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Our motto is that we’re the trusted name in real estate, it’s been our motto since we started and it still stands...




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Cover Burbank’s Jarrod and Eddie Sanfilippo. Picture MATHEW LYNN



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ISSN 1837-9869

9 123456 789013







ISSN 1837-9869

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WINNING WAYS CAN you smell that? No, it’s not the smell of Spring in the air. It’s the smell of victory. It’s awards season! Sally Pearson is clearing hurdles, Anna Meares is flying around velodromes and of course, the Wyndham and Hobsons Bay City Councils recently wrapped up their business awards. The latter two’s ceremonies weren’t held in London but by no means were they any less enjoyable, with some of the finest businessmen and women in the West earning recognition for their efforts over the last 12 months. The Wyndham awards were held in early August with Plum Heating and Cooling taking out the gong for Business of the Year. The business has been operating out of Point Cook for more than 20 years. The Hobsons Bay awards were held on September 7 with the big award taken out by the Burbank Group. I must admit up until a few years ago I was relatively unaware of council-run business awards. Now I am all too aware of their significance when it comes to recognising the hard work and talent of local businesses. The benefits of earning a business award are two-fold; the publicity surrounding the events and the flow on effects to customers and subsequently revenue cannot be underestimated. But just as important is the sense of recognition finalists and winners receive. In any business regardless of size, positive feedback is all too rare. Whether it be a multi-million dollar nationwide manufacturer or a start-up café, too often it is the naysayers who are the loudest.

The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more… JONAS SALK

So receiving a firm nod of approval from your council and fellow business leaders should not only be welcomed with open arms but savoured. From everyone at Business West, we congratulate all award winners and finalists. But remember don’t just rest on your laurels. As Jonas Salk (the man who discovered the polio vaccine) once said: The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more. [BW]

Tim Doutré Business West Editor

Madgwicks Lawyers - providing business legal services to the West since 1973 BPW Transpec Managing Director Alfred Unger and Madgwicks Managing Partner and Chairman of BPW Transpec, Peter Kennedy standing in front of BPW truck trailer axles ready to be fitted with brakes at BPW Transpec’s factory in Laverton. Madgwicks | Level 33, 140 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000 | T: +61 3 9242 4744 1039622-KG29-12



BUSiNESS PROFiLE look after mining, they look after industry – but the events industry is a bit of a grey, fluffy cloud, and no-one knows where to put it. “There was nowhere for anyone in the events industry to go, apart from the regulators, to say ‘am I doing this right?’ “People are a bit nervous to go to WorkSafe… because then they feel like they’re on the radar, and unfortunately that does often happen.” The idea behind Beaspoke Safety, she said, was to set up a one-stop shop. The team, which consists of herself, righthand man James Laity and a team of casual safety officers, can work on site at an event, or train event staff to do it themselves.

EVENT SPECiALiSTS Beaspoke Safety’s Bea Tomlin and James Laity. Picture: KRISTIAN SCOTT BY CHARLENE MACAULAY BEA Tomlin knows events can be disasters waiting to happen. Whether it’s the school fete, the AFL Grand Final parade or royalty coming to visit, there’s a million things that can – and do – go wrong, unless you take the necessary precautions. The problem is, there is no specific legislative framework governing the major events industry, and event organisers that are keen to implement health and safety regulations don’t know where to start. This is where Ms Tomlin comes in. Ms Tomlin, who has more than 10 years’ experience in Safety Management within the

events and exhibition industry and 16 years in Event Management and Production, runs Beaspoke Safety, a Kensington business that helps event professionals progress through the minefield of acts, regulations, codes of practice and standards and turn it into a working model for festivals and events. She started up the practice in 2010 after moving to Australia from the U.K., having covered events like London Fashion Week. “When I came here, I saw that no-one was really looking after the events industry,” Ms Tomlin told Business West. “In terms of regulators and stuff like that, they look after the construction industry, they

Beaspoke also circulates a regular safety e-newsletter, plus Twitter and Facebook safety updates, to keep the industry in the loop and on the ball. Beaspoke has covered a range of highprofile events across Australia, such as the Sydney Boat Show, the AFL Grand Final street parade, the Melbourne Cup parade, the World Cycling Championships, the Queen’s visit to Royal Children’s Hospital and Federation Square, Oprah coming to Melbourne and Cadel Evans’ homecoming. In this industry, you’re only as good as your last gig, and Ms Tomlin works hard to ensure that Beaspoke delivers. “The feedback we get from our clients is that ‘thank God you’re here’ sort of thing, because people don’t know what they’re supposed to know. In the events industry, there is so much legislation that is relevant. Most don’t know where to start.” But Ms Tomlin wants to make one thing clear: she is not the fun police. “Our safety officers all have to have an understanding of the events industry, because if we just sent out a safety person, they wouldn’t get anywhere.” [BW]

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Stereo 974’s radio history commenced in 1978. A Community Broadcaster with a potential audience of well over 810,000 in the Western Suburbs alone, our FM broadcast covers the Melbourne Metro area and beyond on 97.4FM and streaming online at in high quality stereo. With 12 different language programs 64 hours a week, the other 104 - we just play Melbourne’s ONLY Hottest Country Music. For advertising, contact

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John Paige Station Manager

0409 941 182 BUSiNESS WEST



SUSTAiNABLE WORK BY CHARLENE MACAULAY GREEN jobs are the future. So says the WPC Group, which is targeting the green economy to address high youth unemployment in the West and across Australia. The WPC Group, which specialises in the employment and training of apprentices and trainees, is tackling both issues in its Green Skills program, which puts youths to work in a range of environmentally-friendly and sustainable positions. But with their partnerships with Nissan, Mercedes Benz, VISY, Victoria University and a range of councils, they’re not necessarily the jobs that might spring to mind. WPC CEO Nicholas Wyman told Business West that the program focused on green skills rather than green jobs, because green skills and practices could be embedded in any and every job, company and organisation. “Green skills are innovative skills that will be needed to adapt to climate change; reduce carbon emissions, and offer products and services that allow people and organisations to reduce their environmental footprint,” he said. “Traditionally, when people have thought about green skills, they’ve thought about renewable energy, water management, environmental remediation.

“But green skills are needed – in building and construction, in transport, in manufacturing and primary industry, in tourism and hospitality, in public administration.”

common in the workplace,” Mr Luxford said.

Mr Wyman said that the WPC group had about 150 Green Skills apprentices across Victoria in a range of “light green” and “dark green” jobs.

coming from that is developing an internal

About 130 of those are in the “light green” category, which includes work that is not necessarily classed as green but includes a sustainability element.

“Two years ago, we adopted our Green House Action Plan, and one of the actions green team to push initiatives such as recycling and using our organic waste bins and cycling to work. “The green team are designed to change behaviours in the workplace, plus we have some bigger initiatives to try and create more

The rest are in “dark green jobs”, including solar panel installers, water technology operators, jobs where the entire training package have a strong sustainability of environmental focus.

sustainable buildings, retro fitting buildings

Nineteen-year-old Renee Habib is one of the light green trainees.

need to be thinking green.

Ms Habib, who is completing a 12-month traineeship at Melton Shire Council while studying for a Certificate III in Business, has incorporated sustainability modules in her course to help the council think green.

with more energy sustainable lighting.” Mr Wyman said Melton Shire Council was proof that no matter what your business is, you “If you’re a painter, you won’t get a contract anymore to paint a commercial building unless you can demonstrate that you’re able to dispose of the paint products in a sensible way. If you’re in the automotive business,

“I love it. It’s a good working environment and the work is interesting,” Ms Habib said.

you need to show now that you’re going to

Melton Shire’s manager of business and sustainability Brett Luxford said Ms Habib’s sustainability modules complemented the work the council was doing.

it goes.

“Sustainability is becoming much more

dispose of waste products responsibly, and on “Every business, whether they want to do it or not, has a sustainability component in it.” [BW]

tracy group 90./;7(;/>(@90./;7,9:6590./;16)

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GREEN SKILLS Melton Shire Council trainee Renee Habib is doing sustainability modules in her Certificate III in Business Picture: DAMJAN JANEVSKI

Hobsons Bay City Council would like to congratulate all nominees and winners of the 2012 Business Excellence Awards. And the winners are:

Make sure you experience a Hobsons Bay business today!

A diverse array of exceptional businesses entered the awards this year and showcased their business excellence... New Start Up Retail Hospitality (joint winner) Hospitality (joint winner) Tourism Transport and Logistics Manufacturing and Industrial Professional Services Not for Profit/Community Service Home-Based Environment and Sustainable Good Access/Good Business Mayor’s Business Award Business of the Year

Helen’s Kitchen Favourites Elle & Stuart Captains Retreat Mosaic Restaurant Quest Williamstown North Jim’s Self Storage Burbank Mancini Real Estate Tracy The Placement People Seaside Fitness OMCS International UCAN Café UCAN Café Burbank

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BUSiNESS PROFiLE BY CHARLENE MACAULAY IT’S the second generation business that has served Wyndham’s real estate market for more than 55 years. Benlor Real Estate has established itself as leaders in real estate, starting when patriarch Benny Fabretto opened up offices in Spotswood and Brunswick. He then continued opening a number of offices across the West, but soon discovered that concentrating on one or two was a more viable business model.

