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WELCOME PAUL I FIRST saw Paul McCarthy in action last year, and was immediately impressed by the ease with which he connected with his audience of business leaders. It was easy to see why he has become one of Australia’s most innovative sales and marketing specialists.

I’m delighted that Paul has agreed to team with Business West to present a series of evening seminars to be held later this year. These seminars, designed to enhance the success of local business, will be high quality events providing innovative ideas and clear

His presentation was lively and entertaining. But it was also much more: it was interesting, thought provoking and delivered sound, practical advice that was commercially beneficial. Paul’s somewhat intriguing philosophy of Ready Fire Aim! is based around teaching people to overcome fear, stop procrastinating and start taking immediate action to achieve their aims.

takeaway value. I’ll have details of where, when and how you can book in the next issue. In the meantime, turn to Page 27 for the first of Paul’s regular articles for Business West. He’s got some good advice for the ‘solopreneurs’ out to build their small business in 2011. On the opposite page to Paul, Steve White, a partner at Collins & Co, helps you handle

what could be a thorny problem of succession planning. And the key word is planning. Our cover story this issue features a pocket powerhouse who not only climbed the corporate ladder at McDonalds but today owns three franchises – while juggling the demands of managing a young household. Meet Jenny Sadler, who ‘ just kind of fell into McDonalds’. The father and son team behind one of Australia’s fastest-growing property groups, Jarrod and his father Eddie Sanfilippo, tell Charlene Gatt about the diverse interests in the Burbank Group – from building houses, running storage warehouses, and an aviation charter business. And we’re taken on a tour of Toyota’s Altona plant to see the company’s environmental management system in action. Finally, a reminder to business in the Shire of Melton: you have until 25 February to get your nominations in for the Melton Business Excellence Awards, supported by Business West and Star News Group. Read about the Fawaz family chasing their third award on Page 18. There’s great reading in this, the first issue of Business West for 2011 – with more to come throughout the year. Jim Lawrence

There’s no stopping a good idea. Many customers are passionate about the effect their decision to bank with Bendigo Bank has on the growth and success of their local community. It’s a simple concept. All funds stay where they belong – in the region that generated them.

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We realised if this concept works for banking it can work for other major industries, like telecommunications.


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BUILDING DYNASTY Father and son team up


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THE NELSON TOUCH Funerals in the family

24-25 TOYOTA’S EARTH CHARTER Oh, what a green feeling


It feels nice to live and work in the same community…


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Cover Jenny Sadler C Picture Damjan Janevski Pi





GOLDEN GIRL! CHARLENE GATT meets a powerhouse who not only climbed the corporate ladder and now owns three McDonalds franchises, but also manages to run a busy household with three young children.



JENNY Sadler has leapt her way up the food chain – literally. She’s gone from a teenage McDonalds crew member to assistant vice president of McDonalds Australia and most recently has turned franchisee, with three of her own stores in the West. It all started when she first donned the McDonalds uniform aged 15 for after school work at the Emerton store in New South Wales. It then turned into an accidental career when she deferred an accounting course at university to get into McDonalds management and never looked back. “I kind of just fell into it,” she said. “There were ongoing opportunities and I kept getting promoted up the management ranks. By 21 I was a restaurant manager, I joined the corporation a few years later when I moved to Melbourne and I continued to go up. “I always thought I would go back and do university, but at the end of the day McDonalds always offered me programs and training. There was nothing outside of McDonalds that I thought I could do something better. “I’m so glad (I never went to university). I would not be a good accountant. I could look at the numbers, but sitting behind a desk is not my forte, and that’s why I think I love Maccas so much, because the job is people, whether it’s your internal people or your customers. It’s all about people every single day, and you either like people or you don’t.” Now at 41, it’s fair to say Ms Sadler is a jack of all ttrades in all things McDonalds. has been a supervisor, a franchise She ha consultant, then took up a senior business c management position looking after half of the manageme McDonalds chains in Victoria – all by the time she turned 26. she looked after the franchise part Then sh business for a year, before moving of the bus to Adelaide and running the South Australia 2001. market in 2 After a year in Adelaide, Ms Sadler was promoted to Director of Operations for the region of Australia – including South southern re

Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. The same year she was again promoted, this time to assistant vice president. The promotion came while she was pregnant with her first child. In 2007 Ms Sadler had the opportunity to become a franchisee and she jumped at the chance, taking over St Albans and Taylors Lakes, and then the Avondale Heights restaurant in 2009. The change of pace was a welcome one for Ms Sadler and her husband Peter Sadler, who runs Peter Sadler Transport. “I had a small child, and we wanted more children, and the next step for me would have been to leave Victoria and go overseas, and it wasn’t in the scope of where we thought our lives should go,” Ms Sadler said.

I really value hard work…

“I used to have to cross the West Gate Bridge and jump on a plane every week before, so this is really nice to drive 15 minutes. It’s a nice lifestyle change. I still work very hard. “It feels nice to live and work in the same community.” The Sadlers have since added to their family 11-month-old twin girls, and credits a nanny and lots of family support for helping the two businesses and the family run seamlessly. “Our lives are both flat out. We couldn’t do it otherwise (without the help),” she said. “The number one thing is I want to have a happy and healthy life. I want to be there to watch my kids grow up, hopefully have grandchildren.” Meanwhile, taking on the three restaurants forced Ms Sadler to go back to her roots. “When I came back (to franchise), I re-learnt everything. I re-trained how to do everything from the ground up because I

COVER STORY know the expectations I have of my people so I needed to understand and have the same knowledge as what they have. “I forgot how hard it was to work eight hours on the floor and running around. It’s a bit like riding a bike – you haven’t done it for 10 years, but you find your feet again.” Today, Ms Sadler still works behind the counter, shoulder-to-shoulder among her 300plus employees across the three stores. As a person who has devoted her life to McDonalds, Ms Sadler makes a point of rewarding and mentoring employees who are likewise loyal to her and the McDonalds brand, and encourages promotions from within. “I really value hard work,” she said. “You look at people who are really successful and my view is that you can’t get anywhere without working hard enough to achieve not just the minimum, but over and above. The second thing is I really work on looking after my people. If you look after your people, they look after you.” And true to form, Ms Sadler is not one to rest on her laurels. Her St Albans restaurant was one of the first McDonalds to introduce halal, after demographics showed a high proportion of Muslim customers in the area. And Ms Sadler is also eyeing up more franchise opportunities. “I try to run the best possible restaurant. Do we always get it right? No, but we always aim high and we are always happy to talk to any customers that are not satisfied,” she said. “Was it a dream run? “When I look at my overall career, I’ve had a fabulous career. McDonalds has given me a great opportunity. I was a kid from the western suburbs (of Sydney) who had no money when I left school, and that’s the main reason I deferred from university after school because I needed to make some money to buy a car. “McDonalds has created opportunities where if you do work hard, you actually do get rewarded and get results. “I think there are a lot of people who work hard that don’t think about the outcome of what they’re working for, and I think that’s really important. It’s not just about working hard, it’s about focusing on the outcome, whatever your goals are. “Someone along the line when I was younger told me to make sure I set myself goals and write them down once a year and I have done that since I’ve been about 18. “I know that sounds a absolutely corny, but we also have goals for the restaurant and I think once you have written objectives and goals, it’s amazing if you refer to them how much you can do. If you end up saying it, you’ll probably end up doing it.” [BW]

Jenny Sadler… always aim high. Picture: DAMJAN JANEVSKI



BUILDiNG DYNASTY FATHER AND SON DRIVE BURBANK’S FUTURE BY CHARLENE GATT IT’S gone from being a self-storage business to one of Australia’s fastest growing property groups. The Burbank Group of Companies has spent the past 28 years building a property empire and father and son team Eddie and Jarrod Sanfilippo are reaping the benefits. This is their story. THE FAMILY It all started in 1983 with Eddie and his stepbrother Eddie Puhar. Eddie Sanfilippo had been working in the banking industry and was buying investment properties with his stepbrother on the side. “One home grew to 10, 20 and it became our focus and our business over the years,” Eddie said. The family then bought a corner site on Slough Road, Altona where they built warehouses and started up Burbank Self Storage.

Jarrod and Eddie Sanfilippo… we’re different from other builders. Picture: SARAH MATRAY Son Jarrod joined the business much later, after working as an engineer at Holden while doing some work for Burbank behind the scenes. He joined Burbank six years ago, starting out as a project manager for the Yarra Village project. “From my perspective, it was a natural

progression that Jarrod would join Burbank,” Eddie said. “I could not provide the corporate familiarisation that something like GM Holden could provide to Jarrod, I was fortunate to get that in the banking sector, so I was delighted when Jarrod started his engineering program and I was more delighted when Jarrod

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indicated an interest to join Burbank as well,” Eddie said. Eighteen months ago Eddie’s stepbrother retired from the company and sold his share back to the family, paving the way for Jarrod to become a joint director with his father. Jarrod now is in charge of the Burbank brand, including the housing sector, while Eddie runs the subsidiary operations. THE BUSINESS In 1985 Burbank opened its first display centre at Altona Meadows, consisting of two homes – the King Edward and the Wattleglen 200. The company established its brand in the West until demand drove them to enter the South-East and North. Burbank now has over 20 display centres throughout Melbourne, plus regional displays in Geelong and Torquay, and builds about 1200 homes a year. It also owns medium density property holdings with resorts in Queensland’s Gold Cost and Port Douglas. “I think what the main factor was that people would come to our display homes and say to us ‘we’ve got land in Rowville, or Roxburgh Park’, so it forced us to go into the south-east and northern suburbs, and eventually we put displays there,” Eddie said. “The market drove us into those areas. We’re definitely now as strong in each region as we are in the West.”

Meanwhile, the Global Financial Crisis and First Home Owner Grants extensively affected the market – in a good way. “When the GFC issues became apparent, the stimulus provided by (then-Prime Minister) Kevin Rudd, our phone calls quadrupled. It made a big difference,” Eddie said. The next step is to expand the Burbank brand interstate. The company will enter the Queensland market and more Victorian regional markets this year, and will slowly make its way across the country. “We’re different from other builders. Most of our competitors are in what’s called the cottage industry, the detached housing sector, whereas we’re in the top two in Melbourne in medium-density, we do one or two towers a year, we are a major land developer in our own right,” Eddie said. Along the way, the Sanfilippos have also established a range of subsidiary propertyassociated companies to complement the core business, including National Pacific Financial Services, Burbank Plumbing, Storage Box and Dynamic Technology Solutions. There is also Burbank Aviation, which offers a chartered helicopter specialising in corporate, media, government and associated services. “It’s about expanding and trying to keep all that we do in-house, so you have control of the outcome at the end of the day. The quality

of the end product, we’re not just relying on another supplier, we can direct and control the quality of the supply chain,” Jarrod said. The Burbank Group - based in Aberdeen Rd, Altona - employs around 320 staff, including the first three employees to start out with the company. More than 20 have been with Burbank for over a decade. The high retention rate could be attributed to Eddie and Jarrod’s views on management. Unlike many other bosses, both have shunted having their own offices in favour of sitting in an open plan office with the rest of their employees. Eddie said the seating helps foster a family mentality. “It’s always been dad’s philosophy to be part of a team. We’ve both come from corporate worlds where there’s glass offices and people scared to knock on the door and enter,” Jarrod said. Eddie adds: “Every new employee is told that we don’t have a hierarchy structure.” “It doesn’t exist.” [BW] THE Sanfilippo family is onto a winner – and they’re not the only ones that know it. The Burbank Group took out the Retail category at the recent Hobsons Bay Business Excellence Awards held last year.

