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Aviator touches down

After more than a month spent flying solo aroundthecountry,MichaelSmith’sfeetareon the ground, but his head is still in the clouds.

“I’m on a bit of a high,” said the pilot and adventurer the day after landing in Point Cook, endinghis44-daycircumnavigationofAustralia.

The owner of Yarraville’s Sun Theatre and 2016 Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Mr Smith’s flight around the country was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of wing commander Stanley James Goble and flight lieutenant Ivor Ewing McIntyre becoming the first people to circumnavigate Australia by plane.

“I feel elated,” said Mr Smith of how the recreation turned out.

“I’ve spent five years working on this. A good adventure starts early with an excel spreadsheet and lots of planning and to then actually do the trip and have it deliver exactly what I was hoping for, was exceptional.”

So exceptional that Mr Smith arrived back at RAAF Base Point Cook on Sunday afternoon at the exact time his predecessors did a century earlier.

“I wanted to be over Point Cook at 2.10pm because I wanted to arrive 100 years to the minute which put a lot of pressure on, but I did pull it off.”

It capped off a journey that Mr Smith kept as close to the original as possible, departing and arriving at same place on the same dates, following the same anti–clockwise route, and stopping at the same places along the way. However, this was where his and Goble and McIntyre’s experiences began to part.

“I would land on the water where they did a 100 years ago to the day, but whereas they then hadtostayonthebeachforthenightandrefuel, I would then take off again and land at the local airport,” said Mr Smith whose amphibious SeaBear L65 aircraft dubbed ‘Southern Sun’ afforded him more flexibility that Goble and McIntyre’s Fairey Mk III D seaplane.

The vast difference in communications was also something Mr Smith appreciated.

“Theyweresoisolated.Oncetheyweregone, they relied on other people seeing them or arriving at their destination to know that they were okay,” he said contrasting it the radio, mobile phone and satellite technology that tracked his journey.

Despite flying up to seven hours per day, Mr Smith said it wasn’t hard to stay focused.

“There was no chance of getting bored because outside my left window was the Australian coast in all its glory,” he said of the landscape just 500 feet below.

“It’s like the difference between driving the Great Ocean Road and driving the Hume Highway. Your senses are heightened because of the surroundings,” said Mr Smith who

nominated the Kimberly and Great Australian Bight as the highlights. Fornow,it’sbacktorunningtheSunTheatre forMrSmithwhoestimatesit’llbeanotherfive

years before his next adventure takes off.

“I have some ideas but I’ve got a lot of work to do in the meantime.”


22 MAY, 2024 Established in 1902 as the proudly serving Wyndham 12688350-SM21-24
Mike Smith returns the RAAF Ensign to Wing Commander Rob Gill, Commanding Officer of 21 Squadron. (Duncan Fenn) 408604_01 Wing Commander Rob Gill, David Goble (descendant of the WGCDR Stanley Goble) and Mike Smith. (Duncan Fenn) 408604_04 RAAF Base Point Cook welcomes back Michael Smith with a water cannon salute from the CFA and FRV. (Duncan Fenn) 408604_05

Bus campaigners blast budget

The state government has been accused of again neglecting the western suburbs by not funding any new bus services for the area in its recent budget.

Better Buses for the West, a campaign group run by Friends of the Earth affiliate, Sustainable Cities, said it was disappointing the area had been overlooked despite the dire stateofthewest’sbusnetworkbeingrepeatedly highlighted in recent years.

“The west has been forgotten again, with unreliable services, convoluted routes – if they exist at all – and long waits set to persist for yet

another year,” said a campaign statement.

While last week’s budget didn’t include funding for buses in the west, Laverton MP Sarah Connolly pointed out that the latest round of grants allocated by the Growth Areas Public Transport Fund, certainly did.

“Despite there being tough decisions made in this year’s state budget, the Allan Labor Government is continuing to deliver for Wyndham when it comes to public transport, with over $61 million in funding for two new bus routes as part of the Growth Areas Public Transport Fund, which was announced at the end of last month,” she said.

“This includes $39.4 million for a new fixed

permanent bus route to replace the Tarneit North FlexiRide service currently catering to new and developing estates in Tarneit and Truganina North. This route will also connect TarneitStationtotheemploymentandindustry precincts in Laverton North, making it easier for locals to get to work.”

A spokesperson for the government added that the growth areas funding also included a new bus service linking the Harpley and Cornerstone Estate communities with Wyndham Vale Station and that since 2015 the government had added more than 20,000 new bus services per week across the state. Sustainable Cities co-ordinator, Elyse

program. (Damjan Janevski) 406780_02

Funding posted to Point Cook FC

JuniorsatPointCookFootballClubwillsoon learn how to maintain their mental health as wellasimprovingtheirfootballskills,thanks to a new grant.

The WFNL club is among 150 clubs, organisations and community groups across the country who have received $2,000 from Australia Post through its annual People of Post grants program.

Point Cook president Ivo Havard said the club applied for a People of the Post grant to fund a mental health education project for its junior players.

“It’s nice to get and clearly aligns with our

mental health education program which take very seriously at the Point Cook footy club,”

Mr Havard said.

The grant will fund a series of education sessions for players aged 14 to 16 conducted by sport mental health charity Outside the Locker Room.

“It’s a key age for the education to commence and the program will be tailored for the age group,” said Mr Havard.

“With our large junior program, we want to make sure we’re covering all age groups across the club and any mental health education, particularly at a young age, is

going to be worthwhile in preparing them for the future.”

The sessions will be held at the club next month and will take place instead of normal footy training.

Mr Havard said with mental health such a bigissueinthecommunity,itwasappropriate for it take precedence.

“It’s prevalent, it’s real and it’s happening and we want to be on the front foot on it,” he said.

“We want to be known as a good educator as well as a good footy club.”

Cunningham welcomed these recent announcements but said a piecemeal approach ofaddingonebusrouteatatimewasnolonger goodenough. “Awidernetworktransformation is the only solution to the worsening impacts of transport disadvantage that communities in the west are facing,” Ms Cunningham said.

“ The government needs to transform the long, winding, convoluted bus routes that are the current broken bus network. If our buses ran on a simpler grid then they could come every 10 minutes and align well with train timetables, and actually get us where we need to go. We need a bus network for the 21st century that the community can rely on.”

New container machines

New reverse vending machines have been installed in Werribee South and Point Cook making it even easier for locals to get refunds by recycling bottles and cans through Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS).

The scheme’s west zone network operator TOMRA Cleanaway have installed the new machines at Wyndham Harbour in Werribee South and Saltwater Reserve in Point Cook.

As well as earning money themselves, the reverse vending machines will allow residentstodonatetolocalorganisations registered with CDS Vic as fundraising partners, including:

WerribeeRiverAssociation,Werribee Museum and Historical Society and Wyndham Park Community Centre. TOMRA Cleanaway chief executive James Dorney said the company were excited to have indeed the new refund points in Wyndham.

“Our machines are quick, convenient, andautomated,andabletobeseamlessly integrated into retail and community locations,” he said.

“As Network Operator for the CDS Vic West Zone, we are driven to provide a convenient and accessible network of refund points. The community has shown that when provided with a convenient, accessible, and technology-based container deposit schemenetwork,theywillgetinvolved.” Environment minister Steve Dimopoulos said the CDS had proved hugely popular since its inception in November last year.

“We’re completely transforming recycling in Victoria backed by a $515 million investment to deliver the landmark transition to a circular economy, driving progress towards our target of diverting 80 per cent of all material away from landfill by 2030,” Mr Dimopoulos said.

Eagles fly high in sexual assault prevention training

WFNLDivision1clubYarravilleSeddonhave just finished a training block of a different variety.

For the past five weeks both male and female players at the club have been going through consent training conducted by the Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault (WestCASA).

It’s the second year that WestCASA have conducted training with Yarraville Seddon, and club president Angela Ballard said this year’s sessions were expanded to include under 18 players too.

“WestCASA’s training highlights how respectful behaviours, and in particular,

respect for women, is everyone’s responsibility,” Ms Ballard said.

The evening sessions held after training at theYarravilleOvalclubroomswereconducted by WestCASA community trainers Warde Macintosh and Adrian Smith.

“Itwasareallygreatopportunityforustoget out into the community to educate as a means to prevent sexual violence,” said Mr Smith of the training sessions which had a particular focus on the concept of affirmative consent. It’s about the responsibility on everyone to make sure there is consent, not just verbal but body language, consent provided free of pressure and creating healthy relationships,”

he explained. “It was a really respectful, open discussion with lots of engagement which was great. Because the laws are evolving all the time it’s great to provide that education straight to the community.”

Mr Smith applauded Yarraville Seddon for their commitment to creating a culture of consent and respect, saying the Eagles approached them about conducting the training sessions, the first football club to do so.

He hopes others follow, arguing sporting clubs provide the ideal platform for teaching about respect, consent and how to prevent gender based violence.

WestCASAchiefexecutiveAnnetteVickery said with the disturbing rise in cases of sexual assaultandfamilyviolenceacrossMelbourne’s western suburbs and Australia as a whole, it’s education that’s urgently needed.

“WestCASA invites organisations across the western suburbs to get in touch about upskilling their workforce and members to better handle sexual assault disclosures, reduce the risk of assaults occurring and understand the path of a victim’s recovery.” Organisations interested in exploring training options are invited to email or call 9216 0444 to find out more.

Point Cook FC president Ivo Havard and Australia Post employee (and former Point Cook player) Kirk Heberle celebrate the club being awarded $2000 as part of Australia Post’s People of Post grants

‘We’re upset’: School cleaners

Two long-serving school cleaners spoke at Victorian Labor’s State Conference at the weekend, demanding an end to a privatised schoolcleaningsystemthathasseencleaners’ hours cut and in some cases wages more than halved.

This demand stems from the major shake-up of cleaning contracts, in which the state government awarded school cleaning contracts to Serco and Tradeflex for 2024,

slashing cleaners hours across Melbourne’s north-west.

The cleaners put forward a resolution at conference, condemning the state government’s decision to maintain privatised cleaning contracts across government schools, impacting more than 3000 cleaners.

Speaking after the conference, United Workers Union property services director Lyndal Ryan said they were there to tell Education Minister Ben Carroll

that he needs to listen to the cleaners and union.

“We’re angry, we’re upset … we will never give up our campaign,” Ms Ryan said. “We need Ben Carroll to fix this mess.

“He needs to listen to us, we’re not going to sit there passively … he needs to listen to us, he needs to listen to the cleaners.”

The cleaners’ resolution states that it’s “reprehensible that this Victorian Labor government has stood by and allowed the companies that they pay to clean

our schools (to) cut the hours and pay of workers”.

“[They] went into Christmas 2023 with no public holiday pay (and) having their hours cut, pay slashed and conditions lost for 2024, with some workers losing up to 60 per cent of their income.

“One example is a Union Member having their wage cut from $49,000 in 2023 to $19,000 for this year.”

Ms Ryan said the state government should not privatise essential government services.

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The cleaners put forward a resolution at the Victorian Labor State Conference (supplied). United Workers Union (supplied).

East Werribee future predicted

The long-awaited East Werribee precinct is a step closer to fruition, with the state government releasing a document outlining its vision for the project and how it will grow and develop over time.

