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Donating for life

Ainsley Gararth is putting his best foot forward since a life-changing health scare.

During a test prior to donating plasma to Red Cross Australia, the Dandenong resident discovered an irregularity in his heart beat.

Ever since has been committed to fitness and giving blood.

He has just run 100 kilometres in a month as part of the annual Red Cross Human Race fundraiser.

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Storage looted

Dozens of customers at a self-storage facility at Hallam have again been targeted by thieves who have stolen thousands of dollars of items over several months.

Victoria Police is continuing to investigate a series of alleged burglaries between February and April at the StoreLocal business on Hallam South Road despite recently charging a 37-year-old Dandenong man.

It comes after Star Journal reported 20 units at the site were burgled last September.

Police recently seized more than 150 items allegedly stolen from the storage facility during raids at five properties in Hallam, Dandenong and Clyde.

Some of the stolen items were returned to their rightful owners, a police spokesperson said.

However, a victim Ben Norman told Star Journal he was not so lucky, with his collection of 1400 Funko Pop boxed figurines worth upwards of $25,000 still missing.

He believes more than 70 other storage units have been broken into this year.

The first he heard of something amiss was an email from StoreLocal warning of break-ins in April.

Mr Norman later discovered his hired storage unit’s padlock had been replaced by another padlock.

The offenders presumably cut the original padlocks and replaced them with their own, he says.

The “sophisticated” operation must have involved large trucks to transport the loot.

“It took me six trips in a one-tonne van to fill the unit.

“I was p***ed off. A lot of (the figures) can’t be replaced because they’re no longer in production.

“At least it wasn’t family photos, it’s simply money.”

Mr Norman blames StoreLocal for not providing security patrols and on-site staff, despite a wave of break-ins since September.

He is making enquiries about sueing for compensation.

“When I was there on Sunday morning, the gates were wide open and people could just drive in. We’re meant to use a keypad to gain entry.

“They’ve done nothing to improve the site. I don’t think it’s fair, I don’t think it’s right.”

StoreLocal does not provide insurance for customers. Its website suggests customers to contact their home and contents insurance provider.

Mr Norman said he didn’t insure his goods. “I should be able to assume that putting them in secure storage will be safe”.

Other customers have detailed their losses on Google reviews for StoreLocal Hallam.

StoreLocal responded to one of the complainant’s claims of the site being unmanned and without security patrols and working CCTV by saying it “doesn’t sound like our site at Hallam”.

StoreLocal was contacted by Star Journal for comment.

The arrested man was charged with possessing an imitation firearm, burglary, car theft, theft and handling stolen goods. He was bailed to appear at Dandenong Magistrates’ Court on 28 August.

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Trees, housing side-by-side

An ecology expert says mature trees, such as a threatened River Red Gum in Noble Park, don’t need to be sacrificed for more housing.

Dr Gregory Moore says the 20-metre tree on the edge of a proposed six-storey apartment site at 51A Douglas Street would be a “significant loss”.

“Across Melbourne, we’re losing a lot of trees. If we keep chopping down these trees, we’ll have no 150-to-200-year-old trees in the future.

“In this case, we’d be losing more than one species – about 30-50 other species such as birds, insects and fungi depend on that tree.

“We’re going to pay a high, high price for this. So many trees are disappearing that Melbourne is going to be a hotter city and people will die as a result of heatwaves.”

Last year, Planning Minister Sonya Kilkenny controversially directed the council to issue a permit for a six-storey tower of apartments and removal of vegetation on the key development site.

It has led to a fierce community campaign for Greater Dandenong Council to buy the site for open space.

Last month, councillors voted to hold off on allowing the tree’s removal for a $150,000 developer offset – which could be used for planting 15 trees of 2.5 metres height.

The council says it is still negotiating with the developer to save the estimated 80-yearold tree, despite surveyors reportedly marking out the site last week.

Dr Moore says the issue is with the state’s

planning laws, which are “very anti-tree” and “pro-development”.

“We can have much more intense development and we can have green space,” he argues.

Europe and parts of the USA achieve much higher housing density by building “upwards” with two-three storey housing while retaining 40 per cent green space on sites, Dr Moore argues.

“The model of development in Australia brings the biggest return to developers for the smallest cost – very small blocks with very large houses and very little green space.”

Developers may argue that building upwards will cost more.

“Once everyone (builds upwards), the economy of scale kicks in,” Dr Moore counters.

“When they’re developing land, they pay less for the land and maintain their profit margins.

“The ones who don’t get as much are the greenfields’ landowners who get less windfall profits from selling up.”

Being sparse of trees, Greater Dandenong and Casey are regarded as among the highesttemperature areas of Melbourne.

Call for parkland, not six-storey tower

Residents are calling for Greater Dandenong Council to buy and convert a contentious development site into parkland in central Noble Park.

They say the council can use its open space acquisition fund to buy 51A Douglas Street, the site for a proposed six-storey apartment tower and the removal of 20-metre River Red Gums.

“It’s looking very difficult for Council to negotiate the saving of the trees so buying the land is the most practical option” resident Gaye Guest said.

“Council has an Open Space Acquisition Fund that has been used already in 2020 and 2021 for purchases of similar sites with significant trees in increasingly dense areas in central Dandenong (88 Clow Street) and next to Yarraman Railway Station.”

Greater Dandenong Environment Group president Isabelle Nash said the council’s Open Space Strategy highlighted the need for more open space in central Noble Park due to increased population density.

“The time to act is now” she said.

Resident Elizabeth Grasso said losing some of the last remaining Red Gums would risk losing the suburb’s natural heritage forever.

“Preserving these trees and providing a natural respite by creating a new park would be a fitting legacy for Greater Dandenong Council to leave Noble Park with” she said.

Planning Minister Sonya Kilkenny last year ordered the council to approve a permit for the tower 51A Douglas Street, with the removal of the trees and other vegetation.

An online petition has topped 1800 signatures in support of saving the trees.

The council is currently seeking to negotiate with the developer to save one of the trees partly straddling council land.

It has put on hold a plan to trade-off the tree for a $150,000 offset to plant about 15 trees of 2.5 metres height in Noble Park.

Placards protesting the River Red Gum’s removal have been hung up on the development site fence at 51A Douglas Street, Noble Park.

This puts its disadvantaged, vulnerable populations at most risk during heatwaves, Dr Moore argues.

The benefits of increasing green spacesuch as less hospitalisations, higher life expetancies, higher birth weights, better learning outcomes - would save “hundreds of millions of dollars” for health budgets alone.

Greater Dandenong Council is seeking to increase its canopy coverage to 15 per cent by 2028 – which is only half the rate of the mostleafy urban areas in Melbourne.

“I’m really pleased that canopy cover went up (from 9 per cent in 2021 to 14 per cent in 2023). But it’s only gone up from really, really low (levels) to low.”

.Dr Moore is a guest speaker at a Valuing Our Trees event at Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens, 66 McCrae Street, Dandenong on Wednesday 19 June, 1.30pm-4pm. Bookings required at https://www.trybooking. com/CPCWF

Targets set

Greater Dandenong and Casey would have 161,000 extra dwellings by 2051 under new draft targets released by the State Government. In the case of Greater Dandenong, 57,000 new dwellings would nearly double the area’s existing 59,400 homes, as of 2023. For Casey, a target of 104,000 would be set on top of 131,000 existing homes. The State Government stated it would “work in partnership” with councils to “unlock space for more homes”.

Councils will be expected to report back on the draft target and the local changes they propose. The targets for each council area will be finalised by the end of the year.

As part of the State Government’s Housing Statement, 70 per cent of new homes will go in established areas and 30 per cent in the outer suburbs. The draft targets would double the number of dwellings in inner and middle Melbourne councils. They were calculated according to proximity to jobs, services and public transport.

“To give industry the confidence they need to get on and build, we need Government and all councils working towards the same goal: more homes forVictorians – in the right places,” Premier Jacinta Allan said.

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Placards protesting the River Red Gum’s removal have been hung up on the development site fence at 51A Douglas Street, Noble Park. View of the proposed apartment building from Noble Park’s plaza.

