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Emotional health, physical health and digestivee hea health lth ord. all come together at A Healthy Glo in Holdingford. “I really try to approach health and wellness from a holistic standpoint,” said owner Gloria Brinker. “I focus on the functional health of the body.” Brinker has been in business for 15 years and she offers massage, reflexology, kinesiology, health and wellness screenings, and tests for nutritional imbalances in the body. She melds together years of experience in the wellness business with the latest in technology and computer assessments to provide the best treatment plans for her clients. Brinker teaches classes on functional health of the body, focusing on educating clients about how the body, digestive system and cells work. She also discusses the link between the physical and emotional body. “Emotions can lead to physical illness and chronic physical illness can lead to emotional issues,” she said. Time and again, she works with clients who are depressed or have anxiety because of their chronic physical ailments and others who have so much to wade through emotionally, they end up with physical pain. “I try to treat the whole person,” she said. Brinker began her career as an occupational therapist. While working as an OT, she received an offer from the Benedictine sisters at the St. Scholastica Convent to serve as their director of rehabilitation and wellness. She served in that position for five years. “That’s where I really came to know and learn how emotional health, spiritual health and nutritional health affected the rehabilitation outcomes with the sisters,” she said. She got certified as a natural health professional and earned her certification in reflexology and massage and as a Nutritional Energetic Systems (NES) and EVOX practitioner. When working with new clients, Brinker often begins with a health and wellness screening, using kinesiology or muscle response testing to show her how the body

icate what what it iss makes energy and communicates tio all imbalm a needing. She also tests for n nutritional tic r emphamp ances in the body, placing particular g issues ss sis on digestion as, she said, even slight with gas, bloating or constipation can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. She combines her methodologies with services in the emerging field of bioenergetics including a Nutritional Energetic Systems (NES) computer assessment that assesses the body’s cells and their ability to make energy. Brinker is able to offer services and support to her clients remotely as well as in person. She can send clients home with a remote scanning device that transmits data to her so she can remotely assess their needs. Additionally, Brinker is trained in the use of EVOX, which helps her clients to balance their emotions using the testing of vocal tones. Once tested, she sets clients on a course of music therapy that can help them process those emotions and return more closely to a baseline which is evidenced by their vocal tone range. All of these modalities, Brinker said, can help people to perform at their best. These techniques can be used with athletes preparing for competitions, professionals preparing for public speaking and even those with test anxiety. “I just want to help people keep their functional health going so they can continue to enjoy life,” Brinker said. “Too often, aches and pains and emotional or physical setbacks don’t allow people to live their life to the fullest.” She wants to gift people the ability to return to work or play with their children or grandchildren or go on a trip they’ve been dreaming of. “I want to educate people so they understand what their body needs,” she said. “The goal is to get them more and more independent with their health. The more I can educate them on how the body works, the more independent they can be with their health. Every part of the body affects the next part of the body.”

Gloria Brinker | 320-248-9586


Enjoy the moment... knowing your local independent agent, and the company that stands behind them, has your family covered.

Get to know your Sales Associate Q&A with Daryl Dirkes. What are your duties? Customer relations and to sell new and pre-owned vehicles

When did you start? I started working for Albany Chrysler in 2012.

What made you decide to choose this career path? For the fame and glory, of course! But seriously, I chose this career path because I love working with people.

Sales Associate Daryl Dirkes

Previous work experience and/or education: I have worked in the auto industry for over 20 years.

What do you enjoy most about your position at Albany Chrysler Center? Again, the people, from the customers to the team at Albany Chrysler. I get to be with a lot of great people every day!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

320-252-6650 | advantageoneins.com



864 Main Street

3801 North 3rd Street

580 Main St.,

Sauk Centre, MN 56378

St. Cloud, MN 56303

Holdingford, MN 56340



140 5th Street,

9 Central Ave

Albany, MN 56307

Long Prairie, MN 56347


205 Main St N

Pierz, MN 56364


I enjoy spending time with my wife, Lynn, and our two daughters, Peyton and Presley! I also enjoy playing music with my band, Switch! And playing racketball!

Reasons to buy your next vehicle from Daryl. If you are looking to buy a vehicle from an honest, hardworking guy, then call me today! I will put in the time to make sure you have the best buying experience and take home the perfect vehicle to fit all your buying needs!

Sales: (320) 227-8462

502A E Main St. Melrose, MN 56352

Service: (844) 717-6847 • Parts: (888) 496-9783 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. • Sat. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. • Sun. Closed

34650 225th Avenue • Albany, Minnesota 56307 www.AlbanyChrysler.com | www.facebook.com/albanychrysler

Serving Central MN since established in 1971 (49 years in business) have a lot of freedom to try things.” Year after year, Midsota Trailer The diversity in tasks and opManufacturing in Avon continues portunity to learn are what they like to expand their operation, currently most about their work. producing 35 different trailer mod“No two days are ever alike,” els and more than 35 different skid Greg said. “You never know what to steer attachments at their facility. expect tomorrow.” As with all successful comThe two have been able to be panies, great employees drive a part of the company’s growth and productivity. This year, two of their success – from the increase in the over 140 employees, brothers Tim number of employees, and movand Greg Gaebel, are celebrating ing and expanding facility space, their 20th anniversary of working to creating new trailer models and at Midsota. increasing the output. The time has gone by fast The company’s reputation for the brothers, who began at for being innovators in the industhe company building and doing repairs on a variety of equipment. Brothers Tim (left) and Greg Gaebel are celebrating their 20th try precedes them. They continue Greg, the oldest of the two, began anniversary of working at Midsota Trailer Manufacturing in to refine current models of trailers, at Midsota in spring of 2000. A few Avon this year. The two enjoy their work and the company’s truck beds and skid steer loader attachments while working on designs months later, Tim came on board in work atmosphere. for new models. The company is also October. Since then, they have gained a wide breadth of knowledge and skills. able to customize trailers through quality craftsmanship to meet their customWith an eagerness to learn and a good work ethic (which they attribute to ers’ needs. Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for the company’s prodgrowing up on a farm), both became shop foremen, then moved into different roles from there. Currently, Tim is the lead designer in the design and engi- ucts has been strong. Anywhere between 80-100 trailers are manufactured neering department, drawing up new and custom equipment. Greg works in and shipped out each week, carefully stacked on semi-trailers to be delivered the repair and research and development side of the business, working closely to dealerships across the country and into Canada. Of course, as with any job, there are challenges that arise for the brothers with the design department to build new products. Greg has been working a lot with the design department with his brother gaining knowledge in the use in their work. With multiple deadlines and high demand for products, it can of SolidWorks, the software program the company uses to design their prod- get hectic. It is essential to manage time wisely, communicate effectively and put in the time and effort to get the job done. ucts. They describe the work atmosphere as relaxed, as in no one is afraid to “It’s exciting to be able to create new products and see it all come tooffer up ideas for product design or to share their thoughts. A perfect environgether,” Tim said. ment for fostering creativity and innovation – two successful attributes of the Greg agreed. “When I started building trailers, it was awesome to see that final prod- company. For more information on Midsota Trailer Manufacturing, visit www.miduct roll down the road,” he said. sotatrailersales.com. Both have enjoyed their time at the company. “It’s a hands-on approach with everything,” Tim said of the work. “We

404 County Road 50, Avon, MN 56310 South Side of I-94

(320) 356-2412 www.midsotatrailersales.com

Enclosed Trailers

Utility Trailers

Fisher & Snowex Plows

Dump Trailers

A Quality Team Selling Quality Equipment Rock Grapples & Flatbed Trailers






New team members to be added to expanding machining business By Diane Leukam Galaxy Precision is growing. During the past year, the machining We currently have the best company near Albany has focused on diversifying and increasing its team that we have ever had in customer base in order to even out 30 years, and we are looking for the workload for its team of 25 emmore good people to join ployees. Demand has also increased from their over 70 manufactures who because we are still growing. purchase custom parts in the off-road - Ralph Finken heavy equipment, oil, transportation, food, recycling, recreational and agricultural industries. the three elements that have caused this When Ralph Finken talks about the business he started from nothing growth: quality, price and delivery. “You have to have all three of them; decades ago, he can state with conviction without all three of them, the rest don’t matter,” he said. All of the parts Galaxy produces are for original equipment manufacturers, or OEM. To produce the part, raw materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, plastics and cast iron are primarily brought in from Minneapolis, Milwaukee or Chicago. Certain specialty materials come out of Texas or other states. Sharon Finken holds a newly machined part, an example of the The parts Galaxy produces are, basicalcustom machining that is done at Galaxy Precision near Albany. ly, whatever the customer wants. Aluminum in its raw form is stacked on the cart in the background.

