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LEAVES IN YOUR GUTTERS? Protect your home against fire and flooding Install AllClear Leafguard made from Colorbond® Steel There is a Colorbond® product on the market AllClear Leafguard that can save you all the hassles regarding leaves blocking your gutters and creating a fire hazard.

AllClear Leafguard is made of Colorbond® steel, the same material as your gutters - so it won’t melt in fire or perish and become brittle. It stops embers and burning leaves getting under the roof.

AllClear Leafguard made from Colorbond® steel has many benefits, including protecting and prolonging the life of your gutters.

When there are no leaves on the roof or in the gutter there is nothing to burn so the embers just sit and then go out.

Gone are the days of spending hours of your valuable weekend time up on a ladder cleaning your gutters by hand. AllClear Leafguard will do the job for you. By keeping your gutters clear of leaves, it will stop any overflowing which causes water damage to your home and will ensure gutters last years longer.

Fire prone areas are being urged to get their gutters fitted with metal leafguards to protect against potential bush fires.

AllClear Leafguard is secured under your tile or iron roof and to the front of your guttering. When the Leafguard is in place it cannot be seen from the ground, so it does not ruin the appearance of your roof. AllClear Leafguard is designed especially for the collection of clean water for rain water tanks. The best

way to save our valuable water is to have leaf and debris free gutters to stop the overflow and flooding. The gutters are still able to be flushed and cleaned if necessary to ensure clean and hygienic tank water all year round. The problem of bushfires is always upon us and there is a pressing need for home owners to protect their properties as best they can in the event of fire. One of the ways home owners can be prepared is by ensuring their gutters are free of leaves and debris that could easily catch on fire, leading the flames to the body of your home.

The Australian made AllClear Leafguard has proved extremely successful over the years being recognised as the more superior Leafguard on the market in Victoria, NSW, SA, QLD, WA and TAS. AllClear staff have been trained in all aspects of leaf and gutter problems to help bring this amazing product to you. We are available to give obligation free quotes and good advice by calling Allclear Leafguard & Gutter on freecall 1800 426 607 local number 9813 3331.



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• Prevent the risk of ladder falls • Made from Colorbond® Steel • No unsightly appearance • Prolongs life of gutters


• Keeps birds and vermin out

FREECALL 1800 426 607 FREECALL Local Number 1800 426 607 03 9813 3331 Call for a local representative to give a Free Quote!

• Never clean your gutters again • Protect from ember attack • Fits under tiled or iron roof



• Local and country service G6597289AA-270214

Mail - Ferntree Gully Mail - 01st April 2014  
Mail - Ferntree Gully Mail - 01st April 2014