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Tuesday, 20 April, 2021

Mail Anzac footy clash

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Young Anzac call By Shelby Brooks

Chris May, an Afghanistan veteran, is passionate about supporting other young returned soldiers. 234218 “We were also rebuilding key infrastructure in Afghanistan for local populations, like your water plants, sewerage, freight hubs or roads, anything that was going to make it better for the locals.” Thinking back to his first few days there, Chris said he was forced to grow up quickly. “I remember when we first drove outside the wire, the very very first time, you’re 19 years

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old, you’ve just flown into a war zone and you kind of stop for a second, your brain kind of goes, ‘what are you doing? Why are you here?’. “Like, this is it, all the training you’ve done it’s all for this moment.” Chris then went back for a second tour in 2011, saying he was looking to be a career soldier. Continued page 2

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In February of 2009, Chris was deployed to Afghanistan with the mentoring and reconstruction taskforce for 10 months, providing security and mobility to the Afghan army and construction teams. “As part of the mentoring and reconstruction taskforce, we were mentoring the Afghan national army for them to do their own security,” Chris said.


Emerald RSL committee member and Afghanistan veteran Chris May, 31, is challenging the stereotype of what a ‘typical’ returned serviceman looks like and has asked his community to continue to support the Anzacs. Born and raised in Berwick, Chris May was the youngest of four brothers and decided when he was 15 that he was interested in joining the army. “I decided I wasn’t going to do year 12 and I had my sights set on joining the army as an apprentice,” he said. “I got Mum and Dad to sign the dotted line for me to join the army when I was 16 and nine months and when I actually turned 17 I was enlisted in the army.” Chris began his basic training at Kapooka Wagga Wagga before being enlisted into the armoured corps where he learnt to drive tanks. “I got my licence to drive a 15 tonne armoured vehicle before I could actually drive down to the shops by myself,” he laughed. Chris’ older brother Scott joined the army not long after hearing Chris’ original plans. “He got into the army before I did because he was older than I was. When I was doing my basic training, he was actually serving in Baghdad, Iraq,” he said. As part of the armoured corps, Chris carried on traditions set before him by the light horse brigades. “Our military lineage has come from the old light horse,” he said. “All of armoured corps’ traditions are actually light horse traditions. We still wear their uniform, I wear the emu plumes, we don’t wear gold on our rank on our uniforms, we wear silver because it represents the bridle in the horse’s mouth, and our officers wear spurs. “We’ve just replaced the horses with horse power we say.”

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Big day for young veteran From page 1 “We were out in pretty nasty areas where people hadn’t seen helicopters, some places they hadn’t even heard of the war, they were just nomadic villagers,” Chris said. “We were out there in pretty unforgiving areas but where we were, in those unforgiving areas, the Taliban was equally unforgiving.” He was promoted to Lance Corporal and was a commander of the lead vehicle rather than the driver. A lot of his team’s time was spent finding improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and safely exploding them. And then his luck ran out. “I was wounded by a bomb blast because the vehicle I was commanding drove over a roadside bomb and pretty much knocked me unconscious and destroyed the vehicle,” he said. He said he was thankful it was him in the tank and not the engineers that would step out of the vehicle to find the bombs. “The engineers were walking in front of the tank and they stepped over it and didn’t touch it, thankfully,” he said. Chris was medically returned to Australia with a traumatic brain injury and back and neck injuries. It was a long road to recovery, with Chris overcoming a speech impediment caused by the brain injury. After his recovery, he worked as a ceremonial guardsman in Canberra, a change from combat duty he described as, “a very weird turn of events”. With no chance of heading back overseas for combat duty, Chris said he did have difficulty integrating back into normal life. Getting help was something Chris said was life changing. “It was one of the hardest things to do, to

Chris May and his fiance Laura 234218 go through some of your own battles of mental health and have to really deal with those issues,” he said. “The hardest and the best thing I ever did was get help when I needed it. “That’s where I am very fortunate to have been supported by some really great people who helped me out.” However, when Chris returned, he felt was unwelcome by some in the RSL who viewed him as too young to be a true veteran. “I was 21 years old, I tried to walk into an

RSL and I had a guy who said I wasn’t a veteran,” Chris said. “People have this perception that a veteran is an old person, someone in their 70s.” So instead, in 2015 Chris and his brother Scott started a charity called Young Veterans, aimed at veterans under the age of 50. He spent a lot of time working on mental health interventions with members and running family-oriented activities like camping. “A lot of young veterans have young families and they want to do activities where the kids can get involved.” In 2017 Chris and Scott were nominated for Victorian Local Hero in the Victorian Australian of the Year awards for their work with the charity. After being fully discharged from the army in 2017, Chris returned to the Berwick area before finding his forever home in Emerald during 2020 with his fiance. “When I moved to Emerald, I popped into the RSL and they were the nicest people I’ve ever met,” Chris said. “They were supportive and encouraging and they were what the RSL was always meant to be and I’m very grateful. “That is one of the greatest parts of the community up here that the RSL is there for everyone, just like a lot of the RSLs are.” Chris now works as a firefighter for Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV), calling it a dream job. “I think it’s the greatest thing in the world. I’m like a little kid,” he said. “It’s one of those jobs you are constantly able to assist the community when they’re in most need. “When I left the army, I had this lack of sense of community, this lack of mateship and I fell in love with firefighting because it is all about looking after the community and looking after people and making decisions that

support the community’s needs.” Chris’ ties to the Anzacs run deeper than his own history in the military. “The reason that both my grandparents moved to Australia was because they met Australians whilst serving in the war,” Chris said. “My Grandpa was serving in the British RAAF with Australian pilots and thought they were the funniest and most larrikin dudes and he wanted to move to Australia after the war. “My Opa, who was Dutch, met some Australians fighting in the Philippines and he thought they were the best soldiers they ever had and heard how good Australia was, in the sun. When the war finished, he went back home, grabbed his childhood sweetheart and said we’re moving to Australia. “The reason that I exist here today is that both my grandfathers saw Australians, moved to Australia and then I became an Australian soldier and I became a custodian of those traditions.” Chris considers Anzac Day to be a celebration of who we are as Australians. “It’s a commemoration of the sacrifices and a celebration of who we are as Australians and where we are going to end up in the future,” Chris said. “It doesn’t matter what country you come from, it unites us all and that’s a really beautiful part of it too. I think we live in the greatest country in the world and we’re lucky enough to have that because people were ready to stand up for what they believed in at that time. “Everyone can come here and be an Australian and that’s awesome.” Chris hopes everyone makes the effort to reflect on Anzac Day this year. “You get out of bed one day a year really early and you go stand quietly for a dawn service, and you listen to The Ode, the Last Post and Revile, and if it doesn’t send a shiver up your spine then you’re missing the point.”

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Tuesday, 20 April, 2021



IN BRIEF Car bursts into flames

Carpark approved By Mikayla Van Loon Belgrave will finally have a multi-deck carpark after a planning application was recently approved by Yarra Ranges Council. Talk of a new carpark has been in circulation for a number of years, after the impact of limited parking started to affect local businesses and those wanting to travel by train. The council passed the motion unanimously on 23 March for the proposed 667 space, three-storey carpark to be built. Improvements to the entrance of the station on Belgrave-Gembrook Road and the bus interchange will also be undertaken. A total of eight objections were submitted to the council surrounding the impacts on the environment, tree removal, increased traffic movements, noise and public safety. Landcare representative Judy Donnelly spoke at the 23 March council meeting to express concerns about the disruption to flora and fauna, as well as the visual appearance of the structure. “The Landcare group does not dispute the need for additional parking at the station, we do, however, have two main objections,” Ms Donnelly said. Ms Donnelly said the current footprint of the build will result in the removal of 42 trees “which form a critical link in the wildlife cor-

ridor that runs along the rail line.” “The station’s landscape is already very compromised of course, as a result of the paving and the rail lines. This surely increases the value of the remaining vegetation.” The second concern Landcare raised was the carpark’s ability to blend with the rest of Belgrave architecture. “There’s no question that its appearance must positively contribute to its local context and be a source of pride for local residents and indeed for the shire and VicTrack,” Ms Donnelly said. “It could be a real show piece.” Councillor Johanna Skelton made changes to the planning permit application to include provisions of electrical vehicle charging (EVC) points to be installed and an ecologist be on hand throughout the build to ensure flora and fauna are protected and cared for where possible. “To reduce road congestion and emissions we need to do anything we can to make public transport more accessible and attractive. Being able to park in Belgrave and catch the train is important for many residents from the Yarra Ranges and even Cardinia Shire,” Ms Skelton said. “I was pleased to have Council support in ensuring that the car park will be built with electric vehicle charging points in mind and that our community will be able to have input

into that roll out in future.” Planner for the build Kelly Nelson spoke on behalf of the applicant and said 11 EVC car parks have been provisioned. Two accessible EVC car parks will be provided in addition to the 11. Ms Nelson also spoke to the issue of tree removal and said not all 42 trees will be removed but rather may be pruned significantly. VicTrack and GHD Pty Ltd have planned to replace any destroyed trees with similar, mature trees after the build. Ms Skelton said the old 170 parking-space carpark was not benefiting the community’s needs in both public transport accessibility and supporting local businesses. “The impact of all day commuter parking was spilling over to Tecoma and Upwey towns as well,” Ms Skelton said. “Many residents were driving to the city rather than spending time trawling for parking spots along the train line.” Ms Skelton was grateful to everyone who submitted a formal objection to the council and all those who raised the question about EVC parking, as it formed the final plan which was approved. “Their input was invaluable for getting the best possible outcome for our community.”

Coming out to play at Emerald Library Emerald locals were able to enjoy a day of fun, games, craft and community on Wednesday 14 April when the Hills Hub and Emerald Library hosted a Play and Discovery day. Hundreds of people went to the event to experience things like face painting, bubble blowing, toy library play sessions and a second-hand toy stall. A scavenger hunt, live music and fellas from the Emerald Men’s Shed helped keep things entertaining for both young and old, as they were welcomed back to the library and hub for the first time in a long while. A fan favourite was, however, the animal encounters. Animals and bugs alike were out in full force, particularly one very hungry caterpillar that looked surprisingly like Casey Cardinia Libraries’ CEO Chris Buckingham. “It is so good to see people visiting our libraries and having fun,” Mr Buckingham said. “Emerald is such a strong community and they came out in numbers to reconnect with the library and the Hills Hub.” The day was an invitation to learn more about what services both the library and Hills Hub have to offer. Cardinia Deputy Mayor Jeff Springfield said the play and discovery day was also a great way for the Emerald community to see

Yarra Ranges detectives are seeking information following an incident between Kilsyth and Croydon on Friday 16 April. A silver Mitsubishi Lancer was seen on Liverpool Road with incorrect number plates. When police attempted to intercept the vehicle, it drove onto the wrong side of the road and along the footpath at the intersection of Mt Dandenong Rd and Hawthory Rd. The vehicle continued along Mt Dandenong Rd before it caught fire and was abandoned in the Croydon Civic Square car park. A male driver is alleged to have fled towards the library, however was unable to be located. Anyone who witnessed the events or has dash cam footage is urged to contact Yarra Ranges CIU on 97392401.

Upwey thefts Lilydale Police are warning the community to lock their cars and not leave personal items in plain site after a number of car thefts in Upwey recently. Police are aware of numerous thefts from motor vehicles between April 12 and 13 in the Upwey region with a number of personal items being stolen. Anyone with any information is urged to contact Lilydale CIU on 97392401.

Coronavirus fragments Fragments of Covid-19 were detected in a wastewater catchment servicing Ringwood recently. DHHS are encouraging anyone with symptoms who visited the following suburbs between 6 and 9 April to get tested: Bayswater, Bayswater North, Boronia, Croydon, Croydon North, Croydon South, Heathmont, Kilsyth, Kilsyth South, Montrose, Ringwood, Ringwood East, Sassafras, The Basin, Tremont and Wantirna Find a testing site near you: www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/where-get-tested-covid-19 Get more information on Victoria’s wastewater testing program: www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/ wastewater-testing-covid-19

Triple zero hoax If you have received multiple alerts via the VicEmergency app regarding fires in the Bayswater area, please be aware that Triple Zero (000) has been receiving multiple nuisance calls regarding these. VicEmergency apologises for any inconvenience and would like to remind people to only call 000 in an emergency. Emerld branch managers Jess Nichols and Sue Walters. CEO Chris Buckingham dressed up as the Hungry Caterpillar and happily posed with visitors. the new Hills Hub facilities. “The Hills Hub is a fantastic, accessible and integrated facility that supports volunteer, community and local business groups. It also provides a great location for community, arts and social events,” Mr Springfield said. The Hills Hub is home to the Emerald Men’s Shed, Hills She Shed, the Puffing Billy Toy Library and U3A Emerald. Emerald Library is joined by a pathway and reading garden.


Emerald residents came by the hundreds to explore the Hills Hub and Emerald Library.

Level crossing updates Commuters are being warned of some potential road closures and changes to the access of some roads near Lilydale station over the next month. Installation of drainage systems will be conducted on William Street East and West, as well as Maroondah Highway from 12 April until 10 May. William Street East will be closed for up to two days between Monday 19 April and Friday 23 April but specific days have not been confirmed. Access to William Street East will also be closed at Maroondah Highway for those wanting to turn left. Motorists will, however, be able to turn right onto Maroondah Highway from the Main Street service lane during this time. Lane closures can also be expected for Maroondah Highway.

