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ISSUE 177 MAY 2012


Realise your goals with our support, knowledge and experience. Call us for expert accounting advice.


Over 55 years experience advising Melbourne’s West

Collins & Co 127 Paisley Street, Footscray VIC 3011 T 03 9680 1000 F 03 9689 6605 Tax Advice | Superannuation | Business Advisory | Audit | Succession Planning | Business Valuations | Estate Planning | Wealth Creation Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.


WAY WITH WORDS Keen for copywriting

10-11 THRILLS FROM SKILLS Training the nation

12-13 FINANCIAL FITNESS Start-up gym

14-15 FAMILY AFFAIR Investing in printing


16-17 BUILDING A BRAND Hotondo Homes

18-19 SAVVY IN CYBERSPACE Taking your business online

EDITOR Tim Doutré


EDITORIAL Charlene Gatt

20-21 NAILING IT Unique cosmetics plan

22-23 STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION Boutique high heels


GREAT OUTDOORS Bakehouse goes alfresco



You know the saying, if you enjoy something, it doesn’t feel like it’s work?

Life-saving innovation NATHAN BRUTON

REGULARS 4 FROM THE EDITOR 5 NEWS Reflecting on innovation

26-27 SMALL TALK 28-29 STRATEGIES Personal Properties Securities, Timing a sale


Q&A Boost Juice founder Janine Allis


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BUSiNESS WEST offers your business the opportunity to be seen by your target market; key business decision makers in the West!

The term is short for e-commerce and refers to buying and selling goods and services via electronic systems. E-commerce and the internet have come together to create an amazing new world in the past few decades.

Stay tuned for the next edition of BUSiNESS WEST: coming out in June.

This edition of Business West we look at online retail, using two businesses from the West as case studies. The results are surprising. The risks can be high but the rewards are astronomical. Using the internet to garner customers and conduct transactions is no longer something that businesses can afford to ignore.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your business or service to the business world of the West, call Charles Ferraro now on 9933 4800 to reserve your space.

Recent Google statistics revealed 52 per cent of Australia’s small businesses now have websites, up from 35 per cent at the same time last year.

Advertising for the June edition of BUSiNESS WEST is now open. To register for BUSiNESS WEST visit:


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The exponential growth of the site is highlighted by statistics released in March this year, which revealed their top 2000 “eBay sellers” reported a revenue growth of 45 per cent. They now boast 157 eBay millionaires, with 63 per cent of top Australian eBay businesses “optimistic about 2012” and the prospect of hiring more staff. “Retailers on eBay were some of the first to recognise the growth opportunities of online retail and have continued to innovate, adapt and integrate multi-channel business models to stay ahead of their competitors,” eBay Vice President Deborah Sharkey said. The advancements in technology and increased consumer confidence in online retail has also given SMEs something that in the past was out of their grasp – global reach. So if your business hasn’t jumped online yet, maybe it is time to look at what you are missing out on, before it is too late. And if you are online, is your site mobile friendly? It is the way the world is heading and businesses embracing the medium are thriving. On the flip side, those ignoring the shift in consumer behaviour are getting left behind. Behemoths Myer and David Jones are prime examples. It’s worth thinking about before you’re consigned to the bargain bin along with the Nickelback CDs. [BW]

EVER heard of E-comm? It sounds like a Star Wars character or the latest nonsense from LMFAO. It’s neither.


The evidence is all around us. These days you can be waiting at the train station, swipe a billboard with your smartphone, purchase the advertised product and have it delivered to your home, all while waiting for the 8.02am from Werribee station (chances are it will be late, but that just means you can buy more stuff). There’s even a name for that – mobile commerce. It’s tough to keep up as a consumer let alone a business.

9 123456 789013 ISSN 1837-9869

9 123456 789013






ISSUE 177 MAY 2012

Recently Australia Post unveiled its first Melbourne office open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Why? “In response to record numbers of Victorians shopping online,” the Australia Post statement read. Possibly the greatest indicator of the shift in consumer behaviour is the success of online market place eBay. Make no mistake, eBay is not just for selling your old Nickelback CDs. There is real money to be made.

Tim Doutré Business West Editor

More than just racing

Experience the excitement of Live Harness Racing every Friday night Friday Night Dining Includes: à à à à

Three Course Menu à Exciting atmosphere Beverage Package à Big Screen Race Books à Professional raceday tips Private grandstand views

All for only



per person

2 Ferris Rd, Melton For bookings call 03 8746 0634 401242-SH16-12



NEWS Highpoint centre stylist Daniela Orlando, left, with shopper Elinor. Picture: JOE MASTROIANNI

REFLECTINGONiNNOVATION IT’S the mirror set to turn shopping on its head. MiMirror is the latest in retail technology, a digital mirror that allows shoppers to compare various looks at a glance and share their fashion finds online with friends for a second opinion. Featuring a digital touch screen with an in-built camera that doubles as a mirror, the MiMirror allows you to take photos of multiple outfits and accessories and then compare the results at the same time through the touch screen (so you don’t have to flick back and forth through images). The MiMirror is also a bonus for businesses, as it provides free marketing for retailers’ brands on their customer’s social networks. Highpoint Shopping Centre gave shoppers an exclusive look at the MiMirror last month. Highpoint general manager Craig Osborne said the MiMirror offered customers a unique

I’m seeing more and more of my clients wanting to instantly share their shopping experiences online with friends…

shopping experience that combines the traditional in-store experience with social media. “MiMirror brings a point of difference to the shopping experience at Highpoint by enabling shoppers to easily share their purchases online,” Mr Osborne said.

DANIELA ORLANDO “I’m seeing more and more of my clients wanting to instantly share their shopping experiences online with friends, whether it be for a second opinion, comments on new purchases or even just for a nice compliment,” she said.

“MiMirror is a first to the Melbourne market and reinforces Highpoint’s position as an innovative and interactive shopping destination.”

“By using MiMirror it doesn’t matter if your friends are at home or work, shoppers can share their all-important purchase decision on Facebook or Twitter and get an instant response.”

Highpoint stylist Daniela Orlando said MiMirror responded to the growing trend of shoppers wanting to combine shopping and social media.

Highpoint is currently undergoing a $300 million redevelopment which will see it become home to the West’s first David Jones store plus 100 new specialty stores. [BW] 401241-SH18-12







Popwords’ Jennifer Kiely. Picture: DAMJAN JANEVSKI

BY CHARLENE GATT JENNIFER Kiely knows how to make words pop. It’s a skill that has seen the 30-year-old Maribyrnong resident forge a successful – albeit unintended – career in copywriting and marketing for more than a decade. Ms Kiely, who grew up with ambitions of becoming a magazine editor, first got drawn into the world of copywriting when she was studying a Writing and Editing Diploma at Victoria University and working at a Foxtel call centre part-time. “I wanted to get off the phones, as we all did in those days, so I just asked if I could write the team meeting minutes, not actually knowing how you’re meant to write business meeting minutes,” she said.

“I did it as a little newspaper with pun headlines and the team loved it because it was a bit easier to digest.” From that, she was put up for a copywriting job for a marketing firm handling Jeanswest. Ironically, she did not know what copywriting entailed. “I went along to this meeting, I think I was 19, and was given a loose brief of what it was about,” she remembers. “Growing up in Maribyrnong, we used to chant ‘we’re the best in the West, chuck out the rest’ as part of interschool sports, and this Jeanswest program was an internal reward and recognition program they were starting, so I just came up with some ideas and he’d

tracy group 90./;7(;/>(@90./;7,9:6590./;16)

WE FIND THE MOST SUITABLE AND RELIABLE STAFF FOR YOUR BUSINESS find us online at As a Job Services Australia provider, we are contracted by the Government to provide a range of training and recruitment services for employers, and many of them are free of charge. Call us for a no-obligation discussion about your recruitment or training needs.




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Cash flow is probably the worst part of being a business owner...

loved what I’d come up with – ‘it was the best in Jeans West’. “I had no idea what I was doing, but because I was young and economical, they helped me a bit and coached me along, and I guess I had enough writing skill that they saw a benefit in that.” That job led to more copywriting work with the same agency, then the advertising agency next door also came knocking. So, Ms Kiely started working as a sole trader under her own name. After completing her diploma, Ms Kiely then took on a Bachelor of Journalism at La Trobe University, and was soon asked to produce a Channel 31 TV show. “It was a bit of a whirlwind,” she said.

“I never did finish that degree, but never mind. “It just kept going that like for a few years and I got a communications role at Foxtel and did that full-time for a year and a half, still always doing my stuff on the side. “It got to about 2006, and I decided to register a business name, rather than have my own name. I called it Kiely Media. I knew it wasn’t terribly sexy or exciting, but I didn’t know what I wanted to call it, so I went with that and built up work from there. “Because I’d been with Foxtel for 10 years by 2009, I took long service leave and ran the business full-time in that period, just to see if it was sustainable. “Then I went back to Foxtel for six months and then decided to pull the pin and go out on my own.” It was then that she rebranded the business and named it Popwords. She started off working from home, then branched out to an office in Collingwood, but the commute was a killer and Ms Kiely was back in her home office once again. She made another unsuccessful move to an office in Essendon before settling in the Younghusbands building in Kensington. “I think I was ready,” she said. “I think I’d been juggling stuff for too long,

so it certainly wasn’t as scary as I imagined it would be for some people, where they haven’t been doing a business on the side and they just decide they want to open a business of some sort and it’s all new and there’s a transition period. “For me, it was just exciting and I was ready to take the business to the next level. “Cash flow is probably the worst part of being a business owner, so that’s always a not so fun challenge, but it’s been pretty good on the whole, not too stressful.” Last year Ms Kiely took on her first parttime employee and is looking at employing another staff member shortly. Her days are filled with various copywriting, editing and proofreading jobs, with many businesses coming to her for website copy. Today, Ms Kiely is preparing to once again re-brand Popwords and redo its website to appeal to their target market. “I like to do some research about my competitors and I see that there’s a gap in the marketing for a copywriting agency in Melbourne servicing agencies, so we’re looking to position ourselves in that space – so we’ll be targeting ad agencies, marketing, graphic designers, web designers and PR agencies. We want to be the place to go for words,” she said. [BW]

business news west

Hobsons Bay Business Workshops

Brick By Brick Campaign

The next two business workshops coming up are Improving Cash Flow and Profitability and Winning Government Business. In the first workshop, you will discover ways to keep your cash flowing and how to avoid tying up cash in stock or customers. With this workshop you’ll also receive a free mentoring session, giving you and your business free expert advice. The second workshop will assist small and medium size businesses to understand the process of supplying goods and services to local, state and federal government, how to access opportunities and how to respond to tender and quotation documents. Workshops are on Wednesday, 18th April and Wednesday, 23rd May at the Altona Civic Centre. For more information, or to register, contact Sally Curtis on 9932 1000.

The Substation is Melbourne’s newest and most exciting arts centre, located right in the heart of Newport. The Substation features the western suburbs’ largest gallery, a versatile performance space as well as studios, and rehearsal spaces and brings the best of the arts to Melbourne’s west. To build further links with business, The Substation (recent winners of the Hobsons Bay Business Excellence Awards Not for Profit/Community Business Category) are launching the Brick by Brick campaign.


What’s new in the business community?

Why not become involved? For $200 (or $500 for large businesses), you receive a brick on the Supporter’s Wall in The Substation Foyer. Your business name will be exposed to the 50,000 visitors to The Substation each year (for a period of 3 years). You also receive a link to your website from the Newsletter/e-Update Supporter’s Page on The Substation’s website, which receives 850 visitors per week. Best of all, the local community and The Council publishes a free quarterly business newsletter titled Business Works. You can register to receive this and our decision makers, such as councillors, will see that you support regular electronic eUpdate by simply sending an email to the the arts and your local community. To start promoting your business, visit now! address below. Subscribe today!

