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Get In The Kitchen Couple’s Cheesy Cook-In Youth Entrepreneurship An #Instabake Success Tips & Tricks to Eat Yourself Happy

Issue 1, $7.00 February 2016

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Ancient Grains, Ancient Grains, Modern Goodness Modern Goodness

A Uniquely, A Uniquely, Wasteful Singapore Wasteful Singapore

Is oldIsgold whenwhen it comes to nutrition? LittleLittle actions have have big impact old gold it comes to nutrition? actions big impact


Salad Salad Affaire Affaire

You’re nevernever too busy to eattohealthy You’re too busy eat healthy


Western Fare,Fare, Western Local FlairFlair Local

Italian food food with with a Singaporean touchtouch Italian a Singaporean


Eat Yourself Eat Yourself Happy Happy

A Matrimony A Matrimony of Flavours of Flavours

FoodFood can seriously affectaffect your your moodmood Indian-meets-Western delights can seriously Indian-meets-Western delights


An Old An Old School Blend School Blend

The The Rojak Rojak Diaries Diaries

Discover the mark of a good rojakrojak Discover the mark of a good In memory of a sng childhood In memory of abao childhood sngfilled bao filled


Immanuel Immanuel Nouvelle Nouvelle

Doing goodgood in theinculinary worldworld Doing the culinary


Korean Korean Konfections Konfections

Sugary delights fromfrom the land of K-pop Sugary delights the land of K-pop


A Chocolatey A Chocolatey TaleTale

An #Instabake An #Instabake Success Success

Sleepytime Sleepytime Smoothie Smoothie

A recipe for sweet dreams Why Why homehome cooking makes A recipe for sweet dreams cooking makes the best the romancing best romancing

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Couple’s Couple’s Cheesy Cook-In Cheesy Cook-In

Photo by Abigail Ang

Choosing the perfect box box Choosing the perfect Young baker,baker, big aspirations Young big aspirations of chocolates of chocolates

About the Cover Photo About the Cover Photo EveryEvery fruit fruit begins with with a SEED . In this begins a SEED . Ininaugural this inaugural issue,issue, we want to help you explore your your potential we want to help you explore potential both both as a foodie and as a person. Similar to theto the as a foodie and as a person. Similar life cycle of a plant, therethere are four of of life cycle of a plant, are stages four stages growth exemplified in theinmagazine’s sections. growth exemplified the magazine’s sections. BeginBegin your your journey with with wherewhere you’llyou’ll learnlearn Seed Seed journey aboutabout ancient grainsgrains (Page(Page 2), Sprout and discover ancient 2), Sprout and discover whatwhat makes a good (Page(Page 8), Flower with with a rojakrojak makes a good 8), Flower a brilliant explosion of fusion flavour (Page(Page 18), and brilliant explosion of fusion flavour 18),transform and transform with with whilewhile on a Korean-style sugary high high (Page(Page 20). 20). FruitFruit on a Korean-style sugary As noAs plant can grow without love and has included SEEDSEED no plant can grow without lovecare, and care, has included a Special section with with romance themed stories in view of of a Special section romance themed stories in view Valentine’s Day. Day. While it is good to rejoice and eat Valentine’s While it is good to rejoice andbountifully eat bountifully Photo Photo by Joelby Teo Joel Teo this February, we should also reflect on the of of this February, we should also reflect onimportance the importance reducing food waste (Page 16). reducing food waste (Page 16). HighHigh in vitamins, fibre fibre in vitamins, and polyphenols, the the and polyphenols, their their modest appearance, seedsseeds flourish to feed TheyThey are the Despite modest appearance, flourish to nations. feed nations. are the pomegranate is nutritionally pomegranate is nutritionallyDespite and sustainers of life, everyday reminder that no matter how small and sustainers of and life,an and an everyday reminder that no matter how small abundant – metaphorical of ofgiversgivers abundant – metaphorical one might feel, all ofall us of have the ability to dotogreat things. Although or ordinary one might feel, us have the ability do great things. Although the value our magazine aims aimsor ordinary the value our magazine the fruit of our labour that you now read appears complete, it is worthwhile the fruit of our labour that you now read appears complete, it is worthwhile to embody. We hope that to embody. We hope that that learning is lifelong, and with each each harvest, therein lies the to remember that learning is lifelong, and with harvest, therein lies the our stories nourish, educate, our stories nourish, educate,to remember to sow opportunity to again. sow again. and help you grow into an and help you grow into an opportunity individual as stunning and as individual as stunning and as Let usLet bring you on journey , and ,entertain you every fromfrom seedsseeds to fruition us bring youyour on your journey and entertain you every to fruition full of life. full of life. step of theofway. step the way.

Illustrations by Rickie Sonjia Sonjia MarcusMarcus Illustrations by Rickie



in preparing nutritious meals using good Abigail JoinJoin in preparing nutritious meals using good ol’ ol’ Abigail grains – with a modern – that tantalise tastebuds grains – with a modern twisttwist – that willwill tantalise youryour tastebuds


Barley Barley

associate associate these these grainsgrains with with the the he health-food overtaking he health-food craze craze overtaking “Chinese desserts” mothers desserts” their their mothers and inundating “Chinese socialsocial mediamedia and inundating Famously known as a staple frequently at home. Famously known as a staple makemake at home. conversations doesn’t conversations doesn’t look look frequently in ancient Egypt, barley’s in ancient Egypt, barley’s low low likeabout it’s about to stop. Although like it’s to stop. Although Glycemic as revealed An article published in last May last Glycemic Index,Index, as revealed in a in a published in May the trend is unwavering, its focus An article the trend is unwavering, its focus Harvard publication, a steady year the Straits reported Harvard publication, meantmeant a steady thebyStraits TimesTimes reported Amidst the glamour and hypeyear by isn’t. isn’t. Amidst the glamour and hype release of energy for farmers toiling an astounding number of new release of energy for farmers toiling number of new of tropical acai bowls and creamy an astounding of tropical acai bowls and creamy the fields also useful to you help you restaurants, all launched in theinfields – also–useful to help all launched with awith a avocado shakes, upsurgence avocado shakes, upsurgence of theof the restaurants, sustain a kickass workout on healthy cuisine this year, sustain a kickass workout focusfocus on healthy cuisine this year, modest has begun. modest graingrain has begun. that cater the growing number that cater to thetogrowing number of of 1. 1Add of barley andcups 2½ cups health-conscious Singaporeans. 1. Add cup 1ofcup barley and 2½ health-conscious Singaporeans. the of start the the year,Health the Health SinceSince the start theofyear, of water a medium of water into ainto medium pot ofpot of Promotion has partnered Promotion BoardBoard has partnered boiling so, Kyra reflected that the boiling water.water. so, Kyra reflected that the schools to introduce healthierEven Even with with schools to introduce healthier 2. Cover a lidreduce and reduce burgeoning appeal of healthy 2. Cover with with a lid and the the appeal of healthy cafeteria options – including cafeteria options – including wholewholeburgeoning heat to medium-low. necessarily translate heat to medium-low. didn’tdidn’t necessarily translate – up the tertiary grainsgrains – up to thetotertiary level. level. eatingeating 3. After 50 minutes, turnthe off the to increased attempts at cooking 3. After 50 minutes, turn off attempts at cooking coupled its highest This, This, coupled with with its highest peak peakto increased heatallow and allow to cool. healthy “It’s more of reducing heat and to cool. healthy “It’s more of reducing in searches in as 2015 as reflected in searches yet inyet 2015 reflected by by the unhealthy food,” she noted. food,” she noted. “My “My Google Trends, are clear indicatorsthe unhealthy Google Trends, are clear indicators The mellow flavour of steamed friends order...less The mellow flavour of steamed sweetsweet order...less fried fried food.”food.” that these diminutive that these diminutive cerealcereal cropscrops friends kabocha squash beautifully kabocha squash meldsmelds beautifully on of a lot our minds. are onare a lot ourofminds. against barley’s hearty texture. barley’s hearty texture. Mix Mix to stay “The“The bestbest wayway to stay on onagainst in shiro for creamy umami in shiro miso miso for creamy umami Commonly in traditional Commonly eateneaten in traditional track to not is toisnot feelfeel like like goodness, goodness, sprinkle toasted sprinkle somesome toasted preparations, “ancient” preparations, “ancient” grainsgrains are are track sesame seeds for crunch, and garnish sesame seeds for crunch, and garnish nutritious than refined moremore nutritious than refined ones ones (it’s) (it’s) a diet.” a diet.” a rustic with with fresh fresh thymethyme for a for rustic meal.meal. because they contain because they contain moremore “fibre,“fibre, minerals and vitamins”, enthused minerals and vitamins”, enthused - Serene - Serene Tan Tan Although and flavourful, Although fillingfilling and flavourful, “it “it Serene Tan, 19, a vegan blogger Serene Tan, 19, a vegan blogger (made) megood feel good (made) me feel after after eatingeating youths are willing Nonetheless, Nonetheless, most most youths are willing studying nutrition. studying nutrition. it,” Kyra remarked. “Although it,” Kyra remarked. “Although the the try cooking healthier to trytocooking healthier meals.meals. a while to cook, barleybarley wouldwould take atake “Nowadays, the number the number of fastof fast while to cook, According to, a “Nowadays, According to, a the generally dish generally doesn’t require outlets is outlets is it’s it’s the dish doesn’t require of brown ricearound has around cup ofcup brown rice has 350 350 food food effort,” she added. important to care take of care of your reallyreally important to take your muchmuch effort,” she added. per more cent more and per cent fibre,fibre, and up toup 23 to per23 per health,” Shahrun asserted. Shahrun asserted. cent more potassium than its morehealth,” cent more potassium than its more Scrumptious, and with Scrumptious, and with all theall the popular counterpart. popular whitewhite counterpart. goodness of calcium, To you helpout, youhere out, are heresome are some To help goodness of calcium, iron, iron, magnesium and vitamin A.itTry it to make delightful steps steps to make delightful mealsmeals magnesium and vitamin A. Try For some like Muhammad Shahrun, For some like Muhammad Shahrun, as a main for lunch orittoss it with wholesome wholesome grainsgrains underunder the the as a main for lunch or toss with 20, “Malay traditional 20, “Malay traditional food”food” comescomeswith with greens for extra guidance of Serene! of Serene! somesome salad salad greens for extra fibre.fibre. to mind. Others, like Kyra Tan, 17, guidance to mind. Others, like Kyra Tan, 17,

2 | Seed 2 | Seed

Millet Millet According to Nature’s According to Nature’s Path, Path, milletmillet wasofone the cultivated first cultivated was one theoffirst crops.crops. “(It)as acts as a prebiotic is “(It) acts a prebiotic whichwhich is beneficial forhealth,” gut health,” lauded beneficial for gut lauded Serene. powerful Serene. PrettyPretty powerful for itsfor its miniscule miniscule size! size! 1. Wash of millet 1. Wash 1 cup 1ofcup millet with with cold water. cold water. 2. to Add to awith pot 2with cups of 2. Add a pot cups2 of and bring to a boil. waterwater and bring to a boil. 3. Cook 25 minutes 3. Cook for 25for minutes over medium over medium heat. heat. 4. Drain offremaining the remaining 4. Drain off the waterwater a sieve. with awith sieve. on some cinnamon ShakeShake on some cinnamon and and addapple tart apple for natural add tart slicesslices for natural sweetness. For extra richness, sweetness. For extra richness, stir instir in few spoonfuls of almond butter. a fewaspoonfuls of almond butter. This grain is great an energising This grain is great for anfor energising breakfast or evening dessert breakfast or evening dessert with with of calcium, potassium a tonaofton calcium, potassium and and healthy unsaturated healthy unsaturated fats. fats. bestto way toon stay on track “The “The best way stay track healthy) is tofeel not feel (with(with eatingeating healthy) is to not like (it’s) a ‘diet’,” Serene advised. like (it’s) a ‘diet’,” Serene advised. “Don’t a military mindset.” “Don’t use a use military mindset.” youafind a vegetable or fruit If youIffind vegetable or fruit unappetising, change unappetising, change it up it forup for something palatable. something moremore palatable. ThereThere are are few things life more valuable few things in lifeinmore valuable than than health, so up dish up some grainy your your health, so dish some grainy goodness goodness today!today!