On Wednesday, Precincts Minister Colin Brooks launched the East Werribee Opportunity Statement which explains how the 775-hectare greenfield site bordered by the Princes Highway, Duncans Road and Hacketts Road will be transformed into what the governmentcalls“avibranturbanenvironment that provides high-quality housing, economic activity and strong employment growth.”

Accordingtothestatement,thedevelopment ofEastWerribeewillfocusonthearea’sexisting industries of agriculture, manufacturing,

energy and tourism and be supported large, diverse and increasingly skilled workforce.

The statement also claims that significant investments in education and health, including the expansion of the emergency department at Werribee Mercy Hospital, will help drive economic growth in the precinct.

The pending opening of both the Metro Tunnel and West Gate Tunnel is predicted by the government to increase capacity on the Werribee and Williamstown lines during peak periods and slash travel times between East Werribee and the Port of Melbourne.

The removal of a further three level crossings in Wyndham and the completion of missing links along the Federation and Kororoit Creek trails is anticipated to improve cycling connections to East Werribee, while

the size and location of the precinct will help it capitalise on the development of nearby government-owned land.

“We’re bringing the East Werribee Precinct to life, transforming it into a centre for employment and investment, surrounded by high-quality and sustainable housing and improved transport connections” declared Mr Brooks. Werribee MP and state treasurer Tim Pallas, was equally optimistic about the future of the precinct.

“The East Werribee Opportunity Statement will transform the precinct and help unlock new business, employment and residential opportunities in one of Victoria’s fastest growing areas.”

More than $100 million was allocated to projects within the East Werribee precinct in last week’s state budget, including $82 million

Active travel for Truganina students

Students at Truganina South Primary School were the latest to hold an active travel day last week.

Truganina South has partnered with Wyndham council to promote active travel to its students by encouraging students to walk, scoot and cycle to school safely.

On Friday, May 17, the school held its active travel day with an obstacle course for students to try out their scooting and cycling skills. Wyndham mayor Jennie Barrera and Cr

Susan McIntyre were both in attendance on Friday morning to watch students negotiate the obstacle course and hand out wrist bands and stickers to the children who completed it.

Many students took part in the event though, riding, walking or scooting through the obstacle course on their way into class.

Truganina South Primary School has taken a range of measures to encourage active travel among its students, including an in-school bike education program and providing secure

bike and scooter storage.

The school has a junior active travel leader program that supports students to promote active travel. The initiative has so far proven very successful with school’s bike shed filled to capacity every day.

Friday was also a STEM dress up day at Truganina South, meaning many budding mad scientists, junior scientists, vets, astronauts, engineers and mathematicians wereamongthoseactivelytravellingtoschool.

to finish construction of the Wyndham Law Courts and $20 million for roads and other infrastructure in the area.

The East Werribee Opportunity Statement is the latest in a number of plans for the site dating back to 2013. In 2013, the state’s planning authority completed a precinct structure plan, which was used to determine how the area would developed, and what type of developments would be included.

In 2015, the government backed Australian Education City’s proposal for a $31 billion project in East Werribee which would include the expansion of existing health and education precincts and a major town centre.

However the process was concluded in 2019 when the government announced it had decided to terminate the expression of interest process for the sale.

Trio arrested

Police have charged three men after an alleged high speed follow through parts of Wyndham and Hobsons Bay last night.

It is alleged police spotted two motorcycles traveling at high speeds along the Princes Highway in Werribee just before 9pm on Thursday, May 16. Withtheassistancefromtheairwing, the motorcycles were allegedly followed to a residential property in Altona Meadows where police arrested the two riders.

Whilst at the property, a third man was allegedly observed attempting to conceal an item at the rear of the premises.

Officers located the item which allegedly contained 367 grams of what is believed to be heroin and arrested the man.

The three men were taken into custody whilst police executed a search warrantonthesameresidentialaddress.

Police allegedly seized $2910 in cash, $4500 in counterfeit notes, an ASP baton, two Rolex watches and what is believed to be a small amount of steroids.

A 33-year-old Altona Meadows man was charged with a number of offences including trafficking a commercial quantity of heroin, possessing steroids, possessing proceeds of crime and possessing a controlled weapon.

He will appear at the Werribee Magistrates’ Court today.

A 25-year-old Altona Meadows man and a 29-year-old Seabrook man were charged with dangerous driving whilst being pursued by police, unlicensed driving, and other speed related offences.

They were bailed to appear at the Werribee Magistrates’ Court on October 7.

New partnership to help students thrive in Wyndham

Students across Melbourne’s west, including those in Wyndham, will be supported to overcome barriers to education and realise their potential through a new sponsorship arrangement.

Greater Western Water (GWW) announced the new Thriving Communities strategic community sponsorship on May 9, which will provide$75,000to$25,000peryeartoWestern Chances over the next three years.

GWW’s Thriving Communities program funds projects and partners that support liveability and wellbeing programs to build

stronger, deeper connections with our customers and community.

Non-profit organisation Western Chances supports young people who are experiencing social and economic challenges to access education and employment opportunities.

Its work seeks to address the high unemployment and below average rates of numeracy, literacy and high school completion in Melbourne’s west.

Since2004,theorganisationhashelpedmore than 3750 young people, investing in their futures through scholarships, internships and

learning support.

Western Chances chief executive Zac Lewis said support from key organisations such as GWW was monumental to grassroots organisations.

“We are thrilled to enter a three-year partnership with Greater Western Water,” he said. “It is phenomenal to have the support of suchatrustedleaderinthewestthatsharesour commitmenttoempoweringyoungpeopleand community to thrive.

“This long-term partnership will provide much-needed support for young people

facing financial hardship across the west by providing essential educational scholarships and opportunities to develop career readiness skills.

“Together with GWW, this partnership will uplift our young people through education, and support the wellbeing and prosperity of our community.”

Details: thriving-communities-grantssponsorshipsww

Truganina South Primary School year 6 students Sean and Sienna take part in Active Travel Day on Friday. (Damjan Janevski) 408056_01

Mum walks for autism

Daily walks are an easy and popular way for people to unwind, get some fresh air and improve their fitness.

Wyndham Vale mother Sarah Turner gets all three from her daily laps around the Presidents Park lake, but she isn’t the only one reaping the benefits.

Ms Turner is taking part in the Walk for Autism fundraiser where participants are encouraged to complete seven thousand steps a day for the month of May.

So far she’s completed more than 180,000 steps and raised more than $1000 to help support the one in 40 Australians with autism, a figure that includes her 10 year old son Andrew.

“Andrew was always more on the quiet side growing up and it was picked up at a young age that he may have extra needs by the ladies at his kindergarten,” recalled his mother.

“As time went on and we explored this journey, 2022 was when Andrew got a full diagnosis.”

Ms Turner said while it was Andrew who received the diagnosis, the impact of the condition has extended well beyond just him.

“People don’t often realise how hard it is raising a child with autism because not only is it so difficult on the child themselves, but it becomes very difficult on the whole family,” she said

“We often spend many hours running around for therapy appointments for Andrew and often this means our other children have tocomealongforthese.Oftenitmeanshaving to drive to the other side of town just to find a psychologist, OT, speech therapist etc.”

She said Andrew’s difficulties at school had also had knock-on effects.

The Victorian Junior Landcare and Biodiversity Grants are now open, with $450,000 available for projects that involve young people actively caring for the state’s biodiversity and natural environment.

Schools, kindergartens, childcare centres and youth groups in Brimbank canallapplyforgrantsofupto$5000for projectsthatencourageyoungVictorians to learn more about the state’s plants, wildlife and nature through hands-on activities or classroom learning.

More than 47,000 young people have been a part of the program involved in 1100 nature-based excursions and conducting 270 biological surveys through biodiversity focused learning activities.

Junior Landcare Biodiversity Grant recipients have also planted 99,000 Indigenous plants across numerous landscapes to help maintain ecosystem health.

This is the first year Ms Turner has taken part in Walk for Autism which she hopes won’t just raise money, but raise awareness, about the broader impact autism can have on families.

It’s why she’s involved them, including Andrew, every step of the way so far.

“Due to Andrew struggling with emotions and communication, Andrew gets sent home quite a lot from school which then makes this really difficult for myself to have a stable job.”

“Each day my family take a photo together and put on our social media how many steps mums done for the day, my children have all taken part in this journey and now often say just before bed, ‘mum, how many steps, we need to take our photo.’ Andrews absolutely loved seeing what it is that mum has been able to do for children with autism.”

To donate and find out more: www.

Past projects funded by the Victorian Junior Landcare and Biodiversity Grants include the creation of a walking trail aimed at promoting opportunities for studentstocareforindigenousplantsand animals on Phillip Island, transforming land with indigenous flora in Bundoora and biodiversity-focused excursions to learn about local wildlife in Yarra Glen. Applications for the Victorian Junior Landcare and Biodiversity Grants will close at 3pm on Friday, June 14.

Details: visit https://juniorlandcare.

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Junior landcare grants open
Wyndham Vale’s Sarah Turner and her 10-year-old son Andrew are walking for autism. (Damjan Janevski) 408187_03

Tanika takes May youth award

Sixteen year old Wyndham Vale student Tanika Fry has been named Wyndham’s young person of the month for May.

A proud Aboriginal and Samoan woman who is studying as a year 11 at Wyndham CentralCollege,Tanikaisaculturalleaderand role model involved in a range of community initiatives that encourage young people to connect with their culture and recognise the importance of cultural understanding and knowledge.

She is a member of Nesian Youth and a key organiser of this year’s successful Nesian Rise event, while also helping run the Young Mob program in schools and leading activities for

Reconciliation Week, Harmony Week and Multicultural Week.

Unsurprisingly, Tanika nominated leadership as one of the reasons why she was chosen for the award.

“It was a bit unexpected (being named young person of the month), but I think I would’ve received it for my leadership and teamwork skills and my will to put my all into something I do.”

In addition to cultural leadership, Tanika is also a leader at school, where she is both a house captain and class captain.

Despite occupying a variety of leadership positions in her youth, Tanika was coy as to

whether she would pursue similar roles into the future.

“Myhopesforthefuturearetobehappyand content and to have fun and find adventure and creativity in anything I do whilst also continuing my education after high school and finding an occupation that I enjoy and benefits the community and people around me,” she said.

“But beyond all of this I wish to make not only myself but my parents and the other people who continue to support me proud.”

It’s a wish that will almost certainly be granted, if it hasn’t been already. Cade

Rocking a new elephant enclosure

A donation of rocks and logs from the Ison Road Overpass project will enhance a new Asian elephant habitat at Werribee Open Range Zoo as part of the Victorian government’s $88 million expansion project.

The project team donated the materials after clearing them to build the overpass, which will help provide residents in the west of Wyndham with a vital link to the Princes Freeway.

The donation supports Major Road Projects Victoria’s (MRPV) commitment to reusing natural resources within project communities wherever possible.

The project team trucked to Werribee Open RangeZooabout505tonnesofrocksandlogs,

equivalent in weight to nearly 100 male Asian elephants.

The purpose-built Elephant Trail will comprise a 21-hectare open range habitat to accommodate Zoos Victoria’s growing Asian elephant herd following its relocation from Melbourne Zoo in late 2024.