For more information please call Sally Curtis, Business and Tourism Officer on 9932 1000 or email




QUEST CONQUERORS IT’S OFFICIAL: Quest Serviced Apartments are moving in on the West. CHARLENE GATT reports… TWO new locations have opened up in recent months in Caroline Springs and in Werribee, adding to Quest’s ever-expanding portfolio of 114 properties across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. In the West, there are properties in Sanctuary Lakes, Williamstown and Williamstown North. More than 50 per cent of Quest’s franchisees had spent time at a property level or at corporate office, according to Quest chairman Paul Constantinou. The proof is in the pudding, with both the Caroline Springs and Werribee franchisees hailing from other Quest roles. Business West met with both

sets of new owners to find out their story. QUEST WERRIBEE ON 27 FEBRUARY, the new $13 million Quest Werribee serviced apartments were opened by husband and wife team Val Ozbaki and Patricia Hearns, providing a home away from home to the one million plus tourists who visit Wyndham each year. It’s the first new purpose-built accommodation to open in the Werribee City Centre in more than 15 years. Quest Werribee offers 50 contemporary studios, one, two and three bedroom serviced

Quest Werribee’s Patricia Hearns and Val Ozbaki. Picture: JOE MASTROIANNI apartments with kitchen and laundry facilities, separate living and dining areas and broadband internet access. It also features an on-site reception, secure on-site car parking, gymnasium, BBQ area, conference and meeting facilities, daily room servicing, business administration services, local restaurant chargeback options and a grocery shopping service. Looking back over Ms Hearns’ career, it was inevitable that she would one day become a Quest franchisee. The 33-year-old joined Quest corporate office in 2003 in a sales and marketing role, helping new franchisees to the group establish their businesses. “After a couple of years I was out managing at Sanctuary Lakes Quest, just to see what it was like to actually work in a property day to day, instead of being from corporate office and just coming

in and supporting. “I loved it. I went back to corporate office for a couple of years and spoke to management and worked out a plan about how to get a franchise. I spoke to Val about doing it together and he agreed. “We were prepared to move anywhere for the opportunity, but it was fantastic that something came up right on our doorstep, because we were residents of Hoppers Crossing.” The pair, who employ about 13 staff, live on-site and said their occupancy rate in their first month of business had been better than expected. “It’s been a lot of hard work, but the opportunity is fantastic. It’s a brand new business, a brand new team of staff, so it’s really about settling down into things and making sure everything’s running smoothly,” Ms Hearns said.

Take on an Apprentice or Trainee the easy way! =\ehY[Wh[j^[if[Y_Wb_iji_d^_h_d]cWdW]_d]7ffh[dj_Y[iJhW_d[[i$ Gforce: šIekhY["^_h[j^[dfbWY[j^[7ffh[dj_Y[ehJhW_d[[ m_j^^eij[cfbeo[hi$ š7h[h[ifedi_Xb[\ehWbb[cfbeoc[djeXb_]Wj_edi$ šH[ZkY[oekhWZc_d_ijhWj_edh[gk_h[c[dji$ šFhel_Z[ed]e_d]c[djeh_d]ikffehjWii_ij_d]j^[ 7ffh[dj_Y[ehJhW_d[[jeYecfb[j[j^[_hGkWb_ÅYWj_ed$

Apprentices & Trainees

Temporary & Permanent Recruitment

HR & Business Solutions

I^ef,"/&WMWjjedIjh[[j"M[hh_X[[$ L_i_jkiWj]\ehY[$eh]$Wkehf[efb[Wjmeha$Yec$WkehYWbbkied.-+*&'&& 1029470-SH18-12




You know the saying, if you enjoy something, it doesn’t feel like it’s work? I never believed in that, quite honestly, until now.”

QUEST CAROLINE SPRINGS NATALIE Bui and Ricky Singh also bought into the Quest franchise after working their way up the Quest ranks. The pair, who first met after working together at Quest Rosehill in New South Wales, soon

NATALIE BUI formed a strong friendship, which remained when Ms Bui moved into a business development role and Mr Singh became a property manager for four properties. Ms Bui then left Quest to trade in commodities, but returned to the brand in October last year

Quest Caroline Springs’ Natalie Bui and Ricky Singh. Picture: DAMJAN JANEVSKI

when an opportunity came up to take over the then Caroline Springs Mercure. “We looked into it and I said ‘why not?’ We knew the Quest brand and how it works and the support that we’d get and what the model is about,” Ms Bui said. “We came here to look at the property when it was under the Mercure brand and we drove around and thought it was a fantastic area. “When we drove in, it didn’t feel like a suburb, it felt like you were in another land. It’s unbelievable that you’re in Melbourne but you’re not. “The houses, the exclusivity of it, the atmosphere – everything about Caroline Springs (appealed).” The pair re-branded the property on 1 February and are currently undergoing a $1.2 million redevelopment, which will include repainting the property and upgrading the kitchenettes one floor at a time to minimise any interruptions for their guests. The redevelopment will be complete by early August. Quest Caroline Springs

includes 80 studio, one and two bedroom serviced apartments, a dedicated conference floor, broadband internet access, onsite reception, secure on-site car parking, daily room servicing, and local restaurant chargeback options. The clientele is 70 per cent corporate and 30 per cent leisure, according to Ms Bui. Quest Caroline Springs was at 75 per cent occupancy when Business West visited in March, with one level closed off for the renovation. “The first month has been really crazy, it’s been fantastic and exciting at the same time,” Ms Bui said. “We had Quest head office here to help us and assist us with the changeover. “It’s trying to find your feet and setting procedures and processes so the guests aren’t inconvenienced in any way at all. The guest is why we’re here and it’s about maintaining our standards. It’s been fantastic.” Ms Bui and Mr Singh also live on-site. “You get to meet a lot of the guests,” she said. “It feels like home now. “You know the saying, if you enjoy something, it doesn’t feel like its work? I never believed in that, quite honestly, until now. I feel like this is my life. It’s great. I don’t feel like its work.” [BW]

Design and Build Delivery Commercial Retail Industrial Melbourne Ph: 03 9347 2611

Fresh Freight Laverton North, Victoria

Sydney Ph: 02 9502 4544 Website Email E:

Pacific Brands Complex Truganina, Victoria

Community Chef Complex Altona, Victoria

Established in 1955 and with over 2,000 design and construct solutions, Vaughan Constructions has established an unrivalled reputation as the leader in professional and cost effective design and construction services. Vaughan Constructions has established a proven approach to meeting specific client needs, within budget and time constraints, “Building Customers for Life”.








Apprentices Trainees Employment Limited General Manager Robert Peyerl Picture: JOE MASTROIANNI

Quest Werribee now open The brand new serviced apartments are now open, bringing a new level of accommodation to the City of Wyndham and located in the heart of Werribee’s CBD. The anticipated 4.5 star AAA Tourism rated property offers 50 spacious studios, one, two and three bedroom fully serviced apartments with conference room and studio office suites.

Quest Werribee – 03 8744 6000 69 Synnot Street, Werribee VIC 3030 This image may not represent actual property.



The Quest Serviced Apartment Group Over 140 properties throughout Australia, New Zealand & Fiji.

Your perfect travel companion.



BUSiNESS PROFILE BY CHARLENE GATT IT’S the not-for-profit organisation that specialises in providing services to address local and national skills shortages. Apprentices Trainees Employment Limited (ATEL) was established in 1982 in Albury Wodonga and operates a fully integrated labour management and training service tailored for local business in the commercial, professional and industrial sectors. In the last 30 years the organisation has expanded to include offices in Robert Peyerl, centre, with ATEL board. Wangaratta, Wagga Wagga, Sydney Picture: JOE MASTROIANNI and, most recently, Spotswood. ATEL works in partnership with and training providers. local stakeholders, including local councils “We’re mainly looking at areas where skills and community centres, Centrelink, Hobsons shortages are identified, such as the building Bay Business Connections and other Business and construction trades, automotive trades, Networks, and also with local employment transport and logistics, also engineering, civil agencies The Tracy Group, WISE Employment, construction… we try to come up with training MAX Employment, CVGT, WCIG, Matchworks, programs that best meet those needs,” he Job Prospects, Melbourne City Mission and said. Annecto. “We will actually employ the apprentice or Marketing manager Gengiz Soyturk said trainee, undertake all their training, but also ATEL prided itself on working in collaboration undertake all their payroll, administration, and not in competition with local employment superannuation – we become the legal

employer and send them out to host employers. “That saves employers the headache of finding the right person, but also the on-going administration and organising their training. “It’s a very hassle-free approach to recruiting apprentices and trainees. If the work doesn’t continue, for whatever reason, we’re obliged to look for other work for them and rotate them into other positions. “There’s safeguards for the employee, there’s a hassle-free approach for the employer, it is a win-win situation for employees and employers based on the sound principles of allowing each of these parties to do what they do best and concentrate on that. “An employer can concentrate on their business, and growing their business, rather than the recruitment and training, all the addon effects of having someone there. “It’s about using the taxpayer’s funding most effectively, not doing course after course and not leading anywhere. We’re focusing on quality and value for money.” ATEL has employed more than 7000 apprentices and trainees since 1982. [BW]

Do you need staff?

MatchWorks can offer you a service to fill your employment vacancies FREE of charge. We do all the hard work for you! We are based throughout Western and Northern Melbourne, as well as Geelong and Bacchus Marsh.

Contact us today for a no obligation chat. Airport West 9334 2558 Broadmeadows 9302 1800

Brunswick 9383 2555 Flemington 9376 8266

Footscray 9689 6333 Melton 9746 6344

Preston 9471 3000 St Albans 9367 8000

Sunshine 9312 2200 Werribee 8742 3444 531600-KC47-11




FINANCIAL FiTNESS AT ONLY 23 years old, Nathan Bruton is fighting fit when it comes to running his business, Boutique Fitness Gym. CHARLENE GATT reports…

THE personal trainer, who has had a lifelong affinity with sport and healthy living, took up fitness as a career after doing work experience under his older sister, also a personal trainer. Then, after stints in Melbourne and Queensland, Nathan Bruton won the real estate lottery when he snared a gym along Ferguson St in Williamstown in October 2010. He has spent the past 20 months getting it into shape. “I always wanted my own little gym,” he said. “I was doing personal training, subcontracting and that sort of thing, but I wanted something more behind me and to take the next step and Boutique Fitness Gym was the only way to do it.” Mr Bruton invested more than $200,000 in new equipment, a sound system, TVs and a lick of paint to refurbish the premises.

Williamstown is a small community that has a little country town feel and the word of mouth has worked for me… He also did letterbox drops and hosted an open day to give Boutique Fitness Gym a jump start. “It was (scary) to start,” he said. “You have that thing in the back of your head where you think ‘I hope this works’, but I took it pretty calmly really, to tell the truth. “I didn’t want to stress about it… I had a lot of hours here and I knew what had to be done, so I just turned on and went for it. I didn’t have

time to think about the consequences if things didn’t happen for me. “The first three months was go, go, go. I was doing 15 hour days and it wasn’t even enough. Now it’s starting to get to where I want it to be. “We’ve been very lucky because of the position we’re in and we get a lot of walkins and word of mouth. Williamstown being Williamstown is a small community that has a little country town feel and the word of mouth has worked for me.” Today, Boutique Fitness Gym boasts more than 270 members and Mr Bruton has just added some new equipment, including boxing equipment, a 45 degree leg press and calf press. He is currently revamping his logo and is looking at expanding the gym to host group fitness classes. “I have thought about doing little running classes or boxing classes outside, just because the space we have is just straight-up gym,” Mr Bruton said. “I didn’t want to waste space or have a class and then have a gym half the size. What I’m looking at doing is getting another space close by, within a kilometre or 500 metre radius, and doing classes. “I’d like to do that by the end of the year.” “I’d love to keep doors open. If I have an opportunity, I’ll take it. “It’s been amazing. It’s matured me a lot, I sort of grew up a lot quicker from all the hours. “But it’s all paid off, everything’s going well.” [BW]

Farren Group Consulting Land Surveyors The Farren Group was established in 1999. We are Licensed Land Surveyors, Town Planners & Development Consultants. We have been in the Westerns Suburbs for over 12 years. We have other offices in Bacchus Marsh and Bendigo. We operate all over Melbourne and Victoria and we have approximately 20 staff.