Ralph Finken (right), speaks with team member Jon Skwira, Sept. 23 at Galaxy Precision in Albany. The company continues to grow and new team members are currently being sought.

“It is all as per the customer’s They will replace older machines and be fastblueprint,” said Ralph’s daughter, Sha- er and more efficient. ron Finken, who is also a co-owner For everything they do, they stay as loalong with her brother, Mark. cal as they can, with much of their business The variety of parts is endless. in the Twin Cities and outstate Minnesota. “We make big parts that weigh They know business is built on working refrom a thousand pounds to parts that lationships. weigh a few ounces and everything in “We try to stay local because if you between, and they are all machined are dealing with Minnesotans, you can deal parts; we don’t do any fabrication,” well,” Ralph said. “When you know where Ralph said. “Machining is taking a piece somebody lives and they don’t live that far of material and it away, he’s going to is like sculpting. care more than the You take material off guy who is a thouto come up with the sand miles away. I do end the result, and it appreciate, especially has to be done accusince I have been in rately.” business, the local Galaxy has two businesses. These new machines to be people work hard; and added to their arsethere are lot of good nal of equipment, things happening in Doosan DNM 5700 outstate Minnesota.” vertical machining The Finkens are Finken stands in front of a Doosan DNM 5700, one of two that always looking for centers, that have re- Sharon were recently purchased and will soon become operational at Galaxy cently arrived on site. Precision in Albany. new people to add to

Phil Brinegar measures a part Sept. 23 at Galaxy Precision near Albany. Custom parts must be exact to meet the specifications of the purchaser.

their team of employees. They are constantly refining and training employees and feel that right now, they have a superior group of people who want to excel and continue to hone their skills. “This machining, there is a lot more skill to it than most people know, and it’s a constant learning process,” Ralph said. “We have the best team currently that we have ever had in 30 years, and we are still looking for more good people to join because we are still growing.”


Contact Us!

320-836-2184 info@galaxyprecisionmn.com

Please see our website for more information and video links.



At Black Financial Services, we provide a wide range of financial services and products designed to manage the needs of individuals and businesses. We offer products and services in the following areas:

Financial and Retirement Planning

Mutual Funds, Brokerage Accounts & Annuities

Our goal is to be there for you in all stages of your life. Whatever your plans are, our financial services can help make sure you’re on a prudent path to work towards your dreams.

Speak with a financial professional for details on these services.

Life Insurance

A benefit through which an insurance company pays out when the policyholder dies. Cost and availability varies based on your health, age, and other factors. Guaranteed interest rates are based on the claims-paying ability of the underlying insurance company. Applicants are subject to underwriting, which may include medical history and current health.

401(k) Plans and 403(b) Plans

Whether you work for a for-profit company with a 401(k) or a tax-exempt organization like a school, hospital or religious group with a 403(b), we have the experience to help manage your retirement plan.

IRA’s and Roth IRA’s

IRA’s and Roth IRA’s are used by some as part of retirement strategy. Speak with a financial professional for more details.

Long-Term Care Insurance

401(k) Rollovers

When you leave a job, your 401(k) may be able to come with you. Speak with a financial professional to learn more.

529 College Savings Plans

529 plans are designed to encourage savings for future college costs. Investment in a plan like this can be used later to cover tuition, room and board, fees, as well as books and computers if required for classes. Participation in a 529 Plan does not guarantee the contributions and investment return will be sufficient to cover future higher education expenses. Investments involve risk and may incur a profit or loss.

A variety of services are covered under long-term care, including both medical and non-medical needs for those with a chronic illness or disability who can’t care for themselves for long periods. This insurance can cover the cost of nursing home care, in-home assistance, assisted living or adult day care.

Medicare Supplements

We can help coordinate other benefits under Medicare insurance, to make sure you have the coverage you need, whether through Medigap or group health plan coverage from an employer.

Today, Tomorrow, Together! PO Box 346 • 110 Avon Ave. N., Avon, MN 56310 Office: 320-356-9031 • Toll Free: 800-279-2374

www.blackfinancialservices.com Securities and investment services offered through Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. (WFS), member FINRA/SIPC. WFS is separately owned and other entities and/or marketing names, products or services referenced here are independent of WFS.


St. Rosa Lumber B

randon and Jason Arnzen grew up around St. Rosa Lumber, with the business starting when Brandon was 8 years old and Jason was 16. After 22 years of business, St. Rosa Lumber has now welcomed Brandon and Jason as co-owners of the company, alongside their parents, John and Lillian Arnzen. “Jason and I are very fortunate to have worked alongside our parents for so many years,” Brandon said. “At an early age, we were able to see through their example what it takes to make a business happen, the importance of a hard day’s work and the value of giving back to the community.” St. Rosa Lumber offers drafting, estimating, general contracting and material packages for projects of all sizes, and can work with clients from the design process until project completion. “What a lot of people don’t know about St. Rosa Lumber, is that we offer general contracting services,” Jason said. “We are able to help our customers with every step of their building process, starting with design to ordering material, to managing the subs, all the way through project completion. There’s not a lot of other companies in our area that offer that.” With the help of their 17 employees, St. Rosa Lumber will help design and construct custom homes, dairy barns, commercial buildings, pole sheds,



Doing what it takes Lange Trenching, Inc. carries on the tradition of quality


Jason (from left), Lillian, John and Brandon Arnzen stand in front of the St. Rosa Lumber warehouse in St. Rosa. Jason and Brandon joined their parents as owners earlier this year. remodels and specialty projects. St. Rosa Lumber is truly a family business, with each member of the family working on their own projects, and taking ownership for their own role within the company to provide care for each project they work on. As a family business, the Arnzens trust in each other and their employees. They bounce ideas off of one another to continue to grow the company and provide quality service to their clients. The Arnzens express their sincere gratitude to the employees of St. Rosa Lumber.

“We couldn’t do it without them,” John said. “All the guys that work for us treat it like it’s their own. They have been 100% loyal.” John, Lillian, Jason and Brandon would also like to thank their customers for their continued support over the years. “It’s been fun to build friendships along the way,” John said. “I’ve worked for customers from my younger construction days, to now working for the second and third generation of their families. This wouldn’t be possible without their support.”

The team at Lange Trenching, Inc. has a reputation for doing whatever it takes to get the job done right. With experience in the excavating industry dating back to 1971 when the company began, they have been through the good times and the tough times. All the while, they have remained on the cutting edge of industry developments. “We always need to stay on track in order to stay competitive,” said Jeff Lange, who owns the Avon business with his brother, Dale Lange. Jeff points out that doing quality work is what helps the company earn repeat business from their customers. A solid reputation is vital in a world of evergrowing competition. The Langes take pride in their high-quality employees who combine their experience with a can-do attitude to complete jobs. Among the employees are Jeff and Dale’s sons: Josh, Jordan, Trevor and Tylor Lange. Jeff’s daughter, Jenna Smith, supports many facets of the business as ofce manager. Among her roles, Jenna is able to help clients obtain permits for their job. Whether it is for a septic system or for lakeshore work, Jenna takes on the cumbersome task.