The donated rocks and logs will help add natural features to the habitat’s surrounding walking trails.

The Elephant Trail at Werribee Open Range Zoo will feature sandpits and deep-water pools collectively holding two million litres of Class A recycled water. The trail and its pools are large enough to accommodate the growing herd of elephants and will also help

improve their skincare, swimming ability and social skills. Visitors will also be able to view an elephant barn, including a communal area, training yards and breeding facilities. Five outerhabitatswillretainandbuildonexisting vegetation and significant trees.

Two dedicated overpass bridges will allow theAsianelephantstopassovervisitorwalking trails between the central management yard and outer habitats.

“It’s wonderful to collaborate with Major RoadProjectsVictoriatorepurposerocksand logs for the new Elephant Trail at Werribee Open Range Zoo, which will be the gold standard in animal welfare,” said Werribee Open Range Zoo drector Dr Mark Pilgrim

Children’s Week grants now open

A week of free community events is coming as the state government looks to celebrate Children’s Week later this year.

Eligible organisations are encouraged toapplyforgrantsofupto$1,000tohelp them host fun activities and events for children and families during Children’s Week to be held later this year

The grants support free events or activities such as storytelling, art exhibitions, dance workshops, cooking sessions, musical performances, picnics and outdoor or messy play.

This year’s theme is Children have the right to a clean and safe environment, based on Article 24 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Children’s Week is a national campaign that celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood. It showcases their achievements while providing educational experiences for them and their families.

During Children’s Week, community organisations, sports clubs, neighbourhood associations and local councils organise a variety of events, including open days, special events, displays and online activities.

Children Minister Lizzie Blandthorn said “Children’s Week is a great opportunitytocelebratethetalent,skills and achievements of Victoria’s children while providing free and engaging activities for them and their families”.

Applications for Children’s Week grants close on June 16. Children’s WeekrunsfromSaturday,October19to Sunday, October 27 this year.

Arif volunteers life experience to help refugees settle in

More than 30 years of working in community services and family support in federal and local government has given Arif Warasta the knowledge and experience needed to support newly arrived refugees settle in Australia. And his own experience as a refugee from Afghanistan means his volunteering is informed by lived experience.

The 68-year-old is a volunteer with migrant and refugee settlement agency AMES Australia working in Melbourne’s west. “My role is to help newly arrived refugees with translation and interpreting. I speak English, Farsi, Dari, Pashto and Hazaragi from different Afghan communities, so I can help people and provide information about

things like banking, Centrelink, Myki and other services,” Mr Warasata said.

“It’s very rewarding work and I enjoy being busy. I am volunteering six hours a week, but I would love to do more and be more active.

I’m happy to be useful to the community, especially to volunteer with people like refugees who have vulnerabilities and need help,” he said.

MrWarasatabeganvolunteeringwithAMES supportingrefugeeslivinginMelbourne’swest – from Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Laverton, Sunshine and Footscray – after retiring from a 30-plus year career in public service.

He arrived from Afghanistan as a refugee more than 35 years ago after the Russian

invasion of his homeland.

“I worked as a labourer when I first arrived in Australia and then got into admin and translating jobs in local and federal government,” Mr Warasata said.

“I worked in the Immigration Department’s migrant centre, I also worked in community service and family support. I worked as a case manager at the Telecommunications Industy Ombudsman,” he said.

Mr Warasata’s career took a surprising turn when he was recruited by NATO and the US Government to return to Afghanistan and serve as an interpreter and advisor on a US air base in Khandahar.

“It was very interesting work. My boss was

a US general but I was forced to return home to Australia because of family issues,” he said. Back in Australia, Mr Warasata spent the remainder of his working life at Services Australia and the Tax Office.

“I retired and then approached AMES about anyvolunteeringwork.Istartedearlythisyear as a settlement volunteer. I love being useful and having some responsibility. I would recommend volunteering to anyone about to retire,” he said.

NationalVolunteerWeekrunsbetweenMay 20 and 26. This year’s theme is ‘Something for Everyone’.

To find out about volunteering with AMES, email:

Lucas Tanika Fry is Wyndham young person for May. (Damjan Janevski) 405324_01 Decmil operations manager Matt Maltman, zoo director Dr Mark Pilgrim and MRPV senior project manager Gareth Phillips at the Elephants Trail construction site.

Tigers train together

Werribee Football Club opened its doors to another team from Wyndham bearing the Tigers name last week.

The Wynbay Tigers, a team made up of disadvantagedandriskyouthfromWyndham and Hobsons Bay, had a training session at Werribee’s Chirnside Park base Avalon Airport Oval on Wednesday, May 15.

The club, which competes in the Reclink community football league, were able to use Werribee’s gym facilities as well as have a kick around on Avalon Airport Oval.

The training session came about thanks to a partnership formed between Werribee and Wynbay Tigers designed to help that latter find more players.

The Wynbay Tigers are run by Latitude: Directions for Young People, a youth homelessness service in Altona.

Latitude project co-ordinator Peter Loe, said it was an eye opening experience for the Wynbay Tigers players.

“They’d never had had access to anything

like that before,” Mr Loe said.

“They got access to he Werribbee Footy Club’s first class facilities and professional fitnessinstructorssoitwasagreatopportunity for them to engage with other sporting people in the community.”

Victoria Police youth resource officer for Wyndham, Scott Sutton, was also there to support Wynbay players on the day.

Mr Loe said the partnership with Werribee had lead to a number of new players joining the club, but that participation was the aim, not performance.

“It’s around reducing isolation, increasing social interaction,” he said.

“There’s not too many superstars among them, but they definitely enjoy the program and being around the team and what it provides them.”

Those interested in joining the Wynbay Tigers should contact Peter Loe at Latitude on 9315 0061.

Cade Lucas


School arrest

Police arrested a teenager following a security incident at a Hoppers Crossing Secondary College on Thursday. It is believed the incident involving several students occurred on the grounds of the school on Fraser Street, about 11am on May 16. No-one was injured during the incident. A 17-year-old Tarneit boy was arrested outside the school no-one was injured. The school was reportedly locked down following the incident. Anyone with any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or www.crimestoppersvic.

Noisy ute

A Wyndham Vale man has been fined more than $700 for having a noisy ute. Police first reported the man’s Ute to EPA Victoria on March 10 last year, after hearing it on Cumming Drive, Hoppers Crossing. EPA issued the man with a notice requiring him to have the car tested, make any necessary repairs, and produce a Certificate of Compliance by April 27, 2023. When the case came to court almost a year later, on April 24, 2024, the man provided the certificate, but the magistrate still fined $600 him and ordered him to pay $121 in court costs. No conviction was recorded.



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Wynbay Tigers players train at Werribee FC’s facilities last week. (supplied) 408787_01

Food relief on the way

The lush gardens of Werribee Park have once again been turned into a veggie patch with the 2024 Silverbeet for Food Relief program underway.

Initiated during COVID-19 lockdowns, the program is now an annual event with volunteers from the Wyndham community – namely the local Karen Aunties from Burma, the ACAH (Australian College of Agriculture and Horticulture), as well as a number of genU all-abilities gardenersplanting, growing and harvesting silverbeet and other vegetables which are then used to help feed those in need.

This year’s program started on Wednesday May 8 with approximately 2000 silverbeet seedlings being planted at Werribee Park’s parterre (ornamental) garden.

In about six weeks, those same seedlings will hopefully have grown into mature silverbeet ready to be harvested, cooked and turned into meals at the Sikh Temple Kitchens in Tarneit.

Parks Victoria’s Werribee Plains chief ranger, James Brincat, said the Sikh community not only cook and distribute meals using the silverbeet, but fund the entire program.

“They pay for everything from the plants to the rabbit proof fencing to the fertiliser,” Mr Brincat said.

“The Sikh temple pushes out over a thousand meals a week using the silverbeet.”

To do this they need a lot of silverbeet and Mr Brincat said since the program began during Covid 19, that’s never been a problem.

“We push out on average 5000 kilos over the growing season, sometimes we go up to 10,000,” he said, adding that the size of the crop depends on weather and timing.

They’re (silverbeet) a winter crop but they still need a tiny bit of warmth so they put on


YOUR NEW CAREER ... starts here

Events for reconciliation

The Wyndham community is being encouraged to help mark National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week.

WyndhamcouncilwillhostaNational Sorry Day event on Sunday, May 26, from 8am-noon, featuring a flag raising ceremony, Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony, barbecue week and musicalperformancefeaturingJessieLlo.

Mayor Jennie Barrera encouraged the community to participate in these important days of significance.

“Let’s come together to recognise National Sorry Day which is a day of reflection and learning that commemorates the Stolen Generations,” she said. “Additionally, we’ll be hosting stalls that offer information on a range of community services, resources and cultural activities for the whole family.”

Council’s Reconciliation Week event on Monday, May 27, from 8am-noon, will feature a performance from First Nations artist Kutcha Edwards and his band.

“The National Reconciliation Week theme for 2024, ‘Now More Than Ever’, is a reminder to all of us that no matter what, the fight for justice and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will — and must — continue,“ Cr Barrera said. “National Reconciliation WeekisatimeforallAustralianstolearn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.”

Details: national-reconciliation-week

Star Weekly seeks an enthusiastic Full or Part Time sales executive to work across our print, digital, social and online platforms.

Star Weekly is an independently owned company which prides itself on its long history of community experience but also its investment in the future.

The successful applicant will need to possess good people skills to enable them to meet with local businesses to sell solutions through our advertising platforms to help promote their business.

Songs from the Pilbara

On Friday night a large audience gathered outdoors at the Wuggurrwil Dhurrung Centre in Wyndham to watch visiting Ngarluma artist, Patrick Churnside, perform Tjaabi-Flood Country.

enough to be listened to by indigenous and non-indigenous audiences.

Ten years in the making Tjaabi–Flood Country depicts the 21st Century as the globe warms and the climate changes.

Applicants will need their own reliable vehicle for which we will provide an allowance.

The position is salaried, plus we offer an open ended commission scheme.

Send your application letter and resume to:

Advertising Sales Manager, Mandy Clark

Waddawurrung man, Ashley Skinner welcomed Patrick onto country where they took part in several cultural exchanges and Wyndham council provided audiences with a pre-showmealandanopportunitytoconnect.

The rain mostly held off as the show commenced outside the Wuggurrwil Dhurrung Centre, where chairs and cushion were arranged in front of the stage which was made of sand. Families filtered into the area for what can only be described as a very special experience.

Tjaabi is a unique song form, short compositions using crisp poetic language, set to melodies from across the Pilbara.

Each tjaabi has an original singer and comes from a specific place in the Pilbara, handed down to subsequent singers and family members, but culturally accessible

Mr Churnside uses a mixture of music, narrative and humour to capture the many cultural and ecological pressures facing Aboriginal people in places like the Pilbara in the face of ever-increasing pressures for new minerals, rare earth, and more ore.

He said tjaabi had become one of his passions and life’s work.

“I pour my heart into it, researching, learningandperforming,”MrChurnsidesaid.

“Through my commitment to awakening and sharing Tjaabi in this innovative intercultural project, I hope understanding and reconciliation will grow, greater awareness of country and stronger song, story and culture.”

Tjaabi–Flood Country is now headed to Canberra and NSW before heading back to Western Australia.