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BUSiNESS BY CHARLENE GATT IT’S the stuff movies like Mission Impossible are made of. Police checks. Fingerprint access control. Passport readers. Essendon’s Personal Risk Management has spent the past 16 years sourcing the latest technology to enhance security for the public and private sector, and is now taking the next step with biometrics. Former Victoria Police Inspector Geoff Stockton set up the business in 1995 in his dining room with an old computer and, familiar with the time and energy spent on filing paperwork for police checks, invented the first online system to perform police checks. He was also well aware that there was nothing printed – police checks, university degrees – that couldn’t be copied. Mr Stockton was then contacted by UK company Personal Risk Management, asking him if he could do pre-employment screening. He agreed, and PRM in Australia took off. While it didn’t work out for the UK chapter, which sold out over a decade ago, PRM Group Australia thrived. The business really took off after the Federal Government changed legislation so that every person working in the aged care industry had to have police checks. “It’s very, very difficult to do all the paper applications – especially in this case, where there were 400,000 people,” Mr Stockton said.



Mr Stockton now has 10 employees and around 1500 clients across Australia, including Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales Government departments, plus corporations like Johnson & Johnson, Michelin and Queensland Gas. The business was ranked 21st in the Westpac Smart Company Smart 50 2010 awards. PRM’s business development manager Ross Brierty said running police checks was now considered a more acceptable research tool. The proof is in the pudding. Three years ago, there were only 1.5 million police checks performed Australia-wide. Today there are 3.5 million. The challenge for PRM is to continually enhance the software to make the system more secure, while working with other technology to provide more for clients. To achieve that, the company now bases itself on three pillars – pre-employment screening, police checks and biometrics. PRM is working with suppliers in Korea, Spain and the UK to market fingerprint access and iris control, facial recognition and passport readers. Among their tools is a device the size of an iPhone that they are marketing to hotels. The device takes the place of key card entry devices and employs facial recognition.

Geoff Stockton… technology getting better all the time. Picture: DAMJAN JANEVSKI “It tells the hotel just who is staying in the room and if a hotel has 20 cleaning staff and something gets knocked off, this will tell you who was in the room,” Mr Stockton said. There is also a wireless EFTPOS machine that employs a fingerprint scanner with a temperature setting, “so you can’t just cut someone’s finger and use it”. “We want to combine the database to give better offerings for people, so when they do a police check, they’ll be able to do a police check and stuff like facial recognition,” Mr Stockton said. “The technology is getting better and better all the time. “Years ago, to get someone’s fingerprints to open a door or something, someone worked out if you chopped their finger off you could use it, now it has to be a live finger, and it reads the temperature and the capilliaries and that sort of stuff. “Also, once you give your fingerprint, it turns it into an algorithm, which is unique to you. It can’t be rebuilt as a fingerprint.” PRM is also working on a tender to supply passport readers to an international airport. [BW]






DREAM Picture courtesy of Galli Estate Wines


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IT’S not so surprising considering Tuscanborn founder Lorenzo Galli was born into the wine industry, with his family growing grapes and making wines for people in their Italian village. When Mr Galli moved to Australia in the 1950s he worked in building and development, but after decades felt a yearning to return to wine making and bought a 30-acre site in Plumpton. “As he got on, he wanted to go back to what he really loved – which was the land, and the grape-growing, and wine making and wine drinking,” said wife and business partner Pamela. “So he looked around and he found this land and he liked the look of the land because of the soil, which is a real terra rossa soil. He knew that this was a great spot to make the grapes.” He planted his first harvest in 1997 and over the next few years bought neighbouring properties, expanding the vineyard to 120 acres. The Gallis also established another vineyard in Heathcote, which caters for their export market.

Above: Pamela Galli… “I think he’d be proud.” Facing page: Wine maker Ben Rankin inspects the grapes. Inset: Lorenzo Galli Pictures: SARAH MATRAY

Sadly, in 2004, Lorenzo was diagnosed with an aggressive form of melanoma and died only weeks later, leaving the business in Pamela’s hands. “It was a dreadful occasion… but we continued on, which is his dream, and that’s the main thing,” Ms Galli said. “I think he’d be proud.” While building up the Plumpton vineyard he had been conscious of the dry area and petitioned the council to install pipes to channel recycled water from the Sunbury treatment plant to a dam in their premises. The dam now pumps 100 megalitres from the on-site dam to a levee bank, where it is fed to the vines via a drip feed.

The first bottles of Galli wine hit the market in 2000, with about 25,000 cases of wine being distributed across Australia and overseas, including Canada, China, Japan and Singapore. Galli used to be exported to the US but has moved away from the market post-GFC. In the overseas market the business uses a different label, Camelback, because the Galli brand was deemed to similar to the E & J Gallo Winery, one of the biggest wineries in the world. In 2002, the Gallis opened an on-site restaurant to add another facet to the business. Ms Galli recently lodged a permit for a function area, and will be renovating the restaurant over the next six months. The cellar door, restaurant, cellar and other buildings on premises were constructed from recycled framework from the Burnley Tunnel. Today, Galli Estate boasts about 20 employees, is rated a five-star winery by James Halliday and its wine has won more than three trophies, 17 Gold Medals, and 32 Silver Medals in the last eight years. The estate makes contract wines for a range of companies, including Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant, and the Lake House in Daylesford. Galli has cut back production to about 12,000 cases a year, with about 80 per cent of the wine distributed locally, and the rest overseas. “We’ve reduced our production so that we produce premium wines over discount wines,” manager and Pamela’s nephew Chris Smith said. “It’s quality over quantity.” The business is also increasingly turning green. “We are farmers, manufacturers and retailers – three businesses in one,” Ms Galli said. [BW]


IT STARTED off with a dream to grow – and drink – good wine. Now Galli Estate boasts two vineyards, a restaurant and a slew of awards. CHARLENE GATT reports…



new TOP

dog BY CHARLENE GATT SIMON Garlick has big shoes to filill.l. The new Western Bulldo ogs gs CEO E has inherited a thriving footbal alll cl c ub fro om predecessor Campbell Rose, who ho qui uitt affter more than eight years at the e helm m to o ttak akke ake on the newly created positiion of o CEO of Stralliance Developmen ents ts and Waterrsuun Homes. Mr Rose took the e cluub fr from om m ssttren engt gthh to strength, overseein ing the e Wh Whitte en Ov Ovaal redevelopment, five co ons nsec ec cut utivve year a s of profit and its highest mem embe be ers rshi hp e hi evverr. In his true no-nonse sens se n e ma annerr, Mr Rosse said his legacy was “turning ng a runn--d dow wn,, beaten up, rat-infested,, tinea-inf nffec e ted facility ty that was abandoned intto a thriviing n com mmu munni nity nit ty hub.� “You find me a com ommu mmunni nityy hhub nity ub b in sp spor spor ortt that purports a 1055-pl 5plac pl ace ac e ch chililldc dcar are ar e ce centtre cent with a waiting list off 400 00 0, tthhe De Depa pa arrttment o off Education and Early Chilildh dhhoo ood d De evelo ve opm ve pmen entt Western Region, Victoria ia Unive ers rsit ity’ it y s te teac eac chi h nng g

and learning centre, conferencing rooms and meeting facilities, playing facilities, a retail shop, the Pound CafĂŠ and new state-of-theart training facilities and a new soon to be completed Community Sports Hall, Hall â€? he said. said FFuurtthe erm mo orre e,, tthe he clu lub br lub bran bran and haas so and oaarred red inn recent ye y arrs wi witth th it its ts hig ghe hest stt membe embe em bers rshi hip ever err, ev evererr-gro owing wing cro rowd wd att tten tte enda enda danc nces es fiv ive conssec ecuut utivve yye ears of pro rofifit, fit, t, witth a $3 $38 mill miilll io m on turn tu rnaaround on th t e baala anc nce sh s ee et. t. “B Being eing ng llas asst on on all of tthhe metr me etr tric ric icss to to bei eing eing g inn tthe he e top op qua uart rtilili e iss very rt erry ssiign gnifififican ic can antt fo for a cl club club b thhat a eve very ryyonne said saaid d hhad ad no fu future futu ture tu re,,â€?â€? he sa said id.. “T Tha hat al alll me mean eaanns thhatt ouurr fut fut uturre is is cem emennte ted ted inn the e Wes est, t it’t’s ce t, eme ment n ed nt d her ere e inn Foo oots tscr tsc ts crayy, cray annd itt’s nott a mat atte tte er of ssur urrviva vviiva v l‌ l‌ iitt’t’s a ma matt tter er o thrrivin of ing. g. “T This his ha hass be beenn a rea eall te eaam m eff ffor ort. or rt. t. Yess, II’’ve ve le lead ead the ttea eam, m, but ut iit’t’t’ss be bee enn a rrea eal te ea team team am effffor ort and an d I’’d lilike ke to th than ankk th the ep pe eop oplle ople e of the thhe We Wesstt ffo or or genu ge nuin inel elyy em mbrrac a ing inng th the he c cllub u of thhe W We estt.â€? .â€? Im mit itat atio ionn mi migh ght be e the he g gre re eat ates est fo form rm of flflat a te at ery ry, buut Mr M G Gar arrlilick ckk saaiid he he wo ouuld ld not ot tryy to be th the e ne ext xt Cam ampb pbe pbel elllll Ro osse e. “Cam “C am was abl ble tto ble op pul ull of ull off tthhe iim mp po ossssib ble and d my my rolle is is mov ovin ing g int intto o d de emonnst strra abl be gro gr ow wth,â€? , he said sa d. Mr Garl Mr arrlilick ck com mes es tto o th the po possiiti ittiion on hhav a iinng av plaayed 181 pl 81 gam me ess wit ith Sy Syd dnney ey aannd thhe e Bulllldo Bu ogs g . Duri Dur Du ring ng tha hat ti hat time he al als lso com omplet eted ted ed an an MB MBA aatt Vict ic ctori ria Un Univ ivverssiity ive ty’ss Flind liind n er ers C ers Ciity ity ty c cam aam mpu pus. s. Afte Af te er re eti tiri ring ri ng fro rom fo footb ottb o baallll he sp pe ennt fifive e year year ye arss wo w rrkking ing fo for L Le eas asePla eP e Plan an Au Auusst stra raliia an a d thhen en joine ned ed thhe We Wesstte errn Bu Bulllldo dog ogs gs Boa oard rd of Dire rec cto orrs in i 20 00 07 aass Footballl Di D re recttor or. or. La astt yea earr he was as prom mo ot otte ed to to Chi hief eff e Com mmerci mm erci c al Off f ic cer er of th the c cllub ub and nd was as ap pp prroached ched ch ed to ap app plly ffo or the the posi th posi po siti tion on of CE CEO whhen w hen en Mr Rose se annnnou ounnc ce ed d his is re essig gnati nattiio na onn earlie ea ear er th this iss year. r. “It c “I ca ame me e eaaarrlie liie err ttha hhaan I ex exp pe ect cted te ed d, b buut ut yyo ou can’ ca n’t pl plaann for pla or tthe hese he se thhiing ngss,,â€? Mr Mr G Gar a lliic ckk saaiid. d. “I lov “I love e th the e co com mm m mer e cia ciaall asp ci spec ect off spo port. port rtt.