Boundary boost

Isaacs MP Mark Dreyfus will represent the lion’s share of Greater Dandenong voters, as part of a proposed electoral boundary redistribution.

The Labor bayside seat would claim about 33,000 extra projected electors in parts of Springvale South, Keysborough, Dandenong and Noble Park, according to the Australian Electoral Commission report.

Pundits say the change will strengthen Mr Dreyfus’s already safe margin.

Meanwhile the ALP’s Julian Hill (Bruce) and Clare O’Neil (Hotham), who would respectively relinquish 3597 and 29,439 projected electors from Greater Dandenong, would have notionally narrower margins.

Monash University politics expert Dr Zareh Ghazarian said the move east into Berwick might impact Mr Hill’s margin “slightly” but not make the seat “ultra-marginal”.

“I don’t think it’s going to be so much that it causes any problems for the current MP,” he said.

Mr Hill, who retains part of Dandenong, said the draft boundaries in South East Melbourne showed relatively little change this time, which was welcome.

“Bruce needs to grow slightly, and I’d be delighted to represent more of beautiful Berwick and surrounds, though what ultimately happens is up to the Australian Electoral Commission,” he said.

“Everyone will take time to work through the details and make public submissions to inform the final boundaries.

“One of the great things about Australia’s democratic system is that electorate boundaries are set by the independent Australian Electoral Commission, and I encourage anyone interested to have their say.”

Meanwhile Mr Dreyfus confirmed to the

Attorney-General and Isaacs MP Mark Dreyfus confirmed he was running in the next Federal election.

ABC that he would be running in the next federal election.

“I would hope, my party permitting, continuing as a cabinet minister in the next term of an Albanese Labor Government.”

He said his “great concern” about the redistribution was the possible deletion of the seat of Higgins, held by first-time Labor MP Michelle Ananda-Rajah.

The federal election can be held anytime between August 2024 and May 2025.

Dr Ghazarian said that with the narrowing poll margins between the Government and

Opposition, it was more likely that the election would be in May.

Labor and the Coalition each have primary support in the 30’s, which suggests both would struggle to form majority government, Dr Ghazarian said.

“If independents and Greens are retained, they could be critical in supporting either party to form Government. It’s going to be a really big test for whoever gets in.”

The proposed redistribution report is open for comments until 28 June. Visit aec.gov.au/ redistributions/2023/vic/index.html

Nitro Gym set ablaze

Echo Taskforce detectives are investigating a suspicious fire that caused“significant damage” to a Hallam gym allegedly attended by outlaw motorcycle gang members.

Six fire-brigade pumpers, a ladder platform and 28 firefighters were called to Nitro Gym on Princes Highway just before 4.30am on Thursday 13 June.

A passer-by had called emergency services, reporting a glow inside the building.

“A number of windows had been smashed and it’s believed an accelerant had been poured inside the premises and set alight,” aVictoria Police spokesperson said.

“Nobody was inside at the time, but the building sustained significant damage.”

“Echo Taskforce detectives will look at whether the business was targeted due to a number of outlaw motorcycle gang members attending the gym.”

The building was “well alight” when fire brigades arrived, according to FRV.

The fire was deemed under control by 4.57am.

An arson chemist was set to attend the scene that morning , police say.

The gym, previously owned by Comancheros bikie-gang boss Mick Murray, has been the target of police raids and drive-by shootings in the past.

Any information, CCTV or dashcam footage to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or crimestoppersvic.com.au

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Springvale stays strong

A research report on Springvale has hailed the vibrant and bustling suburb as a champion of social cohesion.

Springvale, the “microcosm of Australia” has become a notion-buster that diverse communities lack social cohesion, according to the research report by the Scanlon Foundation Research Institute.

The report, ‘Strong Communities Don’t Just Happen’ by authors Trish Prentice and Andrew Markus reflects on Springvale’s response to a very challenging time during the pandemic.

It explores how the pandemic was overcome all whilst maintaining community harmony and bonds.

Lead author Trish Prentice said such times often lead communities to reveal their fundamentals

“For us, we’re interested in the idea of social cohesion, what that means and look like. The idea that the diversity is a crumbling box - if people are different how can they be socially cohesive - I didn’t find that at all in this case, which is what sets Springvale apart.

“Springvale is a place for us to explore what social cohesion looks like in a diverse environment.”

A previous project on Springvale by the ScanlonFoundationpromptedthislatestreport to visit and “document more carefully” how the community has developed and changed its social infrastructure.

The report was a time capsule that delved into Australia’s post World War II immigration drive bringing in young and skilled workers which prompted to shape the country and Springvale’s demographic.

Once a “sleepy and semi-rural” area the population accelerated from 25,526 in 1961 to

89,478 by 1991 as it grew into the current thriving diverse community filled with bustling streets and flavourful food attraction.

DeputymayorofCityofGreaterDandenong, Richard Lim OAM has been a long advocate and one of the crucial figures who’ve helped transform the Springvale Activity Centre.

He remembers the pandemic as a “very tough” phase for the community, many of whom struggle with an English-language barrier.

“Overall, I think we did very well in vaccinations rates compared to other suburbs in Greater Dandenong because residents were well informed, residents would approach me for information and questions around Covid and vaccinations.”

He went on to great lengths on Facebook live sessions to educate his community about Covid, addressed rumours on vaccination side effects and health risks information in their own Khmer language.

Together with Greater Dandenong Council he helped to facilitate vaccination roll outs and details such as the location to attract as many residents as possible.

While the pandemic has brought forth Springvale’s uniqueness, the report acknowledges individuals, organisations, and institutions in building the suburb’s social bond while closing the gap between differences.

“Individuals from Greater Dandenong and nearby saw Springvale was different and I think that was very interesting,” Ms Prentice said.

The acceleration in migration saw the birth of many community organisations to help the migrant community with practical assistance and information, particularly the Enterprise Migrant Hostel in Springvale which provided accommodation and settlement services to more than 30,000 migrants and refugees from all over the world between 1970 and 1992.

It acknowledged the pivotal roles the likes of Merle Mitchell AM had in shaping the suburb from early on through the establishment of local facilities such as the Springvale Neighbourhood House, the Family Mediation Centre and Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureau (SCAAB) now South East Community Links (SECL).

The report title, ‘Strong Communities Don’t Just Happen’ is quoted from Merle Mitchell’s interview with the Star Journal in 2021.

Mr Lim is one epitome of the resilient culturally-diverse communities that make up not just his Springvale Ward but also the Greater Dandenong, the most culturally diverse community in Australia with residents from 157 countries.

As part of the research phase of the report, he was one of the many interviewed by the team that makes up the report.

He fled Cambodia‘s Pol Pot regime in the 1980s, worked relentlessly to achieve an education and now runs a successful pharmacy in Springvale that supports multicultural organisations throughout the South East and Monash Health Children’s Hospital.

“The pandemic revealed that to us as researchers because when communities are under stress they reveal the crack, Springvale didn’t crack and we didn’t see tensions as we did with other communities.

Authorities at odds over Sandown Racecourse

Greater Dandenong Council and Melbourne Racing Club are at odds over projected flood impacts at a proposed re-development at Sandown Racecourse.

On 11 June, councillors endorsed a submission that was critical of the C229 rezoning for 7500 homes on the 112-hectare site.

Speaking on the council report, strategic planning manager Brett Jackson noted that authorities Melbourne Water and South East Water shared “significant concerns” about flooding, stormwater storage and drainage from Mile Creek and Police Road Main Drain.

“Officers consider there is a significant lack of information in the documentation regarding flooding impacts and flood management on the site,” the report stated. “Officers are concerned that if (Planning Scheme Amendment) C229 is approved, and at a later date it eventuates that stormwater cannot be effectively managed on site, what the implications of this will be for surrounding existing

residents, new residents within the Sandown development, and Council.”

A Melbourne Racing Club spokesperson said the MRC did not agree with the council’s flood concerns.

“We acknowledge that the council has their views. We don’t share their views relating to the flood risk. “The matter will be fully considered as part of the Sandown Racecourse Advisory Committee process.” Planning consultant Urbis, on behalf of the MRC, in a submission to the committee, stated that there were “differing views” from two flood assessments.

One of the reports had found no increase in downstream flooding, Urbis submitted.