Our motto is that we’re the trusted name in real estate, it’s been our motto since we started and it still stands... BEN FABRETTO

And so, in the early ’70s, Benny set his sights on Wyndham. “The affordability, bigger blocks (was what set Wyndham apart at the time). People could get bigger houses,” son and successor Ben said. “Back then, a lot of first home buyers were coming to the area, and building their 13, 14-square home.” Brother and fellow successor Robert added: “Wyndham was a little country town. There was two laneways going to, and back from, Melbourne, and dirt roads, but things have changed now dramatically. “In the late ’80s, the plaza opened up, and things started to progress.” Today, the brothers have found that Wyndham is still a great entry point on the property market for first-home buyers, and is now also appealing to people after a bigger block and a bigger home. “As inner suburbs start to grow at a rapid rate, entry-level is $500,000-$600,000 plus,” Robert said. “Here, you can still get the same style, or a better home, for $300,000 and $350,000. It’s value for money. In 20 and 30 years’ time, it will still be more affordable than other areas.” The Fabrettos have capitalised on this growth with a new, state of the art office in Hoppers Crossing and another office in Watton St, Werribee. The brothers also run Trevor Homes and construction company Brocon to have their





Benlor Homes’ Robert and Ben Fabretto. Picture: DAMJAN JANEVSKI

fingers in all pieces of the real estate pie. They employ more than 20 people across the three businesses, while dad still pops his head in now and again. “I think he took off about a month, drove our mum psycho and came back to work,” Robert laughed. The business, which averages 20 sales a month, works largely on referrals, with 80 per cent of their clients referral-based. And after half a decade in business, it’s no surprise that Benlor is also catering for generational clients. “We’re getting second and third generation clients. Dad’s probably sold their grandparents’

houses and parents’ houses, and we’re selling their kids’ houses,” Ben said. “Our motto is that we’re the trusted name in real estate, it’s been our motto since we started and it still stands. People always come back.” The pair hopes to hand the business down the family line. Robert’s daughter Christina already works for the business as a receptionist. “It’s the dream – whether it happens or doesn’t, it will be good. At the end of the day, it’s not the be all and end all. But to have a third-generation business would be good,” Ben said. [BW]



BY CHARLENE MACAULAY LETICIA Rodriguez is championing grass roots legal advice. But make no mistake: this legal eagle is no soft touch. Ms Rodriguez has stepped out on her own this year to start her own legal practice, Leticia Rodriguez and Associates, in the heart of Keilor. The practice takes on Victoria Legal Aid matters as well as private matters in family law, criminal law, property law and civil litigation. “The reason I established my own legal practice is that I saw the needs of the community not being met,” Ms Rodriguez said. “More often than not, legal practices are treated by principal lawyers as a business making money for the lawyers and not looking after the local people. “I offer practical legal advice with care and compassion whilst being cost efficient in these hard economic times.” Ms Rodriguez has had a lifelong affinity with the law, aided and abetted by the courtroom drama on TV shows. She majored in criminology during her Bachelor of Arts degree and got such good marks in her first year, she was offered a spot in a law degree. Interestingly, she declined.

HER HANDS “I really liked the degree that I was doing and I wanted to see it through. “I did really well, I finished the degree and they offered me honours. I said, ‘that’s okay, I’ll do the law degree now if it’s available’, and they offered it to me straight away.” During her degree, Ms Rodriguez worked as a pro bono student lawyer at community legal centres, something she continues to do in her spare time. After graduating, Ms Rodriguez completed a practical training course with the Leo Cussen Institute and worked for two law firms in the city before deciding to go out on her own. Throughout her career she has been determined not to pigeon-hole herself into one area of law, preferring to specialise in a wide range of areas. The philosophy is also one of the cornerstones of her new practice, which aims to make the law accessible to everyone. “I thought, that way families can go to one lawyer to obtain all those services instead of going to all different ones. I wanted it to be a one-stop shop. It’s the old-fashioned way lawyers used to be.” Ms Rodriguez plans to take on an associate and a receptionist in coming months, but for now is relishing doing it all on her own.

“It’s really interesting how everything fell into place,” she said. “I haven’t had any problems so far. I thought it would be a lot harder to find a place and set it up and to fit out the shop and everything else that goes with it, but everything’s been smooth sailing so far. “It looks like it was meant to be. “I find it pretty challenging, but it’s also very rewarding because I am doing everything myself – from answering the telephones, to booking a client in, to seeing the client, to actioning on the file and making sure everything goes from there. “It’s very time-effective at the moment, because I get things done straight away, and I don’t have to wait for somebody else to do it. “It allows that control from the start to the end. As I hire people, I can train them to mirror that type of service.” Ms Rodriguez plans to open another practice in coming years within the North West region and is keen to get involved in community groups and host workshops and seminars. “Again, it’s about promoting access to law,” she said. [BW] 401241-SH18-12

Leticia Rodriguez has set up her own legal practice in Keilor. Picture: JOE MASTROIANNI




THiNGS CAN ONLY GET Twenty years, 300 venues, 10,000 Australian jobs and one big dream... BY CHARLENE MACAULAY


NICK Solomos dreams big. The 29-year-old has just opened what he believes is the biggest gym in the Southern Hemisphere – and as far as he’s concerned, he’s barely punching above his weight. The new Derrimut 24:7 Gym, which is located in Ravenhall and spans more than 5000 square metres, features its own café with a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu; a wellness centre with a chiropractor, physiotherapist, tanning and waxing services; personal training consulting rooms; a protein supplements supermarket; a child-minding facility; and a dedicated marketing office. Then there’s the gym itself. Derrimut 24:7 boasts dedicated spaces for its weights and cardio machines – including the Jacob’s Ladder which featured in the 2011 series of The Biggest Loser – as well as a free weights section, a mixed martial arts area with a full boxing ring, group fitness rooms, a spin class facility, and a yoga/pilates facility. It offers around 100 group fitness classes a week, more than any other gym or fitness facility in Melbourne, according to Mr Solomos. “We’ve got the best equipment that money can buy,” Mr Solomos said.

Derrimut 24:7 Gym’s Nick Solomos. Picture: JOE MASTROIANNI

“Everyone said it couldn’t be done, that it wasn’t going to work… but my theory is build it and it will come. “We’re like Las Vegas – we’re in the desert, we’ve got no surrounding buildings or housing around us, and that’s important to me because people come out here for us, and that tells us we’re on the right track. “We find that people spend half an hour more in our gym, on average, than in any other gym. We have the café, the wellness centre.” The facility is part of Mr Solomos’ plan to open 300 venues worldwide in the next 20 years and create 10,000 Australian jobs. “We want to get employment up and people off the couch and into the gym,” he said.



We’ve got no surrounding buildings or housing around us, and that’s important to me because people come out here for us, and that tells us we’re on the right track... NICK SOLOMOS

BUSiNESS PROFiLE “I find a lot of corporate businesses focus on profit and turnover. “We do as well, but I also (focus on) making a difference in the country I live in. Australia’s talking about recession and job losses, but there’s a lot of jobs and opportunities going around – we’ve just got to create them. “All of the employees based here are not only employed on their credentials – because you can always learn what you don’t know – but their imagination and their attitude towards the job to help grow the vision.”

Then there’s the Ravenhall site. It took eight months of planning and employs about 100 staff, but even that isn’t enough to slow Mr Solomos down. The qualified personal trainer, who hails from a bodybuilding background, recently took ownership of Indoor Soccer Airport West. He also runs his own online protein supplement business and has launched a clothing and accessories range, Believe in Yourself.

The proof is in the pudding.

Mr Solomos told Business West he planned to open a new facility in the eastern-suburbs by the end of this year, and had real estate agents and developers scouting sites for his first interstate and overseas gyms, which he hopes to open in 2013. But as far as Mr Solomos is concerned, he’s only just begun. “It’s three down, 297 to go,” he said. “I haven’t made it yet. I haven’t even started to make it.” [BW]

Est. 2010

Less than a month after opening, Derrimut 24:7 was nominated for a commendation award after five staff saved a client’s life after she went into cardiac arrest on a treadmill.


The Derrimut 24:7 story started only two years ago when Mr Solomos opened his first gym, a 500 square metre facility on Elgar Rd, Derrimut. That doubled in size when it took over the neighbouring building after only nine months.




An 1100 square metre facility in Geelong soon followed. The Geelong site is currently being upgraded and will stand at 3300 square metres.

Believe in yourself

Need an apprentice or trainee?

MatchWorks can offer you a service to fill your employment vacancies FREE of charge. We do all the hard work for you! We are based throughout Western and Northern Melbourne, as well as Geelong and Bacchus Marsh. Contact us today for a no obligation chat. Airport West 9334 2558 Broadmeadows 9302 1800

Brunswick 9383 2555 Flemington 9376 8266

Footscray 9689 6333 Melton 9746 6344

Preston 9471 3000 St Albans 9367 8000

Sunshine 9312 2200 Werribee 8742 3444




BARGAIN BUSiNESS BY CHARLENE MACAULAY LIKE most women, Shwetali Sawant has a passion for shopping and an eye for a bargain. She also has a knack for recognising a business opportunity when she sees one. The Maribyrnong entrepreneur is the founder of Slick20, an online shop that sells a variety of brand-named, high-quality merchandise for under $20. “You want to go to a store where you can find everything quality, that’s everything, you want the brands that you love right there, but you don’t want to spend too much money,” Ms Sawant said.

