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Dear SLP Customer, Riding a UTV is as much about the journey as the destination. And making the journey more exciting is what we specialize in. Whether your journey takes you through the deep dark woods, up a twisty mountain trail, onto the scorching sands, into the deepest mud holes or across the nastiest rocks this earth has to offer, we can help. We have many new and exciting products that add protection, performance and comfort scattered throughout the pages of this catalog. Please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable representatives with any questions you may have. Always Ready to Serve, The Starting Line Products Crew See page 7 for more information.

RZR Doors


Polaris 570 RZR, 800 RZR, RZR-S and RZR XP 900 for

The SLP RZR doors are light, durable and attractive. The strong, lightweight powder coated steel tube frame makes for an extremely durable door that will retain its function and fit for years. The light weight hard plastic skin is attractive and withstands bumps and bangs without denting unlike metal skins. The spring loaded double catch interior latch assembly allows quick and easy access with only a light push or pull required to latch it closed. And best of all, they provide the operator and passenger a more comfortable off-road experience. Sold per pair.

PART # 67-144 67-122 67-122

DeSCRiPTion 2008-10 RZR and RZR-S 2012-13 570 RZR 2011-13 800 RZR and RZR-S 2011-13 RZR XP 900

raphic Door G ailable Kits Av nquire I Please


PRiCe/PAiR 429.00 429.00 429.00


Rocker Armor™ for Polaris RZR SLP’s Rocker Armor™ protects the underside of the Polaris RZR against rocks and other hard objects without losing valuable ground clearance. Made RZR 900 XP Rocker Armor™ of high-tensile steel for superior strength, they slide easily over sharp rocks and are extremely resistant to gouging. The protection area covers from wheel well to wheel ated well and they are powder Integr ank T l e Fu coated for maximum durability. InR XP Z (R Guard ). cludes mounting hardware and inly 900 on stallation instructions. Sold per pair. PART # 67-100 67-103 67-109 67-110 67-126 67-127 67-145

DeSCRiPTion 570/800RZR and RZR-S 570/800RZR and RZR-S 800 RZR-4 800 RZR-4 RZR XP 900** RZR XP 900** RZR-4 XP 900**

CoLoR PRiCe/PAiR Silver and Black 255.00 Black Texture 255.00 Silver and Black 479.00 Black Texture 479.00 Silver and Black 299.00 Black Texture 299.00 Black Texture 479.00

*Free freight is available for ground service only on SLP’s choice of carriers. **RZR 900 Rocker Armor™ has an integrated fuel tank guard.


RZR/RZR-S Rocker Armor™

800 RZR-4 Rocker Armor™

ight* Free Fre to Lower s 48 State

Gas Tank Armor for Polaris 570/800 RZR Gas Tank Armor is a must have for all 570/800 RZR, RZR-S, and RZR-4 owners. This product will keep rocks, sticks, and any other sharp objects from piercing the exposed rear portion of the gas tank. It is compatible with SLP Rocker Armor™ and is manufactured from 0.090” thick aircraft grade aluminum. PART # 67-112

DeSCRiPTion 570/800 RZR, RZR-S & RZR-4

PRiCe/kiT 54.00

note: For fuel tank protection on the RZR XP 900, see our Rocker Armor™ on page 4.

Mud Guard for Polaris 570/800 RZR The Mud Guard will keep rocks, sticks, and any debris from building up in your undercarriage on the driver side of your vehicle. It’s compatible with SLP Rocker Armor™ and is manufactured from 0.090” thick aircraft grade aluminum. 67-113 Pictured PART # DeSCRiPTion PRiCe/kiT 67-113 2008-10 800 RZR and RZR-S 62.00 67-114 All 800 RZR-4, 74.00 2011-13 570/800 RZR and RZR-S

Highly recommended for use with Rocker Armor™ (see page 4).


Performance Slip-on Silencer for Polaris 800 RZR This performance slip-on silencer for the Polaris RZR is designed for maximum airflow without substantially increasing sound level output. It provides a 79% increase in airflow over the stock silencer. This results in a substantial performance improvement, showing better throttle response as well as top-end horsepower. The sound levels are within 2 decibels of stock (90 dBA on SAE J1287 test) for a trail friendly performance silencer. It also features a removable spark arrestor. PART # 09-106

DeSCRiPTion 2008-13 Polaris 800 RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4

PRiCe 279.95

Super Silent Muffler for Polaris 800 RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4 This muffler for the Polaris RZR is an incredible 5 decibels quieter than stock while providing a 41% increase in airflow (20 more cfm) for more power. The subtle sound of this muffler provides a relaxing environment for the rider and passenger to carry on a conversation easily while under way, not to mention the benefit to others in the surrounding area. Whether you are using your RZR to get you in and out of your favorite hunting spots, or just want to have a more enjoyable ride with less noise, this muffler is perfect for you. PART # DeSCRiPTion 09-108 2008-13 Polaris 800 RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4

