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NEWS Vol. 75 • No. 3 Fall 2016

Alumni Homecoming Grant Expands Trauma Training Children’s Home of Detroit Time Capsule Double Your Gift on #Giving Tuesday

Starr News

starr commonwealth leadership Officers

Board of Trustees

Elizabeth A. Carey President Chief Executive Officer

Honorable John Hallacy, Chair (2009 – 2018) Chief District Court Judge 37th District Court Battle Creek, MI

Christopher L. Smith Chief Investment Officer Dudley N. Spade Chief of Staff Thomas F. Tate Chief Operating Officer

Craig Carrel, Vice Chair (2008 – 2017) President and Partner Team 1 Plastics Albion, MI Lawrence Givens, Secretary (2010 – 2019) Blackmond and Givens, Inc. Southfield, MI Stanley Allen (2014 – 2023) Configuration Engineering Wells Fargo & Company Des Moines, IA Scott Bennett (2010 – 2019) Senior Vice President Wealth Management Birmingham, MI Doug Clark (2013 – 2022) Executive Director Donor Marketing U.S. Office of Development Mill Creek, WA

George A. Goodman (2010 – 2019) Ypsilanti, MI Laura Koziarski (2013-2022) Child Advocate Battle Creek, MI

Trustees Emeritus

President Emeritus

Michael J. Gable Human Resources Executive (Retired) Orlans Associates, PC Troy, MI

Martin L. Mitchell President Emeritus Coldwater, MI

George D. Goodman Executive Director (Retired) Michigan Municipal League Ann Arbor, MI

Randy Neumann (2013 – 2022) Vice President J.F. Daley, Inc. San Antonio, TX

Dr. Russell G. Mawby Chairman Emeritus W.K. Kellogg Foundation Battle Creek, MI

Mary E. Rutan (2013 – 2022) Human Resources Director (Retired) Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Honorable Eugene A. Moore Chief Probate Judge (Retired) Oakland County Pontiac, MI

Erick Stewart (2009 – 2018) President Stewart Industries LLC Battle Creek, MI

William K. Stoffer Chairman and CEO (Retired) Albion Machine & Tool Co. Albion, MI

Bruce Vande Vusse (2009 – 2018) Attorney Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, P.C. Farmington Hills, MI

Honorary Trustees

Dr. Arlin E. Ness President Emeritus Anthem, AZ *All Officers and Trustees can be reached at the following address and phone number: Starr Commonwealth 13725 Starr Commonwealth Road Albion, MI 49224 (517) 629-5591

Anne Willson Dupré Granddaughter of Floyd Starr Toronto, Canada Diana Starr Langley Montecito, CA

Starr is dedicated to the mission of creating positive environments where children and families flourish. Starr News Fall 2016 Volume 75 • No. 3 Starr Commonwealth is a nonprofit organization serving children and families regardless of race, religion, color or national origin. Starr Commonwealth is accredited by the Council on Accreditation. Founded in 1913, Starr is licensed by the state of Michigan. The Albion campus is a Michigan Historic Site. Starr Commonwealth receives funds from social agencies, foundations, corporations and individuals. 13725 Starr Commonwealth Rd. Albion, MI 49224-9525 800.837.5591


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Grant for Trauma Training


Children’s Home of Detroit Time Capsule Giving Tuesday

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Fall 2016

president’s letter


s I sit in my office on our beautiful Albion

campus, I am often struck by the history

that surrounds me. Just a short walk away,

and I can be inside the very first house on

our campus, sitting at a desk that was Floyd Starr’s over

100 years ago. I can see trees planted by Helen Keller, stand under the cross on the Chapel-in-the-Woods, and walk down paths that literally thousands of children have walked before me.

Just a few weeks ago, some of those former Starr children came back to our Albion campus for our Alumni Homecoming (see page 4). We had the opportunity to honor them for their success in life, reconnect them with their campus, and to introduce them to young men and women who will be joining the ranks of Starr Alumni in the near future – our current students. The two groups came together to share stories about their time in our programs, and the current students got the chance to see what the Starr community can do for them, including scholarships provided by our dedicated donors to pursue higher education. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces back on campus, and we cannot wait for next year’s event.

started Starr Detroit Academy, a charter school in Harper Woods, Michigan. With that legacy comes a wealth of history, and the responsibility to care for it. In September of this year, we joined up with The Rivers of Grosse Pointe, the location of the former Children’s Home of Detroit, to open a time capsule that was placed in a cornerstone of the building in 1950 (see page 8). We opened the time capsule live, and revealed the multitude of historic treasures that were kept safely within that copper box for 66 years. We shared that history with friends on social media, and we share it with you now; our history is what makes us who we are, and learning from the past is what keeps our organization alive. That, of course, and you, our amazing donors, without whom none of this would be possible. So thank you for helping, thank you for believing in our kids, and thank you for your support. Sincerely,