• Site work • Basements • Demolition • Silt Fencing • Hauling • Top Soil • Gravel

• Ponds • Street Sweeping • Lakeshore Work • Con-bit • City Water & Sewer • Install & Repair Septic Systems

“It’s not an easy process as there are a lot of steps to take and time involved,” Jenna said of acquiring permits. “But we take that on so that our client doesn’t have to worry about it.” Over the years, the company has expanded its offerings, supporting clients with housing, demolition, street work, water lines, septic systems and much more. No job is too large or too small for Lange Trenching to handle. They work year-round to offer full-service excavating and seasonal services like land clearing, material hauling and frost ripping. Throughout the years, the company has grown and expanded to t the needs of those they serve. With an impressive equipment list that includes backhoes, dozers, excavators, front end loaders, a frost ripper, gravel trucks, scrappers, mini excavators, a road grader, street sweeper and skid loaders, the company is able to accomplish a lot for its clients. “With every job, we strive to provide the best quality, efciency and safety we can at the best price for our customers,” Jeff said.


Jeff Lange (from left), Dale Lange and Jenna Smith of Lange Trenching, Inc. in Avon.



29033 Co. Rd. 17 Freeport, MN (In St. Rosa) 320-836-2284 or 888-276-1751


888-276-1751 Shop: 320-836-2284



29033 County Road 17 Freeport, MN 56331


ALBANY MUTUAL INSURANCE From horses to horsepower, from homesteads to large farms, your local mutual insurance company has served you from 1895 to present modern society.

Arnzen Construction Inc (ACI) was founded in 1904 in St. Rosa, MN. With over 100 years of building services, the company is on its 3rd generation of family owned operations, and is owned by cousins John and Bob Arnzen. ACI employs 70 full-time employees year-round, and has spread its customer base to cover the mid region of Minnesota. You’ll nd Arnzen Construction’s red trucks at projects of kinds including: custom homes, barn facilities, commercial buildings, pole-sheds, steelframed buildings and specialty projects. In the last few years we’ve seen an increase of commercial projects such as: dental clinics, county buildings, church projects, apartment complexes and more. On the residential end, we design and construct custom homes, house additions, remodels and repairs. Arnzen caters to small dairy farms as well as meeting the needs of larger barn facilities. ACI has years of experience in designing and constructing:

free-stall barns with robotic milking, barn remodels and repairs, poultry facilities, hog barns and more. In need of barn parts or equipment? ACI is a farmer’s one-stop-shop for: barn curtains, headlocks, gates, feed carts, straw choppers, cow mats, alley scrapers and more. Arnzen has been a loyal Berg barn part and equipment dealer for the last 75 years! In addition to construction, ACI has a full-service welding shop for both in-house and portable welding services. The skid loader attachments include: material buckets, rock forks and bale forks. Ofce hours are: 7 am-5:30 pm MondayFriday; and 7 am-noon on Saturdays. You can call the ofce at 320-836-2284 or view the gallery at www.arnzenconstructioninc.com. John and Bob would like to thank the community and surrounding areas for their continued support and business throughout the years.

ACI Welding Services • Free Stalls • Barn Equipment • Repairs • Custom Parlors • Latches & Gates • Iron Railing • Ornaments

In the 1800's, fire was one of the greatest threats to human financial and emotional welfare. Insurance to protect against the peril was unavailable or often beyond the financial means of average people. Fire meant economic and human disaster. It was during this period that groups of citizens banded together in the first basic mutual fire protection groups. On April 15th, 1895 property owners from the towns of Albany, Avon, Krain, and Oak met in the Albany village hall for the purpose of organizing a mutual fire insurance company. The meeting was successful, and a company was formed. The first board of directors was elected with Jacob Krebs as president, John Loehlein as treasurer and John Schwinghammer as secretary. An additional board member was elected from each town to act as agent to policyholders. That year the fledgling company wrote over 150 policies at a premium rate of 10¢ per $100 of insurance. At last citizens homes and barns were protected from complete financial loss due to fire. But of course, it was not just homes, but hay and grain, livestock, machines, horse harnesses and all manner of possessions were covered. The stark possibility of bankruptcy caused by fire loss was staved off. The mode of business was simple. Once the initial premium was collected, the insurance was paid for as long as the company had enough funds to cover losses. But the problem with this became immediately apparent. The company was short of the $150 to pay for a

house that burned in the first y e a r, s o an assessment was made on policyholders. The difficulty with this procedu re wa s that policyholders might have difficulty paying the unexpected expense. Nevertheless, the procedure stayed in effect until 1977 when an annual premium was adopted. The annual premium allowed the company to build a surplus to help pay large claims and reduced the probability of assessments. In 1969 the mutual purchased reinsurance from the Reinsurance Association of Minnesota (now known as Ram Mutual Insurance Company) that paid claims beyond a set maximum. This service allowed the company to protect itself from extremely large losses, a procedure followed today. As t h e m u t u a l i n s u r a n ce i n d u s t r y matured, additional perils were covered, such as: collapse, theft, collision, vandalism, water damage and others. And in 1985 Albany Mutual began packaging policies with statewide windstorm and liability insurers. This eliminated the need for policyholders to purchase two policies from two sources. From a small beginning, Albany Mutual has grown to a compa ny t h at s e r ve s over a thousand policyholders. Fourteen affiliated agencies provide a broad range of insurance services, bringing our product to nine counties in Central Minnesota. We are strong in terms of service and financial stability and we anticipate continued growth in polic y numbers, service area and agent services.

HOME OFFICE: 121 Fifth Street, P.O. Box 301, Albany, MN 56307 320-845-2375 patraeker@clearwire.net www.albanymutual.com A Century of Serving Our Neighbors...


Located ted in downtown Glenwood, the MN Olive Oil Company carries over 60 different flavors of oil and vinegar. Store shelves are lined with ultra premium oils, flavored olive oils and white and dark balsamics. The store also carries gourmet foods, kitchen items, gifts and gift packages for holidays and special occasions. For owner Amy Winter, her store is the culmination of many years of visiting oil and vinegar stores with her family. “We always tried to find an oil and vinegar store on family road trips,” Winter said. “We would get a bunch of oil and vinegar and a loaf of bread, and that would be our supper.” In April 2019, Amy and her husband were at an olive oil and vinegar store when they were inspired to start a new business venture. “He told me this is what I should do,” Winter said. “That’s when it started.” In October 2019, Winter opened the MN Olive Oil Company.

“We have so many items, people really love the variety,” Winter said.

Sample tasting of o oils and vinegars v is available at any time. “People like that they can taste t before they buy,” Winter said. s “We carry sample bottles, too, t which people say they love because b it gives them a chance to t figure out how they will use u the oils. Then they usually graduate g to a bigger size from there.” t An event room is available to t reserve for up to eight people. Small holiday parties, book or wine clubs, girls’ nights and even couples will rent the room. Parties can bring their own wine and a the store also offers catering options. o You can also shop online from f their website. “We have customers who w are only in the area for the t summer so they can order online o and we will ship it out to them,” t Winter said. From the wide variety of oils o and vinegars to the décor and a ambience, customers enjoy every e minute at the MN Olive Oil Company. C

16 First Street SE | Glenwood, MN | 320.334.3211 www.mnoliveoilco.com hello@mnoliveoilco.com

Pondview Estates

As a branch of Mother of Mercy Senior Living, Pondview Estates is home to residents 62 or better who meet the income guidelines for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for affordable and enjoyable housing. Pondview is managed by Darcy Ruesink who explains: “My role is to keep occupancy high and provide excellent customer service to tenants and families,” said Ruesink. “I also pre-qualify interested seniors, complete move-ins and moveouts, keep the building and apartments in great condition and provide a safe, home-like environment.” Caretakers live on site, and tenants have an emergency call system and a Daily Check service for peace of mind in case assistance is needed. “Our staff work together as a team,” Ruesink said. “There is a lot that happens behind the scenes that isn’t necessarily noticed. We join forces between departments to make sure we’re in compliance with HUD.” The caretakers and maintenance workers at Pondview Estates are a huge part of what makes Pondview Estates a great place to live. Pondview Estates offers a variety of unique services

to maintain the safety and health of tenants, such as dining services, beauty and barber services on site, an emergency call system, caretakers that live on site, maintenance services, housekeeping and wellness checks. There are also spiritual services such as Mass, the rosary and bible studies. A Tri-Cap bus comes every Tuesday to take tenants into Albany to visit the grocery store, the bank, post-office and make other stops as requested. Pondview Estates has large family gathering rooms that can be reserved, as well as beautiful walking paths outside, and church and shopping close by. They also offer several activity options, but at this time with COVID-19, they are limiting the number and types of activities. They are taking appropriate precautions like wearing masks, social distancing and cleaning on a daily basis. Pondview Estates offers great care, but also great companionship from other tenants who will help make others feel at home. “It is a community, and you have tenants who step up in terms of looking out for one another and helping each other,” Ruesink said. “Everyone has a story to tell. I enjoy learning about history in the events that occurred during their lifetime.”