Seed Seed |3 |3

Ingredients Dressing 1/3 cup olive oil 1 small clove garlic, crushed 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice Salt and black pepper Salad ½ medium cucumber, diced ½ cup cooked pasta 1-2 hard boiled eggs ½ of an avocado cubed Handful of cherry tomatoes ½ cup salad leaves

4 | Seed

Photos by Abigail Ang

Vidhya shows you how to put together a quick and healthy packed lunch


kipping lunch to get all your assignments done because time is just too tight? Well, it’s not just you. According to, 1 in 4 people are too busy to take a break and eat lunch, working through it to save time instead. Student Joey Tan, 18, is one of many with lunchtime struggles. “Even if I’m hungry, it’s really difficult to squeeze in time for lunch nowadays. The (canteen) queues during lunch time are just way too long,” she explained woefully. According to a study published in the medical journal “Metabolism” on, it was found that people who skip meals have “elevated fasting glucose levels and a delayed insulin response”. This could result in diabetes and decreased levels of productivity if continued in the long-term. Even if you have the time to grab a quick bite during lunch, what you put into your body matters too. Despite the Health Promotion Board’s continuous efforts to

provide healthier food options, there is still a long way to go before food of the food court variety can truly be considered healthy. According to a Straits Times article from 2010, Singaporeans are dining out more often than ever. From yong tau foo to nasi lemak to fishball noodles, most hawker meals are high in salt, calories, and fat, and unfortunately low in fibre, the article noted. This situation can be avoided by packing your own lunch, since you get to control all ingredients and choose items based on your personal budget and taste preference, explained In other words, packing your own lunch allows you the freedom of not only making it healthier, but less expensive too. Ms Goh Si Jin, owner of DIY salad store Crunch, has designed a salad jar recipe for all of you who wish to eat well, but are in need of quick and simple solutions to make those healthy choices.

Why a mason jar and not the typical plastic container? According to, glassware is highly recommended for fridge storage of fruits and veggies, as many plastics may contain harmful chemicals that can result in faster spoilage. Goh also emphasised the importance of layering the jar with dressing first, followed by heavier and less absorbent ingredients and finishing off with salad greens. According to, this is the best way to avoid a soggy salad, since the dressing will always stay separated from the salad leaves. The only disadvantage of this recipe is the time taken in chopping and preparing the ingredients. To reduce the time taken to assemble and pack your salad in the morning, Goh suggests chopping up and preparing all the necessary ingredients the night before. Upon tasting, Joey remarked, “It’s seems easy to make, tasted so good and actually filled me up. I’ll definitely try this myself.”


1 2 3 4 5

Pour 1 to 4 tablespoons of salad dressing into the jar. Add in the the cubed cucumbers and cooked pasta. Add a layer of crumbled hard-boiled eggs, or cubed firm tofu if you’re a vegetarian/vegan. Pop in some sliced avocados and halved cherry tomatoes. Top it off with some leafy greens, tearing them into bite-size pieces.

Seed | 5

Eat EatYours Your Happy Happy

JoinVidhya JoinVidhya as she as finds she finds out which out which foods foods are a brighten youryour mind, bodybody and and soul so brighten mind, Photo byPhoto Abigail byAng Abigail Ang


The Obesity Society Society notes notes that that hetherhether it’s a cheesy it’s a cheesy slice of slice The of Obesity FoodsFoods that emotional that emotional eaterseaters crave crave children children are at are a much at a much greater greater pizza,pizza, a generous a generous plate of plate ofobese obese are often are often referred referred to as comfort to as comfort risk than riskother than other children children of Type of 2Type 2 foods,foods, a ,luscious or a luscious hokkien hokkien mee, or mee such as such ice as cream, ice cream, chips,chips, diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, hypertension, sleep apnea, sleep apnea, slice of slice chocolate of chocolate cake, everyone cake, everyone has has pizza,pizza, chocolate chocolate and other junk junk and other and orthopedic problems. problems. a preferred a preferred ‘comfort ‘comfort food’ food’ to giveto give and orthopedic foods.foods. TheseThese foods foods are also arehighly also highly them them that bolstering that bolstering lift orlift a warm or a warm popular amongst teenagers due todue to popular amongst teenagers They They are also aremore also more likely likely to be to be their availability sense sense of assurance. of assurance. and affordability, their availability and affordability, obese obese in adulthood, in adulthood, thus increasing thus increasingnotednoted theofrisk a number of a number of diseases of diseases such such But isBut thisis‘comfort this ‘comfort food’ food’ really really all allthe risk as stroke as stroke and some and some cancers. cancers. that comforting? that comforting? “Sometimes “Sometimes I end I end up up

having having three three rounds rounds

In fact, InSingapore’s fact, Singapore’s 2010 National 2010 National HealthHealth SurveySurvey foundfound that that of fries of fries without without eveneven approximately approximately 2 in 5 2Singaporeans in 5 Singaporeans realising!” realising!” aged 20 aged and20above and above are suffering are suffering from at from least atone leastchronic one chronic ailment, ailment, -Ni -Ni LingLing including including high blood high blood pressure. pressure. After After decades decades of monitoring of monitoring “You’ll a well-known “You’ll find afind well-known fast fast HeartMath’s HeartMath’s researchers, researchers, along along with with the weight the weight of theof world, the world, the the food outlet in every food outlet in every corner,corner, every every many many weight-loss weight-loss specialists specialists and and MRT MRT organisation’s organisation’s findings findings clearlyclearly station, at every district. station, and atand every district. professionals, professionals, believe believe today’s today’s depicted depicted a severe a severe worldwide worldwide crisis crisis healthhealth They’re also really in running They’re also really smartsmart in running weight-control programmes programmes neglect neglect – especially – especially with the with rapid the rapid increase increaseweight-control a 24-hour business, so it becomes a a 24-hour business, so it becomes a the number one cause one cause of overeating of overeatinggo-to go-to in obesity in obesity amongst amongst children children and and the number for teens, especially place place for teens, especially for for and obesity: Emotional Emotional eating.eating. adolescents adolescents aged 2-19 agedyears 2-19 old. years old. and obesity: supper,” Drouas remarked. supper,” Drouas remarked. An estimated An estimated 1 billion 1 billion peoplepeople are are currently currently overweight, overweight, and atand least at least 300 million 300 million are clinically are clinically obese,obese, as reported as reported by theby World the World HealthHealth Organisation Organisation (WHO). (WHO).

This isThis the is tendency the tendency to respond to respond However, According According to Nutritionist to Nutritionist Charlotte Charlotte However, emotional is almost emotional eatingeating is almost to stress by eating, by eating, even when even when de Drouas, de Drouas, 23, “1 out 23, “1ofout 11 people of 11 people in into stress path to overeating. alwaysalways a pathato overeating. WhenWhen not hungry, with high-calorie with high-calorie or or one eats Singapore Singapore are obese. are obese. It might It might not not not hungry, onetoeats to satisfy emotions satisfy emotions ratherrather high-carbohydrate high-carbohydrate foods foods that have that have than to seem like seema like largea number, large number, but it but is on it is on than to apease physical hunger, it apease physical hunger, it minimal minimal nutritional nutritional value value – as – as the rise. theAnd rise.itAnd (obesity) it (obesity) is alsoisa also risk a risk be to hard toeven stopwhen even when can becan hard stop the the defined by by factorfactor for a lot for of a lot other of other diseases.” diseases.” defined stomach stomach is full.