Patrick Churnside performing Tjaabi–Flood Country at Wuggurrwil Dhurrung Centre in Wyndham on Friday night. (Neal Rodwell) 408718_01 the growth now while it’s still warm.” with the Sikh community, meals containing the silverbeet will also be distributed through foodshare community shops in Wyndham and some local kindergartens. A Parks Victoria ranger and one of the Karen Aunties from Burma plant silverbeet at Werribee Park earlier this month. (supplied)

Discover personalised support services at expo

Join us at the Empower West Expo hosted by Beyond Choice and sponsored by Kieser Australia, an event where NDIS participants and their families, educators and caregivers can explore tailored support services from a diverse group of NDIS providers.

Attendees will find essential resources for NDIS application guidance, early childhood support, positive behaviour interventions, and more to address individual needs effectively.

Get your complimentary entry ticket for this invaluable opportunity to pursue meaningful employment, consider NDIS accommodation options, and beyond via the Event Brite website or by scanning the QR code.

Exhibitors showcase includes, but is not limited to: NDIS application assistance, plan management, early childhood supports, positive behaviour support, therapy services, assistive technologies, allied health, home/ yard maintenance and employment support solutions.

The Empower West Expo is hosted by Beyond Choice, an esteemed NDIS provider with locations in Werribee, Point Cook, and Melbourne’s CBD, which is dedicated to empoweringindividualswithinthedisability community. Beyond Choice’s philosophy centres on inclusivity, respect, dignity, and independence.

Visit for details and support options.

The expo will be held on Thursday 30 May from 10am to 3pm at Encore Events Centre, 80 Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing.

For tickets go to https://www.eventbrite.

Join us at the Empower West Expo: Connecting NDIS Communities where we bring together NDIS providers offering a range of supports tailored to your needs.

Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 WYNDHAM STAR WEEKLY 9 FEATURING.... DISABILITY Advertising feature

A tale of loyalty and courage

Dr Dzavid Haveric is Adjunct Research Fellow at Charles Sturt University, Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation and a leading expert on the history of Islam and Muslims in Australia. He is the author of 13 books and a research associate at Museum Victoria. He speaks with Justin Flynn about his upcoming book that extensively documents

and their descendants in war.

As I sit down in Dr Dzavid Haveric’s home it is immediately obvious he is looking forward to our conversation. His eyes gleam with anticipation as we settle in to discuss his new book that focuses on Muslim Australians at war. Even his dog Hugo seems to look forward to it as he curls up at my feet in the loungeroom.

Announced as Australian Muslim Professional of the Year in February, the research Dr Haveric put into this labour of love was, according to the man himself, “thousands of hours… endless”.

The book, ‘History of Muslims in the Australian Military from 1885 to 1945’, took Dr Haveric to almost every corner of the country. He spoke to descendants of Muslim soldiers, talked to their friends, visited libraries, museums and RSL clubs, walked through cemeteries, spoke with scholars, and collected diaries, photographs and letters.

The project received the backing of the Department of Defence and Charles Sturt University.

Dr Haveric began researching the book in 2018.AvisittoalonelyheadstoneofaMuslim soldier inspired the project.

‘‘ When they did join, they found a sense of equality and they willingly accepted the call ’’ - Dzavid Haveric

“This is a very original topic,” he proudly says.

“Nothing is written about it and if someone is trying to do the same they can only follow my references. This is why I’m emphasising the originality of my project and if someone wantstodoresearchonthatsubject,thenthey can only follow my footpath.

“Butontopofeverything,mybookwillbea great reference for all scholars, to universities, to museums, to RSL clubs, to war memorials and on an international level as well.”

Dr Haveric immigrated from war-torn Bosnia in the mid-1990s. His love for Australia and its people from all walks of life and religions is evident.

“My love for the country inspired me and the reason why I decided to do this project is simply because I was very challenged to produce an original piece of work and to enrich Australian social military history,” he says.

“This is a wonderful nation and I wanted to contribute as a professional historian. I wanted to contribute with this project and to show all Australians, not just Muslims, to all fellow citizens and to the world that we are great.”

Dr Haveric shares his name with his uncle, who is a national hero in Bosnia.

“My uncle is the very first Muslim who fought against the Nazis in the Second World War,” he says.

“He is a national hero and I got his name in his honour.”

Not much has been documented of Muslim Australians in the defence force.


“They were highly regarded by their Australian mates. They got great recognition for their contribution. Some of them lost their life because they wanted to fight for Australia.

“Their willingness to respond to the call and their patriotism and their loyalty and their contribution and their sacrifice was for a noble cause.

“They fought together with other followers of other nationalities or other religions or other cultures, not necessarily religious

the history of Muslim Australians

beliefs, but cultures, because there are some atheists as well.

“According to Islamic doctrine it is the duty of Muslims to defend the country, even against a Muslim country.”

Dr Haveric says many Muslim Aussies were denied the chance to defend their country due to the White Australia policy.

“The reason why there is not a larger number of Muslims in the Australian army is because White Australia policy didn’t allow them,” he says.

“(But) when they did join, they found a sense of equality and they willingly accepted the call and they contributed in their way as a minority group. They were very proud and very keen to do their bit.”

Muslim Australians and their descendants weren’t just restricted to combat either.

“A lot of women were also involved in sewing uniforms and some were herbalists who offered their help to heal wounded soldiers,” Dr Haveric says.

“Women also contributed in hospitals. There are also those who gave their last penny.”

Dr Haveric baulks when asked how many Muslimsserved,insistingitwillberevealedat the book launch soon.

Instead he says that he had to approach some topics with extra sensitivity.

“(There are) many stories of Muslims of many different backgrounds, different sects, you have to approach people of different sects (and) it’s not always easy,” he says.

“You have to have cultural sensitivity. You have to have knowledge of other sects because Islam is heterogenic. It’s not monolithic, you know.

“In Islam it’s a complex topic. So I have brought many stories. Some stories are touching stories, sad stories, some are happy stories.”

I go off on a tangent as I am served some delicious cake with strawberries and fresh cream and say that my Italian grandfather,

who served in WWII for Australia, went from Giovanni to John after he immigrated from northern Italy.

Dr Haveric says many Muslims also took anglicised names to fit in and just because they were easier to pronounce and remember.

“Like myself, people calling me David, but I’m Dzavid (pronounced Javid),” he says.

“If someone doesn’t remember my name I justsay‘callmeDavid’,butIloveitifsomeone really calls me Dzavid.

“So many of them were with unrecognised names. Like Hussein was called Bob or they were Jack, Jimmy, John, Mark.”

The book is in its final stages of typesetting and awaiting its launch. Its subtitle is ‘loyalty, patriotism and contribution’.

I wonder whether that goes some way into summing up Dr Haveric himself.

The last thing I ask Dr Haveric is whether this will be his legacy.

“There will never be another book like this ever,” he says.

Left: Dr Dzavid Haveric ahead of the launch of his book ‘History of Muslims in the Australian Military from 1885 to 1945’. Above: Dr Dzavid Haveric in 2018 as he was about to begin researching his book. (Pictures: Justin Flynn)

New dental hub now open in Hoppers Crossing

Paediatric Dental Home

The team at Paediatric Dental Home are children’s dentists providing specialist paediatric dental care for children from birth to 18 years of age-or until they outgrow our dental chair!

The practice has two clinics, Hoppers Crossing and Geelong. The team is led by Dr Anuj Batra who has worked in the local area for over 12 years. Dr Batra is joined by paediatric dental specialist Dr Alyssa Brooks.

“As a long-term commitment to the fast-growing Wyndham and surrounding areas we have recently opened a modern, new child-friendly practice in Hoppers Crossing where we look forward to welcoming you soon,” said Dr Batra.

“Our practice is conveniently located at 92 Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing, within walking distance to the Werribee Plaza.”

What is a paediatric dentist (specialist in children’sdentistry)?

A paediatric dentist is qualified in the branch of dentistry that is concerned with preventive and therapeutic oral health care for children from birth through to adolescence, and especially for those with special needs. Paediatric dentistry includes the management of orofacial problems related to medical, behavioural, physical and developmental disabilities.

How can my child benefit from seeing a paediatricdentist?

Paediatricdentistsundergoextensivetraining and have expertise in:

• carrying out a comprehensive dental examination and identifying any problems or concerns

• children with extensive dental decay

• helpingchildrenwithanxietyorbehavioural issues, including Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and more

• very young children, from birth, for oral conditions, oro-facial growth and development and nutritional advice

• childrenwithvariousmedicaland/orgenetic conditions

• a variety of dental injuries to primary and

permanent teeth

• dental conditions like hypomineralised or ’chalky’ teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, tooth eruption problems, abnormal formation of teeth

• treatment using specialised techniques like sedation in addition to providing treatment in a hospital setting under general anaesthesia.

Do I need a referral to see a paediatric dentist?

A lot of children we see are referred by their general dentist/doctor but you do not require a referral to come and see us.

Braces N Faces Orthodontics

Ifyouwouldliketohavestraightteeththatlast a lifetime, consult the specialist orthodontic team at Braces N Faces Orthodontics. The team has been providing services to the Geelong and Hoppers Crossing areas since 1984. The team works with local dentists and allied dental specialists to get you the best results. It’s an exciting time setting out on your orthodontic journey to straighter teeth and a beautiful smile.

Here’s what you can expect along the way with the friendly and experienced team at Braces N Faces Orthodontics:

• Free initial consultations

• On-site parking

• Bulk-billed x-rays

• 3D digital scanning

• Traditional braces

• Clear braces

• Invisalign clear aligners

• Low deposit, interest-free payment plans

At your initial consultation you will meet specialist orthodontist Dr Sama Junaid and her team of support staff including the treatment coordinator. You will have an initial assessment, x-rays taken and a 3D digital scan. A customised treatment plan will be presented to you and a competitive quote for treatment. Interest-free payment plans start from as little as $55 per week for traditional metal braces.

Check Braces N Faces Orthodontics’ Google reviews and testimonials from past and present clients. From here you can start your journey to a beautiful, straight smile!


New paramedics ready to serve

New paramedics will join the ranks at Ambulance Victoria’s (AV) Point Cook and Tarneit branches, following a graduation ceremony in Sunshine at the weekend.

The graduates have joined AV’s Advanced Life Support (ALS) paramedic ranks, having completed the Graduate Ambulance Paramedic (GAP) program.

GAP participants undertake a structured, on-road supervision and learning program for at least 12 months after completing their university degrees, before becoming fully qualified ALS paramedics.

Theprogramhelpsgraduatestransitionfrom the classroom to the ‘real world’, integrating into day-to-day team responsibilities and activities, AV said.

The attendees at Sunday’s ceremony brought a diverse range of life experiences and motivations to their career at AV, with the group including new parents, a former retail worker, an ex-teacher and individuals following in the footsteps of family members.

Taryn Daly’s big brother Stuart has been a paramedic in Wodonga for almost 10 years and she said it was special to have him at her graduation.

“He’s 12 years older than me and such a big role model in my life,” Taryn said.

“He’s helped me with studying, with any questions I have and giving me advice.

“It was great finishing my grad year and to be able to tell my brother my results and sharing my achievements with him.”

Taryn said her brother has been one part of a supportive network as she stepped into her new career.

