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A home to learning

Dandenong High School strives to create an environment where every student achieves success and realises their potential.

Greater Dandenong and Casey kinders will be among the first in the state to get cash to access experts. Dandenong MP Gabrielle Williams announced on Friday 27 April that they would join 23 local government areas to share $58.1 million worth of school readiness funding. The Australian-first program will fund access to experts and innovative programs. All kinders operated by an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations in Victoria will also be able to access the funding. "This Australian-first initiative is about ensuring no child is left behind - and that those who need extra help will get it," Early Childhood Education Minister Jenny Mikakos said. "Not every child has an equal chance to thrive at kindergarten and school readiness funding will mean that more kids will be ready for school and ready for life." One in five Victorian children start school developmentally vulnerable, according to the 2015 Australian Early Development Census, and those who start behind tend to stay behind. The funding will allow kinders to tap into language and literacy professionals, speech therapists and child psychologists. They'll be brought in to work directly with children at kindergartens and build the capability of parents and educators. "We want all Dandenong kids to start school on equal footing, if they need extra help through a speech therapist, or a literacy expert, this funding will provide that," Ms Williams said. It's the first time school readiness funding has been made available to kindergartens. It will become a permanent part of the Victorian kindergarten system and will boost kinder funding by 10 per cent when fully rolled out.


Established in 1919, Dandenong High School is one of the oldest and most culturally diverse secondary schools in the state. The school's vision is to create an environment where every student achieves success and realises their potential. Principal Susan Ogden explained that the school's unique house structure and state of the art facilities ensure students' develop a deep connection and strong pride in their school. "In Years 7-9, students learn in a collaborative model in their house with teams of teachers. Learning is personalised, technology embedded and differentiated to meet individual needs and ensure every student is engaged and challenged," Ms Ogden said. "Our senior studies program and our strong partnerships with tertiary providers and community organisations provide students with an individualised senior pathway and the essential entrepreneurship and other 21st century skills necessary for success once they leave school." Dandenong High School offers an extensive STEM pathway and SEAL program and encourages students to contribute positively to their community. "Our emphasis on student agency and leadership empowers our students to exact positive change and be responsible community members both inside and outside the school," Ms Ogden said. "I am incredibly proud to be the leader of such a unique and dynamic learning community and would encourage you to visit our website or contact the school to arrange a tour." For more information about Dandenong High School, phone 9792 0561 or visit www.

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A strong sense of pride

Hampton Park Secondary College students Isabeau Hart and Kayden Draai.

Powering on Hampton Park Secondary College has a strong partnership with its feeder primary schools. The college offers a sports mentoring program for students to umpire the interschool sports at primary schools. Students umpire a variety of sports and work with all the grade 6 students. This program builds the confidence of student mentors to be leaders, as well as building a positive connection to Hampton Park students. College teachers also work with primary school teachers and students to ensure the transition to secondary college is smooth and nurturing. The school has multiple transition days prior to children commencing, as well as when they begin Year 7. Students in Year 7 have an alternate program for the first few days which focuses on building learning power. This program enables students to understand how they learn

best, to feel comfortable at Hampton Park Secondary and allows them to get to know their teachers and the new environment. Hampton Park Secondary has a positive peer support program, in which the Year 10 and 11 student leaders mentor the new Year 7 students. This program is highly successful and helps the Year 7’s feel a sense of belonging and connectedness to the college and older students. Students are the top priority at Hampton Park Secondary College. The college values of respect, learning and working together are instilled in students in order to achieve their best growth. The college strives to “create lifelong learners.” Contact Janette Kalatzis at Hampton Park Secondary College on 8795 9400 for a tour or further information.

Dandenong Primary School offers excellence in teaching and learning in a warm and welcoming environment for all. Principal Daniel Riley said the school community held high aspirations for every student and "as a community we support and challenge one another to realise these high expectations". "All members of our community have a strong sense of pride in the school and are active partners in promoting and celebrating Dandenong Primary School culture and achievements within the school and to the broader community," Mr Riley said. "The Dandenong Primary School curriculum is responsive to the needs of every student and is delivered by highly dedicated teachers and support staff through explicit, high-impact approaches to learning and teaching." Learning areas include English, mathematics, science, humanities, health and physical education, visual arts, French and design technologies (formerly ICT). "We offer a highly specialised English as an Additional Language program. Early intervention and learning extension are provided across the school to maximise success for all. "Our curriculum is further strengthened by the voice, leadership and agency that Dandenong Primary School students bring to their own learning. "We provide a safe and inclusive environment where diversity is promoted and celebrated." Mr Riley said the school had an integrated approach to student and family health, wellbeing, inclusion and engagement that was focussed on providing support, information and specialised services. In order to maximise engagement and wellbeing, the school offers: Program for Students with Disabilities A Highly Dedicated Student Wellbeing Team KidsMatter, Play is the Way and eSmart Approaches

· · ·

Dandenong Primary School is a great place to learn. Accredited · eSmart Technology

Approaches to Online

"Dandenong Primary School functions as a community hub, facilitating collaboration with a range of partners to provide services and activities before, during and after school hours. "In addition to the strong foundation for success that our school curriculum provides, we also offer a school breakfast club, after school sports, choir and performing arts, a multimedia School TV News production, student leadership development, camps and excursions as well as state-of- the-art facilities "For our families we provide a Community Hubs Australia program, an award winning Dandy Pals playgroup, before and after-school care, onsite kindergarten, adult English language classes, and a convenient location in the heart of Dandenong." For a copy of the student enrolment application, to book a school tour or to simply learn more about what the school can offer, please contact Mr Riley on 9792 2743.

At Hampton Park Secondary College, we aim to provide for the learning needs of all students through offering a broad and comprehensive curriculum program. As a college we are committed to providing a safe and supporting learning environment through our school-wide positive behaviour policy. This is promoted by the college values – Respect, Learning and Working Together.

Hampton Park Secondary College offers an array of activities and different spaces to ensure students are connected to their secondary school life. Students can partake in a variety of activities to further their growth both socially and academically. • Sports – Students can represent Hampton Park in a variety of sports and house events • School Production – This year we are performing ‘Grease’ the musical • SRC & Leadership – Students have the opportunity to represent their peers as a leader • Peer Support Program – All year 7s are teamed up with our Year 10 & 11 student mentors • The Maker Space – A variety of clubs happen here; Drone, Photography, Barista (and you can buy coffee!) • Technology – 3D Printer, Robotics, STEM program • Instrumental Music Program – Learn an instrument and perform when you are ready • FLS – Flexible Learning Space specifically for Year 7 & 8 students to learn • Homework Club – where students can catch up and ask questions of their teachers

Our door is always open. Please call Janette Kalatzis for a tour of the College. 12387645-LB21-18

Fordholm Road, Hampton Park

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A cultural environment Hampton Park Primary School is characterised by its rich cultural diversity with 38 language backgrounds. It provides a Prep to Year 6 program that recognizes the wide-ranging educational and social needs of its 364 students. The school motto "persistence, creativity, excellence" is reinforced by the values of respect, co-operation, friendliness, best effort and equality. Acting Principal Elizabeth Davey explained that staff work as a team to provide a comprehensive education for all students. "We place great importance on students developing high-level literacy and numeracy skills," Ms Davey said. "We have just completed a $5.7 million building program including eight new classrooms and introduced a STEM-based curriculum using the contemporary and innovative STEM learning space. "We offer the specialist programs of physical education, science, digital technologies, STEM and Mandarin." In addition to a strong commitment to academic excellence, the school focuses on students' social and emotional wellbeing in order to build resilience and maintain positive mental health. Hampton Park Primary is a recognised Kidsmatter School and implements a social

Mutual respect at Hallam Hallam Senior College aims to provide all students with the maximum opportunity for personal and academic growth in a supportive environment, one specially designed for students in their later years of secondary education. Hallam Senior College offers an extensive range of study options in Year 10, VCE, VET amd VCAL that enable teachers to personalise a student’s timetable through a focused program approach. “Students are at the centre of our thinking, planning and actions. We aim to ensure that we provide positive learning experiences for every student in a young adult environment," said acting principal David Caughey. "With highly experienced staff ensuring quality of delivery across all subjects, students are treated as young adults with staff-student

relationships based on mutual respect, cooperation and a focus on the common goal – learning. "In a young adult learning environment students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their learning. "The relationships we forge with students and their families are critical elements of a student’s success at this important stage of their learning. "Hallam Senior College values relationships built on respect and responsibility where the relationships between people, learning and the environment frame our actions." Contact Hallam Senior College on 9703 1266 for more information or to book a tour of the college.

Hampton Park Primary School''s motto of “persistence, creativity, excellence” is reinforced by the values of respect, cooperation, friendliness, best effort and equality. and emotional learning program to support this initiative. "At Hampton Park Primary, we are committed to maintaining a learning environment where students persist in all things and develop a creative approach to learning in their search for excellence," Ms Davey said. "The learning environment is one where students learn to be flexible, reflective and open minded so they will develop into capable young people with the ability to monitor their own learning and effectively manage challenges as they arise." Please contact the school on 9799 1440 to arrange a tour.

Students are treated as young adults at Hallam Senior College.


Monday 21st May - Friday 25th May What’s On Open Morning - Wednesday 23rd May Open Afternoon - Wednesday 23rd May 9:15am - 10:30am 3:45pm - 5:45pm An opportunity for prospective families to tour our facilities and see our school community in action.

We welcome families within our school community to come along, visit classrooms and engage in fun activities with your children.


& SUBJECT EXPO Tuesday 24th July 12387905-DJ21-18

SEE OUR WEBSITE OR FACEBOOK FOR MORE INFORMATION Acting Principal – Liz Davey Phone: 9799 1440 • email :


Hallam Senior College Frawley Road, Hallam, Victoria 3803 P: 9703 1266 E: 12387248-CB20-18


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Parents must be diligent

Marking 60 years On 4 February 1958, Brother Amedy Molloy of the De La Salle Brothers enthusiastically walked into a one classroom school of 60 boys and began to teach. He was soon joined by other De La Salle brothers and lay teachers, and over the next decade, in association with the Presentation Sisters, the number of students grew rapidly. The school became known as St John’s Regional College and its motto is now Courage Reaches for the Stars (Virtus in astra tendit). In 2018, St John’s Regional College is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee and will commemorate Brother Amedy’s pioneering educational vision and the vision of the men and women who have led and taught at St John’s. As a part of the celebrations, current and past students, parents, staff and several Sisters and Brothers recently gathered around the symbols of the Presentation Sisters and De La Salle Brothers to honour 60 years of Catholic Education in Dandenong. “St John’s continues to embrace the pioneering vision of Brother Amedy and those who followed him through the vast opportunities it provides for its students,” St John’s communications and marketing officer Katrina Blick said. “Whether it be a full academic course of study, a vocational pathway, a variety of extracurricular activities or the opportunity to feed one’s soul, St John’s sees its students at the centre of its core business which educates the human being - body, soul and intellect,” “This has been the case since St John’s opened its doors in 1958 and then, more broadly in 1977, when the entire college was made co-educational.” Since that time, Ms Blick said that the education of young men and women in the Dan-

St John's Regional College is this year celebrating its diamond jubilee. denong area has been “celebrated through the many ex students who have gone on in the world with a courage that reaches for the stars.” “Whether it’s those who have moved to fame or those who have lived a full life, the staff and students of St John’s, along with their families, for the past 60 years have not only graced the

Greater Dandenong area but the various parts of the world they have found themselves,” Ms Blick said. “For that, and for the past 60 years, we give joyful thanks.” To find out more about St John’s Regional College, phone 9791 3366 or visit www.sjrc.vic.

Cyberbullying is a deeply embedded problem in society, with one in five young people under the age of 18 reporting that they have experienced online bullying in any one year, but schools cannot solve the problem alone. This is the view of Professor Marilyn Campbell, of the Queensland University of Technology, a world-expert on cyberbullying. Professor Campbell spent two decades as a teacher, before becoming a registered psychologist and then moving into research. “While schools obviously have a role to play, we need to ensure parents are playing an active role in dealing with cyberbullying. “Most cyberbullying is initiated outside of the school, so we need to make sure parents know how to respond – whether their child is being bullied or, in fact, is the bully.” Often, the policing of cyberbullying is seen as an area for schools and teachers to manage, but Professor Campbell says that parents shouldn’t pass on the responsibility for ensuring their children are safe. “Parents are their children’s first teachers, and they are the people supplying their children with the technology,” says Professor Campbell. “Both of those factors add up to parents having a very important role to play – they can’t just say ‘This is something for schools to deal with,’ and wash their hands of it.” “No-one is suggesting that this is an easy space to navigate – far from it. But appropriate online relationships are just like appropriate offline relationships – they thrive on respect and empathy, despite the fact that they are being conducted behind the veil of online anonymity. Parents need to make sure they are teaching their children how to conduct those kinds of relationships.”


OPEN EVENT THURSDAY 17 MAY Tours Commence at 9.30am

“All are welcome” Enrolments open for 2020 and limited spaces for 2019 IN ASTR A IRTUS



5-11Caroline Street, Dandenong 3175


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Shake salt off the menu Heart Foundation figures show that typical “go-to” school lunchbox options such as the humble ham and cheese sandwich can deliver school kids more than half their entire recommended daily allowance of salt. Dietitians at the Heart Foundation have analysed the average salt content of a range of go-to school lunchbox options and found that: A ham and cheese sandwich on white bread with butter can contain 3g of salt. This is 91 per cent of a four-to-eight year old’s recommended daily allowance of 3.5g of salt and well over half (61 per cent) of a 9-13 year old’s recommended daily allowance. A cheese and vegemite sandwich on white bread with butter can contain 2g of salt. This is over half (57 per cent) of a four-to-eight year old’s recommended daily allowance and 40 per cent of the daily allowance for a 9-13 year old. A chicken loaf and cheese sandwich on white bread with mayonnaise can contain 2.8g of salt. This is 80 per cent of a four-to-eight year old’s recommended daily allowance of 3.5g and more than half of it for a 9-13 year old. Heart Foundation Victoria CEO Kellie-Ann Jolly said parents needed to be aware that the fillings they put in sandwiches could contribute more salt than they realise to their children’s diets. But this didn’t mean they should cut out sandwiches as a lunchbox staple. “There are many other healthy, low salt sandwich filling options,” Ms Jolly said. “Why not try roasted chicken and avocado on multigrain bread? Or an egg and avocado sandwich? Both contain less than a gram of salt. Or a cheese and carrot sandwich on multigrain, which contains only 1.4 grams of salt.” Recent research shows that two out of three Victorian schoolchildren are consuming 60 per cent more salt than is recommended every

Salt can be a hidden nasty in many lunchboxes.

Colour is the key to a healthy lunchbox. day, and more than half of that comes from “core” food groups, such as bread and cheese and breakfast cereals. Heart Foundation Victoria dietitian Sian Armstrong said the amount of salt in some core foods like bread and cheese was concerning, but the Heart Foundation did not recom-

mend cutting them out altogether. “Bread and cheese contribute to the basis of a healthy balanced diet so it’s important to read the label and choose the lowest salt option or look for products labelled ‘low salt’ or ‘salt reduced’,” Ms Armstrong said. “It’s also important to think about the whole

lunchbox. An ideal healthy lunchbox would include a filling lunch such as a wholegrain sandwich with protein such as chicken or eggs. The snacks could be fresh fruit, chopped vegetables, and yoghurt,” Ms Armstrong said. “You can find lots of ideas for healthy and filling snacks, and learn how to read food labels at the Unpack the Salt website.” Ms Jolly added that reducing the amount of salt in children’s diets was critical to protecting the heart health of future generations. “There is a link between a high salt diet and high blood pressure in adulthood. Meanwhile, studies have shown that reducing salt intake during childhood lowers blood pressure. This is important, because blood pressure tracks over the life course, meaning higher levels in childhood increase the future risk of high blood pressure as an adult. Hence salt reduction strategies that seek to protect childhood blood pressure are important for longer- term prevention of heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.”