6 | Sprout 6 | Sprout

self elf y

aranteed guaranteed to to notednoted that the that the Drouas Drouas addedadded that temptation that temptation could could external external environment environment plays aplays parta part be a factor be a factor in overeating in overeating as well. as well. in setting in setting off hunger off hunger signalssignals as well. as well. “When “When something something tastes tastes so good, so good, Images Images or theor scent the of scent food of (like food (like you just youhave justfeel havelike feelhaving like having more more Don’t Don’t Skimp Skimp on Carbs on Carbs frenchfrench fries) you fries)experience you experience outside outside of it atofone it atgo.” one go.” can trigger can trigger the desire the desire to eat,tothat eat,can that can Carbohydrates Carbohydrates have long have been long been also easily also easily lead tolead overeating to overeating and and Additionally, demonised, but arebut essential are essential in in Additionally, the brain the brain and stomach and stomach demonised, order for order the for body thetobody produce to produce becoming becoming overweight. overweight. register register feelings feelings of fullness of fullness after after serotonin – a feel-good – a feel-good brain brain aboutabout 20 minutes, 20 minutes, serotonin chemical that elevates that elevates mood, mood, “I always “I always fall for fall thefor aroma the aroma of of noted,noted, whichwhich mightmight put you putatyou riskat risk chemical suppresses suppresses appetite, appetite, and hasand has Famous Famous AmosAmos cookies...I cookies...I just can’t just can’tof consuming of consuming more more than what than your what your a calming a calming effect, reported effect, reported help but helpgive butingive to my in to impulse my impulse body body needs.needs. In needInofneed of cravings cravings for them for them at thatatpoint,” that point,” a quickamood quickboost? mood boost? Try a medium Try a medium explained explained Dharani Dharani Raj, 18. Raj, 18. “The next “Thetime next you timestress-eat, you stress-eat, have have baked sweet baked potato. sweet potato. “You’ll feel “You’ll feel a small a small portion portion of your of food your slowly food slowly happierhappier and more andrelaxed more relaxed almostalmost According According to, to, and wait and20 wait minutes. 20 minutes. If you’re If you’re still still immediately,” immediately,” says Drouas. says Drouas. chronic chronic stress stress leads to leads high tolevels high levels hungry, hungry, have ahave littlea more little more and savour and savour of theof stress the stress hormone, hormone, cortisol, cortisol, that that that too,” that Reutens too,” Reutens advised. advised. Fishy Fishy Goodness Goodness in turn, in triggers turn, triggers cravings cravings for salty, for salty, sweet,sweet, and high-fat and high-fat foods foods – all of – all of “People “People understand understand the link thebetween link between Omega-3s Omega-3s found in found fatty in fish fatty likefish like which,which, provide provide a temporal a temporal burst burst of ofwhat they whateat they and eattheir and physical their physical salmon,salmon, mackerel, mackerel, and sardines, and sardines, energyenergy and pleasure. and pleasure. health,” health,” dietitian dietitian and author and author improve improve both memory both memory and mood, and mood, Elizabeth Elizabeth SomerSomer said. said. according according to, to, and and ACS International ACS International student, student, Ni Ling, Ni Ling, a lack thereof a lack thereof might lead might to lead negative to negative 18, admitted 18, admitted to reaching to reaching out for out her for her “But the “But link thebetween link between what you whateat you eat effects effects like depression, like depression, pessimism, pessimism, favourite favourite shakershaker fries almost fries almost every everyand your and mood, your mood, your energy, your energy, how how and impulsivity. and impulsivity. day during day during the IBthe examination IB examination you sleep, you sleep, and how andwell howyou wellthink you think period. period. “I feel“Ireally feel really peckish peckish is much is much more more immediate...what immediate...what whenever whenever I study...sometimes I study...sometimes I end I endyou eat you oreat don’t or don’t eat...(and) eat...(and) what what up having up having three three rounds rounds of fries of fries you’reyou’re eatingeating all dayallwill dayhave willahave hugea huge without without even realising!” even realising!” impact impact today today and down and down the road.” the road.”

Sprout Sprout |7 |7

While While on aon search a search for good for good locallocal food, food, explores explores a Singaporean a Singaporean favourite favourite Justin Justin


According According to, to, rom refreshing rom refreshing pineapples pineapples and andThereThere are two arekinds two kinds of rojak of rojak – – this was dishsold was by sold hawkers by hawkers who who crunchy crunchy cucumbers cucumbers to hearty to hearty Chinese Chinese and Indian. and Indian. Chinese Chinese rojakrojak this dish around around the neighbourhood the neighbourhood sweetsweet potatoes potatoes and boiled and boiled is comprised is comprised of lighter of lighter ingredients ingredients rovedroved on bicycles up tillupthe till’80s. the With ’80s. With eggs, eggs, is an is eclectic an eclectic mix of mix of rojakrojak like fresh like fresh fruit (pineapples, fruit (pineapples, apples) apples) on bicycles theof aim uncovering of uncovering a fail-proof a fail-proof scrumptious scrumptious ingredients ingredients drizzled drizzled and vegetables and vegetables (cucumbers, (cucumbers, bean bean the aim rendition of this ofpopular this popular dish, dish, I I with with a delightfully a delightfully nectarous nectarous saucesauce – sprouts), – sprouts), whilewhile Indian Indian offersoffers rendition rojakrojak headed off with off with an open an open mindmind and aand a almost almost representative representative of Singapore’s of Singapore’s heartier heartier components components like prawn like prawn headed appetite. appetite. cultural cultural diversity. diversity. fritters fritters and deep and deep fried fried fish cakes. fish cakes. keen keen

Though Though it might it might not seem notlike seem like much, much, a bite of a bite this of asian thissalad asianissalad all is all it takesitto takes win to your winheart yourover heartwith over with its tantalising its tantalising mix ofmix ingredients of ingredients and addictive and addictive sweet sauce. sweet sauce.

8 | Sprout 8 | Sprout

From dough From dough balls toballs prawn to prawn fritters,fritters, everything everything is freshly is freshly deep deep fried upon friedorder, upon with order,a with side of a side of homemade homemade fiery red fiery gravy. red gravy.

o by Photo Joel Teo by Joel Teo

Chinese Chinese

The first The thing first thing that struck that struck me about me about coated coated with with a concoction a concoction of of the was dishits was presentation. its presentation. The The fermented fermented prawn prawn paste,paste, lime, lime, sugarsugarthe dish ingredients ingredients somehow somehow looked looked so so and chilli and chilli paste,paste, that must that must be just bethe just the Lit upLit with up with a bright a bright greengreen neon neon strategically placed. placed. I alsoI found also found right right mixture mixture of sweet, of sweet, sour, sour, salty salty strategically signboard signboard stoodstood a busy a busy Lim Swee Lim Swee and spicy. myself myself constantly constantly dipping dipping the the and spicy. Seng Seng skillfully skillfully slicing slicing cucumbers cucumbers ingredients ingredients into the intosauce, the sauce, and even and even whilstwhilst taking taking orders. orders. WithWith an an ran out ranofout it twice! of it twice! The sauce The sauce of this ofrojak this rojak was amazing, was amazing, heirloom heirloom recipe, recipe, Toa Payoh Toa Payoh RojakRojak with with a perfect a perfect amount amount of sweetness of sweetness dished dished up a stunning up a stunning plate plate of of A typical A typical plate plate of rojak of rojak is priced is priced thanks thanks to thetouse theofuse both of both brown brown and and Chinese Chinese that didn’t that didn’t disappoint. disappoint. rojakrojak around around $3, but $3,varies but varies depending depending on on whitewhite sugar.sugar. the ingredients the ingredients chosen. chosen. The first The few firstbites few bites were were enough enough Portions Portions offered offered include include smallsmall ($3), ($3), to assure to assure me ofme theoffresh the fresh produce produce medium “When “When you’ve you’ve eateneaten enough enough medium ($4), ($4), and large and large ($5) –($5) rather – rather used. used. The cucumbers The cucumbers were were crunchy, crunchy,economical you’llyou’ll realise realise that...what that...what economical considering considering the large the large rojaksrojaks the pineapples the pineapples tangytangy and juicy, and juicy, and andportion distinguishes each stall each from stall from each each portion and quality and quality of ingredients. of ingredients. distinguishes the ginger the ginger flowers flowers were were perfectly perfectly otherother is theissauce, the sauce, and Iand really I really like like julienned julienned for fragrance for fragrance and bite. and bite. the sauce the sauce here,”here,” said NTU said NTU student, student, ColinColin Chua,Chua, 22. 22. “I especially “I especially like the liketau thepok tauand pok and that were charcoal charcoal grilled grilled you tiao youthat tiao were to attain to attain a slight a slight crisp,” crisp,” said popular said popular RightRight at theatcorner the corner of Queen of Queen Street’s Street’s food food blogger blogger TK Chua. TK Chua. If youIfhaven’t you haven’t been been to either to either of these of these Albert Albert Centre Centre Market Market & Food & Food stalls,stalls, pleaseplease do sodo as so soon as soon as youas you Centre Centre was Famous was Famous Waterloo Waterloo St St can. After The mark The mark of a good of a good is its is its rojakrojak can. After all, who all, can whoresist can resist rojakrojak Indian Indian Rojak’s Rojak’s compact compact stall. stall. sauce.sauce. Chinese Chinese is usually is usually rojakrojak that isthat both is both tasty tasty and affordable? and affordable?

Indian Indian

Sprout Sprout |9 |9

Immanuel Nouvelle While seeking out affordable French food,

Joel discovers a heartwarming story

10 | Sprout


ucked away in a corner of Alexandra Industrial Estate between rows of run down hardware stores and car workshops, was Blk 119 Jalan Bukit Merah coffeeshop. If Immanuel Tee, 28, were to introduce himself as an accomplished French chef, few would expect him to set up his flagship stall here. “I just want to give back to the community and help people who haven’t had an easy life,” Immanuel remarked benevolently. Along with his business partner Enoch Teo, 25, they have trained many ex-offenders, often recruiting them through a government contact. While Immanuel came from a family with separated parents, Enoch got into trouble with the law as a teen, and both of them understood what it was like to be a youth without proper guidance. Many would find the presence of fine French cuisine in such a rugged estate intriguing, but this imagery is apt. The coffeeshop and its setting is a reflection of Immanuel and the staff he recruits – humble, down to earth, genuine, and yet a little rough around the edges. He was inspired by Jamie Oliver’s work at his restaurant (Fifteen) and sought to replicate it by turning his business into a social enterprise. “We train these people (ex-offenders and youths at risk) who usually have single parents or no parents at all... and empower them with a skill,” he said with conviction. “When they start cooking, they realise that they can potentially be good at something. It builds their self-confidence and the demanding working hours draws their attention away from doing things that are not beneficial,” Enoch added. Of course, the process has not been easy for them. A handful of these trainees do not turn up after their

first few days due to the discipline that this line of work requires.

with my mother and grandmother,” said the young chef.

“Many people think the food and beverage industry is very glamourous, but then my trainees find out that it isn’t and that a lot of hard work, washing, and cleaning is involved, so they get disgruntled and leave,” he remarked with a sigh. Upon leaving, some of them either re-offend or join other industries.

“As my mother and grandmother had to work, us brothers would take turns to cook for the family,” he added with a smile.

However, there is more to this business than training and hiring exconvicts and youths at risk. Immanuel also realised that locals were intimidated by the thought of fine food. “If you mention French food to Singaporeans, especially to the generation of our parents, most of them don’t know much about it,” he quipped.

“We train these people who usually have single parents or no parents at all...and empower them with a skill.” - Immanuel Tee His sentiments were echoed by Sally Foong, 46, mother of two. “I don’t know anything about French food and always thought it was too atas (high class) for me to appreciate, so I stayed away from it,” she said. Immanuel explained, “To make it less intimidating, I strayed away from the more refined style of cooking that I had always done in the past, and made my food more hearty by simplifying my dishes, as well as making the portions larger.” Before he could whip up all these fancy dishes, Immanuel’s relationship with cooking began only as a form of sustenance for him and his three brothers. “At a very young age, my mother and father separated, so it was just us four boys

Cooking for survival gradually became a fun thing that the brothers enjoyed doing together. They began experimenting with food and tried learning as much as they could. “We would try and mimic the famous Ramly burgers from local pasar malams (street stalls) and other famous delicacies like hokkien mee,” he reminisced fondly. In an era where the Internet was a luxury that many could only dream of, Immanuel and his brothers could only rely on the trial and error method as they depended solely on their sense of taste and smell to recreate these classics. After finishing National Service, Immanuel was sent to Taiwan to be trained as a cook. It was then that his interest and passion for cooking reignited again. “It’s at that point of time when you are in NS that you start to think about what to do in life,” he said. “Up till this day, I have no idea why I got sent there, but I guess you can say it was all part of God’s plan.” A couple of years later, Immanuel finally decided to open his first stall. Initially, he was afraid to start his own business, fearing that it would hinder him from settling down and starting a family. However, his friend urged him to take a chance on his dream and changed Immanuel’s mind by convincing him to look at things from a different perspective. “He told me that one would be even more afraid to start a business as the whole family would be dependent on me. That was when I knew I had to do it right away,” he recalled.