+ Land and Building Subdivisions from a dual occupancy to 20 storey apartment blocks + Re-establishment Surveys of title boundaries + Feature & level Surveys + Neighbourhood & Site Description Plans for clause 55 applications

74 Maribyrnong Street, Footscray VIC 3011 Ph: 9689 1000 Email: 1029665-SH18-12



+ + + +

Adverse Possession Applications Consolidations Creation and removal of easements Construction & engineering Set out surveys + Lettable area surveys + Town Planning for land Subdivisions

BUSiNESS PROFILE Boutique Fitness Gym’s Nathan Bruton. Picture: NICOLE SULTANA

Melbourne Star Taxi and Limousine Services “We go anywhere, anytime with your safety as our number one priority!” 1300 22 10 18 Featuring:

• Corporate travel a speciality-privacy and discreet service at all times. Pre book by 6.00pm the night before for guaranteed on time pick ups.


• Safe taxi transport for the aged, retired, infirm, injured. Caring well trained drivers who will always assist. Your safety is our number one priority • Families - Baby seats at no extra charge • Professional service for women travellers – text message on arrival Why use uninsured taxis and poor quality drivers when you can travel in comfort and safety at much the same price?





FAMILY AFFAIR BY CHARLENE GATT WHEN you have clients like the Essendon Football Club, Lego Education and government departments, it’s fair to say business is going well. That’s the story for Blair Cariss, 33, who took over the family printing business, Cariss Printing, and is now reaping the benefits after continual and heavy investment. It all started in May 1979 when Blair’s dad Michael left school early and pursued his interest in the printing industry. “He bought a machine that went in his backyard and did jobs for mates like wedding invitations and slowly got into the printing world,” Blair said. “He was a very small printing company. “He was more into the stationery market – business cards, letterheads, envelopes – and then, over time, he diversified into other things like fliers and pamphlets and printing for graphic designers.” As the business grew, Michael moved accordingly – first to a factory in Essendon, then a slightly bigger premises in Strathmore.


All the while, Blair would pop past after school and “potter around the factory”. Then, in 1996 Blair left school and started his printing apprenticeship under his dad. “I was just another apprentice. I started from the bottom, went to trade school, learnt the whole process.” After four years, Blair spent six months in Heidelberg, Germany – which, according to Blair, produces the Rolls Royce of printing equipment. When he came back, he worked at a family packaging company in Tullamarine for three years to put his new-found knowledge to good use before his dad asked him to re-join Cariss. With Blair’s vision, the pair invested in more than $1 million worth of equipment – including a five-colour press – to grow the business. “It just opened up a whole new world for us, the type of work we could do. We could now offer all these different products and the orders came left, right and centre,” Blair said. After a few years, Blair bought his dad out and officially took over. To this day, Michael still comes in and helps out, particularly with the form cutting.

The business has since moved to an 800 square metre corner site in Tullamarine. “It was pretty tough at the start (to take over). Financially, it was pretty tough. Getting the staff on the floor to listen to what I‘ve got to say, because I was one of them once upon a time. “I worked from the bottom up. I bought the business off my father, I bought shares from his brother as well. I actually respect my father a lot more, because I know how hard my father has worked and how daunting it is on money and doing everything day to day.” Most recently, Blair took on a business partner, selling a 15 per cent share of the business to one of his employees, Garth Malone. Mr Malone, 30, moved from Maryborough to take a position at Cariss after working for a big printing company in his home town. Together, Blair and Garth are reinvesting each year’s profits back into the business to keep it competitive with other major printing companies, such as Vistaprint. However, Cariss Printing is not fazed by their competition.




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“Those online printing companies – you’re talking to a computer,” Blair said. “You don’t know what it’s going to look like, you get no proofing, you can only print on specific stock that they tell you, you can print on. There’s no contact, no advice there. “It might be okay for a small business running out of home that just want 500 business cards, but we’re in commercial print. We do bigger products, bigger runs, bigger quantity, higher colour, better finishing. “Today’s market is a lot different, a lot tougher. “You’ve got to know what your competitors are doing and what your customers want…we’re trying to be more proactive than reactive. “I do a lot of personal deliveries to see the customer face-to-face. “When I go and see them, you’ll be surprised by how many ask for a quote for something else. “I’ve changed my strategy this year. You’ve got to be seen to be out there more. We look at marketing as an investment now, which I think is critical in this climate the printing industry’s in.” [BW]

Cariss Printing managing director Blair Cariss.


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BUSiNESS PROFILE Hotondo Homes’ Darren and Vesna Pollock. Picture: DAMJAN JANEVSKI


BRAND $15 LUNCH SPECIAL $15 for a Main Course with a glass of Wild Oats Wine. 7 days a week 11.00am - 4.30pm


Breakfast Lunch Dinner 265 Mickleham Road, Tullamarine 3043 Phone 03 9335 9300



QUALITY HOTEL MELBOURNE AIRPORT Conference Packages starting from

$51.50 per delegate

Catering for groups from 10 to 200 people Minimum of 10




BY CHARLENE GATT IT’S takes a family to make a home, and in Melton, it takes the Pollock family to build it. Darren Pollock, his wife Vesna and dad Ray are the faces behind Hotondo Homes in Melton, which builds around 12 homes a year. Darren and Ray have been in the building industry for more than 23 years, starting out together with their own father and son business, Darvale. The pair worked together building two homes a year before deciding to join Hotondo Homes in June 2001 to gain greater exposure through the brand name and buying power. Things took off from there. All of a sudden, they had a display home, salespeople and a shop front in Keilor. They have serviced the Melbourne Metro West area since, now from their office in Melton. “Before Hotondo Homes, our challenges were to do with exposure, marketing, and getting people to know who we were,” Mr Pollock said. “By joining the franchise network we have moved on from these challenges. “It was, not daunting, but exciting, different. “I had to relinquish a bit of control, because I was used to overseeing everything.” Mrs Pollock joined the business about 11

DARREN POLLOCK years ago, hailing from previous roles as a secretary and a personal assistant. “We’re family, so it’s easy,” Mrs Pollock said. “It was very different (to join the company). I was coming from two different fields and I had to learn a lot of things.” The first home she dealt with was their family home. Mrs Pollock is currently completing a contract and administration course in a bid to alleviate some of her husband’s workload and increase her knowledge of the industry. The Pollocks are also about to start construction on a new display home for the Maplewood estate. Meanwhile, they are attempting to gain exclusivity over the Melton shire as Hotondo’s franchise areas change. “I’ve been brought up here… and this is where the growth spurt is in Victoria,” Mr Pollock said. “The main goal is to change the franchise agreement to have Melton as an exclusive territory (for us). “People just want bigger and bigger and bigger homes, but the blocks are getting smaller.” Luckily for the Pollocks, land availability is in their favour. Unfortunately, the property market is not.

A market slow-down and interest rates has taken its toll on Hotondo, resulting in a 20 per cent drop in business for the Pollocks over the past 12 months. There is also lots of competition vying for a piece of real estate pie in one of the fastest growing areas of Australia, but the Pollocks believe their point of difference – the personal touch – works wonders for them. “We are able to offer clients the flexibility to customise designs, all at an affordable price,” Mr Pollock said. “All clients work one-on-one directly with the builder. “People are names to us and not numbers. We build and develop relationships with clients which help us discover their wishes for their home and we make sure we achieve it.” One of those ways is their new online home planner. Clients can go online through their computers or smartphones and draw on the floor plans – for example, adding a bedroom, moving the garage to insert a study, changing the kitchen layout – to turn it into their dream home. [BW]

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Are you a local retailer? How will the carbon price affect the cost of running your business? Presenter, Laurie Gutteridge, is a consulting cheesemonger turned sustainability expert. Laurie will demystify the impacts of the carbon price on your business and highlight savings opportunities for your business as well as government assistance, initiatives and grants. Date: Thursday, 17th May 2012. Time: 9.30am to 11.00am. Where: Altona Library, 123 Queen Street, Altona.


I had to relinquish a bit of control, because I was used to overseeing everything…

Do you own or run a larger business? Are you concerned about cost implications of the carbon price? Keynote Speaker, Ralph Plarre, is co-owner of Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses and a sustainability advocate. He draws on his extensive industry experience in presenting the compelling business case for environmental action. Presenter, Prof. Neville Norman, is recognised as one of Australia’s leading economists and business commentators. Date: Wednesday, 23rd May 2012. Time: 7.30am to 9.30am. Where: Altona North Library, Corner Millers and McArthurs Roads, Altona North.

All registered attendees will receive a FREE energy-saving device for their business. To Register your attendance online please visit: Small Business Breakfast / SME Breakfast For more information: please contact Ciaran MacCormaic on 9932 1365 or email




SAVVY IN CYBERSPACE IN A world where more and more businesses are going online, can your business afford to be left behind? Business West spoke to two businesses who are leading the way. Not only adapting to the online side of business but embracing it. CHARLENE GATT and ALESHA CAPONE report…

Melbourne Mamma’s Tracey Cotroneo with kids Ruby and Oscar.




COVER STORY THERE’S no denying it: shopping online is here to stay. The numbers speak for themselves. In March, a Google survey revealed that 52 per cent of Australia’s small businesses now have a website, up from 35 per cent at the same time last year. The figure represents growth of 50 per cent year on year. One in three of the businesses with a website said that they saw their website contribute more customers and sales towards their bottom line. “Over the last year we’ve learned a great deal from the businesses who’ve participated in Getting Aussie Businesses Online,” Claire Hatton, Google’s head of local business, said. “First, the most successful business owners use their websites like a 24/7 employee, allowing them to help their customers around the clock. “Second, websites create clicks that you can feel in your ‘bricks’ in the form of more customers to your store. “And lastly, a website is just the beginning… they’re building on it to help reach their customers, be found and grow their business.” Meanwhile, a 2009 Australian Bureau of Statistics report found that some small businesses conduct the majority of their trade online, with 19 per cent of businesses (with four staff members or less) reporting that more than half of their total goods and services income in 2007–08 came from online business. This figure was 10.3 per cent for businesses with five to 19 employees. Businesses without websites are continually plagued by the dilemma in an ever changing marketplace. Do they ignore the trend? Jump on the bandwagon? And if they do, what’s the best way to go about it? MELBOURNE MAMMA AVONDALE Heights mumpreneur Tracey Cotroneo is using her shopaholic ways for good. Ms Cotroneo, 38, launched the Melbourne Mamma website in July 2011 after finding it difficult to shop for kids’ clothes when towing around two little ones under four. “When I had my son, I found it was getting harder to get to the shops with two little kids – it took twice as long, one would be a bit cranky, one would want something. “I thought ‘wouldn’t it be easy to go to sales if all these sales were all in one spot?’” After speaking to retailers in her area, Ms Cotroneo went about organising an end of season kids wear market, where retailers could sell their unsold stock all in one place. “The more retailers I spoke to, the more of them were like ‘this is fantastic’,” she said. “They had boxes and boxes of stuff in their garages that they didn’t know what to do with. “Originally I was just organising the Melbourne Mamma’s market, and I found while I was looking that there wasn’t a list of kids’ stores around Melbourne.

retailers relied on word of mouth and didn’t see the necessity of having their own website. “The market and the website have certainly gotten a lot bigger than I had anticipated so soon. The response has been great,” she said. “It seems people are really suffering in retail at the moment and they can’t clear their stock. Winter stock is already on sale… a lot of them that did the first sale in August found that it was a good publicity tool for them as well. “The mums love it. Everything there is discounted by a minimum of 50 per cent, so it’s good saving for everybody and helps the retailers clear their stock.”