SPRING PARKS PRIMARY SCHOOL Spring Parks Primary School delivers every child, every opportunity for learning and excelling. We are proud of our Literacy and Numeracy programs which are our key priority areas - that aim to provide children the best learning outcomes.



Our School is equipped with and focussed on: + Access to robotics and STEM program + On average, delivering more than a year’s growth in English and Maths + Parents and families support programs + Small class sizes with extra support staff in all classroom

Spring Parks Primary School has demonstrated well above average gains for Numeracy in NAPLAN over the past 3 years

+ Supporting children’s social and emotional development

Email:฀฀฀•฀฀ WEST CAMPUS: 24฀Erica฀Street,฀Springvale฀VIC฀3171฀•฀T:฀9546 6402฀•฀F:฀9547 2763 VALLEY CAMPUS: 27-39 Clarke Road, Springvale VIC 3172 •฀T:฀9547 3222฀•฀F:฀9558 4891



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A sustainable education Sustainability is the focus of many schools these days with students encouraged to pack nude lunches and be energy busters. How can parents help encourage their kids to be sustainable students? Here are 10 tips from Sustainability Victoria: 1. Lunches - get the kids to make their own lunch and use containers suited to nude food which eliminates the need for plastic or aluminium foil wrapping. If you do need to wrap, reusable beeswax wraps be used instead of plastic. Find out about them online or do a course on making them at your local neighborhood house or community arts centre. Water bottles can be frozen to keep lunches fresh in summer. Some people use a thermos as a year-round way to keep liquids (like drinks and yogurt which you can decant from a larger container) at a constant temperature. Encourage your students to use the school’s compost bins or bring home their scraps for yours. 2. Make you own snacks Despite what they say, many kids have plenty of time on their hands. Teach them to make their own muesli bars and other snacks. Be patient. It’s a life skill. 3. Get more value. Use the Love Food Hate Waste website to get great recipes to use last night’s leftovers in exciting ways for school (and work) lunches. 4. Mmmm coffee… If your teenagers are in the habit of buying a cuppa before or after school, a ‘keep cup’ is a good investment. 5. Save money by digging out pens, pencils and other consumables from drawers, cupboards and bags rather than buying new ones. Many stationery makers have a range of notebooks made from recycled paper. Greencollect at Braybrook sells recycled stationery and other excess office supplies from businesses.

Riding to school is a great way to stay fit and be sustainable. 6. Textbooks and uniforms. Most schools have second-hand book and uniform shops, but your local op shop is also worth trying. Many high school English and literature books are available free on Kindle. For other subjects ask teachers what the difference is with this year’s version of a textbook compared with last year’s. 7. Music teachers can often bridge the gap between an instrument sitting unused on a

bedroom shelf and a student. You can often get a better-quality instrument this way, rather than paying more for new. 8. Walking or riding to school is a great way to stay fit. It saves fuel, reduces vehicle pollution and traffic jams at the school gate. Otherwise park a short distance from the school and walk with the kids and use it as an opportunity to teach road rules. Catching the bus is often an option, too.

9.Buying a desk, bookcase or filing cabinet? Second-hand office furniture shops often have very modern goods at a much better price than new and they will last. 10.Ask your school to join the Resource Smart Schools program and Sustainability Victoria’s TAKE2 program. TAKE2 is about individuals, groups and organisations joining forces to set their own objectives and act to preserve the planet.


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Patterson Cheney Toyota


New HiLux Rogue

New HiLux Rugged

New HiLux Rugged X

Patterson Cheney Toyota 200 Cheltenham Road, Dandenong. Ph 9215 2200 LMCT578 MCK73809




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Mum and daughter sorters

Brushwork on the bricks




Good for Footy at Noble Park

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Property Lift out


School’s sharing culture Southern Cross Primary students celebrated their different cultural backgrounds with a day of activities. The Endeavour Hills school held the harmony day on Wednesday 2 May and encouraged kids to share their culture through traditional clothing. See endeavourhillshallamdoveton.starcommunity. for more photos.

Musfira, Rameen, Ayla, Liba, Ashweena and Waniya. 179885

Award a fair cop When the Journal spoke to Det Lead Sen Const Manno in 2016, he said he started the program after seeing the power of sport firsthand during games between Victoria Police's soccer club and young people. He said the community youth initiative was an "early intervention strategy" to build bridges between police and young people in a fun way. He said he wanted to reconnect at-risk young people with their communities. Mr Loyola said: "Vince's passion for soccer and supporting young people through soccer for almost 30 years demonstrates immense drive, community spirit and hard work." In 2008, Det Lead Sen Const Manno was named the Victorian winner of the Australia Police Multicultural Advisory Bureau Award.


At the time, he told the Journal he helped to run coaching clinics across the state for those who could not readily access mainstream sport. "They may face a lot of barriers such as registration fees and parental support or other factors may be stopping them from becoming involved," he said. Det Lead Sen Const Manno said many of the young women and men he worked with had different perspectives and understandings of police due to their different cultural backgrounds. He said police had to break down many barriers when working with migrants because some had come from countries where there were very oppressive and brutal regimes. "The police might have had a military back-

FREE Custommade


Narre Warren North MP Luke Donnellan with Vince Manno and Juan Carlos Loyola. ground and they might have been abused either mentally or physically," he said. "Soccer and sport is a good vehicle to open up points of discussion and break down some of the barriers."

Blinds & Curtains


Cnr Victor cres & Narre Warren Nth rd Narre Warren 3805



E-Mail or Melway Ref 110 E5

Open 6 Days


The new X-Class. First of a new kind. Available now.

Mercedes-Benz Berwick 518 Princes Hwy, Berwick. Ph: 03 8794 0900 LMCT578



Narre Warren North policeman Vince Manno has been honoured for his community spirit and dedication. He received the Juan Carlos Loyola Award for Longstanding Community Service on Friday 4 May. Endeavour Hills man and Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) recipient Mr Loyola has worked tirelessly for more than 25 years with the Doveton Special Soccer School. This is the seventh year that Narre Warren North MP Luke Donnellan has presented an award in his honour. Det Lead Sen Const Manno has also used soccer to community benefit. He was active in re-forming the Victoria Police Soccer Club in 1990 and then in 2001 founded the Soccer COPPS Program.


City of Casey

Community News Old Civic Centre and Library demolition

Waste not, want not! The City of Casey is hosting two waste events over the next two weeks:

Composting and No Dig Gardens

Works will be commencing to demolish the old Civic Centre and Narre Warren library from next week.

Learn how to compost successfully, create fertiliser, learn about alternative composting tools and discover the beneits of no-dig gardens.

During the works there will unfortunately be some impact to car parking around Casey ARC and the central walkway between Bunjil Place, Casey ARC and Westield will also be closed. It is expected these changes will take place in early June.


Wayinding signage has been installed to assist visitors to navigate around the construction site and visitors are strongly encouraged to utilise the digital parking signs to locate available parking.

Visit for tickets.

Where: Myuna Farm, 182 Kidds Road, Doveton.

Follow your Waste

Following the completion of the works at the end of 2018, an additional 80 car parking spaces will be available. The old City of Casey Civic Centre will be demolished to make way for more car parks.

Building for today, focusing on tomorrow

Be part of a Guinness World Record attempt!

The City of Casey is inviting the community to have its say on the 2018-19 Draft Budget – a budget which delivers for the Casey community of today, while focusing on a future serving 500,000 residents.

Join the attempt to break a world record at Wilson Botanic Park Berwick later this month!

At its Special Council Meeting on Tuesday, Council adopted the draft budget for community consultation along with the Draft Revised Council Plan 2017-21. Despite the challenges of the cumulative impact of rate capping, faster than forecast growth and the global recycling crisis, this year’s draft budget continues Council’s strong investment in services and projects that support the community.

2018-19 Drat Budget at a glance » $441.1m total budget

- $319.9m operating budget - $121.2m capital works program » 2.25% average general rate increase in line with the rate cap » $28 increase in waste charge due to global recycling crisis.

Capital Works Program snapshot » $25.98m – sports and recreational facilities » $14.66m - family and community facilities » $26.65m - Casey’s expansive road and path network » $4.55m - playgrounds and open spaces » $4.5m - Council’s digital transformation program All residents are encouraged to check out the draft budget and have their say at by Friday 8 June 2018.

Monday 21 May from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Where: Pick-up with be from Bunjil Place, 2 Patrick North East Drive, Narre Warren. Visit for tickets.

The FREE community event on Wednesday 23 May will include a live screening of Stargazing with Brian Cox, with registrations open from 7.00 pm. To break the record, participants will stargaze at the moon through a telescope or binoculars for a 10-minute period simultaneously across multiple sites throughout Australia. Search ‘City of Casey Star Party’ on Facebook to ind out more and sign up.

Pet bonanza at Wilson Botanic Park Berwick! The City of Casey will offer 50 per cent off NEW cat or dog registrations at its inaugural Casey Pet Expo next Saturday! The FREE entry Expo will offer pet related market stalls, Flipping Disc Dogz performances, a pet photo booth and plenty more. Head along to Wilson Botanic Park Berwick on Saturday 19 May from 11.00 am until 3.00 pm. Dogs must be kept on a leash.

Each household in the City of Casey can claim two FREE native plants as part of the Casey Plant Giveaway.

Grab your FREE plants next week! Claim your households two FREE plants as the annual Casey Plant Giveaway returns. From Thursday 17 May until Saturday 19 May Council oficers will be at three local shopping centres at various times to give away the native plants. Residents will be able to collect their plants from Westield Fountain Gate, Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre and Endeavour Hills Shopping Centre. To ind out more, including available collection times, visit plantgiveaway.

Find out more at

Customer Service Centres

03 9705 5200

NRS: 133 677 (for the deaf, hearing or speech impaired)

PO Box 1000 Narre Warren VIC 3805


Community News 8 May 2018.indd 1 14 May, 2018 2 STAR JOURNAL | Monday,


The City of Casey is joining in the ABC’s Guinness World Record attempt for ‘most people stargazing across multiple venues’ at our very own Star Party!

Contact City of Casey

TIS: 131 450 (Translating and Interpreting Service)

Visit four different locations across Casey and ind out more about where your waste goes! Follow the same route as your rubbish by visiting the old Narre Warren Landill site, BioGro, REPLAS and SUEZ.


For more information head to

Saturday 12 May from 9.00 am – 11.30 am

Cranbourne Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre Narre Warren Bunjil Place

9/05/2018 11:52 AM



Residential-care teens go on joyride By Cam Lucadou-Wells Two boys who live at a South-East residential care facility have allegedly stolen one of the facility's vehicles and joy-rode through Dandenong North back-roads at night, a children's court bail hearing has heard. The magistrate questioned a Youth Justice worker at the 7 May hearing why the co-accused boys, both with lengthy criminal histories, were placed at the same facility. "It's really silly. It's counterproductive." One of the boys, a "high-risk" 14-year-old with complex intellectual and mental health issues, appeared in the dock. During the 3 May joy-ride, he had allegedly used the hand-brake to skid the stolen Hyundai, a police prosecutor told the court. The co-accuseds took it in turns to drive, with

the other boy crashing into a gutter, the court heard. They allegedly drove the damaged car back to the facility. The next day, the 14-year-old was chased down and arrested by police while appearing in court an outstanding car-theft charge, police said. He had been bored and been smoking cannabis on the day of the joy-ride, he allegedly told them. The boy had previously poured petrol over a girl's face at a different residential facility because she refused to sniff the fuel with him in late 2016, the court heard. As the girl was showered by staff, the boy burned the bottom of the bathroom door with a cigarette lighter. He threatened to burn the house down if police were called, the court heard.

The boy at the time of the petrol incident was on 13 counts of bail, police told the court. Police opposed bail, citing the boy's risk to public safety, his disregard for his existing bail and lack of remorse. The boy was however bailed, noting his age, vulnerabilities, supports from community services and his parents, and supervision by Youth Justice. As part of the boy's bail conditions, he was ordered not to associate with the more sophisticated co-accused. The judge said the older boy had "some sort of hold" on the 14-year-old. The Department of Human Services had no intention to remove either of the boys from the facility, a Youth Justice worker told the court. It would be "contemptuous" for the DHS to ignore the non-association condition, the judge said.

Knife threat in Springvale home Two armed men forced their way into a Springvale home and threatened the occupant with a knife. Police said the burglars knocked on the Elm Grove front door about 1.50pm on Sunday 6 May. When the 36-year-old victim answered the door they forced their way inside and threatened the man. They stole cash and jewellery and left the scene in a dark-coloured Honda Civic hatch with stolen number plates. Police said both men had a solid build and wore dark clothes, one had a Malaysian appearance and the other Middle Eastern. Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Greater Dandenong CIU on 9767 7444 with any information.

Police want to speak to this man.

CCTV image could hold clues Police hope CCTV images will help them to track down a thief. Greater Dandenong CIU said a man stole a backpack from a person on Heatherton Road, Dandenong, on 17 March. Police said the backpack contained the victim's wallet, and the thief used their credit cards at numerous stores in the Endeavour Hills area. They released a still image from CCTV footage of a man they believe could assist with inquiries. Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit www. and quote incident number 180097558.

Monash drivers up to speed


Celebrating mums through culture A Dandenong event honoured motherhood with an immersive Pakistani experience. Wellsprings for Women celebrated Mother’s Day on Wednesday 9 May. “Amongst so many things we learnt from our mothers, cooking tops the list,” CEO Dalal Smiley said. She said participants reflected on what their mother’s taught them and “and thanking them for the sacrifices they have made to give

us a better a life”. “The event aimed at generating intercultural understanding and connections between women by sharing what their mothers and grandmothers passed on to them,” she said. “Is there a secret recipe that is handed down from one generation to the next?” Women from many different cultural backgrounds worked together to create a Pakistani experience through cooking Pakistani food,

researching Pakistani culture and customs, preparing and delivering a presentation on the day, and wearing traditional clothes. “We are grateful for funding from the Victorian Multicultural Commission and the Scanlon Foundation which enabled us to organise the event and make it a real celebration of women’s tenacity, resilience and sense of solidarity,” Ms Smiley said. Turn to page 10 for more coverage in the lead up to Mother's Day

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Motel theft witness appeal Police are searching for two men who stole cash and a mobile phone from a Noble Park motel. They entered the Sandown Heritage Motor Inn on Princes Highway about 3.08am on Saturday 21 April and stole the items. Both were described as Caucasian and aged in their early thirties. Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 with any information.

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Mum and daughter Ayesha Awan and Fatima Noor. 180352

The Monash Freeway’s new lanes are open, making way for an extra 2000 vehicles per hour. Premier and Mulgrave MP Daniel Andrews visited Dandenong North on Monday 7 May to announce that more than 30 kilometres of new lanes would start opening that night - two months ahead of schedule. He said digital overhead lane signs to automatically and remotely manage traffic flow would be switched on mid-year.


Monday, 14 May, 2018




Compiled by Dandenong and District Historical Society

214 whose causality is not stated.

100 years ago 16 May 1918 Progressive Dandenong The well-known firm of Messrs Moran and Cato, who have already about 74 stores in the metropolitan area, have purchased a piece of land in Lonsdale Street, Dandenong, between the Savings and Commercial banks, and are now erecting a spacious building which will have a fine frontage of 33 feet, in which they intend to carry on their usual business. The contractors expect to have the building completed in about three months hence. AIF Casualties The total casualties sustained by the Australian Imperial Forces are now 244,411. Of that number, 45,883 have been killed, 124,384 wounded, 2935 have been taken prisoners , while the list totals 70,461 and 534 are reported missing, while there are

50 years ago 21 May 1968 Duke of Edinburgh's Third Commonwealth Study Conference Icy winds and a warm welcome greeted Dandenong's visitors for the Duke of Edinburgh's Third Commonwealth Study conference when they arrived here on Saturday afternoon. The 12-man party was delayed after a late touchdown at Essendon and drove into the Prince Mark Hotel grounds almost an hour later than scheduled. They will stay at the Prince Mark Hotel until Wednesday 22 May. The local organising committee headed by Dandenong's mayor, Cr Peter Wagstaff, and Berwick's Shire President, Cr Allan Ruston, made informality the tempo in a breezy half hour reception at the motel.