Sprout | 11

AAChocolatey Chocolatey Tale Tale

helps helps youyou choose choose the the perfect perfect boxbox of chocolates of chocolates for for thatthat special special someone someone Isabel Isabel


hile the hilestory the story of how of how Valentine’s Valentine’s Day came Day came aboutabout comprises comprises muchmuch notoriety, notoriety, the reason the reason why why lovers lovers th exchange exchange chocolates chocolates on the on14 the 14th of of February February is farismore far more mild.mild.

sale exclusively during the romantic during the romantic the same the same restaurant, restaurant, it’s ait’s signa that sign thatsale exclusively holiday each each year. year. he orhe she orprefers she prefers to stick to stick to safe to safe holiday choices. choices. In this In case, this case, milkmilk chocolate chocolate The contrast the fruit’s bright The contrast of theoffruit’s bright truffles truffles might might be suitable. be suitable. colour anddeep the deep brown colour and the brown of of chocolate also proffers a visually also proffers a visually They’re They’re smooth, smooth, creamy, creamy, and melt and melt chocolate delightful gift. gift. easilyeasily across across your your tongue. tongue. If your If your delightful According According to Smithsonian to Smithsonian valentine valentine is someone is someone who who likes likes Magazine, Magazine, Richard Richard Cadbury, Cadbury, the the a more venturesome For aFor more venturesome things things on the onsweeter the sweeter side, side, try white try white founder founder of chocolate of chocolate and cocoa and cocoa valentine, the wonders valentine, dive dive into into the wonders chocolate chocolate truffles truffles instead. instead. company company Cadbury, Cadbury, kick kick started started of wine chocolates. of wine chocolates. BothBoth winewine the affair the affair by pulling by pulling a marketing a marketing and chocolates and chocolates help help with with the the According According to Ms toAngena Ms Angena Teo, Teo, stuntstunt – encasing – encasing Cadbury Cadbury chocolates chocolates34, Dietician health of your the former of your heartheart – the–former 34, Dietician at Changi at Changi General General health in specially in specially designed designed heart-shaped heart-shaped Hospital, regulates blood according regulates blood flow flow according to to Hospital, somesome people people don’tdon’t boxesboxes to entice to entice customers customers to to, the latter, whilewhile the latter consider whitewhite chocolates consider chocolates purchase purchase theirtheir chocolates. chocolates. lowers blood pressure as reported blood pressure as reported chocolate, because are made lowers chocolate, because they they are made by, so this so this butter andcocoa. no cocoa. by, fromfrom cocoacocoa butter and no Unsurprisingly, Unsurprisingly, chocolate chocolate is oneis of one of While combination would probably would probably openopen While this is true, love knows this is true, love knows no no combination the most the most perennially perennially popular popular gifts gifts scientific up your crush’s to accept up your crush’s heartheart to accept you! you! scientific bounds! bounds! on Valentine’s on Valentine’s Day, Day, with with moremore than than 58 million 58 million pounds pounds of it of purchased it purchased For aFor “Eating the same chocolate the same chocolate over over and and a health-conscious valentine, “Eating health-conscious valentine, during during the week the week of theofoccasion, the occasion, as as try buying so boring, and since I againagain is so is boring, and since I try buying chocolate somesome chocolate with with over over stated stated by by nuts.nuts. so much money getting higher spendspend so much money getting higher According to, According to, quality chocolate, I’d rather try and chocolate, I’d rather try and almonds and pistachios contain quality almonds and pistachios contain Despite Despite its enduring its enduring value,value, choosing choosingomega-3 explore new flavours,” said Cheryl new flavours,” said Cheryl omega-3 protein, fatty fatty acids,acids, protein, and and explore the right the right box of box chocolates of chocolates remains remains a afibre,fibre, So why notyourself put yourself 18. So18.why not put and walnuts can even and walnuts can even act asact as Lim,Lim, challenge challenge for many. for many. out there this Valentine’s a out there this Valentine’s with with a an antioxidant. an antioxidant. love love confession and aand confession a daring box of daring box of Ms Foong Ms Foong KingKing Yi, 22, Yi,who 22, who has has chocolates chocolates to match? to match? Choose chocolate for its Choose dark dark chocolate for its beenbeen working working part-time part-time at Laurent at Laurent lowerlower content, and earn sugarsugar content, and earn extraextra Bernard Bernard Chocolatier Chocolatier for over for over 5 5 Don’t creditcredit fromfrom your your lovedloved one. one. Don’t years,years, mentioned mentioned that the thatmajority the majority forget, forget, showing special showing your your special otherother of customers of customers buy assorted buy assorted chocolates chocolatesthat you that care you about care about wellbeing theirtheir wellbeing because because they they don’tdon’t knowknow whatwhat kind kind and are andwilling are willing to work to work with with theirtheir of chocolates of chocolates theirtheir crushes crushes like. like. preferences, is agreater far greater preferences, is a far sign of than love than theof gift of sign of love the gift Although Although this is this a clever is a clever solution, solution, chocolate chocolate itself.itself. it compromises it compromises on the ongift’s the gift’s personalised personalised value.value. To help To help you you To please an artisticallyTo please an artisticallyfigurefigure out what out what chocolate chocolate your your inclined valentine, inclined valentine, try try valentine valentine might might enjoy,enjoy, here’shere’s a short a short chocolate-dipped chocolate-dipped fruits. fruits. Ms Ms guideguide you can youfollow. can follow. Charmaine Deanna, Charmaine Nur Nur Deanna, 32, 32, the managing director at Godiva the managing director at Godiva If your If your valentine valentine tendstends to order to order the the Chocolatier Chocolatier mentioned mentioned that that samesame dish dish over over and over and over againagain at at chocolate-coated strawberries chocolate-coated strawberries go ongo on

12 | Special 12 | Special

Couple’s Couple’sCheesy Cheesy Cook-In Cook-In

andand discovers discovers whywhy couples couples should should cook cook up aup storm a storm together together JiaqiJiaqi Sathia Sathia


However, However, Ms Ruqxana Ms Ruqxana Vasanwala, Vasanwala, ver felt verafelt sense a sense of dread of dread thinking thinking 64, founder of Cookery of Cookery Magic, Magic, of where of where to take to take your your partner partner 64, founder Ingredients Ingredients advised advised that couples that couples should should keep keep out for outafor nicea date, nice date, or how or how muchmuch themselves in check in check during during the the of your of your wallet wallet it’s going it’s going to empty to empty themselves 2 boneless, 2 boneless, skinless skinless chicken chicken breasts breasts process, process, as one as might one might get soget so out? out? Perhaps Perhaps you should you should rethink rethink 20g cream 20g cream cheese, cheese, slicedsliced 20g cheddar 20g cheddar cheese, cheese, slicedsliced preoccupied with with preparations preparations that that thosethose restaurant restaurant reservations reservations and and preoccupied ½ cup ½ milk cup milk end up endalienating up alienating theirtheir partner partner bringbring Valentine’s Valentine’s dinner dinner backback to the to thethey they ½ cup½Italian cup Italian seasoned seasoned breadbread crumbs crumbs instead instead of fostering of fostering a mutual a mutual comfort comfort of home. of home. ½ cup½grated cup grated parmesan parmesan cheesecheese

way of way making of making sure sure this this “You“You should should spendspend time time together together One One doesn’t happen happen is to is work to work with with a a and use andthe usetime the time to know to know each each otherotherdoesn’t simple recipe. recipe. The garlic The garlic lemon lemon better. better. It’s more It’s more meaningful meaningful to cook to cooksimple cheese-stuffed chicken chicken is oneis of one of sometimes sometimes than than to eattoout,” eat out,” said Mr said Mrcheese-stuffed favourite favourite dishes dishes to cook to cook with with Kydon Kydon Tay, 35, Tay,coaching 35, coaching director director of of Tay’sTay’s his wife his wife – easy, – easy, flavourful, flavourful, and and Lunch Lunch Actually, Actually, a dating a dating agency. agency. delicious delicious enough enough to impress to impress even even the pickiest eater.eater. An article An article by by agreed, agreed, the pickiest reporting reporting that couples that couples tend tend to “feel to “feel mealmeal was so was easy so easy that we that we moremore connected connected and happier” and happier” whenwhen“The“The managed managed to prepare to prepare it in it 10in 10 they they cookcook together. together. minutes minutes whenwhen we split we split up the up the slicing and the andcoating,” the coating,” said said Cooking Cooking at home at home also helps also helps to save to save slicing Chitradevi d/o Anandhan, d/o Anandhan, 21, after 21, after costs.costs. According According to a Mastercard to a Mastercard Chitradevi trying it outitwith out with her boyfriend. her boyfriend. survey survey on consumer on consumer dining dining habits habits trying in 2013, in 2013, Singaporeans Singaporeans are one are of one theof the To make your your Valentine’s Valentine’s Day Day biggest biggest spenders spenders in dining, in dining, with with a a To make evening an even an even moremore memorable memorable whopping whopping $248 $248 spentspent on average on average in in evening one, one, grab grab your your partner, partner, get inget thein the a month. a month. kitchen kitchen and start and start cooking! cooking!

½ tablespoon ½ tablespoon minced minced garlicgarlic 2 tablespoons 2 tablespoons melted melted butterbutter 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon lemonlemon juice juice Salt and Saltblack and black pepper pepper

Method Method


Preheat Preheat the oven the oven to 175todegrees 175 degrees celsius. celsius. WhileWhile waiting waiting for the for the oven oven to be to ready, be ready, lightly lightly coat acoat a baking baking dish that dishisthat bigisenough big enough to to place place the chicken the chicken in with in oil. with oil.


Slice each Slice chicken each chicken breastbreast in half, in half, horizontally horizontally through through the center, the center, leaving leaving a portion a portion of meat of meat attached, attached, and spread and spread the halves the halves apart apart to resemble to resemble a butterfly. a butterfly.

33 44

Place Place slices slices of cheddar of cheddar and and creamcream cheesecheese in theincenter the center of theof the chicken chicken and close and close up theuphalves. the halves. Prepare Prepare a mixture a mixture of breadcrumbs of breadcrumbs and parmesan and parmesan cheesecheese in a shallow in a shallow bowl,bowl, and pour and pour a cupaofcup milk of milk in in another another bowl.bowl.