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Lilydale War Memorial in the 1920’s.

Early days of the Lilydale War Memorial.

History of remembrance By Anthony McAleer On May 19 1922, the Lilydale war memorial was officially unveiled by the Governor of Victoria, His Excellency the Earl of Stradbroke, in front of a large crowd of local residents. This era was a period of great mourning in Australia, after the heartache and sorrow of the First World War, and much of the community’s grief was channelled into the creation of war memorials like this one. Almost every town and village in the district erected some sort of permanent symbolic reminder of its citizens who had answered the Empire’s call. The Lilydale war memorial was created and funded by the Lilydale community and cost £800 at the time. The cenotaph part of the monument is made of granite and was designed to carry the names of the men from the town who died while on active service in the Great War. On the top was placed a life-sized statue of an AIF soldier, complete with uniform and rifle, made of concrete. Positioned around the memorial were several artillery pieces, captured German war tro-

phies, that included a machine gun on a stand, two light trench mortars on wheels and a howitzer cannon. These were put with the old naval gun already here that had come from the colonial ship HMVS Nelson. A report at the time described the unveiling ceremony as ‘one of the greatest events which has ever been celebrated in Lilydale and worthy of the self-denying acts of our brave and illustrious boys, who counted life not dear to them when the fate of the Empire trembled in the balance’. In the decades that followed, the memorial became the scene of Anzac Day and Armistice Day ceremonies for the Lilydale community. During that time some things around the monument were changed, most notably the concrete digger on the top, whose condition had become so dilapidated that the RSL asked the council to have it removed from the memorial, which it did in the mid-1940s. So too the war trophy guns around the memorial, their condition was so poor that they also had to be taken away. After World War II, the names of those lo-

cals who had died in that conflict were added to the memorial and were unveiled in 1950. Although the statue wasn’t replaced, the RSL came up with the idea of placing a light with a stand and large glass globe on to the top of the monument. They purchased these items but had much trouble trying to connect it to power and as a result the light was never used and was eventually taken down. Over the next sixty years services continued to be held here. Surprisingly, on a number of different occasions, the RSL requested council relocate the memorial and on other occasions the council asked the RSL, as custodians, if they could move it. None of these requests were ever acted upon. In 1996, the post-World War II wall honouring those who served in Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam and on peacekeeping operations was created and unveiled by Major-General Jim Hughes. Other memorial plaques such as the militia plaque and the JD Burns memorial followed and the area was renamed the Ralph Goode Reserve after the first man from Lilydale to enlist in World War I.

As crowds attending the Anzac Day dawn service grew each year, in 2018 the club’s president, Don Parsons, began to make moves around the long-held idea of reproducing and reinstalling a soldier statue back on top of the memorial. Working with stone mason James McAuley, they planned to re-create the statue in long lasting Carrara marble, using designs they found from similar statues on the war memorials at Bonnie Doon and Yarram, with a base in Harcourt granite to match the original design. The whole project cost $53,000 and included a grant of $20,000 from the Federal government and a grant of $20,000 from the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Plans for the project to be unveiled on May 17 last year were put on hold due the Covid-19 pandemic and the sad passing of Don Parsons. The eye-catching new statue was eventually unveiled on Sunday 11 April 2021 and now stands on top of the Lilydale War Memorial, overlooking the town, now and for generations to come.

Where to honour those who served this Anzac Day Despite returning to a somewhat-normal Anzac Day due to the lessened risk of Coronavirus, there are still some limitations on this year’s services in line with state government Cvid-19 restrictions. Here are the local Anzac Day services for the Yarra Ranges. Please note that not all services are open to the public while others will have crowd limitations in place. While these services are correct at the time of publication, please check with your local RSL for changes as Anzac Day nears. Dandenong Ranges A dawn service will take place at the war memorial on the corner of Sherbrooke and Mt Dandenong Tourist roads at 6.30am. Then at 10.30am a commemorative march and service will take place at the Sassafras Village Green on the corner of Mountain Highway and Mt Dandenong Tourist Road.

Kalorama A commemorative service will take place at 9am at the Peace Memorial on Ellis Reserve on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road. Lilydale Lilydale RSL will be hosting a dawn service at the Lilydale cenotaph on Main Street. The service is invite-only for veterans and their families. Those interested in attending the service and who haven’t received an invitation have been asked to contact the RSL. Monbulk A Dawn Service at the Monbulk RSL will begin at 5.45am, followed by a Commemorative March at 9.30am. People should assemble at the top of Main Street, Monbulk for the march. A Commemorative Service will also be held at the Monbulk RSL at 10am.

Montrose A commemorative service will be held at the Montrose War Memorial on Mt Dandenong Tourist Road at 10am. Mooroolbark A commemorative service will be held at Hookey Park on Charles Street in Mooroolbark, starting at 12pm. Mount Evelyn Mount Evelyn RSL will not be hosting a dawn service, march or their annual breakfast this Anzac Day. The RSL has other special activities planned such as projecting the images of local servicemen up on trees at the park at the Mount Evelyn Memorial Gardens. Locals are encouraged to bring a floral tribute to place at the memorial. The RSL has filmed a special service for the general public to watch on Anzac Day, this will be available online through

the Mount Evelyn RSL Facebook page. Silvan A commemorative service will take place at the Silvan War Memorial on the corner of White street and Monbulk-Silvan Road at 10.30am on Friday 23 April. Upwey/Belgrave Upwey Belgrave RSL will host a small Dawn Service for its members only, followed by a march along the Main Street of Upwey and entering the sub branch on Mast Gully Road. The march will commence at 9.45am. A morning service will then start at 10am with a speech from retired Wing Commander RAAF, David Robson. These commemorative services can only be attended by veterans, their carers and their families but the Upwey Belgrave RSL are asking members of the community to commemorate the day by standing at their gate, front lawn or driveway for a Dawn Service.


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Tuesday, 20 April, 2021


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Driving the prince By Taylah Eastwell The year was 1973. Gough Whitlam led the country, the world felt the heat of an oil crisis, Elvis Presley broadcast ‘Aloha from Hawaii’ via satellite to billions of viewers and in little old Olinda, Hans Albers was running a highly regarded livery stable that housed some of the country’s most immaculate coaches. Mr Albers’ coaches were highly sought after, having featured in many films and advertisements throughout the era, including an ad for McEwans Hardware, now known as Bunnings Warehouse. His fleet drove in various parades, attended events at the Royal Children’s Hospital, and one particular Landau carriage featured in the 1976 Melbourne-filmed series Power Without Glory. Mr Albers also recalls driving an old Cobb and Co coach from Melbourne to Ballarat for the opening of Sovereign Hill in the 1970’s. But one memory of his carriage driving days that remains close to his heart is the time he drove the late Prince Philip from Lilydale to Coldstream for a polo event. “The government got in contact and asked if I would be prepared to drive Prince Philip, I said of course,” Mr Albers said.

“I don’t know how they got a hold of me but I used to do a lot of film work using the carriages so I was very well known in the carriage world. When they asked if I would drive Prince Philip I nearly fell backwards,” he said. Mr Albers went to Lilydale in his Cobb & Co coach, led by six horses, and watched as Prince Philip climbed on board. “We drove from there to Coldstream. While I was driving the coach we talked a great deal about carriages and horses, because he was also a carriage driver,” Mr Albers said. Also in the coach that day was an “old friend” of Mr Albers, the late Henry Dixon. “I noticed sitting on the coach that he (Prince Philip) was so pleased to have a few moments to talk to things he wanted to talk about. You could see he was really pleased being left alone to talk about the things he wanted to, that’s the experience I had with him,” Mr Albers said. Mr Albers later went to England, and while he didn’t make arrangements to meet his new companion at the palace, he did go to check out the carriages. “He was a marvelous chap and a gentleman there is no doubt about it. It was a marvelous experience, he was a very nice gentleman to meet. The news of his passing was very sad,” Mr Albers said.

By Taylah Eastwell

Hans Albers, now in his 80’s, recalls fondly the time he drove Prince Philip from Lilydale to Coldstream.

Thermal imaging used to survey deer By Taylah Eastwell While talk of feral deer is a common topic in the Hills, questions around just how big of an issue feral deer are have remained largely unanswered. Lack of data makes it difficult to pinpoint just how many deer are out there, what habitats they prefer, whether numbers are increasing or decreasing and how rapidly. To get a better understanding of just how big the deer population is in the Hills, the Cardinia Deer Management Coalition will be conducting some “major studies” towards the end of May. With the help of a $20,000 Federal Government Communities Environment Program grant, the coalition have commissioned a chopper to conduct a thermal imaging aerial survey of large sections of the Cardinia Creek catchment area, in hopes it will give everyone a better understanding of “what we are dealing with” in terms of feral deer numbers and patterns. President of Cardinia Deer Management Coalition, Mike Hall said “to come to grips with the issue, we need to understand it first of all“. “Only then will we be able to work out what the appropriate measures are,“ Mr Hall said. “The choppers will be mainly around Emerald, Menzies Creek, South Belgrave, Cockatoo, Dewhurst, Upper Beaconsfield, Harkaway, a little corner of Officer and Beaconsfield and a bit of Berwick,” he said. The aerial survey will be conducted by helicopter using the “latest” thermal imaging

The Cardinia Deer Management Coalition will conduct a survey from above in May. camera technology and will take place early one morning with the addition of an evening fly if required. The coalition have also received $25,000 in funding from Melbourne Water’s Incentives Program to conduct ground studies in the same area as the aerial survey. It is hoped these surveys will assess the vegetation impact of browsing deer. Volunteers will also undertake “scat monitoring“ in hopes it will help to “assess changes in vegetation damage against the relative population of deer over time“. The Cardinia Deer Management Coalition have also been in talks with Deakin University

Nineteen firebugs caught

to gain the services of a graduate scientist, with hopes of establishing a long-term relationship with Deakin’s environmental studies program. “These are exciting times for us in our efforts to address the feral deer problem in our shire. Fortunately we are not on our own and are very grateful for the support of local councils, Parks Victoria rangers and scientists, Melbourne Water and the Federal Government,” Mr Hall said. Anyone interested in helping with ground surveys is urged to contact the Cardinia Deer Management Committee.

Nineteen people were interviewed in relation to lighting illegal fires in the Yarra Ranges throughout the 2021/21 Fire Danger Period, with Victoria’s short season officially coming to an end on Monday 12 April. Leading Senior Constable Peter Hamilton of Mount Evelyn Police and Fire Patrol Unit said police across the Yarra Ranges attended 23 separate incidents where fires had been lit in breach of the restrictions. “It was a very quiet season and only ran for six weeks, from 8 February until 22 March,” he said. “Police attended 23 fires over the period. 19 of those people were interviewed for lighting fires during the Fire Danger Period,” he said. While restrictions are now finished, the CFA is urging residents across the state to exercise extreme caution when burning off and check local conditions. “Fires can get out of control within minutes in dry and windy conditions, and the effects can be devastating – we want everyone to exercise extreme caution,” CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan said. “While light winds can help to disperse smoke, burn-offs should not be conducted if the wind speed is more than 10kph. This can be observed when twigs and leaves are in constant motion.” In the first week of April alone, more than 6,000 private landowner burn-offs have been registered. Some of the registrations are listed with an open date, meaning the landowner will conduct the burn over more than one day or when conditions are suitable. The CFA warned residents to be aware that burning off of backyard heaps and smaller urban burn-offs were likely to take place in coming weeks. There are currently widespread agricultural burnoffs occurring across Victoria. Senior Constable Hamilton and Chief Officer Heffernan both urge landowners to register their burn-offs using the Fire Permits Victoria website (firepermits. vic.gov.au), or notifying the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) by calling 1800 668 511 or emailing burnoffs@esta.vic.gov.au. “We ask that landowners register burn-offs to help reduce the risk of CFA brigades being called out unnecessarily if a member of the public calls about smoke or a fire in the area,” Mr Heffernan said.

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New home for giant pair By Gabriella Payne Finding the perfect new home for a pet is no small task – but when it came to Ruby and Zeke, a pair of bonded great danes from Cockatoo, that task proved a little larger than usual. This lovable pair of gentle giants have been on a rollercoaster of a journey over the last few months, after tragically losing their beloved owner Tina to cancer last year. Mia Trigg, a dog trainer and friend of Tina’s who has worked tirelessly to help rehome Ruby and Zeke, said that the dogs had experienced “quite the journey” over the time she had known them. “I first met Tina when Ruby was just a puppy, because she was looking for training,” Mia said. “She had been in a pretty bad car accident before and had ended up with PTSD because of that, so Ruby was an emotional support dog for Tina really,” she said. Tina and Mia quickly became friends and in October of 2019, after searching for a companion for Ruby for months, Tina found Zeke through the RSPCA. But whilst going through the process of adopting Zeke, Tina went into hospital for a routine surgery – and it was only then that her doctors discovered she was living with undiagnosed cancer. “Tina was told her she had six months to a year to live,” Mia said. “It was a bit tricky, because she wasn’t sure if she should still take on Zeke knowing that she was going to go through all of that. “We talked about it and I said that yes, it would be harder to rehome two dogs, but Ruby was her everything, and for a while she was the reason Tina continued to get up and stay positive. “So I said if Ruby has Zeke, at least they have each other when you’re gone,” she said.