“The opportunity to come on board as Chief Operating Officer was a great role‌ it provides you with a great insight into that organisation and what makes it tick. “I’ve loved that and I suppose you could sa ay it it (b (beco beco be omi ming g CEO EO) wa was as a naattuuura raal pro pr og gre ressi ssiio ss on. n. [BW BW]]

Simon Garlick‌ from player to CEO. Picture: DAMJAN JANEVSKI

When you cannot make it add up call in someone who can

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SUCCESS ON THE MENU BY CHARLENE GATT RICHENDA Pritchard is Seddon’s very own Masterchef. And she has her own restaurant to prove it. The Delizia Cucina owner and head chef got her calling to the kitchen when she did two weeks work experience at a restaurant aged 16.

“I loved it. I loved being there, so I just kept on going from that,” she said. Ms Pritchard then spent two-and-a-half years working under celebrity chef Guy Grossi at Grossi Florentino’s in Melbourne. “I learnt a huge amount working there, working with him and being in a big restaurant and learning really good food,” she said.

Richenda Pritchard… living a lifelong dream. Ms Pritchard was then offered a chef’s apprenticeship, but decided to finish high school before completing a cooking course at William Angliss TAFE.


It was there she met Deborah Cole, who would later become her business partner. But before that, Ms Pritchard continued to cut her teeth in other restaurants with more

senior positions and completed a business course to fulfill her lifelong dream of running her own company. Ms Pritchard then joined forces with Ms Cole again to establish their catering business, Delizia Cucina, along Victoria St in Seddon. The catering service, which ran for about 18 months, secured a contract with Hoyts cinemas and other local corporate companies. The Victoria St frontage also had a small space for lunches and a few tables and chairs, which helped the pair build up a local clientele. Their next move was to open a restaurant by the same name in 2006 – further down the same street. Ms Pritchard and Ms Cole soon discontinued the catering service when they found they didn’t have the time to do both. Instead, they invested all their energy into getting the restaurant off the ground. “We got really busy, we did really well in our first year and we just couldn’t have managed to do both,” Mr Pritchard said. “When we opened here, the people that we’d known and served were quite excited and we got a lot of support from them.” The restaurant serves a range of Australian and Italian inspired food with a touch of the Middle East and has received mentions in 2009 The Age Good Food Guide and its Cheap Eats. Her creativity has seen her take out Footscray’s Tin Chef competition in 2007 and 2008. [BW]

“Vaughans’ attention to detail and partnership approach to the entire process has delivered a Distribution Centre Facility that met Woolworths’ high expectations. The service from Vaughans continues well beyond handover of the keys and the final handshake confirming we chose the right long term partner.” Bob Killesteyn - National Construction Manager Woolworths Australia

Melbourne Ph: 03 9347 2611 Fax: 03 9347 6130 103 Pelham Street Carlton South VIC 3053 Sydney Ph: 02 9502 4544 Fax: 02 9502 4463 9a Commercial Rd Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Website

Design and Build Delivery Commercial Industrial Retail 14




Adding vibrancy to

Deer Park Village Shopping Centre To develop the vibrancy of Brimbank’s town centres and create a sense of belonging and connection with the community, strengthening the role of Brimbank’s street-based shopping centres is now more than ever a focus for Brimbank City Council.

Deer Park Village Shopping Centre is fast establishing itself as a vibrant, inviting neighbourhood shopping destination that provides a broad range of goods and services for the local community. At the corner of Ballarat and Station roads, Deer Park, the centre is well positioned to attract customers from the growing, surrounding residential developments. Encompassing 34 retail outlets with an emphasis on food retailing and food catering, and 19 non-retail outlets that include real estate agents, a pharmacist and financial service providers, the centre is valued by the community for its affordability, variety of goods, and compact ‘one-stopshop’ service.

its role as a community meeting place, and build on its strengths as a traditional street-based centre. The UDF recognises the need for the centre to grow and evolve in order to take advantage of its location and to secure a competitive advantage in comparison to the several alternative retail destinations in the local region. Major opportunities focus on: the centre becoming a “lifestyle hub” for the surrounding community for meeting people, informal working, social gatherings, retail, markets etc.; the centre having a public realm that is welcoming, offers shade and protection and encourages outside trading and activities, and space for community life; and, the provision of a variety of land use, building types, housing styles and activities to create a more diverse and attractive town centre. The possibility of the shopping centre building on the theme of an arts and cultural hub to tie the character of the centre more directly to its heritage and major open space assets, has also been identified as an opportunity. To complement the UDF, Brimbank City Council will also undertake coordinated management initiatives including marketing, promotional activities, business networking and environmental improvements. Deer Park will also be included in combined business development programs that service all of Brimbank’s neighbourhood town centres.

Deer Park Traders and Residents Association

Above: Concept drawing of the future Deer Park Village Shopping Centre.


In an aim to further strengthen the role Deer Park Village Shopping Centre has in the community, Brimbank City Council has completed an Urban Design Framework (UDF) to provide a long-term vision for the centre. The UDF is primarily focused on the buildings and landscape, and also takes into account activities, social and cultural needs, and the economic life of the centre. The vision for Deer Park Village Shopping Centre outlined in the UDF is to enhance

In order to develop stronger ties with the surrounding community and in recognition of the importance of having residents and traders working together, a new association, Deer Park Traders and Residents Association, has been formed. Having both traders and residents involved in the association acknowledges the shopping precinct as more than just a retail environment. President of the Deer Park Traders and Residents Association, Chris Lau said: “The shopping precinct is more than just a place where people shop, it is a meeting place for the community, where people meet their friends, socialise and network. People need to feel involved”.

Emma E mma McIntyre McIntyre… g rowing busines growing business. Pictur Picture: KRISTIAN SCOT SCOTT


BY CHARLENE E GATT AS THE saying goes, mother knows best. Keilor D Downs resident Emma McIntyre knows that onlyy too well, and has used the adage to set up p her home-based business, Hand Print Masssag ge. The e self-styled mummyseuss started do oing g massages especially for pregnant wom men about four years ago after going thro ough her first pregnancy and not being ablle to find someone that could massage he er. “When I’d call for a massage, I would get ‘no, we don’t massage pregnant g women’, or absolute fear,” she said. w “When you’re pregnant, structurally yo our body changes. “The first thing that happens fairly early in thhe pregnancy is that a chemical called relaxin forms in the body, and that is to help the pelvvis separate for birth, but also effects every joinnt in your body. ev “As a re esult lt of that, you’re y structurally not as sound as you were before you were ere pregnan pregnant, so your muscles are starting to take on a bit more rigidity. igidity “Then, as the baby gets bigger, your

posture changes, bec because the centre of gravity changes, which causes a bigger curve urve in your back. That presents all manner of problems. “Your shoulders also come forward as your breasts get bigger. The massage will help to lessen the effects the pregnancy will have in your body.” Ms McIntyre graduated with a Diploma in Massage when she was seven months pregnant with her daughter Abigail, and then went on to gain a certificate in pregnancy massage. After going back to work part-time in the accounts department at William Angliss TAFE for six months, Ms McIntyre quit her job to set up Hand Print Massage. “I sat in Watergardens for an afternoon and counted how many pregnant women and new mums walked past, and it turned out to be one in three. “I thought ‘right, the demographic’s here’ and I started spreading word around, putting posters up in places like radiographers and doctors clinics, basically all the places pregnant women would go.” She now works largely on referrals. Ms McIntyre plans to take on two employees by the end of the year to help grow the business, and wants to eventually provide aftercare for women who are discharged from hospital early but need a couple more discharge days to recuperate. erate [BW]]

‘”’‘”ƒ–‡Ƥ–Ǧ‘—–•ƒ†…‘•–”—…–‹‘ ‡••ƒ†‘ƒ”†”‘‘–ƒ„Ž‡• ‘‡ƥ…‡ —‰‡”ƒ‰‡‘ˆŠƒ‹”• ‹Ž‹‰ƒ†–‘”ƒ‰‡

͟͟ ƒ–Š‡™•˜‡ǡ‹”’‘”–‡•–͚͛͘͜ ǣ͙͚͛͛͛͘͡͠͠͠N ǣ͚͛͛͛͘͡͠͝͠͠ ™™™Ǥ…„ˆ‘ˆˆ‹…‡Ǥ…‘Ǥƒ— 491302-MD50-10



PhoneWords. Smart. Simple. Effective. Using a phoneword, instead tead of a phone p number, will impro improve your response rates by up to 500%



Call 1300 AUSTRALIA now to secure a PhoneWord before your competitor does!


Want to improve response se rates for your advertising? ng?


HAT-TRICK BY NATALIE GALLENTI MELTON Tile and Slate Centre has laid the foundation for a successful family business. Husband and wife team Andrew and Susan Fawaz took over the well known Melton business three years ago and hasn’t looked back. So successful is the business that it is set to again nominate for the Melton Business Excellence

Centre manager Jayne Orenshaw… real sense of family. Picture: NATALIE GALLENTI

Awards, a Melton Shire Council initiative supportted by Business West and Star News Group. The Fawaz waz family is hoping it’s three times lucky after they took out the 2010 Best Micro Business and 2009 Best Trades & Construction Business categories in the same awards. Mrs Fawaz said the couple had tried to invoke a real sense of community within the business and often referred clients to local tilers to help boost the workforce in the area. While her husband was always on hand to offer his expertise as a tiler and stone setter. “We are very customer focussed,” the proud business owner said. “There is no question we can’t answer.” Mrs Fawaz said being a smaller business allowed the well-trained staff to have a hands on approach which left customers feeling both satisfied and assured that they were given the best advice and products necessary for the job. She also attributed the business’ success to Manager Jayne Orenshaw, who has taken on her role with gusto and works hard to ensure customers are always offered the best service. Ms Orenshaw said working within the small Melton community offered her a chance to meet most of the residents and there was a real sense of family within the company. [BW]

MELTON Shire C Council ounc cil is encouraging all businesses to put their hands up for the Melton Business Excellence Awards. “Nominations offer businesses an opportunity to showcase their success, reward staff and gain recognition after a challenging year,” Melton Acting Mayor Broden Borg said. “Businesses will also benefit from the opportunity to have their business assessed by experienced business professionals.” The awards will be presented at a gala evening at Witchmount Estate on 29 April. Nominations for the awards will close on 25 February. Nomination forms are available online at www. 503905-SH6-11

We at XDF will guarantee you 3 things: 1. 2. 3.

That you will save money A very friendly service A high-quality product at an affordable value compared to anywhere else

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“Give us a visit before you make a furniture purchase and see our range and compare prices for yourself”

“You’ve got nothing to lose & You won’t regret it” “To see our Leather Lounge Suite Collection, Leather Bed, Dining Table and etc. Please Visit Our Website”




2011 Powercor Melton Business Excellence Awards Nominations for the 2011 Powercor Melton Business Excellence Awards will close on 25 February 2011. Melton Shire based businesses are encouraged to showcase their achievements by nominating for the prestigious awards. To obtain a copy of the nomination form visit or contact Rose Romeo on 9747 7200.