PRiCe 355.95

Features a removable spark arrestor. note: 2009 Standard RZR and 2009 RZR-S will require the rear differential stabilizer bracket to be changed to the 2010 rear differential stabilizer bracket (Polaris Part number 3235062).


ter on 5 dB quie 287 1 J E A S stationary 00 RPM test @ 33

Performance Slip-on Muffler

for Polaris RZR XP 900 and RZR-4 XP 900 This slip-on silencer for the Polaris XP 900 RZR delivers an additional 3 horsepower with well over double the airflow compared to the stock silencer. This translates into a substantial performance increase and better throttle response. Its stainless steel construction provides excellent strength and durability. The sound level measures 95.5 DB (at 4200 RPM) PART # DeSCRiPTion PRiCe using the SAE J1287 sound test. It 09-109 2011 RZR XP 900 475.00 also includes a spark arrestor that 09-110 2012-13 RZR XP 900 and RZR-4 XP 900 475.00 can be added for trail use. For optimal performance use in conjunction with High Flow intake kit (page 18-19), Power Commander V (page 16) and SLP Clutch kit (page 21)

Have you seen PowerSports Adventures? This season we have teamed up again with the television show PowerSports Adventures as their title sponsor. Every episode combines motorsports action with outdoor recreation while showing some of the latest products for your RZR in action. If you haven’t taken the opportuninty to see this show we encourage you to tune in and watch the next episode. It can be found on the Altitude Sports and Entertainment, TUFF TV and Wild TV . PowerSports Adventures can be seen all across the US and Canada as well as 10 European Countries, check your local listings. Visit our website ( and click on the PowerSports Adventures link to learn more or to watch previous episodes.


Front Bumper kit for Polaris 570 RZR, 800 RZR/RZR-S/

RZR-4 and XP 900 RZR/RZR-4 Whether bajaing down a nasty trail or creeping across rocky, rugged terrain, this bumper kit protects well against the gnarliest conditions. Made of 1 3/8” x .095” wall DOM for strength then powder coated for a great look and maximum durability. It also features two anchor points for D-Rings (see ight* page 13), as well as mounting points Free Fre for Baja Lights. Kit includes all to Lower s mounting hardware and installation 48 State instructions.


note: This kit mounts to factory upper mounting location on RZR 570/800 models . To increase strength of this mounting position, use SLP High Strength Upper Mount Kit (part #67-129) see page 9. PART # 67-101 67-104 67-123 67-125

DeSCRiPTion 2008-10 Silver and Black 2008-10 Black Textured 2011-13 Silver and Black 2011-13 Black Textured

PRiCe/kiT 400.00 400.00 350.00 350.00

*Free freight is available for ground service only on SLP’s choice of carriers. 8


High Strength Front Bumper Upper Mount kit / Radiator Support for Polaris 570/800 RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4 This kit replaces the stock radiator mount bracket that also acts as an upper mounting point for most bumpers. It is made of high-strength steel that has been reinforced so that it can take more impact in the event of a crash without folding into and damaging the radiator and other front-end components. This kit can be used on its own or with most factory PART # and aftermarket front bumpers. 67-129

PRiCe/kiT 75.00

Front Skid Plate for Polaris 570/800 RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4 This skid plate covers the area between the SLP Front Bumper and the stock center plastic skid plate, which is the section of frame where the aarms mount. It is made from high-tensile strength steel to protect against rocks and other hard objects without losing valuable PART # PRiCe/kiT ground clearance. This material slides easily over sharp 67-130 35.00 rocks and is extremely resistant to gouging.

Flag Mount kit This flag mount installs quickly and easily on any 1 1/2� to 1 3/4" horizontal or vertical roll bar. It is manufactured from billet aluminum for strength and durability. It is supplied with 3 plastic bushings and a quick PART # PRiCe/eA. lock bolt, making it compatible with 67-146 44.95 any flag pole up to 3/8" diameter. note: Utilizes Torx Wrench found in stock tool kit for flag installation.