Dip the Dipchicken the chicken breasts breasts in milk, in milk, firmlyfirmly coat itcoat in the it inmixture the mixture of breadcrumbs of breadcrumbs and cheese, and cheese, and and place place them them side by side side byin side a single in a single layer layer on theonpre-oiled the pre-oiled baking baking dish. dish.


Prepare Prepare the melted the melted butterbutter in a in a smallsmall saucepan saucepan over medium over medium heat. heat. Stir inStir some in some lemonlemon juice and juice and garlicgarlic with the withbutter, the butter, then drizzle then drizzle it evenly it evenly over the overchicken. the chicken.


Bake Bake in theinpreheated the preheated oven oven for 15for 15 minutes minutes until until the chicken the chicken is no is no longer longer pink in pink theincentre. the centre.

PhotosPhotos by Abigail by Abigail Ang Ang

Special Special | 13 | 13

AAUniquely, Uniquely,Was Was Uncover foodfood wastage in Uncover wastage


dmired as as amongst dmired “It’s not want to waste food,food, “It’sthat not Ithat I want to waste local local households rose by 48by 48 amongst households rose a ‘Garden a ‘Garden per cent but I but justIcan’t finishfinish it, so it, I’llsoend just can’t I’ll end 2005,2005, and isand predicted per since cent since is predicted City’City’ with withto escalate. up leaving half ahalf bowl of rice the up leaving a bowl ofon rice on the to escalate. strictstrict emphasis on on emphasis table,” admitted PuteriPuteri DianaDiana Bte Bte table,” admitted cleanliness, somesome cleanliness, 19. 19. Rafiah, A Straits TimesTimes article mentioned A Straits article mentioned Rafiah, mightmight be put be put that the of Singaporeans thatmajority the majority of Singaporeans off byoff anby aspect an aspect dislike to waste food,food, and claim to to dislike to waste and claim “I usually go out for for “I usually go out of Singapore of Singapore feel bad they do. feelwhen bad when they do. that is notisso that not so supper withwith friends supper friends praiseworthy – praiseworthy – However, with with startlingly However, startlingly on the weekends... on the weekends... food food wastage. wastage. hypocritical effect,effect, Singaporeans hypocritical Singaporeans continue to throw away food continue to throw away food on average I leave one one on average I leave WithWith a panoply of of a panoply we cannot finish,finish, even even whenwhen the the we cannot quarter of the foodfood quarter of the hawker centres to to hawker centres problem of food deprivation is a is a problem of food deprivation high-end restaurants, high-end restaurants, behind.” behind.” majormajor concern for most. concern for most. it is unsurprising that that it is unsurprising -Aliff Faisal -Aliff Faisal mostmost Singaporeans identify Singaporeans identify Beyond starvation, climate change Beyond starvation, climate change themselves as foodies. themselves as foodies. is another significant effecteffect of food is another significant of food is surely not the one. one. is surely notonly the only wastage. Not only is it costly to to DianaDiana wastage. Not only is it costly Behind all the Behind allgood the good bringbring manymany of us of have gone gone out out us have food food wastewaste to Singapore’s to Singapore’s How How food food however, localslocals however, friends to eattosupper, with with the the friends eat supper, only only remaining dumpsite, PulauPulau with with remaining dumpsite, toss away moremore Semakau, toss away intention of stuffing ourselves silly? silly? intention of stuffing ourselves it is also Semakau, it is extremely also extremely of it each year, year, of it each harmful to thetoenvironment. harmful the environment. whilewhile millions of of millions “I usually go out with with “I usually gofor outsupper for supper others go hungry others go hungry According on the average friends onweekends...on the weekends...on average to a report by the According to a report byFood the Food friends throughout the the throughout I leave one quarter of theoffood I leave one quarter the food and Agriculture Organisation and Agriculture Organisation world. The World world. The World (FAO) admitted Aliff Aliff Faisal, 19. 19. behind,” admitted Faisal, of theofUnited Nations, the the behind,” (FAO) the United Nations, FoodFood Programme Programme amount of food that gets is amount of food that thrown gets thrown is reported that some reported that some the overconsumption of food While the overconsumption of food “responsible for adding 3.3 billion “responsible for adding 3.3 billion While “795 “795 million people in in tonnes million people issue issue altogether, this this is a different altogether, of greenhouse gasesgases to theto the is a different tonnes of greenhouse the world do not the world dohave not have planet’s practice frequently results in taking practice frequently results in taking atmosphere”. planet’s atmosphere”. enough food.” enough food.” moremore than than one can leading to to onefinish, can finish, leading of perfectly goodgood food food beingbeing of perfectly TheseThese numbers are compelling, but butplatesplates numbers are compelling, While somesome are on While are on away.away. thrown what what got Singaporeans into this got Singaporeans into this thrown the verge of death, the the trickytricky the verge of death, tangletangle are not arethe notstatistics, the statistics, problem in Singapore is problem in Singapore is 1 in 41 people buy more In addition, in 4 people buy more but the buteveryday. the everyday.In addition, embarrassingly affluent. embarrassingly affluent. food food than than they need, according to to they need, according an article by the an article byStraits the Straits According to thetoNational According the National Times. For instance, Times. For instance, Environment Agency (NEA), Environment Agency (NEA), whenwhen people do do people the amount of food wasted the amount of food wasted their their weekly grocery weekly grocery

14 | Special 14 | Special

Photo by Joel by TeoJoel Teo Photo

teful Singapore steful Singapore

ingapore, as Sonia findsfinds out out its effects Singapore, as Sonia its effects

lunchlunch and couldn’t finishfinish it today. and couldn’t it today. shopping, they tend to overstock on on shopping, they tend to overstock Maybe you bought one carton too too Maybe you bought one carton food food supplies. This This mightmight lead to theto the supplies. lead strawberries for the tart tart strawberries forfruit the fruit food food they thought they were goinggoing manymany they thought they were yesterday. TheseThese mightmight you made yesterday. to eattotoeat expire before it getsit the to expire before gets the you made seem seem smallsmall in theinpresent, but add the present, but add chance to beto consumed. chance be consumed. up over lifetime. up aover a lifetime. The severity of this is The severity ofissue this issue is TrulyTruly overcoming this problem will will overcoming this problem exacerbated in theinfact exacerbated thethat fact this that this than than legislative action take more legislative action situation occurs daily daily in households situation occurs in householdstake more or raised awareness. It requires or raised awareness. It requires throughout Singapore. throughout Singapore. the consistent commitment of of the consistent commitment individuals making conscious individuals making conscious To address this problem, the To address this problem, the choices to stop food,food, everyevery choices to wasting stop wasting National Environment Agency National Environment Agency singlesingle day. day. (NEA) also recently launched a (NEA) also recently launched a campaign to gettopeople to cuttodown campaign get people cut down on the of food wasted. onamount the amount of food wasted.

ChiefChief Executive Officer of NEA Mr Mr Executive Officer of NEA Ronnie Tay said, “While we work to to Ronnie Tay said, “While we work reduce food food wastewaste disposed through reduce disposed through means such such as food wastewaste recycling means as food recycling and redistribution of unsold and and and redistribution of unsold excessexcess food,food, the preferred approach the preferred approach remains, that is preventing food food remains, that is preventing wastage in theinfirst wastage the place.” first place.”

“We encourage everybody to buy “We encourage everybody to buy only only what what they need, or order only only they need, or order what what they can he added. theyfinish,” can finish,” he added.

Student Joel Loh, 19, agreed. “I “I Student Joel Loh, 19, agreed. feel that should do do feel Singaporeans that Singaporeans should something aboutabout this issue and not something this issue and not just wait to doto do just for waitthe forgovernment the government everything. We have a responsibility everything. We have a responsibility as citizens of theofEarth as citizens the Earth to take it.”of it.” to care take of care

It is worth noting that the of of It is worth noting thatissue the issue food food wastage is cumulative. Perhaps wastage is cumulative. Perhaps you ordered a little too much at at you ordered a little too much

0.68 0.68 million tonnes of of million tonnes foodfood wasted annually wasted annually

The The average amount of of average amount waste generated by by waste generated one person annually one person annually

DidDid youyou know? know? FreshFresh produce that isthat slightly produce is slightly defected or do or notdomeet quality defected not meet quality standards of theofsupermarket standards the supermarket are thrown away.away. Up to Up 10 to 10 to are thrown 15 per15cent produce can can perof cent of produce be tossed away away because of of be tossed because this practice, according to to this practice, according

The The amount of wasted amount of wasted foodfood being recycled being recycled

NEA’s target for for NEA’s target recycling rate rate of of recycling foodfood waste waste

Special | 15 | 15 Special

Rickie traverses the best of both worlds with the help of her tummy


f Singapore is a melting pot, it’s also a scrumptious one. From imported German sausages to local chilli crab, we’re surrounded by a glorious myriad of food choices. Yet, how often do we eat a meal where two disparate cultures are combined in one dish? Creation Café at Shaw Towers is an establishment offering fusion food in their menu. Dated wooden tables and chalkboards noting opening hours and set lunch promotions evoke a homely atmosphere. Although the café looked rather lacklustre with its bluish lighting and kitschy orange signboard, efforts were made to liven up the place with rows of viridescent potted plants. Despite its modest appearance, Creation Café’s food was at a whole other level. With more than 15 years of experience, Head Chef Alex Lum started Creation Café with the aim of bringing affordable fusion food to the masses. “By combining different textures and flavours, I’m opening the market to both Singaporeans and Westerners,” he said in Chinese.

16 | Flower

Seafood Laksa Pasta


One of their most popular menu items is the seafood laksa cream sauce pasta ($12.20). Upon tasting my first mouthful, I was pleasantly surprised by the sweetness of it.

The carbonara ($12.20) was another of the café’s non-fusion specialities. The pasta was perfectly al dente and amazingly retained its texture throughout the meal.

Distinct elements of Western influenced creaminess and local inspired spiciness were present in the dish, with neither component overpowering the other.

Surprisingly, it also wasn’t too rich or cloying. The dish had a good balance of saltiness from the crispy bacon and juicy sausages, and sweetness from the sauce.

The difference between laksa and the laksa pasta cream sauce, is the cream used. “The sauce has to be thicker so that the flavour sticks, that’s why I decided to use cream instead of coconut milk like regular laksa,” Lum shared.

“The pasta and the sauce were properly combined, leaving the right amount of cream and pasta at once,” remarked Elaine Lee, 21.

“The portion of seafood is generous, considering the price,” also noted food blogger Charlene Chew, also known as Missuschewy. Visually however, the dish’s appearance fell flat. As the sauce, seafood and pasta were all tones of orange, the plate looked very one dimensional and greasy.

Once again, the dish wasn’t spectacular in appearance. Although it probably wouldn’t do much to improve the flavour, a sprinkling of herbs might help to make the pasta look more appetising.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for original fusion food or classic pastas at an affordable price point, and don’t have a compulsive need to Instagram every meal, Creation Café is an option worth exploring.