I want to dream big, I don’t want to dream small... SHWETALI SAWANT

“That’s the main priority (when shopping). “Everything is expensive these days – rent, cars, a mortgage, groceries, gas – you want to save somewhere. If you’re a new mum with a baby, you don’t have time to shop around, you want to get everything – baby’s clothes, clothes for mum – and it’s all there on the website.” Ms Sawant, 35, who was born in India and lived in America for seven years, has a Masters in Biomedical Engineering that never got put to use – she was seven months’ pregnant with her

daughter Khushi, now six, when she graduated from Ivy League school Cornell University. “With a little girl, it’s difficult. “I never put her in child care or anything, because I wanted to be there for her in every part of her life. “I wanted her to grow up a little, and when she got a little independent, that’s when I could go and start something on my own.” When Khushi started kindergarten, that’s when the Slick20 idea first came to fruition. Ms Sawant was shocked by the steep retail prices when her family moved to Australia four years ago, and knew something had to be done. “In America, you could get a nice pair of Gap jeans or something branded for $25 on sale,” Ms Sawant said. “The brands that I loved were so expensive (here), that even when they went on sale it wasn’t that cheap. “I thought, I need to start something to let people have a shopping experience where they can get new, branded stuff for under $20. “You don’t want to spend $70 on something that you wear and think, I liked this at first, but after a couple of times wearing it you’re bored of it.” Ms Sawant said the price also lent itself to cheap, quality presents, especially around big shopping periods like Christmas. There was one problem: with no experience in retail or running a business, Ms Sawant had no idea where to start. “I waited for a long time for an opportunity,” she said. “It just dragged on for a long time and I thought, this is not working out, I might as well jump into it and see how it goes.

Slick20’s Shwetali Sawant. Picture: JOE MASTROIANNI “I had no plan whatsoever. I started ordering everything from America and I got a website and I started putting products up on my website, and that’s how it started up.” Slick20, which went live in November last year, boasts more than 25 American and Australian brands such as Gap, Love Culture and Forever 21 and includes clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for women, teens and children. Ms Sawant is keen to introduce a men’s range before Christmas and would eventually like to have retail stores world-wide. She recently enlisted a business coach to help grow the Slick20 brand. “I want to dream big, I don’t want to dream small,” she laughed. “Why not have stores everywhere?”


QUALITY HOTEL MELBOURNE AIRPORT Conference Packages g starting g from


Catering for groups from 10 to 200 people Minimum of 10 12



per delegate



AND THE FUTURE General Laser’s Radley De Los Reyes and Andrew Miles Picture: MATHEW LYNN

BY CHARLENE MACAULAY ANDREW Miles is working hard to gain the cutting edge on his competition. During a time when most of manufacturing industry is reeling from big cuts and reduced revenue, Mr Miles and business General Laser are sitting pretty – now he wants to move forward.

the job his but

“We’re looking at all different options,” he said. “I believe, well, it’s obvious that the manufacturing industry in Australia is changing. “History shows that the economy will turn, but when the economy turns and starts to grow, I don’t believe it will go back to the traditional manufacturing that everyone’s accustomed to – that’s very much gone off-shore. “But I believe that there is still money being spent in Australia, and we as a business unit, need to try and identify where the money’s going to be spent and how we can be part of it.” Mr Miles, who has built up the laser cutting business from a small tin shed in Williamstown

to a 3000 square metre purpose built facility in Sunshine over the past 10 years, is proud of his business so far. Setting up shop with only one employee and one refurbished laser machine, Mr Miles continually reinvested in the company to give it solid foundations and help it grow. Today he employs nine people, including Radley De Los Reyes, who is one of the first people Mr Miles hired and has become his right-hand man over the past decade. “In hindsight, I’m really pleased I did (keep reinvesting) because I can see a lot of businesses are in trouble with cash flow at the moment, and we’re very strong. We’re here for the long term. “In some ways, we’re fairly fortunate, but I think its careful planning and discipline and our care with our customers, which has kept them on side.” Now he is focusing on the next decade. General Laser offers clients a range of exacting, and often urgent, design and laser cutting services with its three laser machines – and Mr Miles is looking into the artistic and

decorative market to expand the business’ offerings. He believes that General Laser’s attention to detail and understanding of what the customer wants sets the business apart. “We’ve got to work out what the market wants once this (economic) slow-down is over,” he said. Mr Miles told Business West that he found the business more challenging now than when he started it up. “What it takes to initiate a business is a different mindset to what it takes to get that business to the next level. “The business is different now. As a general manager, I can have no impact on the day-to-day results. When we were starting the business, I was running the machine after hours, but now, I need to be the general manager. “I need to stand back and have an overall view and let others be doing the work. In some sense, it’s more challenging for me now, because it’s not my role to run the machines anymore.” [BW]

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My family grew up in Altona and know it very well and we’re proud to be in the West… JARROD SANFILIPPO


and we’re moving with it,” Jarrod said.

MEET Hobsons Bay’s new Business of the Year.

“People are moving further and further from the city from an affordability perspective.

The Burbank Group of Companies, which had humble beginnings as a self-storage business, has grown into one of Australia’s fastest growing property groups. The Burbank Group of Companies has spent the past 30 years building a property empire and father and son team Eddie and Jarrod Sanfilippo are reaping the benefits. It all started in 1983 with Eddie and his stepbrother, Eddie Puhar. Eddie had been working in the banking industry and was buying investment properties with his stepbrother on the side. The family then bought a corner site on Slough Rd, where they built warehouses and started up Burbank Self Storage. From there they started building houses. One home grew to 10, then 20, and suddenly it became a full-blown business. In 1985 Burbank opened its first display centre in Altona Meadows, consisting of two homes – the King Edward and the Wattleglen 200. The company established its brand in the West until demand drove them to enter the South-East and North. Jarrod joined the business about eight years ago, after working as an engineer at Holden while doing some work for Burbank behind the scenes. He started out as a project manager for the Yarra Village project, then became a joint director three years ago when Eddie’s stepbrother retired and sold his share back to the family. Burbank now has more than 20 display centres throughout Melbourne, plus regional displays in Geelong and Torquay, and builds about 1200 homes a year. It also owns medium density property holdings with resorts in Queensland’s Gold Cost and Port Douglas. Most recently the pair expanded into the Queensland market with a dedicated office in Springwood. Burbank has also expanded further into regional Victoria, going out to Ballarat and Warragul. They are also growing the medium to high density market through their division, Urban Communities. “We’re moving with the evolution of time – the boundaries of Melbourne are pushing out,



“Queensland has just opened, so it’s too early to tell. “We’ve got a couple of buildings on the go. When you compare it to our Victorian numbers, it looks pretty abysmal, but for a start-up business in a new state that doesn’t know us, we’re going really well.” Along the way, the Sanfilippos have also established a range of subsidiary propertyassociated companies to complement the core business, including National Pacific Financial Services, Burbank Plumbing, Storage Box and Dynamic Technology Solutions. There is also Burbank Aviation, which offers a chartered helicopter specialising in corporate, media, government and associated services. Jarrod is now in charge of the Burbank brand, including the housing sector, while Eddie runs the subsidiary operations. “That feeds different angles of the Burbank group,” Jarrod said. “It’s about expanding and trying to keep all that we do in-house, so you have control of the outcome at the end of the day. The quality of the end product, we’re not just relying on another supplier, we can direct and control the quality of the supply chain.” Today, the Burbank Group employs more than 320 staff. Unlike many other bosses, both Eddie and Jarrod have shunted having their own offices in favour of sitting in an open plan office with the rest of their employees to foster a family mentality. But despite all the growth, there’s one place the Sanfilippos are happy to call home: their Altona headquarters. “The major factor behind it is our set-up caters for everything we need,” Jarrod said. “My family grew up in Altona and know it very well and we’re proud to be in the West. We are the only major builder based in the West, so it has helped us work from our own backyard.” [BW]


Burbank’s Jarrod and Eddie Sanfilippo. Picture: MATHEW LYNN





sea BY THE


IT’S a boutique fitness studio only 100 metres from the Altona Beach foreshore. Seaside Fitness, which has been running since 2009, is the winner of Hobsons Bay’s Home Based category for 2012.

The business is the brainchild of Leanne Vandeligt, who converted her home garage into a studio to work and look after her two sons, Ronan, aged seven, and Lachlan, nine. “We moved into this house in Altona that had a double garage and it was just perfect – we plastered it, carpeted it, bought all the equipment,” Ms Vandeligt said.

so that we can do a 30-minute boxing session. I’m as flexible as can be… it’s all about the client and what suits them, it’s not about me necessarily. “With the mums, I have a babysitter, so that’s awesome, because they can come, the kids are really happy, and they play outside or inside my home. “It gets chaotic sometimes, but the mums can get their 45 minutes and train. I couldn’t say it’s like a gym, it’s unlike a gym – and the people I attract wouldn’t go to the gym. They need that encouragement and that personal support, and I think that’s why it works.

“It was the best of both worlds, where I could manage the home and still do a few hours a week and meet people and help people. It worked out to be a little bit more than that.”

“They like that one-on-one motivation that you don’t get in a gym.”

Ms Vandeligt, 45, has worked in the fitness industry for the past 25 years as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, boasting qualifications as a level II Registered Fitness Australia Trainer.

She recently bought nutrition supplements and now offers meal plans. She also just finished her pilates certificate.

She said her point of difference was flexibility. “I have a client with two young children, who has a full-time business and is not with her husband anymore. “I go there at night, once the kids are asleep



Ms Vandeligt is now working to grow Seaside Fitness’s services.