Pictured above: the team from Re-Creation Health Club, winners of the 2010 Powercor Melton Business of the Year, and Ergin Halil (centre) Melton Apprentice of the Year

Key note speakers include: • Nicole Mallalieu (Nicole Mallalieu), • Aneta Pazeski (Zanet Couture) and • Ailsa Paige (AP Marketing Works). Discover how these amazing women turned their passion into highly successful, creative enterprises. Tuesday, 8 March 2011,11.30 am - 2pm Melton Shire Community Hall 232 High Street, Melton Cost: $25 Bookings: Rose Romeo 9747 7200 or email

Melton: Think local... buy local... Melton Shire Council is developing an exciting initiative that encourages local residents and businesses to think local... buy local! The initiative provides businesses with useful marketing and customer service techniques that will increase your businesses ability to attract and retain more customers. The initiative also includes an independent Secret Shopper survey. Interested businesses can register their interest by contacting Council’s Economic Development Officer, Esther Clark on 9747 7200 or email

FREE Online Business Directory Be found! Register your business for free on Council’s online business portal – or search for hundreds of local business listings. Visit and click on Business Directory.


Celebrate International Women’s Day Business Luncheon Turning passion into profit

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WERRIBEE’S WARRIORS BY CHARLENE GATT IT’S 7am on a Thursday and the Werribee Warriors Business Network International weekly meeting is about to begin. On the face of it, it looks like any other business association, but it soon becomes clear that BNI takes it networking seriously. In each meeting, each person present has 60 seconds to spruik their business, and then any visitors to the breakfast are introduced. One member is the guest speaker for the morning, and discusses how their business can benefit others. After this, members exchange referrals and testimonials and any new members are sworn in. The organisation is built on the philosophy of “giver’s gain”, that by giving business to others, members will get business in return. Its mission is to help members increase their business through a structured word-of-mouth program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

All members are required to carry around a business card folder to refer businesses to their clients when the need arises. The concept has been operating around the globe for the past 25 years and is quickly gaining momentum in Australia, which now boasts 197 chapters and over 4400 members. Warriors president Lukas White said being in BNI was like having 25 additional sales people for your business. “It’s helped in a lot of different ways,” he said. “It helps with the isolation of running a small business. Often in small businesses you put your head down and work hard and you don’t see anyone outside of your clients.” The Werribee chapter, which has been running since April last year, currently has 25 members. The Warriors generated $359,000 in business referrals last year, with an average 11 referrals per week. Mr White, who runs Potent Web Design, alone has used or referred up to 18 of the members. [BW]

Code of Ethics for BNI members: 1. I will provide the quality of services at the prices that I have quoted. 2. I will be truthful with the members and their referrals. 3. I will build goodwill and trust among members and their referrals. 4. I will take responsibility for following up on referrals I receive. 5. I will display a positive and supportive attitude. 6. I will live up to the ethical standards of my profession.




Phone: 9310 1972 Email: Fax: 9310 2374



country to provide the best possible coverage throughout Australia.

BY CHARLENE GATT IT’S a business that keeps the rest of Australia moving.

latest logistics and handling equipment. The site employs about 20 people. It also participates in a student placement program with RMIT and has sponsored two final year students working in the sales/call centre and logistics area.

“We offer a very wide range of tyres to a very wide range of industries. We buy the best and latest tyres and we’re a Pirelli dealer. Where ever you see a tyre, we could be there,” said south regional manager Joe Collins.

Tyre and Tube Australia is a privately owned specialist tyre wholesaler, importer and distributor of passenger tyres, truck tyres, light industrial tyres, turf tyres, skid steer tyres, large agricultural and earthmover tyres and tubes.

It’s a building set up for even more expansion in the future, with the company detailing five and 10 year plans for growth.

“Just about every single sector, we touch.” The south region branch – which covers Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania – moved last year from its 2000 square metre Laverton warehouse to an 8000square metre warehouse in Derrimut that has the

Brands include Pirelli, ECED, Leao, Kenda, Petlas, Primex, Galaxy, Deestone, Super Grip and Haul Master. The business was established in 1994 and catered exclusively to the Sydney market, before branching out in mid-1997 – including a south region branch operating out of Laverton – to become Australia’s leading tyre and tube wholesaler. er.

“To me, the West has got perfect access to transport and distribution,” Mr Collins said. “It’s fast becoming the hub for transport and distribution, because you have access to rail and shipping. “Also, labour is good out here. The growth in this Derrimut corridor is also fantastic. There seems to be a balance of self-supporting commercial and residential.


“It’s the right place to be.” [BW]



Today, Tyre and Tub be has six distribution warehouuses across thhe

Joe Collins… right place to be. Picture: DAMJAN JANEVSKI

Indulge yyour business. Be hosted in style y for yyour morning g conference or seminar, r then relax with an afternoon health and wellness session. Wellness Session Afternoon W

Morning Conference Session

Conference erence e | Health He | Wellnesss

> > >

Tea T & Coffee Coffee on arrival g tea p Morning pastry selection and refreshments p Lunch selection of sandwiches,, wraps, hot food, fruit platter & refreshments

> > >

Pilates, Y Yoga, g Cycle, y Bodyy Pump and Bodyy Combat Classes Access to Health Club & free mini assessment Access to Swim/Spa & Steam

For further information p please contact Leonie Shaw on 03 8742 8306. TTotal cost $50.50pp (minimum of 10 people) No AV equipment included in package price


Complete mplete Care Meeting Package eeting Pack kag age ge e

80 Derrimut Rd Hoppers Crossing 3029 TTel: (03) 9748 2555



THE NELSON TOUCH sufficient funeral home in Australia, with the company making their own coffins, caskets and hearses. Once Theo brought Nelson Bros to the metropolitan market, funeral homes in Footscray, Sunshine and Hoppers Crossing soon popped up. The Nelson family most recently made their presence felt in the South-East when they bought out an Elsternwick funeral home.

Adrian and Theo Nelson… with one of the firm’s 11 Rolls Royces.

The Williamstown funeral home is the busiest, which Theo attributes to knowing all the locals.

Picture: KRISTIAN SCOTT BY CHARLENE GATT SOME might see running a funeral home as dead morbid. But the Nelson family wouldn’t have it any other way. Five generations of the Nelson family have spent the past 153 years building up Nelson Bros into Australia’s oldest family run funeral company. Robert Nelson started up the business in 1858 in Linton, working as an undertaker and storekeeper. His son James was an undertaker and builder and kept up the family business. The business kept moving down the family line until Robert’s great-grandson, Theo, saw that there was no future for the business in the country and bought out a funeral director in Williamstown.

It was a natural progression for Theo, who had been born and bred within one of the funeral homes and did body removals with his dad from as young as 12. “It never worried me… I’ve been used to deceased people around all my life,” Theo said. “My parents never hid anything from me and we always used to talk about it. Some people might think it would have been very difficult for a younger person, but it wasn’t. “That’s someone’s mum or dad or sister or brother and they’ve given us a duty to care and we care after them and so we’re very particular when we’ve got a deceased person. “It’s our job to help the families and make things as easy as possible and do it right.” At the time Nelson Bros was the only self-

Getting Married? Need a Prenup? Come to the local experts and get clear, sensible advice. • 20 years experience • Fully staffed permanent office • Family Law, Criminal Law, Inheritance Law • Friendly, Sensible & Fair

Today, 73-year-old Theo remains at the head of the business, with his wife Edith the company secretary and three of his four children Adrian, Priscilla and Robert also working for the company. Unlike Theo, the trio all had alternative careers before joining the family business, with Adrian a former lawyer, Priscilla a former primary school teacher and Robert in hospitality. “Certainly we don’t share the same personalities… everyone’s different, and that’s good,” Adrian said. Their other brother David is the only sibling not to work for Nelson Bros, working instead for Lonely Planet in Footscray. Nelson Bros employs about 30 people, including embalmers, and co-ordinates about 1000 funerals a year, catering for all nationalities and religions. [BW]

Friendly - Sensible - Fair First Floor, 90 Watton Street, Werribee 3030

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30 minute free consultation

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THIRST Y WORK BY CHARLENE GATT IT’S the kind of business that demands you sit down and have a drink. Or for that matter, a party. Heavenly Cocktails Daiquiri and Slushee Machine Hire is the brainchild of Angela and John Cini and has proved to be the ultimate home business. The pair, married since 2004, hire out the machines and deliver them within a 100 kilometre radius, with prices depending on the length of the trip. The Cinis offer about 12 different nonalcoholic flavours, ranging from pineapple to cosmopolitan, and advise clients on the best alcohol to mix in. Angela started out with two machines when she finished her full-time advertising job three years ago to have daughter Mia. The business, which operates out of the couple’s Werribee garage, has since expanded. “I wanted something from home,” she said.

“It was very challenging, there was a lot I didn’t know, I wanted to give up many times, but we kept going.” Part of her reason for continuing was due to some divine intervention, which also helped Angela coin the company name. “A lady who did (psychic) readings said to my mother a few years ago that I would open a business, but at the start it would be a bit hard but would then become very successful, so the reason I called it Heavenly Cocktails is because the message came from heaven, and I’m quite spiritual,” she said. Angela took on business coarses and put her advertising skills to work when setting up Heavenly Cocktails, doing letterbox drops and liaising with other party businesses to get their name out there. The business now generates a lot of clients through the internet and word of mouth. Angela’s father, who set up carpet dry cleaning company Drytron, was also a big help and mentor. It took two years for the company to start

Angela and John Cini… home business has its advantages. Picture: KRISTIAN SCOTT turning a profit, but the Cinis are proud with how far they’ve come. They currently have between three to five clients a week, with the machine especially popular for 18th and 21st birthdays and other milestones. John – who still holds down a full-time job – looks after the maintenance and cleaning of machines and delivery, while Angela deals with administration, invoices and clients. The pair believes their advantage lies in having a woman at the helm. “Many women plan parties, and many men run the business. With us, they get to talk to another woman,” John said. And a home business has its advantages, as the Cinis are learning. For one, there’s fewer overheads. Secondly, you can answer emails from the comfort of your kitchen table, couch or bed. [BW]

business news west

What’s new in the business community? Operate a great business in Hobsons Bay?

Hobsons Bay Business Excellence Awards

Do you run a business in Hobsons Bay? Did you know you can list your business and your business events on the Hobsons Bay City Council website for free? Did you know the Council operates an accredited Visitor Information Centre in Williamstown that sees over 50,000 visitors a year, and that you may be able to display your brochures? Have you joined a local traders association? The Council supports and promotes four recognised trader associations whose focus is on marketing your area and addressing localised issues affecting your business.

The annual Hobsons Bay Business Excellence Awards were a huge success in 2010 with nominations from an incredibly diverse range of local operators. It’s just a great opportunity to put your business on the radar. Aiming to recognise and reward the best of local business, the awards are not to be missed. The date has been set for the gala dinner, so lock in Friday 21st October in your diary now! More information on the awards will appear in the coming months, so watch this space.


Hobsons Bay Business Workshops Council operates a number of workshops each month, focusing on a range of business topics. In February and March the focus will be on tax and e-Marketing. Every business needs to understand their tax obligations, so why not sign up for these free workshops. Marketing is ever changing, so ensure you business is in the loop with the latest and greatest marketing trends.