Marquetta Manokaran sells saris and other Indian designs online. Picture: JOE MASTROIANNI “It took me months to get together a list. I thought it would be so much easier if there was this information on a website and you could see what local sales were on.” The Melbourne Mamma website and Facebook page includes a comprehensive directory of kids wear stores in and around Melbourne, cheap advertising space for retailers, a list of Mamma’s Must Haves, giveaways, profiles of retailers and a blog detailing Ms Cotroneo’s own purchases. She also uses the website to spruik her Melbourne Mamma markets, with an end of summer market held in March and an end of winter market held in August. Her most recent market had 27 stores from around Melbourne, including ones from Shepparton and Bendigo, with stall spaces selling out in three days. More than 900 shoppers went through the doors in four hours. One retailer told her they’d sold more at her market than in a whole month. Many are already signed up for the August sale, prompting her to look for a bigger venue. Meanwhile, the Melbourne Mamma website gets more than 8000 hits a month. Despite this, Ms Cotroneo said too many

COLOURS OF INDIA IF YOU want to know what is hot in the world of Indian fashion, ask Marquetta Manokaran. The Point Cook fashionista began Colours of India two years ago, an online business which sells saris and other Indian costumes for women and men. “I do it online and it keeps costs down, so it’s affordable,” Ms Manokaran said. “I only work with designer wear, nothing else.” Ms Manokaran said there were a few stores in Melbourne selling Indian garments, especially in Dandenong and Footscray, but many of the outfits were fairly expensive. She said the Colours of India website was a cheaper, more accessible way for shoppers in Melbourne and across Australia to keep up with the ever-changing Indian fashions. Ms Manokaran started up the business when she was looking for clothes to wear to a wedding with her sister-in-law, but could not find anything she liked. This search inspired Colours of India, from which people purchase clothes to wear to weddings, including bridal attire, and other special occasions, such as first birthdays. Ms Manokaran said she enjoyed seeing the glamorous Indian clothing imported for her business. “It’s like what Bollywood stars wear,” she said. “Just all the new fashion, which is changing every week – which is why I don’t hold stock.” Indian fashion trends change very quickly, so Ms Manokaran also loads new clothing albums onto the Colours of India Facebook page every seven days. “Especially over here, most of my clients are under 40, and they want what’s the newest and what they see Indian actors and actresses wearing on TV,” Ms Manokaran said. The mother-of-two said the latest in-demand Indian clothing style was “lehenga style saris”. “They have lots of net or lace on them, lots of embroidery or sequins and many different fabrics together, using three or four different materials in the same sari,” she said. Ms Manokaran said she was not usually tempted to keep the beautiful garments she imports, as she has “a lot” in her wardrobe already. [BW]




NAILiNG IT BY CHARLENE GATT NEVER underestimate a woman with killer nails, perfectly shaped eyebrows and a business marketing degree. Contrary to her name, Mini Latif is no shrinking violet. The 34-year-old Taylors Lakes resident plans to take on the world with her nail and brow bar Ottoman 3, which is open exclusively in Myer’s cosmetics department at the Highpoint and Chadstone stores. “I’ve always believed in myself…that’s thanks to my parents, they really made me believe that I could achieve anything if I really wanted it,” she said. Ms Latif got a taste of running her own business early on in life as she worked for her parents’ Deer Park milk bar as a kid. While her friends sat around watching Video Hits in their PJs on a Saturday morning, a

young Ms Latif was slicing tomatoes for the lunch rush. As a child, discipline was key – the milk bar always opened, even if you felt sick, there was a death in the family or your heart was broken. The childhood resentment turned into gratitude in her adult years as Ms Latif used that same discipline to build her own career. That discipline was tested while she was completing her VCE and decided to interview for the RMIT Bachelor Degree in Advertising. Her parents bought her the best leather compendium they could find for her to display her artwork, but when she arrived at the interview, she realised she was up against digital ads. “I had lead and cut out pieces of silk,” she remembers.

“I knew I was not in with a chance and my fate was verbalised to me within minutes of walking in. “I went in blind and was rejected to my face.” Ms Latif picked herself up and completed a Diploma in Sales and Marketing at Victoria University, a Bachelor in Business Marketing and a Post Graduate Degree in Multimedia Communication. She then took on a graduate role at Ford Credit and spent three years in a range of roles from accounts to customer service. From there, Ms Latif made a name for herself in the advertising industry, heading the marketing for British Telecom, Pacific Internet, Lloyds TSB and iSelect. But a childhood dream to run her own business by the time she was 30 and an equal

Dedicated regional tracks will be built from West Werribee Junction to Deer Park, then along the existing rail corridor from Sunshine to Southern Cross Station.

Project overview Regional Rail Link is a new rail line designed to remove major bottlenecks in Victoria’s train network. This will be done by untangling metropolitan and regional tracks as they travel through Melbourne’s west.



When completed, passengers on the Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat lines will have a streamlined journey through the metropolitan system from Sunshine into the heart of Melbourne. Regional Rail Link includes the construction of new train stations at Wyndham Vale and Tarneit and West Footscray. While Sunshine, Tottenham, Footscray, and Southern Cross Stations will be upgraded. A contract to build approximately 25 kilometres of new railway tracks from Deer Park to West Werribee will be delivered by a joint venture between Baulderstone and Leighton.

The section of tracks through Wyndham Vale’s Manor Lakes residential estate will be built in a full depth cutting. This will involve the excavation of approximately 450,000 cubic metres of earth between Ballan Road and Lollypop Creek, while the busy Manor Lakes Boulevard remains open to traffic. Other major construction works set to start this year include bridgeworks at the Werribee River crossing, Ballan Road, Manor Lakes Boulevard and Lollypop Creek bridge. A second project office is also to be established at Tarneit To enquire about jobs and opportunities on this section of the project, please email

BUSiNESS PROFILE p passion for beauty saw her approach Myer with a unique concept to have a nail and brow bar in th their cosmetics department. “When I moved to London, there were d department stores where you could get your nnails done and your eyebrows done,” she said. “It was unheard of here. I thought ‘why are th they doing it and we’re not?’” It was only a few years later, when Ms L Latif returned to Melbourne for a wedding and couldn’t find a department store that would do her nails, that she took action. She went back to London, quit her job, packed her bags and moved back home. Then she called Myer and pitched the Ottoman 3 concept to them. “I thought, if I don’t pitch this to Myer, someone else will – it’s just a matter of time,” Ms Latif said. “I picked up the phone and said ‘I’ve got a really amazing offer for you that you’re never going to say no to, but I can’t talk to you about it until you’ve signed a non-disclosure form’. “Through my experience with blue-chip companies, I knew how to negotiate with large companies. “I wouldn’t give anything away until I had them face-to-face. I had the presentation, the

PowerPoints, everything put together. I had artistic impressions of what it would look like and they loved it straight away. Eight months later, this (the Highpoint store) was open. “I acted confident, but I was shaking like you wouldn’t believe. I thought if it didn’t happen, then no harm done.” Ms Latif was originally offered her first store at the Sydney CBD Myer, but true to her western suburbs roots, she politely rejected the offer. “That (Sydney CBD) was the ultimate store to open in, and to launch…but I’m from the West, and very few businesses have developed in the West and became international, and I still hope that’s going to happen,” she said. That was three years ago. Today, Ottoman 3 offers eyebrow threading and the latest in nail technology, including Bio Sculpture, Essie and Minx Nails. Ms Latif opened a new store in Myer Chadstone four months ago and she is currently working on a product brow line, which she hopes will be out in time for Christmas.

Ottoman 3’s Mini Latif. Picture: JOE MASTROIANNI

“After doing 35,000 brows, we think we’re the best people to really develop a line from what we’ve learnt,” she said. [BW]

Legend To Bendigo, Sunbury, Sydenham

Existing rail network Regional Rail Link new tracks Existing tracks

To Ballarat, Melton

New stations


To Upfield

South Kensington


Footscray Deer Park

Station upgrades

Ardeer West Footscray Middle Footscray

Regional Rail Link is also laying the foundations for future expansions to the train network. The project will revitalise the state’s public transport system, allowing Victoria’s rail network to expand with our growing state. The project is jointly funded by the Victorian and Australian Governments. The Commonwealth is contributing $3.225 billion.

To Craigieburn

Existing stations

North Melbourne Tarneit

Southern Cross

Wyndham Vale

N Werribee

P or t Ph i l l i p Ba y

To Geelong


A community information hub is being built on the site of the future Wyndham Vale station to encourage members of the community to find out more about the Regional Rail Link project and meet members of the project team. The information hub is expected to open around the middle of this year.

Authorised by the Victorian Government, 80 Collins Street, Melbourne.




Marika Atanasovski with her debut collection of shoes. Picture: JOE MASTROIANNI





IN THE RiGHT DIRECTION BY CHARLENE GATT MEET Keilor Downs’ very own Carrie Bradshaw. Marika Atanasovski has teamed her love of high heels with business savvy to launch JAM Shoes, a boutique collection of high heels and flats. The 23-year-old launched her debut collection online in March after spending the past two years designing, redesigning and meeting with manufacturers. Her maiden range features 11 pairs of heels and flats, ranging from a ladies size 6 to 10. The shoes are retailing for $89 to $229.

“I can’t even remember how I came up with the idea, it’s been something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now,” Ms Atanasovski said. “I was always the type of person that would look at an outfit and imagine what kind of shoes would go with it. I did have an interest in it, but I was a bit unsure of how to start and I was a bit nervous. “One day I just woke up and thought ‘I’m just going to give it a shot’. Then I started drawing all my designs and started speaking to people I know in the industry and getting contacts for manufacturers and took it from there. “When I was younger, I was a bit more of a tomboy, so a lot of people are shocked that I’ve taken this direction. “As I’ve grown up, I’ve taken a bit more of a liking to fashion and high heels and things like that. Now I’m a big high heel wearer. “I wanted to make sure the first collection showed a bit of variety, I didn’t want it to be too much of one type of look.” Keeping with the theme of exclusivity, Ms Atanasovski’s debut collection features only 100 pairs of each design. And she’s already thinking ahead to her next collection. “I’ve been sourcing what kind of trends will be coming

through for spring and summer, and the next collection tells a bit more of a story. “There’s a bit of animal print and a lot of bright colours. I want to keep everything a bit different… not what everyone else will have.” She hopes to stock her next season of shoes in some boutique retailers. “Ultimately, what I’m working towards is opening my own store. “The whole idea about the label is that I wanted it to be very exclusive, so I do want in the long term to have a few chains, but I don’t want it to be on a scale where there’s five stores in Melbourne – I’d maybe do two stores in Melbourne, a store in Sydney, just very exclusive. “Because there’s not going to be too many stores, they will be in a good location so that a lot of people can have easy access to it.” Ms Atanasovski, who also has a degree in Health Science, had to cut back on her full-time job at a rehabilitation hospital to make JAM Shoes a reality. Her entrepreneurial drive has been fostered by her parents, who run Windmill Gardens Reception in Plumpton – a place where she has had her fair share of work experience. “It’s taught me that you have to work hard and if you really want something, you have to go and get it,” she said. “All the things that I’ve been doing have allowed me to get my shoes to the stage that they’re at, so it’s all worth it.” [BW]




Alfa barista Lauren. Picture: JOE MASTROIANNI

GREAT OUTDOORS BY CHARLENE GATT YARRAVILLE’S Alfa Bakehouse is looking a lot greener, with its new pop-up park transforming the business. Just weeks after Maribyrnong City Council transformed part of Ballarat St with synthetic turf, large planters, tables, chairs and umbrellas to create a temporary piece of public open space, the iconic café has followed suit. Shoppers can now grab a pie, sandwich or cake and soak up the sun on Alfa’s own synthetic turf and colourful outdoor furniture. The Alfa Bakehouse is a Yarraville institution run by brothers Chris and George Xanthis for



the past 14 years. Chris Xanthis said Alfa was trialling the space for the next six months, and hopes to make it a permanent fixture. He said customers took to the pop-up park immediately. “On the first day we set it up, it was a beautiful day and as I was screwing together the tables, people were taking them, they loved sitting outside in a peaceful space. It’s nice and tucked away,” he said. “It’s a little area that’s tucked away and people can watch the trains go by and sit and have a coffee and relax.