They were driven in a motorcade to Cr George Rae's dairy farm and toured the property before returning to the hotel before a smorgasbord dinner dance at the Windsor on Saturday night. Dandenong Rotary and Apex Clubs organised the dinner, principally to acquaint the visitors with identities from the Dandenong and District Hospital the Peninsula Ambulance Service and 160 guests. The party stayed 90 minutes longer than scheduled at Saturday's dinner and spent Sunday afternoon with local families after inspecting Clarrie Corrigan's market garden, with lunch at the civic offices.

20 years ago 18 May 1998 Who's Who The 1998 Industrial Business Directory has information on 2000 businesses and 760

support and service organizations throughout the City of Greater Dandenong.

5 years ago 20 May 2013 Your Voice This little piggy is coming to Dandenong Market. From when I was a kid growing up in Dandenong there is one memory which has stayed with me, the old Dandy Hams and Bacon 'pig' at the entrance to the town. Since the 1970s Dandenong has changed a lot. When I come back, nothing seems quite the same. Dandenong has grown and developed into a very different place. But to have an old icon restored and put back for the public to view is just wonderful. - Craig Wilson, Beaufort.

From teaching to welfare What’s In a Name delves into the fascinating stories and personalities behind some of the city’s best-known street and location names. This week the Journal looks at the Tom Houlahan Community Centre in Foster Street East.



City of Greater Dandenong Living Treasure Tom Houlahan was born at Axe Creek, near Bendigo, in 1916 and raised on his parents’ small mixed farm. His parents, despite hardship, sent him to Assumption College in Kilmore for his secondary education. Tom then worked on the farm for four years before he realised his mother’s dream and became a teacher. He completed his training shortly before World War II broke out. Tom joined the Army and his leadership

qualities resulted in promotion. He said his service provided him with important lessons in tolerance. While home on leave in 1945 Tom married his childhood friend Mary Mannes and by 1953 they had settled in Dandenong. Tom gained the reputation for being a fine teacher and in 1972 was appointed as Dandenong Primary School’s principal. He is also known and respected for his com-

mitment to community welfare. In 1955 Tom recognised the need for greater welfare assistance and helped to form the Society of St Vincent de Paul in Dandenong. For more than 43 years he worked tirelessly for the organisation and assisted thousands of people. Tom’s optimism was steadfast and reassuring. He cited his parents as the role models for the compassion and generosity for which he was known. His Living Treasure tribute said that in building a strong network of social welfare volunteers through his own quiet leadership, the gentle, unassuming man reinforced the best values of community involvement for all the people with whom he came into contact. Tom died in 2004. - Compiled with assistance from the City of Greater Dandenong.

William Matthews Funerals

Tom Houlahan.

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All aboard for jobs By Casey Neill Shuttle buses could ferry workers from the South-East and beyond to jobs in Dandenong South. At the Monday 23 April Greater Dandenong Council meeting, Councillor Roz Blades suggested a route from Dandenong Railway Station "rather than run buses up and down Abbotts Road on an hourly basis which are mostly empty because there is no need for an hourly service". "From Dandenong station there would be a shuttle bus to take people to work at the time of their shift and it would collect them on their way home, and there might be a shift change in the middle of the day," she said. Cr Blades asked that the council approach employers in Dandenong South to find out the needs of their workers. "That way we can tailor a bus service where

we can get people to work in their own city," she said. "To a lot of the young people, it is the difference between leaving school and starting their working life with a job or starting their working life on unemployment benefits." Business group manager, Paul Kearsley, said the council was lobbying the State Government "very hard" for help with a shuttle bus project. "Ventura Buses have put forward a proposal exactly as Cr Blades has spoken about," he said. "Council's traffic engineers and our business group are assisting Ventura put that proposal together. "It is something that this council has been pushing for, for a number of years and we now have a bus provider Ventura, in support of that model where previously we had not. "Now is the right time to push for that."

In April, the Journal spoke to South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance (SEMMA) executive officer Adrian Boden. He said the sector was booming but employers couldn't find enough workers to keep up with the growth. Mr Boden said there were about 4500 new manufacturing jobs in the South-East. He said companies were struggling "not to survive, but to find people so they can keep growing". There are thousands of unemployed people in Greater Dandenong and thousands of jobs available. Mr Boden said public transport to the industrial areas was still inadequate, and suggested companies could looking into establishing their own shuttle bus from Dandenong Railway Station. "We're trying to get a trial in this area," he said.

Cadets show their skills in pride parade By Casey Neill Navy cadets paraded before veterans at a special event in Doveton. HMAS Bataan Veterans Association of Australia secretary John Laughton was among those watching the Training Ship (TS) Bataan Australian Navy Cadets (ANC) unit in action on Saturday 5 May. The crew is based at the Monash Barracks, on Princes Highway. It aims to build teamwork and leadership skills in young people through adventure and maritime activities. Cadets learn how to sail and navigate and

gain skills in information technology, communications, cooking, first aid, drill, seamanship and more. The National Servicemen’s Association of Australia’s (NSAA) south-east sub-branch provided a banner for them to parade under. Cadets can enrol from the year they turn 13 and are discharged at age 20. Visit or call 0401 809 315 for more information.

Right: Australian Navy Cadets Petty Officer Ramon La-Lau with HMAS Bataan Veterans Association of Australia secretary John Laughton. 180344

New eyes on safety Twelve new CCTV cameras are keeping an eye on Hemmings Street in Dandenong. Greater Dandenong Council installed the system in the shopping precinct between Jones Road and Purdy Avenue. The cameras are part of the council's Safe City CCTV program expansion. Greater Dandenong Mayor Youhorn Chea said well-managed CCTV systems were proven to reduce anti-social behaviour and improve perceptions of community safety. He said there were now more than 100 cameras operating across the city. "These systems not only improve public perceptions of safety but they also assist enforcement agencies such as Victoria Police in the detection and prosecution of offenders," he said. Cr Chea said the council saved money on installing the cameras through a partnership with United Energy. "By installing the cameras on light poles instead of installing solar we were able to cut the project costs in half," he said. The Safe City CCTV program has been operating since 2011.

Teen mob punches man in face Five teens ambushed and tried to rob a Noble Park man as he walked home. Police said the 32-year-old victim was on a walkway over Mile Creek at Briggs Crescent about 7.50pm on Tuesday 1 May. Three boys and two girls, all described as Caucasian, approached and one boy punched the victim in the face. They demanded his backpack and a second boy kicked the victim in the back. The victim ran and flagged down a passing motorist for help. Police said he suffered minor injuries. He retained his backpack, which was buckled across his chest. Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 with any information.






y a D



Sunday 27 May



Our doctors are fully trained and experienced in the technique of dermoscopy and dermal imaging. If skin cancer is diagnosed our doctors can offer treatment at the clinic in over 90% of cases using surgery under local anesthetic or prescription anti-cancer creams. Our aim is to diagnose skin cancers early when they are least likely to cause a serious problem. Consultations are available immediately.

enge hall c t e HE rk Ma KE T TER A T PS GE OM CH ALLEN CH

Corner Clow and Cleeland Streets


Monday, 14 May, 2018



Dandenong RSL


By Cam Lucadou-Wells

Life’s what you make it

A massive quilt stitching together 30 Casey multicultural groups is a powerful show of the adage 'strength in diversity'. Artist Dena Aljamal, of Keysborough, conceived a mighty image of a sun-lit dancer as the centrepiece to the 4-square-metre craftwork. The dancer is something of a universal language, crossing all of the 30 groups from all over the world, she says. "I wanted something to satisfy everyone. "It's nice that in Australia we have this harmony between each other. "We love the respect in this country, in this safe country." The project was conceived in meetings with the groups 18 months ago, discussing the difficulties faced by migrant women. After moving from Dubai on a professional visa, Aljamal was frustratingly unable to have her pharmacy qualifications recognised in Australia. She sat for exams 10 times unsuccessfully. She set on a new course of interior design - graduating with an award at Holmesglen Institute. Casey is becoming like a "city of art" crowned by the recently-built Bunjil Place arts centre, she says. "But this project is not just for the City of Casey, it's for Victoria and for Australia." Berwick quilter Claire Armstrong said it was a deceptively complex task framing together images of the 30 womens groups around Aljamal's painting. There's an art to making a whole work of that monumental size "hang" properly, Armstrong says. At one stage, it was all held by 800 safety pins.

From front page Symptoms for the 23,000 people living with MS around Australia vary from a progressive decline over time to unpredictable periods of relapse and remission. Ms Melhem lost feeling in her left leg during her last relapse. She drops things constantly because she can't feel her left arm properly and suffers daily nerve pain. Multiple Sclerosis Limited came into her life two years ago and organised in-home personal training to keep her limbs moving, set up a home office and teed up occupational therapist visits. "Having the third party to talk to - that's not your family - really helps," she said. "Sometimes you don't tell your family everything because you don't want to worry them or scare them." Support like this, and MS Limited's research for a cure, wouldn't be possible without fund-raisers like the MS Dream Home Lottery. Ms Melhem is the ambassador for the competition, which has a $4.2 million prize pool and a one in 15 chance to win. She holds her own fund-raisers, too, and writes a blog under the moniker Miss AnonyMS. Ms Melhem said MS slowed her down but she'd still finished uni - "I won the Monash prize for the highest-scoring student" - got married and landed a job in communications. "It sounds stupid but I really follow the whole YOLO - you only live once and you just never know what's going to happen," she said. "Don't sweat the small stuff, be grateful for the little things that you do have. "I really appreciate the little things now, like walking." Lottery tickets are available from or 1300 311 816 until 19 July.

All sewn up

Dena Aljamal designed the centrepiece to speak for 30 diverse groups. 179636 Picture: GARY SISSONS "It was good to be involved in something like this. It's pretty awesome." The project was backed by Narre Warren South MP Judith Couacaud Graley and her Embrace Diversity campaign, as well as by Hampton Park Community House. Late last year, Ms Graley said it was a "fantastic opportunity to bring together our diverse local community" and tell their stories. "They have shaped our community across generations and I have just loved bringing their contributions to life through this beautiful quilt." The project was granted $5000 by the State Government. The quilt will be launched at Bunjil Place on 5 May, 2-5pm.

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Visit Email Phone 5945 0600 Published by Star News Group Pty Ltd ACN 005 848 108. Publisher/Managing Director, Paul Thomas. All material is copyright to Star News Group Pty Ltd. All significant errors will be corrected as soon as possible. Distribution PROUDLY numbers, areas and coverage are estimates AUSTRALIAN OWNED & only. For our terms and conditions please visit INDEPENDENT





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New home for family clinic Endeavour Hills Medical Centre has moved. The popular family medicine clinic is now located at the Endeavour Hills Shopping Centre. Doctors and staff moved into the former Commonwealth Bank premises a fortnight ago. The building has been tastefully renovated to create a light, bright, modern clinic. The practice has a new logo which is reflected subtly throughout the new colour scheme and staff uniforms. When the Journal visited last week, the waiting room was bustling with patients and several large bouquets of flowers from centre management, allied businesses and patients decorated the reception desk. Practice manager Catrina Cincotta said the new location boasted 10 consulting rooms, as opposed to seven at the former Heatherton Road site. “It’s been a great move for our staff and patients who can now enjoy the convenience of the clinic being part of the shopping centre,“ Ms Cincotta said. The practice was founded 31 years ago on the corner of Hanna Drive and Heatherton Road before moving to 61 Heatherton Road. “We started with one doctor and one staff member. We now have nine doctors, four nurses, six receptionists and one practice manager." Endeavour Hills Medical Centre’s team of nine doctors specialise in a range of fields including asthma, respiratory medicine, diabetes, sports medicine, chronic disease management, women’s health, allergies, mental health and travel medicine. The doctors come from a range of backgrounds including Greek, Sri Lankan, Chinese

Glad to be settled in their new work space, from left, receptionist Antje, practice manager Catrina, practice nurse Alison and receptionist Sebie. 180427 and Hungarian and work closely with allied health professionals allowing patients convenient on-site access to psychologists, physiotherapists, audiologists, exercise physiology, a dietitian, diabetes educators, podiatrists and there is also on-site pathology. Over its 31 year history, Endeavour Hills

Medical Centre has become a trusted part of the community. The practice’s longest serving doctor Stephan Baum, who joined in 1994, said he was pleased to be part of an exciting new era for Endeavour Hills Medical Centre. “It’s great to be able to continue to care for

our regular patients in this wonderful new location and we look forward to getting to know new patients as well,“ Dr Baum said. Endeavour Hills Medical Centre Bulk Bills children under 16, as well as concession card holders and patients over 75 between the hours of 8.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday.


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Your Community Community Meeting Rooms for Hire Noble Park Community

Join us to support Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea Come along and support Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. This event brings people together to help raise funds and make a big difference to those impacted by cancer. Date: Tuesday 22nd May, 2018 Time: 10:00am Where: Noble Park Community Centre, Memorial Drive, Noble Park We will be serving scones with jam and cream for $3 with all proceeds going to the Cancer Council. There will also be a raffle. Please join us and show your support. Noble Park Community Centre: Ph: 9547 5801

Centre has several rooms for hire, including a multi purpose room with a seating capacity of 30, a meeting room with a seating capacity of 15, and a large kitchen. We now also have a larger room in

Line dancing

a separate self contained

Line dancing is a great way to stay fit, have fun and make new friends. Every Wednesday morning at Springvale Learning and Activities Centre, Call 9547 2647 with enquiries or just turn up 9.30am on a Wednesday. Springvale Learning and Activity Centre. Ph: 9547 2647

building with a seating capacity of 50. We cater for ongoing regular hire as well

Be Work Ready in 5 weeks

as casual hire. Please call to discuss availability. Noble Park Community Centre: Ph: 9547 5801

Springvale Neighbourhood House is running 5 Work Ready evening classes – spend 2 hours each week to get your CV up-to-date, learn to write a great cover letter, practice interview techniques, find out how to search for your next job online and through your social networks. Phone Springvale Neighbourhood House on 9574 6399. Springvale Neighbourhood House: Phone: 95483972

SLAC Outreach Program and Op Shop

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This program aims to teach Asylum Seekers English, and provide everyday skills to assist them in their local community. Secondly, conduct an assessment of their education skills, to help build a future in Australia. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - 9:30am to 2:30pm Dandenong Neighbourhood House Inc – Phone 9792 5298

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Are you intending to study at university or apply for permanent residency or prepare for future language test for citizenship? If so, Wellsprings for Women is running an outreach program at Oakgrove Community Centre (89-101 Oakgrove Drive, Narre Warren South), every Tuesday (12-3 pm) to enable you to: Familiarize yourself with the relevant English test format. Practice for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) General Training and Academic. Practice all components; Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Explore and access more online resources. Test yourself under timed conditions. Find out where and how you can book your IELTS test. This is a child friendly class and available till December 2018. For more details and to enroll, please contact Wellsprings for Women Ph: 9701 3740

South East Learn Local Pathways Network

Computer & Technology Courses for Everyone

Support Programs for Workers in Employment Transition

Computer Skills for Beginner; Get Computer Savvy Taster Course; Next Step – Get Computer Savvy; Office Skills Level 1: Office Skills level 2&3; Step Back into Study; Get That Job; Introduction to MYOB; Medical Reception Introduction; Pracsoft Medical Reception Software. Please contact reception for further details. Keysborough Learning Centre. Ph: 9798 7005; Email:

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Barista Skills This hands on program will introduce learners to the skill and knowledge required to gain employment in a café or coffee shop. The learners will learn about a range of coffee styles, including cappuccino, café latte and long black. Learn how to prepare and present coffee, plus the use and maintenance of a commercial coffee machine. Wednesday 1:00pm – 4:00pm Thursday 9:00 am – 12:00pm Cost: $65:00 (Concession). $75:00 (No Concession). Dandenong Neighbourhood House Inc – Phone 9792 5298