Street Legal kit for Polaris RZR (All Models) This Street Legal Kit contains 4 small LED Ultra-Bright lights, 3/4” diameter with panel mounting grommet, toggle type turn signal switch, signal flasher, signal indicators, 130 Db horn, horn button, license plate mounting bracket and lighting, wire, fuses, fuse holders, all needed connectors and detailed instructions. Some states may have additional requirements or may not allow UTV's to be street legal. This kit is generic and is not sold as a street legal solution for all states, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to underPART # PRiCe/kiT stand requirements and laws for their particular state. 67-155


Lightweight Rear Bumper kit

for 2008-13 Polaris 800 RZR, RZR-4 and 2011-13 800 RZR-S This SLP Lightweight Rear Bumper Kit provides a stylish new look while being strong and lightweight to protect the plastic on the rear of your RZR. Designed with a "tight to the body" fit for an attractive look that keeps it from taking up extra room in trailers, truck beds, or in your garage. It weighs in at a meager 8 pounds and installs quickly and easily. Kit includes all mounting hardware and installation instructions. noT for 2009-10 RZR-S. PART # 67-148 67-149

DeSCRiPTion Silver and Black Black Textured

PRiCe/kiT 300.00 300.00

*Free freight is available for ground service only on SLP’s choice of carriers. 10

ight* Free Fre to Lower s 48 State

Rear Bumper kit for 2008-13 Polaris 800

Tire not included.

RZR/RZR-4 and 2011-13 800 RZR-S

This Rear Bumper Kit is a must have for any RZR owner! In stock form there is no protection for the rear of the vehicle. This kit protects your investment, looks great, and opens up additional storage area. It incorporates a rear tire mount, freeing up trunk space to haul the necessary gear so you can fully enjoy your outdoor experience. Made of 1 3/8” x .095” wall DOM for strength then powder coated for a great look and maximum durability. Bumper also features a built in flag mount. Kit includes all mounting hardware and installation instructions. t* noT for 2009-10 RZR-S. ee Freigh Fr

PART # 67-102 67-105

DeSCRiPTion Silver and Black Black Textured

PRiCe/kiT 375.00 375.00

to Lower s 48 State

*Free freight is available for ground service only on SLP’s choice of carriers.

Trailing Arm Guards for Polaris XP 900 RZR/RZR-4 Made out of UHMW plastic for super strength and wear resistance, these trailing arm guards provide great protection in all conditions, but especially in the rocks where they slide easily over hard surfaces. They compliment the use of PART # PRiCe/PAiR our Rocker Armor™ (page 4). 67-137



Secure Storage Glove Box for Polaris RZR all models This attractive aluminum glove box from SLP offers well-needed storage for the Polaris RZR. It is built with a strong aluminum body and faceplate that utilizes a keyed lock for securing your valuables. Located in a position that provides the passenger easy access which is great for cell phones, cameras, small handguns, wallets, vehicle registration, etc. Also, it is weather resistant PART # DeSCRiPTion PRiCe/kiT to protect your valuables. 67-121 67-128

Polished Aluminum Black Texture

155.00 155.00

Billet Gas and Brake Pedal Covers for 2009-13

Polaris 570/800 RZR/RZR-S/RZR-4 and XP 900 RZR/RZR-4

These billet pedal covers bolt to the stock steel pedals to give you a trick billet look as well as increased performance. The stock gas pedal will not reach full throttle without turning your foot sideways to force the pedal down to full throttle. The additional height of this billet gas pedal comfortably gives you the extra 7% throttle opening the stock pedal lacks. This allows you to comfortably achieve full throttle every time you desire it. The unique pattern on these pedals provides the PART # PRiCe/SeT proper amount of grip on the bottom of your foot. 67-138 84.95 Sold per set. Will not fit 2008 models.


Shown with pedal covers installed on stock levers. Levers not included

Universal 1/2” D-Ring This Universal D-Ring can be mounted to the SLP front bumper mounts and gives your RZR a rugged offroad look while adding easy access to winch or tie down points (fits perfectly on the points of the SLP Front Bumper). Load rated at 4,000 pounds and galvanized for strength and durability. Requires a 5/8” hole for D-Ring pin, the D-Ring loop is 1/2” diameter. PART # 67-117

PRiCe/eA. 10.95

1/2” D-Ring and Stinger Combo for Polaris 570/800 RZR, RZR-S and 800 RZR-4 This D-Ring and Stinger Combo gives you a solid towing/pulling point on your RZR without risking damage to the frame or suspension. The D-Ring is load rated at 4,000 pounds and galvanized for strength and durability. The stinger is made from billet 6061 T-6 aluminum for a strong, lightweight and durable part. PART # 67-119

PRiCe/kiT 34.95

Will fit Class ii (1 1/4” x 1 1/4”) receivers.