“People can wait for loved ones to get there, for loved ones to get off the train, it’s a safe area.” Kids can also get in on the fun. If kids are sitting in the pop-up park and a train comes past, they get a free babycino if they put their hands up, or a milkshake if a locomotive or steam train comes past. Yarraville’s original pop-up park concept was inspired by similar projects across London and New York and came about after a study identified a lack of open space in the Yarraville village, with narrow footpaths causing pedestrian congestion. [BW]


RIGHT KIND OF MEDICINE BY CHARLENE GATT IT’S the moment every parent dreads. In 2009, Laura Di Martino’s daughter Carla had to be rushed to hospital after suffering an allergic reaction. “We went to a birthday party and she had an allergic reaction to something, we don’t know what it was, but she had swelling, hives all the way from head to toe, her head literally blew up like a bowling ball,” the East Keilor resident remembers. From that day on, Ms Di Martino had to provide Carla’s three-year-old kindergarten class with an EpiPen. When she asked the pharmacy how to best store the medication, she was advised to put it in a lunchbox to help it maintain the correct temperature. The problem was, she wasn’t the only one given this advice. “I presented it to the kindergarten and sure enough, there’s another seven lunchboxes in the kitchen area, sitting on top of their firstaid cabinet – because they can’t be locked in a first-aid cabinet – and I thought ‘this doesn’t seem so good’,” Ms Di Martino said. “Later, they had to go on an excursion and the lunchboxes got put into a backpack and Carla’s was the first one to go in, so it was the hardest to get to. “By the time you pulled all these lunchboxes out and got to hers… it could be too late. “I remember joking around with the teacher, saying ‘can’t you get something better?’ and she said ‘go design me something’, and I thought, I will.” After some research, Ms Di Martino, with the help of her husband Paul, invented the Allergy Buddy. The Allergy Buddy Rapid Access Medical Panel is designed specifically for carers and teachers for the display, storage and transportation of medicine, including but not limited to medicines for the treatment of anaphylaxis. The panel can be wall mounted, with each pouch displaying the student’s photo, name, basic details and their allergy. The medication can be easily accessed within the pouch. The panel can be easily removed from the display position and folded into a satchel bag using quick release clips and velcro. The bag can be carried across shoulder or twin carry handles, offering the freedom of mobility to transport the medical panel at all times, allowing the flexibility to adapt to any circumstance where medical aid will be

I remember joking around with the teacher, saying ‘can’t you get something better?’ and she said ‘go design me something’, and I thought, I will… LAURA DI MARTINO

administered such as in class, on excursions, camps, sports events or on yard duty. The Allergy Buddy also includes a universal first aid section. After developing a prototype, Ms Di Martino took the Allergy Buddy to the Education Department, Royal Children’s Hospital and kinder teachers and parents to gauge their reaction and get feedback. She then launched the product in 2010 after going to an Education Show. “We had only the samples, the product hadn’t been ordered yet, but we thought we’d see how we go, see what the feedback is,” Ms Di Martino said. “All the teachers and principals and so forth attend, and we purchased a stand there and showed them the two samples we had and said ‘if you’re interested, in so many weeks the product can be ordered’. “It went beautifully – we had so many orders on the day and our fax machine was running hot. So we went ahead and ordered the minimum amount we could order and we’ve been doing that ever since.” The proof is in the pudding. Ms Di Martino has already received repeat orders Australia wide and is tapping into the aged care market. Meanwhile the Allergy Buddy has been nominated for the 2012 Telstra Business Awards. “It may have been okay 10, 20 years ago to use those lunchboxes, but now there is that many children with allergies, schools can’t keep up,” Ms Di Martino said. “To have something like this to go across all the schools is just fantastic.” Ms Di Martino is currently developing a new prototype where each individual pouch can be removed. She hopes to roll out the new Allergy Buddy at the end of the year. “It’s really good going to the conferences, because you find out what people are actually looking for. “Through that feedback, we’ve discovered that there is another style that people would prefer.

Allergy Buddy inventor Laura Di Martino Picture: DAMJAN JANEVSKI

“When you get to secondary school, most students carry their own medication on them, so the teachers would love it if these were individual so this student can go that way and this student can go to that class and at the end of the day come back again (with their medication).” [BW]



SMALL TALK STATE GOVERNMENT IN TOWN THE State Government has set up shop in Tottenham to provide extra business support across Melbourne’s West. Small Business Minister Louise Asher officially opened the Western Metropolitan Victorian Government Business Office (VGBO) along Ashley St in March, which will allow grassroots business engagement to benefit local enterprises and support jobs growth. “The Western Metropolitan Region plays a key role in Victoria’s economic growth and is one of Australia’s most significant growth corridors. It is also a key Victorian manufacturing, transport and logistics centre,” Ms Asher said.

The Western Metropolitan Region plays a key role in Victoria’s economic growth and is one of Australia’s most significant growth corridors... “Businesses here are doing a tremendous job in the face of significant challenges and this new VGBO will help the Coalition Government to support them in a much more direct and effective way. “The new Tottenham office will be an important first point of contact for businesses in the region seeking to invest, export and resolve issues relating to business growth.” The VGBO includes a team of business development managers who will meet face-toface with companies. The office also houses representatives from Regional Development Australia, Skills Victoria, and the Industry Capability Network. Ms Asher said the business development managers would gather business intelligence that would help the State Government develop policy, improve the operating environment for industry and aid in advocacy at a national level. The Western Metropolitan Victorian Government Business Office is located at 67 Ashley Street, Tottenham. Businesses can contact the VGBO on 9334 1300 or

WYNDHAM’S GROWING PAINS WYNDHAM has once again been named the fastest growing municipality in Victoria – and has used the announcement to call on the State Government to improve infrastructure and services. The Australia Bureau of Statistics data to June 30 2011 shows 12,200 new residents, an increase of 7.8 per cent, moved into the municipality. “While we know that being only 25km from the



City (of Melbourne), having affordable housing and land and friendly, welcoming communities are just some of the reasons so many people move to Wyndham each year, more needs to be done to address the growing pains being experienced by our residents,” Wyndham Mayor Cr Kim McAliney said. “Welcoming over 12,000 residents to our municipality each year means more than just supplying housing – roads, public transport, police, health and family services all need to be provided to keep up with this rapid growth. “What is desperately needed is for the State and Federal Government to step up and commit funding over the long term to improve essential services and improve much needed infrastructure, in particular schools, arterial road upgrades and public transport.”

DERRIMUT DEVELOPMENT A developer in the West has paid $760,000 for a vacant lot at Australand’s West Park Industrial Estate in Derrimut. The developer plans to build a speculative industrial unit project at the 49 Flynn Crt property. The 6350 square metre site is situated only minutes from the Western Freeway/Deer Park Bypass and Western Ring Road via Robinsons Rd. The land was sold by a Corowa based logistics business and Savills handled the transaction.

NEW LAWS COULD BITE VICTORIAN businesses would face additional costs of more than $3.4 billion over the next five years under the Federal Government’s proposed national occupational health and safety laws. Premier Ted Baillieu said the reform would take Victoria backwards and impact severely on the productivity of the state’s small businesses. “The proposed laws do not deliver on the intent of the COAG reform agreed to in 2008 which aimed to reduce the cost of regulation and enhance productivity and workforce mobility,” Mr Baillieu said. “Victoria already has the safest system, the most effective system, the lowest rate of workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths of all states, and the lowest workers’ compensation premiums in the country. “It is estimated that it will cost Victoria $812 million to transition to the new model and $587 million a year in the first five years in ongoing costs to businesses. “Most of those costs will be borne by small enterprises which make up 90 per cent of Victorian businesses.” The findings come from a report prepared for the Victorian Coalition Government by PricewaterhouseCoopers on the impact of the Gillard Government’s proposed laws.




THE survival of 22 per cent of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) was threatened in the past 12 months due to cash flow shortages, according to a recent survey. The latest Bibby Barometer Small Business survey found that Australia’s small business owners are increasingly concerned about the current global economic situation, with around half (47 per cent) more concerned than they were a year ago. Twenty-six per cent of decision makers had difficulties meeting liabilities to suppliers on time, and 24 per cent had difficulties making their tax payments. The majority of SMEs were also worried about interest rates, with 54 per cent believing that an interest rate hike of 25 basis points will impact or seriously impact their business. Conducted in February 2012, the Bibby Barometer Small Business Survey is a national study run twice yearly, surveying primary decision makers in more than over 200 nonretail SMEs. Bibby Financial Services Managing Director Greg Charlwood said: “Our second Bibby Barometer Index has revealed that expectations regarding sales growth have deteriorated and cash flow is more difficult. “It is clear that current global economic conditions are not only impacting large corporations but also filtering down to Australia’s SME sector.”

HOBSONS Bay City Council has told the State Government it supports an application to develop Knights Slipway, Williamstown into a boat sales and storage site. The council will support the application for a period of five years and have asked landscaping, car parking, access, site drainage, use of clean fill, signage and site appearance issues be included in the permit. Meanwhile, parking in Pier St, Sargood St and Bent St, Altona and James St, Williamstown will be referred to the council’s Five-Year Capital Works Program for consideration. If approved, the works will result in an additional 93 car parks across the Altona and Williamstown Activity Centres.

A WERRIBEE vegetable grower has been fined $80,000 after a woman was run-over by a truck reversing from a machinery shed. A man who ran a labour hire company which supplied workers to the property was also fined $15,000. J & K Zausa Investments and Perica Simic, who ran a labour hire company, were prosecuted after the death of Katerina Hrecesin, who died in December 2008. County Court Judge Irene Lawson was told WorkSafe’s investigation into the death of Ms Hrecesin found traffic management at the Werribee South farm was poor and that a number of safety improvements had to be made after the incident. These included marked walkways, plastic bollards and chains, as well as signage and induction of new workers. The court was told although the truck’s reversing beeper was working, the driver did not see the woman, who other workers said had bent down to pick-up something off the ground. Company director Perica Simic pleaded guilty to workplace health and safety charges including one in his role as the director of the labour hire firm Agriculture King, which is no longer trading.