“My partner Brandon has also been very supportive – he always has dinner ready when I get home from work, or when I’m studying he’s always cooking and cleaning,” she said.

Since beginning her paramedicine studies, being able to help a wide range of people has been the highlight for Taryn.

“My favourite thing about being a paramedic is helping people every day,” she said.

“You go into people’s homes when they’re dealing with their toughest moments so it’s a uniquerole–Ifinditfulfillingandrewarding.

“I enjoy meeting all different kinds of people every day and talking to patients and their families.

“And I love that I get to come to work and do all that alongside some of my best mates.”

AV chief executive Jane Miller said the graduation was a big achievement for the new paramedics.

“We congratulate all our newest advanced life support paramedics on completing their time as a graduate ambulance paramedic and are thrilled to celebrate this milestone in their careers,” she said.

“It’sfantastictohearwhatmotivatedeachof them to become paramedics, and while these

reasons vary, we are all linked by a passion to help and care for our community.

“This group have already spent significant time on-road making a positive impact to patients across the state, so they understand what an honour it is to provide best care to all Victorians, and we’re excited to have them join us in delivering that.”

ThenewparamedicswillbebasedatTarneit, Point Cook, Dallas, Sydenham, Hillside, Belgrave, Seymour, Clyde North, Inglewood, Morwell and Winchelsea.

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Taryn Daly with peer support dog Ted. (Pictures: Supplied) The graduates during Sunday’s ceremony. The graduation ceremony was held at Ambulance Victoria’s hub in Sunshine.

Business awards are now open

The2024WyndhamBusinessAwardsarenow open.

The Wyndham Business Awards highlight achievementsinthelocalbusinesscommunity, offering a platform for business leaders and providing an opportunity for businesses of all types and sizes to be recognised for their hard work and dedication.

A Wyndham council initiative, the awards recognise business excellence across a range of industries and celebrate local innovators, entrepreneurs and industrious businesses.

Heldannually,theprogramisinits28thyear and has grown to become one of the largest in the state.

“The Wyndham Business Awards is a highlight of the year for our business community and showcases the amazing array of talent, fortitude and skill of businesses in Wyndham,” said Wyndham mayor Jennie Barrera who explained the purpose behind the awards.

“The awards aim to reflect the progressive business landscape and recognise the diversity in the Wyndham business community from start-ups, social enterprises, micro to large employers and excellence in innovation, sustainability, local community, diversity, inclusion, innovation and customer experience. We encourage all businesses in Wyndham to enter the awards and have theopportunity to be recognised for their hard work and achievements.”

The awards feature categories for types of businesses, business practices and individual awardssuchasbusinesspersonoftheyearand young business person of the year.

To be eligible, businesses must be located and registered in Wyndham, not be insolvent and not operate pokie machines.

Cr Barrera said those businesses and business owners interested in entering but

wanting to learn more, would have plenty of opportunity to do so.

Councilishostinginformationsessions,one online on Thursday, May 23, from noon to 1pm, and one in-person on Monday, May 27, from 5.30pm to 7pm, for anyone interested in

finding out more information about entering the awards or nominating someone for individual awards.

Finalists will be announced Monday, July 1 on the Wyndham council website and the winners at the 2024 Wyndham Business

Awards presentation evening on Friday, September 6 at Encore Events Centre. Entries close 5pm, Friday, June 7. Details: business-investment/business-awards-specialevents/2024-wyndham-business-awards

Our superior map-based search gives you the complete view of the property market. With heritage, zoning and property overlays, you get the complete view of millions of properties across Australia, even if they’re not for sale yet.

When it comes to property, with you see all.

Situated in a highly sought-after pocket of Tarneit, this spacious block of land is close to shopping centres, lovely parks and reserves, quality zoned schools and everything else Tarneit and its surrounding suburbs have to offer.

• 375m2 (approx.) block of land

• Convenient rectangular shape

• Situated in the sought-after suburb of Tarneit

• Short drive to Tarneit Station

• Convenient access to Tarneit Central Shopping Centre

• Princes Freeway easily accessible through Leaks Road

• Melbourne CBD, beaches, medical facilities, dining, and entertainment opportunities all close at hand

The growing suburb of Tarneit offers a range of amenities and facilities, with easy access to beaches and waterways, lovely lifestyle perks, fantastic opportunities for professionals and students, as well as not being located too far from Melbourne City itself. This block is quite close to everything this welcoming suburb and surrounding areas have to offer, providing a peaceful and convenient lifestyle for potential residents.


Public transport, medical facilities, retail,
12689486-MS20-24 Auction Auction Saturday 1st June at 11:30am Contact Paul Caine 0421 551 051 Erica Aggett 0405 756 318 LJ Hooker Point Cook 9975 7080 59 Vestige Circuit,Tarneit Titled Land in the heart of Tarneit! grocery stores and much more are all situated within the vicinity of this highly appealing block. Zoned to Tarneit Senior College, Warringa Park School, Nearnung Primary School
Primary School
& Wimba
See what the others don’t
2024 Wyndham Business of the Year winners, Fruit2Work. (Supplied)


WANT YOUR EVENT LISTED? Community Calendar is made available free of charge to not-for-profit organisations to keep the public informed of special events and activities. Send item details to Star Weekly Community Calendar, Corner Thomsons Road and Keilor Park Drive, Keilor Park, 3042, or email to by 9am Wednesday the week prior to publication

Drumming classes

Community adult drumming class. If you ever wanted to try out your rhythmic skills, the first class is free and concessions apply for other classes. All hand drums supplied or BYO. No experience required, just bring an open heart and mind and enjoy making some great rhythms together. The class is friendly and welcoming to everyone.

Thursdays, 7.30pm to 8.30pm, during school terms, at Saltwarter Community Centre, 153 Saltwater Parade, Point Cook.

■ 0411 028 077 or

Wyndham Ladies Probus

Retired or semi-retired ladies are invited to join this very active social group. Enjoy impressive monthly guest speakers, interesting monthly outings and many lunches where the development of friendships is encouraged. The Ladies Probus Club of Wyndham meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Hotel 520, Sayers Road, Tarneit, at 10am.

■ Pat, 0411 316 795

Laverton Community Choir

The choir is currently welcoming new members - especially male voices. If you love singing and would like to be part of a choir – come along and try out your vocal cords. There are no auditions and you don’t need to be able to read music. The group meets on Thursday evenings during school terms at Laverton P12 College, 91 Bladin Street, Laverton, from 7-9pm.

■ Sue, 0418 386 147 or

Point Cook VIEW

The Point Cook Day VIEW Club (for ladies) meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Point Cook Library, 1-21 Cheetham Street, Point Cook. Members enjoy afternoon teas and outings. New members welcome. VIEW Is part of the Smith Family.

■ Catherine, 0407 726 852

Watton Group

A support group providing a social space for carers to get together in a safe and compassionate environment. Gives carers an opportunity to connect, share their experiences and offers emotional and practical support. The group meets at the Eco-Living Centre at 10am, every fourth Tuesday of the month.

■ Patricia, 0434 487 360, or

All Abilities Netball

All Abilities Netball for 10-to-25-year-olds is run by Wyndham Netball Association every Saturday morning during school terms, from 10.30am, on outside court 14 at Eagle Stadium, Ballan Road, Werribee. Intellectual, physical and social disabilities are catered for in a fun and supported group. Come and try your first session for free, with stadium entry $2.

■ Phil, 0437 078 739

Walking Netball

Walking Netball is a low impact, no running, no jumping version for those that love the fun, friendship and activity of a weekly game of netball. Sessions are run every Thursday during school terms, from 8pm, at Eagle Stadium, Ballan Road, Werribee. Come and try your first session for free, with stadium entry $2.

■ Phil, 0437 078 739

Wyndham Rotary

Wyndham Rotary welcomes people interested in helping people in need in the community. Interested in finding out more, come to the Italian Sports Club each

Wednesday at 6.30pm for a meal, to share ideas and to work for a common cause.

■ Julie, 0406 196 630

With One Voice Wyndham Choir

With One Voice Wyndham Choir is a community choir open to all. The community choir welcomes all ages, abilities, faiths, cultures and genders and is directed by a very experienced and friendly professional conductor. Fun weekly rehearsals and amazing performance opportunities are provided. They sing for an hour and then have a cuppa. The first two visits are free; and then payment is by tax-deductible donation. Tuesday evenings, 7-8.30pm, at Wayaperri House, 106 Duncans Road, Werribee.


Adult community garden group

The group meets on the first Tuesday of the month, 10-11.30am, at Iramoo Community Centre, 84 Honour Avenue, Wyndham Vale. Head down and join them as they maintain their rejuvenated community garden. Planting and harvesting produce that they grow.

■ 8742 3688

Seniors House of Fun

The Grange Community Centre invites seniors of Wyndham to its weekly Seniors House of Fun. This is a free program running every Friday, 11am-12.30pm, at

of classes-activities specifically designed for seniors, including, light physical and mental wellbeing sessions, arts, games and craft, and general classes such as current affairs, history and lunch groups. Most classes-activities are held at Wyndham community centres.

■ Rick, 0402 299 220

Lions Club

This week’s photographer’s choice picture is of Cole Trikojus at Hanging Rock in the Macedon Ranges. (Tom Trikojus)

The Grange Community Centre, 260-280 Hogans Road, Hoppers Crossing.

■ Vanessa, 8742 8000, or

Seniors club

The Werribee Senior Citizens Club meets at 80 Lonsdale Circuit, Hoppers Crossing. The group is open to all people 55-plus and it runs on Wednesdays, 10am-noon. Entry: $2, includes morning tea.

■ 0403 041 499

Diabetes Support Group

The Werribee Diabetes support provides an opportunity to hear from experts on how to manage your diabetes, to share information on diabetes and to engage with other diabetics Meetings are at the old council shire buildings at 10am every second Friday of the month.

■ Bob, 0409 252 872

Hoppers Crossing Ladies Probus

The friendly and vibrant group meet at Hotel 520 on the second Wednesday of each month from 10am. They have a guest speaker each month as well as social lunches, outings and theatre trips.

■ 0408 123 669

U3A Werribee

The group is a not-for-profit community organisation for semi-retired and retired Wyndham residents. They hold a variety

Lions Club of Werribee meets at the RSL Club, 2a Synnot Street, Werribee on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 6.30pm.

■ Jorge, 0433 566 575

Bingo for all

The Werribee RSL hosts Bingo every Monday between 12.30-2.30pm.

■ 9741 5525

Western Budgerigar Club

The Western Suburbs Budgerigar Club meets at 7.30pm on the third Thursday of each month at Masonic Hall, 223 Watton Street, Werribee. Meet other members who are also passionate about breeding Budgerigars.

■ Don, 0414 975 862

Wyndham Combined Probus Club

Wyndham Combined Probus Club has been providing friendship and fun for retired people for 22 years. It recently moved to a new home at Iramoo Community Centre in Wyndham Vale and offers speakers, lunches, brunches, shows, trips and tours. Newcomers are welcome on the second Tuesday of the month at 1.30pm.

■ Judy, 0411 034 311

Werribee River Association

New volunteers to support Landcare work along the Werribee River. A great way to give back, get outdoors and work at your own pace.