Hood Grill / Radiator Vent kit for 2008-10

Polaris RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4

This radiator vent kit not only provides a trick new look but also delivers an additional 116% more air intake surface area to the radiator. This allows the radiator to more efficiently cool the engine while moving. Offered with honeycomb or oval pattern backer. PART # 67-135 67-140



Description PRiCe/kiT Grill kit with honeycomb backer 59.95 Grill kit with oval backer 59.95

Lower Radiator Vent Grill with Hood Hold Down for 2008-10

Polaris RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4

This radiator vent grill with honeycomb pattern gives an awesome look while providing a positive hold down for the hood. PART # 67-139


PRiCe/kiT 49.00

Wheel Spacer kits for Polaris

RZR all models

These wheel spacer kits allow you to widen your RZR, RZR-S, RZR-4 or RZR XP 900 for more stability when running high speed tight trails/roads or crawling over the nastiest rock piles. It does so by giving you an additional 7/8” or 1 3/4” width per side (1 3/4” or 3 1/2” overall). These wheel spacers utilize a locking ring (also known as Hub Centric) that fits precisely into the wheel to provide maximum strength, durability and proper balance. This locking ring centers the wheel in the spacer and by doing so places the majority of the stress on the wheel spacers themselves rather than on the studs alone. They are manufactured from high quality billet aluminum and are precision CNC machined to ensure perfect fit and proper balance. These wheel spacers can be used on all RZR models with some limitations based on wheel offset and tire size, see our recommendations below. Simple bolt on installation with no permanent modifications. Sold per pair. 7/8” Wheel Spacers. These wheel spacers can be used on all RZR models, and we find the most popular applications are RZR-S, RZR-4 and RZR XP 900 models to give them more stability. They also work great on standard RZR models if using larger than 26” tires or aftermarket wheels with more offset than stock (this is the maximum width that can be used and still keep the tires from contacting the rear of the front fender well when turning and going through the bumps). They also allow the use of 12” wide rear tires on stock wheels without contacting the frame (standard RZR). 1 3/4” Wheel Spacers. These wheel spacers can be used on all RZR models, and we find the most popular applications are standard RZR models using 26” tires or smaller and stock offset wheels. This provides the standard RZR much more stability and they can PART # DeSCRiPTion PRiCe/PR be removed easily to return to stock width for running 50” 67-142 7/8” Wheel Spacer Kit 104.95 trails. 67-143 1 3/4” Wheel Spacer Kit 124.95

Sold per pair.


Power Commander V from Dynojet The Power Commander V fuel controller from Dynojet gives you full EFI tuning capability. It plugs into the stock ECU and allows you to add or subtract fuel from the stock ECU settings. It is based on a throttle position verses RPM fuel map with input points at ten different throttle positions and in 250 RPM increments to give you pinpoint accuracy. SLP has created maps to optimize performance and fuel economy for specific combinations. These fuel maps can be preprogrammed into the controller at no charge for true plug and play capability. For the experienced tuner, the controller comes with a computer link cable and software for custom mapping capabilities.

* Note: These models (part numbers 70-141, 70-142, 70-147 and 70-151) have the ability to manipulate ignition timing and Rev-Xtend capabilities.

PART # 70-150 70-124 70-151* 70-141* 70-142* 70-147*

DeSCRiPTion 2012 Polaris 570 RZR (with ignition timing control) 2008-10 Polaris 800 RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4 2008-10 Polaris 800 RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4 2011-13 Polaris 800 RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4 2011 Polaris RZR XP 900 2012-13 Polaris RZR and RZR-4 XP 900

PRiCe 399.95 379.95 399.95 399.95 399.95 399.95

Power Commander Accessories for Experienced Tuners SLP offers many tuning aids to help experienced tuners make their own maps. Please inquire or visit our website for more information.











LCD Display



Wideband 2





1GB SD Card



CAN Cable


PRiCe 279.99

ergonomic Grab Handle with Wrist Restraint for

Polaris RZR, RZR-S, RZR-4 and RZR XP 900

This grab handle is built for comfort and safety! Its curved design places hands in a natural position for a more comfortable ride for the passenger. It features Wrist Restraints, which when used in conjunction with a seatbelt, keep hands positioned on or near the grab handle in the case of a roll over. The adjustable straps allow these restraints to be used by adults or children. The natural tendency in a roll over situation is to let go of the grab handle and put your hand out to catch the vehicle. When using these restraints, the passenger is reminded to keep their hands firmly planted on the grab handle. PART # 67-116 67-115

DeSCRiPTion Ergonomic Grab Handle with Wrist Restraint for 2008-11 models Wrist Restraint Only for All 2008-13 models (only works with stock grab bar)

PRiCe/kiT 79.00 14.99

Wrist restraints must only be used in conjunction with a seatbelt.

Clutch Vents for Polaris 2008-13 800 RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4 These clutch vents are installed into the clutch cover to allow more air to flow into the clutch enclosure to reduce clutch and belt heat and help maintain proper performance. It utilizes a special pre-filter material that repels water and keeps dirt out yet maintains high airflow. Sold in a set of 2 vents.