LOUNGING AT THE AIRPORT AVALON Airport has opened a free Children’s Lounge that will service both travelling families and families waiting for travellers. The lounge, which is the result of feedback from customers and staff, will be a first for Victoria and will offer more facilities than lounges in other states. The lounge can cater for about 20 kids at once, allowing older kids to kick back and watch cartoons while the younger kids can use the free drawing paper and crayons. The lounge is close to baby changing rooms and provides a comfortable environment for feeding infants as well. It is monitored by security cameras and has a glass wall that allows parents to keep an eye on their kids.

AND THE NOMINEES ARE MELTON Shire Council has announced the finalists in the 2012 Powercor Melton Business Excellence Awards. Forty-three businesses have been selected as finalists in this year’s awards, with 24 businesses first time nominees. Those shortlisted include AFT Showcase Constructions, Stockdale Leggo, Rainbow Meats, Melton Tiles, Burnside Lotto and News, Nando’s Caroline Springs, Casual Guy Melton and Westwaters Hotel. Short-listed businesses will be vying for one of 16 category awards in addition to the Mayoral Achievement Award, Apprentice of the Year and the Powercor Melton Business of the Year. The winners will be announced on 27 April at a gala dinner to be held at the Witchmount Estate Winery.

PERENNIAL POST OFFICE AUSTRALIA Post has unveiled its first 24/7 superstore in Victoria. In response to record numbers of Victorians shopping online, Australia Post has opened the state’s 24/7 superstore in Bourke St, Melbourne. The new store also includes an unprecedented range of 24/7, digital and online services for shoppers. With over 10 million Australians now shopping online, the state-of-the-art superstore at 111 Bourke St will redefine the traditional post office.







THE new Personal Property Securities Register commenced on the 30th of January 2012. Businesses are being advised to become as familiar as possible with the changes to avoid missing out on having their interests in securities properly registered. The Personal Property Security (PPS) reform introduces the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 and a single online PPS register, replacing all other state based registers regarding security interests in personal property. The model is based on the same models currently being used in Canada and New Zealand.

MICHAEL HOLLOWOOD is the Managing Partner at Collins & Co. Having joined Collins & Co in 1983, he has more than 35 years’ experience in public practice advising tax and business advice to small to medium sized businesses. Michael is a Fellow of CPA Australia, a Registered Tax Agent, has completed a Diploma of Business Studies, is a Life Member of The Yarraville Club and an Accredited Advisor of Family Business Australia. Michael can be contacted at Collins & Co on 9680 1000 or mjh@collinsco.



A personal property security is when a secured party takes an interest in personal property as a security for a loan or other obligation, or enters into a transaction that involves the supply of secured finance. Examples include: ■ A person borrowing money from a bank and offering the bank collateral or security for the loan – the bank’s interest over the collateral is personal property security; and ■ Retention of title clauses for the sale of goods (‘Romalpa’ clause). Personal property is any form of property, other than land, buildings or fixtures, which form part of the land. It can include tangible assets such as cars, art, machinery and boats, as well as intangible assets such as intellectual property and contingent rights and financial assets such as shares. Those that register will be treated as a secured creditor, as opposed to an unsecured creditor, if a debtor falls into insolvency. The PPS register will allow lenders and businesses to register their security interest. Secured parties, buyers and other interested parties can search the PPS register to find out if a security interest is registered over the personal property.

Existing transactions involving mortgages and charges which have been registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) will be migrated to the new Personal Property Securities Register as well as existing security interests that are currently registered.

DO YOU NEED TO REGISTER A SECURITY INTEREST? It is important to note that under the PPSA, an owner of a ‘personal property’ who allows a third party to use that property will need to register the fact they are the owner of such property on the PPS register. If they do not register and the entity that has possession of the property goes into liquidation, the liquidator will effectively be able to claim ownership of the property in priority to the actual owner. The registration process is not entirely straight forward and, if it is not done properly, the owner will be at risk of losing ownership of the goods. In the past, a popular asset protection strategy was to hold plant and equipment, trademarks, vehicles, etc, in an investment trust, and lease, hire, rent or licence these assets to another entity i.e. the operating entity. Unless the interest of the investment trust in these assets are registered under the PPSA, they face severe consequences if the operating entity goes insolvent and these assets are not protected from creditors as was the original intention. It is recommended you make sure all lease or licence arrangements in respect of personal property assets are documented and that the interest created by the documents are registered under the PPSA. The registration period for most goods is seven years for each asset. Registration can be difficult, and hence it is recommended you seek professional advice before registering, as the implications of incorrect registration could be damaging to your business.


SELLING? IT’S ALL ABOUT TIMING TIME is the most important component in a successful sale of a business; time to prepare, time to identify potential buyers, and enough time to wait for a positive economic climate. Time is an owner’s biggest ally or their worst enemy when selling a business. If there is one rule of thumb to selling a business it has to be ‘a rushed sale (for the seller) usually equates to a lower price’. Previously in Business West I have highlighted preparation as the key factor to achieving a successful sale and the key ingredient in that is time. How does a business look when it’s prepared for sale? It’s solid, has a good turnover with a demonstrated period of operating profitably. This means owners should manage the business accordingly and try and sustain a period (12-24 months) of good financial performance. Keep overheads to a minimum, keep owner’s salaries at market rates, and maintain good records of this performance. Try and avoid controversial tax minimisation measures as they are often hard to unwind and even harder to explain to potential buyers. Owners will get back many times the potential tax saved in the sale price when the business is sold. These measures will not be done overnight so early preparation will reap dividends at sale time. There is a good chance that owners will already know the buyer of their business. In research on successful sales it was found that in nine out of 10 cases owners already knew their buyers personally or professionally. Sometimes it was a competitor, sometimes a customer, sometimes a staff member or key supplier. How do you prepare for this? How you conduct yourself with others and your ‘personal brand’ is perceived by buyers will impact the sale process. In particular, how much buyers can rely on what they are being told about the business and the industry. Characteristics that are received positively are high integrity, fairness, and being knowledgeable about their business and customers. How quickly does your business pay creditors accounts? Might that change if you knew one of them would one day buy the business? Building up these relationships with potential buyers is not an overnight task. Whilst there can only be one successful purchaser


A rushed sale (for the seller) usually equates to a lower price…

of the business, establishing a competitive situation where there are multiple buyers bidding for the business is critical to a successful sale. This means establishing a range of strategies to identify and woo potential buyers. In trade sales this could be someone up the supply chain like a supplier, or down the line like a competitor or customer. An in-house manager or employees are also possibilities. Given the opportunity with potential buyers, owners should flag their intentions to sell at some future date and ascertain the level of interest. Understand that this may mean a period of prolonged ‘dating’ where owners and buyers check each other out. But before you put the ‘for sale’ sign up think carefully about the consequences of this action. How will the staff react? What about the customers or competitors? Establishing cordial relationships with potential buyers over time will help owners advance and conduct the sale in a low key manner. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to try and sell a business in the current economic climate? Customers are hard won meaning sales and profits are generally down, and credit is hard to come by. This equates to a buyer’s market where any sale is going to be very much on the buyer’s terms. Owners need to be able to wait out these times for the economy to get better and put in a period of sustained performance. If improving profitability is tough, try and improve some other aspect of the business (eg, product base, business systems, website) while you’re waiting for the economy to improve. An optimum time to sell is when the economy improves but hasn’t peaked and there is a period of proven profitability where the buyer can still see some upside after the acquisition. So if business owners have a plan to sell out some time in the future they should overlay an exit strategy into their business plans by doing some of the preparations mentioned. Don’t leave it to the last minute because time is your ally when you start early.

DR D RR RODNEY ODNEY CON FOO is an experienced entrepreneur who has led and been involved in a number of successful business ventures. His major roles have included CEO of Axon Computers, Director at Quartz Australia, and National Education Manager at ASX-listed Commander Communications. Rodney currently works as the Research Fellow for Small Business at Victoria University’s Centre for Tourism and Services Research and has a doctorate in business administration. He has been directly involved in a number of business harvests and now conducts research into the business harvesting process. Email: rodney_confoo@



Tax Strategies


MINIMiSE TAX MAXIMiSE RESULTS IS YOUR business achieving the best outcomes possible? Here are some brief tax strategies you could consider if they are relevant to you and your business. BUSINESS STRATEGIES Where you are self-employed and expect your income to be lower next year, defer taxable income beyond 1 July 2012 where appropriate to reduce assessable income this year: 2011/12 Tax Thresholds

Tax Rate %*

$0 to $6,000


$6,001 - $37,000


$37,001 - $80,000


$80,001 to $180,000


$180,001 and up


*Rates shown do not include Medicare Levy

â– Defer receipt of one-off payments such as bonuses, back-pay or directors fees (for employees) or cessation of employment beyond 1 July 2012 â–  Consider borrowing for negative gearing purposes to reduce taxable income and pre-pay deductible interest costs 12 months in advance if appropriate â–  Pay allowable insurance premiums ie, Income Protection and/or hold personal Life within super

LENDING STRATEGIES Consider prepayment/payments (12 months in advance) for any available: â– Leases â–  Investment Loans â–  Farm Loans â–  Commercial / Business Loans. Borrowing funds may assist with previously mentioned strategies GENERAL INSURANCE â–  Protect your business income, plant and equipment, stock and profits by applying for Business Insurance Cover (100 per cent tax deductible). RISK INSURANCE â–  Protect your most valuable asset, your ability to earn employment income, by applying for Income Protection Cover (generally 100 per cent tax deductible) â–  Deductions may also be achieved by holding Life and TPD cover within superannuation structures

SUPERANNUATION STRATEGIES â– Lodge deductible contributions to Superannuation prior to 20 June 2012 to ensure your contributions are received and lodged by your Super Fund Trustees by 30 June 2012. â–  For those who operate and work within their own company structures, for an employer tax deduction this financial year, you should remit Compulsory Superannuation contribution (9 per cent SGC) prior to 30 June 2012. SGC must be received by the superannuation fund prior to 30 June 2012. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION These tax planning tips are a general guide only and your specific circumstances need to be considered. Accordingly please contact Peter Mayall or Nathan Boseley at WHK in Werribee on 9742 8444 to discuss your personal situation before undertaking any strategies to ensure all of your circumstances and objectives are considered.