■ Lisa Field, 0433 559 530,, or

Prep for employment course

Seeking a change in career or how to improve your employability? Receive face-to-face help with job searches, resumes, interviews, upskilling and more in a prep for employment course. Register today. At 43 Mason Street, Newport. ■ 9391 8504, or

Intro to computers course

For beginners and those looking to refresh skills. The computer lab is fully equipped for interactive and hands-on learning. Accessing information, resources, file management, emails, Microsoft Office, AI and online safety. At 43 Mason Street, Newport.

■ 9391 8504, or

Positions vacant

Join the Hobsons Bay Community Fund (HBCF) as a committee member to support and strengthen your local community. It is seeking to fill the treasurer’s role as well as other voluntary positions.



Fitness for her is offering a free, low-impact group class for individuals with dementia to maintain communication and social engagement. A six-week term started on Thursday, May 9, and will offer 30-minute exercise classes for people living with dementia and their carers at Central Square Shopping Centre, shop 46-47, Newham Way, Altona Meadows.

■, or 9360 8000



To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in: each of the nine vertical columns, each of the nine horizontal rows and each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes. Remember, no number can occur more than once in any row, column or box.


1 Possibility (6)

4 Oblation (8)

9 Fierce animals (5)

10 Originating city of The Beatles (9)

11 Australian rugby league player and former Senator, – Lazarus (5)

12 Grant (9)

13 Diplomatic representative sent on a mission (8)

15 Smear (6)

16 Nakedness (6)

18 Positions in a hierarchy or scale (8)

23 One half of Oxbridge (9)

24 ‘Not on your – !’ (5)

26 Point above focus of an earthquake (9)

27 Dwelling (5)

28 Number in fluid mechanics, symbol Re (8)

29 Hurries (6)


1 Toiletry (7)

2 Sun-dried brick (5)

3 Gambling buildings (7)

5 Act of kindness (6)

6 Made of fired clay (7)

7 Quarantine (9)

8 Theatrical partners – and Sullivan (7)

10 Vital organ (5)

14 Insurance; immunity (9)

16 Atomic (7)

17 Sink (7)

19 Skyfall theme singer (5)

20 Relatedness (7)

21 Reserve (7)

22 Revised and corrected (6)

25 Cad (coll) (5)

and each letter may only be used once. No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural nouns ending in “s”.

1 What is the capital of Hungary?

2 In which country is the beer Stella Artois

Where in Australia would you find the Nan Tien Temple?

Hayley Williams (pictured) is the lead vocalist of which American alt-rock group? 5 What does IMF stand for? 6 How many moons does Mercury have?

Which singer’s real name is

8 What was the name of the first bank to open in

9 Who directed the movie Fight Club (1999)?

What is diegesis?

Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 WYNDHAM STAR WEEKLY 15 No. 186
186 No. 186
No. 186 57 14 73 41 58 98 2 3195 95 26 24 89 3952 69 7 easy 46 8 3471 89 1 72 1 57 76 4 67 3 93 72 9 medium 84 23 9851 34 75 75 4 29 3 17 68 31 2 71 8 hard No. 186 SUDOKU
Osterberg Jr?
able, allele, alma, amble, bale, ball, balm, bell, belle, blame, lama, lamb, lame, lamella, lamellae, leal, llama, mala, male, mall, MALLEABLE, meal Using
words: Good
words: Very good 22 words: Excellent Today’s
LETTERS ADO AGO ANT BIB CHI DOE EAR EAT GEL HAM HAY ICE LAX LYE MAR REV RUB SEW SPA TAP TEA UTE WEE YAP 4 LETTERS DESK EMIR FIND INKS LESS LOVE ONLY PENS SAIL SINE SKEW STEP VANS WHOA 5 LETTERS ADOBE ADORE AROSE ATLAS AWARE CRABS CRAMP EASEL EMAIL ENACT EXTRA FARES HAVEN IDEAL KARAT LISTS MAMAS MATTE NICHE NOISY OBESE OCTAL OMEGA OVALS PAVES POLKA RADAR RADII RASPS REIGN REINS SEEPS SENSE SLAPS SLEEP SLYLY SMITE SPARS STANK START STEAK STRUT TASTE TINGE TRAIN TURNS VERSE VISTA WANED WHERE 6 LETTERS GHETTO PRESTO SHEARS SIESTA 7 LETTERS ARTWORK EVENING FANTASY MASSIVE POTTERY THISTLE 8 LETTERS ESCALATE PARALYSE REFORMAT REGISTER CRAMP SLAPS FARES RADAR KARAT IDEAL ADORE EXTRA NOISY BIB SEW WANED GEL SIESTA POLKA ONLY POTTERY REV WHOA INKS MAMAS HAM VANS ESCALATE EVENING THISTLE REGISTER SAIL TAP ENACT EMIR LESS HAY FANTASY LOVE AROSE GHETTO ICE SPARS DOE RUB STRUT SMITE AWARE TASTE PAVES REINS SLEEP STEAK SENSE 12 345678910111213 1415 1617181920212223242526 A V R U C K Z Y N P Q T F M X B O L I W E H G D S J Insert the missing letters to make 10 words – five reading across the grid and five reading down. NOTE: more than one solution may be possible 24-05-24 Puzzles and pagination © Pagemasters | 342615978 683427159 864539712 578942631 415396827 259761483 196873245 927158364 731284596 easy medium hard 587296143 175689432 741362598 396148725 628431957 953874216 214753689 439527861 862915374 814297356 968732541 683924715 376851492 421589637 159378264 592463178 735146829 247615983 1 14 7 20 2 15 8 21 3 16 9 22 4 17 10 23 5 18 11 24 6 19 12 25 13 26 RADAR DJ 1. Budapest 2. Belgium 3. Wollongong 4. Paramore 5. International Monetary Fund 6. None 7. Iggy Pop 8. The Bank of New South Wales 9. David Fincher 10. The narration of a fictional world ANSWERS:
the nine letters in the
how many words of four letters or more can you list? The centre letter
be included
Aim: 3
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1. Which team defeated Melbourne City 1-0 to win the 2024 A-League Women grand final?

2. What year did the Gold Coast Suns play their first match in the AFL?

3. Australian basketballer Bec Allen plays for which Arizona-based WNBA team?

4. Australian boxer Jason Moloney previously held the WBO world title in which weight division?

5. Rugby league broadcaster Phil Gould is General Manager of Football for which NRL club?

6. How many teams compete in the Professional Women’s Hockey League?

Which racing driver's first F1 win was the 2024 Miami Grand Prix?

Which A-League Men team defeated Lebanese team Al-Ahed 1-0 to win the 2024 AFC Cup final?

How many games did the New Orleans Pelicans win in their 2024 NBA playoffs series versus the Oklahoma City Thunder?

Gumbo the Dog is a costumed mascot for which NFL team?

Which grand slam tennis champion is set to retire at the end of the year after a run of injuries?

Which two AFL clubs changed their names for the annual Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round?

13. Denver Nuggets NBA player Jamal Murray was fined how much money for throwing objects onto the court during live play?

14. In which year was the Melbourne Cup handicap horse race first run?

15. Which Australian Test cricketer was left out of Australia’s T20 World Cup squad?

16. Which team has won more State of Origin matches overall: New South Wales or Queensland?

17. Wrigley Field is the home stadium of which Major League Baseball team?

18. By what margin did St Kilda win their only premiership in 1966 against Collingwood?

19. Which major sporting event will be held in Canada, Mexico and the US in 2026?

20. Which West Indian cricket superstar has scored 22 centuries in the Twenty20 format?

21. Travis Boak was captain of Port Adelaide for which five year period?

22. Which athlete was the first pick in the 2024 WNBA draft by Indiana Fever?

23. What type of event was NFL veteran Tom Brady recently the subject of on Netlix?

24. Gold Coast star Matt Rowell went viral in 2023 for eating what during a pre-season ritual?

25. Erin Molan was a host on which show from 2014–2018?

26. The Japanese mens national rugby union team is known by what nickname?

27. Which NBA player had a cameo appearance in the 1980 film Airplane!?

28. In which sport is Magnus Carlsen a five-time world champion?

29. At which NRL club did Ivan Cleary retire as a player, before returning as a coach?

30. Which Australian athlete debuted for both the national cricket team and soccer team at age 16?

Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 WYNDHAM STAR WEEKLY 17
1. Sydney FC 2. 2011 3. Pyhoenix Mercury 4. Bantamweight 5. Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 6. Six (New York, Boston, Minnesota, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal) 7. Lando Norris 8. Central Coast Mariners 9. Zero 10. New Orleans Saints 11. Dominic Thiem 12. Adelaide and West Coast 13. US$100,000 14. 1861 15. Steve Smith 16. Queensland 17. Chicago Cubs 18. One point 19. FIFA World Cup 20. Chris Gayle 21. 2013–2018 22. Caitlin Clark 23. Comedy roast 24. Grass 25. ShowFootyNRLThe 26. The Brave Blossoms/the Cherry Blossoms 27. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 28. Chess 29. New Zealand Warriors 30. Ellyse Perry Tom Brady Magnus Carlsen 2405 Ph: 9360 0466 THE PLUMBING COMPANY •Blocked Drains •Drain Camera •Burst Pipes •Hot Water Services •Roof Repairs •Gas Servicing EMERGENCY 24/7 SERVICE Lic. No. 28635 12490425-AV15-21 FREE CAR REMOVAL Pay up to $500 for most cars Dead or Alive LMCT 10268W 7 days a week service Call Gus for a free quotation on 0435 904 818 12321532-HM36-16 Real Estate Buy,Rent&Sellinour section of Network Classifieds. V Wrecking Kiosk 01, Opposite Direct Chemist Outlet, Point Cook Shopping Centre 12688959-MS20-24 CASH PAID FOR Unwanted gold jewellery, broken gold jewellery, scrap gold TOP PRICES PAID Latest XRF analyser tests your gold items without scratching or acid. Qualified jeweller and licensed second hand dealer. Servicing Point Cook and surrounds. Open: 10am - 5pm, Monday to Saturday AAA GOLD BUYERS GOLD BUYERS POINT COOK NEED NEW STAFF? Fill your position online 12565959-HC35-22 Motoring V Positions Vacant V Jewellery Employment Professional Services MIRMIC PLUMBING Lic 35031 • General Plumbing & Maintenance • Spouting & Roofing • Hot & Cold Water Services • Gas work FREE Quotes Call Mick 0417 352 040 12530339-JW02-22 V Plumbing SELF CONTAINED UNIT in Altona. 1 Bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, close to transport and beach. Suited for single person. Please call 0438 505 003. G6795050AA-dc29Apr MEMBER OF MASTER BUILDERS ASSOCIATION NICK’S RE-BLOCKING SERVICE ALL SUBURBS ★ RAISING ★ LEVELLING ★ UNDERPINNING ★ RESTUMPING WITH CONCRETE OR REDGUM STUMPS ★ COUNCIL PERMIT ★ ALL WORK GUARANTEED FREE SMOKE ALARM PH: 9360 5357 Mobile: 0412 378 193 Reg No 8659 Registered Building Practitioner 1132314-LB19-14 V To Let NEW NEW NEW 32 Dunlop Rd Hoppers Crossing 0431 390 599 Swa13128xbe Velvet House 12474997-DL50-20 Advertise with us and get better results CALL: ฀ ฀ SAIDA’S PAINTING Top Quality Guaranteed EST. 2008 • Domestic • Commercial • Interior • Exterior • New Homes • Renovation • Plaster Repairs • Roof Painting Call for a Free Quote 0416 561 594 0403 610 782 12664534-SN05-24 MATHS, ENGLISH AND SCIENCE TUTORING Up to VCE. Book for 2024 Please phone: 0432 514 326. V Tuition EXTREME REBLOCKING The best Reblocking & Underpinning • Full Insurance • Building permit supplied • Pump to be used • 100% Computer leveling • Since 1999 Call Sam for a Free Quote 9324 8575 or 0409 237 487 12639993-HC41-23 V Reblocking/Underpinning seaview 12416368-CG17-19 ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ 0439 858 298 Painting Services Rainbow Club 48 Davies Avenue, Sunshine North 0468 693 833 SWA6566B $110/ 30mins Open 7 days 12652832-AI48-23 V Painters/Decorators V Adult Services ADVERTISERS, in this section are qualified practitioners and offer nonsexual services. DISCRIMINATION IN ADVERTISING IS UNLAWFUL The Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 1995 makes it unlawful for an advertiser to show any intention to discriminate on the basis of sex, pregnancy, race, age, marital status, political or religious belief or physical features, disability, lawful sexual activity/sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS status or on the basis of being associated with a person with one of the above characteristics, unless covered by an exception under the Act. As Network Classifieds could be legally liable if an unlawful advertisement is printed, Network Classifieds will not accept advertisements that appear to break the law. For more information about discrimination in advertising, contact your legal advisers or the Equal Opportunity Commission. 12553448-JC23-22 STONE BENCHTOPS Overlay Over Your Existing Benchtops With Stone. Change The Look Of Your Kitchen In A Day! Call for a free quote 0425 825 504 12362716-ACM35-17 ADVERTISERS PLEASE NOTE Anyone advertising a puppy, dog, kitten or cat in Victoria for sale or re-homing will need a source number from the Pet Exchange Register and a microchip identification number. It is now an offence to advertise unless the source number and microchip identification number is included in the advertisement or notice. For further information, call 136 186 or visit 12423634-SN31-19 V Professional V Kitchens V Plumbing V Massage Therapists V Pets & Services General Classifieds Employment Trades & Services