“Consequently, we consider that MelbourneWater has had sufficient input into the modelling approach and the flood study is appropriate for the purpose of exhibition.”

Noble Park resident Ian Peterson, who lives about 50 metres south of the racecourse, told Star Journal that he’d suffered floods twice in recent years. On each occasion, Mile Creek

overflow has breached a channel to the south and flooded inside his home and others on Alamein Street as well as the intersection with Corrigan Road. Water has spilled under his back door, which is about a metre above ground level.

“No one here could stop it coming in. I had my furniture up on blocks and I’ve had to have my carpet replaced.”

Alarmed by the council report, he fears the flood and traffic impacts of a Sandown housing estate and proposes a barrier to protect his neighbourhood. A flood study cited by Melbourne Water suggested properties would be “significantly impacted” in the case of a flood event similar to February 2011.

“MelbourneWater has asked for changes to the developer’s proposed Drainage and Flood Management Strategy to ensure that new developments don’t negatively impact neighbouring or downstream properties,” a spokesperson told Star Journal last month.

“Before endorsing development plans, the proponent must submit specified reports for

assessment, and provide details of proposed drainage works to Melbourne Water for approval.”

A South East Water spokesperson deferred to MelbourneWater as the “relevant authority of floodplain management matters”.

The Greater Dandenong Council draft submission stated Sandown is “one of the largest urban renewal sites in Melbourne” with potential for “significant benefit if planned and implemented correctly”.

The MRC plan includes 20,000 square metres of commercial space for offices, dining and retail and more than 20 hectares of public space including open space, a school and community facilities. The heritage-listed grandstand would be retained. The Planning Minister-appointed Sandown Racecourse Advisory Committee is assessing the proposed rezoning. The public exhibition period for C229 closes on 24 June, followed by a advisory committee directions hearing on 17 July and hearings from 12 August.

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Researchers and VIPs at the launch of the Springvale report on Thursday 13 June. Picture: AUSTRALIA MULTICULTURAL MEDIA CENTRE

‘High priority’ park name

After a long delay, Casey Council has declared a “high priority” review into a community proposal to name a park in Autumn Place, Doveton after a humble, huge-hearted volunteer Agnes O’Brien.

As reported in Star Journal last month, residents and groups say the late Ms O’Brien reached out to many troubled kids and families in the Autumn Place playground.

The single mother-of-four and sports club volunteer was credited for putting countless kids on the right path, bringing them off the streets and into her home and into sport.

Some say she saved numerous lives.

They argue that the recognition would right a historical wrong – in that none of Doveton’s parks and reserves are named after Doveton residents.

And just as starkly, none are named after women.

The idea has been backed by Doveton Boxing Club, Doveton Eumemmerring Township Association, Bruce MP Julian Hill, a former Doveton police officer Andrew O’Brien (no relation) and Ms O’Brien’s children.

As of mid May, the initial submission from boxing club leader Ryan Wilson had received no response from Casey for more than 12 months.

Finally in a letter dated 20 May - days after the Star Journal’s report - the council’s geographical naming officer Fiona Baker confirmed that it was “proceeding” with a review.

“I apologise for the delay proceeding with this request and will make the review of this proposal a high priority.”

Meanwhile, former Dandenong MP and ex-City of Berwick mayor John Pandazopoulos has also written a statement of “strong support”.

“There could be nothing more fitting for Agnes’s huge contribution to Doveton then naming Autumn Place park after her,” he wrote.

He described Ms O’Brien as a “core part of Doveton community life”.

“Everywhere to be seen, always taking an interest in the challenges the community faced and always looking out for the kids of Doveton.

“She was much loved by them whilst also being tough on someone who would break their promise to her.”

Ms O’Brien was a strong advocate to improve the Autumn Place precinct, and centred her volunteer life at football and cricket clubs and Doveton Neighbourhood Place, Mr Pandazopoulos said.

“For those of us that grew up in Doveton it may have been part of suburbia but it was a village its culture formed through community activists such as Agnes.

“Working class and proud from all sorts of backgrounds building a community together often through adversity.

“Such pioneers of the suburb of Doveton should be recognised as a fitting recognition of humble people that lived their life through community support and development.”

The naming proposal is undergoing a review by Casey Council to ensure it complies with State Government guidelines as well as the rules of Geographic Names Victoria (GNV).

The council has also implemented a program to “increase gender equity” in the naming of new recreation reserves and community facilities.

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Supporters gathering at the ‘Agnes O’Brien’ park include, front from left, Stefan Koomen and daughter Frankie, Frank and Jackie Horvath (Agnes’s daughter) - Lisa and Steve O’Brien (Agnes son) and Ryan Wilson and back row from left, Mia Wilson, Didi Wilson, Justin Le, John Turner and Clint Wilson. 406623 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS Agnes O’Brien.Agnes O’Brien, centre, with family.


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Life-changing donation

A Dandenong man was lucky enough to make a life-turning discovery thanks to being a blood and plasma donor to the Red Cross.

Hailing from a family that has long donated to the Red Cross and Red Cross Lifeblood, Ainsley Gararth made his first blood donation in 2019 influenced by his family and the materials he read about the organisation.

It has become one of the few organisations he has faith in.

To further his contribution, he went to donate plasma. But to his shock, he was denied due to an irregular heartbeat upon a health check-up. “That was very bad, that was heartbreaking for me,” Mr Gararth said

“I was very unfit. I didn’t realise it was a problem until I was denied donating because of my irregular heartbeat and being unhealthy.”

Not long after, a ’call from the universe’ made him come across the Red Cross Human Race fundraiser promotion where participants ran 100 kilometres in the month-long event.

“I thought this is amazing, right when I want to get fit and healthy. I jumped at the opportunity.

“I wanted to challenge myself as much as possible in something that I didn’t think I could do.”

And he did it right. Not only did he complete the 100-kilometre challenge but he doubled it and ran 200 kilometres.

He says the call from the universe was his driving factor but the support and cheers from friends, family and strangers was what made him break the record.

“It was torturous going from not being able to run to my letter box to doing half marathons every weekend. It was a big jump but amazing.

“It was crazy. I didn’t think I could do it, didn’t think I could reach 50 kilometres to be honest but just having people around you, you tend to do more than you could.”

Someofhisfriendsevenjoinedhimthroughout the run in support as strangers texted Mr Gararth words of how proud they were of his works.

“I would genuinely love to be full-time whatever the Red Cross wants me to be.

“It was a great starting point to get me healthy and fit. Since then, I’ve moved to bodybuilding and cross-fits.”

He’s set for a Hyrox Crossfit competition at the end of the month, an intense combination of running and functional workouts.

Two years later, he has booked his 47th fortnightly plasma donation.

“It feels good to be able to give back to people.

“When you get a text message that your blood is en-route to Adelaide Royal Hospital for someone that needs it, that feeling is out of this world,” he said.

“Instead of sitting on the couch playing a game, you spent an hour to donate blood and now you’re literally saving lives. That’s wild.”

Plasma is usually given to trauma, burn and shock patients, as well as people with severe liver disease or multiple clotting factor deficiencies. It helps boost the patient’s blood volume which can prevent shock.

Pharmaceutical companies use plasma to make treatments for conditions such as immune deficiencies and bleeding disorders such as vaccinations for chickenpox, products for protein deficiency and to prevent hepatitis A amongst a few.

Red Cross donations are often used directly for hospital patient transfusions.

“I want everyone to be able to feel that incredible feeling you get from donating.

“I feel like I should be paying the Red Cross with how good I feel after it.”

He completed the 100-kilometre Human Race fundraiser again this year and remains committed to blood donating.

8 STAR JOURNAL | Tuesday, 18 June, 2024 dandenong.starcommunity.com.au 12693522-SM25-24 NEWS
Ainsley Gararth has become a regular donor to Red Cross Lifeblood. 411825 Picture: GARY SISSONS

Walker Street Gallery and Arts Centre will soon become host to a vibrant and captivating exhibition already spilling its creativity into Dandenong’s Settlers Square for all to enjoy.