Ramlers continue trucking tradition Ramler Trucking has been a reliable transporter of goods for three generations. Today, cousins Chris and Eric Ramler continue the tradition by managing Ramler Trucking and Ramler Truck and Trailer Repair in Albany. “We like to serve our customers the best we can and make sure we do everything they need done in a timely manner,” Chris Ramler said. The core company values of quality and timely service is the reputation the trucking service has built while traveling thousands of miles to deliver mostly food grade products across the Upper Midwest. In any given day, there are between 85-100 trucks on the road for Ramler. Ramler Trucking has 55 owner operators hauling for them, along with 1012 contractors driving for the company. Most routes take the drivers throughout the Midwest, Great Plains and beyond, including Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas and Minnesota. “We run out to Washington four times a week, down to Texas a couple times a week and also

Eric (left) and Chris Ramler are continuing a three-generation tradition of transporting products to and from the area as they manage Ramler Trucking, Inc., Ramler Truck and Trailer Repair, Inc. and Ramler Truck Brokerage, Inc.

out to Ohio a couple times a week,” Ramler said. The majority of cargo includes food products such as cheese, French fries, beef and chicken. Ramler Trucking has a flatbed division specifically for hauling precast cement wall panels and buildings for Wells Concrete, also located in Albany.

In addition, Ramler’s tanker division hauls animal byproducts. “We want to be loyal to our customers and serve all their needs,” Ramler said. “We do our best to keep our customers and drivers happy.” Ramler Trucking is based out of their office and shop facility located at 400 13th Street in Albany. The

Truck & Trailer Repair

shop serves as a parking area for trucks on the weekends and a full service shop during the week. Ramler Truck and Trailer Repair is the full service shop where repair work is completed on Ramler trucks. Twelve mechanics are employed working on both trucks and trailers. Two employees work in the parts area. “We can do anything from a light bulb to a full overhaul,” Ramler said. “It’s a full service shop.” Within the past year, Ramler Trucking developed a working relationship with Ramler Cold Storage. Ramler Cold Storage is a cold storage facility owned by Greg and Sue Ramler and Jack and Doris Ramler. “It’s been a beneficial move for both companies,” Ramler said. “Ramler Trucking has been hauling regularly for Ramler Cold Storage.” Hauling food products has kept Ramler Trucking busy this past year. For that, Ramler is always looking for good, qualified drivers. “I enjoy what I do every day,” Ramler said. “I like working with the people in the office. We have a great crew of people here.”

400 13th St., Albany, MN 56307 • 320-845-4500 • 1-800-732-8958 • Fax 320-845-7245


Providing top-notch sales, service and support through uncertain times Even through uncertain times, where supplies are limited and changes in the market happen daily, the staff at Community Technology Center in Albany have learned to adapt to the changing times and continue offering specialized service, support and products for both businesses and residents alike. With more people working and doing schoolwork from home, the need for reliable technology is critical to keep people connected and operations running. “At the beginning [of the pandemic], it was crazy busy here,” said Joan Scherping, office manager and technician at left to right: Joan Scherping, Dave Waletzko the Center. “When things shut down, it was kind of quiet, but now it’s picking up again.” The pandemic has put many industries in limbo, with supply and demand changing rapidly and many items becoming hard to come by for consumers. Technology devices are among them. “We’ve had problems securing equipment and the prices have gotten higher,” Scherping said. “Prices fluctuate daily.” With the increase of technology use, there has also been an increase in scams. Owner David Waletzko and Scherping emphasize tech users should never call or click on a window that pops up on their screen requesting information, unless it is something they are expecting. Additionally, users should consult with a person they know and trust before taking action on something that pops up on their computer. Helping customers combat scams is just one of the many specialized services and products the company offers. Other services they provide include network monitoring, disaster recovery and back-up services to name a few, in addition to new and refurbished computers, software and accessories for sale. With the future of the economy unknown, Waletzko and Scherping know it is more important than ever to ensure the community has a reliable source they can go to for their technology needs. Give them a call today to see how they can help you!


360 Railroad Ave., Suite 2 • Albany, MN 56307 • (320) 845-8888

Serenity Village assisted living director Lania Olson, left and LPN Emily Notch stand by the Serenity Village sign in Avon.

Dedicated to providing excellence for

your loved ones

Serenity Village in Avon is an assisted living facility with a secure memory care unit aimed at helping people age in place. Lania Olson is the assisted living director in charge of managing operations for the facility, as well as hiring and staff management. “We offer everything,” said Olson. “We want the person to age in place so we can accommodate to those needs. We have assisted living with as little or as much help as needed.” Available health-related services to assist each person’s individual needs include the following: • 24/7 awake staff • 24/7 RN availability • Medication administration • Three home-cooked meals daily • Bathing/showering • Dressing assistance • Oxygen assistance • Glucose monitoring • Toileting assistance/incontinence care

In addition to meeting the medical needs of your loved ones, Serenity Village also provides housekeeping services, laundry, activities, maintenance and paid utilities. Amenities include spacious private rooms with full bathroom, fireplace lounge, a beauty/barber shop and a large outdoor patio area in a quiet neighborhood. In this year of a major pandemic, many are concerned for their loved ones in care facilities. At Serenity Village, residents are still being offered socially distant activities, with a wealth of one-on-one interaction. Staff at Serenity Village have been diligent in following all Minnesota Department of Health guidelines, with appropriate levels of PPE. At Serenity Village, they are dedicated to providing excellence and pride themselves in individualizing the care for each of their residents. Staff at Serenity Village embrace their core values of Dignity, Professionalism, Humor, Passion and Integrity in providing services to our residents.

113 Serenity Court Avon, MN 56310 • 320-844-8880


n and Justin

Ove rm


a verm O e al

Will Seiler says: Please get your flu shot!

Starting as an electronics recycling company, the Albany Recycling Center has continued to expand their services since its humble beginnings in 2008. From recycling electronics to all types of metal, and even implementing garbage disposal, the Albany Recycling Center is available to help you dispose of your waste the right way. “We are growing every year and we anticipate that growth to continue,” said Justin Overman of the Albany Recycling Center. “We will do whatever the area needs.” The business started off of Overman’s parent’s farm in Freeport and moved to Albany in 2010 and to our new facility and home in 2015. This will now be the company’s permanent home, in a perfect location in rural Albany right off I-94. Offering a drive-through style drop-off service makes the Albany Recycling Center efficient and easy to use. The friendly staff will help customers sort, weigh and provide an itemized receipt of all items to make the



Local Appeal • Local Faceess Local Apparel

process as smooth as possible. “Everyone likes a place that is convenient and user friendly,” Overman said. “Our vision morphs into what the customers want.” The Albany Recycling Center will pay you for a variety of materials such as copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, electric motors, steel and more. They will also help you properly dispose of your electronics for a small fee so you are not illegally disposing of things such as computers, TV’s, printers, cell phones and all other electronics. A complete list of services and accepted items can be found at the company’s website at centralmnrecycling.com or feel free to call with any questions, 320-845-2747. Albany Recycling Center is here to help you with all of your “out of sight, out of mind” disposal needs. Overman puts it best: “We are ALL things cleanup!”