Looks: 8/10

Performance: 9/10

Safety: 7/10

Thirst: 7/10

Practicality: 8/10

Comfort: 8/10

Tech: 8/10

Value: 6/10

In a word, impressive

Could it be that auto giant Audi has grasped the Holy Grail of the industry with its most popular vehicle, the Q5?

The most desirable, yet elusive, automotive properties claimed by the Q5 plug-in petrol/ electric hybrid – outstanding performance coupledwithmiserlyfuelconsumption–stand as the chalice of Arthurian legend.

The new Q5 55 TFSI e quattro S line showcases the manufacturer’s expertise in electrification and highly efficient internal combustion engine technology with a claimed sprint from zero to 100km/h in a sizzling 5.3 seconds, while, on average, sipping a mere 2 litres of fuel per 100km.

The upgraded vehicle comes to market in a choice of SUV or Sportback styling, starting from $102,900 and $110,200, respectively, without on-road costs. Metallic paint adds $1990 to the price; 20-inch Audi Sport alloy wheels are a no-cost option. On test was the latter at $112,190.

Like all new Audis in Australia the Q5 55 TFSI e is covered by the maker’s five-year unlimited kilometre and 12-year body corrosionwarranties.Thebatteryisguaranteed for eight years.


The Q5 PHEV takes on the robust character of the standard Q5, which is enhanced by the inclusion of the S line features including S front and rear bumpers and grille, plus tailgate spoiler.

The Sportback is upgraded from the SUV by headlamps with LED Matrix lights, with washers,anddynamicfrontandrearindicators. Twenty-inch Audi Sport alloy wheels have a part polished finish which goes to showing off red painted brake callipers.

Optional roof rails on Sportback feature electronic stability control detection, which adjusts ESC when heavy loads are carried on the roof altering the vehicle’s centre of gravity.


Welcominguptofiveoccupants,Nappaleather wrapped seating, with diamond stitching, up front is power adjustable, heated and with four-way lumbar support. The driver’s side boasts memory function.

Sliding rear seats have 40:20:40 separation and the three-zone climate control air-con has its own display back there. The mood can be subtly altered with one of 30 shades of ambient lighting.

With seat backs in place there is 460 litres of boot space, extending to 1400 litres with the backs folded. The 14.4kWh battery is stored under the luggage compartment.


Accessed by a 10.1-inch dash-mounted touchscreen, the Audi MMI interface puts a mass of information, including navigation, at the driver’s fingertips. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard.

Digital radio DAB+ is played through a 180W sound system with 10 speakers and sub-woofer. Wireless mobile phone charging also is standard in addition to two USB outlets front and back.


A 2.0 litre TFSI turbo engine works with an electric motor to put out a combined 270 kW and 500 Nm, which is fed to the road through a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission and Audi quattro all-wheel drive.

A 14.4 kWh lithium-ion battery, located under the rear cargo area, can be fuelled up to 7.2 kW AC for a full charge in around two-and-a-half hours.

The vehicle is supplied with all charging gear, including 240V three-pin standard plug, 230V 32 Amp industrial plug and wall bracket mount, plus a Type 2 cable for use at public charging stations.


The new Q5 55 TFSI e quattro S line showcases the manufacturer’s expertise in electrification and highly efficient internal combustion engine technology. (Pictures: Supplied)

ANCAP rating, which ran out in January –not that safety is now second class. Passive featuresincludeeightairbags–dualfront,dual front-side, dual curtain and dual rear-side.

Active safety includes autonomous emergency braking (up to 85 km/h) with pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitoring (side assist), collision avoidance assist, exit warning, automatic high-beam, hill descent control,lane-keepassist,rearcross-trafficalert, tyre pressure monitoring, turn and swerve assist, predictive efficiency assistant, driver attention monitoring, plus rear-view camera and active bonnet.

Parking is given a wider perspective thanks to 360-degree cameras, plus park assist, hold assist and hill descent control.


UnlikeotherICE/electricmotorhybrids,which generally make all the decisions about power generation, the Q5 55 TFSI e gives the driver a greaterinputintohowthetwosourcescombine by choosing one of four operating modes via the touchscreen.

Hybrid mode operates automatically through the route guidance in the navigation systemandcanbealsoselectedmanually.Here the battery charge is optimally distributed across the route to maintain minimum fuel consumption.

In stop-start traffic the Q5 Sportback e quattrorunsmainlyonbatterypowerbasedon a large amount of data from on-board sensors. On the open road, when the driver releases the accelerator engine management decides whether to coast with the engine off or use power regen to convert into electrical energy. All these functions are switched on and off with the minimum effect on the driving performance – the rare engine note in no way being a negative intrusion to cabin occupants.

A further three modes are at the driver’s fingertips. In EV mode – the default setting wheneverthecarisstarted–thecarispowered by electricity alone, so long as the driver does not depress the accelerator pedal past a certain variable pressure point. The Sportback can run as far as 53km up to 135km/h on the emission-free electric motor alone.

In Hold mode, battery capacity is held at the current level. In Charge mode, the drive management system increases the energy in the battery using the internal combustion engine. As it does during regeneration, the electric motor charges the drive battery.


The Audi Q5 Sportback 55 TFSI e quattro S line? In a word, impressive.

The Audi Q5 range initially received a five-star

Weekend action across the west

StarWeekly photographer Ljubica Vrankovic braved the elements on Sunday to capture some of the sporting action. Aguak Chok. 407999_01 Werribee Hockey team. 407988_01 Jasmin Day. 407999_06 Mellisa Barnes. 407987_04 Nicholas Di Grazia. 407984_09 Meekness Payne. 407984_05 Werribee celebrate a goal. 407988_22 Melton Phoenix’s Shea Cain. 407992_08 Epping’s Cindy Turnbull kicks goal to level the scores. 407987_15 Melton Phoenix’s Sarah Bender. 407992_04

Hoppers out of the Australia Cup

Hoppers Crossing’s Australia Cup campaign has come to an end but not without a fight on Wednesday night.

The Reds were the underdogs heading into the round six clash with Melbourne SRBIJA, with a spot in the national stage of the competition.

Melbourne SRBIJA opened the scoring early at Grange Reserve and had a 1-0 goal lead at half time.

The side used its experience late in the game to run away with a 5-0 win.

Reds coach Kevin Smart said he was proud of the group to reach that stage of the competition.

“We are one of five state league 2 sides to have reached that point of the competition,” he said.

“I’mreallyproudofthewaytheboysplayed last [Wednesday] night. We played one of the better teams in the NPL.

“We ran out of legs and the score looked a lot worse than it was.

“The boys need to take credit for the run.”

The Reds’ cup run has been the shining light in the Reds season so far.

While they had claimed five wins in the cup competition, they’re yet to taste victory in the state league 2 north-west competition.

Smart said they weren’t doing much differently in the cup games than they were in the league.

“I think we’ve had some more polished performances,” he said. “Sometimes it’s a bit of luck and nothing has gone our way.

“We need a little bit more composure.

“At the same time, I think that our performances aren’t reflected in the results.

Smart said playing against some higher ranked teams in the cup, had suited their

style of play.

He said they would review their cup game and the result from last week and see what they have to change.

“I think a win or two under our belt will put us back where we need to be,” he said.

“We’ve only got two or three players from last year and we are still kind of gelling.

The boys are getting better with knowing each other’s runs.”

“We’re still a work in progress.”

The Reds faced Lalor United in round eight as it searches for its first win.

Smart said they would look to make one or two changes to their side to keep them fresh, but backed the young side to be able to back up.

Unfortunately for the Reds, it was more pain as they suffered a 3-0 loss.

The Reds this Saturday face Mill Park.

Centrals gaining ground

The usual wins may not be on the board for Werribee Centrals but there’s been plenty of positives early in the Geelong and District Netball League season.

Having had a number of changes in the off season, the Centurions were always going to take time to adjust.

Centurions netball coordinator Ellie Tubbs said they always knew it was going to take some time this season.

After seven rounds the Centurions sit in seventh spot with three wins and four losses.

“It has been a different start for the A-grade side having not had as many wins as they would have liked,” she said.

“There’s some really positive things. We have a young team, a new team that we have put together.

“There’s positives to see there and there will be development over the season.”

Having had the same core group for more than 10 years, Tubbs said it was going to take

time to build those connections that the previous group had.

She highlighted different team bonds, connections and rotations as things that would come as they played together more.

Tubbs said there had been some development in all of those areas.

With one of the top netball programs in the competition, the Centurions have a lot of talent coming through.

Their under-19s haven’t lost for three and half years and all those girls play in higher grades as well.

Tubbs said there had been some good signs from some of the younger players who have stepped up.

“AlualGarangandCaitlinHendricksenare working really well together in the defensive circle,” she said.

“Olivia Edwards has been a great addition at goal attack and is finding her feet and confidence.

“Natasha Dimkovski is still so young as she’s been part of the side since she was 15.