Crafted by the talented Ethiopian-Norwegian artist, Olana Janfa, Too Much Drama blends political commentary with a touch of humour. Olana’s artistry bears the imprint of traditional Ethiopian Orthodox art while addressing the challenges and ironies of modern immigrant life.

This exhibition marks the 2024 edition of HOME, a cherished initiative by Greater Dandenong City Council showcasing artists from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds. Born in Ethiopia and later immigrating to Norway as a teenager, Olana has called Australia home since 2015. He uses art to connect to his culture, communicate his insights and experiences, and celebrate his identity.

A large-scale mural inside the gallery draws from Olana’s engagement with Dandenongbased youth music group RIDDIM and depicts young peoples’ experience of belonging through the connective power of art and culture. The artwork is accompanied by the rhythm of Skilful Man, a single that Olana recently released.

A short walk from the gallery, Settlers Square is decorated with a series of Olana’s characters in his signature bold palate.

The exhibition will kick off with an opening celebration on Saturday 29 June, from 6pm-10pm, featuring a performance by RIDDIM and culinary delights courtesy of the local Ethiopian pop-up restaurant, Afro Cafe.

Join us for a special edition of Walker Street Gallery’s Consume program, presented by the Being Biracial Podcast, on Thursday 11 July, at 6pm. The evening will feature a live recording with Janfa and podcast hosts Kate Robinson and Maria-Birch Morunga, accompanied by

In August, Olana will host two sessions as part of the Greater Dandenong Libraries Art Series program, offering attendees a unique opportunity to engage with his creative process and vision.

On Thursday 22 August, at 6pm, experience a special presentation of the Drum Theatre’s Our Beat program at the Walker Street Gallery, spotlighting a diversity of contributors, including participants in RIDDIM’s recent workshop series as they share their cultural narratives

through performance.

Experience Olana Janfa’s captivating world of Too Much Drama at the Walker Street Gallery and Arts Centre from 2 July to 6 September. Visit greaterdandenong.vic.gov.au/HOME for more information.

dandenong.starcommunity.com.au Tuesday, 18 June, 2024 | STAR JOURNAL 9 Exhibition Workshops Events On display at Walker Street Gallery and Settlers Square Image credit: Olana Janfa, Boat, Acrylic on Wood, 2023 (Detail). 2 July - 6 September HOME 24 Olana Janfa Too Much Drama greaterdandenong.vic.gov.au/HOME | 8571 5320 | arts@cgd.vic.gov.au Combining bold images and political statements with lightness, dry humour, vivid colours and tones, the exhibition brings together old and new works by Ethiopian-Norwegian artist Olana Janfa. Opening event Saturday 29 June, 6pm. 12695234-JC26-24 BUSINESS IN FOCUS Exhibition for all to enjoy
food from Afro Cafe. Artist Olana painting a mural at Settlers Square Dandenong.


Free breakfast for students

All Victorian government school students will soon receive free, nutritious breakfasts for the first time.

Premier Jacinta Allan and Education Minister Ben Carroll announced $21.1 million in the State Budget 2024/25 to expand the School Breakfast Clubs Program.

An extra 150 schools will be invited to join the program at the start of next year – expected to support up to 200,000 students – before rolling out to remaining schools from June 2025.

One thousand schools already participate in the program, which provides healthy breakfasts for students as well as lunches, snacks, and take-home food packs for students experiencing disadvantage or financial strain.

“School Breakfast Clubs make a huge difference to students whose families need a little extra support to give their children nutritious meals that power their school day,” Mr Carroll said.

Going to school hungry has a big impact on children’s learning, affecting their behaviour, ability to concentrate, and ability to retain information.

“Kids can’t learn on an empty stomach,” Ms Allan said. Food provided through School Breakfast Clubs meets Healthy Eating Guidelines, prioritises fresh foods, and caters for different preferences, with menu options like cereals, fresh fruit, soups, and rice dishes.

“This program has made a big difference to thousands of students who need a bit of extra support to have a nutritious, delicious meal every morning – and we’re proud to roll the program out to every government school from next year,” Mr Carroll said. Free breakfast for

10 STAR JOURNAL | Tuesday, 18 June, 2024 dandenong.starcommunity.com.au Lyndale Secondary College | 14 Halton Rd, Dandenong North VIC 3175 | (03) 9795 2366 | www.lyndale.vic.edu.au At Lyndale Secondary College, we empower students to thrive in a changing world. LSC School Median of 29 CLASS OF 2023 VCE RESULTS College DUX: Ciya Joseph – 95.55 ATAR 6.6% over ATAR 90 23% over ATAR 80 46% over ATAR 70 2025 YEAR 7, SEAL & SCHOLARSHIP ENROLMENTS NOW OPEN Call 9795 2366 for a School Tour 12672452-ET25-24
all government schools.

FOCUS ON … EDUCATION Nurturing the whole person

Welcome to St. Francis de Sales Primary School, where we believe that education is not just about academics but about nurturing the whole person. Our school, nestled in the heart of Lynbrook, has been a beacon of learning and faith since its establishment in 2010.

We passionately create opportunities for our young people to excel as learners, enlightened by faith, animated by love, and filled with hope for their unique capacity to make a difference. As our patron saint St. Francis de Sales said,“Be who you are and be that perfectly well.”

We pride ourselves on being a happy, inclusive community where respectful relationships and positive behaviors are the cornerstones of learning and daily interactions. We encourage our children to be confident, resilient and excited about exploring their potential as learners.

Our curriculum and explicit teaching methods are centered around the student, personalised to meet the unique learning needs of each child. Through assessment, we identify the next steps in learning, ensuring targeted and effective instruction.

We emphasise high-quality learning and teaching strategies based on best practices and research. Our approach includes:

· A consistent, structured framework

· A strong focus on the Victorian Curriculum Standards

· High expectations for all learners

· Individualised student goals

We believe that a student’s age or grade level should never be a barrier to learning.

Our school features outstanding facilities, including permanent, purpose-built indoor and outdoor learning spaces. Our modern environment supports flexible and dynamic use of these spaces to meet learning seamlessly. Our

Gleneagles Secondary College

A modern learning environment where all students are supported to achieve their very best. We offer a broad range of pathways and a thriving extra-curricular program focusing on: sport, visual arts, performing arts, student leadership and academic extension.

Gleneagles Secondary College is committed to ‘empowering learners to be confident, resilient and successful citizens.’

dandenong.starcommunity.com.au Tuesday, 18 June, 2024 | STAR JOURNAL 11 12673936-FC10-24 Enquire within for all enrolments gleneagles.sc@education.vic.gov.au Tel: 03 9708 1319 12649542-AP47-23
We would love to welcome you and your child to our school. To book a tour, visit our website or call us on 8773 6700.
new Multipurpose Hall is a recent highlight and air-conditioning that is being installed across the school. St. Francis de Sales Primary School welcomes you and your child to their school.

Uniting for environment

The South East came together in Officer this past weekend to celebrate World Environment Day by planting a new generation of trees at the Officer Sikh Temple Gurdwara Siri Guru Nanak Darbar.

Over the last several years, the Gurdwara has planted thousands of trees on its grounds with it’s agenda of promoting sustainability and conservation in the community.

Leading the day was Professor Harpreet Kandra who last year was appointed ambassador for Sustainability Victoria’s #SmallActsBigImpacts campaign.

The annual planting day seems to grow larger with each year. It also attracts a host of public leaders, this year included Pakenham MP Emma Vulin, Narre Warren South MP Gary Mass, Narre Warren North MP Belinda Wilson, Cardinia Shire Mayor Jack Kowarzik, Parliamentary Sec for Climate Action MP Sheena Watt, Minister for Climate Action Lily D’Ambrosio and Greater Dandenong Mayor Lana Formoso.

While it’s also a day for many prominent community members dedicated to conservation such as local Alan Cole OAM.

Refugee volunteer happy to give back

An Afghan refugee who spent almost three decades in exile, much of it without her family, has found a new lease of life through volunteering.

Khadija Warazgani and her family fled civil war in Afghanistan 33 years ago when she was four.

The family found refuge in Quetta, Pakistan, but were still subject to persecution as members of the Hazara ethnic minority.

“Life was tough in Pakistan. My parents passed away and then my brother and his family came to Australia. I lived with the family of one of brother’s friends,” Khadija said.

