faces the top side, Surf Coast.

“We lost 2-0 in the first round,” he said. “It’s a big test for us in front of our home crowd. Hopefully we can be the first team to take a point off them.”

Malkic said the rest of the club was flying.

“The club as a whole we’ve been really happy with how the season has gone so far,” he said.

“We’vegrownfrom13teamsto21teamsthis year, with eight extra teams across the board.

“The biggest highlight for us is four female teams, we had none last year. We have a women’s side, an under-14 team and two under-8s teams. We’ve given them all free rego and uniform.

“It’s a long term investment for the club.”

Michael Sdregas. (Ljubica Vrankovic) 409297_02 Genna Ogier got the start on Wednesday night. (Robbab Photography)

Sharks hang on to get the points

Hillside did just enough to get over the line againstRoxburghParkintheEssendonDistrict Football League division 1 contest on Saturday.

The ladder leading Sharks were pushed all the way by the Magpies and were able to hold on in the final quarter, winning 11.14 (80)-11.9 (75).

SharkscoachChrisDaleywasarelievedman after the result.

“We had a few players out but the side on the park still read well,” he said. “Roxburgh Park was good for a long period of time.

“Forustogetthewin,Iwasprettyhappyand relieved. There was a bit of perseverance and a little bit more class across the field.”

Daley said they were pretty ordinary in the first half before working back into the game in the third quarter.

With a three goal lead at three quarter time, it seemed like it would be a question of how far ahead would the Sharks go.

The Magpies found a couple of goals to bring

it back to within a goal. The Sharks were able to do enough to be in front at the end.

Daley said some of the players they had broughtinduringtheoffseasoninFortCaruso and Rob Castello were among those to show their class and finishing skills in the final quarter.

“We had to dig deep and with Josh Covelli not having a big game we had to find other avenues to goal.

“Josh only got four goals, so it was a great result for us to still get the win.”

Covelli is now up to 58 goals for the season.

Daley said he’s on track to kick 100 goals for the season but said they need to make sure they’re finding plenty of avenues to goal.

“Helosthispassionforfootyandwemanaged to get him to play a few reserves games last season to find the fun of footy.

“We got him back to enjoying footy and he played seniors late in the season. He had a pretty good pre-season, we didn’t get him to do

all the stuff.

“I didn’t envision him having nearly 60 goals by round nine, but we can’t have him being the sole avenue otherwise teams will work us out.

“We want our other forwards and mids hitting the scoreboard.”

Lucas Failli, Lachlan Pettigrove and Joseph Careless were named the Sharks best.

The Sharks remain a game clear at the top of the ladder.

They have a bye this weekend.

Daley said with six guys out of the side, the bye comes at a good time.

“We’ve got the bye and then Rupertswood and St Albans,” he said. “We can freshen up a bit.

“We’ve banked enough wins early to set the year up and we’ll be looking to finish top three.

“The double chance will be vital. We’ll fine tune things the next four to five weeks and look to set ourselves up for finals.”

Young players step up

Keilor continued on its winning ways on Saturday with this one a little more special for coach Mick McGuane.

With a couple of injuries and some key players called up for Victorian Football League duty, the Blues took the opportunity to give some young guys an opportunity in Essendon District Football League premier division. Among them was a 16-year-old debutant, Thomas McGuane.

Mick said it was pretty special to see his son make his senior debut. He would kick three goals and was named amongst the best.

A photo was shared on social media of the 2008 premiership, with a one-year-old Thomas sitting in the front as a mascot.

“It’s quite touching,” McGuane said. “You have to wear two hats, the father hat and the coaches hat.

“Sometimes as a dad you have to stay composed as you watch every bump. Then as a

coach there’s 21 other players and you speak to him as you would a Kane Barbuto or any other youngster.

“We sat down and he understood that. He’s wanted to play senior football and win a premiership since 2012 when the under-16s won a premiership.

“He saw Curtis Taylor play [seniors] as a 16-year-old and he wanted to do that. His dream has become a reality so far.”

It was another dominant performance by the Blues against Essendon Doutta Stars.

The Blues had control of the game in the first half, before kicking 19 goals to one after half time to come away with a, 27.12 (174)-4.3 (27) win. McGuane said they were able to run away with the game once it opened up.

“Theboysplayedwell,”hesaid.“Itwasadour struggleearly,Douttaswereupforthefightand had numbers around the stoppage.

“It opened up in the third quarter. We run out games pretty well and we try to manage the group the best we can to finish out games.

Sports shorts


Sunshine United has signed Salman Afridi for the Victorian Turf Cricket Association senior division season. Afridi is a right hand batsman and a more than handy off-spinner. He represented Pakistan at under-19 level and arrives after spending last season at Haig Fawkner. In the 2023-24 division 1 season he amassed 627 runs at an average of 69.67. He also captured 19 wickets at 18.37.


Keilor Thunder’s Maddy Rocci will get another chance to shine ahead of the final decision on the Australian Opals team for the Olympics. Rocci has been named in a 12-player Australian team that will play Japan in the Mitsui Fudosan Cup on June 20 and June 21 at Hokkaido Sports Center, Sapporo. She is one of seven players who played with the Opals against China that will play in this series.


Sunshine YCW has announced that Charlie Carter is returning to the Victoria Turf Cricket Association division 4 competition. Carter started his craft playing through the junior and senior ranks before trying his hand at Coburg in the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association. The Cougars said can bat and keep, while he can bowl if needed too as well. The Cougars will be in division 4 this season.

“To kick 19 goals in the second half for the second game in a row is pretty pleasing.”

McGuane said with the margin blowing out they looked to play some younger players in the middle of the ground to give them some experience alongside former AFL players Josh Honey and Corey Ellis.

Keighton Matofai-Forbes was another Western Jet to come into the side, with the Jets having a bye and get another opportunity at senior football.

Oskar Smartt played his first game for the club and kicked five goals, while Cody Brand kicked four.

Ellis was named his side’s best along with Smartt and Brand.

The Blues remain one game clear on top of the ladder.

This week they face Deer Park which lost to Strathmore, 13.16 (94)-10.8 (68) on Saturday.

In division 1, Hillside and St Albans both had wins, while in division 2, Taylors Lakes remains undefeated.


Keilor Thunder got a crucial win against the Ringwood Hawks in the National Basketball League 1 South competition on Saturday night. The match was close all night with the Thunder narrowly winning the last three quarters to claim a 77-70 win. Daniel Poelsma top scored with 23 points for the Thunder. The win was the Thunder’s 10th for the season and keeps them in the top eight. The Thunder women had an 84-78 win against the Hawks. The women remain on top

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Tara Murray Hudson Shaw. (Ljubica Vrankovic) 353250_28 Mick and Thomas McGuane. (Keilor FC)


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