It’s her chance to show a bit more leadership

Sports shorts


Westbourne Grammarians fell short against St Bedes-Mentone Tigers in the Victorian Amateur Football Association premier B women’s competition. Scores were level at quarter time before the Tigers led by 19 points at half time. There wasn’t much between the two sides in the second half with the Tigers winning, 7.10 (52)-4.3 (27). Caitlin Brennan kicked two goals for the Grammarians, while Gracie Lamers was named their best.

Big V

Wyndham came away with a big win against the Western Port Steelers in the Big V men’s championship competition on Saturday night. Wyndham jumped out of the blocks early and led 32-9 at quarter time. After that period there wasn’t much between the two sides, with Wyndham winning 102-73. Oskar Jones top scored with 30 points for Wyndham. Wyndham sits atop the ladder with just one loss for the season.


Werribee City got its second win of the Victorian Premier League 1 season on Saturday. Having not won since round one, the Bees managed to score twice in the second half to come away with a 2-1 win against the North Geelong Warriors. The win moves the Bees seven points clear of the Warriors at the bottom of the table.


and it’s positive to see her step up into the role and flourish.”

Tubbs, who is coaching C and D-grade while she’s pregnant, said they were expecting to see some more positive results in the second half of the season.

“The second half of the season is really important for us and can be a turning point to get more wins on the board,” she said.

“We wanted to play finals at the start of the season and nothing changes.”

The Centurions B-grade side remains undefeated as well with the experienced group got their eyes on the prize.

Tubbs said their C and D-grade teams have won more games than last year which has been a real positive.

On Saturday, the Centurions’ A-grade side got back on the winners list against North Geelong.

It was a big win for the Centurions, claiming the points 52-20.

Brigitte Ardossi shot 29 goals for the Centurions.

Straight kicking guided Werribee Centrals to another win in the Geelong and District Football League on Saturday. The Centurions headed up to Geelong to face North Geelong. The Centurions got off to a fast start and led by 25 points at the first break. After then, there wasn’t much between the two sides with the Centurions coming away with a 16.4 (100)-10.11 (71). Carmelo Saliba kicked four goals for the Centurions while Jack Stephenson was named their best. The Centurions sit third on the ladder

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Hoppers Crossing is still searching for first win. (Supplied) Natasha Dimkovski (Jacob Pattison) 354750_02

Strong start for Williamstown in state league 3

Williamstown’s winning streak ended at three in the FV state league 3 north-west competition.

After starting the season with a run of draws, Williamstown then won three in a row to get its season back on track.

On Friday night, Williamstown had to fight hard against Epping City for a 1-1 draw. Benji Mangar was the goal scorer for Williamstown.

Speaking before the match, general manager Jason Drozdek said they were happy with how the season was tracking.

“It’s going really well,” he said. “It was a bit of a slow start but we’ve started to pick up the last couple of weeks.

“Three wins in a row after four draws we have turned it around the last couple of weeks. The confidence is growing.”

Drozdek said they’ve had chances in every match to come away with the win, but have made silly mistakes which have resulted in opposition goals.

While happy they haven’t lost a match yet, he knows there’s still a long way to go.

Williamstown sits in fourth spot after eight rounds, on the same amount of points as second and third.

“We’re quite ambitious and we want to go up a division or two,” he said. “We were third last year and it will be good to go at least one spot better.

“We’ve been tracking along OK. There’s still improvement in terms of performances and the boys are working hard to lift their levels and keep on improving.”

Whilethingsaretakingsometimeonfield, things are flying for the club this season in all other avenues.

“Last year we grew by 10 to 15 perc cent and this year we’ve grown 20 per cent again,” Drozdek said.

“We’ve been surprised a little bit with the growth and it’s great but it does possess

Centurions are on track

Things have been better than what Werribee Centrals’ coach Jade De La Rue could have imagined.

De La Rue took on the playing coach role thisseasonandhersidesits5-1intheWestern Football League women’s competition.

De La Rue said it had been an awesome experience so far.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” she said. “After last year the whole coaching group hung up their boots.

“It’d been in place for a couple of years that I was to take over as player-coach. It’s worked even better than I expected.

“I was a little nervous about how I was goingtodobothjobs,playingandcoaching.I can’t put into words how it all made me feel.”

De La Rue said she had some good support to be able to juggle both roles. She said the playing group had bought into what she was doing.

“We have five to seven new girls that have never played before,” she said. “It’s amazing to seethosewhohavesomeexperiencetakingon just as much a role as me helping them with skills.

“It has been huge.”

De La Rue said the focus for the group had been just on the match that was ahead of them and not looking too far down the track.

For her it was about what they were able to do, not about the side they were facing.

“We’re living in the moment,” she said. “We’re not taking advantage of the situation we’re in and are performing in the week and learning by experience.

“We don’t mention who we are playing. It’s about this week and this is the game plan and how we want to go about it.

“There can be a stigma [about who we’re play] and we want to take that away. It’s about the job and what they have to do.”

Having finished second last season before being knocked out in the preliminary final, De La Rue said they do take some confidence from what they had been able to do, but were focused on the future.

“I think we got so close last season before it finishing the way it did,” she said. “We were unlucky to go so close.

“When we stepped into pre-season we were not relying on what we did. We’re not going to get there without hard work.

“It’s taken the last four to five years get to the point where we are. We take it week to weekandtheconfidenceisgrowingasagroup as a whole.

“There’s so much support on an off field.”

The Centurions on Friday night faced the Suns for the first time.

some challenges.

“Five to six years ago we didn’t have a women’s side and now we have two. We have one in state league 3 and state league 5 and they’ve only had one loss.

“Things are bright with growth in the younger side. It’s what you want.”

In other state league 3 matches, Laverton’s match with the Western Eagles was called off due to a serious injury to a Laverton player. The score was 2-1 in favour of Laverton at the time.

Meanwhile, Altona North beat Bundoora United, 1-0.

In state league 1 north-west, Yarraville Glory beat Strathmore, 1-0, while in state league 2 north-west, Altona East Phoenix beat Craigieburn City, 2-0.

Tigers win grand final rematch

WerribeeDistrictsclaimedthepointsin the grand final rematch in the Western Football League division 1 competition on Saturday.

The Tigers, who are unbeaten this season, had to work hard to come away with the points against Point Cook. Itwasafourpointleadatquartertime for the Tigers and they extended the lead to 14 points at the main break.

The margin again grew in the third quarter, with the gap 29 points at the last break.

TheTigershadplentyofopportunities in the final quarter to blow out the margin, but weren’t able to convert. In the end, it was a 13.17 (95)-8.13 (61) win.

Jack Fletcher kicked three goals for the Tigers while Jack Bonnett, Tim Jenkins and Dillon Viojo-Rainbow kicked two each.

Ben McMahon and Michael Luxford were named the Tigers best.

For the Bulldogs, Braxton Simms and Shaun Wyatt kicked two goals each. Wyatt was named the Tigers best.

The Tigers sit two games clear of Caroline Springs on top of the ladder, but have played one extra match.

Elsewhere, Hoppers Crossing made it two in a row, beating Altona in a low scoring affair.

The Warriors led early with the game well and truly alive at half time, with the Warriors leading by six points at half time.

The Warriors kicked three goals in the third quarter to take the margin out to19pointsheadingintothefinalbreak. Neither side was really able to impact the scoreboard in the final quarter, with the Warriors winning 8.4 (52)-5.6 (36). Braden Ferrari was the Warriors best. The win takes the Warriors to the same amount of wins they had last season. It was a disappointing day for Point CookCentrals,whichlosttoParksidein themostone-sidedgameoftheroundin the division.

The Sharks led at quarter time, but struggled to score after then. The Magpies were able to build a lead in the next three quarters to win, 15.12 (102)-6.9 (45).

Mitch Palma was named the Sharks best player.

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Tara Murray Williamstown continues to build. (Joe Mastroianni). 271085_07 The Suns spoiled the Centurions winning start to the season, with the Suns winning 6.1 (37)-3.3 (21). In other matches, Parkside Spurs beat West Footscray, Laverton was too strong for North Sunshine and Yarraville Seddon beat Wyndhamvale. Julia Nash. (Ljubica Vrankovic) 356232_44

Werribee does enough to win

Werribee did enough in patches to rack up another win in the Victorian Football League on Saturday.

Coming off a bye, the Tigers headed to Victoria Park to take on Collingwood.

The Tigers were able to build a lead in the first three quarters before taking their foot off the pedal in the last.

While the game was already won, the Magpies came hard late but weren’t able to make the most of their opportunities.

Werribee did enough to come away with the win, 15.10 (100)-6.12 (48).

Tigers coach Jimmy Allan said they were happy with parts of the performance.

“We played reasonably well in some patches,” he said. “In other patches we weren’t so good.

“We were able to score enough in those periods when we played well.”

Allan said it was the second and third quarters when they were able to do all the damage. On the scoreboard, they kicked nine goals to two in that period.

“I thought we were OK in the first quarter and played really well in the second and third quarters.

“In the last quarter, Collingwood took the game on a lot more and we didn’t hold them as well as we would have liked.”

Allan said with such a big lead at three quarter time might have gone into the boys mindsets heading into the final quarter and they were quite switched on.

“It’s a challenge to do that,” he said. “You have to be ruthless the whole game and it’s something to work on.

“The boys are under no illusions that our best footy is really good, but we are still giving the opposition chances.

“We have some stuff to work on.”

Allan said most of the concerns on the weekend were the decisions they were making, like trying to force things that weren’t there, while in the first quarter they didn’t defend well enough.

He said their ball movement wasn’t where they needed it to be at times, but was on song in the middle two quarters.

Jay Dahlhaus kicked four goals, while Angus Hicks, Harry Grintell and debutant Zac Banch kicked two goals each.

Dom Brew had 28 possessions, while Kye Declase had 24 and Jack Riding had 23 disposals.

Allan said they had a number of good contributors.

“Angus Hicks continued his good form at half forward,” he said. “Dom Brew was really good and Bior Malual has had a couple of good weeks on the wing.

“Jack Henderson was good in the midfield and Jack Riding has done some good stuff.

“Jay Dahlhaus kicked another four goals from his chances as well.”

In a good sign for the Tigers, Nick Hayes returned after a serious collision earlier in the season.

It was his 50th game for Werribee.

“He is one of the best leaders that we have and it helps that he can seriously play,” Allan said.

“It’s great to have him back so soon after such a sickening clash and he’s only going to get better and better.”

Skipper Nick Coughlan is still a few weeks away from returning but Jesse Clark (concussion) and Daly Andrews (knee injury) are set for returns.

Allan said they don’t think they had any fresh injuries from the weekend which was a big plus.

“The guys that are coming in, we have full confidence in them,” he said. “It’s nice to have a clean bill of health and hopefully set ourselves for the end of the year with bagging wins at this point of the year.”

Werribee sits fifth on the ladder with five wins from its seven matches.

This week Werribee faces North Melbourne on Sunday at Avalon Airport Oval from 12pm.

It’s a big day for the club with it being past players day.

“It’s a TV game,” Allan said. “It’s past players day and a really big day for the club.

“They are coming off a loss and a team like them will look to bounce back.

“If we play like we did in the second and third quarters, we’ll be pretty competitive most weeks.”


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