Zeke and Ruby are looking forward to their next adventure. Throughout her cancer treatment and her final months, Zeke and Ruby were by Tina’s side, and arrangements were made for Tina’s son to take the great danes to live with him – in Dubai. “When she found out she had cancer, her son from overseas came back to look after her,” Mia said. “And it was decided the dogs would go

with him overseas.” When Tina sadly passed away in August 2020, Ruby and Zeke were flown up to Sydney and were about to get into their specially built, extra large crates, ready for the journey to the United Arab Emirates, when some bad news came through. It wasn’t until they were about to board the plane that Tina’s son was told that great danes

are a banned breed in the United Arab Emirates, and therefore couldn’t go any further. “It was heartbreaking, it was just such a shock,” Mia said. Despite paying about $20,000 to transport the giant dogs and trying his hardest to get an exemption to the ban – Tina’s son had no luck and after two months of trying, had to ask Mia to help him find Ruby and Zeke a new home. “From my experience previously rehoming dogs, I know it’s not always easy and it’s especially harder when they are two dogs – not to mention a giant breed,” Mia said. “But I had said to Tina that if anything falls through and things don’t work out, I will find a home for them – so I’m really glad that it worked out in the end.” After posting on social media and spreading the word throughout the local community, Mia received 17 applications for the two giant dogs, with four that looked really promising and after meeting with a few candidates, she found the perfect family. “I think Tina would have loved to see that they have so much more space now, it’s beautiful, they are living on an acreage now and have their own dam,” Mia said. “And I really truly think she would have liked the new family as well.” Mia said that the new family’s own dog had died last year from cancer, so they had been looking for a new pet for a while. “I did ask them why they wanted to adopt two dogs because it’s a big thing to take on,” Mia said. “They told me that they noticed that sometimes with the one dog, that it just wasn’t enough for all the cuddles they wanted to give,” she said. It’s safe to say with two great danes in the house – there will now be plenty of dogs for the family of five to cuddle.

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Mail New Aussies welcomed

Sanders relives rally

Brown’s AFLW debut

Tuesday, 2 February, 2021

Mail New Aussies welcomed

Sanders relives rally

Brown’s AFLW debut




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PROPERTY GUIDE Phone: 5957 3700 Trades and Classifieds: 1300 666 808

PROPERTY GUIDE Phone: 5957 3700 Trades and Classifieds: 1300 666 808

Back to school!


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School students across Victoria made their return to school following summer holidays, while 2021’s preps got their first taste of primary school life. Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Joy Murphy conducted a Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony for Badger Creek Primary School students and staff. See page 7 for more back to school excitment.

Back to school! School students across Victoria made their return to school following summer holidays, while 2021’s preps got their first taste of primary school life. Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Joy Murphy By Jed Lanyon

Centre in the lead up to Christmas. Many locals far and wide were able to keep up their Christmas tradition in getting a family photo with ‘The Real Santa’ who they had grown to love. The unlikely tandem tallied upwards of $30,000 from their family Christmas photos and then selected four charities to each receive

$8400 to help make the lives of children better. The four recipients of the funds included: Backpacks 4 Vic Kids, A Better Life For Foster Kids, HeartKids and Chum Creek’s Good Life Farm. The organisations shared how the funds had already been put to good use. Backpacks 4 Vic Kids CEO and founder Sally Beard told Star Mail the donation came as a “delightful surprise”.

“We’re very, very grateful on behalf of the children, whose lives that it will impact,” she said. “We have absolutely put that money to good use.” Ms Beard shared that the $8400 donation from Branded is aiding 112 children in need with care packs filled with toiletries, spare changes of clothes, a toy and more. Continued page 2 12477022-SN06-21

It’s February, but Santa Claus’ gifts keep on coming for several charity organisations who benefited from a partnership between Saint Nick and Seville’s Branded Burger Bar. The burger bar came to the rescue when they partnered with Santa, who had seen his role replaced at Chirnside Park Shopping

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A worthy brand

True crime books report on crimes from the beginning of their investigation to their legal proceedings. These books not only restore the lived experiences of the perpetrators and their victims, but also reconstruct the complex circumstances in which the crimes were committed. These books help us see the parties involved as genuine people. Instead of mere statistics and sensationalised media coverage, we follow the behind-the-scene stories of how crimes were initiated, conducted, scrutinised and solved. We experience their considerable impact on individuals and communities. In writing The Edward Street Baby Farm, Western Australian author Stella Budrikis confesses: “I’ve always been fascinated by the way people’s lives interact, bringing all their past experiences and personalities crashing together at a single place and time, before diverging again like billiard balls on a table.” One of the three people featured in the book is Alice Mitchell, the notorious “baby farmer” who was arrested in Perth in 1907 for the murder of a five-month-old girl. During the inquest and subsequent trial, the public was shocked to learn that 37 out of 43 infants in her care had died. Questions were asked: How could so many babies have died when Mitchell’s house was visited regularly by Perth’s first female health inspector, Harriet Lenihan? And how could 25 of the death certificates have been signed by the same children’s specialist, Dr Edward Officer, without him raising any concern about such a high mortality rate? Through meticulous research on court records, state archives and newspaper reports from the time, Budrikis examines the events leading up to and beyond this tragedy. Her expertise as a general practitioner, pastoral carer and addictions clinic doctor helps shaping a highly intelligent narrative that is both informative and emphatic.

PASSION FOR PROSE WITH CHRISTINE SUN Budrikis further reveals the social history of Perth in the early 20th century, explaining how criminal cases like Mitchell’s can lead to essential changes in law. She pays specific attention to society’s attitude towards protection of children of single mothers and other “unfortunate” women back then. Budrikis details how “illegitimate” babies were often shunned by their families and society due to the lack of a parental marriage certificate. In her words, the “illegal” status of these babies “meant that no one felt responsible for seeing that they were well treated”. Worse, the practice of “baby farming” – private, for-profit foster care arrangements where the carers were purely interested in making money out of taking in children – was well known, but few seemed to care or offered any solution. As Budrikis points out, at the time, whoever suggested these “illegitimate” babies and their mothers should be better protected and provided with humane care would meet the response that “that would just encourage other women to act immorally and take advantage of the system”. Hopefully, true crime accounts like The Edward Street Baby Farm (Fremantle Press, 2020) can prompt more readers to question our society’s attitude towards those labelled “illegals” and hidden from view. To change, we first need to pay attention and care. mailcommunity.com.au


Street party postponed By Taylah Eastwell The 20th anniversary of the Mt Evelyn Street Party has been postponed, with committee members deciding to err on the side of caution with Covid-19. Secretary of Mt Evelyn Township Group, Paula Herlihy said the Mt Evelyn Street Party Committee and Township Group members were “really hopeful” that the much-loved local event could go ahead this year to mark the significant occasion. The biennial event is a huge name on the Yarra Ranges calendar, lighting up the sleepy Mt Evelyn village with stage performances, market stalls, vibrant vintage fashion, classic cars and plenty of community spirit every second October.

“The last one was in 2019 and we had been planning for one in 2021 and we were very enthusiastic that it would go ahead because it would make it exactly 20 years from the first one in 2001. We were going to have a display of the things we have done over the years,” Ms Herlihy said. While not running the event in 2021 to celebrate 20 years is “disappointing”, Ms Herlihy made clear that the Mt Evelyn Street Party has run on a flexible calendar throughout its twodecades. “There has been another time when we missed two years in a row, sometimes we’ve held it for two years in a row,” she said. While there was an “enthusiastic commit-

tee of 20 odd people” keen to party, delays with the Covid-19 vaccine made the risk all-toohigh for the event which typically attracts over 12,000 patrons. “After the first meeting I was struggling to find a place big enough for all the committee members with social distancing rules in place. We were looking wildly popular and successful, so it definitely wasn’t anything to do with lack of interest from volunteers,” Ms Herlihy said. “If the vaccine had been out in the community to everybody by now, I think we would have gone ahead. In the past some estimates have been as high as 15,000 people, and we felt with the vaccine not out that it was all up in the


IN BRIEF Council will establish Community Recovery Committees (CRCs) to support the community’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. The CRCs will be empowered to lead activities to restore and re-engage local communities, with control over funding decisions for welltargeted local activities. The model has been an effective part of recovery following previous emergencies, and community members will be invited to apply for the committees via an Expressions of Interest process. Members will be selected to reflect the various demographics in their communities and their capacity to bring skills and leadership to the recovery of their region. The committees will be resourced and supported by Council’s officers, ensuring they are effective and genuinely empowered to lead community-led recovery. Councillors unanimously voted to endorse the model for the CRCs and their establishment, commissioning the Community Enterprise Foundation of the Bendigo Bank to administer grant funding for each committee. Council will share more information with the community about the CRCs and the Expressions of Interest process in coming weeks.

A plan for Montrose Councillors were shown a presentation from the Montrose Township Group about the Montrose Community Plan for 2020-24. The community plan was created with the assistance of more than 400 people from the wider area. It has been developed by, and will be implemented by, the community with support from Council. The plain aims to: Build and strengthen connections between community groups, businesses and residents in Montrose. Build the capacity of the community to deliver community engagement and assetbased community development Improve the health and wellbeing of the community Increase community resilience This is the eleventh Community Plan made for towns in Yarra Ranges, with recent examples including Monbulk, Coldstream, Mount

· · · ·


Evelyn and Badger Creek. Councillors expressed their gratitude to the Montrose Township Group for its work.

Tree to go Councillors voted to remove a tree from near 27 Seabreeze Avenue in Ferny Creek, following requests from the property owner regarding five Council-managed trees. Council received requests for up to five trees located nearby, with major concerns relating to two trees. All five trees are indigenous species. Arborist reports undertaken on the two trees of concern showed them to be in goodto-fair condition. The Council Officer’s Report recommended that both trees be retained. Councillor Cathrine Burnett-Wake put forward an alternate motion, proposing that tree 1 be removed, with tree 2 to be retained. The condition of tree 1 indicated a change in the tree’s structure and that it is under stress, with internal decay. Councillors voted to pass Cr Burnett-Wake’s motion.

Fence objectors A planning application for buildings and works to construct a fence at Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park, has been refused. The proposal was to construct a chain mesh boundary fence to delineate between private property, other properties and public land. The lot is currently vacant but contains extensive vegetation cover and part of Brushy Creek. The application was brought to Council as it received 18 objections, relating to wildlife protection, fauna movement, the design and visual appearance of the fence, flooding impacts, emergency vehicle access and the retrospective nature of the works. The Council Officer’s Report recommended that the application be approved. Councillor Richard Higgins put forward an alternate motion for the application, where the permit would be refused. The reasons for refusal include Environmental Significance Overlay requirements and protection for wildlife in the area. This alternate motion passed, meaning a permit will not be issued.

This Anzac Day we should all take the time to reflect on the service and sacrifice of many brave Australians. We should acknowledge the sacrifices of generations of these men and women and give thanks to all those Australians who served and fought for the freedoms we enjoy today. Their legacy has helped shape our national identity and should never be forgotten. LEST WE FORGET


Community Recovery Committees

air. The last thing we want is to run an event and someone catches Covid-19. We decided to go for next year when things are hopefully a bit more certain,” she said. The community party has been postponed until 2022, but a smaller-scale market event with stalls and children’s activities is currently in talks for October this year, with more details to be announced in due course. Yarra Ranges Council have supported the organising committee’s by allowing for this year’s funding to be kept for the 2022 party. “It’s really fantastic, it means we don’t have to apply again for funds so we know the party is going to happen and we have certainty. We’ve been very fortunate,” she said.

DEPUTY PREMIER  MINISTER FOR EDUCATION  MINISTER FOR MENTAL HEALTH Authorised by J Merlino, 1635 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave. This material has been funded from Parliamentary budget.

Tuesday, 20 April, 2021




Romy from Sherbrooke Forest District Scouts.

Lucy and Chloe from 1st Lilydale Tarelle Cub Scouts.



Saskia, Clair, Bea, Will, Sophia and Scarlott Front Romy, Reuben, Eddy and Gideon from Sherbrooke Forest District. 233237

Cubs have fun in the mud More than 3,000 cubs from scouting groups all across Victoria called Gembrook home last week, spending an action-packed week in local scrubland. Gembrook’s Gilwell Park hosted Scout’s Victoria’s 10th Victorian Cuboree event, with a fleet of 109 busses dropping 3271 the cubs off to the campsite on Monday 12 April. The cubs, aged 8-11, were well cared for by 1466 volunteer leaders, parents and older scouts known as Venturers and Rovers aged 15-25. For many, the Cuboree camp marks the cubs longest holiday away from home. Each child received a commemorative Cuboree shirt, scarf and badge with the logo representing the 2021 theme - New horizons. Space themed activities during the week included a muddy obstacle course, orienteering, tee pee construction, a maze, craft activities, a colour run, a disco and a mass sing-a-long. Chief Commissioner of Scouts Victoria, Rod Byrnes says the cubs were well prepared to cope with five days away from home. “For many children - and parents - the idea of living five days in the bush with friends,

sleeping four nights in tents, eating outdoors, sharing the chores of daily life, and tackling a challenging activity program would be daunting. “But our Cubs have been practicing for Cuboree with smaller camps with their own local cub units. “They are learning to be resilient and independent, and to care for others,” Mr Byrnes said. The camp was said to be 100 times larger than any school camp the cubs may have attended, with the $1.3 million budget including $420,000 in food to feed the cubs over the week. Menu items includes 5000 litres of milk, 30,000 slices of bread, 130kg of Milo, 100,000 pieces of fruit and 600 litres of sauce – with special diets for 900 people. The transport bill alone, for buses which picked up and dropped off cubs all over Victoria, was $175,000. Organisers hired 200 toilets. The Gembrook event is the biggest camp held for Australia’s cub scouts and one of the biggest cub scout events in the world. One parent from the last Cuboree camp told Scouts Victoria “It’s only five days away from home, but they come back two years older”.