“I’m trying to create a more holistic view of everything. “A lot of the time, it’s not just about the exercise for the client anyway, they’ve got a lot going on in their lives and they just need a calm workout and other times they need a fullon workout, so I want to provide a better, more comprehensive service.” [BW]

It was the best of both worlds, where I could manage the home and still do a few hours a week and meet people and help people… LEANE VANDELIGT


Seaside Fitness’s Leanne Vandeligt. Picture: DAMJAN JANEVSKI







IT’S 1992. Stuart Crumpler sits hunched over his grandmother’s old sewing machine in a shed in Ballarat. He’s trying to get the machine to sew through a truck tarp, so he can make a bag strong enough to carry a slab of beer home on his bike. His first attempt was ripped apart –literally – by a parachute maker the following year, who then proceeded to show Mr Crumpler a better way to stitch it back together. And so, one bag at a time, Mr Crumpler kept working at his vision. The bags were cut from a single piece of tough fabric and sewn together on another old sewing machine he bought for $20 at a flea market. Each took quite a while to make and if a mistake was made, wellll, it would we wou ould ld be be back ba well, to Mr Patt Pa tter ernn – a piece piec ce of wood woo o d Pattern wi ithh a pattern drawn drawn ra awn wn on on with itt iinn pe p n. pen. T Tw wen enty yyears enty en ears later, ea Twenty tthose hos o e early eaarl e rlyy attempts atte at emp mpts tss

have transformed into a leading international bag business that is enjoying the success of its latest store at Highpoint Shopping Centre. Eponymous brand Crumpler has expanded beyond cycling messenger bags to include professional camera and photography bags, laptop and technology bags, backpacks, casual bags and luggage. The business, which runs out of its headquarters in Kensington, has 13 stores across Australia – with two more on the way in Chapel St and Brighton – as well as more than 20 stores across the U.S, Singapore, Japan, Canada, the Phillipines and China. The range is stocked in around 78 stores worldwide, including Myer and David Jones. The Highpoint store, which opened in November last year, was created by award-winning designer Ryan Russell and features plastic drainpipes bound together to make the display unit. “We didn’t have a store out west in Melb Me lbou lb ourn ou rne an rn nd we’r ’re a Melbourne-based brand Melbourne and we’re and since siinc nce Highpoint’s High g po p int’s on our doorstep, we th hou ough ghtt we’d gh we’d we d give giv i e itt a shot,” shot,” Crumpler brand thought direct di ctor or S am D avvy sa said id. id director Sam Davy said. “The ide de ea of e achh st ac stor ore tries to reflect idea each store reflect the demographic demo de mogr grap ap phi hic c off tthe he aarea reaa we’re re we’rre in.” [BW] we

Crumpler Brand director Sam Davy at the Crumpler store in Highpoint. Picture: JOE MASTROIANNI




Ready Steady Go Kids’ Byron and Carmen Dodds with their son Taegen. Picture: DAMJAN JANEVSKI BY CHARLENE GATT CARMEN and Byron Dodds were looking for a sports program for their four-year-old son Taegen. What they found was a business opportunity. The husband and wife team are franchisees for Ready Steady Go Kids, Australia’s largest and most reputable multi-sport and exercise program for pre-schoolers. The business has been operating since 2004 and currently runs classes at more than 60 locations in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The Dodds jumped on the bandwagon in October last year, taking on Hoppers Crossing, Werribee and Geelong. They have since added Altona North to their coverage area, and plan to take on more of the West. “Before seeing it as a business opportunity, we saw it as an opportunity to educate our son, and teach him and develop his skills,” Mr Dodds said. “Then we saw sort of like a little beacon flashing at us with a franchise opportunity. There’s a baby boom in Point Cook, so we thought, let’s really look at it.” Mr Dodds manages the marketing side of the business, while Mrs Dodds handles the dayto-day operations.

“It is a huge step in the right direction.

We’ve been really happy with the investment, I think it’s been a really worthwhile exercise.… BYRON DODDS

“For me, the proof is obviously in the pudding,” Mr Dodds said. “At about five o’clock the day before, we get a call sheet sent through with all the kids’ names. “When we bought into the program, I was a little sceptical about Werribee – I really wanted to get stuck into Point Cook and Geelong – but head office said ‘Werribee’s part of that, so you might as well take it’, so we took it and the first call sheets had four kids. “I quickly worked out the numbers with the court hire and the instructors fees and realised we were making a loss straight off. “But after six months, we have over 150 kids (across all areas), and Werribee is a ripping location now – there’s over 30 kids.

“We’ve been really happy with the investment. I think it’s been a really worthwhile exercise. A lot of young families are involved (as franchisees), so we’re all in the same boat.” Physio-designed for children aged from two-and-a-half to six years old, Ready Steady Go Kids aims to create positive attitudes to exercise that children will carry for life. The Dodds are aiming to get 300 kids on their call sheet by the end of the year. Indications are promising, with 99 per cent of the families to take part in their first term reenrolling. Classes cover the fundamentals of 10 different sports – including soccer, golf, hockey, t-ball, athletics, AFL, rugby, basketball and cricket – while developing age-appropriate motor skills. Kids also learn about the concept of sportsmanship by taking turns, playing by the rules and co-operating with their peers. As both a parent and a professional trained in occupational therapy with experience in paediatrics, Mrs Dodds speaks highly of the benefits the program provides. “We have seen the advantages the program provides not only to our own child but also to the children who’ve taken part since term four last year when we began our franchise,” she said. [BW]



SMALL TALK NEW KID ON THE BLOCK MATTHEWS Steer Chartered Accountants has boosted its senior corporate tax team. The Essendon-Fields business has appointed one of their own, Damian James, as an Associate to the company. Mr James has a Masters of Taxation from Melbourne University and specialises in corporate taxation, corporate governance, financial risk management and business strategy. He was promoted from his previous position of manager within Matthews Steer. Mr James’s previous experience includes taxation consulting for industry superannuation fund, Health Super, and an accounting position with Toll Global Forwarding, a division of Toll Holdings. He will be working closely with several local businesses. Ken Matthews, founding partner and CEO of Matthews Steer said that Mr James had the right mix of experience and academic credentials. “Matthews Steer’s approach is to be proactive with corporate clients and Damian’s experience and tax knowledge has been a great asset,” he said. “Damian has made a huge difference to clients in terms of finding the right corporate structures, establishing business goals and implementing the systems and processes to achieve the desired results. “He is perfectly suited to our Catalyst program, which is all about establishing achievable and accountable growth targets for business.” Mr Matthews said that Damian was committed to professional development and being up to date on legislative changes in order to identify opportunities and provide peace of mind for clients. He said the addition gives Matthews Steer one of the best qualified corporate tax teams in Melbourne’s North-West.

THAT’S THE TICKET A NEW e-ticketing system will help businesses become export ready.


TOP OF THE SHOPPING HEAP TOPSHOP is coming to Highpoint. The GPT Group, which owns Highpoint Shopping Centre, has announced that the British fashion giant would open a 1600 square metre store in early 2013 as part of the centre’s $300 million redevelopment. Topshop, which has built an international cult following through its constantly evolving high-fashion styles and collaborations with Kate Moss and Christopher Kane, will open a Topshop and a Topman at Highpoint. This will be the third Topshop to open in Australia, with a store at The Jam Factory in Chapel St and a Sydney store opening in Spring. Matthew Faddy from GPT said the coup maintained Highpoint’s reputation of being the first to deliver big name brands to the West. Topshop started out in the basement of a department store in 1964 and today has more than 750 stores worldwide. The new retailer is a key component of Highpoint’s multi-million dollar expansion, which will also feature the West’s first David Jones department store, a new Fresh Food Market area and more than 100 new specialty retail stores.

PLUM Heating and Cooling has won the Wyndham Business of the Year.



It connects companies with market entry information, training programs, government grants, trade missions, networks and much more export-related support information. Manufacturing, Exports and Trade Minister Richard Dalla-Riva said the e-ticket was designed to take Victorian companies through all stages of the export journey.


New Matthews Steer Associate Damian James

The e-ticket, which was recently launched by the State Government, brings together a vast amount of export-focused online resources into one easy to use tool on the Export Victoria website.

The awards, which were announced at a gala event recently, also commended May West Caravans; Casabene Group; DanceMax; Encore Tissue; Austco Polar Cold Storage; YPA Estate Agents; Agrifood Technology; Injuries West; Megalines; Essence Food Studio; Investors Choice Property Management; Direct Vet Services; Werribee Open Range Zoo; Let’s Celebrate Parties; Collins Booksellers and ABC Centre Werribee.

The e-ticket includes resources provided by the Victorian Coalition Government, Federal Government, Austrade and industry associations such as AiG, VECCI, the Australian Institute of Export, the Australian Chamber of International Trade and the City of Melbourne. It also provides country or region specific information for exporters interested in developing markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Latin and North America. New events, programs, information and resources will be continually added to the e-ticket over time, keeping it current and relevant to Victorian exporters. To access the e-ticket, go to GIVING WASTE THE BOOT TOTALLY Workwear’s work boot recycling campaign has kicked off successfully with more than 1200 pairs of boots collected across stores nationally in the eight weeks since the initiative was launched. The result equates to more than 1.2 tonnes of recyclable materials kept out of landfill which will now be transformed into rubber matting to be used across the 52 Totally Workwear stores Australia-wide. The campaign is thanks to a partnership with not-for-profit environmental organisation Save our Souls and is the first of its kind in Australia, giving tradies the opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint. “Three million pairs of work boots are sold each year in Australia and unfortunately a large percentage end up in the garbage,” Save Our Soles director John Elliot said. “That’s close to 3000 tonnes of material that could be recycled into something useful and kept out of landfill.” Special recycling bins will be a permanent fixture so tradies will be able to recycle their boots at their local Totally Workwear store anytime they like.