Newsletter/e-Update Want to know what is happening in your business community? Have you registered for the Council Business Newsletter, Business Works? Do you want to be kept up to date with all the latest news and information around Hobsons Bay? If the answer is yes, then subscribe today. Simply send an email to the address below and you will be signed up instantly.

For more information please call Sally Curtis, Business and Tourism Officer on 9932 1000 or email



OH, WHAT A green FEELING! TOYOTA’S EARTH CHARTER STRIVES FOR ZERO WASTE BY CHARLENE GATT IT IS one of Australia’s leading automotive companies, winning the hearts of Australians with its famous catch-cry “oh, what a feeling… Toyota.” Toyota has enjoyed more than 50 years in Australia, building up to a 20.2 per cent market share at the end of October 2010. In 2009 Toyota Australia manufactured a record 96,817 vehicles and 95,873 engines at its 72-acre Altona plant. The plant – which builds the Camry, Hybrid Camry and V6 Aurion – exports more than half the vehicles made every year to more than 20 markets in the Middle East, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The plant employs around 3600 people across its powertrain, press, weld, paint and assembly plants, taking about one day to build a car from scratch. But far from resting on its laurels, Toyota is keen to make its business more environmentally friendly.

This car body is being polished and checked.


Over 2009-10, Toyota spent $2.8 million on environmental protection measures, including waste management, environmental monitoring, Environmental Protection Agency license fees, green purchases, Environment and Resource Efficiency Plan project




Robots at work lifting g and a spot welding.

costs, and Toyota Australia’s Envir Environmental ro onmental Management System (TEMS). The company has also establis sshed an established ard zero o waste, earth charter that strives toward hil eachh plant l t makes an environmental enviro e onnmental while focuuuses on plan at the start of the year and focuses meeting their objectives. “This industry already has the answer manager to climate change,” said Toyota Toyota’ss m of Environmental Policy Jon Ward, adding continue that Toyota’s challenge was to c self-iim mposed being innovative to meet their self-imposed standards. POWER TRAIN PLANT The 21,000 square-metre building four-cylind de er, 2250 produces about 7000 four-cylinder, month, plus V6 and 400 Hybrid engines a mo month, aluminium castings. Environmental measures in this plantt maintenance e include the redirection of die m abo ouut 1000 litres ess waste water, which collects about fo orr treatment. a week that is sent to Veolia for Toyota also purchased d a briquetti tinng briquetting th coolant out utt of machine, which squeezes the pres ess sses the filingss into i aluminium filings and presses aluminium briquettes. The coolant is then enn treated t and recy cyc ycled. recycled. P PR PRESS PLANT The Press P Plant presses panels elss for the

ns,, plus plu deals with Camry and Aurion Sedans, wo previous previou previ Camry models. spare parts for two ith steel stee being b very expensive, Toyota With i implemented a steel recycling project that or sees steel panels delivered to the plant for car c cutting and pressing into panels for the cars. al is collected collec and recycled Any scrap metal by Sims Metal. The practice saves Toyota $21.48 per vehicle and saw over 15.5 tonnes of steel recycled over 2009-10. BODY SHOP The Body Shop welds the bodies of the Camry and Aurion Sedans, and produces about 6000 parts a month for the replacement parts market. To reduce the amount of copper tips being used on the 274 robots in the shop, Toyota invested $800,000 to install copper tip redresses, and reprogrammed the robots to redress the tips regularly. Toyota introduced recycling stations in the canteen, diverting 2430 kilograms of waste from landfill. PAINT SHOP The $40 million Paint Shop is the first waterborne plant in the southern hemisphere and the third Toyota plant in the world to use this system.

ess are a washed washe hed and dipped in The car bodies the hen receive an ed e coat, sealer, phosphate, then coa one of nine base e coat colours in primerr coat, he Toyota T Toy co oat. the range, and a top coat. T vehicle Ninety-five per cent of any Toyota is painted by robot. Toyota introduced a range of measures organnic compound to achieve a paint volatile organic s metre (VOC) target of 25 grams per square conttribute to air or less, because VOCs contribute pollution. It also re-programmed fan speed bo to reduce controllers in primer spray booth shifift changes while airflow during breaks and shift atmosphe eric control. maintaining booth atmospheric ASSEMBLY SHOP com omes together. This is where it all comes In the Altona site’ss biggest plant of all, a driven brand new car is driv riven out of the Assembly Shop approximately ely every 85 seconds. To reduce water w use in Assembly, the t stalled an improved water filtr ltrat company insta installed filtration system that hat uses less water when the e ve vvehicles are put ut through t shower tests. A number of changes – inclu cludi waterless including ma to the toilet urinals – have also beenn m made [BW] blocks. [BW]

Temporary Staffing – Permanent Placements Trades & Construction Warehousing / Logistics Clerical / Administration Manufacturing / Process Maintenance/Engineering Resources 24 hour service TELEPHONE: 03 9369 4459 FAX: 03 9369 2849 12/22-30 Wallace Avenue - Point Cook VICTORIA 3030 418002-JF50-10




SUCCESSiON PLANNING Most SMEs start out as a family business with the immediate focus of the owner-operator on providing an income stream to meet the family’s financial needs. Over time the business evolves and grows and along the way becomes an asset that has a value of its own, distinct from the owneroperator. In building the business there will often be a Business Plan that will be a blueprint of the journey that they want their business to travel. A Succession Plan is an extension of the Business Plan in that it plans for the future exit of the business owners. In its simplest form, a Succession Plan is an exit strategy that will allow the transition of the business to new owners while maximising the realisation of the value attached to the business in the exit process. This may involve the sale of the business to a third party, the sale or transfer to family members or in a worst case scenario the closure of the business and the realisation of the assets. A Succession Plan is not an event but a process that may take several years to implement and therefore you need to plan for events that may occur as you work towards that exit strategy. I would point out that there are no right or wrong strategies only different ones. The client’s strategy should always reflect the client’s goals. The main reasons for exiting a business can be split into: Voluntary Exits ■ Retirement ■ Disagreements and disputes ■ Divorces ■ Time for a change or other opportunities Involuntary Exits ■ Death ■ Total and permanent disablement ■ Trauma and critical illness Voluntary Exits Where there is only one business owneroperator, that person has various options to exit from their business: ■ Sale of the business as a going concern to a third party ■ Transfer of the business to family members ■ Management buyout



■ Closure and orderly sale of assets Where there are multiple owners of the business all of the above options may not be available or acceptable to all parties concerned. The solution therefore is for all stakeholders to sit down and work through what they want to happen should one or more partners need to exit the business. It is always better to do this when there is no pressure and relationships are amicable. Once these issues are resolved the arrangements decided upon are then documented via an Exit Agreement that should among other things: ■ Detail whether it is compulsory for the remaining owners to buy out the exiting owner ■ Specify a price for the buyout or a mechanism for determining the price such as ■ Negotiation between the parties ■ Price based on historical performance ■ Third party valuation ■ Specify if vendor finance is to be offered and if so on what terms and conditions ■ Specify what circumstances would trigger a forced exit under the agreement for events such as fraud and bankruptcy Involuntary Exits

owner who is no longer able to work to the level required. There are distinct advantages to both the exiting and remaining owners by entering into these agreements: ■ The business can continue without interference from family members and legal personal representative ( Executor). ■ There is a degree of certainty about what will happen and the values involved ■ Proceeds from the insurance policy come at a time when they are most needed and take financial pressure of both parties ■ The agreement clearly sets out what was intended to happen and therefore both parties do not need to feel guilty about trying to do the right thing by each other Times change, people change and relationships change, it is inevitable. Good planning is always part of any successful business and part of that is recognising that all business’ and business relationships will ultimately come to an end. The question is when, and in what circumstances. Are you prepared?

Involuntary departures caused by death, total and permanent disability and trauma and critical illness are not planned on happening but should be planned against. SMEs are not always easy to sell especially if you don’t own 100pc of the equity. The very nature of SMEs and family businesses often mean that they are not always sophisticated and consistent in their reporting history, and also contain financial transactions that are based more on family considerations rather than good business decisions. It is therefore more difficult for an unrelated third party buyer to assess what they are getting for their money and what type of relationship they will have with the other multiple owners. Where there is an involuntary departure there is also more pressure on the people involved to act quickly and decisively when they are under the most stress. In order to deal with involuntary departures, Buy/Sell Agreements are put in place and supported where possible with insurance policies to supply all or part of the funding necessary to buy out the deceased or the

STEVE WHITE is a partner at Collins & Co and is responsible for the Audit Division. He is a Fellow of CPA Australia with more than 40 years experience in public practice, providing audit and business services to clients. He also acts as an independent director for several private-owned companies. Steve joined Collins & Co in 1971 and became a partner in 1986. He can be contacted at Collins & Co on 9680 1000




HOW TO BUILD YOUR SMALL BUSINESS IN 2011 EVERY year thousands of Australians decide to take the plunge into small business ownership. These solo-preneurs represent one of the fastest growing sectors of the Australian business market. Typically the people who decide to start their own business are transitioning away from working for a big company into being a corporation of one.

To start building a successful Corporationn of One, you need to take four critical steps.

Ask most self employed people why they started their own business and they’ll likely tell you it was so they could be their own boss, manage their own time, enjoy a greater sense of freedom and control, earn more money and live a better life style. Unfortunately for many the reality is quite different. Not only are they not enjoying a richer quality of life, more often they are working harder than they ever have and doing so for less reward than when they were employed.

2. Shift your focus away from being a doer and d be prepared to outsource the smaller taskss to other people so you can maintain your focus on the areas that matter most.

Making the transition from employee to business owner can be a difficult learning curve to manage. When you are the chief cook and bottle washer, it is easy to get distracted by all the things that need to be done and ignore the activities that can have a real impact on your business and the level of profit you produce. When you are the only person responsible for creating results in your business, it can be challenging to remain focused, motivated and effective. Most people who choose self-employment do so because they feel they are already talented at their profession. What they quickly learn is you need to be more than talented to succeed in business. Within the walls of a bigger organisation it’s okay to be really good at the service delivery, that’s what you’re there to do, but as a solo-preneur you need to develop other critical skills, namely your ability to market what you do.

1. Make sure you surround yourself with good people. Isolation is a major problem for the self-employed. You need to align yourself with w entrepreneurial thinkers, people who can he elp you leverage your expertise.

3. Actively become a better marketer of what you do. Study, read, attend seminars and immerse yourself in marketing. This one step can transform a struggling businesss into a thriving enterprise. 4. Improve your sales skills. It’s vital that you not only learn how to attract people into yyour business, but that once they arrive you can convert them into paying customers. The key word for a Corporation of One is momentum. Statistics say that 80% of business owners fail. The truth is few ever fail, most people simply burn out. The reason they burn out is because they run out of energy. Running your own enterprise takes a great deal of effort and if you are to remain energised you must maintain positive momentum. To build unstoppable momentum in your Corporation of One, start by shifting your focus away from doing what you do and instead place your focus onto how you can better market what you do. Keep Rocking! © Paul McCarthy 2010. All rights reserved.