“I had some problems. I couldn’t get a visa to join my brother for a few years,” she said.

But Khadija was finally able to come to Australia last year, travelling by herself.

Now living with her brother in Dandenong, Khajida is studying part-time and volunteering with migrant and refugee settlement agency AMES Australia.

“I am enjoying life in Australia. Here there are lots of opportunities and we can move freely without fear. In Quetta we were always in fear of being attacked because we are Hazara,” she said.

Khajida, 37, is now studying English atTAFE two days a week, volunteering with AMES in Dandenong another two days a week and volunteering with her own local Hazara community of Saturdays.

“I work with teachers helping refugee students understand their lessons and the work they are given. They have little or no English language, so I help to explain to them the meanings of new words and phrases,” she said.

“It’s very rewarding work. It gives me a nice feeling to be able to help people. The students are so happy when I support them. They say they could not do the work and then when I explain things, they are able to move ahead and learn.

“I want to finish my studies and then get a job in community service – working alongside people and helping them.”

Khadija was inspired to volunteer by her experiences as a refugee client with AMES Australia.

“I was a client of AMES, and my case manager was so helpful and so nice to me. She worked hard to support me and help me settle

here,” she said.

“That is what inspired me to become a volunteer with AMES in Dandenong.

“Volunteering is a great way to meet people and it’s a way of giving back to your community.”

Gunman holds up brothel

A robber who held up a Dandenong South brothel with an imitation longarm has been jailed.

“I’ve got a gun, give me the money,” Thomas Vandersluys told the brothel’s receptionist before revealing the singlebarrel weapon on 19 June 2022, the Victorian County Court heard.

The alarmed victim screamed: “You don’t hurt me I give you the money.”

Vandersluys, who pleaded guilty to armed robbery, escaped with about $500 in a waiting getaway car.

In sentencing on 5 June, Judge Andrew Palmer noted that CCTV footage showed the victim was caused “significant alarm and distress”.

The robbery was in the low-to-midrange of seriousness, however. It was relatively short, without physical violence and the sum of money was relatively small, Judge Palmer said.

Vandersluys, now 34, had an “extremely difficult” upbringing that continues to affect him, the judge noted.

“It is no surprise that you also have a long history of poly-substance abuse, a lengthy criminal record, and serious mental health issues.”

The latter reduced the accused’s moral culpability and would make custody more onerous for him.

According to prosecution documents, he had a history of schizophrenia.

Vandersluys pleaded guilty at the earliest stage despite the prosecution case being “not without weakness”, the judge said.

He was jailed for up to two years, with a non-parole period of 18 months.

12 STAR JOURNAL | Tuesday, 18 June, 2024 dandenong.starcommunity.com.au
Khadija Warazgani is giving back as a volunteer to Dandenong refugee service AMES.
Dandenong Mayor Cr Lana Formoso with Cardinia Mayor C Jack Kowarzik. 407705 Lily D’Ambrosio MP. 407705 Harpreet Singh. 407705 Sheena Watt (Parliamentary Sec for Climate Action). 407705 Cardinia Mayor C Jack Kowarzik with Minister Lily D’Ambrosio MP. 407705 Alan Cole (OAM), best dressed for the planting day. 407705


Opera Australia in town

In exciting news for local audiences, Dandenong is the first stop for Opera Australia’s latest national tour.

Experience the original bohemian love story that inspired Rent and Moulin Rouge when Puccini’s beloved La Bohème graces the Drum Theatre stage this July, preceding a series of performances across Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania in 2024. When Mimi meets Rodolfo, it’s love at first touch. They head out to bustling Cafe Momus, where the feisty Musetta and Marcello rekindle their relationship. For our bohemians, everything is possible and the future can’t come quickly enough.

Rodolfo and his friends are determined to make their mark on the world and experience everything it has to offer – but right now they’d settle for something warm to eat. Some emotions are too big for words alone, and for that, we have music. La Boheme exposes your soul to the feelings that only music can express.

Puccini’s score has always captured the soaring spirit of young love and this new production breathes fresh life into one of the world’s favourite operas.

Award-winning director Dean Bryant (Anything Goes, Sweet Charity) brings his trademark wit and vivacity to this new staging, which captures that giddy moment where you and your friends feel you’ll live forever. Opera Australia is one of the world’s most celebrated performing arts companies with an ambition to place an Australia stamp on great stories.

The company is committed to developing and nurturing new generations of Australian talent and making opera more accessible.

La Boheme is on at Drum Theatre on Friday 12 July and Saturday 13 July at 7.30 pm.

Tickets start at $25 for Under 30s, and $50 for Drum Members. Drum Theatre is a great theatre in your own backyard.

Visit drum.greaterdandenong.vic.gov.au or phone the Box Office on 8571 1666 to secure your seats.

dandenong.starcommunity.com.au Tuesday, 18 June, 2024 | STAR JOURNAL 13
more about our upcoming program
book your next theatre experience today. Devdas - Hindi Musical Saturday 20 July, 4.30pm Sunday 21 July, 4.30pm Musical Celtic Illusion Tuesday 23 July, 7.30pm Dance Drum Theatre Corner Lonsdale and Walker streets, Dandenong | 8571 1666 drum.greaterdandenong.vic.gov.au Don't
The Drum The Tap Pack Tuesday 10 September 7.30pm Music Simeon and the Solid Snakes Friday
September, 8pm Music Sunday 6 October, 10am, 12pm, 2.30pm Emma Memma: Boop and Twirl Tour Family You Are A Doughnut Family Tuesday 1 October, 10am
1pm 12692296-ET24-24
miss a beat: Catch a
Opera Australia La Boheme Picture: DANIEL-BOUD


100 years ago

19 June 1924

Driving Cattle Along Streets

At the meeting of the Dandenong Shire Council on the 16th last, Cr Tharle wanted to know who was responsible for any accident that may occur as a result of stock being driven at a quick pace along the streets from the market. He was not blaming the drovers, who did their best to handle the horses and cattle. Cr Harris contended the drovers would be responsible for any accident as they were in charge of the stock. Cr Gartside expressed the opinion that the drovers would not be responsible if one of them rode in front of the stock. Cr Tharle moved that the council bring the matter under the notice of the stock salesmen and ask if something could be done to abate the nuisance.

50 years ago

18 June 1974

And now, it’s on with the round ball … With the advent of an Australian team reaching the World Cup soccer finals, the word “soccer” is casting a giant shadow over Australian Rules followers. Why this sudden increase in interest? Obviously, the Australians fighting for honours in the World Cup in Munich at this moment has sparked off a lot of thought. The World Cup finals are the height of glory on the soccer world, and millions of Australians will watch and see how the team fares. As Australian Rules football is only played in four States in Australia, international competition is out of the question. Secretary of the Dandenong Football Club, Mr Lionel Farrow, says that if football does lose its top spot it will be the fault of administrators. “At the moment, Australia Rules is lacking organisation, excitement and entertainment. Although soccer is as clever as a barrel-full of monkeys. It lacks a certain something that is only found in footy.” 20 years ago

21 June 2004

Hands Off! Council plan to pave over the Pio-

neers for car park.

A plan to build a car park on the site of a park honouring Dandenong’s pioneers has outraged history enthusiasts. The council said the park’s features would be moved to open space at the corner of Clow and Stuart Street. Attempts would be made to incorporate “as many trees as possible” into the asphalt car park. Carmen Powell from Dandenong District Historical Society said monuments were not meant to be transient and society members were “livid”. ”The council have to honour the past and not just pay lip

service to protecting it.”

5 years ago

17 June 2019

Council move to ‘gag’ Cr Kirwan

A Greater Dandenong Councillor has accused colleagues of “gagging themselves” in an attempt to gag him at future council meetings. Ct Kirwan made the claim during the debate on proposed procedural changes, including the limiting of each councillor to eight minutes of questioning of council directors. From the start of his six-year tenure, Cr Kirwan had become renowned for his lengthy,

thorough interrogation of council directors. His personal Q&A time often well exceeded eight minutes. “In this quest to gag me from doing my job in an accountable, transparent way ... councillors that support it are gagging themselves.” Cr O’Reilly said the rules established a “sensible limit” to stop time being used up on a “single person’s whim.” Cr Dark, in opposition, said the “gag motion” was an attempt by the majority Labor councillors to stifle issues raised by residents and councillors. The local law amendments were adopted in-principle by a majority of councillors.