Scarlett from 1st Ferny Creek Scout Group. 233237


Art that makes you think By Gabriella Payne A range of new works from talented Gembrook artist Sue Jarvis were unveiled on Tuesday 20 April as part of her new exhibition, ‘Art that makes you think’, which will be on show at the Cardinia Cultural Centre over the coming months. A distinguished and seasoned artist with over 50 years experience in the industry, Ms Jarvis is excited to launch her latest set of works at the Pakenham gallery which feature “a variety of concepts that are intended to provoke thought”. Ms Jarvis’ stunning paintings cover a range of themes, including “ideal beauty, sacrifice of war, individuality, recognition of the temporary, notions of religion and culture, global warming and modern life”, with each unique artwork conveying its own symbolism. Having lived and worked in the Gembrook region for years now, Ms Jarvis is an awardwinning artist who has had her work featured in many an exhibition before. Since leaving her job as a secondary art teacher and becoming a full time artist in 1981, Ms Jarvis has had an illustrious career, with her work winning all sorts of prizes at galleries throughout Victoria. Today, as a painter, Ms Jarvis said she puts an “emphasis on colour, shape and simplicity” in her work, and has an interest in “the contemporary” and diversity, all of which will be on display in this upcoming exhibition. As well as working on her own exhibitions, Ms Jarvis has also been investing her talents into the role of creative recovery facilitator for a local creative recovery team, who are helping those communities that were affected by the 2019 Bunyip State Park bush fires. Ms Jarvis said she was looking forward to launching ‘Art that makes you think’ on Tues8 MAIL


Tuesday, 20 April, 2021

Sue Jarvis with her painting ‘9am Swanston Street’. 233713


Sue Jarvis with her painting ‘The Last Lifeboat, ANZAC Cove 1915’. 233713

Sue Jarvis with her some of her incredible works. 233713

‘The Mannequin as Ideal Beauty, Multiple Studies’ by Sue Jarvis. 233713

day 20 April, and invited community members to come down to the Cardinia Cultural Centre and visit the gallery at some point in the coming weeks. The exhibition will be open from 10am to 3pm Tuesday - Sunday until Friday 21 May, (every day except Mondays). For more information visit https://www. suejarvisartist.com/ or you can pay a visit to Ms Jarvis’ own Gembrook gallery garden to see more of her works, located on Blackwood Lane, Gembrook.

Sue Jarvis with her painting ‘Taxi’. 233713

Sue Jarvis with one of her paintings. 233713 mailcommunity.com.au


A smooth work transition The idea of returning to work or education after having a child can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Mountain District Learning Centre’s staff member Racheal Edwards made the decision to return to work knowing as much as she loved her role as a mum and “not being able to go to the bathroom in peace anymore”, she had bills to pay and skills to share. The idea of being in an office kitchen with co-workers who wouldn’t be outraged over their sandwiches being cut into triangles, not squares, was sounding very appealing. Raising a child takes a village as they say, it also takes a village to return to work or education. Mountain District Learning Centre staff are excited by the opportunity to provide local families with the tools to succeed in this transition through their ‘Reconnect’ program. With no cost involved, available supports include funding for education (both pre accredited and accredited) and employment related expenses, as well as confidence building personal stylist workshops to learn what personal fashion style works for you, leaving you feeling confident in your skin. The program also offers funded weekly playgroups where you can spend time with your little ones and meet like minded parents, employment readiness training and support including resume building and interview techniques and career planning and pathway options. A friendly chat with local mum and MDLC staff member Racheal Edwards will assist in determining your eligibility and access to whichever types of support you might find most suitable to your individual circumstances. Racheal can be contacted on 0401 490 873 or email racheale@mdlc.com.au

Racheal Edwards made the tough decision to go back to work to support her kids.




Aged between 17-64 yrs who have not worked or studied in the last 6 months Work or study 8 hours or less per week Asylum Seeker (Visa conditions apply) Young people (17-24yrs) impacted by the Justice system

HOW CAN RECONNECT HELP YOU? Get a dedicated case worker to hel you identify and plan your goals Access and funding support to pre-accredited and accredited courses Access connections to outside support and wellbeing services Receive study support



Tuesday, 20 April, 2021




Isla, Zara, Sean, Evan, Sophie, Charlie, Sam, Ollie, Hugo from Sassafras Primary School and surrounding schools 233779

Kids get colourful Olinda Community House (OCH) has created a blank canvas for its community to create a piece of art history. The Water Tank Art Project kicked off with Olinda Primary, Sassafras Primary and Monbulk College brainstorming ideas to establish themes around community and family. The next stage of preparing the design is on OCH’s Market Day on Saturday 24 April,11am1pm. Everyone, including children from surrounding schools and the homeschool com-

munity is invited to participate. Sebastian Fransz is the visual artist leading the project. He has extensive experience facilitating community art projects with diverse groups of people. He will be there to meet and greet the community and listen to all the ideas. The tanks will be coated with TVEK wrap on the day and drawings, poems and quotations written directly on the tanks will inform the final design. Anyone can ‘put their name in a hat’ and have the opportunity to be selected to attend a free live art workshop with Sebastian on May

8 and be one of the crew to begin painting the tank. Funded by Covid-19 Community Relief and Recovery grants from Yarra Ranges Council as well as the Monbulk & District Community Bank Covid-19 Small Grants Program, the project acknowledges the struggles that the pandemic has amplified and is meant as an outlet to express the changes over the past few years. While community creativity will commence on Saturday 24 April, an unveiling will occur in the coming months.

Sophie and Sam from Sassafras Primary School 233779

WHAT’S ON? BOOK NOW! Permaculture Design Course, 9am—4.30pmTelopea Mtn Permaculture, Monbulk

Sat 24th April 2021 9am-3pm 79 - 81 Olinda - Monbulk Rd (next to the Olinda Swimming Pool)

Still a few spaces left!! Dates: Tuesday starting in May TBA (16 weeks) Course Fee: Course $750.00

Monday evening - 19th April -21st June - 9 weeks (no class Queen’s birthday - 14th of Yoga with Lisa Baker– all levels, June) all ages. Bring your own mat 5.30pm - 6.45pm In ECH Hall general gentle yoga 7pm - 8.15om - beginners $148.50 (incl GST)

In May, June and July: Growing avocado trees, Prepare for the bare root fruit tree season, Design your own orchard and Edible food forest design.

Friday morning - 23rd April 25th June - 10 weeks 10am - 11.15am - general gentle yoga $165.00

Computers At ECH

Beginners or flexible learning Tues, April 27th - June 15th (8 (including material & amenities) weeks) 10am - 12.30pm $70.00

Emerald Market

3rd Sunday, 10-3

Food, garden, honey, soaps, oils, quality crafted items, clothing

Emerald Messenger

Monthly community journal

Submissions due by the 10th of each month

Affordable Childcare

Occasional and before/after school

Enrol today!

Stall Bookings contactus@och.org.au / 9751 1264 12490792-HC17-21



Tuesday, 20 April, 2021

emhouse@iinet.net.au • https://www.emeraldcommunityhouse.org.au/ • 5968 3881 Open from 10-3 Monday Wednesday and Friday. Other times by appointment 356-358 Belgrave-Gembrook Road, Emerald 12491546-NG17-21



One with the community

Playing chess with chess coordinator Sergio. 233666

hood House, it has a long history of supporting the community, opening in the early 1980s after the Ash Wednesday bushfires. Since then it has seen some changes, including a name change in 2019. Ms Higgins said the community house is pleased many of the groups that had been running for a number of years have been able to re-establish themselves. “And if there’s something not on offer people are welcome to talk to us about it,” she said. As part of both Neighbourhood Houses Victoria and TaskForce Community Agency, Cockatoo Community House is grounded by contributing to diversity and gender equality and offering support and compassion. Cockatoo Community House takes on the mantra of TaskForce that focuses on ‘giving life changing opportunities for those most in need.’ Cockatoo Community House is located at

23 Bailey Rd, Cockatoo Vic 3781 and is open at various times throughout the week depending on classes. Office hours, however, are generally Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm.

To keep up to date with all the new activities on offer, sign up to receive the e-newsletter at https://taskforce.org.au/cch/, send an email to cch@taskforce.org.au or call 5968 9031 to find out more.

Coonara Community House Upcoming Courses, 22 Willow Road, Workshops, and Activities Upper Ferntree Gully Ph: (03) 9758 7081 Term 2, 2021 enquires@coonarahouse.org.au

Cockatoo Community House

Creative Writing

supported by

Learn how to rid your writers block and the fundamentals of writing creatively. 8 Week Course - $50 Wednesdays's 9:30am-12pm 28th April - 16th June

TERM 2 Full term two program out now! Sign up now for art and dance classes for preschool and primary aged children. Adult classes include Sourdough and Kombucha Workshops, Ancient Weaving, Sound Healing, and Rock ‘n’ Roll, Latin and Ballroom Dance. Free activities include Random Acts of Creative Kindness, Women’s Business Network, Intro to Art, Carers’ Workshops, Craft Group, Chess Club and Coffee Hour. Got another program idea? Let us know. Family and youth counselling is available, and the Food is Free Cockatoo pantry is on our porch.

Gabrielle Higgins, community house coordinator said the people make it special. 233666

First Point of Contact Understand the importance of the first point of contact in an organisation. 5 Week Course - $40 Tuesday's 10am-12pm 27th April - 25th May

Digital Storytelling Learn how to extract your story and share it through video editing. 8 Week Course - $40 Monday's 12:30pm-3pm 26th April - 21st June

Sewing for the Beginner 8 Week Course - $50 Level 1: Wednesdays's 1pm-3pm Level 2: Wednesday's 9:30am-12:30pm 28th April - 16th June

23 Bailey Road, Cockatoo 3781 03 5968 9031 cch@taskforce.org.au fb.me/cockatoocommunityhouse taskforce.org.au/cch

Gluten Free Toolkit Workshop - $10 10am-1pm Tuesday 11th May

Community Lunches Wednesday's 12:30pm 21st April - 23rd June $5 (or $2 concession)

Computers the Next Step: Word & Excel (Intermediate) 8 Week Course - $50 Wednesday's 12:30pm-3:00pm 28th April - 16th June

Introduction to Community Services - Early Childhood This online facilitated course will prepare you for the Cert III 7 Weeks- $50 Tuesday's 6:30pm-8:30pm 4th May - 15th June

Cert III in Childhood Education and Care Starting 20th April, taking late enrolments up to 4 weeks after start date Tuesday's 7pm-9pm Online Facilitated Classes

Diploma in Childhood Education and Care Starting 22nd April, taking late enrolments up to 2 weeks after start date Thursday's 7pm-9pm Online Facilitated Classes

And so much more! Check out our website for more information and enrolment details: www.coonarahouse.org.au



Tuesday, 20 April, 2021



Cockatoo Community House is open to everyone for nearly every activity and workshop under the sun. Volunteers and staff are also there to help link people to services and supports, including youth and family counselling, when needed. The community house offers a mixture of free and fee-paying classes and workshops, with upcoming classes including sourdough bread making, kombucha, ancient weaving, sound healing and an introduction to permaculture. On 27 April, Cockatoo Community House will be hosting free workshops and lunch for carers. The day will kick off with a free lunch, an information session on supports available for carers and a caring for yourself workshop. Since receiving the Supporting Carers Locally grant, the Cockatoo Community House is able to offer wellbeing activities such as sound relaxation and free haircuts to local carers. Over lunch on Wednesdays, the Women’s Friendship Cafe will focus on sustainability and the Cockatoo Women’s Business Network are hosting informal work and network sessions. And those that are only free after hours can drop in for a Saturday game of chess or join an evening rock and roll or ballroom and Latin dance class. Cockatoo Community House coordinator Gabby Higgins said the space is just right, not too big, not too small but the thing that makes it great is the people. “The people are what makes Cockatoo Community House special – the down-toearth teachers, friendly facilitators and staff who make time to listen,” she said. Originally known as Cockatoo Neighbour-



An holistic education Ghilgai is a small Steiner school nestled at the foot of Mount Dandenong surrounded by trees that stand like guardians. Over the years Ghilgai have planted many flowering natives to enhance the beauty of the environment. And now, many birds grace this land - kookaburras, wrens, thrushes, robins, tiny honeyeaters, pardalotes - are seasonal visitors. Ghilgai is a beautiful place to grow, to learn and to be. Each child can connect to the land and drink in its uplifting energy. The schools beautiful classrooms encircle the play area, this enables each child to be an integral part of a loving community of supportive teachers and helpers. Each child, then, can relax and say, “I belong here.” Ghilgai has a balanced, deep and solid curriculum and by the end of Class Six the students are well prepared for secondary schooling. They exit as beautiful people – respectful, caring, independent, resilient and creative. They step out expectantly and are able to work through the challenges of their new environment because Steiner Education lays the foundation for lifelong learning. Ghilgai’s specialist teachers enrich the student’s week with a range of classes including: craft – joyful creative work and handmade articles crafted with care, physical education – fostering self-development, skills, teamwork, leadership and confidence and German

– grappling with a new language fosters deep listening and adaptive thinking, Students also participate in music – musicmaking releases stress, builds community and uplifts the soul, as well as artistic work – painting, drawing and modelling are an integral part of the children’s week with their class teacher. The school also offers Eurythmy, the healing art of moving to melody and to the spoken word which was developed by Rudolf Steiner. Ghilgai value their parent community and when parents and teachers work together the child’s potential unfolds petal by petal. The word ‘Ghilgai’ describes a watering hole in a dryish country. Many parents have said Ghilgai School is an “oasis” for their child and for their family. Ghilgai offers open classroom tours for groups and individuals.