Hours Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8-Noon 3437 Cty. Rd. 10, Albany, MN 56307


At CVS Pharmacy in Albany, pharmacy manager Will Seiler and his team are busier than ever these days. “It’s crazy; we are giving flu shots in record numbers, along with pneumonia and shingles vaccinations,” he said. “It’s amazing how many injections we do in a day.” Seiler works with pharmacist Chris Shay, along with technicians Amy Sand, Mary Kulzer, Mary Koziol and Megan Olmscheid doing their best to keep people in their community safe and healthy. “The main thing right now is for people to get their flu, pneumonia and shingles shots; it’s super important,” Seiler said. “Keep your immunity up with extra zinc and vitamin C; wear your mask and social distance. People need to realize just how serious COVID-19 is.” Seiler was the owner of the Albany Apothecary for 22 years before selling to CVS. He appreciates the collaboration with them and has been very pleased to

work for the company. He also loves the small-town atmosphere and the community of Albany. “It’s really easy for me to come to work because of our community; the people here are amazing,” he said. “We also have great practitioners in our doctors, dentists, eye doctors, and even veterinarians. They are a wonderful group.” CVS is open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and their professionals are always there to help with questions and concerns.

740 Railroad Ave, Albany, MN 56307 // (320) 845-7540 • M-F 8-8; Sat. and Sun. 10-5


Family Owned

Cornerstone Pines Christmas Tree Farm



105 Avon Ave S • Avon, MN avoncabincafe.com

A Family Affair Husband and wife duo Sean and Vicky Lauer own and operate two restaurants – Avon Cabin Café in Avon and Taco Gringo Restaurant in Clearwater. Their six children – Jordan, 2, Tyler, 7, Samantha, 11, Laura, 12, Michael, 13 and Ian, 20 – are often seen working at the restaurants, making the business a family affair. “It is a family environment,” Sean said. “We are aiming to build our company that our kids can operate and expand, should they choose this career path.” Washing dishes, cleaning tables, taking orders, bringing meals out to customers, operating the cash register, preparing food… these are just a few of the many duties the Lauer family collectively do to keep their two businesses running. The children enjoy talking to customers and helping with prep work, like cutting up chicken. Through their duties, they’ve learned invaluable skills, such as communication, a stronger work ethic, listening and responsibility. Their employees – five at the café and seven at Taco Gringo – are also an invaluable asset. Their atmosphere, employees and values are what sets them apart from other businesses, Sean said. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the two restaurants were forced to close temporarily. Since reopening, they have adapted to increase takeout orders and operate with a smaller capacity in their dining rooms. They have also launched online ordering services for Taco Gringo to make ordering meals easier for customers. Though the pandemic poses its own challenges, the Lauer family shows no signs of slowing down. “We hope to grow Taco Gringo to a few more locations and possibly franchise in the near future,” Sean said. Avon Cabin Café is open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily and Taco Gringo is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Fir • White Pine Cornerstone Pines Christmas Tree Farm is a magical place between Grey Eagle and Long Prairie where Christmas is alive all year long. The farm was bought by Chuck and Kathy Parker in 2008, and their goal is to help families find the perfect Christmas tree. With over 100 acres of land and thousands of trees to choose from, Chuck and Kathy want families to truly enjoy their experience at Cornerstone Pines. Cornerstone Pines Christmas Trees offers a variety of cut-your-own trees, such as Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, Fraser-Balsam Cross, White Pine, Scotch and Spruce in all sizes – including a good selection of 10’ trees. There is sure to be a tree out there for every family. They also have tractor rides shuttling customers out to the different plots of trees; however, customers may choose to walk. Cornerstone Pines is not just a Christmas Tree farm, but it is the ultimate Christmas experience, according to Chuck.

Scotch • Spruce Cornerstone Pines has activities for the whole family to enjoy across the farm. In Santa’s Village there is Santa’s Workshop where kids can visit with Santa and write him letters; Mrs. Claus’ cottage is where kids can participate in different crafts and activities and there are straw tunnels to crawl through. Cornerstone Pines also offers sleigh/wagon rides on select weekends, has a petting zoo with a donkey, miniature horse and two goats, and a gift shop with tons of specialty gifts to celebrate the holidays which is open on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays starting Oct. 16th. Opening day for cutting trees at Cornerstone Pines is Nov. 21 and they are open on Fridays from 9-6, Saturdays 9-8 and Sundays 11-6. More information about special events and activities can be found at cornerstonepineschristmastrees.com. Kathy describes the farm as more than just a Christmas tree farm; it is all about creating memories for the whole family.

Lauer Family

800 Nelson Drive, Clearwater MN

320-558-4016 tacogringomn.com

19180 281st Ave., Grey Eagle, MN | 320-732-3299



Freeport Screen F Printing, Inc. S P

We Make It YOUR Way! OPEN MON. - FRI. 85 8-5 SAT. 9-12

Freeport Screen Printing

www.frankscustomfurniture.com EMAIL: tammy@frankscustomfurniture.com

Owners Mike & Tamra Frank

“We approach every project as a collaboration with each Customer; understanding their vision and fulfilling their dreams.” With the expertise of hand-crafted craftsmanship, from the design of all drawings, all done by hand; to the final product, Frank’s Custom Furniture has been proud to deliver the highest quality of Furniture/ or Cabinets to our customers for 29 years. Whether it is Cabinet design, Antique Restoration, Refinishing, Re-glue/ Repair, touch ups, or the many other services they offer. And, finding a unique, customized to you the customer, your needs, Mike & Tamra Frank are hard at work to deliver the Wow factor to you the customer.  “Remember back in the day when people took pride in

their work and Hand-craftsmanship  meant something? Well at Frank’s Custom Furniture we still believe in doing that!” For Mike & Tamra Frank handcrafted and brought the Wow factor to each and every job. They have been meeting each customer’s needs and wants and designing pieces to fit into the busy lifestyles, to meet the needs of our busy lives. Frank’s Custom Furniture is the passion, it is about the respect for each project at hand, and it is about the customer.   To see what they can do for you, Call 320-294-5147 during business hours.


11201 150th Avenue Foreston, MN 56330

Cheryl Fuechtmann & Kim Bauer, Owners

Katie Masog, Artist

photo by Jakob Kounkel – Signs outside the door of Frank’s Custom Furniture in Foreston signal that the custom-made and handcrafted furniture company is open for business since Oct. 16th, 1991. Mike and Tamra Frank take pride in delivering the “wow” factor to their customers.

115 1st Avenue N • Freeport, MN 56331 320-836-2393 • E-mail: fspi2@albanytel.com


For more than 88 years, the attorneys and staff of Willenbring, Dahl, Wocken & Zimmermann, PLLC have provided their clients with the best possible legal advice to address each client’s particular needs. The office traces its roots back to 1932, when Fran Russell established the original law firm and joined his practice with Joe Willenbring in the early 1950s. After several name changes, the current firm name was established in 1988, and the firm became a professional limited liability company in 1999. Throughout this time, the firm’s mission to represent clients with honesty, integrity, and competency has held true and guides the practice as much today as when the firm was originally established. Current active member/owners are Daniel Zimmermann, John Neal, Kelly Springer, and Boe Piras.

Avenue. Clients can also schedule appointments with attorneys at the firm’s main office in Cold Spring, located on the second floor at 318 Main Street, or by appointment at the other satellite office in Avon, located in Suite B the Avon Electric Building at 200 Avon Avenue.

SIGNS • BANNERS CUSTOM APPAREL & EMBROIDERYY Everything Signs was started by Robb Berscheid d in August of 2007. Originally starting with just signs, Everything Signs now offers a variety of services including: Signs, Banners, Embroidery ry & Screen Printing.

Willenbring, Dahl, Wocken & Zimmermann’s litigation practice involves personal injury cases, family law, real estate and contract disputes, and other types of civil litigation. We also assist clients with estate planning and elder law issues, setting up businesses, business transactions, and real estate matters. The office has developed a statewide reputation for effective, prompt, and efficient service that results in excellent representation in all types of legal matters. The firm’s central Minnesota location – and now with three The firm is excited to now offer appoint- offices to serve clients – has enabled the firm to ments and meetings with clients by appoint- represent clients in every county of the state on ment at our Albany office, located at 571 Railroad both state and federal levels.