While much of our history lives here on our Albion campus, Starr has direct community impact throughout Michigan. With our Battle Creek and Detroit locations, our immediate reach spreads across the southern part of the state, and

Elizabeth Carey, President and CEO

our Starr Global Learning Network reaches child care professionals in all 50 states and internationally, taking Uncle Floyd’s beliefs and Starr’s transformational treatment approaches around the world. It takes partners to create impact, though, and when the Children’s Home of Detroit merged with Starr in 2009, they chose our organization because of our long history of caring for children and our ability to continue their impact. We took on the challenge of continuing that amazing legacy and


alumni homecoming

Alumni Homecoming


t was a beautiful day on Saturday, October 1st, and not just because the sun was shining; our Albion campus was alive with folks young and old who returned to celebrate their shared expe-

riences of being Starr kids.

The first alumnus of the day to arrive was Dr. Jim Pelt,

who was at Starr from 1955-57. He was soon followed by other alumni, ranging from those who knew Uncle Floyd to some who were here just a few years ago. As they mingled and reminisced, they were joined by current Starr students. The lobby was full of Floyd’s children, past and present. Homecoming included lunch at the Mawby Center and listening to alumni tell stories about their time at Starr. Alumni got a chance to meet up with old friends and


Elizabeth Carey and a Starr Alumnus.

alumni homecoming make new ones. Current students were able to talk with people who knew exactly what they were going through. For alumni, the opportunity to use their own experiences to reassure others was priceless. The program began with words from Starr’s President and CEO, Elizabeth Carey. “We are so excited to share this beautiful campus with you once again, and we hope you take the time to walk around and explore the place that Floyd Starr built just for you.” Stanley Allen, an alumnus from 1974, current president of the Starr Alumni Association and a Trustee on Starr’s board served as the master of ceremonies. Stanley talked candidly about his journey, including right after he left Starr. “I wanted to forget I was here, and wanted them to forget me – lose my name, lose my address, lose everything that showed that I was at Starr.” Stanley reflected that, after some time apart, he could look back on his time at Starr with appreciation for everything he learned. He reconnected with Starr, and got involved in its Alumni Association. “That’s the message

I want to leave with you. You may be struggling now, but you’ll appreciate Starr later. And we’ll be here when you want to come back.” Dr. Jim Pelt, a former Starr Alumni Association President, spoke about his time at Starr and meeting Uncle Floyd. Jim regaled the current students with his stories of running away, and accidentally trying to hitch a ride with a local police officer. While making the auditorium laugh, he also spoke about learning the consequences of his actions, including having to explain to Uncle Floyd himself why he ran away. George Wilson, another previous Alumni Association President, left Starr in 1963, and has been an active alumnus for years. George talked about his time in Kutsche Cottage and cutting hair for all of the Starr boys, earning 15¢ a head. Other speakers included two boys from Oliver and Kresge Cottages, who will be leaving Starr within the next few weeks. These boys stood up in front of an auditorium full of people and bravely told their stories of how they came to Starr, and what they have learned from their time here.

“You may be struggling now, but you’ll appreciate Starr later. And we’ll be here when you want to come back.”

Starr Alumni gathered together for a group photo.


alumni homecoming Their words gave hope to those currently in treatment on our Albion campus, showing that Starr continues to create positive environments where children can flourish. The Alumni Award for 2016 went to Quentin Hines. The award was accepted on his behalf by Amy Reimann, Starr’s Corporate Historian and Major Gift Officer, who shared some of Quentin’s successes and his personal motto: “Grind Pays.” After leaving Starr, Quentin played college football at the University of Cincinnati and professionally for the New England Patriots. Awards were given to the alumnus who traveled the farthest, the youngest alumnus, and the oldest, Ivan Fall, who left Starr in 1946. The final award was the inaugural Starr Alumni Advocacy Award, presented to Elizabeth Carey. Elizabeth told the audience, “I am a social worker first and foremost, and advocacy is what we do, so this award is just so special Amy Reimann accepting the Alumni Award for Quentin Hines.

to me.” Following the program, alumni had the opportunity to walk around the campus to visit The Chapel-in-the-Woods, Gladsome Cottage, the Towsley Center for Recreation, as well as Besser and Kresge Cottages. And while no one could say for sure, it did seem that Uncle Floyd was smiling down on all of his children who came back to visit. F

If you are an alumnus who would like to reconnect, please join the Starr Alumni Association group on Facebook at StarrAlumniAssociation or call Amy Reimann at 800.837.5591. Elizabeth Carey accepting her award from Stanley Allen.