SMALL TALK EYE ON SAFETY WORKSAFE’S Return to Work Inspectors spent August visiting Laverton, Hoppers Crossing and Werribee employers to ensure they were meeting their return to work obligations for injured workers. Workplaces where workers have suffered an injury and have been unable to return to work were the primary focus for inspectors as part of the visits. WorkSafe’s Return to Work Director Ross Jones said employers played a key role in helping injured workers get back to safe work. “We know businesses are faced with a range of competing demands but its essential workplaces are addressing their legal obligations,” he said. “Helping injured workers return to work in a safe and sustainable way can be a complex process so our inspectors’ role is to provide guidance and advice to employers as well as talk them through possible options. “We want employers to do all they can to maximise an injured worker’s chance of getting back to work, whether it be to their original job or on modified or alternative duties.” Almost 5000 injuries in the Wyndham region were reported to WorkSafe over the last five financial years to 30 June 2011, costing employers nearly $100 million in medical costs, wages and other expenses.

GOOD, CLEAN RACING THE Victoria Racing Club (VRC) has joined forces with Momentum Energy to deliver a major new sustainability initiative and enhance the Melbourne Cup Carnival’s green credentials. In a novel business sponsorship arrangement, Momentum will supply the energy needs of Flemington Racecourse through its SmilePower clean energy product, while at the same time becoming a sponsor of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. The partnership will see Flemington Racecourse powered by clean energy 365 days a year for the first time. The VRC was last year recognised as a leader in environmental management and awarded the prestigious Melbourne Award for Contribution to Sustainability.

WELCOME HOME THOUSANDS of Aussie expats are ditching the economic doom and gloom in Europe for better job opportunities back home, according to, an online jobs community that links expat workers overseas with firms in Australia and New Zealand. Australia’s continued jobs growth and downturn defying economy are proving too good to resist for ambitious expats looking to further their careers on home soil. UK Home Office figures show that the number of Australian citizens entering the UK for employment has dropped by 35 per cent over the past three years. A survey conducted by found that many expats were returning home for better job opportunities and because they are “sick of the economic doom and gloom in the UK”. The top 10 jobs that Australians are returning home for this year are in mining, resources, engineering, energy, digital media, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, trades, construction and insurance, according to Caroline Rafferty, general manager of Track Me Back.

Last year, the Melbourne Cup Carnival attracted 355,086 race-goers to Flemington, including 125,833 out of state visitors, generating a national gross economic benefit of more than $746 million. BAKER COOKED A MELBOURNE bakery will face court for allegedly underpaying and threatening to dismiss a female employee unless she agreed to a pay cut. The Fair Work Ombudsman is taking legal action against Timryl Pty Ltd, which operates the Universal Bread and Roll Bakery at Tullamarine. The Fair Work Ombudsman alleges that a clerical worker at the bakery was told that it was lawful for Timryl to require her to work for several days without wages. Further, court documents allege that she was told Timryl could also undercut minimum Modern Award conditions, including wages, superannuation and leave entitlements that applied to her position. The employee allegedly believed she had no choice but to agree to the deductions if she wanted to keep her job.

The business faces maximum penalties of up to $6600 per breach and the company faces maximum penalties of up to $33,000 per breach. The Fair Work Ombudsman is also seeking a Court Order for the company to fully rectify the alleged underpayment of the employee. It is the second time the Fair Work Ombudsman has prosecuted Timryl. In April, 2009, the company was fined $16,500 in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court for underpaying four former employees a total of $12,000 between 2004 and 2006. DATA IN DERRIMUT THE State Government has welcomed the construction of a $150 million data centre in Derrimut that will stimulate widespread economic activity in Victoria. The M2 site was designed, constructed and operated by Metronode, a subsidiary of Leighton Contractors, and covers more than 25,000 square metres. Opening the facility recently, Technology Minister Gordon Rich-Phillips said the centre was a further boost to Victoria’s vibrant technology sector. “This facility is one of the largest independent data centres in Australia,” Mr Rich-Phillips said. “Metronode’s investment strengthens Melbourne’s reputation as a leader in information and communication technology (ICT) and cloud computing, and will allow tenants to provide quality secure solutions for Victorian customers. “The site will provide state-of-art technical space for customers across Australia and the creation of new sustainable jobs in the security, maintenance and service of these facilities. “The site is the first of Metronode’s nextgeneration facilities in Australia, which is accredited as a Tier III facility and utilises ground-breaking free cooling technology.”




TiME TO AUDiT Management often asks the question: ‘What value will an audit of the financial report add to a typical SME?’ Many businesses consider an audit as part of a mandatory requirement that they must satisfy, however, this mindset underestimates the real value that the external audit process can provide to their business as a whole.

In Australia, the regulatory requirements for an audit under the Corporations Act 2001 are as follows: All Proprietary limited (Pty Ltd) companies are categorised as either “large” or “small”. A proprietary company is classified as large if it meets at least two of the following criteria: ■ Gross consolidated operating revenue of more than $25 million for the financial year; ■ Gross consolidated assets of more than $12.5 million at the end of a financial year; and/or ■ Total employees are 50 or more at the end of a financial year. A large proprietary company is required to prepare annual financial and directors’ reports, with most required to lodge audited accounts with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Small proprietary companies however, only have to prepare audited financial statements if: ■ Ordered to do so by ASIC; ■ Members holding five percent of voting shares; and ■ Normally if controlled by a foreign company.

RYK EKSTEEN is a Manager at Collins & Co and heads up the Audit division. He is a Chartered Accountant with more than 15 years’ experience advising privately owned businesses and their owners. Ryk specialises in the areas of audit and business services advising clients with turnovers varying between $5 million and $250 million in many industries including: Import/ Wholesale/Retail, Engineering, Manufacturing, Transport including the bus and coach industry, Auxiliary providers to the resource industry and not for profits including sports clubs and welfare organisations. Ryk is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA), has a Bachelor of Accounting and an Honours Degree in Accounting and holds a Certificate of Public Practice from the ICAA. Ryk can be contacted at Collins & Co on 03 9680 1000 or



The SME’s management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of the financial report in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards, including: ■ Establishing and maintaining internal controls relevant to the preparation and fair presentation of the financial report that is free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error; ■ Selecting and applying accounting policies; and ■


Making accounting estimates reasonable in the circumstances.



THE BENEFITS OF AN EXTERNAL AUDIT Whether you are a director (executive or nonexecutive), part of the SME’s management, a third party (bank, lender, supplier) or even a prospective purchaser, an external audit can provide you with a variety of benefits that can equip you with a level of comfort or security in making key business decisions. These benefits include: Ensuring the entity’s adherence to Corporations Law obligations. In today’s corporate environment, directors need assurance that they are conducting business within Australian legislative requirements.

Providing a level of transparency in employee’s work. An audit acts as a preventative measure or deterrent to inappropriate employee conduct such as misappropriation or fraud. Employees are much less likely to conduct inappropriate behaviour when they know that a third party will review their work. Confirming the integrity of the relied upon internally prepared financial information. An audit provides an outsiders perspective of the business, independent of the day-to-day financial management. Things that may have been overlooked for a number of reasons will be adequately assessed and reported back to you. This in turn provides the SME’s directors and high-level management with the confidence to make informed management decisions, including dealing with financial risks faced by the business. Enhancing corporate governance and highlighting potential issues. Audits highlight financial risk management issues, including adequacy of internal controls, solvency, etc. Encourages stronger internal financial discipline from the top down. A good audit team should complement the internal finance team’s skill set, if available. There may be a new ‘best practice’ for your financial team to take on board, assuring stronger internal control systems. Potentially increases the value of the business. An external assessment of the business’ accounting policies can make the entity more ‘credit worthy’, as well as potentially increasing business valuations as the financial information available to assess the business is far more credible. An audit can also reduce the risk of the acquisition due to more reliable information for the due diligence process. The auditors’ findings are presented to management in the form of a report about potential structural, operational and control weaknesses, with recommendations for improvements to address these weaknesses. Remember an external audit should not be considered a mandatory requirement for your business; it should be used to add value to your business, minimise risks and assist management in making informed business decisions.


TiME TO TAKE A STAND THE presence of bullying has a negative impact on any environment and has the potential to inflict great harm unless early action is taken to stop it and, ideally, prevent it. Workplaces are no exception to this rule. This is why the Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) is supporting a new campaign urging Victorians to ‘take a stand against bullying’, in a bid to eradicate it from all aspects of society, including at work. The ‘Take a stand against bullying’ campaign will see information about bullying, and the potential consequences, distributed to schools and workplaces across the state to encourage people to speak up and seek assistance. The campaign comes one year after the introduction in Victoria of anti-bullying laws, more commonly known

Everyone is entitled to be safe in our community and no one should be forced to suffer from bullying… ROBERT CLARK

as ‘Brodie’s Law’, named after Brodie Panlock, who tragically committed suicide after being cruelly bullied by co-workers at a café where she worked. Under laws at the time, those responsible for the bullying couldn’t be charged with a crime, and were simply fined under the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Bullying is now a criminal offence, and punishable by a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. The law applies to bullying that takes place in a workplace, school, other public place or online (such as email or social media), and is characterised under the law as behaviour such as threats, abuse, and offensive conduct. Serious bullying is characterised as behaviour designed to cause the victim to engage

in suicidal thoughts or actions that involve self-harm.

“Everyone is entitled to be safe in our community and no one should be forced to suffer from bullying,” Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark said in launching the campaign. “Authorities rely on information from the community to stamp out bullying, so if you or someone you know is being bullied, report it.” We know most employers understand they have a duty to provide a safe place of work and many have sound policies in place to deal with bullies in their workplaces (and VECCI can assist in developing sound processes for those businesses with limited resources), but there can occasionally be a fear to speak up about any bullying that may be taking place. The posters, for distribution into workplaces, contain information about resources available for victims, and the consequences for those found guilty of serious bullying. Everyone can take a stand against bullying in the workplace, whether you are a high-ranking manager or a junior employee, by taking steps to prevent it, by supporting the person being bullied, or by reporting it to an authority or person you can trust who can take action. Productive workplaces are safe and harmonious ones. Bullying should not be condoned in any workplace and VECCI encourages businesses to embrace the ‘take a stand against bullying’ campaign as part of ensuring a positive environment is maintained in workplaces at all times. Information and resources about Victoria’s antibullying laws and how you can ‘take a stand against bullying’ can be found at saynotobullying Anyone who needs crisis support can call Lifeline 24/7 a day on 13 11 14, visit or contact your local police.