320-685-3678• Toll Free 1-800-247-0925 www.willenbring.com

GARY DOMOGALLA 23 years at WM Hobbies: Hiking, Fishing, Drawing and Painting

Freeport Screen Printing, Inc. is located at 115 First Ave. N. in Freeport. Since 2004, partners Kim Bauer and Cheryl Fuechtmann, along with artist Katie Masog, have been providing screen-printed and embroidered apparel such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and jackets to a variety of schools, clubs, businesses and individuals in the surrounding area. They strive to offer a quality custom garment at a competitive price, along with superior customer service. Kim, Cheryl and Katie can put their over 40 years of combined experience to work for you. They will help you with every detail of your order from selection of merchandise, to artwork, to customized colors for your logo. Freeport Screen Printing, Inc. business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can reach them by phone at 836-2393 or email, fspi2@albanytel.com.

Located on Main Street Loc in Holdingford! Huskers apparel in stock!

320-746-0746 • www.everythingsigns.com 500 MAIN STREET, HOLDINGFORD, MN






3 years at WM Hobbies: Woodworking, Hunting and Football

3 years at WM Hobbies: Camping, Nascar Racing, Travel and Sports

6 years at WM Hobbies: Classic Cars and Signs

3 years at WM Hobbies: Riding Motorcycle, Repair Work and Grandkids

2 years at WM Hobbies: Football and Demolition Derbies

Waste Management is proud to serve the Sauk Centre Area!  Providing over 356 years years of combined experience, our 24 employees are our most important asset.  Why?  Because our employees live and work in the community and they make their relationship with you—the customer—one of their biggest priorities.  That’s why WM will go the extra mile to get you the service you need—whether that is residential or commercial, we provide curbside and roll off services to meet your every need. Waste Management thanks all of our customers and would like you to meet our local team of drivers.  Watch for us in your neighborhood!

MARVIN HOPPE 30 years at WM Hobbies: Fishing, Sausage Making, Woodworking and Hunting





3 years at WM Hobbies: Football

3 years at WM Hobbies: Fishing

3 years at WM Hobbies: Cars and Fishing

1 year at WM Hobbies: Hiking, Fishing, Time with Family



28 years at WM Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Camping

27 years at WM Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, Gardening, Outdoor Activities



3 years at WM 3 years at WM Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Farming and Camping Darts and Gaming

• Residential • Commercial • Farm Pickup • Demolition • 100% Recycling




39864 South Hwy. 71 SAUK CENTRE, MN


Diekman’s Jewelry A ONE STOP SHOP

We now can do specialty design plasma cutting on all types of metal. Up to 6” thick.


TANK & TRAILER Building quality tanks since 1976

Manufacturing and repair • • • • • •

Repair or replace barrels Heads Jackets Cabinets Pumps Replacement of • sub-frames running gear frames • all types of axles & • suspensions • Fifth-wheel plates and Supports • Landing gear

Diekman’s Jewelry is a family owned and operated retail and repair shop located in Downtown Alexandria. Kyle Diekman began the store alongside his Dad back in 1980. The original plan was for his Dad, Gordon, to be the retail sales manager and Kyle would work with jewelry and clock repair. Kyle headed off to attend college in St. Paul to learn the ins and outs of jewelry and clock repair. After achieving his degree, he came back and they opened Diekman’s Jewelry. However, two short months after opening, Gordon Diekman had a stroke, at the age of 19 Kyle was left to run the entire business on his own. Being 19 and losing your father is difficult in itself, now add a family business to take care of adds another element of difficulty. Some people may have decided to close their businesses doors and take another path...not Kyle. He recalls days in the 80’s where he would manage the retail portion until close and then move down to complete jewelry repair work some nights until 2 a.m. He never gave up the dream and has been in business ever since. In those 40 years Kyle has raised 4 children and 4 grandchildren, one of which now works alongside him at the store. Brandi Wilson is his 2nd eldest granddaughter. She began with the store in 2017 cleaning and helping with customers when needed. In 2019, she decided to come aboard fulltime to work with her Grandpa as the store manager. Her bright smile and quick wit make it easy for the customers to feel comfortable working with her. Now with Brandi as the manager, Kyle has been able to put even more focus into the repair work again and has even been able to handcraft some pieces for sale. The journey has been far from smooth sailing for Diekman’s Jewelry with the early loss of his father, to the ’08 recession, a shift to online competitors, and now the COVID Pandemic… yet one thing is certain – the Alexandria community has supported this jewelry store and Kyle & Brandi could not be happier to be located in a place with such heart and compassion for locally run business. HOURS: M-F • 9 to 5:30 Toll Free 1-800-568-5336 • 320-762-0309 Sat. • 9 to 5 Sun. Closed

111 Sixth Avenue West, Alexandria, MN 56308 • Downtown Alexandria


Convenient drive-through bays and modern equipment ideal for:

• • • • • •

Tank handling Shearing Bending Rolling Welding Refinishing

We also are equipped with a 75’ drive-through paint booth and 10-ton bridge cranes that handle tanks efficiently and safely.

320-429-0989 | engletanktrailer@gmail.com | engletanktrailer.com 39465 415th St. | Sauk Centre, MN 56378



for all your financing needs.

g, Peggy Back: Megan May, Amy PoeppinReed, Jen ie Ang ers, uck Kellen, Cheryl Doll-Be Erickson, Sandvig, Carrie Bentz Sitting: Kelly e Erin May, Lindsey Rind Megan May , Amy Poepping, Lindsey Rinde


preading joy is their mission at Sprinkle of Joy Boutique and Joyful Blooms Flower Co. Whether you are shopping for women’s clothing and accessories or fresh flowers, Sprinkle of Joy Boutique and Joyful Blooms Flower Company is a place where joy can be found every day. “We are all about joy,” Amy Poepping said. “We believe joy can be found every day, all around, in the most ordinary places.” Poepping is a co-owner of the boutique and flower co., along with Megan May and Lindsey Rinde. Sprinkle of Joy Boutique and Joyful Blooms Flower Co. have two locations on Main Street in downtown Sauk Centre and downtown Browerville, also on Main Street. Each boutique carries women’s clothing and accessories, home décor, gift items including for men and kids. The flower company specializes in fresh flowers available daily as well as for special occasions including weddings and funerals. They also deliver flowers to customers in Sauk Centre and the surrounding area. Joe Fuechtmann Asst. Vice Pres. Lending

Gary Schmitz Asst. Vice Pres. Lending

Brittney Zimmer Loan Officer

Jennifer Klaphake Vice President Lending


“Yes, we have a store full of adorable items to add to your closet,” Poepping said. “Yes, we deliver love in the form of flowers every single day. But we whole-heartedly believe we are so much more than that. We believe we are here on purpose for a much bigger purpose.” Sprinkle of Joy Boutique first opened in Browerville in March 2018. The Sauk Centre location opened in June 2019. Joyful Blooms Flower Co., opened in Sauk Centre in November 2019. “Joyful Blooms in Browerville will be officially open in November 2020,” Poepping said. It’s the customers that drive the owners and employees of Sprinkle of Joy Boutique and Joyful Blooms Flower Co. to spread joy every day. “We love our customers,” Poepping said. “We love that they become like family to us. We often refer to them not just as friends, and not just as customers, but our friendstomers!” You can find them spreading joy at their store in downtown Sauk Centre, Tuesday – Friday, 10-3 and Saturday 10-3 and in downtown Browerville with extended holiday hours Tuesday – Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-3.

Sprinkle Of Joy

Boutique 316 Main Street S Sauk Centre, MN 56378 320.352.3872 Hours: Tues - Fri 10-5 Sat 10-3

Freeport • New Munich • Melrose • Greenwald

Proud to be recognized by Bauer Financial as one of the strongest financial institutions in the country.



In-Floor Heat • Plumbing Installation • Custom Sheet Metal • New Construction & Remodeling

S E RV I C E ,

I N C .