TAX RETURNS â– To ensure that you have arranged for the completion of your previous years income tax return to avoid any late lodgement penalties. â–  Where eligible this will also allow you to receive any rebates, refunds or cocontributions in a timely manner

Buying Property through SMSF L1, 18 Synnot Street Werribee Vic 3030 T: 9742 8444

Did you know you can borrow within your self managed super fund to purchase commercial or residential property? This strategy requires expert advice in initial assessment, structuring and selecting the right lender. Please call Andrew Conlan to make discuss if this strategy is right for you or Chris Humphrey to discuss lending arrangements on 9742 8444 or email to obtain a flyer on this strategy.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation other than for the acts RURPLVVLRQVRIÂżQDQFLDOVHUYLFHVOLFHQVHHV:+.3W\/WG$%1

F[j[hCWoWbbWdZ@[\\=WhÓ[bZ 1029687-SH18-12




BOOSTing PROFITS JANINE ALLIS has worked in a range of industries, from advertising to nannying in France, to a stint with David Bowie as a stewardess on his yacht. In 1999 during a trip in the US with her husband Jeff she came across the Juice and Smoothie category. Despite not liking the way the concept ran, the pair did like the category of good for you, healthy products. And so, with a blank piece of paper, Boost Juice was created, and their first store opened in South Australia. 250 stores in 14 countries later, the business is still growing strong. 1. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB, AND WHAT SKILLS DID IT GIVE YOU TO GET YOU WHERE YOU ARE TODAY? My first job was picking strawberries at a local farm at 14 years old. I was paid per kilo (it may have been pound back then!). What this taught me was a good work ethic; turn up, work hard and you will be rewarded. 2. WHAT WAS THE LIGHT BULB MOMENT BEHIND BOOST JUICE? When I saw the juice and smoothie category in the US, I knew we could do something amazing in this space. There was nothing healthy in Australia at the time. There was a huge hole waiting to be filled. 3. BOOST JUICE NOW HAS 260 STORES ACROSS 15 COUNTRIES. WHAT HAS MADE THE BUSINESS THE MASSIVE SUCCESS IT IS? Always looking within for the answers and not blaming the outside world for our failures and/or successes. We always attack ourselves and ensure we continue to speak with our customers. 4. YOU HAVE FOUR CHILDREN. HOW DO YOU JUGGLE BEING A MANAGING DIRECTOR OF BOTH BOOST JUICE AND THE ALLIS HOUSEHOLD? My secret weapon is my mum. She has been an enormous help to me with the kids. I would not be able to do what I do without her. 5. WHO INSPIRES YOU AND WHY? Different people at different times inspire me. In business, what Alan Joyce did with Qantas was very courageous and inspiring. Some of our team members inspire me with their stories and their achievements. My husband on a good day is very inspirational.

business was and that what we created was being spread across the world. It was really quite daunting. Winning the Telstra Business Woman of the Year award was quite humbling and a time that I could reflect on the business achievements to date. Opening the first store and going for the ride. 8. IF YOU COULD GIVE ONE PIECE OF ADVICE TO AN ENTREPRENEUR STARTING UP A BUSINESS, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Get to know the numbers of your business, as they will tell you so much about your business. Often entrepreneurs are not strong in this area, I know I was not, but I made sure that I became strong. I cannot see people having a successful long term business without truly knowing how their business ticks. Hire only great people, and reward great people well. 9. WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS MANTRA? Do not be a VERB – Victim, Entitled, Rescue and Blame. Choose to do business by SOAR – Solutions, Ownership, Accountability and take Responsibility.

Hire only great people, and reward great people well...

6. YOU TOOK PART IN CHANNEL 10 TV SHOW UNDERCOVER BOSS. WHAT WAS THAT EXPERIENCE LIKE, AND WHAT DID IT TEACH YOU? I loved the experience of UCB. It was a great opportunity to get back behind the scenes, and get to know our staff members and franchisees on a different level. 7. WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT OF YOUR WORKING LIFE AND WHY? I remember being in South Africa looking at our new Boost store and thinking how amazing the concept and




1 (L-R) Robyn Lyall, Principal at Lyall Advisory with Gordana Krpan, Recruitment Consultant at Tracy the Placement People. 2 (L-R) Rachael Fisher, Independent Employment Consultant at MEGT, Deleine GavinCox, Recruitment Consultant at Tracy the Placement People and Sarah Melville, Site Manager at Tracy the Placement People. 3 (L-R) Jenny Sadler, Franchisee, McDonald’s and David Anderson, Economics Development & Transport Committee at Brimbank City Council. 4 (L-R) Susan Jennison, President of Keilor Residents of Rate Payers Association, John Jennison, Director at JenPress and Anthony Spiteri, Director at e-Plastics Waste Management Solutions. 5 (L-R) Terry Dold, Business Developer for Best Practice Certification and Dinesh Jayasuriya, Principal Sustainability Engineer at Sustainometrics Consulting. 6 (L-R) Peter Lewinsky, Chair of Administrators, Brimbank City Council and Stuart Menzies, responsible for City Strategy at Brimbank City Council.





5 6



BRIMBANK business owners enjoyed breakfast at Overnewton Castle Receptions recently for one of Brimbank City Council’s quarterly business breakfasts. Animated guest speaker and Economist, Professor Neville Norman, enlightened the audience with his economic predictions.

OUT OF HOURS 1 1 Nick Menz, Frank Grima, Ted Whitten Jnr 2 Nick Holden and Chrissy Smeaton 3 (L-R) Daniel Cini, Rick O’Connor, Sam Burrone, Amilia Hayek, Sandra Burrone, Frank Burrone 4 Brian Resurreccion Pictures: BRYAN SIMPSON




BUSINESS NETWORKING INTERNATIONAL THE BNI Wyndham Chapter raised $10,500 for the EJ Whitten Foundation at their recent charity dinner.

TED Whitten Snr, otherwise known as “Mr Football”, was a VFL footballer, captain, coach and the face of many a fundraiser dinner and charitable cause. His son, Ted Whitten Jnr, has become almost as well known for his work promoting awareness of the disease that tragically took the life of his father at the relatively young age of 62. The charity dinner, attended by 230 business leaders and held at the Wyndham Leisure and Events Centre, also raised the same amount for BaseCamp 3030, a volunteer-

based organisation that provides respite care for people living with a disability and their families. Organised by the members of the Wyndham chapter of BNI – the local arm of the global organisation Business Networking International – the charity dinner was hosted by chapter president Nick Menz. BNI Wyndham is a business referral networking group that meet weekly and have chapter vacancies for a number of industries, including automotive, architecture and travel. [BW]

INTERNATIONAL WOMENS’ DAY BREAKFAST – MELTON SHIRE COUNCIL BOOST Juice founder and CEO Janine Allis shared her amazing career to date with entrepreneurs across the West in March when Melton Shire Council hosted an International Women’s Day breakfast. Attendees also got a chance to network among each other at the event, which was held at WestWaters Hotel and Entertainment Complex in Caroline Springs.


2 1 (L-R) Vicky Matthew (Manager Children Services Melton Shire Council), Boost Juice founder Janine Allis and Melton Councillor Kathy Majdlik 2 (L-R) Boost Juice founder Janie Allis, Sean Pinan from Lend Lease, and Melton Shire Council CEO Kelvin Tori Photos courtesy of Melton Shire Council.



OUT OF HOURS THE Western Region Business Club hosted a networking night recently at one of its favourite haunts, The Yarraville Club. Business owners had the chance to mix and mingle and listen to guest speaker David Galbally, who is a partner at Madgwicks Lawyers. WESTERN REGION BUSiNESS CLUB



1 5 4

1 2 3 4 5


Guest speaker David Galbally. (L-R) Peter Farren of Farren Group and David Hanlon of Berry Family Law. (L-R) Mick Harrold of Visual Wcposure signage and Damian Rogers Architecture. (L-R) Charles Ferraro, Scott and Pete Farren. (L-R) Andrew Englezos of Collins and Co with Michelle Sadler of Sadler Landscaping.




AILSA Page from AP Marketing Works gave her top marketing tips at a recent Western Referral Network meeting. Local business owners Janet Pearson, Tony Mead and Glenn Lee founded the network with five other entrepreneurs in 2006 after the Williamstown BNI chapter had closed. The group was keen to establish an independent, self-managed referral network that encourages opportunities for joint ventures or strategic partnerships, offers mutual support and encouragement and provides business education. Being a referrals network, only one business per industry can participate – for example, only one web developer can be in the network. Members meet for a fortnightly breakfast at Kingsville’s Famous Blue Raincoat Cafe to catch up, talk business, listen to guest speakers and participate in education sessions.





1 2 3 4

Ailsa Page, of AP Marketing Works Pty Ltd, heads the Westgate Referral Networking breakfast. Janet Pearson of Technology Matters addresses the group at the fortnightly Westgate Referral Networking breakfast. James Barford of Digital Front tells the group about what his business does, at the Westgate Referral Networking breakfast. Tony Mead of Industrial Art Sign Company shares with the group some of the work his company can do, at the Westgate Referral Networking breakfast. 5 Megan Slattery of Megan Slattery Design outlines to the group the type of work her company can do, at the Westgate Referral Networking breakfast. Pictures: NICOLE SULTANA



BW NETWORK Business West Network – a growing directory of local businesses ready to do business with you. You can join the Business West Network by registering online at to make sure you receive your personal copy of Business West AND receive a free onetime 30-word listing for your business in a future edition. Allergy Buddy PO Box 163, Keilor East, Victoria 9336 2770 Allergy Buddy - Rapid Access Medical Panel is designed for the display, storage and transporting of medicines for the treatment of anaphylaxis (life threatening allergies). In an emergency, minutes matter! Aroma Relax 38 Central Parkway, Caroline Springs, Victoria 0418 224944 I am a Natural Medicine Practitioner Aromatherapist and concentrate on treating children and adults with physical, emotional and psychological issues with massage and the use of essential oils. Austrade 45 Princes Hwy, Werribee, Victoria 9742 0915 Austrade assists Australian businesses to export and facilitates inwards investment from overseas. Bardin Planning Co-ordination Pty Ltd PO Box 294, Williamstown, Victoria 0418 818 947 Bardin Planning - a western suburbs planning consultancy providing advice for all planning matters at Council level - including feasibilities, permit applications, negotiations and VCAT representation Bartercard Melbourne West/ Geelong Building 30, 22-30 Wallace Ave, Point Cook, Victoria 0422 132 841 Bartercard is Australia’s Number one Trade Exchange offering members the ability to Boost Sales, Boost Cashflow and Boost customer base Bosz Consulting Services PO Box 4291, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria 0418 355 300 Full range of Bookkeeping services on MYOB and QuickBooks including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, BAS Completion, Prepare file for Accountant ad training. Qualification: Accounting Diploma Registered BAS Agent Billiard Tables by Design Unit 6, 308-322 Old Geelong Rd, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria 9369 8881 Business Brief: Custom design and Traditional Billiard Tables/Bars. Repairs and Renovations and Removal specialists. Full range of accessories/ Table Tennis/Soccer /Air Hockey tables and Darts. Business Office Supplies 17 Dickson Crt, Williamstown, Victoria 0466 489 439 We are an online stationery supplier, with personal service, over 16,000 items online, discount pricing, great print toner deals, offering free comparison quote service and product catalogues.



c one beauty 20 Pollywoodside Dve, Altona Meadows, Victoria 0422 151 384 Altona Meadows Beauty Salon performing treatments such as waxing, tinting, facials, massage, spray tans, shellac, manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails and body exfoliations. Business has been running for two and a half years. Coach Group Level1/Suite 8, 51-55 City Rd, Southbank, Victoria 8672 6640 Mission: To empower and support people to become financially fit. Coach Group are not Financial Planners or Mortgage Brokers. We have a unique Financial Fitness Program, achieving outstanding results! Collins & Co 127 Paisley Street, Footscray, Victoria 9680 1000 Collins & Co Accountants are the largest accounting firm in the Western suburbs, looking after small to medium sized businesses across Victoria, with a strong presence in the Western suburbs. Companion Financial Services 16 Parker Street, Williamstown, Victoria 8340 0423 Providing financial advice to address your specific needs at your stage of life. Fifteen years of experience in delivering SMSF solutions to investors. Diabetes Education To Assist (DETA) 526 Macarthur St, Ballarat, Victoria 0408 394 156 Diabetes consultancy Deborah Selleck Bridal & Evening Couture 80 Charles St, Seddon, Victoria 9687 8493 Deborah Selleck Bridal and Evening Couture specialises in elegant one of a kind exquisite bridal and evening gowns. Made from the finest imported fabrics. New, ready to wear range now available. Appointments required. Phone 9687 8493 to book your free consultation. Darvale Homes 13 Norton Dve, Melton, Victoria 0408 639903 We build new homes, we have over 50 designs to choose from and you can customise our plans to suit your needs, we will even build your own design.