PART # 67-108

PRiCe/PAiR 49.95


Stock Vent Pre-Filter kit for Polaris RZR XP 900 These pre-filter vent kits help eliminate dirt and other heavy particles from getting into the intake for prolonged air filter life and into the clutches for longer clutch life. It replaces the stock foam and vent cover and provides more intake surface area. Utilizes a special pre-filter material that repels water and dirt, yet maintains high airflow. Kit includes a pre-filter vent for both the engine and clutch intakes as PART # DeSCRiPTion well as rivets for installation. 67-154 Air Intake & Clutch Pre-Filter Vent Kit

PRiCe 49.95

Note: Pre-Filter Vents can be purchased individually please inquire

High Flow intake kit for Polaris RZR 900 XP This kit delivers a substantial increase in airflow to the intake of the Polaris RZR 900 XP. The additional airflow provides better throttle response, quicker acceleration and better top-end power. It is highly recommended that this kit be run in conjunction with an SLP Performance Slip-On Muffler and Power Commander V. The use of an SLP Clutch Kit is also recommended.


PART # 67-151

PRiCe/kiT 39.95

intake Grate for Polaris RZR 570 Let it breathe! This intake grate replaces the stock intake grate and foam on the Polaris RZR 570. It utilizes our pre-filter material that repels water and helps keep dirt out of the air filter and clutch area to maintain optimum performance. PART # 14-316

PRiCe/PAiR 39.95

Hot Air elimination™ kit for 2011-13 Polaris XP 900 RZR

and XP 900 RZR-4 This kit helps reduce stagnant hot air given off by the engine and headers by allowing hot air escape from under the bed. Kit includes a vent and mounting hardware.

PART # 67-153

PRiCe/PAiR 29.95


Clutch kits for Polaris RZR SLP clutch kits have been designed and tested to get the most performance out of your RZR. We have been working with centrifugal clutches for over 40 years, and we know how to tune them to transfer your horsepower to the ground. In most circumstances, optimizing the clutch setup in your RZR is the best performance gain for the dollar spent. Through our testing we have found that the RZR needs two distinctly different clutch setups depending on what type of terrain that you are riding in. Trail Clutch kit: The SLP Trail Clutch Kit is designed for RZRs that are typically ridden on semi hard surface trails with the occasional run in muddy or sandy conditions. These Trail Kits have been designed for RZRs running standard size tires with stock engines. They provide improved throttle response with better top-end power and consistency over a broad range of elevations and conditions. If aftermarket performance modifications and/or larger or more aggressive tires have been added, please let us know so we can tailor your clutch kit accordingly. Sand, Mud or Large Tire Clutch kit: The SLP Sand, Mud or Large Tire Clutch Kit is designed for RZRs that are primarily ridden in high load environments such as sand dunes, sandy, muddy or snow covered trails, or on models that have added larger more aggressive tires (up to one inch larger than stock). When exposed to these high load conditions, RZR’s with stock clutching perform poorly, leaving the vehicle with poor throttle response and loss of RPM at wide open throttle. In many cases the operator has to shift prematurely to low range which reduces wheel speed and performance. These clutch kits match the power of the engine with the higher loads being applied to it to keep the throttle response snappy and top-end RPM and horsepower at their peak for a much more enjoyable ride. If aftermarket performance modifications have been added, or if you are running paddles or tires even larger than specified above, please let us know so we can tailor your clutch kit accordingly. For clutch kit application chart, see the next page.


Clutch kit Application Chart for Polaris 570/800/900 RZR elevation



Part #


0-4500’ Sand, Mud or Larger Tires Part# Price


Trail kit

4500’ +

Part #


4500’+ Sand, Mud or Larger Tires Part# Price

2012 RZR 570 2013 RZR 570 with EBS

41-722 41-723

551.95 278.00

41-722 41-723

551.95 278.00

41-722 41-723

551.95 278.00

41-722 41-723

551.95 278.00

2008 Standard RZR 800*









2009 Standard RZR 800*









2010 Standard RZR 800*









2009 RZR-S 800









Trail kit

2010 RZR-S 800









2010-13 RZR-4 800



































2011-13 Standard RZR 800* except 2013 LE with EBS 2013 Standard RZR 800 LE with EBS* 2011-13 RZR-S 800



2012-13 RZR-4 900



2011-13 RZR 900







2008 and 2009 Standard RZR 800 models require shimming for proper belt clearance. Shims and instructions included.

* Requires High Performance belt Polaris Part #3211162.

Tech Tip: A question we often hear is, “What RPM should I expect my RZR to run at wide open throttle?” This depends on the RZR you have. The following chart shows you where we like to rev the different RZR engines at wide open throttle (WOT) as well as where their REV-Limiters are.