Dandenong Neighbourhood House - 34 King Street, Dandenong Keysborough Learning Centre – 402 Corrigan Road, Keysborough – Noble Park Community Centre – Memorial Drive, Noble Park – Springvale Neighbourhood House – 46-50 Queens Avenue, Springvale – Springvale Learning & Activities Centre – 1 Osborne Avenue, Springvale – Wellsprings for Women – 79 Langhorne Street, Dandenong – Jan Wilson Community Centre – HaltonRoad, Noble Park North – 9795 9279 8 STAR JOURNAL


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How can Learn Local can help retrenched workers? •฀Free,฀independent฀and฀impartial฀assessments฀for฀transferable฀work฀skills.฀ •฀Help฀to฀improve฀English฀Language,฀Literacy,฀Numeracy฀and฀Computer฀Skills฀ •฀Welcoming,฀local฀and฀friendly฀training฀settings.฀ •฀Career฀support฀service,฀help฀with฀resumes,฀covering฀letters฀and฀new฀job฀ search •฀Many฀accredited฀and฀pre-accredited฀work฀skills฀courses฀ •฀Links฀to฀other฀services฀and฀new฀networks฀for฀job search Contact Springvale Learning and Activities Centre – South East Learn Local Pathways Coordinator Phone: 9547 2647; or email:

Social group for beginners and advanced. When: Mondays 7:30pm – 9:30pm Cost: $5.00 per session Noble Park Community Centre: Ph: 9547 5801


Doors to stay open By Casey Neill The Open Door will continue its 10-year dedication to Dandenong’s creativity and spirituality, despite concerns its location is inappropriate. The Sisters of the St John of God-run community centre applied for retrospective planning permission to use its Ann Street site for a place of assembly and car park in 2016. Greater Dandenong Council refused in March last year on the grounds the site was not suitable for non-residential use and would have a detrimental impact on the surrounding area. A council report presented to the Monday 23 April council meeting stuck by that decision. It said the new application had not shown why local planning policy should not apply. “Given this lack of argument, if council were to ignore the policy it would potentially create an adverse precedent future applications and VCAT matters,” the report said. But Councillor Matthew Kirwan successfully moved that The Open Door receive a permit,

with considerable conditions attached. “The eight letters of support and the petition containing 31 signatories attest to the support it has from the general public,” he said. Cr Kirwan said a maximum 20 people were at The Open Door at any time, partaking in activities like meditation, tai chi, creative writing, cooking, art, gospel study and singing. He said the planning reported noted that traffic was not an issue given the small numbers, hours of operation and on-site parking. “These people are good citizens,” he said. “They’re trying to do the right things by their neighbours.” Cr Sean O’Reilly ultimately supported the application, but initially flagged opposition. “This motion is not only about the merits of The Open Door organisation,” he said. “The motion that we’re debating is a planning application motion. “Officers, when they’ve examined the rules that we’ve laid down as a council as guidelines, found that the location is not ideally where it should be.

Spray can impressionism A new wetlands-inspired artwork is brightening up Dandenong’s pocket park. Artist Baden Johnson used aerosol cans to paint Aspects of Healthy Bay Wetlands in the space, which connects Palm Plaza and Lonsdale Street. He said he enjoyed lots of positive interactions with local people during his five days on site. “I’m creating impressionism with a spray can,” he said. “With this mural I used street art tools but

I have painted this work like a painter rather than a street artist. “People came back every day to see the progress. “This artwork brings real locations into the urban environment.” Greater Dandenong’s own wetlands inspired the piece, which will stay in place for two years. Johnson’s work has previously featured in popular Melbourne laneways including ACDC Lane and Hosier Lane..

“Any decision on this particular application is by no means a precedent for organisations to think they can get exceptions in the future because they do good work.” A spokeswoman for The Open Door said she was delighted with the decision. “It has taken stress away from us now that we are certain about our future,” she said. “We look forward to continuing to serve the Dandenong community as a place of creativity and spirituality where all are welcome.” Cr Maria Sampey said the organisation hadn’t caused a problem in 10 years and was running on the smell of an oily rag. “We need organisations like this where people can go, do meditation, get together, do crafts, because it’s really a hard life out there,” she said. “People are trying to work and make a living and then they need an outlet where they can go and know it’s the place where they can relax and meet other people and communicate. “Anyone who takes the time to perform this service for the community needs to be patted on the back.”

Bowls roll undercover in Dandenong All-weather bowls will kick off at Dandenong Club come September. The club is investing $1.4 million in an undercover bowls centre, including a new green, roof and viewing area. Construction started in April and is due for completion in September. The space will replace one of the club's existing grass greens, and will create management, coach and co-ordinator jobs. Club general manager Ross Dunlop described the project a hub for bowls. He said the club had set about reviving bowls activity over the past two years and had grown members by 25 per cent. Mr Dunlop said that a heavy focus on more casual bowls events over the summer season brought in more than 3000 visits. "Whilst bowls remains a fantastic way for retirees to stay competitive and active, we can't survive on hoping every bowler has a full day to devote to bowls," he said. "Changes to the demographic of the typical bowler has resulted in the need for more variation in the type of bowls we offer." Mr Dunlop said the club reintroduced night pennant as well as Tuesday and Saturday pennant teams. "But we now run Jack Attack competitions and regularly open the greens for barefoot bowls, school programs and corporate events," he said. "It's important that we consider making bowls available for the times that potential players can participate. "Once completed in September we can offer far more when weather-proofed."


Monday, 14 May, 2018



NEWS Niki Leclair with her mum Anthoula Oustas. 180682 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

LIFE AT LEXINGTON GARDENS IS GOOD AND IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER Happy and active residents have been thoroughly enjoying the new onsite café and grocery store at Lexington Gardens. “The ability to shop for groceries and stay for a cofee or lunch at Lexington Gardens, sure beats driving, parking and walking. Naturally, if you do need to get to a shopping centre – there’s always our Lexington bus.” Janet Fisher - Village Manager So come and get a taste of the good life at Lexington Gardens and enjoy a free cofee on us in our cafe. 114 Westall Road, Springvale Phone: 9549 9500

*Whilst Lendlease endeavours to ensure that the information in this advertisement is correct, no warranty, express or implied, is given as to its accuracy. Prospective purchasers must make and only rely on their own assessments and seek their own professional advice in all respects. May 2018

By Casey Neill A mother and daughter duo have worked sideby-side for almost 20 years. Niki Leclair joined her mum Anthousa Oustas at the Dandenong Letters Centre when she finished Year 12, back in 1998. "Both my parents were working for Australia Post," she said. "I went there as a Christmas casual." Niki, from Berwick, finished her three-week stint and her parents suggested she apply for a permanent part-time position. "I've been there ever since," she said. "I became a full-timer in 2003. "I've always looked forward to work. "We process mail on the machines and I also work in the video coding department." Anthousa, from Hallam, joined Australia

Post in 1985. "In between she had four kids as well. She never really took time off to be a stay at home mum," Niki said. Anthousa works the 1pm shift, while Niki starts at 6am. "Pretty much every day for my whole working life I've seen my parents, or my mum," Niki said. "It adds colour to my working life. "I absolutely appreciate having her there. "I couldn't imagine her not being at work. I'm just so used to her being there. "I honour her every day, I honour her hard work. "She possesses a power beyond that of a king on his throne. "That's how I describe my mum." 12387919-LB21-18


Sorter good job, of sorts


The information revolution (internet) has changed marketing forever, and too many businesses are being left behind. So many small businesses are lacking sales because their marketing is stuck in the past. Don’t miss this 45 minute marketing workshop about the future of marketing, presented by respected marketing strategist Damian Morgan on Wednesday 6 June at the Drum Theatre in Dandenong. Attendance is Free, but reservations are essential. Call Robyn on 5945 0682.





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Lamb Forequarter Pack w/ neck & shank


99 kg


99 kg

min 2 kilo

Regular Beef Mince

Porterhouse Steak

Whole Bolar Blade

WHOLESALE DIRECT TO PUBLIC BORONIA 287 Boronia Road Boronia VIC 3155 Telephone 03 8560 2642

DANDENONG 342a Hammond Road Dandenong VIC 3175 Telephone 03 9706 6006

SOMERVILLE Somerville Central Shopping Centre 49 Eramosa Road West Somerville 3912 Telephone 03 5977 7107 Specials valid: 14 May to 27 May 2018. Conditions apply, while stocks last.


Monday, 14 May, 2018




IT’S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS BUT… He said 11-year-old Alan Prince had a bright future after winning four and a half from seven in a tough field that included international masters and players rated 800 points higher than him. Call Paul on 0406 786 242 or drop into the Green Table Social Club at 16 Balmoral Avenue, Dandenong, from 7pm on Wednesdays to get involved with the club.

Keeping an eye on kidneys Urologist Philip McCahy of the Melbourne Urology Centre believes that kidney cancers are one of the more challenging areas for a modern urologist to deal with. Mr McCahy explained that before the readily available ultrasound scans that are seen today, many patients presented very late to their doctor. This made problems such as a painful large lump in the tummy and associated blood in the water a common issue. Nowadays, an ultrasound scan is performed for many reasons and the kidneys are routinely reviewed. Small lumps are being found and the question becomes how to deal with them. “By definition, a small renal mass is a solid lump less than 4cm in diameter,” Mr McCahy said. “We know that up to 80% of these will be cancers but the majority are very slow growing and in elderly patients may never cause any trouble.” Mr McCahy said a special CT with contrast is likely to be almost diagnostic. “In these circumstances, it may be quite legitimate to monitor the lump with regular ultrasound scans and only consider treatment if there is a major change,” Mr McCahy said. “In younger patients, or those with rapidly enlarging tumours, a biopsy may be recommended or surgical treatment offered. Most operations nowadays can be performed either through telescopes (laparoscopy) or with robotic assistance. “If possible only the lump is removed (a partial nephrectomy), though sometimes, either because of size or position, the whole kidney needs to removed (a radical nephrectomy). Fortunately, we have a backup kidney,

Help for health Keysborough's Lighthouse Christian College is setting up a health and wellbeing centre. The school hopes the space will look after the emotional, physical, social, mental and spiritual needs of the students and staff. It needs two treadmills, two rowers and battle ropes - all suitable for commercial use - to make its vision a reality. Anyone who can contribute should email

Michael revs up for great race Local laws officer Lauren Lewis, Mitsy the cat and Councillor Roz Blades.

Curbing stray cat numbers

Urologist Philip McCahy of the Melbourne Urology Centre. so there is mostly no change to overall kidney function. “Surgeons are increasingly trained in subspecialised areas and laparoscopic/robotic operations need dedicated skills. As a stone surgeon I do not get involved in these operations but my colleagues Tony De Sousa and Shekib Shahbaz offer a first class service at Casey Hospital and in the local private hospitals.” Philip McCahy is also a consultant Urologist at Casey Hospital in Berwick. For more information, visit

Sixty Greater Dandenong cat owners did their bit to curb strays on the streets. The council partnered with the Lost Dogs' Home to bring a mobile pet care van to Burden Park in Springvale South on Wednesday 2 May. Councillor Roz Blades said 60 residents took advantage of the $60 service, which included desexing, microchipping and animal registration until April next year. "We will consider running more events in the future," she said.

Check (the result) mate Dandenong Chess Club players Rashid Abdulwahab and Miodrag Milojevic shared the trophy and prize money for first place in the Easter Cup Chess Tournament. "The contest was the tightest in the chess club's 45-year history, with 11 players sharing prizes in their groups and divisions," Paul Huver said.

Car racing is in Dandenong South mechanical engineer Michael Gibson's blood. He was only 10-years-old when he started driving go-karts. Now the keen motoring enthusiast is gearing up for the Historic Winton race in Benalla from 25 to 27 May with his 1983 Lola. Find the full story at

State awards for community clubs Greater Dandenong clubs scooped the pool at an awards night for their community contributions. Greyhounds Entertainment won Best Community Support Project for the Sandown Lunar Festival at the Community Clubs Victoria (CCV) annual awards and gala dinner. Highways in Springvale won Best Keno Club, Best Metro Club with Gaming and Assistant Manager/Supervisor of the Year. Dandenong Club tied with Morwell Bowling Club for Best Youth Development Program. Visit for the full story.


Dermatology Centre Laser Treatment at Specialist Dermatologist

Tourists who are injured in Victoria may be entitled to compensation.

Home to countless wonderful destinations, Victoria attracted 2.9 million international visitors in 2017. Although it’s uncommon, some of those visitors suffered an injury during their visit. “Like Victorian residents, international visitors who are injured in Victoria through the negligence of another may be entitled to compensation,” said associate at Adviceline Injury Lawyers Linda Hanley. She said a person who has been injured on unsafe premises should lodge a public liability claim to be compensated for their injury and its consequences. For a claim to be successful, Ms Hanley said the claimant needed to prove that the premises visited were unsafe due to the negligence of the owner/ occupier of the premises; the unsafe premises caused an injury; and the injury suffered is considered a ‘significant injury’. "If it can be established that you have suffered a ‘significant injury’ and it was caused by 12 STAR JOURNAL


Monday, 14 May, 2018

the negligence of the owner of the premises/ occupier of the premises, then you are entitled to seek compensation," Ms Hanley said. Compensation can include the cost of any reasonable medical expenses incurred, and/ or will incur to treat your injury; loss of earnings and superannuation; and pain and suffering you have endured and will continue to suffer as a result of the injury. Public liability claims must be lodged three years from the date of injury. Ms Hanley strongly encouraged international visitors who have been injured while in Victoria to seek advice from a public liability lawyer to find out whether they have a claim and how to proceed going forward. Call Adviceline Injury Lawyers on 9321 9988 to discuss your entitlements further. If you would like advice from a Chinese speaking lawyer call Linda Hanley directly on 9321 9894 for free public liability law assistance.

DANDENONG Dermatology Centre

9791 3455 Unit 1/110 David Street, Dandenong


Holiday help

■ Pigmentation/Melasma: A very common skin condition that is easily treatable, often using combination therapy of cream and laser treatment ■ Sun Damage: Rejuvenate your skin for a lighter and more youthful appearance ■ Age Spots: Those unsightly blemishes on the backs of your hands can be removed permanently ■ Vascular Marks: Blemishes in many sizes and shapes can be found all over the body and can be easily treated with instant cosmetic results achieved ■ Flushing: Redness can be treated with little or no side effects and minimal downtime ■ Rosacea: A common skin condition that causes red pimples, telangiectasia and flushing mainly of the cheeks and nose, often causing embarrassment. This irritating condition can be safely treated with our medical grade laser. ■ Hair removal: Laser hair reduction reduces the amount of unwanted hair, with any new hairs tending to grow through lighter and finer ■ Glycolic Peels: Glycolic peels are a specific technique for skin renewal that helps remove the damaged layer of surface skin cells revealing fresh skin for a healthier, smoother, plumper, firmer less oily and more even toned appearance


Get a flu shot now

Nurses Tess Matthews, Natalie Mason, Madeline White and Bridget Adams are heading to Nepal to help communities with limited access to medical services.

Guardians of values the caregivers we're fortunate enough to have working with us." In addition to flight costs and the $2300 they each have to pay to join the Nurses in Action Program, the nurses need to individually raise $2200 as part of a donation to Nepal's medical needs in order to participate. So far the team has raised roughly a third of their overall target with a little over $3000 raised to date. However, they are still a long way from the $8800 goal. In order to raise further funds, St John of God Berwick Hospital is hosting a Nepalese BBQ for its caregivers. They will also be raffling off a beautiful hand-made quilt which was donated to the hospital by a team of local quilters.

The Nurses in Action (NIA) program is a specialised, skilled volunteer program for qualified health professionals. The program's objective is to build local capacity in improving health services to rural communities living in extreme poverty who would not be able to access it otherwise. NIA volunteers work in local medical clinics, hospitals, mountain villages, women's shelters, palliative sheds, schools, children's homes, monasteries, juvenile prisons and orphanages. To learn more about how to help get these nurses to Nepal, please contact St John of God Berwick Hospital's marketing manager, Lisa Carman, on 8784 5000.