Ghilgai student Maya does some weaving. Picture: SUPPLIED

SCHOLARSHIP OPEN St Paul’s Primary School, Monbulk, invites you to join us for ...

READY, SET, PREP! Get ready for school with a ‘taste’ of St Paul’s!

Registrations Now Open! Invitation to: 3yo, 4yo and 5yo pre school children

• Playgroup to Class 6 - Low Fees

Thursday April 29th Tuesday June 1st Thursday June 24th

• Meet in the Breezeway at 9.30am for tour & talk.

Ghilgai Steiner School A beautiful place to learn, to grow, to be.

Spaces are limited due to density limits - so register today! To register your place: 9756 7201 or email: office@spmonbulk.catholic.edu.au 12490987-DL17-21


9:30am Friday 30 April: GARDEN TIME - BACKYARD BLITZ 9:30am Friday 14 May: SCIENCE FAIR 9.30am Thursday 27 May: ART ADVENTURES 9.30am Friday 11 June: LET’S DANCE

St Paul’s Primary School Monbulk Ph: 9756 7201 www.spmonbulk.catholic.edu.au

Address: 295 Liverpool Rd Kilsyth 3137 Ph: 9761 8369 Website: ghilgai.com.au Email: edadmin@ghilgai.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/GhilgaiSteiner 12485529-JW17-21



Tuesday, 20 April, 2021



An exciting year ahead After relocating to a new campus on Burwood Highway during the 2020 global pandemic and expanding to secondary school in 2021, Heritage College Knox is proving an exciting place to be. There is a constant hive of activity on campus with renovations, new curriculum, energetic and experienced staff, and the occasional escape of the resident school pets from their enclosures; HCK is high on the list of private schools worth considering. The college offers something special in the world of education, with small classes, a Christian based education and a focus on each child and their learning. Among its qualities are attributes such as class sizes capped at 20 throughout the school, vertical class structures allowing highly able students to advance, and a structured support program for students who need extra help. Junior school classes have a strong focus on the basics: literacy and numeracy, with individual and small group tuition to ensure that students meet the required milestones. A specialised phonics program assists the younger students with an essential foundational education, designed to have them well prepared for their future. Additionally, students in the early years experience many opportunities for play-based learning, for enquiry and exploration and active-hands-on learning. In all aspects at Heritage, creativity is encouraged. Staff believe in the importance of nurturing a creative environment that allows students to grow socially, academically and spiritually. Music is an essential element of the program with a high percentage of students already learning an instrument. Year 7 students participate in compulsory brass instrumental program and join the Heritage College Knox Band for a performance at the conclusion of

each year. Additional instrumental tuition is available to the rest of the school in piano, brass and guitar. This year there are already several exciting programs underway. Auditions have commenced for the annual production, this year being Peter Pan. An art exhibition is planned showcasing student work. Year 7 students will begin to build their own canoes as part of their STEM curriculum, which will be tested

at an outdoor education camp in Term 4. Participation in interschool chess competitions, interschool debating, cross country and basketball carnivals are just a small taste of what is ahead. The staff at Heritage College Knox are dynamic and engaging; passionate about learning both inside and outside the classroom using a wide range of resources. Highly skilled and experienced teaching staff, who

specialise in curriculum areas such as Mathematics, English, AUSLAN, Art and Music are dedicated to providing the highest education standards. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enrol your child at one of the best up and coming independent Christian private schools in the Eastern suburbs and become a part of this unique community. For more information, visit heritage.vic.edu.au.

See where lifelong learning begins

Day tours 10am & 1pm Evening session 5pm to 7pm



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C Me Uniforms & Safety Men’ Women’s & Children’s Clothing • Workwear • Corporate • Sports Clubs

• Hospitality • Healthcare

Logo Services • Embroidery • Sublimation • Screen Printing • Direct to Garment • Digital Transfer Printing

Nicole Roberts 0434 022 833 Shop 1 329-331 Belgrave Gembrook Road Emerald nicole@c-me.com.au www.c-me.com.au 12490591-NG17-21



Commitee members from Emerald Football Netball Club, Emerald RSL, Emerald CFA, Puffing Billy Railway and OBG Productions at a recent planning meeting ahead of this year’s Emerald Anzac weekend.

- Quick Service With A Smile!

Football clubs will pay their respects

AMAZING NEW LOCATION 333 Belgrave-Gembrook Road, Emerald

Call 1300 9 HILLS to make an appointment


www.nookeecafe.com.au 1 Emerald-Monbulk Rd, Emerald VIC 3782 “located opposite Woolworths” Email: orders@nookeecafe.com.au Open Weekdays 7am -3pm Weekends 8am - 3pm Closed Public Holidays

The clash between the Bombers and the Brookers won’t be the only great battle this weekend, with an Anzac extravaganza involving a flyover of warbirds, 100 pigeons and a cannon-fire planned for Saturday’s game. With the help of generous sponsors, Emerald RSL and Emerald Football Netball Club have collaborated to organise an Anzac ‘weekend’, beginning with a pipes and drums band marching the seniors players onto the battlegrounds at Chandler Reserve oval on Saturday 24 April. An Anzac service is set to take place before the game kicks off around 2.30pm. The great clash will begin with a bang, with President of Emerald Football and Netball Club Mark Pedder confirming a cannon will be fired shortly before the starting bounce. “That will be shortly followed by a flyover of nine warbird planes,” Mr Pedder said. With reserves coming off the ground around 2pm, the Anzac commemorations, which also include a show of 100 pigeons, are expected to take place before the game kicks off at half-past.

Mr Pedder said the event was particularly exciting given the rival clubs have not played each other for three years. “We haven’t played each other because we have been in different divisions so this is the first time in three years. We were supposed to play on Anzac Day last year but couldn’t with Covid. We are traditional rivals so Anzac Day is just going to be a lot of fun,” he said. “It’s quite funny because we probably all know each other, being from the same community, but we are either Emerald or Gembrook and we don’t like each other for one day,” Mr Pedder laughed. The club decided to work with the RSL to create a larger-scale event after the tough period we all went through last year. “It’s been such a tough period for everyone with Covid and not being able to do events or get the community together. Once we had the opportunity to do something in conjunction with the RSL - not just for the football netball club but for the RSL and returned service people, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up,” Mr Pedder said.

Events planned in Emerald for Sunday 25 April will still go ahead as a traditional way for all to stop and pay respects to all men and women who served our country in times of conflict. Emerald RSL President, Peter Maloney said “Emerald has a reputation for doing things a bit different to the norm, and this year is no exception“, with Anzac Day 2021 promising to be a weekend with a difference. On the Sunday, a dawn service will begin at 5.15am at Anzac Place. The RSL is saddened by the fact it is unable to run a full-scale march and morning service as done in previous years due to the current Covid climate. “This is most disappointing for the Emerald RSL and the community of Emerald, which has a rich tradition in community engagement each year,“ Mr Maloney said. However, the dawn service will be livestreamed onto the Emerald RSL Facebook page and website, emeraldrsl.com.au. Puffing Billy will also travel to Anzac Place and deliver a traditional whistle salute at the end of the remembrance ceremony around 6am.

As a long time sponsor and supporter of Emerald RSL we send our best wishes to all members and our communities in remembrance of Anzac Day. We thank both our fallen and living soldiers and all men and women who made personal sacrifices, many who gave their lives, for the freedom and quality of life that we enjoy today

315-317 Main St, Emerald

5968 4222 12490831-NG17-21



Tuesday, 20 April, 2021



Domestic and Rural Fencing Retaining Walls Landscaping Handyman

Scott Donders 0476 463 535 donderspropertyimprovements@gmail.com ABN - 62636818016 12490613-AV17-21

ANZAC DAY The Bombers and Brookers have been inseparable for generations - on field and off.




To further commemorate the occasion, passengers of Puffing Billy will have the chance to visit Emerald in one of two return services departing Belgrave to Emerald at 10am and 12.30pm. “More than 100 people working and living in this community enlisted to fight in 1914-15, many of them travelling on Puffing Billy, so the railway’s involvement in the dawn service recognises this long link to the Hills community,“ Puffing Billy CEO Peter Abbott said. The theme for the service this year is “Animals in War“, and stories will be told about this during the service. A special video has also been produced on this and will be available for viewing after the service and also on the RSL website. Following the service, RSL members will unveil two new plaques - one displaying WWII Emerald men and women who served, and the

ANZAC DAY - EMERALD Sunday 25th April The teams will fly high against each other on Saturday. other a Merchant Navy plaque honouring all who served. The clubrooms will be open to the public for refreshments from 7.30am after the service and the local scouts will be offering their traditional hot food. Everyone is welcome. The Anzac weekend wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of local sponsors, D&D Diesel, REL Projects, Pedders Suspension, Bell Real Estate Emerald, Lantrax, Paradise Valley Hotel and Paramount Project, Emerald & District Co-Op, RSL Victoria and the Shire of Cardinia.

One from the archives: La Trobe MP Jason Wood and Gembrook MP Brad Battin have feet in both camps when it comes to the Bombers’ rivalry with the Brookers.

DAWN SERVICE - 5.15AM Anzac Place

LIVE STREAMING of the service on the RSL website emeraldrsl.com.au

Anzac Day in Emerald has an historic tradition. Thousands of locals, young and old stand together to contemplate the sacrifices made by those who served and those who died. 12491618-ACM17-21

Gembrook Cockatoo’s James Hampton and Emerald’s Dale Karacsonyi put everything on the line in the 2015 contest.

EMERALD RSL Sub- branch Inc.

are proud to support the Emerald RSL and would like to thank all their members and serviceman past and present. Riley Nicholas knows firsthand through his grandfather’s service with the Australian Navy the importance of Anzac day and what it means to his family. After not being able to come together on Anzac day 2020 we encourage all locals to attend a service and pay your respects on such a meaningful day.


Tuesday, 20 April, 2021






C-Me for quality uniforms For all your embroidery, screen printing and safety essentials, there’s only one place to go C-Me Uniforms and Safety. Owner Nicole Roberts opened the business over three years ago and has been supplying Emerald with the best quality logo services ever since. C-Me Uniforms and Safety stock a large range of clothing, catering for sports clubs, corporate wear, workwear, hi-vis workwear, healthcare and hospitality. All items can have a logo printed and many options are available depending on preference. Sublimation, direct to garment printing and digital transfer printing are all offered by C-Me. Day-to-day clothing without logos can also be purchased from C-Me, as well as safety

glasses, gloves, hearing protection, safety helmets and work boots. “If we don’t have what customers want in the size, style or colour, we can order it in,” Ms Roberts said. All major and popular brands like Hard Yakka, King-Gee and Bisley, can be found at C-Me Uniforms and Safety. Not to mention, custom stubby holders, drink bottles, coffee mugs and keep cups are also a key feature of C-Me. Find all your workwear needs in store at Shop 1/329-331 Belgrave-Gembrook Road, Emerald in the hours of Monday to Wednesday and Friday 8.30am to 5pm, Thursday 8.30am to 7pm and Saturday 8.30am to 12.30pm. To speak with the friendly staff call 0434 022 833 or email info@c-me.com.au.

Owner Nicole Roberts makes sure to stock all the essentials. 233532

A hi-vis dream. 233532

The Laughing Fox Café Breakfast, Lunch & Afternoon Tea • Angus Beef Burgers • Vegan Burgers • Foxy French Toast Dine in or Takeaway

Star of Emerald

Our irresistible GOURMET PIES available from May

Full Menu Available Daily until 6pm Or call in just for Drinks!

Handmade Jewellery Repairs & Remodellings We buy Gold & Silver

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FREE Diamond Stud Earrings with any Diamond Ring purchase

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C Me Uniforms & Safety Men’ Women’s & Children’s Clothing

Some of the brands we have are:

• Hospitality • Workwear • Healthcare • Corporate • Mongrel Boots • King Gee • Sports Clubs • Hard Yakka • Huski

• Bisley • JB’s Wear We also have a range of safety Gloves, Glasses and Hearing Protection.