2012-13 RZR 570

Stock exhaust Configuration Header



2008-10 Standard RZR 800

2 into 1 Manifold 6200-6400


2009-13 RZR-S/ RZR-4 800




2011-13 Standard RZR 800




2011-13 RZR/RZR-4 900 XP






ReV Limit


TeAM Tied Driven Clutch for Polaris RZR This secondary clutch allows you to change helixes and springs to get the most performance out of your RZR. The stock secondary clutch that comes on the 2009 and newer Standard RZR as well as 2010 and newer RZR-S, 800 RZR-4 and the 2012 570 RZR is an inexpensive model that has the helix cast into the moveable sheave of the clutch. Changing to the TEAM Tied allows you to use a helix that is more suitable to your RZR's setup and typical riding conditions as well as giving you a stronger more durable clutch. Sold as a complete assembly less helix and spring. For a custom SLP recommendation that is specific to your combination, please call or e-mail ( an SLP representative and have the following information available: elevation you typically ride at, conditions you plan on riding in (i.e.: sand, snow, mud or typical trail), tire PART # DeSCRiPTion PRiCe/eA. size, engine modifications that add power, and the weight 50-301 800 RZR Models 249.00 you have added to your vehicle. Clutch kits available for 50-303 2012 570 RZR Models 249.00 most popular applications, see pages 20 and 21. 50-303 900 XP Replacement Clutch 249.00

Multi-Angle Driven Clutch Helixes for Polaris RZR These helixes make the RZR more responsive in all conditions and much less prone to RPM and top-end power loss in higher load conditions (sand, snow, mud etc.) as well as at higher elevations and when running larger, more aggressive tires. note: Many RZR models came with a clutch that had the helix cast into the moveable sheave. On these models, the helix is non-replaceable PART # DeSCRiPTion PRiCe/eA. (2009 and newer Standard RZR as well as 2010 50-300* 70-58.33 79.00 and newer RZR-S, 800 RZR-4 and 570 RZR). 50-302* 52 Straight 79.00 These models must use the TEAM Tied Clutch 50-330 54 Straight 79.00 shown above in order to change the helix. *Will not fit 570 RZR, 900 XP RZR and 900 XP RZR-4


SLP MTX™ Clutch Weights for 2008-13

Polaris 800 RZR except 570 & 900 XP

SLP's MTX™ Clutch Weights harness the horsepower of your RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4 by transferring it more efficiently to the wheels. Their unique heavy heel and special weight profile provide substantially greater shift force, delivering improved acceleration and top speed. Other benefits include smoother engagement and very responsive back shift. Adjustable by adding weight via rivets (up to 6 grams per weight), this weight offers precise tuning ability for your application. RePLACeMenT TUninG RiVeTS, Please inquire for recommendations. Sold per set of 3 including PACkAGe oF 6 tuning rivets (6 - 1 gram, 6 - 2 gram and 6 - 3 gram rivets). PART # MATeRiAL WeiGHT PRiCe/SeT PART # WeiGHT PRiCe/SeT 9.95 40-90 aluminum 1 gram 62 gram 40-129 104.95 2 gram 9.95 40-91 steel 40-130 65 gram 104.95 3 gram 9.95 40-92 steel Rivet Set/Removal tool see page 26. 2008-09 Standard RZR requires reshimming.

Rooster Adjustable Shift Weights for Polaris 570, 900 RZR & 900 RZR-4

Get the horsepower to the ground on your RZR 570 or XP 900 with our adjustable Rooster Weights! They allow you to add the included bolts and washers to the weights at three different positions, the heel, center, and tip of the weight, to fine-tune your clutching. They are adjustable with included bolts and washers. This kit utilizes two different thicknesses of washers and three different weights of bolts for the ultimate in adjustability. Inquire for recommendation. PART # 40-137 40-131

DeSCRiPTion 570 Rooster Adjustable Shift Weights (44-60 grams ) 900 XP Rooster Adjustable Shift Weights (52-74 grams)

PRiCe 199.00 199.00


Drive Spring for Polaris 570/800/900 RZR These high quality clutch springs are offered in a variety of spring rates to allow you to optimize the shift characteristics of your drive clutch. Things such as elevation and tire size can have a dramatic effect on the performance of your RZR. Ask a representative for more information regarding your specific application. Part #


40-405 40-404 40-400 40-401 40-402 40-403

Red Red Red Red Red Red

Stripe Color Compression Rate- Pounds @2.25” @1.25” Silver/Purple 10 175 Gold 25 175 Gold/Black 55 225 White/Black 65 245 Green/Black 75 260 Gold/Silver 105 260