WAYNE JAMESON Born and bred in the North West, Wayne commenced his working career as a Plumbing apprentice and spent the next 14 years in the trade before choosing a different career path and moving into recruitment. He spent the next 15 years in multiple positions within the recruitment space before recently commencing with Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) in Broadmeadows as the Business Manager for the North West. VECCI - Broadmeadows Suite 18, 11 – 17 Pearcedale Parade Broadmeadows VIC 3047 Phone: 03 5227 7998



Business Insurance SMALL BUSINESSES Most businesses are structured as a partnership or sole proprietorship. So for the majority of small business owners, this form of ownership puts your business and personal assets at risk. Business liability insurance protects both you and your business from potential financial ruin. It is a common misconception that if your business operates as a company then you as the business owner are protected from personal liability and liability insurance is not necessary. Not true. WHAT IS BUSINESS LIABILITY INSURANCE? Business liability insurance protects your business in the event of a lawsuit for personal injury or property damages. It will usually cover the damages from a lawsuit along with the legal costs. Depending on your business needs, liability insurance can be purchased in many forms. These include: ■ General Public and Products Liability Insurance: This form of business liability insurance is the main coverage to protect your business against injury claims and property damages.


ARE YOU AT RISK ■ Businesses selling or manufacturing products should be protected in the event of a person becoming injured as a result of using the product. ■ Professional Indemnity Insurance: Businesses providing advisory services should consider professional indemnity insurance. ■ This coverage protects your business against errors, negligence and omissions. ■ Depending on your profession, it may be a legal requirement to carry such a policy. ■ Doctors require coverage to practice in certain states. ■ Technology consultants often need coverage in independent contractor work arrangements. BUSINESS OWNERS AND KEY PEOPLE Life and disability insurance can protect the owners and key people of a business. It can also be used to insure business continuity. If a partner is temporarily unable to work, coverage can assist the business until the partner returns. Buy-sell Agreements: Many businesses don’t believe a buysell agreement is necessary, despite such agreements being

an effective way for owners to smoothly transition the business to the next generation whilst also preserving their own retirement. BUILDING AND PROPERTY Buildings and property are covered by property insurance. Seem simple enough? These covers are well named but deceiving because there are many exceptions to what is a covered loss and what is not. Flooding is one example of a type of property damage to a building that is not covered without an endorsement or additional policy. MOTOR VEHICLES Vehicles and cars used in business must be covered by a commercial motor policy. Before you purchase coverage you should speak with your broker. If you run a small business and use your personal vehicle, you will still need the coverage and cannot rely on personal insurance. FAMILY BUSINESSES Business insurance and proper planning can help ensure that the business passes from one generation to another smoothly.

One important consideration for family owned businesses is divorce - and its impact on the business. Whilst most businesses worry about how a death would affect their business, and nearly half are worried about how a disability would affect their business, many either have no succession plan in place or have a plan in place that they consider to be inflexible. Proper succession planning is a must. Consider keyperson insurance, loan protection insurance, business overhead insurance, and legal agreements such as a buy-sell or option agreement to clarify succession and to provide protection from sudden death or disability of key family members. As you can see there are a myriad of considerations business owners must think about to protect their business. Insurance advisers can assess your needs, research the best available cover, and provide a free no obligation quotation for your consideration – you would be unwise not to take up this offer! Advice is provided under licence of WHK Financial Planning Pty Ltd ABN 51 060 092 631 AFSL 238 244 and General Insurance under licence of WHK Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd ABN 17 139 730 528 AFSL 342 526.This is general information only and should not be acted on without obtaining professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances.

Business Protection If you are in a partnership, you should be prepared if one of the parties leaves the business voluntarily or involuntarily. Our team of professional Risk Advisers can guide you through the Succession Planning process from start to finish. Call Andrew McDougall now to review your current situation and provide a FREE quotation based on your risk insurance needs or call Ben Coon to review your general insurance needs. L-R: Andrew McDougall & Ben Coon

18 Synnot St, Werribee 3030 T: 9742 8444 E:

Advice isadvice provided under of WHK Financial Planning PtyFinancial Ltd ABN 51 060 092Pty 631Ltd AFSL Financial and Risklicence is provided under licence of WHK Planning ABN238 51244. 060 092 631 AFSL 238 244 Lending advice is provided under WHK of PtyWHK Ltd Australian Licence number 054.730 528 AFSL 342 526 and General Insurance under licence InsuranceCredit Brokers Pty Ltd ABN 389 17 139




NO REST, NO WORRIES NEVILLE NORMAN graduated from The University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Commerce (First Class honours) in 1967 before going on to obtain a Master of Arts (first class honours, also from Melbourne), in 1969. In 1973 he received his PhD from Cambridge University. While at Cambridge, Neville was supervisor in international economics and microeconomic theory and was a class master in economic statistics and research associate in the Department of Applied Economics. Neville joined Melbourne University as a Lecturer in 1973, was promoted to senior lecturer in 1976 and Reader in 1984. He is involved with Media Economic Commentaries, the Business Council Economics Committee, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia and the General Motors Australian Advisory Council. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Competition and Consumer Law Journal and is President of the Economic Society of Australia and Summer School Professor at the University of los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. Neville recently spoke at a Hobsons Bay City Council workshop on the Carbon Tax.

1. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB, AND WHAT SKILLS DID IT GIVE YOU TO GET YOU WHERE YOU ARE TODAY? Gardening: skills of hard work and persistence, weeding out the unnecessary. 2. WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO THE FIELD OF ECONOMICS? My father, an engineer, taught maths. Talents got better rewarded in the finance area than in the sciences. I found economics after rejecting accounting. I always adored the way economics blends so many skills and is relevant to so many things, including decisions about life itself. 3. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE CARBON TAX, AND WHAT WILL IT MEAN FOR BUSINESSES? Unpopular; courageous for a failing government; best way to draw attention to carbon emissions: will work better when plant and equipment is re-designed in response to it; slight cost impact and an annoyance to businesses; unlikely to be repealed if (when?) the Opposition gains government. 4. IF YOU HAD TO INVITE FIVE PEOPLE TO A BUSINESS LUNCHEON, WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? Harold Abrahams (Chariots of Fire) - a huge inspiration to me and potentially many others, still through the legacy of the film about him, a success in business and administration as well as sport Edward Weary Dunlop - a great Australian who endured hardship, made the most of it and persisted. Wal Glaser - the liveliest and funniest guy I know who in his 80s is still passionate about small business, having escaped from Nazi Austria as a child. My son David - an executive from Shell who shares most of my goals and visions and like me adores and sacrifices for his four children My mum - because she’s a lady and I need to correct the gender imbalance and she’s the only one who wouldn’t want to take over and give the address I had been asked to do! 5. WHAT ARE THREE QUALITIES EVERY BUSINESS OWNER NEEDS? Belief in themselves and their business; ability to look and others and listen to advisers; capacity to say no, especially to funny-money, get-rich-quick schemes.

6. IF YOU COULD GIVE ONE PIECE OF ADVICE TO AN ENTREPRENEUR STARTING UP A BUSINESS, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Get close to your banker as you plan ahead and learn from others who went before you. 7. HOW DO YOU RELAX AWAY FROM WORK? Gardening 8. WHAT DOES THE CURRENT ECONOMIC CLIMATE MEAN FOR THE WEST? Tough for tourism, property and cars; OK for retail; needs a confidence boost after excessive attention to European debt, great business prospects in preparation for forthcoming premiership flag to the mighty Western Bulldogs!!! 9. YOU’VE BEEN QUOTED AS SAYING YOU ONLY NEED THREE HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE OTHER 21 HOURS IN A DAY? Gardening, genealogy, my job, travelling and most enjoyably playing with my grandchildren in both England and Australia. 10. WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS MANTRA? Don’t go to sleep when anything needs your attention.




OUT OF HOURS MARIBYRNONG CITY COUNCIL BREAKFAST PORT of Melbourne CEO Stephen Bradford, pictured with the Greens Colleen Hartland MLC, was taken to task over increasing truck traffic on residential streets at a Maribyrnong City Council breakfast recently. Mr Bradford, who was speaking at the council’s Growth Projects for the West breakfast, discussed the recently announced $1.2 billion Webb Dock expansion, which includes a new automotive facility. He said about 40 per cent of freight currently travelling to and from the Port moves at nights and weekends. But despite sympathising with residents about increasing truck traffic on residential streets, Mr Bradford said the Webb Dock expansion would not see more trucks travelling through Melbourne’s West.

1 1 Regional Rail Link Authority CEO Corey Hannett also spoke at the event, detailing the new major rail line and the impacts it would have on metropolitan and regional train lines. 2 Adele Peddler from Greens MLC Colleen Hartland’s office said Mr Bradford’s answers indicated the PoMC had no plans to tackle truck traffic in the West. Pictures: MATHEW LYNN


Mr Bradford also deflected questions about on and off ramps to the West Gate Freeway, and said that a second crossing of the Maribyrnong River was much needed.