TLC Receives Grant to Expand Trauma Training TLC Director, Dr. Caelan Soma, training professionals in Macomb County who work with children who have experienced a trauma.

The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children

programs, children will become equipped with practical and

(TLC), a program of Starr’s Global Learning Network, was

immediately usable strategies for coping with their feelings

recently awarded a grant from the Detroit Auto Dealers

and experiences of trauma.

Association Charitable Foundation Endowment Fund of

Since 1980, Turning Point has been providing

the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. This

comprehensive emergency shelter in Mt. Clemens for

grant is supporting TLC’s trauma-informed training at

adult survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and also

Turning Point, a domestic violence and sexual abuse shelter

to children who have experienced trauma. Turning Point’s

in Macomb County, Michigan.

mission is to provide programs and resources that enable

With this grant, we can improve post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and reactions in children and youth

victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to regain control of their lives.

who have experienced trauma in Macomb County and

The emergency shelter located in Macomb County

the surrounding southeast Michigan region. All Turning

provides immediate safety and security for survivors of

Point staff who work with domestic violence and sexual

domestic violence and their children. Over half of Turning

abuse victims will have the opportunity to receive TLC’s

Point shelter residents are children, who have the opportunity

foundational trauma training. Several of these candidates

to participate in counseling programs and support groups.

will go on to obtain TLC Trauma Practitioner certification

We are proud to have the opportunity to provide training

and become trainers using TLC’s train-the-trainer model

to such an amazing organization, and to spread the ability

to sustain trauma resources and support within the local

for more children and teens to receive TLC certified trauma

community beyond the grant period.


TLC will also offer group intervention programming to

If you would like to donate to

participants of Turning Point’s 2017 Summer Camp, during

help us train more organizations in

which approximately 50 youth ages 5 to 17 will receive

TLC Trauma Certification, please

individual counseling and activities. As a result of TLC



Children’s Home of Detroit Time Capsule


Above L to R: Lisa Gandelot, Amy Reimann, Elizabeth Carey, and Richard Levin.

n September 27th, Starr worked together with The Rivers of Grosse Pointe to hold the event of a lifetime: the opening of a time capsule

buried by the Children’s Home of Detroit in 1950. The



of Detroit building has now been replaced by The Rivers of Grosse Pointe, a community designed for seniors. The time capsule was originally placed within the cornerstone of the administration building, then

“180 years ago, a group of dedicated women in Detroit decided to care for our most vulnerable children. We are proud and privileged to carry on their legacy.”

being constructed, for the Children’s Home of Detroit, on June 8, 1950. Starr merged with the Children’s Home of Detroit in 2009, and continues the legacy of serving children on the eastern side of Metro Detroit through Starr Detroit Academy, a charter school in Harper Woods, Michigan.


Photos from the initial event feature Margaret Kanter, head of the Board of Trustees, placing some items, including a 48-star American flag and several newspapers, into the copper box, but there was no existing list of the contents. Starr Commonwealth live-streamed the event on Facebook, which began with a few words from Richard Levin, CEO of The Rivers and caretaker of the box since it was unearthed several years ago. “Every time we come and see this property, we recognize the history behind it, so I’m as excited as every one of you.” Residents of The Rivers and guests, including former Children’s Home board members, alumni, and staff, also heard from Mea Rutan, a former board member of the Children’s Home of Detroit and a current Trustee of the Starr board, as well as Elizabeth Carey, President and

CHD Time capsule

Margaret Kanter, head of the CHD Board of Trustees, placing a 48-star American flag in the capsule.

Margaret Kanter placing the time capsule in the cornerstone of the CHD administration building.