Price/ea. 24.95 24.95 24.95 24.95 24.95 24.95

Driven Spring for Polaris 570/800/900 RZR This high quality clutch spring allows you to optimize the shift characteristics of your driven clutch. Things such as elevation and tire size can have dramatic effect on the performance of your RZR. Ask a representative for more information regarding your specific application. Part # 40-420 40-421



Compression Rate- Pounds @2.05” @1.05” Red 105 165 Lime Green/ Silver 125 190

Price/ea. 24.95 24.95

SLP Clutch Press Tool SLP Clutch Press Tool has been widely accepted as the most efficient clutch compression tool available. This revolutionary drive and driven clutch servicing tool is designed specifically for compressing and holding springs for ease of assembly and disassembly. This tool is specified in many factory repair manuals as a required specialty tool for clutch compression. Wrestling with the clutch or need for a second person to help is now history. Made compact, the SLP tool can be used for field testing or production clutch repair on the shop bench. High quality metal construction with powder coated finish provides a quality, functional tool that is extremely durable. This design incorporates adjustable standPART # DeSCRiPTion PRiCe/eA. offs that can be moved in and out to allow 20-204 Polaris Drive/Driven Clutches (Including ATV, 99.95 proper fit for many different clutches. P2, TEAM Rapid Reaction and Tied Clutches)

Spring Compressor Compress and change RZR driven clutch springs safely and easily with this spring compression tool.

PART # 20-173

PRiCe/PAiR 79.00

Drive Clutch Pullers for Polaris 570/800/900 RZR These clutch pullers are designed to pull even the toughest of clutches. Made of high quality heat treated material, these tools are built to last. PART # 20-207 20-136

DeSCRiPTion 570 RZR and 800 RZR, RZR-S and RZR-4 RZR/RZR-4 XP 900

PRiCe/eA. 28.95 36.95




Drive Clutch Spider Tool for All Polaris 570/800/900 RZR This Spider Tool allows the spider assembly in the drive clutch to be removed and assembled in order to service the rollers and buttons. It is made of high quality steel to precise specifications, allowing you to remove or PART # PRiCe/eA. install even the most stubborn spiders easily. 20-75


Drive Clutch Spider nut Tool for Polaris 900 XP This spider nut tool was specifically designed to remove the jam nut that locks the spider into place on the RZR/RZR-4 XP 900.

PART # 20-214

PRiCe/eA. 41.95

Cam Arm Bushing Replacement Tool Replace worn MTX™ clutch weight bushings to maintain best performance. Reduce wear on weights PART # DeSCRiPTion PRiCe/eA. and rollers due to worn 20-1 Bushing Tool 6.95 bushings. 40-28 Replacement Bushing/ ea. 5.50 40-200

Replacement Bushings, 3 pack


MTX™ Rivet Set/Removal Tool This tool allows you to fine tune your MTX™ Weights quickly and easily by setting or removing rivets. Specifically designed to be used in the field (but can be clamped in a vise for shop use) it is compact and lightweight, yet robust enough to be used time and time again. PART # PRiCe/eA. 20-155



Drive Clutch Holding Fixture for

Polaris 570/800/900 RZR

This Drive Clutch Holding Fixture can be bolted to a bench or clamped in a vise for solid holding of drive clutch for spider removal when shimming for belt-to-sheave clearance or servicing the spider. It contacts all clutch webs for maximum support to eliminate clutch web damage. Features a quick spin thumb nut with knurled edge for superior grip and center hold down for much greater PART # PRiCe/kiT holding stability while applying off center torque. 20-162 79.95

Clutch Holding Tool This premium tool offers the proper method to hold the drive clutch from rotating while removing or torquing clutch center bolt or when using a clutch puller. Unlike other clutch holding tools that are laser cut, this tool won’t hardmark or damage clutch, making it a far superior tool. It also features a cushion grip for comfort. This tool is a must for quick and easy clutch removal. PART # 20-202

DeSCRiPTion Polaris RZR

PRiCe/eA. 34.95

Will not hard mark clutch like other tools.


Sheave Clamp Tool for Polaris 570/800/900 RZR The sheave clamp tool holds the moveable sheave of the drive clutch in place when collapsed for changing clutch weights without removing outer cover or clutch from crankshaft. An PART # PRiCe/eA. absolute must for field tuning. 20-161 7.95

extension Spring Hooks Special tool made for installing and removing all exhaust system springs or any spring that requires a pull to release. Made of stainless steel for strength and rust resistance.