MOONEE VALLEY CITY COUNCIL LUNCH MOONEE Valley City Council hosted their annual gala lunch recently at the Moonee Valley Racing Club. Guest speaker Alan Kohler, pictured, one of Australia’s most experienced economic commentators and journalists, provided an overview of global economic climate, an insight to current economic trends and how this will affect businesses in coming months. Economics and politics journalist Beverly O’Connor was the MC. Picture: MATHEW LYNN



OUT OF HOURS FEDERAL Minister for Maribyrnong Bill Shorten, pictured, discussed population growth in the West at a recent Western Region Business Club function hosted at the Pound Café in Whitten Oval.


1 Oranges & Lime’s Marquez Comelab, left, Collins & Co’s Paul Kelly, Jose Gutierrez and NAB’s Andrew McCleave. 2 Employment Services Youth Projects’ George Tsetinis, left, Invenio’s Zak Zakaran, Collins & Co’s Christos Govas and Adrian Forza. Pictures: MATHEW LYNN



MORE than 300 people attended the 2012 Victoria Police Kokoda Youth Program Gala Breakfast, hosted by Matthews Steer Chartered Accountants. The Kokoda Youth Program began in 2007 and sought to foster better relations between police and the diverse youth community by teaching life and leadership skills. Speakers included Victorian Police Commissioner Ken Lay, pictured, Nine News reporter Brett McLeod and a panel of sponsors and students who took part in the most recent trek. The breakfast raised significant funds for the program by attracting sponsors for next year’s walk, with each sponsor taking part in the walk and providing the funding for a Mooney Valley student. Long-time supporter of the program, Ken Matthews from Matthews Steer said that walking the track three years ago for the first time had changed his life, and that he had recently returned for a second time. He said that several Matthews Steer staff members have endured the walk and it serves as a great ongoing inspiration for many in the office.


KOKODA YOUTH PROGRAM GALA BREAKFAST 1 Mt Alexander High School’s Jenny Truong, left, St Bernard’s College’s Claude Issa, Moonee Valley Councillor James Rankin, Nelson Alexander’s John McKenna and PNG Trekking Adventures’ Pam Chrystie on stage. 2 Moonee Valley Councillor Ange Kenos, left, LeadWest’s Barry Harvey, Moonee Valley Mayor Jim Cusask, Moonee Valley Councillor Miriam Gillis and LeadWest’s Craig Rowley (Leadwest) Pictures: MATHEW LYNN




BW NETWORK Business West Network – a growing directory of local businesses ready to do business with you. You can join the Business West Network by registering online at to make sure you receive your personal copy of Business West AND receive a free onetime 30-word listing for your business in a future edition. AROMA RELAX 38 Central Parkway, Caroline Springs, Victoria 0418 224 944 I am a Natural Medicine Practitioner Aromatherapist and concentrate on treating children and adults with physical, emotional and psychological issues with massage and the use of essential oils. ART REPUBLIC 8/75-85 Elm Park Drive, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria 0432 877 099 Art Republic is a newly established art supplier in Hoppers Crossing offering a great source of art and craft supplies for artists of all levels. AUSTRADE 45 Princes Highway, Werribee, Victoria 03 9742 0915 Austrade assists Australian businesses to export and facilitates inwards investment from overseas. AUSTRALIAN JOBSPEC 9 Hugh Street, Footscray, Victoria 0401 013 138 Australian Jobspec is a leading transport and logistics recruitment and labour hire specialist based in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Our Vision Statement is: “Reliable, skills and experienced staff with affordable fees.” BAGEL & JUICE 736 Mt Alexander Rd, Moonee Ponds, Victoria 0419 332 214 Small cafe and catering business established in 2007. BARTERCARD MELBOURNE WEST/ GEELONG Building 30, 22 - 30 Wallace Ave, Point Cook, Victoria 0422 132 841 Bartercard is Australia’s Number one Trade Exchange offering members the ability to Boost Sales, Boost Cashflow and Boost customer base. BEASPOKE SAFETY First Floor 12 Elizabeth St, Kensington, Victoria 03 9016 3547 Beaspoke Safety is an events-based OHS Consultancy offering onsite services, risk management, documentation and training solutions tailored to the events and exhibitions industries Australia-wide. BEINSYNC PTY LTD PO Box 3146, Newport, Victoria 0424 194 229 BeInSync Pty Ltd is a creative, boutique agency providing a range of specialised communication services for diverse, international audiences. We are exclusive agents for the award winning CALD COM storyboards.



BE JUST YOURSELF P.O. Box 3071, Caroline Springs, Victoria 0417 312 685 Be Just Yourself - Life Coaching and Performance Consulting is committed to inspiring people to create outstanding results and empowering them to take responsibility and control of their life. BILLIARD TABLES BY DESIGN Unit 6, 308 - 322 Old Geelong Rd, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria 9369 8881 Custom design and traditional billiard tables/bars. Repairs, renovations and removal specialists. Full range of accessories/table tennis/soccer /air hockey tables and darts. BLUESKY ACCOUNTING - CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS AND BUSINESS ADVISORS Ground Floor, 454 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 03 8319 4076 BlueSky Accounting is a trusted Chartered Accounting and Business Advisory practice, offering specialist Advisory, Tax, Accounting, Superannuation and ASIC services, to businesses and individuals. Call us now on 8319 4076. BOSZ CONSULTING SERVICES PO Box 4291, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria 0418 355 300 Full range of Bookkeeping services on MYOB and QuickBooks including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, BAS Completion, Prepare file for Accountant ad training. Qualification: Accounting Diploma Registered BAS Agent BUSINESS OFFICE SUPPLIES 17 Dickson Crt, Williamstown, Victoria 0466 489 439 We provide businesses with the opportunity to save time and money on their recurring ink, toner and stationery purchases, with a fast and convenient online ordering system. COLLINS & CO 127 Paisley Street, Footscray, Victoria 03 9680 1000 Collins & Co Accountants are the largest accounting firm in the Western suburbs, looking after small to medium sized businesses across Victoria, with a strong presence in the western suburbs. CS CONSULTING GROUP 108 Watton Street, Werribee, Victoria 03 9974 8333 Strategic Business Advisors, specialising in accounting and taxation, business development, financial planning, lending and human resources

DEBORAH SELLECK BRIDAL & EVENING COUTURE 80 Charles Street, Seddon, Victoria 03 9687 8493 Deborah Selleck Bridal and Evening Couture specialises in elegant one of a kind exquisite bridal and evening gowns. Made from the finest imported fabrics. New ready to wear range now available. Appointments required. Phone 9687 8493 to book your free consultation. DIABETES EDUCATION TO ASSIST (DETA) 526 Macarthur Street, Ballarat, Victoria 0408 394 156 Diabetes consultancy DRAGONFLIES 60 Rowland Drive, Point Cook, Victoria 0433 344 127 Provide and facilitate physical activity programs for special needs people. EXHEALTH REHABILITATION SERVICES PO Box 497, Werribee, Victoria 0412 472 959 Exercise Physiology, Massage and Injury Rehabilitation practice specialising in the management of a range of chronic health conditions and disability with exercise therapy. Workplace Health programs also available. EXPECT COMMUNITY CHURCH PO Box 251, Werribee, Victoria 03-9742 6171 A brand new Christian Church to Manor Lakes Estate Region - assisting to strengthen/renew hope, toward a better future, through community music and food events. FLORALEVENT 23 Grant Street, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria 0408066651 Florist and cafe specialising in weddings and events. HOMESTEAD FINANCIAL GROUP 61 Evans St, Sunbury, Victoria 0387423344 Infocus specialises in providing advice to individuals in the areas of wealth creation, debt reduction, mortgage management, retirement planning, superannuation and personal insurances (life insurance and income protection). INNER CLARITY 42 Thomson Street, Essendon, Victoria 0400584598 Helping you find inner clarity with kinesiology, massage and reflexology. By balancing our physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual energies with our lifestyle, our unique wholeness is created. INTERCEPT (VICTORIA) PO Box 363, Williamstown, Victoria 9397 4697 Intercept is a Leadership and Enterprise Solutions business. Established in 1996, we specialise in bringing the best out in individuals and teams. From SMEs to Corporates, from CEOs to employees.

BW NETWORK KH CONVEYANCING Suite 1, 284 High St, Melton, Victoria 9971 0112 Whether buying or selling for the first time or a property enthusiast, I can assist you with all aspects of conveyancing necessary to get your property transactions settled smoothly. MAB CORPORATION PTY LTD P.O Box 7657 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, Victoria 86812222 MAB Corporation is a privately owned, property development company that has been successfully operating since 1995. With over $2 billion in projects including industrial and commercial land located in the western suburbs. MACGREGOR LOGISTICS 45-49 Vella Drive, Sunshine West, Victoria 03 93127711 With 38 years of experience, MacGregor Logistics provide exceptional logistics services, specialising in food, wines and spirits. MAILHOUSE DIRECT PO Box 3007, Strathmore, Victoria 03 9379 3844 Focus on your area of expertise while we do the administration for you. We can assist virtually or onsite. Call Nina Eason on 9379 3844 or 0418 141 702 to discuss our admin services. MELBOURNE WATER New Farm Road, Werribee, Victoria 0418 518 025 Melbourne Water Healthy Waterways Program offers river health education to support the community, schools, and businesses to be actively involved in monitoring and protecting the health of our waterways. METRO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 461 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn, Victoria 9831 3000 Metro Property Management leading real estate business - managing properties - here there and everywhere. Our clients know us, like us and trust us. MINDSCOLLECTIVE PTY LTD 15 Shearwater Crescent, Maribyrnong, Victoria 0412 016 106 We provide the latest and most effect Personal Development programs and coaching for Parent, child and teen. Focusing on developing emotional self-awareness to build greater self-esteem and success in life. Increasing better performance in school, life and family relationships. NORTH WESTERN MELBOURNE SKILLS STORE PO Box 2752, Melbourne, Victoria 9655 4815 Skills Stores organises to have people’s skills assessed to gain a formal qualification. Recognising the skills and experience they have gained through work, volunteering and life skills. PEPCAR 5 Production Rd, Melton, Victoria 03 9743 1866 Conducting quality car service and repair, including new car handbook servicing with a high level of customer service and attention to detail.