Or, read the full digital edition as it appears in print now! Read the latest Winter Edition of your favourite family magazine family magazine Read it now Scan the QR CODE Pick up a printed copy of Casey Cardinia Kids Today Magazine from outlets everywhere. OR VISIT: caseycardiniakids.com.au/digital-editions 12695637-AV25-24
Compiled by Dandenong and District Historical Society
In 2019, Greater Dandenong councillor Matthew Kirwan accused colleagues of “gagging themselves” in an attempt to gag him during councillor question time. 194583 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

Self-worth brings hope for everyone

Hope is to see purpose behind everything that happens – and that nothing happens without some benefit.

Our hope is strongest in ourselves; trusting we will be able to deal with anything that comes our way.

To build up this belief in our own resilience we need to understand what makes us lose that self-trust and therefore hope.

Research has found that those who have strong trust in a spiritual identity are less likely to have feelings of helplessness when there are difficult challenges.

Life has a flow and when we are not overcome with anxiety and fear our intellect works in a natural way and we can see the way through, or if not, how to deal with our own emotions in order to survive the situation.

Spirituality is like the river that makes its way to the ocean, always flowing towards the destination, which is of peace and happiness.

If we see the spiritual centre of ourselves as a natural centre of goodness we will end up in the unlimited, like the ocean, able to absorb anything and find a way to make it work for us.

This feeling of our own spiritual value is like a resource of wisdom gained from experiences over time.

Spiritual awareness is to shine a light on positive qualities like kindness, patience, even listening deeply to others and to ourselves.

We have all these qualities, we see and feel their existence when we are quiet, content, generous or compassionate.


However to give them power we need to emerge them and to work with them in our daily lives.

They are there within each one of us and applying them at the appropriate time, sustains a feeling of self-worth.

This feeling of self-worth brings hope.

These are human values that are common to us all and aligning with these and acting accordingly, gives us such a natural good feeling that we do not feel disturbed.

The sign of getting disturbed is when we feel sad, fearful, or even depressed.

When we feel like this, and lose hope, it is as though we have actually offended our belief in our own truth.

Our truth is that we are good people, and that hope in our own ability to ride the storm, is a truth that will bring us success.

Enquiries regarding the Interfaith Network, City of Greater Dandenong, administration@ interfaithnetwork.org.au or 8774 7662.

Visit - https://interfaithnetwork.org.au/

Sister Jacqueline Russell examines how to build resilience and hope.

Stand up for refugees

Many refugees are still waiting for permanent residency and to reunite with their overseas families, says advocate Wicki Wickiramasingham.

His group Justice & Freedom for Ceylon Tamils is hosting a ‘Justice for Refugees’ barbecue with speeches by refugees and advocatesinDandenongaspartofRefugee Week. Mr Wickiramasingham says hundreds of asylum seekers and refugees have been in limbo for more than a decade in Australia – not knowing if they can stay or if they’ll be deported.

Theirrelationshipswithoverseasspouses have collapsed amidst the uncertainty, he says. In the meantime, the applicants maynothaverightstowork,studyorMedicare and live in entrenched poverty. Their children born in Australia are attending school but still face potential deportation.

“I’m asking the Federal Government to come to a real solution for refugees who are yet to get permanent visas. “Some have been recognised by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and the Immigration Minister is not taking any action. “Some cases have been pending at the AAT for up to six years.”

Mr Wickiramasingham praises Greater Dandenong Council as a leader for supporting refugees, many of whom are living in the municipality.

As of February, more than 14,000 permanent visas were granted, with 5000-odd in the pipeline but 7500 overlooked.

TheJusticeforRefugeeseventisonSunday 23 June, 10am-1.30pm at Hemmings Park, Princes Highway, Dandenong.


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By Sister Jacqueline Russell of the Brahma Kumaris Centre for Spiritual Learning
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Friends of Red Cross 45th birthday

Hallam Friends of the Red Cross will be celebrating 45 years of service with a party, afternoon tea,

prize and $1 raffle. Guest speaker: Connected Libraries Doveton team leader Tanisha Taylor. All welcome, we are a very friendly group.

· Tuesday 18 June, 1pm at Hallam Community Learning Centre, 56 Kays Avenue, Hallam; $5. Details: Robert Read, 0455 566 570.

Valuing Our Trees

Afternoon tea with presentation from Dandenong and Springvale historical societies president Chris Keys on the local history of trees. Also presentation from Significant Tree Register chair Dr Greg Moore, who is also a University of Melbourne Research Fellow and will speak on the undervaluing and unnecessary removal of significant trees.

· Wednesday 19 June, 1.30pm-4pm at Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens, 66 McCrae Street, Dandenong; free event. Bookings required at https://www.trybooking.com/CPCWF Number-plate screws

Free anti-theft number-plate screws will be fitted at three venues this month by Neighbourhood Watch Greater Dandenong. Personal alarms also for sale.

· Saturday 22 June, 10am-2pm at Dandenong Bunnings; Sunday 23 June, 11am-3pm at Parkmore shopping centre; and Saturday 29 June, 10am-2pm at Springvale Bunnings.

Refugee Week

Family friendly celebration of Refugee Week, including welcoming ceremony, guest speakers, cultural performances, stalls, children’s activities, food tasting, popcorn and tea tasting, henna art and collaborative artwork.

· Saturday 22 June, 1pm-3pm at Springvale Community Hub, 5 Hillcrest Grove, Springvale. Free event.

Justice for Refugees

Refugee Week BBQ hosted by Justice & Freedom for Ceylon Tamils. Includes speeches by refugees and advocates.

· Sunday 23 June, 10am-1.30pm at Hemmings Park, Princes Highway, Dandenong. Active and Healthy Families

Try a new sport or recreation activity, learn a new skill including AFL football, basketball, soccer, pickleball, karate, healthy eating, gardening and step

aerobics. Free lunch provided. Part of City of Greater Dandenong’s Make Your Move program.

· Sunday 23 June,11am-2pm at Springers Leisure Centre, 400 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough. Free event, registrations required at surveymonkey.com/r/9NP7NJZ

Play in Our Street

Join us in Noble Park throughout June and Play in Our Street. Includes a Retro Games and Disco Dance day - take a step back in time with classic children’s activities from the 80’s and 90’s. Share the fabulous fun of elastics with your family, jump in a giant skipping rope and enjoy classics like Twister, hula hooping or just get down and boogie.

· Sunday 23 June,1.30pm-3.30pm at Frank Street Open Space, Noble Park. Free event, registrations required at events.humanitix.com/play-inour-street-npk-outdoor-disco-and-dance-games That Made Me Laugh, That Made Me Wonder

Join us for a fun morning sharing poems, jokes, limericks and other reading material over a cup of coffee in homely setting. All welcome.

· Monday 24 June, 10.30am–11.30am at The Open Door, 110 Ann St, Dandenong; gold coin donation welcome. Bookings essential: 9791 8664 or Theopendoor@ssjg.org.au

Noble Park Public Hall Trust AGM

Upcoming annual general meeting. Nominations for the vacant five-year term as a Trustee close on 25 June.

Walking Football

Walking Football 4 Health is modified soccer in a safe, family-friendly environment for participants of all ages and abilities, starting from 7 years old. No running, no contact, no tackles from behind and no kicking balls above waist height. A supportive space for those with health challenges, confidence issues, or social anxiety. Families are encouraged to play as a team or part of a team.

· Saturdays 1pm-2pm at Dandenong Soccer 5s, 29 Brindley Street, Dandenong South; $5 per person (free until end of June). Details: Mick Trim, 0430 163 550 or m.trim@ wffa.org.au

· Friday 5 July, 1pm at Paddy O Donoghue Centre. Details: dawndickson49@gmail.com or 0412 613 853

Photo exhibition

The Noble Park Community Centre (NPCC) proudly announces the grand opening of its new Exhibition Space with the inaugural showcase of emerging photographer Terry Blades in an exhibition, titled ‘Everywhere’.