SiZe 4” 6” 8” 12”

PART # 20-89 20-90 20-183 20-210

PRiCe/eA. 10.95 11.50 11.95 12.95

Heavy Duty Flywheel Puller for ALL 2008-13 800 RZR Models Pull those tough flywheels with ease with this SLP built puller. Strong and built to last for years. This puller is designed with specially shaped slots for the 800 RZR. Puller includes high quality grade 10.9 bolts, six PART # PRiCe/PAiR 6mm and four 8mm. 20-205



Voltage Meter Monitor your battery voltage with this digital volt meter. We have found that when running high draw accessories continuously, such as winching out of a tough spot, the battery can be drawn down to the point that if you shut off the engine, there is not enough power left to restart it. When the voltage is lower than 11.5 volts, the screen will flash to warn you. PART # 19-113

PRiCe/eA. 39.95

Miniature Water Temperature Gauge Monitor water temperature easily with these miniature gauges. The gauge can be set to read in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. It registers the current temperature and records maximum temperature. The display can be mounted either with its Peel-N-Stick backing or bolted on. Comes standard with either a ¾” or 1” hose splice adapter. PART # DeSCRiPTion 19-103 3/4” (19mm) Hose I.D. Size 19-104 1” (25mm) Hose I.D. Size Polaris RZR uses 1” hose

PRiCe/eA. 44.95 44.95


Tool Bag Handy roll-up style bag holds enough tools for trail riding or racing, and includes a zipper pouch for small tools.

PART # 46-52

PRiCe/eA. 20.00 Tools not included

SLP Team Hats and Beanie This attractive hat features a 3D embroidered SLP logo on the front of the hat with EST. 1972 on the brim. Adjustable rear closure for one size fits most. This hat was designed with the hot summer months in mind. It utilizes a lightweight breathable fabric shell with a moisture wicking band to provide excellent comfort even on the hottest days. Adjustable rear closure for one size fits most. For those cold days try one of our SLP Beanies. Lined with Thinsulate™ insulation to keep your head and ears warm and comfortable. One size fits most.


PART # 60-59 60-58 60-49

DeSCRiPTion Black Hat Summer Grey Hat Beanie

PRiCe/eA. 21.95 24.95 19.95

SLP Decals

# 60-55 # 60-57

Our SLP Logo is on high quality 3M Transfer material which is great for your RZR, truck or trailer. PART # 60-41 60-12 60-55 60-8 60-9 60-57

DeSCRiPTion 2-1/4” x 1-1/4” Logo, per each 7” x 3” Logo, per each 7 1/2” x 3 1/2” Oval Logo 11 1/2” x 4” Logo, per each 18” x 9 1/2” Logo, per each 39” x 18” Oval Logo

PRiCe/eA. .22 .95 .95 3.00 7.29 25.95

# 60-12 # 60-8 # 60-9

inDeX Autotune...........................16 Beanie..............................30 Brake Pedal Covers.........12 Bumper, Front....................8 Bumper, Rear..............10-11 Bushing Tool, Cam Arms..26 Clutch Components.....20-24 Clutch Holding Fixture......27 Clutch Holding Tool..........27 Clutch Kits...................20-21 Clutch Press Tool.............25 Clutch Pullers...................25 Clutch Spider Tools..........26 Clutch Vents................17-18 Decals..............................31 Doors.................................3 D-ring................................13 Drive Spring......................24

Driven Spring....................24 Flag Mount Kit....................9 Front Bumper Support........9 Front Skid Plate..................9 Gas Tank Armor..................5 Gauges........................16, 29 Glove Box.........................12 Grab Handle.....................17 Half Doors..........................3 Hat....................................30 Helix.................................22 Hood Grill.........................14 Hood Hold Down..............14 Hot Air Elimination Kit......19 Intake Kit.....................18-19 Large Tire Clutch Kit....20-21 LCD Display......................16 Lightweight Rear Bumper.10

Lower Radiator Vent.........14 MTX Rivet Removal Tool...26 MTX Weights.....................23 Mud Guard...........................5 Muffler 800...........................6 Muffler 900...........................7 PCV....................................16 Power Commander............16 Pre-Filter Kit.......................18 Radiator Support.................9 Radiator Vent Kit...............14 Rear Bumper Kit...........10-11 Rocker Armor......................4 Rooster Weights...............23 Sand Clutch Kit............20-21 Secure Storage Box.........12 Sheave Clamp Tool..........28 Silencer 800.......................6

Silencer 900.......................7 Spring Compressor..........25 Spring Hook Tool..............28 Stickers.............................31 Stinger..............................13 Street Legal Kit.................10 Super Silent Muffler............6 Team Tied Driven Clutch..22 Tool Bag...........................30 Trail Clutch Kit.............20-21 Trailing Arm Guards..........11 Universal Flywheel Puller..28 Voltage Meter.....................29 Water Temp Gauge Mini....29 Wheel Spacer Kit..............15 Wide Band 2.....................16


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SLP RZR Spring 2013 Catalog  

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