A Matrimony of Flavours Sathia visits Springleaf Prata Place to try their inventive Indian-meets-Western fusion dishes


ecked with a pastel yellow signboard and coral red chairs, Springleaf Prata Place instantly caught my eye amongst a row of sleepy stores. Since its launch in 2003, this small Indian fusion eatery has been slowly rising through the ranks to become one of the best in Singapore. With raving reviews on prominent food blogs like and its creative menu of delectable offerings, Springleaf has garnered over 733 recommendations on Burpple, a local food locator phone application, to date. With all this in mind, it was not without great anticipation that I stepped into the outlet. Instantly, an appetising aroma of fish curry wafted over – a harbinger for the mouth-watering that was to come. This pleasant redolence carried me all the way to the counter, where I was greeted by a staff member. “A lot of families and people above 40 (frequented) our restaurant in the past, but the recent few years have attracted more youths due to our yearly creations,” said Gunalan Subramanian, 41, owner of Springleaf Prata Place.

Photo by Joel Teo


Plaster Blaster

Springleaf’s murtaburger was served piping hot and stuffed with generous portions of mutton, cheese, and signature sauce.

Springleaf’s eggs benedict inspired plaster blaster looked amazing with the colour contrast of jade scallions against the oozing yellow egg yolk.

Customer Elvin Thien Tzat, 20, noted that despite the dish’s slightly steep price of $7, it was honestly worth the money because of how filling it was.

The egg was also poached to perfection, which surprised me, as I never would’ve expected an Indian restaurant to serve a dish utilising Western cooking techniques so well.

The mutton patty inside the soft and fluffy prata was superbly seasoned and prepared. The meat had a nice peppery sting, and hot melted cheese was also generously slathered around the patty, which added greatly to its chewy texture.

The polarity of textures between the smooth and delicate egg yolk and the thick and crispy prata also made a delicious marriage in my mouth, and paired nicely with the fish curry that was served alongside it.

What really made angels sing in my ears, however, was the heavenly sauce that was infused into the dish. “We wanted to model our murtaburger sauce from the one commonly found in the famous Ramly burgers,” said Subramanian with a smile. Despite being messily plated – sauces were spilling out from little pockets in the prata – its taste was far too good for me to care about the visuals.

What makes this dish even more amazing was that it only cost $5!

If you’re looking to try quirky Indian fusion food in substantial portions, I’d highly recommend that you give Springleaf Prata Place a try. My sentiments about the place are exactly like that of 17-year-old loyal customer Timothy Chua: “I never knew how good it was until I went in to try it.”

Flower | 17

An AnOld Old School School Blend Blend Rekindle Rekindle your your lovelove for for thisthis popular popular childhood childhood snack snack as Joel as Joel explores explores the the secret secret to making to making homemade homemade sngsng baos baos

18 | Flower 18 | Flower

Photo by Photo Abigail by Abigail Ang Ang


is done by trial by and trialerror, and error, so there so there was once also once a time or many or many Singaporeans Singaporeans trudging trudgingThereThere was also a time whenwhen is done shouldn’t shouldn’t be any befear anyof fear failure of failure popsicles our saviours. reallyreally underunder the sweltering the sweltering sun, the sun, the thesethese popsicles were were our saviours. or experimentation. or experimentation. However, the meteoric rise of frozen best relief best relief is that is of that anof icyancold icy coldHowever, the meteoric rise of frozen yoghurt and bubble tea franchises dessert dessert – imagine – imagine it melting it melting in your in youryoghurt and bubble tea franchises The trick The trick to achieving to achieving a good a good rendered untrendy. mouth mouth as theasheat the dissipates heat dissipates away away soon soon rendered themthem untrendy. popsicle popsicle is all is about all about its creative its creative and and into oblivion. into oblivion. interesting interesting flavour. flavour. WithWith that being that being cost of desserts cold desserts “The“The cost of cold has has we have we have created created a refreshing a refreshing increased – aof cup of frozen yogurt said, said, However, However, few youths few youths probably probably have haveincreased – a cup frozen yogurt can between cost between four to seven an old anschool old school dessert dessert in mind in mind whenwhencan cost four to seven Fruity Fruity Flavours Flavours with with sng bao sngcalled bao called dollars. Bubble teas go easier on thethe advice envisioning envisioning that chilly that chilly treat.treat. dollars. Bubble teas go easier on the the advice fromfrom TSBS.TSBS. wallet, draining to five wallet, draining aboutabout threethree to five dollars,” remarked student Jensen “Although remarked student Jensen In a 2015 In a survey 2015 survey conducted conducted amongst amongstdollars,” “Although this isthis a stark is a stark difference difference 18. 18. 102 locals 102 locals aged aged 13 to 13 35,to only 35, only 29 per 29 perKuah,Kuah, fromfrom what what I ate in I ate myinchildhood, my childhood, cent reported cent reported consuming consuming me ofme myoffavourite it stillitreminds still reminds my favourite sng bao sng, or bao, or So what has been to make has been done done to make snacksnack that Ithat usedI used to treat myself to to to treat myself ice popsicle ice popsicle in English, in English, within within that that So what popsicles relevant moremore relevant to theto the on the after after a long and and onway the home way home a long year. year. Instead, Instead, this demographic this demographic was waspopsicles Singaporean market? market? tiringtiring day atday school,” said Jensen at school,” said Jensen moremore inclined inclined towards towards purchasing purchasing Singaporean aboutabout the new the flavour. new flavour. frozen frozen yoghurt yoghurt or bubble or bubble tea totea to refresh refresh themselves themselves on sunny on sunny days. days. “The “The bestbest wayway to win to win a a Fortunately, Fortunately, future ’s future is notis not sng bao sng’sbao girl’s girl’s heart heart backback thenthen as bleak WhatWhat sets this setsdessert this dessert apartapart fromfrom as bleak as it seems. as it seems. “I think “I think it won’t it won’t others others is its is nostalgic its nostalgic value.value. For the For the waswas be that be easy that for easy for to die to die sng baos sng baos to walk to walk herher home home founders founders of The of Sng TheBao Sng Society Bao Society out. It out. is, It after is, after all, still all,something still something buybuy herher a sng a sng bao bao that has (TSBS), (TSBS), who are whoboth are both 26 years 26 years old old andand thata has lot aoflot sentimental of sentimental valuevalue this year, this year, it brings it brings back back memories memories of of afterwards.” for many for many Singaporeans,” Singaporeans,” Kaylie Kaylie afterwards.” their their school school days. days. remarked remarked fondly. fondly.

-Andrew -Andrew AngAng

A founder A founder of TSBS, of TSBS, Kaylie Kaylie See See has formulated modern Toh, Toh, used used to buy topopsicles buy popsicles with with TSBSTSBS has formulated modern flavours to tingle taste-buds her friends her friends on a regular on a regular basis.basis. For For flavours to tingle local local taste-buds by substituting ordinary flavours a young a young kid back kid back in those in those days, days, life lifeby substituting ordinary flavours fancier like “Bailey’s was “so wassimple, “so simple, just like justsng likebaos fancier ones ones like “Bailey’s sng ”, baos”, with with a concoction GreenGreen Tea”,Tea”, a concoction basedbased she recalled. she recalled. on traditional tea thickened on traditional greengreen tea thickened the milky texture of Bailey’s, the milky texture of Bailey’s, Co-founder Co-founder Pang Pang ChewChew Ting,Ting, also also with with making its consistency similar making its consistency similar to to reminisced reminisced fond fond memories memories of of that of a matcha a matcha latte. latte. savouring savouring popsicles popsicles after after playing playing that of “block “block catching” catching” with with her friends her friends best selling flavours TheseThese best selling flavours are are around around the neighbourhood. the neighbourhood. different traditional different fromfrom traditional ones ones like like and green that are and green apple,apple, that are Another Another fond fond memory memory would would be be citruscitrus brightly coloured to attract children coloured to attract children how pocket how pocket money money was dependent was dependent brightly tothem buy them – a much trait much – a trait less less on these on these ice popsicles ice popsicles for some. for some. In In to buy evident in TSBS’ popsicles. evident in TSBS’ popsicles. the past, the past, mothers mothers would would freezefreeze juicesjuices and concoctions and concoctions in long in long plastic plastic The response to these contemporary to these contemporary packets packets and send and send their their children children out outThe response to selltothem sell them – these – these earnings earnings would wouldsng baos have have been been great.great. Recently, Recently, sng baos serveserve as their as their allowance. allowance. retailretail groupgroup Norbreeze Norbreeze ordered ordered a thousand a thousand popsicles popsicles for their for their Andrew Andrew Ang, Ang, 28, a 28, chemical a chemical networking networking event,event, whilewhile waxing waxing engineer engineer who also who grew also grew up with up with this this salonsalon Strip Strip ordered ordered 8,0008,000 popsicles popsicles ice popsicle, ice popsicle, shared shared somesome of hisofown his own at oneatof one itsof launch its launch events. events. fond fond memories. memories. Thankfully, Thankfully, TSBSTSBS has agreed has agreed to to “As a“As young a young man surrounded man surrounded by soby soshareshare somesome of their of their guidelines guidelines for for manymany girls in girls school, in school, it’s inevitable it’s inevitablecreating creating your your own homemade own homemade that Ithat would I would take atake liking a liking to some to some popsicles, popsicles, so that so you thattoo youcan toobe can a be a of them. of them. The best The way best to way win toawin a mainstream mainstream deviant! deviant! girl’sgirl’s heartheart back back then then was to was walk to walk her home her home and buy andher buyaher According to Kaylie, to Kaylie, “there’s “there’s no no sngabao sng bao According and fast andrule fast to rule it”.toEverything it”. Everything afterwards,” afterwards,” he recalled he recalled cheekily. cheekily. hard hard

Ingredients Ingredients 2 cups2 of cups cubed of cubed watermelons watermelons ¼ cup¼ofcup lemon of lemon juice juice 1 cup 1ofcup raspberry of raspberry juice juice 1 cup 1ofcup sojuof soju 2 cups2 of cups ice of ice 8 mint8 leaves mint leaves

Method Method

11 22 33 44 55 66 77

ShredShred the mint the leaves mint leaves into into small small piecespieces and add andall add all ingredients ingredients into the into blender. the blender. BlendBlend on high on for high about for about a a minute minute or two. or two. Sieve Sieve the mixture the mixture to getto ridget ofrid of any unwanted any unwanted residue. residue.

Fill the Fill plastic the plastic sng bao sngbags bao bags with the with mixture the mixture with awith funnel. a funnel. Make Make sure that surethere that there is loose is loose material material to tie to thetie popsicle the popsicle up with up awith rubber a rubber band. band. in a in a Lay your Lay sng yourbaos sng carefully baos carefully tray intray thein freezer. the freezer.