HERE IS A SAMPLING OF THE HEATING SERVICES WE OFFER: • Furnace Maintenance • Boiler Installation & Repair & Replacement • Furnace Installation • Ductless Mini Splits & Replacement Maintenance & Repair • Boiler Maintenance • Ductless Mini Splits & Repair Installation & Replacement

David Weber Owner

Pete Norgren Master Plumber

Evan Gregory Mat Berg Apprentice Plumber Apprentice Plumber

Whether you need Heating, A/C or plumbing services, Central Heating & Air Conditioning in Sauk Centre has the experience and manpower to handle the job. Locally owned and established in 2002, the company has grown in size, strength and service offerings, adapting to industry changes and customer desires. With the weather turning cooler each day, keep us in mind for all your furnace, boiler and mini split needs. We are here to keep your

1180 Sinclair Lewis Ave., Sauk Centre, MN Office: 320-351-4100 Fax: 320-351-4115 Blair Weiers | 320-290-1840 • David Weber | 320-290-0160

Blair Weiers HVAC & Sales

Tim Ritter HVAC

Julie Stepan Office Manager

heating system running all winter. We pride ourselves on our service experience and attention to detail on every job. Call us today for heating system repair, maintenance, installation or replacement. We are available to serve you with 24 hour emergency care and we offer free estimates. No matter if your needs are small or big, we welcome the opportunity to work with you and for you. We proudly serve Central Minnesota!


Lic. # 057710-MR

Metal Makeovers by CMF

If you have anything metal that needs a makeover, Central Minnesota tre. Not only can CMF work on new products but they also have experience Finishing can help. CMF offers high quality metal sandblasting and pow- in restorative work, so you can breathe new life into old chairs, car parts, full der coating to the Sauk Centre area. deck railings and spiral staircases. Recently, they were able to help out the CMF’s large-capacity facility has enough space city of Sauk Centre with re-painting their for nearly any sandblasting project one may need. merry-go-round at the Jaycee Park after beSandblasting is an abrasive method that forcing approached by Public Works Supervisory es solid particles across a metal surface at high Ben Clink. CMF was able to transform the speeds which helps to smooth, shape and clean equipment from a worn-out looking piece to the product. Sandblasting is a suitable for many just like new, as shown in the before-and-aftypes of metal products such as car rims and ter photos on this page. frames, railings, lawn furniture and trailers. It can CMF can sandblast and powder coat many also get rid of coatings on metal such as rust or different sizes, with a range of capabilities paint. range from one-piece orders to large quantity Blasting not only keeps metal products lookBefore order. CMF has done a wide range of projects, ing good but also protects them from rust and painting for many industrial customers with requests for flat beds, trailers, other damage. snow buckets, grapple forks and many other items. CMF has many blasting options, such as black diamond sandblasting for CMF is able to do smaller projects as well, things like metal cemetery a standard cleaning and finishing, as well as bead blasting, which is mainly flower pots and memorials. Specifically, CMF has worked on armed forces for stainless steel. memorials and a cemetery bench memorial that can be seen in Sauk CenBead blasting can cover irregularities on metal such as marks left from


welding and leaves either a matte or sating finish. This particular method is especially popular within the food service industry. When it comes to powder coat painting, CMF’s conveyor line can accommodate parts up to 7’ long x 2’ wide x 4’ high, and their batch oven can handle parts up to 30’ long x 10’ wide x 9’ high. Powder coat paint is a metal finishing method which is not only environmentally safe and solvent free, but is long-lasting and prevents rust. Powder coating is beneficial because it is available in a large variety of textures and colors and resists cracking and peeling. CMF offers a variety of Powder coat paint options, with textures, wrinkles, indoor, outdoor, high temp, low temp and FDA approved options. Color matching is also available. Follow Central Minnesota Finishing Inc. on Facebook or contact CMF at (320) 352-5747. With the COVID pandemic of 2020, CMF has reached out to additional clients and have made their presence known, in addition to print advertising, thru social media, social network and the radio.

Central Minnesota Finishing, Inc. Bob Peterson: 320-352-5747 • Cell: 320-293-2005 Fax: 320-352-5743

441 Lincoln Li Loop • Sauk Centre, MN 56378 Bob (owner) and Nancy (office manager) Peterson work side by side at Central Minnesota Finishing.

Employees at Warrior Boats, INC in Melrose build highperformance fiberglass fishing boats from 18-23 feet in length. Since starting production in 2011, Warrior Boats continues to grow in sales and staff members. They now have 20 employees. The Warrior Product line is developed with input from fishermen, dealers and our customers. Their knowledge helps Warrior Boats build the best fishing machine for the


toughest fishing conditions in the Northland. Their product line is sold through dealers in the Upper Midwest and Canada. The owners and the employees are passionate about fishing boats and the fishing industry. For 2021, Warrior Boats is introducing a 23’ boat rated for a 450 hp motor. Warrior Boats remains on top in the fishing industry for walleye fishing boats!

16 Industry Parkway Drive NW, Melrose www.warriorboatsinc.com


START YOUR Christmas shopping early

Check out our new toys that are coming in on a regular basis

COLD SPRING CO-OP & COUNTRY STORE Monday – Friday: 8:00AM to 6:30PM • Saturday: 8:00AM to 3:00PM • Sunday: Closed 300 Main St., Cold Spring, MN • (320) 685-8651

Integrated supplier of custom gearing and power transmission products. Providing quality products to the industries of: • Off-Highway/Construction • Mining • Agriculture • Marine • Railroad • Air/Gas • Aerospace • Wind Energy

We can handle jobs large or small • Custom Welding & Repair

• Machining • Forming & Shearing • Steel Supplies on Hand for the Do-It-Yourself Welder Back in 1979, Dick Christenson and Arlan Pearson each had an interest in welding and machining, and they figured the Melrose community had a need for these services. They opened CAP Enterprises, Inc., in Melrose, and today, over 40 years later, it continues to be a company that serves welding and machine shop needs in Melrose and the surrounding areas, with services like custom aluminum and stainless steel welding,

530 County Road 50 | Avon, MN 56310 | 320-356-7301

Located at 511 3rd Ave. SW in Melrose Call CAP Enterprises at (320) 256-3900


n 2014, Corey Bueckers bought a portion of his Grandfather’s well-known I business, Bueckers Recycling. Corey bought and took over septic maintenance and porta pot rentals.

Corey grew and sold the septic business in 2018. He then focused on porta pot rentals. In 2019, Corey bought out another porta pot business. He grew his business to 125 toilets, including regular porta pots, handicap porta pots, handwash stations and hand sanitizing stations. Bueckers Biffies may be a one-man show, but Bueckers has the support of his family and many friends to lend a helping hand if needed. His wife, Cheryl, is there to help behind the scenes in the office and his daughters are his biggest cheerleaders. “I strive to provide the best service at the cheapest rate I can.” Bueckers said. One may have a down look on the use of a porta pot, but those who have used one of Bueckers Biffies have always been impressed. Corey takes pride in knowing he goes the extra mile to make his customers happy with the cleanliness and more appealing smell of his rentals. If you are looking for a biffie for a graduation party, wedding, family get-together, construction site, lake cabin, boat landing, park, town festival, sporting event or any other rental need, he is there to help you out. Corey is looking into purchasing his own luxury trailer for fancier events. He does have access to luxury trailer rental options now. In the next few years, Corey is looking to grow his family business from 125 toilets to over 300. It is not a job just anyone wants, but Corey takes pride in helping others complete their outdoor events. When asked what Corey would like to tell the readers, he said, “Thank you for shopping local and supporting a local business like Bueckers Biffies Inc.” For your next rental need, call Bueckers Biffies Inc at 320-256-2727.

machining and farm repair. New attributes include automated plasma and flame cutting, robotic welding and automated sawing, which lends to more accuracy. “Not many people offer this type of repair,” said Christenson. CAP Enterprises, Inc. employs four full-time and two part-time people and is open Mondays through Fridays, from 8 to noon and 1 to 5 p.m.