· runs until 28 June at NPCC, Memorial Drive, Noble Park.

Conversational English

Practice your English in a casual setting over a cup of tea while you meet new people in these FREE weekly sessions.

· Wednesdays 9.30am -11.30am and Thursdays 10:30am-12:30pm at Noble Park Community Centre, Memorial Drive, Noble Park. Details: programs@nobleparkcc.org.au or 9547 5801.

All Abilities Art & Craft

Discover your creative style and make meaningful social connections at our All Abilities Art & Craft classes.

· Fridays 10am-12pm at Noble Park Community Centre, Memorial Drive, Noble Park. Details: programs@nobleparkcc.org.au or 9547 5801.


Whether you’re eager to learn how to crochet or an avid crocheter willing to share your experience, join our little group for people who love all things crochet.

· Mondays 11am-1pm at Noble Park Community Centre, Memorial Drive, Noble Park; $20 per term. Details: programs@nobleparkcc.org.au or 9547 5801.


Join us for social sessions for players of all abilities. Ages 15+.

· Mondays 7:30pm-10pm; $5 per session at Noble Park Community Centre, Memorial Drive, Noble Park. Details: programs@nobleparkcc.org. au or 9547 5801.

Dandenong senior activities

Dandenong over 60’s Club (but over 50s are welcome). Join us for fun and games.

· Mondays 1pm-4pm (except public holidays) at The Dandenong Club, cnr Stud and Heatherton roads. Details: Carol, 0431 755 466

Senior activities Keysborough

Keysborough & District Multicultural Senior Citizens Inc is an over 55s club with bingo on first, second and fourth Tuesday of the month ($3 entry and $1.50 per bingo book), live concerts with professional entertainers on third and fifth Tuesday of the month, line dancing on Wednesdays ($3 entry), Thursday ballroom dancing lessons (12.30pm1pm) and ballroom dancing (1pm-3pm, $3 entry).

· 1pm-3pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Rowley Allan Reserve 352 Cheltenham Road Keysborough. Tea and coffee provided. Details: Julie, 0428 561 694.

A Tra$hy Dreamland

Exhibition on display until Saturday 8 June at Walker Street Gallery and Arts Centre, cnr Walker and Robinson streets, Dandenong.

Trees: A Canopy Extraordinaire

An exhibition that celebrates, reflects and recognises the significance of trees in the local landscape over time and the timber industry that grew the local community. It marks 80 years since community forest planting began at Greaves Reserve, Dandenong in 1944. Features artwork, local historical society collections and the council’s civic and cultural heritage collection.

· Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 10am-2pm until 19 July at Benga, Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens, 66 McCrae St, Dandenong. Free event.

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SPORT Ambitious focus remains

Dandenong City’s brilliant National Premier League (NPL) Victoria campaign has the club on track to do what no club has achieved before them in the competition’s history.

The season began with coach Nick Tolios telling the Dandenong Journal in February that his side was not content to “make up the numbers” and had ambitions to play finals.

Sitting at seventh after 18 weeks and with a huge scalp under their belt in the form of a road win over Oakleigh Cannons in round 17, the squad has every chance of qualifying for the top six and etching its name into the history books, as the first side to qualify for finals in the NPL’s top division after receiving promotion the previous year.

On Saturday night, the club’s winning streak came to an end against the Melbourne Knights in a 5-2 thrashing, but the strong run of form in the middle of the season comes on the back of what Tolios described as a ‘line in the sand’ moment for the club.

Having played everyone once at Round 13 and suffering consecutive 3-1 losses, City had four wins, five losses and four draws and a negative goal differential to show for what started a promising campaign, but risked falling into the mid-table bracket of teams that become forgotten come season’s end.

“All we want to do in the back half is to have a crack at everyone, not sit off, try to get as many points as we can and put pressure on guys in the top six,” Tolios said of the attitude following the line in the sand moment.

“We were very unlucky against Avondale at home, where we probably could have been two/three goals up in the first half, but they defended well and we conceded in the 96th minute.

“The ladder never lies, I think that’s one thing that you’re pretty consistent in.

“We’ve hung on, we always competed, we’ll always be in games regardless of the scoreline, and that’s been the main tick of the box from my point of view, knowing what the team’s like.”

Since Round 13, City have been one of the competition’s form teams.

Continuity in the form of health and consecutive starting lineups for two weeks has been a major factor in the revival, culminating in a hat-trick of 2-0 wins.

They entered Saturday’s clash with Melbourne on that three-game winning streak, having only conceded once in the previous four clashes, and with the goal difference back to even.

And while the side lacks a consistent threat

Warriors break down barriers

Saturday morning saw history made for the Eastern Warriors non-contact women’s team, in the form of a maiden competitive home match against Port Melbourne at Edinburgh Reserve in Springvale.

The team, comprised of seasoned veterans to newcomers to the sport, played Port Melbourne as part of a triple-header of AFL Masters Victoria Metropolitan Superules Football League Over 35 Women’s football.

Non-contact Over 35s Women’s football is a concept two years in the making, having grown out of ingenuity and creative thinking from the Warriors, eager to accommodate female footballers in a modified version of the sport.

“The Women’s Masters over 35s contact footy started four/five years ago and we originally had a contact team,” club volunteer Matt Devenish said.

“We ended up getting women along who were a bit older, hadn’t played footy before, and we were struggling to field a contact team, so we dropped out of that.

“Last season or two, we’ve had a lot of women stay on, we’ve had some new women come on and they’ve enjoyed playing non-contact footy, but there’s been no other teams to play.”

Fuelled by the love of the game, the lack of opponents meant the Warriors women travelled across Melbourne, from Werribee to Footscray, Mordialloc to Preston, Port Mel-

bourne, Altona and more, to play in exhibition games amongst themselves before matches in the AFL Masters Over 35 Women’s competition.

The intention was to plant a seed of imagination into the minds of onlookers, and in 2024 that determination bloomed in the form of Port Melbourne’s team.

The non-contact game replaces the tackle with a double-handed tag, with the game played on smaller fields and with less players on the field at once, in a similar vein to AFL 9s.

Devenish is hoping that Port Melbourne’s team is just the beginning, hoping for more teams to embrace the concept, as his club has.

“I think there’s eight Masters clubs that have an over 35s women’s team and for other clubs that don’t have a women’s team, it’s probably an easier way to get someone involved in footy when it’s non-contact,” he said.

“Either the club’s that have already got a women’s contact team, they might have people on the fringes not getting a game, or if they put in a women’s team it gives them a way of recruiting more women into the club, and for other clubs that don’t have a women’s team, then maybe a non-contact team is a better place to start.

“Even now that they’ve got opposition, no matter who kicks a goal and no matter what team they’re on, all players on the field cheers, they just enjoy it.”

up top due to prized recruit Kenny Athiu battling injuries, City has manufactured goals from a handful of other sources, in Tim Atherinos and George Lambadaridis, each with five each.

“Defences win championships and you see that everywhere around the world; you don’t leak goals and you stay in games as long as you can, there’s always opportunities,” Tolios said.

“If you’ve got the quality, sometimes you’ll take that chance in the last minute to get that result.

“That was important, to try and cement our defensive record and we’ve done that, and along the way we’ve also started scoring again.”

Athiu and midfielder Danny Kim add to a team both awash with experience, in Jack Webster, Lambadaridis and John Hall, while

Tolios has succeeded in blooding and getting game time into emerging stars, like Atherinos, Tom Giannokolopous, and Jackson Lino.

Such is the growth in Lino that he has created a headache for Tolios and his coaching staff, forced to deliberate between he and the highly regarded Jacob Alexander, a key to their success in the second division in 2023.

While Saturday’s win takes some shine off the recent resurgence, there’s no better stage to make amends than in a Dandenong Derby, this weekend against cross-town rivals, Dandenong Thunder.

Four of the remaining eight fixtures, beginning with the Derby, are against sides above them on the table after round 18, with Saturday’s results widening the gap between City and Port Melbourne, in sixth place, to four points on the NPL ladder.

The challenge is ahead of them, but the goal of playing finals hasn’t wavered, and won’t waver in the run home.