Belgrave Hallam Road Medical Centre Nurse Sujatha.


St John of God Health Care actively seeks employees who can uphold the organisation's values of hospitality, compassion, respect, justice and excellence. So when nurses, Tess Matthews, Natalie Mason, Madeline White and Bridget Adams declared they were going to Nepal as part of a 30-day nursing program to help communities with limited access to medical services, St John of God Berwick Hospital got right behind them. "These young ladies not only uphold these values in the working environment, they are literally living them both professionally and personally as well," acting CEO of St John of God Berwick Hospital Lisa Evans said. "It's a testament to the good character of

Belgrave Hallam Road Medical Centre offers flu vaccines for children and adults, both private and government funded. All patients with a chronic condition and pregnant women are eligible for a free flu vaccination. Private vaccines are only $10 each. The clinics’ doctors say the peak of the influenza season is typically June to September and vaccination is recommended for all patients, especially those with conditions such as cardiac disease, respiratory conditions such as asthma and diabetes. To find out if you are eligible for the free flu vaccine or in need of a flu shot, please make an appointment with our friendly staff to see the doctors at Belgrave Hallam Road Medical Centre on 8842 4499. Belgrave Hallam Road Medical Centre is located at 156 Belgrave Hallam Road in Narre Warren North. For more information, visit

BELGRAVE-HALLAM ROAD MEDICAL CENTRE 156 Belgrave-Hallam road Narre Warren North 3804 (Melway ref 108 A8)

03 8842 4499 We welcome all individuals and families to our practice.



Please contact our friendly staff to book an appointment on

Philip McCahy @ Melbourne Urology Centre, 55 Kangan Drive, Berwick


A leading kidney stone surgeon and the only urologist practicing and living in the local area Specialising in: All aspects of kidney stone disease with extended consultations Local Anaesthetic vasectomy in Berwick

Cardiac care now in the heart of Berwick

Also as Sevasectomy providing the only urologist delivered vasectomy service in Berwick Appointments: 1300 307 876 or 0481 307468 Fax: 8691 1710

Monday, 14 May, 2018




Cultures unite through sport The African-Australian community fostered harmony through a sports day. Springers Leisure Centre in Keysborough hosted the Africa Day Sports Festival on Saturday 5 May. The day featured walks, runs, and soccer and basketball competitions. Victoria Police officers - Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp - watched teams representing Uganda, Zimbabwe and Liberia face off in a highly-skilled and hotly-contested soccer tournament. The Victoria Police women's team also took to the field and took home first prize in their tournament. The Black Rhinos basketball team was also involved with the day. Maz Lafrank with Dianne Wilson. 179391


Face is farewelled Hallam Community Learning Centre has farewelled its "face". Manager Dianne Wilson finished up on Tuesday 10 April to cake, hugs and thank-yous. She was appointed governance committee treasurer in mid-1998 and became assistant co-ordinator with Susan Hall in 2001. She took on the co-ordinator role when Susan resigned at the end of 2004, and was renamed manager at the start of 2005. "A lot has been achieved during these years and there have been many changes to our building," Hallam Community Learning Centre's Ingrid Broad said.

The centre opened a large multi-purpose room in 2003 alongside more kitchen space. In 2007, it added a portable building to use as a computer room. Major renovations started at the end of 2015 and were completed in 2016. "We have new offices, child care area and a brand new face to our building," Ms Broad said. "Along with all that has been completed, Dianne was the face of the Hallam Community Learning Centre. "She is that special person with that flair for people.

"She is compassionate, caring and has that ability to communicate well with others." Ms Wilson is now working Balla Balla Community Centre in Cranbourne, closer to home. She'll work fewer days "so she is able to spend more time with her family as she slowly transitions to retirement". "She will be missed by many but we are all happy for her in her new role," Ms Broad said. The Hallam Community Learning Centre new has a new manager, Veronica. Ms Broad said she had new ideas and prospects for the centre's future.

Daniela, 6, gives Aussie Rules a go. 180076 Pictures: STEWART CHAMBERS

A bridge between cultures - it’s the writing on the wall By Casey Neill A Springvale-raised artist is transforming a Dandenong wall to celebrate a young leader. Mike Eleven's latest mural is springing up at Mason and Foster streets in Little India, Victoria's first Indian Cultural Precinct. His subject is Greater Dandenong Australia Day Young Leader of the Year award winner Aishwarya Pokkuluri. She was recognised for her volunteer work and for giving Greater Dandenong's most vulnerable and marginalised young people a voice. Mike Eleven said his mural included two portraits of Ms Pokkuluri, representing the two worlds young people from Indian cultural backgrounds often found themselves caught between. "The work depicts how Aishwarya moves between both worlds seamlessly and acts as a bridge between tradition and progress," he said.

Mike Eleven with his artwork. 180663 Pictures: GARY SISSONS Mike Eleven was named as one of Melbourne's 40 most iconic artists in the Thames and Hudson Melbourne Street Art Guide. He was also the youngest artist ever to be part of the London Secret Walls live art compe-

tition and has completed a number of murals across Melbourne. The Journal met Mike back in Septemebr 2016 when he returned to his home town of Springvale South and transformed a blank brick wall into an image of inspiration. His sister Alisa Souvanthalisith was the subject of the striking blue portrait at Wardale Road and Noble Street. Mike said he grew up around the corner and attended the nearby Keysborough College, then Heatherhill Secondary School. "I felt obligated to give back to the community that brought me up," he said. "Being one of the very few artists in my wave of kids growing up, I never saw any inspiring public art that I could relate to." Mike found a love for art in his late teens through graffiti. He's grown from a student sketching on schoolbooks to a full-time creative. His work joins a mural on the Mason Street

car park by Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran that takes inspiration from the colour and movement found in Indian textile and tapestry designs, and a painting of Mahatma Gandhi on a former substation in Halpin Way by artist Julian Clavijo. All three artworks will be finished by the end of May. In 2015, the State Government announced plans to create Victoria's first Indian Cultural Precinct in Dandenong. A taskforce formed soon after to drive ideas for the project. Greater Dandenong Mayor Youhorn Chea said feedback from the community highlighted the need for more colour and vibrancy in the precinct. Melbourne's South-East is home to more than 52,000 people of Indian origin. About 12,400 first generation Indian residents call the City of Greater Dandenong home.








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WE CAN HELP! Questions? Call Paul Bewicke on 03 5945 0653 Visit

Grow your business in Dandenong 14 STAR JOURNAL


Monday, 14 May, 2018

Connec ting lo cal business online


SUPER-SIZED FAMILY LIVING ON 512M2 PAGE 2 Monday, 14 May, 20185 February, 2018




SUPER-SIZED FAMILY LIVING ON 512M2 NEAR new family living is on display here in this larger-than-life home with space, comfort and everything you could want. Mammoth in size and with room in both the front and rear yards, this immaculately maintained family home is primed for easy living on a grand scale. Six bedrooms – yeah, that’s correct! SIX bedrooms - two bathrooms, high ceilings, three private living rooms, a balcony, open kitchen with meals that flows to the alfresco area plus dual zoned refrigerated cooling and heating – this has it all. There is room in every direction, is suited for a big family and on such a well-planned and sizable block, this will be a hit for your family. ●


T 16P_

Real Estate

Beautiful Views–GorGeous settinG

2a JoHnstone street tHorPDale 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms & special views! Feel relaxed & at home immediately. Lovely gardens have been set up to remain low maintenance with loads of color & spaces to enjoy. This spacious lounge with northerly aspect opens to one of the 3 decks for relaxed entertaining. The kitchen opens to the dining / family room also with direct access to the Merbeau deck. A good shed with pwr is available + space enough for the caravan next to the existing carport. Just 10min to Trafalgar CBD or a short stroll to kinder, school, bakery, pool etc.. $339,000 internet iD: 19020841 View property and more details at

5622 3800 Cnr smith & Queen st, warragul

HOME ESSENTIALS Address: 13 Edgecomb Street, Keysborough, 3173 Description: 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 garage Price: $1,100,000-$1,200,000 Inspect: Saturday: As advertised or by appointment Auction: Sale by set date: Wednesday 13 June, at 5pm (unless sold prior) Contact: Lee Qiang, 0430 543 669 and Chee-ky Dunlop, 0422 910 881, BARRY PLANT KEYSBOROUGH, 8769 1888

HOME FOCUS Dandenong 6/19 Orgill Street








You won’t believe it until you see it, but this renovated unit really feels more like a house. The space, the design, the inishes and features – you are going to love every bit of it! Cathedral ceilings for a bit of extra room, a neat and tidy kitchen with breakfast bench that lows into the meals area, three bedrooms all with built in robes, a private covered deck area and a terrace to unwind on after a long day – this is heavenly. You don’t want to miss out on this gem!







AUCTION Saturday 26th May at 1pm PRICE $480,000 - $528,000 INSPECT as advertised CONTACT Jenny Sudra 0422 991 593 Noble Park 8710 0000

Monday, 14 May, 2018

THIS wonderful five-bedroom family home set on a block of about 816 square metres delivers all the room you need both inside and out. Located in a golden pocket of Springvale, you’ll enjoy close amenity including Burden Park, Springvale Plaza, Springvale Shopping Centre, the Waltzing Matilda Hotel, Killester College and St Joseph’s Parish Primary School and easy access to two major road links. A large open kitchen is accompanied by a meals and family area and a spacious separate living room. Five bedrooms with robes, two bathrooms, separate WC and a generous laundry complete the home, while ducted heating and a reverse-cycle air-conditioner provide year-round comfort. ●

HOME ESSENTIALS Address: 39 Moncur Avenue, Springvale, 3172 Description: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 garage Price: $1,000,000-$1,100,000 Inspect: By appointment Auction: Sunday, 20 May, at 11am Contact: Ben Trinh, 0413 616 929, and Lily Vuong, 0472 608 618, AREA SPECIALIST, 8586 6411


A COMPLETE FIRST HOME IT MAKES family life easier when your home is close to schools, parks, pool and sports complex, city centre and market and has easy freeway access. This home ticks all the boxes. It comprises three bedrooms, formal lounge and dining areas, dual access bathroom to master bedroom, bright neutral tonings and gas appliances throughout. There is a double carport and securely enclosed backyard for the kids. All you need to do is move in and enjoy! It's all about the location! â—?

HOME ESSENTIALS Address: 4 Simpson Drive, Dandenong North 3175 Description: 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 garage Auction: Saturday 26 May, at 12.30pm Price: On application Inspect: Wednesday, 16 May, 5.00pm-5.30pm and Saturday, 19 May, 11.30am-12noon Contact: Mick Whelan on 0416 003 505 or Jawad Muhammad on 0423 069 117 MCLENNAN REAL ESTATE PTY LTD, DANDENONG, 9791 5922


118 Walker st Dandenong p: 9791 5922 F: 9792 2536


Dandenong North


4 simpson Drive


13 & 13a agonis street


It makes family life easier when your home is close to schools, parks, pool and sports complex, city centre and market and has easy Freeway access. This home ticks all the boxes. It comprises three bedrooms, formal lounge and dining areas, dual access bathroom to master bedroom, bright neutral tonings and gas appliances throughout. There is a double carport and securely enclosed backyard for the kids. All you need t do is move in and enjoy! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOCATION!

Investors! Let the rental income on this investment property pay your mortgage. Located close to public transport and schools, the property accommodates a three bedroom home with a huge living room and a semi detached unit with kitchen meals/family room, separate bathroom and large bedroom. Combined rental return of $495 per week. An ideal way to start your investment portfolio OR live in one and rent the other. A GOLDEN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY!






auction: saturday, 26th may, 2018 @ 12:30pm (if not sold prior) open: Wed 5:00pm to 5:30pm & sat 11:30am to 12:00pm

20 scarlet Drive

3/21 Herbert street


Positioned within just a few minutes drive to Central Dandenong and all of its facilities, this great family home offers three spacious bedrooms, a large lounge, dining area off the modern kitchen with lots of cupboard space, gas cooker and rangehood. Other features include gas heating, gas hot water service, solar panels, covered patio, large backyard with future development potential (STCA), garden shed and lock up garage with rear storeroom. Also has additional off street parking for three more cars. PRICE MEETS POTENTIAL!

For sale: $550,000 to $590,000 open: Wed 4:00pm to 4:30pm & sat 12:00pm to 12:30pm

Daryl Rayner Director 0411 537 820

For sale: $630,000 to $670,000 open: Wed 3:45pm to 4:15pm & sat 12:00pm to 12:30pm

Mick Whelan Sales Manager 0416 003 505

John Ratnam Sales Consultant 0414 556 517

11/79 cleelanD street

Great two bedroom unit in a neat block close to schools, shops and Dandenong CBD. Features an updated kitchen with meals area, large lounge, separate bathroom, toilet and laundry. Single lock up garage with remote door and security doors.

For sale: $390,000 to $425,000 open: thurs 4:40-5:00pm & sat 10:20-10:40am

Stephen Lamb Sales Consultant 0421 045 460

Jawad Muhammad Sales Consultant 0423 069 117

Unit featuring one large bedroom which can accommodate more than one bed and the lounge has painted boards and an outlook to the front area. There is reverse cycle air conditioning, a carport and shared open space. Let to a great tenant.

For sale: $240,000 to $260,000 open: Wed 4:20-4:40pm & sat 11:00-11:20am

Frank Holohan Senior Consultant

9791 5922

Monday, 14 May, 2018




WE DELIVER... springvale 18 Southdowne CloSe


pasT, presenT,a greaT FUTUre! eleganCe has an entertainment edge at this expansive three-bedroom house. Set on a spacious 633sqm allotment, a large water fountain feature centred in the front garden with a remote control lock-up gate makes a bold statement upon arriving at the home, and inside doesn’t fail to impress. • Updated kitchen w/ stone benchtops & ample storage • Central living area w/ formal dining • Extended rear family living area • Vulcan-ducted heating & cooling & 3 ceiling fans • 3 bedrooms, all w/BIR. A master w/ full ensuite & WIR • A huge fully under covered entertaining area w/ a jacuzzi • Landscaped front/rear gardens • 2 cars lock-up garage • 633sqm approx.