ess out of your house! m e h t e ep

Corey Bueckers Owner

Melrose, MN

Portable Toilet Rental Service


The Practical Horticulturalist SERVICE WITH A SMILE

– for your smile

Huls can help

Paul Huls calls himself a practical horticulturist for good reason. He has spent 25 years in the nursery business. Now, he has ventured off into a new direction with Huls Horticultural Services, specializing in landscape and design consultation, landscape maintenance including installation, design and maintenance of annuals, along with fruit and shade trees and special order plant sales. Fall is an especially good time for people looking for specific tree varieties to order them. “I have 18-20 varieties of apples available that can be pre-ordered today for next spring,” Huls said. Fruit trees have been in demand as people are looking towards providing more homegrown food for their families. “People are transitioning to edible landscapes, things that are not only attractive but that will produce fruit,” Huls said. “Anything

in your yard that you can eat, like honeyberries, gooseberries, asparagus, rhubarb … all of those things can be used in the landscape.” In the consultation portion of his work, Huls answers a broad range of questions from people who are having difficulties in their gardens and landscapes. “People got into gardening this year, but I don’t know how successful everybody was,” Huls said. “I have been moving more towards lending the expertise towards creating some of those above-ground or in-ground gardens.” Huls’ practical horticulture knowledge has been helpful to clients and as such, his consulting work has been growing exponentially. “This was an idea and it’s worked well,” he said. “I have been looking at landscapes with problems and helping to correct them. Something is right because word is getting out.”



320.267.9805 Located in St. Wendel www.hulsplants.com

Built with Materials You Know and Trust!




Dental hygienist Emily Nietfeld stands outside Albany Family Dentistry Oct. 7 in Albany. Albany Family Dentistry was founded in 2009 by Dr. Jason Spychala.

Albany Family Dentistry provides modern, comfortable dental care



ven in the midst of a turbulent year, Albany Family Dentistry keeps people’s smiles bright and healthy with comprehensive checkups, preventative dentistry and treatments utilizing advanced technology. They know that dental care should be unique to every individual because a healthy smile impacts more than just oral health. “We provide our patients with the best care possible, making them feel comfortable,” said Emily Nietfeld, dental hygienist with Albany Family Dentistry. “It’s a very clean facility with very friendly staff. You’re going to get very good care when you come.” Dr. Jason Spychala founded Albany Family Dentistry in 2009 after purchasing the practice from Dr. Robert Schwegler. Albany Family Dentistry’s original office was located on Main Street in Albany, but they constructed a new building in 2013 on Railroad Avenue and continue to operate there today. It is also one of the few dental offices in Minnesota to run with solar power; in 2017, solar panels were mounted to all but cover the building’s south-facing roof. Albany Family Dentistry serves clients from the areas of Albany, St. Cloud, St. Joseph, Holdingford, Melrose and more. They provide the most comfortable modern dental care to all ages, performing treatments including teeth cleaning, fillings, fluoride treatments, tooth extractions, root canals, gum disease diagnosis, 3D digital x-rays and advanced treatments for gum infections and broken, cracked or chipped teeth. Dr. Spychala keeps Albany Family Dentistry up-to-date with the latest dental technology. Computer-guided treatments have streamlined appointments in ease and efficiency; for exam-

ple, multiple tooth restorations can be completed in a single visit. “We do same day crowns, which is convenient for our patients,” Nietfeld said. “A lot of offices don’t offer same day crowns; they’ll send to a lab, so there’s a waiting period before you get your crown.” The computerized equipment, including digital teeth impressions, is also less invasive and more accurate, leading to a shortened recovery time. When the novel coronavirus pandemic reached Minnesota, Albany Family Dentistry closed from midMarch through Memorial Day. For those two and a half months, they were limited to emergency treatments only. Today, Albany Family Dentistry has sanitary measures in place to safeguard both the physical and dental health of their clients; phone screenings are held prior to each appointment, and both staff and visitors have their temperature checked before they are allowed into the building. “All team members wear masks through the entire day,” Nietfeld said. “Additional personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn for protection since we are back from the pandemic closure. Then, per CDC recommendations, we also have our patients do a pre-rinse with a water-diluted hydrogen peroxide rinse prior to us going in and cleaning.” Appointment rooms are also rotated. A maximum of four of the clinic’s eight main rooms are used in one hour, and then the other four rooms are used in the next hour while the previous rooms are cleaned and left to sit. Overall, no matter the year or the treatment needed, Albany Family Dentistry is there with modern dental practices to give people more than one reason to have a confident smile.

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Dr. Jason Spychala

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Preferred Controls Inc.

Photo taken before mask mandate

Ensuring safe, reliable products Bennett provides quality control in panel assembly Preferred Controls offers professional engineering, system integration, manufacturing, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) services for the water, wastewater, and oil industries. The company not only provides professional design services for large scale municipal projects, they also provide automation, controls, and instrumentation for municipal water, wastewater systems, and oil well wastewater and this is only some of what they do. With locations in Albany and Minot, N.D., the company has been servicing the upper Midwest’s needs for design, controls, and system integration for over 20 years. Preferred Controls provides these services to over 190 cities across the upper Midwest. On a local scale, the company works closely with the cities of Albany, Avon, Holdingford, St. Martin, Freeport and Upsala for any water or wastewater needs, including providing goods and services for the City of Albany’s water treatment facility, constructed in 2007. At the Albany location, inspecting and testing control panels is Tony Bennett’s primary responsibility in his role as shop supervisor. He is also in charge of ensuring inventory is stocked so the technicians have all they need to assemble their next project, along with assigning tasks to the three technicians who work in the shop with him. “Every project is different,” he said. “They all have similarities, but they are different in schematics based on customers’ needs.” The control panels Bennett and the technician team assemble are used to control/automate a lot of things in many industries. For water and wastewater, this includes pumps, valves, temperatures and water pressure, to name a few. All components of a treatment facility are controlled by PLCs “computers” which are programmed to collect data and transfer it to a centralized location; and with advances in technology, companies are now able to send this information right to a plant operator’s cell phone. In the event of an emergency, this prevents any problem before it becomes

a major problem. To do his job well, Bennett has to have a strong attention to detail and a good understanding of national code standards to ensure the products are assembled correctly and safely. Because of the amount of information on electrical codes and specifications, Bennett has a low voltage limited power certification, which he needs to renew every two years with a 16-hour course and test. Before newly assembled control panels leave the Preferred Controls Inc. facility in Albany, each one undergoes a test to ensure they operate soundly and safely for the end user.

“It’s all about safety,” Bennett said. “The more certifications you get, it gets easier and you get better at your job.” As a person who has always had a passion in electronics and electrical work, Bennett’s current role is right

in his wheelhouse. He enjoys the uniqueness of every project and seeing the end results after working as a team with others to get the job done. Bennett’s first experience with electronics was in high school when he took a course his junior and senior year on locations electronics. After graduating from high school in Ohio, he joined the United States Air Force where he worked as a ground radio technician for 11 years. He then cross trained in missile maintenance and spent the next 11 years in North Dakota at missile sites doing maintenance, then three years in California conducting test launches; and finally, a year and a half in Florida at Cape Canaveral as the Launch Chief with the 45th Launch Group where they launched satellites for civilian contractors, until his retirement. Bennett then moved to central Minnesota with his wife, Julie. He began at Preferred Controls, Inc. in June, 2019 as a technician. Throughout his work there, he has enjoyed being part of a team that provides exceptional service to their customers. The work atmosphere and his co-workers also make his job enjoyable. “It’s very family-oriented here,” he said. “They’re all very good people to work with. Angie and Harold [Desautel] take care of us very well.” Of course, like with any job, Bennett’s job has its challenges, which can vary based on the time of the year. “The biggest challenge is making sure we meet deadlines and the customers’ expectations,” he said. March through October is the busiest time of the year for the business as that is the time when most construction projects for municipalities and businesses occur. Nevertheless, persistence pays off, and the business continues to move forward, meeting the deadlines and needs of their customers.

460 Huskie Drive • Albany, MN 56307 • 320-845-6772 • www.preferredcontrols.com

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