PAUL McCARTHY Australia’s RockStar Marketer is a leading expert in small business sales & marketing. Paul is an award winning speaker and the acclaimed author of ‘8 Steps To a Remarkable Business. For further details or to contact Paul, you can visit his website at:



Financial Services BUSiNESS WEST spoke with Peter Mayall, Principal of National accounting and financial services firm, WHK, in Werribee.


WHK provides general accounting services including BAS, financial statements and tax returns, as well as tax consulting, business advisory, audit and assurance, agribusiness, estate and succession planning, lending broking, risk and general insurance, financial planning, superannuation and SMSF. Mr Mayall said that being part of a national publicly listed company means the local Werribee office now has access to high quality expertise, research, training, and resources which would otherwise be unavailable to a small local accounting firm. “WHK was launched as a public company 13 years ago, providing accounting services and has since developed service lines in a range of finance areas,” said Mr Mayall. The company acquired the local Werribee firm Garfield Mayall in June 2010, with the purpose of expanding into the rapidly developing region of Wyndham.

Garfield Mayall has a rich history, dating back over 36 years in the Werribee region. “With the additional services provided by WHK, this means local Wyndham clients can obtain the full range of financial services all under the one roof – providing convenience, saving time, and allowing WHK advisers to truly understand client financial objectives both personal and business,” said Mr Mayall. “In 2010 WHK was voted number 1 SMSF Administration Platform Provider 2010 in a survey by the Australian Financial Review Smart Investor Magazine,” Mr Mayall adds proudly. The company’s financial planning service is a rapidly growing component of the business, with over $7 billion in funds under advice nationally. “We have a diverse range of clients including business owners, families and retirees. Our services include the provision of strategic advice around superannuation and investments including advice with regards to direct shares and self managed superannuation,” he said. The business also provides advice with regards to Centrelink, Aged Care, retirement planning, salary packaging and personal insurances. “In recent times there has also been an increased demand for advice around borrowing to purchase property within a self managed superannuation environment, which is an area we have expertise in,” said Mr Mayall. WHK is located at 18 Synnot Street, Werribee. Contact them on 9742 8444 for more information. Opening hours are 8.30am – 5pm.

Peter Mayall, centre, with colleagues Michael Jones, left, and Nathan Bosely… local business with all the benefits of a national company.

♦ Home Loans ♦ Investment Loans ♦ Car & Equipment Finance ♦ Mortgage Protection Insurance

✆ Vince Camilleri on 9398 1390 ✆ 78 Pier Street, Altona 28


♦ Building & Contents Insurance ♦ Personal Loans


Financial Services Mortgage Choice in Altona is an award winning business, taking away the ‘Mortgage Choice High Flyer’ award from 2004-2008. In 2005, 2006 and 2008 the business also won the Vic/Tas Multi Operator of the Year at the Mortgage Choice Business Excellence Awards. Owner Vince Camilleri brings a wealth of experience to the business, having worked in the industry for over 12 years, in the local area. The Altona branch can help customers with everything from home and investment loans, car and equipment finance, mortgage protection insurance, and building and contents insurance.


“We have a personal focus being a franchised business,” explains Mr Camilleri. “We also offer a panel of up to 25 banks and lenders, and as a broker, I get paid the same amount regardless of which lender I place a loan with,” he said. This means customers can be assured they are getting the best deal for their needs, and independent advice. Mortgage Choice is located at 78 Pier Street, Altona. Contact 9398-1390 for more information. Office hours are 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Promote your business or service in BUSiNESS WEST… More and more people are registering to get their hands on a copy of Business West. Business West offers your business the opportunity to be seen by your target market; key business decision makers in the West! Stay tuned for the next edition of Business West: coming out on the 18th of March and featuring Business Health Checks. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your business or service to the business world of the West, call Charles Ferraro now on 9933 4800 to reserve your space. ing deadline for Booking the March edition is 3rd of February the 23rd 1. 2011.

Vince Camilleri… we have a personal focus.

Incorporating Garfield Mayall

Quality Financial Planning Advice

Call Michael Jones, Andrew Conlan, or Nathan Boseley now to arrange a confidential FREE first consultation to discuss options available to meet your financial goals.

t superannuation (inc. SMSF) t portfolio management t share advice t account based pensions t centrelink entitlements t gearing t aged care accommodation

18 Synnot Street Werribee Vic 3030 T: 9742 8444 *Advice on these services is provided under licence of WHK Financial Planning Pty Ltd ABN 51 060 092 631 AFSL 238244



Plan now for your financial future to ensure security for yourself, your family and your hard earned assets.


Employee Training


AusGlobal Institute is a people development and growth solutions company.

expanding their client base and sourcing from the world’s fastest growing regions.”

They offer nationally recognised diplomas and their qualified trainers have been in the business of optimising staff performance for over fifteen years.

Their international study tours are designed specifically for CEOs and managers who want to find new markets and evaluate risks.

“Our growth solutions models help companies by developing skills of staff and managers to international standards, aligning work force efforts to optimise company objectives and KPIs, and implementing global opportunities for cost and revenue optimisation,” said founder Marcus G Valles. AusGlobal Institute tailors their training and coaching solutions to fit existing structures and culture of your workplace so that each company can gain the best results. “Our GLOBE Model is comprehensive and results focused to help maximise corporate performance for entrepreneurs and business owners.”


But today every company operates in a global environment. Your customers are global, your competitors are global and your operations may also be global.” The AusGlobal trainers are highly experienced and have worked for world class companies. They bring their expertise to the class room from companies like, Nike, Linfox, Hyatt Hotels, Pilkington, Hewlett Packard, ANCA Precision Tools, Confoil, and many more.

“While traveling extensively in Asia including India and China, I found that there are many opportunities in these fast growing regions that Australian businesses have yet to discover.”

Ausglobal’s International Business Plan Competition was launched in 2004 in China and India. AusGlobal awards the top prize for the best and most viable business plans to entrepreneurial MBAs wishing to lead their own businesses. Today this annual competition continues to generate thousands of ideas and business plans for Australian businesses entering these markets.

Mr Valles says the problem is lack of confidence, knowledge and exposure. “Ausglobal specialises in advising and training businesses about their global prospects,


OPPORTUNITIES? Corporate Training for your Global Business • Optimise Staff Performance • Discover Cost / Revenue Opportunities • Performance Focus • World Class Trainers • Government Recognised • Tailored to your KPIs Courses designed with Operations, Marketing and International Focus • Diploma of Business • Diploma of Management • International Study Tours

“Entrepreneurs need their teams to be innovative and effective.

Mr Valles founded Ausglobal Institute after years in corporate management, consulting and then lecturing in international business at Swinburne University.

He said there are over 500 million middle class people in India and China who admire and are able to afford Australian products and services, yet less than 10 percent of Australia’s one million businesses conduct any global trading.

Marcus Valles… implementing global opportunities for clients.

AusGlobal are currently offering in demand courses like: Diploma of Management (Operations focus), Diploma of Business (Marketing and International focus), Short Courses in Leadership, E-Business and tailored international study tours.

AusGlobal Institute of Business and Entrepreneurship is located on South Road, Braybrook. Phone 9005 7191 for more information. Opening hours are 9am -5pm, Monday to Friday.


FREE TRAINING ANALYSIS VOUCHER For Companies: Free Go-Global Readiness Consultation valued at $595.00 For Individuals: Free CareerSmart Consultation valued at $295.00 Quote: BZW2010

E: P: 03 9005 7191 For more info go to 491329-JF6-11



Q&A NEVILLE SMITH CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, MOONEE VALLEY COUNCIL NEVILLE took over from Bryan Lancaster in November last year, after eight years as CEO of Melton Shire Council. Mr Smith is a professional engineer and holds a Diploma of Management and Municipal Engineering, a Graduate Certificate in Water Engineering and a Graduate Diploma in Building Surveying. He was general manager for Macedon Ranges before becoming CEO at Melton.

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB, AND WHAT SKILLS DID IT GIVE YOU TO GET YOU WHERE YOU ARE TODAY? My first job was as a project engineer working in Western Australia in the mining industry. This position gave me exposure to a wide range of professions and people. It required me to learn new skills, most importantly, to communicate with people in easily understandable terms. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST CAREER SUCCESS TO DATE?

THE CITY OF MOONEE VALLEY PLAYS HOST TO A RANGE OF BIG TICKET EVENTS EACH YEAR, E.G THE SPRING RACING CARNIVAL AND THE ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW. WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL FAVOURITE AND WHY? I have not been involved extensively in the big ticket events in the past. I do have fond memories of attending the Royal Melbourne Show as a child, but the spring racing carnival is something I will involve myself in this year. I’m also looking forward to the Moonee Valley Festival, which will be held on 27 February. About 60,000 people attended the festival last year.

This was with Melton Shire Council in establishing its future longterm sustainability through the Toolern Development proposal. This 2,500 hectare greenfield community development will ensure Melton is economically, socially and environmentally viable for many decades to come YOU HAVE WORKED FOR THE MACEDON RANGES, MELTON SHIRE COUNCIL AND NOW MOONEE VALLEY COUNCIL. WHAT SPARKED YOUR INTEREST IN COUNCILS? I originally took a job with the Shire of Romsey, which was one of the councils amalgamated into the Shire of the Macedon Ranges, This was to allow me to work closer to home and greater time with my family. I certainly took an interest in local government, which still strongly exists today. The range and diversity of issues and people council deals with is the main reason for the retention of this interest. WHAT IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE THE CITY OF MOONEE VALLEY FACES IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS AND WHY? The biggest challenge the City of Moonee Valley faces is as identified in our Council Plan, ie. a requirement to ensure that its community is connected, its community lives in a healthy environment and that its infrastructure and facilities are well planned and managed. In a more specific sense, the greatest challenge the City faces appears to be increasing high-density development within areas which have been more typically suburban in nature. Such high-density developments will bring increasing pressure on transport systems and local infrastructure, including issues around car parking. IF YOU COULD GIVE ONE PIECE OF ADVICE TO AN ENTREPRENEUR STARTING UP A BUSINESS IN YOUR MUNICIPALITY, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Meet with council as early as possible. Moonee Valley’s Economic Development Unit has a wealth of resources and networks that can make starting out in business so much easier. Work with council to ensure a shared vision and explore ways that business and the community can benefit from the venture.

New Moonee Valley CEO Neville Smith.

HOW WOULD YOU SELL THE WEST TO A PROSPECTIVE BUSINESS INVESTOR? Moonee Valley has the major benefits of a strategic location in respect of road, rail and airport infrastructure. It is a diverse and very skilled community offering both sales and employment opportunities. Moonee Valley is a municipality that is prepared to work with business to ensure shared outcomes can be achieved. IF YOU HAD TO INVITE FIVE PEOPLE TO A BUSINESS LUNCHEON, WHO WOULD IT BE? Only those people who could really help deliver the specific business proposal. WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS MANTRA?

HOW DO YOU RELAX AWAY FROM WORK? Spending time with my family, gardening and fishing.

Always maintain a professional approach, be upfront and honest in how I can support business. Treat everyone with courtesy and provide a prompt response to all enquiries.



SMALL TALK TOOLERN MELTON Shire Council has entered into a joint venture with Delfin Lend Lease to develop 381 hectares of council-owned land as part of the new Toolern development. Delfin will develop more than 4500 housing lots on council-owned residential land south of the Melbourne-Ballarat railway line. The project, which is expected to cater for 14,000 residents, will also create shopping precincts, schools and community facilities. The plans will be sent to the State Government for final approval and construction is expected to commence in the middle of this year.