A3B2E2C2 closing DaTe sale (Unless Sold Prior) Tuesday 12-June @ 6:00pm esr Contact agent view Thursday 5:30 - 6:00pm Saturday 2:00 – 2:30pm Photo ID Required conTacT Tommy Nguyen 0431 644 889 Corey (Khoi) Le 0417 311 491 oFFice 363 Springvale Road, Springvale Tel: 03 8581 0999

BerwicK 5 talInga CouRt BeaUTiFUllY granDeUr a distinguished façade nestled in a quiet court location, sets the benchmark in this exquisitely crafted family home. Finished with high-end inclusions, the zoned living floorplan delivers both casual functionality and a formal ambience. • Multiple formal/informal living spaces • Sophisticated kitchen w/ stone benchtops & SS appliances • Theatre room • Home ofice (convertible 5th bedroom) • Master w/ WIR & dual vanity tiled ensuite • Generously sized upstairs kids retreat • Double auto garage w/ rear roller door access • 1,024m2 (approx)

A4B3E1C2 closing DaTe sale (Unless Sold Prior) Tuesday 22-May @ 6:00pm esr $1,100,000-$1,200,000 view Wednesday 5:00-5:30pm Saturday 3:30-4:00pm Photo ID Required conTacT Ozan Kanbur 0403 644 379 Victoria Leav 0499 910 025 oFFice 363 Springvale Road, Springvale Tel: 03 8581 0999

363 Springvale Road, Springvale 4



Monday, 14 May, 2018

8581 0999


springvale 16 LANGI STREET impressive & ConsUmate lUXUrY lifestYle • Open plan living • Designer kitchen with “BLANCO” cooktop/oven • Stone benchtops • Large Porcelain tiles and glass splash backs to wet areas • “Brivis” ducted heating & inverter split systems AC • 3 bedrooms, all w/BIR. A master w/full ensuite & WIR • A low-maintenance front yard with a lawn area

springvale soUtH 23/27-29 GOLDEN GROVE stYlisH, Class & sopHistiCateD Beautifully presented on the first floor security residence within a sought after location of Springvale South presents a stylish, convenient and low maintenance lifestyle opportunity that will appeal to couples, young families, empty nesters and investors alike. • Ducted heating throughout • A “DeLonghi” inverter split system AC’s • A fully appointed kitchen with s/s appliances • Open plan living/dining domain • Intercom access • Massive storage room • Sail covered parking and visitor parking

363 Springvale Road, Springvale

A3B2C2 Closing Date sale (unless Sold Prior) Tuesday 29-mAY @ 6:00pm esr Contact Agent vieW Wednesday 6:00- 6:30pm Saturday 10:00 -10:30am Photo ID Required ContaCt Tommy Nguyen 0431 644 889 Corey (Khoi) Le 0417 311 491 offiCe 363 Springvale Road, Springvale Tel: 03 8581 0999

A2B2C1 aUCtion (unless Sold Prior) Saturday 26th may @ 1:30Pm terms 10% Deposit, Balance 30/60 Days esr $400,000 to $440,000 vieW Wednesday 4:00 - 4:30Pm Saturday 1:00 - 1:30Pm Photo ID Required ContaCt Tommy Nguyen 0431 644 889 Corey (Khoi) Le 0417 311 491 offiCe 363 Springvale Road, Springvale Tel: 03 8581 0999


springvale 207/31B BuCKINGHAm AVE stYlisH, elegant anD sopHistiCateD. • A “Panasonic” inverter split system AC’s • A fully appointed kitchen with s/s appliances • Electric oven • Caesar stone bench top • An informal meals area • A balcony


Doveton 10 mAGNOLIA GROVE stYlisHlY renovateD WitH plans anD permits approveD reaDY to go! • Fully renovated home • 672m2 block • Plans and permits ready to go • Generous lock up garage • Main bathroom with separate WC • Ducted heating and evaporative cooling • Modern downlights

8581 0999

private sale esr Contact Agent vieW By Appointment Photo ID Required ContaCt Tommy Nguyen 0431 644 889 Corey (Khoi) Le 0417 311 491 offiCe 363 Springvale Road, Springvale Tel: 03 8581 0999

private sale esr $600,000-$650,000 vieW Wednesday 5:30 - 6:00pm Saturday 10:30-11am Photo ID Required ContaCt Amit Vazirani 0400 088 304 Corey (Khoi) Le 0417 311 491 offiCe 363 Springvale Road, Springvale Tel: 03 8581 0999 Monday, 14 May, 2018




Keysborough 6/31 Orlando Crescent

Light-filled low maintenance luxury. For auction. Saturday 19 May at 11:30am Perfectly setting the scene for relaxed, low maintenance living. • 4-BRs & 2.5-bathrooms • A choice of living areas • Stunning gourmet kitchen • Premium fixtures & fittings Just moments to shops & the esteemed Sirius, Mount Hira & Haileybury Colleges.

9701 8611 Shop6 Parkmore SC Cheltenham Road Keysborough Inspect Thu 5:00-5.30pm Sat 11:00-11.30am & 2:00-2.30pm Sun 11:00-11.30am & 2:00-2.30pm Omar Sirianni 0402 425 976

Keysborough 13/31 Orlando Crescent

Stress-free style.

For auction. Saturday 19 May at 11am Brand-new & brilliant 3-BR/2 Bath townhouse is parkland setting • Living zone with twin terraces • Stone kitchen and bathrooms • Split system heating & cooling • Alarm, intercom & dbl garage Near shops, Sirius, Mount Hira & Haileybury Colleges & serviced by transport.

F3 G2 H2 9701 8611 Shop6 Parkmore SC Cheltenham Road Keysborough Inspect Thu 5:00-5.30pm Sat 11:00-11.30am & 2:00-2.30pm Sun 11:00-11.30am & 2:00-2.30pm Omar Sirianni 0402 425 976




Monday, 14 May, 2018

WHAT’S ON Book club

Check out chess

The Open Door book club meets monthly. They'll enjoy a cuppa and discuss Me before You by Jojo Moyes at their next catch-up. The Open Door, 110 Ann Street, Dandenong. Monday 21 May, 7pm to 8pm. A gold coin donation is welcome. Call Trish or Jo on 9791 8664 for more information.

The Dandenong Chess club welcomes players of all ages, from novices to grand masters. 16 Balmoral Avenue, Dandenong. Wednesdays, 7pm. Call Paul on 0406 786 242 for more information.



Green thumbs

Introduction to smart phones This free technology workshop will teach the basics of navigating a smart phone with a touch screen. Numbers are limited. Bookings are required. Springvale Library, 411Springvale Library, Springvale. Tuesday 22 May, 9.30am to 11.30am. Call 1300 630 920.


Keysborough artist Hun Lin with his work at Heritage Hill. 180460 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS


Guided imagery meditation

Odile major exhibition It will run across four Dandenong venues and explore dark and light, evil and innocence. Each of the 11 artists involved in the multi-venue display will explore ideas around good and evil and performance and identity. It is best experienced as a self-guided walking tour. Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens, 66 McCrae Street. Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 4pm. Drum Theatre, corner Lonsdale and Walker streets. Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 4pm. Garnar Lane Lightboxes, Garnar Lane. All day, every day. Walker Street Gallery and Arts Centre, corner Walker and Robinson streets. Tuesday to Friday, 11am to 5pm, and Saturday, 11am to 3pm.

National Simultaneous Storytime All pre-school children and their parents/carers are welcome to listen to Hickory Dickory Dash by Tony Wilson and Laura Wood at this free event. Dandenong Library, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong, and Springvale Library, 411 Springvale Road, Springvale. Wednesday 23 May, 11am. Call 1300 630 920 for more information.



Introduction to Facebook Participants can learn about creating their own Facebook profile and connecting with family and friends. This event is free but there are limited spots available. Dandenong Library, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong. Thursday 24 May, 9.30am to 11.30am. Call 1300 630 920.


Runaway Diva This show is replacing Pavarotti - King of the High Cs, which has been cancelled due to illness. Antoinette Halloran will perform melodies from grand opera, operetta and music theatre. Drum Theatre, corner Lonsdale and Walker streets, Dandenong. Thursday 24 May, 10.30am to 11.45am. Tickets from $16. Visit or call 8571 1666.

ficial limb. Presented by Engineers Without Borders. Bookings are essential. Dandenong Library, Level 2, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong. Saturday 26 May, 3pm. Call 1300 630 920 for more information.



Friends of Fotheringham Reserve

The Think Tank: Prosthetic Limb Workshop

This group holds activities on the fourth Sunday of every month, including water watch, planting indigenous seedlings, weed control, seed collecting and nature walks. Fotheringham Reserve, Pyke Street, Dandenong. Sunday 27 May, 10am to noon.

Kids aged 7 to 11 years and a parent or carer will discover an innovative way to make an arti-

The Springvale Garden Club will host Keith and Jenny Smith as guest speakers on camellias. The Senior Citizens Hall, The Crescent, Springvale. Wednesday 16 May, 7.30pm for an 8pm start. The $2 entry fee covers a chance to win a door prize plus a light supper. Call Cheryl Johnson on 9551 3197 for more information.


Participants can take time to relax and focus on their inner life and its sacred meaning. The Open Door, 110 Ann Street, Dandenong. Wednesdays during school terms, 2.30pm to 3pm (followed by a cuppa until 4pm). A gold coin donation is welcome. Call Trish or Jo on 9791 8664 or email au.


Bosom Buddies Nancye Hayes and Todd McKenney will talk about their lives in showbiz - and the music, the stories, the laughs that stopped the show. Drum Theatre, corner Lonsdale and Walker streets, Dandenong. Thursday 17 May, 8pm. Two hours plus interval. Tickets are priced from $59.


Abstract drawing Participants will be encouraged to meditate and rely on instinct to explore abstract drawing. They'll be encouraged to draw with their eyes closed, relying on intuition and a hint of mindfulness. All levels of experience are welcome. All materials will be provided. Benga House at Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens, 66 McCrae Street, Dandenong. Saturday 19 May, 11am to 3pm. $25 or $20 concession. Call 8571 1666 or visit to book.


Watching the neighbourhood The next Greater Dandenong Neighbourhood Watch public forum and information night will feature guest speakers from the Dandenong

and Springvale crime prevention units. Residents are welcome to ask questions. Paddy O'Donoghue Centre, 18-34 Buckley Street, Noble Park. Wednesday 16 May, 7.30pm. Visit or call president Dawn Vernon on 0407 325 030 for more information.


Open art studio Participants can meet with like-minded people to create. They can bring their own art piece to work on, or simple materials will be available. Local artist Lisa Dipilla will be on hand for support. Laurel Lodge at Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens, 66 McCrae Street, Dandenong. Fridays until 29 June, 10.30am to 12.30pm. $10 per class. Call 8571 1666 or visit www. to book a place.


Shaping Greater Dandenong This Dandenong and District Historical Society pop-up exhibition will celebrate the people who've shaped the municipality. It will provide rare insight into the region's waves of migration and the new arrivals that have built the city. Laurel Lodge at Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens, 66 McCrae Street, Dandenong. Until 13 July.


Library art series Video artist Vanessa White will introduce visitors to the tips and tricks of capturing and editing captivating video with a smart phone or video device. The event is free but bookings are preferred. Springvale Library, 411 Springvale Road, Springvale. Tuesday 15 May, 6.30pm to 8pm. Call 9706 8441.


Autumn music and dance event The Aussie Rhythm and Jazz Association will present this autumn celebration featuring The Matrix and catering by REO Kitchen. Keysborough Seniors Club, 352 Cheltenham Road. Keysborough. Saturday 19 May, 7pm until late. Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for children. Call Brian David on 8759 0747 or 0421 983 862, Lew Geer on 9558 1898 or 0437 950 550, Frank Nicholls on 9706 8212, Bernard Bar on 0412 372 566 or Phillip Naronaha on 0406 340 614.


65 TV A




Model X70E

LED LED -- 4K 4K Ultra Ultra HD HD -- High High Dynamic Dynamic Range Range (HDR) (HDR) 65 65 inch inch Smart Smart TV TV



Monday, 14 May, 2018


STAR JOURNAL 21 Trades & Services

PROJECT Dimensions



CALL WAYNE FOR FREE QUOTE • 9769 5432 • 0438 085 075


No job too big or too small Free quote • Compare our prices!


DRAFTING All residential houses, extensions,

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Call James 0419 158 660

V Electricians




0418 172 044 V Concrete Products & Services

V Builders & Building Services

Ring Jim for a free quote 0417 054 198


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Brent 0412 032 846

Aaron Gillard


Garages, Driveways, Pergolas, Paths, etc. OVER 20 COLOURS TO CHOOSE FROM Free Quotes


Ring Gerry: 0431 028 840

• Deckings • Carports • Pergolas • General carpentry

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Jason 1300 644 698

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All electrical works, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial ฀ ฀ ฀฀ ฀ ฀฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀฀ ฀

฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

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฀ ฀ ฀

฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

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l Specia on Pricesers Sleep


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V Floor Services

Andrew Craven Concreting

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0408 585 508, 5998 1127



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Support your local tradesman for ALL your concreting needs!


All Types of Domestic & Commercial Work ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

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Sanding & Polishing Service ❦ Dustless machines ❦ Same day free quotes

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Big Azz Constructions



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yes we can


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Lighting Power Points Phone & Data Hot Water And more...





Footings, garages, v crossings, drives, paths & patios. In plain, colour, slate or stencil. Also plumbing, saw cutting, 3T excavator, bobcat & tip trucks NO JOB TOO BIG OR SMALL


Let us take the worry out of extending your home with over 30 years’ experience




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0404 777 721

Noble Park Electricians g All Pricin t Up-Fron

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Will beat any genuine quote by


STOVES PLUS 9707 0248








• Plans and permits arranged • Bathroom makeovers, window and door replacements, • Internal walls removed, plastering and bricklaying Phone Harry


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NIK Refigeration Service P/L

฀ 1216637-LB06-16

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garages and carports. Phone BARRY 9704 0148 After 6pm 1161589-LB44-14

Pensioner Discount Eftpos Available

Phone 0419 775 259 or 8751 4016

V Drafting


Fully Qualified and Licensed

Prompt and Reliable Service



Palings, Pickets, Colorbond Fences & Gates

9795 4247 0407 324 768

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V Appliance Repairs

• • • •


Pat Ferguson 0417 277 220

V Fencing & Gates



Heating / Evaporative Cooling ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

V Concrete Products & Services



V Builders & Building Services


V Air Conditioning

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Dingley Floor Sanding Sanding & Polishing Services

30 years experience New and Old Floors inc Parquetry Direct Staining, High Gloss & Semi Gloss Finishes Free Measure & Quote - All areas.

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& Maintenance service

Phone Des: 0419 541 719 A.H. 9705 2463 22 STAR JOURNAL


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Commercial & Domestic


QBSA 71256

Extensions - Renovations - Bathroom Refurbs & Shopfitting

Established 1989

V Fencing & Gates

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฀ ฀ ฀

฀ ฀ ฀

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No Job Too Big or Small

Call Joe Anytime: 0427

439 456

ALL TYPES OF GATES & FENCES • Automatic & Sliding • Ballustrading • Pool & Garden Fencing FREE QUOTES

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Hampton Park


0412 301 596 ฀

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Trades & Services

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Free Quote Ph 1300 254 035

9707 5700, 9768 9153


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Berwick 3 Intrepid St




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฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

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Call 0418 576 021 or 9702 9834 Email:





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฀฀ ฀฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ STEPHEN 0418 313 540 A/H FAX: 9707 2230 “MAKE CORNERS, NOT CUT CORNERSâ€? ฀฀

9796 2333

฀ ฀฀


ALMATT HANDYMAN SERVICE ďż˝ Cheapest prices on your small or big jobs around the house ďż˝ 25 Years Experience


V Garde Servi es

Special Prices on: ďż˝ Pergolas ďż˝ Carport ďż˝ Decking ďż˝ Welding ďż˝ Colorbond Fencing and Gates


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M: 0 4 3 0 3 5 3 0 8 0 Ben V Pest Co trol


฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ Fully Insured Lic No: L010655 Call Danny on 0404 777 721



All Brands


r ne io nt! s n u Pe isco D

0420 102 762



section of Network ClassiďŹ eds.