After After 6 hours 6 hours or more, or more, the sng the sng ready are ready to eat!to eat! baos are baos

Flower Flower | 19 | 19

Korean Korean Konfections Konfections JoinJoin food-junkie as he more about the Korean foodfood Sathia food-junkie aslearns he learns more about the Korean Sathia wavewave thatthat has has hit Singapore’s shores hit Singapore’s shores


Bingsu Bingsu

SoftSoft Serve IceIce Cream Serve Cream

ingapore – a melting pot ofpot of ingapore – a melting manymany cultures and their foods.foods. cultures and their SomeSome imports like the imports likeburger the burger is what somesome localslocals mightmight “When have have become local local staples, whilewhile Bingsu is what Bingsu become staples, HoneyCreme first opened “When HoneyCreme first opened the ‘Korean ’. ice kachang others like the have have camecame deemdeem the ‘Korean ’. ice kachang others likedonut the donut back back in October 2014,2014, it in October it this dessert is different and gone. Amongst the vicissitudes However, this dessert is different became and gone. Amongst the vicissitudesHowever, so popular that we became so popular that we fromfrom the local variation because of of had to of theofregion’s food food landscape, the local variation because the region’s landscape, employ staff to direct had to employ staff to direct of toppings dazzled atop atopthe long one thing cannot be denied – the– the the variety the variety of toppings dazzled one thing cannot be denied queuequeue outside our our the long outside shaved ice. ice. meteoric rise of Korean cuisine. shaved meteoric rise of Korean cuisine. finelyfinely store,” recollected Wendy Lin, Lin, store,” recollected Wendy 30, a long-time staff member at at 30, a long-time staff member include whipped cream, For those wondering how Korean Varieties include whipped cream, HoneyCreme, For those wondering how Korean Varieties one of theoftop HoneyCreme, one thesoft top soft honeyhoney and fruit, whilewhile ice ice culture reached the shores of this and fruit, culture reached the shores of this nuts, nuts, serveserve ice cream restaurants in South ice cream restaurants in South tendstends to have a set aofset of kachang tiny red theinfirst to have kachang tinydot redindot the place, first place, Korea, and now Korea, and Singapore. now Singapore. components like syrup, perhaps looking to music will get predictable components like syrup, perhaps looking to music will get predictable jellies, corn,corn, red beans and attap you some answers. jellies, red beans and attap SinceSince you some answers. its local launch, otherother soft soft its local launch, seeds). chee (palm seeds). chee (palm serveserve ice cream storesstores like Milkcow, ice cream like Milkcow, It all It started with with the booming of of all started the booming SweetSweet Monster, and Danmisoft have have Monster, and Danmisoft Part of ’s appeal is how bingsu the Korean pop music industry, Part of bingsu ’s appeal is it how it opened the Korean pop music industry, in anin attempt to capitalise opened an attempt to capitalise like. At first the sweet betterbetter known as K-pop , across Asia. Asia.lookslooks like. At glance, first glance, the sweeton the known as K-pop , across onhype. the hype. treat treat lookslooks like alike prettier rendition a prettier rendition of iceofkachang . Its popularity grew grew so intensely that that . ice kachang Its popularity so intensely However, after after a drop in sales due due However, a drop in sales the total viewsviews for K-pop videos the total for K-pop videos to other market entrants like like to other market entrants unlike the haphazard on YouTube surpassed the 1 the billion However, unlike the haphazard on YouTube surpassed 1 billion However, llao llao, Spanish store,store, fro-yo llao allao, a Spanish fro-yo assemblage of iceofkachang , immense mark,mark, goinggoing fromfrom 800 million viewsviews assemblage , immense ice kachang 800 million several Korean soft serve ice ice several Korean soft serve to detail goes into in 2010 to more than than 2.3 billion in in attention attention to detail goes the into the creamcream in 2010 to more 2.3 billion storesstores have have decided to goto go decided meticulous construction of bingsu , 2011, 2011, according to meticulous construction of bingsu , out ofout according to their way to market their their of their way to market and their aesthetic standard is and their aesthetic standard is products through new flavours. products through new flavours. something restaurants pridepride bingsu WhenWhen Korean cuisine penetrated the the something restaurants bingsu Korean cuisine penetrated themselves on. on. local local food food market, Korean barbeque themselves market, Korean barbeque HoneyCreme has tried to to HoneyCreme has tried storesstores were were at theatfront of theof the the front incorporate local local flavours like gula incorporate flavours like gula “They all look so pretty...because oriental entourage. “They all look so pretty...because melaka oriental entourage. and pandan. “We used thesethese and pandan. “We used melaka of how looks, I would gladlygladlylocal local of nice how it nice it looks, I would flavours to grab attention, flavours to grab attention, spendspend the extra few dollars to gettoit,” OtherOther savoury hits like the extra few dollars get it,” savoury hitsKorean like Korean we managed to pull we managed to more pull more Nanyang Technological fried fried chicken, Korean barbecue and and19-year-old 19-year-old Nanyang Technologicalpeople chicken, Korean barbecue to our to have a taste people tostores our stores to have a taste student Rachel Soh Soh (rice (rice cakes)cakes) continued, tteokboki University student Rachel continued, University tteokboki of our ice cream,” Lin said. oflocal our local ice cream,” Lin said. with with a giggle. keeping Korean food food at theattop remarked a giggle. keeping Korean theoftop of remarked everyone’s minds. everyone’s minds. If you’ve got an adventurous If you’ve got an adventurous mightmight have have won our Bingsu wonhearts our hearts tastebud Bingsu and some cash to spare, be be tastebud and some cash to spare, its delightful taste taste and and Just when we thought that there through its delightful Just when we thought that there through sure to tick and Korean bingsu sure toboth tick both and Korean bingsu stunning overall visualvisual appearance, couldcould be nobe more, we were stunning overall appearance,soft serve no more, we were ice cream off your list. list. soft serve ice cream off your this dish a mean bombarded by anby army of sugary but does boy, does this have dish have a meanWe’veWe’ve bombarded an army of sugary but boy, even even mademade a special coupon a special coupon tag, costing fromfrom $8 up$8 toup $20 sweetsweet Korean desserts – bingsu and andpriceprice tag, costing to $20to help Korean desserts – bingsu valentine to you helpand youyour and your valentine per bowl. Korean soft serve ice cream. per bowl. Korean soft serve ice cream. out! (See out! next (See page.) next page.)

20 | Fruit 20 | Fruit

“They all look so pretty “They all look so pretty ...because of how nicenice ...because of how it looks, I would gladly it looks, I would gladly spend the the extra few few spend extra dollars to get it.”it.” dollars to get -Rachel Soh Soh -Rachel

Illustrations by Rickie SonjiaSonjia Marcus Illustrations by Rickie Marcus

FruitFruit | 21 | 21

Amebakes’ most popular flavours (from top): Oreo Choco, Blueberry Lime and Biscoff Speculoos

Fruit | 22

An #Instabake Success Abigail speaks to Amelia, a baker, about the sphere of Instagram baking


t wasn’t difficult to pinpoint the unit of Amelia Koh, 19, amongst the other apartments on the same floor – hers was the only one with baking pans stacked atop a decrepit oven beside the door. At first glance petite and unassuming, Amelia’s quiet salutation embodied a bashfulness uncharacteristic of her online persona. “I’m actually very shy,” she admitted with a demure smile. This, coupled with her self-described “very indecisive” nature, makes it surprising that the Singapore Polytechnic student had little hesitation launching Amebakes, an Instagram bakery selling both signature and customised cupcakes. With 25 per cent of Singaporeans being users of this visual social networking platform according to, Instagram is opening doors for many like Amelia to capitalise on today’s age of high social media infiltration to translate their entrepreneurial hopes and dreams into reality. Elizabeth Chiam, 21, another Instagram baker, acknowledged that living in a zeitgeist with strong emphasis on digital sharing “has made it a lot easier for people to put their stuff online”. Numerous Instagram bakeries have sprung up over the past few years because “it’s so simple, with no cost involved (in setting up an account), and no risk also,” she emphasised.

(Continued on page 24.)

Apart from the abovementioned pros, a lecturer’s personal sharing during class was what mainly inspired Amelia’s venture.

valuable as the gradual improvement of visuals resulted in her 436 followers just six months after she opened for orders.

“For the past 18 years, I never really did something that made a mark in my life,” she recalled with a tinge of regret. Under the recommendation of her lecturer, Amelia started testing out new cupcake recipes.

Having compelling images on a feed is especially important on an aesthetically focused medium like Instagram. As justified in an article by, impressive visuals pique viewers’ interest, stimulating them to read the caption and make an order.

“For the past 18 years, I never really did something that made a mark in my life.” - Amelia Koh The persuasion of friends and family was what gave her the final push to create her own eponymous Instagram bakery, Amebakes. “They’re all very, very supportive,” Amelia gushed, beaming with gratitude. Each of her family members help in their own little way – her sister provides ingenious ideas, her mother helps to tie cupcake boxes, and her father drives her to baking supply stores from time to time. Active participation was not limited to kin. “My boyfriend helped me set up my website,” Amelia said. Other friends pitched in by buying her a bigger oven to fulfil orders more efficiently, and one offered to lend his photography skills at no cost. This favour proved exceptionally

“If (my family and friends) hadn’t encouraged me, all this wouldn’t have happened,” she confessed, then fell silent as if to ruminate the gravity of that statement. Although guilty of taking it out on her bastions of support in tough times, Amelia admitted that they rarely, if ever, hold it against her. In observing their interactions, I noticed an endearing dynamic between Amelia and her younger sister Alicia, 15. “Sometimes we quarrel, sometimes we’re okay, sometimes we’re best friends,” Alicia declared, with a defensive emphasis on the last few words. “She keeps asking me to wash her (baking equipment),” she lamented, but seemed smugly content at the privilege of getting to taste test Amelia’s new creations. Elizabeth agrees that support from loved ones is crucial in sustaining a one-woman Instagram business. “My mum tells everyone I bake, and

Fruit | 23

Amelia’s Amelia’s Top Top TipsTips Much Much like any likeother any other activity, activity, good time goodmanagement time management is the is the linchpin linchpin of efficient of efficient baking. baking. If If you don’t you have don’t ahave proper a proper method method of execution, of execution, unforeseen unforeseen situations situations mightmight trigger trigger panic.panic. Amelia Amelia advises advises thinking thinking thingsthings through through and doing and doing smallsmall tasks tasks leading leading up to the up to actual the actual day day of baking of baking at least at aleast week a week in in advance, advance, for example: for example:

1 1

WhiskWhisk up theup cupcake the cupcake fillingfilling and store and store it in the it in fridge the fridge until until you need you it. need it.


Cube Cube the butter the butter beforehand. beforehand. This way, Thiswhen way, when you take youittake it out toout use,toituse, getsittogets room to room temperature temperature more more quickly. quickly.