CEO of Starr Commonwealth. “180 years ago, a group was looking, she tried to throw a penny into the box. of dedicated women in Detroit decided to care for our “I think I missed the box,” Margie said as we finished most vulnerable children. We are proud and privileged pulling out all of the historic items. to carry on their legacy,” said Carey. “You did not miss the box,” Elizabeth Carey told her The time capsule was opened by Amy Reimann, Starr as Amy pulled the 1945 wheat penny out of the box and Commonwealth’s Corporate Historian and Major Gift reunited Margie with it 66 years after she had thrown it Officer. As she pulled out each item from the box, she in. Her shock was touching, and put smiles on the faces presented it to those who had gathered, telling what she of everyone who watched it. knew about each piece of history. Contents of the time As Starr moves forward in our second century capsule included a Bible, the 48-star flag, several local of helping children and families, it is still wonderful newspapers, a board of trustees list for the Children’s to look back at where we have been and to honor our Home of Detroit, history. This public several photographs unveiling of a time of the buildings, and capsule from 1950 a penny. was a great way to The penny remember our past was a surprise for and to propel us everyone; Margie forward to continue Garbanino, who was serving. Margaret Kanter’s If you would g r a n d d a u g h t e r, like to watch the was present when opening of the time the time capsule capsule, please visit was placed in the our Facebook page cornerstone in at www.facebook. 1950. She told us com/Starr1913/ Attendees examining the contents of the CHD time capsule from 1950. that, when no one videos. F



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G i v i n g T u e sd ay For 2016, generous benefactors Bill and Susan Gillam, above, are challenging fellow supporters to double their impact – for the first $5,000 given to Starr on November 29, they will match it! This means that your donation will be doubled! Your gift can make a huge difference in the lives of children and families. As supporters of Starr, Bill and Susan know that every dollar makes a difference; you can double your impact for Starr’s children and families by giving on November 29, 2016.

In a season of savings, we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday, designed to let you get the best deal on holiday gifts. Five years ago, a group from New York decided to turn the tables on holiday savings and give back to the organizations that mean the most to them; and so began Giving Tuesday. Created as a social media movement, Giving Tuesday has become a global day of giving – a way for everyone to show how much they care for the nonprofits near and dear to their hearts. In conjunction with a donation of time and money, nonprofit supporters are able to spread the word about their organizations through social media posts and hashtags. This year, Giving Tuesday will be on November 29, 2016.

So how has Starr been involved in Giving Tuesday? The past three years, Starr has encouraged our friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to show their love of kids and families through donations and posts about why they give to Starr. With each year, our friends continue to surprise us by exceeding our goals. This year, we have high hopes that, once again, the goal will be exceeded. Longtime supporters Bill and Susan Gillam will match the first $5,000 given to Starr on Giving Tuesday. So make your giving count – donate to Starr on November 29, and ensure that your dollar goes twice as far. And don’t forget to share on social media using #GivingTuesday to show your friends and family your support for Starr! You can follow Starr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share Giving Tuesday posts.


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In Honor of: LARRY AND JANNA BRENDTRO Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chatman GEORGE D. GOODMAN Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Puttkammer ROBERT A. GRADY Ms. Dora Grady CAELAN A. KEENAN Dr. Caelan K. Soma ADA MEAD Mr. and Mrs. James P. Neuvirth MARTIN L. MITCHELL Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bercaw ARLIN AND BARBARA NESS Dr. Carin Grzelak OLIVER COTTAGE Jim and Grace Colter

In Memory of: HARRY E. ARQUETTE Dr. and Mrs. Arlin E. Ness ELLEN A. BARROWS Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Barrows EDWARD J. BEHRNDT Mrs. Beverly J. Behrndt

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R. BRADNER MEAD THE RT. REV. EDMOND L. BROWNING Ms. Pamela J. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Randy R. Neumann Mrs. Ruth Davis HOWARD E. BUTT, JR. Mr. and Mrs. Randy R. Neumann


GERALD AND MARION ROBINSON Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cass MARIAN JACKSON SALGE Mr. and Mrs. Randy R. Neumann STEVEN SMITH Mr. Edward Morain ROY AND ANITA TALO Mr. Raymond Opezzo MILDRED DOUGHTY TONESS Mr. and Mrs. Randy R. Neumann MARSHALL TROSSMAN Dr. and Mrs. R. Garth Pews WILLIAM C. WASMUND Mr. Timothy W. Krause ROBERT A. WEBER Mrs. Mary L. Weber PAMELA WINGERTER Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rowbotham

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Belonging is a universal human need. For a child to belong in their community, they need to feel safe and cared for, be treated as family, and have positive relationships. And when a child knows they belong, they can trust, love, learn and eventually flourish. These are bedrock goals for all of the children in our care. Thank you for your support and belief that every child deserves to belong.

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Starr News Fall 2016  

Read about the Children's Home of Detroit time capsule, recent grants for trauma training, and how to double your impact on Giving Tuesday!

Starr News Fall 2016  

Read about the Children's Home of Detroit time capsule, recent grants for trauma training, and how to double your impact on Giving Tuesday!