Commercial/Domestic Decking/pergola/driveways ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

Interior/ext High quality Free quote

heating & hot water Trades & Services

Licence No. 21452

All Work Fully Guaranteed

V Heati g

Gas Heating Installation / Repairs Hot Water Service Repair

Contact Steve: 0419 361 253 Fax: 5996 5005 Email:

Mobile: 0412 319 460

9711 5220 or 0420 331 769

Find your Local Professionals in our

ďż˝ Spouting & Downpipe ďż˝ Replacement Specialists ďż˝ Colorbond Colour Selection ďż˝ Supply & Install ďż˝ Professional Advice ďż˝ Free Quotes ďż˝ Compliance Certificate Guaranteed

Master Painter Over 25 Years Experience Free Quotes No Job Too Small Domestic Commercial ฀Wallpapering






฀ ฀

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š?dj[h_eh;nj[h_ehš:ec[ij_Y9ecc[hY_Wb El[h(+o[Whi[nf[h_[dY[ š>ed[ijWdZh[WiedWXb[fh_Y[i



Specialising in Renovation, Carpentry, Rubbish Removal, Pergolas, All types of Plumbing, Tiling, Painting

Quality Guttering Restoration★

Under the Southern Cross

V Pai ters/De orators


Celebrating 41 Years’ Experience in 2017



V Ha dy Perso s


฀ ฀ ฀



V Garage/Garage Doors

i g

SC Guttering

Concrete block and concrete sleepers and timber sleeper retaining walls. t'6--:*/463&%t'3&&2605&4 Phone Bruce at BRK Landscaping 0409 554 459, 9799 4235 &NBJMCSLMBOETDBQJOH!CJHQPOEDPN



• QualiďŹ ed roof tiler • Powerful vacuum cleans any muck inc down pipe • Public Liability & Work cover insurance Over 20 years experience


฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀


Gutter Cleaning

AND STORAGE • Local, Country & Interstate • Antiques & Pianos a speciality • Cartons & Porta-robes for hire or sale • Full packing available

V Plu



V La ds api g


V Gutteri g


V Fur iture Re ovals

Noble Park Plumbers Call Us Today...

g All Pricinnt Up-Fro



Trade in on your old hot water system

Seniors Discounts Writen Guarantees



yes we can

9755 5720



Pre-Winter Gas Ducted Heater Service Specials

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(Terms & Conditions Apply) 12380460-RA10-18

Window Replacements, Mirrors, Splashbacks, Pool Fencing, Shopfronts and Doggy Doors ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀


GREG: 0414 516 050

Cutts Glass

V Plu

i g

Gas Ducted Changeovers Split Systems Ducted Refrig

฀ ฀ ฀


PIC: 38148 REC: 17042 AU: 06212



฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

฀ ฀


฀ ฀ ฀

฀ ฀


฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀




JASON 0419 332 270


• Free Measure & Quotes • Fast Glass Replacements • Splashbacks • Mirrors • Table Tops • Pet Doors Berwick Glass & Glazing Pty Ltd Fax 9705 7955 Factory 7, 4–6 Len Thomas Place, Narre Warren 3805


7 yr warranty duct work & fittings, conditions apply


MARK 0412 027 621










• Septic

0407 356 441 1055315-KG41-12

Call 9077 0135

SPIC & SPAN ROOF RESTORATIONS Repairs Rebedding â—? Resprays

Scott 0432 270 904

• Storm water

Interest fr paym tsee availaen ble

V Roofi g




฀ ฀

฀฀Aluminium Roller Shutters and Security Doors ฀All repairs and services ฀All work guaranteed





Pressure cleaning Flexi pointing

Pensioner Discounts

Deal direct with tradesman. All work guaranteed.

Phone Rob 5996 3823, 0418 306 738 Reg No 082 1317E

9705 7911

Lic. 104391

Global Roller Shutters


24/7 service

• Sewer


฀ ฀ ESTABLISHED 30 YEARS ฀ ฀ STANDARD RATES ON WEEKENDS ฀ ฀ ฀฀฀ ฀ ฀ 7 DAYS 0419 136 181 - 0419 136 151

Respected family business with over 35yrs experience

Sales, Installation and Repairs of all Makes and Models of Heating/ Cooling, Gas, Refrigerated and Evaporative Units.


Free Measure and Quotes all suburbs Email: Website:

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฀ ฀ ฀

฀ ฀

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V Roller Shutters

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Fully insured. Free quotes. All areas. No job too small Call Brett on 0439 990 460



Repairs and service to all brands of Heating systems Â? Refrigeration Â? Washing machine Â? Work guaranteed Â? Pensioner discount

9998 2905 www.Ser


Domestic & Commercial

Phone 9791 8184 27 Riverview Crescent Eumemmerring.







â– General glazing â–  Mirrors & glass cut to size â–  Shower screen glass replacement



Doveton Glass

L009299 Lic 44339

V Plasterers




฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ Mobile 0410 598 443 I 30 Years Experience

V Glass/Glazi g


0412 990 372฀ ฀ Award nomination - Vic 2014, 2015 and 2016. Pest Manager of the Year.




Commercial/Domestic & New/Established Homes

ROOF RESTORATION â˜…ďż˝Replace CleaningRoofs/Gutters/Downpipes Roofs/Gutters/Downpipes ReplaceBroken BrokenTiles Tiles ďż˝â˜…Cleaning ★ Re-Bedding & Pointing ★ Roof Spraying (3 coats acrylic paint) & Pointing ďż˝â˜…Roof â˜…ďż˝10Re-Bedding Year Guarantee FreeSpraying Quote (3 coats acrylic paint) For a freeďż˝quote Free phone Quote Carlos ďż˝ 10 Year Guarantee 10% discount

s Chris: 0410 Ph: 9700 7098 s7098 Carlos: 0414Mob: 393 7000414 435 Ph: 9700 393584700

12381585-LD11-18 G6032580AA-dc24Jun

9998 2596


Call or visit us online! Monday, 14 May, 2018



Professional Services V Bookkeeping


• Guttering Replacements • Downpipes • 20 Colours • Quality Workmanship • All Work Guaranteed • Old Guttering Taken Away • Free Quotes

Oakfern Tree Care /L Pruning Removal Stump Grinding

Fully Insured



NEW RIDGE ROOF RESTORATION ♦ Rebedding & Pointing ♦ Pressure Cleaning ♦ Flexible Pointing ♦ Respraying ♦ Qualified Roof Tiler ♦ Gutter and Facia Replacement ♦ Pensioner Discount ♦ No job too small

Overhanging Trees Pruning / Shaping Tree Removal Hedge Trimming


V Dressmaking

section of Network Classifieds.

General Classifieds



9793 9970 - 0419 514 977


CDL Skip Bin Hire


Rick or Daniel Kruyt


Days A Week!

10 Graham Road

Peter 8759 5168 or 0421 889 988

Clayton South near the end of the street 300m further down from Westall Rd


V Windows

V Adult Services

9703 1530

5995 4344

V Public Notices and Event

Club Eight 8 Yiannis Court Springvale 3171

9574 1666

Dandy Belles

Showroom by appointment 11 Cooper Crt Cranbourne

Special $100 for 30 mins (Tues or Fri 10am-5pm)


17 Maxwell St, Dandenong

V Septic Tanks

Phone 9792 0166

section of Network Classifieds.

Geographic Naming Proposal






V Tiling


Call Matt 0419 561 093 C1092057-JL37-13


Monday, 14 May, 2018



Greater Dandenong City Council PO Box 200 Dandenong Vic 3175

In person:

at Council’s customer service centres in Dandenong, Springvale or Parkmore Shopping Centre

All submissions must be received by Council by close of business on Friday 15 June 2018. If no objections to the new name are received, Council will submit an application seeking adoption of the Council-endorsed name of the reserve (Des Custerson Reserve) to the Office of Geographic Names. Note: If you would like a copy of the locality map for the subject reserve, please contact Lisa Roberts on telephone 8571 5216. Minutes of the 9 April 2018 Council Meeting can be found on Council’s website at

General Classifieds section of Network Classifieds.

5941 2516

Narre Warren, Cranbourne, Berwick

฀ ฀ ฀

฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

Red Lantern

฀ ฀ ฀


9793 2988 9793 2986

Paige or Slim Susie Gorgeous 36yo BBW blonde Classy attractive 40s brunette We visit you 0438 665 032 SWA4133E


Maison D’Amour 33 Graham Rd. Clayton South, VIC 3169. P: (03) 9547 0275

passionate ladies 18+ from $80 SWA7607BE Different Girls Everyday multicultural parlour


$99/30 Min

Outcall Escorts 24/7 9488 4779 swa 4281be

V Firewood

Real Estate V Accommodation


NOBLE PARK Single clean small room in boarding house. Suit mature quiet male. No drugs. Must be working or old age pensioner. $120pw. Call 0412 394 334. ROOMS AVAILABLE, Single rooms. Gents only. 48 Hammond Road/45 Hemmings Street, Dandenong. Call John, mobile: 0417 336 906.

V Houses & Units For Sale

NEED TO SELL YOUR HOUSE? Investor looking for houses in local area. No fees. Call Dave 0428 678 489.

Find it in the

Real Estate section of Network Classifieds.

V To Let

Dry split Red Gum $350 per ton. Dry split Yellow box $350 per ton. Split Mallee Stumps $450 per ton. Mountain Ash $300 per ton.

Free delivery in the Dandenong metro area.

Ph: 9706 4685/0419 304 555

Tuesday and Thursday New Multi-Cultural Girls Everyday $20 OFF BOOKING OVER 45MINS Every Sunday and Monday Open 7 Days 10am – Late


★ NO BOND ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Singles Cabin - Bed Sitter (incl Kitchen) Caravans (ensuite) Caravans (no ensuite) Quiet secure park Close all facilities

Ph 9546 9587 Office Hours Mon-Sat 8am-6pm. Sunday 10am-4pm 870 Princes Highway, Springvale

9798 8615 142 Bridge Road, Keysborough swa11177b G6781173AA-dc23Apr

30% OFF THIS WEEK 0409 888 228

In conjunction with Council’s resolution of 9 April 2018 and the Naming rules for places in Victoria – Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities – 2016, members of the public can provide feedback on the proposed new name. Any submissions should be marked to the attention of the Manager Governance and submitted through one of the following methods:

For further information, call 136 186 or visit

Mel 95 E3, 7days



New rules apply to the advertising of dogs and cats for sale. It is now an offence to advertise the sale of a dog or cat unless the microchip identification number of the animal is included in the advertisement or notice. A registered domestic animal business may use its Council business registration number as an alternative.


48 Davies Avenue, Sunshine North 9364 0770 SWA6566B



1300 859 829 - 0407 356 441


$38 Metre

Open 7 days

17 Nicole Way Dandenong South



V Pets & Services


SWA 3702BE

At its Council meeting of 9 April 2018, Greater Dandenong City Council endorsed a new place name for the reserve currently located at 27-35 Dawn Avenue, Dandenong (currently known as Dawn Reserve). Council is proposing to name the reserve ‘Des Custerson Reserve’ after well known, local identity Des Custerson who lived and worked in the area for over 25 years. With his wife Maureen, Des founded the Chubbies dance band and raised money for organisations across Victoria. He also had a long association with both the St Mary’s Parish and Dandenong Football Clubs.

RELAXATION MASSAGE Monday Saturday. 10am-7pm. Phone 0412 628 856.

10 metre loads


More new ladies

Reserve – 27-35 Dawn Avenue, Dandenong (currently known as Dawn Reserve)


MY SPACE - FULL BODY CARE Full body relaxation massage by young and mature asian female therapist. Shower facility. Vanity Crt, Room 33, 249 Lonsdale St, Dandenong. Katie 0402 420 986. 0431 156 192. Open 7 days.




General Notices

Screened, best quality, blended, suitable lawns and garden beds.


Open 7 days SWA9307BE

Member HIA and MBA


Window Replacement Service Timber or Aluminium Windows Free Measure and quote

• Steel Doors • Window Grilles • Stainless Steel Doors • Showers • Aluminium Doors • Fly Screens FRESUERE MEA OTES & QU

ADVERTISERS, in this section are qualified practitioners and offer non-sexual services.


V Adult Services

$60 Rainbow Dolls $100/ Relax


V Security & Screen Doors

V Massage Therapists

V Garden/ Outdoor

9546 6444


7 days a week


Heng Heng Bin Hire Various bin sizes 2m 3m 4m 5m 6m Call Thai 0411 457 777 or 0411 457 778

FIXING Computer Issues and Services. 14 days work guarantee. No hourly rate. Hardship Discount Available. Dandenong and Neighbouring Suburbs. Phone: 0424 943 881 www.GP (weekends only)



Hot Special Discount

ALL HOURS, On site computer repairs, upgrades, software, internet and networks. For small businesses and home users. Reliable service. Phone Ian: 9799 8884.

Magic Hands

0409 14 15 19

CLAIRVOYANT Medium, M.L. Djabi, With African Super Magic I can help, regardless of how serious or difficult to solve your problem is. Love, health, business, work, family problems, union of couples, spiritual ailments, impotence, vices, luck prevision and future, house and business cleanings, remote work by mail, phone, etc. Considered one of the best professionals, 0415 583 694 Dandenong area.

V Computer Repairs



Offer bin sizes: 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m

V Adult Services

Pruning & Removal of Trees & Shrubs Stump Removal Hedges Mulching & Mulch Sales Full Insurance Cover


12386255-DJ19-18 12339630-PB07-17




ABN 20 410 687 524

Autumn Special



Find it in the

DESIGNER DRESSMAKER, Experienced and specialising in bridal evening wear. Any shape or style. 9546 4067. 0419 507 680.

TREE SERVICE V Rubbish Removal

section of Network Classifieds.



9700 1899 - 0439 931 138

ASTROLOGY - The One & Only Astrologer who provides a written Report (approximately 50 Pages) The Readings & Report covers all these aspects of life: personality, wealth, land, education, children, diseases, enemies, obstacles, marriage, profession, remedies, lucky No. Contact: yourastrologypartner@ - Mob 0402 482 037. Facebook-Your Astrology Partner



by Horizon Plumbing Pty Ltd.

Real Estate

Call 0404 855 543

Phone Geoff 0418 340 825

Andy 0414 477 121

HOUSE CLEANING, $25-30/hr, ironing, baby sitting, motel cleaning, reasonable rates, European lady, 0419 802 192.

Buy, Rent & Sell in our

Quick & efficient Myob Specialist

V Home Services



V Clairvoyant /Psychic

Need to get your books up to date?



V Tree Lopping/Surgery C316291-KK18-5

V Roofing

General Classifieds


Trades & Services

Caravan & Cabin Park

V For Sale

Paradise 47 Glendale Ave, Hastings Prices Discounted

5979 3066 7 days till late


Phone - 1300 Escort 1300 372 678. 24hrs/7 days. swa4281be.

LIGHTHOUSE Food Carers Saturdays 10am - 12:30pm 927 Springvale Rd Keysborough for Free Food Parcels.

V Garage Sales

Find your Local Specialist in our

Professional Services section of Network Classifieds.

MOVING HOUSE Dandenong. 22 Suzanne Street. Sat 19th and Sun 20th of May. 9am-6pm. Household, tools, building and furniture items etc.




Place your ad in print and online

V Positions Vacant

V Positions Vacant

V Training And Development

Gov’t Funded Courses in Noble Park Start Immediately…Evening courses available… *Eligibility Criteria applies for the funding

1.*CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support 2.*CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support 3.*CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability 4. HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance (self fund) 12383428-EPJ14-18

Join the Team! Melbourne Open Recruitment Days Consider a career with Beaurepaires? We are currently seeking experienced people in the Tyre industry who are seeking full and part time positions that are on offer, for Tyre Fitters and Mechanics.



No experience required. Duct manufacturing. Immediate start. Training available. Dandenong South area. Email resume to:

V Positions Vacant

ABRASIVE/SAND BLASTER Must have experience in blasting tankers and trailers. Must be reliable. Excellent wages for the right person. Dandenong area. 9706 5706


Electrician Our vastly and rapidly growing business is looking for “A Grade Electricians” to work in numerous electrical projects. We take pride in delivering projects with highest level of SAFETY. QUALITY and COMMITMENT. If you are an individual with a winning attitude, and have an “A grade electrical license” with minimum of 2 years’ experience, you are eligible to apply for this position. To be a successful applicant, you will be required to provide the below documents ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ experience as an Electrician in the Construction industry. ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ Excavator Operators & laborers We also currently looking for experienced Excavator Operators and Laborers to carry out civil related activities. Successful applicants will require carrying out an array of tasks, should have the ability and the attitude to work in a team environment. Individuals should at least have 2 years experience and should hold a valid Victorian Drivers License. ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ above positions. All individuals should be eligible to work a minimum of 40 hours ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀฀ rights to work in Australia. ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ advantage. White card is a must for both occupations. If interested please send your resume to on or before 25th May 2018 ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ and experienced individuals that offer an excellent work culture and the ability to work on a range of diverse projects.

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ADMIN CLERK Temporary Casual Position We are looking for an enthusiastic person who has good customer service skills, reliable and honest. Duties include reception, knowledge of MYOB. Position is for 4 weeks only. Successful person must have Police Check and Driver's Licence. Please send resumes to:


Gathercole’s The Meat People Must be physically fit, some heavy lifting required. Apply in person between 10am & 2pm Monday to Friday. 1 Learmonth Rd Carrum



Ph: 9794 6040

Approximately 20-25 hours per week

Based in Hallam

TANDEM TRUCK DRIVER FULL TIME & CASUAL POSITIONS for Tandem Quarry/ Asphalt deliveries. Must have Tipper and Road Ranger experience. Quarry experience preferred.