INVITING BRIDAL businesses in the West continue to expand with the recent launch of Always Inviting, an Altona invitation company.

Artist’s impression of the new landmark mixed use development that will house five State Government departments. Picture courtesy of the State Government.

COLLINS THE Western Region Business Club will host its first networking event for 2011 on Tuesday 1 March at The Yarraville Club. The night will include guest speakers from the Footscray Renewal team, a joint initiative between Maribyrnong City Council and the State Government to co-ordinate the $52.1 million Footscray Renewal project. Simon McCuskey will give an update on the key projects, strategies and initiatives being undertaken in the area. The event, which is free, will run from 6pm to 8pm. RSVP to The Western Region Business Club is organised by Collins & Co and St George Bank.

“ 32

It has been an enormous privilege to have played a part in building the Alex Fraser Group into the company it is today…


The small business is the brainchild of Sarah Gunn and produces invitations, cards and other stationary items needed for weddings. The business has very competitive rates ranging from higher priced stationary sets as well as simple and affordable designs, for those on a budget. Always Inviting also provides invitations for many other events, including birthday parties for all ages, baby showers, engagement parties and sporting functions.

ALEX FRASER WYNDHAM’S 2010 Business of the Year has had a changing of the guard, with Managing Director Jamie McKellar stepping down and handing the reins to Chief Operating Officer Peter Murphy. Mr McKellar has been with the Alex Fraser Group for nearly 40 years and was instrumental in the recycling of cement rubble. In 2006, he was awarded an Order of Australia medal for service to the community through the development of construction waste recycling and his commitment to environmentally sustainable industrial practices. “It has been an enormous privilege to have played a part in building the Alex Fraser Group into the company it is today,” he said. Mr Murphy has been with the company for the past 15 years in both Queensland and Victoria.

SMALL TALK QENOS THE former Brumby Government gave Qenos a $195 million cash injection to expand and modernise its manufacturing facility at Altona in one of its last acts in office. “Qenos is a world leader in plastics research and development and the expansion of their operation means that Qenos has a sustainable, long term future in Victoria as the cornerstone of Altona’s plastics and chemicals precinct,” then deputy premier Rob Hulls said. “The plastics industry is a significant contributor to the Victorian economy. The plastics industry provides similar value to the automotive industry.” “Qenos adds significant value to ethane and LPG from Bass Strait and this project will secure 15 years supply of ethane and LPG worth over $2 billion.” Qenos converts ethane to polyethylene, which is the key ingredient in a range of everyday plastic products, such as food and drink packaging, water tanks and pipes. Mr Hulls said that over 250 additional jobs would be created during the construction phase of the upgrade to the Altona plants.

CONTRACTS MELTON Shire Council has kicked off the new year by allocating contracts for future development. ADCO Construction has been awarded a $2.55 million contract for the construction of the Springside Community Pavilion in Caroline Springs. QMS Property has been awarded the contract for the $200,000 redevelopment of the Melton Animal Pound in High St by the council. The redevelopment will provide additional room to separate animals being rehomed and those being impounded. The redevelopment of the West Melton Drive Kindergarten was awarded to Clarke Nicholas Constructions. The council also awarded contracts for road drainage and maintenance services to Downer EDI Works for the next five years and footpath and road sweeping services to Metro Urban Management for the next five years.

The expansion of their operation means that Qenos has a sustainable, long term future in Victoria…



STAGE one construction works are set to begin on Wyndham Harbour, Melbourne’s newest marina development.

THE Australian Tax Office is reminding business owners that meeting super guarantee obligations is a vital part of running a successful business.

The $440 million Wyndham Harbour Development, which is situated along Duncans Road and Beach Road, is set to become a major boating and lifestyle precinct. It will boast 1000 wet berths and dry boat storage for up to 390 boats, making it the largest marina in Victoria and the second largest in the country. BMD Constructions spent the month of December clearing the site by demolishing and removing existing buildings and clearing pine trees and other non-native vegetation. Visit to find out more about the project and construction dates.

Business owners who do not meet the obligations have to pay the super guarantee charge, interest and the outstanding super. Those not willing to do the right thing face more serious fines up to 200 per cent of the amount of the charge payable. Last year the ATO received nearly 19,000 complaints from employees concerned that their employer was not making super contributions on their behalf. For further information about meeting your super guarantee obligations phone 13 10 20.



BW NETWORK Business West Network – a growing directory of local businesses ready to do business with you. You can join the Business West Network by registering online at to make sure you receive your personal copy of Business West AND receive a free onetime 30-word listing for your business in a future edition. SELECT ONE CATERING 16a Loop Rd, Werribee 9742 2055 A unique catering and events company with over 17 years experience. Catering for both private and corporate clients; large and small events throughout metropolitian and country Victoria.

AUSTRALAND PO Box 19450, Southbank 0404 822 064 Australand is the developer of West Park Industrial Estate which comprises over 280 hectares of land in Derrimut. We have the ability to sell industrial land or purpose build facilities for your requirements.

HOLMAN & ASSOCIATES PO Box 42, Werribee 9394 6310 Business advisors, accountants and tax specialists. Offices in Werribee and Point Cook. Proudly operating for over 20 years.

CARTRIDGE WORLD WERRIBEE 2/32 Synnot St, Werribee 9749 8844 Your one stop shop for all your printer needs. Printer and printer cartridge specialists. A wide range of printers, faxes, paper and fax supplies.

CITY PACK PTY. LTD. 7/27 Westside Dve, Laverton North 9314 1749 City Pack is a family-owned and run wholesale supplier of quality disposable food packaging, washroom products and cleaning chemicals. Environmentally responsible products available. MATCHWORKS c/o 225 Racecourse Rd, Flemington 0413 214 435 MatchWorks is an employment service provider contracted by the government under Job Services Australia. Matchworks has 19 sites that cover the Western corridor of Melbourne. MatchWorks is a not-for-profit organisation that works closely with the local community in engaging, training and helping over 15,000 jobseekers find employment. COMMONWEALTH BANK Unit 3, 37-39 Little Boundary Rd, Laverton North 0414 789 431 A corporate banking centre at Laverton North looking after the banking needs of businesses in the West. BEX BRONZING 44 Urban Dve, Williams Landing 0408 110 789 Spray Tanning with mobile service. SunFx products. Contact me today.

QUINN’S TAXATION & ACCOUNTING SERVICES Suite 1/23A Old Geelong Rd, Hoppers Crossing 9749 1011 An accounting practice that has been operating in the Wyndham area for over 35 years. SAVILLS (VIC) PTY LTD L25, 140 William St, Melbourne, Victoria 8686 8005 Savills provides clients with innovative property solutions and expertise in sales, leasing, valuations, and all aspects of property and business management. POLAR FRESH COLD CHAIN SERVICES 12 - 18 Distribution Dve, Truganina 9217 7304 Polar Fresh provides cold chain services to a major supermarket chain and has a unique combination of inspired people, industry acumen and an unflinching drive to achieve success. BLUE PHOENIX HAIR DESIGN 40 Essex St, Footscray, 9362 7351 Blue Phoenix Hair Design is a L’oreal exclusive salon. With highly trained staff and a welcoming atmosphere, we offer all the latest techniques and a look to suit you!

IN MODE ON FERGUSON 41 Ferguson St, Williamstown 9399 8788 Williamstown’s Number 1 menswear and formal hire service. QE3 PTY LTD 3 Pukaki Court, Taylors Lakes 0411 878 910 Pallet racking. ALLAN O’BRIEN ELECTRICAL SERVICES 43 Market St, Sunshine 9312 1155 We specialise in industrial and commercial services, maintenance, installation and labour hire at competitive rates. MIDWAY MINI MIX 490 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine 9312 1356 Mini Mix concrete, garden and building supplies. Midway has a wide range of sands, soils, pebbles, rocks, building and concrete materials. LIVING DIRECTIONS 31 Macedon St, Maribyrnong 0419 525 723 Living Directions is a home-based business that uses a low-cost, proven business model to create long-term residual income, marketing patented products to maintain the body’s immune system and wellbeing. NOVO HOMES PTY LTD PO BOX 6, KEILOR, Victoria 9338 8636 Novo Homes are builders of quality new homes across the North Western suburbs of Melbourne. We pride ourselves on our quality, and customer service and fast build times.

Register to get your FREE copy of BUSiNESS WEST now! Go to 34


BW NETWORK MIDDENDORP ELECTRIC 126 Somerville Rd, Yarraville 9314 6800 Servicing electricians and the public with electrical and data products. CSB GLOBAL PO Box 6559, Point Cook 9018 5405 CSB Global provides standard and/or customised business and software solutions enabling efficiency and cost savings for Victorian businesses. We make business solutions intelligent. EVEN TEMP PTY. LTD. PO Box, Avondale Heights 9318 4944 Even Temp provide specialist design, supply, installation and service of air conditioning and heating systems to small commercial and domestic markets. Registered building practitioner on staff. LATERAL INSIGHTS (PEOPLE SOLUTIONS) 4 Winston Way, Wyndham Vale 0406 000 969 I help leaders overcome personal obstacles to engaging, motivating and inspiring their people, including non-communication and dysfunctional teams. Special expertise in helping people take on new mindsets, managing change. DYNAMIC VIRTUAL EXCECUTIVE 14 Yendon Close, Caroline Springs 0383 617 226 / 0403 873 708 Dynamic Virtual Executive provides business management, business development and marketing on a contractual basis for short, medium and long term assignments that suits your budgetary and resource requirements. ELITE FITNESS EQUIPMENT Shop 6312 Aquatic Dve, Highpoint Shopping Centre, Maribyrnong 93 170 881 Elite Fitness Equipment is Australia’s No. 1 supplier of quality fitness equipment. We have been supplying quality fitness equipment since 1985.

PASSMORE DESIGN 35 Rebecca Cres, Altona Meadows 9360 9788 Passmore Design is an established graphic design studio offering personalised service which is time efficient, cost effective and flexible. Passmore Design - creating effective design solutions that work. BATHTIME (VIC) PTY LTD 12-16 Parker St, Williamstown 9500 8881 Bathtime is a design and construction business which is run and owned by Paul Richards. Paul’s main focus is on high-end bathroom design however home renovations/extensions are also a specialty. FLETCHER COMPRESSOR RECONDITIONING P.O. Box 1298, Altona Gate 0419 509 488 Our business is to repair and recondition refrigerated compressors for a wide range of industry - shipping, rail and refrigerated road transport also small refrigerated trailers. QUEST FLEMINGTON 600 Epsom Rd, Flemington 9371 2200 Quest Flemington Serviced Apartments is 4 ½ star hotel - our apartments consist of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Located between the airport and CBD. ONLINE OFFICE ASSISTANTS PO Box 363, Sunshine 1300 378 119 Virtual assistant and secretarial service providing quality online secretarial support to businesses.