Set in the Dandenong Ranges village of Emerald, The Railway Dog Tavern takes its name from a legend of the hills, Jerry the Railway Dog. Jerry’s life was one of adventure, he would spend his days riding and chasing another local legend “Puffing Billy”. Come and enjoy local wines, beers and spirits with some fine foods (including pizza). Enjoy an afternoon of live music while taking in the views of the hills we call home. Craft Beer – from the finest Craft Brewers Local wines from the Yarra Valley and beyond

Logo Services

• Embroidery • Sublimation • Screen Printing • Direct to Garment • Digital Transfer Printing

0434 022 833 Shop 1 329-331 Belgrave - Gembrook Road Emerald nicole@c-me.com.au • www.c-me.com.au 16 MAIL


Tuesday, 20 April, 2021


Nicole Roberts The Railway Dog 5/329 Belgrave- Gembrook Road Emerald

0444 512 871 Open wed 12pm – 10pm Thurs – Sat 12pm – 11pm Sun 12pm – 10pm 12488305-JW17-21



Memorials to the fallen A century ago the families of the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges were coming to terms with grief and heartache that consumed them in the aftermath of the First World War. The diggers who had survived were home. Nearly 160,000 of them had been injured. 62,000 had been killed. Our local communities built memorials inscribing each of their names. Cenotaphs, avenues of honour, memorial halls were completed in lasting memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. In Mt Evelyn, the Avenue of Honour was planted in 1918 and 1919. The cenotaphs in Yarra Glen and Yarra Junction were unveiled in October 1921. Lilydale’s cenotaph was officially unveiled in 1922, as was Warburton’s. In

From my

desk Tony Smith MP

Federal Member for Casey Healesville, the Memorial Hall was opened in 1924 and many other towns and villages followed suit. For the loved ones of those killed there was no gravesite to visit. These memorials, scattered across our communities, were

the only connection to their lost sons, brothers, husbands, relatives and friends. From that time on, generations have gathered in quiet respect on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day to pay tribute to those first Anzacs and all who have followed them. It was during the battle of Pozieres in 1916, that a mortally wounded Australian soldier asked Charles Bean, Australia’s official war historian this question: “Will they remember me in Australia?” Hearing this, Bean resolved to ensure that the finest memorial to our fallen Anzacs would be built after the war. He was later instrumental in the establishment of the Australian War Memorial, which lists the name of every Anzac that paid the ultimate price.

As we reflect in the lead up to Anzac Day, I am reminded of what Charles Bean wrote after the war: “What these men did, nothing can alter now. The good and the bad; the greatness and the smallness of their story; it rises, it always rises, above the mists of time …… a monument to great-hearted men; and, for their nation, a possession forever.” My annual primary school Anzac Essay prize has been renamed the Don Parsons Memorial Anzac Essay Prize in honour of the former Lilydale RSL President, the late Don Parsons who passed away last year. The topic this year is ‘why are war memorials significant to local communities?’ A committee will judge the entries this week and the winner will be announced prior to Anzac Day.

Our amazing heart - make sure you take care of it Philip Yancey, an author whom I respect, coauthored a book on a scientific study of the heart in humans and animals with Dr. Paul W Brand. Dr. Brand, CBE, a British scientist, was also known as a pioneer in developing tendon transfer techniques for use in the hands of those with leprosy. Together they discovered many astounding facts about creation all around us. For instance, that the heart of a humming bird, which weighs a fraction of an ounce, beats eight hundred times a minute. Counter to that, they found that a blue whale’s heart weighs half a ton and beats only ten times per minute. We don’t often think of our own hearts, unless we have had heart problems or even a by-pass op. Then again, sadly, there are some I know who ignore the doctor’s warnings and with some type of bravado play Russian roulette with death.

Focal Point

Graeme Dawson

When reflecting on writing this article, I woke recently and realized my heart had been beating all night with no thought and effort on my part. My response to that was, “WOW, thank you God for keeping me alive”. In essence we would have no idea, if in a room without windows and clocks how long we would have slept. With this in mind, I have often thought when taking funerals and giving comfort to the grieving, as I quoted the bible - saying that their loved ones were asleep in the arms

of Jesus. Of course the apostle Peter said, “Don’t forget my friends, this one thing, with God a thousand years is like a day and a day like a thousand years”. So those who died many years ago waiting for the resurrection may have been asleep for a long time and haven’t known how long – never-the-less they are in Jesus’ arms. Yancey and Brand found that by comparison to the bird and the whale, the human heart is a solid workhorse (my term), doing a steady job of beating 100,000 times a day, at 65 – 70 beats per minute, with no time off for rest and for most of us for seventy years or more. What we are talking about here of course is the human organ, but we also call our seat of emotional center, our Heart. I have just finished reading a book by McNabb, titled, ‘Some hearts break – All hearts need healing’. I know heart breaks, and nearly all are healed, but the scars are there, yet different

to body scars which we can see. These scars are hidden from view – deep inside. There have been many heart breaks during Covid that we have not seen until we saw the scar on the tree or that loved one laid out. I have been warning readers of the tsunami of heart breaks, which I believe is now hitting our shores. Don’t wait until it is too late – check up on friends and mates and try to discover if their hearts are breaking. Check up on yourself too, and I am saying on the best authority that the arms I mentioned before can hold you tight right now through your storm. Many blessings as you take care of your ‘hearts’ – the organ and emotional centre. (Feedback, questions and need for support can be fielded to my email, csrsmokey@ gmail.com) Graeme Dawson Chaplain to Community

LETTERS Veterans deserve better Last month both Houses of Parliament passed a motion calling for a Royal Commission into veteran suicides. This follows the Federal Government failing to get its legislation through the Senate for its preferred option of a secret inquiry headed up by a Brigadier who resigned from the Army two days prior to her appointment. A call for a Royal Commission into DVA, transitioning and the ADF commenced 6 years ago. This was due to the then recent increase in veteran suicides. In 2012 it was 17, increasing four-fold to 68 in 2020. Contributing factors were seen as a dysfunctional DVA, bullying and sexual harassment in the ADF and poor transitioning when exiting the ADF. Despite passionate speeches three weeks ago by MPs of both sides, the PM is still sitting on his hands stating his preferred option is




ping up the photo opportunities ANZAC Day brings, will highlight his on-going contempt of the veteran community and their families. It will also negatively affect the LNP vote at the next election. Alan Ashmore, Vietnam veteran Selby

Think of the mothers “Cows give us milk“, How often do we hear that little phrase? It sounds so inoffensive, don’t you think? It simply wouldn’t sound as nice to say “we steal the milk that’s intended for a new born calf to drink”. And it wouldn’t do to say that cows are forced to have a baby, not one baby but a baby every year.

For a cow, like any lady, has to have a little baby or her milk supply will simply disappear. And it wouldn’t seem so civilised to publicise the fact that the tiny babe is snatched away and killed, so the milk designed to feed him can be cleverly extracted just so human folk can have their tummies filled. So, this oft repeated phrase makes the dairy people happy, those who drink the milk are happy, and it seems a happy scene. But the cow with udder swollen, and her new born baby stolen is the sad and tragic victim of this obscene industry. Finally, please take a look at the poignant three-minute YouTube clip entitled ‘Milk comes from Grieving Mothers’. No mother deserves to be treated this way. Jenny Moxham, Monbulk




for the Senate to pass legislation for his secret inquiry and he will consider calling a Royal Commission in a year’s time. That the PM is even considering delaying calling a Royal Commission, despite tearful pleas from his own MPs in Parliament, is to disobey the will of BOTH Houses of Parliament. It also increases the frustration amongst the veteran community that, based on recent figures, is likely to see another 80 veterans succumb to the war within in 2021. It will bring the total since 2001 to almost 800. I am sure Government MPs will be there on ANZAC Day to respectfully honor the more than 102,000 who have given their lives for this country. It is the same Government MPs that must insist the PM immediately call a full, open and transparent Royal Commission into DVA, transitioning and the ADF. Failure of the PM to quickly act, while lap-


Tuesday, 20 April, 2021




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Entranced (10) Agonising (7) Long fish (3) Personify (6) Coding (11) Set up (7) Merry (3) Holiday destination (6) Variety of fruit (11) Championing (10) Not mature (6) Before (7) Tidal wave (7) Wilt (6) Self (3) Harass; berate (3) I N G N A S L Y T A N L A L E D V R O C S A T L I N N G


1 2 3 4 6 7 8 11 13 14 17 19 21 22 25 26


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Occurred (8) Season (6) Greek letter (3) With excessive effort (11) Away (3) Walker (10) Mohammedanism (5) Fell apart (8) Becoming prominent (8) Introduction (colloq) (5) Sorting (10) Neighbour of Canada (1,1,1) English era, 1558–1603 (11) 'The Greatest' boxer (3) Common Irish surname (1’5) Pulling (8)


No. 025

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9-LETTER WORD Using the nine letters in the grid, how many words of four letters or more can you list? The centre letter must be included and each letter may only be used once. No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural words ending in “s”.



Today’s Aim: 11 words: Good 17 words: Very good





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No. 025




adapt, ADAPTABLE, adept, aped, baldpate, dept, leap, leapt, palate, pale, paled, pate, peal, peat, pelt, petal, plat, plate, plated, plea, pleat, tape, taped

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9 4 8 2 1 3 5 6 7

3 1 7 9 5 6 4 2 8

1 6 9 7 3 5 2 8 4

7 2 3 6 8 4 9 1 5

5 8 4 1 2 9 6 7 3

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10 11 12 13

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

23 words: Excellent










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ACROSS 1 5 9 10 12 13 15 16 18 20 23 24

No. 025


To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in: each of the nine vertical columns, each of the nine horizontal rows and each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes. Remember, no number can occur more than once in any row, column or box.



No. 025




William Matthews Funerals FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED


9739 6868 45 Cave Hill Rd, Lilydale www.williammatthewsfunerals.com.au 18 MAIL


Tuesday, 20 April, 2021



3 ACRES WITH VIEWS THAT STRETCH FOREVER SET proudly overlooking 3 glorious, private acres and staring out to a view that seems to go on forever, this spacious, character family home offers so much more than you could ever imagine. Located in the highly sought after Ridge Road, and picture perfect in every way, the floorplan spans over 2 levels and consists of 5 large bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and both formal and informal living areas, providing plenty of space for parents and kids alike. There are many features to love throughout this home, including new quality carpets, updated bathroom and a stunning kitchen with stone benchtops and a glass splashback that highlights the original, historic brickwork dating back to the homes conception. Ducted heating and dual wood heaters warm the home and give another element of appeal throughout the colder months while reverse cycle air-conditioning keeps things comfortable over summer. Large sliding doors reveal a superior sized decking that acts as another living zone and takes in the fabulous surrounding views of this small acreage property. This is an area where many special times can be shared with family and friends with an absolutely heavenly backdrop. You may even find the occasional lyrebird, or koala passing through, not to mention the areas resident family of eagles, who have made their home in the nearby treetops. Just

imagine the adventures you could have exploring this private oasis that can now be yours. A circular driveway leads to a double garage, carport plus extra parking bay and

there is plenty of storage under the home for your gardening tools and toys. The home is connected to the area’s recently installed NBN network, making working and studying from home a breeze –

so pertinent during these interesting times. Wrap around verandahs give a feeling of old grandeur and put the final touches of charm on this very beautiful storybook home. ●

HOME ESSENTIALS Address: 43 Ridge Road, KALLISTA Description: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 garage Price: $1,290,000 - $1,390,000 Inspect: By appointment Contact: Sharyn Chandler, 0439 882 442, CHANDLER & CO REAL ESTATE, 9754 6888


Tuesday, 20 April, 2021




QUAINT COUNTRY LIVING IF you’re looking for a cottage getaway on 5 gorgeous acres only minutes to local shops, schools and entertainment then you’re going to love this. This property provides an opportunity to truly embrace the hills lifestyle in a 2 bedroom cottage with gorgeous vintage fixtures that make you feel like you’re living in a whole new world. The story book cottage features open plan living, dining and kitchen with delightfully exposed beams and a functional wood heater to keep you toasty warm as you gaze over the property through the stunning antique double hung colonial windows. The secondary bedroom lies beyond the kitchen and is adjacent to the bathroom with a European laundry with external access. Upstairs, the master bedroom is spacious with cathedral ceilings, plenty of natural light from rustic dormer windows and ceiling fan to keep you cool in the warmer months. The pretty as a picture courtyard outside makes the perfect place to relax and listen to the sounds of nature and water running from the nearby water feature. If this isn’t enough, there are 2 additional studios/bungalows that would suit independent teenagers, people working from home, or creative minded individuals looking for the perfect place to indulge in their art. But wait…of course there is more. The property also features a shed with tank water and sink, so you can wash your veggies without making a mess inside, another large shed or storage area in addition to the workshop located behind the double carport at the front of the property.

There is electric fencing, paddocks for horses and a security system that will always keep you feeling safe, especially if you are looking to purchase the property as a weekender or invest as an Airbnb. The possibilities here are endless! Please note: All property details shown are correct at time of publishing. Some properties may have been sold in the preceding 24 hours and we recommend that you confirm open for inspection times with the listing agent direct or the listing office. ●

HOME ESSENTIALS Address: 245 Gembrook Road, GEMBROOK Description: 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 garage Price: $730,000 - $800,000 Inspect: By appointment Contact: Richard Birtchnell, 0438 747 357, BELL REAL ESTATE, EMERALD. 5968 6222

An unrepeatable land Opportunity!







This rare parcel of level vacant land spanning a huge 972m2 in area is situated so close to town you could sell the car. Cleared with pleasing local views, it’s situated approximately 150 meters walk to Main Street, and that’s taking the long way. Services available: Made Road, Mains Water Connected, Mains Gas, Power and Sewer. This property is all about position and potential (STCA) so If you’re thinking of moving closer to town now or at some stage in the future you couldn’t wish a better block in a more convenient location. Contact Joseph now on 03 9755 1888 or miss out on arguably the best land find of 2021.