“There’s a lot of football left to be played and Port Melbourne are a good side, they’ve done a really good job there,”Tolios said on the prospect of playing finals in 2024.

“Our goal has always been to try and get into the finals and that’s a big milestone for us, to be one of the first teams to play finals after being promoted.

“The main goal the club had was to survive and not be a yo-yo team, get promoted and go down; we’ve achieved that one but we always aim to go a bit higher, because if that’s the only goal you’ve got, it’s not a real positive one, is it?

“Pushing for finals is definitely something we want to keep pushing for and we haven’t given up, which is good.

“We know this league is really hard and it’s got a way of kicking you in the teeth as well if you’re not prepared.”

Arch rivals lock horns in next edition of Memeti Cup

A breakthrough win for Dandenong Thunder on Saturday night has added further fuel to the fire for the next installment of the Memeti Cup next weekend at George Andrews Reserve, when Adam Piddick’s side welcomes Dandenong City in another National Premier League (NPL) Victoria derby.

In arguably their most important win of the season, Thunder put three past bitter rivals Oakleigh Cannons in a clash played behind closed doors, to win 3-1.

Wade Dekker marked his return from international duties with the Sri Lankan national team with a header from close range in the 20th minute, Jay Romanovski slammed home a powerful volley from the edge of the area 10 minutes later, and Josh Karantz made an instant impact as a second half substitute by putting a third on the board.

City meanwhile, will be eager to respond after conceding five in a Croatian Derby against the Melbourne Knights on Saturday.

The Dandenong rivalry was reignited earlier this season with Thunder claiming an upset win over their cross-town enemies on the road, thanks to first-half goals to Dekker and Birkan Kirdar.

City pegged one back in the second half and pushed to the very end in a desperate attempt to level the scores, but fell short.

In doing so, it further strengthened Thunder’s grip on the tie, having not lost a cup fixture between the two since its inception back in 2016.

The ledger currently sits at seven Thunder wins and four draws.

City coach Nick Tolios wants his current side to end the hoodoo.

“To get another win under our belt away from home, in the Memeti Cup, will be massive,” he said.

“I think there’s got to be some level of getting up for that one, because we haven’t won.

“It will push them further away from us and our goal is to still get in the six.

“If that means beating Thunder away, that’s the main aim.

“That’s enough incentive to get the guys going, but the bonus is, you’re still pushing for the end goal, which is finals.”

Thunder meanwhile, will be just as eager, but with a different motive - to stave off potential relegation.

Thunder is seven points clear of 12th and cannot afford to drop any points if it wishes to maintain its buffer from the drop zone.

The contest kicks off at 7pm.

18 STAR JOURNAL | Tuesday, 18 June, 2024 dandenong.starcommunity.com.au
Dandenong Thunder and Dandenong City will go toe-to-toe once again on Saturday night. Picture: DANDENONG CITY The Eastern Warriors celebrate their first ever home match of competitive non-contact football. Picture: SUPPLIED History beckons for Dandenong City in the second half of the NPL season. Picture: DANDENONG CITY

Confidence boost for Eagles

It was the win Cranbourne needed.

The Eagles netted their most significant win of the 2024 season in the Southern Football Netball League on Saturday, defeating Springvale Districts 9.10 64 to 6.9 45.

A six goal to one first half set the game up for the Eagles,which was able to hold off a brief third quarter charge from the hosts.

Jordan Bertrand, Andrew Green and Jake Stephens were among the best at Newcomen Road in the Eagles’ first victory over a top seven side this year - they drew with East Brighton.

Despite the results not going their way, the 2023 grand finalists have genuinely challenged premiership contenders this year, with the victory moving them into the top five for the first time in 2024.

The result is significant given Cranbourne has top two sides St Paul’s McKinnon and Cheltenham awaiting them in the next two weeks.

At Barry Simon Reserve, Endeavour Hills will rue a golden opportunity missed against St Kilda City, going down 10.14 74 to 13.12 90.

The Saints got the jump on the hosts, kicking six first quarter goals, with the Falcons playing catch up thereafter but never able to seriously threaten the frontrunners.

Hampton Park competed hard against premiership favourites Murrumbeena for three quarters.

The Redbacks never looked like overturning a 23-point three-quarter-time deficit, however, with the visitors running away with it.

Small forward Declan Brunnell continued his strong season with five goals.

After a long stretch on the road, Doveton christened its return to Robinson Reserve with a 9.13 67 to 5.11 41 victory over Caulfield.

Matt Clarke, Ben O’Loughlin, Nik Hibbert and Ricky Johnson all played crucial roles as Doveton kicked four of the first five goals and maintained a healthy biffer throughout the contest.

In Division 3, Lyndhurst had a thrilling 11.10 76 apiece draw with Carrum Patterson

Lakes, with three goals to Charlie Gardiner and Brodie Kiss crucial, alongside the performance of Stephen Williams.

It’s a crucial two points against a strong side for a Lyndhurst side battling for a finals spot.

Narre South,meanwhile, was outlasted by Black Rock despite a cameo performance from social media sensation Tom ‘Prime Train’ Baulch who kicked two goals.

Brock Jenkins’ six goals led Dandenong West to a 17.10 112 to 8.9 57 victory over Doveton Eagles.

Hallam also had a big win with Liam Reid and Matthew Griffiths combining for nine goals in a comprehensive 20.16 136 to 7.3 45 win over South Yarra.

Lots riding on local rivalry as surprise packets

Hampton Park will be looking to rebound from a tough loss to Murrumbeena when it takes on traditional rivals Doveton on Saturday in Division 2 of the Southern Football Netball League.

The Redbacks have been a surprise packet of the competition so far and now appear a lock to make finals.

A second win in 2024 over Doveton will be enormous for the psyche and prove their ability to compete with the very best.

Doveton, meanwhile, will be looking to put on a show on a day of celebration for past players with the club celebrating its premiership threepeat in the early 1980s.

After holding an excellent account of themselves during a long period on the road, Doveton had a comfortable win over Caulfield on Saturday and sit well at second on the ladder.

But ladder positions go out the window in the battle of these two teams, with courage and desperation so long the currency for success in these battles.

The Doves arguably had their worst showing for their year in the last battle between these two teams and still nearly came away with the points.

Their depth appears stronger than Hampton Park’s and the team appears more balanced; but the Redbacks will be keen to keep the early-season momentum rolling.

Below are 10 players who will be crucial in the outcome of the game.

Key players:

Declan Brunell (Hampton Park): The Spiders’ leading goal kicker in 2024 with 17 including a five-goal haul last week, he gives them presence and energy inside 50.

Jayden Weichard (Hampton Park): Against a Doveton midfield which balances toughness with speed, Weichard’s ball-winning ability will be crucial.

Tanner Stanton (Hampton Park): Doveton have improved their ability to punish teams off turnover in 2024, so Stanton’s efficiency will be a key asset.

Jye King (Hampton Park): A quick improver in 2024, his strength is always crucial, whether used in defence or the ruck.

lay it down

a battle which often comes down to contests and small acts.

Matthew Clarke

A hard worker and versatile player whose clean skillset is superior to most in the competition.

dandenong.starcommunity.com.au Tuesday, 18 June, 2024 | STAR JOURNAL 19
Liam Myatt (Hampton Park): His leadership, poise and class in big moments will be crucial in (Doveton): Dylan Chapman (Doveton): Could be a big danger in the ruck and taking marks around the ground. Sam Muirhead (Doveton): Has the capacity to take the game away from Hampton Park given his size advantage on the Redbacks’ defenders if he plays up forward. Jake Ingaliso (Doveton): Has a real go in the contest and isn’t afraid of putting his body on the line. If it turns into an oldschool slog between two foes, he’ll come into his own. Harley Primrose (Doveton): A tough midfielder who will have a crucial role to give his side territory. Hampton Park has exceeded expectations in 2024. 410441 Cameron Williamson adds flair to the Doves lineup. 409036 Pictures: ROB CAREW
Nik Hibbert and his teammates will hope for a better performance than last time between the two teams. 413417 Cranbourne had its best win of the season on Saturday. 410440 Picture: ROB CAREW


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