Always Always have ahave contingency a contingency plan inplan case in something case something goes goes wrong, wrong, e.g. you e.g. you breakbreak a bottle a bottle of of vanillavanilla extract. extract.

24 | Fruit 24 | Fruit

Ultimately, Amelia’s Amelia’s commitment commitment to t she’llshe’ll showshow everyone everyone my pictures,” my pictures,” Ultimately, her business is notisborne not borne out ofout theof the she chuckled. she chuckled. “I’ve “I’ve been been baking baking my myher business for monetary for monetary gain, gain, but rather, but rathe wholewhole (extended) (extended) family’s family’s birthday birthdaydesiredesire “out of “out passion of passion and for andfun”. for fun”. Her Her cakescakes for the forpast the few pastyears.” few years.” favourite favourite part of part baking of baking for others for others is getting to seetothem see them smilesmile uponupon WhatWhat I found I found especially especially admirable admirable is getting receiving receiving their their cupcakes. cupcakes. was Amelia’s was Amelia’s staunch staunch decision decision not tonot depend to depend on her onparents her parents for for like bring to bring joy tojoy other to other people,” people, financial financial assistance assistance – Amebakes’ – Amebakes’ “I like“Ito she enthused she enthused with glistening with glistening eyes, eyes, business business capital capital comescomes entirely entirely from from telling telling me that meher thatgoal her is goal to get is totoget to her own her pocket. own pocket. the point the point wherewhere people people “really “really miss miss (eating (eating her) cupcakes”. her) cupcakes”. Thankfully, Thankfully, Amelia Amelia manages manages a a comfortable comfortable profitprofit despite despite aiming aiming One Amebakes’ of Amebakes’ most most regular regular her confections her confections at a target at a target market market One of customers Emil Emil Lua, 19, Lua, asserted 19, asserted with lower with lower spending spending power. power. “I did“I did customers wasit“a was big“adeal” big deal” for him forto him to research research on industry on industry pricing pricing and and that itthat likeconfections her confections so much so much as he as he askedasked my friends my friends if they if would they would buy buylike her wasn’t wasn’t that much that much of a cupcake of a cupcake fan fan a cupcake a cupcake that cost that(X) costmuch.” (X) much.” himself. himself. “You “You can really can really taste the taste the effort,” effort,” Emil Emil added. added. Elizabeth Elizabeth corroborated corroborated the the trickiness trickiness of competitive of competitive pricing. pricing. though though she has shebeen has been receiving receiving “Lots“Lots of people of people expectexpect homemade homemade Even Even mostly positive positive feedback, feedback, Amelia Amelia thingsthings to be to cheaper, be cheaper, because because there’s there’smostly isn’t immune to bouts to bouts of self-doubt. of self-doubt no need no need to paytofor paylabour for labour and rent and rent isn’t immune She agreed She agreed that her thatbusiness her business choices choice unlikeunlike brickbrick and mortar and mortar stores,” stores,” she she are often are often ratherrather reflective reflective of herof her pointed pointed out. out. nervous nervous disposition. disposition. An exorbitant An exorbitant amount amount of time of goes time goes “I always say the saywrong the wrong things, things, makemak into ainto cycle a cycle of baking, of baking, especially especially “I always the wrong the wrong decisions decisions (in everyday (in everyday whenwhen everything everything is done is done with awith a life), right so right now I’m nowreally I’m really singlesingle pair of pair hands. of hands. “When “When you you life), so scaredscared to make to make all those all those mistakes mistakes bake bake you have you to have puttoinput a lot in of a lot of (in Amebakes) (in Amebakes) again,” again,” Amelia Amelia effort,” effort,” Amelia Amelia stressed. stressed. confessed, confessed, her voice her voice quivering. quivering. She told She me toldabout me about her latest her latest orderorder Jacqueline Tan, 42, Tan,an42, Instagram an Instagram that took that took 7 hours 7 hours to finish to finish baking, baking, Jacqueline specialising specialising in customised in customised whichwhich only allowed only allowed her toher sleep to sleep bakerbaker fondant cakes,cakes, explained explained that the that the at 5am at before 5am before waking waking up early up early for for fondant job can jobbe can quite be quite isolating, isolating, as people as people today’s today’s interview. interview. in theinindustry the industry typically typically don’tdon’t have have the privilege of engaging of engaging with or with or Her drooping, Her drooping, tired tired eyes, eyes, exhausted exhaustedthe privilege depending on other on other co-workers co-workers for for voice voice and stooped and stooped posture posture mademade depending support. support. the veracity the veracity of that ofassertion that assertion all too all toomoralmoral obvious obvious to me. Amidst Amidst uncertainty, uncertainty, Amelia Amelia decided decided to focus on her onstrengths her strengths as a baker as a baker “I’ve “I’ve nagged nagged at heratmultiple her multiple times,” times,”to focus personal a personal touchtouch and big and big Amelia’s Amelia’s boyfriend boyfriend Reuben Reuben Tan, 20, Tan, 20,with awith She also Shehad alsosome had some adviceadvice for for disclosed disclosed with awith strained a strained grimace. grimace. heart.heart. aspiring youngyoung entrepreneurs entrepreneurs who who “Although “Although it’s anit’s eyeanopener eye opener for for aspiring remain remain unconvinced unconvinced to take to atake leapa leap me tome seetohow see one howhandles one handles this this of faith. of faith. kind kind of business, of business, especially especially with her with her balancing balancing her studies.” her studies.” “(Being) “(Being) youngyoung is good, is good, because because you you have more time to time doto trial do runs. trial runs. It’s It’ WhileWhile beingbeing a Business a Business IT student IT student have more to failtowhen fail when you’reyou’re youngyoung has itshas perks its perks – Amelia – Amelia designed designed her herbetterbetter then when you’reyou’re old...know old...know wherewhere logo and logomade and made vectorvector graphics graphics for for then when you’reyou’re heading heading towards, towards, what what kind kind her website her website usingusing software software skills skills she she of branding you have, you have, and who and who learntlearnt at school at school – she –admits she admits that that of branding targeting. targeting. MostMost importantly, importantly, juggling juggling academic academic life and lifekeeping and keeping you’reyou’re you need to be to sincere.” be sincere.” up with up Amebakes with Amebakes has taken has taken a toll.a need

Sleepytime Sleepytime Smoothie Smoothie

shows shows you you howhow to whip to whip up aup dessert a dessert thatthat helps helps you you sleepsleep better better Abigail Abigail


cherries cherries are also arefull alsooffull of In fact, In what fact, what betterbetter way to way enjoy to enjoy SweetSweet et food et food be thybemedicine thy medicine and and antioxidants that are thatcapable are capable of of an evening treat treat than to than enjoy to enjoy both bothantioxidants thy medicine thy medicine be thybefood.” thy food.”an evening lowering bloodblood pressure pressure and even and even gastronomic pleasure pleasure and better and better lowering Hippocrates, Hippocrates, the iconic the iconic gastronomic subduing subduing the growth the growth of cancer of cancer cells. cells. chances of sleeping of sleeping like alike baby? a baby? ancient ancient GreekGreek physician physician sure knew sure knew chances aboutabout the power the power of nutrition. of nutrition. To unite the two, the we’ve two, we’ve comecome up up WithWith an abundance an abundance of vitamins, of vitamins, To unite with awith Sleepytime a Sleepytime Smoothie Smoothie that’llthat’ll minerals and fibre, and fibre, fruitsfruits are are In today’s In today’s fast-paced fast-paced world, world, it’s not it’s notminerals rock your sockssocks and send and you sendright you right nature’s version version of candy. of candy. In fact, In fact, rock your uncommon uncommon for many for many of us of to us be to so be sonature’s to sleep. to sleep. somesome fruitsfruits have the havepotential the potential to aidto aid overcome overcome by stress by stress that sleeping that sleeping well well in better sleep!sleep! is a blessing is a blessing ratherrather than athan given. a given. in better Ms Magdalin Ms Magdalin Cheong, Cheong, 55, Head 55, Head Dietician Dietician at Changi at Changi General General Consuming Consuming magnesium-rich magnesium-rich bananas bananas “I find “Iitfind difficult it difficult to sleep to sleep with with Hospital, warned warned that “it that is “it difficult is difficult can help can to help relax to relax muscles muscles and make and makeHospital, workwork pilingpiling up every up every day,” day,” admitted admitted to confirm what what ingredients ingredients are are you doze off faster, off faster, as stated as stated in an in an to confirm Preston Preston Ngoui, Ngoui, 19. “A19.lot“A oflot work of work you doze in store-bought in store-bought smoothies, smoothies, by by used”used” also causes also causes me tome switch to switch my food my food articlearticle whichwhich mightmight affectaffect its “nutrient its “nutrient choices choices to faster-to-eat, to faster-to-eat, unhealthy unhealthy content content and effectiveness”. and effectiveness”. WithWith approximately approximately 3 grams 3 grams of fibre of fibre meals,” meals,” he added. he added. per medium per medium banana banana according according to to In order to combat to combat this problem, this problem,,, consuming consuming this fruit this fruitIn order reports reports that that out your out your electric electric blender blender and and will help will to help ease tothe easedigestion the digestion of of whip whip insomnia insomnia is oneisofone theofmost the most makemake your your own at own home. at home. evening evening meal meal and keep and keep you full you full common common sleep sleep problems problems amongst amongst your your for longer. locals,locals, and that andthe thatsolution the solution mightmight for longer. “Healthy, “Healthy, sweet,sweet, delicious. delicious. A great A great lie in lie a diet in achange. diet change. alternative alternative to iceto cream,” ice cream,” enthused enthused reported reported that that Preston after after taking taking a sip. aAvoid sip. Avoid the the cherries are one areofone theoffew thefoods few foods Preston Although Although advised advisedcherries commercially-bought commercially-bought stuff, stuff, chuckchuck that contain high amounts high amounts of of that evening that evening mealsmeals should should be kept be kept that contain the sleeping the sleeping pills, pills, and make and make this this naturally occurring occurring melatonin, melatonin, light light to ensure to ensure a better a better night’s night’s rest, rest,naturally concoction concoction instead! instead! a hormone that regulates that regulates your your that doesn’t that doesn’t meanmean you have you to have give to give a hormone circadian circadian rhythm. rhythm. up dessert! up dessert!

Ingredients Ingredients 1 cup 1ice cup ice 1 cup 1almond cup almond milk milk 1 cup 1cherries, cup cherries, pittedpitted and with and stems with stems removed removed 1 medium 1 medium ripe banana ripe banana 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon chia seeds chia seeds 2 tablespoons 2 tablespoons cranberry cranberry juice juice

Method Method Add all Add theallingredients the ingredients in a blender in a blender and blend and blend on on high for highabout for about a minute. a minute. Pour Pour and serve. and serve.

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