IF you are after a home you can simply move into and enjoy, with land enough to bring the fur or feather family along, then your search is over. Situated in a leafy pocket off a bitumen road and driveway, not far from Emerald main township, shops, restaurants and multiple walking tracks is this stunning family home. From the moment you arrive, you will be impressed by the quality and style as you are welcomed by gleaming Ironbark timber floors, a fresh modern colour scheme, tastefully appointed kitchen with quality appliances and a lovely country style bathroom and powder room. Comprising of 3 bedrooms, separate formal dining, family room with Coonara and French doors that open up onto a large covered outdoor entertaining area, the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the beauty that only the hills can offer. Other exceptional extras include gas ducted heating, refrigerated cooling and a separate studio/ bungalow, ideal for extra accommodation or a work from home situation.

Outside you will also discover a 4 car tandom carport, chicken coup, garden shed, lovely established gardens, 2 small paddocks and much, much more. This home will not be around for long, so be sure to call today to make this beautiful home yours. ●

HOME ESSENTIALS kallistarealestate.com.au 76a Monbulk Kallista 97551888 20 MAIL


Tuesday, 20 April, 2021

Address: 14 Caroline Crescent, EMERALD Price: $700,000 - $770,000 Description: 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 4 garage Inspect: By appointment Contact: Justin Barrot, 0438 683 781 and Jacqui Ryder, 0433 095 278, BARRY PLANT, EMERALD, 5968 4522 mailcommunity.com.au

6 Charman Avenue, Emerald

24 Mount View Road, Ferny Creek

11 Bond Lane, Gembrook




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GUIDE $610,000-$670,000 INSPECT By Appointment CONTACT Justin Barrot 0438 683 781 Barry Plant Emerald 5968 4522

GUIDE $790,000 - $869,000 INSPECT By Appointment CONTACT Riley Nicholas 0488 501 218 Barry Plant Emerald 5968 4522

GUIDE $1,300000 - $1,430,000 INSPECT By Appointment CONTACT Justin Barrot 0438683781 Barry Plant Emerald 5968 4522

19 Telopea Road, Emerald

14 Caroline Crescent, Emerald

62-70 McBride Street, Cockatoo


Gorgeous Home on over half an acre


3 T


2 T


1 T


3 T


1 T


4 T





GUIDE $780,000-$858,000 INSPECT By Appointment CONTACT Riley Nicholas 0488 501 218 Barry Plant Emerald 5968 4522

GUIDE $700,000-$770,000 INSPECT By Appointment CONTACT Jacqui Ryder 0433 095 278 Barry Plant Emerald 5968 4522

GUIDE $850,000 INSPECT By Appointment CONTACT Denise McKay 0479 184 147 Barry Plant Emerald 5968 4522




2 Rawhiti Road, Emerald

9a Doonaha Road, Cockatoo

25 Aura Vale Road, Menzies Creek




4 T


2 T


4 T


5 T


2 T


10 T


4 T


1 T


3 T





GUIDE $1,065,000 - $1,170,000 INSPECT By Appointment CONTACT Justin Barrot 0438 683 781 Barry Plant Emerald 5968 4522

GUIDE $1,050,000 - $1,150,000 INSPECT By Appointment CONTACT Gayle Barrot 0408 195 767 Barry Plant Emerald 5968 4522

GUIDE $1,150,000-$1,250,000 INSPECT By Appointment CONTACT Justin Barrot 0438 683 781 Barry Plant Emerald 5968 4522


Tuesday, 20 April, 2021



29 Seaview Road Cockatoo

$365,000 - $399,000

Ready To Build!

$800,000 - $880,000

FREEHOLD Investment Opportunity with Excellent Returns!

This elevated, corner block of vacant land in Cockatoo with mains water connected and all services available, plus established circular driveway is ready to go!

- FREEHOLD - Prominent Street Frontage - 375 sqm Floor Area - Excellent Annual Return - 4.7% - Onsite Parking - Roller Door with Separate Access - Existing Lease with 2 Further Options - No Outgoings The current lease is held by The Pot Belly Stove Co. who have been in business for almost 50 years. This presents an excellent opportunity for those looking to invest in commercial real estate.

Set on almost 1/2 acre, plans have been approved to build your very own gorgeous story book home with delightful dormer windows and elevated rear deck, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, carport, 2 sheds and bunker. Opportunities like this do not present often and with all the hard work done with council all that is left to do is watch your dreams become a reality! So if you’re in the market for a brand new home, contact the listing agent before you miss out.

Contact: Samantha Scott 0438 680 032 Declan Palmer 0427 062 148

245 Gembrook Road Gembrook

1/1138 Burwood Hwy Ferntree Gully

Contact: Aaron Day 0407 365 994 Grant Day 0417 565 745

$730,000 - $800,000

305 Olinda Monbulk Road Monbulk

$840,000 - $920,000

Quaint Country Living!

Love Where You Live!

If you’re looking for a cottage getaway on 5 gorgeous acres only minutes to local shops, schools & entertainment then you’re going to love this! This property provides an opportunity to truly embrace the hills lifestyle in a 2 bedroom cottage with vintage fixtures that make you feel like you’re living in a whole new world. The story book cottage features open plan living, dining & kitchen with delightfully exposed beams & a functional wood heater plus antique double hung colonial windows. The secondary bedroom lies beyond the kitchen & is adjacent to the bathroom with a European laundry. Upstairs, the master bedroom is spacious & the pretty as a picture courtyard outside makes the perfect place to relax & listen to the sounds of nature. There are 2 additional studios/bungalows plus 2 sheds, & a workshop located behind the double carport.

Exquisitely maintained, this home is an absolute delight from the moment you enter through the stone column and iron gates where the character of the home, surrounded by mature established gardens, becomes discernible. Built in 1890, the home has an old world charm with its 11” ceilings with roses and intricate cornice, polished floorboards, and decorative open fireplace in the kitchen. The home has 2 carpeted bedrooms, the spacious master with a respectfully updated ensuite and complementary main bathroom. The large galley kitchen impresses with classic white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and timber bench tops where you can enjoy cooking meals to be enjoyed in the bright dining alcove where French doors open onto the outdoor entertaining deck. There is also a large workshop, storage area and studio behind the double carport.

Contact: Richard Birtchnell 0438 747 357

Contact: Richard Birtchnell 0438 747 357

bellrealestate.com.au 22 MAIL


Tuesday, 20 April, 2021

5968 6222

311-313 Main St, Emerald mailcommunity.com.au

Real Estate you can trust! We ’ r e h e r e t o h e l p FOR SALE

43 Ridge Road, KALLISTA

$1,290,000 - $1,390,000 5A 3B 3C



$760,000 - $830,000


5A 2B 2C

Set proudly overlooking over 3 glorious, private acres and staring out to a view that seems to go on forever, this spacious, character family home offers so much more than you could ever imagine. Located in the highly sought after Ridge Road, and picture perfect in every way, the floorplan spans over 2 levels and consists of 5 large bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and both formal and informal living areas, providing plenty of space for parents and kids alike.

Atop the trees between Belgrave township and National Park, this fabulously flexible home awaits. Rich with character and ready to fit any lifestyle, there are endless ways this home can work for you. With abundant extra features including an under-house workshop, 2 garden sheds, and a significant store of firewood, this is the ideal home for growing families seeking more space and a spectacular Hills lifestyle. Inspection will impress.

Sharyn Chandler

Suzie Brannelly

M 0439 882 442 | E sharyn@chandlerandco.com.auE

M 0490 506 910 | E suzie@chandlerandco.com.au


130 Macclesfield Road, MONBULK

$1,050,000 - $1,150,000


3A 2B 3C



$750,000 - $820,000 3A 2B 6C

Set on over 5 magnificent acres only minutes from Monbulk’s schools, shopping, bus transport and restaurants, this perfect family property is in just the right location for those looking for some peace and privacy. Much loved over many years, this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is now ready for its new owners to create their own vision and offers position, potential and picturesque views.

This character cottage conceals a world of enviable extras behind its sweet façade. Situated on a sizeable 2,085sqm (approx.) lovely, level block within walking distance of Main Road’s shops, schools, and restaurants, you will be enamoured with how many features you can find in one place. For hobbyists, the inclusion of 3 undercover parking spaces, Large double shed with generous workshops will alight imaginations with ideas.

Glenn Chandler

Brad Conder

M 0418 410 689 | E glenn@chandlerandco.com.au

M 0422 639 115 | E brad@chandlerandco.com.au

9754 6888 1689 Burwood Highway, Belgrave VIC 3160 www.chandlerandco.com.au of fice@chandlerandco.com.au mailcommunity.com.au

Tuesday, 20 April, 2021




V Builders & Building Services

Small Job Specialist

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J.L. Hutt Electrical ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

V Asphalting


฀ ฀

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Jason 1300 644 698

The Patch Electricians • Driveways • Car Parks • Pathways, Tennis Courts, Draining, School Yards, Machine or Hand Laid Asphalt Repairs • Commercial & Domestic • Free Quotes • Timber & Brick Edging



Daniel Brown Mobile: 0409 395 635 Email: daniel@topcatdriveways.com.au Visit our website at: www.topcatdriveways.com.au



g All Pricin t Up-Fron


0418 327 737

EST. 1984 29 Years’ Experience All work guaranteed

All types of fencing – rural, timber or colorbond Gates and Retaining Walls Expert Work at Mates Rates No job too small

Free Quotes

0408 901 088

Lighting Power Points Phone & Data Hot Water And more... yes we can


9999-8193 w w w . S e r v i c e To d a y. c o m . a u

FAIRBAIRNS HEATING & COOLING www.fairbairns.com.au Est. 1982

PIC: 38148 REC: 17042 AU: 06212

V Painters/Decorators

No job too small MIKE FERNLEY | Mob: 0488 158 556 12451591-NG25-20


Ron’s Garden and Home Care


• Lawn Mowing and All Garden Maintenance • Small Landscaping Projects • Handyman Service and Odd Jobs • NO JOB TOO SMALL

0419 683 392

Real Estate

0468 920 054 12490078-NG15-21

section of Network Classifieds.

V Pest Control

V Glass/Glazing

ABSOLUTE GLASS • Broken Window Repairs • Domestic and Commercial Glass Replacement Quality workmanship guaranteed


rangerpestcontrol.com.au Free termite quotes - Family owned business ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

CALL OWEN ON 0418 476 187

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V Handy Persons

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Call for a free quote

0488 097 005

V Plumbing

SJC HOME MAINTENANCE ‘Your Local’ Qualified Tradesman House & Property Maintenance No job too small Quality work at a great price, Fully insured


Call Mick 0424 414 495



Lic No. REC 30504

9870 7059




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5968 8493

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Ph: 9761 4092





“Servicing the hills for over 30 years”


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V Garden Services

For all your electrical work including: Extensions Safety Switches Faults Repairs Farm Work Commercial and Domestic

Lic No. AU 51273

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A Grade Electrical Contractor

9998 3725

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w w w. S e r v i c e To d a y. c o m . a u



The Patch Air Conditioning Service Sales All Brands Finance Available Senior Discounts

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V Electricians


V Fencing & Gates

V Air Conditioning

Call Us Today... For our

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Deadline for all classifications is 4.00pm Friday.

EARTHWORKS 12358958-PB30-17

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General Classifieds V Roofing

The Re-Roof Man


All types of Roofs ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

• Domestic • Commercial • Installation & Maintenance • Sewerage Connections • Septic Tanks & Stormwater Drains • Drain Blockages • Burst Pipes • LPG to Natural Gas Conversions • Hot Water Service Repairs & Renewals • Spouting, Roofing Repairs & Installation

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Paul 0418 570 231



9754 6686 ฀


Call Chris 0412 099 142 23 years in roofing leaks


Member HIA and MBA One call, We do it all!

Roof Restoration Specialists

đŏ((ŏ(!'ŏ.!,%./ŏđŏ++"ŏ/$%*#ŏđŏ++"ŏ%*0%*# đŏ(!4%ġ,+%*0%*#ŏđŏ% #!ŏ0%(!ŏ.!ġ! %*# đŏ((!5ŏ$*#%*#ŏđŏ100!.ŏ(!*%*#ŏ".+)ŏĸāĂĀ đŏ((ŏ05,!/ŏ+"ŏ.++ü*#ŏ* ŏ.,!*0.5

yes we can





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YARRA VALLEY SEPTIC TANK CLEANING • Septic Tanks • Treatment Plants • Grease Traps • EPA Licence • Portable Toilets


Licence No 21425 Maintenance, Bathroom Renovations, Gas Fitting, Dishwashers, Spouting, Replace gas & electric hot water service, General Plumbing.

5962 4841

For all your plumbing needs phone Nick on 0413 422 842


Lic No. 116785


V Garage Sales



Plumbing & Gas Fitting, Excavator Hire, Water Renewals, Metal Roof & Gutters, Hot Water Unit Repair & Replacement, All Sanitary & Stormwater Drainage, Septic, Sewer & Treatment Plants, Pumps & Rain Water Tanks.



r The proposed upgrade to the existing facility consists of the following works; installation of twelve (12) new Remote Radio Units, one (1) new GPS antenna and associated ancillary equipment and reconfiguration of existing equipment on the facility and within the equipment shelter, including removal of existing Remote Radio Units and GPS antenna. Optus regards the proposed installation as a Low-impact Facility under the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination 2018 (“The Determination”) based on the description above. In accordance with Section 7 of C564:2020 Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code, we invite you to provide feedback about the proposal. Further information and/or comments should be directed to: BMM Group, 1300 260 834, submissions@bmmgroup.com.au by 5 May 2021. Further information may also be obtained from the website provided above.