RAUNIK DEVELOPMENTS PTY LTD 5 Westwood drive, deer park, Victoria 0418558681 Raunik Developments: We build and construct Industrial and Commercial Properties. We also specialise in the Sales and Leasing of all our properties. No agents involved. Call Steve 0418 558 681 competitive prices. REGIONAL RAIL LINK AUTHORITY 80 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 86881191 Regional Rail Link is the largest rail infrastructure project underway in Australia and will separate metropolitan and regional train services in the west of Melbourne for the first time. SKILLS VICTORIA Level 1, 67 Ashley Street, Tottenham, Victoria 0418 559375 Promote workforce development and vocational training to businesses in the western metropolitan region of Melbourne. SLICK AUSTRALIA PVT LTD 7/10 Horizon Dr, Maribyrnong, Victoria 0412455283 Slick20 ( is an Australianowned, online retailer selling brand-named, authentic merchandise for women, teens, kids and babies for under $20. SMALLPRINT OUTER NORTH WEST MELBOURNE 22 Kingston Drive, Taylors Hill, Victoria 0407 206 966 Handmade pure silver jewellery using loved one’s fingerprints, hand and foot prints, drawings and handwriting. TRAVEL COUNSELLORS 10 Rottnest Court, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria 0422974152 freeman Travel Counsellors is a home based travel agency which means they are available at a time and place to suit you. STATESIDE CONVEYANCING PTY LTD Suite 28b, 80 Keilor Road, Essendon North, Victoria 03 9374 2080 Stateside Conveyancing is a small boutique firm which conducts your transaction with all due diligence, care, skill and responsibility and also with an extremely friendly personal approach. TELCOPLUS Suite 226, 189 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria 1300728657 p is yyour one stop p shop p for p Telcoplus phone,, mobile and internet backed up by our unique personalised customer service.

THE BRANDING FACTORY 70 McNabs Rd, Keilor, Victoria 83361395 The Branding Factory is a one stop shop for promotional gifts, all printing and uniform needs. We work with our clients to supply a full range of promotional gifts such as pens, key tags, stubby holders, etc. We also offer the full range of printed business cards, letter heads, brochures, etc. Embroidered shirts and caps with screen printed tops such as tee shirts and Hi Visy work wear. Call 1300 663 150 with your query. THE NINJA REPORT 40 Tournament Drive, Point Cook, Victoria 0407 874 229 Focuses on the implementation and compliance of Operational Excellence Systems (specialising in Quality, Health and Safety, Environmental, Security and Business Continuity Management), Document Management, Continuous Improvement and Knowledge Management. THE MALKA GROUP 62 Lady Penryhn Drive, Wyndham Vale, Victoria 0408851199 Govt.Funded/Govt.Recognised, Certificates and Diploma Courses in Childcare, Aged Care, Business, Finance, Hospitality, Retail, TAE, Disability, Transport and Logistics and Community Services Work. Contact: Carol Wenning on 0408851199. Email: TRACY THE PLACEMENT PEOPLE Suites 11 & 13, 5 Duncans Rd, Werribee, Victoria 0417486099 Tracy the Placement people are a job services and private recruitment company. VANOPA ANTIQUES & FINE ART 54 Willmott Drive, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria 03 9734 7995 VANOPA Antiques & Fine Art deals in early English porcelain 1750-1830 Georgian glass 1700-1850, Post Modern Art Glass, Australian pottery, Australian art including aboriginal art, and selected reference books. VISUAL EXPOSURE 6/102-110 North View Drive, Sunshine West, Victoria 03 9311 5722 Visual Exposure is one of Melbourne’s leading Sign Companies, providing the full range of signage services from creation to installation. Waurn ponds hearing clinic 409 Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre, 173-199 Pioneer RD, Waurn ponds, Victoria 5245 7940 Description: Providing quality hearing care for the people of Greater Geelong. WESTTEC SERVICES 3 Lazor Street, Truganina, Victoria 0432 073 540 Westtec Services provides IT support to produce functional, effective and secure computer systems and infrastructure. Westtec Services also delivers pleasing and professional digital artwork and promotional material and web design. YOU PACK REMOVALS PTY LTD 3/188 Dohertys Road , Laverton North, Victoria 1300882112 Australia’s No.1 Self Pack Interstate removalists. Container Removals and Transport Australia-wide.



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TEMPORARY STAFFING AND PERMANENT PLACEMENTS, priding ourselves on our ability to understand and meet the expectations of our clients, working with and recruiting for Warehousing/Logistics, Trades/Construction, Manufacturing/Process and Clerical/Administration. Our name reflects what we are here to do, and that is to Capture our customer’s needs and candidate knowledge. Only by listening and asking those “VITAL” questions of you, can we ensure your service needs are Captured. With locations in Point Cook Somerton and Geelong open 7am-5pm, with 24 hour after hours service. Inquiries: 9369 4459 email info


Capture Recruitment



Don’t Waste Marketing Dollars. Get Expert Advice Before You Spend!



Call 0419 546 159 now

To advertise your services to the business community phone: 1300 666 808

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a secret… Share the success of the West’s own business magazine with your business colleagues. After all, isn’t that what friends are for? 30






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Marketing basics seminar. Committee Room, Moonee Valley Civic Centre. 7am-9am. $20. Go to www.trybooking. com/BSNM to book. Mobile Business Centre. Deer Park Shopping Precinct, Ballarat Rd. Call 13 22 15 to make an appointment.

Mobile Business Centre. 12C Kennedy Street, Keilor. Call 13 22 15 to make an appointment.



Hobsons Bay Business Awards. Williamstown Town Hall, 104 Ferguson St, Williamstown. 7pm. $75 per person or $700 per table. Call 9932 1000 or email business@ to book.





10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Mobile Business Centre. Outside Caroline Springs Library, 193-201 Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs. Call 13 22 15 to make an appointment.

Wyndham BizNet monthly meeting. Chirnside Park, Watton St, Werribee. 6.30pm9.30pm. $40 members, $50 non-members. Call 0418 533 806 to book.





Wyndham BizNet monthly meeting. Chirnside Park, Watton St, Werribee. 6.30pm9.30pm. $40 members, $50 non-members. Call 0418 533 806 to book.






10 11 12 13 14

Financing Your Business seminar. Hobsons Bay Civic Centre, 115 Civic Pde, Altona. 6pm-8pm. $20. Email business@ to book.

Business Networking Evening. Boathouse Restaurant Maribyrnong, 7 The Boulevard, Moonee Ponds. 6pm-8.30pm. $45. Go to http://www. to book.

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Marketing for Growth workshop. Maribyrnong City Council Town Hall, corner Hyde and Napier Sts, Footscray. 6pm9.30pm. $30. Email phill. loader@maribyrnong.vic. to book.

Manufacturing Breakfast Briefing. Sunshine Golf Club, 475 Mt. Derrimut Rd, Derrimut. 7.15am-8.45am. Call 9249 4630 or email au to book.

The Breakfast Coach meeting. Call Andrea on 0423 777 137 or email andrea@

22 23 24 25 26 27 28 GMCC Networking event. Witchmount Winery, 557 Leakes Road, Plumpton. 6pm. Email Ollie@practicaloutcomes. for more information.

Practical Outcomes Childrens Services Expo. Email Ollie@ for more information.



For expert advice on your business fleet contact Mal Smith or Tony Ferguson, Group Fleet Managers. Tony Ferguson

Mal Smith

Small Businesses can now claim up to $5,000 as an immediate tax deduction for motor vehicles purchased from July 1 2012*. Must be recognised as a small business entity (aggregated annual turnover of less than $2 million).

The business vehicle (new or used) must be purchased from 1 July 2012.

This change in legislation is in addition to the current tax depreciation rules and is designed to provide additional financial support for small businesses. To be eligible for the $5,000 business tax break businesses:

With six brands under our name, Werribee Automotive Group not only has a wide range to suit your business needs, we can also assist:

Werribee Nissan Werribee Mitsubishi Werribee Volkswagen Werribee Kia Werribee Isuzu Ute Western Nissan & Kia

Competitive and flexible business finance and leasing packages Business Fleet pricing for small business

Service departments in two locations, Werribee and Caroline Springs, with loan cars and utes available.

The peace-of-mind of full manufacturer warranties

Supply and fitment of Parts and Accessories

14-26 Heaths Rd, Hoppers Crossing 17-25 Heaths Rd, Hoppers Crossing 8-12 Heaths Rd, Hoppers Crossing 22 Morris Rd, Hoppers Crossing 22 Morris Rd, Hoppers Crossing 51-53 Westwood Dr, Ravenhall

For your business fleet phone...

1300 295 632

*For eligible businesses only. Must be recognised as a small business entity (aggregated annual turnover of less than $2million). The business vehicle must be purchased from 1 July 2012. This deduction FDQEHFODLPHGRQ\RXUWD[UHWXUQ:HUULEHH$XWRPRWLYH*URXSDQGLWÂśVGHDOHUVKLSVGRHVQRWSURYLGHWD[DGYLFHSOHDVHFRQVXOW\RXUÂżQDQFLDODGYLVHUWRVHHLI\RXTXDOLI\)RUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQRQWKH Accelerated initial deduction for motor vehicles visit LMCT8938, LMCT10856, LMCT9800

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