Call Steve 0417 399 539

Loading and unloading service vehicles Decanting, washing and preparation of sanitary and nappy units General warehouse ‘housekeeping’ duties Please submit your expression of interest via email to: or mail to:

Telephone enquiries to: 03 51446059 Applications accepted till 5pm, 31st May 2018

TRADES ASSISTANT No experience required. Steel Manufacturing company. Immediate start. Training will be provided. Dandenong South. Email resume to:

General Real Estate Notices Buy, Rent & Sell in the

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500 CASH


JAYCO POP-UP Caravan 1998 14ft. Second owner, limited usage, clean, air con, heating, support mattress, 2 Portapotties with tent, always undercover. $12,000 neg. Ph: 0407 114 328

For Any Old Car TODAY

9798 3364 LMCT 10227 V Caravans & Trailers

JAYCO 16'6" Pop-top Caravan. Excellent condition - suit new van buyer. Very comfortable inner-spring mattress. Plenty of storage, including 150 litre, 3-way refrigerator. No shower, toilet or air conditioner. Includes many extras. Rubber ground mat & tarpaulin to fit awning. Complete Hayman Reese towing kit & level rides. Water & waste hoses. Two x 15 metre, 15 Amp, 240 volt electric leads. Hydraulic jack. Includes crockery, cutlery, saucepans & cooking utensils, electric fry pan, microwave oven, toaster, sandwich maker, heater, small electric fan, small portable TV with antenna and a whole lot more! Square tubular steel rear bumper bar. Excellent tyres. Reg to Sept 2018. $23,450. Enquiries (03) 5918 0425. Location Pakenham.

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Forklift license required

Karen Cashman Medico Waste & Hygiene Services P.O. Box 1455 Sale, 3850.

Old Cars Removed

V Caravans & Trailers

Duties include, but not limited to:

DRIVER / MEAT LUMPER Gathercole’s The Meat People Seeking a reliable Driver for early mornings, MR/ HR license essential. Will train successful applicant Apply in person between 10am & 2pm Monday to Friday. 1 Learmonth Rd Carrum (03) 9772 7011

Haymes Paint are currently recruiting for a Paint Sales Assistant in our Dandenong store. The role is offered on a full time basis working shifts across a six-day roster (Monday – Saturday). On the job training and the opportunity to learn about the Haymes Paint product range will be provided. The successful candidate will have experience in a similar role, working with retail and trade customers. The position involves a range of duties including: ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ products and accessories ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ customers ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ (drivers licence required) ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ house keeping To be successful in this role the candidate should be able to demonstrate: ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ application ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ service ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ the friendly team at Haymes we encourage you to apply. ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

Local Hygiene Company seeks Casual Warehouse Staff for immediate commencement

V Caravans & Trailers


Paint Sales Assistant - Dandenong

Full time positions. Dandenong area. Must be reliable. Immediate start.


Immediate positions for A grade electricians, Excavator operators and labourers required


Staff Wanted



SERVICE CENTRE NOW OPEN All service and repairs Insurance work welcome 12388019-ACM21-18

or apply online at


Must have HR licence and furniture removal experience. Well presented, honest & hard working. Please contact Diana Hunter 03 9707 5700 Or email: admin@leighhunterremovals

section of Network Classifieds.

3 Carmart Way, Pakenham



Furniture Removalist/Driver

1300 654 910



V Positions Vacant

Call us on


RTO NO: 22355

Buy & Sell in our

V Auto Services/ Repair or call 1300 Ventura

Make Extra $$$ in your spare time to support your income or for fitness, by becoming a reliable and enthusiastic independent distributor delivering local newspapers and leaflets in your local neighbourhood.

What we will provide for you; ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ Alcohol test as part of the recruitment process, and you must have a current valid driver’s license too.

Training available for successful candidates

Walkers Wanted

Training delivered with Victorian & Commonwealth Gov’t Funding

So If this sounds like you, call Michael on 0478 315 668 to confirm your preferred time.


We are looking for motivated individuals who; ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ locations ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ Beaurepaires - Dandenong: 8-4 pm ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀฀฀ ฀฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀฀฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀฀฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀

Full Time & Casual - Dandenong

PH: 9356 4646 Mob: 041 437 6163



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MITSUBISHI 2014 ASX XLS 2WD. One owner, 55,700kms, under warranty til 25/07/2019. Lightning Blue, immaculate condition. Top of the range plus extra's. $18,950 neg. Registration (1MU-6PW). Telephone: 0419 894 014.

Monday, 14 May, 2018




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Jordyn leads from front By Hayley Wildes Jordyn Allen's football talent is unquestioned. She's got the smarts and skills, but her hard work and determination is what took her game to the next level for Dandenong in the 2018 TAC Cup Girls season. There's no doubt that her complete game makes her a tantalising prospect for AFLW recruiters. Matthew Crozier, the Stingrays' female operations talent coordinator, talked about Allen's season and the way in which she led from the front. "Jordyn's season has been fantastic," he said. "Her leadership, not only leading with voice, but by example across half back, I think it's been something that a lot of teams have really struggled to try to hold her down in the games. "She's taken her professionalism to the next level this year and really taken it in her stride, especially with her being a leader around the club - she's taken the other girls under her wing." Being a leader is something that Allen has worked on continuously. "I really pride myself on my leadership and it's something that I do work on and something that I think is invaluable in terms of an off-field and on-field characteristic." Allen said. Allen, who was a rock across half back for the Rays, sees the game like few others and is able to intercept and disrupt many opposition attacking forays because of that. Allen said she worked on many facets of her game over the pre-season, but one area in particular helped her this season. "I've really tried to focus on my first five explosive steps. I'd heard that my pace was something that, whilst it wasn't impeding on my game, was something that I could definite-

ly develop to add to my game." Allen said. It showed. Her ability to burst through packs and use her sublime skills - by foot or hand - caused headaches for the opposition. Despite the Stingrays slow start to the season, in which they lost their first five games, they came home with a wet sail and put wins on the board in recent weeks. Allen talked about the season as a whole and the reward for effort in getting some wins on the board. "It's always good to get a win and to finish off as strong as we have has been fantastic. We weren't far off in the first couple of games, but we've been able to piece it together in the last three or four weeks." She said. Allen represented Victoria Country in 2017. They claimed the AFL Women's U18 Championship and Allen was named in the All-Australian squad at half back. Looking back on that, Allen enjoyed the experience of working with, and learning from, new people. "It was a really successful carnival last year and it was an awesome bunch of girls to play with." She said. "To get the win was one thing, but to work with so many awesome people; coaches, staff and players that was what really capped it off." She'll be looking to do that all again in 2018 after being named in the initial Victoria Country squad last week. Vic Country and Vic Metro will face off on June 16, before heading to the Gold Coast from July 9-13 for their remaining matches of the Championships. With the TAC Cup Girls season now over, Allen's focus switches to VFLW where she will be lining up for the Casey Demons.

Jordyn Allen fires out a handball. 166487

Saint Geary puts Bulls through paces Patterson Cheney Toyota teamed up last week with the Noble Park Football Club Juniors to celebrate Toyota's 'Good for Footy' program. St Kilda captain Jarryn Geary joined over 250 junior players, and volunteers from Patterson Cheney Toyota in the grassroots initiative, which allows Toyota dealers an opportunity to give back to their local communities by providing financial support for their local football club, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for fans to get up close and personal with AFL stars. Patterson Cheney has been a proud sponsor of the 'Good for Footy' program since it started in 2005 and has always made the occasion one to remember for local kids. Geary ran a series of training drills at Noble Park last week, in addition to having a chat about his AFL career. As part of the 'Good for Footy' initiative, metropolitan and regional Toyota dealers support local clubs through sponsorship and other promotional activities. Funding goes to-

St Kilda captain Jarryn Geary (centre) with Harley Caruana and Cody Murphy from the Noble Park under-15s. 180281 Picture: GARY SISSONS wards a range of club needs, such as ground improvements, clubroom renovations, training equipment, uniforms, medical supplies,

and improving the overall playing and training environment. "Toyota's 'Good for Footy' initiative has been growing over the past 13 years, the same length of time we have been supporting the Noble Park Junior Football Club," said Patterson Cheney sales manager Joel Dabrera. "We're committed to leading community involvement and we see this as a perfect opportunity to be part of our wonderful community. "This year we chose Noble Park Juniors to host 'Good for Footy' due to their dedication towards this great game, and the support they have provided to the local community." On the night last Wednesday at Noble Park Reserve on Moodemere Street, there was a range of activities on offer including a rock climbing wall, rides, and footy games in addition to giveaways and live entertainment. There was also a barbecue for all the mums and dads in attendance, while SEN radio broadcasted live crosses throughout the night.


Coach’s call In great news for Dandenong Rangers fans, Larissa Anderson has re-signed as Head Coach for the 2018-19 WNBL season. Anderson has been at the helm since the 2015/16 WNBL season and led the Rangers to the Grand Final series in 2016/17. According to a statement released by Dandenong Basketball, CEO Graeme Allen is confident Anderson will lead the team back to the finals in 2019. "Both the DBA board and I have been pleased with Larissa's impact on our program over the past three years." He said. "While the previous season was a difficult one filled with multiple injuries, Larissa's resigning will provide us with the stability our program needs to get back to where we want it to be in WNBL19." The Rangers have already announced the re-signings of Tessa Lavey, Bec Pizzey and Kiera Rowe and with the season set to tip off in October, there is plenty to look forward to.




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Rays rush past the Ranges By Hayley Wildes

Stingray Reid Nanscawen bursts away from an Eastern Ranges opponent. 180742 Three goals to none in the final quarter saw the Rays run out 52-point winners, 13.13 (91) to 6.3 (39). Six unanswered goals to finish the game once again showcased Dandenong’s ability to run over opponents. Hustwaite and Young led from the front, while Jake Frawley was also impressive all day.

Picture: ROB CAREW

Bailey Schmidt, Matthew Cottrell (two goals each) and Corey Ellison (three goals) were dangerous up forward and converted when it mattered most. The Rays ability to respond when they were challenged in the third quarter was the highlight of the day. It wasn’t just the stars who

A rampaging Rowville dominates Knox By Hayley Wildes Rowville recorded a resounding Eastern Football League Division 1 win over Knox on Saturday, 26.16 (172) to 4.11 (35). Mark Seedsman and Michael Sikora were sublime for the Hawks. Lachlan McDonald (five goals) was prominent up forward. Noble Park were no match for Vermont, falling 7.12 (54) to 18.9 (117). Ryan Morrison and Luke Nelson were valiant for Noble Park. In Division 2 of the Southern Football League, Keysborough remain undefeated, taking care of Hampton, 12.10 (82) to 5.12 (42). Adam Machnikowski was best for the Burras, while Chris Bryan (four gaols) was dangerous. The Doveton Eagles also kept their unbeaten season alive with a win over Highett, 13.19 (97) to 9.5 (59). After a terribly slow start, which saw Highett race to a 28-point lead at quarter time, the

Eagles booted 6 goals to none in the second to take a 12-point lead into the main break. Matt Neve and Nicholas Beer were best afield for the Eagles. In Division 3, Hallam came roaring home, but it wasn’t enough as South Yarra claimed the win, 9.11 (65) to 8.7 (55). Rory McIvor and Dion Cavallo were best for the Hawks. Endeavour Hills were in the contest all day, but Ashwood claimed a 6.13 (49) to 5.7 (37) win. Sam McLean was impressive for Endeavour Hills. Springvale Districts were too strong for Black Rock, running out 10.12 (72) to 2.4 (16) winners. Sam Raru and Stafan Feehan booted four goals each for Springvale Districts. Hampton Park was wasteful, but it mattered little as the Redbacks demolished Heatherton, 9.16 (70) to 1.3 (9). Daniel Boudoloh and Mitchell Hill were pivotal for the Redbacks. Sandown was overrun by Cerebus in Divi-

stood up either - the total team effort was simply too much for the Eastern Ranges. Next up, Round 7 presents an immense challenge to the Rays. A first versus second battle against the Murray Bushrangers, who also possess a 5-1 record, in Craigieburn on Saturday afternoon is a mouth-watering match-up.



sion 4, falling 5.10 (40) to 8.13 (61). The Cobras were led by Nathan Isles and Aaron Woods. Dandenong put up a valiant fourth quarter effort but couldn’t chase down Lyndhurst, falling 9.9 (63) to 10.17 (77). Michael Scott, Jayke Hopkins and Nicholas Ford battled hard. Lyndale had no answers for Carrum Patterson Lakes. The Pumas fell behind early and couldn’t get back in the game, falling 6.6 (42) to 12.12 (84). In Division 2 of the VAFA, St Johns were soundly beaten by Old Paradians, 4.17 (41) to 16.13 (109). Keith Ash and Brendan Ash were best, but inaccurate kicking was the story of the day for St Johns. The Stingrays finished their TAC Cup Girls season on a high with their fourth in a row. Dandenong were dominant after quarter time against the Bendigo Pioneers, running out 10.8 (68) to 1.2 (8) winners. Courtney Jones and Isabella Shannon were best afield for the Rays.


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INCLUDING: INCLUDING: • Engine oil change 5 Ltr

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• Check transmission oil level ••฀Check฀transmission฀oil฀level Check differential oil level ••฀Check฀differential฀oil฀level Inspect fuel lines • Grease front end ••฀Inspect฀fuel฀lines Check all tyres ••฀Grease฀front฀end Inspect brake pads and discs • Inspect front & rear suspension ••฀Check฀all฀tyres Inspect steering system • Inspect exhaust system ••฀Inspect฀brake฀pads฀and฀discs Inspect all seat belts ••฀Inspect฀front฀&฀rear฀suspension Check all lights • Road test

1124822-CB12-14 12372494-ACM47-17

The Stingrays remain on top of the TAC Cup ladder with a 5-1 record after a dominant win over the Eastern Ranges at Shepley Oval on Saturday afternoon. The Ranges got off to a flying start, kicking the first goal of the game, but the Rays responded by kicking five of the next six majors. First quarter goals to Jake Frawley and Corey Ellison were critical in helping the Rays stay well within reach early and they went into quarter time with a two-point lead. After a tight first quarter, the Rays lifted their intensity in the second quarter and an early goal to Bailey Schmidt set the wheels in motion. Whilst the Rays were controlling the play and locked the ball in their forward half, they were wasteful in front of goal, scoring three behinds before a Lachlan McDonnell major finally rewarded the hard work being done higher up the ground. Bailey Williams and Matthew Cottrell both slotted majors in the second half of the quarter to give the Rays a 22-point half time lead. To the Ranges credit, they came out firing after half time and kicked the first two goals of the third to cut the lead to just 10 points. When Riley Smith launched a long bomb for the Ranges sixth goal, it looked like the game was set up for a thrilling final 40 minutes of play. The Rays had other ideas though. Three goals in quick succession in the final minutes of the quarter had the Rays on top by 30 points at the final change. This late quarter burst zapped the energy and flair out of their Ranges opponents. Campbell Hustwaite and Hayden Young were asserting themselves on the contest as their composure and sublime skills shone through in the clinches.

•฀Inspect฀steering฀system •฀Inspect฀exhaust฀system •฀Inspect฀all฀seat฀belts •฀Check฀all฀lights •฀Road฀test

*4WD, vans, 8cyl, special oil & imported vehicles may cost extra st



n r2





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Indoor Beach Volleyball Social Competitions FOR ALL AGES AND LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE Indoor Beach Volleyball Mixed,฀Men’s฀and฀Women’s฀teams฀฀•฀฀Teams฀of฀Pairs:฀Wed฀&฀Fri฀Evenings Teams฀of฀Fours:฀Tue฀to฀Thurs฀Evenings

State฀Volleyball฀Centre฀270฀Stud฀Rd฀Dandenong฀North PH:฀9794฀0009

Dandenong Stadium - 270 Stud Road Dandenong 3175 Phone: 9794 7192

Open Mon – Sun 9am – 11pm Monday, 14 May, 2018



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EHD Star Journal - 14th May 2018  
EHD Star Journal - 14th May 2018