9735 3700



V Tree Lopping/Surgery

Employment V Positions Vacant

Pizza Delivery Drivers wanted Drivers must have own car. Must be neat in appearance. Hourly rate. Apply in person at: BELGRAVE PIZZA HOUSE 19 - 21 Bayview Road Belgrave

 General Plumbing  Gas Fitting  Hot & Cold Water  Roof & Spouting  Pumps & Tanks  Farm Water  Boring & Trenching  Sewerage Connections  Septics & Sand Filters



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Call the team today 0421 574 444

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Lic 106275


0405 430 061

Allison www.thetapspecialist.com.au



DAWSONS 12469830-FA46-20

Lic 38064


Tap/ Toilet installation Small renovations Dishwasher installation All small plumbing jobs


☎ 9720 5111

Lifetime Warranty!




Mr C B Hastewell and Ms E Wolff

The application reference number is:



Objections can be submitted online at http://yarraranges.vic.gov.au/track Please be aware that copies of objections/submissions including your full name and address may be shared with the applicant (upon their request) and/or made available for viewing by members of the community (upon their request). as part of the planning process. Requests for a copy of any part of a planning permit application will incur a fee. If you object, the Responsible Authority will advise you of the decision

• No Fuss • No Mess • No Stress


Development application under YR-2021/116 – Buildings and works to construct a dwelling

The applicant for the permit is:

The Responsible Authority will not decide on the application before:

28 April 2021

฀ ฀


฀ ฀

Objections can be made (and received) up until the decision date.

For further information on the application, or to make an appointment, please contact the Planning Officer, Jason Chu by email: mail@yarraranges.vic.gov.au

฀ ฀

General Classifieds section of Network Classifieds.

9988 9159 Lic No. 116785

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V Roofing


Specialist in Gutter Cleaning /ˆi`ÊÀœœvÊÀi«>ˆÀÃÊEÊi>ŽÃÊUÊ,i‡ i`ÊEÊ*œˆ˜ÌʜvÊ,œœvà 25 Yrs Experience Call Matt for a free quote


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Fill your position online ZZZQHWZRUNFODVVL´HGVFRPDX

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0473 326 333

Senior discount Cards welcome

section of Network Classifieds.

Reliable person with Kitchen experience is required to work in our restaurant kitchen at Tokar Estate • Will need to commit to work every Sunday plus 1-2 days during the week • Penalty rates apply on weekend shifts Please ring or email resume to: rita@tokarestate.com.au or phone 5964 9585 for an interview

Variation to restrictive Covenant AM882866K

An objection must: • Include the application number and site address. • Include the name and address of the objector/submitter. • Include the reasons for the objection and how the objector would be affected.


• Large Tree Specialists • Hedge Trimming Experts • Stump Grinding • Mulch Available $20 million • Consulting Arborist


The application is for a permit to:

20 Osage Concourse (Lot 12 PS732068) Mooroolbark

You may view the digital application online at the below website. Simply search by the application number then click on “Documents”. http://yarraranges.vic.gov.au/track or The digital application can also be viewed at any one of the Community Link offices Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.


Call Your Lady Plumber 9 9 9 9


Alan 5968 5191 Mob 0418 176 159

Trades & Services


DETAILS ABOUT THE APPLICATION The land affected by the application is located at:

Find it in the

V Positions Vacant

An application for Planning Permit has been made which may affect you. Notice issued: 12 April 2021.


Lic No. 29938







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Anyone advertising a puppy, dog, kitten or cat in Victoria for sale or re-homing will need a source number from the Pet Exchange Register and a microchip identification number. It is now an offence to advertise unless the source number and microchip identification number is included in the advertisement or notice. For further information, call 136 186 or visit animalwelfare.vic.gov.au

V Septic Tanks


Richard - 0419 502 949 Simon - 0417 399 750

ADVERTISERS in this section are qualified practitioners and offer nonsexual services.

9703 1530

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30 MIN FUN TIME "Visit You". Mature, blonde, D-cup. Monday-Saturday, 9am - 8pm. Call Yvonne on 0491 609 933. SWA10119XE

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Plumbing Contractor Reg No. 15348

BELGRAVE 12402861-RA44-18

5968 3334 or 0408 335 077 IAN WOODHOUSE

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V Plumbing


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DISCRIMINATION IN ADVERTISING IS UNLAWFUL The Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 1995 makes it unlawful for an advertiser to show any intention to discriminate on the basis of sex, pregnancy, race, age, marital status, political or religious belief or physical features, disability, lawful sexual activity/sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS status or on the basis of being associated with a person with one of the above characteristics, unless covered by an exception under the Act. As Network Classifieds could be legally liable if an unlawful advertisement is printed, Network Classifieds will not accept advertisements that appear to break the law. For more information about discrimination in advertising, contact your legal advisers or the Equal Opportunity Commission.

Tuesday, 20 April, 2021




Seville start season well By Nick Creely If Saturday was any sort of indicator, then it’s quite obvious that Seville’s powerful forward line duo in Nathan O’Keefe and Leigh Williams will make opposition clubs shudder. The pair slammed on 13 goals between them as the Blues banked an impressive 42-point win to kick off the AFL Outer East Division 1 2021 season in style, clawing back from a deficit at half-time to run over the top of Gembrook Cockatoo, 17.13 (115) to 10.13 (73). Williams - the ex-Eastern Football League champion - was one of the most talked about off-season recruits in the competition, and for good reason with the sharpshooter adding to a forward line containing goal machine Nathan O’Keefe. The Blues took in a 12-point deficit at halftime against the Brookers before strolling away with 13 goals to four across the remaining two quarters. O’Keefe picked up exactly where he left off from 2019’s premiership year, slamming on nine goals in an imposing performance, while Williams contributed four. Jai Melchiorre, James Cecere and Matthew Hassan were also impressive for the Blues, while Michael Firrito was all class, kicking five goals in a dominant individual display for the Brookers. Monbulk, meanwhile, held off Officer in an early-season blockbuster, 12.15 (87) to 12.9 (81). It was tightly-fought, almost finals-like clash between the two highly fancied clubs, but the Hawks had just enough class in the end to bank the points. With the game on the line in the final frantic 10 minutes, a dribbler from Lachie Ward got the Kangas in front, before a Sean Roach snap had the visitors holding onto a two-goal lead. But recruit Taylor Joyce kicked truly to bring it back to a single kick, before Daniel Banks levelled scores with a major with only a matter of seconds left. With momentum shifting at an alarming rate, William Mutschler was the hero for the

Hawks, kicking truly in the dying seconds to give his side a huge early season confidence booster. In the remaining matches, Berwick Springs stunned with a win against Belgrave, 12.16 (88) to 9.11 (65), while Mt Evelyn were excellent against Emerald at home, 15.13 (103) to 7.14 (56). Division 2 also kicked off its season on Saturday, with Powelltown and Warburton Millgrove playing for points for the very first time. Powelltown showed its class against a plucky Burras outfit, winning by 19 points, 14.11 (95) to 11.10 (76). The home side set the game up with a strong third term, slamming on three goals to extend its margin by 15 points to 27 at the final change, and despite some strong fight from the visitors couldn’t reel in the margin. Recruit Michael Fowkes (five goals) enjoyed a terrific debut for the home team, while Jayden Mullan was all class. For the Burras, Andrew White snagged five majors while Jackson Jones was named best. Down at Yarra Junction, Kinglake knocked off the Eagles in an impressive display, 12.9 (81) to 9.13 (67). The Lakers led at every change but were most impressive in a six-goal second term to create enough distance in the clash. Krystopher Douglas was super for the Lakers all day, Bailey Robinson kicked a goal and was solid, while Damian Pywell did the damage up forward with four goals. For the Eagles who were valiant in defeat, Ewan Wadsworth and Jesse Bombinski (three goals) were excellent. In other matches, Yea defeated Broadford, 14.11 (95) to 7.8 (50), while Alexandra did enough to knock off Yarra Glen, 15.11 (101) to 11.16 (82). The Premier Division season also kicked off with a standalone fixture between Narre Warren and Olinda Ferny Creek, and the Magpies were class to win comfortably, 18.15 (123) to 5.11 (41). The Magpies surged out to a 55-point halftime lead and were never threatened thereafter.

Monbulk juniors perform well from the backline Monbulk Junior Football club are enjoying being back out on the field after Round Two on Saturday saw Monbulk up against Wesburn. The weekend’s under 15’s game was well lead from the backline in Todd and Brock. Tim, Rylan and Josh kicked some great goals.

The boys worked to spread out across the field and encouraged each other to run. A little lapse in concentration occurred in the third quarter, otherwise the boys were in the game. The final score was Wesburn 88 to Monbulk 33.

Monbulk under 15’s enjoying being back out on the field for Round 2 against Wesburn.

Upgrades are unveiled at Emerald’s Worrell Reserve Emerald’s Worrell Reserve is now officially open after undergoing a significant transformation. Cardinia Shire Council officially opened the upgraded park on Thursday 15 April. Two major projects were completed at the site, including a new pavilion funded by Cardinia Shire Council, as well as new sports oval lighting and high ball catching net jointly funded by council and the State Government. The upgrades follow earlier works in 2019, which included oval resurfacing, drainage and irrigation works and a cricket practice net. Cardinia Shire Mayor Councillor Brett Owen officially opened the reserve on 15 April with Member for Eastern Victoria Harriet Shing MP and Member for Yan Yean Danielle Green MP, attending on behalf of the Minister for Sport. Cr Owen said young people were already enjoying the upgraded facilities. “Cardinia Shire prides itself on offering excellent sporting and reaction facilities so all residents can enjoy the benefits of exercise. “The new lighting at Worrell Reserve will enable the club to use the facilities in low light conditions and at night, which means they will be able to increase sport participation opportunities for the local community and increase their membership numbers,” Cr Owen said. The new pavilion has unisex accessible change rooms and toilets, a covered spectator area, and a not-for-profit gym for the community to use. Cardinia Shire Council Ranges Ward coun26 MAIL


Tuesday, 20 April, 2021

Eastern Victoria MP Harriet Shing, Mark Goodyear president of Emerald Junior Football Club, Howard Winter from the Worrell Reserve Committee of Management, Cr Graeme Moore, Cardinia Shire Council mayor Brett Owen, Danielle Green Yan Yean MP, Cr Jeff Springfield, Cr Tammy Radford and Emerald Cricket Club President Clinton Marsh at Worrell Reserve for the opening on 15 April. cillor Jeff Springfield said the upgraded facilities at Worrell Reserve offer an abundance of benefits for families and young people in the growing area of Emerald. “Council places great importance on encouraging sport and recreation in the community, and we’re always looking for ways the community can benefit from investment in new facilities,” Cr Springfield said.

Member for Yan Yean Danielle Green MP said the new lighting at Worrell Reserve also opens up more opportunities for female participation at the popular park. “Better sport and recreation facilities make it easier for Victorians to get back to local sport and recreation and lead healthy and active lifestyles.” Cardinia Shire Council funded the $3.17

million pavilion upgrade. The lighting, and high ball net were funded with $107,364 from Council and $100,000 from the Victorian Government, Sport and Recreation Victoria through the Country Football and Netball Program 2019-2020. Worrell Reserve is used by Emerald Junior Football Club, Emerald Cricket Club, Emerald Community Gym, local primary and secondary schools and the wider community. mailcommunity.com.au


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Monbulk Bowling Club

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Sunday, Apr 25 ..............................................................Hawthorn vs. Adelaide Sunday, Apr 25 ........................................................ Collingwood vs. Essendon Sunday, Apr 25 .......................................................... Port Adelaide vs. St Kilda

William Matthews Funerals 45 Cave Hill Rd, Lilydale


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24 HOUR SERVICE - ALL AREAS Large Chapel | Pre Paid Funerals Available

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Saturday, Apr 24 ...............................................Fremantle vs. North Melbourne


Friday, Apr 23 .......................................................... GWS vs. Western Bulldogs Saturday, Apr 24 ...........................................................Geelong vs. West Coast Saturday, Apr 24 ....................................................Gold Coast Suns vs. Sydney Saturday, Apr 24 ............................................................... Carlton vs. Brisbane Saturday, Apr 24 ........................................................ Melbourne vs. Richmond

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Excellence in Aged Care

We believe it is the right of every Australian to have affordable access to high quality residential aged care services within a homely, safe, supportive and nurturing environment that is able to meet the individual needs, goals, preferences and care requirements of our residents. Our residents always come first.

We recognise and value the resident’s family and/or other representatives in partnering with care, ensuring where relevant communication is strong in developing relationships. We treat our residents as individuals and promote individual choice and decision making.

We take great pride in the professional quality of our work and have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in what we do. Call our friendly community engagement manager, Amanda on 1300 428 886 for more information or arrange a personal tour.

Clovelly Cottage 16 Stewart Street, Boronia VIC. 3155

Permanent and respite available now.

1300 428 886

www.autumnagedcare.com.au 12483754-SN17-21



Tuesday, 20 April, 2021


Profile for Star News Group

Mail - Ranges Trader Star Mail - 20th April 2021  

Mail - Ranges Trader Star Mail - 20th April 2021  

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