ENVISAGE PHONE NAMES PO Box 161 , Altona 0412 414 213 1300, 1800 Phone name and phone word marketing. They are easy to remember and generate a lot more calls from advertising - 20 times more memorable than a phone number. ALL WEST COLLISION REPAIR CENTRE 5 Richards St, Maidstone 9317 0706 Over 45 years experience in panel beating and spray painting. Locally owned and operated, small family business. Private and company fleets our specialty, courtesy cars available. Everyone welcome EDSIE 24 Loddon Dve, Taylors Hill 0409 359 671 Early intervention for children who have disabilities. Teaching maths and English to children as young as 1. Educational playgroup, baby massage respite and personal care. BETTER HEALTH NUTRITION Unit 9, 65 Major Rd, Fawkner 0414 935 418 When you want to look better, feel better and live better, turn to Teresa Lamanna at Better Health Nutrition. I will support, motivate and educate you to live your life. CREATIVE SPLASHBACKS 10 Knight Crt, Hillside 8339 2750 We supply and install splashbacks, shower screens and mirrors.

ROSSCO ENGINEERING PTY LTD 13 Reddrop St, Bacchus Marsh 5367 1141 Rossco Engineering has a proud history of providing innovative and affordable professional engineering services. We offer 24-hour onsite hydraulic repairs, sandblasting/powdercoating, irrigation fittings and supply and general engineering.

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BW NETWORK ACTION MDR 1/283 Old Geelong Rd, Hoppers Crossing 98601817 Debt recovery agency based in the West - operating since 1997 and providing the ‘personal’ approach clients need. Any size debts collected. Debt litigation services provided.

KILLEN & THOMAS (AUST) PTY LTD Level 6, 175 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 8610 0888 We provide specialist estate services in: General real estate consultancy; Commercial sales and investments; Industrial sales and leasing; Office leasing; Project marketing; Sworn valuations.

EDGEWISE INSURANCE BROKERS 675 Victoria St, Abbotsford 9425 1333 Our Approach: Gain a thorough understanding of your business; Identify and explain your business risks in simple terms; Provide you with the options available to cover the risks.

BOXES TO GO 12 Ribera Court, Werribee 9310 1972 Manufacturers and suppliers of corrugated packaging; Short run specialist - any size, any quantity, any shape. Heavy duty packaging.

TESTERS & TAGGERS PO Box 3050, Newport 0419 262 182 We do test and tag of in service electrical appliances along with RCD and safety switch testing. We also manufacture custom cages for animal keeping and medical research. ROD JAMES HOME AND OFFICE MAINTENANCE 17 Wattle St, West Footscray 0425 864 447 Small construction and general maintenance in homes and industry. CISCO SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA P/L Level 14, 101 Collins St, Melbourne 9659 4067 Cisco uses the network to change the way people live, work, play and learn. ESSENDON FOOTBALL CLUB WINDY HILL VENUE PO Box 17, Essendon 9230 0303 Entertainment venue and functions centre. CAMPBELLFIELD CONCRETE & MINI MIX 470 Mahoneys Rd, Campbellfield 9357 3861 Premixed concrete, exposed aggregate, polished concrete, decorative concrete.

ACTION ADS 520 Skipton St, Ballarat 5336 4333 Action Ads is a specialist in marketing, graphic design, printing and promotional products. Action Ads can do wonders for your next marketing campaign. BCAN 1/15 Lillee Cres, Tullamarine 9330 3283 BCAN P/L provides three different types of services nationally: 1. Cleaning services; 2. Security services; 3. Fire and emergency management training. ACTION PLAN PO Box 290, South Melbourne 0418 505 091 Gear for growth with the assistance of a government accredited professional independent specialist at no cost to you. Contact Susanna Palomares on 0418 505 091 for more information. PELLICANO PTY LTD Level 2, 395 Ferntree Gully Rd, Mt Waverley 8562 4300 Pellicano are a wholly family-owned and managed property development, management and construction company specialising in commercial, Industrial, retail, residential and business parks throughout Victoria and Queensland.

ACUTE HEALTH PO Box 532, Flemington 9329 7555 Experts in first aid training and event medical services. MELBOURNE ANIMAL PHYSIOTHERAPY 14 Monmouth St, Newport 0413 275 753 Melbourne Animal Physiotherapy is staffed by qualified physiotherapists with a masters degree in animal physiotherapy, specialising in canine treatment. We are affiliated with Advanced Vetcare in Kensington. REGAL FINANCIAL SERVICES PTY LTD 5/37 Keilor Park Dve, Keilor Park 9336 2422 Regal Financial Services is a fully accredited MFAA member and offers: A variety of homes loans; Sourcing the optimum loan to suit your needs; Fast, reliable and understanding service; Large network of financiers/products BRISTOL ESSENDON 1069 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon 9379 2160 Bristol Essendon is a paint and decorative specialist store, servicing both retail and trade customers. We provide a free interior design service in-store. BAAZ PO Box 300, Kilmore 5781 0888 Michael Gionfriddo and Tullio Curcio are behind BAAZ which imports and wholesales Indonesian mahogany and rattan furniture,operates furniture and homewares stores, and provides a retail consultancy service. MERCEDES - BENZ COMMERCIAL VEHICLES 15-23 Marwen Dve, Laverton 9680 8777 We are a branch of Mercedes - Benz South Pacific Australia and we specialise in light commercial vehicles, heavy trucks and buses.

Register to get your FREE copy of BUSiNESS WEST now! Go to 36




WARRIORS The Werribee Warriors Business Networking International group kickstarted 2011 with its first breakfast meeting of the year at The Brook on Sneydes. The organisation is built on the philosophy of “giver’s gain”, and chapters are popping up across Australia. 1



Warriors president Lukas White (Potent Web Design)… being in BNI was like having 25 additional sales people for your business. “It’s helped in a lot of different ways,” he said. 4



1. Tony Ebejer (Capture Recruitment) 2. Angela Liu (Book keeping) 3. Russell Williams (signarama) 4. Ron Holman (Negotiis Accounting) 5. Sam Burrone (Sam Burrone Design) 6. Fabiola Resurreccion (Sanctuary Lakes Chiropractic) Pictures: KRISTIAN SCOTT




Down to earth Internet marketing products for Western suburbs businesses. Call 1300 639 249 or


Domenic Sbaglia t 9318 9200 f 9318 9211 m 0418 346 617 e a 65 Venture Drive, Sunshine West 3020

ERGONOMICS Interior Design Services (commercial & residential)

ELECTRICAL O’Brien Electrical has been providing electrical services to the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic industry since 1976.

brendangrimes ergonomics & safety

• Colour Consultancy • Workplace Design • Reception Fitouts • Renovations • Property Developments • Styling Services


Free consultation. Fixed fee approach. Member of the DIA.


For all your cleaning products Supplier of: Paper Products and Chemicals • Toilet paper • Jumbo rolls • Paper hand towels • Hand soaps • Disinfectants • Floor cleaners • And more Buy bulk and save Servicing hotels, schools, restaurants, nursing homes, cleaning contractors, etc. General public welcome Pick up or delivery 9449 4007 - 0411 588 496 Open 7 days

GET YOUR VALUABLE TIME BACK, HIRE A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (VA) Executive Business Solutions (EBS) provides a wide range of expert Virtual Administration and Personal Assistant Services. We can perform such tasks as general typing, digital transcription, desktop publishing, website design and maintenance and resume writing, just to name a few. EBS are much kinder to your bank balance than hiring a full time or part time staff member. So don't use up your valuable time and money on secretarial and administration tasks... make your life easier with EBS!

Ph: (03) 9307 8513 Mob: 0407 882 446




43 Market Road, Sunshine Vic 3020 Ph: 9312 1000 Fax: 9312 1908

We are a boutique event management company with over 20 years experience in making events an exceptional experience for you and your attendees. IMS specialise in organising Conferences, Functions, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Product Launches & Incentives and Gala Dinners. We offer continuity and expertise, complete end to end event management ensuring delivery of a landmark event.

For further information please contact: Deanna Zammit - Event Director Level 1, 250 Queen Street, Melbourne Tel: (03) 8643 5952 or mobile: 0418 551 630





• Fault Finding and Breakdowns • PLC • Test and Tag • Installation & Maintenance



Telephone: 03 9687 5266 Email:


Keeping Business Safe in the West 401360-KS06-11

unit 8/4-6 commercial crt, tullamarine 3043; t: 9338 1640; m: 0411 040 669

Keep your data safe 24/7 with Alink’s IT managed services For support & sales talk to us today on 1800 225 465 or


Confused? We’re not.

IT SERVICES > Contract Packaging > Sorting > Heat Sealing > Shrink Wrapping > Pick and Pack > Assembly > Collating > Labeling > Container Unload > Storage/Distribution


PACKAGING 491328-JF6-11


Ph: 1300 858 610 Email: Website: • debt recovery • legal services • receivables management ‘Servicing the local business community’

To advertise your services to the business community phone: 1300 666 808

Don’t keep BUSiNESS WEST a secret… Share the success of the West’s own business magazine with your business colleagues. After all, isn’t that what friends are for? 38




| $4.95

9 123456 789013






















10 11 12 13

Tax Basics seminar. Wyndham City Civic Centre, 45 Princes Hwy, Werribee. 9.30am-12.30pm. Free. Call 1300 661 104 to book. Wyndham BizNet monthly meeting. The Mansion Hotel Function Centre, Werribee. $35 members, $45 non-members. Guest speaker Lauren Stanley. Call 0418 533 806 to book.

Small business online program.Wyndham City Civic Centre, function rooms 4, 5 and 6, 45 Princes Highway, Werribee. Free. Call 9742 0777 to book.

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Get your business organised seminar. Moonee Valley City Council, 9 Kellaway Ave, Moonee Ponds. 6pm-8pm. $20. Call 9243 8866 to book.

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Business planning seminar. Wyndham City Civic Centre, function rooms 4, 5 and 6, 45 Princes Highway, Werribee. Free. Call 9742 0777 to book.

Record keeping workshop. p. Wyndham City Civic Centre, function rooms 1, 45 Princess Highway, Werribee. Free. Call 1300 661 104 to book.


Got a business breakfast, workshop, seminar or event coming up in March or April? Make sure it is listed in BUSiNESS WEST’S For Your Diary feature by emailing

MARCH Wedneday


Western Region Business Club event. The Meddings Room at The Yarraville Club. 135 Stephen St, Yarraville. 6pm-8pm. RSVP to













The Importance of Branding to your Business seminar. Moonee Valley City Council, 9 Kellaway Ave, Moonee Ponds. 6pm-8pm. Free. Call 9925 4195 to book.



A Daimler Brand

Vito. Now with Wallet Assist. (inc. GST)

cash back

Offer available on all EURO 4 Mercedes-Benz Vitos. This offer does not apply to model year 2011 EURO 5 Vitos. Excludes Government and Fleet buyers and used vehicles. Offer available only from participating dealers and applies to all new orders taken on or after 01 January 2011 and delivered on or before 30 June 2011. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer. Stock is limited. Terms and conditions apply. Please see dealer for redemption of cash back offer or visit for full terms and conditions.

Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles Laverton 15-23 Marwen Drive Derrimut, VIC 3030. Tel (03) 9680 8777,

LMCT 6776



Owning a Vito has never been more affordable. Get $5,000 factory cash back, across the EURO 4 Vito run out range. But you’ll have to be quick to take advantage of this unprecedented offer as stock is limited. Visit Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles Laverton or call the team on (03) 9680 8777.

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