Dissolving Life’s Barriers 0402 423 929 Are you feeling stressed, depressed or anxious? Are you at a crossroads in your life? Dissolving Life’s Barriers can help. Contact me at info@ or 0402 423 929. Eason Secretarial & Business Services PO Box 3007, Strathmore, Victoria 9379 3844 Focus on your area of expertise while we do the administration for you. We can assist virtually or onsite. Call Nina Eason on 9379 3844 or 0418 141 702 to discuss our admin services. Expect Community Church PO Box 251, Werribee, Victoria 0400 285 871 Expect Community Church - new church in Wyndham Vale, Victoria, meeting Saturdays at 5.30pm in the Community Learning Centre, Manor Lakes Boulevard. Contact 0400 285 871. Contemporary Worship/Children’s Programme/Allgenerations/Relevant Messages. Eynesbury Golf 487 Eynesbury Rd, Eynesbury, Victoria 0408 765 576 Top 100 Ranked Golf Course, Spike Bar and Homestead Restaurant. Eynesbury is the idyllic country setting for your wedding, corporate golf day, lunch or dinner. Ficus Coaching 17 Kingham St, Newport, Victoria 0410 636 843 Ficus Coaching is a Life, Career and Corporate Coaching specialist with over 12 years experience in personal development, and group leadership training and development. Floralevent 23 Grant St, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria 0408 066 651 Florist and cafe specialising in weddings and events. KH Conveyancing Suite 1, 284 High St, Melton, Victoria 9971 0112 Whether buying or selling for the first time or a property enthusiast, I can assist you with all aspects of conveyancing necessary to get your property transactions settled smoothly LETTER IT (Name Decorative Art) 40 Rowes Rd, Werribee, Victoria 0414 720 282 Specialising in quality, handmade, modern and uniquely alternative ways to personalise names, words and decor using canvas blocks and photo frames. Products are custom made, making them individually unique and personalised.

BW NETWORK MACGREGOR LOGISTICS 45-49 Vella Dve, Sunshine West, Victoria 93127711 With 38 years of experience, MacGregor Logistics provide exceptional logistics services, specialising in food, wines and spirits. MARIBYRNONG CITY COUNCIL PO Box 58, Footscray, Victoria 9688 0195 Local government authority. MELBOURNE WATER New Farm Rd, Werribee, Victoria 0418 518 025 Melbourne Water Healthy Waterways Program offers river health education to support the community, schools, and businesses to be actively involved in monitoring and protecting the health of our waterways. MELBOURNE MAMMA PO Box 140, Avondale Heights, Victoria 0416 257 235 Local guide to what’s hot and where to shop for babies’ and kids’ goods in Melbourne. METRO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 461 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn, Victoria 9831 3000 Metro Property Management leading real estate business - managing properties - here there and everywhere. Our clients know us, like us and trust us. MINDSCOLLECTIVE PTY LTD 15 Shearwater Cres, Maribyrnong, Victoria 0412 016 106 We provide the latest and most effect Personal Development programs and coaching for Parent, child and teen. Focusing on developing emotional self-awareness to build greater self-esteem and success in life. Increasing better performance in school, life and family relationships. MYSVIE HAIR & BEAUTY Shop 30/3 Edgewater Blvd, Maribyrnong, Victoria 9317 7137 Mysvie Hair & Beauty is a modern salon in the heart of Edgewater, Maribyrnong. Offering all hair services, waxing and spray tanning. Call today. NORTH WESTERN MELBOURNE SKILLS STORE PO Box 2752, Melbourne, Victoria 9655 4815 Skills Stores organises to have people’s skills assessed to gain a formal qualification. Recognising the skills and experience they have gained through work, volunteering and life skills. QIC 399 Melton Hwy, Taylors Lakes, Victoria 9361 5511 Watergardens Town Centre Owner and manager of shopping centre. Approximately 240 retail outlets. QUEST WILLIAMSTOWN NORTH 115 Kororoit Creek Rd, Williamstown, Victoria 9393 9700 4 Star Serviced Apartment Accommodation located on the shores of Port Phillip Bay. Nightly, Weekly, Monthly and extended stay rates available.

RECORDS SOLUTIONS 6 Burdekin St, Wyndham Vale, Victoria 9747 3077 Archiving of records for councils and businesses SUSTAINOMETRICS CONSULTING PO Box 13323, Law Courts, Melbourne, Victoria 0402 769 508 Sustainometrics Consulting is an independent advisory firm specialising in measuring, reporting, managing and legislative compliance of Carbon, Energy, Water and Waste. SUPREME OFFICE SOLUTIONS (SOS) 16/2 Techno Park Dve, Williamstown, Victoria 9397 7780 We are a team of experienced, professional bookkeepers who provide bookkeeping services to small business. We are located in offices in Williamstown. Efficient service and reasonable rates. SUSANNE JENSEN GLASS 31 Beach Rd, Werribee South, Victoria 0400 042 624 Unique Handmade Glass Art: We create anything from corporate gifts, trophies, jewellery, figurines, platters, bowls, wall art, seasonal decorations to show pieces and one off commission works. T TRIPLE K LANDSCAPES PTY LTD 4 Elegan Crt, Hillside, Victoria 0409 539 065 We build beautiful gardens. All aspects and landscape design and construction Bobcat hire, concrete, paving, pools, pergolas, decking, stone work, real and fake lawns, tank and well systems, soil and pebbles, irrigation, ponds and water features, feature walls, fences, outdoor flood lights, retaining walls, planter boxes, make overs, meeting strict budgets or work in stages to achieve amazing results. TOTALLY PROACTIVE PO Box 4058, Bell Post Hill Shopping Centre, Victoria 5276 1153 Learn better communication from Kevin’s counteraggression perspective based on extensive real life experience in high risk environments. No matter what your industry your teams will function more productively.

VERVE CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD 32 Paringa Way, Burnside, Victoria 0425 701 967 To provide our clients with the best service, most integrity and greatest quality offered within the industry WYNDHAM CITY COUNCIL PO Box 197, Werribee, Victoria 0412 335 541 Wyndham City Council’s Economic Development Unit’s vision is to foster responsible business development, employment opportunities and promote Wyndham as a place to invest, live and recreate. For all investment and business enquiries please call (03)9742 0901 WYNCITY BOWL & ENTERTAINMENT 13 Riverside Ave, Werribee, Victoria 0409 506 183 Wyncity Bowl & Entertainment is a Family Entertainment Centre which has 26 Tenpin Bowling Lanes, Licensed Family Restaurant, Indoor Playground, Indoor Mini Golf and other fun activities. YOUR BUSINESS ALLIANCE PO Box 3111, Caroline Springs, Victoria 9360 5898 Your Business Alliance provides professional sales and marketing services for small to medium businesses. YVETTE WAIN Blossom Lane, Werribee, Victoria 0410 467 515 Yvette Wain is a local Mortgage Broker and supporter of the local community by teaching financial literacy programs for free throughout Wyndham. Go to the website to find out more. ZAPHREN CREATIVE 50 Queensville St, Kingsville, Victoria 0416 268 959 Zaphren Creative is a Melbourne based Communications Design Studio that offers a holistic approach to marketing, from initial brief through to the printed or published material.

TECHNOLOGY MATTERS 83 Hannan St, Williamstown, Victoria 8398 0805 Websites that achieve more! THE PROFIT FROG 12 Angelique Gve, Albanvale, Victoria 0410 670 831 The Profit Frog focuses on growing business revenue without expensive advertising. Drawing upon existing resources and assets, The Profit Frog structures unique marketing for profit growth within 90 days. TRACY THE PLACEMENT PEOPLE 17 Hall St, Newport, Victoria 8331 5000 The Tracy Group - Recruitment and Placement Specialists for all businesses and jobseekers. Accredited training and education as well as temporary and permanent labour hire. The Tracy Group offer complete employment solutions.



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TEMPORARY STAFFING AND PERMANENT PLACEMENTS, priding ourselves on our ability to understand and meet the expectations of our clients, working with and recruiting for Warehousing/Logistics, Trades/Construction, Manufacturing/Process and Clerical/Administration. Our name reflects what we are here to do, and that is to Capture our customer’s needs and candidate knowledge. Only by listening and asking those “VITAL” questions of you, can we ensure your service needs are Captured. With locations in Point Cook Somerton and Geelong open 7am-5pm, with 24 hour after hours service. Inquiries: 9369 4459 email info

Mangosteen Fruit


Capture Recruitment


Known as “The Queen of the Fruits” is the only mangosteen product to market that contains the “whole fruit puree”. This delicious product is all natural, no added sugar, no artificial colour, & contains a natural source of Xanthones and Antioxidants to address multiple body systems. Free Sample available. After experiencing the benefits of Mangosteen Juice - You may want to share these benefits with family, friends & others. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. For more information on this incredible home-based business opportunity Please contact Annie & Alex Jesaulenko Mobile: 0418142 116 Email: 531566-JM36-11


BGT are the apprentice and trainee experts located in Melton providing apprentices and trainees to local business. BGT pride themselves in providing an employment solution for people in the West Melbourne area whilst assisting employers to find the right apprentice or trainee for their business. As a registered training organisation BGT also provide customised training services across the community. Like us on or follow us on @BGT01 531555-JM34-11


web.d3 is a website development and design agency that specialises in helping small and medium businesses maximise their online presence and generate real results for their business. Whether you are looking for a brand new website, are building one that just never seems to get finished or are simply looking to freshen up your existing website, we have the right solution that will help boost your online presence and your business. Contact us today to discuss your needs & mention this ad for a 10% discount. 531557-JM36-11



Keeping organisations healthy – specialising in business process we can work with you to resolve an immediate organisational issue or to assist in forward planning and strategy to add value. Ph 1300 602 880 Essential Compliance and best practice for every business




To advertise your services to the business community phone: 1300 666 808 ■ ■

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1 2 3 4 5 6 Networking for Profits seminar Wyndham City Civic Centre, 45 Princes Highway, Werribee. 6pm to 9pm. Free. dham. Email business@wyndham. for more information.

Collins & Co business breakfast Yarraville Club, 135 Stephen St, Yarraville. 7.30am to 9am. Email for more information.

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Westgate Referral Network Breakfast Famous Blue Raincoat Cafe, 25B Vernon Street, South Kingsville. 7am to 8.30am. For more information visit www.

Women In Business Mother’s Day Lunch Joseph’s Restaurant, ee Mansion Hotel, Werribee bee. Park, K Road, Werribee. 12pm. Call Lavisha Kapoor on 0433 8766 943 for more information..


14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Marketing your Environmental Business Credentials seminar Moonee Valley Civic Centre, 9 Kellaway Avenue, Moonee Ponds. 6pm to 7.30pm. $30. Call 9243 1082 to book.

Wyndham BizNet meeting Italian Sports Club, 601 Heaths Road, Werribee. $40 members, $50 non-members.

Improving Cashflow and Profitability Seminar Caroline Springs Civic Centre/Library, 193 Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs. 6pm to 8pm. $20. Call 9747 7157 to book.

bon Small Business Carbon Briefing Breakfast Altona Library, 123 Queen am Street, Altona. 9.30am to 11am.

Westgate Referral Network Breakfast www.westgatenetwork. Winning Government Business Workshop Call 9932 1000 to book. SME Carbon Briefing Breakfast 7.30am to 9.30am.

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Marketing your Environmental Business Credentials seminar Moonee Valley Civic Centre, 9 Kellaway Avenue, Moonee Ponds. 6pm to 7.30pm. $30. Call 9243 1082 to book.

Matthews Steer Business Breakfast Call 9325 6331 for more information.

28 29 30 31 nt Financial Management for Business Seminarr Wyndham City Civic Centre, 45 Princes Highway, Werribee. 6pm ess@ to 9pm. Email business@ for more information.

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Business West May 2012  
Business West May 2012